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  1. Well, there's not much to know. But I'll let you in on a little secret. ⨀ I'm a dom ⨀ Hello there, you may call me Sir and more, but Jon for starters if you're into that. I am 18 years of age, and I've been roleplaying for about 4 years now. As I stated previously, I like to be dominant, but don't confuse this for when I'm not horny, in fact, I'm rather soft when not in the mood to breed. I am indeed straight, just putting that out there to avoid confusion. Now the Juice. Kinks Degradation Pet Play Slave Play Insemination Monster Girls Group Sex (And by that, just me and a bunch of other women because I'm a greedy fuck.) Anal Blind Obedience Sadism Worship Collaring Knife Play Piss Play No No's Death Poo Vomit Cacti Not sure about all the types of literacy, but I think I'm semi-lit, by that I mean at least a small paragraph. You're really gonna have to roleplay with me to find out what I mean. My dream is to have a harem Discord server. It'll consist of me, and about 3 to 4 other females. It's going to be very small, and what I expect from the submissives that will want to accompany is to have at least have experience with me. I don't want to share my women, so I'd like to have said members to only spread their legs for me and me alone. It's a big ask, thus why it's a dream. It'll be a special little circle, and it may even involve pictures and such should it get to that position. It'll be strictly Discord. This is basically my bio, just tossing it out there. I'm new and needing some love from adorable puppy subs
  2. I’m interested in setting up a dragon ERP with either larger male or larger female dragon and human pair. I am comfortable playing the larger male dragon, larger female dragon, or the smaller female human. My works are linked if you would like to see how I write. I’m good at varying levels of domination and softness depending on partner preference. I also enjoy tailoring situations to partner preference (princess kidnapping, knight vs dragon, etc) if you don’t have something in mind we can make something. Size differences can range from roughly partner sized to something on a macro scale. If this interests you please check out my preferences before leaving a comment.
  3. Hello friend! I’m looking for ERP partners to share shorter sessions with. My interests lie in more monstrous partners with a preference for dragons, with love for minotaur, naga, werewolf, etc. I am comfortable as either the monstrous partner or the human. I often make new characters to fit my ERP partner’s needs so we can talk about what you enjoy. I practice what I call Monsters with Safewords, while the monstrous partner may be physically dominant there is a mutual understanding so the submissive character can still retain control. Will NOT do noncon or abusive/degrading language. My own writing can be found here. If you are interested please check out my preferences and let me know!
  4. RNoodles

    erotica Gold Fever: Dragon Lovin

    Hello! This is my first time on this site. I wanted to share my writing, I like monstrous partners with a preference for dragons. I wanted to share my most recent fic, if you’re interest in ERP hmu.
  5. I'm looking to gm/host a dungeons and dragons inspired erotic role play, where all of the player characters are lesser demons, and have to perform tasks and quests for the demon king they serve. This will have a sense of continuity though it won't be a railroad story, and choices will affect the world and your character. I'm looking for a good mix of male and female characters that are open to a good range of kinks, and are ok with penetration no matter the gender of their character. While succubus and incubus characters are great, make sure your character stands out and don't be afraid to get creative if you want to participate! Maximum amount of players: 5 Blacklisted fetishes: Scat, gore, pedophilia. Message me to pitch your character concept and any backstory, and get ready to enjoy a fun, sex-filled campaign!
  6. Abaddon

