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  1. hunter

    Hunter's Huntings

    About Me: I’m looking primary for male/female roleplays with myself as the male. I don't do male on male, sorry. I tend to be a dom, though I can also do switch (as long as my partner is a switch too). I’ve tried being a sub, can’t do it. I’m open to near human (twi’lek, draenai,etc) and human-like aliens; and yes, I can do furries. I’m open to quite a variety of ideas. I’m interested in a fantasy roleplay (human/elf or human/human), a human/draenei themed story, a catgirl/catboy themed story. In addition, I’ll love you forever if you give me my Minako Aino (Sailor Venus) to bang. Stuff I’m craving at the moment (this is a sample rather than a complete list): Star Wars themed: Force User (either sith or jedi) and a Twi’lek dancing girl. Or something similar. Fantasy themed: I’ve got a half baked story idea of a Draenei sorceress and a Human priest. (who also happens to be the kingdom’s high priest). I’d also really love to do a catgirl and catboy story. Cyberpunk/Shadowrun: A master assassin (me) and an unbeatable hacker (you). Anime: I’m always wanting a Sailor Venus themed story, and I’ve got the story blogs to prove it. Other interests include a story idea involving Urd (Oh My Goddess!) and a human turned god.
  2. hunter

    Hunter's Shorts

    The Sith Lord and His Apprentice “What a bunch of obstinate, hidebound, narcissistic, egotistical...” I bit off the rest of the sentence as I finished climbing the gangway of my ship. To say I was angry was probably a bit of an understatement; though not as much as I'd been a few moments before, when an astromech had happened to be in just the wrong place at the wrong time. Hitting it with enough Force lightning to fry the droid's internal circuitry made me feel a bit better. Just a tad bit. As for me, I was known (among other titles) at Darth Nox. I was a member of the Dark Council of the Empire, head of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge. While most meetings among Sith tended to be resolved simply by the highest ranked member giving orders, the Dark Council was one of the very few institutions (and the defacto ruling body) that was truly a meeting of peers. As the main hatch cycled open to allow me entry, I stepped inside what was my first and most secure of domains. I stepped inside with a swirl of black and gray robes, the omnipresent lightsaber still hanging on my hip. Only a Sith with a death wish went anywhere without being armed, and I was far from having a death wish...though I'd certainly been dead before. “I wasn't expecting you for at least another hour.” A feminine voice intruded into my consciousness, and I turned to the speaker. Under circumstances such as this, an intrusion of this nature might prove unhealthy for the speaker; but this particular voice belonged to one of the very few beings relatively safe from my anger. The voice belonged to the former Jedi padawan, the togruta Ashara Zavros. While the connection between us wasn't exactly a Force Bond, it was much more difficult to explain. We shared an intense passion, my Apprentice and myself; and while the togruta wasn't quite a fully trained Sith, she'd certainly learned to enjoy giving into her passions. What stopped me wasn't her voice, but the nature of her presence instead. She was stretched out in a comfortably seeming manner on one of the starship's couches, with a reader in hand. The fact that she hadn't so much as a stitch of clothing transformed my anger into a much more palpable lust/desire. I walked over to her, leaning forward so I could take her chin by hand and kiss her rather lustily on the lips. I could sense a lust rising within her that matched my own, and she licked her lips when I finally returned them to her. “I'd just gotten out of the refresher and settled on the couch when you'd gotten back.” Her voice was deceptively calm as she continued speaking. “I wasn't expecting you for at least another hour.” Her statement might have been a reflection of the truth, but it was far more likely that she'd been deliberately waiting to ambush me in her current state. Not that I minded, I found her nude body quite a pleasure to gaze upon. And I made it a point from time to time to see that she knew how much I enjoyed her. I placed one hand on her bare left breast, plucking the reader from her grasp and tossing it over my shoulder. I ignored the soft thud of the reader landing on the floor nearby as I gave her a kiss which told her exactly what I had in mind. I could feel her breast becoming firm beneath my palm, and I teased her bare nipple with my thumb. My own body responded to our shared lust/desire, and a soft moan escaped her lips and I pushed down onto her. At that moment, all I wanted was to have my now rock hard cock deep into her; and to feel her body quiver in pleasure beneath me. While it may have been that her ambush was turned against her, she didn't seem to mind in the slightest. It was going to be a rather enjoyable evening.
  3. hunter

    The Bookstore

    This is one of my favorite ideas for a good starter, so I'm going to toss it out here. Ideally, the story will quickly move to it's first sex scene; then evolve from there in whatever direction we'd like to explore. He's (male character, me) been a regular around the bookstore since she (female character, you) first opened it; often hanging out for hours on end. He does stuff like bring coffee in the morning for both of them, so the two are at least comfortable (if not friendly) with each other. He's retired early with quite a bit of money; so he's got time to spare, and likes to read. After the story opens, she invites him upstairs to her apartment; which immediately turns into sex.
