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  1. FieryDreams

    Helpless Damsel

    I will be primarily playing the part of Maria/Mary in any of these stories! Each could contain multiple characters (I can play up to 5 other girls), mind break, rape, kinapping, expansion (nothing beyond H cup), cum inflation, all the way through, impregnation, quick pregnancy, cum, size difference, sexual torture (no blood & no gore), light vote, gangbang/rape, beastiality, tentacle, insects, monsters, etc., fantasy, modern, sci-fi, and more! (I'm taking this idea from someone else, it was a good idea... :$ ) Some of these stories are hard to continue after a while, instead of just ending it we can work in a bug/idea where my character is able to respawn just as dumb as before and experience something new. The memories are there, but I could care less regardless of how traumatic it is. 1. The Lone Adventurer/Party of Women 2. Spook Inc. 3. Space Pirates/Invasion or Abandoned Space Ship 4. Kidnap Scenario! Or we can build an idea! These are broad because I'm not sure what to put just yet... Let me know your thoughts and PM me!
  2. KinkyKathy


    This is a classic kidnap/abduction plot.....I'm a young girl that is asleep in the privacy of her bedroom....I'm drugged and wake up naked, gagged, arms stretched over my head, wrists secured to hooks in the ceiling and my ankles tightly bound. I'm trapped in a sex slave auction! my eventual buyer can be male or female....bondage and MDSM is a MUST.
  3. I’m looking here at an idea where gender/reproduction/possibly sexuality have been fundamentally different from the beginning. In this setting no one is permanently male or female. Instead, they are male much of the time, but stating in puberty they temporarily shift to female at times. I am thinking each change is around a month or two, maybe twice a year. This happens for everyone, though the timing of it varies individually. Each girl is probably in intense and frequent ovulation throughout the phase (without birth control), and pregnancy would lock them in as girls longer, long enough to give birth/nurse the child and possibly a short term where she could be reimpregnated and be a girl longer term. I’m looking to play a teen going through one of the early girl phases, exploring the society and sex life of someone in such a world. Looking for one or two other people to play one or more characters in such a setting. It could go many, I’m open to explore the details and quirks of such a world.
  4. My idea here is to play the the cripplingly anti-social teen boy. Few if any friends, no luck with women, not hideous, but not especially attractive either. One way or another, his slightly older sister decides he doesn’t deserve to die a virgin and she fixes it by letting him fuck her, possibly advice along the way. She probably assumes it will be a one time thing, she might even already have a boyfriend, but awakened to this, he decides he can’t stop and will make her his. Like the tags show, he might be rather forceful with this, but it doesn’t necessarily have to go that way, he might just incredibly pushy/insistent as well. One way or another she gives in and it becomes much more more frequent, and at some point or another she genuinely craves it, wanting the sex and possibly even falling in love with him as a man, maybe maybe not turned on by the fact he is her brother as well.
  5. GoddamnHero

    Kinky World

    Hello, guys, here is me again with a fucked up idea, searching for partners for it! That's just a scrap but I think it's understandable, you can play as GM or I, or just play multiples scenes from this world, if you want to take some kink out, I'm okay with that. If you want to include some kink, let me know! Just PM me and let's have a great time together! Image references for this rp:
  6. Typical Blue Haired Dude

    Sonic Forces You to Do A Sonic RP

    Screw it, I'm going THAT route now. Ladies and gentleman, I'm currently asking for a female who is willing to do a Sonic rp. Characters I will role play as are the following: Sonic Tails Knuckles Shadow Silver A few other males just as extras story-wise, not for sexual scenes. (The five mentioned earlier can be used for sexual scenes.) Characters who I am looking for: Amy Rouge Blaze Vanilla Tikal Female OC (depends on what you may have for the OC) Please take a look at my preferences before you message me. Wouldn't want to make things awkward by asking for fetishes that are way too out there for me just because it's a Sonic rp Prerequisites: Have at least some knowledge of the Sonic franchise Write at least a paragraph consistently for responses with good grammar Choose at least one female character (you can choose more, and I don't mind you playing as extra roles either for immersion if you're up to it) DM me or reply to this if you're willing to give it a shot! We can discuss some ideas once we have our characters set up.
  7. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    The Court of the Crimson Empress

