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  1. A Divided Kingdom: After the war with the demons in -2221, which left the kingdom of Kaos in ruins, only twenty years later nobles meet to negotiate the reunification of the kingdom in the capital, the problem is that not even the worst catastrophes can overcome the ego of the human being. Everyone wants to rule a piece of land rather than return to an absolute monarchy. The heiress to the throne has a problem, in case several of them declare themselves in rebellion, she will go to war. But she has almost no allies or generals, that is why before the meeting she went in search of a man who does not seem to be from this world, someone who considers himself from another reality, a wise man told her that this man would be a great help to her cause. Here the magic and tricks is nothing new, just called attention to that man his clothes and the great ability to win every game that is proposed, betting everything on their knowledge, many people pointed him as fraud. YC: Quickly background as a suggestion, her parents have died in the war with the demons, heiress next in line of succession must rebuild her kingdom, motivated by a strong instinct and unstoppable willpower, prepared, strong and skilled magical swordswoman, intelligent but lacking allies, she must prove that her law prevails before others however she does not escape diplomacy, her destiny is to unify and rule Kaos. MC: Jason Nolt, a man from another world, more precisely from a land called England, yes, a world where cars and internet exist, but explaining it to another person here is an impossible task. Coincidentally he is the most surprised, people are able to throw fire through their fingers, magic is real here and different creatures, a very strange and dangerous world. He was in his library arranging books until a man asked about one in particular, the book not being in the database so he had to look for it everywhere in the place, when he found it he saw that it was old, with wrinkled and yellowed pages, he blew the dust that covered it and when he opened it everything became dark and a voice could be heard in the distance. The noise of the river carrying rocks.... Some chimes.... Silence. In the course of time he earned the nickname of gambler, everything around him smells of mystery, his arrival and his future. More Info: It is a MxF rp with +18 characters. Details can be edited, the core idea is that. It can be short or long, no preferences on grammar and length. I'll keep updating if there are things I want to add or edit. If you're wondering about the lustful scenes, it's progressive, adapted to my rp partner's character with sexual tension. Thx for read!
  2. LostMemories

    Breaking the villainess.

