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  1. Hey y’all I’ve been missing from this site for a while now I am indeed back. I’m looking for someone willing to do a Brother x Brother or Sister x Brother with me. I’d love to figure out a plot with you but of course I have a few pre- set ones if you don’t feel up to it.
  2. Hiya ! I am trying to branch out of my comfort zone a little bit because my fandom-based RP bulletin wasn't super successful. I did get something from it which I am happy about, and while doing an RP revolving around that would be more ideal, I am willing to branch out a little more and try to go back to OC x OC lewd RP. I'm still using my persona OC for the RPs, and I am hoping that the RP can take place in the same city ( that would be Tokyo ). My idea was more along the lines of a cheating RP of some sort - while my oc wouldn't be interested in cheating on her boyfriend per say, she finds herself in a situation inwhich she can't really say no. She is naturally relatively passive and listens to what people tell her ( if they're older than her, even if just by a year ). I'm not looking for a big age gap between the characters, a year or two older is preferable. Again, my initial bulletin is the preferred RP, but I came up with this as like an alteration, as I would like to do more than one RP here at a time. Thank you for reading ! PS: If you know of persona and would like to do an RP among ocs that fits in better with knowledge of the game series and all that, that's highly appreciated and I would love to discuss it !
  3. Below is a plot I'm seriously craving to play. Prefernce sheet linked on profile. The school girl certainly didn't start out as the model student, possibly even student council president, at their first meeting. She was gyaru delinquent, Playing hooky in Arcades, Malls, streets and party houses, dabbling in party drugs, booze, cigs and weed, though avoiding addiction and some small, light sexual favors. Then the school sent someone after her, again. This guy, be it her official homeroom teacher or a trustworthy honor student, tracked her down. The first meeting went about as well as to be e4xpected, but they kept trying, and empathetic when she started to crack about her past. They got the girl to clean themselves up and pretty much reinvented at school, thanks to a hard work ethic and brilliant mind when motivated. And nothing motivates like love. Though, will the relationship hold against ghosts of the girl's past? https://ecchidreams.com/gallery/image/57266-shiho-mikazuki/
  4. FieryDreams

    Supernatural Event

    Being young and dumb is half the fun, but never in your life would you have been this stupid... When a an abandoned placed is marked to be "dangerous, no trespassing". Wouldn't it be best to stay away? Your character will travel to a place of legend and mystery near by. This could be an abandoned mansion, laboratory, or a religious site. What you find there depends on your desires/kinks. You could find monsters, insects, ghosts, and/or demons. In this story you will play as a young woman. Possibly in high-school (no younger than 16), college, or et cetra. We can play as a group of friends as well (I'll help). It doesn't have to end after one encounter. Let's keep the ball rolling until we find an endgame or not, but death is never an option here.
  5. Wraith