    This is based on an older RP I had done on Yahoo Groups. In this case I won't be directly copying the story/characters, with the semi-exception of the main character, but reusing the setting and some concepts from it. The world is Vanoria, a world of fantasy and magic. It is also a world bound by cycle. In happy times it is ruled by a woman known as the 'Crimson Empress'. Each time an empress dies however the world is overrun by demons. At this point the Sages, companions of the previous empress focus their power to summon champions from Earth. One of these is a girl who will eventually become the next Crimson Empress and the others, a number of boys/girls (the exact mix varies in each set) become her champions, and many years down the line, the next set of sages. The bunch summoned from Earth gather a number of magical weapons then go to fight the Demon Emperor and overthrow him for another generation. In the end the Empress becomes something more than human, semi-angelic in a sense. In the original version, that part of the story was played out, in this case, I want to skip ahead, to just after the fighting and the girl becomes the new Crimson Empress. I will be playing the Empress and maybe some other characters. This is a teen girl, now suddenly revered as a heroine and divine ruler over an entire world. She takes no husband, no man could be considered her equal under the circumstances. Her children will not inherit the throne. Though it is assumed she has lovers, both official (her 'Consorts') and unofficial and have one or more children with them, who will live well for her reign. The word of the Empress is law, there is no soldier or government official who can overrule her, at best advise her. That said there would certainly be great competition to gain the trust of the Empress, her ear, and invitation to her bed. No one would dare conspire against her, would not dare consider it, but the court would be full of struggles to her closest advisor and often lover. There might be a degree of mutual manipulation in an attempt to influence her rule, or for her to influence her most significant subjects. Some possibilities for characters (I am fine mixing MxF and FxF, but MxF is more important and don't want only FxF). Her Companion(s) (male and/or female). These would be among her most trusted, and a Vanorian native would usually have hard time rivaling them. Very likely she already lost her virginity to one of them, and possibly was involved with more than one. Vanorian native who joined group earlier. In the original story an example of this was a Vanorian girl, a scholar in training, who joined to help the others learn about Vanoria and deal with things like reading Vanorian writing. She also had a little bit of natural magic. One the 'Three Generals' (male or female). The three generals lead Vanoria's armies during the demon invasions and help hold off the demons while the Empress and her Companions are on their quest. After the fighting is over, they are mostly responsible for keeping the army in fighting shape for the next time. Lanarin (female only): This was another race I had come up with for the story. An Amazonian society, as the males are closer to animals, incapable of speech or complex thought and not caring about the females except when they want to mate. The females are tall, strong, muscular but feminine build, darker skinned. They have had long term tensions with Vanorians, they are the only people who don't acknowledge the authority of the Crimson Empress. They have been confined to a small territory, more or less independent, though a few occasionally end up living in Vanorian society and the two peoples reluctantly fight together during the demon invasions. In the original story one of them was one of the generals and a major character, that may or may not be the case here. Palace Guards/Staff (male or female). Visiting nobility (male or female). Vanoria has nobility, wealthier than most people and with some rights/privileges/power/perks the average person does not have. They are not strong enough to be a risk to the Empress though. They are completely subordinate to her, while their titles theoretically pass from parent to child, it always requires the Empress' blessing and she can give or revoke noble status on a whim. These are people who try very hard to stay on her good side, both for their own benefit and to potentially make things more difficult for their rivals. The nobility partially includes children/decedents of previous empresses. Incest is a potential, either using on the Empress' children if we play long enough, or maybe one of the Champions is her sibling. Any details on the setting/characters can naturally be discussed before starting. I'm rather open minded on what ways it goes or the subjects covered and nearly any fetish/kink could potentially be included.
