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  1. *Chapter Three: Finding Good Help* Faced, sure enough, with a padlock, Artemis took a deep breath. She reached behind herself and gripped the twig nesting in her vermilion tail. As she unsheathed it, sparks ran down its length. Even as she was holding the fully removed twig, the tip was alight with crimson flames. Embers broke off from the fire, only to fizzle out upon hitting the wet grass. "Wait!" "Well, now's a fine time to be giving warnings," Artemis teased, turning to face Bellossom, who had called out to her. "Collateral damage," Bellossom said. "The embers on the ground reminded me. Hold on just a minute." The maid bent down, and, with a sharp tug, broke off several blades of grass. "We want the lock to still work when we're done with it; right?" There was a collective nod as she stuffed the keyhole with the grass. "There. Now, the actual lock is safe; it won't melt and deform from the heat of your wand." Artemis shrugged, carefully pointing the tip of the twig at the top of the lock. The flames died out along most of the "wand," concentrating on the tip. "Alright; stand clear!~" With Bellossom and Pesky both out of the way, Artemis thrust the twig forward. From the tip shot a whip-like ray of flames. Despite her trepidation, it was a figurative bullseye. The flames cut through the metal bar, leaving the lock intact and the bar split cleanly in 2. "Nice shot!" Pesky cheered as Artemis quelled the flame by bringing a paw down over it. "Hush!" Artemis shout-whispered. "Wait until we're in the forest." With the lock broken, the gate opened easily. Pesky and Bellossom hurried in, while Artemis quickly got to work at welding the metal bar back together. When she rejoined the group, she was nursing a paw, holding it close. "Are you alright?" Bellossom asked, advancing gently on her. "Lemme see your paw." Artemis held it forward to reveal a patch of charred fur. With a figure like Goodra's, it was only natural that she turned some heads as she walked through the Goldenrod Department Store. And she stepped lightly. That she was filled out in all of the decidedly best places to be carrying extra weight still meant that she carried extra weight. Seeing her walk with any sort of grace was, in many ways, as striking as it would be to see Wigglytuff carrying herself in such a manner. She had almost finished shopping, and was looking through the list she brought with her. Written on in beautiful cursive, the paper she held was stained with her slime. "Hmm... Yes; this should be enough meat to keep the carnivores happy for quite some time." As she double-checked the shopping list, she found the paper suddenly wet. She was crying. Softly but surely. It finally seemed to hit her that what she was buying, only she and the other residents would partake in. Her master was gone. If he wasn't, the list would likely include his favourite foods. Goodra loved to spoil him. Another tear fell, and she took a sharp, shuddering breath inward. "I should be over it by now, but... I can't forget about you, sweetie. You wouldn't wanna see me like this; I know." She vigorously shook her head, as though she were trying to shake her sadness away. With a smile on her face to mask her true feelings, Goodra trudged on. Sylveon still fussed with her hair as she and Ruri stood outside the Pokémon Centre. "Sylvie, for Arceus' sake, your hair is fine!" Ruri insisted. Sylveon scoffed. "Of course it is, honey! Or it damn well had better be; I spend so much time on it. But fine isn't enough.~" Ruri, exasperated, shut her eyes tightly, likely in an effort to calm down, so she wouldn't lash out at her friend. By the time her eyes saw the world again, the duo was already inside the Pokémon Centre. All around, trainers and their Pokémon waited to be tended to. Sylveon approached the front desk. Before she could strike a bell that would alert staff to somebody waiting to check in, a nurse was already in front of her. "Hello, miss! Do you have an appointment?" "I don't," Sylveon admitted. The nurse turned to look back into the office behind her, at which point Sylveon gave a thumbs up to Ruri. She began to sniffle. It was a talent that was often unused, for fear that it would ruin any trust for her, but Sylveon had a very convincing fake cry. "I... I d-didn't have time to... I..." Ruri was stunned, but understood the thumbs up as a sign to play along. "It's alright. I'm sorry, miss. My friend here, miss..." She paused to look at the lady's nametag. "...Nurse Joy. My friend, she's a maid. I'm sure you could tell by her outfit." "Yes, I could," Nurse Joy replied. "Is she hurt? Or is she here on behalf of somebody else?" She offered Sylveon a tissue, which was politely refused. "S-Somebody else," Sylveon answered her, and, by this time, some of the trainers in the waiting room had taken notice, and were watching the situation unfold. "M-My master; he... He was hurt in the storm. Please; I'm a terrible cook. C-Can you spare any food?" There were enough plants in the flower shop to make a house for a Chikorita! Wigglytuff actually raised a sticky paw to slap herself, but lowered it when she remembered she was in public. "Of course there's a buncha plants here, you big dummy! What did you exp- Oh! Hello, ma'am.~" The older of 2 sisters who ran the shop was in front of her. Brown hair swept her shoulders, and her appropriately floral print dress reached her knees. "Hello yourself, miss," she responded kindly. "We haven't had many customers since the storm. What can I help you with?~" The politeness of the shop owner got the portly bunnygirl to smile. "I'm looking for berries. See, our garden was drowned by that same storm, and we have a lot of herbivores to feed. Do you have any in stock?" With a slightly sorrowful, understanding nod, the florist pointed fowards a corner with several terra cotta flower pots full of plants. "Do you want the plants, or just the berries themselves, dearie?" Wigglytuff looked towards the indicated spot, and felt a pang of nervousness. She was certainly gluttonous, but what she wasn't was impolite. The only member of the household, to her knowledge, that could cultivate a berry plant was Bellossom, and not only was she out helping Artemis and Pesky, but it would be a slap to the face to give her a berry plant and ask her to do all of the work. "J-Just the berries, please. I'm not picky; anything edible will do." Nodding again, the lady led her to a counter. Used to immediately putting money on a counter when walking into a candy store or a bakery, Wigglytuff did the same here. She had a small amount of money. Mostly coins, as her paper money had by and large been exchanged for sweets already. "Can I get anything for this, ma'am?" "How'd you hurt yourself?" Bellossom asked, eyes darting across the forest floor. "I slipped," Artemis replied. "My paw hit the padlock." Pesky rolled his eyes. "Damn. I hate to use this analogy, but when it rains, it pours." "Very funny," Artemis scolded him. Bellossom stepped away slightly to pick a large cyan berry from a nearby tree. "Hold out your paw." Artemis did as instructed, but, rather than handing over the berry, Bellossom took a bite of it. Pesky gasped. "Are you serious?! You can't just eat wild berries; you'll get poisoned!" Bellossom dismissed his concern by waving a hand in his direction. Ever polite, she swallowed before speaking. "It's a Rawst Berry. Perfectly safe to eat, though a bit of an acquired taste." With that, she revealed the remains of the fruit. "Here, Artemis." Before the burnt vulpine could react, Bellossom rubbed an exposed end of the berry onto the blackened area of her outstretched paw. The colour didn't improve, but the pain was quickly dulled. The group didn't have access to bandages, so the application of the healing berry was all that could be done. Through thick foliage, the group pressed on in near complete darkness. Artemis had several times offered to light her wand tip to help, but Bellossom's response was always quick and to the point. Even with the plant life wet from rain, lighting a fire was still a bad idea. It wasn't until the third time Artemis made this offer that a voice besides that of Pesky or Bellossom answered her. "Are you trying to start a brushfire?!" Pachirisu sat in the living room of the Delphox's abode. On her lap, warm from near constant use, was her radio. It was a special radio, capable of picking up broadcasts beyond the range of a normal Pokégear; previously, it was a belonging of her master, who gave it to her when he had his Pokégear updated with similar functionality. Even so, the only advantage the upgraded Pokégear offered was portability, since the radio was a clunky machine. Normally, Pachirisu kept it on her bedside table, so it could provide background noise while she slept. Now, though, she was listening intently to every word spoken by the inhuman voice coming from it. "There are unconfirmed reports of rare Pokémon seen near Ilex Forest. These Pokémon are not to be confronted until conditions improve. Severe weather is expected within the next few minutes, which will endanger the lives of trainers and their Pokémon." Severe weather? "Oh, no!" Cassie and Dragonair had already returned from fishing by this point, and Goodra and Wigglytuff were likely close behind. But Artemis, Pesky, and Bellossom were completely exposed to the elements. "Mistress!" Pachirisu called out. "Mistress!" The sound of footfalls cushioned by fur soon followed as Kianna entered the room. "What's wrong, Pachi?" "I-I just heard that a storm is coming. Pesky and the girls are gonna get caught in it, and we don't have a way to contact them and call them back here!" Kianna stood, taking this information in for a short time. As a mother, she couldn't help her concern. "Poor dears. I hope they get back soon." Concerned as she was, though, she was unable to get Pachirisu's meaning. "No, mistress," Pachirisu corrected her gently. "I have to go after them!" *Author's note* Yes, Pachirisu. Run outside, confident in the belief that a thunderstorm is coming. What could possibly go wrong? So, in this chapter, we learn a few things. Goodra is still sad about her master. Goodra and Wigglytuff are both A B S O L U T E U N I T S. In awe at the size of these lasses! Yeah; we already knew that. But I like reaffirming it. XD Sylveon can cry on command. Bellossom has decent survival skills. The ones who went near the forest were spotted; the report of "rare Pokémon" was about them. Pachirisu's radio is a hand-me-down. So, do you think you can tolerate a fourth chapter? Special thanks again to @SMFoxy, for allowing me use of his characters.
  2. *Chapter Two: Food For Thought* "I hate to be the one to bring this up, but we need to face facts." This was an odd announcement coming from Kianna, and she knew it. She quickly continued. "Even assuming my husband is out there somewhere, the fact remains that, unless and until he returns, we're fending for ourselves." There were several nods amongst the Pokémon, some of them sorrowful. "I thought we were doing alright," Pachirisu huffed. Sagacious as Kianna was, she knew Pachirisu wasn't angry at her; just the situation with the radio. "And we are. You should all be proud of yourselves. But..." Wiggytuff raised her glass in celebration, cutting her off. "That's what I'm talkin' about!" Goodra was upon her quick as a shadow. "Quiet! Mistress is speaking!" "No need for that, dear," Kianna told her. "You all have a right, and a reason, to be excited. The issue is just that we need to start putting in some work if we're to continue our way of life. Put simply, dears, we can no longer just rest on our laurels." The lady of the house, as her vocabulary would suggest, was quite well-read. In fact, it was perhaps ironic that she happened to be a rodent, as her way of speaking somewhat mimicked that of a rodent found within the pages of classic literature. The daring Miss Bianca, to be specific. She too had a voice and an elegance that were known to sway others to her way of thinking. Though Kianna lacked the bravery and worldly wisdom of the Hungarian heroine, none could doubt that her position as head of the household was deserved. She addressed Goodra again. "Most important is food and water. How's our supply looking?" "We have enough food for a few days," the dragon replied. "And the taps are still working." "I haven't heard any warnings that the water supply might be contaminated," Pachirisu chimed in. Kianna smiled warmly in response, like a proud mother. "Splendid, both of you! Goodra, make sure to serve the perishables first. Pachi, keep an ear to the radio." Neither one needed reminding, but they both thought better of talking back. Next to speak was Vaporeon, who first swallowed her current fork full of Magikarp. "Pray to Arceus, but row for the shore." Kianna's attention turned to the sickly young lady. "I beg your pardon, sweetie? " Vaporeon repeated the saying, then elaborated. "The best case scenario is for your husband to come back. But you're saying that we should be prepared. Y'know, in case we actually are on our own." Kianna gave her the same smile she showed to the maternal dragon and the hot headed rodent. "Darling, I could kiss you right now! I couldn't have explained the situation better myself!~" She then turned to address the others, looking at them from her position at the head of the dinner table. "Yes; Vaporeon is absolutely right. We need to prepare. I propose we search for food and clean water." Again, her gaze soon turned in Goodra's direction. "Do we have any money?" Goodra nodded. "Yes, ma'am. But I don't think it'll last us long, with so many mouths to feed." Kianna was clearly enjoying this. In the face of such challenges, she seemed almost joyous as she led the planning. "Then we'll have to forage. Does anybody know some good spots?~" The first one to pipe up was Wigglytuff. When it came to food, anybody could tell at a glance the portly lapine was knowledgeable. "There's a flower shop nearby." "We're looking for food, sweetie," Treble chastised her. "Not decorations." But Pachirisu's expression perked up. "Hold on; she might have something." Smiling, Wigglytuff continued. "Maybe they have some berries they can share." A series of nods took place around the table. It seemed Wigglytuff's idea was accepted by everybody. Except for Cassie. "Sure they might. Don't get me wrong; it's a good idea. But a lot of us are carnivores." As she gave a list of names, the Lucario pointed a black-furred paw at each one in turn as she mentioned them. "Myself, Ruri, Goodra, Vaporeon, Sylveon, Artemis, and Dragonair. Treble is an omnivore, but she can't survive on berries alone, either. How are the carnivores gonna eat?" Kianna took another look around the room. Cassie was right; with such a diverse group of Pokémon, satisfying their appetites would require an equally diverse selection of foods. "Hmm... Goodra, darling? You know best when it comes to food. How do we solve this?" Goodra must've been waiting to be addressed; she had an answer already. "Cassie's got a great point. We'll definitely need meat. I'll see what I can find while I'm out shopping, but I suggest we try a Pokémon Centre." "The nearest one is packed," Pachirisu noted. All eyes were on her now. "Besides, it's not a restaurant, Goodra. The only one of us in need of a Pokémon Centre is Vaporeon, and she can't go on her own." That was most assuredly a terrible choice of words. Vaporeon glared daggers at her. "I'm right here, you know! And I'm not a carnivore. I'm a piscivore." Across the table, Dragonair giggled. "Sweetie, your sexual preferences are none of our business; we're talking about food." Whether that was meant as a joke or not, Treble and Sylveon both cracked up. Goodra, however, was wholly unamused. "Girls, please grow up." Her chiding earned her a look at the tongues of both of her targets. Ruri stepped in to quell the tension in the room. But not before first sighing, spitting a cloud of vapour into the air from the coldness of the breath of the Alolan Ninetales. "Dragonair, 'piscivore' means she mostly eats fish." "Well, that complicates things," Cassie said. Both Goodra and Vaporeon shook their heads, but Goodra gestured towards Vaporeon, giving her the floor. "Thank you, Goodra. Cass, it's not an issue. The waters around here are full of Magikarp! Even I could catch a few.~" It was decided. Wigglytuff would make a trip to the flower shop. Goodra would go shopping, primarily for meat. Vaporeon insisted on fishing, accompanied by Dragonair and Cassie. However, she was denied each time. Bellossom, Pesky, and Artemis would try to find a way into Ilex Forest. If they could get in, it'd be a gold mine of food! They had intended to bring Pachirisu, but, realising the electricity to the house would eventually be cut off for unpaid bills, Kianna thought it best to keep an Electric type around. Besides, she would be needed to keep up with any emergency broadcasts. Finally, with their charm and overall aura of elegance, Ruri and Sylveon decided to be the ones to attempt to get food from the Pokémon Centre. The others would remain home, readying their shelter in case of another storm. As she plodded down the sidewalk, Wigglytuff felt almost glad for the poor weather. If only it hadn't taken her master from her, she would've enjoyed it. Obviously, with her thick layer of fat, Wigglytuff had difficulty with hot weather. The sky, as she set her deep blue eyes on it, was grey and cloudy. The air was cool and humid, ruffling her fur gently as it blew against the vibrant pink fluff. Her nose twitched as it picked up the light floral scent in the air; she was close. The scent grew stronger as Wigglytuff continued her trek. Berries definitely sounded good; it seemed to her like far too long since she had last eaten. Luckily, she could see the storefront in the distance. Anybody living at the Delphox's residence would recognise it. Especially considering the shop's proximity to the city's Pokémon Gym. The building itself was painted a pale pink, except for the brownish-red balcony. Predictably, the balcony was decorated with a painting of a stunning yellow rose. Just beneath the balcony, like a skirt, hung an awning with alternating red and white stripes. "Goldenrod Flower Shop" was spelled out on a sign beside the gaudy building, done in what looked like pastel paint, flaking from exposure and age. The shop's motto was painted on the backside of the sign. "A small shop providing lots of beauty." Thankfully, the shop was in business, despite the weather. Wigglytuff opened the door. "Damn this weather!" Sylveon cursed. "The humidity is absolute murder on my hair!" She put a paw through her flowing pink locks, wincing in disgust as she felt a tangle. "Sylvie, we're going to look for food; not a date!" Ruri scolded her. With deft paws, Sylveon fixed her hair as well as the weather would allow. "And we can't do both at once because...?~" Sylveon's voice had a bit of a bounce to it, ironically like her well-kept hair. Her speech was just shy of making her sound airheaded. Ruri's face told paragraphs. "Relax," Sylveon told her preemptively. "I'm not THAT stupid, or selfish. Just trying to diffuse some tension, hun.~" After that, the duo was quiet. The weather was nice for a quiet stroll, if only the circumstances were different. It wasn't until they were a couple of blocks away from the Pokémon Centre that Ruri brought an issue to light. "Don't we look a bit too well-off to be begging for food?" "Well-off?" Sylveon repeated. Ruri gave her a look of disbelief. "Honey, did you by chance look in a mirror before we left?" "And this morning, and after breakfast, lunch, my afternoon nap, and dinner," Sylveon replied. Ruri rolled her eyes, trying to stifle a giggle. "Don't be cheeky. My point is, you don't look like a beggar." Sylveon, in contrast, made no attempt at not laughing. "Thanks, sweetie; I try my best. You're not exactly ugly yourself, though. Not to mention, you're definitely not wearing rags." Ruri didn't have a comeback for that. Or, at least, not one that wouldn't cause a scene. Her silence was taken by Sylveon as a sign to continue. "I'm a maid." As she said that, she gestured towards her ornate uniform as though it had only just appeared on her. "I could just say that my master was injured in the storm, and sent me out to gather food." Again, the Alolan Ninetales was silenced. She hated to admit it, but Sylveon beat her to a good idea. "Maybe we shoulda let Vappy come along." The suggestion came from Cassie as she and Dragonair looked out at the choppy waters. "And have her blood on your paws and my tail?" Dragonair asked. Cassie rolled her eyes, paws clenched on a fishing rod, the bobber of which was sunken beneath the murky sea. "The fresh air might do her some good, y'know." The Lucario turned to face her friend and housemate. "Besides, she wasn't too sick to bitch Sylveon and I out earlier. She's pretty hot headed for a Water type, and I don't mean from a fever.~" "Shame on you, Cass," Dragonair said, though her tone was more playful than scolding. "Think about this from her perspective." Despite chiding, Cassie still had one last jab left. "I'd love to, Draggie, but I'm afraid I can't seem to find my pacifier and rattle.~" "Just fish, will you?" Dragonair groaned, getting a genuine laugh from Cassie. "Relax; I'm just fucking around. I know how sick she is. I'm not helping her because I have to, or because it's the right thing to do." Dragonair kept her attention on the canine, but was simultaneously biting into a Magikarp for a quick, humane kill. The ones caught by the Lucario were quickly subdued by paw spikes. "I'm helping her because I consider her a friend. A dear friend." Admittedly, this was a strange conversation to have while killing several Magikarp. It wasn't as though they had a choice, though, nor was it the case that Vaporeon would be the only one eating what the two of them caught. Among all of the girls, and the lone boy, the ones who enjoyed seafood numbered highly. Between both girls, their catches were sufficient to feed those that partook for at least a week. Pachirisu's radio didn't lie. Of the 3 Pokémon sent out to search Ilex Forest, neither one could even see the entrance. Not only were several downed trees in the way, but signs were set up. Neon orange signs, fitted with lights that intermittently flashed an amber light as a warning clearly visible in the foggy night. Obviously, getting in through there would be impossible for all but Pesky, who certainly wasn't going to leave his friends behind. So that left an indirect approach. Artemis and Bellossom tried their best to look inconspicuous as they sat on a bench just outside the Day Care Centre. Seeing a Braixen in the wild is rare, but seeing an anthropomorphic Bellossom in a boldly coloured maid's uniform is certainly enough to turn heads. Pesky's return - he had gone ahead to scout for other openings through which they could get into the forest - couldn't come fast enough. It seemed ages before Artemis unsheathed her wand and pointed it at the sky. "Bellossom, he's coming!" Bellossom, who, until that point, had been nervously tugging at her lacy sleeves, breathed a sigh of relief as she joined Artemis in welcoming their friend back. "Good news, I hope," Artemis said. With a smirk, Pesky turned his head, as a way to gesture to something behind him. "The playground of the Day Care Centre has an opening. Only problem is, it's fenced off, and locked, so the little ones don't wander off. Any chance you girls can pick locks?" Artemis gave a soft chuckle and ran a paw up the length of her wand. Sparks danced in the air around the tip, illustrating what she was about to say. "Not with any subtlety; no. Left to me, we'd get caught for sure. How about you, Bellossom? You work in the garden. Don't you have hedge trimmers? We could probably cut a hole in the fence with them." Bellossom huffed, gesturing to her elegant dress similarly to how Sylveon had done before. "Where would I keep them?! And can't you just teleport us in?" "Into the playground, sure," Artemis replied. "But I'm not risking teleporting us into the forest. I don't know the layout; if I fuck up, we'll get impaled on branches or something when we reappear." Not ready to admit defeat just yet, Pesky offered another idea. "Alright; so we can't pick the lock, or cut the fence. Maybe we can cut the lock?~" Since he was looking in the Braixen's direction, she was the one to respond. "I don't follow." "From what I could tell, it was just a simple padlock," Pesky explained. "Apply some heat to it, and it should break. Then, once we get through-" "You can weld it back together, Artemis!" Bellossom finished. Pesky nodded. "Yes! Exactly." Artemis looked down at her wand. More of a stick, taken from a tree near where she evolved. She could certainly generate enough heat to penetrate metal. But could she be pinpoint enough to do it without collateral damage? She had practised before, with pieces of scrap metal in settings where the melted remains wouldn't pose a danger. Finally, she nodded. "Alright. I'm in!" *Author's note* It's finally here! Chapter 2! Here, we get a bit of a deeper look into the friendship our characters share. And yes, I know it's weird that they're acting like the world's about to be in danger, even though nothing is happening. Well, that's based on how animals seem to just know when shit's about to go down. I put Artemis, Pesky, and Bellossom together because they each have their own important survival skills. Pesky can fly, and knows what Berries are safe. Artemis can start fires and fight off possible predators. And Bellossom can warn the others of dangerous plant life, such as toxic mushrooms and poison ivy. Sylveon and Ruri are on a team because they can use their beauty to get food. Dragonair can swim, and Cassie is a tomboy, so that makes them a good team for fishing. Goodra and Wigglytuff aren't putting themselves in any danger, so I had them each go alone. The "Miss Bianca" I compared Kianna to is a character from a series of books by Margery Sharp. She is a brave yet elegant mouse, of Hungarian descent, who works together with a mouse named Bernard to save others, typically those who have been enslaved or unjustly imprisoned. She's likely better known from the 2 Disney movies that "star" her. The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under. The following is an example of the ability to change the minds of others with mere elegance, which I used in the comparison. An excerpt from the second book in the series, titled simply "Miss Bianca." I hope you all liked this chapter; I definitely wanna keep going, but there's no point if nobody likes it.~ And a big thanks to @SMFoxy for their continued support.~
  3. The sound of a motor slowly humming echoes in the boy's ear gazing upon the darkness of the night and seeing a large mass of trees engulfing the area he is currently on. His elbow rests on the car seat as his hand press against his cheek, glancing at the window of the car he tries his best to ignore the feeling of homesickness. This is his life now he has to endure the change, even if he dislikes it. The taxi zooms across the road ahead heading toward a large school building in the horizon, which is Gilbert's location and notice it shine brightly around it, almost as to welcome all the newcomers to this special school. It seems the young man has enrolled in a new school which he barely managed to get in with the help of the church and his high intelligence, he sees his reflection in the car mirror and closes his eyes recollecting how far he came, compared to how he began crawling from nothing to now. His head lifted up to see the taxi stop at the gate in front of them, unable to proceed any further, so Gil reaches to his left pocket for the money need for the little trip. He sees the little amount of money he has left vanish as it reaches the hand of the taxi driver and quickly gets out from the car to see the car flee from the scene. "All or nothing." Gil mutters. His eyes glare at the large complex building ahead of him, since he used all of his money to reach this place the point of no return starts now. No money, no second chance, and nothing that could benefit him if he should fail or run away but his determine eyes linger, unfazed by the consequences or risk he chose to take. Gil walks forward seeing a scanner to the side of the gate which he was aware of since they did give him his own personal ID to enter and he reaches to his right pocket to pull such item. His right-hand pulls out his ID to let the device scan it for a few seconds before it blinks green and soon the gate begins to open to give him access to the school. The young man walks inside looking around while recalling on the little guidance told in the letter giving to him prior to his travel and glances to the right to see a large building that holds many doors to be the dorm building. This is his first time witnessing such luxury for himself since this school is very known for spending lots of money to breed the prodigy of the next generation and he could see richness oozing from each building he sees. "Now, where's room 1106..." Gil ponders. Gilbert stands in the middle of the courtyard of this tall building as it looks at him down. Witnessing many doors that each holds a room and a person chosen by the school for their gift. Sadly for Gil, he had no special talent compare to his peers beside being lucky enough to pass the scholarship tests to get recognition and barely escaping that old worn out church that needs repair sooner rather than later. Even so, he didn't dare let a single doubt burrow into his mind. He has sacrificed everything to get this far so he uses his own motivation to push him through and walk toward the staircase to look for the room he needs to find so he can call it a day and get some sleep. It took a while to reach his dorm room using the guide scatter around the walls to help him reach the top of the floor and using the elevator which made it easy on him. The sound of the door opening is heard as he uses his ID which made Gil sigh with relief. He looks around at the rather large room or rooms since he imagines it would be a simple one room. A large living room with a kitchen welcomes his presence which he could see lots of tools to cook and furniture of top quality here. To his left is two doors, one leading to his room while the other lead to the bathroom and Gil promptly head towards the bed to leap after the softness it provides. He turns off the light only letting in the natural light pass through the closed curtain as his right-hand rest on his forehead and looks at the ceiling to think about what will happen from now on. Gil sigh and slowly closes his eyes unsure on what the future will hold for him but it didn't bother him since he has no other choice but to move forward. "And it begins." Chapter 1 The Beginning of the End Gil's mind remains unconscious throughout the night. Resting like usual until a certain peculiar dream occurs and he awoken by such an odd feeling. His sight welcomes him into a luxury plane flying across the night sky of this world looking out from the small window available to him while pondering on this location. Immediately, Gil could notice that he couldn't move his body like usual almost like he's lethargic or his body is made of lead the best he could do is move his eyes. "Ah, welcome to the Velvet Room." Gil pause, looking toward the source of the sound seeing a strange looking man with bloodshot eyes looking at him intensely while bearing a wide grin and wearing a black suit with white gloves. His humanity could be questioned by his long nose and pointed ears as he sits on his table in front of him. "How unlucky for such a young man like yourself to have such an unforeseen fate befalling you soon." The man spoke, chuckling. The young man wanted to growl at this comment but his voice is also not functioning as he wanted it to and is only able to listen to the small taunt of something BIG foreshadowing but he is unaware of what exactly. Still, the boy remains quiet and lets the man speak his piece and see what he wants from him and go from there. "Where are my manners, an introduction is needed here. My name is Igor, I am very delighted to make an acquaintance with the man responsible for holding such responsibility." Igor comment. Gil thinks about the man's weird name for a second not getting this fate thing nor what kind of "responsibility" he holds. Igor smiles widely as his left hand is placed above the table as a deck of cards appear on the table and spreads them apart to not reveal the faces of the cards. The young man's eyes focus on the card shuffling around like some sort of party trick not impress and not truly knowing the true purpose of such ritual. "You will soon understand the importance of this place, this realm exists between mind and matter. It separates dream from reality, in other words, only those who have forged a contract may enter but for you, such contract will be available," Igor explains, "Think of this as a small introduction of what's to occur soon and until next time." Igor adds. Gilbert's vision begins to shrink as the darkness began to close in on him trying to ask some question but such question will be postponed hearing the sound of birds chirping which causes him to wake up on reality. He blinks rapidly seeing himself back in the dorm room turning around to see the time, 7:30 AM and gets up from the bed to get ready for his class. [August 26, Monday] Early Morning The young man spends the time washing his face in the bathroom outside of his room and looks at the mirror and begins to think of that strange dream he had with that man. He ignored it as a simple but random dream like any other. As he enters the living room, his eyes took notice of a paper on the table to which he grabs it and examines. The paper contains the information to his homeroom, there is one last item he needs to find before departing and he quickly finds it with the guidance of the sunlight. A black uniform is displayed on the couch in the living room with a thin smile appearing on his face he grabs it to feel the softness and silk of the articles of clothing to head toward his classroom. "This looks rather expensive, I wish they didn't go overboard with these clothes" Gil mutters, smiling gently. It took a while for Gil to change himself to his uniform setting him to be a senior of this academy while he changes he notices how comfortable they are, so he decides to use these clothes as his common clothing from now on. His fingers stretch back the black gloves to see how his hands feel considering he usually never wears gloves and adjusts his collar to be folded down just like with his long sleeves. He closes the button to hide his white shirt underneath it and pat his black trouser to quickly head outside of his room and locks it so he can scout the area for a bit. His black and white sneakers press against the hard concrete as Gil walk towards the massive building standing proud on this large acre and remembers the number of his homeroom, 1-A. The famous World High school is renown for letting only the best of the best here which he only managed to get an audience with them by passing some rather difficult scholarship exams and taking his time learning the layout of this place. After a few twists and turn around this place on the 1st floor, Gil has reached his homeroom and opening the door to find nobody here since he arrives a bit early to find it. Still, he closes the door behind him to enter the room and slowly heads to the back of the classroom to find a seat and chooses to sit closer to the window to his left. As he waits he notices the students beginning to arrive. He remained quiet as he sees the students that arrive begin to talk to one another. It didn't matter to him since his only goal in life has always been getting stronger, even if mean shouldering everything on his own. The class begins as normal as everyone gets their name called out by the teacher, he dozes off not really paying much attention and focuses outside the window to see the dorm room from here. Before he knew it, the simple first day passes him by without much a problem and not fully realizing the incoming mess slowly inching toward a major life-changing event. Afternoon It seems the homeroom teacher is just telling the students information about the school and more information about the school app than anything else it seems there's no lecture, for today at least. odd, but effective none the less since he has no prior experience with smartphones it's appreciated to have the basic information of it. With Gilbert being the only one lacking a proper phone, he has received one from the academy to use and check his class, grade, maps, rules, and any intel about the high school which will be quite useful. Everyone took their leave for today as Gil sighs leaving the crowded room once more not really interacting with anyone and taking the new information up to his room. Gil walks across the concrete seeing lots of students moving across the empty field toward and out from the student dorms which made him think of how he will spend his free time should it come to that. The answer is obvious since he didn't come here to talk to anyone, Gilbert came here to strive to be perfect, to be strong and be successful in life so he can have the power to do anything. With that in mind, he silently heads to the elevator to take him back into the door 1106 and using his ID card he opens the door and finally feels the first day jitters began to fade away. Gil puts his ID card on the kitchen counter to quickly pick it up just in case he decides to leave somewhere, he doesn't want to accidentally forget it and enter his room for the first time with some decent light now. His eyes scan the area a bit more closely now unlike his late arrival and quick departure of his room. It didn't take long for him to find something new in this room which is a large mirror facing toward his bed and his right hand reach for his bangs to play while pondering about such an old antique item. "An old mirror? I don't remember this thing being here last time..." Gil mutters, as he looks at his reflection "Maybe I overlook such large item because I was tired?" He adds, unsure. Gilbert stares at the mirror reflecting his image for a few seconds to think of the matter before dropping it as a simple trick of the eye and felt strangely tired and lethargic. A small yawn escapes his lips as his body quickly drops into the bed feeling heavy he closes his eyes to take a quick nap before getting into business. An unknown amount of time passes as Gil wakes up from his nap feeling a bit drowsy getting his right palm on his head and shaking his head at the small pain coming from his head. His eyes glance at the window to see pitch-darkness which made him surprise since he didn't expect to be asleep for that long. Normally, it should be around 4:00 PM but the clock didn't suffice as it wasn't turn on this whole time for some bizarre reason. He promptly heads toward the light switch to turn it on. After a few flips of the switch, Gil figures the light went out for some reason, so there is not much he can do about the light then he takes out his phone and frowns seeing that the phone's battery is dead despite receiving it new with a full charge. "Something is off here, the time around here doesn't add up and the sudden blackout doesn't make sense this school has back up generator in case this happens. Well, it looks like I have no choice but to search for some decent answers for myself." Gil spoke. Gilbert left his room to head to the living room to find nothing untouched around here which is a good sign and heads toward the counter to pick up his ID just in case. He opens the door to find there are no lights in sight since it looks like this blackout affected everyone here too and also mean the elevator is unusable right now. The stairs seem like a pain but went down them regardless since it is the only path open for him. He reaches the bottom safely despite lacking any source of light beside the massive moon hanging on top of him. "Hold on..." Gil pause. When the subject of the moon came to mind, he took a mere second to look up to see the rather closeness of the moon and making it stand out like a sore thumb. He became baffled by such a scene, the passing of time, the lack of electricity and now this. Gil crosses his arms glaring at the large, shinning object looking at him down and only having more questions than answers which means more trouble. The only reasonable conclusion that came to Gilbert's mind is that he's still dreaming from the stress and overwhelm of the academy so he pinches his elbow to feel pain. Gilbert began to pinch harder to feel the pain growing and feeling it like he would normally which quickly push such theory aside. "Okay, so I am not dreaming this whole thing..." Gil grunt, "But that doesn't explain these weird circumstances and only makes me look like an insane person." He sighs. In fact, he feels a weird pressure around here that screams danger and even he felt a chill travel down his spine. Gil couldn't comprehend the reaction coming from his body since his mind is perplex by all of this and neglects the warning as a sign of instability. His head turns to face the large building that makes World High School. Maybe someone here can explain this whole situation to him since he lacks any intel. Although the school looks more dangerous, lack any source of light and it looks like there's no one there, Gilbert still insists on entering there. His loud step echoes in the darkness making his presence know on this quiet environment and he looks around rather cautiously. Nevertheless, Gil safely reaches the door which opens without the need of the ID since the electricity shut down, and enters the large building looking for the nearest office. The young man could barely see anything inside of here so he chooses to idle for a bit for his eyes to adjust to the night before venturing forth. His eyes narrow once he realized the layout of the 1st floor look remarkably "misplaced" and not the same hallways as he remembers during his first trip here. Despite that, he walks around slowly to find the office which isn't here from the look of it. he looks around for any source of light to make it easy. As Gil was about to leave the school building, he could hear a faint step coming from the stairs and quickly approaching down into the 1st floor where he is currently in. The sight of a blond young man appears as he looks a bit astonished to find Gil inside of this dimension and Gil seeing his glowing eerie golden eyes look back at him. "Well, Well, look at what the cat dragged in. A mere mortal dare steps into my realm without MY permission?" The boy spoke, grinning. Gil took his stance as he notices the menacing grin on his face showing an expression of delight. He gets a feeling danger coming from this guy which he scorns, he glares at this fool that dares address him like he's nothing more than an insect. The blond boy has the same uniform of World High so he must be a student here but his glowing eyes can be questionable of his humanity and his mocking smile beaming with confident almost feels like he believes he owns this place. Gil chuckle, amuse, "Ever the jokester, I never knew such stupidity can be found here and let alone a mere clown." Gil taunt. This anger the blond boy neglecting the true danger he holds as Gil remains calm and compose about meeting a fake god in front of him. That will soon change as he began to leap after him with such nimbleness that made Gilbert's eyes widen and hastily block the strong punch that pushes his body away and his feet drag at the strong force which he grunts halting in place. His arms felt numb from that rather quick jab into his cross arms which Gil took note of and drop to his knees panting to regain his strength back. His chest rises and fall trying to get some air back into his body while the blond boy scuff at Gilbert's state. "What's wrong? Is talking all you're good for?" The boy taunts, "You are weak, mortals like you need to be disciplined and taught a lesson." He continues. This agitated Gil as his right-hand folds into a fist that pounds into the floor while his eyes frown at this person with hatred, just the thought of this nobody thinking his weak is infuriating. His life's purpose is to get stronger, to become perfect in any way, to accomplish his own personal goal and not wanting to feel weak or helpless. Gil made a mad dash after him raising his right hand for a right punch to his dull smile but soon realizes his mistake as the boy easily dodges and punches his stomach making him gasp for air. Gil's body is pushed back even further and crashes into the window to let his body fly into the night sky. The shattered glass flies with him reflecting the moonlight glittering around him and as he feels his body falling. The deep sense of frustration and shame begin to swirl around his mind Impossible...All my life has led to this?...back to where I started? His train of thought stop as his body remind him of the pain as it drags across the grass. He clenches his teeth to hold back a scream and breaths heavily unable to move without some kind of pain. Gilbert's head slowly lifts from the floor to see the boy hovering from the air quickly deducting him to be a non-human and not something he should mess with but, it is far too late for a retreat. "Oh well, you did give me some time to watch you fail and indulge me in a way, but your miserable life will end now." He said, seriously. Gil's body turns around to start dragging his damage body across the dirt with humiliation and shame overlooking the fact that he isn't human to begin with, and realistically there's no way he could have won. His hand pushes forward trying to get away but it fails. Then he feels something pressing his back while a hand grabs his head and lifts him up and he sees a blade near his throat. he grunts at the uncomfortable position he is in. A small cut appears on Gilbert' throat, leaking a trail of blood while his mind panics and he begins to feel time slow down around him as he thinks about the loss. The loss that came to him as the blade slash through his throat as he began to choke on his own blood blocking his throat and releasing his head to drown by it. The blond boy smirks letting a scuff and walks away already bored of him. Gil's limp body remains frozen as the blond boy knew he will die in a couple of seconds and begins to walk away from the soon dead body but strangely he hears whispering coming from behind him. He turns around and notices that those pesky whispering came from Gilbert himself. He couldn't make out what words he utter from him since they sound so old and inhuman than to his surprise Gilbert's body releases a powerful wave of force which pushes him away from the area grunting at this power bursting from him. "Ngh, what power is this!?" The boy asks, angrily. Before such action took place, as the blade meet his soft skin his mind quickly race and began to lose conciseness quickly followed by the sound of gurgling. Gil's head hit the floor dying as he feels the cold hand of death grip his soul he only felt pure hate at himself for letting himself become so weak and helpless What is life to you?...what's the true meaning behind your life? His eyes open slowly to find himself falling into the void seeing every angle be sunk into darkness and hearing a strange voice echoing inside of his mind. The question made him wonder about his purpose in living, seeking to be perfect, to be powerful and never feeling weak ever again. Being weak means being taken advantage by others and being helpless as the people you love are in need of help but you're too weak to do anything. The power that he needs, a power that will make his goal come true and be perfect to his own eyes. Do you...want power? His eyes widen to see a large eye looking back at him from the void but one became two and three which quickly turn into many, gazing at every direction possible. A large mouth began to open as it slowly devours him letting an eerie groan or growl before closing it down to eat Gilbert entirely, leaving this hell. You know what you need to do...whisper my name... Back at his real body, his eyes shot open as his body began to heat up and exerting a tremendous amount of power. Gil slowly gets up from the floor as the cut on his throat begins to heal up while he begins to shout in pain while dark tendril appears from his shadow. The tendrils wrap around his body as if they were being glued to his body quickly forming into a black covering outfit. A red, tattered, hooded cloak appear followed by a black scarf with two trails copying his Persona and his black gloves remain. His raw pressure began to ease down and he softly pants showing he's alive. Gilbert begins to pause feeling the raw power coursing throughout his body blowing away all his expectations. Gil turns around to face the blond boy once again as a black upper half mask materialize as six red eyes look back at him and Gilbert is prepared to show him what he is capable now. The chain wrap around his right arms began to rattle and happy to return the favor of trying to kill him. For some odd logic, Gil could understand the monster living inside of him and how to use his power, and in the back of his mind, he knows the name of the being that gave him the power to fight back. "Nyarlathotep" [Act 1 End] Character Seeking: Chapter 1 [M/F] Mascot A Male or Female mascot that can guide and teach the other persona-users which can become human upon exit the "Other Side" [M/F] 4th Persona-user It varies on the Mascot's Gender, any persona-user with the available arcana is accepted. [F] Velvet Room Assisance Chapter 2 N/A
  4. *Left Behind* *Chapter One: The Survivors* Lugia's revival was catastrophic for the Johto region. The beast rose from its home, deep within the Whirl Islands, and laid waste to everything around it. Olivine City's coastline was transformed from a pristine beach to a rubble-peppered disaster area. Further inland, Ecruteak City and the famed Moomoo Ranch were hit with heavy rainfall that forced evacuations. But Cianwood City was ravaged. Goldenrod City was to be the next target for Lugia, but the guardian of the seas was defeated by 2 brave trainers, its progress halted just outside of Olivine City. But their victory was short-lived and pyrrhic. Both were hybrids of human and Pokémon. One was half-Delphox, and the other was half-Cinccino. Together, they drove the terrifying monster to retreat. But, as a final, devastating act of defiance and spite, the guardian beast of the sea called upon the waters in which it resided, ordering their wrath to come forth. While Lugia returned to its dwelling beneath the Whirl Islands, the angry sea it commanded rose to swallow much of southern Olivine in a crashing wall of seawater. What was left was hardly recognisable as the city that once stood there. In fact, were it not for the Glitter Lighthouse still standing, anyone who hadn't seen Olivine City before this event would assume that nothing had ever been there. Amidst the destruction, many bodies lay strewn about, looking ironically not unlike fish in a market. And amongst the dead was the Cinccino hybrid, having drowned when the wave hit. The Delphox hybrid had seemingly vanished, evading death by Lugia's sickening brutality. He was presumed still alive, and some claim to have seen him since the event. But our story does not end here, with one trainer swallowed up by the sea in a fit of tyrannical rage and another supposedly vanished without a trace. Rather, this is the beginning. "...And listeners are reminded to exercise extreme caution if travelling on or near Route 34. The area is still experiencing heavy flooding, and many dangerous wild Pokémon have been seen in the vicinity. In addition, Ilex Forest remains inaccessible, due to downed trees blocking the path. Road crews have been dispatched-" A paw came down, and the eerie robotic voice from the radio was silenced. A Clefable was the cause, and she shook her head in disapproval at the Pachirisu-human hybrid who had been listening. Ironically in shock, she turned to face the feral Clefable. "Treble, what the fuck?! That was important!" She possessed almost platinum-blonde hair that reached just past her shoulders. In her anger at the intrusion, sparks shot from her plump cheeks. Noticeably plump for a human, but she was partially a rodent, and would, of course, naturally have such large cheeks. If one were to try guessing at her identity with a picture of her face as their only reference, the cheeks would give her the appearance that she was overweight, though she certainly wasn't. She wore what could not be mistaken as anything but a maid's outfit, modified to have an opening for her spectacular tail. It reached far past her head before curling around itself, as would a squirrel's tail. Mostly white in colour with a robin's-egg blue streak down the full length, and 3 spiky protrusions near the point at which it curled, this tail was easily her most obvious feature. She glared daggers at the female Clefable who had silenced the radio, but the feral Fairy type didn't falter. "No, Pachi; it wasn't. That was the same emergency broadcast they've had playing on repeat since you turned that thing on this morning; not a damned thing has changed!" Both girls belonged to the Delphox who had gone missing since the Olivine City event, though the anthro was formerly reared by a different trainer. The Cinccino who became a statistic, drowning in the aforementioned incident. However, the Delphox had taken her in long before that. Training, as well as his occupation, made him decently wealthy. Though outdoors, the sky was grey and dreary from the remnants of Lugia's attack, the girls enjoyed not just shelter, but comfort and luxury in the trainer's house. This confrontation, in fact, was taking place in a spacious living room. Though the previous storm had died out, the curtains were still shut, obscuring the outside world with a shroud of silk. A wall-mounted television droned on in the background, tuned into a local news station. Scattered around the walls were photographs of the trainer in question, as well as some framed certificates. Many other Pokémon called this place home, but they were in different rooms at the moment. In one of these bedrooms, in the company of a feral Shuckle, an anthropomorphic Vaporeon lay sick in bed. Similarly clothed to the Pachirisu, she was also raised by the Cinccino boy. She was a sight to behold, though certainly not in a good way, as her entire body exuded a sickly aura. Sweat glued her pitch black hair to her face. Her blue eyes were cloudy with fatigue. Though she had a gorgeous tail, it hung limply over the side of her bed, her tailfin brushing against the floor. "B-Beryl?" Her voice was as weak as her body as she called out to the Shuckle. "Is it ready?" The Shuckle presented her with a small ceramic cup, a little over 3 quarters full of a steaming, blue liquid. "It should be. Sorry; Lum Berries are hard to come by, but I think I made a nice substitute." The ill Vaporeon, clearly not in a position to refuse, gratefully accepted the cup. "I'm sure it's wonderful, sweetie. But I must admit, you have me curious. What's in it?" Even softened and crippled by illness, what still remained of her sweet, kind voice brought a smile to Beryl. "Oh; w-well, it's mostly Oran and Rawst, to help lower your fever and restore your energy." As Beryl explained the nature of the concoction, Vaporeon gently blew on it. "And I added honey, to offset the bitterness." Rawst Berries, especially ones of high quality, tend to have a rather unpleasant, bitter flavour. After thanking her makeshift pharmacist, Vaporeon tipped the cup back with a weak, joking "mazel tov.~" The hot liquid flowed down her throat, and seemed immediately to soothe her volatile insides. Not only that, but... "It's delicious, Beryl!" Lining the fence around an impressive garden were several lines of sand bags. Flooding from Lugia's storm had damaged the garden of this lovely house, and an equally lovely young lady was working to salvage what she could of the remains. Beryl the Shuckle complained about the scarcity of Lum Berries, and she certainly wasn't wrong. Most of the plants had died in the flood, leaving only the more water-resistant ones intact. The girl taking care of the ruined garden gave a solemn shake of her head. The articles of clothing she wore matched the Pachirisu and the Vaporeon, but the colours did not. Her uniform was accented with wine red frills, and her apron, as well as the bow tying it behind her back, were both a deep sort of pine green. Despite the dreary weather, she wore a sun hat with several crimson flowers woven in. That she was originally a Grass type Pokémon would surprise nobody. Specifically, she was a Bellossom. "A damn shame," she pouted. With delicate paws, she sifted through a muddy puddle and retrieved several large Passho Berries. "These, I can save with no problem. But the others,..." her gaze shifted from plant to plant. "I don't know what I can do." Again, she let her eyes scan the drowned garden. She could swear she saw something moving, but not amongst the plants. The garden boasted a manmade pond, which had overflowed from rainwater. Certainly, it contributed to the damage. Carefully, Bellossom advanced on the pond. "H-Hello?" Her voice and her footsteps, the latter of which produced squelching sounds on contact with the muddy ground, were both unsure. The closer she drew to the pond, the more dread she felt in anticipation of what she'd find. She asked again. "Hello? Who's there?" This time, she received an answer. From beneath the pond, a majestic Dragonair rose. A thing of slender beauty, the jewels on her body glittered even in the dim light of the cloudy sky. "I hope you aren't surprised to see me, dearie.~" The Dragonair spoke with an air of regality, but in a vocabulary more playful than condescending. "You, out of all the maids, should know I frequent the garden pond." With a paw over her chest from the initial shock, Bellossom replied. "I don't serve you, first of all. I serve your master. Secondly, you scared the Hell out of me!" Dragonair's response was a chuckle. "Calm down, why don't you? You're as high-strung as your sister!" She punctuated her statement with a playful flick of her bejeweled tail, which resulted in Bellossom being splashed. The maid's uniform took most of it, but it wasn't as though it was dry before that. Or clean, for that matter; she had been tending the garden, after all. Besides, at the moment, she was more concerned by the Dragonair's words than by the slightly dingy water she had just weaponised. "Sister? N-No; I'm not related to anybody here." That earned another laugh from the prideful Dragon type. "The rodent, sweetie.~" Bellossom gave that answer a moment to swirl about in her mind. "The rodent? Dragonair, that doesn't narrow it down a whole lot." There were 3 possible ladies Dragonair could've been referring to, as 3 rodents called the spacious dwelling home. The Pachirisu who had been using the radio obviously was one, but the teasing dragon's side of the family also included 2 beautiful ladies belonging to the chubby-cheeked masses. The Delphox's daughter, and his wife. The wife was a Cinccino, predictably meaning their union produced a Minccino. In this case, however, Dragonair referred to "Pachirisu, honey." "We aren't related," Bellossom repeated. "We were just raised by the same trainer." "And I assume you considered this trainer, Arceus rest his soul, to be a family member," Dragonair continued, unhindered as always by Bellossom's arguements. The maid couldn't argue with such a statement, and her bitter tone softened as she looked down at the ground. "O-Okay. You got me there." Satisfied with her victory, Dragonair laughed before sinking back down beneath the waters of the pond. Bellossom thrust a paw forward, but only grasped air and mist. "Dammit." A Magikarp fillet sizzled in a pan, under the watchful eyes of an anthropomorphic Goodra. "I hope Vappy likes this." She eyed the dish-to-be a bit closer. "Almost. A couple more minutes should do it." She seemed very much at home in the kitchen, in no small part due to the apron on her uniform. She, too, was a maid. The others would more specifically refer to her as the head maid, though she refuted that title. To say that she was a large woman would be a gross understatement. The uniform strained with her every step, only barely containing her colossal frame. But, just as large would be an understatement, to say she was unattractive would be a blatant lie. Poorly hidden by her ill-fitting uniform was a body perhaps more befitting a fertility goddess than a Goodra. Hips that swayed like a hypnotist's watch, and a bosom more than sufficient to instill envy in the majority of the female population. Truly, she was a sight to behold, even despite the slimy nature of her body. Of all of the maids, it's likely she was hurt the most by her master's passing. Even when she moved into the Delphox's house, she had made a habit of seeing her previous master at least once a day. Whether it was for a cup of tea and a nice chat, or a more intimate outing, they were together for at least a short time whenever possible. She was inconsolable for quite some time after her previous master's death, and she still wasn't comfortable speaking of it. Soon after the move, she was appointed to the position of head maid, due in equal parts to her maturity and experience. She was doubtful the meal she was making would reach the stomach of its intended recipient, but she cooked it anyway. If Vaporeon was too sick to eat it, surely Dragonair would partake. She shook her head as her thoughts drifted to the infirm Vaporeon. Her condition was doubtlessly worthy of pity, but the sad truth was that she had somewhat brought it upon herself. In an attempt to slim down so she could teach her master how to swim, she had quite overdone things, eventually developing a severe eating disorder which had horribly endangered her health. There was a reason Beryl had been keeping watch over her. While the Water type was recovering, it would certainly be a long process, and Beryl's presence could only help. Dinner would be ready soon; besides the fish, Goodra had prepared a variety of dishes for the girls. Some got more food than others, as she still followed the rules her previous master gave as best she could. Vaporeon, still recovering, was to receive the smallest portion, to ensure she could keep it down. Goodra herself would be having some roast Pidgeotto left over from a previous meal, along with a small serving of mixed vegetables and a cup of tea. Despite her weight suggesting otherwise, Goodra didn't eat very large portions. Especially in these times of scarcity, with supplies limited from Lugia's attack. Stores had sold out quickly, so much of what the girls had for food was already in the house beforehand. And, as Goodra looked through the pantry, she sighed. They had food enough to last perhaps a week, but they would need to leave home in search of more soon. She thought to herself about where best to search, but she didn't have much time alone with her thoughts before she felt a sudden chill. She had company, and she knew it in an instant. "Ruri?" She spoke in a very maternal, warm tone of voice. "No use hiding, sweetie.~" From around a corner, a ravishing Alolan Ninetales entered the kitchen. One of the charges of the homeowner, she stood in stark contrast to the Goodra's abundance of blubber. Ruri, an anthro like the Goodra, was slender and gorgeous. "Damn; was I really that obvious?" "Oh, please!" Goodra chided her. "I felt the chill you put into the air a couple of minutes ago, little kit.~" Vapour clouds formed in the air as Ruri laughed. "You flatter me, dear, but I'm far from a kit." "Then you should've taken the compliment." Goodra was clearly too caught up in food preparation to realise that she had just, in essence, called somebody of nearly equal age a child. Or, far more likely, she didn't care. It was common for her to refer to others as "dear," "sweetie," "darling," "honey," and other pet names typically reserved for speaking to a younger audience. Even her previous master received such nicknames. The Delphox didn't mind these nicknames, but it's unlikely he could've stopped her, anyway. As the old saying goes, old habits die hard. Deciding not to pry further and risk angering a literal fire breathing dragon, Ruri changed the subject. "So, how's dinner going?" The maternal smile now firmly back on Goodra's face, she gladly responded. "It's nearly ready, honey. I'll need about 10 more minutes." Ruri nodded. The smells of various food combined into an assault on her sensitive vulpine nose, and she had to leave the kitchen. Just as well, since, with dinner soon to hit the table, she thought she should announce this to the others. Most of them, at least; a portly Wigglytuff anthro was already seated at the dining room table. "Portly," as with calling the Goodra large, may be quite an understatement to describe the Wigglytuff. There were similarities between the two of them - both were maids, both were previouly in service to the Cinccino, and both possessed large frames - but, where Goodra's plumpness was centred on her hips, Wigglytuff's was almost purely in her belly. It can't be said that she was unhealthy; her health was near-impeccable. But her weight gain was certainly caused neither by a curse, nor was it the result of her puffing herself up, as Wigglytuff are quite skilled in doing as a defense mechanism. She was, indeed, legitimately overweight, and she made no effort to deny that. In many ways, she was the antithesis to the sickly Vaporeon. While she was significantly overweight, but healthy, the Vaporeon was malnourished and weak. Even as she sat, waiting for dinner, she was snacking on a Poffin. "You're the chef tonight, Goodra?" she asked, though, with a mouthful of Poffin and jam, it sounded quite unintelligible. "Don't talk with your mouth full, dearie," was Goodra's gentle, scolding response. "But yes. I hope you haven't spoiled your appetite with those treats. I expect you to clean your plate." Somebody only just then entering earshot could be forgiven for thinking that Goodra had told Wigglytuff a hysterical joke, judging by the corpulent lapine's uproarious laughter. "Goodra, did you forget who you're talking to? Has there EVER been a time when I haven't cleaned my plate, except when I was sick?~" To her surprise, her answer came not from the motherly dragon, but from an actual mother. "You didn't exactly starve yourself then, either, hun." Kianna Russet. And in tow was her daughter, Kylie. With the homeowner missing, these 2 were in charge for the time being. Cinccino and Minccino respectively, they were hand-in-hand as they approached the table. "Vaporeon, the poor dear, couldn't have kept down a quarter of what you ate that day," Kianna continued playfully. "Don't be so hard on Auntie," Kylie piped up, though she was clearly being just as playful. Not only that, but Wigglytuff clearly wasn't offended, since she was still laughing. Goodra, on the other hand, greeted them both with a bow. "I trust Ruri told you dinner will be ready soon. Will you be joining us?" Kianna nodded. "Absolutely, dear. Your cooking is divine.~" "You flatter me, mistress," Goodra beamed, clearly blushing as she performed a few last-minute checks of the dishes she made. Apparently, she was satisfied with what she found, as she excused herself, the reason being that she needed "to go get Artemis." Kianna typically sat at the head if the dinner table, and that night was no exception. As for Kylie, since Wigglytuff was the only other one seated, she sat beside the bulging bunny. The figures of the ladies of the house were rather hard to decipher, as the thick, luxurious fur that makes their species so coveted to this day added noticeable size. Thus, it was hard to tell if either mother or child were large or simply particularly thick-furred. But the fact that both were beautiful couldn't be hidden by anything. As they engaged in small talk, Pachirisu and Treble entered the room. The fight over the radio hadn't been forgotten; both shot angry glares at each other after taking their seats. Dragonair was next, but Bellossom didn't follow. She had to change her clothes after having worked in the muddy garden. On her way back inside, Dragonair had met up with her master's Chatot, the only male living in the house in the homeowner's absence, and he too was at the table. Prior to the Lugia incident, the Chatot, affectionately named Pesky, served as an alarm clock for the Delphox. Few could sleep through the shrill cry of a Chatot. Now, though, he helped out however he could. This usually consisted of scavenging for berries. Lately, he had been coming up empty, even from his usual haunts. He joined in the conversation almost immediately after landing on the table; it was a rare moment when Pesky was speechless. "L-Look; I appreciate your help, but I can do this on my own." The Vaporeon's insistance in no way deterred the helpful duo tailing her. A feral Lucario was one of them. Belonging to the Delphox, she possessed a strong sense of justice. Much of her day had been spent training; as would be expected, her fighting skills were admirable. "I'd like to believe that, but last time we left you to your own devices, you-" "I know," Vaporeon cut her off. "I fell down. I'm sick, you two; not a baby!" She felt a soft paw on her shoulder, and knew instantly to whom it belonged. "Sylvie, don't worry about me. I told you; I'm fine." Sure enough, the immaculate, manicured paw was that of one of her fellow maids. A Sylveon anthro, and that, in and of itself, may have been a contributer to why she didn't lash out at the lovely Fairy type. Of all of the maids, Sylveon was the most well-dressed. From head to toe, she was a picture of elegance and femininity. Of course, just being a Sylveon was helpful in that regard. Her pink hair, which reached about the point where her chest and stomach met, was done up with ribbons. Her eyes, lashes pronounced, were a bright, cheery sort of robin's egg blue. Her lips, soft and plump, were painted a rosy pink by lipstick. If anybody wanted to find her, it was a safe bet that she'd be in a bathroom, or otherwise looking into a mirror, with which she was adjusting her makeup. "Sorry," she said with a kind, if a bit airy voice. "We can't take any chances." Vaporeon groaned, but relented. "Fine; if it'll make you 2 feel better." By the time the Vaporeon and her helpers made it to the table, much of it was already set. Not only was Goodra hefting dish after dish in front of the waiting diners, but a feral Braixen was helping her. This was Artemis. Normally caught up with practicing spells, she was more than happy to help Goodra. She did so by levitating some of the dishes. Between the 2 of them, setting the table was an easy task. Artemis brushed sweat off of her fur with a paw. She was still getting the hang of levitation. Dinner was full of chatter and giggling; it was one of the few moments when everybody could pretend the ravaging of their lands had never happened. Perhaps 10 minutes into the meal, however, the sound of silverware against glass was heard. All eyes were on Kianna, who was standing. The clinking sound she had made brought silence over the room. And, when she finally spoke, after a few seconds of visibly trying to find the best words to explain herself, it was decidedly not to give good news. "Everybody, I'm afraid we have a problem." *Author's note* And it begins! This story is being written with permission from the amazing @SMFoxy, using characters from our previous RPs. I apologise for the decline in quality and volume near the end of this chapter. I had been saying for long enough that this would be ready soon, and I finally sat down and immersed myself. There wasn't anything too bad in this chapter, but please be warned that I intend for this to be a very dark story. With that said, I hope you like this, and I hope you want more. The real point of this chapter was kinda to introduce the characters, since we'll be following them for quite some time. Don't worry if you're still in the dark, though. We'll get to know them better as the story goes on. Huge thanks to @SMFoxy, for their help in this.
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    fanfiction Lovesick: A Moment Of Silence

