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  1. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lucius Sheridan Age: 20 Gender: Male Religion: Catholic Species: Human Origin: Lathulla, Craethiel Kingdom Nationality: Craetharian Occupation: Adventurers Rank/Title: Noble, Lord heir Physical Appearance Height: 180cm (5’11”) Weight: 62.5kg (9st 12lbs) Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Blond Physical Description: Lucius is quite a tall man for this era, standing almost six feet tall. He has the lithe frame of a fighter, with a broad muscular chest going into muscular arms that show that he is quite physically strong. He has a trim waist going into long, lithe and muscular legs. So overall he has a strong and healthy body shape that indicates his skill as a fighter. His blond hair is quite long, going down to his waist. He has some that curls around his face, cut shorter than the rest. The rest is usually tied back with a red bow and spills down his back. His hair has an incredible amount of volume and thus it can often seem to be wild and all over the place. He has quite a handsome face, with a slender jawline and well shaped lips. He has a nose that fits well with his face, as well as sharp and an intense blue eye. His left eye, however, is covered by a patch to hide it from view. He tends to dress in quite a rich manner, with expensive materials. He likes to make himself look very presentable and is somewhat vain when it comes to his appearance. He also has a set of armour that was created by Daedrin, in Selil. It was very expensive, and the metal is darker than a standard steel armour. That is because it is a steel alloy with another metal called Glaedian, a rare exotic metal which strengthens the steel. Lucius has a necklace that hangs around his neck at all times. The main part of the ornament if shaped like a dragons head, with what appears to be a red glowing triangular point underneath it. It appears to be a dragon's scale, and he values it greatly as it was a gift from his mother. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: At first glance, Lucius comes across as a serious and proper young man. He has a golden tongue, and is flawlessly polite in front of the correct company, including his parents. However behind closed doors and in front of the right people, such as his sister, he is less proper and polite. He sometimes swears just for the pleasure it gives him. He often dislikes the kinds of expectations and responsibilities levelled on him by his father, and sometimes chafes at his restrictions, sometimes leading to rebellious behaviour that can cause headaches for his father. He is very adventurous, and loves going and seeing new places. He takes every opportunity to do so, and he has a desire to travel from one end of Craethiel to the other. He faces challenges head on, and does not become stressed easily when faced with a new situation. He is quite a confident young man, easily looking others in the eye, and never letting failures bring him down. When he sets himself a goal, he can sometimes forge himself ahead with a single mindedness that tends to exclude everything, and everyone around him. Thus he has workaholic tendencies, and it is not uncommon for him to spend several days in his lab, not sleeping or eating, when working on a particular project. He is quite observant, often noticing things that others do not. This is more of a developed trait due to his training as a tracker and hunter. He needs to be able to observe the smallest of details in order to hunt someone or something down. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Physical strength: Lucius is very strong, and is far stronger than the average human male. While it may pale compared to creatures of magic, it is enough to serve him very well. Lucius has been taught from a young age to be able to fight, and thus he has been given numerous lessons to give him the following combat skills. Swordsmanship: He has been trained from the age of four how to handle a sword and how to fight with one. He has been taught to use a variety of swords from two handed longswords to one handed short swords. He is also proficient in the use of daggers. Archery: He has known how to use a bow and arrow since age of six. He has spent long hours practicing, and can shoot the arrow off of someone’s head at thirty paces. He can also fire arrows with quite a bit of accuracy from a moving horse. Hand to hand combat: When weapons are unavailable, he utilises his fists and feet. He is quite good in a hand to hand combat situation. His natural physical strength greatly helps him. Tracking and Hunting: From a young age, Lucius has been taught how to track things, from hunting game to humans. He can track someone days after they have passed through an area, by looking for signs that they have passed through such as footprints or damage to foliage. He is quite skilled and thus few can cover their tracks enough from him. Science (Chemistry): In his spare time, Lucius sometimes like to pursue scientific goals. His particular area of interest and expertise is Chemistry. He knows how to do a variety of things with chemicals, including create primitive explosive devices although he doesn’t tend to carry them around as they’re usually quite unstable. Weaknesses: Lucius is still human at the end of the day and he can be killed in a variety of ways such as being stabbed in a way that damages major organs. The human body has numerous weak points that can be exploited. If he encounters a fighter of superior skill, he can be overwhelmed by them and be at their mercy. Due to the fact that he has no left eye, he has a blindspot on his left side that can be exploited. He also doesn’t know any kind of magic, thus he is weak to magical attacks. He also has a bit of a weakness for good booze and beautiful women. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To go on adventures all over Craethiel. Hobbies and Interests: He loves hunting, as he loves the challenge of tracking animals and then being able to successfully hunt them. His main hobby and love is his science, and will spend hours locked within his lab doing experiments that do sometimes, literally, blow up in his face. He also loves stargazing, and will spend hours glued to his telescope (very primitive compared to modern machines), charting the stars. He also quite enjoys music, and knows how to play the violin. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Turn ons: Unprotected sex Being dominant during sex Being rough. He loves pinning his partner down and fucking them roughly. This often involves hair pulling, choking, nails digging into flesh and spanking among other things. Oral, mainly receiving although he does like to give it to women. Having multiple partners, and being able to fuck them all deep and hard Having sex with someone he doesn’t love, or even know. He loves the illusion of intimacy. Turn offs: Being in extreme pain The thought of being fucked Scat, and watersports Gore and Vore Penis Length: 11” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: His neck can be a little sensitive at times, meaning that if someone were to kiss or even give a love bite, it can cause his cock to become hard. He also likes having his back scratched. Even though it can be painful and pain is a turn off, the pain induced by a female scratching his back during sex causes an increase in his lust, thus encouraging him to fuck them harder and faster. STD History: Clean Extra Information Father: Edward Sheridan Mother: Mary Sheridan Siblings: Ciara Sheridan Grandparents: Franklin and Lauren Sheridan on his father's side. George and Jayne Willow on his mother's side. Children: None Grand-children: None House: He loves on his parents estate, out the outskirts of Lathulla. It is a large mansion with extensive grounds that he will one day inherit. It is called the Sheridan Manor. Pet: A white stallion by the name of Aeris. He has raised this horse since he was a foal, and he is fifteen hands at the shoulder. Additional information: He has a sword, that he calls Draden, which roughly translates to Dragon’s Tooth, as the colour of the blade matching the scale on his necklace. The blade was made by Daedrin, in Selil, much like his armour and is infused with the metal Mangenarr, which gives the blade its unique red colour. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: He lost his eye in a skirmish. Luckily he survived the wound, but lost his eyesight in his left eye. Bio: Lucius was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His parents were quite rich as his father was the Lord of Lathulla, but they tended to give over his care to a nanny rather than look after him themselves, thus he didn’t form a very close relationship with them when he was a young boy. All he knew of them was that they were distant authority figures that expected him to study hard and to get all of the questions right. He was given a teacher that taught him how to read and write, and drilled manners into him. When he was two years old, his younger sister Ciara came along. He instantly loved her, and would spend his free time playing with her, when he was allowed his free time. However due to the different expectations laid down on them, they were forced to spend most of their time with their respective tutors. He was taught swordsmanship from a young age, and would be made to spend hours practicing to help bring up his skill with his blade as well as to train his body. As he grew older, this extended into archery, when he was finally strong enough to be able to draw a bowstring. They attempted to teach him how to use a crossbow, and while he accepted the lessons, he much preferred the bow. While it wasn’t as powerful as a crossbow, it was far more maneuverable with a greater rate of fire. His parents also hired a local hunter to teach him the skills needed to track and hunt game, a skill that he can also put to use with people as well. His adventurous streak caused many headaches for his parents, as he would often wander off out of the estate, often taking Ciara with him as she thirsted for adventure as much as he did. Sometimes it would be to the surrounding wilderness, despite the dangers, but it was often to the town of Lathulla. He liked meeting new people, and learning new things about them. He especially loved meeting the sailors from the ships, who often told him about distant towns, cities and countries. He loved to learn as much as he could, and he became well known in the taverns as the questioning young man. His father often tried to confine him to the estate, but failed as much with Lucius as he did with Ciara. His mother was not so upset with them, as she seemed to understand their desire for adventure. A desire that she, as she once admitted to Lucius, once shared in her youth. But she had traded her adventures away to marry their father, to settle down and start a family. When he was sixteen, a band of robbers broke into their estate home with the intention of stealing their valuables. Lucius refused to be cowed by them, and fought back fiercely, using all the lessons from his youth. He killed most of them, however the last bandit was able to stab him in his left eye before his death. Lucius almost died from the wound, but his mother never gave up and called in healers from all over to tend to him. He recovered from the wound, but he has lost his left eye and thus has a blind spot on his left side. This incident did little to hamper his adventurous tendencies, and he is even worse than ever. He argued long and hard with his father, as he wanted to go out and see the world, while Edward wanted to keep his children nice and safe within the estate. Eventually, he won the argument, mainly because he argued that they clearly were not safe on account of the bandits, and their father finally gave permission for him to go on adventures. He is determined to take Ciara with him.
  2. Neptune

    Lexi Jayne Heart

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lexi Jayne Heart Age: 25th April 2541 (Earth year). So she is 23. Gender: Female. Religion: None Species: Taru'zenari. Origin/Nationality: Stoke-on-Trent, England, Earth, Earth Alliance. Specialty: She is a fully trained space pilot with some emergency survival skills. Universe: Andromeda One Universe. Time taken: Earth year 2564. Physical Appearance Height: 5ft1 Weight: 149lbs Eye Colour: A deep, beautiful blue. Hair Colour: Light blonde hair. Physical Description: Lexi is a slender individual, with long slim arms and legs. She has a hint of muscles on her, although she is slightly stronger than she looks due to her genetic heritage. She has wide hips, and F-cup breasts that give her a pronounced hourglass figure. When she arrived on the island, her skin was extremely fair and pale, due to long hours without being in direct sunlight to develop a tan. She has a beautiful, angled face with beautiful Keza’marakian blue eyes. She has high cheekbones, and a natural rosy flush to her cheeks. Her hair is blonde in colour, and is straight and long, going down to the small of her back. In her hair, there is always a blue butterfly ornament. She wears it no matter what she is wearing. When Lexi came to the island, she was wearing a rather functional jumpsuit, despite the fact that she was taken while asleep. It hugs her body tightly, almost like a second skin. It helps protect her skin from injury, as it is made from a tough and durable material. She also has a pair of heavy, steel capped boots that protects her feet from injury. Her jumpsuit is quite waterproof, and good at keeping her dry. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: She is a shy, but sweet girl. Due to her shyness, she can find it hard to deal with strangers, but becomes more confident once she gets to know them. When in a dangerous situation, she can sometimes forget about her shyness and become a leader-like person for people to follow. Her first concern is always the safety of others. She likes to speak and hang out with friends on occasion, but really loves sitting at home quietly reading a good book. Lexi has always preferred her own company to that of others, but tolerates it from time to time as sometimes the presence of friends comforts her and makes her forget her worries. Due to her nature of putting others before herself, she often worries about other people, even if she doesn’t know them that well. She will neglect herself if someone else needs her help. Lexi has a good affinity with animals, and tends to get along with them better than people. In the bedroom, Lexi can turn into a cock-loving, cum-craving little slut that is generally open to doing anything new at least once. Lexi is an unselfish lover, and tends to allow her partners to love and fuck other people, providing she can do the same which is an unusual attitude for a human. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: She is a skilled pilot, if a little fresh out of flying school. Lexi has a good attention to detail and can catch small and fast movements with her eyes, which are skills she uses heavily in flying. She has some basic survival skills, such as how to make a shelter, how to get clean water to drink and how to catch small animals. Lexi is quite athletic and flexible, with good stamina from training she did at flying school. Lexi has average skill as a hand to hand fighter, and is reasonably good with a hand-held weapon of her time. For a human, she is able to take cocks that are of a larger size, which is unusual for her species. Also, due to her Keza ancestry, she has a unique reproductive cycle for a human. She knows when she is at a fertile stage, as every month when she ovulates, she goes into a heat like condition but the need for sex isn't as strong as for a pure breed Keza. Lexi has average cooking skills, and usually needs a recipe book with her to get a meal correct. Weaknesses: Despite being slightly muscled, she is not that physically strong and can be overpowered by a more powerful opponent. Her hand to hand skills are average at best, so again, can be overpowered by a more powerful opponent but she can hold her own. Being human, she tends to be a lot weaker than other races, as well as slower and less agile. Being mortal, she is vulnerable to killer blows, especially in the usual spots of weakness for humans such as the neck (Spinal Cord). Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To become a pilot for an exploration vessel. Lexi also wants to, one day, settle down with a husband and have children. Hobbies and Interests: Lexi loves flying ships, as that’s her passion. She loves spending time alone, especially when she has a book with her. Despite her shyness, she loves sex and usually puts out on the first date. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially with the risk of getting pregnant Making love to someone she has deep feelings to. Making love to someone she doesn't love, or even know. Rough, lust filled sex especially when she's very horny. She really likes it with a Mako, dominating Coda, or a Zeta. Having multiple partners Sex in public. Her partners being tactile, such as touching and groping her. It makes it feel even more intimate for her, which further turns her on. Turn offs: Being abused, and her partner(s) being violent towards her Gore, Vore and Necrophilia Scat and Golden showers Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: F-cup Sensitivity: Sensitive Additional Sexual Information: She is quite sensitive and she can be made to cum quite easily. She can also take cocks that are much larger than humans easily, and she has a reproductive cycle more similar to that of a Keza than a human. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: James Heart (62) Mother: Lily Heart (58) Siblings: Jackie Peterson (29) who is a married stay at home mother. Grandparents: She never knew her grandparents as they died before she was born. Place of Residence: None at the moment. Pet: None. History Awards/Commendations: Best flyer of a graduation class of 152 students (Number One Graduate) Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: She has been healthy her entire life. She hasn't even had any broken bones that have had to be dealt with. Bio: Born in 2541, Lexi is the youngest child of Lily and James Heart. She has an older sister, whom she idolised as Jackie was an extremely popular girl at school. Due to Lexi’s shy nature, she hardly had any friends, and had quite a lonely childhood. Her parents tried to encourage her to socialise, but Lexi had trouble fitting in with anyone at her school, and was usually bullied for being the shy child. So Lexi spent most of her free time reading as a child. However when she was six, her parents took her on a spaceship to the moon, a rare treat for the family as they rarely could afford holidays. Lexi immediately became fascinated with ships, and even went to chat to the pilots when her family came upon them at the Lunar Cafeteria. Since then, Lexi studied as hard as she could, hoping to one day fly in the graceful machines across the Galaxy. Her parents encouraged Lexi’s fascination, getting as much help as they were able to afford. They felt it was a good career path for the little girl, who would otherwise spend her life poor. When Lexi left school at 18, she immediately enrolled to a Piloting school, which was funded by the Government as they needed pilots badly. Other students had come from wealthier backgrounds and had an advantage over Lexi, but she buckled down and worked harder than anyone. The girl dated a few men during her time at school, and lost her virginity when she was 18. She discovered that she loved sex as much as she loved piloting. Strangely, it didn’t harm her grades at all. In fact it improved them as having sex was a good way to clear her head and improve her reaction times. At the age of 22, she graduated with the highest score in her class, which was a huge achievement for her. Her first assignment was a passenger liner, which at the time she didn’t know would be her last.
  3. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Information Name: Hunter Reed Villain Name: Dark Star Age/Date of Birth: 19, January 4th Chosen Gender: Man Sex: Male Citizenship: American Ethnicity: Half African-American, Half Caucasian. Occupation: Student Physical Appearance Height: 183cm (6’0”) Weight: 79kg (12 stone 6 pounds) Eye Colour: Gold Hair Colour: Dark brown, almost black. Physical Description: Hunter is quite tall, with a lithe muscular frame. He has well developed muscles in his arms, legs and torso. He works out often to keep these muscles, which gives him additional strength and endurance when it comes to fighting. His skin is relatively dark due to his African-American ancestry. The darkness of his skin makes the golden colour of his eyes stand out, often giving him a penetrating, intimidating stare. His eyes are slightly angled, and he has well shaped eyebrows sitting above them. His eyebrows are quite expressive, and it is possible to determine his mood from his eyebrows alone. He has a well formed nose that has a slight flick to it, and a well formed mouth that is usually marked with a bitter twist to them. As Hunter has never been particularly rich due to his status as an orphan, he is usually seen wearing rather cheap clothing that is sometimes slightly tatty. He tends to wear dark clothing, such as black jeans and a black T-shirt. He isn’t one to wear smart or formal clothing, and actually has a distaste for doing so. He also doesn’t tend to wear ornaments, either, with two exceptions. Two gold rings on his left hand. The one on the middle finger is plain gold, while the one on his marriage finger has three diamonds in it. These are the only possessions he has left of his parents, and he wears them all the time. Quirk Quirk Type: Emitter Quirk Name: Shadow Manipulation Quirk Details: One can always tell when Hunter is using his Quirk, as the whites of his eyes turn a solid back in colour. He is able to blend himself into the shadows so that he is completely invisible to the naked eye. He will also be invisible to some other types of vision, such as night vision and heat vision. He basically becomes one with the shadow, and is able to traverse it far faster than someone can walk or even run, allowing him to flash from one side of the room to the other. As long as there are shadows, he is able to hide himself and move with their use. He is also able to blend himself into someone’s shadow, allowing him to follow them without being noticed. This can allow him to sneak into places he otherwise wouldn’t be able to get into, by hitching a ride on others. He can stretch out his own shadow, and use it to latch onto a shadow and allow himself to blend into it and move towards the shadow without physically having to step into it. His shadows can also be used as a means to attack, as he can manipulate his shadow to twist up someone and attack them such as strangling them. And because there is nothing truly physical about the shadow, it is hard for someone to break his hold over them. Quirk Strengths: While Hunter is hidden within the shadows, he cannot be hit by a physical attack. Even most non-physical attacks would have no effect on him so while he is in the shadows he is pretty immune to most attacks. Since he is invisible when in the shadows, it is impossible to know where he is at any given time, which gives him the element of surprise as he can strike from any angle. Sonar would not work on him, as his mass changes when he blends with the shadow. Nor does he have a scent when he becomes part of the shadow. He can use his ability to avoid being attacked, by dodging as he moves into the shadows. If he is attacking someone with his shadow, any attacks on the shadow itself would be ineffective. They would have to find a way to attack Hunter himself if they hope to break his bond over them. Quirk Weaknesses: His endurance is limited, and he can only use his ability for as long as his endurance is available to him. This weakness is offset by the fact that he works out often, but there is still a limit. Moving through the shadows uses up more endurance than blending, or emerging from them. At the moment he can only do short bursts of speed but he is hoping to train himself to be able to do more. While he cannot be spotted by thermal vision while he is inside the shadow, it is still possible to use thermal vision to where where he has manipulated shadows. However this would only occur after he has blended into the shadow, leaving a ‘trace’ of his passage which appears as a colder patch that is several degrees colder than the surrounding shadows. When he comes to emerge from the shadows, this colder patch will appear a mere second before he emerges from the shadow. His main weakness, is light. If an opponent can light up an area in a manner that prevents any kind of shadow being cast, then Hunter is completely open to attack and his ability is useless. When using his shadow to attack someone, he can only utilise his own shadow and it only has a limited range. Thus he must be close to his target before he can attack them. Not only that, but he cannot use this aspect of his ability when he is still hidden within the shadows. He must emerge from them to be able to use his own shadow. This leaves him open to attack. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Hunter is the kind of person that doesn’t seem to take life very seriously. He is often the first to crack a joke, and he often sneers at the suffering of others. He seems to have no empathy towards others, and acts in a very callous manner. He keeps people at arms length, not allowing anyone to get emotionally close to him. He sees relationships of any kind as a waste of time, and feels that they would make him weak in the long run, as it would leave him vulnerable to emotional pain when they eventually leave him. Thus most peoples first impression of him is that he is cold, distant and rude. He cares only for himself, and is fiercely independent, and the fact that he became an emancipated minor at the age of sixteen reflects this. He can’t bring himself to rely on anyone else, and will take offence if someone attempts to look after him, even if he is sick. In tandem with his independent nature, he can be quite resourceful. He makes the resources that he has, last longer. He finds cheaper ways to fix things, and takes care of what he has to ensure that they last for as long as possible. He can be quick to anger, and will lash out at those angering him and will not stop, even if an apology is given. Hunter is also quite private, and doesn’t like sharing personal details about himself with others. He not only doesn’t want pity from others, but he doesn’t want someone using that information against him. He can come across as quite arrogant, and overconfident which often rubs people the wrong way. If he notices that this attitude is irritating someone, then he often amps it up to irritate them all the more, especially with those he has little respect for such as heroes. To those that have gained his respect, he is relatively friendlier. He will treat them with a measure of respect but he will still not hesitate to speak his mind, no matter how it may hurt their feelings. But he can be quite loyal to those that he feels deserves his loyalty and it is not easy to sway him away from them. However it can take a lot to gain such loyalty from him, but when someone does, he will not hesitate to defend them either verbally or in combat. Strengths and Skills: Due to the fact that he is fiercely independent, he has a number of skills that reflect this. He is a reasonable cook for his age, and he knows how to properly spend his money and balance his books. While he is not educationally that intelligent, he is quite street smart. He knows the kind of people that he can safely talk with in dangerous gang-filled areas, the kind of places where he can buy drugs and other illicit gods. He can usually tell when someone is attempting to scam and defraud him, as he knows most of the tricks that they use. Weaknesses: He is unable to really form any meaningful relationships with other people, thus he cannot bring himself to become close to anyone. This can have a detrimental effect on both him and others, especially if others come to care deeply for him because he can struggle to reciprocate those deep feelings of care. Thus the bonds that he creates with others can often be strained, unless the other party is fine with keeping a relative distance from him as well. He is not incapable of forming close bonds; it is just extremely hard. It would take someone who is extremely persistent to be able to get through the walls he has built up for himself. His quick temper can be used against him, especially in a fight, as it robs him of the ability of rational thought which can have a detrimental effect on his fighting ability. He will tend to charge without thought towards his enemies who can use this against him. The topic of his parents is also quite a sore point for him, and he doesn’t like it when anyone brings them up, especially heroes. It is the quickest way to get him to lose his temper. While this isn’t a weakness, as such, he does have a weakness in the form of strawberries. He absolutely loves them. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams/Reason(s) for becoming a Villain): When he was six years old, his parents died due to the fact that a hero arrived too late in order to save them. He sees the entire hero organisation as a complete joke, and wants to get back at them for the loss of his parents. Hobbies and Interests: Gaming Hunting down heroes Having sex He can be a little bit of a tinkerer. He likes taking electronics apart to find out how they work. He has even been known to fix things on occasion. Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, despite the risks. Having sex for the gratification, so he tends to have a lot of friends with benefits. Sex with those that he does not love. Having rough, lust-filled sex with people. He likes to dig his nails into their skin, spank their arses and pull on their hair. So he likes giving low level pain that intensifies the sex. Having his back scratched. Even though this may cause pain, it is a pain that always fuels his lust. If a partner scratches his back, it will drive his lust and cause him to fuck them even harder and faster than before. Oral sex, both giving and receiving. When giving it, he loves to see his partners face contort in pleasure. Multiple partners, especially in the same sex session. Due to his sexuality, he cares not for their gender. Turn offs: Gore Vore Scat Water sports Necrophilia Having too much pain inflicted onto him such as torture. Penis Length: 12” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: Hunter is quite agreeable to having sex with both men and women. When it comes to women, he is more dominating over them. With men, he does tend to be more switch and doesn’t mind being on the bottom, but he does prefer being on top. His cock is very thick, and is quite veiny. STD History: Clean Family Father: Frank Reed Quirk Type: Emitter Mother: Mariah Reed Quirk Type: None House: Proving Ground student chambers. Pet: None Additional information: After the death of his parents at the age of six, Hunter has been in the foster care system. He did not spend long with anyone, as they couldn’t control his rebellious behaviour and no one was able to get through to him. He applied for emancipation at the age of sixteen which was granted. Due to his rebellious nature, and the fact that he has absolutely no respect for authority, he has fallen into several gangs. He has killed people before, mainly during turf wars. His main targets, though, are those that claim to be ‘heroes’. Due to his criminal nature, and the fact that he is a Quirk, he often attracts the attention of heroes in the hero organisation. He toys with them, playing with them before he often tortures and kills them.
  4. Howdy! I am in desperate need of some experienced roleplayer(s) who like to put story and character interaction first and smut second. Gender has no bearing on how well someone roleplay's so it doesn't bother me what you identify as. I am however, only comfortable roleplaying as a man with the other roleplaying a woman, just cause I write best from what I know. I love character creation, world building and plot direction but I prefer something that feels natural and fluid, so I like for things to be driven by the character(s) and their interactions. I'm not looking for something specific in terms of genre or plot but I gotta have some sort of conflict or overarching narrative. I have a hard time being invested in short-term one-offs because not only do they lack meaningful conflict, they also don't make me feel very invested in the roleplay. It can be dark, light, slice of life or romcom or really anything, as long as there's some sort of overarching narrative/conflict. I gotta have that spiceyness to the rp for me to be invested and I very much enjoy creating things with my rp partners~, which also makes me feel more invested. Last but not least, I have a hard time replying to anything less than two paragraphs. Maybe it's just me but I rarely find single paragraphs or less to be reply conducive. Proper grammar, decent spelling and reply conducive para's is my kink ~ If you're an experienced roleplayer looking for something with more than just smut, if you like talking with your roleplay partner about the characters and progressing story, please feel free to send me an ecchitext! I will be eagerly waiting ^^
  5. Neptune

    Kellina Dansken (1)