  8. Hello. Thank you for stopping by to check my request. As the title suggests, I'm looking specifically for some harems and/or roleplays involving various fandoms (mostly anime and video games). So, without wasting anymore time, let me bring up a few ideas. Childhood Friends - Not exactly a harem, but it's more based on this hentai. Basically, a young man grew up with two childhood friends, both of them girls, both of them siblings. They were always together, treating each other like family, and loving each other like they were blood related. As they all grow older, their relationship pretty much stays the same, with the girls often hanging around the boy and usually dressed super casually around him. He soon begins to notice how their bodies have matured, and it starts getting awkward to be around them. One thing leads to another, and he ends up in a situation that results in him having sex with one of them. Then the same with the other. Now he tries to juggle his relationship with the two girls, not wanting their relationship to get awkward, but also knowing that things cannot return to the way they were before. A Different Kind of Hero - A young man get summoned into a fantasy world. When he opens his eyes, he's before a couple of female adventurers, celebrating that they managed to summon the legendary hero. However, the hero is unable to provide much of any help in combat. However, he is able to provide special buffs that greatly increase the power of his female companions through sex. The more sex they have, the more power they get. So, as the hero travels around and saves various cities and villages with his companions, his party will begin to grow. And perhaps there's various women that would be happy to help repay him for his heroics with their bodies. The Exchange Student - A young American student is given the opportunity to study abroad in another country (Japan by default, but I can be convinced for other places). During his time there, perhaps he decides to make a move on the various foreign ladies around him. The women in the family housing him, his classmates, his teachers, anyone. Or perhaps these women are interested in making the first move, wanting to enjoy some foreign tastes. Amateur Porn - A man goes around the country, mainly targeting colleges and vacation spots. He looks for women, specifically dumb and drunk ones. Tempting them with the offer of money and potential fame, he gets them to film amateur porn with him, either in his van or at a cheap motel. After he uploads the videos he makes, he enjoys the money flowing in and makes his way to the next target. Think of it as us playing through a series of Bang Bus or Casting Couch scenarios. The Dormitory - After learning that an elderly relative has passed away, a young man discovers that he inherited something from this relative, a large house. The house is used as a dormitory, a shared home for a group of people. He is in charge of making sure the place runs properly. Cleaning, cooking, making sure the house is supplied with essentials (toilet paper, tissues, ect.), repair work, whatever he may be needed for. There is a catch though. All of the residents are women. The Heir - After losing his parents in an accident, a young man is approached by a mysterious older gentleman. This man is his estranged grandfather, and wishes to take him in. In doing so, the young man has become the sole heir to his grandfather's multimillion dollar fortune. He no longer needs wish for anything, he can have whatever he wants. Various maids will be there to serve his every need without question. And many women will want to be close to him, either to have a chance of becoming his wife or to simply have a taste of that money he now has. Many of these ideas are open to change. Feel free to make suggestions if you wish to alter something about story. For the Exchange Student, perhaps my character is an adult instead, and he's working overseas for his job. For the Hero story, perhaps my character is your typical overpowered hero, but instead of winning over the women he meets and saves, he takes them by force. He's the hero, who's gonna stop him? Feel free to offer your own suggestions as well. Now for the fandoms. I don't really have any plots in mind. I'll simply just list some fandoms I'd like to use, and we can either do something within the universe, or we can model the females in the other stories after them (the shinobi companion in Hero RP may just happen to look like Hinata from Naruto). -Fate series (Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Extra, Fate/Zero, there's tons of girls to choose from, always in the mood for this) -Azur Lane -Naruto (mainly want Hinata, but will accept some other girls) -Sword Art Online (not a huge fan of the series, but I'll admit that there's some pretty girls) -Highschool DxD -Danganronpa -Persona (played 4 & 5, haven't played Royale yet, haven't played 3) -My Hero Academia -Food Wars (been a while, maybe need some refreshing, but I love Erina and Alice) -Senran Kagura Again, feel free to suggest some fandoms too. I might've seen it and I simply forgot to mention it. Once again, that k you for stopping by, and I hope that something here interested you. Feel free to hit me up if you wanna play. Hope to hear from you soon.
  9. Venari99