    I have one very simple idea in mind today that will need some work but I’m excited to see what we might be able to come up with. A villainess thinks she has the upper hand. Powerful, near victory, having defeated all of the hero’s allies, and even having said hero on the ropes. There is no way she could lose. That is, until the hero decides to take a turn for the darker. He does something desperate he would have sworn against before. And it works. Whether this be poison, some sort of drugging. Or maybe just dark magic. The evil queen is defeated. And now at the mercy of the more ruthless hero. Her punishment begins. Your punishment begins. What will that punishment entail? I don’t know for certain, but something erotic at the very least! Go ahead and message with ideas on what you would like to play out as the victim here. I’m always open to ideas.
  3. Hi! New here and I was wondering if any female roleplayed would be up for an incest erp with multiple characters from either or both sides (as in either a harem, orgy, gangbang or just different scenes mixing and matching 1 on 1, threesomes or the like). Id like to include as many family roles as possible but if I have to choose a single option that'd either be siblings or parent X child (that is 1 sister and many brothers, 1 brother and many sisters, father and daughters or mother and sons or a mix of them). Also, I'd like including ageplay (that's almost a almost a must but we can discuss it). With the basic (simple) idea out of the way I'll place a few quick prompts to add to it (basically just settings or kinks that'd change them a little) —A simple family: Just your normal suburban family discovering (maybe due to the confinement during the pandemic) that they're a bit less normal and a bit more horny than your average person. Mostly a slice of life or comedy like setting, maybe a bit less realistic; in the other hand it can be darker if you'd prefer (adding certain other kinks like Noncon and elements like addictions, violence and threats) Optional kinks: Noncon, drugs, alcohol, public sex, humiliation. —Followers of a cult: A normal family from the outside, they've been members of a dark cult since the beginning of their clan, cult that has them making some terrible rituals (in search of believed or real power). Those rituals generally include incestuous sex and other darker deeds. Optional kinks: Noncon, dubcon, kidnapping, monsters, beasts, supernatural, darker kinks (ask if interested on these). —Fantasy horphanage: Maybe not your usual family, but family none the less, this is a small orphanage for all races and cultures where the young learn not only a profession but alsoa few things more... (In every fantasy setting I like adding the "cum or sex as mana" idea for magic) This can be a boarding school or an adventurer's guild that trains and keeps their novices under the same roof (or some other guild like or guild like place, videogame style, such as a thieves guild, a temple, a Wizards school, merchants guild, etc) —The collections it: Following along the previous idea but a tad bit darker, a powerful man (noble, wizard, warlord, etc) has been collecting (be it by paying for, attacking settlements, kidnapping, magic means, etc) different specimens from rare species in the look to satisfy his dark fantasies, breeding with the poor kidnapped creatures to continue his little dark harem. Optional kinks: This can be twisted and turned into a monster raping arena for kidnapped, imprisoned or otherwise innocent girls, Noncon and monsters. —The family engineer: Be it by science or magic, this person has discovered a way to create or modify life (by either using his DNA/essence and artificial/living breeding wombs or using their real offspring or relatives for it) in such amazing ways that could save millions of lives, however, they decided that this was too good for the world and that the best use he could give this is to have his fun with the creations/patients. They're not very well on their head. Optional kinks: Noncon, monsters/modified people, darker kinks, drugs. —We need to repopulate...: a) Set on a post-apocalyptic world, this family has been one of the few survivors, successfully managing a safe zone and some resources such as food, clean water and maybe some other commodities. Having no proof of more settlements (or better, knowing that there are some smaller ones that'd soon want their stuff) they decide that the best they can do is to grow their numbers... b) A band of marauders, survivors to the apocalypse by being the toughest and meanest, finally decide to settle down and once they find and take over small group (with quote some people of the opposite sex to toy with) or fund a good protected base (like a prison that's still intact or such). Now they need people who'd know what to do with the resources they can't plunder, as well as some toys for their entertainment. Optional kinks: Noncon, monsters (depending on the post apocalyptic world), violence/darker kinks (almost limitless on this area). —Secluded family: Far from civilization and kept under the iron rule of a tyranical relative (and their underlings/or a group of relatives). Basically treated like cattle for their amusement and breeding, as well as hard labor and maybe even human trafficking. Optional kinks: Darker kinks, beasts. Finally a smaller prompt, simply interested on an ethnic or interrracial family (specially, but unrelated to the situation on the middle East, just an old kink of mine, I'd like some Muslim girls for this last two options) I prefer roleplaying on discord, if interested please send me a PM and I'll give you my tag, or we just roleplay here if not. P.S. these are just some ideas, I'm open for discussion or hearing new ones.
  4. This is my first post this is copy and paste from something I wrote a while ago it is kinda long so hopefully it makes sense We live alone no parents we are twins when we were younger like from babies to the age of 10 we shared not only a room but a bed. A lot of times it would be really hot that we would sleep naked ( nothing ever happened and sometimes the sheet was between our bodies where it mattered) or in our underwear but our parents never knew. When you got your own room you would still sometimes come to my room because sleeping with me made you feel safe and you were able sleep better. You always made it back to you bedroom before our parents caught us in the morning. Since our parents died you were sleeping in my room a lot more we would be cuddling and comforting each other because we missed our parents. Each night was very, very hot in my room that we were sleeping naked some nights without the sheet covering or even between us. If interested EcchiText me and we can discuss details
  5. 1. Wealthy Man Pays You Small Fortune to Seduce Your Brother Your character is an ordinary teen girl (maybe 13-16), nothing particularly special about you, but one way or another a very wealthy man has chosen you for a personal project. He has offered you a lot of money to seduce your older brother. The idea being to do it without saying it, but to give him hints, both obvious and subtle that want him to screw you. To keep doing it until he does so and to keep encouraging him to continue. After you have him doing it with some regularity, you will take to a prearranged location where it will be secretly recorded, both as proof and something for the man to keep for his entertainment. He was willing to pay several thousand dollars as a down payment as soon as you agreed, with a promise to pay much more once he had proof it was successful. He gave you the freedom to do the seduction however you wished, as long as you did not come out and plainly say what you were trying to do or why. The rest of the money would not be given, if the brother knew about it before it was given. Also with the end result, that the brother was expected to initiate the sex. That is the basic idea, incest through bribery, neither one of them wanting it at the start but with the brother craving it by the end and the girl either remaining in it for the money and possibly getting more into as it goes on. She has almost complete freedom in how to do it. I would play as the brother, a year or two older than his sister. 2. Fucking Your Genderbent Brother Turned Sister In this one I would be playing the girl. For reasons that may or may not be relevant or covered in story, one of a pair of brothers finds himself turned into a girl. It naturally turned life in the house around. Their mother had to help her adjust to becoming a girl, and they were still in the process of updating all her records and convincing skeptical officials that one of their children truly changed from son to daughter. The parents were caught up with this part of the process. Their other child had different things to adjust to. It was hard for him to see her as his former brother, instead he just saw her as a girl. An attractive one as well. While there was a degree of similar appearance, the new body was different enough that nothing about her appearance diminished his lust. He tried to ignore it but eventually, but sooner or later, he decides he has to have her, and it did not matter that she was his 'new' sister. This one is likely to more dubcon/bordering noncon early on. While he might try a gentler approach at first, her rejection of such would lead him to desperation. After the line is crossed, she might or might not gradually warm up to the idea.
  6. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    A Few Ideas (Two MxF, one F/FutaxF)