    Some of you know I have a story on here called Lovesick. It's about a sick Shaymin in love with a trainer who wants to cure her. Well, I decided to write a prequel of sorts. This explains why Shaymin is with the trainer, despite being wild. This was touched on, but not really elaborated on. If I may stroke my cock ego for a bit, Lovesick is still up, and available for reading.~ There's more than one Shaymin. More than one Latios. More than one Latias. It makes sense, doesn't it? When you think about it, it's a bit ludicrous to step back and take in the view of a windswept meadow or a treacherous forest and think every blade of grass, every tree, every flower, and every dandelion puff was all the work of a single entity. Arceus Himself didn't even create Sinnoh single-handedly, let alone the myriad of species that live there. That's precisely why the Legendaries exist. Clearly, though, these deities are not immortal. Not invincible. The mere fact that a Shaymin had the incredibly poor fortune to contract a rare and fatal disease is proof of this. But that wasn't her first brush with death. All Shaymin have access to an island in the extreme northeast of Sinnoh. The sun beat down on this one in particular that day as she tended to her property. As it usually did; when Arceus designated that bit of land for the original Shaymin and her descendants, He called on Groudon and Kyogre, to ensure that the weather there would be hospitable towards the growth and health of abundant plant life. Shaymin herself included, of course. Judging by what, indeed, could only be called an abundance of plant life, it clearly worked. Few humans have ever been lucky enough to see what they've rather appropriately dubbed "Flower Paradise," but the general consensus is that, besides Shaymin, no wild Pokémon live there. This is simply fallacy. However, one can hardly blame the misinformed for being misinformed, given what the truth actually is. The plant life does attract Pokémon. However, humans do not typically have the opportunity to venture to the Flower Paradise unless Shaymin allows it. This is relevant because the wild Pokémon hide when a guest of Shaymin approaches. To date, the Flower Paradise has been home to dozens of Shaymin, and these Shaymin have played host to a myriad of human guests. Among these humans lucky enough to be granted an audience with the rulers of fertility, most have been trainers. However, there are exceptions to every rule. It's known that Professor Samuel Oak is permitted entry. As well, engaged and married couples are sometimes shown favour and allowed to enter. In fact, at least one recorded incident has taken place in which a Shaymin, having particular interest in a wedding, posed as the bride's bouquet. It is not the case, however, that Shaymin are attracted by the victorious, the studious, or even the betrothed. Rather, what attracts a Shaymin is gratitude. Of course, Shaymin have personalities all their own. But, as a whole, as a biological instinct, these wondrous deities are drawn to the thankful. Shaymin, as well, are quick to show gratitude of their own. In the Sinnoh region, in fact, Shaymin's name is evoked as the punchline of jeers directed towards the overly talkative, or the overly polite. Shaymin winced as sweat stung her eyes; only now did she realise how long she had been tending her island-wide garden. Moreover, the scent of rain was faint in the air, and she knew she'd soon have to retreat to her shelter. First, of course, her eyes needed cared for. Pure, clean water flowed in a spring nearby, and she used it to splash the sweat out of her eyes. As she blinked the last bits of water away, she smiled. She couldn't help herself from being prideful, gaze resting upon a magical garden of her own creation. Everything seemed to be in order, and the rain would only aid in their growth. Content with that knowledge, Shaymin began the short journey towards shelter. A burrow, cleverly hidden beneath one of the countless flower patches dotting the island. She had fashioned it with her powers some time ago. She wasn't the only one preparing for the rain, either. As she padded towards home, another smile crept up on her. Above, a group of Butterfree searched for a safe place to land. Being a Grass type, Shaymin typically disliked Bug types. She knew these Butterfree, however, and knew them to be friendly. "Come with me," she offered the worried couple. "I'll make room for you." Grateful trills were her reply from the winged beauties as they followed close behind her. They likely wouldn't have much room to spread their wings, but it was a far better alternative to getting caught out in the open during rain. It wouldn't kill them on its own, but their senses would be dulled, making them easy prey. For all of the next few minutes, all was well. It's a shame it couldn't stay like that. For starters, neither Celebi nor Dialga smiled upon her that day; time was not on her side, and rain was dampening her fur before her burrow was in sight. Then again, not much was in sight as it was, with the suddenly harsh wind blowing a curtain of leaves in front of her vision. Hearing the worried cries of the Butterfree behind her, Shaymin acted quickly. Not wholly unlike a child throwing a tantrum, she stomped on the ground with a stubby forepaw. All at once, vibrant flowers sprang up, leading to her burrow. Of course, Shaymin herself didn't need reminded of its location. But she rarely had guests there, and wasn't about to risk her friends getting lost. Due to her stature, she could only trust her ears in this situation, as the blowing leaves obstructed her vision, especially since the oncoming storm prevented her from reaching Sky Forme. But she was content with the wingbeats she could hear growing ever fainter before being drowned out by the howling wind. Meanwhile, she kept running. The sad truth, however, is that she didn't get far. To give credit where it's due, even with the path ahead obscured, Shaymin hardly seemed to have any trouble, her paws crushing fallen leaves and kicking up rainwater as she ran. But something felt wrong. Not just wrong, but very wrong. Shaymin was able to run for only a few seconds before fatigue hit her hard. At once, her gait went from a sprint to a weak stagger. Her breaths came shakily, and with much difficulty. She burst into a fit of harsh coughing, whimpering as every cough hurt. "What..." Shaymin could barely speak; she could hardly hear herself over the cacophony of nature's wrath around her, and the weak voice she had was mostly drowned out by coughs. Her chest burned as though she had just swallowed something too hot to be eaten or drank. "Wh-What... " Shaymin stammered desperately; this was all happening so fast. "What's... happening... t-to me?" She couldn't run anymore; whatever was doing this to her, she was helpless to stop it. Then, a flash of red filled her vision, before the world turned black. Shaymin awoke some time later, in a daze. Without even opening her eyes, she knew full well she was no longer in the familiar surroundings of Flower Paradise. Whatever she was resting on was soft and plush. Certainly not the ground she passed out on. Without opening her eyes, she shifted her position. Yes; certainly, this was a bed. And not the one she had fashioned for herself out of shed bits of fluff from Jumpluff and Whimsicott. Had Arceus teleported her away from the storm when she lost consciousness? She wasn't able to keep that thought in her head for too long, however, before a voice spoke. "Good; she's waking up." Shaymin finally opened her eyes. That voice. A young adult male. She didn't know who the voice belonged to, but it certainly wasn't Arceus. A boy stood over her, gaze fixed on her, and with a warm smile on his face. He wore similar attire to what Shaymin remembered Professor Oak wearing. A white coat, partially open, over a red shirt. Khaki pants adorned his legs, and he wore sneakers, mostly red and with light grey mesh, over plain white socks. Shaymin didn't feel threatened by him; merely uneasy. Nonetheless, she wanted answers. She opened her mouth, but, to her immense shock, could only manage a sort of raspy squeak. What's more, that short vocalisation caused her great pain. Her throat and chest both burned, quickly silencing her. "You can't talk?" the boy asked. Shaymin noted the genuine concern in his voice before nodding. Though she sensed no malicious intent, Shaymin didn't lower her guard. "Can you do me a favour?" the mysterious boy continued. Shaymin cocked her head quizically, allowing him to continue. "I know you must be in a lot of pain, but could you roll over? On your back, I mean. I think I know what's wrong, but I have to make sure." Shaymin complied, nearly as eager as this boy was to identify her illness. No sooner had Shaymin moved onto her back, her leafy quills flattening against her fur, then the boy produced an odd device. Shaymin was certain she had seen it before. But what was it called? A "stellar scope?" She shook the thought from her mind; far more important problems were present at the moment than pronunciation. "This will be cold" was the only warning she received before the boy placed 2 nubs on one end of the device into his ears, then pressed the other end - a flat metal disc - gently against her chest. It was indeed cold, but Shaymin didn't react, as she was warned beforehand. Besides, she suddenly realised something. Upon closer inspection, this boy was wearing white gloves. He wasn't a professor; he was a doctor! This revelation calmed her significantly. At least she was in good hands. Finally, the odd device was pulled away, though only to be repositioned on a different area of her chest. "Can you take a deep breath for me?" the doctor asked politely. "In through your nose, and out through your mouth." Again, Shaymin complied with the innocuous request. Soon after that, the device was again pulled back. This time, the doctor removed the nubs from his ears. "Your heartbeat is fine, which is a relief. But your breathing is definitely laboured." After that explanation, the doctor sat on the edge of the bed. Shaymin righted herself and listened intently as a few medical terms were tossed about. But the topic of the conversation changed quickly as a gloved hand was extended towards her. "I'm sorry; please forgive my poor manners. My name is Tyler Miller. I found you unconscious, and brought you to this Pokémon Centre." In spite of the situation, Shaymin found stifling a giggle rather difficult. Tyler's politeness was welcomed, of course. But it had been quite some time since anybody had spoken to Shaymin with such reverence. Blushing beneath the stark white fur of her cheeks, she nuzzled the boy's hand. Faced with affection from a deity, Tyler's professionalism faded somewhat. "U-Umm... See,... what's wrong is..." Unlike Shaymin, Tyler had no fur cloaking his cheeks. Therefore, when he blushed, it was very obvious. For just a few seconds, Shaymin was glad her voice was shot. At least Tyler couldn't hear her giggling as she backed off to allow him to diagnose her. Even then, Tyler needed a moment to compose himself. The next minute or so was spent in relative silence, save for the sounds of scribbling as Tyler wrote on a chart. "O-Okay. I won't keep you waiting anymore. Your symptoms add up to what I'm sure is bacterial pneumonia." It was, no pun intended, the perfect storm. Treating Pokémon is complicated, in and of itself. They can typically understand humans, but humans cannot easily understand them. Moreover, while Tyler was able to understand some Pokémon language, Shaymin couldn't speak, anyway. So the doctor could only assume his explanation got through to her. "There was blood on your face, mostly near your mouth. Since you were unconscious when I found you, my guess is that you coughed up blood right before passing out. So you fell in it." Tyler hesitated. Could Shaymin understand him? She was staring in wide-eyed shock, implying that the diagnosis worried her, or that she at least understood it. Of course, for all Tyler knew, it could just have been the word "blood" that got her attention, since even Pokémon tend to associate that word with injury or illness. It wasn't until Shaymin gave a slight nod that Tyler continued. "The likely reason for you losing your voice is that the coughing you were doing damaged your vocal cords. With pneumonia, that can definitely happen. Your lungs fill with fluid, and you start coughing to get rid of it." Again, wanting to make sure Shaymin understood him, Tyler fell silent until she responded with a nod. At that, however, he allowed a smile to come through. "There's good news, though. I can cure this." If she could speak, Shaymin would have cheered. But her face told as much as words could. Her eyes, usually emerald green in colour, but now faded with illness, sparkled nonetheless with joy. She made an attempt to voice her gratitude, but was again reduced to a painful squeak. "We'll have to work together to get your voice back," Tyler added. "It'll take a while, but..." Carefully, he extended a hand again. "...I'll be with you every step of the way, if you'll allow it." Not a moment's hesitation followed Dr. Miller's offer before Shaymin closed the distance in a single joyous skip. Of course she agreed to his help. Sure, she would miss Flower Paradise. But it wasn't as though she would never return there. This was merely a temporary setback. And, to be honest, she wasn't even sure it was a setback. She felt no fear towards this boy. He was, if anything, overly polite to her. Shaymin trusted the doctor. Besides, even weakened, the fact remained that she was a Legendary, and could easily fight him off if he attacked her. She would daresay she found a new friend. One that, ironically, she never would have known had she not fallen ill. And she was appropriately grateful for this opportunity. The next week, the duo didn't stray far from each other. And, gradually, Shaymin's health improved. But her voice did not return. While her gratitude was obvious, she couldn't voice it. Tyler had been right when he said getting Shaymin's voice back would require a joint effort. This took nearly another week. During this time, Shaymin learned that her saviour was a trainer. As the days passed, Shaymin's gratitude morphed gradually into affection. She followed him closely, and even slept by his side. But her greatest act of kindness came when she had fully recovered. Knowing she would have to return to her home, Shaymin offered Tyler a final gift. After a heartfelt, and finally verbal "thank you," she presented him with a Gracidea. A single, vibrantly pink flower, native to Sinnoh and sacred to the people and Pokémon there. If ever Tyler wanted her by his side again, she assured him he need only hold the stem of the flower and call out to her. Then, in a flash of white feathers, she took off, into the morning sky. She would see Tyler again. And her feelings towards him would be amplified many times over in the coming years. And some say that, deep in Flower Paradise, Shaymin fiercely guarded an empty medicine bottle. *Author's Note* This was actually fun to write. And cute. But WAS it cute? I leave that judgement up to you!~ Oh, and here are the references. "It's known that Professor Samuel Oak is permitted entry." Shaymin is an event Pokémon, unobtainable through normal gameplay. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, an item called Oak's Letter was required. Without it, there's only a white rock where people pray and give thanks for their blessings. Professor Oak's canonical first name is Samuel. "...a Shaymin posed as the bride's bouquet." A reference to a bonus mission in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows Of Almia. The mission is called "For The Bride And Shaymin." "It wouldn't kill them on its own,..." Refers to several Pokédex entries for Butterfree, stating that the scales on their wings are waterproof.
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    fanfiction The Little Things Part 2