    Venari's Ideas

    Hello Echia! I'm an experienced role player, though it doesn't matter to me if you are. So long as I can get a solid paragraph of roleplay from my partners I'm up for just about anything. My only hard no kinks are watersports, scat, and vore. Beyond that I'm a very adventurous person, and chances are if I feel comfortable I'd be up for trying most anything. The following are my current ideas, however I love sitting down with my partner and brainstorming! If you don't see anything on here you like feel free to reach out with your own ideas, or simply prod me to think up a few more based on our mutual interests. Something I'd like to note. I love smut, I live roleplays with lots of smut, and I love roleplays with barely any. While I like it being there, I like for it to make sense, I like seeing characters develop before my eyes. If you want a purely sexual RP that's cool, but please let me know otherwise I will come at you in full world building mode and work hard to hammer out details to morph the world into something suitable for our characters. So in short, if you want something light and fluffy, let me know and I'll stop trying to over explain everything and just have fun (not that I don't find over explaining fun too) Cravings Harem: Always have loved the idea of doing an rp around this theme, however in the past they always seem to fall through. Role Reversal: I like doming, but I also like to play more submissive characters too. But most of all I love give and take, be it through a more classic relationship, or through intense switching. RP Ideas Scenario 1: Drained dry... Almost Kinks: Master/slave, Ddlc, Vampires Description: James has walked the earth for far longer than anyone should rightfully have, vampire or human. He's seen nations rise and fall, watched as his kind would fight amongst themselves, as humans fought. Frankly he's had enough, enough with the politics, with the drama, and with their constant begging for him to take a more active role in it all. So for the last decade he's been on his own. Living for as long as he had he never wanted for money, never had to work for it as his money made more than enough off interest alone for him to live quite comfortable. That we until his connection at the blood bank died, a heart attack, something truly unavoidable. It was this that led James to the poor girl, led him by his hunger to attacking her. It wasn't until she had nearly been completely drained dry that he finally gained control of himself. He could have let her die, part of him wished he had, but he'd grown soft in his old age, he was no longer the cold blooded brute he once was, the 20th century and their damned ethics saw to that. So instead he turned her... Which is what led to his small, one bedroom appartment housing a soon to be vampire on his bed, his blood coursing through her as he waited uncomfortably for her to wake, his first spawn in centuries, and he didn't even know her name. Scenario 2: Lion's Pride Kinks: Harem, Neko, Shape shifter, Tribal Description: The Arasi are a proud race of beast kin, long have they battled with the beasts of the Cathagari Wilds. Created centuries ago by the dragons along with many of the other races on Solum, they are creatures of legend not to be trifled with. They resemble man, only are often broader, with cat like ears, longer canines, and thicker, sharper nails. Most stand nearly a head above a regular man, some even two. And yet, that did not stop man as it sailed to new lands, what started as a few ships became dozens, Cathagari no longer the wild lands they once were. Naturally the Arasi fought back at first, nearly half their number being wiped out in the initial battles, the rest going into hiding, being hunted by the humans as monsters and beasts. As time passed, many became slaves to the Azmarian Kingdom, as did countless other races seemed too primitive to be left on their own. Those that remained in the wild grew smarter, stronger, no longer simply able to expect to be at the top of their food chain. Side Notes: I see this able to go one of a few ways, I see the Arasi being very lion-like, and as such tending towards prides leading to the Harem aspect. We could go with my character bing a young male trying to find a place in this changing world, maybe freeing slaves and taking those who he feels drawn to as mates. Or we could go with my character as your character's slave, maybe leading to some role reversal later on. I'm open to ideas with this one. The following link is to a list of misc characters not attached to any particular scenario idea.
  10. GoddamnHero

    Fairies exists

    The prompt is simple, my partner will play a female tiny fairy that can gives wishes to my character, the wishes can be anything you want us to have in that roleplay, I'm open to play almost all kinks that you can imagine and I think that roleplay idea haves a lot of potential, even to be long term! PS: Notice that you will play the fairy and other girls in the roleplay, so it is like a GM role.
  11. JustPhoneGuyFromFnaf

    Female Pokémon role-players wanted!!