    Male In Need

    Hello! I am brand new to the site, and I would like to get roleplay partners (preferably female characters). I have over five years of roleplay experience, and I'd love to keep it going. I'm very much into odd things (such as noncon, taboo relationships, etc.) and am willing to be open-minded regarding others. I'm really bored, but hopefully you can help "mentor" this new member? If you have any questions, either comment or text me. I'm a somewhat feminine guy, but I have two parts to my personality: hot and cold. Hopefully, we can avoid too much of the latter!
  7. submissive female looking for a female that will turn into a futa or a male,or shpta,or 30 year or 40 year to fuck and have a creampie in my womb~ breed me~ (in real life gender or the age told dosent matter just roleplay as those) this can take place at either a beach or hot springs or even at an shopping. anyways,what would happen in a modern world,if a girl became a monster girl?but now for her to be able to build up her own 'empire' by instincts she will be breeding up with people. in case of the frog girl,her skin have a special mucus substantially that her body makes constantly if you touch her,you will get horny and needy,if you get to inpregnate her,she will soon lay a lot of eggs enough to fill a bathtub. ============== the bee one can vore someone into this other pussy of her abdomen to turn then into a monster,but she is a queen bee monster girl,her body have the scent to make people want to mate with her,once inpregnated,she will give birth to soldiers and future hive menbers ok with: gangbang quick birth inpregnation boob/ass expansion stomach touching/rubbing mating press womb penetration creampie boobjob vore I guess no con futa public sex yaoi not ok with: pet play ince$t of any kind. hyper cock or her boobs/ass $lavery feet play humilhation anal sex master/mistress mind break. oversized cock size. controlling my characters or some ideas??
  8. Some ideas about future erp. Female x male: - vampire x vampire - vampire x human - vampire x lycan I was thinking of a historical setting, rival families, taboos in having relationships with other races. - monstergirl x human (all the monster girls) - human girl or monstergirl x monster (I'm more oriented towards some animal feature such as wolf, tiger or fox for the male chara..but all it's ok also tentacles one) - warrior x demon (I imagine something set in a fantasy Japan, or in the world of demons/yokai) - history rp - mythological rp (Something about the Egyptians or Greeks gods, it would be interesting) - angel x succubus/demon I was thinking also: - doctor x patient Like a mad scientist who want to do pleasure experiments, but also something classics like school doctor x student is ok. All the others classical theme are always very welcomed. Yaoi (male x male): All genres allowed also omega verse theme For my pure fangirl pleasure I post my anime/manga ships that I would like to rp: - Bulma x Vegeta - Sakura x Sasuke - Tsunade x Jiraya (in a world where he is still alive) - Sanji x Zoro - Rin x Sesshomaru - Kurama x Hiei (for the nostalgic)
  9. It has been quite a while since the last time I saw such a clear blue sky, I’ve spent so many year in that stupid, reached city I was forced to call a home. Why do I hate that place so much you ask? Well imagine a city crowded with rude and idiot people, that keep judging you for who you are and who you love, and that keep finding excuses to push your self esteem to the ground; filthy streets, drug addicts and homeless people scattered around the place, a dark sky of pollution always filled the air, giving a constant gloomy atmosphere… It’s refreshing to see this vista… I looked at my cellphone, a couple of messages from my agency and editor were the only things new in there, congratulating me for moving out while at the same time pressuring me to feed them some new stories about the area, the city seems so shiny and interesting from afar that those bastards I work for are interested in whatever kind of scandals they can get their hands on to ruin such a perfect little haven. I honestly don’t want to seek such frivolous subjects, but those idiots are the ones that pay my bills… Maybe one day I’ll find someone nicer to work for… someone like her… It might not be good for me to dwell in the past for long, braking up with my ex is not the kind of experience I wish to recount. Let’s just say that trust is something I value a lot in people. Oh well, as much as I would want to stay home for the day, I have work to do. I sighed, looking out the window for a last time before putting on some more decent cloths and walking towards the door. I should start with that clubhouse I saw near the building, there may be some interesting rumors there worth my while, maybe I’ll meet some interesting people out there.
  10. I don't know what I should put here, but uhh.. Check out my preference sheet and message me if you're interested! We can discuss details in PM.
  11. VCSMaster

    Looking for DDLC ERP

    Hello new friends! This is my first post here, so bear with me if it's not perfect! I'm looking for someone to play as one of the girls from DDLC (Preferably Monika, but I'll take what I can get) in an ERP. 18+ obviously, although I like to have a little buildup rather than just jumping right into things. We can discuss the kinks/limits/etc in PMs if anyone is interested. I have reference images, but I don't want to spam a ton of stuff right away. Thanks for reading my post!
  12. The tall young male was waiting reasonably in front of the lift door. He seems to be alone in the corridor right now. He has headphones on and holding the extended handle of a luggage. He seems a little nervous and tired. "What if there is someone in the lift? What if they make eye contacts with me? What am I gonna do? hmmm..." a thought suddenly crosses his mind and he starts to rehearse the introduction of himself in his mind. Eventually the lift reaches the ground floor, and Iori saw none when the doors opened. "Oh..." he let's out a sigh of relief and gets into the lift. He presses the button 8 and waits patiently for the lift doors to close down, in hopes he might catch the glimpse of another person. "Why do I even do this... not like I would have the courage to wave at them or something..." Iori asks himself as the doors slowly close down and the lift starts going up. It takes a few seconds for him to reach the 8th floor. Needless to say, he was rehearsing the introduction in his head again in case he meets someone after getting down from the lift, but same thing as earlier happens and he gets down. "805..." he mumbles to himself as he looks around for the apartment he is supposed to move in, while pacing through the corridor. "Ahh, there!" he let's out a sigh of relief as he finds the apartment. His heavier belongings were already moved in, so he unlocks the door with a happy mood and walks into his apartment. Iori didn't really bother to bring out all of his clothes from the luggage and sorting them out. He only stripped out of his travel clothes and put on a pair of black trousers without any undergarments. He seems to be too lazy to put on a shirt for the time being as well, as he walks to fridge. He grabs a covered, one-time coffee mug from the fridge and walks to the balcony. He slightly bends over the railing, and rests his arms over it while occasionally sipping coffee as he looks out to this calm apartment complex.
  13. WritesNaughtyStories