    I got fuck-all for sleep last night. Too excited. I think it was about 3 in the morning before I finally fell asleep. Have you ever heard the phrase "old habits die hard?" No; not the Billy Joel song. That's "Only The Good Die Young." Which, by the way, I REALLY hope is false. That'd mean I'm next to go. I guess I did almost take a tumble off a skyscraper, though; could it be that I'm just good at cheating death? But that isn't where I was going with this. See, Big and I live a bit north of Goldenrod City. A quick walk to the subway. Back when all we had was the clubhouse, we would watch TV through windows. Sure, we got caught a few times. But we were just let be for the most part, since we weren't hurting anyone. Well, since I couldn't sleep, I watched a bit of TV. Next thing I knew, Big was shaking me and there was one of those emergency test things going on. Always hated those, even as a kid. We have to take the Magnet Train. Millenium Town isn't hours away from Goldenrod, but it's way too far to walk. But the Magnet Train? We're Electric types! Won't that hurt us? No; that's me overthinking things. There'd be a sign; wouldn't there? "Not suitable for Electric type passengers," or something like that. Plus, it's right next to the Radio Tower; if they aren't having problems, we won't. Damn; Big is rubbing off on me. I thought only one of us had to be the responsible one. Figures; I couldn't sleep last night, but I fell asleep at the station, waiting for the train. Or I think I did. I remember getting there, buying a ticket, and sitting down. Then Big was shaking me again. Either I fell asleep, or I got wasted. And I don't remember buying a drink. I made a real ass of myself getting on the train, though; that much I remember. I didn't hit anyone, or break anything. But I'm loud when I'm sleepy. And I think I can sing. Enough said. The seats are SO fucking comfy! What're they stuffed with? Wigglytuff fur or something? This proves that I'm still a kid at heart; I can't begin to tell you how much I wanna jump on these seats! I think Big knows, though. I won't say I'd be dead if looks could kill, but I'd totally be fucked up. You know you wanna join, though, Big. Somewhere in you is the big bro who used to party until his paws were too sore to keep going. I'll get him out. A little bit into the trip, a guy came around selling snacks. We both have money, but we weren't really hungry. So we ended up sharing a bag of chips. Not exactly healthy, but we can get a proper breakfast in Millenium Town. How awesome would it be if the bakery on Route 58 was still there? I'll keep my fingers crossed. Though I will admit, I'll be pretty damn happy to see ANYTHING there that I remember from my childhood. But I guess we'll see. Looking around now, the Magnet Train isn't exactly bustling. Then again, it's pretty early. I think we're almost there; I just looked out the window, and the scenery is starting to look familiar. Big's eyes are a little glassy. Good to know I'm not the only one about to fall asleep. At least Big has a reason, what with his job. I'll get work someday. I have tried; I'm not just lazing around all day like a Snorlax. Shitty as this sounds, I hope to move back to Millenium Town, when and if I finally decide to act like an adult. Maybe I'll move in with Delcatty; she still lives there, last I heard. We're definitely getting some looks. I had a feeling we'll be recognised. Definitely gonna take some pictures later. Not that I mind. I'd try to get some sleep, but I'm totally sure I wouldn't even have time for a nap. Again, that'll have to wait for when we get to Millenium Town. Food first, then nap. Priorities done right. Haha! Big and I are feral, so we don't have issues sleeping pretty much anywhere. Don't get me wrong; thank Arceus for beds! But I could've slept on the floor of the apartment last night if I wasn't so damn excited. And I'm still excited! Why shouldn't I be? I get to see my old stomping grounds again, if only for a couple of days. You bet your tail I'm looking forward to this! Plus, Delcatty and I have been texting back and forth leading up to this. I wouldn't be at all surprised If she met us at the station. You know, come to think of it, that'd be great. She could show us around. I guess we'll find out soon. Very soon. I just heard the conductor. "Millenium Town Station is just ahead." Well, here goes nothing! *Author's Note* WOO!!!! I said I'd do a second part. The Magnet Train allows you to travel from Goldenrod City to Saffron City in the Generation II games. You gain access to it after completing a postgame sidequest in Kanto. The abandoned power plant where Zapdos was in Generation I isn't abandoned anymore; people are working there. Or trying to; Team Rocket has made off with a crucial part. Without it, the Plant can't function. Head the verbally-challenged lackey off in Cerulean City, and he'll tell you you're too late. He's already stashed the Machine Part in Misty's gym. Get it, and take it back to the Power Plant. The Magnet Train is convenient, because you usually can't travel immediately from Johto to Kanto. Even using Fly, you have to stop at the Indigo Plateau first. Anyway, I left this one on a cliffhanger, so let me assure you I WILL make a 3rd part. There is one thing I have to explain first, though. Little's guess that the comfortable seat cushions are stuffed with Wigglytuff fur is a reference to Pokédex entries in Crystal, Black 2, and White 2, that state Wigglytuff's fur is so soft and luxurious, once you touch it, you won't be able to take your hands away.
  7. ArdillaVerde93

    fanfiction Nightmares

    The following story contains foul language, depictions of mental disorders, depictions of suicide, and rape. If you find any of these subjects disturbing, TURN AWAY NOW!!!! What follows is a bit of a summary of several roleplays I've done privately with the wonderful @SMFoxy. The story is told by a Jirachi who mistakenly and tragically wasn't careful when granting wishes, and who now has a wish of her own. To make things right with her victims. This is the second time tonight. The second time I've woken up, screaming bloody murder and drenched in sweat. I can't sleep anymore. Not without the nightmares. They won't stop; every fucking night, they come back to haunt me, like ghosts! What did I do to deserve this? Sure, I haven't been perfect, but nobody has! Dammit, I was just doing my job! Arceus put me here to grant wishes, and that's what I did. Can I really be blamed for the times they went wrong? How could I have known their intentions? I'm a Legendary, sure, but there are still things I don't know. I assumed they could relate. I assumed everybody could! I... I just didn't realise the effect I could have on them. 7 acquaintences became victims. Victims of an old saying. "Be careful what you wish for." In one fell swoop, I ruined the lives of a trainer and 6 Pokémon. If I could take it all back, I would. I can. They just need to ask. But they won't. I've caused them too much pain for them to wanna seek my help. But I'd love a chance to apologise. Anything to stop these damned nightmares! They're in them. Always dying. Always dying! Fuck me; I'll never unsee those nightmares, if I live to be 100 years old! The storm that started everything. Was it supernatural? That, I can't answer. The weather is outside of my jurisdiction. But it came from nowhere, and battered Goldenrod City mercilessly. I saw 6 Pokémon huddled around their trainer, in a closet. They begged for safety. But not for themselves. They wanted their trainer to survive. They all survived; so did the house, by some miracle. But I watched them intently that night. They surrounded the boy with affection. He treated them well. Even after everything I've done to them, I'll stand by this until the day I die; he was never abusive to those Pokémon. Quite the opposite, in fact. Rarely does a Pokémon legitimately enjoy waiting on their "master." But all 6 of them did. Their trainer fell asleep long before the storm subsided, but they still kept a close eye on him. It was honestly adorable. They each made a wish. And it was easy for me to grant them; the wishes were all the same. They whispered with each other how much they wanted to repay their master's love. It warmed my heart. I knew I had to help them, so I did. Finally, they settled on a wish. They wanted to be able to serve him properly. They eventually fell asleep, same as their trainer. It was... I think it was a half hour later. Not that it matters. I got started as soon as I was sure they were asleep. Fur and scales became hair and clothing. Their bodies, depending on species, either stretched or shrank. By the time the physical transformations had been completed, all 6 of the former Pokémon were mostly human. They still had their tails, and some other features. Their trainer could already understand them when they spoke their native tongues, but, since it'd be rather odd for them to walk around in public yipping and cooing like the creatures they were moments before, I altered their voices, as well, so they would speak English. This process, by the way, is not painless. None of them were; there's a reason why I waited until they were asleep. By the time I expected they would wake up, most or all of the pain would've gone away. But I wasn't finished yet. They wanted to serve; didn't they? They were all females. Their trainer isn't sexist. He just doesn't care for burly, musclebound brutes. His preference is for femininity, and it showed in his team. Not that he was ever sexually involved with them. He used to use them in battles, like the majority of trainers do. And, before you ask, no. I don't object to battles. There's a difference between contests of strength and skill, and brutal beatings. Yes, there are occasionally injuries from battles. But accidents can happen from the most innocuous of activities. Sweet, innocent Chansey Scouts trip and fall sometimes. It hurts, you cry, you get a bandage and/or a lollipop, and you go about your day. But I digress. The trainer of the Pokémon I had just transformed held a spot in the Johto Hall Of Fame, which he earned when his team defeated the six battle-hardened, vicious Pokémon of the former champion, a trainer who thwarted terrorist attacks, traversed the entire Johto and Kanto regions, and tamed even the guardian of the sea and the sacred winged rainbow. But he didn't battle with them after his victory. Following that tremendous upset, he left competitive battling to focus on the medical field. A passion of his for a long time. In fact, even before the championships were a blip on the radar, he showed decent skills, being able to repair minor wounds, and cure minor ailments. To make extra money, he would moonlight at Pokémon Centres. By the time he was considering going to the Indigo Plateau, he barely needed Pokémon Centres for healing his beloved companions; he could fix everything from cuts and stings to broken bones. It seemed like just the natural progression of things; forgive me, but it brings to mind another old saying. "What're you going to do now?" "I'm going to Disney World!~" He used his fame from winning the championship to secure a job at the Pokémon Centre in his hometown. This boy became one of my victims. He has nothing now. The 6 Pokémon I transformed were a Bellossom, a Goodra, a Pachirisu, a Sylveon, a Vaporeon, and a Wigglytuff. To grant their wishes to be able to serve their master, I turned them into maids. I thought it would go over well with everyone. At least I was right in that respect. For a while, anyway. When they awoke the next morning, they all eagerly began their chores. Vaporeon had the poor luck to be the one to awaken the boy. They had been made to think their roles had always been theirs. I didn't think - damn; that's a theme - I would need to hypnotise him, too. He was furious. Not from being woken up by a beautiful anthropomorphic Vaporeon. But from being waited on. Trainers can sometimes forget that, were it not for the Pokémon they care for, they wouldn't be trainers. Nor can the Pokémon be champions without trainers to teach them the finer points of combat. Everyone has to work together. Of course, every partnership is different; in some cases, the trainer may have a disability, and their Pokémon have to work harder to come out on top. Or vice versa. I've seen deaf trainers win matches because their Pokémon could understand sign language. I've seen Pokémon with impaired vision use their other senses to outwit and topple opponents. But, at the core of everything, it boils down to teamwork. And these 6 girls were well-versed on the subject, before and after their transformations. As crazy as this is going to sound, after all of the praise I've just given their trainer, it's him that doesn't understand that. But the misunderstanding in this case is probably the opposite of what you might expect. See, he doesn't expect these Pokémon to do everything for him; he would prefer to be the one serving them. I should explain that I knew this boy before the storm. Well, saying that I knew him is a bit of an understatement. I would go so far as to say we were friends. I'm not going to reveal his name; I've revealed too much about him already. In fact, to be fair, he was submissive with me, too, so I suppose his behaviour towards his Pokémon shouldn't be so surprising to me. But he explained that it's because I'm a Legendary Pokémon. One of many that keep this world balanced. So maybe he has a point. But he spoiled those Pokémon rotten when he was still a trainer. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I guess, since I grant wishes, I do more or less the same thing anyway. He devoted his life to the care of Pokémon. Studying, healing, and training. But it all came crashing down around him when he tried to play Arceus. The trainer was born fully human; during a rescue mission, he accidentally bonded his soul to an artifact that fused his DNA with that of a female Cinccino. Still, he went on with his life, and even grew to love his new fluff. Until he was raped for it, that is. That was my first mistake; I should've stepped in. I offered him a wish to console him, but couldn't give him what he wished for. With all of his Pokémon being female, he wished to be feminised. Could I have done it? Without a shadow of a doubt. Child's play. But he held a very important job back then - he specialised in emergency medicine when he was a doctor - that would be put in jeopardy if he showed up in a dress and makeup. So I had to refuse. As horrible as this sounds, if he asked again, I'd grant his wish in a heartbeat, now that he's lost his job. Not granting his wish was my second mistake. And, unfortunately, soon after that, he managed to get in far over his head. His mission was noble; the species he had recently become a member of was, and unfortunately remains, severely endangered. The next time I offered him a wish, he made it right away. His wish was for a massive increase in their population. That was a good bit harder. I can warp bodies, minds, inanimate objects, and more. But creating life is something I'm not at all well-versed in. Mew and Shaymin handle that; in retrospect, I should've asked one of them. Preferably Mew; Shaymin didn't get along well with the boy. I knew I owed him, though, so I tried doing things myself. I won't go into specifics, but I messed up. Big time. Again, I should've asked Mew. My name was certainly mud with the boy and his former Pokémon after that, not that I blame them. But, with that, I struck out with the trainer. As ironic as this sounds, I wish the troubles had ended there. Of course, they didn't. The trainer was ruined, but the girls were in good health. Unfortunately, that was about to change. Starting with Vaporeon. Vaporeon, objectively, was hit the hardest. But they all suffered. Those poor girls lost their minds, and a good bit more. Even I couldn't have predicted the horrors that would befall them. In a way, it angers me; it really, truly does. So many evil people in this world, yet an innocent boy and 6 innocent Pokémon were harmed, just for making wishes! A wish to help a loved one, and a wish to save an endangered species. Not exactly scandalous. "But Jirachi! Just make everything better!" Believe me, I want to. But I can't do anything unless the request is worded as a wish. Arceus added that rule. And no, I can't just make the wish myself; it doesn't work. I've tried. As for what happened to the girls - the "horrors that befell them" - it seems each one bears a different curse. Bellossom constantly exudes a ludicrously strong floral scent. Pachirisu cries at the drop of a hat. Wigglytuff is a glutton. Vaporeon is the opposite; she starves herself. Sylveon is addicted to cosmetics. And Goodra is convinced she's the doting mother of her trainer. Huh? Bellossom's fate doesn't sound so bad? She's scrubbed herself raw trying to remove the stench. To no avail. Goodra doesn't sound like she got a bad deal, either. But you don't see her. She has absolutely gone insane. She fills her bedroom with what she insists are framed pictures of the trainer and her. They're all blank. The victim I see in my dreams changes often, but they die the same way each time! And the deaths, in stark contrast to the victims, aren't pretty. Wigglytuff collapses in agony, dead of a heart attack before reaching the Pokémon Centre. Bellossom is mauled by wild Pokémon. She cries out, but nobody is willing to bear her stench to rescue her. Sylveon is taken into an alleyway, raped, then beaten to death after being drugged while on a date. Vaporeon takes a final, shaking breath in her bed before her organs give out from starvation. Pachirisu, the poor dear, has an emotional breakdown and commits suicide by drinking various cleaning chemicals. And Goodra dies of shock upon finding her "child" hanging from a ceiling fan. 7 images, counting the trainer, that I don't think I'll ever get out of my head. For fuck's sake, every fucking dream is a snuff film! I can't take this much longer! I can't help them; I want to. I really, really want to! But I can't unless they make wishes, or someone makes wishes for them. Vaporeon was helped by a kind Delphox who wished her back to good health, but her mind is fried; I have absolutely no doubt that she's still gonna starve to death unless someone wishes her shattered psyche back together. I don't blame the Delphox, though. He and his daughter have hearts of gold, the both of them. I'll go to my grave insisting that he had Vaporeon's best interests at heart. As for his daughter, her wish broke my heart. Her mother died when she was too young to remember her. All she knew of her mother was stories, as though she was brought into this world by a fairytale princess. Of course, she wished for her mother back. And, of course, I granted her wish. Sort of. As it happens, her mother was a Cinccino. I can't resurrect the dead, but I can revive their souls. The poor trainer of the 6 ill-fated girls used to have a Cinccino, whom he had recently rediscovered was living comfortably in a nature preserve after being released. Sacrifices were made, and that Cinccino was given the memories of the young lady's mother. Both of them, and the Delphox, still live happy, healthy lives to this day; lucky them. But for the Delphox and his daughter, I probably would've eaten a shotgun shell quite some time ago. The blood of 7 innocent victims is on my hands, and I can't help them until they ask for it! The Delphox and the trainer are close friends. That's lovely; otherwise, I have a sneaking suspicion the trainer would've been found hanged with his own tail. Maybe that Delphox can turn things around. But, just in case, let me broadcast a plea to everyone reading this. If any of you see a male Cinccino anthro, or any of the 6 maids I mentioned, I beg you. Please, for the love of Arceus, tell them everything will be alright. And tell them I'm sorry, and that I'll do whatever I can to make everything up to them. Oh, and, if you see me, wish for something that benefits one of them. I promise, if you do, I'll give you a second wish. Whatever you want. That's a promise, literally in writing, from a Legendary. Just make the nightmares stop. If you don't feel sorry for me, which you probably shouldn't, at least do something for their sake. As badly as my nightmares have scarred my mind, at least they end when I wake up. I can't say the same for them.
  8. ArdillaVerde93