    Whether you know what Pokémon is or just learned today. I was thinking about doing a erp on Pokémon! if anyone is interested in having a Pokémon roleplay let me know!
  12. Lacy tossed and turn in the bed. It was a lousy day at work for the 23 year old blonde and she couldn't wait to get home and forget days like this ever happened. She left a trail of clothes like one would leave breadcrumbs to mark a route like one of those fairy tales....high heels near the door, sweater hanging on a kitchen chair, a blouse near the couch, bra in the hallway. She walked naked into the bedroom and rummaged through the closet, bringing out a few of her toys. She always found that masturbation relaxed her and tonight she desperately need to relax. She brought out a ballgag, stuffed the thick black rubber ball in her mouth and cinched the straps down tight. Next she took rope she had already pre cut and attached them to the 4 corners of the bed, loops made in the lengths so she could wriggle her wrists and feet into them. Since none of her sexual partners were into bondage, she had discovered a few years ago how to tie herself up.....thank God for Google..... Grabbing a vibrator, she slipped it into her pussy then reached down to wriggle her ankles into the rope at the end of the bed, her feet now wide apart. Once done it was a simple matter to reach up and slip her wrists into the rope restraints at the head of the bed. She wiggled and thrashed around, making moaning sounds, pretending she was being help captive, the vibe buzzing away in her cunt. After a while she discovered she made a mistake....the wrist restraints were too tight....she made slipknots and they moved, tightening around her wrists. She now found herself hopelessly bound spreadeagled! Lacy didn't want to yell for help, ambarrassed that some would find her like this, nude gagged and bound, but she was trapped..... After feverishly struggling to get free, she heard sounds coming from the kitchen. It was then she realized she had forgotten to lock the back door. SOMEONE WAS IN THE APARTMENT!!!!! "MMMMMMPH!!!!......MMMMMMMPH!!!!!!" was all the sound she could make thanks to the ballgag. She heard the sounds of footsteps....someone waqs approaching.....the footsteps were coming closer......closer.....closer.....she saw a shadow.....someone was coming to her bedroom!!!!!!
  13. My inspiration for this idea was Shamiko from 'Machikado Mazoku'. I am not looking for her to be the demon girl played in this story, but something similar to her. Anyway, the story focuses on a teen boy who has rather severe social issues. Few or no friends, no luck with girls, not ugly, but not exactly attractive either. Digging around libraries/the internet, he comes across an ancient ritual. Designed to irreversibly sell your soul to a demon, but in return to have great fortune for the rest of your life, and possibly the next if you impress the demon enough. In sheer desperation, and not actually expecting it to work, he went through the ritual late one night. Drawing an elaborate magical circle on the floor, chanting several incantations, and pricking his finger and letting a few drops of blood fall into the center of the circle. To his surprise the circle glowed intensely for a moment, a sign it did what it was meant to. There was no response from the demon in question, he had just bound himself to. The documentation that came with the ritual instructions said it would find him in the next couple days. What he did not know is he had just sold his soul to a classmate, a young girl who did not know, until now, that she had demon blood in her. In truth her mother had been barren, desperate beyond description for a child, she had done a variation of the ritual, offered her body and gave in to sex with a demon to have a child. She never told anyone this, but her daughter was conceived through this. The girls blood and power remained dormant, it might have remained dormant her entire life, but this ritual unknowingly targeted her as she slept that night. She was the closest 'demon'. The boy's blood and soul given to her triggered an awakening, activating dormant power and transforming her to have some visible signs of demonic blood. In the morning she would wake to find this transformation. Maybe maybe not finding out part of the reason from her mother, and before long finding out about the ritual and who did it. Perhaps sex is involved out of pity, or perhaps it helps enhance the girl's power. This could go a lot of ways. Like with the inspiration source, it will probably be at least mostly on the lighter side, but as it involves demons I am not against it exploring darker aspects at times. The girl's power could add a lot of unusual things as well, including some of the tags mentioned above. If there is gender bending, I figure it would be of a temporary sort. We can discuss the details.
  14. CarmenLovers

    Persona rp?