    Taking a shot at posting a few random unrelated ideas here. The first two are MxF, me playing the boy, the other is F(tempFuta)xF 1. Dive Into Your Mind This may be rather obscure at this point (and even somewhat obscure when the inspiration was new) but this idea is loosely inspired by the by the 'Ar Tonelico' video game series. Not in the same setting, but using a variation of one of its plot details. In this case, part of dating between boys and girls has each of them getting into machines and the boy essentially making a trip into the girl's mind. As of this point the technology only works this way, it has to be MxF, and the girl has to receive. The creators of the technology at this point do not know if it is scientifically possible to make variations, or if there is a biological link, mirroring the male/female reproductive roles, that prevents other variations from being possible. Basically, over a number of sessions, depending on how much the girl trusts the boy, he sees deeper and deeper into her mind. He learns her biggest/darkest secrets, witnesses important memories, and her dreams/desires/goals (someone which maybe subconscious to the point she is unaware of them). All guided by aspects of her mind that take her shape, but are not her, or more accurately, a piece of her. The girl herself has no real awareness of what the boy sees, she is in a deep sleep through the process. It can potentially have an impact on her though. Some of it can be unconscious therapy/addressing old wounds, waking up feeling like a weight has been lifted off her, and it can make the girl lust for/love the boy more, without fully understanding why. The boy is encouraged not to tell the girl too much about what he saw or learned, though he may end up giving hints of it in things he says/does over time. The idea is to explore the relationship both inside and outside the mind. The sex scenes could occur in both places, with the girl herself, the aspects of her mind, and possibly others in her mind/memories if it makes sense. As the boy pushes deeper into her mind, her arousal and later love for him will grow more intense (by the time he is allowed in the mid level, she is practically begging for sex, at the deepest levels, she years marriage or something of similar seriousness). It isn't so much manipulation. Being allowed into the mid/deeper levels does change her mind/desires somewhat, but the boy can't enter these levels unless she trusts him enough for him to pass the barrier, so at least on some level she wants the change. Optionally, it could be a M/F/F relationship. Two girls brought to the deeper levels by the same boy would be more likely to see each other as partners than competition. Though it is likely something relatively few boys succeed at (or even try). 2. At Our School Everyone is Assigned an Opposite Sex 'Partner' Each Year Imagine a school with an unusual quirk as part of its efforts to educate its student for later life. As part of the yearly registration process, each student is given a picture and a little basic information (name, age, possibly contact information, anything else that might be important on an individual bases) of an opposite sex student. Sometimes older, sometimes younger, sometimes same grade. In all likelihood there is no real attempt to match compatibility, not caring much other than that they are opposite sex partners. Except for rare occasions they have the same homeroom, they are not together a lot of time, though there are classes that are made up only of pairs of partners. At things like school dances and other school wide activities, you expected to bring your partner as a date. Certain classes, like home ec and even sex ed, involve the partners together, learning to at least act like a couple. Officially students are not allowed to date anyone other than their partner, but the school of course has rather limited ways to enforce it. Sex is basically an unspoken assumption, but generally not encouraged, with the possible exception of actually having sex as part of sex ed. That's the basic idea, I want to play as a high school boy, who in this case has just randomly been paired up with your character, a girl at the same school. They may or may not already know other, as classmates, or even friends/neighbors/friend of the other's sibling. There are several varieties we could go with here. 1. A 'lucky pairing', reasonably compatible and without complications. 2. The boy is a quiet kid that has no idea interact with girls, or possibly people in general, the girl needs to encourage him to much of anything. 3. The girl is a lesbian, the school does not care, and pairs everyone up with the opposite gender. I'm open to consider other possibilities as well. Looking for a longer story, exploring their lives and having to deal with each other as basically an 'arranged couple', boyfriend/girlfriend in all but name, and not by their choice, at least in the beginning. 3. A Different Sort of Spin the Bottle (Temp Futa) A group of teen girls have gathered for a sleepover, a mix of friends/friends of friends/classmates/maybe a sister of the girl putting it together. Most of it is fairly conventional, but there a big event planned for the middle of the night. A few years back a special drug was produced, ‘Futarna’, it is a drug that makes a female who takes it into a futanari for several hours. It was originally developed as a way for lesbian couples to have biological children together. But of course some use it just for a twist on sex. It generally requires a prescription, but one of the girls carefully stole a few pills from her mother and brought them for a party game. A variation of Spin the Bottle. The first time it is spun, the girl it lands on takes one of the pills, after the change, it is spun again and the first girl fucks the second girl it lands on, while the others watch. Depending on how it goes, the first girl may fuck several girls and/or a second girl might take the pill and also fuck some girls. The idea is to play out this game and the party around it. I want to play as the girl (or at least first girl) to take the pill and go Futa, while you play one or more of the other girls, other girls being side characters. Ideally we keep playing after the party, see how things change between the girls and if the relationships between two or more of them change.
  7. FieryDreams

    A Evening Alone Together

    A heavy smut based roleplay where Friends, Couple, Engaged Couple, or Married Couple have sex. Virginity status doesn't matter, but the idea is that they are knowledgeable in sex. The idea is to have the couple close in age anywhere between 16-30. They desire each other for lust or for love and they have all the time in the world to do anything and everything they desire. Please help me create a romantic evening where two lovers can enjoy each other sensually.
  8. Throughout high school and his early years Derek was the "nobody". He attempted to make a name for himself time and time again, but always faced the same results pushed by the dominating cliques. Derek wasn't unsociable, but any interaction with a popular person was dismissive. Time passed and Derek moved on to college, somehow facing similar results. This was more of his own fault, however. He spent more time on his studies and tinkering with personal projects than going to parties. However it had it's perks. He graduated well, starting his own career and went on to develope a small but very valuable technology firm. The specifics don't matter much on product, but Derek lived very well. He was alone though. Never getting thr companionship anyone desired. (Derek's backstory is nothing special and can be edited to suit needs. it's more lifelike than plot building...) Now this is where we begin our smut. Derek can have different scenarios occur. The use of sci-fi or supernatural effect to gain mind control OR he begins to amass a following of females or fans. This can also be broken into different genres/themes. Bdsm, light slavery, scifi/fantasy all depends on your desires.
  9. Ao one rp idea I want to try is an rp about a boy being transfered to an all girl school and being stuck there. As such there will only be 1 male character allowed and I was hoping to have one or two more female characters beaides myself. I kinda want to see if we can keep this going as a long term rp if possible. If anyone is interested let me know.
  10. Wraith