    fanfiction The Little Things

    There's a legend in the Hoenn region about a white rock. Apparently, if you write down wishes on pieces of paper, and attach them to the rock, your wishes will come true. I don't know much else about it; I've only been to Hoenn once, while passing through on a train. I haven't even seen the rock, let alone believing it can grant wishes. But I guess we have some weird legends here in Johto; who am I to judge? But I'm getting sidetracked. The point is, if that wish rock legend is true, I know exactly what I'd wish for. Not love; I already have that. I'm dating a beautiful Delcatty, who I've known since our childhood. And I don't want wealth. I mean, I guess everyone wants to be rich. Me, too. But money isn't all that important to me. I'm a feral Pikachu; what use would I have for it, anyway? So, what do I want? What would I wish for, if I could have anything in the world? I've had fame, friendship, unforgettable experiences,... just a fun-filled life in general. What do I want? To experience it all again. My name is Pichu Little. Or, at least, I think it is. It's what my older brother calls me. We - my friends and I - call him Pichu Big. Those names have stuck with us since we actually were Pichu. Gun to our heads, in fact, neither one of us could tell you our real names, if we have them. I'll have to think about a name if I'm ever mated. Until that day, just call me Pichu Little. Or just Little; I don't mind. If that name sounds familiar, I'll explain why. Along with my brother, we used to be some of the greatest pranksters in the world: The Pichu Brothers. Come to think of it, it could very well be the media that gave us our names; our faces were on TV in Johto more often than that narcoleptic Psyduck who used to host PNF. I was too young to have much of a memory of our earliest pranks, but Big claims we started small. Of course we did; everyone has to. I do remember a few of our older pranks. Toothpaste in cream-filled cookie sandwiches, taking each other's place when one of us got in trouble, making lights flicker,... We obviously stepped up our game since then, but we used to go back to those sometimes. Big told me that we didn't need to do something complicated and dangerous for it to be funny. Of course, we got into plenty of danger. But I didn't see Big complaining. He was a Pichu at heart well into his Pikachu years. Even fully evolved, he still did some pranks with me. But the "real" world got to him eventually. If you had told me, back in my Pichu years, that Big was gonna end up as a stuffy adult, we probably would've both zapped you. But damned if it didn't happen. He has a job now, working at a hotel in Goldenrod City. I'm so proud of him, too! But it doesn't leave us much time to just screw around together. Back when we lived in Millennium Town - we had to move when Big landed that job - we used to spend lunchtime sprawled out on a rooftop, looking through the windows of TV stations while eating whatever we managed to pilfer. Usually berries we took from the Murkrow. But we did get lucky sometimes. Cookies, chips, donuts,... There was, and might still be, a bakery on Route 58, and we would help ourselves to the rejected pastries. When we could; they figured out what we were doing pretty quickly, and made their trash harder to get to. We still risked it, though. Usually on birthdays and Christmas. Anyway, their stuff was delicious! I'll have to make it a point to check out if that place is still there, next time I'm in the area. Besides Big and I, we had a sort of gang. Let's see... There was a Teddiursa, a Smoochum, a Magby, and a Wooper. But that's not exactly a secret; the whole gang was involved in the pranks back in our heyday. As for what happened to them, I can only speak for Smoochum and Magby. They evolved, and married each other. Big and I went to the wedding. As far as I know, they're all still alive. If a member of the Pichu Posse died, it'd be in the news. Most of our activities were. Speaking of that, don't believe what these killjoys on the news say; the worst anyone ever got from one of our pranks was the sniffles. We didn't hurt anyone. Purposely, at least; occasionally someone got banged up. But, like I said, nothing too serious. Some close scrapes, though. I remember vividly - how could I forget - damn near falling off of the roof of a skyscraper. That was when we met that famous Pikachu. I was being a dick, as was my want back then, and karma gave me a little push. I know we met that Pikachu at least once after that. About 2 years later, if memory serves. He and his friends helped us catch a train. Yes; the train I mentioned earlier. See, we overslept that day. Big says we're going back, to see the old clubhouse. We can't stay, for 2 reasons. The first is we won't be able to play around in it, now that we're bigger. I have to admit, though, I'd pay some damn good money to see Big get stuck in one of the tires we built the place with.~ Anyway, the second reason is we obviously can't stay, since Big has the job in Goldenrod City. Honestly, that's fine with me. I just wanna see if the place is still there. It should be, but humans see things differently than us; it was home to us, but it could just be a pile of junk to them. I wonder if we'll be recognised. Big told me he met a fan in Goldenrod who pretty much recognised him right away. But that Pikachu, from what I gathered, is still famous. I hope, if I am recognised, it isn't because they're mistaking me for the other Pikachu. Anyway, that fan was supposed to be at a party at the hotel, so I showed up, too. But I didn't meet him. Not that I'd know if I had, but, hearing Big talk, this kid must be a superfan. I'd think Big would've pointed him out. According to a Delphox, apparently the kid's friend, he was there. But he had to step out. Something about a Goodra and a locket; I dunno. The point I guess I'm trying to make is, if I could have one wish, I'd wanna be a Pichu again. And not just devolving; I wanna actually be back in my prime. I know it'll never happen, but everyone has wishes. We're heading back to Millennium Town tomorrow. I guess I'll get to see for myself what became of the place since we left. I'm sure it's changed, but I hope the changes were for the better. *Author's Note* Been a while; huh? I don't think I need to explain who The Pichu Brothers are; check the Pichu Brothers card I made in my gallery. But there are things I should explain. "Big and Little:" Their actual canonical names are Pichu Big and Pichu Little. To tell them apart, look at their heads. Pichu Big has an extra tuft of fur. "White rock:" In Ruby, Sapphire , Emerald, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, there's a white rock in Mossdeep City, near the Space Station. Speaking to a nearby NPC reveals that people like to write down wishes on pieces of paper and stick them to the rock. The wishes come true. The rock does jack dick for the player, but there were rumours in RSE that the rock would trigger an encounter with Jirachi once certain conditions were met. It won't. The only way to get Jirachi is to have it given to you in person at an event, or using a GameCube disc that was given to people who preordered Pokémon Colosseum. I have the disc. ^_^ "Train," "helped us catch a train:" References to the 5th Pokémon short film, Camp Pikachu. "...damn near falling off a skyscraper:" Reference to the 3rd Pokémon short film, Pikachu And Pichu. "Clubhouse," "...one of the tires we built the place with:" The Pichu Posse lived in a clubhouse of likely their own making. The clubhouse is constructed from various bits of junk, including tires and pipes. "Route 58:" That doesn't exist in the games. It's an inside joke. Alvin And The Chipmunks debuted in 1958. Big's job, "superfan," "Goodra and a locket," "Delphox:" RP references. I can't explain the Goodra/locket/fanboy situation, because it involves kinks that put off many people. SMFoxy will know the specifics. "Delcatty:" Team Rocket's Meowth has a niece. A Skitty living in Millennium Town. This is canon. "...that narcoleptic Psyduck who used to host PNF:" In Pokémon Channel for GameCube, the objective is to watch Pokémon themed TV programmes. The news channel is called PNF, short for Pokémon News Flash. The host, a Psyduck, will occasionally fall asleep in the middle of a news report, leading to an abrupt commercial break. Narcolepsy is a disorder which causes victims to fall asleep randomly. Someone who has it is narcoleptic. Would you like to see a part 2? I'd love to write one! Consider this a journal entry.
  9. I will try to make this short, sweet, and yet informative. I ask that you play as a dominant female character, who you are behind the scenes is not important to me in terms of who I roleplay with. In the end we are creating a story, albeit a potentially very dirty story. Before I talk about pairings here is a list of kinks: Kinks yes: Femdom, Chastity. Whipping, Verbal abuse, Physical abuse, Sexual torture, Costumes, Masks, Leather, Spandex, Booty shorts, Collar and Leash, Forced orgasms onto/inside clothing, upskirt with view of panties or spankies Kinks No: Romance (I like smut, but no romantic gooey stuff), Anal, Excessive bleeding. Toilet play, Male domination in smut Pairings: Superhero x Villainess (prefer fandom from DC, especially Batman or Superman, but OC's are fine) Teacher x Cheerleader (YC must be 18 at least, and is my one exception to "teens" in a roleplay or smut). If my two ideas don't suit you, but you have another femdom style plot in mind I am all ears.
  10. Prologue Hear My Name I lay back in my rotating chair as I stare intensely at the machine in front of me while swaying from side to side while thinking about at the possible outcome. In reality, I didn’t care much about the sacrifice and consequence at this point as I made my mind a long time ago and glaring with a powerful gaze at a picture of someone before turning down. A big grin appears as the machine was finally complete at long last as the thirst for revenge is going to be fulfilled and after a long, deep search of the DT Extraction Machine. I managed to recreate Alphy’s creation of extracting SOUL from a human being and after many fails attempt to reach this point, my dream will come true. “Finally, it felt like years to reach this phase of my work. How much longer do I must wait to annihilate everything I hated.” I spoke, grinning. I got up from my chairs as numerous paper began to fly away from my sudden rise and charts filled with many texts filled the thin paper of my recent work. For every step I take was one too many as I raise my shaking toward it and began caressing like a dear child. A chuckle could be heard in this pitch-black room as the thought of killing these inhuman things filled my mind and soon becoming irrational for every second as lose my insanity which I give in. I attach myself with some tube sprouting from the DT Extraction Machine into my body when the sensation of fatigue made my head spin which made me grunt and shakes my head since I need to do this now. My right arm slashes across the table to push anything that stood in my path and hearing the loud crash of many items falling into the cold floor below as I move the monitor of my computer closer to my presence. The light became unbearable as it affects my sight's radius and narrows my eyes to get used to the sudden brightness while setting up the right material to begin. The game of Undertale was brought up into the monitor as the usual title screen appear and attaching the major cable from the machine into the computer. "Almost there..." I pant. I pull up a drawer from underneath the table to grip a special USB drive and hearing the jingle of the opening song filling this silent room. His gaze slowly drifts into the lever nearby as he grips it with his other hand and thinking about a certain someone while his hair covers his expression from the world. The sound of the flip flipping could be heard as the machine began to suck his SOUL from this puny human body of mine and smirking while panting since this machine was draining his soul which made him feel tired to no end. I grunt as I fell on the floor below as my body felt cold and hearing the machine roaring as it sucks out my SOUL completely and slowing drifting away from his world. ... ... ... Name the Fallen Human I gasp as my breath became sharp to touch around my new body as I look at the words scramble in front of me as I need to name myself in this story and looking a bit stun at my big project working after all. I laugh softly until It became a manically laugh as I stare at the empty void surrounding my new being and having the necessary power to kill every monster and the entire game itself from this point on. I began messing with the name section as I name myself using my real name but it a little twist to add to it since I have no desire to make friends with them. G.I.L I grin at my name showing up in the black void as I nod to myself at the confirmation and see a sudden bright light showering this dark space in the rift which made me cover my eyes from this. "And it begins with me, Greater in Life." I comment. [Prologue End]
  11. lVergill

    fanfiction Undertale SYOC

    I am going to write a story or an RP, haven't decided but leaning on a story at the moment, about 6 souls harvesting the last remaining sou and wander across the underground together as one while knowing each other as they cross many obstacles. Please, be as descriptive as you can just like Neptune or Jericho. xD The form is here: Name: First name only. Nickname: Optional Age: Preferably around 13~15 Gender: Color: Only solid color that represents Patience, Perseverance, Bravery, Justice, Kindness, and Integrity. Any other world will be label a different color up your choice while any similar world would be label with the corresponding color. Word: A word that represents yourself and belief through your whole life. Alignment: Pacifist, Neutral, or Genocide Hairstyle: Hair color: Eye color: Height: ft & inches Weight: lb. only Clothing: Personality: History: Your character will remember their past before abruptly forgetting how they came here or how they manage to get themselves trap in the boy's body. Likes: Dislikes: Strength: Weaknesses: Quotes: Fetishe(s): Turn-on: Turn-off: Anything else?: Roy [Resolve]
  12. lVergill

    fanfiction Persona Paranormal

    [Chapter 2] Awaken Thy Judgment I became silence at Philemon's introduction and we call only hear the wind passing us by. I became puzzled at this situation and now I can safely say that this is a dream or so I hope it is. I cross my arm as I gently push my glasses back and talk to Philemon since I have no other objective. "Hello Philemon, I am Luck Arclight, the protagonist." I smile. Philemon nods at my kind introduction and seems pleased with it and not confuse like the other people. "Hearing your name from your own mouth is satisfying." Philemon smile. "You know who I am?.." I ask, thinking. "Indeed, you are the boy that one day will face a difficult decision and a difficult task." Philemon chuckles. "Are you ready for it? Do you have what it take to win with the chance of success is close to zero?" Philemon asks, happily. I began thinking about his strange explanation and It is hard to understand what he meant by that but I felt like I can accomplish such feat. "Of course, I am the protagonist after all, I can't let anyone down." I smile, kindly. Philemon nod with a smile appearing on his face due to my answer and suddenly he vanishes leaving a trail of butterflies coming to me. I cover myself from the blue butterfly approaching and after they pass by, I slowly open my eyes to see him gone from sight. I look around for him but he seems to disappear and leaving me here alone in this strange place. "For your sake, let's hope so." I could Philemon's voice from the sky and I became very sleepy as I struggle to keep myself standing up. I fell into the soft grass and my consciousness slowly drifts away. August 22 Monday Morning I quickly open my eyes to see my new room from before and I look around confused at the dream I just had. What a strange dream….Philemon... I slowly daydream as I stare off into space until I snap out after in realizing this is my first day of school that is going it begins. A protagonist shouldn't be late for his introduction and must make a grand entrance above all. I smile as I chuckle and adjust my glasses to the knowledge of my great beginning in this new place. I quickly left my room to go below to prepare myself for school. I descend from the stair to see Amy cleaning some cup and I could see clothing neatly stack on top of the counter. Amy glances at me as she continues cleaning the dishes and cup from what I can tell is from last night work. "Oh, you up already?" Amy asks. "I need to get early to prepare myself; my plan is to know the layout of my new school," I reply. "That's smart of you, do you want me to make you breakfast before we go?" Amy asks, smiling. "No need, let's go before we are too late." I smile. "If you say so, then let's head out now to the school." Amy nod. Amy left the counter as she notices the clothing I am wearing and stop at her track as I look at her puzzle at her reaction. "Sorry, but you can't take those clothes with you, Morning Star High school is very notorious for being very picky about what all of the students wear. I know since I went there." Amy explains. "Really? That's a shame but I can manage with whatever you got." I spoke. "Good, everyone in that high school always wears a black shirt with the school insignia on it so I prepared some clothing just for you." Amy smile, confidently. I smile at her kindness and thoughtfulness of her since she did a lot of things for me. I hope I can pay back the favor in the future; I approach my uniform to see a black blazer with a four-pointed star imprinted and a white, long-sleeved, collar t-shirt with buttons and a red tie. Black pants with a black belt seem to be the uniform given to me and I like her clothing style since I am rather bad at it. "I don't know if you like it but it is what I decided was best for you, so what do you think?" Amy ask. I began to think on my answer and I could say about three things at most but I my decision was made a while now. "Is great, I do like what you got me so thank you," I spoke, smiling. Amy nod as she turns around to walk into the door but I catch a glimpse of her smiling which made her happy. "You're welcome, now change before we go, I will wait for the car so don't take too long, all right?" Amy said. Amy left the bar with me grabbing the uniform and quickly changes them so we can prepare for school. I finish preparing and I enter her car as we drive to the school. As I watch the new scenery at every corner, Amy spoke about my new way of traveling starting tomorrow. "Luck listens, you must find your own way to school starting tomorrow. Today isn't a big problem to me since I don't have class now but in the future, that will change." Amy explains. "I see…" I mumble, with a slight worry tone. Amy notices my nervous as a suburbs kid walking in the big city of New York for the first time without help and she smiles to ease my worry. "I say you can find your way, but I didn't say you could do it without my help." Amy smile. "When you come back from school and when you have free time, I can teach you how I walk from here to school, is that a deal?" Amy asks. I could feel Amy worry about me and I felt happy to know I am not alone here so I nod with a smile. "Deal, I do need a navigator in order to find my location and who is better to ask but a city girl like you," I reply. "Okay, then that settles it. We will arrive at the school in a couple of minutes to relax and be mentally prepared for your first day in there." Amy spoke. I spend my watching and looking for stuff to look out for since I may find them and I can explore a bit more about this new places. We arrive at a rather big build and strangely enough, the train station is close by so I know now I must take the train to reach her. I open the door to take my first step into this high school and I became excited at my new adventure. "Good luck Luck, I will wait for you back at the bar," Amy said. I nod with confident and she left the highway for me to start walking into the school. I notice the students wearing black clothing like Amy mention as I walk to the entrance of the school. I wasn't very happy to see a lot similarly in all of us and I got an amazing idea for me to stand out. Ah! Brilliant! Surely I can stand out and be recognized as a protagonist. I immediately remove my blazer and wore it as a cape so I can show my white from the t-shirt. I am happy with this idea of mine and began to proudly walk further in. As I reach the main hallways of the school, I notice a girl carefully watching me from afar and I notice her as I became puzzled at her. She has long, dark-brown hair reaching her hips and strangely, her left eyes are blue while her right eye is brown. I notice her black jacket with the Morning Star High Logo and underneath the jacket is a white button-up shirt with a red tie just like mines. There is a black skirt, white stockings and lastly, brown shoes. The way she looks at me...it seems not because of my clothing but something else...but what? She seems to hesitate about something as she mumbles under her breath until she shook her head and approach me with a serious expression on her face. "Who are you? You don't seem to be a regular student here? What business do you have here?" She asks. I became confused at this girl's bombardment of questions as if I look suspicious and I remember my idea from earlier which made me stand out too much. I need to reply to her questions to ease my suspicious or these unintentional bad manners. "Well, I am a new student here and I came here to look for my homeroom. Ah, my name is Luck Arclight by the way, nice to meet you." I explain. The girl pauses for a moment to check me out from top to bottom as if looking for something. "I see, do you by any chance have a crystal or jewelry around? Are you…" She pauses, thinking. The girl chuckles at something which made me feels left out of something but she shook her head of any thoughts of revealing such crucial information. "I am sorry for bothering you; I have a habit of distrusting new people so I do apologize for it." The girl apologizes, smiling weakly. "Don't worry about it; you probably have your own reasons. As a protagonist, I must stay firm to my trust on others." I spoke, proudly. "Protagonist?..." She pauses. "Anyways, I hope you enjoy Morning Star High, but I do advise as a former transfer student to stay away from any reflection if you value your life." She spoke. What? Is this a joke, but the way she says it makes me think twice about it. I became stunned at the girl sudden explanation and I want it to hear some answers but she just left me on my own. I watch as the girl left me in the main hallways confuse and I notice the student barely coming in as I came a bit early than most. I still have a lot of time to explore so I need to focus on that and worry about my homeroom for now. I adjust my glasses. "Value my life, huh?" I mutter. I began walking to the main hallways to find the schedule and lucky, I found a stack of paper with names in alphabetical order. It seems to be named adjusting them to a specific homeroom in this school and I found my name guiding me to class C-5. "Now, let's find this room so I can prepare myself for my grand entrance." I smile. I became excited on my first day of school but in the back of my mind, I could hear that girl's warning. I felt something is going to happen and I remain silent. I shook my head off that possibility and wander around the hallways. As I walk around, I notice that this alphabet reaches from A to D and with each with their own floor and grade. Classes belong for freshmen at the 1st floor, B classes is for Sophomores on the 2nd floor, meanwhile my classes are in the 3rd floor as a junior, and finally we have the seniors on the top floor. As I search for my class, I decide to take a small break on the 3rd floor as I felt a bit dizzy from something and head toward the nearest bathroom to wash my face. I don't feel so good….where did my energy from last time go?.. I manage to reach the bathroom as I use the wall as a support and reach the sink to grab some water. I notice my own reflection smiling from the corner of my eyes and I immediately look up to see nothing but my own confused face. I rub my head at the strange phenomenon happening and I began to throw some water in my face to calm down. Relax, I need to gather some time before my introduction and relax…wait...reflection...is the mir- "Oh." I hear the sound of a boy coming from behind me and I turn around to see a 5 ft. 9 in. boy coming from the bathroom's door. He seems to be wearing a black blazer with the school's star on it like any other and black pants. I can also see a pair of black fingerless gloves and some black shoes. The boy's dark hair reaches his shoulder and I notice a streak of red on his left side as his bangs as swept away from his eyes. "Are you the new student I being hearing about?" The boy asks, smiling. "Probably," I answer, unsure. The boy smile as he approaches me next to me and began washing his hands and began to speak his mind once more about a particular thing. "I see, I being told that a certain student will be coming today and apparently, all information related to their sudden appearing and why they were transferred here in the first place is a mystery." The boy spoke curious, as he wipes his hand. I felt a sudden pain in my head as I remember something but not a single image appears but words of a girl appear. You are the protagonist in our story, and one day you will face judgment unlike any other. You must take responsibility for your actions and face true judgment and repentance to our cause. Here, why don't you sign here? Your full name, please.. I felt my head splitting in two as I could hear TV static and remembering any more would always lead me to unimaginable pain which causes me to grab my head in pain. "Wow, are you alright? Want me to take you the nurse's office?" The boy asks, worry. "I am...fine.." I spoke, struggling. I couldn't miss my first day of school because of some weird phenomenon happening to me unexpectedly. The boy seems to be very eager to help a stranger and somehow a bit angry at my answer. "Stop lying! As a student council president, I will not turn a blind to a helpless student, no sir!" The boy spoke, seriously. I shook my head to get rid of the pain and then I notice something strange coming from the big glass near the sink. I notice the reflection of the bathroom looking darker and abandon as the wood seem decaying. I became disbelief at what I am seeing as I approach it very slowly and I notice cockroaches moving inside the reflection. Oh boy, I am definitely not feeling well today..a cleric's healing won't even help… "What's going on here!" The boy spoke angrily at something and I turn around to see the whole scenery change just like the reflection. The bathroom became worn out and I could see black liquid residing on the toilet as the stench of something death linger the air. The atmosphere sudden made a turn for the worse as I feel like someone or something is watching my every move. If air could kill a man than this feeling will surely will as my back suddenly felt chill after we hear something dragging chains outside the men bathroom's door. "D-Did you hear that? What's going on here?" The boy asks, with a slight worry tone in his voice. "I don't know, perhaps it could be a prank," I spoke, unsure. "Prank? Not possible, nobody here will take such risk as to damage school property." The boy looks down, thinking. "Or at least I hope not…" The student council president mutters. The sounds of chain forcibly drag across the hallways made us flinch and suddenly the president had enough of this prank. He stands up to face whoever made that noise and walk toward the door to talk some sense to those troublemakers. I see him bursting out from the door and turn to his right with a fierce anger on his face. Until suddenly, the boy froze with fear and I became confused by his state as he couldn't muster the strength to speak up. "Hey, do you find something?" I ask, curious. Silence, the council president remains in that state and ignoring my question which made me curious as to what caused him to react like that. I felt nervous and curious at the same time, I slowly approach the door and slowly turn around to see that thing watching us standing still. A humanoid wearing a white robe with a long chain around her wrist remain unmoving and watching us with her soulless, dark eyes hole coming from an old wooden mask. I felt sirens going off in my head as to the dangers of this thing and I see it slowly raising his right arm toward us. "What the hell-" The humanoid made an unbearable, inhuman scream as we cover our ear and made a quick dash away from this thing. The thing remains screaming while we didn't hesitate to run away from it and we manage to reach the stair which led or the 2nd floor. "What's going on here!" He yells, taking quick breaths. "Nothing makes sense here and I still don't believe this is real!" He finishes. "Calm down, let's find the exit of this school and we can figure out the rest," I spoke. The boy remains silent as we ran together and I follow his lead since I have no experience walking these hallways. "Y-You are right, I will gain nothing if I panic. Alright, I will take us to the first floor, follow me!" The boy spoke, confidently. "Right." I smile, nodding. We ran across many hallways and making some quick turn into we reach our destination. We arrive in a long hallway leading to many rooms and at the end of the hallways to our right is perhaps our exit. "Right there! If we can manage to turn to our right, at the end of the hall, we will find the stair just by turning there and our exit is in the bottom as well." The boy explains. The sounds of the horrible scream from earlier approach us rather fast and made us worry at how fast that thing ran. I felt very tired of running but this scream made me to try harder to run from my life and he did as well. As we manage to pass midway of the hall, I hear a loud thud and I turn to see the humanoid running in four and with a long gaping mouth open. That's how she manages to keep up with us, at this rate.. The boy glances back as he realizes our rather close gap between us becoming shorter and shorter by the second. "Crap!" He yells, turning back and focusing on running. "Come on legs, don't fail me now!" the boy said, as he ran. I follow his lead as I use all of my energy to run faster and focusing on our main objective, the stairs. As we ran, we could feel that thing screaming and running approaching us extremely fast. "We need to make a bold decision; can you handle the jump from here?" He asks suddenly. I smile weakly as I adjust my glasses. "I am not a fan of pain and especially jumping from stairs." I chuckle, weakly. The boy smiles weakly as the boy chuckle. "Me neither." He replies. We nod at each other as to our plan and with a miracle; we manage to reach the end of the hallways but with the monster right next to us. We felt happy as we took the final step and quickly turn around with a big leap from that spot. It didn't take long as our joy turns into despair as we could see a gate blocking our path and our only hope vanishing. We hit the fence and fell back into the floor as I try to recover. Meanwhile, the boy desperately tries to budge, hit, and even move the fence, but it remains unmoved by his every action. "No! No! No! Why is a gate here in all places! I can't die here so easily, I need to live for their sake, damn it!" The boy screams in anger. I rub my head against the pain and the boy stop as he tries to walk back and looking scared at something behind me. I understood that face very well and I felt my breathing becoming heavier and repeating constantly. I slowly turn around to see that thing blocking our only path available and I manage to stand up to face that thing. The thing quickly brushes me off with ease as my body slam into the wall with her right hand alone and leaving me on the floor struggling with my pain. Wow…such strength… I clench my teeth from the force and watching the beast approaching the student council president. He began to make desperate and began to rattle the gate with everything he has and the beast roar at his attempt to escape. Why is that monster targeting him? And not me?... I must do something! I am a protagonist after all! Is all my talk, my judgment, my existence all for nothing! I slam the ground with anger to my weakness as I watch helplessly going to be killed and I felt like I am the only one that can do. My eyes widen as I see the boy in the air and being strangled by the monster with her two hands. "Stop it!" I scream. The strangling didn't falter nor did it stop as I scream with anger and she seems to be ignoring me and proving my theory correct. I felt scared, angry, despair, weak and useless at my powerless state. "What's wrong? Is boasting about being the protagonist was all just talk? Is all your talk, your judgment, and existence all for nothing." I became shocked at the voice speaking in my head and I felt angry at myself for not proving him wrong. "If you are indeed such character, then stand up and don't let your judgment be faltered by anyone." I look at the boy so close to dying by the hand of the beast and I clench my fist as I speak truthfully on the question. I am and I will! I gather all of my energy to stand up once more and manage to stand up as I feel new power building up inside of me. "Good, that's what I like to see from you and so.." Suddenly, I felt pain coursing throughout my body as I scream in agony at the power changing my body and I notice the monster finally turning back to see me. "I am thou, and thou art I…" I struggle to keep myself in check as the pain is finally piling up my inside and look back the monster releasing the president from her grasp. "Thou shalt pass thy own judgment and never falter by others erroneous judgment. Spread thy wings and guide them to true salvation, so they will never forget and always remember thy true judgment." "Ahhhhhhhh!" I scream as a burst of dark-light and wind illuminate the entire hallways and causing the monster to run away from the strong light emitting from me. I felt my body and clothing changing as I took deep breaths and covering my right eyes what appear to be claw of some sort in my right hand. "Speak my forgotten name and let us show them reasons to obey us." A weapon materializes next to me as I grab with my left hand and a white diamond appears as well. I grab the diamond as if I knew what I must do and quickly insert the gem into the socket of my hunter knife and the gem shiny bright as I raise it in the air. "Come, Agnostos Theos!" [Chapter 2 End]
  13. lVergill

    fanfiction NBLA Ch. 2

    [Chapter 2] The Hero & Red Riding Hood The next day in the morning, I return to the same building to see a flying vehicle waiting for people to come and ride toward from what Ozpin told Beacon Academy. Ozpin gave me the necessary instructions to arrive to the orientation and so, I enter the flying contraption. After a while of waiting for others, the vehicle began to take off and flying to our destination. I look out at the window to see everything below which fascinates me with curiosity and joy at the wonderful view from this machine. The experience is cut short as people began talking in a weird screen about a man name Roman Torchwick wanted for something and it quickly into another subject relating to a group called the white fang. White fang?...Roman… I began thinking about those keywords to get something but nothing came to mind about neither the guy nor the group mention by the people from the screen. The screen made an abrupt pause and the image of a familiar woman came into view in the glass. "Hello, and welcome to Beacon." She greets. I am curious as to how she got here and possible use some kind of weird magic to appear inside of the glass. I couldn't figure it myself even with my power and I just look curious at the strange power from her. "My name is Glynda Goodwitch." Glynda introduced. Glynda…nothing comes to me, but at least I know her name. I ponder at the thought of my memories having no correlation with anything here which made me feel so alone in this world. "You are among a privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future huntsman and huntress, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now, it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world." Glynda explain. The image of Glynda disappears from the glass as the students became excited from something outside which peek my interest. I look out of the window to see buildings below me and from afar; I could see a huge building near the cascade. My curiosity rose high as I lay eyes upon Beacon and I felt a bit happy to see it for some strange reason. I could hear two girls disgust by a young boy vomiting at something but my focus is on the academy itself. I notice other machines like this one flying together and carrying, even more, students like us. Are all of the students here, strong?... I became curious to see their power and what makes them so unique that they could attend such a place like me. The ship began to arrive to a drop point and slowly open the door so we can exit this vehicle. I left the vehicle as the familiar blond boy began to release his vomit in a nearby trash bin. I look at the school building with eager to find something relating to my joy but alas, no such sparks activate my memories. I glance around to find nothing worth analyzing except the fact this place is very large and very confusing for me to navigate. While I was thinking on my things, I could hear a commotion happening nearby with some girl but it soon ended peacefully as the red clothes girl strangely collapse. Wait, isn't she the girl from the flying machine? I clearly remember her with a blond girl but now she is alone in this place like me. Suddenly, I felt a small tap on me and I turn around to see a girl smiling at me. "Hi! The name is Aura Mist, nice to meet you, fellow peer." Aura happily introduced. I could see Aura raising her right arm toward me and expecting a good exchange as students of the same school. I respective shake her hand while I took a good look at this 5 ft. 4 in. cheerful girl. Aura has raven black hairs that reach her chin in a messy bob, with two long strands on either side of her face. She looks at me confused with her violet eyes at my silent and I release our hand. Her clothing consists of a violet short-sleeved blouse while underneath is a black V-neck pinafore with a pair of gray and white striped stockings. I could see a pair of black ankle boots with white cuff and pair of black fingerless gloves, also waist-length black capelet. She became uncomfortable by my silent and staring at her intensely so she nervously laughs while scratching her head. "Err….Do you want to see a trick?" Aura asks, trying to bring up a subject. Trick? I became curious at what trick she could do and I am hoping it is the ability to make yourself appear in the glass trick like Glynda did. I nod at her trick and she quickly smiles at my curiosity to see it. She sweeps her hand to reveal cards within her right hand suddenly appear and my eyes widen at the sudden appearance of those stacks of cards. I became focused on her as my eyes began to take necessary information while she continues with her magic trick. "Watch and be amaze with my magic trick, I will make this stack of cards change into a…." Aura trails off, as she twirls and smiling. I watch very carefully at her movement, hand patterns, aura, and semblance. Suddenly, I gasp as the deck of card disappear as she closes her right palm and she quickly opens it to reveal a bird flying away. Aura smile proudly at the magic trick and I applaud at the great talent she has but something felt odd about that trick. "Thank you! Thank you!" Aura happily bows. Hmmm…what was that a moment ago? When she closed her palm the item… I grab my cap as I began to think of the solution and how she manages to pull off such advanced trick without anything within her sleeves. As I think on the secret, I could hear another commotion happening behind me and I turn around to find a group talking with the girl. I could easily tell that those boys were up to no good and I also notice the guy from before starting next to her. "Hm? What's wrong? Do you know them?" Aura asks, curious. I listen to their conversation from afar as I took my dust crystals and began to focus on them for their exact movement, flaw, opening and weaknesses. "Are you new around here young lady? Why don't you come with up and we can show you around." The black hair boy smile. Wind…. "That's great! I was looking for a guide, come on Jaune." The girl happily said. "S-Sure." Jaune nervously reply. The heavy boy suddenly cut Jaune away from the girl and didn't want to include Jaune on their cooperation from the very beginning. Ice…. "We don't want you to bother us so get lost newbies." The slim guy angrily said. Water…. The last brown hair guy remains behind them and only looking out for them, like a support. I finally have the necessary information to make a plan by having one of my vajra hold a red dust crystal with a black crystal and the other one holding a yellow dust crystal with another black dust crystal. I made a quick pace toward the heavy guy and kick him into their group so those two can have some distance. I watch as the group groan and argue by their friend crushing them. "You little newbies! You pay for such disgrace!" the black hair boy exclaim. "Wow, hey!" I glance behind me to see Aura angry at my sudden behavior and probably didn't listen to their conversation like I did. "You can't start a fight mister, that's a bad start for a new student and trust me. I know." Aura protest. "I think your friend is helping us, you see the-" Jaune's words are interrupted as the slim guy made a dash toward us and slowly turning his body into water. The red girl suddenly pulls out her scythe to attack the guy with a slash but it did no effect to him. The guy's body is unaffected by a mere physical attack and she gasped at this find. "Hahahaha, you think you newbies can handle the real deal!" "What! That isn't fair." She gasps. As the slim guy celebrates on his semblance, I took this opportunities to throw my electric vajra toward him and causing some major damage as the shock forced him to return back to his previous state. The girl quickly follows up as she kicks him back toward the group and turns to me. "Nice one, and amazing! What are those things!" She asks, excited. I tilt my head in confusion as I shown my vajra to her and she quickly grabs it so she can examine it. I put my right hand on my chin to see her very happy to see my weapon and looking at every angle of it. "Wow, I have never seen this weapon before and! Eek! Are this dust crystal embedded in your weapon!" She happily exclaims. I nervously smile at this girl's excitement for weapons and I could see the group becoming angry for ignoring them while the slim guy is unconscious on the floor. The black hair boy glares at me for causing a lot of fuss and ruining their fun. "Let's go, newbie." He smirks. The boy with such confidence dash toward me in particular and I follow his lead while taking my vajra from her so we can end this in two blows. I notice the boy smirk while he uses his wind semblance to speed himself up and I was prepared for this as I foresaw this outcome. I could barely see him but even so, I could land one hit to him, we pass each other as I thrust my weapon and him punching his way. The damage hit my stomach which made me kneel down on the floor and I could hear the boy grunting at the fire damage. I glance behind me to see him glaring at me and then from behind him, Jaune nervously hit him with his shield. The boy faint from Jaune's attack which surprises him to see his own bravery in action. "I-I did it!? Err-I mean" Jaune cough, looking manly. "Of course! Don't worry ladies; Jaune is here to save the day." Jaune spoke, confidently. Aura laugh at Jaune and the red girl congratulate the young hero but meanwhile, the heavy guy took action. I felt step coming close to me which made me turn to see him rushing at me and I try to lift my body but couldn't from the early damage. I watch as the heavy guy extend his big right hand behind him while ice covering his entire arm so we could deliver a devastating right hook. I grunt as my body didn't respond and I didn't have more information from the wind guy. …. I slowly see his right hand coming close to my face until I felt light and move next to Aura. I look around confused by the sudden location transfer and I turn toward the guy hitting a pebble. Aura sighs. "That was close buddy, you should be more careful when fighting alone, but I am here to help you if such danger happen." Aura smile. What? She did that? I look at the heavy guy looking a bit nervous to see my sudden location and while the red girl smile at our advantage. The heavy boy didn't hesitate to retreat with the last guy and gather his fallen allies. I sigh at our victory with no casualties besides me and I lift myself up. Jaune and the red girl approach us to greet us. "That was amazing you two-Ah! My name is Ruby by the way, nice to meet you." Ruby smile. "Yeah, wish I could pull those amazing move but you know, I am the type of guy who delivery the last blow. The name is Jaune Arc." Jaune happily remark. "Aura, nice to meet you too. Although, I am worried about your strategy based on last hitting Jaune." Aura smile, while slightly worry for Jaune. Jaune became nervous as he fumbles with his strange shield and dropping it on the floor which he disappointing pick up. "W-Well! I am still learning the other stuff.." Jaune nervously answer. Ruby covers his mouth as she tries to hold her laughter but fail which made our little hero a bit embarrassed. "I remember you vomiting in the airship not too long ago, vomit boy." Ruby jokingly said. "Oh yeah! Well, I saw your face explode by dust and stuff, crater face." Jaune angrily reply. "Hey! That was clearly not my fault here mister!" Ruby angrily mentions. Jaune smile at Ruby's little accident which I didn't see, he gasps and turns to me with something in his mind. "I am so sorry; I didn't mean to skip your introduction. Like what my mom always says, good friends are like galaxies, you don't always see them, but you know they are there. Like you who appear from nowhere to help us." Jaune apologizes, and explain as he smiles. "Errr…I think you meant stars, good friends are like STARS not galaxies." Aura nervously smiles, as she scratches her cheek. "R-Really!? Ah…" Jaune sigh. "Now I understand why mom laughs at me every time I told her that." Jaune sadly reveals, as he hunches down depress. The girls laugh at Jaune's sad tale but quickly recover as he smiles at me and I remain silent at their intense gaze to find my name which I didn't have. Aura smiles at my quiet nature and turn to other to explain her version of my quietness. "It seems he isn't very talkative and I was trying to find out why.." Aura spoke, curious. "Is he shy?" Ruby asks. They turn to me which I shook my head to her questions and Jaune snap his finger at his next question. "Are you perhaps mute by any chance?" Jaune ask. I think for a second on that but I felt so confident that I don't lack such condition and so, I shook my head. "Then why stay quiet friend! Talk! I want to know about your weapons, you, and everything about you." Ruby cheers, excitedly. I still remain quiet regardless of their best effort to cheer me up to speak, but I felt something holding me back which I don't have control of it. Ruby sigh at my silent but she smiles as she extends her right arm to me and Jaune as well. "Well, I don't really mind it since you probably have your own reason to keep it a secret so! I can wait for that, silent boy." Ruby said, jokingly at the last part. "Me too, I am your friend now so count me on the waiting wagon." Jaune smile. I became speechless, or unable to think of my case since these three peoples have shown me kindness despite my rude matters as Glynda mention. A thinly smile appear in my face which I happily shake both of their hand and gathering three friends in total. Our little moment suddenly went away as Ruby scream at something and we turn to her. "We are going to be late for the ceremony!" Ruby scream, worry. Suddenly, she pauses and slowly turns to Jaune which he tilts his head at her growing smile appearing on her face. "Oh wait; we have Jaune as our guide. Phew! Here I thought we were going to miss the big ceremony happening..errr…somewhere." Ruby sigh, relief. "Wait! Huh!? Me!? I don't know where that place is-" "Actually, I know that place." Jaune stops as we all turn our attention to Aura raising her right arm proudly at her wise knowledge of this school's layout and event. Ruby is very happy with Aura and hugs her while Jaune sight at his chance for a hug from Ruby. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are a lifesaver. So, lead the way Aura and show us to the celebration. We can talk about each other on the way there." Ruby happily explains. "No problem, follow me, guys." Aura smile. Aura proudly marches in front of us while Ruby happily follows her lead and Jaune walk next to me ashamed. I notice Jaune leaning closer to me and about to say something very close so that the girls don't listen. "Hey, do you think I have a chance at getting a hug from a girl" Jaune whisper. Hmmm… I shrug at the odds of that happening since my power doesn't calculate that important factor and he looks down sad at my response. "Yeah, me neither.." Jaune sigh. [Chapter 2 End]
  14. lVergill