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Link to second picture here: https://ecchidreams.com/gallery/image/19620-kellina-dansken-2/ Character Identity Information Name: Kellina Dansken. She often goes by the nickname ‘Kelli’. Age: 21 Gender: Female Religion: N/A Species: Human Origin/Nationality: She comes from the Kilsyth Colony in the Glamis System. This star system is a binary star system with two type M stars, Glamis A and Glamis B. There are four rocky planets. In the outer system are 5 gas giants, ranging in size and colours. The largest one, Alyth, is purple in colour and is three times the size of Jupiter. Alyth has several moons orbiting it, with one being an Earth-like moon. This is where the Kilsyth Colony resides. Occupation: Bounty Hunter around the Andromeda Station. Faction: Independent. Physical Appearance Height: 6ft (182.88cm). Weight: 126lbs (57.15Kg). Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Pale blonde Physical Description: Due to the type of career that she has chosen, Kellina keeps herself at a very healthy weight. She keeps her muscles well toned, and able to see her through some of the toughest situations. She has a very prominent hour-glass figure with wide hips and F-cup breasts, along with a slim waist. She has a pretty, angled face with kissable lips, a small nose and angled, cat like eyes. She is usually seen wearing make-up such as lipstick and mascara/eyeliner to make her features stand out. Her hair is usually done in a certain manner. On one side of her head, the hair is plaited back, with a lot of hair flipped across her forehead and over one eye. This can be done on either side. The rest of her straight hair goes down her back and goes beyond her arse. She is usually seen wearing tight and revealing clothing, usually black in colour. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Kellina is a strong willed, independent woman. Ultimately, she relies on only herself to be able to get things done. She is very happy being on her own, and doesn’t rely on others to do things for her or help. She gets a great sense of satisfaction when she is able to do something on her own. As she is so self-reliant, she never trusts anyone to make an opinion for her. When she is faced with something such as an event, she prefers seeking out all the information she can about it before she makes up her mind. She is quite bold with her opinions and language. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and is very forward with her desires and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She can take the initiative and act on her own behalf, but she will claim responsibility for her words and actions. Her bold nature makes her sometimes take risks, but she feels that if it achieves the end result either better or quicker, then it was worth it, which was one of the reasons why she is very good in a fight. She dresses and acts in a very bold and confident manner. She looks people in the eye, and sees everyone around her as her equal, even if they were the head of a state. Her confident nature allows her to take criticism, and allows her to admit mistakes without any trace of embarrassment. She is very honest with others, preferring to let others know the full story instead of covering it up even if it made other people uncomfortable. As mentioned before, she will always claim responsibility for her words and actions, and she will always own up to mistakes. She is loyal to her remaining friends and those that she considers her friends. She would never abandon them in their time of need, and will do what she can to help them. She will leap to their defense, either in battle or to defend them with her words. Kellina is very adventurous, always having a taste for adventure. She can never settle down in a place for too long, before the need to go out and go places gets to her. She becomes bored very easily, and thus is always seeking out something entertaining, whether that be going out to a bar for the night, or fucking someone. She always becomes excited when she and her sister are heading out to go after a bounty as it possibly means that they are going to go somewhere new, and she always loves seeing new sights, and meeting new people. She can be quite spunky, becoming easily excited about new experiences and always having a high energy and drive. Kellina is very courageous, fighting for what she believes is right, and standing up when she needs to. She will defend those she is close to, and will sometimes risk her life to do so. Kellina does not back down from a dangerous situation, only doing her best to come out of it as unscathed as possible while defeating her opponents. Even when badly hurt, she will suffer through the pain and will carry on if it meant that she could save those that mean the world to her. Due to her adventurous nature, she can be very reckless. She takes risks, with little thought as to the consequences to herself and others. She engages in risky behaviour such as drinking, having unprotected sex and drug use. She gets a thrill from doing reckless behaviour, and doesn’t seem to want to stop. That said, she is quite adaptable to new situations, thinking quickly on her feet and responding quickly to a new situation. As she loves going to new places, she tends to explore and learn as much as she can about them. Even though she is spontaneous, she tries to plan ahead with anything she does so that she can be prepared. It helps that she is quite perceptive, able to observe an environment or situation without seeming so. She can use this to be able to plan ahead of her opponent and allow her to gain the upper hand. Kellina is able to see things that others miss, and connect things that other people would miss as well, allowing her to accurately and easily come to a solution to a problem. When she is doing a task, such as piloting the ship, she can be extremely focused. She will block out everything around her as she focuses on moving the ship, looking out for obstacles and any enemy that are nearby. Once she starts to do something, she doesn’t stop easily, and thus she can completely lose track of time. Kellina knows what she wants, and will singlemindedly chase that goal, and never gives up easily even when things aren’t going her way. She will try and find a solution to problems, by studying it as hard as she can until she comes up to a solution. This often means that she loses sleep, but she can become so focused on a task that she ignores the needs for food and sleep. Kellina is quite passionate about her opinions and her love of flying ships. She has a passion for ships in general and loves piloting good ships. She will talk about ships for hours, and is so passionate about spaceships that she extensively researches about them and knows a lot about them. When it comes to her views and opinions, she will stand up for her viewpoint. While she will listen to other people, she will argue her points readily and can become very emotional when doing so however she will never break a friendship just because someone disagrees with her. Kellina is very stubborn, never giving ground easily in an argument and will continue arguing her point even if it may be a bad point. However when arguing, she will always bring up examples and evidence to back her argument up and expects others to do the same. She doesn’t accept help from others, preferring to do things on her own, and often reacts in a hostile manner if someone attempts to give her help when she doesn’t want it even if she may need it. Her stubborn nature means that she never gives up easily, and goes after her goal with a single-minded determination. She will also always stick to her principles and morals. Kellina can also be very impatient. She gets bored easily, and doesn’t like being made to wait. If she is made to wait too long, then the chances are very high that she will go off and do something else. If she cannot focus properly on a task, she wants it done immediately. She can be short-tempered and irritable, snapping at others even if she doesn’t mean to. She loathes being made to wait, especially when someone is doing something that she knows she can do quicker. She will often take over the task, showing the other person how to do it quickly and ignores when they express outrage to her actions. She can be quite selfish at times, thinking of only herself and not of others. She rarely gives her money or possessions to others, even if they need it. She usually only does things for others if it will lead to some kind of benefit to herself, such as money. She will not do things that she doesn’t want want to do, and will often find excuses for not doing them. Kellina prefers to be the first to do things, and the first to get things. At times, she can be quite frivolous; unable to remain serious in many situations. She tends to laugh and joke at inappropriate moments, and she doesn’t seem to take things seriously. As such, she can appear quite callas, however she doesn’t try be serious because she tries to protect herself from the effects of something traumatic. She isn’t very interested in the larger, important events of the Galaxy such as politics or religion, preferring to live her own way and survive in the world around her. Kellina tends not to stress or worry about things, telling people to relax and not be so serious. She doesn’t see any point in stressing herself out by worrying about something, preferring instead to do something about it. Kellina is quite extroverted, loving to spend time with others doing fun activities. She will be the first to agree to any outing, and loves going to places where she can interact with a lot of people. She often visits bars and clubs, especially popular venues that would allow her to meet and interact with a large number of people. Sometimes she hates being left on her own, and craves to socialise with others and to go somewhere fun. Kellina is quite vain about her appearance, taking careful measures to make sure that she looks her best at all times. She works out a lot, is careful about what she eats so that she keeps her body in the best shape possible. Not only does she feel it makes her look good, but it keeps her in top physical peak for Bounty Hunting. She also wears just enough makeup to enhance her natural beauty instead of covering herself with make up. She tried it once, and didn’t think it made her look good; only fake. Kellina will often inspect herself in the mirror, or a reflective surface just to make sure that she looks good. She will usually buy expensive, good looking clothes and adornments. She likes it when people compliment her on her looks, but doesn’t like it when people tell her that she looks awful. She would drop everything to try and make herself look more appealing. Kellina is quite flirtatious, and will flirt with just about anyone. She tends to make comments that can be taken sexually, as well as give out all the signals that she is available. As she is so honest, she doesn’t tend to beat around the bush about her intentions, and lets it be known that she is after sex quite easily. She likes to see the reaction from others to her flirting, and if they react in a favourably way such as flirting back, she will become more flirtatious towards them. Even though she can have trouble forming lasting intimate relationships, she is a very sensual woman. She loves being touched, and touching others, losing herself in the moment especially in the bedroom. So when with a person she is getting intimate with, she will act in a very sensual manner, allowing them to take pleasure in her love to tease and touch them. Kellina is very promiscuous in nature and loves to have casual sex with people, and not restricting herself to a single partner. She likes having multiple men, especially at the same time. Whenever she doesn’t have anything going on, she often goes out seeking sexual gratification from others, either from friends or complete strangers. As long as she gets what she wants, she doesn’t care who it is. Having grown up working for the military, she is very rebellious and resists authorities. She tends to ignore warnings, especially if they come from someone in a position of authority. She will also ignore orders given to her. It also means that she will take part in activities that are considered illegal, usually just as a ‘fuck you’ to the state. She tends to question facts, and will argue with someone very easily. Kellina can be quite rowdy, making a lot of noise and being quite boisterous. She likes to throw loud parties, and do things that will grab a lot of attention from others. She likes to tell crude jokes to get a good laugh, even if it offends someone. She can often be quite mischievous, playing tricks and pranks on others to get a reaction. She can make cheeky jokes to get a reaction from others. If she gets away with a trick, or prank, she will often try bigger tricks and pranks to see just how far she can get without getting caught, and often doesn’t see how her pranks can frustrate others. She can also be quite tactless, saying and doing things that can cause offense to others. Kellina prefers being upfront and honest, not caring what others think of her behaviour. She will say whatever comes to mind, not knowing or caring if the other person wants to know. Kellina has an addictive personality, allowing her to easily become hooked on drugs and become dependant on them. She often takes a number of drugs, and frequently drinks alcohol. The only times she doesn’t like to do that is when she is flying her ship, but when not doing her job she will drink and take drugs as much as she can. She has also become addicted to having sex. She has trouble forming lasting relationships with others, due to the fact that she has trouble expressing her love to them. She tends to express it with sex, so will even have sex with someone she considers a friend. But even when she tries to form a relationship with someone, she often gets bored and goes out seeking new partners as she cannot make herself stick to having sex with the single person. She spends much of her free time having sexual encounters, and will often allow her behaviour to impact her health and job, but she doesn’t feel like she can control this behaviour, especially when drinking or taking drugs. When she does give into her addictions, she usually does it to the extent where she overindulges. She will often wake up with strong hangovers and in various other beds that are not her own. This often means that she is late for meetings or appointments, as she often oversleeps and misses the time and then often spends a while making herself look presentable. All of her addictions, plus the fact that she is very reckless, is very self-destructive. She often gets injured, or acts in a manner that could get her killed like seemingly piloting in a dangerous manner. Sometimes, it is almost as if she wishes for death, but if you attempted to tell her that, she would deny it. She claims that she is just living how she wants and having fun while doing it. Kellina can come across as cocky at times, especially when she has the upper-hand in any situation. She will mock her opponent, and tease them in order to get a reaction from them. She will point out their flaws, while bragging about her superiority over them. Sometimes she isn’t very good when working in a team, especially with those she doesn’t know. She prefers doing things on her own, and gaining all of the glory. She sometimes things that she knows better than others, and will often assert that in a very cocky manner. She can be rather competitive, especially with an opponent, and is always striving to the one that comes up on top. She can be quite abrasive, acting in an irritating manner to anger others. It is one of the reasons why she doesn’t form many friendships. She tends to act in a manner with little thought to those around her, doing what she wants, when she wants to. She can also miss certain social cues, such as seeing when someone is uncomfortable in her presence, or overstaying her welcome. She feels that if they have a problem with her, then they would tell her and not keep quiet about it. When in an argument, she can be quite confrontational, passionately defending her position. Kallina, when someone is being very rude towards her, she use low blows and insults to get a reaction. She gets a thrill from angering people, and from getting in fights. She will not hesitate to confront someone if she believes that they are in the wrong, and she in the right. She does not back down from problems, preferring instead to face her problems head on, instead of falling back. Kellina can be quite volatile, moving from one emotion to the next within the blink of an eye. One moment she can be extremely angry, and then calm and composed the next. Her emotions can be quite unpredictable, and thus she can unknowingly blow up at something, even something small. She can hold grudges against those that she perceives have wronged her in some way, and she can be quite vindictive. She can find it hard to forgive people, and usually ends up trying to get revenge on those that have wronged her. She will find a way to get back at the person in a manner that would make them think twice before doing something against her again. She can come up with some interesting and elaborate ways to get back at people. She can be quite ruthless in her revenge, but if she is able to forgive, then she would stop trying to get revenge. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Athletic/Gymnastic: Kellina is very athletic, keeping herself trim and fit. She is also a gymnastic, allowing her to be able to do complex maneuvers that she can use against an opponent or use to get away. That, coupled with her athleticism, makes her very flexible. Using these skills, she can also do parkour, allowing her to move quickly and easily through an urban environment. Stealth: Using her athletic and gymnastic skills, Kallina can be very stealthy, keeping herself hidden so that the enemy doesn’t spot her. If she keeps herself hidden enough, she can sneak around someone, or easily kill them without much danger to herself. She is usually very quick and agile, making very little noise as she moves about. Piloting skills: Due to her reckless, adventurous behaviour, Kallina is very wild with the controls of a ship. However despite the fact that it seems dangerous to fly with her, she knows exactly what she is doing. She can pass within a metre of another ship without touching it, and she can easily navigate something as dangerous as an asteroid field. Combat Training: Due to the fact that she has lived most of her life in a war zone, she has had to learn how to fight from a young age. She is very proficient with hand weapons such as guns and melee weapons, as well as being able to use ships in space combat. She is also very good at hand to hand combat, using her athletic and gymnastic skills to full use to gain an advantage over an opponent. Against an enemy that is stronger than herself, she uses quick thinking and being agile in order to defeat them. She is always trying to think several steps ahead of her opponent. Weaknesses: Combat: While Kellina is very quick on her feet, and able to avoid thrown punches, she may be physically weaker than her opponent so they could use that against her. She usually only carries a laser pistol on her person at all times, leaving her heavier weapons in her ship until she knows she needs them. So most of the time she is weak against long range attacks. Due to her volatile and confrontational personality, she gets into fights very easily, especially in bars and clubs. Sexual addiction: As Kellina is a sex addict, she usually has sex on the brain and rarely declines an invitation, unless it was someone that didn’t fit her tastes. This can be used as a way to distract her, or waylaid her. Alcoholism and drug use: Due to her addictive personality, she tends to drink and use drugs a lot. So if anyone offers her a drink or drugs she rarely declines. As such, she may skip on certain things in order to get her fix, and means she can often be late to meetings or not turn up at all. She often finds herself waking up in places that she had no idea how she got to. Tactless behaviour: As she is rather tactless, and confrontational, she finds it hard to find new friends. However, when she thinks that someone is a friend, she is very loyal unless they do something that breaks her trust. She tends to easily offend people and anger them towards her. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): At the moment, she doesn’t really have a dream that she is working on. Sometimes she thinks about settling down somewhere, but doesn’t feel ready to do so yet. She is currently content in working as a Bounty Hunter and enjoying life. Hobbies and Interests: Her main hobby and interest is ships. She knows everything about her ship, and how to fly it. She loves hearing about new ships and ship technology and researches about various ships that grab her interest. She even has a private collection of model ships as well as datapads filled with information on various ships. When she is not working or indulging in her passion, Kellina loves going out, meeting new people and partying. She will often go to clubs and bars, drinking and taking drugs. And more often than not, she ends up having sex with numerous people when she does so. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Hetero-sexual. Turn ons: Having unprotected sex. Making love with people she doesn’t love, and complete strangers. Being touched physically by her partner, such as hands moving across her body. She loves the feeling of being close with another body. Having sex for physical gratification. Being fucked hard and rough. She likes having nails digging into her skin, hard and wild thrusts, her hair being pulled and being talked dirty to such as slut shaming her. Despite her confident and dominating manner, Kellina loves it when a man takes control in the bedroom. Being used for sex. Giving and receiving oral. Having sex with alien species. Sex in a public place. Multiple partners, orgies and gangbangs. Turn off: Scat Necrophilia Gore Vore Having sex with someone underage. Not only is that a turn off, but it makes her feel physically sick. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: F-cup Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: Due to her rather openness when it comes to sex, she tends to want to fuck any cock that comes on by although she can still be picky about her partner, to a point. Most of the time, the fact that they have a dick is enough to her. However she doesn’t tend to get close to most of her lovers and might not even notice when someone becomes infatuated with her. If she suspects something though, she will be blunt and honest and tell them that she is not interested in a relationship, nor is she interested in settling down. STD History: She has had a minor STD not long ago, however it was easily curable and she suffers no ill effects from it. Extra Information Father: Michael Dansken (Deceased) Mother: Cathy Dansken (Deceased) Siblings: Moira Dansken (25). Grandparents: She has never known her grandparents as she grew up on a colony. Ship: Stella-Kelpie, a human fighting vessel. Place of Residence: The only place she even considers her home in her quarters on the Stella-Kelpie. Pet: None. Additional information: Kellina partakes in a number of drugs, most of them minor ones as she doesn’t want to really touch the ones that would make her unable to pursue her hobby. The hardest drug that she takes is alcohol, and often spends her free time getting drunk. Most of the time when she gets drunk or is taking drugs, she usually ends up having sex with people as she also suffers from a sexual addiction. She is constantly seeking sexual gratification from numerous partners, and becomes withdrawn and frustrated when she cannot satisfy herself. She is also unable to remain with a single partner, and will laugh at anyone who suggests that she should. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: She has been arrested for possession of an illegal substance, as well as having sex in a public location. Both resulted in fines that she has since paid. Medical Record: PTSD, sex addiction. Bio: Kellina is the youngest of two sisters that were born to her parents, Michael and Cathy Dansken. While human, she was born in the Science Colony that her parents lived and worked in. The Kilsyth Colony was in the Glamis System, in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Star System was a Binary Star System with two type M stars, Glamis A and Glamis B. There were four rocky planets, and five gas giants. The largest Gas Giant was a planet named Alyth. It was a beautiful purple in colour and was three times the size of Jupiter. Alyth had several moons orbiting it, with one being an Earth-like Moon. This is where the Kilsyth Colony was located, and where Kellina grew up with her older sister, Moira. When she was young, Kellina showed a lot of promise. She was always an active child, and very curious. Her mother, Cathy, was one of the researchers that was researching a strange, heavy metal that was discovered on the planet. Her father, Michael, was a ship mechanic. Ships were vital to bringing in resources as well as moving people around the Moon. Both Kellina and Moira were fascinated with the ships that came to their fathers work yard for him to fix. While Moira was more interested in playing with the actual machinery, Kellina was more interested in the whole ship. One of her fondest memories was when she came into the work yard as her father had finished fixing a ship. He had turned around and smiled when he saw her, before inviting her to test fly it with him. Excited, she agreed and followed him into the ship. She then sat on his lap as he started the ship up and flew a few laps around the workyard to make sure that the ship was working as intended. It was from that point that she truly developed a love for flying ships. Even to this day, she has a picture from that day. Her sitting on her father's lap, smiling, as her father was flying the ship. Her memories of her mother were sketchy. The most she remembered of her mother was her beautiful smile. Despite the promise that the sisters showed, their life was fated not to be happy. When Kellina was 4 years of age, with her sister being 8 years of age, the colony was invaded by a species that lived in a neighbouring system. They were a lizard-like species that seemed hell bent on killing everyone. No one knew what their name was, but they later became known as the Malum. Due to the low level of technology that the Colony had, the Malum sent in an invading force to go in and take everyone out so that they could claim the Moon for themselves. At the time the invasion started, Kellina and Moira were at home with their parents eating dinner. As the screams and shouts started, a booming alarm blasted across the entire colony. Their parents grabbed both children, who had little clue as to what was happening, before shutting them in a small cupboard. Frightened, they clung to each other as they heard their parents shouting to each other. Explosions sounded outside of their home, as well as shouts, screams and the sounds of weapons firing. The frightening sounds only served to get closer to their home. The two girls, still curious despite their fear, peered out through the gap of the cupboard to watch what was going on. They saw their parents using the window as a shield as they fired some kind of weapon outside. Kellina, being so young, had little idea as to what was going on. Suddenly, one of the walls had blasted inwards, showering everything inside the once neat home, with dust and debris. One alien, a huge creature with dark green scales and malevolent white eyes stepped into the room. With a casual flick, he fired his weapon, killing their parents. They didn’t even have time to react to his presence before he mercilessly killed them. The two girls drew back, more frightened than before. Kellina started to cry, but Moira tried her best to comfort her younger sister, whispering for her to be quiet. Kellina, still upset, still obeyed her older sister. The Malum prowled around the room, his breathing heavy as he seemed to be looking around, clearly after any survivors. He came near the cupboard where the two young girls were hiding. He seemed to pick up their scent, as he began to reach out to rip open the cupboard, but another alien called him in a harsh, thick language. The soldier glared at the cupboard before turning and leaving. The two girls were left for hours as the battle raged on around them, too frightened to move from where they were hiding despite almost being discovered. Unknown to them, despite the initial advantage of the aliens surprise, the humans were more armed than they had anticipated, and had managed to drive them off. In the dead of night, roughly six hours after the battle had started, search teams went out to look for survivors. Kellina had fallen asleep in her sister's arms, but Moira had remained awake the entire time. They were discovered by one of their neighbours, who found the bodies of their parents before calling for the girls. When Moira responded, he opened the cupboard to find the pair. He took the two of them and returned to the main camp where the two were fed before being put to bed. Unfortunately for the Colony, the invading aliens were persistent on taking over the Moon and removing the local population. It was not long before they regrouped and attacked the Colonists again. This turned into a war that lasted years, with heavy losses on both sides. The invading aliens were only relying on ground forces, so they were not able to make as much progress killing the colonists as they had originally hoped. The colonists moved underground, using some of their research facilities to shield people from the hostile forces. They were also able to change some of the labs to grow their own food, to help feed the surviving population. With being so young, Kellina was unable to help, but she was young enough for them to begin teaching her. They taught her how to hold and fire a weapon, as well as how to fight in various situations including hand to hand combat. She grew up, learning this from the moment she got up in the morning to the moment she went to bed. She occasionally saw her sister, Moira, in between her training and the duties that she was doing. Kellina took advantage of every moment they had together, feeling almost incomplete without her sister. But both of them were trying to help the colony survive. When Kellina was ten, they began giving her piloting lessons, teaching her how to fly one of the few ships that they did have. She turned out to be very talented, and had an innate sense when flying. She was able to turn tighter than other pilots and was far more daring and dangerous than others, but she was able to outfly the best pilot in the colony. When she was twelve years old, she finally began to defend the colony from attack. Her sister, Moira, had already been fighting for four years and Kellina was keen to join her. At first, she was assigned to guarding the facility, killing any of the aliens that came near enough to the facility to endanger the lives on the colonists. Due to the training that she had been given, she saw the aliens as nothing more than pests that needed to be wiped out. An evil force that would take away everything that she loved. They had already taken her parents away from her, she didn’t want her sister taken from her either. One of her fellow soldiers was a young man called Jake Wilkinson, whom was the same age as herself. The only colonist that was the same age, as there were precious few children. The two of them struck up a strong friendship, spending whatever time they could together. Like her, he had been trained to be a pilot for one of their few ships. They served together side by side for years, becoming inseparable. Her neighbour warned her not to become so close to him, because she risked losing him in battle and making herself miserable. But she ignored his advice. When she was 15, she allowed Jake to take her virginity. The two were huddled together in her bed, whispering quietly and touching each other. One thing led to another, and they made love for the first time. For the first time in a long time, Kellina was happy. However, the happiness was not to last. Several months after she had first made love to Jake, the two were flying a ship over one of the enemy camps. Their mission was to drop bombs and wipe the camp out. They had managed to destroy most of the camp, however they were shot down and ended up crash landing near the camp. Both pilots were unconscious, but otherwise they were alive. When Kellina awoke, she was tied in some kind of chair. In front of her, Jake was tied in a similar manner. The aliens tried, without success, to force information from the two. Their techniques were often brutal, and painful, inflicting mind-numbing pain on them in order to try and get them to talk. They were starved, deprived of sleep and were only given enough water to barely survive. But the two of them refused, adamantly. This went on for a week, before they grew tired of their resistance. So on the seventh day of their capture, they killed Jake in front of Kellina in an attempt to try and get her to finally start giving them what they wanted. But, despite her overwhelming grief and anger, she still refused to talk. They then threatened that they were going to force feed her the body of her lover if she didn’t cooperate. But Kellina, so angry and bitter towards them, cursed them in every word she knew. She was left alone, then, locked in a cold, dark room. She knew that if she didn’t talk soon, they were going to kill her just like they did to Jake. But she was at the point where she didn’t care anymore. They had killed Jake, taken away the one person she had truly shared her heart with. She couldn’t stop thinking about him, and she spent hours in that cold, dark room crying. Before the Malum could come back to her and finish her off, the small camp was attacked by the human colonists. Kellina had been snapped out of an exhausted, restless doze, by the sound fighting and explosions. She lay there, listening to the sounds of fighting, mixing with screams and cries of pain. It seemed to drag on before the door to her cell suddenly opened. For a few moments, Kellina was blinded by the light but when she was able to see clearly, her sister Moira was standing in the doorway. Moira wasted no time in picking her little sister up, before pulling her out of there. Moira took Kellina back to their base, where Kellina immediately received medical treatment. It took her a few weeks to recover, before Kellina demanded to be allowed back on duty. That incident had changed Kellina. She distanced herself from others, unwilling to form a close bond with anyone. She would make friends, but she wouldn’t allow anyone to get any closer to her. She feared the hurt and pain of losing a loved one. She had been warned, and she didn’t listen. And now she was paying the price for it. Every night she had nightmares. She saw Jake’s face, everytime she closed her eyes. She became afraid of sleeping, knowing that sleep only brought the horrors of this war into the front of her mind, making her a captive audience. She put every ounce of strength into the war, not caring if she became injured. The friends that she did allow to become close to her, almost like best friends, she saw fall in battle. With each friend that died, Kellina felt that a part of herself was dying along with them. It was becoming useless. What was the point in fighting back? They were slowly being wiped out, killed. They might as well kill themselves now, instead of allowing themselves to continue suffering. But by the time she was 18, the answer to their cry for help finally came. It was fourteen years too late, but it finally came. Great ships came down onto the moon, blasting away any the Malum that were on their final march. The colonists, now few in number, were happy to see that help had finally arrived. But in response to this help, the Malum began sending ships into the system to fight against this new threat. The colonists told their reinforcements that there was no point in staying; there was little left for them. Their research was all destroyed. The aliens were intent on attacking until they had gotten what they wanted. So the reinforcements extracted the remaining survivors and took them back to human space. The only person that survived that Kellina was remotely close to, was Moira, her sister. The colonists had received compensation for how late their reinforcements were. Kellina and Moira pooled their money together and were able to purchase a small ship together. After much discussion, the two had decided that they wanted to become bounty hunters; to hunt down people wanted by the law and deliver them back to the authorities if possible. Kellina knew that it was just as dangerous as their war, however she didn’t care. It was what she had grown up knowing, and only after a few weeks of peace, she grew uneasy. The sisters, Kellina and Moira, now operate around the Andromeda Trading Station. There, they are open to receive a large number of Bounty contracts which they can do to get a lot of money.
  6. From the album: Akira's characters

    Character Identity Information: Name: Soma Haruki Age: 25 Gender: Male Species: Human Origin: Mega-city-one. Nationality: Altechian. Occupation: Futurae Tech's CEO. GAME + Genre: Payday 2, Shooter. Physical Appearance: Height: 185 cm Weight: 80 Kg Eye Colour: Dark blue Hair Colour: Black Physical Description: Soma is a rather average guy at first glance. He isn't particularly strong or muscly looking and the combination of his looks combined with his social status as a CEO can make him look very intimidating at first glance. Some people would even go as far as to say that he always seems to be judging the others almost all the time. Physical appearances aren't really important from his point of view. While he does wear nice enough clothes, the main reason for that is that he must try and keep his company's image well preservated. That said, he never wears neckties. He can't stand them. In his opinion they are nothing but a unecessary disconfort around your neck and most don't even look good. As for the rest of his clothes, he usually likes to wear jeans pants and white coats over a black or red shit. His glasses are always the same, though. Simple and black. You can never go wrong with the classics. Plus, they help to hide his emotions a little bit. He also always keep with himself a silver pocket watch that he got from his grandfather. It's like a treasure to him. Ingame outfit: Personality, Traits and Abilities: General Overview: At first, Soma might seem like a rather cold person, and for the record, he really is to a certain extent. He always tries to think objectively and logically about pretty much everything ever. Not really liking the idea of allowing his emotions to make decisions for him. In most cases at least. He adopted his late granfather's saying as his life motto, "Time is the most valuable currency in the world, for it is the only one that can't be refunded or replaced", as result, he will never do something that he deems to be a complete waste of his time and that also makes him rather impatient with people he doesn't know or like. However, once you get to know him well enough, he will show his true collors. As someone who didn't have many friends at school, he greatly values friendship and loyalty. Which are two things that also demonstrates a lot for those he actually likes. He also has a very strong moral compass and will never do something he believes to be wrong. When It comes to his enemies and the people he actually hates, though... things might get messy. His coldness and apathy reach a whole new level, for he consider them to be a waste of his time and, like mentioned before, he hates wasting his time. In fact, he would never help those he hates by any means, regardless of the situation. Said person can be severely injured, very sick, being attacked, burning alive... doesn't matter for him. Once you get into his "Hated" list, getting out of it is a minor miracle. Soma is incredibly smart. He graduated from his college and university with honors and always had a gift when it comes to calculations and puzzels. Over time, he also aquired shooting as a hobby. He loves to practice target-shooting with guns, especially hitting that sweet sweet bullseye. Although he likes pretty much all types of guns, he has a especial affinity with hand cannons and sniper rifles. He began to practice target-shooting when he was 20, and when he was a kid, he took Aikido lessons to learn how to defend himself from the school bullies. In addition, he also took computer science lesson and, over time, learned how mess a bit with computer codes. He wouldn't go as far as calling himself a hacker, but he is still pretty skilled at dealing with digital problems. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: One of Soma's biggest strenghts is his brain. He excels at analysing the situation and coming up with strategies to get the best result possible. His cold nature helps him a lot in though scenarios, allowing him to keep his cool and think straight even while facing severe problems. Every move; every thought; and every action made by him in battle are extremely calculated, even if it doesn't look like it at first. Ability One: Akimbo Motherf*cker! - Allows Soma to use a pair of hand cannons as his primary waepons without sacrificing damage, accuracy or mobility, but it also causes him to take duble the amount of time to reload akimbo weapons, obviously... Ability Two: Valuable Time - Stops time while still allowing Soma to move around and shoot normaly, but he can only keep this ability active for 5 seconds. Finishing move: Time Destroyer - Overcharge the gun(s) currently on his hand, causing the next single shot fired to deal massive amounts of damage, being an insta kill on most mob enemies. Enemies killed by this ability will create a 5 meters wide area of effect that slows other enemies passing though it by 50%. Guns used in game: (Gun name: Thanatos) (Gun name: Nephthys) Weaknesses: Soma's main weakness is close quarters combat. While is a very experienced Aikido fighter, in the game that is barely enough to take down a single mob enemie. He stands no chance agains powerful and expreinced melee fighters on that regard. Plus, his damage resistance is very low, meaning that he has to resort to cover and acrobatic maneuvers to avoid getting hurt. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Find real happiness and maybe true love. Even though he has a good job and many things to be proud of, Soma still feels somawhat empty inside and lonely at times. He also cares deeply about his company and want to see it grow. Hobbies and Interests: Target shooting, expanding his knowledge in a way that would benefit his company, video games, bad jokes, dark humor and keeping contact with his friends. Personal Sexual Information: Sexual Orientation: Straight. Turn ons: Vanilla stuff, unprotected sex and sexy outfits. Turn offs: Pain, gore and kinky stuff overall. History: Awards/Commendations: He is very respected for his leadership skills and for becoming a CEO at the age of 23. Criminal Record: Clear. Bio: He was raised by a pretty normal family and had a somewhat normal life, but he still had to deal with his fare share of problems. First of all, he was bullied pretty badly at school and his parent were simply too cold to try and do something about it other than simply telling him to ignore the other kids and focus on his studies. Which resulted in Soma acquiring a pretty weird sense of humor: dark humor. He tries to make jokes about a lot of things to keep his feet on the ground, so to speak. If that wasn't enough, his grandfather was the founder and original CEO of Futurae Tech and the one who thought a thing or two about real feelings. He was the one who saved Soma from becoming a completely emotionless machine. Soma's father refused to inherit the company due to how bad it was doing back in the day, so his grampa remained as the CEO for a few more years and was actually able to make the company somewhat relevant again. When the old man died, he passed the company to Soma, since his father had refused to inherit it at first. Soma now tries his best to make Futurae Tech grow and evolve.
  7. Neptune