    From the album: Characters

    Name: Shiho Mikazuki Age: 15 Appearance: -Good Girl: As Pictured, though fuku sleeves are longer. Can also do more western style uniform. - Bad Girl: A deep tan, sprayed on with white and pink striped hair with a side tail. Wears pretty heavy make-up and has ears and belly button rings. Uniform top is tied to show her stomach and showing plenty of cleavage. Skirt uber short. Personality: -Good Girl: Studious, Hard worker, Kind, Charismatic, A bit mischievous at times, Romantic, closet pervert, Loves Anime and Manga, Suffers a bad case of imposter syndrome -Bad Girl: Hedonist, Air headed, Has an attitude problem, Not much of a believer in romance, Into Manga and Anime, Has cheery, party girl exterior hiding alot of pain. Kinks: Getting groped, Sex in school grounds, Sex in uniform/gym bloomers/Swimsuit, gentle, rough, from behind, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, vaginal, oral, anal, passionate, Big dicks, Ahego, Gangbang, Drugs, Blackmail, etc. History: Born to a rough home life where she was ignored in favor of the parents fighting each other, It didn't take Shiho long to start wandering the streets of the rough neighborhood in Tokyo she called home and pick up several bad habits and fall into the wrong crowd as Gyaru. She spent much of her life like that and was fairly low in grades in middle school. The only reason she was able to get into high school was pretty much a fluke of actually scoring semi-decent on entrance exam and some PR dreams of showing a reformed member of society. Not she exactly cooperated for quite some time. It was only when the man that would become her future lover was sent after her, and only after several encounters, did she begin to thaw and attend. It wasn't long before the guy's influence got her to reform. Even go on honor roll/ Student Council President. All that time, A romance between them bloomed and flourished, though secretly she struggles with how out of place she feels in her new role. RP:A High School Craving...
  11. The Houses have long watched over The Village. For a time, there were no Lords, but the houses remained. Empty, and useless. But then, Mother Miranda, bless her name, brought the Lord's back to their place. Lady Dimitrescu, in all her beauty, Elegance and wit. Lord Moreau, a doctor of surprising skill that belies his putrid frame. Lady Beneviento, maker of fine tapestries and clothing. Lord Heisenberg, crafter of tools, granter of electricity, and protector of the fields. For three generations now the Lord's lived in solitude... But now? Now... Someone enters their hearts and homes... is it you? Perhaps. Take a look. Welcome! I'm Braxten. Sorry if that opening seemed a little hokey. Just trying to set the mood. So, recently I became Quite obsessed with Resident Evil Village! I beat the game at least 8 times, got a bunch of the challenges accomplished, and came up with SOOOOO many different headcanons. I couldn't get enough of it, so I figured I would attempt to see if there was anyone looking to play in this universe. First off, some Rules. Be respectful. I am understanding of people's do's and donts, so please respect mine. Please, please, feel free to talk out of character. I want to make friends as well as good partners. (Caveat, im a natural flirt, so if you don't want that, please let me know) Don't Ghost me. I've been ghosted multiple times, and it's.... It's a very very bad feeling. Thats honestly it for hard rules. I just want to have fun, and have people have fun. So if we have to talk about other things, then sure. Let's talk. Ah... Now onto the good shit. What pairings I want to do. First up... Lady Dimitrescu. ________________ Lady Dimitrescu I'll be honest. I'm REALLY fucking picky about this one. I got spoiled for quality really quick with Alcina. The only pairings I am interested in with her is in order of interest descending. Alcina/Outsider boy (15-16 years old) Alcina/ Villager boy (15-16 years old) Alcina/Ethan Winters (this is VERY low on the interests. If you want to do this, you'll have to pitch an AMAZING idea) Roleplays with Alcina need to be both emotional and plotful, and insanely kinky. Side note, I have no issue with Alcina being in control at first (VERY GENTLY in control) but slowly, I want her to desire being controlled by this young man. Kinks I NEED for Alcina Extremely Thick. Huge tits, and ass. And a very older milf kind of build. Soft. Decadent. Gentle bloodsucking. (No necks currently. I have trauma with that, but can be worked on if you become someone I trust) Submissive eventually Kinks I WANT for Alcina (buckle up folks, shits about to get kinky and real fucking weird) Breeding/pregnancy. So sue me. I want to knock her up again and again. Large pregnancies. (Minimum of five. Maximum....heh. we can talk about that.) Slapping the belly while pregnant. (I'm fucked up, but I have no intention of writing any harm coming to the babies) Nipple fucking/pregnancy. (Honestly kind of self explanatory?) Her being able to feel my guys sperm wriggling on her tongue/in her womb impregnating her eggs. (Idk man. I like it) Hairpulling and spanking (once again, self explanatory) Degradation/slutty outfits. (Take the poised, graceful elegant lady and turn her into a hoe) Incest kink/Mommy kink (have her adopt my character, and look at him as her son. Worship Kink (ooookay, so recently got into the concept of my characters being worshipped as a god by my partners character.) Kinks I WILL NOT DO Bathroom play (not my thing) Pegging (not my thing) My character being submissive fully (can't do it) Being cheated on/betrayal (no. Just no.) Unconsensual Biting. (This shit will have me getting really pissed, and likely blocking you. Its a very bad reminder. ) Honestly, if you're curious about shit, just ask, and I'll be happy to explain, or answer you on if I'm interested in stuff. Ah!! And now we get to Karl Heisenberg Karl Heisenberg Karl, I'm less picky about? But he IS my second pick in terms of which Lords I want in my roleplay. Unless you want to Double them, which I'd be able to do. Karl/villager girl (whatever age within Site restrictions) Karl/Outsider girl (whatever age within Site Restrictions) So, kinks I NEED for Karl. Dominant Karl (mostly due to my own preferences) Biting (me biting your characters neck) Kinks I WANT for Karl. Breeding/Pregnancy (Once again. So sue me. I like it. Large pregnancies (five minimum-10 maximum) Canine cock (he's basically a werewolf in my eyes so... Yeah. ) Daddy kink/Incest Kink (mm. Pretty self Explanatory here, I want her to see him as her actual father.) Worship Kink(have your girl worship Karl as a God Kinks I WILL NOT DO Bathroom play (not my thing) Pegging(not my thing) Betrayal/being cheated on(no. Just no. Unconsensual Biting (this shit will get me pissed, and likely lead to me blocking you.) Karl being submissive (can't do it) So yes, that ends my list of things I wish to do with Resident evil Village "What about Donna and Salvatore?" I hear you ask. Those two are far more Niche? And if you wish to add them into an ongoing roleplay, I'd be more than happy to, after I've got to know you better, and know I won't be putting lots of effort in for nothing. For now, Alcina is my main desire, and Karl is a bit behind her. Have a wonderful day, and I hope to hear from you soon!~ Braxten
  12. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    The Troublesome Shapeshifter