  4. LeSane

    A will of Fire

    A Will of Fire—— Story idea— In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of grey crags, scorched earth, and everlasting dragons. Then there was Fire, and with Fire came Disparity. Heat and cold, life and death, and of course... Light and Dark. We see the struggles of others unfold around you as they fight for the things important to them. There's was a man who fought on behalf of his broken homeland, another who fought to prevent his kingdom from damnation. One man believed in research for the sake of knowledge... and maybe this knowledge would give the power to fix a mistake. With this power, one may have to do terrible things to man, to save many more lives. How can the gods be so cruel? To stand idly by while the powerless have everything taken from them. Perhaps if given something, then they'll give something in return?Indeed there's a reward for faithfully serving the gods of this land. Or maybe one will be cast aside to fade from memory - A fool, who dared to believe in something more significant without ever knowing those final acts, could've changed fate. Man is born from the dark, a soul that is kindled, flickers, dwindles,s and dies in the shadow of his Gods. The human form is fragile, and death comes quickly, but the Spirit is strong, and it clings to life like only a mortal can. So in a way, a man was not designed to become higher than those of the sky everlasting. My character has heard that story many times as a child from the old man who raised him. It was one of the many tales passed down from his generation to this one, yet they believed it was a load of horse manure. The village of Gypsies, Traders, and Hired Mercenaries used it as an excuse to throw lavish festivals in tribute to the winged beast. They sacrifice something of significance to them only to say otherwise; however, once every twenty years ago, willing would volunteer themselves to seek out this winged beast. It was out of practice, though. It was mainly lowering the amount of residence so overpopulation wouldn't set them into rui or banish those who'd been a burden to the town overall. Sadly this pertained to my character as he was the black sheep of his people. A problem child due to his lack of drive and aspirations. He'd been more interested in wooing the ladies and living his life than toil the dirt like a peasant. It has been three weeks since he'd set up a campsite. It was a shack at first, but he managed to improve it. The camp got a lot more comfortable once he'd gained a knack for fighting. Carpets cover much of the barren ground, simple awnings tied to the rocks provide shade, and hand-made wooden furniture offers comfortable places to sit and sleep. My character even carves some artwork into the rocks around the camp’s perimeter. He crafted some traps surrounding the makeshift home, but they are pretty simple and may not do much to deter any monsters that roamed about. What I'm looking for— My character is meant to be the servant his village sent as the representative while the mating Season of Dragons comes along. There will be various suitors for your character to reject or accept though they will leave after the deed is done. 'Do not get attached to them.' I already have the story laid out, and there will be twists, various turns, and a grand reveal for the end. •I'm not looking to play against an actual dragon. Humanoid form is preferred. (No referring to anthros)
  5. The idea Both of our characters are Kemonomimi who saw the ad about being paid to be in a documentary. It seems like decent enough money, room, meals, and transportation would be paid for by the organization recording. Things start simple enough with interviews, small talk, and a bit of backstory about our characters while on camera. However, things get a bit surreal as we are asked to stay in the large apartment while cameras watch us even though they are concealed. Unknown to both characters the food provided is laced with an aphrodisiac drug to raise our libido, and have sex. The so-called organization is just streaming us and having people watch two Kemonomimi go at it like rabbits. What I'm looking for •Looking for a female character. Doesn't have to be a female writer as the gender of the writer doesn't matter much to me. I'm looking for someone who can write a fair bit, but nothing like you have to write a novel. •There are some themes I'd like to try, but it's something to be discussed as I don't want to push anything onto anyone interested. If you are interested reply below or text me and I'll reply as soon as I can. Thank you.
  6. Hey, new to these boards, and wondering if I can find some interested folks here! With the prefs sheet and the ideas below, this should be a good starting point, but questions are welcome of course for the interested. I may revise this later; for now I'm trying to jot down a variety of ideas. For many of these, they're fandom based but intimate knowledge is not required of any characters. None of the RPs would follow anything strongly canonical anyway, but they may. I could always give a personality outline if something sounds fun for any of these. Also basically all ideas stem on the principle of being mostly smut, but I'm open to a more well-rounded approach especially if it's funny. All right, in no particular order: Lovers' Dream (MFF(F), optional futa) There's a reason there is so much art and smut for Tifa and Aerith! This is about them with Cloud. Derailing from the canonical source material quite a bit, the basis of the story is that this group of heroes was acknowledged by their heroic efforts, including putting their lives on the line, and their reward was a large beach house in Costa del Sol, along with a massive monetary prize. Cloud and Tifa are a couple and naturally have Aerith live with them, with her having nowhere else to go. As such, they all can live in luxury in very early retirement. There's a strong bond; essentially, each loves the other two. (Romance is not necessary in the RP but it fits.) One day, the girls find an odd shop in town, and purchase an exotic Materia. The spell it casts causes an enduring status change. It greatly magnifies lust, more than doubling libido, and substantially boosts stamina. Its magic allows a person under its effects to reach strong orgasms more easily, and achieve multiple just as easily. Consequently the story is just a variety of chapters about the sexual escapades. The girls are both bisexual and most scenes are probably threesomes. The magic causes sterility while in effect, so Cloud can pump all the cum he wants in his two girlfriends and they'll never be impregnated. Optional: Add Yuffie to the story! Optional plot point: The girls can discover yet another rare Materia. This own is a spell that can transform the user into a futanari. For futa fans, this would be a great new twist on this trio's experiences, allowing the girls to take turns being double-teamed. Palutena's Obsession (gangbang) The next idea is a lot easier to describe. The goddess Palutena rules a peaceful land, residing in her palace with plenty of loyal royal guards. Her duty as a ruler grows dull; her land is essentially a utopia. Her unfufilled desires influence her ideas on how she'll spend many of her days: satisfying them! She finds it is so easy to seduce any guard she chooses, particularly because they find they must oblige from duty, although they all are more than willing, goddess or not. This one is about the different sessions she has, though I'm mostly interested in the parties she has for herself, getting a group together for a gangbang. Cosplay Freak (MxF) This one is about the character Reisalin Stout, although it's not the canonical girl from the game, but rather a girl who cosplays as her. She's a closet freak, a pervert, and a geek. She always hangs out with a cute boy her age who has a huge crush on her. This is much more open-ended; I don't have a set plot necessarily. The cosplay is not necessary for intercourse scenes but it should be present one way or another. If you love hentai OVAs this one's a hit. Best Friends Always Share (Futa/Futa x F, Futa group, etc.) This is straight-up futa so skip this one if that doesn't suite your tastes. I would play two futa girls, energetic and outgoing, who love to share their sex partners together! I primarily have scenes in mind of them teaming up on girls, but there's no reason why it couldn't include more variety like pairing off with another futa pair, or being total subs amidst a group of guys and/or futas... Ask if you wanna do this one and I'll go more into these two girls' traits and such. Heroes' Time Off (furry, MMMF) Disclaimer: I don't enjoy furries. I tried. But this is an exception. Somehow, I do like this one. This is for the Sonic universe. Amy Rose is a slutty girl. She fucks everyone interested in her. The story can be about different sessions with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, and of course, a gangbang with all three of the heroes. The three guys should all be very apt in their multiorgasmic ability: they always cum a lot with each climax and require several to be entirely satisfied. Miscellaneous This section is a loose mix of character ideas with no plot or story in mind and other notes. Kemonomimi (humans with animal traits/appendages, usually ears and/or tail) is one of my all-time top kink/motifs so definitely suggest original characters for this! Neko/kitsune (catgirls/foxgirls) both adored! I will always match & play as kemonomimi male(s) too, if asked. I quite like these characters but have no distinct ideas yet: Narmaya, Xayah, Ahri, Saratoga, Kaleina Fantasy themes are great (love elves!!) and I like sci-fi but have yet to come up with a good sci-fi story to work with... I am very descriptive. A multi-paragraph post is very easy for me to whip up! If you like to stick to single, simple paragraphs, this is probably not for you. (I've seen some girls do a marvelous job with posts even when playing gangbang scenes where the female character tends to have little flexibility!)
