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Found 11 results

  1. I am so happy you guys added a flowchart for possibly underage pictures. I'm someone who does enjoy loli but I was having trouble telling apart loli and anime girls with petite frames. The flow chart is going to make sharing images less stressful for me and I appreciate it tons. I didn't even know saucenoa was a thing and I believe it will be incredibly useful for me and others I'm just super happy about this~
  2. Just leaving some feedback to say that the mobile version of this site is really awesome. It is easy to navigate and it is better than other sites I usually browse via chrome on my android. Thanks for making browsing on the move and in bed easy. :3
  3. Hi there.Can anybody help me? I have this problem sometimes i can't logg in.I type the password but it shows me that my password is wrong or incorrect.I can only log in when i change my password with a new one.I have to change it everytime i want to logging.Please hlp, cause is getting annoying.
  4. Beds of pleasure are large mollusks located in the ancient seas Some say they are myths tall tales to keep teens from masturbating and having sex before marriage Their are two types of beds of pleasure The female is known to produce hallucegenic pheromones making it's pretty see what they desire only to be dragged under the surface and killed The male is far different it's shell is larger able to accommodate a human being it uses tentacles to drag it's victims into it's maw once shut the victim is kept alive through fluids secreted from it's tentacles it feels off of ejaculate and will pleasure all who enter it's maw most victims are women and there are times where the pleasure is so great theit minds break. These victims are called the pleasure broke from locals most pleasure broke tend to swim out in order to be caught by another bed often times they swim too far. If they don't seek out another bed they will wander the streets looking for anyone or anything to pleasure them ((only lorewise I don't expect many ocs to get to this point))
  5. I rather like the plot. It's got a good motivation for the Empire's kidnapping of Cadus, because of their wide reaching plan. It also makes me feel sympathetic towards Cadus because how he is, was not exactly something he asked for and now that is being used to essentially enslave him. And I like that Arnor has a definite motivation to save him. Although that's two-fold. One; to stop the Empire but I imagine the main one is to save his adopted brother. Am I correct there? It's a simple story arch, but an effective one. I think it will definitely make for a good story.
  6. I've noticed something about the "Dreamer of the month" widget, though it might seem like a random thing to point out, and certainly isn't big. The date joined seems to be in the American MM/DD/YYYY format. I don't know if this is because that's the default or only option to set it to, it was just something I noticed. Other than that, pretty awesome new addition to the site.
  7. I'm new here and just wanted to say what an fantastic website, whoever created it is a genius, I love all the features and it's pretty easily accessible, seems to be a friendly community.
  8. Hello there staff team. I just wanted to say that this is the best forum that I've ever been. The people seem nice, and the system is fantastic. Full of feedback, live reloads, notifications. I can even tag someone using "@" Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen :)
  9. I thought some feedback would be helpful, since you all kindly ask to say when you have problems and what not. I shall put it in a sandwich of positivity. which is positive comments>negative>positive So firstly I'd like to say you are all really nice, funny people. Very welcoming which made me ignore a lot of the negative stuff. I think there's a lot of clever forums and the arcade is cool even though it wiggs out a bit on me. First negative: the ads I put up with them but I think if you could somehow change there content it would be fantasmagorical ^^ Secondly I dunno if its just me but my pages take a really long time to load. Which I ignored cause I'd just open up another tab and do something else while I was waiting. But the thing that got me was the community posting and having to have the need to new locations past administrators. I understand its your site so if you want things a certain way then fine but I'd suggest maybe adding just a freeform rp thread so one can be creative without having to worry about it or having to take it to ecchitexts. Lastly..is it just me or is there no delete button for topics you make? Okay more positive stuff: I love how you can make your own species, beasts and creatures. I actually like how in depth the character skeleton is even if it takes you a long time.. i suppose it makes you more,,,dedicated to your character. And lastly I like the reward based system, its interesting. Anyway thats all I got to say ^_^
  10. as the title says I haven't been here in a long time but u guy have done some nice work when i'v been gone
  11. I noticed that something doesn't feel right and I think I can put my finger on it now. the friends list, block list aren't called funny names and the Dreamers are now members and I don't even know where to begin with teh ecchifacialsts thing. is there any plans of restoring the text? I know it's not a major thing but it's those little things that gave ecchidz some..... personality! thanks in advance~
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