    There is a strange individual around town. No one really knows the truth of anything about this person. True name, age, gender, past. All of it is a mystery, none of which the individual is inclined to reveal. It may not even be human, but for the most part no one really can say anything about it for sure. This individual is a shapeshifter. That is about the only thing anyone can say for sure. People have seen the person shift their form. Sometimes male, sometimes female, their favorite hobby is to play with the desires and taboos of those around them. Sometimes s/he fulfills personal fantasies, sometimes s/he intentionally picks a form to make the other person uncomfortable. Most likely s/he has a website/email address where people can make requests and sometimes s/he goes looking for people to have fun with, at least sometimes the person may not even realize it is the shapeshifter, sometimes they know, and sometimes they suspect but can't/won't confirm. The shapeshifter is known to occasionally attend classes at local schools as well, but it is unknown if that is a confirmation of true age, or if the shapeshifter has influence with people in power to allow it (s/he does have such influence, but it may or may not be necessary for this particular arrangement). This can a lot of ways, along with one or more characters, the shapeshifter could take forms of: Random male with female partner Random female with male partner Random female with female partner Random futa with female partner Form of the other character's friend/crush/lover/relative/lover of someone they know. Form of a fictional character Form of a teen for older character Form of older character for a teen Same aged form Non-human form Possibly other things too. The other character could be a stranger, a classmate, maybe even a casual friend (in that they do stuff together, but the friend still doesn't really know much about the shapeshifter). More likely than not the truth of the shapeshifter will remain hidden. Don't have much of a story planned at this point, it will largely depend on the other character(s). It potentially could include things like cheating/affairs or 'fake incest' (in the sense of taking the form of someone else's relative), possibly sometimes doing it openly, sometimes pretending to be the one s/he is impersonating. Possibly with the idea of tempting the other character to do something they might not otherwise.
  13. This is pretty flexible about who is involved, it is more about a story idea. The idea of a world where incest is still usually taboo, but because of unusual cultural/religious beliefs, people are not only allowed but expected to perform incest on several specific days a year. Generally expected to be with opposite sex family, but same sex would allowed in a family with no alternatives. It is something everyone has to do, but then be expected to go back to normal after it is over, until the next time one of these holidays happens, probably with considerable mutual confusion/reluctance especially if it results in a child (which happens sometimes, it is not the actual goal, but people are expected to avoid any sort of birth control at these times). Thought it would be fun to explore the mindset of people involved, before during and after. Possibly looking at their experience over several such holidays. Each such holiday is probably a several day experience, possibly with a few days before to prepare and a few days after to get back to normal. Each family probably has some discretion on what age each member starts doing this, with the assumption it will start sometime in their teens though. I could play either the boy or the girl, in a Brother/Sister, Father/Daughter, or Mother/Son pair.
  14. I decided to create a thread with series I'm interested in roleplaying canon or OC characters from. Most of these are male or NB characters (MC) x a female character(s) (YC). Feel free to reach out if you're interested in any of these. Turn On's / Turn Off's Turn Ons: Panties Panties as a gag Pantyjobs Hotdogging with panties on Cumming in or on panties Stockings or Tights/Pantyhose Footjob with them on Thighjobs / Intercrural sex Cosplay Dirty talk Giving and receiving oral sex Giving anal sex Giving vaginal sex Doggy style Facials Boobjobs Excessive cum Spanking Femdom Pegging Bondage Blackmail Nice butts Nerdy girls Innocent girls with kinky sides Alt girls Taboo relationships Photographing/Videography Toy play Tail buttplugs Remote control vibrators Turn Offs: Scat Urine Basically anything that 'belongs in the toilet' Image Cravings! Little Anal Slut Upskirt butt plug *nsfw* Looking for a book *nsfw* Putting in a butt plug *nsfw* Obsessed with having her ass filled *nsfw* Domme Mina Mina Buttjob *nsfw* Darcy That's a big load, dude! *nsfw* Drip it in... *nsfw* Na-Na Kim Infatuated with cock *nsfw* She likes it *nsfw* Angelia Soft thick ass *nsfw* Filled up *nsfw* Fandom plot ideas! Persona 4 The King's Game Revisited (Yu x Rise, Yu x