    fanfiction NBLA Ch. 1

    This the story about Nameless, and his journey with his team to fight against the Grimm while regaining his lost memories. Summary: The tale of an amnesia silent boy begin at Beacon Academy where Ozpin offers him the choice of becoming a huntsman and while also regain his lost memories he desires so much. [Chapter 1] Silent Boy [Glynda POV] I adjust with my glasses while I walk around in this barely lit room as the only light source is a bulb above us and lighting a young boy sitting near a table. I tap my right feet impatiently and a bit angry at this young man stubbornness to answer such simple question of mine. I sigh as I take another chance to the question and hoping for such little cooperation. I glance at the white-haired cap boy as his hairs reach his shoulder and his bangs covering his right eye. I notice him looking at me with his red eyes and difficult to see his expression change from his blank stare. His weird attire includes a black collar robe with red highlights and a white armor piece hanging from his left arm and black trousers with the same color scheme. This is a strange boy, but never the less; I must extract information from him before Ozpin shows up. "Tell me, what's your name young man?" I ask. The boy remains silent as he stared at me with a blank expression and not a slight tension from anywhere can be found. I became irritated by his state and rudeness of not answering the question. I sigh once more as I need to ask him even easier questions and hoping to get some response from him. "Where did Ozpin found you?" I ask, holding back my anger. Again, no answer from the silent boy and I quickly slam my riding crop into the table with anger as I glare at the unfazed boy. "At ease Glynda, he is just shy to new people." My glare turns to Ozpin as he casually enters the room and smile at my behavior which I cough to ignore such action took place here. "Shy you say? To me he doesn't look like the shy type from I can tell. Mute will be the precise word." I correct. He sighs as he walks to the boy with a smile like he always does and began speaking to him which caught his attention. "In any case, we can skip the interrogation now and focus on the little sparring I spoke with you, you remember right?" Ozpin ask. The boy quickly nods to his responsibilities which made him happy to see and me, a bit angry to see him getting some result from the boy. "That's good to hear, then shall we?" Ozpin ask. Ozpin glance at the door as he extends his right hand toward it and the boy began to get up. Ozpin took the lead as we follow him to the outside and wondering what this little sparring they mention. There is another young man standing outside and waiting for Ozpin as he waves at him. "So, are we ready? Is this the boy you want me to spar with?" He asks. "Yes, you both can start immediately while I and Glynda watch from the sideline. Good luck." Ozpin respond. Ozpin turns back to me as I cross my arm at this unexpected turn of event and meanwhile, the mute boy began standing on the opposite side of his opponent. "Care to explain this to me now, Ozpin? Why bring such a boy here, are you interested in him?" I ask, curious. He smiles as he watched the battle slowly starting as the huntsman smile with excitement and while the mute boy look unfit to battle compare to the other boys brought my Ozpin. "He's very unique from I can tell and I can tell from your expression alone that he may look unfit to battle this experienced veteran, aren't you?" Ozpin asks, smiling. I became a bit shock at his good guess but nevertheless, he spoke the truth and I will be honest with him about such conclusion. "Indeed, he lacks any proper composer, he doesn't keep his eyes on his opponent and I can see many opening right now. This boy lack not only combat experience, but also manners with his elders with his mute." I answer, coldly. Ozpin chuckles. "I thought so. " Ozpin smile. "To fill you in, I found this boy in the forest and I stumble on something special on that day." Ozpin mumble. "Something special? What do you mean by that?" I wonder. Ozpin concentrates on the subject as he looks up to remember but I notice him looking more confused when remembering such detail and becoming serious as he grips his cane. "I am referring to his semblance, although, even now I am not so sure if such thing I witness was a semblance." He spoke, serious. I remain quiet at his serious tone as I look at battle starting and Ozpin looking anticipate for this little sparring to begin. "Are you ready little guy? I will hold back so don't be scared of me nor my experience fighting Grimm." The Huntsman spoke. The mute boy finally turns to his direction and strangely kept his gaze firm on his opponent. I became a bit shock to see his eyes lock on the experience huntsman and Ozpin raise his hand to me. "Watch, it looks like he is doing it again for us to witness and I hope you have some opinion on this matter," Ozpin said. I concentrate all of my attention to the white hair boy as I see some new reactions coming from him. He closes his eyes for a moment and slowly opens them as he nods to himself which made his opponent confuse by this behavior. "Are you ready?" He asks, confuses. The boy took out his strange weapon and began to quickly fiddle with his weapon around the edges. "Oh, it has to be a while since I seeing a Vajra-user. It is nostalgic to see such complex weapon in action." Ozpin pleasantly said. "Vajra? I never seeing or heard such weapon before.." I mutter. The boy smiles proudly as he aims one if his vajra at the boy and it looks a bit different than what he showed first. The blades have now been changed into two ice dust crystal which made the huntsman nervous at the sight of this weapon, most specifically the ice dust crystal. I tilt my head in confusion at his reaction and Ozpin smile at my confusion as he glances at me. "You look confused, I allow me to fill you in. That Huntsman I brought in has the semblance to summon fire weapons of any variety you see." Ozpin explain. "Ah, now I understand his current reaction but what about it? You did tell him that, right?" I answer, unimpressed. "No, not a single word of his opponent I mention to him since I pick this student randomly from the many I had in mind for him. His semblance is strange and makes me very confusing to understand. This is the reason I brought him here, to see his potential in this fight." Ozpin clarify. I became a bit shock to see some profound potential on the rude one and became glued to the kid as I also became interested to see this battle to the end. [N/A POV] I dash at my opponent with a simple lunge attack and he easily avoids such predictable move like I expect it. He grits his teeth at my speed and I didn't let him breathe so easily since I spin my vajra on my right hand ready to attack. I throw my right vajra into his right arm which made contact and slowly freeze his arm. "What in the world-Oh, now I see what you trying to do." The boy confidently announces. He lifts his left hand to summon his fire hammer and began slamming it down into the small ice covering his arm. My eyes widen to see my opening as the ice need some good hit before it could crumble into mere pebbles. I ran after him to cause him to look at me which is a mistake I foresaw and I quickly hop into the air to deliver a roundhouse kick to his face directly. The boy body flew into the air for a bit before hitting a tree nearby and falling into the floor unconscious. I look down to see my vajra lose free from the boy's arm and I pick it up. I sigh at my power but I am not complaining of such easy task with my abilities. I approach Ozpin and that woman to hear what stuff they need me to do. "Well done, I have to be honest with you, I didn't expect this outcome at all and especially the timing," Ozpin said, clapping. "I guess you do have some potential after all but your manners could use some work." The woman smile, as she harshly comments. I glance behind me to see some people already helping the kid out and I was a bit worry for his safety since I did hit him directly into his blind spot. "Now that we seeing your potential, I have a favor I need to ask you," Ozpin announce. Favor? I tilt my head at this favor he speaks of since I don't have anything to offer for him. "I want you to enter beacon academy so I can watch your progress from there," Ozpin spoke. "What!" the woman asks, shockingly. I couldn't understand the meaning behind me being such thing and I don't have any memories to help me with such decision. I think on it hard since I barely woke up into this place and found by Ozpin in the woods to see my power. The more I thought of it, the more I realize I have nothing to go back to and this will help me in some way while I try to gather my memories. My decision is clear; I nod to Ozpin's favor which made him happy to see and the woman not very happy. "Excellent, your orientation should start tomorrow morning so rest up for today. Tomorrow will be a long day for you…err.." Ozpin said, struggling. Ozpin began thinking about something which made him difficult to finish his sentence and somehow, I knew the problem. Ozpin smile as he snaps his finger at an idea he has on his mind. "Since you don't have a name right now, I should call you Nameless from this point on," Ozpin spoke. "Is that a good name to give him?" the woman asks. I smile at my name given by the first person I encounter in this world and I will gladly take such name for me. The woman sight at my response to that name and tomorrow will start my long journey of living in this school they mention. [Chapter 1 End]
  15. lVergill

    fanfiction Persona Paranormal

    This the beginning of a story of our protagonist, Luck and a lore to his story to people who are curious about his appearance and change behavior. =) Summary: A club is created to hunt the paranormal and the unknown of the world, each member having their own judgment tested by the masses and higher-up. They must confront the truth behind the rise of abnormality in their city and face the monster inside each of them to harness true salvation without their way stain by lies or illusions. [Chapter 1] Protagonist Descend August 21 Sunday Evening I watch the city below illuminating brightly from the darkness of the night as the airplane slowly descends toward my destination. I felt the airplane making a safe landing toward the earth and I could hear the captain announcing our departure from this place. "We arrive in New York City, please exit carefully and don't forget any belonging you may be forgotten. Thank you for flying with us and have a nice day." I smile at my arrival at this place and I quickly set afoot toward my exit as I became excited about my new future here. I manage to arrive at the main lobby with some help from peoples and attendants giving me handful guidance. Now then, I was told my mother that I will meet a certain someone here, but who can they be? I began to ponder on this strange acquaintance of father and began to focus too much as I felt a tap on my left shoulder without me noticing their presences. I turn around to see a strange young girl getting my attention. She has very long light-brown hair that reaches back halfway and two green eyes looking at me. Her clothing consist of a dark, long sleeves, collar shirt with a red tie and a gray skirt. Also, I notice her black knee high socks and black shoes. She began to think for a second as she examines me from top to bottom with curious eyes. "Based on your clothing alone, I am assuming you are Luck Arclight, correct?" She asks. I smile at my name called out from her lips and I slash the air in front of me as my clothing dance in the wind. "Yes! I am Luck Arclight, the protagonist! It is a surprise to see my name already reaching this far." I announced, fearless. I notice the young maiden sigh at my bold introduction and a few constantly gazing at me from some strangers passing by. I became curious at their stare but I need to focus on the girl for now. "Yup, you are definitely the kid. No wonder they didn't tell me your description, you stand out like a sore thumb." She mumbles. "Description?..." I mumble, thinking. "Wait! Don't tell me!" I spoke, shock. The girl smiles at my surprise and raises her right hand toward me as I look at her dumbfounded by the shocking result. "The name is Amy Smith, I am going to be your caretaker for one year so please don't cause any more problem," Amy spoke. "I see…" I spoke, adjusting my glasses. "It is nice to meet you," I reply. "Good respond, I hope you can stay safe and out of trouble. Anyways, let's head out and show you where you are going to stay."Amy explain. I nod at her explanation and she took my response as she turns around toward the exit of the airport with me following after her. We arrive in her car and drive toward my room where I can rest for today. I gaze outside through the window to see any building, people, and many new things I couldn't find back home. This is just hitting me, I never realized the new environment I am currently in and how far I am from home, but! I am the protagonist! I will do just fine here. After a couple of minutes passing green light and turning around some corner, we arrive at a peculiar crossroads with many building advertising many products around this strange place. Amy caught my curious wandering as she glances at me for a second. "This is your first time in New York, isn't it?" Amy ask. "Yeah, it is very different from the place I came from," I reply. "Well, this is the Time Square and this is where I pass the time with the job I establish," Amy explained. "Job you establish?" I ask, curious. Amy suddenly parks at a nearby building somewhat close to the time square she mentioned. I look up the sign to see Midnight written and I became curious about what job she has. I look at her to notice she is already at the door and I immediately follow after her. "Wait! You can't just leave..huh?" I spoke to her but I took a close look at her home to find myself inside a small bar. I could see tables filled with chairs and a counter where people could drink the night away. I enter the bar looking around to organize my thoughts about this place. I could see many beverages neatly stack on the shelf behind the counter and I notice another thing besides the beverage, a kitchen. I became angry at this place dark intention and I began to tap my right feet as I cross my arm. "What's this!? I hope you are not working here! I can smell evil vibe from this and I must speak to your boss about it." I exclaim. Amy smile at my anger as she confidently steps behind the counter and began to serve something behind my back. I wait for a couple of second before Amy brought me a glass of something dark with foam inside the glass. "You must be exhausted from the fly, why don't you drink this to cool you down," Amy spoke. I stare at the drink with disbelief and Amy sigh as she speaks once more. "It isn't what you think, it is just soda." Amy sigh. "Oh," I spoke. I took a seat behind the counter as I grab the cup and took a gulp of the drink. I could taste the root beer soda flavor hitting my taste buds and I let quick exhale after the drink. "Thank for the drink, but this isn't going to distract me from my previous question," I spoke, seriously. Amy look at me as she thinks about my question and slowly raise her hand toward herself which made me confuse. "Huh? Why are you pointing yourself?" I ask. "Don't you get it? I am the boss around here, Midnight is my place and the place I work at since I don't have any workers as of yet." Amy explain. "What!?" I spoke, shock. Amy smile. "Are you surprise? You shouldn't be, after all, I need money to pay for my college and all. In the end, most students would do the same thing." Amy spoke, calmly. "Yeah, but! Working in a bar isn't what most students do!" I reply. I pause for a second after I realize that Amy isn't your regular ordinary girl from some college and perhaps she could become the main character like I envision her to be. "In any case, let me show you to your room," Amy spoke. I see Amy leaving the counter to approach the stair leading to the floor above us and I follow her lead. We approach a door at the end of the stair and she pulls out a key from her pocket. It made me curious is to why she keeps this door lock. Amy open the door to reveal a room filled with boxes and I could faintly see a bed, desk, windows, and a couch with a table nearby. I scratch my head at the cramped room standing before me and how can I possibly sleep and do my stuff with this boxes. "Right, I forgot to move this boxes from this room. I felt like I forgotten something and this was it." Amy mumble, thinking. "What are those boxes?" I ask. "They contain beverages for the costumes and I usually put them in the fridge but I had a lot of extra than I expect. So, I move them here so it wouldn't bother the customers downstairs." Amy explain. I notice the word Fragile written in the boxes so I know her story is genuine and she could be trusted, despite her having a very sketchy job. "Anyhow, I apologize to say this but could you sleep in this room for now. I don't have the time to move this boxes since it is night after all." Amy spoke. "By yourself? I prefer to do it myself." I reply. Amy chuckle. "There's nothing to worry, I can call for help to move those boxes. For the meantime, you need to sleep for tomorrow and I need to drive you there for now." Amy said. "Oh, then I will do just that," I spoke. Amy nod. "Good and don't worry, by the time you come back from school, I will remove this boxes from your room." Amy smile. Amy left the room through the stair with a smile on her face and I focus my attention on my new room. I became happy in my new room despite the boxes getting in the way for now. I suddenly recall something as I sigh and rub my head. "it was a meteor, and besides, a kid like yourself should stay away from the government's business and listen to our judgment. After all, our judgment is what is keeping this great place safe and secure for our citizens." I became sadden at remembering something from back then and I manage to pass through the boxes to rest in my bed. I lay down as I release a sigh and I could hear a clock ticking near me. I began to feel angry at their judgment since they hide something from me and more importantly, the citizens. Judgment, huh? I felt my eyelids getting heavy and I need the rest for today from that long trip. I close my eyes to finally rest and soon I fell into deep sleep. I felt weird as my body float and I felt at peace somehow. I immediately open my eyes to see the blue sky above me and I slowly get up to notice nothing but grass within my vision. I could feel the cold breeze pushing the grass beneath me and I became confused at this dream of mine. "Oh, a visitor?" My body twitches at the sudden voice and I turn around to see a man approaching me. The man wore a black turtleneck shirt and black pants with a belt. I immediately notice his strange butterfly mask and I felt a strong connection to this person but I haven't seen this person. "There no need to worry, my name is Philemon. It seems death and judgment will be in your future." Philemon spoke. [Chapter 1 End]
  16. My character small glimpse of their past, previous journey, and allies that occur in their world or current world they reside.
  17. ArdillaVerde93