    Shiho Mikazuki

    From the album: Characters

    Name: Shiho Mikazuki Age: 15 Appearance: -Good Girl: As Pictured, though fuku sleeves are longer. Can also do more western style uniform. - Bad Girl: A deep tan, sprayed on with white and pink striped hair with a side tail. Wears pretty heavy make-up and has ears and belly button rings. Uniform top is tied to show her stomach and showing plenty of cleavage. Skirt uber short. Personality: -Good Girl: Studious, Hard worker, Kind, Charismatic, A bit mischievous at times, Romantic, closet pervert, Loves Anime and Manga, Suffers a bad case of imposter syndrome -Bad Girl: Hedonist, Air headed, Has an attitude problem, Not much of a believer in romance, Into Manga and Anime, Has cheery, party girl exterior hiding alot of pain. Kinks: Getting groped, Sex in school grounds, Sex in uniform/gym bloomers/Swimsuit, gentle, rough, from behind, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, vaginal, oral, anal, passionate, Big dicks, Ahego, Gangbang, Drugs, Blackmail, etc. History: Born to a rough home life where she was ignored in favor of the parents fighting each other, It didn't take Shiho long to start wandering the streets of the rough neighborhood in Tokyo she called home and pick up several bad habits and fall into the wrong crowd as Gyaru. She spent much of her life like that and was fairly low in grades in middle school. The only reason she was able to get into high school was pretty much a fluke of actually scoring semi-decent on entrance exam and some PR dreams of showing a reformed member of society. Not she exactly cooperated for quite some time. It was only when the man that would become her future lover was sent after her, and only after several encounters, did she begin to thaw and attend. It wasn't long before the guy's influence got her to reform. Even go on honor roll/ Student Council President. All that time, A romance between them bloomed and flourished, though secretly she struggles with how out of place she feels in her new role.
  6. Hi there~! Thank you for viewing my thread. I'm new to the site but not to roleplaying; I've been doing it for most of my life on various other sites and means. Today I'm coming to seek people like me! Who might that be?~ People who get excited writing hot, nasty smut. I love finding partners who are full of excitement to write things with, and especially those that are as goofy and creative as I am! I get weird with my cravings sometime, and would love someone who can keep pace. So! Lets get to it, what am I looking for? My favorite thing to write, is straight shota. Young boys with much older women, and especially caked in Orientation Play. I have a few kinks that really get me going, such as Orientation Play (a gay guy fucking a girl, or a gay woman fucking a boy, or even... the both of them being gay and yet still fuckin'~), Impregnation, Cheating, Pubic Hair, and Small Dicks.~ I have a few others that aren't as big to my desires, but will definitely offer/include them to a partner who is open to getting whacky.~ In particular, do I have any ideas for what it will be like? Yep! I want pure smut, very little worry about keeping to a story. I like my smut to be like a porn film, more concerned with the fucking then logical sense. Right now I'm craving two particular ideas; One where a young boy gets stranded in a big city of our choosing and uses his Mom's credit card to survive for the holidays! (Yep, home alone-inspired!) Only... The hotel he's staying at offers quite the nasty array of services not usually meant for boys his age.~ The other? I'd love to do a post-apocalyptic idea where a young boy is with a group of older women who are protecting him, and his usual contribution to the group being his ability to fix electronics and being a blushing mess trying not to stare at the gals. So! This may be a little jarring compared to other threads here, but this is what I'm looking for! I will say that I am looking to play either role; Whether it's the young boy or the woman(s) in the idea, and have a heavy preference for playing the boy atm~! Though, for a good writer I'll play whichever! I would also like to say that please be okay with using Discord for writing, since that is where I do almost all of it; I can be persuaded to use the PM system here if you can convince me~! ♥ Thank you everyone! ♥
  7. KinkyKathy

    Corporate Kink

    A successful corporate manager, high up in one those big city high rises is looking for a new private secretary. I play the girl that has just been hired.....what very few people know is that the manager wants her not as a secretary but as a human room decoration....no sooner does she enter the office, she's forced to strip naked (either by the manager or another assistant), gagged and tied spread apart to a chair. What happens to the unsuspecting secretary? dildos in all holes while she struggles? nipple and labia clamps? some things even worse?
  8. galacticmud

    just a mud's cravings!