  7. Yo~! Glad you're checking this one out. First of all, I think I'll give some context for this one. The premise of this RP idea is nothing too original, but is more-or-less based on the hentai ASMR track listed here: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ377793.html/?locale=en_US To quote the plot summary for this amazing smut for the ears: "You find out your loud kohai on the student council is actually a crossdressing girl, and you use that information as leverage to blackmail her into sexually servicing you. Soon enough, she can't resist the feminine pleasure!" If it isn't obvious by now, I wanna corrupt a crossdressing tomboy and have her embrace the femininity she's kept suppressed all this time. I would be content with keeping things simple and do an RP that closely follows the original premise of the ASMR track. In which case, you can stop here and send an EcchiText. Buuuuuuut as the title of this post suggests, I have another idea in mind. I mean... Why stop at corrupting a sweet little kohai who's dressed as a guy and instead corrupt the toughest delinquent around~? It would sure as hell be fun to see the class "bad boy" be downgraded into a feminine slut. And who knows? Perhaps the other guy's she's beaten into submission all these years would like to have a piece of her, if you know what I mean~? If you're interested, then send me an EcchiText and we can discuss things in more specific detail.
  8. Hello! Male and willing Player here looking for a DM. I am a switch with a slight submissive lean. What I am looking for is a long term DnD campaign that is well...lewd. I am willing to play as a male, femboy or futa. Preferably with someone at least semi literate. As stated before I can play as a sub or a dom! I have a few characters in mind already: Human Warlock - Male (Femboy option) Tiefling Ranger - Male (Femboy option) High Elf Wizard - Male (Femboy Option) Wood Elf Wizard - Futa And many more! We can even use some of the characters I already have on this site too! Really just looking for some fun! I do suggest checking out my preference sheet first to see if we click. But also I wanted to add, that if anyone wants me to DM them something, like an adventure full with horny monsters and the like. I am open for that as well! I can be both a 'Player' and a 'DM'!
  9. LookingForSmut

    Need a Dom? Inquire inside!

    Hello, I am a 24 year old male looking for some new partners to role play with. I have been doing this for around 7 years but have been writing for much longer. My typical reply will be 1-3 paragraphs, depending on what is happening in the story, and what my partner sends me to work with. As far as ideas go, I’m open to just about anything and will likely be interested in what you propose. I typically am not a fan of fandom stories because I find it harder to get into my character, but with a compelling enough plot, I may be open to it. I sway back on forth on this often, but right now I am more interested in writing more erotic focused stories. Just in one of those moods! Below are some very basic concepts that I am interested in, but if you have other ideas, we can definitely discuss them. I like to start with basic stories and then the two of us can build in more details. Also, I only role-play in PMs as well. Potential plots: Master x slave (will play either of these roles) Kidnapper x kidnapped (less experience playing the latter but not against it!) Step brother x Step sister (any kind of step-relative will do) Queen x servant Succubus x male sex slave (very interested in this one) When it comes to kinks, I would rather we discuss that over PM and see if we have similar interests. Send me a message if interested! Also, here is a writing sample for the start of an Incubus x Female sex slave story: The creature led the woman into his apartment and closed the door behind them. So easy, as it always was when tempting human females. Of course, it was hardly a fair fight. When he wanted companionship, one glance is all it took for any woman to feel weak at the knees. It would start with a simple arousal. The woman would find themselves glancing over at the handsome man and struggling to hold their attention elsewhere. This would next evolve into them fantasizing about what it would be like to be intimate with that man. Twenty minutes after the initial glance, the woman would be so eager to please and be pleased by him, that they would follow him as he left whatever public space the two had met in. That is exactly what happened tonight as well. The woman walked further into this stranger's apartment, not once contemplating the safety of the situation. Had she been able to think clearly, she likely would have taken note of the empty appearance of this small apartment. Near the door, there was a fridge, but no stove. In the main room there was a couch, but no tv. Contrasting these facts was the extravagance of the decorations. Old, but well preserved painting lined the walls, mostly depicting images of sex or hell. The floor was a dark, brown hardwood, which the woman's shoes tapped loudly against as she continued in. The creature locked and bolted the door before turning around to face the woman. "Here you are in my home, but I've yet to even properly introduce myself, my apologies. The name is Jack, but tonight, I think instead you will refer to me as master." The creature turned to the bar near the fridge and poured two glasses of Kentucky Straight Bourbon.
  10. Cindy tossed and turned in bed.....lousy day at work, boss was a pain in the ass and that same nerd from the next office kept flirting with her. The blonde beauty decided to take a quick shower, put on fresh panties but went back to bed braless.. She didn't hear the sounds of the back door being forced open. The masked intruder quietly crept through the house, finally reaching the bedroom. Despite her struggling,it took little time to gag her tie her up and drug her. When Cindy woke up, she was gagged wearing only her panties..... and a prisoner in a cage!!!! Her hands were tied to the front. Where was she?? Who kidnapped her?....were they going to ransom her or something worse? "MMMMMMMPH!!!! " She moaned, shaking the cage. She was in a basement, alone and scared.