    fanfiction To The Sky

    *This is a story posted at the request of Neptune. Kai appears courtesy of SMFoxy. This is set to the song "To The Sky," by Owl City. To clear up confusion, the lyrics are for the parts after them.* It was nearly a year to the day since Shaymin's trainer's tragic death. With Goodra left in charge of the house, Kai and Shaymin were invited to stay. Kai had chosen the guest bedroom, while Shaymin had insisted on the shed in the garden. For the first month, Shaymin was inconsolable. But, with Kai's help, she had mostly gotten over her depression. What's more, Kai had helped her regain her Sky Forme. This day was bittersweet for Shaymin. She barely spoke as she tottered into the dining room to eat from a bowl of kibble left out for her. As much as her trainer thought she deserved the best, she honestly liked the processed pet food. [Shipwrecked in a sea of faces. There's a dreamy world up there. Dear friends in higher places, carry me away from here.] She looked around and saw that the other residents had their gazes fixed on her. She loved them, considering them all to be great friends. But this was the last thing she wanted to see now. She sighed and went back to eating. [Travel light; let the Sun eclipse you 'cause your flight is about to leave, and there's more to this brave adventure than you'd ever believe!] No later had the last morsel disappeared down Shaymin's throat, than she felt a paw on her quill-covered back. She looked up to see Kai, who said only 2 words to her. "It's time." Shaymin's response was similarly terse. "Do I have to?" [Bird's-eye view! Awake the stars, 'cause they're all around you. Wide eyes will always brighten the blue.] After breakfast, everybody, Shaymin included, stepped outside to the front porch. Again, all eyes were on the petite Legendary. She wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear. Run back to the shed. Anything but what she was about to do. Kai's paw was placed on her again, making her jump. There was no turning back. She had to go. [Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery, 'cause, after all, those wings will take you up so high.] "O-Okay," she stuttered. "I'm ready." Kai pulled his paw away, and Shaymin turned to face everyone. 7 in all. And all with smiling faces. Again, not something Shaymin wanted to see in this situation. She gave them a sad nod. [So bid the forest floor goodbye, as you race the wind and take to the sky!] Shaymin began to glow. This transformation was still a bit of a strain to her, and she whimpered as her body shifted and contorted. Once the light faded, she no longer resembled a hedgehog. Now, she could almost be mistaken for an albino reindeer. [You take to the sky!] Reluctantly, and with a final, deeply genuine "thank you" to everybody, she leapt up with her hindpaws, her feathered ears catching the breeze and suspending her in the cool morning air. Tears fell down her face, cutting damp paths through her stark white fur. [On the heels of war and wonder, there's a stormy world up there. You can't whisper above the thunder, but you can fly anywhere.] The tears didn't stop, and Shaymin didn't dare speak. She looked straight up. Her instincts told her a storm was brewing. She knew she could only remain in Sky Forme for as long as the weather was clear. But, with her speed, she was confident she could at least reach the Ruins Of Alph before she would be forced to land. "You can do it!" Kai called out, as if sensing her trepidation. [Purple burst of paper birds; this picture paints a thousand words! So take a breath of myth and mystery, and don't look back!] Kai was right. Shaymin could certainly make the flight to Sinnoh; that wasn't in question. What was, though, was whether Shaymin wanted to fly away. If she dared show her face to the others, they would see she wanted to stay on the ground. The warm, dew covered ground. But, if she hesitated, she'd miss her chance for sure. She shook her head violently, as if trying to dislodge her own hesitation. Finally, she shot high up into the sky. [Bird's-eye view! Awake the stars, 'cause they're all around you. Wide eyes will always brighten the blue.] She could hear her temporary family cheering for her, and, looking down, she could see the whole of the garden that Bellossom kept in such beautiful shape. She took a deep breath, smelling the familiar scent of forthcoming rainfall. [Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery, 'cause, after all, those wings will take you up so high.] Shaymin sped forward, the air whipping against her wing-ears. Soon, she was just a speck to the 7 onlookers that continued cheering. Suddenly, though, she turned around, and lowered her altitude. Skillfully, she flew just over the garden, plucking a single pink flower wth her mouth before departing again. "Sorry, Bellossom!~" [So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind and take to the sky!] She was actually slightly glad, at least in that moment, that she was flying alone. If the others could see where she was going, they'd almost surely try and stop her. The buildings of Goldenrod City glinted below her in the morning sun. Admittedly, it was a beautiful sight. She had every intention of going to Sinnoh, but later. There was something far more important she had to take care of first. She landed in the middle of a cemetary. [There's a realm above the trees where the lost are finally found. So touch your feathers to the breeze and leave the ground.] The gravestone she was looking for - that of her trainer, of course - wasn't far from where she landed. Shaymin hung her head, and released the flower, which fell in front of the gravestone. "I'm sorry. It's time for me to go." [Birds-eye view! Awake the stars, 'cause they're all around you. Wide eyes will always brighten the blue.] Shaymin's voice was choked with tears. "I-I... I didn't want this. I love you, with all my heart! Why did it have... t-to end like this?!" Almost contemptuously, she kicked at the ground. [Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery, 'cause, after all, those wings will take you up so high!] Not trusting herself to keep from bursting into hysterical tears, Shaymin rose into the air again, just as lightning tore through it. She gasped, knowing what would happen next. She dropped like a stone, hitting the ground with a thud, now back in her Land Forme. [So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind, and take to the sky!] For once, Shaymin wasn't worried by the storm. She got back up to her paws, smiling. She used to be able to fly in storms, but even Kai's training couldn't return that ability to her. She looked up at the suddenly darkened sky. "Thank you." [You take to the sky! You take to the sky!] Shaymin didn't have a choice; she had to stay. She nuzzled the gravestone. "Don't worry; I'm not leaving quite yet." In the midst of everything, she let out a giggle. "It's ironic. You hated storms, but a storm is keeping us together!" Sinnoh would still be there when the storm broke. At that moment, Shaymin was right where she needed to be.
  18. Before I get into it, I want to thank @ArdillaVerde93, without whom's story (Lovesick) and blessing to post, this story would not exist. This is a side story of sorts to an entire plot of their devising, and is somewhat intended to be a part of Shaymin and Tyler's story through the eyes of another. A little backstory. I was asked by ArdillaVerde93 to help cure Shaymin, and I agreed. This is my take on the process, as well as information that came to my attention later. I haven't written in a long time, and it isn't much, but I hope people enjoy it. Without further ado, here we go. ~~~ Journal of Kai Russet; 08/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto Today, I happened upon a strange and miraculous discovery. I am not alone in this world. There is another, like me, who has... changed, into something else. Something more. Something between Human and Pokémon. I made this discovery entirely by accident whilst training with my Lilligant, and an innocent passerby got caught when a breeze blew a full dose of Sleep Powder their way, and without thinking I took them to my house to recover. Which is the story to which I intend to stand by. When he (though I initially mistook him as female, and was corrected later) came around from what I had subjected him to, after I apologised, he politely introduced himself as Tyler Miller, a doctor. My interest was piqued at this point, as I find it incredibly intriguing that our shared condition should have affected two practitioners of the same profession. Or rather I should say, did, since I no longer practise medicine. The odds seem astronomical that I should meet another, let alone a doctor. Returning to the point, he informed me of a difficult case he was working on, of course remaining within the bounds of professional confidentiality at all times, and talking over only the most basic points of the case, with no direct reference to the patient herself at all. It was apparent that the patient was suffering from infertility after pelvic trauma. Feeling for him and the patient, I showed him to my modest library, as well as the studies I had devoted myself to since being afflicted with my condition. Doctor Miller appeared to find certain things of interest, as well as relevance to the case he was working on, at which point I loaned him use of a pen and paper to write down some of his discoveries. Shortly thereafter, I showed him out of my house, wishing both he and his patient well. Note: Of interest is the fact that Doctor Miller, while male, appears to have been changed in part to a female Cinccino. This is curious to me, as my... enforced transformation into part Delphox, remained wholly male. ~~~ Journal of Kai Russet; 09/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto I was approached by Doctor Miller early this afternoon. It appeared as though he had spoken to his patient after leaving yesterday, and had talked her into accepting a consultation with me, due to my unusual medical knowledge. I have not practised medicine in a long time, but I could not find it in my heart to refuse such a request. I left with Doctor Miller to meet the patient. Imagine, if you will, my surprise at entering the room and coming face to face with a Legendary Pokémon. I will not deny that I had been expecting a Pokémon, and one very much loved judging from the tone with which Doctor Miller spoke of her. But I certainly had not been expecting a Shaymin. The chance to work with, and try to help, such a Pokémon made my heart race with excitement. It kindled a feeling deep within me, one that I had not felt for the longest time. I have always wanted to help both people and Pokémon, but since my condition, this... curse, or whatever it happens to be that has transfigured me, I have chosen not to. I feel I have been given a new opportunity to do what I have always wanted, and always loved, to do. I knew there and then that I must do my best, and so after a brief summary of the medical history of the patient, as well as an explanation of what exactly caused her infertility, I put every effort into describing and explaining my researches, how I hoped to help, and what the risks may be, but Shaymin seemed full of gratitude towards even the attempt to help. I bade farewell after the consult was concluded, and returned home. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 10/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto The procedure took a long time, but went along with no unexpected complications. However, whether it was a success or not, we will be unable to determine until tomorrow. I find myself feeling that I may wish to become a fully practising physician again. I gave up for a reason, but now I find the very reason I gave up may help more than hinder. I certainly very much hope that it helped in this case. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 11/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto Today was the day we discovered if my researches will help. To see if our labour bore fruit, as it were. There were no complications during the procedure, and a few routine tests led us the conclusion that it had been successful. Between magic, medicine and luck, Doctor Miller and myself cured Shaymin of her infertility. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 12/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto I returned to meet Shaymin and Doctor Tyler today, and together we took the tests again to ensure that the cure had indeed worked. Shaymin seemed incredibly grateful for our help. She agreed, at my request, to allow me a rare gift, and was very patient as I gathered pollen from her flowers, as well as plucking a few quills from herself for me. Words could not express my gratitude that she would accept such an unreasonable request, but they were all I had to thank her with. It is my hope that with these gifts, I will be able to study more types of mystical medicine to help people and Pokémon alike in the future. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 13/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto It was raining this evening, for which I was very grateful, as I was unable to prevent myself from tearing up a little. For reasons unknown to me at the time, for I did not pry, Shaymin has chosen to leave and return to her home, the Flower Paradise in Sinnoh. It is clear, however, that it was a difficult decision for both Shaymin and Doctor Miller. It was hard for myself also, though I feel my pain was not a speck compared to what theirs must have been. I later discovered, through Doctor Miller confiding in me, that it was his refusal to help Shaymin start a family that caused her to leave. I feel guilty, for it is due to my studies, my medicine, that Shaymin was cured. I feel at least partially at fault for her leaving. Between the awful things I did a few days ago and this, it seems that the relationship between Doctor Miller and myself is to be an unfortunately strained one. I have, however, made reservations at a local restaurant for tomorrow, in the sincere hope that Doctor Miller will be able to accompany me. I do not believe I could take the place of a much beloved Shaymin, and nor will I try. I merely wish to attempt to make up for my first mistakes, and try to ease the hurt of losing Shaymin.
  19. *Chapter 10: Broken Hearts* Shaymin awoke with a start mere minutes later, to Kevin yelling at her. "Shaymin! Shaymin, get up! Wake up!" "Mew Christ; I'm up!" Shaymin moaned. She wearily turned to look at where Tyler had been earlier, but he still hadn't returned. "What's... What's going on? A-And - yawn - where's Tyler?" "That's just it," Kevin answered, with an urgent tone. "Sakura found him in the bathroom, unconscious!" The instant Kevin finished his sentence, Shaymin leapt from the bed. She ran for the door, but, as Kevin was already there, she didn't get far. "Sorry, but I already called 911," Kevin explained. "The paramedics will be here any second, and you need to hide." "Absolutely not! Let me out!" Shaymin insisted. "If they see you, we're gonna have more problems that we don't need," Kevin argued. "Now, hide!" Kevin's voice was quite official-sounding, but Shaymin was completely undeterred. If anything, Shaymin only got more stubborn. Arceus Himself literally couldn't keep her away from her love, and she certainly wouldn't be impeded by a mere human. "I'll ask nicely, then. Kevin, please, let me out of here; I need to see Tyler." Unfortunately, neither demands nor politeness would sway Kevin. "Sorry, Shay. Don't worry, though; he's in good hands. Ellie's got him." That was all Shaymin needed to hear. Honestly, if Kevin had begun the conversation by informing her that her beloved Tyler was being looked after by the very person they - and Kevin, especially, being a police officer - should've been keeping him away from, she would've done exactly what she was about to do right then. "Alright, then; if she's looking after him, I guess there's only one thing to do." Before Kevin could even ask what that thing was, he was hit point-blank by a sphere of neon green energy, which threw him backwards with such force, the bedroom door splintered when he fell into it. With her only show of remorse being a "you-did-this-to-yourself" shake of her head, Shaymin stepped over Kevin's sprawled out body and ran to the bathroom. It occurred to her that any paramedic in their right mind would ask why there was a broken door, but, at the moment, it didn't matter to her. The bathroom door was open, for good and obvious reasons, so Shaymin didn't have to break it like she did to the bedroom door. She was no less inclined when she entered the bathroom, however, to attack than she was earlier. Sure enough, Eleanor and Prudence were knelt beside Tyler's body. Shaymin took a moment, not even paying mind to the girls' questions of what the loud bang they heard earlier was from, to steel herself for what she was about to see. Or what she thought she was about to see. She didn't know it, but what was happening was rather close to a role reversal. Where, before, Tyler was standing over her, she would soon be, for lack of a better term, standing over him. The difference, however, was quite obvious. Shaymin had almost no idea what was wrong, or how to help. Nonetheless, she was determined to be by his side, and what she had to do was obvious. Eleanor began asking her again what she was doing, but Shaymin interrupted her with a dark, sinister snarl. "Get. Out. Of. Here." Shaymin knew, or, at least, part of her did, that the odds of her, as small as she was, intimidating Eleanor were slim. Prudence, however, knew well enough to leave the room. She knew that, as soon as the thought occurred to Shaymin that, as a Legendary, she wielded immense power, Eleanor would almost definitely get killed. Unsurprisingly, the response Shaymin received for her threat was a scoff, followed by "not a chance, mate!". As furious as she was, and for good reason, Shaymin couldn't help but laugh as she took a few steps toward Eleanor, then fixed her with an angry glare. "Wanna bet?" Shaymin wanted nothing more at that moment than to assault the abusive girl in front of her. Unfortunately, she didn't get the chance; just as she was preparing to pounce, she heard sirens wailing in the distance. Before she scurried off to find a hiding place, though, she gave Eleanor a dire warning. "If he doesn't make it through this, you're next." As she left, she kept her head held high. It wasn't obvious to anyone but herself that she was choking up, tears spilling down her face. "Please!" she whispered pleadingly. "Don't take him from me! You granted my wish and brought me back so I could be with him. He means the world to me, and You know that. I'm begging You; don't take him away!" To escape detection, she hid in the backyard, blending in incredibly well with a flowerbed. There she stayed as the paramedics carried the love and light of her life away. Despite begging and pleading, Shaymin couldn't join the others. She suffered an agonising wait while they went to the hospital. Each minute seemed an hour as she worriedly padded around the house. "This isn't fair!" she finally decided, in a childish whine she wouldn't have dared to speak in, were she not certain she was the only one who could hear it. Despite her age, she still was a child at heart. And she wished, besides the obvious desire of Tyler's safe return, that she was young enough to justify curling up in his lap and sobbing hysterically. As had been commonplace lately, the obvious reality slipped her mind; age be damned, she was small enough to still manage a good cuddle and cry without causing Tyler any discomfort. "He doesn't deserve this!" she continued, referring, of course, to Tyler. "I should be there with him; not that bitch!" Even calling Eleanor a bitch didn't seem to sum up the hatred Shaymin held towards her, but she didn't feel comfortable uttering the 4-letter word that better described it; she swallowed, then shook her head, as if trying to dislodge the word from her thoughts. "I-If he..." Shaymin whimpered tearfully. "I-I-If he d-doesn't make it,... I-I'll..." What she would do, she didn't get to say; so preoccupied was she, she didn't notice Kevin entering the living room, until he actually spoke to her. In fact, she was visibly shocked when he did. "Shaymin,... I'm sorry, but I have some bad news." The tone Kevin spoke in was sad and serious; Shaymin knew in an instant he wasn't kidding. However, she could only formulate a single question. "Where's Tyler?" Kevin let out a heavy sigh, then sat down on a nearby couch and beckoned Shaymin to join him, which she refused to do. Knowing he couldn't keep the truth from her, he didn't bother. "Look, Shay... I'm sorry; there was nothing the doctors could do." All Shaymin needed to hear was "I'm sorry." She knew full well that very rarely is that followed by good news. She took a few steps back and shook her head. "You're lying." "I wish I was," Kevin replied. "The doctors said an aneurysm burst in his chest. He was gone before he got to the hospital." To say that Shaymin cried was an understatement; Kevin hadn't heard such heart-wrenching wailing in his life. He reached out to pet her, but she jerked away. Then, both to Shaymin's delight and fury at once, Eleanor walked in. "Oi! Shay, are you al- BLOODY HELL!!!!!!" In an instant, Shaymin was upon her. Shaymin's teeth and claws weren't incredibly sharp, but her assault still left some wounds. Kevin was quick to respond, and, all at once, Shaymin yelped as she fell to the floor with a soft thud, and began twitching violently. Kevin had hit her with a stun gun. Eleanor, battered and cut up, leaned against the wall, shaking in fear. "Thanks for that, mate." The next week, leading up to Tyler's funeral, was horrific for Shaymin. Sleep was fitful and came with much effort, when it came at all. She had night terrors constantly, causing Kevin and Prudence to drown out her wailing with a radio. Obviously, they also got precious little sleep. Shaymin refused all offers of food, and barely even took her medicine. Losing Tyler destroyed her. When she wasn't crying and screaming, she spent the week in a stupor. Her body was repaired, but she may as well have been in Kalos, as little as she seemed to notice anything. It took until the day of the funeral for her to engage in an active conversation. "I'm going with you." "Absolutely not," Kevin said firmly. "Are you out of your mind?!" "I have been, since he died," Shaymin answered, unwavering. "And I'm going, if I have to crawl on my hindpaws!" "And what will you do when everyone sees a wild Shaymin?!" Kevin demanded. "You'll be inside a Poké Ball before you know what hit you!" Shaymin scoffed at that. "Only if I let them catch me! More to the point, Kevin, you can't tell me what to do!" Their argument continued for some time before Kevin finally gave in, reasoning that, if Shaymin wanted to get caught, it was up to her. Despite being so vehement about attending Tyler's funeral, Shaymin kept herself scarce throughout the service. The amount of willpower it took her not to violently murder Eleanor was ridiculous. Instead, she occupied herself by looking around at the people who had gathered to mourn. She recognised Whitney straight away, and gave a slight smile, which was returned with a look of solemn understanding. Whitney didn't bring attention to Shaymin's presence; it didn't even surprise her very much. Having been Tyler's girlfriend in the past, she knew Shaymin's heartbreak almost as much as her own. Shaymin silently cursed the rarity of her own species; she wanted to sit in Whitney's lap. Instead, she could only return the pink-haired girl's gaze with a pleading look, and mouth the words "don't tell anyone," to which Whitney responded with an equally silent "don't worry; I won't," before gesturing as though she was pushing down on the air with one hand. Shaymin understood this as a signal to stay down to avoid detection. She did so, crawling beneath Kevin's chair and curled up, resembling an innocuous, flowering bush. This was a brilliant disguise, as the funeral was held outdoors. She kept quiet and still for a good portion of the funeral, but even she couldn't hold her peace indefinitely. The instant the casket was buried, she took off at a full sprint towards the gravestone. Kevin wasn't quick enough to subdue her, and Eleanor didn't care one way or the other. Shaymin's presence didn't go unnoticed. Several people threw Poké Balls at her. She made no attempt to dodge, so she got pelted as she ran. An astonishing thing happened, though. The Poké Balls that hit her didn't open; they recognised her as already having a trainer. So it was as she ran to her beloved's resting place. Finally, she stopped running, only to collapse and cry, like she did several times before from her illness. This time, though, pure emotion was behind her tears. "This isn't fair! After all he did,... he... We were... supposed to be together! A-And now..." It was as if Shaymin only fully realised the situation when she spoke of it. "HE'S GONE!!!!!!" she wailed, bringing over half of the crowd to tears. She was so distraught, she failed to notice that she had undergone an amazing transformation! She was considerably taller, and resembled a reindeer, rather than a hedgehog. She kept her white fur, save for her paws and what used to be her quills. Those were green, and her quills looked more like medium-length hair. Her ears had grown immensely, resembling a cross between a Latias' wings and a fleur-de-lis. The pink flowers that adorned her had changed into what appeared to be a crimson scarf made of flower petals. "I was supposed to watch over him,... a-and keep him safe. B-B-But I... I guess I couldn't do it. Not even for the person who meant more to me than anyone and anything else in the world!" Shaymin didn't look back at the crowd as she cried. She couldn't bear to turn her back on Tyler. His death darkened her entire outlook on life. She didn't have the willpower to do anything but sob hysterically and repeat several confessions of her love. Tyler's tragic passing rocked everyone who knew him as a kind, compassionate soul. However, in the aftermath, life eventually returned to normal for Kevin and Eleanor. Shaymin wasn't the same afterwards. *Epilogue: Where Are They Now?* Tyler's body was exhumed only a few days after the funeral, and brought to the hospital for an autopsy. His cause of death was something that could hardly have been predicted. Hypertension, brought on by his tumultuous relationship with Eleanor, led to an asymptomatic aortic aneurysm. Because Tyler was too busy, he didn't bother to get checked, and the aneurysm worsened, leading up to an aortic dissection, closely followed by aortic rupture. The autopsy was also able to confirm that Eleanor had abused him; several marks hadn't fully healed, and there was quite a bit of evidence of sexual abuse, as well. As a result, Eleanor was incarcerated for domestic violence. She was also stripped of a diamond-shaped pin(a Plain Badge, given to trainers who triumph over Whitney, the Goldenrod City Gym Leader.), as well as a Poké Ball containing a Cinccino. Both of those items belonged to Tyler, and the badge was set in his grave once he was laid back to rest. Tyler's gravestone read as follows: "Dr. Tyler Miller Loved by many, but died of a broken heart." Carved below that was "I'll never forget you, Ty.", next to which was a heart. Shaymin had used her Magical Leaf attack for carving. As for Eleanor, she was soon released on bail. Shaymin spiralled into a deep depression she never returned from. She spent the rest of her life guarding Tyler's grave. Her life was a very short one, however. She was still sick, and, because she didn't take her medicine, she passed away after a violent episode of vomiting. As her soul departed, the earth itself sprang to life, yielding a breathtaking abundance of flowers. Even Arceus wept openly at Shaymin's unfailing devotion. Whitney was given Tyler's Cinccino to take care of, and she did a fantastic job of doing so. Tragically, her life was also cut short; she fell from the second story balcony of her house and broke her neck. She was pregnant, and doctors were able to save her baby. Whitney's boyfriend was unjustly imprisoned for her death. Kevin, shaken up from the knowledge that Eleanor contributed to Tyler's death, dedicated his life to betterment. He eventually became a police chief, and was able to reopen the case Whitney's boyfriend was imprisoned for, and get him released. Afterwards, Kevin and his lovely daughter lived together happily with their son, Arthur. Team Espus remained the Orre League champions for several years, before losing in a match against Michael and Wes, the previous champions. Team Espus won the titles back in the next event. The story of Tyler and Shaymin was told again and again, through the ages. Their tragic, yet heartwarming tale served as a message, and as proof that love knows no boundaries. *Author's note* Well, that's it! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. And thanks, Neptune and Wolfie, for allowing me to include you. This has been a journey for me; in fact, as far as I can remember, it's only the 4th multi-chapter story I've finished. The end may come as a shock, but I wanted this to end badly. I wanted to show that the good guys don't always win. So, as much as you may hate me for killing 3 pivotal characters, please understand that I had planned it like that for some time. Also, I was hoping someone would get this reference before I had to explain it, but I've kept you amazing people in the dark way too long. The Eleanor Miller in this story is a humanised version of the character of the same name from The Chipettes. I don't hate her; in fact, she's one of my favourite characters from the entire AATC franchise. She was responsible for some of my favourite moments in The Squeakquel, Chipwrecked, and The Road Chip. I wrote her as a bitch and a nymphomaniac because that's how the real Kevin thought she should be. Aortic rupture was chosen for Tyler's cause of death because it's practically asymptomatic until it's too late to do something about it. Shaymin died of primary amebic meningoencephalitis, obviously. And, of course, Whitney took a nasty spill. Side note, I'm not too fond of redheads usually, but there are exceptions, and Whitney is adorable! And, of course, I had to at least try and add continuity from the "official" canon. Well, I suppose the important question is do you like it? If so, would you like to see more? Backstory, alternate universe, etc.
  20. *Chapter 9: Keep The Faith* "Click-thud! Click-thud!" Again and again, Tyler attempted defibrillation, becoming more desperate for success with each failure. Despite his undeniable skills, Tyler didn't have a perfect survival record for his patients. Over the course of his career, he had lost patients, but it was incredibly rare. There was his daughter, who died before Tyler could find out what was wrong. Then, there was the Sylveon. She was brought into the Centre with horrific injuries, which her trainer claimed she suffered as the result of a battle. Tyler soon discovered, however, that the injuries were, in truth, the result of abuse. The Sylveon died from her injuries. The trainer attempted to flee the Pokémon Centre, but he was cornered and taken into police custody. Of course, what Tyler was dealing with now was far different. And, of course, the stakes were far higher. Tyler didn't think he'd be able to bear the sorrow and guilt he'd feel if Shaymin died right in front of him. Determined to avoid that outcome by any means necessary, he kept trying. Just as Shaymin had done in her dream, Tyler realised that one of the most important things in the world to him was right in front of him. "C'mon," he pleaded, as Shaymin convulsed yet again from another shock. "You're too young, Shaymin; you have so much to live for!" He hung his head in sadness. "Don't go... Y-You... You can't..." Tragically, he was interrupted by the worst sound he could possibly have heard at that moment: a long, high, steady tone. Shaymin's heart stopped. Tyler couldn't believe his eyes. It was over. After everything Shaymin had been through, she died of something altogether unrelated to her condition. It was completely unfair! Tyler wanted to scream, and he had every reason to do so. But he didn't. He knew it wouldn't solve anything. Nothing would anymore. Shaymin was dead. That horrific truth began to sink in. Tyler dropped the defibrillator paddles he was holding, leaving them to dangle by the cords with which they were attached to the main machine. "No... Shaymin, no!" He shut the music off, then, in a show of emotion that belied his years of experience, began to cry. "You didn't deserve this, Shaymin. It shouldn't have ended like this! You had so much left to do with your life! You could've found a mate, or learned how to fly again!" His crying became louder, as he realised the injustices he had forced upon her recently. Or, at least, what he perceived to be injustices; were Shaymin still alive, she would doubtless have told him that she wasn't angered in the slightest by what he was talking about, and that she had, in fact, forgotten a great deal of it. "I know you can't hear me," Tyler continued, "but I'm sorry. You just wanted to help, and I shunned you for it("You most certainly did not!" Shaymin would've assured him, if she was alive.)! It's my fault you can't fly anymore, in the first place("What?! Oh, come on; you don't honestly believe that, do you?")!" Standard procedure requires doctors to wait 10 minutes after cessation of a patient's vital signs before declaring them dead. As such, Tyler didn't disconnect Shaymin from the monitors that she was attached to, which, by that point, were showing absence of life from all angles. No respiration, no heartbeat. The flatline tone rang out, unbroken, but Tyler didn't pay much mind to it. What mattered, of course, was who it was supposed to be showing vital signs for. As Tyler made short work of stitching up the entry incision he made at the start of the operation, a fairly dark realisation dawned on him. The irony of the situation, too, was not lost on him. For some time, Shaymin was in what Tyler assumed must surely have been agony. Wretched sickness that, as Kevin had said, not even a murderer was deserving of. Shaymin had slept, but what she had couldn't have been restful. As Shaymin lay motionless on the operating table, though, Tyler couldn't help but notice that she finally looked peaceful, how she hadn't looked in about 2 weeks. That was another thing that Tyler realised. It had taken only a matter of weeks for a microscopic organism to cut Shaymin's young life short. Not to mention, it had certainly taken even less time than that to put her through Hell. If there was anything Tyler could take solace in, it was that he assumed Shaymin was finally in a better place. He made the assumption simply to clear his conscience, which was much more cluttered than it had reason to be. In this case, however, he was correct. *Meanwhile...* Shaymin fell unconscious after her ordeal in the park. When she regained her senses, she was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of seraphic calm so powerful, she sighed as though somebody had placed her into a hot spring after a snowball fight. Her sigh was the only thing she could hear; wherever she was, it was silent. Slowly, she opened her eyes, hoping she would wake up and be back at the park with Tyler. She didn't get a good look at her surroundings, though, because she was immediately met with a stark white light, which made her quickly shut her eyes, then inhale sharply. "Wh-What the? What's going on?" She hadn't expected a response, since she believed herself to be alone. Therefore, when she got a response, in the form of a booming male voice greeting her and calling her by her name, she scrambled to her paws. "Who's there?!" The voice responded with a deep chuckle before speaking. "Calm yourself, and open your eyes." Shaymin didn't calm down, but she opened her eyes. What she saw when her emerald eyes adjusted to the light certainly didn't calm her down either. "Arceus?!" Indeed, standing before her was Arceus. Even on all fours, He towered over Shaymin's petite body. Shaymin, however, was, for good reason, preoccupied, and decided to skip formalities. "What happened? The last thing I remember, I was at the park with Tyler, and I started getting shocked!" "I'm sorry I'm the one who has to tell you this, Shaymin," Arceus said, with a sorrowful tone of voice that showed He meant it, "but that was merely a dream. Tell Me, Shaymin; what is the last thing you remember before going to the park?" The presence of Arceus, coupled with still not knowing what had brought her in front of Him, had muddled Shaymin's short-term memory. "Umm,... I-I think... yeah; I was at the Pokémon Centre. Tyler put something over my mouth, and I guess I fell asleep." Arceus nodded. "Precisely. You're still there, Shaymin." At these words, Shaymin's expression brightened. "So, this is a dream, too? But wait; why are You here, then?" "No, no, My child," Arceus corrected her. "Your heart stopped during the operation; you're dead, Shaymin." Shaymin wasn't incredibly surprised by Arceus' explanation; she hadn't had the heart to tell Tyler, with all he was doing for her, but she had known she was living on borrowed time, as it was. Thus, the gasp that escaped her throat was not due to realisation of her fate, but for Tyler, who had tried so very hard to keep her alive. For all Shaymin knew, her beloved was mourning not only her tragic death, but also the sad fact that he would now have nobody to comfort him as he lay in bed, wounded by Eleanor, as was commonplace. In fact, Shaymin remembered several nights when, fearful for Tyler's life, she had stood guard over him until he awoke the next morning. "If she ever does this to you again,..." she had said more than once as a vague threat. In the past, Tyler had helped Shaymin with far more than attempting to fight off a debilitating illness. As such, she felt that the least she could do to show the gratitude that her species exemplified was to offer someone so dear to her comfort and kindness in the dark moments of his life. "What happens now?" Shaymin asked simply. Arceus smiled warmly at her before speaking. "You lived a life of adventure, thankfulness, and, certainly, love. Your reward will be eternity in paradise. In addition, you shall be granted any single request." Such words are what many hope to hear, but, to Shaymin, they were almost meaningless. She shook her head in refusal. "What troubles you in a time that should be joyful?" Arceus asked her, in a voice of legitimate confusion. "Surely, you are not denying yourself Heaven, My dear?" Even against Arceus Himself, Shaymin didn't falter. She spoke with a calm, yet defiant, tone of voice that surprised even herself. "I'm afraid You're mistaken; You can't take me to paradise. At least, not the way I assume You mean that." "Oh, really?" Arceus challenged, advancing on her. "And how did you interpret My meaning that led to this?" "You wanna take me with You," Shaymin answered. "But where You'd take me would be Heaven in name only. You see, my Heaven is the pretty boy back on Earth. If I get to have a request granted, I know what I want, without a doubt. Let me go back." Hearing such confidence coming from such a small, innocuous source took Arceus quite aback. He could tell in an instant that the goddess of flowers was absolutely serious. Nevertheless, He made a fruitless attempt to change her mind. "I can return you to your body, if you wish, but is it truly what you want?" No sooner did the words leave Him, than Shaymin nodded. "I'm absolutely sure. Tyler needs me, and..." Finally, her voice wavered and cracked. It was as if what she said next either caused painful memories to resurface, or was new even to her. "I... I-I need him, too. Please, Arceus; bring me back to him!" There was nothing more Arceus could do, and He knew it, so He nodded. "Your words and your devotion have touched My heart. It is clear to Me that the love you have for this boy transcends even My comprehension. I would be a fool not to reunite you with him." Meanwhile, Tyler's gaze shifted between Shaymin and a clock on the wall. "C'mon, Shaymin; please don't let it end like this!" he pleaded, tears streaming down his face. "I don't... I... I don't wanna have to pull the plug on a Legendary." Only a few of the allotted 10 minutes had passed, but, to Tyler, it seemed much longer. The flatline tone still filled the room, and, to Tyler, the situation seemed hopeless, until, suddenly, the heart monitor began a rhythmic beeping once more. Tyler leapt to his feet. "No way! Her heart rate is... back to normal." He checked the various other devices Shaymin was connected to. "Respiration has resumed,... circulation has returned,... I don't believe it! She's back!" For the while that followed, Tyler had offered Shaymin several treats, which she politely refused. Finally, to placate her loved one, and thinking that she might have a renewed hunger when the medicine began working, she made only a single request. She asked Tyler to make her favourite breakfast, which was pancakes, following her healing. Tyler happily and immediately agreed. In addition, Tyler suggested, and Shaymin agreed, that they both spend the night in the guest bedroom. Shaymin was first to get into the bed, and she waited patiently for Tyler. The instant that Tyler was in bed, Shaymin curled up beside him, nuzzling against his neck. "Thank you, Tyler," she whispered lovingly. "Thank you for everything. Without you, I don't know where I'd be." "I appreciate it," Tyler began, "but I think you're giving me way too much-" "Stop it," Shaymin interrupted him. "Quit doing that to yourself. Shying away from the recognition you deserve, apologising like crazy for little things,... Has Eleanor ruined your self-worth to that extent?" She didn't tell him about her encounter with Arceus; she didn't want him to think that he had absolutely nothing to do with her healing. In response to her question about Eleanor, Tyler sighed. "I'd... rather not talk about her right now, if it's all the same to you. You're right, though; I should be more confident. After all, I'm in bed with the most beautiful Pokemon in the world; I must've done SOMETHING right!" Shaymin blushed and giggled. "Aww! You're so sweet! No wonder I love you so much!" The next few minutes were full of a serene calm. It was as though the air itself was full of the unorthodox couple's love. However, Shaymin, who was nearly asleep, opened her tired eyes upon hearing the rustling of the blanket. "Huh? What's... You okay, Tyler?" "Yeah; I'm alright," Tyler answered in a whisper. "I just forgot, I have to take my makeup off." With that, he got out of bed. "It's dangerous to sleep with makeup on." Shaymin gave a tired nod and a yawn in response. "Alright, then." She watched, as best she could in the dark, as Tyler walked away. She wanted to stay awake until he returned, but, as the gravity of what happened ran through her mind, she found herself unable to stay awake any longer. *Author's note* And this is why doctors shouldn't get romantically involved with patients. In Tyler's defense, though, that Shaymin needs to have a warning label. "Warning: Contains excessive sweetness. Not recommended for people with diabetes." Well, I suppose the important thing is that she's gonna be alright. So, you can put down your guns now. Anyway, this chapter's alternate name is "Living On A Prayer." I'm sorry it took so long, but I got busy and forgot where my priorities lie. I'll start work on Chapter 10, which will be the finale, right away.