    current rp slots: 0/15 hello there! ♡ my name is galacticmud(21), but please call me mud! i use she & they pronouns and i've been roleplaying for around eleven years. it's such a pleasure to make your online acquaintance! i adore roleplaying and have been doing so since the ripe age of ten! i am only interested in writing and roleplaying, so i would prefer if you didn't flirt or call me pet names outside of the roleplay. (but i'm also happy to just chat if you'd like to become friends! i am a pretty descriptive writer, and i categorize myself as an advanced literate to novella literate writer! my replies are typically six to eight paragraphs long, five sentences each. i am looking for writers who can write at least five to six paragraphs. i only roleplay in third person, so please don't pm if you only do first - apologies! although i am a switch, i am currently interested in roleplaying against dominant writers currently while i play submissive. i have many plot ideas based off of drawn photos, which i will be linking. i only have a few plots where i will be playing as dominant, they will be listed! anyways, here's some ideas i've been craving! (all photos listed in my plots are NSFW so please be warned!) the class of sin | mxf | i don't particularly have a set idea for this, but based off the profile i was thinking of this being set within the ages of 1900-1909. sex is still a very taboo subject, but there's still the expectation of a woman being able to please her husband. mc would be a young woman who is being introduced into the dating scene and has been signed up for classes that teach young women how to please their husband. yc would be someone who participates in the class to hell these women learn, and begins to form a sexual and romantic bond towards mc. (i play submissive f) orc and elf | futaxf | again, i don't have much of a plot for this one since there comic it's based off of is pretty straight forward - elf princess explores her sex drive and faux innocence with her new futa orc bodyguard. i'd love the help of someone else to bounce ideas around and form this into a full plot! (i play submissive f) after service | mxf | mc is a married woman, a loving mother and a christian woman. she is devoted to god and loved going to church, however she seems to have a problem with her church's new priest. yc, her churches new priest, is also a pornstar/camworker. mc is very familiar with yc due to her own dirty secrets, and goes to confront yc after service only to be put in her place by a much more experienced man that her husband. (i play submissive f) the witch | mxfuta or futaxf | mc is a witch who's lived within arms reach of the daughter/son of a farmer, yc, watching from afar. it isn't until one night when her lust magic backfires on her, mc decides that she's done watching and sneaks up on yc (who's innocently picking herbs and berries from the woods), enticing yc to come to her home for tea and sweets only to feast upon them the second the door closes. (i play dominant futa) the retired orc | mxfuta or futaxf | mc is a renowned orc general who's just retired into a simple farm life, relocating in the mountains to live a simple and happy life. because she served her kingdom so well, the king of the orcs decide to bestow her a forced wife/husband - a kidnapped elf (yc) who is now mc's new spouse. mc is very soft with yc, not forcing them to do anything until yc catches mc pleasuring herself and becomes curious of their supposed relationship. (i play dominant futa) lovers of sin | mxfxfuta | this will require my partner to play two characters - so unless you're comfortable with play two characters please disregard this plot. / mc is a demon who's forced her way into a church in a small town and has made it her new home, tainting the once holy place with her presence. the townspeople, tired of the demon, contact local exorcists to drive mc out of their town. ycs, the exorcists - one new, one experienced - do not believe the rumors of the demon being there and are taken off guard when the demon seduced them into sin. (i play submissive female) the human queen and elven king | futaxm | elves and humans have ravaged war for eons, however with a new king and new queen in charge the two decide it is best to put their differences aside to create peace. the human queen, yc, and the elven king, mc, decide to go on a walk throughout the elven kingdoms gardens to discuss their treaty and with the elves lack of belief in clothing - things take a turn neither of them expected. (i play submissive m) that's all i have for now, ecchitext me if you are interested in any of my plots, or have a plot you think might interest me! when texting, please please please put effort into your messages! first impressions matter to me, and if get just a simple "wanna rp?" message it'll seriously turn me off from wanting to roleplay with you - actually put effort into plotting with me please! i look forward to roleplaying with you!
  9. Therian

    Current Musings

    Hello all! I can roleplay male or female against the opposite sex. Sadly there isn’t any MxM, FxF or anything besides MxF or FxM pairings from me. I like longer length roleplays where I’ll get multiple paragraphs from my partner. I dislike single liners. It kills the mood and muse. I, myself, tend to match my partner’s length and provide quality posts. Otherwise I naturally provide a paragraph or two minimum. I like some plot with my smut. The teasing and torment between characters that can’t rush right into the bedroom is what I enjoy most! Don’t worry, eventually they will give into the cravings! ————— Stepsiblings Suggested Plot Muse A and Muse B both live in single parent homes until their parents meet, date and, after a while, gets engaged. Muse A's mother died when he/she was very young and Muse B's father left them not too long before the parents started dating. To say that Muse A and Muse B aren't too happy with this information, is an understatement. Muse A and Muse B has yet to meet and they already dislike each other but once they finally set eyes on each other, Muse A is dead set on obtaining Muse B’s affections while Muse B has more hidden feelings about the whole thing. After all, Muse A had just turned 18 while Muse B was in their mid-twenties. Muse A was persistent with flirting or subtle cues in the eyes of their parents, while Muse B did everything to avoid Muse A. One day, Muse A and B’s parents go out for a romantic evening, unknown to Muse B. Muse A entices him over with a promise of a family dinner but it ends up being an empty house with Muse A. Will Muse B finally given in to Muse A? I would could play either Muse but prefer Muse B to be male, and Muse A female. ————— Interested Pairs: Professor x Student Stepsiblings Dragon Rider x Dragon Rider Police Officer x Crook ————— In terms of kinks, I’m pretty vanilla. I don’t do anything super extreme as I’m uncomfortable with it. All characters must be 18+. Nothing younger. Again, I can comfortably play either gender for roles. If you have a plot you’re dying to try, run it by and I may be the partner for you!
  10. A young teen loves her laptop, frequenting on line chatrooms. She finds someone and soon becomes friendly with them. One night while on chat, her screen goes blank, a gray screen quickly replacing it. In capitals, the words 'STAND IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN AND DISPLAY YOUR TITS' flashes... The girl panics, closing her laptop. It makes chiming sounds...more words appear, warning her never to close the laptop unless she's told to...turns out the other person is an expert hacker, finds out where the girl lives and goes to her place while she's out, wiring her bedroom. They make videos of her while she plays with herself, threatening to release the videos unless she cooperates. I'm looking for a guy or girl to play the hacker....how far will it go? torturing her, making her do other more explicit things? eventually I'd like to see the mysterious hacker order her to come to his/her place where they would kidnap her and make her their sex slave..... Warning! I love including bondage and all sorts of BDSM elements
  11. KinkyKathy