  11. Craving the below like crazy. Anyone playing this with me would be greatly appreciated. Preference can be found on the link in my page! Bad Girl Gone Good...Gone Bad again? The school girl certainly didn't start out as the model student, possibly even student council president, at their first meeting. She was gyaru delinquent, Playing hooky in Arcades, Malls, streets and party houses, dabbling in party drugs, booze, cigs and weed, though avoiding addiction and some small, light sexual favors. Then the school sent someone after her, again. This guy, be it her official homeroom teacher or a trustworthy honor student, tracked her down. The first meeting went about as well as to be e4xpected, but they kept trying, and empathetic when she started to crack about her past. They got the girl to clean themselves up and pretty much reinvented at school, thanks to a hard work ethic and brilliant mind when motivated. And nothing motivates like love. Though, will the relationship hold against ghosts of the girl's past?
  12. I'm looking for a RP partner to discuss and create a fantasy RP in a medieval setting, My favorite would be a setting where we both are adventurers, traveling together, it doesn't have to be a lot of sex in the rp, but it should be there as well. I also don't mind it if the partner I find here plays as a narrator, and leads me through the world and makes encounters. I'm not that good at coming up with scenarios, that's why I like to work them out together with a partner to make it enjoyable for both of us! I'll be happy to hear from who ever is interested!
  13. I’ve been wanting to do a role play with this character, A young Orc named Orak, who was born with a mutation that made him tiny compared to a Orc and even to a human, his size as he reached his middle teens the same as 10 year old human child. Despite his strength(and cock size) being that of a normal Orc, Orak was bullied and tormented by his tribe, till he had enough. Determined to prove that he was the strongest Orc their was, he set out to defeat the Dragon Lord, a ancient being that spread terror across the world every 20 years as hunger woke it from its slumber. Many had tried to fight it but all had failed, but Orak had decided that he needed to beat it to prove himself. This rp will follow Orak through his journey, with you playing as people he meets and as a main second female character that decides to join him.
  14. Disclaimer -Please do not reply to this thread. Should you spy something that peaks your interest, reach out to me through a private message instead. Introduction to the Writer Hello, everyone. Welcome to my small corner of the Moon. What you will find here on this thread is a brief summary of myself as a writer, as well as several points of interests regarding the genres and plots that I’m currently craving to play. Currently, I am seeking partners who would be interested in assisting myself in bringing to life some of my own fantasies. Fantasies that primarily center themselves around the slice of life genre, to be exact. However, before jumping straight to the good stuff, I strongly advise that you read this thread in it’s entirety to be certain that we would be suitable partners. I will be honest and inform you all that I am quite selective... I’m a straight male for anyone that might be interested in knowing, and prefer to play against the female gender. As one who has been writing for the better part of his life, I have always taken great care when concerning my writing abilities. I have never claimed to be perfect, as I feel that no one should. However, I do confidently consider myself to be quite a significant asset to anyone’s benefit. Should they be searching for the same writing criteria and genres as myself, of course. I’m a literate piece writer and a strong advocate for the immense detail that causes all of us to melt with pleasure. While grammar and punctuation errors aren’t uncommon, I do proofread my work before presenting it to my partners to lessen the chances of problematic blemishes within a text. I expect this same level of effort from my partner, as well. It is often extremely disheartening to put forth a great deal of effort into a piece, only to then receive what could only be described as an unfortunate and outright lazy attempt at continuing a story. Throughout the course of my writing career, I have found that my own best interests lay within the deepest depths of the rabbit hole related to smut. I adore stories that come covered in layers of enticing arousal that leave a body trembling with lust stricken angst. Stories with a healthy dose of foreplay and teasing, please. This rabbit hole can be found within a number of different genres. Though I will admit that the Slice of Life realm does take the majority of the space here. Like most other writers, and as I stated above, I live for detail. Though I’m also a big believer in quality over quantity, as well. Some scenes during a piece require less, others more. I write what is necessary while still providing the same level of quality throughout a story’s entirety. Should you be curious as to what this looks like, I will be more than happy to provide a writing sample upon request. I feel as though this helps a piece flow at a more graceful pace while keeping it from becoming too drawn out and bloated. Essentially keeping things interesting, as well. Should we share this trait, then we will get along wonderfully. Also, I tend to use different fonts opposed to the regular within my writing, while also using colors to highlight dialogue. In my opinion, a piece is so much more fun to read when the literature looks just as well as it sounds. Limits and Preferences When writing erotic tales, I’ve found that I enjoy the buildup to the action just as much as the action itself. Perhaps even a little more so. For myself, there is simply nothing like a healthy dose of provocative foreplay taking place between two or more characters before finally surrendering to one another’s desires. A slow seduction with plenty of tantalizing teasing that will utterly torment both parties. Torment in a good way, of course. I am not one to judge others on kinks and fetishes, though I will say that my limits fall within the parameters of all things bathroom related. Other than those subjects, I am open to discussing whatever a potential writing partner might have in mind. Please, if something that you’re into might be a little controversial, let’s talk about first, yeah? Plots In this section, you will find all readily available plots that I am currently seeking writing partners for. While most adhere to the more erotic side of life, the details concerning these said plots can still be edited to some degree as I am negotiable. I will always lend an ear to my partner should they have any ideas of their own that they would like to share, as well. If something that you see below sparks any amount of interest within yourself at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. —————————— Detention Sucks! Synopsis An erotic outing for the few that enjoy portraying multiple main characters at one time. This piece will center around three individuals. One male, and two females. Confined together within the walls of a small office during the after hours at a College University, these three individuals soon find unexplored and exciting new methods to entertain one another... Setting William, Arianna, and Emma. Three individuals who have known one another for as many years as they could count. Having grown up together while attending the same High School along the sidewalks of the same small town, the trio would remain close throughout their time spent together over the years. William, having always pursued the two females for the sake of a lust stricken angst, has never been efficient in successfully capturing either of the two playful minx. All due to the fact that Arianna and Emma have only ever seen their friend as just that. A trustworthy companion and a strong shoulder to cry on when other men would so often wrong them. However...this wasn’t to say that the duo didn’t enjoy the affection of his desire. All too often would they strut about while wearing some of the most provocative clothing. Flaunting their delicious figures and swinging those supple hips...all for his viewing pleasure in hopes of encouraging even the smallest amount of lewd behavior out of him. At times, even going as far as a subtle grope between his legs. To softly grinding their asses against him for a subtle spank...though only to swiftly jump out of his grasp the very moment he would move a muscle. A cruel game played by the trio that would soon become apart of their friendship and last into present times. Though dissipating almost entirely while the challenges relating to their futures continued weigh on their shoulders. In present day, the trio is now attending the same University. Final exams for the semester are fast approaching, and the two sultry female bookworms are hard at work while they cram for