  21. *Chapter 8: All's Well That Ends Well* *This chapter contains a Pokémon version of the Creation Theory, which may be offensive to devoutly religious people. Reader discretion is advised.* *Location: Goldenrod National Park, Johto.* *Nighttime that same day...* It's a beautiful thing when a plan comes together perfectly. Such was the case for Shaymin and Tyler. Whitney was able to have Shaymin admitted to the Pokémon Centre immediately. Some teamwork between her and Tyler allowed Shaymin to get in without attracting any unwanted attention. The surgery was quite simple, equivalent to patching a rip in an article of clothing, and, with Tyler's skills, it went off without a hitch. Shaymin awoke with no side effects from the anaesthesia. Thanks to Tyler's near-encyclopaedic knowledge of the layout of the Pokémon Centre, the group managed to slip out effortlessly, attracting no more attention than when they came in. Healed from her lesser condition, Shaymin was able to comfortably swallow the medicinal syrup she nearly choked on before. Chlorpromazine, in and of itself, is a powerful sedative, which is why Tyler had to metaphorically jump through hoops to get ahold of some. As such, Shaymin fell asleep soon after taking it. It was a few peaceful, beautiful hours before she woke up, but where she fell asleep and where she awoke were 2 completely different places. Gone were the bookshelves lining pale pink walls. Gone was the afternoon sunlight streaming through the windows. Gone was the gentle breeze from the ceiling fan, offering her protection from her fever climbing even higher. And gone was the lovely bed that had been her home since Tyler began taking care of her. There was still a breeze, though, and she cooed softly as it ruffled her fur and quills. Considering that she fell asleep during the afternoon, it took a little bit for her eyes to adjust to the darkness; clearly, it was nighttime. She didn't know where she was, but she suddenly became aware of the sound of running water. "What's going on? Where... Where am I?" A voice from behind her almost made her jump. "Oh; you're awake!" It was Tyler. Shaymin realised at that moment that she was lying on his lap. "Tyler? Oh, thank Arceus! Where are we?" Tyler giggled as he stroked her leafy quills. "You don't remember? We went here together with Kevin one night. You and I laid down on a blanket and did some stargazing." Tyler's answer brought a smile to Shaymin's face. How could she forget? "That was one of the best nights of my life! So, that must mean... we're at the park?!" Being a Legendary Pokémon, Shaymin, as well as her countless ancestors, had been to just as many places, and seen just as many breathtaking sights. The Shaymin enamoured with Tyler, for instance, had seen such awe-inspiring sights as the frigid cliffs of Mount Coronet in the winter, the nigh-untouched paradise of Southern Island in the summer, a lovely view of Unova in autumn from atop Dragonspiral Tower, and Floaroma Meadow(made, ironically, by her ancestors.) in springtime, overrun with beguiling flowers. Arceus even ensured the survival of Shaymin as a species by having Groudon erect an island in the extreme northeast of the Sinnoh region. As a way of thanking the first Shaymin for covering the newly-created planet with plant life, He designated that island as her domain, off-limits to all others without her permission to enter. She lived comfortably on the island for many hundreds of years before losing her life in a failed attempt to quell a violent argument between Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina. Legends say that Giratina swallowed her whole, which he was banished to a distorted, twisted dimension for as punishment. During her life, the first Shaymin beautified the island to such a degree that, when civilised humans began roaming the earth, adventurers and artists alike referred to it as the "Flower Paradise," which is what it is still called to this day. In addition, in a remote part of the world, the first Shaymin's children founded a village, far from humans. But, even with an island and a village to herself, this Shaymin in particular far preferred the company of her loved one, and she had made no effort to hide that fact throughout her life. To her, an uneventful day with Tyler was preferable to an adventure that even some of the other Legendaries could scarcely imagine. Shaymin wasn't lying when she said that her night in the park with Tyler was one of the most pleasurable experiences of her life. "That's right, Shaymin," Tyler answered cheerfully. "I thought you'd like to come here, to celebrate the beginning of your recovery." Shaymin was ecstatic simply to be at the National Park again. Thus, when Tyler asked her to follow him a little further into the park, she was more than happy to do so. Tyler led her to the glorious fountain in its centre. Next to it, there was a dark red blanket laid out on the grass. "Ladies first," Tyler said, inviting Shaymin to lie down. Instead, though, she looked up at him. "You mean... we're really doing this? Just like before?" "Well, not quite," Tyler answered. "Kevin isn't here; it's just us." The situation just kept getting better for Shaymin, who still had her gaze fixed on the object of her affection. "Just us,... alone?" "Just us and the wildlife," Tyler assured her. "And most of that is asleep. So what are you waiting for? Let's not waste this time we have." Shaymin nodded in agreement, then curled up on the blanket. "Just like old times,... except better." Tyler soon joined her, lying down carefully, so as to avoid crushing her due to not being able to see her in the dark. "It sure is." As yet another gesture of kindness, he kissed her cheek, eliciting a soft gasp. "Huh? What was that for?" "Do I need a reason?" Tyler asked jokingly. "I love you, Shaymin. I've done a shitty job of showing it lately, but I truly love you. What's more, I'm gonna make sure you know it from now on. Starting right now." That was it for Shaymin; she couldn't help herself, and burst into tears. She didn't care if she woke up every Pokémon in the vicinity. As far as she was concerned, they weren't even there, anyway. Everything in the world that mattered to her was right in front of her. She was looking into the sapphire eyes of purpose, meaning, and love personified, at least to her. She didn't reply, at least not verbally, when Tyler asked if she was alright; she replied with a kiss of such passion, pure and unfettered, it brought tears to Tyler's eyes, too. He held his petite suitor closely, stroking her quills as carefully as if he were afraid they'd shatter if he applied pressure to them. He knew just as well as she did that they were both meant to be together, in a coupling ordained by Arceus Himself. Shaymin was so comfortable in Tyler's arms, she fell asleep within minutes, and she slept so peacefully, Tyler didn't have the heart to wake her up. The stars would be there tomorrow, but moments like the one they shared come along once in a lifetime, and are meant to be savoured like vintage wine. Besides, after the horrors that Shaymin had been through, Tyler was certainly in no mood to deny her the comfort she desired and deserved. Instead, the rapid twittering of a flock of Pidgey at daybreak ended her slumber. When she awoke, she took a moment after remembering where she was to take in the untamed majesty of her surroundings. The early morning sunlight was dim, but, reflected in the water of the fountain, it seemed almost to set fire to it. All around her, the grass, as well, sparkled in the light. It hadn't rained; it was dew that made that happen. As beautiful as the morning sun, and its effects on the environment, were, they weren't the only things that caught Shaymin's attention. She and the Pidgey flock weren't the only ones awake so early. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Goldenrod National Park played host to a contest in which trainers gathered and set out to capture one of the countless Bug-types that populate it. These Bug-types were all around. Some of them even crowded around Shaymin, fighting for a glimpse of the tiny Legendary. It was a bit too much for Shaymin, especially since she had only recently woken up, so she politely shooed them away. Now undisturbed, Shaymin took a deep breath of the fresh, lightly floral air and sighed. "It's even more beautiful than I remember it!" It wasn't until she heard the faint roar of a punk rock song that a thought occurred to her. Her heart, which, after the night before, was flying as high as she used to be able to, sank like a rock in a pond. "What day is it? Tyler? Ty; wake up!" Tyler awoke with a yawn before turning to look at the source of the noise that awoke him. Shaymin, of course. "What's the matter, Shaymin?" "What time is it?" Shaymin asked. Tyler checked the PokéGear he kept in his pocket. "7:00 AM, Thursday. Why?" When next Shaymin spoke, her normal, fluttery voice dripped with fear. "The contest! Tyler, we need to get out of here before somebody sees us!" Evidently, Tyler was too groggy immediately upon waking up to realise the seriousness of what he said to answer Shaymin's question. "Oh, yeah... That's - yawn - that's today; isn't it?" He giggled softly. "Well, sure, we can go, but I didn't think you'd be interested in - FUCK!! You're right! Let's go!" He got up quickly and grabbed the blanket the both of them had laid on. "Wait; how're we gonna get out of here? Trainers are probably lined up at the gates." Shaymin's heart sank even further at that bit of information. She looked around frantically for a way out. "Umm,... the trees! If we jump the fence, we can use the trees as cover!" As ridiculous and risky as Shaymin's idea sounded to herself, it apparently seemed logical to Tyler, because he nodded, then reached down to pick her up. Just before he touched her, though, she let out a yelp and fell backwards, as if she had been punched hard in the chest. "Shaymin?!" Tyler called out in shock. "Are you alright?!" Shaymin righted herself, gasping for air. "D-Did I just get Thunder Shocked?" "There aren't any Electric-types here," Tyler replied. Shaymin tottered over to him, hoping that what she felt was just a sting from an unseen Weedle or Wurmple. Unfortunately, she had taken only a few steps before the sensation struck her again, but even more powerful now. This time, rather than being thrown backwards, she shook violently before collapsing. The last thing her mind registered before she blacked out was the birdsong of the Pidgey becoming quicker, and synchronized. It almost sounded like a heart monitor. *Meanwhile...* *Location: Operating Room, Goldenrod City Pokémon Centre.* "Charging... CLEAR!!" In truth, it was still Wednesday afternoon. As perfect as Shaymin's dream would've been for everyone involved, it was, unfortunately, just that: a dream. She had, indeed, gotten into the Pokémon Centre without attracting undue attention, and the operation that she was undergoing was, indeed, a simple one. As was often the case in Shaymin's life, though, it didn't quite work out as well as it should've. Tyler had made a great deal of progress in repairing her esophageal tear, but she suddenly went into ventricular fibrillation on the operating table. The shocks that Shaymin felt in her dream were caused by a defibrillator Tyler was using in an attempt to steady her heartbeat. The song she heard was Green Day's "Jesus Of Suburbia," which was playing on a stereo system in the operating room. Music of the physician's choice is commonly played during surgery, and, for whatever reason, Tyler was in the mood for Green Day. "Dammit! What's causing this?!" he exclaimed, angry at nobody in particular. "Charging... CLEAR!!" The defibrillator made the classic "click-thud!" noise as Tyler firmly pressed both of the paddles onto Shaymin's torso. The particular defibrillator Tyler was using was made especially for use on smaller Pokémon; the metal-plated paddles that delivered the shock were considerably smaller than in normal defibrillators. Shaymin jerked violently as the electricity coarsed through her body, and the "click-thud!" rang out, but the reading on the monitor she was hooked up to didn't change. Tyler lifted the paddles, sighing with exasperation. "You're not leaving yet, Shaymin! Not after all you've been through! Y-You can't go! Not... N-N-Not yet!" He quickly adjusted the settings on the defibrillator. It was clear from his tone of voice that his pleas for Shaymin's survival were coming from love, rather than a purely medical standpoint. "Now, c'mon! If I crank this up much higher, I'll electrocute you!" He took a deep breath, then resumed the defibrillation attempt. "CLEAR!!" Again, Shaymin convulsed from the shock, but her condition didn't improve. "This can't be happening!" Tyler told himself. "Not now... For Arceus' sake, not now, after we've come so far!" His eyes filled with tears as he lifted the paddles, then brought them back down again. "C-Clear!" *Author's note* TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Well, this just got serious! I imagine this chapter is gonna get me some pretty harsh criticism, by the way, but that's not a reason not to post it! So, come at me! The end of this chapter is a medically accurate depiction of proper use of a defibrillator. The media tends to depict defibrillators as things you use when the patient's heart stops beating. In reality, you use them to MAKE the heart stop, in the hope that it will resume normal rhythm when it starts up again. Defibrillators(affectionately referred to as "Packer Whackers" in Australia.) are so called because they are used in the event of certain types of arrhythmias(irregular hearbeat.), and, in Shaymin's unfortunate case, ventricular fibrillation, which is an immediately life-threatening condition in which the heart shudders, rather than beating. This makes the heart unable to pump blood. Even the Trauma Center series incorrectly depicts defibrillator use, only making it available to the player in the event of cardiac arrest(when the heart stops entirely.). For an example, look up "Trauma Center Second Opinion For The Greater Good" on YouTube. As for the rest of the chapter, I have to admit, I cried while writing the kissing scenes. This entire chapter just seemed to flow from me, idea after idea. It's about time, too. The question is, though, do you like it? And, of course, should I bother with Chapter 9?
  22. *Chapter 7: Gracidea's Anatomy* *This chapter contains depictions of blood, vomiting, and extreme pain. Reader discretion is advised.* In his years of experience, Tyler had seen things that only somebody in his profession could fully make sense of. Pokémon training is a dangerous pursuit for trainer and Pokémon alike. From simple cuts, scratches, cases of the cold, and the like, to debilitating and disfiguring injuries and illnesses, Tyler had seen it all, or nearly so. The well-meaning trainer who groomed their Cinccino improperly. The bite from an Ekans, or the sting from a Weedle. The curious Pokémon who ate an overripe berry. The stray bullet from the gun of a Team Rocket member. The battle that went a little bit too far. The Gardevoir or Lopunny with a trainer who came home drunk or high. The innocent Pokémon who accidentally set off their trainer's short fuse. Burns, concussions, fractures, psychosis,... Not a lot surprised Tyler. But what he saw through the lens of the microscope definitely accomplished that feat. "That's... Th-That's Naegleria fowleri! How could Shaymin have been infected with this?!" Convinced that stress was making him hallucinate, he checked another sample of the spinal fluid he obtained from Shaymin. Sure enough, that sample tested positive for the same infection. With a heavy sigh, Tyler moved the microscope off to the side, its purpose having been served. "Well, that's that. How she got it is beyond me, but there's no getting around it; Shaymin has..." Taking a pen off of a nearby counter, he scribbled the disease name onto Shaymin's patient chart, which was kept in the clipboard he grabbed before tearing out of his house. "...Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis." *Meanwhile, back at Tyler's house...* "What the Hell is taking him so long?!" Kevin fumed. "He's not even answering that thing he carries around!" It had been almost 2 hours since Tyler had left, and, having not had contact with him since then, his patience was wearing thin. Shaymin had other problems. "Mmmmffff... I know you're pissed, but, with all due respect,... could you quiet down?" She was, predictably, on the guest bed, but she wasn't curled up, like she would normally be; she was lying on her stomach, her stubby limbs sprawled out beneath her. Until she spoke, she had her face buried in the blanket. Minutes prior, she was stricken with a horrific migraine. Her sickly, almost pleading tone of voice got Kevin's attention, causing him to walk over to her bedside. "What's wrong, Shay? Are you sick?" He immediately smacked himself in the face. Of course Shaymin was sick; that's why she was there in the first place! Luckily, Shaymin knew what he meant, or appeared to; she nodded weakly. "It feels-" She inhaled sharply through her teeth, hissing as the pain in her head spiked, then receded. "Ah! It feels like someone hit me in the head with a branding iron." "That's oddly specific," Kevin noted, smirking in spite of himself. "Well, I'm sorry, sweetie; I've been calling Ty, but he's not answering his damned whatever-that-thing-is(PokéGears are rare in Kevin's home region of Hoenn.). I'll try again, though." "PokéGear," Shaymin corrected him, "and don't worry; he wouldn't just abandon us." "Of course he wouldn't," Kevin agreed. "Especially when it comes to you." As sick as Shaymin was, Kevin couldn't tell whether she was blushing, or if she was flushed from her fever. Either was possible. He would've had his question answered, were it not for what Shaymin did almost immediately after opening her mouth. "Tyler wouldn't - hic! Hic!" Kevin didn't even have time to ask what was wrong; Shaymin began retching violently. On her face was a look of intense fear. She knew what was coming, and she knew she wouldn't like it, to say the least. Her eyes went wide, and, for a second or two, she looked up, as if she wanted to cry out and beg Arceus for mercy. Sure enough, though, she couldn't stave off the inevitable for long. Her entire body shook, making it hard for her to even stand. As she drew ever closer to something she knew would add to the immense pain she was already feeling, she looked at Kevin with sparkling eyes. Her expression, pleading for a respite from nobody in particular, touched even the hardened, ruthless officer, who put a hand over his mouth and looked away. Not even he could bear to see her as she was. Finally, she vomited bright red blood, staining another set of bedsheets. Like before, she collapsed afterward, a sobbing, flower-adorned ball of green and white. "That does it," Kevin snarled, retrieving his PokéNav(a device similar to the PokéGear, used by trainers in Hoenn.) from a nearby shelf. He flipped the device open, and began scrolling through the various features, before reaching the phone icon. "Arceus dammit; this is bullshit. So help me, if he doesn't answer his fucking phone this time-" He was going to say "I'm gonna have him arrested for malpractice," but he didn't get the chance. He heard the unmistakable sound of the living room door opening. "About time." He ran to the living room to confront his friend. Tyler was saved from a beating only by way of holding an amber-coloured bottle of medicine, which he had gone through a bit of trouble procuring from the Nurse Joy running the Pokémon Centre's pharmacy. Regardless, Kevin was determined not to let him off the hook. "What the fuck happened?!" "I could ask you the same thing," Tyler defended coolly. "How's Shaymin?" "She just threw up not even 2 minutes ago!" Kevin answered. He pointed to the medicine bottle while Tyler gasped. "I hope whatever's in there is gonna make her better, because let me tell you something." He took a shuddering breath. "I-I can't stay in there with her anymore. I can't do it!" Tyler was taken aback by the sudden show of emotion from his normally stone-faced friend. "Jeez, dude; I didn't know you felt so strongly about this!" "That girl,..." Kevin intoned darkly. "...she doesn't deserve what's happening to her. I wouldn't wish it on a fucking serial killer!" Tyler nodded. "I know. Believe me; I know. The good news is that this stuff should cure her. The bad news,... Well, let's go in there, so I can tell both of you at once." "Fine," Kevin agreed. "Be quiet, though; she has a headache." Shaymin slowly looked up at the duo as they entered. "Hello, Tyler." "Hello," Tyler echoed her politely. As an indication of success, he lightly shook the medicine bottle. Shaymin's expression brightened. "Oh! I-Is that for me?" Her migraine was starting to fade, but blood loss from her vomiting was having an effect on her, making her feel light-headed. Fearing motion sickness, which would've resulted in throwing up again if she got back up to her paws, she remained still. "Yes, it is," Tyler answered. "I have to tell you something, though." Very carefully, he sat on the edge of the bed. "I tested the spinal fluid I took from you, and the good news is that I've finally figured out what you have." Kevin wanted to clap his hands, but he wouldn't dare exacerbate Shaymin's headache. "The problem is," Tyler continued, "I have no idea how you got it. This is an incredibly rare disease." "Just my luck," Shaymin pouted. "First, I fell into that lake. Now, this." As had happened multiple times before, Shaymin's misfortune brought a smile of understanding to Tyler's face. "Lake? You fell into a lake?" With a look of confusion, Shaymin nodded. "A week ago; I was getting water for the garden. I lost my footing and fell in." "Well, that explains how you got sick," Tyler noted. "Shaymin, I'm afraid you have primary amebic meningoencephalitis." "Mew Christ," Kevin said. "That even SOUNDS nasty." Tyler nodded in his direction. "That's because it is. Shaymin, that lake was contaminated with Naegleria fowleri. When you fell into that lake, it swam up your nose and into your brain." Shaymin couldn't stifle a squeal of fright. "Th-That's what's making me sick?" "Yes," Tyler replied, "and it's even more serious than it feels." "You mean it's worse than it looks?" Kevin asked in disbelief. "I'm afraid so," Tyler answered sadly. "What's making Shaymin sick is the fact that it's... eating her brain." That was all Kevin could take; he stormed out of the room. Through the door that Kevin shut when he left, Tyler could hear him cry out "FUCK!!" "It's... eating my brain?!" Shaymin whimpered. Tyler gently rubbed her back. "Yes, but this medicine will stop it. It's called 'Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride,' and it's being tested as a treatment for this disease you have." If Shaymin had the strength, she would have leapt onto Tyler's shoulder and kissed him. "You mean, if I take this, I'll be cured?!" "That's the idea, but it hasn't been proven yet," Tyler explained. "What you have is such a rare disease, and, obviously, nobody is going to allow themselves to be infected for testing. It's still in clinical trials, so-" "For goodness sake; give me a dose," Shaymin interrupted. Her voice showed no anger; merely anxiety. Were she not as sick as she was, she would've been happy to hear whatever Tyler thought it appropriate to say. As the situation was, though, time was of the essence, and the less time she spent being eaten from the inside by something she couldn't even see, the better. Apparently, Tyler's body and mind were in 2 different places, evidenced by the fact that, when Shaymin interrupted him, he shook his head frantically, as if coming out of a trance. "Huh? Oh, y-yeah. Yes; I'll go get a spoon." Shaymin mentally gave Tyler credit for not saying "yes, ma'am." As she mentioned before, she disliked excessive formalities. Of course, Kevin was the other extreme, with his calling her "Shay," and whatnot, but Shaymin wasn't interested in him, anyway. She wanted Tyler, just like she had for quite a while. A couple of years, at least. Even she had to admit, though, that Kevin's recent emotional responses showed a side of him that, prior to Shaymin's relationship with Tyler, would've been at least slightly attractive. In the time it took for Tyler to find a suitable spoon and return with it, Shaymin lost herself in her thoughts. In such a short amount of time, her life was turned upside down, and put in danger. And, of all people, she would soon be saved, Arceus willing, by the very boy to whom her heart belonged. The wait, with Shaymin entertained by her short daydream, seemed almost instantaneous; before she knew it, Tyler had returned, bringing with him a teaspoon from Eleanor's supply of cooking tools(she was a phenomenal cook.). "Alright, Shaymin; I'm gonna start you off with a teaspoon, and see what happens." Now, it was Shaymin's turn to awaken from a self-induced trance of sorts. "What? Oh, yeah; a teaspoon sounds right." "Did I interrupt something?" Tyler asked jokingly. He had little reason to worry Shaymin further, since, if the rusty-brown-coloured syrup he was pouring into the green plastic spoon did what it was supposed to, Shaymin's battle against her microscopic attacker would be over. "Alright, Shaymin; say 'ah.'" Shaymin didn't need to be told twice. She opened her mouth wide. Predictably, the inside of her mouth was bloody. Tyler, obviously used to the sight of blood, administered the syrup anyway. Shaymin wasn't expecting it to taste as good as it did; it tasted of apricot and mint. She realized in that moment why children sometimes mistook medicine for candy. However, as good as it tasted, swallowing it was a big mistake. A mistake she would regret immediately. The instant the syrup came into contact with the wound in her esophagus, she shrieked with pain. Tyler leapt back and clutched his chest. "Shaymin, what's wrong?!" "M-My... My throat!" Shaymin cried, choking and spluttering. Tyler would've slapped himself for his stupidity. "Oh, dear Arceus; I'm so sorry, Shaymin!" Due to being in the midst of an incredibly painful coughing fit, Shaymin didn't respond right away. When she caught her breath and spoke, though, the response she gave shone with the forgiveness she was known for showing him. "It wasn't - cough - your fault. But how am I - cough cough - gonna get cured if I - cough - can't take my medicine?" Tyler came up with a solution rather quickly, but it was a bit of an odd one. "Well, that tear is gonna have to be gotten rid of as soon as possible. Normally, Mallory-Weiss syndrome is left to heal itself, but, in your case, I think surgical intervention is best. I'll get in touch with Whitney and see if she can't use her influence as Gym Leader to pull some strings at the Pokémon Centre and get you admitted." Sure enough, by the end of the last sentence, he was looking through the contacts list of his PokéGear. "I really appreciate it," Shaymin said, with all of the gratitude that her PokéDex classification as "The Gratitude Pokémon" would suggest, "but I can't just walk into a crowded Pokémon Centre in broad daylight without drawing attention. Plus, who's gonna operate on me?" Tyler had just begun the aforementioned phone call by the time Shaymin finished talking. With the PokéGear still ringing, he looked to Shaymin with a smile on his face. "You're looking at him." *Author's note* *Spoiler alert, if you haven't seen Giratina And The Sky Warrior.* In retrospect, this entire fanfic should've been called "Gracidea's Anatomy." Unfortunately, I didn't think of it, since I hadn't seen Grey's Anatomy when I started writing Chapter 1. Oh, well. I have some explaining to do; don't I? Well, first, primary amebic meningoencephalitis, Naegleria fowleri, and Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride are real things. I had originally wanted Shaymin to have bacterial meningitis, but Neptune convinced me otherwise. Thanks, Neptune! Secondly, I would like to make it clear that THIS IS NOT THE SHAYMIN FROM GIRATINA AND THE SKY WARRIOR!! Different Shaymin entirely. I actually haven't seen the movie in its entirety, because I can't find it in stores, but, from what I have seen, "Sky Warrior" Shaymin is a fucking brat. She eats all of the pancakes, asks for more later, bitches that she's being handled roughly, blows smoke right in Ash's face, tries to get him eaten, and tries to get Meowth to give her some food. She reminds me of the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I do love one of her lines, though. "Sorry, but flattery will get you nowhere!" Thirdly, Shaymin's migraine is called a "post-dural-puncture headache." Tyler didn't make a big deal out of it because he knew what caused it, and that it will eventually go away on its own. Fourthly(?), remember that this is based on a much bigger fanfic, written by the real Kevin and I. In it, Tyler was in a relationship with Whitney, or, as Pokemon fans call her, "God damn this bitch and her overpowered fucking Miltank!" It only lasted a short while, but, last anyone checked, they were still good friends. And, fifthly(?), I realise the throat and the esophagus are 2 different things. Shaymin's complaint of her throat hurting comes from a lack of knowledge on her end; not mine. So,... Chapter 8, or have you had enough of me? Somehow, I lost a whole paragraph explaining how Tyler got ahold of a bottle of Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride. Sorry. As a summary, though, he lies, claiming to be looking after a mentally ill pet Pokémon, as a favour for a friend.
  23. *Chapter 6: Standard Procedure* *This chapter includes a graphic depiction of a painful medical procedure. Reader discretion is advised.* As it turned out, Kevin and his daughter were not far behind Tyler; they arrived about 15 minutes after he did, just in time for Eleanor, much less hurt from her fall than she acted, to tell them of Tyler's whereabouts. Tyler and Shaymin, by that point, were in the bathroom, the latter curled up in a sink, being carefully bathed by the former. Shaymin had opted for a sink bath when given the choice, simply out of convenience. Less water went to waste, as well, which was also an advantage; Shaymin, obviously, was nowhere near Tyler's size. Tyler, on the other hand, had half a mind to thank her; Shaymin already looked nothing less than beguiling to Tyler, but she looked absolutely adorable being bathed in the sink like an infant. Tyler, in fact, was so lost in thought that, were it not for Shaymin turning her head and saying "huh?", he wouldn't have known that somebody was knocking on the bathroom door. He heard the second knock, though, and responded accordingly, turning the knobs on the sink to lessen the flow of water, allowing him to better hear his morally ambiguous friend. "Who is it?" "It's Kevin," was the reply from the other side of the door. "Sakura's here, too. Can we come in, or are you 2 doing something?" Tyler and Shaymin both shared the same thought. "Let's pretend we're having sex; we can creep them out!" Of course, they were both smart enough not to act on their shared thought, but the glint in Shaymin's jade-coloured eyes, and Tyler's sapphire-coloured ones, were clear indications of their original plan. "Should we let them in?" Tyler asked. As tempted as Shaymin was to start moaning or crying out "don't stop, Tyler!", she reluctantly nodded. "I don't see why not; it's not as if we're doing anything incriminating." The tone of voice she used upon saying that made the fact that she wished it were a lie as clear as the hot water that was still cascading down onto her from the silver tone faucet. Speaking of that, Shaymin had no doubt that she had made the right choice, as far as the sink bath went; the water felt marvelous pouring directly onto her, whereas, if she had chosen a traditional bath, she would simply have been placed in a full tub. As it happened, Kevin and his daughter had impeccable timing; their arrival coincided with the end of Shaymin's bath. Tyler made a move to turn off the water, so as not to drown Shaymin or scald her while he opened the door to greet them, but Shaymin shook her head in protest. "Mnnff... Just a few more seconds, please? This feels sooooo good!" Tyler couldn't blame her; after what she had gone through, of course she wanted a bit of pampering. Tyler left her be as he walked to the door. On the other side of the door, Kevin, responding to Prudence's angry whispers of "Mew Christ; did they drown in there?", was ready to knock on the door again before Tyler opened it. He wanted to yell at his epicene friend for leaving him and his daughter behind, but Tyler beat him to the first word, as well as a good deal more words. "Kevin! Prudence! Thanks so much for coming; I need your help." He moved aside and gestured for them to enter, but they stayed put. "What the Hell is your problem, Ty?!" Kevin demanded. "You took off and left us in the middle of nowhere! What the fuck did Eleanor tell you over the phone?!" "Shaymin threw up," Tyler answered simply. "Look; I could really use your help. Please?" Kevin sighed, then nodded. As angry as he was, he knew Tyler seemed to have his priorities straight. "What do you need?" Shaymin was in such a state of profound relaxation, had she been given a minute more, she would've fallen asleep. The hot water surrounding her was as good as a lullaby. As such, when Tyler turned the water off, Shaymin actually whined, eliciting an understanding "sorry" from him. By way of a response, Shaymin looked up at him with a slight, weary smile, then tottered around on the slick porcelain for a bit before Tyler picked her up and set her down on the countertop. Her first instinct was to shake the water off of her fur, like a dog would, but she didn't act on it. She didn't have to; Tyler had her encased in a towel in seconds. A small chuckle escaped Prudence's throat; in truth, she disliked both the goddess of plants and the ridiculously feminine doctor that held her, but she wasn't heartless, and the cuteness of the current situation wasn't lost on her. "So, what do you need our help for?" Kevin asked. Tyler giggled before turning to face him. "Are you ready to play doctor?" *A short time later, in Tyler's guest bedroom...* Prudence scoffed as her eyes, which had been scanning the overwhelmingly pink guest room, were now focused on the dirtied bed. "Huh. Well, I'll be damned." She was addressing Shaymin; she had obviously seen the Legendary's vomit and blood. "You really DID puke! And it looks like you've been cutting yourself, too." Shaymin kept quiet for a few reasons. For one, even if she were to speak up, she didn't know what to comment on; Prudence implying that Tyler had lied, or her indifference towards what, if it had happened as she had said, would've been a suicide attempt. Secondly, if Shaymin could've made a decision, she didn't trust herself to keep a clean vocabulary. She didn't want to admit it, but Prudence's attitude was getting to her, and she knew there was little chance of coming up with a reply that wouldn't be laden with vulgarity, or, at least, involve it. Luckily, Tyler came through for her. "Shaymin has Mallory-Weiss syndrome. Her esophagus got torn open by the acid in her vomit, as well as how violently she was throwing up. That's where the blood came from." "Ouch," Prudence whispered. Again, Shaymin metaphorically bit her tongue, and, again, Tyler picked up on her vibes and spoke for her, to her great relief. "You would have to throw up a whole lot to get Mallory-Weiss syndrome. There are a few things that could cause profuse vomiting. The most obvious would be food poisoning, but it can't be that. Nothing in the tests showed anything that could've caused it. With that ruled out, I suspect bacterial meningitis. That's what I need help with." "Sounds like you already have this figured out," Kevin noted. "What could we possibly help with?" Tyler breathed deeply, showing that what he was about to say would be difficult. "Well,... in order to properly make a diagnosis of any type of meningitis, I have to perform a lumbar puncture. That will involve inserting a needle into Shaymin's back, and collecting fluid samples from around her spinal cord for analysis. That's what I need your help with." Kevin put his hands on his hips and chuckled. "That was very informative, but you still didn't answer my question, so I'm gonna ask it again. You asked me for help. Provided I agree to do it, what will that entail?" Tyler nodded. Kevin was right; it was time to cut to the chase. "Well, in her current state, I can't give her anything orally to numb the pain, but I can't have her squirming around, so I'll need you to hold her down." Even Prudence, who disliked Shaymin, shuddered. "You want daddy to hold Shaymin down while you jam a needle into her spine? That's some horror movie shit!" For whatever reason, Shaymin decided that that was a good time to finally speak up, which shocked all 3 of the others. Though she finally trusted herself not to cuss Prudence out, the annoyance and bitterness in her weak voice were evident. "Well, Prudence, if you have a better idea, I'm sure we'd all like to hear it! And, besides,..." She paused to nuzzle into Tyler's chest, or, rather, the red t-shirt covering it(Tyler was still wearing his lab coat, but it was unbuttoned, leaving a gap in between the 2 halves.). Her voice was gentle and sweet, almost amorous, when she continued talking. "...I trust him. Ty wouldn't do anything to hurt me purposely." "Not purposely, no," Prudence admitted. "Dr. Miller knows what he's doing." Tyler, stunned by Prudence's kindness, opened his mouth to thank her, but she kept talking, not paying attention. "But any procedure has risks." "I explained that to her before you got here," Tyler assured her. "Informed consent has to be obtained before the procedure can be performed." Shaymin gave a happy nod. "That's right, and I gave my consent." Tyler turned to look at Kevin. "So, will you help?" Kevin looked up at the ceiling and ruffled the little bit of hair he had. "Sure. Why not?" *A few minutes later...