    HELEN 'O LOY......

    I'm into what's called 'classic' Sci Fi books and stories. Back in 1938, a writer wrote a short story called 'Helen 'O Loy'....it was about a man that bought a female robot and fell in love with it. I want to do a play based loosely on this....a girl is kidnapped, brought to a secret lab where her entire body is updated and changed...she becomes a walking talking Barbie Doll, perfect shape, boobs and ass that will never sag, permanently bald vagina, blonde hair and blue eyes, full lips that even a botox recipient would die for. The thing is, her mind if still intact....her body is completely programmable and she has no control over it in any way..... Looking for a strong dominant player and could be male or female....bondage and BDSM play is always a plus
  12. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    My Childhood Buddy is a Girl?!

    The idea I have here is two childhood friends. YC has always been a tomboy. So there are no stereotypical girly hobbies/possessions. She has short hair, a gender neutral name (Like Chris or even Bobby). She dresses like a boy other than her underwear. So as kids, there was no way to know YC was a girl. She never said she was a girl. MC never saw her naked and she was often away with her family during the summer so MC never saw YC in a swimsuit. MC just always assumed she was a boy and YC never said otherwise. Of course this was a secret that time could not hide forever. YC’s breasts have started to grow. Even at age 14 they are still small enough that she can hide them with effort. Her ass and hips are filling out as well, but again...that can be hid fairly well. Plus MC is fairly oblivious and never even considered YC is a girl. (Perhaps she is developing a crush and/or lust for him?) I’d like a RP that starts out with their childhood days of just having fun and playing towards teenage years. Eventually I want MC to find out...not sure when or how that will happen, but it is going to happen! Honestly once the secret is out...I am not certain if they both try to continue as things were, but it is more awkward with the truth out? Or if one or both of them know it will never be the same so they go towards romance/exploring their sexuality? Either way...before too long, they start talking about sex and agree to try and keep doing it after they start. I would like to start this RP at age 9 or 10. I would then like to play some time lapses until they are 14-16 (when MC finds out). I expect YC to be similar in age (a year older or younger...) Again the focus would be in exploring as they shift from pure friendship to a strange mix of friends, sex friends, and couple. A relationship they try to keep the same, but they can't prevent the change, though the changes are fairly subtle and gradual to the point they might not even always be aware of them and whether or not the girl remains quite so tomboy, or decides to 'feminize' at least somewhat under the circumstances. (I’m certainly open to some changes if my partner has feedback...just let me know ) Thanks!
  13. Looking for a partner to play multiple victims (not necessarily at omce). A school is taken hostage, and when demands aren't met they start making examples of the students. PM me for more info. Bad ends optional, but not necessary.
  14. I haven't written a starter yet so I'll keep this a bit brief - I'm interested in doing an Amazon roleplay! We can discuss details, characters, setting, etc. In private and better tailor the story to both of our desires. If you're interested, ecchitext or PM me! That's about it for this post, but it doesn't have to be the end of this idea. ×⁰×⁰
  15. Hey there everyone, I am finally back or at least somewhat back to my usual routine on here with Roleplaying with a bunch of horny people xD Anyway today I am actually having an old craving of mine which is nothing to do with Ageplay at all OwO So yeah what I am looking for in this scene is someone to play two females, one a tomboy girl who does a lot of fitness who is the lover of a 23 year old guy and after some time together like a year or so they still haven't done a lot of sexual activities together, unknown to his lover he is looking at videos online where a guy fucks another woman while his lover watches he knows that if she saw it she would be furious, however, on one of their dates at a restaurant she sees that her lover's pc is on and stopped on a certain video which she watches. After their lovey dovey restaurant time together they get home and begin to cuddle together watching a movie or doing whatever as she then asks him about the video and such, he obviously gets super nervous until she shows interest in him having rough sex with another girl so they can learn more and have such a sexual relationship as well. So if you are interested please do shoot me an EcchiText and if you have questions ask them in the comments down below~ Can't wait to hear from some of you all~