the upcoming tests. The two women are admittedly stressed over the situation, knowing that a fair and passing score is crucial to their degrees. Not only this, but their boyfriends are equally as enthralled by their own studies. Stranding the two women without anyone to quench their increasingly pent up desires. Their provocative little game with William not even an option, as they’ve been so incredibly focused on studying that they have yet to even lay eyes on him for the better part of three days now. Meanwhile, the man himself had been dealing with his own personal dilemma... Throughout his life, William had never been taken for as the academically inclined. Rather an unmotivated and confused individual with a lazy streak, baring no real plan for a profitable future. A completely opposite demeanor when comparing him to the headstrong attitudes that were Arianna and Emma. Admittedly, the boy had only followed the duo down the path of a further education at the advice brought on to him by his friends. Now, as their time at the University continues to prolong, even they seemed to have forgotten about him. Being as focused and successfully committed to their studies and relationships as the two girls were, it was a growing challenge to find the time to spare to relax and enjoy one another’s company like they used to. The times seemed to be rapidly changing around him...and needless to say, it left him with an empty feeling of dread for what was to come. It’s a Thursday evening at the University and most of the faculty and students have long since vacated the Campus. While some others still inhabit the various classrooms, all in preparation for the important exams that would soon come with the next morning. Of course, it would come as no surprise to find Arianna and Emma walking through the courtyard beneath the setting Sun. In route to the Campus Library for some last minute preparations of their own. Fatigued and frustrated with the stress of the current week, their anxiety is at an all time high. As is their heat... Overlooking the courtyard and hidden away inside of the Dean’s old office, sits William. Faced with the task of cleaning out the space as a form of extra credit to apply toward the resulting score of his final exams, which he hasn’t even the very least bit studied for. While attempting to fix this mess of an office, William is quick to notice two familiar and provocative figures passing by the window... ————————————- Trouble Synopsis Another rather erotic adventure that will center around a handsome older Stepbrother and his rambunctious, provocative younger stepsister. The gap between their ages is open for discussion. The premise for this story, is that these two characters have known one another for quite some time. Since the day their parents had started dating, this stepsister in question has relentlessly tormented the much more sophisticated and mature stepbrother with her almost constant lewd behavior whenever she finds herself in his presence. Her character could be described as very flamboyant, confident, charming, and sexy. While the stepbrother could be described as steadfast, loyal, and equally just as charming. Though again, in a more mature and sophisticated manner as opposed to her own slutty and thrill seeking self. Being the good man that he has always been known to be, he does his utmost best to simply just ignore this girl. However, this only encourages her. Oftentimes, this man finds himself fighting the more primal urges of his body. All while his stepsister continually threatens to break down this moral code that he holds so near and dear...will she succeed? Setting Tis the season of summer within the bustling city of Newberry, Tennessee. Universities, Colleges, and public schools alike, have all but continued to trap the countless amount of students within their cold, gray walls and endless halls. For this town, summer break is alive and well. Events that range from everything such as the large county fairs to the spectacular, thunderous display of colorful fireworks. A fine time for these normally busy students to return home for much needed social connections with old friends and forgotten family. One such individual doing just this, is a younger man in his early thirties. Returning home for two entire weeks to visit his more distant Father and Stepmother. As well as his infamously affectionate younger stepsister, Madison. Though better known under the alias of "Trouble" amongst her peers. Unbeknownst to William however, his Father had neglected to inform him of the impromptu getaway vacation with stepmother, Ruby. Leaving young Madison as the sole caretaker of the home for the entirety of these same said two weeks that he is scheduled to stay. What a uniquely strange coincidence...or is it? Is there a chance that someone else has withheld some important information form him? All for the purpose of obtaining some welcomed company to keep her entertained... ————————————- "Delivery!" Synopsis A pizza delivery girl becomes lost in route to an address that she is unable to find. After becoming increasingly frustrated, she ends up at the front door of what she hopes is the right house. Well, it isn't...and the stranger standing at the door begins to take full advantage of the situation. However, she is unable to help herself as she finds herself becoming curiously aroused by it all... Setting Arielle is an attractive young College Freshman who has just accepted a job as a pizza delivery girl for a local shop not far from the campus. The shop in question is notorious for the outfits that the upper management provides for their all female team. Identical provocative clothing that would encourage the worst behavior in even the most good of men. Arielle, having always had the reputation as the 'good girl' throughout her life, is a little less than pleased at the uniform she is required to bare. Though what choice did she have? She was broke and desperately in need of good, easy money. Money that would play a crucial role in aiding her journey through furthering her education. Even if that meant the noble sacrifice of her self dignity and respect. After all...putting up with the predictable catcalls stemming from the horny men that would no doubt be ogling over her tight little body seemed like a small price to pay. Opposed to the notion of starving and failing her degree, of course. So long as she was able to secure their fat tips, she would swing her hips to the beat of their drum with as much enthusiasm as her fake sultry smile could gather. It is now the evening of her first day, right around six o'clock on a Friday. Arielle has just slipped into the tight little uniform for the first time inside of the shop's less than claustrophobic bathroom. Despite the utter humiliation that she would be feeling from that moment until midnight, Arielle couldn't help herself but to glance in the direction of the full length mirror on the wall. Damn...she did look good. A petite and delicious dish served alongside a piping hot pie, no doubt. Perhaps playing the role of a slutty little cock tease would come more natural to her than she'd first anticipated. With a newly found stroke of confidence, she is quickly given her first assignment and is away far sooner than expected. Arriving at a large apartment complex on the east side of town, Arielle is unaware of its less than pleasant reputation. While searching for the correct door, she begins to become increasingly anxious at the amount of time that continues to pass as she struggles to locate her recipient's apartment. Nearing thirty minutes, the order in hand would soon become free. An error she could not afford, especially on her first day! Left with little to no choice, Arielle then turns to the nearest door and knocks on the wooden surface with an anxious appetite. "Delivery!" She calls out from the hallway, a slight desperation lining her sing-song voice. Standing there within the midst of that cold and empty hall, Arielle could feel her anxiety rising to new and unexplored heights. There wasn't a chance in Hell that the door she was standing in front of was her customer. She'd taken a complete shot in the dark, hoping to sell the order in hand to the unsuspecting stranger by taking advantage of some other methods not commonly used by ordinary delivery girls...a good review paired with a thick tip was all she'd needed to secure her spot on this team. In order to make a good first impression on her superiors back at the parlor, Arielle was determined that whom ever open that door would experience the best customer service in the city... ————————————- As of this moment, these are the only plots that I have readily available. More will be added in time, so please feel free to check again soon! With that being said, I am actively taking inquiries for the plots listed above, as they are my current cravings at this point in time. Should either of them peak your interest, feel free to contact me through a private message. I look forward to hearing from you!