* "Our patient is an adult female Shaymin," Tyler announced in the most professional, doctorly voice he could muster, "who presented with a fever of unknown origin, hallucinations, febrile seizures, and, recently, violent vomiting, which has caused an esophageal tear. Suspected diagnosis is Mallory-Weiss syndrome secondary to bacterial meningitis. Consent has been obtained-" "Cut to the chase, Meredith," Kevin interrupted rudely, making a reference to Grey's Anatomy, the main character of which is Dr. Meredith Grey. "I have to give you the briefing," Tyler argued calmly. "We need to treat this like we would if we were in the Pokémon Centre." "We're NOT in the Pokémon Centre!" Prudence snapped. "Get on with it!" "Look; I'm gonna do my thing!" Tyler growled. "Why don't you just go in the living room and chat with Eleanor?" Prudence rolled her eyes and left. "Fine with me." With her out of the room, Tyler addressed Kevin after giving Shaymin an apologetic look, which she responded to by way of a giggle. By this time, Tyler had changed the bedsheets Shaymin dirtied. He couldn't, in good conscience, perform the procedure with the patient lying atop bloody and vomited-on bedsheets. "May I finish now?" he asked. "Fine!" Kevin groaned. "Thank you!" Tyler said cheerfully, before resuming his official-sounding voice. "Consent has been obtained from the patient to perform a lumbar puncture to check for anomalies in her cerebrospinal fluid. Unfortunately, due to her esophageal tear, I can't give her anything orally to sedate her. Intravenous medicine is not recommended prior to a lumbar puncture; therefore, the patient will need to be physically restrained to stop her from moving around. The patient has been through several other diagnostic procedures in the recent past, eliminating the need for further blood testing and neurological examinations. Are you ready to restrain her?" Kevin sighed and nodded. Tyler looked back at Shaymin, who looked extremely happy, despite being ready to have a needle inserted into her. "Are you ready for the procedure?" "Yep!" she replied without a second thought. "Go for it!" From what appeared to be a glorified first-aid kit, Tyler procured a syringe, which he fitted with a very thin needle. "Alright; I'm beginning the procedure. Kevin, I'll need you to sit on the bed and hold Shaymin tightly, with her back facing me. This'll only take a few seconds, but don't let go of her." His friend complied and sat on the bed. Obviously, Shaymin heard, too, so she made her way to Kevin's lap, then curled up on it. Kevin got a firm grip on her and pulled her in close. It looked as if Kevin was comforting a crying infant. Clearly, it looked that way to Tyler, as evidenced by the soft "aww" that escaped him. He quickly snapped out of it, though. "This is gonna hurt for a bit, and you're gonna feel 2 pops, but it'll be over soon." "C'mon, Tyler!" Shaymin coaxed, her voice muffled; she didn't have the heart to say it, at least, not at the moment, but Kevin was holding her a bit too tightly. "I'm a big girl; I can handle it!" It registered in Tyler's mind the irony of someone he had bathed in the sink not even a half hour prior arguing that she was an adult, even though it was true. He didn't show it, though, wanting simply to get the procedure over with. With all indications of a strong desire for the entire ordeal to be a nightmare, he walked over to where Kevin was sitting. "Let's see,... in between the L3 and L4 vertebrate..." As he spoke, he ran his empty hand down Shaymin's back, accidentally eliciting a coo from her. "In a Shaymin, that should be... right here!" With no more warning than that, he brought the needle in his other hand down onto the spot he had selected. The skin beneath Shaymin's quills gave way with very little resistance. Shaymin let out a yelp, but, thanks to Kevin, she remained still. Tyler gave Kevin a nod of approval before pushing the needle deeper. Soon, he hit some resistance. "Alright; get ready for the first pop." Being immobilized, the only bracing Shaymin could do was mental. A mere few seconds later, she gave another cry as the needle pierced the first layer of protection. "You're doing great!" Tyler assured her. "I'll make this next part quick. On 'three.' One,... two,..." At the same time that he exclaimed "three!", he pushed the needle one last time, and Shaymin, not fully prepared, let out a final cry as the needle went straight through her dura mater, accompanied by another pop. "Kevin, Shaymin, you're both doing great!" Tyler complimented both of them. "That was the painful part." "Praise Arceus!" Shaymin gasped. Tyler didn't say anything. He simply pulled up on the plunger of the syringe very slightly, causing a small amount of cloudy, slightly yellow liquid to be drawn into the clear tube. Tyler pulled the instrument, in its entirety, out of Shaymin's back, then petted the hedgehog gently. "It's over now; Kevin, let her go." Kevin released his grip, and Shaymin leapt off of his lap and onto the bedsheets. She looked up at the doctor hopefully. "It's over? Did it go well?" Tyler nodded happily, but, when he looked down at the fluid in the syringe, his expression fell. Cerebrospinal fluid is definitely not supposed to look like the contents of the syringe. "Well, the procedure went off without a hitch, but the results aren't good at all." Shaymin now shared Tyler's unhappiness. "Well,... do you know what's wrong?" Tyler shook his head. "No, but I'm on the right track." His expression brightened slightly. "I wish I could thank you properly for your cooperation, but this stuff has a very short shelf life. I have to get it to the lab. "Well, how long-" was all Shaymin was able to get out before Tyler was running through the living room, clipboard and syringe in hand. Eleanor and Prudence had a similar conversation with him before he was out the door, and talking on his PokéGear. "Hello?... Yes; this is Dr. Miller... I'm en route, and I need access to the lab... Cerebrospinal fluid analysis from a patient with possible bacterial meningitis... No; no assistance will be necessary... About 20 minutes; I'm on foot... Yes, ma'am. Thank you... Goodbye." It seemed like an hour before Tyler reached the Pokémon Centre. Only when he was actually in the lab did he calm down a bit. It hadn't taken him too long; the fluid sample was still viable. Neither he nor Shaymin had time for any fancy, time-consuming tests, though, so he simply went for the classic test of putting a small bit of the fluid, mixed with distilled water, between 2 small pieces of glass, and looking at it with a microscope. He, of course, knew what he was looking for, and he was certain he would find it. Unfortunately, he went through sample after sample of the spinal fluid and found no evidence of bacterial meningitis. "C'mon, damn you!" he growled. "This is bullshit! There has to be something in there; cerebrospinal fluid is supposed to be clear!" He looked back at a clock mounted on the wall behind him. He had been so engrossed in the testing that he had lost track of time. "I-I've... I've been at this for over an hour?!" He turned back to the microscope and resumed the analysis, frantically looking now for any abnormality. "I don't get this; I absolutely do not get this at all! Something is in this that is killing Shaymin, but, for the life of me, I can't - wait." Finally, something caught his eye. He adjusted the eyepiece to get a better look. What he saw horrified him, but it answered the million-dollar question. He had finally found what was making Shaymin sick. Unfortunately, it was far worse than he thought. "You had better be fucking kidding me." *Author's note* Next time, on Grey's Anatomy,... Ha! Just kidding! Seriously, though, wow. I can't believe I was able to do this. I had been caught up with F-List for so long, so I decided to stop screwing around and get back to work! The vast majority of this chapter was written in 3 days. I wanted it to be done by Thanksgiving, and it looks like I did that! I apologise for how boring this chapter was. I tried to add some sweet or funny moments, but it's time to get serious. I also apologise for how impersonal Tyler is towards Shaymin. She's becoming more of a patient to him than a love interest. I imagine there's at least one person out there who sees Tyler and Shaymin as the perfect couple. Thanks; I'm honoured. I didn't want them to be a serious couple, though. That's forbidden love. Anyway, this chapter was originally called "Solving The Puzzle," followed by "An Officer And A Gentle-min." I understand that some of the information given here is not entirely medically sound, but I know what I'm talking about; trust me. For one, in a lumbar puncture, the 2 pops Tyler mentioned occur when the needle passes through the ligamentum flavum and the dura mater. Secondly, Mallory-Weiss syndrome is caused mostly by strain from violent vomiting; not the acidic content of the vomit itself. I just had to change some stuff, to fit the patient, as well as the technology of the Pokémon world. Also, technically, by calling Tyler by a girl's name, Kevin referenced Scrubs, as well as Grey's Anatomy. In Scrubs, Dr. John Dorian is constantly called girl's names by Dr. Perry Cox. So, it looks like Tyler found the answer, but I need one from you now. Do you wanna see how this plays out, or should I end it here? Oh, and, thanks to Neptune's help, look forward to a bunch of pictures in the Gallery on Thanksgiving!
  24. *Chapter 5: One Step Forward* *Trigger warning: This chapter includes a short scene involving male-on-female domestic violence.* *This chapter contains implied watersports, and a South Park spoiler.* Between Tyler and Kevin, Tyler was most definitely the brains to Kevin's brawn. That isn't to say that Kevin was stupid, or that Tyler couldn't hold his own in a fight. Simply that Tyler wasn't as athletic as Kevin, whose profession requires physical strength. Likewise, Kevin wasn't as learned as Tyler, whose profession requires a keen mind. Nobody on the streets of Goldenrod City on that particular day, however, would have had any way of knowing that Tyler wasn't particularly athletic; he ran like he hadn't done before in his life. Normally, Tyler could only run in bursts before stopping to catch his breath. Now, though, the realization that not only was Shaymin not improving, but she was getting sicker, spurred him on. As he ran, memories of his time with Shaymin filled his mind. The specific moments went by quickly, but he could hear her voice, high and sweet, almost as clearly as it she were standing right next to him. "Thank you so much,... Tyler, was it? Would you consider staying a bit longer?" "T-Tyler?! Oh, wow! Fancy seeing you here!" "Happy birthday! I didn't know what to get you, but I hope you like this!" "It's awfully cold; do you think... do you think there might be room for one more?" Those thoughts and more raced through Tyler's mind as he ran, and, before he knew it, he had reached the doorstep to his house. His adrenaline still pumping, he practically punched the front door until Eleanor opened it, scowling. "Oi! Mate, I dunno what has ya so angry, but you'd better calm the fuck down before - BLOODY HELL!!" Tyler made it a point not to hit girls, and he stuck to it. Though he didn't hit Eleanor, he barreled past her, knocking her down. He paid her no mind and kept running, not stopping until he reached the door to the guest bedroom. On the other end of the door, Shaymin, having heard what she believed to be a fight, was visible only as a quivering bulge beneath the bloodstained and vomit-soiled blanket. In fact, since Tyler hadn't spoken when he walked back into the house, Shaymin had no way of knowing if it was even him. She couldn't go by what Eleanor said, either, since, being Australian, she called most everyone "mate." Not willing to take the chance of being discovered by what, for all she knew, may be a burglar or serial killer, she remained hidden, albeit terribly, beneath the foul pink shroud. Anyone with decent eyesight would have no problem finding her in mere seconds. Tyler, of course, was no different; he spotted her, or, more accurately, the shape of her body, under the blanket the moment he walked in. Armed with only the knowledge that the "intruder" was in the same room as her now, it was all Shaymin could do not to scream and beg for mercy(in her condition, physical and mental, it didn't occur to her that, even in her weakened state, she had sufficient power to have killed the "intruder" already.). Tyler, of course, was not a bloodthirsty murderer; in fact, what he saw took him by surprise. The pink bedspread stained several colours, primarily scarlet. He knew that Shaymin had vomited, of course, but he hadn't expected to see such a mess, considering Shaymin's small size. He, of course, knew better than to voice his surprise and worry her, though, preferring to make his presence known with a joke instead. "So,... did Ellie put you in time-out or something?" If Tyler was talking to any female besides Shaymin, he probably would've jokingly diagnosed her with emesis gravidarum(commonly known as "morning sickness."). In this particular case, though, it would've been a terrible joke to make. Shaymin was made infertile years prior as a result of sustaining blunt-force pelvic trauma. Tyler knew that joking about her having a condition only associated with pregnancy was close to the equivalent of telling a "yo mama" joke to somebody whose mother is dead. Whether or not the "time-out" joke he used even had the desired comedic effect was unknown; Shaymin was so happy to hear his voice, there was little he could've said to her that wouldn't have immediately taken her from afraid for her life to ecstatic and relieved. There was a soft rustling noise, and Shaymin emerged from underneath the blanket, just enough for her head to show. Her voice was weak from profuse vomiting, but the emotion in it was still evident, and she showed every indication that, if she weren't sick, she would be in his arms by this point. "Tyler! Oh, praise Arceus; I thought you were a burglar!" "That's understandable," Tyler admitted, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "I did kinda storm in here, after all. Sorry if I scared you." "Don't worry about it," Shaymin said, immediately forgiving him. "You're here, and that's what matters." She was blushing, but it wasn't visible through her stark white fur, and, even if Tyler saw it, he would've thought it was due to her high fever. At any rate, it took an admirable amount of willpower for her not to flirt with him. "Uh, I-I'm really sorry... about... well, y-your bed." Tyler looked at her in disbelief. Was she actually apologising for being sick on the bed? "Oh, poor girl. Your fever must be spiking again." Shaymin returned his look with one of confusion, which prompted him to give her an explanation. "The Hell with the bed; are you alright?" As he spoke, he took a clipboard and a pen from an ornate bedside table. The clipboard held several papers, each of which contained notes and information pertaining to Shaymin, written by Tyler himself. He rearranged the papers, then continued talking. Through the motions, Shaymin watched him intently, not even answering his question. "Eleanor told me you threw up," Tyler began as he scribbled more notes on the top paper, "but she didn't say you were throwing up blood." He turned his gaze from the paper back to Shaymin. On closer inspection, he could see that some of the fur around her mouth was stained a bright red. "That's called 'haematemesis,' and it's very serious. When did that start?" "Right before you got here," Shaymin answered quickly. "Less than 10 minutes ago." Tyler nodded, then went back to writing. "Did it hurt?" Shaymin's reply was nearly immediate. "It still does; it feels like I tore my throat up. That was how it felt when I first threw up blood." Apparently, Shaymin's answer was exactly what Tyler was hoping for, because his expression changed to a satisfied smirk. "You look happy," Shaymin noted with a weak giggle. Tyler didn't immediately reply; he set his clipboard down. "That's because I figured this out already! A prolonged episode of vomiting, followed by painful haematemesis,... Shaymin, my diagnosis for you is Mallory-Weiss Syndrome." Shaymin didn't know how to react. Certainly, she was happy to have a name put to her condition after such an agonising wait. On the flip-side, however, she only knew the name of her condition, as opposed to whether or not it was curable. Nevertheless, she had to give credit where it was due. "Oh, Tyler! I knew you could do it! After all this time, you finally found out what I have!" Tyler, unfortunately, while he was happy for sure, didn't quite share the divine hedgehog's excitement, and, as such, he shook his head. "Not so fast, Shaymin. We're not done yet. I have some good news, and some bad news, followed by more good news." His words quickly dulled Shaymin's joy, but he kept talking. "The first good news is that Mallory-Weiss Syndrome is not uncommon, and it's treatable. The bad news is that, from what I've seen so far, it's just a symptom of a bigger disease." "So, we're no closer?" Shaymin assumed, hanging her head. Again, though, there was a smile on her de facto boyfriend's face before he answered. "Well, that's the second good news! See, now that I know you're throwing up, that narrows down the list of illnesses you could have! We ARE closer; a great deal closer, in fact!" Shaymin didn't have enough lung strength to breathe a big enough sigh of relief. It was as if a Snorlax had been lifted off of her chest. She felt lightheaded and, most certainly, giddy. "It's practically over! It's... It's practically over!" "You have faith in me," Tyler noted, "and, believe me, I'm honoured. But-" With a weakness in her voice that made her sound as if she were covered by the soiled blanket again, Shaymin cut him off by shushing him. "Don't ruin this, please." "Sorry, Shaymin, but you need to understand-" "Shh! Tyler, let me tell you something about me. Something very important. No; put your clipboard down and come over here. Please?" Even giving orders and trying to be authoritative, Shaymin's voice was sweet and almost fluttery. Not being one to refuse the wishes of a Legendary, Tyler set his clipboard down and walked over to Shaymin's bedside. "What is it?" "I don't think you realise how much you mean to me, Tyler," Shaymin said. "Do you not understand that, if I wasn't afraid that I'd throw up on you, and in your mouth, the smart money says I'd be kissing you right now?" "Gee; thanks!" Tyler joked. "Do I really look that bad?" "Do you think I'm joking?" Shaymin scowled. "'Cause I'm not!" Having surprised Tyler, and herself, with her sudden assertiveness, she sighed, then coughed a few times. "Look. I love you, Tyler; with every fibre of my being, I love you. And, for the record, you look fabulous; if I had hands instead of paws, I'd do spirit fingers." They both had a good laugh at that before Shaymin continued talking. "It's because I love you that I need to say this to you. Ever since we've known each other, you've acted like a peasant talking to a queen. I'm not a queen, Tyler. I'm a Legendary Pokémon; there's quite a difference. I'm not above you. I have no more authority than you do. I want you to see me as an equal; not as an almighty goddess." "That's what you are," Tyler stated flatly, making Shaymin sigh again. "So, I can control plants. I'm not the only one, y'know! Celebi can do that, too, to a degree(that wasn't a very convincing argument, seeing as Celebi is also a Legendary Pokémon.), and Meganium can bring them back to life. Kevin's Lopunny could throw me around like a rag doll, especially as I am now. I probably wouldn't even last long against your Goodra!" "What is it you want from me, then?" Tyler asked, quite politely, considering his wording. Shaymin flashed a warm smile. "Let's stop the formalities, doctor. That's all. The formalities and your gratuitous modesty. It was cute for a while, but, now, it's sad. After all, you figured out this Mallory thing; not me." As much as Tyler wanted to form a rebuttal, he simply couldn't. Shaymin's uncanny ability to be authoritative without sounding like it left the young doctor at a loss for any conceivable argument. Luckily, after having known him for such a long time, Shaymin picked up on that, and changed the subject. "So, how's Kevin?" "You'll be able to ask him yourself in a few minutes," Tyler answered. "Him and Prudence, for that matter." "Ooh!" Shaymin said excitedly. "They're coming over?" Tyler nodded. "Yep, and it's a good thing, too; I have another test I need to run on you, and I'll need his help. Are you up for it?" The moment Tyler finished talking, Shaymin made her decision. "Absolutely! What is it?" Shaymin's response was so downright cartoonish, it was all Tyler could do not to laugh. "I-It's called... a 'lumbar puncture.'" His voice cracked with stifled laughter. "Sorry; your excitement... I couldn't help it." Shaymin dismissed his slip up immediately. "Don't worry about it. So,... you'll be puncturing something, I assume. What else can you tell me?" "Yes," Tyler began, happy to explain. "A lumbar puncture is like giving you a shot, except I'll be taking something from you, instead of putting something in you. I'll be sticking a needle into your back, near your spine. You don't have blood there; you have spinal fluid. The objective of a lumbar puncture is to collect that fluid for analysis." Shaymin, who had been listening intently throughout Tyler's explanation, nodded in understanding. "Alright; that seems straightforward. What do you need Kevin's help for?" Tyler got straight to the point. "The procedure is quick, but painful, and I can't give you anything orally to numb the pain, thanks to your torn esophagus. I'll need Kevin to hold you down, so you'll stay put; if you move around too much, I might make a mistake. In fact, I need to ask you for your permission, because of the risks involved." Shaymin took in a quick, sharp breath. "I see. Well, we've come too far to give up now! I hereby give you permission to perform the procedure." To emphasize her enthusiasm to help Tyler any way she could, she added a joke. "Just don't Eric Cartman me, m'kay?" "That's Mr. Mackey," Tyler corrected, giggling wildly(not at Shaymin's incorrect impression, but at her bringing up the South Park episode "Tonsil Trouble," in which Eric Cartman contracts Human Immunodeficiency Virus, commonly known as "HIV," after a surgical procedure.). "Well, whoever it is," Shaymin said dismissively, "let's do this!" "That's what I like to hear!" Tyler exclaimed, practically cheering. To Shaymin's incredibly pleasant surprise, he picked her up. "First, though, we have to get you cleaned up! Poor girl, covered in sweat." Shaymin's face flushed beneath her fur. "That's... not all sweat. Sorry; you scared the Hell out of me when you walked in." *Author's Note* Sorry; I had to get that joke out of the way. Shaymin wetting the bed; not the South Park joke. I came up with that on the spot. The bedwetting joke had been planned for a good while. No, Shaymin has not become incontinent. If the idea of that turns you on, however, try FurAffinity; there's a shocking number of pictures I think you'll like. By the way, so you don't go crazy looking for it, Tonsil Trouble is the first episode of Season 12. This is the first chapter without an alternate name, but you can make up your own, if you'd like. Also, I apologise for Tyler hurting Eleanor; something tells me he'll be paying for it later. As for Shaymin, for those of you not well-versed in medicine,... "She was rendered infertile after receiving blunt force pelvic trauma" = "She broke her lady parts, so she can't have babies." Mallory-Weiss Syndrome is a painful, but non life-threatening, condition caused by intense or profuse vomiting. Vomit is very acidic. Throwing up a lot can cause the acid to burn a hole in the esophagus. The main symptom of Mallory-Weiss Syndrome is painful haematemesis(vomiting blood.) Tyler failed to explain something to Shaymin, by the way. He said he needed Shaymin to remain still for the lumbar puncture, but he wasn't completely truthful about why. If Shaymin moves around, Tyler might accidentally stab her spinal cord, which could cripple or paralyse her. He didn't want her to worry too much, after she gave him such a lovely speech. So, what do you think? Who thinks they could bear a Chapter 6?
  25. *Chapter Four: In Sickness And In Health* *I apologise to any Australian and/or British people who may be offended by the content of this chapter.* *This chapter includes depictions of profuse vomiting, as well as blood. Reader discretion is advised.* *Location: Miller residence, Goldenrod City, Johto.* As whatever terrible affliction Shaymin was suffering from continued to worsen, despite Tyler's best efforts to keep it under control, so did her hallucinations. More than once, Tyler had been tempted to add antipsychotics to the laundry list of medications he was already giving her. What stopped him was a combination of a few things. First and foremost, of course, was that she wasn't mentally ill, so antipsychotics likely wouldn't have any effect. That isn't to say that her brain was unaffected, though. Quite the opposite, in fact; as often as she had been drifting from reality, something, she thought, was certain to be wrong in that area. She just wasn't... well, psychotic. What she was having at that moment was a dream. An honest-to-Arceus dream; not another hallucination. It was hard to tell the difference sometimes, but, as she laid in Tyler's guest bed, her pearly-white fur and green quills drenched with sweat, she knew she was asleep. Shaymin possessed an uncommon gift; she could lucid dream on command. Having such a gift not only made for lovely dreams, but it also made it much easier to differentiate dreams from hallucinations. Nonetheless, just as her subconscious meeting with her beloved Tyler was cut short by an unwelcome noise, so was her dream. Granted, the offending noise this time wasn't nearly as shrill and grating as what brought her to her senses earlier. To her, however, it was far more unwelcome; so much so that her first thought when she heard it was to lash out at the source. "Oi! Rise and shine!" Eleanor Miller. Wife of Doctor Tyler Miller, and mother of Ruby Louise Miller, who tragically passed away at the age of 3 from poisoning. Shaymin didn't like the word "hate," but, when it came to her feelings toward the Aussie who was currently in the bedroom with her, few other words would suffice. Rather than last time, when she awoke with a start, her return to reality was slow this time around, as if her dream itself wanted her to stay as long as possible. Eleanor's voice penetrated her mind again, and she finally realized she wouldn't be able to stay asleep any longer. "Are ya deaf, mate? Up and at 'em!" There were a few things Shaymin wanted to say to her, but she thought better of it. Among those things, however, were such gems as "if you scratch Tyler up again, it'll be the last time you use your hands," and "if I weren't so sick, I'd be tearing your fucking throat out right now." As drowsy as she was, she very nearly thought she was supposed to have the same accent as Eleanor. If she hadn't repressed that thought, she would've said "bloody Hell, mate! Can't ya see I'm sick?! Bugger off, wanker!" Instead, though, her response was a bitter and drowsy "what?". Clearly unaware of Shaymin's desire to brutally mutilate and/or kill her, Eleanor's words were far more cheerful. "G'day, mate!" On that day, Eleanor sported the same outfit she wore most other days. A blouse with a simple design of horizontal stripes, which alternated in colour between spring green and white, covered her upper body, and a matching green skirt covered her lower body. On her feet, she wore jet-black shoes with buckle fasteners(as opposed to laces or Velcro.) over plain white socks. Her admittedly lovely blonde hair was done up in medium-length pigtails, which were held in place by basic, emerald green hair clips. Shaymin hadn't even opened her eyes by this point, but she would've been willing to bet that Eleanor was wearing her standard outfit. She was, of course, correct, which she discovered when she finally decided to open her eyes. She opened her mouth to say something(likely a harsh insult.), but her voice failed her. All at once, she was overwhelmed by nausea. She scrambled to her paws in the nick of time, leaving her with only a precious few seconds before she lost an internal battle, as well as the contents of her stomach, all over her side of the bed. Even Legendaries get scared. Shaymin, at that moment, was terrified. Of course, she had every right to be; she was alone(Eleanor ran off when Shaymin threw up a second time.), waylaid by a possibly fatal disease, and violently emptying her stomach, which, at that point, burned as if she were being branded from inside. Worse yet, Tyler was nowhere to be found. That was what was at the front of her mind at the moment. She wasn't afraid of loneliness, and, honestly, she would rather be alone then have Eleanor in the same room. She felt terrible, and thought for sure that her disease would either take her life or sanity, except that she had unconditional faith in Tyler, and knew that he would figure out how to cure her. Her sudden, very painful attack of vomiting took her by surprise, but it certainly wasn't the first time she had thrown up, and she knew it would eventually stop, which it did very soon afterwards. But being without the only one who could offer her comfort, companionship, and, hopefully, relief, was the primary contributor to once again reducing her to a blubbering mess. Meanwhile, in the living room, Eleanor had her cell phone up against the left side of her face, and one would think she was discussing a murder, rather than the sight of Shaymin vomiting. "...All over the place!... Bloody Hell; what're ya feeding her, mate?... Oi! Don't snap at me!... I dunno, hun; I ran for it when she tossed her cookies a second time." She walked up to the door separating the living room from the guest room. "Well, I think she's empty, but she's crying now. Should I give her something?... Well, alright; I'll tell her. See ya soon, mate!" She made a kissing noise before hanging up. It was good, for Shaymin's sake, that Eleanor wasn't still in the room with her; the sight of Eleanor kissing the air would likely have made her throw up again. Since she was no longer nauseous, she laid on the pillow she slept on, curled up again and shaking with emotion. That's how Eleanor found her a few seconds later. "Good news, mate!" Shaymin was too distraught to give much of a response, but she nodded to show she was listening. It didn't matter what Eleanor had to say to her; nothing could make her feel better, except... "That was Ty; he's on his way home to give you a check-up. He sounded worried, so get ready." *Shortly beforehand, directly outside of the Goldenrod City Pokémon Centre...* Kevin, Tyler, Prudence, and the Gardevoir Kevin used in the battle stood outside the Pokémon Centre. They had been teleported there by the Gardevoir, who Kevin returned to her Pokéball once the group had found their bearings. "Close enough," Tyler mused, looking back at the reinforced glass double doors that made up the front entrance to the Centre. "It's been a while." "That actually brings up a couple of questions," Kevin said. "Don't you have other patients?" Tyler shook his head. "I cashed in my vacation days for this." "Dude, that SUCKS!!!" Kevin groaned, putting a hand on Tyler's back. "I know how much you wanted to go to Mintale Town(a town on the outskirts of the Kanto region, in close proximity to several tourist destinations, including Cobalt Coast and Viridian Forest.)." To his surprise, Tyler recoiled, then glared at him intensely. "Shaymin is infinitely more important to me than a vacation from something I already love doing. What about you? Don't you have bad guys to catch(Kevin worked in law enforcement. That was one of the main reasons Tyler hadn't hit him in retaliation for his assumptions and accusations; assaulting an officer is a serious crime.)?" Kevin responded with a laugh. "I got a couple of days off, too, but damn! Giving up your entire vacation?!" Tyler didn't respond immediately; a few seconds went by, during which time, he looked up at the sky with a dreamy expression, which matched his tone of voice when he finally did speak up. "Shaymin's worth it. I'm surprised; someone like you should recognize love when you see it!" It wasn't exactly a secret that Tyler had feelings for Shaymin, or, at least, that the 2 of them got along extremely well; in the time that they had known each other, they had spent a great deal of time together. They laughed together, and they cried together(this was very rare, as years of experience with medicine, and, frankly, with Eleanor, had left Tyler very reluctant to cry.). Shaymin had all but leapt into a Pokéball for Tyler on multiple occasions, though Tyler vehemently refused all of her offers, on the grounds that he couldn't possibly bring himself to capture her. Kevin had suspected for quite a while that they were a couple, even after Tyler got married(something which, ironically, Kevin and Shaymin had warned him against.), such was the kind of relationship they clearly had. After Tyler and Eleanor got married, though, everything changed; Shaymin couldn't, as she had implied after waking from her fever dream, even get a kiss from him, and not for lack of desire, asking, and even begging him for one. Nonetheless, Kevin was happy to hear confirmation of Tyler's feelings. He was about to say so when the chorus of Owl City's "Fireflies" stopped him, as well as causing him, Prudence, and Tyler to jump. Tyler's PokéGear(an all-purpose device commonly used by Johto-dwelling trainers.) was to blame. "Dammit, Ellie!" Tyler swore, clutching his chest, as if he were having a heart attack. He knew Eleanor was on the other end because he had programmed his PokéGear to play that song(which was important to both of them, as their first dance as a married couple was to that song.). He assumed that the only reason Eleanor would bother him was some sort of emergency, so he wasted little time in removing the ringing device from his pocket, tapping the screen to answer the call, and putting it up to his ear. "Hey, Ellie.... What is it?... She did WHAT?!... Mew Christ; she just keeps getting sicker.... Damn you, Ellie! This is no time for jokes! This is a serious matter!... Well, why - Forget it; is she alright now?... I need you to check on her.... Not until we know what made her do that. Just tell her I'm on my way home, and don't scare her.... Love you too, sweetie." Kevin didn't even have a chance to ask what was discussed over the phone; Tyler took off at a full sprint the moment the call was over, leaving Kevin and Prudence standing outside the Pokémon Centre with shocked expressions. *Meanwhile, back in Tyler's guest bedroom...* Shaymin's expression brightened immediately, though her tears didn't stop, and her body still shook. "He's coming home?!" Eleanor nodded. "Yep! He's on his way now. He's probably gonna look you over again, so I'll give you some time alone to get ready." With that, she left, shutting the door behind her. Shaymin's stomach still burned, which, for most Grass-Types, is especially painful, but the thought of seeing Tyler again in reality, as opposed to in her dreams(and illness-induced daydreams.) was enough to give her a second wind. With a wide grin, she laid back and stared at the ceiling fan. She, like the others before her, could change her form and achieve flight. However, she had very rarely been able to do so ever since she learned of the abuse Tyler was suffering. As she lay there, she doubted she'd be able to transform, even if someone shoved a Gracidea(a lovely flower, usually pink, that causes the transformation.) down her throat. It didn't matter to her anymore, though; Tyler was coming back, and that was all she cared about. Tyler, before he had left for the tournament, told her that, if he won, he'd be able to get her help with her debilitating illness. Shaymin obviously hadn't seen Tyler suffer defeat, so she was hopeful she wouldn't be sick much longer. "Oh, Tyler; please hurry back! Good news or not, I can't wait to see - urp!" As if her bodily functions were controlled by switches, she was once again stricken with dizziness and nausea, completely out of the blue. Like last time, she managed to right herself before retching. This time, however, nothing came out. For all of 15 seconds, Shaymin stood, shaking and dry heaving, intense pain shooting from her stomach up to her esophagus, and way up into the back of her throat. Finally, to Shaymin's great, but short-lived, relief, she managed to vomit a bitter, yellow substance. She collapsed, wracked with pain, but the dry heaving didn't stop. If she had been able to speak, she would've prayed for mercy, so horrid was the pain she felt. Again and again, her own body seemed to betray her, and she continued helplessly throwing up what was, in actuality, bile. This torture continued for several more seconds before, suddenly, Shaymin began howling in pain. She felt something tear just past the back of her throat and looked down to see that the puddle of her bile was flecked with bright red blood. She retched one last time and vomited a good bit more blood to add to the mess she had made. Whimpering pitifully and shaking as if she had been submerged in ice water, she collapsed once more, immediately bursting into heavy sobs. *Author's Note* Aww! Poor Shaymin! I wish I could reach through the screen and hug her! By the way, Mintale Town is where Hey You Pikachu and Pokémon Channel take place. Well, that's Chapter 4! This is sort of the exposition chapter; so much comes to light here! Eleanor's appearance(by the way, if any of you get the reference, don't post it in the comments; send me a PM if you want.), Tyler's vacation plans, what Kevin does for a living, why Tyler isn't at work, a glimpse into his and Shaymin's relationship, the fact that Shaymin can't fly,... Backstory for days! XD Anyway, this chapter was originally called "Adventures In Shaymin-Sitting," then "Best Laid Plans." Also, vomiting bile isn't uncommon, but it hurts like Hell, and Shaymin wasn't exactly in good condition as it was. Oh, and the reason that Ruby became the Johto League champion, but died at the age of 3, is because Celebi changed her age, then changed it back. Finally, for those of you who were wondering, I have decided on an ending. So, what do you think? Have I overstayed my welcome, or do you think you could bear a fifth chapter?
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