Chie, Yu x Yukiko, Yu x Yukiko x Chie) - The scene on Tatsumi Port Island, where Rise's club friends 'accidentally' give them alcoholic drinks. I'd love to work out a scene, either MxF or MxFxF between Yu, Rise, and/or Chie. There are drinks, dares, and fun for this. Maybe Yukiko asked Chie to record Yu fucking her over the table, and Chie needs some fun too! Love Me Too, Senpai! (Yu x Yukiko x Chie) - Yu built up the courage to ask out Yukiko. They decide to date, catching some of their friends off-guard, but everyone is happy for them. That is, until Chie tells Yukiko she liked Yu too. What happens when Yu comes home and finds both of them on his futon... with Yukiko coaxing Chie into fucking the two of them? Based on this fun image *nsfw* Danganronpa Chihiro's Worst Enemy (Chihiro x Toko/Genocider Jack) - Chihiro Fujisaki. A cute boy who was picked on for being too girly as he grew up, was chosen to attend Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Programmer. Touko Fukawa. The Ultimate Writing Prodigy, chosen to go to Hope's Peak because of her writing skills, harbors an inner alternate personality - the notorious serial killer Genocider Jack! Genocider's preferred targets? Cute boys. When Chihiro started school, he decided to try to live as a girl, taking on a persona of being a girl, and even dressing as one. What would happen if Genocider Jack finds out about this trap? Scooby-Doo! After the Mystery is Solved... (Velma x Tentacle Monster/Other Creatures) - This would take place after the Scooby-Doo Monsters Incorporated series. Velma is single, and honestly, there haven't been any more big mysteries in Crystal Cove. People stop visiting the town as often, and with the museum being less of a money maker for her family, Velma needs a job after she and the rest of the gang graduate high school. She manages to get admitted to a prestigious school and have the opportunity to get away from Crystal Cove, but it's still a few months until university starts. In order to make some cash before she starts college, she decides to start taking up streaming. Lewd streaming, maybe even OnlyFans or something similar. One night on stream, someone mentions a book that has an inscription that will summon [I]real[/I] monsters. She blows it off, but after looking through the museum's archives, she manages to find a copy. She starts a stream as she's reading through it, and with the promise of trying one of the summons out, she performs the steps... And a multi limbed tentacled creature appears. I hope Velma likes being used on stream! Other plot ideas! The Panty Loving Tentacle Monster! - Tentacle Monster (MC) x Schoolgirl (YC) - YC is on her way home from school when she ends up being stopped by someone advertising a new shop near her home. It's a toy shop. She gets asked to come in, and just to finish up the situation she decides to go in... And is taken aback. The shop is full of various shaped slug looking creatures. Some small, some large, most gooey. She's confused at first, but one of the workers talks her into playing with one of them. Petting it, holding it. It seems fine, and she decides to take it home. The worker mentions a 'try period', and she's not sure what that means. She makes it home with the small creature in a cage, and when she gets home she isn't quite sure what to do with it. She goes to cook dinner, and when she comes back she finds it rummaging through her panty drawer, having apparently grown an extra arm somehow. There's a sticky fluid on the panties it had in its grip, and as she's looking it over, the creature climbs up her skirt... leading to quite another sticky, fun situation! ( I took inspiration from the Tentacle Shop doujin series Anata no Machi no Shokushuyasan | Your neighborhood tentacle shop *nsfw*) Did You Hear About Mikami-san..? - I took this idea from a doujin I read. Shiro Mikami is a senior at a high school in Tokyo. He's a pretty straight forward anti-social otaku. He collects figures, hentai, doujins... He'd known as a pretty creepy dude. That being said, his family is hilariously rich - his dad works in America, and his mom is in America with him. Shiro has an entire apartment to himself, as well as more money than he knows what to do with. What happens when he hears his class crush talking about wanting an expensive new cell phone? "You know, if you help me out I can give you the cash for it." I'd love this to play out where he pays her for increasingly kinky things, throwing tens of thousands of yen on her (10,000¥ is about $100) for just about anything she wants. He even has her bring her friends when they want anything they desire. We could go as kinky as we want here, but I've been craving it for MONTHS. Something based on these doujins: One Week Friends *nsfw* Rabbit & Dragon *nsfw* Inspirational Images Rem and Ram, cum in their panties! *nsfw* Cute nurse *nsfw* Cute schoolgirl *nsfw* Ren x Futaba from Persona 5! *nsfw* Marshmallow Game with *Stuffing* *nsfw*
  15. Payne1074