  15. Hello again, I am back with another niche craving and very specific scenario. I am looking for a partner to play a loli of about eleven in just the beginning moments of puberty. She will start out living in an awful orphanage and school for girls, and get immediately adopted by a loving man. The orphanage stresses discipline, doled out liberally by the cool-mannered staff, normally in the form of bare bottom spankings in front of the rest of the class, bare-bottomed paddling in front of class or nude padding in private, and cruel private nude canings. The staff secretly all get off on punishing lolis. The very few problematic girls who do not respond to the discipline and continue to be very disobedient wordlessly *disappear* overnight. None of the girls know what happens to them, but in reality they are sent somewhere overseas that is much worse. The food is poor but adequate. The clothing provided is thin, usually plain hand-me-down dresses, very threadbare panties, plan simple bras for anyone sporting A cups and bigger but no training bras for modesty, and simple socks and shoes. Medical care at the orphanage is provided by a team of volunteer doctors, both for annual checkups and more urgent matters. (We can avoid medical exams entirely if they are not enjoyable for you to write. Then the part about the doctors is just to set the stage and provide background) These doctors show the girls kindness and warmth, but also linger on *certain* parts of the exam and get very 'handsy' with their patients. Routine exams are always conducted in the nude from start to finish, no matter the age of the patient. Younger girls (and a few older ones) look forward to exams with the warm friendly doctors despite the embarrassment, and older girls tend to not look forward to all of the touching and lingering hands, and quietly discuss their experiences with each other. My character is the 'most notorious' of the doctors, loved by the younger girls for how snuggly he is, and much talked about by the older girls. He is also secretly a donor to the orphanage. He has never examined your character so she has never met him, and he has decided to adopt her for his own use. This could start with YC summoned to the headmaster's office to meet MC, who will give her an 'exit exam' in the medical office, and then take her home. This said, if the medical exam is a dealbreaker but everything else appeals to you, I'm willing to leave it out. I'd like this RP to include lots of mutual affection, (clean) buttstuff, some discipline/spanking, intimate inspections, some public exposure, and (optionally) a medical exam. Optional themes include orgasm control, BDSM, harsher punishments, and light genital torture. I like to write a few paragraphs, and can reliably reply over PM every day or two. Any interest? I'd love to discuss my ideas with you! Please send me a PM. I'm happy to discuss changes to the scenario. *optional* enhancement: Want to play *two* lolis? We could add a second younger girl of about seven into the mix, having both girls reporting to the office to be adopted and examined and taken home to be used by my character.
  16. Hi there, and thanks for reading. This is a specific, niche scenario that I have been craving lately. YC is a younger girl who has lived with her mother next door to MC all her life. MC was actually even YC's pediatrician. YC's mother trusts MC, including YC being left alone with him. YC likes to spend some of her time next door; MC is fond of (and now attracted to) her and gives her use of anything she is interested in. For example, she is welcome to borrow his piano, or peruse his extensive books on travel and world wildlife. YC is free to look at anything in the big library, including the explicit medical books. YC has come over this summer when MC has been busy with his garden to offer her help, which has always been warmly accepted, and ice cream and other treats have always been offered. He's even offered to let her stay for lunch. YC's mother has never hesitated to call MC when YC isn't feeling well, and MC is always happy to come over to help. MC has a full exam room set up in his basement, and once when YC was very sick he had her mother bring over to be examined downstairs in the exam room. Once this summer YC feigned a tummy ache, and her mom just replied "Well, if you're not feeling well you better head next door and see Doctor Stephen." YC happily went over, and MC lifted her shirt and felt her tummy, and then had her over his lap on the living room couch for a rectal temperature followed by an analgesic suppository held deeply in her bottom for several minutes to "make sure it melts completely" while his free hand gently rubbed her bare bottom. Here's the specific scenario: YC has that 'itch' again, and one Friday evening after dinner she again feigns a tummy ache and her mom, who pretty much has things figured out by now, tells her she had better head next door to see Doctor Stephen again. He will take her temperature rectally and give her a suppository like he did before, but this time he's certain that something is up and he decides to take thing much further. I need for there to be lots of affection in this RP, (clean) buttstuff , and inspections. Optional elements include orgasm control, spanking, restraints, public embarrassment/exposure and possibly harsher punishments. I would love to have MC do a full 'woman's' exam of YC, but that is completely optional and not expected. Please send me a PM if you're interested, or even if you'd like to discuss the scenario. I might be willing to change some aspects of this, and I'm always happy to chat about things. I like to write reasonably long, detailed posts, and RP only over PM. I will respect your limits if I know them. I will not control your character, but my character might move her or ask her to do something and I might assume she will cooperate to keep the story going, but I am always willing to revise if you need your character to do something differently. I am fairly busy, and can only reliably reply ever other day or so. If this sounds at all interesting to you I would love to hear from you!