    Daniella Taru'zenari

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Daniella Wilson Age/Date of Birth: 23. Born 4th April, in the Epsian year of 4143. Earth Equivalent: 2513 Gender: Kay Species: Taru'zenari Origin/Nationality: Xantal’lar, Epsus Prime, EPSI Federation, Epsus Galaxy Occupation: Unemployed Faction: Independent Rank: Civilian Physical Appearance Height: 4'10" Weight: Slender Eye Colour: Vivid, but deep purple. Hair Colour: Pink and black. Physical Description: As a Taru'zenari, he looks very similar to that of a human, or Tau'ri as the EPSI Federation identifies them ask. However, he is not. He is descendant of a Tau'ri that used to live on Earth, however he has been with other Taru'zenari that have separated away from Earth. He also isn't completely Tau'ri, either, as he has Xeno ancestry that links back to Dez'rarzii back in the UFF with a Tau'ri called Krystal. This coupled with his lineage being separated from Earth for a few thousand years, makes him a Taru'zenari. One of the most obvious things that make him distinctly non-Tau'ri is his vivid purple eyes which are never found among the Tau'ri population. His body shape is quite slim, although he has quite curvy child-bearing hips despite the fact that he is actually a male appearing individual, however he is able to become pregnant and carry children. Despite the slenderness of his torso, his thighs appear well-fleshed and lightly toned like the rest of him. His cock is about 8 inches in length, and human-like in shape although he does several small bumps that run along the underside of his cock. His face is very feminine to the point where most people think of him as a female. Along with his vivid purple eyes, he has a cute button nose and a small mouth with plump, kissable lips. He also has his hair quite short, with it only going down to his jawline. The top part of his hair, is a very bright, vivid pink in colour. On the underside, it is black. This makes his hair stand out, and makes him very easy to spot. He also has a small tattoo just under his right eye, of a small pink love heart. He also dresses in very feminine, often revealing, clothes which often help fool people into thinking that he was female. He gets a thrill out of tricking people like that, although it's never meant maliciously. He just loves the fact that he can get away with looking like a woman. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Daniella is a very friendly person, who easily greets others and easily makes new friends. He can chatter to someone, and spur on a conversation with them. He's quite a good listener, and will always give time to those who simply want a chat with him. That said, he is quite respectful of another person's space, and would leave them alone if they asked him to. He is quite easy going which allows him to get along with a wide range of people. He is quite bubbly and energetic, and doesn't tend to easily worry about things. He also forgives quite easily, unless the person did something so bad towards him, that it's something that he cannot look over. He's also quite affectionate, with friends and especially lovers. With friends, he will hug a lot and often link arms with them. With lovers, he tends to be very cuddly, and often gives them kisses or other signs of affection. He always likes to gift things to people, for the joy that it brings them. He seems to thrive on making others around him happy. Daniella is quite kind and gentle, and will never intentionally harm anyone. He will always help those who need it, even if it means just some of his time to sit and listen. He will always do small, kind gestures, like feeding someone or helping someone with luggage. Along with his kindness, he is also very generous. He will always give to others, even if he does not have much for himself. When giving gifts, he will never expect anything in return and when asked why, Daniella will simply say that he just likes making others happy. As such, he can also be described as unselfish; putting the needs of others above his own. He will always bend over backwards to help others, or mould to their plans. He will help someone, no matter what others would think about it. He will never judge someone from the offset, and most certainly not from mere gossip unless it's some a source he knows as reliable. Daniella is quite hospitable, always welcoming others into his home. He will always ask them if they want a drink, or something to eat. He will also never think twice before offering someone to stay the night if, for example, they've become homeless or they've stayed over so late or while drugged. Daniella is quite charming as he has an easy attitude, and can easily chatter to people. He's very welcoming of others, and remembers people well. He has a good sense of humour and always loves to have a joke such as laughing at himself. He is also quite flamboyant, as he dresses in a way that catches the attention of others, and often acting in a bold, confident manner. He enjoys the attention he gets from others, but would never do something bad to get it such as bullying others or humiliating people. Daniella is also quite flirtacious towards others and will make comments that can be taken in a sexual manner. It's quite easy to tell when he is very interested in someone, as his body language is quite open. He'll bite his lips, and look openly with the person of interest. He is quite sensual, and always loves being touched especially by the ones that he is really close to. He tends to linger on drinks and food as he takes his time to enjoy them and gives himself over to the taste, or even sensations, to the point where he loses awareness of his surroundings. As such, during sex, he loves it when he is touched. Even more so when he is blindfolded. When it comes to sex and relationships, he is quite promiscuous. He never settles with the single sexual partner and will go out and seek sexual gratification from others. He is quite confident and bold, with himself and his interactions with others. He will always look someone in the eye when he is speaking to them, and his body posture is always that of a confident individual. He can always take criticism, as well as laugh at himself. He tends to compliment others easily, but will always be honest with them. He is not intimidated by others, even if they are twice his strength and a lot stronger than they are. He faces challenges head on, and will not back down easily from them. Along with this confidence and boldness, is the fact that he's quite adventurous and a bit of a daredevil. He loves participating in extreme sports for the thrill and adrenaline rush. He always likes to go to new places, and do new things. He is quite courageous, and will face danger head-on rather than cowering from it. He will always stand up for others, even if it puts him in danger. That said, sometimes he can be a little reckless, and end up putting himself in a sticky situation because of it. Sometimes he doesn't think through something completely before doing it, which can cause a situation to turn against him quickly. But that being said, he is quite adaptable, and can think on him feet. This results in him being able to get himself out of the situations that he put himself into in the first place. He tries to think ahead, but sometimes he doesn't think through something fully before acting upon it. But he recovers quickly from setbacks, and always finds a way to recover quickly. He can be a little cocky, especially to those who really irritate him. He can become sarcastic with his language, and mock them. He'll set out to irritate them as much as they've irritated him. However if he feels that he has gone too far, he will apologise for it, although would tell them not to irritate him again or they would get his cocky side again. And not the good kind of cocky. Daniella is always willing to work with others, and works well in a team. He is good at communicating with others, and being open to new ideas. He helps the group plan towards their final goal, and will do all he can to assure that. He can be very enthusiastic and passionate, especially concerning one of his hobbies. He can talk about them for hours, and will always encourage others to join him the next he does it. He doesn't tend to let anything get him down, even when faced with numerous setbacks, and is always determined to charge towards his goal. Due to his enthusiasm, he always seems to be bouncy and full of energy; always on his feet, moving from one place to another and never being able to sit down for several minutes unless he's been given a reason to. Danielle is quite honest, even if he risks upsetting someone. He would always try to frame the honesty kindly, as is his nature, but he will be completely honest nonetheless. He will own up to his mistakes, and will strive to learn from them. He's honest with himself about his own shortcomings, and will openly talk about them with those that he is close to. When he encounters a problem with a relationship, instead of bottling it up and burying it, he will talk to them and be completely open and honest with them about it. To those that he is close to, and trusts, he is extremely loyal. He will easily stand up and defend them from anything and anyone. Daniella can be quite playful at times, preferring to do things that are entertaining rather than working. He often makes jokes, and will laugh often. He often encourages others to lighten up and have fun as well and will often suggest things for them to do. Daniella can be a bit gossipy, although he would never lie or embellish the truth. He just like exchanging information with others, and chatting about certain people or places. He always wants to know what is going on and will often tell others if he's seen or heard something interesting. One that that is very noticeable about Danielle is that he's quite materialistic. He likes to buy expensive clothes, and have expensive accessories and objects in his home. He takes great pride in his belongings and often shows them off to others. When it comes to things Daniella is doing, he's very meticulous and a bit of a perfectionist. He will never leave a single dirty mark on whatever he is cleaning, and he will always make sure everything looks perfect. He can sometimes agonise for a long time over something if it isn't right, or isn't going the way that he wanted. He will always teak it until it's exactly the way that he wants; perfect. When he is unable to, Daniella can become quite irritated and frustrated but still be unable to pull himself away. He has to do it right, or else it is not good enough for him. Daniella is very vain about his appearance, which along with his perfectionism, can mean that he will agonise over his appearance until he looks just right. Sometimes he can spend hours getting ready just so that he looks the way he feels satisfied with. If someone mentions a physical flaw about his appearance, he will obsessive over it, and will not be happy until he has sorted it out. To those that he feels worthy, such as Bad Boys, he is very subservient. He will obey them without question, and allow them to do what they want to him. He gets a sexual thrill out of being controlled like that, and having others decide what he should do. This is due to the fact that he is a very submissive masochist. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Cooking: He has the ability, while cooking, to be able to season any dish with perfection. While cooking, he will add herbs and spices at seemingly random amounts and often rather negligent looking. But actually he knows what he is doing, and the dish always comes out perfectly seasons. He also seems to know exactly when a dish is cooked perfectly, as he seems to have some kind of higher instinct. He also has a fantastic tasting palate, but this can make him quite fussy with what he eats. Stamina and vitality: While Daniella may appear human, or Tau'ri as they are called in the EPSI Federation, he is far from one. He has distant Xeno ancestry, which is apparent by his eye colour. He also has superior stamina and vitality to that of a normal Tau'ri. He is able to outrun a normal human and out-pace them. He's also quite quick and agile, which added to his small height, actually makes him quite tricky to catch. Athleticism: From a young age, Daniella has had a love of athletics. He can do any number of stunts like flips, cartwheels and is also very good at climbing up surfaces. With this, he can out-manoeuvre others and lead a very merry chase. Nanites: As he is an EPSI Federation citizen, he has their nanites. These can heal injuries quicker than his natural healing. They can also save him from a number of life threatening injuries, although there are still a large number of ways that he can be killed. These nanites can also afford him protection from a wide range of diseases, including sexually transmitted ones. Weaknesses: As is the case with all mortal, sentient beings, it is possible to kill him in a number of ways such as poison or a bullet to the head, despite his accelerated healing. He is not invulnerable, and he is also subject to the effects of ageing. As he is so small, and physically weaker than most people, including Tau'ri, it is very easy to overpower him and restrain him. He also has little combat training, and thus it's very easy for him to lose in a combat situation. At this point, he is more likely to run, than fight. He is also quite squeamish when it comes to dirt and grime, as it makes his skin cruel and he gets the overwhelming urge to either run away, or clean it. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To find himself a bad boy which will control, and dominate him. Daniella doesn't want to work a conventional job, and instead make money from things he does on the EPSINet that he can do in the comfort of his own home. He just wants to live in domestic bliss with a bad boy. Hobbies and Interests: Daniella really loves keeping a home nice and clean and will spend hours in a week making sure everything is spotless, although not to the point where it looks sterile. While he likes things clean, he does like a home with a lived-in look. He is also very passionate about cooking and will find any excuse to do so. He loves trying new recipes, especially if they catch his fancy. He loves cooking for a number of people, as he enjoys the satisfaction from people loving his food. While he does not have an official job, and is thus classed as unemployed, he does earn money through the EPSINet. He has a video series running called the "Diary of a Bad Boy's Bitch" where he posts a video log of his relationship with a known criminal in the EPSI Federation. He monetises these videos so that he is earning his own money. Daniella also has his own website; "badboysbitch.epsi", which he also posts videos, as well as pictures of himself that he takes. Usually sexual ones, showing off how much of a trap he is, as it's something he's very proud of. He also takes a lot of selfies, sexual and non-sexual (including after-sex selfies) and posts them on the website as well. He also designs fashionable clothes and sells the designs on the Replicator Marketplace. He also really likes playing games, especially things such as Ocean of Cum, and Pokémon. He also has several gaming consoles that allows him to play some games on a computer, or while sitting in bed. He really loves playing numerous sports on the holodeck such as surfing, bungee jumping and water-boarding. He is also quite good at ice skating, particularly figure skating. But his favourite sporting pastime is climbing. He loves the challenge of being given a difficult surface to climb. He also loves climbing with as little safety equipment as possible as that gives him an extra danger thrill. He has special climbing equipment, designed and produced by the ExoSinian Eldyr Corporation. These includes special gloves, foot pad and knee pads. The material becomes tight when out on, to become completely skin tight to the user. The equipment is covered in nano-hairs that allows the user to stick to most seemingly smooth surfaces. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: He is Aliea-pansexual when it comes to sex. However when it comes to relationships, he prefers exclusively male partners. So while he would have sex with other genders, he wants a man to take care of him. With Epsian citizen's, he likes to have unprotected sex with them and has no issue with getting them pregnant especially as part of a breeding contract although at the moment, he has no interest in raising a child. However, when it comes to non-Epsian species, he is insistent on wearing a condom. This is to protect both himself, and his partners, from diseases. He also will refuse to get someone outside of the EPSI Federation pregnant, as he doesn't want his children to be raised outside of it. So while he has his sperm protection off, he will still insist on the condom due to the disease protection. Epsian Condoms (Stolen from Jake's profile) Traditional Condoms - These are either silicon based or latex based. These are obvious to both the wearer and the person receiving the condom clad cock, and it's primarily purpose for him are for kinks, for example - Pushing someone else's cum deeper into them. They provide protection for quite a number of venereal diseases. Whilst they work as a contraceptive, the failure rate is well known to be as high as 50%, for Mako'demerians because of 'Cock Knotting'. Sometimes when having sex with someone after another cock has been on them, Daniella will sometimes use this for the kink that they provide, as it also feeds into his subservient sexual nature. Epsian Spermless Condoms - These are completely invisible to the naked eye and the neither side can feel the condom on them. This allows for the feeling of unprotected sex, and still lets semen to pass through but not sperm. The primary purpose is birth control, and not venereal disease protection. Daniella will use this with Non-Epsian species, but only if he trusts them. Epsian Cumless Condoms - Like the previous they are completely invisible and naked to the eye, neither side can feel it however it doesn't let anything past. They're far more reliable than other condoms; as Traditional ones have a habit of breaking under the extreme stresses of the Mako'demerian Knot. These condoms are unbreakable and their primary purpose is birth control and full venereal disease protection. (Not guaranteed with unknown Aliens) For random fucks, and affairs with Non-Epsian species, this is the condom that Daniella would use. Turn ons: He has a huge weakness for bad boys. The ones that have a very bad boy reputation, but is actually a kind person. They really, really turn him on. Having unprotected sex. He loves getting filled with a lot of cum. Being made love to, by people he loves, and doesn't love. Being promiscuous. Being a trophy girlfriend. He loves being taken care of by his boyfriend, and he will be there to look sexy and beautiful for them. Being fucked hard and roughly, especially by a Mako. He loves the feeling of their cocks, and feels that they are the best shaped cocks in existence. He loves the feeling of a knot expanding inside of him, as he loves the feeling of it stretching him open. He loves being made to be a loose slut. He loves having claws digging hard into him, to the point of bleeding, he loves being slapped and spanked, slut shamed, spoken dirty to and a really dominating partner that will pin him to the bed and use his body to pleasure themselves. Being tied up, and used. He also loves being bound and teased mercilessly. He loves being teased to the point where he's begging at the top of his voice for relief. Being forced to fuck someone else. He loves a bad boy to have that kind of control over him. He especially loves it, when the bad boy is fucking him, while forcing him to have sex with someone. Partners taller than himself; both women and men. He loves having a man towering over him while pinning him to the bed and fucking him hard. With a woman-like gender, he loves being dominated by them, or being able to fuck them while being able to play with their breasts. Being teased for being a feminine kay, by any gender. He loves being mocked and humiliated about it, and his cross-dressing. Being promiscuous. He loves being a raging slut. Having multiple partners, gangbangs, swinger parties and orgies. Sex in a public place. Turn offs: Submissive, meek partners. Gore, and Vore. He will also refuse to do necrophilia. He will refuse to have sex with someone under the legal age, especially an alien species. Penis Length: 8” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Sensitive Additional Sexual Information: He's very sensitive in areas such as his neck, back and inner thighs. His arsehole and cock is also very sensitive. Daniella is a very submissive individual when it comes to sex. He always likes to be told what to do, and dominated by his partners, no matter their gender. He will absolutely refuse to dominate someone, as he feels too awkward to do so and doesn’t like it. He currently has all reproduction turned off. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: James Wilson (Taru’zenari) Mother: Katie Watson (Taru’zenari) Siblings: His mother had many other children than himself, with numerous species within the EPSI Federation. Daniella was close to some of them, although he doesn't often contact them. Ship: He lives on Kal’loure’s ship. Place of Residence: He lives with Kal'loure Mako'demeri on his ship, and his quarters on the station. Pet: None Additional information: He frequently vapes cannabis and takes cLSD. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean. Medical Record: He has always been a healthy Taru'zenari. Bio: Daniella was born to a promiscuous Taru'zenari woman, who had a large number of other children by many fathers. A number of them did pay her child support, but only because they had equal custody of their children and thus they were often away with their fathers. His mother also would also happily breed with someone and then give the child to the father once they were born, with full parental rights. But his home was usually visited by various men, who would drop by to have sex with her or go on dates with his mother. Daniella never minded this, as the men would often play with him, and spend time with him and the other children. So from a young age, Daniella was surrounded by a lot of men. Even from a young child, Daniella tended to dress himself as a girl and tended to spend more play time with his feminine siblings than his masculine ones. His mother was more than happy to allow Daniella to dress and act as he wished, as he felt that it was Daniella's path to discover what he was like on his own. Due to the nature of Epsian culture, and the fact that he was born after the period of Keza Corp, he was well liked in school and never experienced any nasty behaviour from other students apart from playing and teasing that wasn't serious. Daniella did well in the early years of his life. He learnt his Universal Rights easily and could recite them word perfect. Also from early in his school days, he became involved with athletics, as he enjoyed the physical challenge that it provided. He often remained after school with other students to join the club. Afterwards, he would be picked up by his mother, or even one of her boyfriends at the time, to be taken home. So Daniella's childhood was quite a safe one, if providing its own challenges in regards to his school. But he relished his early years, and was a typical, happy, confident child. As Daniella began to develop into his teenage years, he continued cross dressing and coming across as a female. For him, it felt right and he felt truly himself, although he continued to refer to himself with masculine pronouns as he felt that he was a trap, rather than a feminine trap. And he was comfortable with who he was. Even through puberty, his voice didn't drop noticeably so it remained rather feminine sounding, which was something that really pleased him, as it helped with the illusion. Like many teenagers, he became obsessed over his appearance and would wear clothes that were designed to make him look sexy. As he did odd jobs such as babysitting for his mother's friends, and various lovers that had children, he earnt himself money which he spent on clothes. This is also when his signature hairstyle came into his life. He came up with the idea after flicking through the EPSINet, and he loved it so much that he has never changed it. He felt that it highlighted his flamboyant personality and it suited his vivid purple eyes. He still continued with his athletics, although often visited the holodeck to play extreme sports such as rock climbing, skydiving and waterboarding. He has been a thrill seeker ever since he was young. Not because he welcomed death; he just loved the adrenaline rush that it gave him. As he continued to grow older, he began getting more aware about sex, and his urges in that regard. He knew a lot about sex, and relationships, from his education and things that his mother had taught him. He knew that he shouldn't be ashamed of his sexual appetite, and late at night he would sit alone in his room surfing the EPSINet for content that he could wank off to. At first, he was unsure as to his sexual orientation, however he did have a marked preference for males although he still felt aroused when thinking about having sex with one of the other genders. He felt that he was, for the most part, gay, but open to sex with other genders. He didn't discover his masochism until he was sixteen. He was struggling a little in one of the lessons, so he spent time after school with his teacher, a large Mako by the name of Kaloar. He was very tall, and very muscular appearing but he was a good teacher and patiently taught Daniella until he finally understood what the lesson was about. Daniella had noticed that while Kaloar kept a professional air, he had one raging boner in his trousers. Now that Daniella was better, he suggested doing something to thank Kaloar for his patience. He seemed to consider it, before agreeing since he had achieved the goal of getting Daniella to understand and that was his first duty. That day, Daniella ended up getting fucked hard across the teachers desk, and he loved every moment of it. He pinned him down and ravaged him. Clearly Daniella had hit a lot of buttons with the guy and he was clearly having trouble restraining himself. But the more rough he was, the more Daniella liked it and asked for more, until Kaloar was fucking Daniella like a fuck toy and spanking him hard. This began Daniella's first affair with one of his teachers that continued throughout his school career. Kaloar was not Daniella's only affair at the school. His athletic's teacher was a female Zeta by the name of Jyana'kynarr. She was a tall, slender Zeta that was a real Zeta woman. She was dominating, and brooked no-nonsense. She expected nothing short of perfection from her students, and drove them hard although not to the point where it put them in danger. Daniella loved the challenge, and dived into them head-strong even if he encountered problems in the beginning. One day, after such a session, Daniella was helping Jyana pack everything away. His teacher complimented him on his performance, which caused Daniella to become very flattered as he did not expect such high praise from her. Daniella admitted that her heavy handed approach encouraged him to do better as it seemed to energise him, as well as make him quite excited. As he spoke, he didn't realise that he was getting a boner, which Jyana noticed. She grabbed Daniella and threw him down on the mats, asking if he liked being ordered around like a good little bitch. This only turned Daniella on more and he pretended to resist although he did make it obvious that he was not complaining in the slightest. Jyana then stripped them both, before pinning Daniella down and riding his cock while humiliating and shouting at him. Daniella was in heaven. He loved being dominated like this. So much that he kept going back to Jyana for more. At home, Daniella began to have sex with some of his siblings, the ones that were old enough. He also seduced and had sex with several of his mother's boyfriends and even sometimes had sex with them in his mother's bed without her knowing. Sometimes even when she was in the kitchen cooking a family meal. Throughout school, he continued accepting babysitting jobs, and would frequently have sex with the parents as well when they came back from wherever they had gone to for the night. It was one of the little extra services that he threw in for a little extra money, essentially accepting money for sex. He left school when he was eighteen, with very good grades, although he had no idea what he was going to do with his life. For a time, he hung about at his mother's house, having sex with people, including his mother's lovers, or he went out doing various activities such as rock climbing. Eventually, he decided that he wasn't really one to attend University to get a high flying job. He wanted to find someone that could look after him, and that he could repay them by being the ideal wife for them. But for the meantime, he did need to earn money for himself, so he got himself a job as a bartender for a local bar. He met a lot of people, although none that caught his fancy. He slept with a lot of customers, but none of them were what he was looking for in a relationship. He did sometimes meet up with his old teachers, and they were able to really satisfy him sexually however, they weren't exactly what he was after. After looking around on the EPSINet, he stumbled across his biggest weakness. Bad Boys. He was watching a porn movie, one starring Autumn Mako'vitiri in a Dystopia world. Daniella loved the main villain of the porno, and He often wanked off over the thought of being controlled by such a person. In fact he began collecting such porn movies, as well as the holo versions, so that he could put himself in that situation. It made him truly feel that he was a little bitch that existed for their pleasure, and the feeling was addictive. He began looking around for a Bad Boy himself, and although he found some potentials online, they fell through. He read about some of the more notable Bad Boys such as the Daedric Wolfe, Dark Star Wolf, and a Mako going by the name of Kal'loure. He privately doubted he would ever meet them, but they often appeared in his fantasies. One day, while serving at the bar, two of his biggest fantasies walked in through the bar. The Daedric and Dark Star Wolves. As he served them, he flirted with them outrageously of which they reciprocated. But despite his efforts, they didn’t seem eager to go home with him. So after work, he returned home, feeling disappointed. However there was a surprise waiting for him, as the two had broken into his home where they proceeded to fuck him hard where the Daedric Wolf promised to own and control him just the way he wanted. <(Some EPSI Federation content snipped)> After following the news for a while, a story appeared about Kal'loure, one of the men that he often thought about. Since fleeing from the EPSI Federation, he had been spending his time on the Andromeda One Trading Station being a Bounty Hunter. It was one of the men on his dreams, Daniella felt. He looked into how long it would take to get there, and the costs involved. He needed to save up, but if it meant meeting the man of his dreams, he was willing to do so. He worked every moment he could in the bar, saving every penny that he could. He even got people to pay to have sex with him, and he often did special favours for them. When he had enough, including enough to get back if he didn't find what he was hoping for, he said his goodbyes to his mother and left to go to the Andromeda Station, to be one of the few EPSI Federation civilians to be there.
  8. Neptune

    Donovan Lyvon

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Donovan Lyvon Age/Date of Birth: 28 Gender: Male Species: Human Origin: Mega City One Nationality: Altechian. Occupation: Police Officer (Rank: Detective) GAME + Genre: Realm of the Knights (Single Player RPG.) Physical Appearance Height: 188cm (6’2”) Weight: 76kg (167.5lbs) Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Blond Physical Description: Donovan is a tall, slender looking male. He has quite a lithe body build, looking as if he is made to be a runner. He doesn’t seem to have much muscle mass on him, but he is stronger than he looks. No matter how much he works out, he doesn’t tend to put on much visible muscle mass, yet he is stronger than an average male. He is usually seen wearing smart or formal clothing. He doesn’t tend to like wearing casual clothing much, especially clothes such as jeans and T-shirts. If he does wear casual clothes, it would be smart casual, but that is as casual as he gets. His blond hair is medium in length, relatively straight with some unruly locks. It goes down to his neck where he cuts it off. He doesn’t tend to style his hair, as he didn’t tend to bother with it. As long as it isn’t in his way, he doesn’t really care how it looks. The most he will do is tie it up in a small ponytail to get it out of his face. His face is quite handsome, with slightly angled blue eyes and eyebrows the same colour as his hair. He has a well formed mouth, that is usually set in a serious line. He has a nose that has a slight flick to the end of it. Ingame clothes: While Donovan is inside of the Game Field, he is wearing this outfit. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Donovan is quite a reserved man. He tends not to speak that much, even to friends and family and often doesn’t reveal his inner thoughts and feelings. He is quite serious, and tends to take life quite seriously as well, not giving in much to laughter or even humour. When he does let his sense of humour out, it can be quite dry and sarcastic and he is often misunderstood by most people when he is cracking a joke. Despite his reserved nature, he is a good friend and once his trust is earnt, he is extremely loyal. He will be willing to do things for his friends and family, even if he gets nothing in return, not even a thank you. He can be extremely selfless, always willing to give to others, even complete strangers. It is one of the reasons why he is a Police Officer, because he wants to try and help others and to protect them from harm. He is always willing to put his life on the line for others, caring little for his own safety when he does. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: As does everyone within the city, Donovan possesses the Arm Computer however his has the Hero OS that allows him access to the special abilities of his Game and Genre. In battle, he tends to fight with a large longsword. Ability One - Sword Chain: Donovan can summon a magical chain that connects his sword to his hand. He is able to fire it out at a ferocious rate towards a target. He can also use the chain to move the sword around him, such as swinging it around to attack multiple enemies at once, in multiple directions. This ability can also allow him to move around an environment, by firing the weapon at a wall and causing the sword to imbed itself in the wall, allowing him to pull himself up. Ability Two - Spectral Sword: Donovan can summon a spectral sword that is semi-transparent and glows white. When summoned, it appears in front of him and fires at his enemy, dealing damage upon impact. As soon as damage is done, the sword disappears. Finishing Move: Donovan slams his sword into the ground, creating a concussive shockwave that throws enemies back and deals a significant amount of damage. Weaknesses: Due to the fact that he tends to do short range melee, he is vulnerable to long range attacks from weapons such as guns. He also needs to get in close to his opponent, which can open him up to be attacked. He is also still quite mortal, and can be killed if he loses all of his health points. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He wishes to raise in ranks as a Police Officer and to protect those that he loves. Hobbies and Interests: He has a deep interest in swords as well as the art of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) which is the art of sword fighting. He likes to practice in his free time, if he is able to. He also likes to work out, to keep himself fit and healthy as well as physically strong enough to do his job properly. He also likes to read, when wanting some peace and quiet time but this isn’t as often as he might like. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Turn ons: Unprotected sex Making love to someone he has a deep emotional bond with. Turn offs: Gore, Vore, Scat, Necrophilia. Being on the receiving end of pain. Causing his lovers pain during sex. Penis Length: 10” Sensitivity: Average STD History: Clean. Extra Information Spouse: Charlotte Lyvon. Father: Chase Lyvon Mother: Mariah Lyvon Siblings: Amanda Jameson. Grandparents: Katherine and Frank Lyvon on his father’s side. Hannah and Ryan Johnson on his mother’s side. All four are deceased. Children: Lily Lyvon (Two years old) Grand-children: N/A House: He has a three bedroom house that he shares with his wife and daughter. It has a living room, kitchen, downstairs study and a garage. It has two bathrooms, one which is an en-suite to the master bedroom and the other which is to be used for the other two bedrooms. He also has a basement which he has converted into a small gym for the use of the family. Car: A standard four door car. Pet: None. History Awards/Commendations: Certificate for passing the Police Academy. Criminal Record: Clean. Medical Record: Clean. He has never had a serious accident or health problem. Bio: He was brought up in a loving home by his parents, along with his sister Amanda who was younger than he was by two years. His parents were not rich, but they were well off and were able to provide their children with enough food and luxuries. Donovan had always been a serious child, and as a result, he didn’t have many friends at school as no one wanted to play with him. But, due to his reclusive nature, he didn’t mind very much. He preferred to be on his own, studying or reading as opposed to playing with the other children or spending time with them. From a young age, he was fascinated by the thought of being a Police Officer, as he wanted to try and protect the peace and to help those that needed it. It was a goal that he worked towards for his entire school career. After leaving school, he immediately attended the Police Academy, eager to prove himself. He dedicated himself diligently, and was able to pass when he was twenty years of age with top grades in his class, much to the pride of his parents. He immediately joined a Police Force, starting out as a patrol officer. He was twenty-one when he first met Charlotte who was sweet and funny. He quickly fell in love with her, and she seemed to fall in love with him. Their courtship was quick, and they were married by the time he was twenty three. Not long after his marriage, he was giving a promotion to a Detective, allowing for him to have a partner. His partner was a woman by the name of Laura, who became a good friend of his. When he was twenty-six, Charlotte gave birth to his first born daughter, who he immediately fell in love with. It strengthened his resolve to protect those he loved, and to protect the city that he lived in. It was not long after the birth of his daughter that he noticed that things weren’t quite right with his wife. She was distant, and didn’t tend to talk to him much. She would happily take his money, and would happily boast that she was the wife of a Detective, but she never showed him any affection. She treated sex more like a chore than something a loving wife would do, and she never wanted to spend any time with him. If she wasn’t caring for their daughter, she was out with her friends who she never liked Donovan to know. Slowly he came to realise that she didn’t love him, and perhaps never did. She had married the uniform that he was dressed in, not the man. It was a sobering thought, but he decided to put up with it for the sake of his daughter.
  9. From the album: Akira's characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Izanagi Durum Age: 23 Gender: Male Species: Born human, but had his body demonified and his soul fused with Oduim, the demon that embodies the deadly sin of wrath, against his will through a ritual. Origin: City of Hitsuyo, Japan. Nationality: Asian. Occupation: None. Rank/Title: Refugee. Physical Appearance Height: 5,9 ft Weight: 75 kg Eye color: Left eye blue and right eye red Hair color: White Physical description: Izanagis skin a little pale and despite his super strength he is by no means a muscly guy, which leads to most of his adversaries underestimating him. Personality, Traits and Abilities General overview: Izanagi is overall, a cold person and because of his past he has difficulty when it comes to socializing with others despite his efforts. He will, however, defend his friends and any person he holds dear to the last breath if necessary. Thanks to his relationship with Odium, the demon won't try to possess him anymore and they do trust each other as partners. Despite finding it hard to understand the feelings of others, Izanagi tries his best to help those in need when he can, in an attempt to atone for his sins. Strenghts, skills and abilities: Super human status: such as strenght, speed, resistence and even a minor healing factor that helps him recover faster than a normal human, even though it is nowhere near Deadpool's healing factor, the more his body merges with Odium the stronger he gets, but there is always the risk of losing control. Hell's Chain: a weapon that cames from Izanagi's own soul, they are black chains that can be summoned from thin air through small portals, nearly indestructible, while it's maximum lenght is unknown, it can be extended to nearly unlimited sizes and can be spawned with a small blade at the tip, so it can attach to most surfaces or pierce through light to medium armor. All of the chain's rings are magically linked in a way that what happens to one also happens to the others, for instance: if one or more of the rings are set on fire on heaten up, so will all the others. The Evil One: a 4,9 ft long katana linked to Odium's soul, the blade is dark grey with a few orange runes in it and the handle is white and red, can manifest Wrathful Flame to deal extra damage. (Base image) Wrathful Flame: a blood red colored flame that is three times hotter than normal fire and can only be extinguished by the caster or by specifics spells. Being the embodiment of wrath, Odium has total control over the flame and can use it to execute special attacks with it, Izanagi does have some control over it, but not as much as Odium. Wrathful Blast: fires a projectile made of Wrathful Flame that can be exploded by will, blast power and radius depends on the amount of energy used. Wrathful Fist: a punch that hit it's victim with explosive force, killing or at least sending the target flying, power determined by the amount of energy used. Wrathful Slash: requires a bladed weapon in hand, creates a wave of Wrathful Flame around the used blade and fires it towards the target, with the right amount of energy, it can cut pretty much anything. Weapon mastery: through all these years travelling Izanagi met all sorts of people, some of then even tought him how to use different types of weapons, nowdays he is very skilled with pretty much any type of bladed weapon, but he still prefers to use a katana, after all, Izanagi's skills with as a quick-draw style katana user are legendary. Quick Slash: quick-draw special move, Izanagi moves hia arm too fast to be seen by the eye, quickly cutting a single targed in close to medium distance, can be used in quick succession. Dimensional Slash: cuts pretty much everything in a certain area, during a short period of time, Izanagi moves so fast that he is able to cut through dimensions, can hit multiple enemies at the same time and ignores armor. Soul Eye: his right eye glows dark purple, allows him to see better in the dark and to see people's souls, useful for detection of illusions and a few other things... Secret Arts: extremely powerful techniques that are capable of taking most foes with a single hit, but they also require a lot of energy to be used, or simply stress Izanagi's body a lot. Since frequent use of said techniques can cost him greatly, Izanagi won't use them unless necessary. Weaknesses: his biggest weaknesses is the constant risk of losing control of his power, while Odium isn't actively trying to take over all the time, it's still a risk. Using the Hell's Chain costs energy and if Izanagi doesn't pay attention to that he can get vunerable, plus, if one of the chain's rings is broken, as unlikely as it may be, so will the entire chain, forncing Izanagi to summon it again. Despite having super human stats he doesn't have any way to heal himself other than his own healing factor, which isn't really much. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): His main objective is to find a place where he can live without being descriminated, somewhere he can just relax and be himself. Hobbies and Interests: After learning how to keep his powers at bay so he wouldn't hunt anyone by accident, Izanagi developed a taste for fighting strong enemies (he probably got that from Odium), mainly monsters. History Awards/Commendaitions: None Criminal Record: Killed all of the seven poeple involved on the ritual that demonified him and had to steal food a few times to survive. Medical Record: Nothing relevant. Bio: He had lived his childhood in the city of Hitsuyo, Japan. When he was 11 years old the entire country broke out into a civil war which eventually resulted in his father's death on the battlefield, giving Izanagi his first real taste of the despair and pain that war can bring, as result he bacame the men of the house, forcing him to mature a lot quicker than he should have. The government was desperate to end the war as fast as possible so they decided to take desperate measures. At the age of 13, they kidnapped Izanagi along with a few other children of the city, who they knew it wouldn't be missed by anyone important, and submitted them to the demonificaton ritual, which was incredibly painful for the victims. Izanagi was the only survivor and his soul was fused with Odium the demon of wrath. When the ritual was over Odium took control over his body, and as result all of those involved in the ritual were killed by them before Izanagi could assume control again. He didn't want to go back home and risk killing his mother, so he snuck into a boat to flee the country, traveling through the world looking for a place that he could call home. With time, Izanagi learned how to keep his demon half under control and eventually even formed a bond with him - becoming his partner, however, should Izanagi became overwhelmed with negative emotions, especially hate, both him and Odium can be overwhelmed with wrath and turn the pure incarnation of the deadly sin of wrath. A creature known as The Wrathful Blazerker. The transformation grants insane power, but in this form Izanagi has no control whatsoever of his powers, becoming no better than a wild beast who only thinks about murdering and drestroying anything on it's path. (Minus the tail) When tapping on the demon's power Izanagi's skin gets covered by a dark energy that represents his body merging with the demon, kinda like this: But if he loses control, he can turn into The Wrathful Blazerker and cause incalculable destruction.
  10. Neptune