    Creepy Photographer

    It was early after and you and your friends have been walking around the mall all day. While you were busy shopping you noticed an older man following you around, his phone out, pointed right at you. You confront the man and end up stealing his phone, finding it full of pictures of you and your friends, with zoom in on your asses. It’s time to teach him a lesson in creeping on girls This Rp can go any number of ways and I am down for almost all of them. Feel free to message what you would like to do to this pervert and let’s make it happen. Anything at all about this Rp is open to change, the only limiter is your imagination. I can’t wait to hear from you!
  16. I've got four potential boys here, all of which I'd be open to having in an incestuous relationship, be it with their sister (older or younger) or with their mother. In the case of the younger brothers, I'd like it to be a situation where the first time is almost forced upon him, but he likes it so much that he gladly does it again in the future, maybe too eagerly. For the older brothers, I was thinking the exact opposite, where he is the one corrupting a younger sis/his mother. Of course, just spitballing ideas here, if anyone likes any of them, send a message my way.
  17. SoulReaper

    The village raid

    It was the beginning of fall, the weather was not too hot but not chilling either, leaves were beginning to turn all sorts of shades from red to yellow, some already falling from the trees and being swept into neat piles to keep the paths clear for any of the kings knights should they happen through the small village. Amara was a young woman, though she looked a lot younger than she was, she would often be mistaken for a child. It irritated her how small and frail she was, surely no man would want such a pitiful creature she thought as she stared out her window, it was dusk and everything was quiet and peaceful, a little too quiet for this time of day. She got up and walked over to her bed, perhaps she would get a peaceful nights rest for once. She laid down and closed her eyes, drifting off into a light sleep. She woke to the sounds of screaming and panic, the village's warning bell ringing in her ears, the sound was almost deafening. She scrambled out of bed and to her window, houses were on fire and people were being trampled on the ground by the massive wave of villagers trying to find safety, if she went out there surely she'd be trampled like the others, her short stature making her nearly invisible to their panicked gaze. She could do nothing but wait at this point, till the crowd was gone and she could safely run towards freedom. She took this time to pack some of her belongings, only freezing when she heard the sounds of horses and shouts coming from outside, she grabbed her bag and ran back to the window, the crowd was being... herded? Anyone who tried to break away was shot with an arrow or sliced down by a sword, Amara ducked down under her window as one of the men scanned the area, she had no idea if they'd spotted her or not, nor what they'd do if they found her, she sucked in a quick breath and ran down to her mother's room, finding the room was empty, she sighed in relief remembering her parents were away on a merchant's errand. If she could just...her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone kicking in the door downstairs, she cursed silently and tried to find a place to hide. I'll playing the male soldier
  18. DegreesOfLewdity

    Series Of Events

    Hey there! The prompt is a two part scenario — both male and female friendly! If you are familiar with the game “Degrees Of Lewdity” it’s along those lines. Orphan girl making her way the best she can in a shitty world. This ERP would involve multiple con, dubcon, and non con scenes with any character we can think of: teacher, orphanage owner, random guy at a bar, stalker, etc.. Mythical creatures/non human creatures are also on the table. We can discuss more via ecchi-text which role you would like to play — orphan girl or the various characters that defile her. If you choose the 2nd option, any scenes that have multiple characters I can do as well. I’m not limited to just 1 character!
  19. caramelbear

    So Naive (MxF/Futa)

    For a long time ive been wanting to play a young boy in an rp. I've always liked the idea of MC being groomed by a teacher or parent or just kidnapped. sorry if this seems a bit sparce im better when im talking to a person.
  20. Mr. Hentai