    Looking to do a sex rp for Persona characters. Nearly any male character is welcome
  15. Hello all! My name is Mercy and I’d love to get to roleplay with you! Here’s a little about me! I play female or male roles and have experience in both. I write one to two paragraphs of quality writing or at least match my partner. I prefer EcchiTexts as my roleplay medium and won’t leave the site for it. Interests: Fantasy, medieval/historical, slice of life, modern era. Some pairings I like include boss x secretary, crime boss’s daughter x underling or some other pairing in that scenario, teacher x student, vampire x human. I’m fairly vanilla when it comes to smut. However, don’t let that make you think I only write vanilla! It’s just my preference. Potential plots: I’ll edit this section when I think of some good ones!
  16. Corrupted by a BioSuit (FxF/Futa) Two friends enter the dungeon seeking fame and fortune. Thanks to the dungeons traps and puzzles they are split up. Eventually one of the girls stumbles on a large locked chest. After finally breaking it open, all it contains is a set of light armor. Mostly looking like black leather. Looks awesome, why not try it on? It doesn't take long for the girl to realize the error of wearing just an outfit. It comes to life! FxFuta(s) Not much to say about this one. I will be playing a woman in this roleplay. She wants to be dominated by a futa (or two, or three, or four, or as many as we can get). The circumstances do not matter. Con, dubcon, noncon. Shoot me a message! Nympho-maniac Girlfriend A mostly sex based Roleplay. Ever just look at your man and go, "I want to fuck you now!" Well in this scenario we will play as a new couple where I discover you want it all the time. We have to find private (or not so private) places everywhere. Light Submissive Male Roleplay (MxF) The details aren't there yet. We can work on that later, but I've been very curious recently about being the submissive type. Ladies if you're interested, I want to try it. This is experimental and may run into road blocks when I find, I'm not into something. We will see though. Probably could be mixed with other ideas. Superhero x Super Hero/Villain WIP description. Depending on what you want I can play a hero or villain. The same can be said for you as well. I have an OC (hero) I have been working on for a long time (sadly no drawings of him yet). Usually I am all about Smut here on ED, but this one will probably have more story, given if I'm into the plot. Magic Controller Thanks to one, Yoko, I'm interested in this now. Ladies! Imagine if you had a device or power to do or change whatever you want about your significant other. In this roleplay you play as the Dominant and Nympho Girlfriend who gains the power or control to completely mess with me your boyfriend (or Siginificant other). Make me submissive, change my looks, change my sex, change almost anything. (Of course there are limits... just let ask.) A very Happy Couple This one is much more bland, but should be fun. This could range from a weekend a lone at home, an exotic vacation, or quietly fooling around. It all depends on what you'd like. I pick up a special package from the local pharmacy. Our sex lives have been healthy and happy, but we both longed for longer sessions. In this package were sexual enhancements and aphrodisiacs. They were meant to prolong and intensify every bit of a sexual encounter. We will have to take them about an hour before engaging, as it takes time for the effect to take affect, but once they do the sessions could last hours. It's going to be an amazing weekend/vacation/night out. At the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time What a beautiful evening; the stars are out in full presentation at these early morning hours. You wouldn't know as your headache and friend betrayal from earlier in the night force you to leave the party early. Your house is a bit away, but if you cut through the quiet industrial park you could be home much quicker. The quicker route is not always the best route. As you trudge alone and in your own world, wondering eyes catch a glimpse of you and set you as a target. Rape, BDSM, toys, name calling, etc. Will occur. A God among Humans In our modern world, gods live amongst humans. While they have cosmic abilities to shape the world around them as they please, they tend to live normal-ish lives. Most live in pure seclusion only to appear when earth needs it, but some interact with society on a daily basis. They do hide themselves amongst the crowds of humans. However that doesn't prevent manipulations from occurring. Our story will revolve around a young God named... Derek. Not really dramatic of a name, but it keeps him hidden in society. Like I mentioned Derek is a rather newer God; his very existence only forming a mere 25 years ago. He spent his younger years learning of the world around him and the power he weilds. After many years of isolation and hiding himself. Derek has intermixed with humans traveling to a university to find companionship. What he finds at this university depends on what is to come. Other ideas, but they are more intense and extreme.
  17. Hello, everyone! I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. I'm looking to play a kind, relatively innocent, petite girl who gets raped by a dominant man or futa... ...preferably one that is older by her than at least a decade and larger than her. Necessary disclosure, rape is obviously wrong, and I absolutely condemn real life rapists and sympathize with victims. However, I can't help what I'm interested in, so if you'll kindly refrain from coming at me about it, that'd be grand. While I'm not used to lolicon, I'm interested in exploring it, and these storylines can be edited to accommodate it. Other kinks and squicks can be found on my f-list, in my signature. These are the storylines I'm currently interested in: 1. A stalker takes advantage of his obsession being home alone, and either breaks in, or uses a ruse to get inside. 2. An older brother decides to take advantage of the younger sister he lusts after when they're left home alone one long weekend. 3. A man has hid his attraction to his best friend's teen daughter for years, but when the father asks him to watch the girl for a week while he's away, the man decides to take what he wants, damn the consequences. 4. A burglar breaks into a home expecting it to be empty, but when he finds the family's teen daughter there alone, decides to take more than just valuables. 5. A drifter living in a van finds a runaway hitchhiking on the highway, and figures that, since no one will be looking for her anyway, there's no harm in taking her as his sex slave. 6. A homeless man happens upon a pretty young camper, all alone in the woods, and decides to end his dry spell by force. 7. A humanoid monster is attracted to the young, female intern of the scientists. Wanting to study children conceived by the monster, the scientists lock the intern in his pen as his unwilling mate. 8. A teacher at a prestigious boarding school uses the threat of taking away a student's scholarship to blackmail her into letting her do what he wants. 9. The coach for the cheer team gets sick of just watching the girls shower over the security cameras, and decides to take advantage of his favorite cheerleader when she's left alone in the showers. 10. A college boy is rebuffed by the girl he's interested in, so he and a group of friends jump her to get some revenge. If any of those interest you, please shoot me an ecchitext (preferably with your username as the title). Thanks for reading!
  18. Sierrazion