    Ruby Hunt

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Ruby Hunt Age/Date of Birth: 18 Gender: Female Species: Human Origin: Mega City Two. Nationality: Altechian. Occupation: Unemployed. GAME + Genre: Third Person Shooter Physical Appearance Height: 180cm (5’11) Weight: 66kg (145.5lbs) Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Blonde Physical Description: Ruby is quite tall for a human female, reaching almost six feet in height. She has a very mature body with F-cup breasts, and wide hips that gives her an hourglass body. Her waist is slim, her stomach toned and flat. She has good sized thighs that lead into long legs with well shaped feet. Ruby has little muscle on her, giving her slender arms and legs. Her hands have long, dainty fingers and she keeps her nails well manicured. She has long blonde hair that is straight, and does down to her hips. She usually leaves it free, but sometimes will style it if she feels like it. She has a tattoo on the left side of her stomach, but it is unclear as to what it says as the writing is hard to read and she doesn’t reveal to anyone what it is, either. She has a pretty face with a smooth jawline and high cheekbones. Her blue eyes are angled with long eyelashes. She has a well shaped nose with a small flick on the end, and full luscious lips. She is usually seen wearing expensive clothing and quite often has expensive looking jewelry on her. One of her favourite outfits in skin-tight light blue jeans that are artfully torn in places such as the front of her thighs. A small white tank top that really only covers her breasts, and shows off her flat and toned stomach. Over that, she tends to wear a beige coloured fur coat that comes down to her hips and has long sleeves. She will either wear high heels, or boots of some description. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Ruby is quite a flighty individual, who doesn’t take life very seriously. She’s quite confident, and doesn’t let much get her down, even in the face of adversity. She strives to keep pushing forwards, never giving up and will always finish what she set out to do. She doesn’t back down from challenges and will tackle them head on. She’s quite adventurous, always looking for something new and fun to do. She is quite the thrill seeker, always seeking things out that will give her a rush of adrenaline, even if those activities are quite dangerous such as cage fighting, riding in speeding cars or doing illegal activities. She is addicted to the thrill that it brings to her and if something begins to bore her, she moves onto the next thing. She has a tendency to hang around with the wrong crowd, but she knows how to defend herself and she doesn’t let anyone intimidate her, no matter who they are. She can be quite shrewd when she wants to be, especially if she has to out-think a strong opponent. Ruby can be quite sassy when she wants to be, even if that ends up pissing people off. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: As does everyone within the city, Ruby possesses the Arm Computer, however hers has the Hero OS that allows her to access the special abilities of her Game and Genre. In battle, she tends to fight with a twin pair of Desert Eagle like guns. One is gold in colour, while the other is silver. She calls them Leon and Zoe, after her brother and best friend. She is also quite athletic, and does gymnastics often to keep herself in top fighting condition. Ability One - Hells Fire: The bullets that she fires at her opponents are able to set them alight for five seconds. This causes burning damage along with the physical damage of the bullet. This ability can be activated for ten seconds at a time but requires a thirty second cool down. Ability Two - Quickfire: A move that temporarily increases her overall speed, and rate of fire. For five seconds, she can move and fire at twice her normal speed, allowing her to gain an edge on her opponents. Requires a thirty second cool down before it can be used again. Finishing Move: Ruby jumps high in the air, and using her twin guns she spins around at a furious rate as she rains down gunfire upon her opponents, dealing a lot of damage in a short period of time. Weaknesses: Due to her love for using guns, she is a long range fighter and thus is weaker to short range attacks. Especially as she cannot bring the guns close to her body due to the kickback of the powerful weapons. Her guns cannot stop other long range attacks, either, so she can become injured that way. She is also still mortal, so if she runs out of health, she will die. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Due to her rather flighty nature, she doesn’t think too much about the future. She has no real ambitions and has no real intention on settling down anytime soon. Hobbies and Interests: She likes to spend time with her friends, hanging out and partying. As she doesn’t take life seriously, she doesn’t like being locked up studying or working. She is always looking for a fun time, and doesn’t think too much on the consequences. She also loves to attend secret, underground cage fights as she loves watching strong men fighting each other. She’s even been known to get into the cage herself to fight other women. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, with a strong preference towards men. Turn ons: Unprotected Sex Having sex with a strong, dominating man who takes control and fucks her hard. Rough, hard sex. Especially if it’s quite animalistic. Being touched physically by her partner, such as hands moving across her body. She loves the feeling of being close with another body. Having sex for physical gratification. Having sex with complete strangers, even if she doesn’t know their name. Displays of strength, such as someone being in a cage fight and winning or a man with nice big muscles. Giving and receiving oral. Sex in a public place. Multiple partners, orgies and gangbangs. Turn offs: Being forced to be monogamous. She gets too bored with a single person. Too much pain during sex. She can take some things like hair pulling and scratching, but she doesn’t like slapping, punching or cutting. Breast Size: F-Cup Sensitivity: Sensitive. Additional Sexual Information: She takes contraceptives to avoid pregnancy. Her breasts are quite sensitive and she has a few erogenous zones that she likes being played with. This includes the sides of her neck, her ear lobe, her navel and her inner thigh. STD History: Clean Extra Information Father: James Hunt Mother: Olivia Hunt Siblings: Leon Hunt (15) Grandparents: She has never met her grandparents. Children: None. Grand-children: N/A House: She lives with her father, James Hunt, in a two bedroom flat. Her parents are divorced, and her brother lives with her mother. His flat has an open plan kitchen and living room, with the kitchen island separating the two areas of the room. In the living room area, there is a sliding door to the balcony that has a couple of seats and a table where people can sit and talk. There is a small hallway when someone enters the property. On the left is the door into the kitchen- living room. On the right is a small cupboard where coats and shoes are kept, as well as the electric metre and the boiler. The next door along is the smaller of the two bedrooms which is Ruby’s. Her room has a double bed that takes up most of the room, and cabinet that contains a chest of drawers and a wardrobe in one. She has a small dresser that has a mirror, with the dresser table covered in various items like make up and combs. The next door to hers is the bathroom with a toilet, sink, a bathtub and an actual shower as well. The door at the very end of the hallway leads into the Master Bedroom which is her father's. It has a double bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. Car: None. Pet: None. Additional information: Ruby smokes cigarettes and will sometimes consume recreational drugs. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean. Thus far she hasn’t been caught for anything. Medical Record: She has had a broken arm, and numerous cuts and bruises due to the fights she has gotten into, but overall she is quite healthy. Bio: Her parents weren’t the richest of people but they were reasonably well off. They were working class individuals, both of them working full time in order to earn enough to live in a small three bedroom house. Ruby was always an adventurous child, always seeking to get away from her parents and to explore the world around her. It caused many headaches for her parents, but no punishments seemed to hinder this behavior. When she was three years old, her younger brother, Leon, was born. She quite liked her little brother, and enjoyed playing with him. Her parents thought it might help curb her exploring behavior but in anything, it made it worse as she took her little brother with her, teaching him how fun it was to rile up their parents. Thus, it was with some relief that they started sending her to school. While she wasn’t a bad student, she wasn’t exactly good either. She always stepped on the line of misbehavior and always gave the innocent act. When she was eight years old, her parents divorced each other and she was made to live with her mother. She always tried to ask why that was the case, but her mother always refused to answer her questions. Even though she absolutely adored her father, she wasn’t allowed to see him except for a few hours every other week. This caused her to act out against her mother in anger, as she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to spend time with her father and her mother would always shout at her for being insistent. Thus she began to act out even more at school, breaking the rules, never doing work, and making friends with the wrong people such as Zoe, who was her best friend and the one that always dared her to even more daring heights. Her mother always tried to get her to keep studying and get good grades, but Ruby laughed in her face everytime and said that she would do that, as long as she got to see her father more often. This, of course, her mother refused to allow. This rebellious attitude continued well into her teens and she had a very frosty relationship with her mother. The two didn’t get along well, and if they were in the same room as each other, they would eventually fall into an argument. Ruby started hanging out with her friends for long periods of time, often getting drunk and doing illegal activities, and not returning until the late hours of the night. Of which her mother would yell at her and she wouldn’t listen. Even if her mother tried to ground her, due to her long working hours she wasn’t able to enforce her punishments. Ruby lost her virginity at the age of thirteen to one of her friends. There was no romance between them, they had gotten drunk and decided to fuck each other. She was not in a relationship with her friend, and felt no guilt when she started to sleep around with anyone that took her fancy, always seeking those that thrilled her. When she was fourteen, she and her friends were invited by one of their older friends to witness a cage fight. Ruby fell in love with it, and attended any and every fight that she could, as she found it exciting and thrilling. She even got into the cage herself, with other women. She has won more fights than she has lost. At the age of sixteen, she lost her best friend Zoe in a car accident. The driver had been one of their older friends, and they had been drinking a lot. They had a head-on collision with an oncoming car, and Zoe died on the scene. Ruby was absolutely crushed by the loss of her friend, but even though she missed her friend, she was determined to move on. When she was eighteen, she immediately contacted her father and begged to come and live with him, to which he accepted. As she was now legally an adult, her mother couldn’t stop her from packing up her things and moving into her father’s place. She asked him to explain why they were divorced and he explained that he was involved in some illegal activities and her mother found out and divorced him, not allowing him to see his children very often. This enraged Ruby, as her father was still a good man that treated his family well. He didn’t beat, or abuse them in any way. She loved her father, whereas her relationship with her mother was almost non-existent by now. Ruby has kept a very close relationship with her brother, Leon. While he wasn’t as rebellious as she was, he very much loves and admires her. She has since been living with her father for three months, and she has enjoyed it far more than she had at her mothers, as her father never scolded her for spending time with her friends or going out late. Mainly because, while her father was a criminal, he was not a hypocrite. It was obvious that Ruby inherited her adventurous and rebellious spirit from her father and he couldn’t fault her for it.
  11. Moehwa

    Ifrit Chiliarch

    From the album: Moehwa's characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Ifrit Chiliarch Age/Date of Birth: Two hundred and forty four, but she stopped counting a while ago because it made her feel old. Gender: Female Religion: Ifrit prefers not to dabble in religion, or a lack of it. Species: The least effective succubus in existence. Origin/Nationality: Somewhere on Earth..? She couldn't say, honestly. Occupation: Cafe Waitress. (No, not a maid cafe.) Physical Appearance Height: 5'11 Weight: 122 lbs Eye Colour: Purple Hair Colour: Green Physical Description: Ifrit, besides her hair and eye color, looks fairly standard as a person. She is petite up top, sporting wide hips and a gifted rear... Only to lack any kind of chest. It's true that, as a succubus, she can enlarge her breasts to be more appealing, but not only do they not scale well, she also can't even make them much bigger than a low C cup. Ifrit has smaller than usual wings sprouting from her waistline, and two segmented horns from her head. Ifrit's tail is long and thin, not to mention bladed at the end. Her sexual organs are covered by a black, scale like material, which she is able to materialize and dispose of without touching. All of her demonic signs are retractable, meaning she can hide her true, however hated, nature. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Ifrit is a succubus and it is the single thing in this world she despises more than mints. To put it lightly, Ifrit is a mentally unstable girl. Not only is she insane in a multitude of mild ways such as cyclothymia, psychosis, and anxiety, but she also hates being a succubus and even more so having sex. A succubus that hates sex is basically unheard of, but little Ifrit is just so wrong in the head that she, while having sex, will have little to nothing to do with it. She will deny pleasure purely because she dislikes the thought, but even still she is easily aroused and entranced by sex. Being a succubus, however, she must do what she must do. Needless to say her sessions are... Unpleasant to start. Ifrit is constantly at war with herself. Being quite noticably insane in public at times and even more so alone, keeping control and understanding things is difficult. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Ifrit can change her breast size at will, as well as achieve minor flight through a combination of wing flapping and weak levitation. Ifrit is physically fit and extremely flexible, making it hard to break or strain her body. Despite her appearance she is also extremely durable and capable of taking a lot of punishment. She has enhanced senses, being a demon and all. Ifrit also has minor pyromancy, able to generate and throw fire. Weaknesses: Ifrit is mentally unstable and capable of snapping and having an episode if left unoccupied, or just at any time no matter what. Typically it is the former. This means that social situations are hasty, nervous, and potentially unsettling. On top of that, her mood changes by the day if not sooner, meaning emotional flexibility is required to just stay sane around her. Ifrit is a very, very weak succubus. The amount of times she has had sex isn't much exceeding the bare minimum for her survival, so she is excessively weaker than most any other succubus. Ifrit, of course, has a very high libido and is easily aroused. On top of that her attention span is very short, so distracting her from pretty much anything is extremely easy. Ambitions(Hopes/Dreams): Ifrit doesn't think much about dreams, and her only real hope is that she stops being a succubus. Hobbies and Interests: Ifrit enjoys both writing and drawing, as well as participating in recreational sports. Personal Sexual Information (This whole part is optional) Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn ons: Biting is a massive turn on for Ifrit, both biting and being bitten is quick to arouse her. Scratching is also immensely hot to her, especially if it's rough. On the topic of biting, Ifrit has an extremely excessive love of blood. Drawing blood, mixing blood, cutting or being cut, licking blood, basically anything to do with it. The "upright straddle" is Ifrit's weak point as she is actually very fond of romantic affection. Hugging, kissing, that sort of thing, it all turns her on real fast. Turn offs: Degradation, unless Ifrit is so aroused that she can barely move, smashes the off button with a hammer so hard that the hammer breaks as well. Ifrit likes to be superior or equal, not below. Scat is just... Ifrit doesn't like it. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: A cup (unaltered) Sensitivity: Very sensitive Additional Sexual Information: Ifrit is very durable and hard to bring to an orgasm, despite her sensitivity. As with all succubi, Ifrit's tail is a living, throbbing erogenous zone of excessive moaning and fun times. Touching, stroking, licking, tugging, all of it is pleasure and, if pleasured enough, it is capable of ejaculation from the tip. STD History: Unable. Extra Information Father: Mother: Siblings: Grandparents: Children: Grand-children: House: A decently sized apartment. Car: Pet: Additional information: History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: None. Medical Record: Diagnosed with cyclothymia, psychosis. Bio: Ifrit was just... Born. She doesn't know where from, why, how, she was just born. Her childhood is essentially forgotten, and all she is aware of is the past one hundred and fifty years. Those years have been, to put it lightly, dull. Sex was getting boring to her mind, but her body kept at it. Her mind restricted sessions to the minimum she could handle, her body enjoyed it like a delicacy when it was allowed. Ifrit didn't like thinking about sex but yet her body loved having it, and she was beginning to question why and how she could be a succubus with these thoughts. Was it a mistake, a screw up? Was she really born it was she just made? Why and when did she get voices in her head? She was unsure about most, and sad about all. Contemplating existence was just one of the many things Ifrit did during her life; she also worked numerous jobs, traveled a bit, and then decided to settle in the most interesting place she had found: Blackberry Falls. She had no trouble getting in, even if she had been known as a succubus it wouldn't have changed much, besides maybe a "now don't go draining everybody's life energy" warning.
  12. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Daedrin Eldyrannth. Age: He appears to be in his mid-to-late twenties. Gender: Kae Religion: Daedrin is deeply, and extremely religious. While not fanatical in the sense that he would cut the head off of anyone who speaks bad about it, he cannot be convinced that his religion is wrong. He will not speak much about it, even when pushed about it. He is a follower of The Order. Species: Daedric/Eldyrannth hybrid Origin: Vorserend, Vorserend’s Stand System, Order Galaxy. Nationality: Eldyrannthian. Occupation: Joint-CEO of the Factual Historical Information Temporal Agency (FHITA) however in Craethiel is works as a blacksmith that crafts the best quality tools and weapons in Selil. Rank/Title: In Craethiel he is a Master Blacksmith, but with the Eldyrannth he is a Prince. Physical Appearance Height: 6ft4 Weight: 173lbs. Eye Colour: He was originally born with black eyes, but at the moment he has deep red eyes. Hair Colour: Jet black. Physical Description: For this time period, Daedrin is a very tall, youthful looking man. He is a slender body build but despite his slimness, he is quite well muscled but not overly so. It gives him a strong, toned appearance with a well formed six pack. His hips have a defined curve to them, being slightly wider in proportion to males which lead into his long slender and toned legs. He has a slim, effeminate face and piercing blood red eyes. His hair is jet black in colour, cut short just below the ear. He liked to keep it short so it doesn’t interfere with his work. Despite the fact that he is an Eldyrannth, at least in part, he lacks their distinctive almost elf-like ears. Instead, his ears are human in shame and design, because he has changed the shape of his ears to disguise himself. Also, unlike Eldyrannth from this time period, he lacks gauntlets on his arms and hands. Instead, he has a ring on each hand which can grow out into a gauntlet. This has a holographic interface and can show a display which for obvious reasons he doesn't use any of this in public. Everyone seeing him will simply think that he is a human. He does have an Eldyr form, which he is highly unlikely to reveal to anyone except for his sister. Like all Eldyrannth, it is a western-type dragon with six sets of limbs; front legs, a pair of wings, and back legs. His body is covered by extremely hard scales, that swords and arrows have a hard time being able to break through. They are a blood red in colour, and are highly reflective making it look as if he is covered with millions of rubies. His scales, when compared to other Eldyrannth, are larger and a lot sharper. He also has overlapping scales on the underside of his throat that go down to cover his stomach. His wings are, proportionately, four times the length of his body to help sustain his weight during flight. Essentially, he looks like a more demonic form of a normal Eldyrannth Eldyr form. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: To the citizens of Craethiel, he seems like a kind young man that is easily approachable. He has a good listening ear and will happily sit and listen to someone as they pour their heart out to him. He never takes advantage of these people, and acts like a balm to their frustration. He will also occasionally give out pieces of advice which are never to be ignored, although he only gives advice suitable to their time Era. Daedrin comes across as quite quiet, thoughtful and has a good command of his emotions rarely giving into anger or happiness. He has a deep fascination with History and has long dreamed to study it in intimate detail, so he is living his dream. He loves his twin sister, Erickavana, deeply and will not let any harm come to her. He would protect her viciously. He is also not the jealous type, not caring if his wife had sex with other people. Despite his nice and kind exterior, he has a hidden dark side. Due to the fact that he is a Daedric Eldyrannth, he has daedric influence on his personality. When angered, he can become merciless. He has been known to go as far as killing someone if they were endangering someone he cared for or was taking away someone's Right to Life without their consent. He will only become this dark if he feels it is morally right to do so. Otherwise he would always try and find another way to settle things although when truly enraged he will see nothing but red, and will attack anything, and anyone, stupid enough to get in his way. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Eldyr form: Being an Eldyrannth he has his dragon form, however in Craethiel it is very unlikely he will ever use this form. It would be a deep red colour, the same colour as his eyes. This form is extremely dangerous, with the ability to breath a napalm-like fire along with razor sharp claws and teeth. Not only is he powerful offensively, but he also has a strong defense when it comes to his scales which are harder than diamonds. Gauntlet: His gauntlets are always hidden from view, due to the fact that they are technologically very advanged. They seem like normal gold rings on his fingers. However, they are filled with a liquid crystal which allows him to use the entire range of Eldyrannth crystals (See extra information for more information in the crystals). He normally doesn’t use these, except in subtle ways such as his work as a blacksmith as he can easily manipulate metal, as well as help make fires hotter or cooler. Strength: He is physically very strong, with more strength than several humans. He uses this fact and the fact that he is good at hand to hand combat as well as using weapons of many Eras to defeat opponents. Telepathy: As an Eldyrannth, he an extremely powerful telepath. He can easily overwhelm minds of about every species currently in Craethiel. He can speak into the mind of another as well as be able to reach their thoughts in return even if the other person isn't even remotely telepathic. He can also defend himself against another telepath and prevent them from accessing his mind. He can be vicious in protecting his mind as he has knowledge that he would rather not be around, especially in this Time Era. When someone is touched by his mind, it will almost feel like a huge mountain towering above them. It could send many people mad with the strength of his mind. So he usually keeps his mind to himself, and will only let Erickavana into his mind. It is possible to speak to someone without exposing them to the true force of his mind, but he can only speak and read thoughts. Telekinesis: He is extremely skilled with telekinesis, and is stronger than the average Eldyrannth. He can lift up to several tonnes in weight and move it around with ease. Blacksmith: Daedrin is a very talented blacksmith that can make a wide range of tools and weapons which he sells onto customers. He can even make something to order, but custom orders like that tend to be a lot pricier. Weaknesses: He is simply pretending to be like any other human, so to prevent exposure he wouldn't use his full abilities. To someone with advanced enough technology of weaponry could use that to take advantage of him. If he were to ingest part of the Lemoa Flower, it will cause the Inchor in his blood to swell and expand. This causes blocking of vital arteries and severe haemorrhaging throughout his entire body, quickly killing him. This flower poisons them through scent or through ingestion. As a result, this flower can be made into a soup (which is known to be delicious) and given to an Eldyrannth without them knowing. The scent of the Okelo flower will make him fall into a deep sleep that will last about a day. Nothing will wake him up, even if someone is cutting his limbs off. As such, he can easily be overpowered using this humble flower and either killed or easily captured. If someone puts him in the same room as his flower, he will not wake up until a day after the flower is removed or dies. His Daedra physiology does not protect him from the effects of these two flowers despite the flowers being Daedric in origin. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He wants to see History as it really happened. He Co-founded Factual Historical Information Temporal Agency [FHITA] with his twin sister, Erickavana. So right now, he and his wife are living their dreams. Hobbies and Interests: His deepest passion is History and he is fascinated by it and wants to know the truth as to how everything happened. He also loves being a Blacksmith and crafting what he considers ancient weapons. He can also make tools and various metal objects with enough skill to make him well known throughout Craethiel as one of the best Blacksmiths. He owns his own Blacksmith and employs apprentice Blacksmiths that he trains with the finest skills equal to that time Era. He knows how to make better weapons, but does not want to advance the citizens of Craethiel further than they were. In his spare time at home, he often does carpentry. It is his form of meditation as it keeps his hands busy, allowing his mind to think clearly. He often makes very beautiful wooden objects and makes high quality furniture. Every piece of furniture in his and Erickavana's home is made by him. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Aliea-Pansexual Turn ons: Being promiscuous and having sex with a lot of people. Having unprotected sex, especially if it leads into pregnancy although he uses a special birth control that prevents him from putting viable sperm into anyone. Well experienced partners. Not only does he liked someone who knows what they are doing, but not many people can handle his cock and he finds really tight orifices to be uncomfortable. Fucking someone roughly. The rougher the better. He loved being able to fuck someone until they pass out. He likes to dig his nails into their skin, spank them, slap them, pull on their head and choke them along other things. Daedrin is, just like his fathers, a sadist. He is a mix between the two, liking to do both psychological and physical torture to inflict pain and suffering onto his target. This side he will only reveal to special people who show to like that kind of thing, as this would be too much for most people to handle. Turn offs: Pain. He cannot stand to be in pain, and it can be a very quick turn off for him. Penis Length: He sports a 20" Eldyrannth cock and has a 11 inch circumference. Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: He has average sensitivity around his cock, however his arse is extremely sensitive. It’s why he tends not to let people touch his arse because of how sensitive it is. He also doesn’t tend to sit down for long periods of time due to how uncomfortable it is. Additional Sexual Information: Running along the bottom of the penis is a spine that makes several hard protrusion along the lower part of the cock that the Eldyrannth can make pulsate at will. This usually makes it feel like he is coming inside of a female, and it can sometimes be so powerful that it feels like his entire dick is vibrating inside of her. It is a biological trick that he, as a Kae Eldyrannth, uses to trick a female Eldyrannth into heat and to drive her wild in mating lust. The head is also rather large and is slightly pointed so that it is easier to get the penis into the female vagina. Ringed behind the head of the dick like the ribs of a spine, going down to about mid-shaft while getting smaller each time, is a ring of hard flesh that pulsates much like their shaft. Each ring wraps around the entire shaft to the spine that runs along the underside of the penis. STD History: Clean, despite how promiscuous he is. Extra Information Father: He doesn’t have a singular father. Genetically, he has four, due to the fact that the sperm used for the father genes, was genetically spliced from four parents. Talrin Eldyrannth and Temaelrin Eldyrannth along with their Daedra forms; Tal’aar and Temael’aar. These four gene sets were spliced together, before fertilising the egg of the mother to create Daedrin. Mother: Talivana Eldyrannth. Siblings: Erikavana Xeno'rannth Grandparents: Jyravana Eldyrannth and Kayrin Eldyrannth Children: None. He has not had children in a long time. Grand-children: None. House: They own a rather large house with a fair few empty bedrooms in Upper Selil. Pet: There seems to be a Wolf, that lives there and acts like a domesticated dog, and a well trained one at that. It's actually a Fen'rar from Neptune, Neptune's Soul. Which is a perfectly sentient wolf like creature. It doesn't have a name, but Erickavana calls him Wolfy (Not to be confused with Wolfie or Wolfii), and it is intentional like a 'Nod' to Wolfie. History Awards/Commendations: EPSI Federation Permit to Time Travel for historical research - Granted. But in the current century he has none. Criminal Record: EPSI Federation: Clean. | Commonwealth: Clean. | Tau'ri: None. | Human 1200s: None. | Keza'maraki Sin-Clan Royal Family 1200s: Clean. Medical Record: He is currently on Stage IV of Inchor Crystallisation. Bio: Daedrin was not born in this century, and is in fact a Time Traveller who has come back to make an accurate record of History while trying to keep his interaction with it to a minimum. He will give a story that he and his wife had always lived in Selil, and will even produce identification that will apparently back that claim up. His claimed history is that he was apprenticed to a blacksmith some years ago and learned the trade from him and eventually took over the shop. While that seems like a lie to most people, it is more of a half truth. His parents, particularly Talivana and Talrin, originated from the Kingdom of Craethiel, although from the city of Vorserend. He does actually hold citizenship in Selil, from the Keza State, under the Sin Clan. He was indeed apprenticed to a blacksmith within the city, where he was taught some skilled of the human trade. Much of his skill though comes from learning from the very best Eldyrannth blacksmiths, of both old and new techniques. However he has learnt the skills of this era so that he can better disguise himself. While his sister works a gardener for the Sin Clan Royal Palace, he has purchased a blacksmith in Selil’s Marketplace Square so that he can carry out his trade with his apprentices in relative peace.
  13. Neptune