  17. Hello Echia! I'm an experienced role player, though it doesn't matter to me if you are. So long as I can get a solid paragraph of roleplay from my partners I'm up for just about anything. My only hard no kinks are watersports, scat, and vore. Beyond that I'm a very adventurous person, and chances are if I feel comfortable I'd be up for trying most anything. The following are my current ideas, however I love sitting down with my partner and brainstorming! If you don't see anything on here you like feel free to reach out with your own ideas, or simply prod me to think up a few more based on our mutual interests. I like smut, I like it being in roleplays when it makes sense. However these days smut is not as big of a deal to me as it used to be. I tend towards 50/50 sex to story ratio now a days leaning way more towards the story side of things. Cravings Harem: Always have loved the idea of doing an rp around this theme, however in the past they always seem to fall through. Role Reversal: I like doming, but I also like to play more submissive characters too. But most of all I love give and take, be it through a more classic relationship, or through intense switching. RP Ideas Scenario 1: Drained dry... Almost Kinks: Master/slave, Ddlc, Vampires Description: James has walked the earth for far longer than anyone should rightfully have, vampire or human. He's seen nations rise and fall, watched as his kind would fight among themselves, as humans fought. Frankly he's had enough, enough with the politics, with the drama, and with their constant begging for him to take a more active role in it all. So for the last decade he's been on his own. Living for as long as he had he never wanted for money, never had to work for it as his money made more than enough off interest alone for him to live quite comfortable. That was until his connection at the blood bank died, a heart attack, something truly unavoidable. It was this that led James to the poor girl, led him by his hunger to attacking her. It wasn't until she had nearly been completely drained dry that he finally gained control of himself. He could have let her die, part of him wished he had, but he'd grown soft in his old age, he was no longer the cold blooded brute he once was, the 20th century and their damned ethics saw to that. So instead he turned her... Which is what led to his small, one bedroom apartment housing a soon to be vampire on his bed, his blood coursing through her as he waited uncomfortably for her to wake, his first spawn in centuries, and he didn't even know her name. Scenario 2: Lion's Pride Kinks: Harem, Neko, Shape shifter, Tribal Description: The Arasi are a proud race of beast kin, long have they battled with the beasts of the Cathagari Wilds. Created centuries ago by the dragons along with many of the other races on Solum, they are creatures of legend not to be trifled with. They resemble man, only are often broader, with cat like ears, longer canines, and thicker, sharper nails. Most stand nearly a head above a regular man, some even two. And yet, that did not stop man as it sailed to new lands, what started as a few ships became dozens, Cathagari no longer the wild lands they once were. Naturally the Arasi fought back at first, nearly half their number being wiped out in the initial battles, the rest going into hiding, being hunted by the humans as monsters and beasts. As time passed, many became slaves to the Azmarian Kingdom, as did countless other races seemed too primitive to be left on their own. Those that remained in the wild grew smarter, stronger, no longer simply able to expect to be at the top of their food chain. Side Notes: I see this able to go one of a few ways, I see the Arasi being very lion-like, and as such tending towards prides leading to the Harem aspect. We could go with my character being a young male trying to find a place in this changing world, maybe freeing slaves and taking those who he feels drawn to as mates. Or we could go with my character as your character's slave, maybe leading to some role reversal later on. I'm open to ideas with this one. Scenario 3: Taming a Dragon Kinks: Slave x Master, Power Play Character notes: I will be playing a dragon, however I will be playing him in a human form when sex is involved. Seledrin has long since lived in the archipelago the kingdom of Cytha calls home, long before humans settled on the string of islands that the nobles of the island feud over. He has watched over the several hundred years of their rule as they fought off orcs from the mainland, as peace settled over the kingdom only to devolve into this in fighting. All the while they cut down his trees, tear into his mountains. In the past they provided tribute to him however with this new king that has long since stopped. Seledrin had enough. He took flight, the great black wyrm showing his displeasure in combat. He tore through the naval forces of any who crossed his path, scorched fields, attacked castles. Any who crossed him felt his wrath, until at last tribute was paid, and atop the mound of gold and jewels owed to the dragon was a beautiful human woman. Normally he would have slain the woman and savored the taste of her flesh, but he had other desires for her. Instead taking her back to his lair, intrigued by her. Side notes: So I've been thinking on this one for a little while, essentially my thought process here is that your character is the daughter to a noble, likely one that the king disfavored. So to stop the rampaging dragon your character was offered up as part of the tribute. My thought on this is maybe your character seeks to use the dragon to her own ends? Using her feminine whiles to persuade the dragon into action again, only maybe this time in service to her house? Perhaps even to overthrow the current king? Hell we could even have him create his own kingdom, maybe with her to guide him through politics? Lots of possibility here. Scenario 4: Without a Spell Genre: Supernatural Modern (Light fantasy), Reverse Isekai Side Notes: Very much inspired by devil is a part timer, but this is meant to be far more grounded. Description: Nilus Astorio has lost his way through the planes, the greatest mage of his time, and he has ended up on earth of all places. Perhaps in the only place in the known universe without a shred of magic. A trap all magi fear, but then that is what you get when you anger the god of magic. So it is that Nilus needs to come to grips with, and find his place in this new world. He needs to update his draconian beliefs and forgo his goddess if he ever wishes to return, that or settle down here in this foreign world. The following link is to a list of misc characters not attached to any particular scenario idea.
  18. So, this is an idea I once tried before in a rp and I'd like to do it again. An innocent young man enters a magic academy. Turns out he's really gifted in the art, but he can't quite control his magic yet. And so, as he's in the middle of puberty, his magic will go out of control whenever he gets horny, causing all sorts of ecchi accidents to happen in front of him. He's talented in fate-manipulation magic yet he can only use it pop girl's shirt buttons or lift up skirts accidentally. Ideally, I'd like to play the shota, but I'm fine playing the girls as well.
  19. Hey, I'm looking for a roleplay of an older brother with a younger sister. The first theme idea I have is this: For some reason parents were taken out of the picture. Either they're just workaholics and barely pay any attention to the kids, or they are divorcing and fighting a lot, so the sister got offered by her brother to move to his flat. During that, the feelings would flourish and lead to... who knows what *wink* Another idea is a bit funny, Brother and sister like to RP in their free time. They had a friend on a forum with whom they did incest-themed RP for quite a bit. Neither does know that the other one does too, because, why would they ask a sibling about such stuff. Then, one day, one sibling has to leave the computer unattended and forgets to lock it before going out. In that time, the other side walks into the room and sees a familiar website on the screen. The chat window is open and shows both his and her names! Were they RPing together all that time? As always, I'm flexible if you'd like to change something. Hit me up if you think you'd like something of that sort.