    Long Term Romance

    I had a dream that Love was Real, that when I woke up I wouldn't feel alone. I look outside and feel so lonely, unwanted and unworthy. I wish someone would come along and change all of that. Rewrite the script I've come to read. I want to believe in hopeless romance, hope in unbelievable love. I wish someone would just say "Hello" to me. . . I'm looking for a partner. I'm not good at these things, but I'd like to offer to someone who's interested a long building love story. I've always ached in my heart to tell a story about romance with another person with a real connection. I tend to write smut and sexual themed stories, but I really want to try to write something that feels real this time. Please help me, I'm begging. I find that all my smut and erotic writing tends to make me feel alittle hollow inside, lacking anything real. So maybe, just maybe you'd be interested in falling in love with my character while I do the same with yours? Allow me to elucidate what I'm looking for: Long term story starting from two characters meeting to their eventual romantic conclusion. That might mean a wedding, or final sex, or maybe just them kissing in the rain. Something more than skin deep. People are complicated, and I'd like for them to be too. I need a romantic lead who's alittle more than just a pretty face. Decently long or multiple paragraph responses. I like to describe in detail alot, I'd like a partner who could do the same. Someone to share 50/50 in the world building. We don't have to write a complicated AU or world, it can just be Tokyo or Atlanta, or anywhere in the real world. I am looking for a Drawn/Anime style Slice of Life story. If that isn't your style or comfort then I understand. Someone who doesn't want to rush and feels comfortable with letting the story breath while making steady contributions in each response. Male Or female Lead partner to pair with one of my female characters. I haven't chosen a character yet for this story, I like to write based on what other people enjoy. If you're willing to continue the story with me into marriage, then I would love that too. I find long term couples to be adorable. Someone patient, I get on daily and respond as often as I can. I'll check more often for pairings and stories that make me feel fulfilled. I'm open to any alteration to the world or story. It could be any kind of story we really want as long as love, is the center of the story. Thank you for reading this far, I'm a sweet person, I promise! Please don't feel afraid to message me, I don't open up to new RPs very often anymore, but I could really use this story in my life right now. With all my heart, Sierrazion
  19. Lux Corvus

    Asleep In Study Hall

    Lux had went to his last class period of the day, which happened to just be a study hall for him. Walking in, he moved to his seat in the back of the group instruction room, placing his belongings down next to his seat and sitting down. The seats in this room weren't ordinary desks, they were instead long tables with the seats on one side of them, facing the front of the room. Lux never really understood why he needed to stay in school for the last class period of the day if it was just a study hall, when he could just go home and "study" there. Nothing was being taught, so it just felt like a waste of an hour in his day before he got to go home. As usual, he had used this time to get a nap in, as he was a very laid back student. Putting his hood up and earbuds in, he leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes. After falling asleep, he would sleep through the entire class period, and everyone else including the teacher would simply leave to go home. His nap proved to be longer than usual, as he even slept through the time extra curricular activities would be going on, and now they were coming to an end, when the last bunch of students in the building would be beginning to leave.
  20. So, I've been thinking of starting some sort of magical girl story. The focus on my side would involve an older one, last survivor of a previous team or even generation of such girls. Very reluctantly, she realizes there is a need for a new generation to face a new threat or potential threat and it is her duty to pick and prepare the new ones as no one else is left to do so. She is the mentor sort of character, not invincible or a goddess by any means, but vastly more powerful than the new ones. She likely ends up sexually with at least one of the new girls, if not more, the magical girl status could lead to temporary futaism in one or more of them. The MxF could be them getting involved with men around them or even the enemy. A lot of sex but plenty of story around it too. Numerous characters, but limiting it to two or maybe three players. That's my idea for the older magical girl. I am thinking a modern setting, despite her clothing there and the dragon. This is only a very basic concept, I figured the details would be discussed with whoever else is involved. I don't have any more detail in mind just yet.
  21. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Dirty Fuck in the Girl's Bathroom