    Zack Winter

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Zack Winter Age/Date of Birth: 53 Gender: Male Religion: Atheist. Species: Human. Origin: Southampton, England, United Kingdom. Nationality: American (Legal immigrant). Occupation: Owner of “Winter Flowers” Role: Onlooker, for the moment. Can be both Blackmailer and Victim, depending on RP circumstances. Physical Appearance Height: 193cm (6’4”) Weight: 84.2kg (13st 4lb) Eye Colour: Emerald Green Hair Colour: Black Physical Description: Zack is a tall, handsome man who looks good despite being over fifty years of age. He has a few wrinkles on his face, mainly at the corners of his mouth as well as laugh lines at the corner of his eyes. Fat wise, he has very little but he is well muscled as he spends time at the gym to keep himself fit and healthy. Thus he is physically strong, and has a six pack. His handsome face has eyes that are slightly angled, with well formed eyebrows sitting above them which give him an intense look. He has a well shaped nose, a wide well formed mouth and a strong chin which combine together to give him a handsome look without appearing too feminine or ruggedly masculine. He is often seen wearing suits and other smart wear, along with formal jackets. He doesn’t tend to wear casual clothing a lot, even at home. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Zack is quite a confident man, who walks with a confident stride and carries himself confidently. His gaze is firm and unwavering, and he doesn’t cower away from adversity or trouble and instead thinks of a way to get out of it. He is quite a private man, and thus doesn’t tend to offer up much information about his personal life or his feelings. He is a family man, and cares deeply for them despite the tragedy that has happened to them. Thus he can be a little protective over Rose, and doesn’t really like seeing her go out on her own yet knows that he cannot hold onto her forever. He is a hard worker, and likes to work hard to provide for his family so that they have a good house to live in, and plenty of food in their stomachs. He doesn’t like being lazy, and he doesn’t like sitting still if he isn’t doing something. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Coming from England, he knows how to handle himself in a fist brawl and can hit hard enough to cause injuries such as broken noses and concussion. Since coming to America, he has had training in firearms and always carries a concealed pistol on his person. At home he has a rifle and a shotgun hidden in a gun safe, where his family do not know about. Thus he is always armed, and he is quite proficient with the use of a weapon. Physically, he’s quite strong and can easily lift an object that most people would struggle with such as furniture and weights. Weaknesses: He’s still quite mortal and is able to die from a number of serious injuries. He can fall prey to someone with a better fighting skill than he does, or even a better marksman skill than he has, such as having a quicker draw. He also cares quite deeply about his family, and won’t want to let any harm come to them. He has already lost one daughter, he does not want to lose another. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He wants to continue with his life in Black City, and to keep his shop afloat with his daughter, Rose. Hobbies and Interests: He quite likes reading, especially in the evenings and with a glass of whiskey beside him. Zack likes to go to the gym for both cardio and muscular workout, because he likes to keep himself fit and healthy. He also likes to go to the ranges and practice his shooting with a gun, as it helps get him out of the house and it is a better alternative than drowning his sorrows in a bar. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. Turn ons: Unprotected sex. Making love with someone he has a deep emotional connection with. Rough, loveless sex. Dominating others in the bedroom. BDSM. He is a bit of a sadist, and he likes to tie his partners up and sexually torture them. It is his biggest fetish. Turn offs: Being controlled or dominated. Scat, Golden Showers, Gore and Vore. Adult Baby. Penis Length: 12” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average STD History: Clean. Extra Information Spouse: Silvia Winter Father: Benjamin Winter (Deceased) Mother: Danice Winter (Deceased) Siblings: None. Children: Rose Winter, Aimie Winter (Deceased) House: He and his wife live in a two bedroomed house in the suburbs of Black City. It is a decent sized property. On the ground floor, it has a kitchen, a dining room, a large living room, a twin garage that can store two cars as well as a study which is his man cave that has a computer and a sofa bed. Upstairs, there is the Master bedroom which has an en-suite bathroom as well as a wardrobe that stretches the length of one of the walls. There is a bathroom at the end of the landing, a door leading to the airing cupboard as well as the second bedroom which has a single bed, a chest of drawers and a desk which is Rose’s bedroom. Car: 2018 Mercedes AMG E 63 S. It is black in colour, and has the black leather interior, along with the black wood finish. Pet: He personally has no pets, but he bought Rose a German Shepard, Shane, who is affectionate with the entire family. Additional information: He smokes cigarettes and is also a frequent drinker. History Bio: Zack was born and raised in Southampton, fifty three years ago. Both of his parents were devout Christians, and he was raised as one in an all boys school that he attended. As a child he was quite well behaved, as his father was extremely strict with him and instilled values of hard work and chivalry into him, lessons that he still carries with him to this day. When he was sixteen, he left school and began working for his father’s company in an office job. It was rather dull work, but Zack didn’t mind as it allowed him to start saving money so that he could buy himself a home when he was old enough. Not only that, but he dreamed of marrying a beautiful woman and settling down with a family. After he had left school, his Christian beliefs began to mean less and less as the years went by. He found himself questioning it, and even having frequent arguments with his father about it until in the end he gave up, as neither of them were going to change their opinion. Zack decided to keep it quiet and to avoid bad blood between family members as he didn’t want to fracture the family apart. When he was twenty, he met a beautiful young woman by the name of Silvia. She was the same age as him, and she had been raised in the next town over. The two of them were instantly smitten with each other especially because they had met, cliché as it may sound, in a supermarket. The two of them were buying strawberries, and noticed each other, confessing that strawberries were their favourite fruit. She was, like his parents, a Christian but unlike them she wasn’t a hardcore believer and understood why Zack had lost his faith. She didn’t mind. The one thing she was adamant on, was that she wanted to wait until after marriage to start having sex which Zack didn’t mind in the slightest, because he knew she was the woman for him. Besides, at that point, he had not had sex himself and was more than willing to wait. He bought them a three-bedroomed house, taking out a mortgage in the process as he was determined to marry her and take her back to an actual home. He and Silvia then married one another when they were twenty-three and settled down in a happy marriage. As he had thought, Silvia made the perfect wife. She kept the place clean, and did all the cooking with a happy smile on her face. When they were twenty-five the two of them started trying for a child however, despite trying every day, nothing seemed to be happening. After a couple of years, they went to the doctors as they wanted to figure out what was going on. They discovered that Silvia was sterile, and would not be able to become pregnant. The news was crushing for the both of them, as they had both wanted to start a family together. Despite this, though, Zack stuck with Silvia and promised never to leave her. It took time for them both to adjust to the news but they settled back to their old routine, both convinced that they would never enjoy a family together. At the age of thirty, Zack’s parents passed away in a car crash. Zack grieved for his parents, as he had loved them dearly however he was angered when it was revealed that he had been left nothing in their will. His father had removed him from it, not long after he had discovered that Zack was an atheist. It felt like a blow to the stomach for Zack, and caused him to harbour a sense of resentment towards his father. Instead, his father's wealth, home and company went to Zack’s uncle who immediately took over the company and started running it although he allowed Zack to remain in his work position. He tried to give Zack some of the money that had been given to him, but Zack refused stating that his father didn’t want him to have the money thus it wouldn’t be right to accept it. Instead, he was determined to earn his own money and continue looking after his beloved wife. Just when Zack had finally become completely comfortable with the idea that he would never have children, a miracle happened when he was thirty-five. His wife began feeling sick in the mornings and complaining of other symptoms. Worried, he had taken her to the doctors to see what was wrong, only for them to be told that Silvia was pregnant. At first, neither of them could believe their own ears and even as Silvia became visibly pregnant during the months, it felt unreal. Finally, Rose was born to them and they absolutely loved her. She was the sweetest child that they could have ever asked for. They spoilt their miracle child, and her inclusion in their lives made it feel complete. Zack had never felt as close to his wife as in this moment. Four years later, Silvia became pregnant again with Aimie. It felt as if a miracle had struck twice and they were blessed with two beautiful daughters. It wasn’t all sun and roses, though. Zack realised that they might have been a bit too hasty in spoiling Rose, as she became jealous of the attention that the baby was receiving despite their best efforts. Rose started to act out, getting in trouble with them as well as at school when she had started it. It frustrated Zack, but he didn’t know what to do to calm the situation down. This continued on for four years, until tragedy struck their family. Silvia had gone up to check on Aimie, who was having a bath at the time only to find her face down in the bathtub, dead. At her screaming, he rushed to see what was wrong, and was horrified by what he saw. He quickly called an ambulance, however it was far too late to save their second little angel. The loss devastated them, and both Silvia and Zack blamed themselves for what had happened. The reports came back that her death was a preventable accident. She had slipped and fallen in the bath, hitting her head on the tiles which had knocked her unconscious. She had then fallen into the bath water, where she had unwittingly drowned to death. If someone had of heard the slip, or had someone even been supervising her, she would have survived. Silvia withdrew in on herself, becoming distant and less communicative. Zack dealt with his grief by throwing himself into his work, and working himself to the point of exhaustion so that he wouldn’t suffer nightmares of the scene he had seen in the bathroom. It was hard for Zack to cope with the loss of Aimie, and everytime he woke up he was plagued with memories of her. He had loved his daughter deeply and her absence left a huge hole in his heart. It was around this time that he started smoking and drinking on a regular occasion, a means to deal with it. Thankfully, Rose settled down as she seemed to suffer just as much as her parents did, clearly having loved her sister more than she had let on. Finally, after two years, Zack had enough. He spoke to his wife, and the two agreed that the memories were far too painful to deal with and opted to move to the Black City, in America so start a new life where they hoped that their family would heal. Zack had been saving up for years, and had enough money to buy them a new house; a two bedroomed suburban house as well as a shop which he called “Winter Flowers” as Aimie had loved flowers and it was one of the ways he wanted to remember her by. He was glad that Rose loved the idea, and had easily fallen in love with making flower arrangements, and he hoped to one day hand the little shop over to her. It earned them enough to pay the mortgage and put food on the table. Despite the move to a new location, Zack and Silvia’s marriage still continued to suffer. The two of them began to drift apart from one another, speaking less and less to each other. They stayed together because it was easier, especially with the shop, as well as for Rose. Zack still loved his beautiful wife, and nothing would make him happier to see her cheerful, smiling face. It was as if the spirit had been torn from her. He knew that she wasn’t actively suicidal, but she had become dead to the world. By the time Zack was fifty-three, they even slept apart from each other. He slept on a sofa bed in his study, which is where he spends most of his time when at home. If he isn’t in his study, he is usually either at the shop, gym or a bar. But he didn’t want to give up on her. He wants to try and bring her out of her shell, no matter the cost because it hurt him to look into her eyes and see nothing but the dark abyss.
  14. Neptune