  20. YC is some sort of member of a church in a remote area. One day an injured man appears or is found, the church takes him in to heal him up. YC is assigned to keep watch on him, tend to wounds, provide meals. There's an attraction between the two of them, but this church forbids sex for its clergy. Depending if you have some requests for MC will decide how the two hook up or we can bounce ideas off each other. The two eventually flee, not wanting to be separated but she also broke her oath with the church. So the two adventure now, taking on quests or maybe we introduce some other party members. Maybe YC decides to start training in weapons or different magic now that she's out of the church, or some other story ideas if you have suggestions for MC. Once our characters leave the church the story is much more open-ended on what we wanna do!
  21. Hi! I'm looking to do a FNAF roleplay. When I started doing this 8 years ago, FNAF was what got me into it. Now, I'm craving it again so I figured I'd make a post on it. Here's what I'm alright with playing: •NEW! I'd love to do a Security Breach RP, I can play Freddy, a human - we can discuss further, of course. • I can play as a male night guard. • I can play as a male mechanic. • I can play as male animatronics. • I'm fine with plots that revolve around games 1-4 and Sister Location. I don't really know much beyond that. • I'm fine with male and female partners for this roleplay (we can discuss specific animatronics and characters in private.) • I'm fine with 18+ roleplays and NSFW. If you're interested, do let me know! I'm also available on Discord as I'm mostly a mobile user. Also, my reference sheet is subject to change per scenario, as I'm fine with most any kink but only if they fit the situation.
  22. I have a roleplay idea that I've been thinking over for quite a bit of time. It's basically driven by sex, with main topics/fetishes being noncon/dubcon, spying, humiliation, masturbation, and, of course, blackmail. If these things interests you, check out the vague outline below. Characters: Muse A - Male or female virgin. Works in a big company. Hardworking, diligent, career-oriented, but also something of a pervert. Muse B - Male. A mysterious, extremely perverted hacker who one day messages Muse A The plot outline: One day Muse A gets a mysterious message. It turns out to be Muse B, who uncovered their pervy secret. He threatens to reveal it to the world and ruin their career unless Muse A starts sending him nudes, giving sexual shows, following his orders, and further down the line even meet up with him. Muse A doesn't feel like they have a choice, so they agree. To help them fulfill his orders, Muse B sends Muse A sex toys, lingerie, and other various perverted items, proving he knows their address. Muse A's life spirals out of control. That's about it. I'm very open to discussing and changing some details of the story. Preferably, I'd be Muse A. Also, I don't care about your irl gender/sex. If you wanna be a female roleplaying as male or male roleplaying as female, go ahead.
  23. Haley

    Ageplay rp ideas

    Hey! This is just a little list I'm making for ageplay rp ideas. If you see any you like, feel free to ecchitext me so we can play, or use these for inspiration in your own rps, up to you. If you do rp with me however, keep in mind that I prefer long term rps with progressing stories n such, and I always love introducing new characters to the rp! 1. Twincest Genders: Any Ages: 10-16 Kinks: incest, teen sex Length: long term Two identical twins recently have been getting curious about their bodies. Since they're so close, one opens up to the other about this curiosity, and they start experimenting with each other and eventually it evolves into full on sex. 2. Good boy! Genders: mxm, mxf, or mxfuta Ages: 5+ Kinks: bestiality Length: short term or long term One day while at home, the owners male dog comes up to them with their dick out throbbing hard. The owner decides to help their dog out by letting him breed them. 3. Bad dog! Genders: mxm, mxf, or mxfuta Ages: 5+ Kinks: bestiality, rape Length: short term Similar concept to good boy, but instead of helping their dog out the owner refuses and ends up being raped by the dog. 4. Mommies boy Genders: fxm, futaxm Ages: F/Futa: 30-40, M: 5-13 Kinks: incest, shotacon, femdom, lactation, consensual sex, extra marital affair Length: Long term He's always been close to his mom, prefering to do everything with her instead of his dad. This makes his father a bit jealous of course, but he doesn't say much about it. Little does he know, recently the two have been getting a bit too close, after the son started getting curious about his mothers body, she let him explore and eventually she starts exploring him too. If the dad were to find out about this the consequences would be dreadful, but they love each other too much not to take the risk
  24. Basically, I'm in the mood to RP girls who constantly show their panties as well as other, teasing "ecchi" actions. I have several options you can choose from. 1. The Alchemist You are an escort of this budding alchemist, tasked with guarding her in her trip to the wilderness. And you quickly notice just how short her dress was... 2. The Mage You are an escort of this mage who had recently graduated from the most prestigious academy in the land. And you notice that she wasn't wearing any skirt under her shirt... 3. The Heiress You have been chosen as the tutor for a young lady belonging to a prestigious noble family. Unfortunately, she just keeps wearing those dresses with fluttering, wide skirts, showing off her undergarments every movement she makes... 4. The Princess You are a knight to a princess. And every day, each time you kneel in front of her, she torments you with the sight of her panties, all thanks to the all too short skirts she keeps wearing. In case it isn't obvious, every single one of this scenario takes place in a fantasy setting. Also, MxF only. And no older men.
  25. Cindy had it made. Her parents were gone for the weekend, leaving her alone in the house. She almost didn't get it to happen though....her mother, always the over protective one in the family kept saying at 14, their darling daughter was to young to be left by herself. Thankfully for Cindy her father came to her rescue. "Oh C'mon hun," he said..."She's always been a good girl...cut loose the umbilical cord for a change...." The young teen blonde waved as the car backed out onto the street and drove off. She ran upstairs to her bedroom, opened up her laptop and started chatting with friends on line. After a while she got hungry and picked up the phone to call for pizza delivery. She knew it would only take about 15 or 20 minutes for delivery so she stayed in the living room to wait.... she still had on her school uniform, too lazy to take it off. Cindy was a well developed girl for her age, already wearing a size 34 bra. Her female friends sometimes bugged her about it, the guys always staring as she walked by. Finally the door bell rang.
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