    Wanting A Sexy Gyaru Partner

    I've always been a fan of gyarus in my hentai. Their style, their often playful attitude, it often gets me excited. I don't have any particular plots in mind, but I can list a few brief ideas that we can maybe work off of, or maybe you have your own idea you'd like to suggest. - Gyaru asking nerdy guy to tutor her, in exchange she'll help him indulge in his nerdy desires. - Two childhood friends become sperated when one moves away. Years later, they're finally reunited, with the girl now being a gyaru. - Gyaru, along with her friends, have been picking on a nerdy guy in class. When she sees a porn magazine in his bag and sees that he's into the same kinks she's interested in, she starts to become about him. - Gyaru, having run away from home, and is living on the streets. Being picked up by a guy and offered a place to stay, she's more than grateful for his generosity, and is more than happy to repay his kindness with her body, letting him use her as much as he wants as long as she can stay with him. - Slutty gyaru picks up a random guy for some fun. To her surprise, he ends up being one of the best lovers she's ever had. Now she finds herself wanting to meet with him more and more. Let me know if any of these ideas interest you. I'll also post a few pictures of gyarus as examples of the types of girls I'm looking for. Feel free to use any of them as reference for your character, or bring one of your own if there's one in particular you like. Hope to hear from you soon.
  21. YC can be the brother (and father?) or sister! Doesnt have to be a nice older brother and/or father either. Can be a bit of a bully, using intimidation or manipulation if you’d prefer. Plot idea remains the same: Older brother has returned home from 4 year long trip overseas for college! It’s been awhile since he’s seen his sibling. Growing up they were attached at the hip — he never left her side. They ate together, bathed together, and slept in the same bed together. Shes grown up a lot since he last saw her. He doesn’t like the looks she gets in public or the idea of other boys hanging around though… PM me if interested in discussing further!
  22. I get kidnapped by a yandere (you) and you rape me and I get you pregnant. This is my first rp here and I'm kinda nervous.
  23. Moving is never easy - though, it can be exciting! Moving from Japan to America would be so much fun for you! You were old enough that you could still contact your friends via messages, but still going through highschool. You'd get to meet a bunch of people...! It was your first day, and the class was stirring. The rumors had already spread that a new Japanese exchange student would be coming to school. The excitement seemed to grow as the teacher stood in front of the class, whilst a new student walked up front beside him. "Alright, everyone settle down. Now, you may know we have a new exchange student. This is Y/N, please be respectful, give some space..." You answered a few questions and talked about your home, before you finally took a seat and class continued as usual. It was obvious you were going to be fairly popular here... ---------------- Sam was hooked. He was so intrigued by the new student. And they were sitting in front of him! He didn't want to get them in trouble, so he quickly scribbled down a little note and, when nobody was looking, tossed it onto your desk. He hoped that would be a decent first impression. It read: Welcome to America! I hope you're not too stressed by all the attention. I'm Sam, the blonde kid in the Beatles hoodie sitting behind you. Next period's lunch, and I know it can be annoying to be crowded by people. If you want, I know a spot where you can eat your lunch in peace? Below that was a couple of sketches for you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, you read my post! My preferences are listed above, but are subject to change based on starters. This one may be a little bit vanilla compared to what I'm capable of. I'd like this to be a bit of a slow burn, and I want it to be enjoyable. I'm okay with Male or Female characters for this RP, though I'll be playing male. I hope to find a partner than can really make this fun and interesting! Please let me know if you're interested!
  24. A while back, I came across this video of a guy taking an overnight train ride from Tokyo to Izumo-shi and documenting the overall journey, highlighting some of the train's features such as private rooms, showers, an observation car, etc. Most importantly, we the viewer are given shots of the outside world just passing by as the scenery changes from the Tokyo metropolitan to just snow white scenes of small towns and nature. As sleep-inducing and gorgeous as that video was, it gave me the idea for this private RP which draws heavy inspiration from said video. The story involves a MxF couple who board a train like the one in the video as they make their journey from Tokyo to Izumo-shi. The RP could be broken down into a series of "acts" which are titled after and take place during the train ride from one train station to another. For example, the act titled "Tokyo to Yokohama" takes place during the trip between stations. In (almost) each act, the couple engage in some sexual activity in a variety of locations on the train throughout the duration of their ride. For example, the male character could be fingering and groping the female character as they watch the cityscape pass by during the ride from Tokyo to Yokohama late into the night. Another instance could be the couple trying to have sex in the shower without alerting other passengers of the act. Basically, this RP is an episodic series of acts of sex on the train. In terms of what goes on and how many acts there are, I'll gladly discuss it in private. As for the reason why the couple was on the train, I'll be more than happy to dicuss that before we start the RP. They could be an actual couple on a getaway, newlyweds on a honeymoon, or things could get a bit more taboo and the couple could be a kidnapper and their prisoner on the run. Regardless, there'll be some fucking. It's probably a good idea to watch the video in question down below to both get an idea as to the overall setting of the RP as well as helping yourself to a relaxing and interesting video to watch. Feel free to message me on EcchiTexts if you're interested, and don't forget to look over my preferences if that would help you out.
  25. Dewdrop

    Lets do something!

    Hi there it's just me Dew looking for some rp's to do! I have a few plots below and my preference page linked(please read it to make sure we are a good match first), most of the plots are pretty open to leave room to add more of what we would like. If you don't like any of the ideas I have and want to create one together please feel free to message me! 1. His life has never summed up for much, working a minimum wage job has gotten him by just barely all these years until luck grabs him by his arms and helps him fly. He wins the largest lottery in history and from then on his life is never the same. She knew him just a little from going in to his old job but when she heard this old man had won the lottery she thought it would be easy to swindle him for his money. When he offered to take her on a vacation it was an easy yes, and once abroad it was even easier for her to agree to a quick elopement behind all her friends and families back. . . After all everything was going according to plan. Except she had no clue what she was getting into and the sex depraved man she was marrying. (I would like to play the girl in this and the other role can be changed to match what gender you would like as well.) 2. (This takes place in the world of Fallout, but doesn't have to follow with much of anything from the games. I would like to play the girl and the other character is really open for who/what you would like. Let me know if you want to use a certain game map.) The nukes were going to fall and she was offered the deal of a lifetime, sleep in something like cryo until the world is once more restored and an Eden to live in. What she didn't know was the years she slept the scientist in charge of her began an experiment of their own. After over 200 years, the scientist long gone left only brief experiment notes and instructions on how to wake her, someone/something finally stubbles across her. When awakened a sweet smell filled the room and followed her wherever she went, stirring living things into a horny state. Not only that changed, after each time she has sex her body changed, became more lewd and is completely unable to say no to anyone's advances. The wasteland is already a hard place to survive let alone being her. 3. A demon/monster king's dream is to rule not only their world but the world of the humans as well- A princess as perfect as they come seems to be the best first move. In her dreams the princess is ravished over and over again until she awakens the next day. At first she can't seem to get the dreams out of her head, then signs of the night begin showing even on her waking body making her question what is real and what is not. On the eve of her wedding to a foreign prince the monster king's plans are revealed to the princess. . . And is it too late for her to do anything to stop the king? (I would prefer to play the princess)
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