    Rose Winter

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Rose Winter Age/Date of Birth: 18 Gender: Female Religion: Christian, although she is not a hardcore believer. Species: Human. Origin: Southampton, England, United Kingdom. Nationality: American (Legal immigrant). Occupation: Sales assistant at “Winter Flowers” Role: Victim Physical Appearance Height: 147.3cm (4’10”) Weight: 40.6kg (6st 6lb) Eye Colour: Deep, sapphire blue. Hair Colour: Snow white. Physical Description: Rose is a very small, sweet looking young woman. She has a rather youthful looking face, with large sapphire blue eyes. Her hair is unusual in that it is a snow-white in colour despite her age. She is also on the lower end of a suitable weight for her height, as she has little fat on her body and she also lacks muscle which gives her a very slender appearance. She has curvy hips that move on down into smooth, shapely legs. Her breasts are medium in size, not being large but not being too small either. She tends to wear quite conservative clothing, with nothing that reveals too much. Rose likes to wear feminine dresses as well as skirts, but they are rarely above the knee. She also likes to wear trousers, especially if it is more practical to do so, such as doing a lot of vigorous work, or going hiking. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Rose is incredibly sweet, kind and caring. She rarely says anything bad about anyone, and always tries to see the best in everyone. She will do her best not to judge others, for their appearance or actions, and always believes that there is a reason behind someone’s behaviour. She will go out of her way to help others, including strangers, and delights in doing things such as working in a soup kitchen to feed the homeless, or volunteering at a charity shop or an animal shelter. Rose is also quite shy, especially when it comes to meeting strangers. It can take her a little while to warm up to new people, but once she has she becomes more relaxed, bubbly and friendly. She is also a rather proper young lady who doesn’t curse or talk about anything lewd. She tends to steer away from that topic of conversation rather quickly. Rose absolutely loves nature, and loves to take walks in the woods alone so that she can take joy in being around plants and animals. Sometimes she will take a camera with her so that she can take pictures, but she always feels that they are a poor substitute for the real thing. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Rose has absolutely no fighting skills to speak of, as she prefers to deal with situations diplomatically rather than through violence. She is quite good at taking care of plants, able to bring even plants her parents thought were beyond saving back to life. She is also very good at arranging flowers in an artful manner, and she takes delight in doing so. Her sweet, kind and helpful nature has a tendency to win her good friends who will stick up for her. She is quite good with animals, and tends to make friends with them quickly. Weaknesses: As Rose is quite small, and is physically quite weak, she is very vulnerable to being attacked and overwhelmed by an opponent. She also tends to avoid any and all conflict whenever she can, due to her pacifistic nature. She is also terrible at being able to stand up for herself. Her kind and caring nature can also be used against her by those with malicious intents, as they can be easily used to lure her into a trap. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): She wants to take over the family business one day. It is a small, humble shop which she feels suits her perfectly. Hobbies and Interests: Rose absolutely lovers flower arrangement, and taking walks in the woods. She rarely spends time on the computer, or playing games. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Turn ons: Due to lack of experience, she doesn’t have many. She also tends not to think about sex often, either. She prefers loving, sensual and intimate sex with a loving partner. Turn offs: Being forced, controlled or coerced. She also thinks things such as Scat, Gore, Vore and Golden Showers are absolutely disgusting. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: 32 B Sensitivity: Sensitive Additional Sexual Information: At the beginning of this roleplay, Rose is a virgin. She wants to wait until she is married before fully giving herself over to the man she loves. The sides of her neck are sensitive spots for her, as well as the spot just underneath her ears. Her breasts and nipples are quite sensitive as well, making it easy to arouse her. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: Zack Winter. Mother: Silvia Winter Siblings: Aimie Winter (Deceased) House: She lives with her parents. Car: A used 2014 Chevrolet Cruze with Silver paint, with a black interior. Pet: She has an eight year old German Shepard by the name of Shane. History Bio: Rose was born in Southampton, England to her loving and devoted parents. They absolutely adored their daughter, who had come along after years of trying hard to conceive. Her parents were thirty-five when Rose was born, and they celebrated her birth. They spoilt her as a young child as she was, to them, a miracle child. She was a very sweet and pacid child who adored the attention her parents lavished on her. This came to an end, though, when her mother became pregnant with Aimie when Rose was four years old. Suddenly, Rose was no longer the only child and had to deal with sharing the affection of her parents with her baby sister which she did not like in the slightest. She had gotten used to getting all of their attention and thus she suffered from a jealous rage. This caused her to act out, and cause trouble just so that she could get attention. This lead to her being told off a lot by her parents, as well as frequently get into trouble at school. When she was eight years old, tragedy struck the family. Aimie was discovered by her mother, lying face down in the bathtub, dead. Rose had been in her bedroom at the time of the discovery, and heard her mother’s screams as she tried fruitlessly to bring her four year old daughter back to life but to no avail. They called the ambulance and the police arrived to investigate the death but it eventually came back ruled as an accident. From that moment, the family changed. Rose no longer acted out, and instead retreated into a shy shell that she rarely allowed people into. Her mother almost lost her mind from grief, and became quite distant from the family. Zack, Rose’s father, busied himself with work to prevent himself from thinking about it. Two years later, her parents decided that leaving England would be the best thing for them. They were deeply shaken by what had happened to one of their miracle daughters, and wanted a change of scene. So they moved their family to America, specifically the Black City where they settled in a two bedroomed house. Zack decided to open a business, to which they called “Winter Flowers” which he intended to use a means to support themselves in their new home and have enough to get by. Rose absolutely adored the new shop, and would come by every day after school to help her father. Her mother usually remained in the back of the shop, doing administrative work as nothing seemed to be bringing her out of the shell she had placed herself into after her daughter’s death. Zack also purchased a German Shepard Puppy which he gave to Rose, to become the companion her little sister could have become. Rose loved him from the moment she laid eyes on him, and called him Shane. Still, that did not stop Rose enjoying her new home and new school, where she met a lot of new friends. Since her sisters death, she had changed a lot, becoming a lot less of a troublemaker and becoming more helpful and sweet much like her her younger sister was before her death. Rose was often picked on at school, but due to her very sweet and helpful nature, people tended to stick up for her. Which was a good thing, since Rose had never been good at standing her ground. When she was sixteen, she started officially working at her parent’s shop after school and on weekends. She absolutely loved it, and would save away her money so that she could afford a car when she was eighteen as she had learnt how to drive while in school, getting her license when she was almost seventeen, having failed the test first time around. She has recently graduated from school and now works full time for her father in their shop.
  15. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: This individual is known by several names. His name as the Daedric General, is Diomedes. Among Earth, he uses the name of Ichabod Crane and is known to the UFF as Classified Citizen 6966. He also has, at this point, a name that cannot be used (This is a name that literally no character will know unless I agree for them to). It is his Eldyrannth, and birth name, name; Talrin. Date of Birth: 4th January, 1300 BC Age: Unknown, due to the fact that he is a Temporal Entity. He looks to be in his mid-twenties. Gender: He has two genders. In his Daedric form, he is male. In his Eldyrannth for, he is a Kae. Species: As Diomedes, a Daedra. As Talrin; an Eldyrannth. Origin/Nationality: Vorserend City, Earth. Occupation: He is the Daedric General of Time and Dimension (Daedra is the Eldyrannth word for demon). He is also the Guardian of the Promiscuous Palace (Condemned property). Physical Appearance Height: In his Daedric form he is 6ft9. In his Eldyrannth form, he is 7ft6. Weight: 150lbs. Eye Colour: As Diomedes, his eyes are completely black. Including the whites of his eyes, and this blackness has a glossy appearance to it. When people look into his eyes, all they can think about are the terrible things that have happened to them throughout their life. Looking into his eyes is to be exposed to one of his abilities, the Killing Intent, but he can hide this by wearing something that stops anyone from looking into his eyes. Unless someone is a strong enough telepath to prevent this from happening as they can sense the psychic attack and can block it out. A Mental Firewall also prevents this. In his Eldyrannth form, his eyes are still black although he does have whites in his eyes. His iris, however, has this strange white noise to it. Hair Colour: In his Daedra form, it is a jet black in colour. In his Eldyrannth form, it is black with streaks of blonde. These aren’t highlights in his hair. They are completely natural. Physical Description: Diomedes is a very tall, slender human looking man. The only difference between himself and a human, physically, is that sometimes he has bat like wings emerging from his back. These are hidden most of the time, making others think of him as a mere human, although he looks unnaturally pale. He is extremely handsome and pretty almost to the point of being beautiful. He is muscled, but not so much that it looks ungainly. With his slender, lithe body shape, it is easy to mistaken him for being weaker than he actually is. To underestimate Diomedes, could very well mean your death. He has a second form, a dragon form. He is 160 metres from snout to the tip of the tail, with a wingspan of 640 metres. This does give some indication of his age, putting him roughly around 8,000 years of age but this is only if you count only the Eldyrannth side. The Daedric side may make him appear smaller than he actually is. While some of the features of his dragon form strikes a resemblance to an Eldyr dragon, there are major differences. His scales are shaped differently, and there are various spikes that Eldyr’s lack. He is also more muscular, and his scales are even harder and a dark, almost coal black. Daedric Eldyr form: Eldyrannth form: Please note that he will rarely be in this form, but this is actually how he was born. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Talrin can be a very hard man to figure out, mainly because he does not offer much information about himself, especially to strangers. He is a very quiet individual, and does not talk much unless it’s needed. He is someone that cannot stand small talk, and will always choose to be silent than continue a meaningless conversation. One of Talrin’s most unique qualities, is the fact that he has a smile that everyone finds pleasing and infectious, which is quite a stark contrast from his rather anti-social seeming behaviour. His smile is described as being very handsome, and suiting him. His grin even more so. They are described as being ‘full of life’. This is actually a result of his ExoSin, Talaiael, whose aspect is Life and Soul. His laugh is a perfect example of this. People find it extremely infectious, and it has a curious effect on any wildlife around him. Wildlife tends to go crazy, and make a racket and become excited. Sometimes, they would even approach him, without a shred of fear. His laugh is often described as the most beautiful laugh people have ever heard, and people often feel rather empty when he stops laughing. However, he doesn’t tend to smile, grin or laugh that often. Talrin is a very calm person, that does not allow his emotions to rule him again in the most stressful of situations. He keeps a level head so that he can come up with a solution, better than if he was allowing his emotions to influence his decisions. He has an exceptional command of his emotions and even if he was in a towering fury, it would not be reflected in his mannerisms unless he’s in a fully blown rage. The only time when emotion can get the better of him, is a condition that is common among Eldyrannth, where they become angry enough that they produce a large amount of lactic acid in their bodies, which they cannot naturally break down which would sent him into a state of berserk where he cannot even tell friend from foe. But otherwise, he does not allow his emotions to get out of control and strictly controls his anger to try and prevent himself from going into a berserk state. Talrin is a very discreet man, who holds many secrets and does not give out information without reason. He will even keep secrets from himself, which has happened many times due to the fact that he has the ability to communicate with his past and future selves. However it has been demonstrated many times that his future-self holds secrets from himself, even allowing him to make mistakes in which to learn from. He also respects the privacy of others, unless the invasion is given over by consent, such as being his slave. He is someone that tends to work quietly in the background, and not draw much attention to himself. He usually watches, paying close attention, and being very aware of his environment. He is very slow to trust others and usually avoids questions about himself. He is very careful with his words, and often thinks before he acts. Talrin is an extremely patient man, and can easily play a very long-con game. He never really hurries with things, and takes his time to ensure that he does a proper job of it. For example, he took several thousand years to take down the Daedric King, and instill himself as the High King. Talrin is a very private person, and does not eagerly share information about himself and will not answer personal questions except to a very select few individuals. He doesn’t like personal information about him circling about as he really does not like people knowing much above his private life. Talrin is quite professional, and speaks with a strong command of language and is very articulate. He usually thinks carefully before saying something, as he doesn’t like messing up his words and he certainly doesn’t like explaining further. He is a very hard worker, and when he is given a task he will work tirelessly until it is done. When explaining something, or working with others, he will keep a very professional manner and when it comes to something he knows about, he will speak in a very knowledgeable way. He is a strong listener, and will often remain in the background and listen carefully. He dresses in a professional manner, especially when working or out and about. He will always keep his promises and his word, and will work hard to ensure that he does. As such, he will never make a promise that he knows he cannot keep. Talrin is quite proper in his manner, and rarely swears unless he is very surprised, or really trying to emphasise a point. He always keeps a tidy home, and he always keeps his workplace clean and well organised. He doesn’t like to make a scene, and he most certainly doesn’t like drawing negative attention to himself and he especially doesn’t like to do something that would humiliate or embarrass himself. He has quite good manners, and he doesn’t like looking like a mess when seen by others. Talrin is often considered as being very callous, because he seems to completely disregard others feelings when saying things. Often, he will condense an entire sentence to that of a single word. This has sometimes gotten him into trouble with others, because he will say something that seems very bad, when he actually means something else. Those close to him often know what he is talking about, but those that aren’t familiar with his mannerisms can quite often misunderstand what he meant, and become offended even though he genuinely did not intent to cause any offense. Often, especially when in a dire situation, he can appear to be dismissive of peoples feelings as he wants to try and focus on the solution to their problem. This personality aspect proves quite useful in the field of medicine, as it allows him to put any personal disgust or sorrow aside, to continue working. Talrin is rather confident, especially when it comes to things that he is knowledgeable. He will always step forwards to give his opinion, or to teach others what they are lacking, and that he knows and he can be quite assertive. He does not let anyone dominate him, or to make him feel intimidated. Even if it is with someone that technically outranks him, he will treat them more equally than outranking him. There are a few exceptions to this, such as some of his duplicates that serve others, but even so he still tends to be on equal footing rather than subservient unless it’s due to extreme circumstances. Due to his confidence, he takes criticism with dignity, and will strive to learn from his mistakes and rarely makes the same mistake twice. He isn’t often swayed easily by the opinions of others, and prefers to figure things out on his own rather than relying on others but he will ask for help if he knows he needs it. He is confident, not arrogant, especially as he will admit if he’s made a mistake, especially since he is very honest. He will not willingly lie to someone, although he might sometimes only give a little bit of the information and avoiding what he doesn’t want to be known, so that he can avoid having the lie about it. When giving his opinions, he will always be completely honest, even if it means that the receiver doesn’t like hearing what he has to say. He doesn’t like being accused of lying, or being dishonest, and will strive to prove otherwise. It is why he always keeps meticulous records of everything that he does, even going so far as to emulate his son, [[Temaelrin Eldyrannth|Temaelrin]] in having his tablet record everything that is going on around him, so that he can prove later that he didn’t do what he was being accused of. Despite the fact that Talrin doesn’t think that he is honourable, he does display some traits of being honourable. He will never lie to anyone, and will always be as honest as possible. He always keeps his promises and works hard to ensure that he doesn’t break it. He has quite a strong sense of ethics, even though it might not be entirely what people consider ‘good’. But, one of his well known codes, is that despite having the ability to give people Genetic Modifications, he doesn’t actively go out and give them to people. Instead, he waits for them to come to him. This is not something that he has ever budged on. Due to the circumstances in his life, Talrin has become very independent, and has learnt how to be completely self-reliant. Thus he’s well able to go off and do things alone, without really needing any help from anyone. As mentioned before, he protects his privacy and doesn’t often talk about himself to others, often leaving it up to them to try and figure him out. He is quite introverted, which explains why he isn’t often found in social events. If he does attend one, he often wants to remove himself afterwards so that he can rest and recover from the strain of socialisation. There are only a few people that he can tolerate to being around when wanting to be alone. He doesn’t talk that often, and he loathes small talk. He tends to think a lot, as he is quite pensive, and will sometimes appear to just sit there silently staring off into space, but he is in fact deep within his thoughts. He enjoys peace and quiet, and always tries to ensure that he has somewhere like that, that he can retreat to. Even though he can work well in a team, he actually prefers to work alone with nobody to disturb him. To those that are close to him, especially his family, he is extremely loyal. He will do anything he can to ensure that they are safe. He has even gone as far as to bring down the old city of Vorserend, to ensure that the Eldyrannth, and his family, continued to live on, despite the detriment to himself, especially his mental state. Unless they were to do something very bad to him, with genuinely malicious intent, then he will remain steadfastly loyal. He is very protective of them, and will put himself in the way of danger to ensure that the ones he wants to protect, are safe and away from the danger. He can also be quite protective of the places that he considers ‘his’ such as his lab at Kaer Eldyr and does not take kindly to intruders. Due to events in his life, Talrin tends to be quite cynical. He doesn’t trust others easily, and one must work hard in order to gain it and even then, often when it seems like he trusts you, he doesn’t. As such, he tends to keep his emotions to himself, so that no one can tell what he is truly feeling. Due to the fact that is he pessimistic, he always prepares for things to end their worst, and makes arrangements if such a thing were to pass. While this can annoy other people when he seems to always see the worst in others, this has indeed saved his skin a number of times within the Daedra Realm. It is a habit to think up of the worst that could happen, and expecting failure, and it is a habit he is unlikely to break out of because this allows him to come up with contingency plans to any number of situations. Talrin is quite a perfectionist, and will accept nothing but perfect from those that work for him, those that serve him, and from himself. He is always doubt checking his work, and often prefers to work on it himself, so that he can oversee every aspect of it, so he can ensure that it goes perfectly. If someone else does the work, he will always double check everything to ensure that it is properly done. He also doesn’t tend to take praise, when he feels that he doesn’t deserve it, as he didn’t achieve his best and he didn’t achieve perfection. Talrin is quite a proud man, and he hates failure. While he accepts his mistakes and failures with dignity, it doesn’t stop him from feeling ashamed with himself. He works hard to ensure that it won’t happen again. His proudful nature is often why he doesn’t tend to take part in activities that will mean he will make a fool of himself, or shame himself. Or make a mess of himself, especially as he is very vain. He has put a lot of effort into his appearance, and he doesn’t tend to appreciate having it messed up. He doesn’t like going out, unless he’s at his best. Talrin even went so far as to find the best ingredients possible, to make himself his own shampoo and body wash so that he would always look his best. It also has the added advantage of ensuring that he smells his best, too. He wears neat clothing, and doesn’t tend to go for something that can be easily messed up. One trait that is somewhat well known about Talrin, is that he is very vindictive. For those that do him, and often his family, any wrongdoing, they find themselves on the bad side of Talrin. He will drag them down into the Daedra Realm and ensure that they are punished for their actions. Often, the punishment will end in only one way. Servitude. When it comes to his work, Talrin is very ambitious. He will strive towards the greater goal, and doesn’t tend to let anything get in the way of it. He thinks ahead, and plans to find the best way to achieve his goal and will often work with a single minded determination and he will do it in the most efficient way possible. He will break things down into smaller tasks and work on each one so that he can build them up into the much larger goal. He tends to get straight to the point, instead of beating around the bush, and he doesn’t tend to like wasting time and can become quite frustrated with those that keep wasting his time. He will save time, and money, wherever possible but not at the expense of his work. When it comes to his work, and sometimes in other aspects of his life, Talrin is quite analytical. He will learn everything he can about a subject, to expend his knowledge, and to give him a better understanding. He is very good at going through information that he has been given, and reason his way through using logic, to digest it and to give him an accurate representation of what he’s reading. When it comes to his work, Talrin is extremely focused, and complete devotes his attention to it to the point where he excludes all others. He will often ignore people when he is engrossed in his work, and he finds it irritating when he is pulled away from it. Like most in his family. Talrin is very intelligent. He is naturally very curious, and always seeking the answers to his questions. He uses logic and reasoning to help him find his way towards the answers, and does it in a quick and efficient manner. He is well spoken, and has a strong vocabulary along with a very aristocratic accent which makes him sound just as intelligent as he is. Due to the fact that he is usually very quiet, and tends to step back and study everything around him instead of diving headfirst, Talrin is quite observant, as well as perceptive. He tends to notice things that others miss, and is able to link things together in his mind about things unknown before. He observes a lot, and remembers a lot, too, as he is incredibly meticulous about it. This helps with the fact that he is studious, as it lets him pick up lots of facts that he can absorb and process. He likes to learn new things, and will strive to learn more than he previously did. He can become frustrated if answers are not forthcoming, however he isn’t easily dissuaded from trying to find the answers. One of Talrin’s biggest flaws is that he is a Workaholic. He will spend long hours at work, and will work himself to the point of exhaustion and he often tries to go beyond that. With no one keeping an eye on him, he will also forget to eat and drink as well, thus causing him to neglect himself in favour of his work. He will even neglect his own health, such as working even if he is sick, and if he’s too sick to work it becomes extremely frustrating for him. He doesn’t like being pulled away from what he’s doing, and will make it known that he isn’t happy about it. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Genetic Science: One of the things that Diomedes has become very adept at, is Genetic Science. He can easily research and pull apart DNA and pinpoint what genes, do what function. Not only that, but he has devised methods of being able to manipulate the genes of an individual, through the use of exotic science. He has genetically altered his Daedric body, so that he not only has the reproductive organs of an Eldyrannth, but he also gives off Eldyrannth seed, which he can switch out with his Daedric form as he is very particular about who he allowed to have his Eldyrannth genes as they are the genes of his previous body. He has also altered the brain of his Daedric body, to be an Eldyrannth’s brain so that he can employ the use of their intelligence, as well as their telepathic abilities. Killing Intent: Diomedes can send of waves of intense Killing Intent. This is a psychic attack, made even more powerful due to his Eldyrannth telepathic abilities which are immensely strong (Stronger than most, possibly all, telepaths on Earth. For an average Telepath his mind would be like a mountain surrounding them). This can freeze intended targets in their tracks and paralyse them in fear. It can also cause his targets to begin hallucinating. Everything around them will appear much darker, and Diomedes himself would look like a black shadow with glittering black eyes. Everything will become distorted and the target may hear screams and insane rantings and gibbering. They may also see everything that they privately fear about, as the hallucinations draw upon the victim so, for example, if the victim was afraid of spiders, their hallucinations will centre around spiders of all shapes and sizes. This can result in the death of the target from extreme fear. Time, Space and Dimension: Diomedes has the ability to pull himself across the Timeline as well as hop from one Dimension to the other. He also has a unique understanding of each subject, only being rivalled by select individuals such as the man that came to be his father. He can also summon creatures, such as his daedric helpers, through dimensional rifts that he can create anywhere. He also has manipulation over Time, being able to slow it down, speed it up or seeming to freeze it. Dragon form: As he is an Eldyrannth, he has a dragon form in which he can turn into. His servants assume it is his daedric form, which he encourages them to believe. Due to the daedric influence of his body and home, his dragon form is very difference from Talivana's. See physical description above. He is 160 metres from snout to the tip of the tail, with a wingspan of 640 metres. He can breathe fire in this form and is immensely strong. Telepathy: As he has given himself certain Eldyrannth features such as their brain, Diomedes is an extremely powerful telepath. He can handle the weight of tens of thousands of active minds. He can also communicate with people not of his species but the risk towards the non-Eldyrannth species is great. He can also bridge a non-telepathic mind into the mind of another (Either telepathic or not). Telekinesis: For an Eldyrannth, he is exceptionally strong with telekinesis. He is able to shift weights that are many, many times his weight and his control is a lot more fine than what other Eldyrannth can even hope to achieve. He is also able to easily multi-task with his telekinesis, and manipulate many objects at once. Fly high and tolerate low oxygen levels in Eldyr form: Due to his one way breathing system (Like a bird), he is able to fly higher than other winged creatures as he is able to tolerate lower oxygen environments as he is able to extract oxygen more efficiently than beings with a two way breathing system (Like a human). Scales: His scales are as hard as diamond. You would need a lot of energy to break through the scales. The scales are small and layered in such a way that allows him to move. The scales themselves are not flexible. These are pigmented. Skeleton and Super-Human strength: Strengthened skeletal structure that has a high tensile strength and yet is nearly 20% lighter than a mammalian skeleton. In human form he can lift about 4 times his weight and in his dragon form he can lift twice his weight. Ichor and healing: When he bleeds the scab forms a resin looking covering over the wound (like a tree). This is to protect the wound from infection. He can heal in nearly a fraction of the time of a human and this includes broken bones. The Inchor in his blood is broken down to Chor (What he uses for the fire. See Eldyrannth extra info for more detail) and stem cells. When in a battle and breathing fire a lot, his body goes into overdrive to produce more Chor. This in turn produces more stem cells for healing, and thus heals slightly faster. However this puts a huge tax on the bodies resources. Fire: His body breaks down Inchor into stem cells and Chor. The stem cells go off to heal while the Chor reacts further to produce the flammable Gas of Chor. This is stored in a gland at the edge of the lungs, with tubes going up the throat to the top of the mouth. There is a small spark producer here, that ignites the gas to produce the flame. Inchor can he spat out alongside the gas, creating lethal napalm effect. The vapour from the liquid is also a heavy irritant and any unprotected eyes can be affected. This is why when producing flame the Eldyrannth closes their third eyelid which they have in both forms. The third eyelid is used in both aquatic and aerial activities. They can also spit out Inchor without igniting it to put a waterproof layer in something. However this is highly flammable. Soul Manipulation: Diomedes has the ability to manipulate the Souls of himself, and others in a variety of ways. He can split, merge, break apart, seal, create and destroy souls. He is also very capable of being able to heal damaged souls. This is one of his affinities, thus he is actually quite skilled with this. Soul Seer: Diomedes can see the Souls of others, and get an impression of their personality. He can also see the aura of an individual, and thus get an idea of their moral alignment as well as their current emotional state. This skill is not very practised, though. Modular Voice Box: Diomedes has a natural ability in his Eldyrannth form. He has a modular voice box which allows him to sing in ranges that would not be possible for an individual as masculine as he is. He can make himself sound as feminine as Talivana, or make his voice as deep as the likes of Barry White. Voice Acting, and Singing: Diomedes is quite a skilled singer, as it’s one of his favourite pastimes, made easier on account of his voice. He’s also a very good voice actor and can speak with one of hundreds of accents. Normally, he has a rather aristocratic voice, similar to that of a very posh British accent, however he can drop that in an instant to adopt a Southern American accent. Again, this is very useful in regards to his singing as he can make it sound completely natural and thus he is able to sing a wider range of things. Linguist: Another of his hobbies is learning languages. He knows almost all languages on Earth, and a fair number of alien ones as well. If he adopts their accent, he can make himself seem like he came from Germany, Italy, America of even Africa. Cooking: He’s quite good at cooking, but then he has spent a lot of time alone and it was one of the ways he could keep himself sane. But he rather enjoys making a meal from scratch and consuming it as he finds it strangely satisfying. But then he has always enjoyed a home cooked meal. Medical Skills: Before he was banished from the Eldyrannth, he was one of their most accomplished Doctors that specialised in genetics although he was a good general doctor who was able to heal a wide range of issues from cuts and bruises to aggressive cancer. He was the very top of his field, and a Doctor that everyone went to due to his level of skill. Weaknesses: Killing Intent: Anyone with a Mental Firewall will never be able to fall victim to this. And those with psychic abilities will be able to fight him off. Unless his mind is stronger than theirs. The only telepaths that would be able to fend him off are extremely powerful ones. This is due to the fact that he still has the mind of an Eldyrannth and Eldyrannth by nature are extremely powerful telepaths. Time and Dimension: He only uses these abilities due to his intimate knowledge of how they work. He knows that messing around with them too much will attract unholy creatures even by daedric standards, and can tear the fabric of the Universe. The only abilities he uses the most, is to pull himself throughout Time (And even then, he doesn't mess with too much unless he needs to, due to the possible consequences) and summoning his daedric servants into the mortal realm as the Dimension of Hell is loosely connected with the Mortal plane. Although no one knows this, but Diomedes is one of the reasons why daedra haven't taken over Earth yet, as he tightly controls the Dimensional barrier between the two planes. (Again, for my version of Hell). Cold (In dragon form): When he is in his Eldyr form, he slows down in colder weather. This is due in part of his cold blood as he does require the sun to regulate his temperature and if he is too cold, he tends to slow down. Inchor and the Crystals: In return for the large amount of power gained from using the powers (When he does use them), over time, the crystals power turns the Inchor into crystal itself from the exotic radiation that the crystals give off every time they are used. As Inchor is a constant presence in the blood, this essentially crystallises the blood. In the later stages of this illness, as the blood thickens and the crystals scratch them from the inside out, it can become very painful. If death does not occur soon, the victim can ask another to end their life to end the suffering. The more the Eldyrannth uses their crystals, the quicker the blood turns to crystal. They are also more susceptible to infections the further down the illness they are. Most hope that they die of a virus then the crystallisation of their blood. Telepathy: The Eldyrannth are a race that has a natural, telepathic, hive mind which Diomedes has replaced his own brain with. This means that Diomedes is an extremely powerful telepath and can hear a thousand voices at once. With people not of his species, his mind can overwhelm other races, and they can become lost in his mind easily. Telekinesis: If he tries to move more than he can handle, he can use up a lot of energy and pass out, even strain his mind. To be able to use telekinesis, he needs to concentrate and if someone distracts him, he can lose what grip he had. Also, he may accidentally trigger it when he is angry and cause the person he is angry at fly away from him. His telekinesis can be so precise that he can use it to crush veins and arteries inside someone else's mind. This can be taxing on him due to the fine control although that is more mental exhaustion than physical. Fire: He only has a limited amount of Inchor at one time and must wait for his body to produce more. Fractured Soul: At this point in his life, Diomedes is only living with half of his Soul intact. This can cause a number of problems with his personality, as only the worst parts of himself are currently ongoing. Thus he can be rude, aggressive and downright nasty. It also makes his natural Eldyrannthian Autism to be more noticeable meaning that socially he will be very awkward and he will often miss a lot of Social ques. But this also means that his Soul is weaker than what it should be, and can leave him more vulnerable to certain attacks, that attack the soul. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He wants to take over Hell and become King (For my version of Hell) Hobbies and Interests: By nature, Diomedes is a Scientist. Thus he tends to spend much of his spare time involved in his studies which includes things like reading and experiments. When he is deeply involved, there is very little that can pull him away and he rarely eats and sleeps when in the middle of doing something. When not working on his projects, he often spends his time having sex (If someone is available), as he very much enjoys having sex. This is a very, very unknown fact about Diomedes, and very few people know about this, but he actually rather likes to play on string instruments, like a violin and he is also a very talented singer and will often sing to himself when he knows that he is alone. He is also quite good at painting, but he rarely does these hobbies. He usually doesn’t have the time for it. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual. Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially if it results in pregnancy. He loves making someone suffering during sex which can mean causing them pain and humiliating them. He does this in a wide variety of ways that are just too many to list here. He can be very sadistic Any of the UFF Species. He loves having when with them due to their attitudes towards sex. Sluts, whores and those with a free attitude towards sex. He loves having sex with a freshly filled pussy, and loves filling a pussy that is to be fucked by another cock. Making love to someone in front of their loved ones, either consensual or willing with the partner. Due to his turn on with sluts, he likes it when someone he loves has sex with another person, especially if it results in a cum filled pussy. He also likes it when they become pregnant from someone else, as that it the ultimate level of a slut. Raping someone, and not just rape-play either. He loves raping unwilling partners. It gives him a thrill as it is one of the most humiliating and degrading things he can do to someone. Sexually corrupting someone who is known to be a very sweet, innocent individual who is a well known prude. Especially if it turns them into a completely deprived slut. He is an extreme Sadist. He loves to make people hurt, and he loves to make them suffer. He finds this to be a massive turn on and it's something he needs to do on occasion in order to keep him satisfied. Luckily, he can always disappear off to the Daedra Realm temporarily to satisfy these particular urges. Having sex with someone who is cheating on their monogamous partner for him. Fucking someone deep and hard. Having sex with someone he doesn’t love, or even know. Turn offs: Gore and Vore. Necrophilia, scat and water sports. Being forced to be the submissive in the relationship/sex. Succubi and Incubi are instant turn offs for him. He finds them plain, boring and predictable. Penis Length: Diomedes has a cock that is 18 inches long and has a 10inch circumference. Breast Size: N/A. Sensitivity: Average for a Daedric General male. In his Eldyrannth form, however, he is extremely sensitive. Additional Sexual Information: Running along the bottom of the penis is a spine that makes several hard protrusion along the lower part of the cock that the Eldyrannth can make pulsate at will. This usually makes it feel like he is coming inside of a female, and it can sometimes be so powerful that it feels like his entire dick is vibrating inside of her. It is a biological trick that he, as a male Eldyrannth, uses to trick a female Eldyrannth into heat and to drive her wild in mating lust. The head is also rather large and is slightly pointed so that it is easier to get the penis into the female vagina. Ringed behind the head of the dick like the ribs of a spine, going down to about mid-shaft while getting smaller each time, is a ring of hard flesh that pulsates much like their shaft. Each ring wraps around the entire shaft to the spine that runs along the underside of the penis. Due to the fact that Diomedes has a Dual cardiovascular system, these vibrations can become so intense that they are clearly audible. While Diomedes may take it from someone else, the chances are extremely low that he will. He has a particular taste when it comes to partners doing that to him and not many really fit the bill. And even then, he doesn't really like taking it in his Daedric form. STD History: Surprisingly clean. Extra Information Father: Genetically, his father is Kayrin Eldyrannth. His adoptive father is King Temaelrin Eldyrannth. He has been disowned. Mother: Queen Jyravana Eldyrannth. He has been disowned. Siblings: Princess Talivana (Current Prime Minister of the UFF). He has been disowned. Grandparents: Kaliavana Eldyrannth, and Xharin Eldyrannth. Both officially deceased. He has been disowned. House: Basement of the Promiscuous Palace (CONDEMNED PROPERTY). Car: None. He doesn’t need one. Pet: None. Additional information: Talrin does like to smoke cannabis recreationally. He does not like drinking alcohol as he does not like the feeling of being drunk. If he does drink, it would only be with those be absolutely trusts. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Officially to any Government on Earth, none. However he has been involved in serious crimes, including being involved in the attempted genocide of the Eldyrannth. Medical Record: In his current body, he has no medical conditions that he knows of. Bio: Please note that this history is very heavily abridged. Diomedes was originally born as Talrin, an Eldyrannth from the long lost Kingdom of Craethiel. Indeed, he was born in the City of Vorserend, the destroyed City of the Eldyrannth which no longer exists. He was born to the then-current Queen; Jyravana. He and his sister were born at exactly the same time, coming out of their mother clutching one another. For the first few years of his life, Talrin’s father was completely absent from the family home, an absence that caused a lot of anguish to the young Talrin. Due to his gender, Talrin had a lot of problems from an early age that only his father could answer. However Kayrin absolutely refused, and stayed away from the family home. This caused Talrin to act up a lot with his mother which began to cause relationship problems between him and Jyravana. Talrin often went off on his own, sometimes finding himself in Temporin’s Clock Shop. Talrin loved to come by and watch the clock pendulums, as he found them relaxing. He also became good friends with the shop owner, Temporin, and his assistant, Wolfrin. In fact, Talrin would sometimes gather up mint plants to trade with Temporin, in exchange for strawberries which was Talrin’s favourite fruit. When he was four years old, his life began to change for the better. It started off with an incident where he had lied to his mother and as punishment, she had spanked him. Due to the fact that his arse is extremely sensitive, it caused him to moan as it caused sexual pleasure. When his mother realised, she stopped immediately but Talrin was too humiliated to speak to her anymore. In her desperate attempt to make things right for her son, Jyravana went to Temporin and begged for his help. Temporin suggested that she take him to a child therapist to find out what was wrong. She agreed, but asked him to convince Talrin to go. She knew that if she tricked him, he would never trust her again and she would just be making things worse. And right now, he didn’t want to listen to her. Temporin agreed, and went back with her to the Palace and explained to Talrin that his mother wanted to take him to see a therapist because they knew that there was something not right, especially because Kayrin’s absence was clearly having an affect on him. Reluctantly, Talrin agreed and several days later Jyravana and Temporin took him to see Gaerin, the Child Psychologist. After speaking to Talrin, Gaerin concluded that Kayrin’s absence was having a definite impact on Talrin’s mental health. However luckily for Talrin, his mother had attached herself to Temporin who was acting in Kayrin’s stead in looking after Talrin and his twin sister. The psychologist also did a few other tests, and concluded that Talrin was the most intelligent child born thus far, exceeding everyone else he had tested. But, Talrin also had the Eldyrannth version of Autism, which caused several social problems. And yet at the same time, it boosted his intelligence and ability to absorb information. Since that day, Temporin moved into the Palace with his adoptive son, called Leametrin who had become Talrin’s friend. And through becoming friends with Leametrin, Talrin also became friends with another of his classmates; Sargrin. With Temporin acting as his father, Talrin’s behaviour began to improve and he was becoming happier overall. Unknown to the adults through, he and Leametrin had begun to ‘play’ with each other, as Talrin was becoming sexually aware at such a young age. It was a problem with the Royal Family, where the children were becoming sexual far too young, in part due to the rampant incest that went on as they mainly bred within the family. Talrin knew fully what he was doing, as he was incredibly intelligent, and mature. Almost like an adult in a child’s body. The next significant moment in his childhood was his sixth birthday. The day did not start out well for him. His father, Kayrin, finally returned home. However Kayrin completely scorned and spurred Talrin. Kayrin took Talivana, and her friend out shopping while leaving Talrin at home crying in the foyer. Jyravana, angered by Kayrin’s attitude towards their son, told Talrin that she and Temporin would stay with him and that they would have their own private party with Leametrin, along with Talrin’s baby sister, Makovana. Throughout the day, Talrin cheered up and found himself having fun being with his little family. But then Kayrin returned home with Talivana and her friend. While his sister and her friend went off to put their shopping away, Kayrin came into the conservatory and began throwing his weight around, telling Jyravana and Talrin to come away from Temporin. Talrin absolutely refused, telling Kayrin to go away. He then made the mistake of calling Temporin father, instead of Kayrin. This made Kayrin become extremely angry, and he grabbed Talrin up, locking him under his arm. Talrin tried to get away, while Jyravana was screaming at Kayrin to let him go however Kayrin was too angry to listen. He had entered a state of Eldyr rage, and thus nothing was going to be able to get through to him. He dragged Talrin into the kitchen and proceeded to try and wash his mouth out with soap but Talrin, in his own rage, actually ate the soap. This did cause Kayrin to pause in confusion as Talrin started shouting at him, calling him by name instead of ‘father’. Leametrin then came and tried to pull Talrin out from Kayrin’s grasp, however the bigger and stronger adult threw Leametrin across the room and actually killed him. Luckily, for both of them, Leametrin had a regenerative ability that allowed him to come back to life. But then Temporin stepped in, forcing Kayrin to hand over Talrin. Temporin then told him, along with the rest of the family, to go into the living room which Jyravana did not hesitate in doing. While in the living room, they heard signs of fighting, but none of them could see what was going on. Jyravana fussed over Talrin and looked to see if he was alright. That incident taught Talrin that his mother was on his side, not Kayrin’s. That caused Talrin to actually begin to trust and love his mother like he had never done so before. Temporin then came into the living room, telling them that he had chased Kayrin off back to wherever it was he had been hiding out with his own father, Xharin. He fixed Talrin a drink with a toxin-cleansing dust to help with the fact that Talrin had eaten an entire bar of soap which wasn’t good for him. Talrin told Temporin that he considered Temporin to be his father, not Kayrin. Because Temporin actually cared for him, whereas Kayrin was always gone. And the one time he did come back, he was throwing his weight around, hurt Talrin and almost killed his friend Leametrin. But this was not the end of the life-changing day for Talrin. Later, when he went into his bedroom after getting ready for bed, Temporin was there waiting for him. Temporin then sat himself and explained a few, very shocking things. The least of which was that Temporin was also called Temaelrin, depending on whether he was being a lover, or a warrior. And that Temaelrin was actually Talrin’s son, from the future who had come back to do a few things, including be there for Talrin because if he didn’t, Talrin’s life would be negatively impacted. Temealrin had tried to get Kayrin to be Talrin’s father, but this day proved that his efforts were fruitless. Thus Temaelrin was having to step in to do the job Kayrin should. He explained to Talrin that he wasn’t male, like Talrin had believed. He was a Kae, which meant that even though he looked male and acted male, he could also get pregnant. Temaelrin also explained to him that he was a King-type Eldyrannth, something which had not yet come to full fruition. But it meant that Talrin also had to keep himself ‘balanced’ by regular sessions of being fucked. Failure to do so would result in numerous problems, such as out of control anger, hallucinations, paranoia and even insanity if left for too long. This worried Talrin, but Temaelrin assured him that it was nothing for him to worry about for a long time. Temaelrin had also come with a gift for Talrin, which was actually a set of female clothes. Something Talrin had been doing in secret with his sisters clothes. He was a little embarrassed, but Temaelrin assured him that it was fine and that Temaelrin wanted to help him become more comfortable with it. Talrin agreed, and asked if it was something that they could do now, so Temaelrin took him to the office of his clock shop and helped dress Talrin up. It was that night that Talrin lost his virginity, by his own asking. He was the one that pushed for it and it was the man who he came to see as his father who did it. After this, it definitely caused an improvement in Talrin’s behaviour. He became calmer and didn’t have as many autistic episodes as he used to. He dedicated his time to study, and was even doing University level work at the age of six. His family became his mother, Jyravana, and his father as Temaelrin along with his twin sister, and the many children that Temaelrin and Jyravana had. The improvement in his behaviour was also the result of the fact that Temaelrin had begun training him from a young age. For millions of years, the Eldyrannth have been engaged with War with Daedra and Temaelrin knew that when Talrin was older, he was going to be a central figure of this war. So he had begun training Talrin for this role, from a young age. This helped Talrin with focusing, as well as discipline. It also let him be able to hold himself in a fight. When Talrin was thirty, his relationship with his friend Sargrin changed. Sargrin had originally been dating Talivana, Talrin’s twin sister, however a rift formed between them due to the fact that Talivana was a member of the Sorceresses Guild who were well known for their very sexist views towards men, a fact that Sargrin didn’t agree with. When he tried pointing these problems out to Talivana, she refused to listen to him and broke off their relationship. When Talrin heard about this, he immediately went to his friends house to see how he was doing. Sargrin had been spending his time after the breakup by losing himself in his books as he was investigating the Sorceresses Guild. It was around this time that some strange events began happening. Temporin’s Clock Shop, for example, had been strangely crushed by an asteroid that had not fallen from the sky. And it had not caused any damage other than to Temporin’s shop. Talrin dragged Sargrin to the scene of the crime, who immediately blamed the Sorceresses. The attending Police Officer, Rincerin, originally scorned this however Talrin and Sargrin were insistent. So he agreed to go back with them back to Sargrin’s house, only to find that all the books that Sargrin had been studying were gone. Which was a big problem as Sargrin had borrowed those books from the Vorserendian Library. Rincerin was concerned, however he couldn’t immediately investigate as there was a report that came in about a fire on the outskirts of the City. He firmly told Sargrin and Talrin to stay where they were. They seemed to comply, and went back up to their bedroom, but the moment the door was closed they shifted into their Eldyr form and flew out of the window and followed Rincerin. When they arrived at the scene of the fire, they found a single female Eldyrannth standing beside a bonfire… of the books that Sargrin had been studying from. Talrin and Sargrin hid themselves in the bushes and watched as Rincerin confronted the individual. The Sorceress cast a spell, flinging Rincerin back and into a tree, knocking him out and almost killing him. Sargrin crept out of the bush, with Talrin following behind, unsure of his friends intentions. Then, to his shock, Sargrin pushed the Sorceress into the fire and watched as she burnt to death in her own fire. Neither of them had time to really hang around, as other Police Officers were converging on their location. The two of them fled, however Temaelrin space shifted the two to him and told them to get out of here because he would cover for them. The two of them fled back to Sargrin’s house, where Talrin told him to strip because he wanted to have sex. Seeing the Sorceress suffer as she burnt alive, had turned Talrin on like he had never been turned on before. He loved hearing her screams of agony and loved knowing that she was in a great amount of pain. Having sex would also give them an alibi if they were asked where they were and what they had been doing. Since that day, Sargrin and Talrin started dating as boyfriends, a relationship that Talrin found very rewarding and very satisfying. Talrin’s childhood continued without much drama, other than a strange incident where their entire herb garden had been salted and all of the plants destroyed. But it allowed Talrin to design the very first greenhouse, which he built with the rest of his family. A task he relished. He spent a lot of time in that greenhouse, tending the plants within it as he found it just as rewarding as his studies. As was typical for most Eldyrannth children, his age of maturity occurred at roughly one hundred years old. He entered his first heat at the age of one hundred and six years, and fell pregnant from Temaelrin who had shapeshifted into a Zeta; Temael’ontarr. Thus Talrin’s firstborn son was a hybrid of a Zeta and an Eldyrannth; one of those hybrids which were a perfect mix of the two. His first pregnancy allowed Talrin to become even closer to his mother, although this is something he kept from everyone but Temaelrin and Jyravana. He had no idea how his sister would react, or how his boyfriend would react either. Ten months later, he gave birth to his son, Talmaelrin who was a King-type Eldyrannth like himself and also a Kae. Talmaelrin however had loving parents around that were able to help him with the tough questions early on in life. Talrin did eventually figure out how Sargrin would react. During his second pregnancy, he had gone to check up on Sargrin as his boyfriend had a habit of hiding himself away in his study, with his research. Talrin came to pull him away from the books and to cook him a proper meal. However when Sargrin went to hug him, he felt the unusual bump and when he saw it properly, he promptly fainted after asking if it was his. After he came to, Talrin explained the situation to him and was relieved that Sargrin had the sense to understand and not to be upset in the slightest. Now that Talrin was an adult, he could pursue his main passion in life. Genetics, as well as just about anything medical. He continued his training with his father, as he had by now fully accepted that the Daedra were a problem that really needed to be dealt with. However, as a Doctor, he found the thought of fighting to be distasteful. But it was something that he was just going to have to man up and deal with as he couldn’t hide himself under a rock for the rest of his life. At the age of two hundred, he had decided that the issue of his genetic father needed to be dealt with. Kayrin came back every ten years, fucked Jyravana before he was off again. Talrin was getting sick of his behaviour. There was a secondary reason as well. The reason why Kayrin had spent so much time away from Vorserend, and thus the family, was because he had fallen into the hands of a Daedra by the name of Diomedes, who had corrupted Kayrin and made him into a pet bitch along with his father, Xharin. Talrin wanted to get them out of this. He and his father, Temaelrin, planned together for a way to capture Kayrin. Temaelrin wanted to make Kayrin into his own pet bitch, as part of his rehabilitation to make him into a better person and to help expunge the corruption from his soul. Talrin and Temaelrin were going to harvest an Okela Flower which would send Kayrin into a deep sleep for twenty-four hours. During that time, they would trigger his heat and tie him up on a specially designed bed that had a hole for his face to look through. While hunting for this flower, he and Temaelrin encountered a problem. There was Daedra activity near the cave which they had turned into their private Kae Cave. As was typical, the Daedra attacked the two upon sight. Temaelrin, who had shape shifted into a Mako by the name of Temaelor, or The Daedric Wolf, distracted the Daedra by running by him and stealing several things from him including his underwear and his cock. Talrin then swooped down in his Eldyr form and grabbed onto the Daedra’s ear, forcing him to spin around and fall down, snapping his neck on a tree root. Talrin then dropped down and began pecking at the Daedra’s skull until he had broken a cock-sized hole. Then in front of Rincerin and Thor’taour, his Godfather, he proceeded to skull-fuck the dead Daedra to send them a message. Once he had finished, he and Temaelor continued looking for their flower. However they were attacked by another Daedra who had shot Temaelor. This infuriated Talrin, who dove straight at the Daedra who opened fire on Talrin. The young Eldyrannth, however, suddenly seemed to disappear. Due to his unusual perception with Telekinesis, Talrin was able to learn one of the rarer Eldyrannth abilities. A telekinetic shunt into a small Dimension that allows them to cover large amount of distances in a relatively short period of time. They often call this method of travel as ‘Going between’. Thus far, Talrin is the youngest to have ever learnt this. When he reappeared, he jumped on the Daedra and clawed him to death. Luckily, Temaelor was completely fine due to his regeneration ability. Talrin was then spooked by the appearance of several primitive Xendaar Mako’s and went to hide up in a tree. The Mako’s were scared off by the appearance of another legendary figure; The Dark Star Wolf. Once the Mako’s were gone, Temaelor gathered up some of the flowers and went to get Talrin however he found that his son had fallen asleep as he had hidden himself up in a tree which had an Okela Flower sitting beneath it. Temaelor got Talrin down before taking him back to their Kae Cave. Once Talrin woke up, he began working on extracting the active ingredient within the flower and making a special pellet that they would use to knock Kayrin out. Once finished, Temaelrin lured Kayrin away from Xharin before using a slingshot to fire the pellet at him. He then dragged Kayrin back to their Kae Cave and the two of them fucked Kayrin to trigger his heat. Then, as Kayrin would be out for at least a day, the two spent the time preparing the special table to keep him tied in which would have ability nullifiers to prevent Kayrin from being able to do anything to them. While they were doing this, Talrin and Temaelrin spoke with one another and Talrin expressed his distaste of fighting and getting involved in any wars. He told Temaelrin that he didn’t want to end up fighting the Daedra day, after day. Talivana, his sister, was a fighter and thus didn’t mind making a living from it. Talrin didn’t want to do that. He wanted to end this war without too much bloodshed. He told Temaelrin that his ultimate goal would be to take over the Daedra Realm and reform the entire species. To defeat the Daedra by, eventually, making them friends. This caused the two of them to draw even closer to one another, as they were both of a similar frame of mind like this. Temaelrin told him that he had captured Diomedes, and had emptied his body so that Talrin could use it to go undercover within the Daedra Realm. Diomedes was now within a different body, going through their own rehabilitation process. Once they had everything ready, they tied Kayrin into the table. When he came to, Talrin began to question Kayrin, forcing him to answer and admit to the fact that he had become a Daedra’s little bitch. Talrin let Kayrin know his place within the family. He was no longer Talrin’s father, and Jyravana was no longer mates with him. She had left him for Temaelrin, who was a thousand times better than Kayrin was in every single way. Kayrin eventually agreed to go under Temaelrin’s ownership, as his pet bitch, so that he could learn to be a better person and to be a better father. As Kayrin was a Kae like Talrin was, and he was in heat, Talrin fucked him and ended up getting him pregnant with a son who, when born, was called Rubaerin. When Talrin was three hundred years of age, his mother did something that shocked everyone. For millions of years, the Eldyrannth have had Queen’s, but no King’s. This was mainly due to biological reasons; an Eldyrannth Queen is a stronger telepath than other Eldyrannth. Queen’s were the ones responsible for the care of the Hive Mind and keeping everyone connected. There is no King to serve a similar function, and thus the men of the Royal Family had no official titles although they were all doing jobs and responsibilities of the noble class. Queen Jyravana issued a proclamation that decreed that all the mates of the previous Queen’s were to be known as King’s. This made Temaelrin the official King of the Eldyrannth, and made Talrin the Crown Prince as he was next in line for the position when his sister took up the position of the next Queen. By the time Talrin was four hundred, he had done something that no one had ever done before in the history of his species. He had completely mapped out the Eldyrannthian Genome and put it, letter for letter, down in books. He filled entire bookcases with this information and even wrote other books detailing on the genes and their functions within the body. He even affectionately called the project “Project Generin”. This, plus several medical studies he had done, rocked the medical community of the Eldyrannth. Thanks for his efforts, their medicine had taken leaps and bounds in the terms of progress to rival that of modern time medicine. And this was during a time when humans were still quite primitive (900BC). This allowed Talrin to get his medical license and to begin his career as a Doctor, to heal the sick and dying. He kept up with his research so that he could help further medical breakthroughs. At first the medical community refused to acknowledge him, however when their patients kept going to Talrin instead of them, they had to give over a medical license which allowed him to legally treat his patients. When Talrin was six hundred years of age, he went on an exhibition with Sargrin, Temaelor and The Dark Star Wolf. They visited an old, abandoned library. Outside, they encountered primitive Zeta’muluri which were almost like Wrym’s, yet they still held a measure of intelligence. The first one they were able to calm down with a piece of meat that Temaelor had provided, sending it off to his own son. The second one, however, snuck up on Talrin and seemed very keenly interested in him. Temaelor had given Talrin more meat to give to the primitive Zeta, however the dragon was after something else. It saw Talrin as a potential mate and instead of eating the meat, it proceeded to fuck Talrin, giving him one of Talrin’s most unusual children; Ferin. It was during his pregnancy with Ferin that Talrin also found his love for spicy food. It was in his library that Talrin found a strange artifact which allowed him to switch the minds of people. He discovered its properties after Sargrin handed him the device and the two of them swapped bodies. After they had managed to get back into their own bodies, Talrin studied the device to try and figure out how it worked. His ultimate goal was to use this to get his hands on Diomedes’ body so that he could do under cover. He had discussed this with his parents, who have been helping him prepare for that role. He was going to make it appear as if he had been doing illegal experiments on unconsenting individuals, as well as doing illegal experiments on Daedra that he had hidden in his lab. He made it look as if he was a Daedra collaborator. He was ‘caught’ when he was eight-hundred years of age and was sentenced to banishment along with his partner in crime, Lusravana. Just hours before he was ‘caught’, Talrin had gone to his twin sister who was deeply asleep at the time. Without her even knowing, he pulled his own Soul from his body and tore it in half. He returned one half to himself, before implanting the very best half of himself into Talivana so that she could deal with being separated from Talrin. He then left her bedroom, a shadow of his former self. This caused a marked change in his personality, making him more cynical, aggressive, easy to anger and he certainly didn’t smile as much anymore. The moment he was banished and his Gauntlets stripped from him in shame, he left Vorserend, turned into Diomedes and gave Lusravana her own corrupted Daedra form so that they could delve deep into the Daedra Realm together. She took the position of the Daedric General of Lust, and he continued the position of the Daedric General of Time, Space and Dimensions. It wasn’t long after he had submersed himself, that he discovered that Kayrin had followed him and had been captured by Daedra, and hauled off into the Daedric Prison to be tortured and put to a slow death. Talrin, however, couldn’t let that happen. He snuck into the prison and instead of allowing Kayrin to die by the hands of the Daedra, he murdered his own genetic father himself. He knew that Kayrin had been making an effort to be a better father, and his heart had softened towards him to the point where Talrin called him ‘Dad’. Talrin gave him a peaceful death, and rescued his Soul before it could be lost within the Daedra Realm to be completely and utterly corrupted. Kayrin had been saved from that fate once before. Talrin wasn’t going to let it happen again. For the next few thousand years, Talrin spent his life as Diomedes, gathering information on the Daedra and working behind the scenes to help sow the seed of distrust between the other Generals and the King of the Realm; Lucifer. One of the main things that Diomedes discovered was that Lucifer was completely insane. He was essentially a raving lunatic who held all the power in the Kingdom. But he was dangerous in his sanity and it would not be easy to bring him down. Thus Diomedes had to work quietly to destabilise the Realm in his work to dispose of the King and to take the throne for himself. Due to the fact that Time moved faster within the Daedra Realm, about three times as much, Diomedes aged at a much faster rate than his sister. But when she two-thousand-five-hundred years of age, Diomedes had one of his rare Temporal premonitions. He had to face a very tough choice. He had to destroy the city of Vorserend. If he did not, then the Eldyrannth would bring doom to every species on the planet due to the fact that when they started going up into space they attract attention from some of the worst species in the Universe which would love nothing more than to take over Earth and enslave everyone. Thus he had to destroy Vorserend, and make it look as if everyone was dead, save for his sister. He snuck back into Voserend, to speak to Jyravana and Temaelrin, who assured him that it was fine. Temaelrin let Talrin know that their plan for saving the Eldyrannth was firmly in place. That even though Vorserend would fall, the people would be whisked away from Earth and away from danger. Relieved, Diomedes planned for the attack that would bring down the ancient city that had stood the test of time and war for almost five million years. When the fateful day came, Diomedes lead the attack on Vorserend with an army of Daedra, killing anyone that they came across and bringing the city to its knees and destroying it. Once it was complete, Diomedes reported his success to Lucifer who praised him for finally winning this warm, little knowing that the people of Vorserend were long gone. For the bodies that were left behind, Diomedes buried each and every single one of them. Once that task was done, he returned back to the Daedra Realm to continued his mission. The next time he emerged was in the Earth year of twenty-ten, the time when Wolfie Mako’demeri disappeared. His disappearance caused Temporal Spectres to appear at the Promiscuous Palace. These Spectres were exceptionally dangerous, and would have killed everyone within the Palace, as well as everyone on Earth. With the help of Kaylarvana and a Keza’maraki by the name of Frankie, Diomedes evacuated everyone out of the Palace before it locked down sealing the Spectres within the structure. Diomedes then purchased the property from the owner, Tripp, the the equivalent of ten million Blackberrian Dollars in gold bars. Ever since then, Diomedes has remained underneath the Promiscuous Palace, living in the basement as he is guarding the property. Not only to prevent unauthorised individuals from breaking into the property, but also to stop the Spectres from escaping.
  16. Neptune

    Zelru (Humanoid form)