    OOC: I have a number of ideas that could fit here. But I don't want to over do it and probably won't make a third one while the current ones are going, unless this one does not get any replies for a while. One or both of my current ones might transition into other ideas I currently have. That said, this is a bit of a test story. The idea here is to mix toilet activities in with the sex, don't know how into those things I actually might be, the point here is to find out. This aspect of the story could be relatively short. IC: It was late in the lunch hour as Ashley made her way to one of the back girl's rooms. It was a room she picked with some reluctance, some excitement. The was an unspoken rule and unofficial tradition regarding this bathroom. If a boy managed to sneak in uncaught and found a girl in one of the stalls, she was expected to willingly fuck him then and there. It certainly didn't happen daily but rumors suggested it was rare to go more than a week without it happening. Rumors that were occasionally confirmed by the girls involved, so no one really doubted the truth of the tradition that was apparently at least several decades old, started long before any of the current students arrived. It was impossible to know if she would experience that today. There were no boys around when she went through the door, but she was going to be in here for at least a little while, so there was a chance. She paused in front of the mirror for a moment, just to look herself over. then she walked into one of the middle stalls. She closed the door behind her but did not lock it. The idea being if another girl walked in, they wouldn't see anything but a boy could easily open the door. She pushed her pants and panties down and sat. She was half ashamed, half excited to be in this situation. She had never felt so dirty or slutty, she was not a virgin but only had sex a few times so far and fairly 'boring' conventional sex too, she realized she had to take a moment to clam herself before she could relieve herself, and it felt like she might have to relieve herself both ways.
  22. I'm essentially looking for someone who'd like to be a dominant sister/mother/cousin. Further details can be agreed upon later ^^
  23. DrMender

    Trapped in a game

    The basic idea of this would be two childhood friends or step-siblings become stuck in a new popular VR Game exactly like Sword Art Online and their characters unknowingly meet each other in the ensuing chaos of being permanent trapped in the virtual world facing lethal consequences if unable to escape from the final floor of the dungeon. Along the way and the travels, a romance blossoms between the two. Ultimately as time wanes on in the world and the romance evolves into love, they decide to stay in the world building a life together.
  24. DrMender

    Open for Roleplay

    Hello all, I am open for any story ideas that might be out there or a couple ideas that have come to mind would be dealing with the World of Darkness. Either a new mortal that has stumbled into the dark mystical world of vampires or werewolves be they a scholar, government agent or lawyer. The other alternative is newly shifted werewolf or new vampire learning to adapt to the changes and the world of the supernatural. Lastly, a hunter for the church has been assigned a new target or set of targets and upon being to track the target down upon a chance encounter with the target discovers romantic feelings for the target.
  25. Hello there! I'll start with a few musts from my side before telling you what I'm offering you. You must be 18+. I'm an older man, by internet standards, so you must be okay with writing/speaking to someone that's a bit older. Be open to getting to know each other. If a phrase like "Hi, how are you? What's your name?" terrifies you and immediately puts up a wall wanting you to give me a fake online name, I'm not the partner for you. I'm looking for a genuine real connection with a human being. I love to write and explore new ideas with my partner. Please be open to talking things out. I love to hear new ideas and appreciate having mine heard too; even if we disagree about certain things, we're both adults here... let's have a conversation about them and move onto the next idea if we dislike something! NO GHOSTING. Have the common courtesy to talk things out with me if you think that things aren't working well. This is directly in line with #2. I'm a human being. You don't just push the delete key on a human being, have some respect! Okay... if you're still here, here's what I'm offering! Friendship/partnership and respect. I'm a great conversationalist and enjoy talking about any and all subjects. An author. I've been writing for many years and always have a personal project on the go, along with a RP. I enjoy talking about all sorts of writing! I can write in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person. I tend to lean toward 1st for a more intimate piece and 3rd for a piece that leads into more than one character. (most people don't even know what 2nd is so I won't mention anything more about it, but know it is available) I'm extremely literate and am happy to write with any skill level. If you want help learning how to be a better writer don't hesitate to ask... we're all learning, including me! Romance is a must with me, so you can expect it in all stories I write. I expect that anything is a go, including NSFW. I like mixing multiple genre's together (this ties into #5). I especially love original creations, world building, SOL, sci-fi, fantasy........ well really... let's be honest... I'll write anything!!! I hope you've made it this far and are still interested! I look forward to hearing from you. Please say hello and introduce yourself. Also have a look at my preferences if you're curious!
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