    Frankenstein Flaovred ERP

    Tl;dr: Let's sort out a constructed sex monster I've been kicking this idea around in various guises for a while now and would love to see it get some traction with a creative, thoughtful (as in gives tings things a lot of thought, not necessarily "polite", although that's welcome too) partner or two. The idea is this, for whatever reason, someone's created a Frankenstein style monster - the stereotypical made from parts kind, not Mary Shelley's made from scratch original -although I won't kick that out of bed automatically - but it's really sexual. Why isn't super important - maybe it was engineered to harvest genetic data. Maybe it's trying to find its identity. Maybe it's insecure and looking for validation. We can figure that out. I'm not sure of its gender either - male, female, some piecemeal combination? Again let's sort that out. The possible roles around the creature are it, obviously; and a list of possibilities including the creator, someone who finds it wandering loose and confused, for those of you with a Monsterhearts bend, at school, I'm open to talking about what role(s) we play, there's interesting stuff to be had on both sides, I suspect. The aesthetics of the creature are its seams are visible, its parts mismatched although it retains that attractive and sexy vibe of The Corpse Bride or Sally and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas Here's another example of the kind of aesthetic I envision this following: Or a male, or at least more androgynous identity: There's definitely a Gothic, and goth, current (that's actually genius, admit it) running through this. Anyway, if you're interested in figuring out where to go with this, ET me.
  14. Hello! I've been looking to find a partner, preferably female, to do a sexual roleplay with me. Kinks and whatnot can and likely will be discussed in PMs. Feel free to message me if you would like! We can discuss from there. :3 I look forward to hearing from those of you who message me!
  15. I want to play the role of a ero mangaka on the Earth who can transform in a succubus during sex. Open for all kind of kinks
  16. (I'm new, so im sorry if im not doing anything right!) The small female had tugged her luggage towards the new establishment, her normally pale cheeks stained a bright pink as she huffed and puffed. The maiden was tiny, yes, but she was curvy all around. With each step her breasts bounced underneath the tight fabric of her knotted shirt, her plump rear jiggling about in her tight leggings. This was such a new place, her heart pounding nervously.
  17. Titan01

    erp Looking for ERP

    Hey looking to do a ERP with either a girl or someone who rps as female. Kinks for rp is noncon/ dubious con
  18. I’m kind of bored, and I just came up with these RP topics. Note: please don’t message me if you aren’t interested in the ‘required fetishes’ section. And please don’t message me asking to make other changes either. These can’t really be altered or the rp plots don’t make sense. I am seeking MALES who are interested in playing with my female characters. I don’t reply in first person, only third. Required fetishes - rape Optional fetishes - age difference (older man/younger woman), teen sex (my characters are 16-18, but I can go up to 22), place of work/public (some plots rely on it) gang bang... hit me up with suggestions, there’s a lot of sexual stuff (handjob/oral/etc) that I didn’t want to list here because it would be too long. Plot 1.) Home Free you are a homeless man for [insert reason here]. You had a girlfriend who no longer is interested in the relationship, and it’s been a long time since you’ve been sexually active after some time, you’ve started to recognize one of the women who passes your side of the sidewalk every weekday twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. she’s pretty enough, well, actually she’s very beautiful, you struggle to keep your cock down when she passes and you find yourself thinking about her frequently. Today however, is the day that you are unable to resist the temptation, and she’s taken to [someplace you feel appropriate for this rp] plot 2.) The princess and the peeve additional notes: fantasy au, Ella only. Elf princess Elisabeth has been captured once again, her knights searching everywhere with little to no luck finding her her captor? A person who wants to sell her to her rival kingdom for a high price, as a sex item. However, to make sure that she works as a sex item, they “have” to test her out themselves first. Plot 3.) what a beach you’re at the beach with some guy friends, and spot a girl you had known in high school for being a total bitch to people, you included. As payback for how she treated you, you (and your friends if you want), go and give her what she asked for back in school. It’s payback against her will. Plot 4.) better miss the bus. note: this one has to do with teen sex, so if you’re not into that, don’t message me. its after school and time to go home! Unfortunately the bus drivers kind of kookoo he doesn’t see public sex as a bad thing, so when your characters board the bus and get frisky with the only girl there, he has no plans of stopping them Plot 5.) All bark and no bite Note: fantasy AU, two roles: Ella, Rachel, or both. Ella and Rachel are both brave fighters of their kingdom - Ella the Elf Princess and Rachel her noble knight and right hand woman. The two are also the strongest fighters in their kingdom, and are commonly praised for their amazing skill. However, one evening they are overwhelmed in battle, and lose the fight. Will one fall while the other is kept? Will they both be kept? Who knows what will happen... —- i hope some of these plots are of interest, please send me an ecchi text with the title of the RP you wanna do if you’re interested
  19. Main Characters: @lVergill [Vergil] @Divinity Takahashi [Divinity]
  20. Main Characters: @lVergill [Elcrest] @Multiversal [Nylanie]
  21. Main Characters: @lVergill [Vergil] @Fated Melodi [Evelyn]
  22. Main Character: @lVergill [Ishtar] @cugork [Ahrea]
  23. Main Characters: @lVergill [Jessie] @Leaf~Lover [Regina]
  24. Main Characters: @lVergill [Vergil] @FutaPetMarc [Mia]
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