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Zelru Age/Date of Birth: 9th September, 1352AD Gender: Male Species: Demon Origin: Formally England Nationality: Formally British, and he has kept his British accent. Occupation: Agent of Hell. Physical Appearance Height: 198.1cm (6’6”) Weight: 76.6kgs (12st 1lb) Eye Colour: Blood red Hair Colour: Blonde Physical Description: When mortals first see Zelru, he is often in a form that is more pleasing to them. He is tall with a slender frame that doesn’t seem to have much muscle, although appearances are deceptive. His body shape is lithe, looking almost like a sprinters. He has blond hair that is cut at a medium length, just brushing his shoulders. His eyes are blood red, with people often getting the feeling that he is seeing more than he admits. He has a beautifully handsome face, with a graceful jawline, well shaped lips and a delicate nose making him look both beautiful and terrifying. On either side of his head, he has a horn that emerges from beneath the hair, before they curl forwards. From the base of his spine, a pointed-tip tail grows from it which is fully prehensile. From his back there are two bat-like wings that can be used for flight. He quite likes wearing formal outfits, especially from the era that he is from although when on Earth it does make him stand out a lot. But he is not adverse to wearing modern suits. Compared to his other form, his more human form seems very friendly and weak. His other form is his full demon form. He stands a lot taller, at 8’3” tall which towers over any and all humans. His skin is a dark purple in colour and his body is built like a tank with thick, bulging muscles. His face heavy set, with a firm strong jawline and a firm set of lips with a strong looking nose. His eyes have no iris nor any pupil and instead it glows a menacing green colour. His hair turns black in colour, and lengthens down to the centre of his back, but is swept back against his head. Emerging from either side of his head are two magnificent horns that curve slightly, before twisting in on itself before ending up in a point. Unlike in his other form, he has no tail nor a set of wings as he clearly doesn’t need them. He wears a set of breastplate armour that only covers his chest, leaving his muscled stomach exposed. He wears a dark set of trousers, with a pair of scaled boots that protects his knees and lower legs. On his right arm he has a strange gauntlet that appears to be fused with his body, glowing the same colour as his arms. He is often seen with a scythe weapon. (Link to other image) Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Zelru’s biggest trait is his selfishness. He cares about one person, and one person only and that is himself. He will only ever do anything if it benefits him, including the orders from Lucifer that he obeys. He is cruel to others, and completely lacks empathy towards them, not caring for the pain and suffering of others. He would only hold out his hand if it benefits him. He will also kill people, without a second thought. He cares not for peoples dreams and aspirations, or even their feelings. He will happily trample over them if it gets him what he wants. He is also extremely callous, speaking without thinking and not caring if his words hurt others unless it’s counter-productive to what he is doing. He is manipulative, warping others into doing what he wants and will do what he needs to do to convince them by bribing, or threat of force either against them or people that they love. He is not one to forge bonds of love and care towards others, either, and keeps everyone at arms distance away from him. This is not due to any insecurity. He finds everyone around him disdainful and unworthy of his time. As a human, he ruled his gang with an iron fist, and that has not changed much since being recruited as a demon. As well as being manipulative, he is by nature very cunning. He will always figure out ways to get what he wants and to lower the danger to himself if there is any. He has absolutely no qualms about doing something bad, and making it appear as if someone else was the cause of it (Like a murder, or rape). Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Strength: In his human-like form, Zelru is stronger than he looks. He is roughly three times as strong as a normal human male. In his full form, however, he is even stronger than that. He is able to throw buses and cars around with ease and punch holes in concrete walls without breaking a sweat. As such, a single punch from him will easily kill a human. Combat: Zelru is very talented with his combat. He knows how to use a range of weapons and he is quite cunning in his strategies which he uses to overwhelm his enemies and defeat them. In his full demonic form, he always carries a scythe with him which he can use to cut his foes in two. The blade is extremely sharp, and is able to easily cut through steel. His immense strength makes him a hard opponent to fight against. Black magic: From his King, Zelru has come to learn about black magic which is often utilised by demons. Due to its nature of pain and suffering, Zelru is quite proficient in it. He can use it to summon flames that will not go out unless he commands it to, to tear someone’s life force from their body to leave them as a dry lifeless husk, or even to bind someone in black chains that cannot be broken. Cunning and Manipulative nature: If something is dangerous to him, he will manipulate someone else to do it for him. He cares not for others safety, and thus doesn’t care if they get hurt or die because of it. But it will save his skin and prevent him from being exposed to danger, and allowing him to escape unscathed. Weaknesses: White magic: As a demon, he is extremely vulnerable to white magic due to its pure nature. His soul is corrupt to the core and it causes him a lot of pain to be exposed to it. It can in fact destroy his physical body and send him back to hell as a soul, where it will take him a long time in order to get his body back. Providing Lucifer allows him to due to his failure. Holy Water: While it does not kill him, it causes his physical body a great deal of pain although it also makes him incredibly angry which can make him even more dangerous than before. Someone’s home: When it comes to someone’s home, Zelru cannot enter unless he is invited to. If he has not, then he cannot enter the property. He will be cast back out and it would cause him a lot of pain in the attempt. Thus he must gain someone’s permission before entering the property. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Controlling others for his own amusement and pleasure. Corrupting the pure and innocent. Especially if they have never been touched before. Inflicting pain and suffering onto others. Fucking a bitch into unconsciousness. Heavy BDSM on others. Turn offs: Being the one in pain. Being controlled or dominated Penis Length: 13” in his smaller form, 26” in his larger form. Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: His humanoid forms cock looks similar to that of a human, although the head is slightly more pointed and it feels heavier and hotter than a normal human dick. His demon forms cock is more monstrous in appearance. It has a pointed tip, and nubs that ring around just underneath the head. These nubs are firm, and heavily stimulate the orifice that is it fucking. He also has what feels like thick scales that cover the rest of the cock that make it feel even harder than a human flesh cock. It also feels very warm to the touch. STD History: He is immortal. What does he care about STDs? History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: For an immortal demon, he’s pretty healthy. Bio: When Zelru was a mortal human, his name was Edward however he was more commonly known as Edward the Cutthroat. He was born and raised in a very poor English village, where is was one of the youngest children in a huge family. He often went without food and he was required to work in the local coal mines from the age of six. His situation gave him a deep anger, that could not be satisfied. He began to hate everyone around him, including his own family. At the age of twelve he had run away from home to start a new life as a bandit. At first, large raids were beyond him as he did not have the manpower, despite all of his cunning. Over time, he recruited others into his gang and he was able to do more and more raids. He and his group began to gather quite the reputation of being a ruthless group. Edward himself killed often, and without mercy. He often left no witnesses, and took what he wanted including women who were often brutally raped and murdered by him and his gang. He became a wanted man, hunted throughout the entire country. He met his end with a mistake. He and some of his group were lured into an ambush where they were pounced upon by the Kings army and captured. Edward himself was marched through the streets of London where he had been put on trial, the verdict being death by public hanging. Just as he was on the very edge of death, the King of Hell himself reached out and spoke to him, offering him a deal. That Edward would gain great power in exchange for serving the King of Hell as one of his minions. Without hesitation, Edward accepted the deal to join in Lucifers service. He died in that public square in London, but he did not cease to exist. He came Zelru, one of the demons that did Lucifer's bidding on Earth, causing trouble whenever he can and sowing chaos wherever he does goes. He is very loyal to Lucifer, to a point. He does wish that he could put the King aside and take the throne himself, but he knows that he does not have enough men nor the power to do so, as Lucifer is very careful about handing out too much power. He has to make do with what he has, and he intends on having fun with it.
  17. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lord Alistair Blackwood. He also has another name; Xenoth. Age: 27 Date of Birth: 29th September 1173AD Gender: Male Religion: He has no religion, but poses as a Roman Catholic. Species: Originally, he was a simple human however he has been taken over by a spirit who has now taken complete possession of him. Origin: Selil, Craethiel Kingdom. Nationality: Craetharian. Occupation: Business Empire owner. He develops and trades in war weaponry, as well as several other business ventures such as food, and mining materials. Rank/Title: Lord Physical Appearance Height: 6’2” Weight: 70.6kg Eye Colour: Gold Hair Colour: Blonde Physical Description: Xenoth’s physical appearance is greatly deceptive. His human form is quite tall, and is quite slender. He is well toned, with a decent amount of muscle mass on him although he looks weaker than he actually is. His blonde hair is very light, almost to the point of being white. It is cut short, only going down to his neck and clinging to his head tightly. He has some hair framing his face, as well as some hair that comes down over his forehead and between his eyes. His eyes are as golden as the sun that shines down upon Craethiel, and filled with malice and contempt for everyone and everything around him. He has a slender jawline with a rather pointed chin that give him a somewhat pretty-boy appearance. He tends to wear either smart formal, or smart casual clothes and he will always carry himself tall and authoritatively. He is also often seen wearing a set of black armour, with red decoration. He has a secondary form which appears to be some kind of demon, however it is actually his natural spiritual form in a physical manifestation. He stands at ten feet tall, towering over any mortal. Unlike his more human form, he is absolutely huge in terms of muscles with a very heavy set chest and bulging muscles on his arms and legs. The nails of both his hands and his feet are long and claw-like. His skin is a purple-blue in colour in colour, showing off his well defined muscles. Generally, his body is rather humanoid in shape however emerging from his back are three sets of wings. The top set are made from black feathers and are the largest, allowing for supported flight. The bottom set, however, are more bat-like in appearance with thin ‘fingers’ with black membrane between each one. The middle set are a mix of the two, beginning as feathered wings which grow into more bat-like ones. His face is humanoid in design, although his features are twisted, with cruelness etched into every line. His eyes glow a deep, menacing red that radiate hate. He has two horns that emerge from the side of his head before curving up in two majestic and sharp points. His hair is snow white in colour, in stark contrast with his complexion. His has natural plated armour on the skin of his arms, legs and the side of his torso. He seemed to have a strange kind of crystal that is embedded in his chest which looks almost like a tree with a central trunk and branches coming off of it. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Xenoth is a cruel and ruthless individual. He completely lacks any form of empathy towards other people as he cares for one person, and one person only. Himself. He is very self-centered and selfish, only doing things for other people if it benefits him in the end. Otherwise he will refuse to do it, and not kindly either. He laughs at the misfortune of others, and will torment and taunt them for his own amusement. Xenroth likes to be in control of a situation, and if he feels that he has lost it, then he will become exceptionally angry and far more cruel and ruthless than what is normal for him. He feels that the people around him exist for the sole purpose of pleasing him, and he will take what he wants from them without thinking of the effect it has on them. He does not respond well to threats, and will quickly show you why it is a bad idea to threaten him. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Change form: Xenoth has two forms. His human one, and one that resembles a demon. He becomes taller, stronger, faster and a lot more deadly. Superhuman strength: He is at least ten times as strong as a human, and thus he can move objects that a human would not possibly be able to. People are often extremely surprised by how strong he is due to his slender body. Superhuman senses: All of his senses are more sensitive than a humans, although not by much. Telekinesis: He is able to telekinetically move things with his mind, that are a maximum of twice his weight. He imagines them as extra ‘hands’ which he can use to manipulate the environment around him. Telepathy: He is able to communicate with his mind by creating a bridge between his mind and the mind of his target. He can implant his own thoughts into their mind, allowing him to talk to them without saying anything out loud. He can also read the surface of their mind with ease but it does require some effort to dig deeper into their mind to get more information. Illusions: Xenoth is very skilled at creating convincing illusions that one cannot tell the difference between reality or not. He uses this on his victims to force them to see what he wants them to see. To manipulate what they perceive and to generally mess with their mind. He uses this to twist his victims into believing what he wants them to believe, as well as to make his victims suffer. Dream Manipulation: This is part of his illusion manipulation, which he can use when the target is asleep. He can manipulate their dreams, to either give them the best dream they have ever had in their life or give them the worst nightmare of their life. He often uses this ability to cause his victims to fixate on him, to make their affection bond to him… or to give them such terrible nightmares that they no longer sleep at night. Fast healing: Due to the supernatural nature of his possession, it has given him the ability of fast healing. Weaknesses: Change form: He can only do this for a limited amount of time due to the energy requirements. At most, he can only spend a few hours in his second form. Superhuman strength: He could accidentally break something, or harm someone without intending to. Due to his personality, he would only lament the former and only if it was his property in the first place. But he can do unintended damage. Superhuman senses: As there is much of an increase, he has similar weaknesses regarding his senses as humans do. Telekinesis: Trying to lift objects beyond his ability will greatly strain his mind and could even cause brain damage if overused too much. This can result in headaches, strokes, unconsciousness and perhaps even death. Telepathy: Similar to his telekinesis, if he uses it too much he will strain his mind with similar consequences. Illusions: He needs to maintain his concentration in order to maintain this illusion. If it is broken, then the illusion drops and the target will be able to see the real world again. A person may be able to find small flaws within the illusion which they could use to identify it as such, however Xenoth is extremely skilled so it would be hard for them to do so. A strong telepath would be able to resist, or outright stop the illusion from working on them. Dream Manipulation: This only works on individuals that are asleep. It doesn’t require as much concentration as his illusions, as the dream eye is unfocused regardless, but he still needs to concentrate enough to be able to manipulate the dreams. The dreams also do no physical harm to the target, although repeated nightmares may have a psychological effect on them. Fast healing: This takes up a lot of energy, and if he has been badly injured he will need to eat a lot of food to be able to make up for the shortfall. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He is trying to find the perfect host that is well able to handle the power of his spiritual form. Hobbies and Interests: When he is not running his business empire, or entertaining himself with his slaves, he can often be found in the King's Court, interacting with the King or the other Lords and Ladies. His only genuine hobby is playing the piano. It is something he really enjoys. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Inflicting pain on others. He likes to make others suffer, finding it not only amusing but also sexually satisfying. Being extremely rough with his sex. He does not have a gentle switch. He will beat his partners, cut them, choke them, pull their hair among other things. Dominating others. He will never submit to someone else. He loves having control and dominance over others. Unprotected sex. He does not pull out, either. Being involved in orgies, gang bangs, threesomes, etc. Basically having multiple people in a single sex session. Turn offs: Submitting to others, as well as taking it. Experiencing pain himself. Penis Length: 16” in length, 5” in circumference. In his demon form it can grow up to forty-three inches in length. Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: Xenoth will refuse to submit, to anyone. He will always play the dominant roll. His human dick, despite the monstrous size, is a normal human cock in appearance. His demonic-like one is not. It had a pointed tip to the mushroom head, as well as a spine that runs along the underside of his cock with several hard protrusions. He also has ribs that curve up around his cock, with nubs running between them. He also has a series of very thick veins. STD History: Clean. Extra Information House: He has a large luxurious manor in the city of Selil which is situated in the richer part of the capital city, near the King's Palace. He also has his own private estates outside of Selil which is guarded by his own private guard. Pet: He doesn’t keep animal pets. Additional information: He smokes tobacco quite often, and he also takes various drugs. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Thus far he has kept if quite clean. Medical Record: The body he is inhabiting is quite healthy. Bio: His host, Alistair Blackwood, was born into a rich and wealthy family who were part of Selil’s Elite Class. His father was a businessman, who worked with the King and his General to produce fine weapons for the King’s army. As such, his wealth only increased as time went on, as there was always need for weapons to be supplied to not only the army but the general population. So Alistair was raised in a very well-off environment and attended a private school with the best education that Craethiel had to offer. To his father’s delight, Alistair showed a lot of promise when he was a young child when it came to business. His father began to introduce him to the family business and taught him everything that he knew. Alistair was the second oldest son out of five children. His older brother had no interest in the business, and was much more interested in being enlisted in the King’s army so Alistair became his father’s progedy. By the time Alistair was eighteen, he was working full time within the business, working for his father. Unfortunately, his father met a rather undesirable end when he was attacked by bandits one day while travelling and brutally murdered and any money and possessions he had on him, stolen. Despite his grief at his father’s passing, Alistair took over the business and continued in his father’s name. He expanded it, moving into the field of food so that he could provide cheaper food to the army. He also cut the price it took to manufacture his weapons by moving into the mining business and sourcing his own materials for his weapons and selling any surplus. By the time he was twenty-two, he was given the full title of Lord by the King and welcomed into his court due to the hard work that he had done for the Kingdom. Unfortunately for Alistair, this caused him some unwanted attention by Xenoth, a malevolent spirit that was searching for a perfect host that would allow him to have fun with the mortals that amused him. One night, while Alistair was pleasantly asleep, Xenoth took possession of his body and took complete control. The process was painful for both of them, but Xenoth successfully suppressed Alistair’s consciousness and was able to hide it away in the furthest corner of his mind to gradually fade away into nothingness. Unfortunately, it had the result of turning Alistair’s blue eyes gold with slits for pupils. At first, Xenoth wasn’t sure what to do about this, but it wasn’t long before he noticed that one of his servants was acting strange as if she was afraid of him. She would keep conversation to a minimum and always eyed him with suspicion, as if she knew what he really was. He realised that this could be turned into an opportunity, and he quickly convinced his guard as well as the King that his eye change was the result of this servant who had been operating as a secret witch, who had done some kind of spell which had resulted in said change. Due to how people viewed witches at the time, and this was the word of a Lord over that of a Servant, the guard quickly put her on trail and found her guilty before burning her at the stake, which allowed Xenoth to completely secure his position. Since then, he has been pretending to be Lord Alistair Blackwood, using his position of wealth and power to do what he wants and using his business as a front as he also secretly sells military weapons to bandits and thieves that are able to pay the price for them. He also has a group of spies that spy on his competition companies and sell the information on shipments to these bands so that they can attack and loot them at will. As such, some of the bandit groups are very loyal to him as he is a good source of money for them.
  18. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Talivana Eldyrannth Age: 3315 Gender: Female Species: Eldyrannth Origin/Nationality: She originates from the lost city of Vorserend, which was destroyed in 1200 AD (Human Calender), located in the Craethiel Kingdom. She is now a UFF citizen. Occupation: Prime Minister of the United Federation of Families (UFF). Physical Appearance Height: 6’4”, or 195cm Weight: 154lbs, or 69.85Kg Eye Colour: Gold Hair Colour: Pitch black, slightly curly and to the waist. It is sometimes tied up at the neck with a golden hair tie. Physical Description: Human form: Talivana is slender, yet she has the body of a fighter with toned muscles. She has a full and curvy figure with D-cup breasts, flat stomach and lush thighs on her long legs. She is very beautiful looking- delicate and exotic, almost cat like with a graceful looking angled face. Her eyes are slightly angled with a nose that has a small flick at the end, and full mouth that are proportional to the rest of her face. She has pointed ears which are large enough to reach the top of her head, with a few bone spikes along the lower rim of the ear. On her arms are gold gauntlets that go up to her elbow. They cover the back of the hands and cover her fingertips. Embedded in the gauntlets are various coloured crystals. Eldyr form: Just like all Eldyrannth, she also has a dragon form, commonly referred to as their Eldyr form. This looks like a western type dragon, with four legs and two wings. Her entire body is covered with hard scales that glitter whenever light reflects off of them making it appear as if she is covered with gems. Her Eldyr form is quite muscular, and looks to be extremely powerful in the sense of physical strength. The horns that emerge from the top of her head curve backwards in a great arch with a slight flick upwards towards the end. The two horns are long and very sharp. Her scales are a snow white in colour but her horns, claws, wing membrane, and spikes are golden, the same colour as her eyes. From the nose to the tip of her tail, she is 66 metres in length. From tip to tip, her wings are 264 metres (she is slightly smaller than the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Jumbo Jet, with a wingspan almost 3x the wingspan of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft). Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Talivana is a rather calm person, rarely allowing her emotions to get the better of her. She will rarely raise her voice, or use a hostile tone even when someone is being aggressive towards her. She will always think before speaking and will always strive to keep situations calm, especially if there is the potential for an explosion of emotion, or violence. She is rather centred, as she knows her own limits well, and knows her purpose in life which is to help drive the UFF forward. She is very content with how her life is at the moment as she has the job that allows her to help the UFF, and she has a loving family. She isn’t very materialistic in nature, thus she never strives to surround herself with material wealth as it means little to her. She does not derive happiness from it, and instead gets her happiness from helping others and making them happy. Talivana is very disciplined; never allowing her emotions or impulses to control her. She is not easily distracted from whatever task she is doing and will rarely allow herself to be pulled away unless it is something a lot more urgent. She has a very strong sense of duty to those she considers her people (The UFF) and will refuse to give up in this task. This duty is very deeply ingrained in her from her earliest childhood, thus she will not accept it when someone attempts to make her forget it. Talivana is rather independent, and self reliant. She is comfortable with her own company, and doesn’t feel the need to have people around her all the time. Before she makes up mind about something, or someone, she prefers to have all the information presented to her. She is very honest, with both herself and others. She will never lie to someone, although she may decline to answer or not reveal everything. She does not like it when people are dishonest with her and will make it very well known if someone is. Talivana will own up to any mistakes that she has done, and apologise for them but she will thank someone for being honest especially in a difficult situation. Talivana is very friendly, and will usually greet people warmly and will often invite them into her home. She always sets aside time for her friends to come and talk to her, about any problem. She will patiently sit and listen to them, and offer any advice if she feels that it might help them. She is always polite, and she rarely swears or raises her voice. Talivana is also quite kind and gentle with those she cares about. If they are in need, she will not hesitate to offer her help for example if they are sick, she will help nurse them back to health. As stated before, she will rarely raise her voice, and usually speaks in a calm, gentle tone. She is also quite generous, and will give freely to those that have less than herself especially in terms of help, time, or even money. People often think of her as unselfish, she she will never take from others and will always offer things to people first. If there is a situation where a load of food is being shared between her and others, she will always allow others to take first. Along with her independent nature, Talivana is quite confident. She will take criticism well, and will not become upset if she has something that she clearly needs to improve upon. She thinks of none as her inferiors, and none as her superiors. She treats everyone around her as equals. She is not afraid to face unknown situations. She does not allow others to intimidate her, no matter their power, stature or wealth. If she lacks education in a certain area, then she will do her best to make up for it. She is never afraid to try something new, within reason. Talivana is also very courteous towards others. She treats others with kindness, and she always has good manners towards others and treats everyone with respect. She is rarely rude, and will apologise if she seems to be, especially due to some of the communication problems she has with other people. Talivana is also very diplomatic, listening to all sides of a situation and being able to help guide them towards an agreeable solution. She always speaks in a tactful manner in these situations, and always tries to avoid it becoming too emotional and possibly aggressive. While she is very honest, she always tries to put it across in a way that is kind and tactful. Talivana is a very honourable person, along with her strong sense of duty. She is extremely loyal to the UFF, and will even die if it meant protecting the people. She will never lie to anyone, and will be completely open with her intentions, and her reasons behind them. She will never hide anything from the people especially if it affects their lives. She will always help those less fortunate than herself, offering a helping hand even if the person doesn’t ask for it. That said, if they refuse she will respect their need for distance. If she makes a promise, she will never break it, thus she makes her promises carefully and she will always keeps to them. She accepts full responsibility for her actions, even when things go wrong. She will own up to it. Talivana is also quite humble, and will never boast or use her status or superior knowledge to look down on others. She will always give credit where it is due, and will not accept people trying to foister credit onto her that she did not earn. She is also very patient with others, making her a good listener as she can patiently sit there for hours. Talivana never rushes things, and tends to take her time especially if she wants to do a good job of things. She can remain calm even under strain or a large amount of pressure, as she knows that becoming excited will only cause more harm than good. Due to her age, many consider Talivana to be wise and mature, as she has many years of experience to draw upon and that time has allowed her to become an introspective thinker. She has realised her faults and has strived towards improving upon them. She tends to see the world as it really is, without the comfort of a false lense that would prevent her from seeing what is really going on. Instead of rushing into things, Talivana prefers to think her way through it before taking action. She always takes a chance to learn something knew, and to expand her knowledge as she is of the opinion that no matter how old you get, you never stop learning. She can set aside all emotions to look at a situation in an objective manner, as emotions can sometimes lead to disastrous results. Even though at times she seems like a serious and sombre person, she does know how to laugh and, more importantly, she feels, and she can laugh at herself. Talivana is very hospitable, and will not hesitate to welcome someone into her home and offer them food and drink. She doesn’t mind various people coming over to visit, no matter what the reason is. Her home usually has numerous people at any given time, even when she isn’t there. As long as they respect her home, and the people that do live there, she doesn’t mind them visiting and doesn’t mind them eating her food. Sometimes Talivana may appear a little vain. She does not like to have a messy appearance, and does not like going out if she looks anything less than good. Similarly, she does not like to have a messy home and will always take time out of her schedule to make sure that it’s tidy. Talivana is a very tolerant person, and will accept the beliefs and ideas of other people, even when they oppose her own. Due to her studious nature, and her natural curiosity, she will seek to try and understand opposing opinions to try and understand where they are coming from. She might sometimes debate with others, but she will never try and force someone to change their mind or opinions. That said, the one thing she does not tolerate in regards to ideas and beliefs, is those ideas and beliefs being forced upon her even when she disagrees with them. She will resist very strongly. Talivana is very supportive of close friends and family. As stated with other personality traits, she is an attentive listener and gathers all of the facts before deciding on a course of action, or deciding on what advise. She will sometimes call someone out of the blue just to see how they’re doing and to just talk to them. She does a lot of charity work, often offering to take part and helping raise money. She is very kind and compassionate with those that are close to her but she will give tough love where it is needed, if it helps them in the long run. Talivana has lived a long life that has been filled with war, grief and hardship. As a result, she has become courageous in the face of hardship. She will face them head on, and will strive to go about improving the situation. She will always do what is right, even if it isn’t the easiest thing to do. If others remain silent on an issue that she feels needs to be addressed, she will not hesitate to speak up and out about it to make others aware of the problem. She is very resilient in the face of problems and hardships, and will not allow her failures to dissuade her. She will persist until she has overcome any hurdles. One of the most known about traits with Talivana, is the fact that she is merciful. She has shown forgiveness for things that most people could never do, for example she forgave Devlyn after he had killed her people and destroyed the only Eldyrannth City, essentially wiping them from Earth History. She will give out justice, but she is able to do so with compassion. She would rather someone learn from their mistakes, than to just give out justice as she feels that everyone deserves a chance to be able to better themselves and improve. She will always help those in need, and would prefer to help raise people instead of tearing them down. Talivana has a very strong sense of justice, and will not tolerate someone violating the rights of another person. If she witnesses a violation then she will speak out about it although she would gather as much information on the situation before doing so, as it could be more complicated than it seems. She doesn’t like including feelings, or emotions, in a court of law. In her eyes, the only thing acceptable is the Truth, and nothing but the Truth. With her sense of justice, she will never actively seek to harm others, or to restrict their rights. She wants people to be as free as possible, without infringing upon others. If she feels that justice if not being met, then she will speak out. For example if the Police aren’t doing their jobs and people are hurt as a result. That said, Talivana is very discreet. If someone discloses private information to her, she will not tell others unless express permission is granted. She deeply respects the privacy of others and will never seek to disturb it. She will not ask personal questions unless she needs to or she is told it is alright to. Even though her telepathic abilities would allow her to sense the emotions of others, she usually cannot use it due to how dangerous it is for the person she would be reading from. However, she is empathetic in nature; easily understanding and relating to the emotions of others. She can understand their pain and their happiness. She can sometimes sense when someone is not being genuine with their emotions and trying to cover up their real ones. Talivana is also a very nurturing person, especially when it comes to children. She desires to see them grow and mature into good, stable adults. This goes hand in hand with many of her other character traits such as being empathetic and supportive. She will help anyone that needs it, whether it’s children that need a new home or adults that want to try and improve themselves. Talivana holds herself as a very proper and professional person. She will always speak in a controlled manner, keeping her emotions in check. She will always speak with proper grammar, making her sound almost posh, no matter the language. Her home, and her appearance are very tidy, as she cannot stand to have her home, or her appearance, being a huge mess. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and will not allow herself to fail at them. Not only does she take her job seriously, but she also gets involved with the community around her. She always offers a hand to help anyone within her neighbourhood if they need it. She is usually very well dressed and does not tend to wear anything too revealing. The most she would go is to wear a dress but even then most of the obvious features are covered up. People sometimes tend to think of her as sophisticated, as she is very well read from subjects all over the world. She speaks multiple languages and her clothes are always very proper and professional. Some observe her as being very ‘polished’ as she will always sit in a graceful manner, and being careful not to allow her clothes to become unmanageable. Talivana is a sensible person that always puts her responsibilities and duties above herself. She will always look at all the possible options before coming to a final decision. She always puts aside emotion in order to deal with a situation in an objective manner. Often she replies on common sense, or practicality, to help her arrive to a decision. She never overindulges, such as drinking or eating too much, as she knows that it would have a negative effect on her which she honestly doesn’t want to deal with. Another of her very notable traits is that she can put aside all of her personal feelings, beliefs and bias in order to reach an objective decision, or opinion. She rarely jumps to conclusions and prefers to have as much information as she can, especially if it is objective facts. Her emotional control of herself really helps in these situations as she can easily hold it back and decide on a course of action without the emotions influencing her. Talivana can be very perceptive, noticing new details about people such as a new hairstyle or colour, or a change in clothes style. She can read people well, often being able to gauge their mood as well which allows her to be able to deal with them in a manner that is the most friendly and diplomatic. She can get a lot of information from just a small period of observation which she can use to her advantage especially with interactions with others. Sometimes she might see something that others do not, so sometimes she might come out with something that sounds outrageous but later becomes true. One of the things that people find most surprising about Talivana is the fact that she is quite creative and imaginative in the artistic sense. She has a love for art, especially paintings although she doesn’t seem to be impressed with ‘modern’ art. She loves to immerse herself in art, especially when she is feeling creative. Sometimes the urge to paint will hit her out of nowhere, and little can curb that urge. She can come up with some creative and imaginative solutions to problems that people might not expect. She can always picture in her mind the art that she wants to create and she is able to paint it without aid from sketches or other pictures. Talivana can be quite optimistic at times, seeing things in the best possible light such as thinking of the best possible negotiation deal and striving towards it. It helps that she is not easily dissuaded by failure; in fact she sees failure as a chance to try and again and improve. When Talivana sets herself a goal, she will persist towards it in an almost single-minded fashion even if she knows that there will be setbacks in the future. That said, she isn’t so driven that she will refuse to listen to the advice of others. If she is doing something wrong, she would much prefer to know about it. With failures and setbacks, she will persist on finding a way around it so that she can continue on towards her goal. She never gives up, unless it’s for a good reason such as she is doing more harm, than good. Talivana is also adaptable. She is able to think quickly on her feet and adapt herself to new situations. She has no fear of facing the unknown and is always prepared to think quickly. Talivana is an intelligent woman, who is naturally curious and inquisitive. She loves to learn new things, and will go out of her way to do so. She relies on logic, reasoning and objective evidence. She likes to have intelligent conversations with people, on a wide range of topics. She especially loves talking about something she doesn’t know so that she can have the chance to learn something new. As an Eldyrannth, she is extremely good at being able to process information; far better than other Earth species. Especially if there are other Eldyrannth around that can spread the workload. When Talivana gets into a project, or task, she becomes extremely focused. It is hard to distract her from the work at hand and even harder to pull her away from what she is doing. If she can, she will always plan ahead, and plan for contingencies just in case anything goes wrong. When it comes to her work as the Prime Minister, she is very industrious. Even when she is outside of office hours, she will always accept calls in regards to it, and will always make herself available to people. She works extremely hard at her job, and is extremely dedicating, even to the point of forgetting to eat when she is extremely busy. As mentioned before, Talivana loves to learn, and she is quite studious in regards to it. She always loves to learn something new, and will strive to learn as much as she can about it. She loves to engage in open debates, especially with those with an opposing opinion. She absolutely loves reading, and will read her way through various books in an attempt to understand and learn more. When given information, Talivana can be analytical; she prefers the hard raw numbers to shift through and analyse. This is made easier for her, due to the processing abilities of her Eldyrannth brain. When she encounters new ideas and theories, she will not take them onboard unless she has conclusive proof. She is a big believer in the motto of many UFFians ‘Trust, but Verify’. Talivana is a very organised individual. She always plans in advance, and tries to prepare for every eventuality and always looks at the smallest of details and will draw up lists to ensure that everything is done in a timely, organised manner. She always keeps the places that she occupies neat and tidy, so that she can easily find everything again. When dealing with her work, she prefers to make quick, decisions, that have no delay and begin things moving quickly although she will not allow for a poorly organised decision to go through but she prefers things being done as quickly as possible. Due to the emotional control Talivana has over herself, many people mistake her for having little to no emotions. Nothing could be further from the truth. She is very deeply emotional, and passionate. In fact sometimes her emotions are so profound that people cannot even begin to understand their complexity. When she is involved in a project, she focuses in an almost single-minded intensity and will persist at it until she has completed it. Talivana is a pensive person; sometimes being lost in thought or thinking deeply about something. She values the opinions of others, even if she doesn’t agree with them, and seeks to understand why they think that way. She always thinks her way through something, whether it’s an idea, or action, and always second-thinks herself to try and look at it from all angles. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Strengths: In terms of physical strength, she is several times stronger than an average human male which means that she can easily overcome them. Her reaction times are faster, and she can move quicker on her feet so it would be extremely difficult for a human to gain an advantage over her. Eyesight: Her eyes are extremely powerful and and can see for miles in any given direction. If she was to be sitting on an aeroplane, she can easily see a mouse moving about the grass. Thus there is not much that she misses. She can also see in a much broader colour range than humans can as she has six types of colour receptor cells within her eyes. Multi-liqual: Talivana can speak several languages fluently including; Epsian, Eldyrannthian, English, French, German and Russian. Turn into an Eldyr dragon: She is 66 metres [216.6ft] in length and has 264metre [886.1ft] wingspan. In this form, she can breathe fire, fly and use her claws for lethal attacks. Her tail, with the shark like fin, can be used as a rudder to steer in both aquatic and aerial situations and is extremely powerful. Crystals [For more information, consult the Extra Info]: The coloured crystals that she has are as follows: White: This crystal vastly improves the telekinetic abilities of the user when energy is supplied to it, allowing them to lift objects that they normally wouldn’t be able to move. While this crystal is in use, there is a marked decrease in their physical strength as well as stamina. Grey: This crystal vastly improves the telepathic ability of the user when energy is supplied to it. When used along with a control crystal, it would allow them to interface on a telepathic level with their crystals, allowing them to interact with their technology on a telepathic level. While this crystal is in use to enhance the telepathic ability, there is a marked decrease in their physical strength as well as stamina. Pink: When attached to a gauntlet, it acts as a portable storage device, allowing them to carry around data from one place to the other. Has no other function other than that. Can be linked to a control crystal to allow for information transfer or to use as programming storage. Gold: Arguably one of the most important crystal attached to the gauntlets. When integrated with a Grey crystal, it allows the gauntlet user greater control over their crystals. It allows them to channel energy more efficiently and to program their crystals to do certain functions like programming their Red crystals to allow them to create fire tornados. It also allows for greater customisation on their abilities. Orange: This is a common crystal used by gauntlet that can be used to store extra energy that they can use to prolong the use of other crystals. They can transfer energy from an outside source, or in their free time use their own energy to feed into it to store for another time as they can recover the lost energy. Spectrum colours in irregular veins: This type if crystal is usually crushed into a fine powder and laid in special wires inside of the gauntlet, allowing for easier energy transfer as well as much more efficient energy transfer. Black: When connected to other crystals to change its properties, this crystal can be used to put up a defensive shield around the user, and anyone they want. The more energy they pour into the crystal, the larger the shield. This can be used to defend against a wide variety of attacks. Black with white veins: This crystal is seen on every gauntlet. It allows them to change the metal encasing their fingers so that they can touch surfaces with their fingertips. The fingers are completely covered due to the nano-scale hairs that cover them, allowing them to stick to surfaces. Light purple: When energy is channelled through this crystal, it allow them to create a beam of focused energy, or a less focus blast of energy. This allows them to attack enemies and injure them severely. Deep Keza Blue: When this crystal is used in the gauntlets, it allows the user to scan the surrounding area. There is a limit to this, as the more area they scan, the more energy it uses. This crystal can be integrated with other crystal to scan for specific things. For example, it can be integrated with the Healing crystal to scan wounds and do a body scan to determine the severity of injuries. Azure: Allows the user to create a pulse of energy that is strong enough to push people away, but not enough to harm them severely unless they fell into something. When integrated with other crystals, the type of pulse can be altered such as being able to create a pulse of fire, or even an electromagnetic pulse. Dark grey: The primary use of these crystals in gauntlets is to open up a rift between their dimension and the dimension of Hell. With this they can send Daedra back to their own dimension. Brown: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Earth’. Yellow: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Air’. Red: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Fire’. This crystal in particular can be used in combination with other elemental crystals, even ones that most would think of as incompatible such as Water. This is because it isn’t really manipulation of fire, but of heat. This can give the illusion of controlling fire, however the effects are a lot more wide spread and an Eldyrannth can take heat away as well as put it into an environment. Eldyrannth have been known to use both red and blue crystals to use the element of ice, which is a perfect example of the way that the crystals can be combined. Blue: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Water’. Hand to Hand combat: She can fight hand to hand and in tight quarters, she is very athletic, however, she is not good at long range fighting. This can be used in conjunction with hand held weapons like daggers. Telepathy: As a naturally Hive mind race, Talivana is an extremely powerful telepath. She can handle the weight of tens of thousands of active minds. She can also communicate with people not of her species, but rarely opens her mind to them for fear of the damage it could do to them. She can also bridge a non-telepathic mind into the mind of another (Either telepathic or not). With her being a Royal Eldyrannth, she has more enhanced telepathic abilities than other Eldyrannth. Telekinesis: She is able to move objects that are as much as ten times her weight. She has to concentrate very hard otherwise she will not be able to do it, or at least not very well. It is so precise that she could rupture a vein or artery inside someone's brain. However she has never used this ability due to the moral and ethical ramifications. Fly high and tolerate low oxygen levels: Due to her one way breathing system (Like a bird), she is able to fly higher than other winged creatures as she is able to tolerate lower oxygen environments as she is able to extract oxygen more efficiently than beings with a two way breathing system (Like a human). Scales: Her scales are as hard as diamond. You would need a lot of energy to break through the scales. The scales are small and layered in such a way that allows her to move. The scales themselves are not flexible. These are pigmented. Skeleton and Super-Human strength: Strengthened skeletal structure that has a high tensile strength and yet is nearly 20% lighter than a mammalian skeleton. In human form she can lift about 4 times her weight and in her dragon form she can lift twice her weight. Ichor and healing: When she bleeds the scab forms a resin looking covering over the wound (like a tree). This is to protect the wound from infection. She can heal in nearly a fraction of the time of a human and this includes broken bones. The Inchor in her blood is broken down to Chor (What she uses for the fire. See extra info for more detail) and stem cells. When in a battle and breathing fire a lot, her body goes into overdrive to produce more Chor. This in turn produces more stem cells for healing, and thus heals slightly faster. However this puts a huge tax on the bodies resources. Fire: Her body breaks down Inchor into stem cells and Chor. The stem cells go off to heal while the Chor reacts further to produce the flammable Gas of Chor. This is stored in a gland at the edge of the lungs, with tubes going up the throat to the top of the mouth. There is a small spark producer here, that ignites the gas to produce the flame. Inchor can he spat out alongside the gas, creating lethal napalm effect. The vapour from the liquid is also a heavy irritant and any unprotected eyes can be affected. This is why when producing flame the Eldyrannth closes their third eyelid which they have in both forms. The third eyelid is used in both aquatic and aerial activities. They can also spit out Inchor without igniting it to put a waterproof layer in something. However this is highly flammable. Stomach Acid: Their heart contains a left aortic valve so they can, willingly, redirect blood flow to essential organs like the brain. Also they can redirect it to the stomach increasing their stomach acidity so they can digest bone. When they produce too much they will sometimes throw it up. As they can do this on command they can use their own digestive juices as a defensive option. Senses: She have very keen eyesight and have advanced night vision. She has sensitive hearing and they have a sensitive sense of smell. Not only this, they can use their tongues like a snake and further distinguish scents from each other. They can do this on land as well as in water making them deadly hunters of all environments. Flexibility: She is very flexible and can climb trees easily, which she very much does enjoy doing. Weaknesses: Dragon Form: The under-belly is her weak spot as it is not made from the same material that the rest of the scales are made of. It is more softer and more hide like to allow easier breathing without hindering her performance. If she were to be struck at the right place (in between the rib bones and into the heart) it would mean instant death. Or a slow, painful one if the Inchor glands were struck as the Inchor is essentially their immune system. She cannot remain in this form for very long periods of time as she becomes more animalistic the more time she spends in this form. Flying: When flying, she is using up her energy and working her muscles. She must fly often to keep her endurance up so that she is able to fly for extended periods of time, and even then she needs to stop to prevent passing out or straining her muscles. Her wings may become damaged which will impede her ability to fly. If they are damaged severely enough, she will not be able to fly and will have to wait for the membrane to re-grow before she can fly once again. Cold (In dragon form)/Hot(In humanoid form): She slows down in colder weather, but also suffer when it becomes too hot. This is due in part of her cold blood as she does require the sun to regulate her temperature and if she is too cold, she tends to slow down. In hot weather, she becomes sluggish as she gets to hot and must cool herself down some way as she does not sweat like other humanoids. If she does not cool down, it could potentially be life threatening. Inchor and the Crystals: In return for the large amount of power gained from using the powers, over time, the crystals power turns the Inchor into crystal itself from the exotic radiation that the crystals give off every time they are used. As Inchor is a constant presence in the blood, this essentially crystallises the blood. In the later stages of this illness, as the blood thickens and the crystals scratch them from the inside out, it can become very painful. If death does not occur soon, the victim can ask another to end their life to end the suffering. The more the Eldyrannth uses their crystals, the quicker the blood turns to crystal. They are also more susceptible to infections the further down the illness they are. Most hope that they die of a virus then the crystallisation of their blood. Stomach Acid: This can burn their throat and leave it raw and irritated for a few hours or even longer making it painful to eat or drink. Combat: She is not a good long range fighter, so she is vulnerable to an attack from far off. Crystals: In order to use the crystals, she will need energy to do so. The more she uses them, the more energy she uses up. If she exhausts herself, she can pass out and leave her open to attack. Or she will lose so much energy that she no longer has enough to keep her heart beating and die. Telepathy: The Eldyrannth are a race that has a natural, telepathic, hive mind. This means that Talivana is an extremely powerful telepath and can hear a thousand voices at once. With people not of her species, she will not open her mind to them unless they gave her express permission. Her mind can overwhelm other races, and they can become lost in her mind easily. Telekinesis: If she tries to move more then she can handle, she can use up a lot of energy and pass out, even strain her mind. To be able to use telekinesis if she concentrates and if someone distracts her, she can lose what grip she had. Also, she may accidentally trigger it when she is angry and cause the person she is angry at fly away from her. Her telekinesis can be so precise that she can use it to crush veins and arteries inside someone else's mind. This can be taxing on her due to the fine control, but she never likes using this ability anyway. Fire: She only has a limited amount of Inchor at one time and must wait for her body to produce more. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To lead the UFF into the next Golden Age. Hobbies and Interests: In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family and friends. She also loves to spend her time in study, and learning new things so she might often spend some time on the Internet or reading books to learn as much as she can in the time that she has. One of her favourite hobbies is painting. Her style is a realistic style, painting people, objects and landscapes with as much accuracy as possible. She isn’t one to like abstract, or modern art, so trying to get her to compliment some will be a fruitless endeavour. Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual (Males and Kays only). Personal Sexual Information Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially if it results in pregnancy. Having loving, romantic sex with someone she loves. Having sex with a stranger. Hard, almost animalistic sex especially with a Mako or Zeta. Having sex with an Eldyrannth in their Eldyr form, in both her Tarunoid and Eldyr form. She especially loves being chased. Turn offs: Gore and Vore. Scat and golden showers. Her partners being violent or controlling. Being degraded and humiliated. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: D-cup Sensitivity: She has usual Eldyrannth sensitivity. Additional Sexual Information: Like all Eldyrannth females, her breasts and pussy are more sensitive than Tau’ri. As an Eldyrannth, she has the nanohairs on her hands and she will only hold hands if she is being intimate with someone she loves. She doesn’t do it with those she doesn’t. In sex, she’s more of an equal partner and doesn’t submit easily. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: Kayrin, a Professor at the Vorserend University. Deep purple eyes. Deceased. Mother: Jyavana, the Queen of the Eldyrannth. Golden eyes. Deceased. Siblings: Lyravana, her older sister, Golden eyes. Presumed Deceased. She also has a twin brother that she refuses to speak about. Grandparents: Zaeravana, ex-Queen of the Eldyrannth. Golden eyes. Deceased. Graerin, Eldyr High Guard Leader. Blue eyes. Deceased. Children: One daughter, Triavana Eldyr'maraki (Talivana and Tripp Keza'maraki). Golden eyes. One male, born 2011, Zairin Eldyr'demeri (Talivana and Zaine Mako'demeri). Rainbow eyes. Grand-children: One male, born in 2011; Dezrin Eldyr'maraki (Triavana and Tripp Keza'maraki). Deep Keza blue eyes. House: Owns a Keza Corp: Housing Estate Agents property on the Unity Estate. Car: None. Pet: None. Additional information: On her desk in the PM office, is a small Crystal tree. The crystal trunk is clear in colour, with gold and white leaves. It is about twelve inches high and looks like a fully grown tree (Think Bonsai tree). She often sings to this tree, songs that usually sound sad, and rarely she will sing something that sounds happy. While she does not sing often, she has a remarkable singing voice but this is not unusual for an Eldyrannth. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean. Medical Record: Talivana is in Stage III of Inchor Crystalisation. Stage III is an mildly advanced stage of the Inchor Crystalisation. 16-22% of the Inchor in their blood system has crystalised by this point. Cutting of the blood vessel walls happened often, resulting in internal bleeding. There are still enough stem cells around to heal as these occur. Risk of other complications such as a stroke is between 2-4%. Bio: DOB: 4th January, 1300 BC. (Bio temporarily removed due to Description limitations with IPS)
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    Character Identity Information Name: Elizabeth Baker. Age: 18 Gender: Female. Religion: Christian. Species: Kitsune. Origin: City of Selil Nationality: Craetharian. Occupation: Prostitute at Mary's House of Pleasure. Rank/Title: She is a lowly poor citizen. Physical Appearance Height: 5ft1 Weight: 95lbs. Eye Colour: Deep blue. Hair Colour: Strawberry blonde. Physical Description: Elizabeth is a slim, well toned woman with slender arms and long legs. She is naturally very skinny, and even if she eats a lot, does not seem to put on weight. She has large Kitsune ears on the top of her head as well as a long, bushy Kitsune tail. Her face is small and pretty, with attention grabbing blue eyes that most men cannot refuse. She has modest C-cup breasts that can be cupped in the hands easily. Her skin is naturally very pale, as if she has never been out in the sun before. She doesn't tan, either, but she can become sunburned so she usually avoids spending long periods of time outside anyway. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Elizabeth is kind, sweet and caring. She's very open and friendly as well, easily engaging people in conversation and befriending them. Within the house she is flirty and will allow men to have a feel of her goods before commiting to paying up. However she does know when to tell them to stop if she feels uncomfortable. She likes to read and learn new things even though she doesn't often have the chance to put what she learns to good use. She is a fast learner, and picks things up easily. Even though she is a practising Christian, she has a fascination of finding out how things work, instead of relying on the excuse that God did it. She feels that God may have created the world around them, there had to be a way that he had done it and she wants to find out how without the unsatisfying answer that 'God did it. End of.' Elizabeth is not afraid to give her opinion, and loves having a good argument about subjects. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: The only exotic seeming ability she has, is the ability to turn herself into a small fox with the same colour fur as her ears and tail. This can be used as a means to escape a tricky situation as it will allow her to escape places her humanoid form cannot, such as underneath a fence. She doesn't know much fighting moves as she prefers to avoid conflict. She has the ability to take cocks of a very large size and she hasn't come across any cock that she couldn't handle. Her pussy will also feel tight or loose depending on her partners preference. She isn't sure how this happens, but her pussy always seems to meld itself to the cock that she is currently fucking. She has a very sensitive body with many sensitive spots that make her melt. It is very easy to make her climax, when when just playing with her breasts. Weaknesses: She's quite weak in strength and due to the fact that she has no fighting ability, she can be very easily overpowered. As a mortal, she can be killed by any number of means. Her kind and caring nature can be used against her, as someone can easily trick her due to the fact that she always tries to see the best in everything and everyone. When she turns into a fox, her clothes do not change with her so when she turns back into her humanoid form again she will be completely naked. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): She hopes to one day to fall in love, get married, have lots of children and live her life in peace. Hobbies and Interests: Elizabeth loves to spend her time reading books, and visiting the library. She was taught to read and write by Mary when she was younger, which allowed her to absorb information from books. Other than that, she doesn't have any hobbies. When she isn't working, she is usually reading. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Hetero-sexual but will have sex with a woman if she pays. Turn ons: Unprotected sex. She loves the feeling of cum filling her pussy up. Anal sex, which works to her advantage as she uses it as a means of birth control. When she is in heat, she goes for an anal-only policy. Making love with people, including strangers she has never met before as she loves the illusion of intimacy. She likes it when a man gets rough in his fucking of her, but not too rough that it hurts her badly. She will accept nails digging into her hips, her hair being pulled and being choked to the point where her breathing is restricted. Giving oral sex. Dressing up for her customer and pleasing them. Turn offs: Too much pain being inflicted upon her. Scat, golden showers, gore and vore. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: C-cup. Sensitivity: Sensitive. Additional Sexual Information: She has a pussy that fits cocks of all sizes, from the very large to the very small. It will also feel loose or tight depending on her partners preference. She can only become pregnant when she is in heat. STD History: She has no idea if she has one or not. Extra Information Father: Unknown. Mother: Unknown. Siblings: Unknown. Grandparents: Unknown. Children: None. Everytime she is in heat, she switches to an anal only policy. House: She lives with Mary at Mary's House of Pleasure. Pet: None. History Criminal Record: None. Awards/Commendations: None. Medical History: She has been very healthy her entire life and hasn't even broken a bone. At least, not that she remembers. Bio: Elizabeth does not know much about her early life. Her first real memory was when she was six years old, and being found by Mary Baker. From before that, she has sketchy images of her begging for food and money. She also remembered the sensations of being very cold, and very hungry. Mary took her to her home, and raised her like her own daughter. Despite the fact that she was only 6 years old, Mary employed her to help clean the rooms, do the washing and other odd jobs. Elizabeth did this happily, getting engrossed into what she was asked to do, grateful for having a warm bed to sleep in and warm, filling meals. While she was still very young, Mary taught her how to read and write, explaining that her father had taught her, and knowing how to read and write may one day get her a well paying job that didn't involve prostitution. But for now, Elizabeth used this new skill to begin reading any book that she could get on her hands, absorbing the information. She often bored Mary as she retold the kind of things she read about. When Elizabeth was ten, she discovered the small library that was nearby her home, and she visited it as often as she could. She still helped with anything Mary asked her to, however Mary was beginning to teach her techniques in pleasuring a man. She reasoned that Elizabeth will need a job and when she was older, she could work here at the House. She would need to save up money somehow anyway. Mary got Elizabeth to social as much as she could, so that she could be comfortable around strangers who she knew much be interested in having sex with her. When Elizabeth began to enter her teens, she began to help out at the bar, carrying drinks to paying customers. She got used to the leers and the occasional groping and began learning how to flirt with a man to drive him crazy. At that time, she had to refuse customers sex as Mary had told her that she wasn't old enough. When Elizabeth was 16, Mary auctioned off her virginity to the highest paying customer. It was then that Elizabeth has sex for the first time, and thanks to Mary's teaching, it went very well for her and she loved every moment. Her first time was actually with two men, who paid together to fuck her, giving her the most intense sex she had ever experienced and despite never seeing them since, she would often think about them and wish they would return like they promised her to do one day. Afterwards, she insisted on working full time, eager to please as many people as she could using her body. She is saving up money that she hopes will one day buy her a nice home and security for years to come.
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    Diomedes, the Daedric General of Time, Space and Dimension.
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    Character Identity Information Name: Yamura Hru’Rakthan Age: 50 Gender: Female Religion: The Texts of Jrackyrhza Species: Dreshza Origin: Unknown. Nationality: Unknown. Occupation: Daedra Worshipper, spy and assassin. Rank/Title: Black-Ops assassin. Physical Appearance Height: 5’11” Weight: 61.5kg Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Blue Physical Description: Yamura is quite a tall women when compared to most females in this day and age, standing almost as tall as men. She is very slender, with a very lithe appearance with long, slim legs. She has a deceptively cute face that is framed by her blue hair, with piercing blue eyes with a well formed nose above luscious lips. Her hair is quite long, going down to just beyond her arse with some caught up with a bow. She wears a range of clothing, from dresses to completely black outfits with form revealing tops and trousers. It is entirely dependant on the situation at hand, and which will be more appropriate. She has a secondary form; her Thunderbird form. She stands ten metres in the shoulder and is twenty-four metres in length from the beak to the tail feathers. Her wingspan is forty-eight metres from wingtip, to wingtip. The feathers are an electric blue colour, and her eyes are a piercing blue much like her humanoid form. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Yamura is a cold and calculating women. She lacks any form of empathy and compassion, meaning she will never sympathise with anyone nor does she form any kind of last attachment. Even if she has upset someone, she will be truthful with the fact that she does not care that she’s upset them. She is only interested in carrying out her work with Devlyn in the obedience of her Daedric Masters. She has a disdain towards all inhabitants of Craethiel, and is not afraid of letting other people know just how lowly she thinks of them. She can also be quite selfish, and doesn’t tend to share her possessions with others including food and water. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Thunderbird: She can turn into a large thunderbird, 10 metres at the shoulder and 24 metres in length from beak to the tail feathers. Her wingspan is 48 metres from wingtip to wingtip. In this form she can attack with her powerful beak and talons which can shred enemies apart with ease. She can also summon lightning storms with a single cry. This produces heavy rain, lightning and thunder. She is also able to control where the lightning strikes, so he can strike down an enemy if she so wishes. Not only can she control the lightning around her in the storm, but she can fire lightning bolts out of her mouth which she can direct towards a target, but due to the electric nature of lightning it isn’t that accurate so metal can cause the lightning to be attracted to it instead of the intended target. (She also has this ability in his human form, except she fires it from her hand instead of her mouth). The downside of the storm summoning is that the rain waterlogs her feathers, so it reduces her ability to fly at fast speeds. She is also able to fly at the speed of sound, but she can only do this for a half an hour at a time, unless it is in the storm, then the water filled feathers reduces her sped considerably. As she has limited hearing in this form, enemies can come up behind her without her hearing them. This is also because her eyes are focused on the front and she cannot turn his head 180o. She has eyesight that is twice that of a hawk, but this means that she is long sighted and cannot see objects near her easily, as it is blurred and unfocused. It also presents a problem if there is a lot of movement on the ground that can distract her from the target that she is looking upon, but she has managed to train herself so that this does not happen easily. The feathers on her wings can harden and become razor sharp. She can jerk her wing in the direction of her target and send these razor sharp feathers at her enemy. There is, however, a limit to the amount she has as she does need her feathers to fly. It takes a few days for them to re-grow. Along with being able to fire these razor sharp feathers, she can flap her wings to create a gust of wings that she can use to blow away her enemies with ease. She can also allow the razor sharp feathers to intermingle with the wind to make a deadly gust. Assassin Skills: Yamura has a range of skills which she utilises for her assassination job. This ranges from impressive sneaking skills that allow her to move around silently, to being able to poison someone without them noticing. She is also extremely skilled with a range of weapons, in particular dual wielded sabre swords that she is extremely proficient with. She is also quite good with hand to hand combat. Speed and Agility: She can not only fly at impressive speeds, but she can run faster than a human and can run a full day without the need for rest, showing an impressive stamina as well. Daedric Blessing: She can let out a piercing cry that causes people to freeze in their tracks and to become paralysed. It sends people into a state of shock that leaves them vulnerable to attack. Super Human Strength: She is 3x stronger than a human in her humanoid form. Weaknesses: Assassin Skills: Those with superior fighting abilities can counter any attacks she makes, and gain advantage over her. She always tries to use the element of surprise to her advantage, but that is lost if someone anticipates her actions. Not only that, but there are ways that people can ward against poisons, such as antidotes, noticing that the food they have is spiked, or using some kind of ward or spell to guard against it. Not only that, but when her stealth abilities, someone with a sharp sense of smell, or hearing might be able to detect her presence. Daedric Blessing: In order to keep the paralysed state, she must frequently keep up the cry to keep her enemies in place. Those with very limited hearing, or cannot hear at all are more resistant to this attack. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To carry out the orders of her Daedric Masters to turn the citizens of Craethiel to the worship of Diomedes. Hobbies and Interests: Sex and Daedra Worships are her main pastimes. But she also loves being able to practice with her swordsmanship, especially on live opponents. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, although she has a marked preference for men. Turn ons: Unprotected sex, although she will avoid getting pregnant from a non-Dreshza species. Rough, lust-filled sex of which the purpose is to get off and reach climax repeatedly. Basically loveless sex that lacks any sense of intimacy. She doesn’t care about her partners, and only cares for the pleasure she gets. Dominating others, no matter their gender. Multiple partners, especially if they are there to please her. Turn offs: Being dominated by a non-Dreshza. While she likes it rough, she is not a masochist and she does not like being deliberately harmed. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: C-cup. Sensitivity: Average. Additional Sexual Information: Her vagina is more textured than that of a human, which causes more stimulation on any cock that is inside of her. STD History: Clean as far as she is aware. Extra Information Father: Jyrakna Hru’Rakthan Mother: Kyranack Hru’Rakthan Siblings: She has many siblings however she doesn’t know most of them, and nor does she care to. Grandparents: M’hraktha Hru’Rakthan and Helliasa Hru’Rakthan. Children: Since maturing at the age of 40, she has had a few clutches but the moment they are old enough to be sent off, she gets rid of them. Ultimately, she doesn’t care about them. Grand-children: None. House: She has no home in Craethiel. Pet: None. Additional information: She is a heavy drinker. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Attempted Genocide of the Eldyrannth. Medical Record: She has been healthy her entire life. Bio: She originated from Earth from an island in the Caribbean, spending her fifty years being raised and becoming one of the youngest top level Black-Op assassins within her clan. She has worked hard her entire life to reach this rank and is one of the most devout followers of their religion. Since the age of 40, she has been carrying out missions for the Daedra as well as the other clan. She has travelled around the world, eliminating targets she had been assigned and gathering quite the reputation. She was then approached by Devlyn and Diomedes, charged with a rather unique mission which would get her many rewards if she managed to complete it. Her mission was to go back to Craethiel with Devlyn, eliminate the Eldyrannth species and convert the people of the land to Daedra worship. She wasn’t sure why they would want lowly humans to worship them, but she didn’t think too much into it. She never did when it came to her Daedric Masters. All they needed from her was unquestioning obedience. She agreed, and was sent back in time with Devlyn where she helped him destroy the city and its inhabitants, killing all but Talivana.
  22. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Elizabeth Keza’maraki. Age: 18. Gender: Female. Religion: None. Species: Pure breed Keza. Origin: Selil City Nationality: Keza’marakian Occupation: The Keza’maraki Queen. Rank/Title: Queen. Physical Appearance Height: 5ft1. Weight: 105lbs. Eye Colour: Gold. Hair Colour: White. Physical Description: Elizabeth is tiny in height with a slender, but curvy frame. She has wide child bearing hips and C-cup breasts. Her muscles are lightly toned, adding to her slender frame. Her hair is long, down to her arse and completely straight. Like her hair, her Keza ears and tail are a snow white in colour. She has some hair framing her face on the sides as well as having a fringe. She is usually seen dressed in long gowns that usually hide her body, usually on demand of her husband, the King. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Usually, she is seen as rather quiet and reserved who says little. However when in the bedroom she is a raging slut. She loves being talked dirty to. She would fuck any man she can, although she makes sure that it is always behind her husband’s back. While she loves her husband, she wants the freedom to fuck whomever she wants. Elizabeth loves reading and can (When not fucking people) often be seen in the library, reading a good book. Even though she is the Queen, she is kind and caring to her subjects. She also makes sure that the King is always kind to their subjects so that he doesn’t piss them off. Almost like a conscious for him. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Being a Keza’maraki Queen, she has accelerated pregnancy. She can become pregnant and give birth to a healthy child within 48 hours. This is an ability that the King utilises to make sure that he has as many heirs as possible. Elizabeth also has the uncanny ability to feel any cock that she is presented with, and take even the largest of dicks with ease and yet still remain tight. It is one of the reasons why the King doesn’t suspect her for sleeping around. Elizabeth can sew, knit and can do embroidery, making them her favourite pastime. Weaknesses: She’s not that physically strong, and she doesn’t know how to defend herself from physical or psychic attackers. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To have a husband that allows her sexual freedom. Hobbies and Interests: Sewing, embroidery, knitting and reading. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Personal Sexual Information Turn ons: Unprotected sex, especially if it leads to pregnancy Being a breeding queen and being forced to breed Being fucked hard, and roughly like a little bitch Breeding hybrids. She has a weakness for Mako’s and Zeta’s in particular. Being fucked by those taller and larger than she is. She loves being pinned down and fucked. Turn offs: Gore and Vore Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: B-cup Sensitivity: She is quite sensitive. STD History: Clean as far as she is aware. Extra Information Father: Kail Keza'maraki. Mother: Narina Keza'maraki. Siblings: She has many. She's the full blood sister of Rowan. Grandparents: She has never known them. Children: She has many. But as she is being made to breed, she doesn't spend much time with them. House: The Keza’maraki Palace. Pet: None History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: None Medical Record: She has been quite healthy her entire life. Bio: Like many of her siblings, she grew up in the Keza’maraki Palace. She wasn’t really raised by her mother, instead she was looked after by a nanny who taught her everything she needed to know about being a good little lady such as how to eat and dress properly as well as proper passtimes for a lady such as sewing and embroidery. She was also kept an eye on so that she, like some of her sisters had done, didn’t lose her virginity to someone that wasn’t her father. She had seen several of her sisters banished, because they had lost their virginity to their randy brothers that constantly pestered the girls for sex. Elizabeth kept herself away from them, and at the age of 13, she was fucked by her father and impregnated. It was revealed that she had the Queen gene as within 48 hours she gave birth. The King kept returning to her, getting her pregnant. Her brothers also began fucking her and impregnating her. Since then, she had a hunger for sex and soon slept with a huge number of her brothers. She found that she could take any sized dick, and yet still remain tight despite fucking for most of the time. At the age of sixteen, her father got rid of his wife and immediately made Elizabeth the new Queen. She was a little more careful with whom she slept with since then, but most of her children weren’t even her husband’s.
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