  16. The unclaimed lands - As the name would suggest - were ruled by no-one. And, likewise, by everyone. It was its own little thing, away from kingdom borders. The place mothers told stories of to keep their child in bed at night, or where one might banish a prisoner. But, to the people who resided there, it was so much more. Just as one might pledge their allegiance to their kingdom, the unclaimed lands were no different. it wasn't as though those who resided in its emptiness didn't know what happened outside. Civilizations formed, and likewise faltered, just as in the rest of the world. Settlements were built, some burned over petty conflicts, while others would stay, kept alive by those whom it protected. Ashford was one such place, placed downriver, the small city was built around it, multiple bridges passing across. There were farms, fishermen were sat by the riverside looking for today's catch, lumberers brought back their yields. Pulled by hand, leaving deep trails in the grass, a back-breaking exercise, but a meaningful one. Though wars were uncommon, the kettle started whistling from time to time, and Varg, the fortunate, or perhaps unfortunate, leader of the village, wasn't one to get caught off guard. Despite not having seen conflict for the last seven winters, he behaved as though the next one was around the corner at all times. He was of the weary sort, the sort that had seen what underestimating the unexpected led to. His body told story enough. Despite growing older, the scars were plentiful, the wolfman had been a frontliner before, the defenses surrounding the village were a deterrent, to hopefully avoid needing others to fill his shoes when he eventually passed. Through the palisades and walls made out of whole trees though, there was a relatively peaceful community living within them. Tavern-brawls were frequent, though they were anywhere. But traders of all sorts came and left, there was laughter to be heard in the streets, and the homes were relatively well kept. In a lot of ways, it was just like any other small city, barring its population of wolfmen anyway. The roofs were a little taller, beyond that... Not much. Standing guard outside the city walls, on its western entrance, stood Ruth and Culligan. Peacekeepers was their formal title, though they'd unanimously agree that they were paid to stand in place and not cause trouble, since trouble was a rarity by the gates anyway. The searing sun on a cloud-free day left them drowsy, only slightly eased by throwing their chest armor and shirts, though neither felt it helped much. Culligan would make his daily lackluster effort of charming Ruth, and Ruth would just as easily reject him, taking the job a fair bit more seriously, even though neither of them had the scars to show they could hold their own in a real fight. As with just about any other day, they were waiting, spears lazily resting by the walls, waiting for the bells to ring so they could go home. Varg on his part did his usual rounds dealing with the daily headaches. Accusations of theft, actual theft, suggestions, or sometimes just listening or helping. He'd been a far rowdier soul at some point, nowadays he considered himself more like the village dad, though in a way, he didn't actually mind. And that was Ashford, Varg's little haven along the river Serene, in the middle of the untamed, unclaimed lands.
  17. Maya Yoshida has been pining after the same woman from work for nearly five years now. He decides to confess his feelings only to find out she’s currently engaged to be married. Feeling rejected he goes to the bar and gets drunk. Like a responsible man he walks home rather than driving. On his way home he finds a teenage girl sitting all alone in a shady part of town. She’s a runaway. It’s cold outside and it’s probably not safe for her to be left alone... (Anyone familiar with manga or newer anime probably knows this plot line... MC is not gonna be as much of a “good guy” as the Yoshida from this title... Would love to discuss and play out this scene. Open to public or private play...)
  18. Going from door to door...waiting and watching... surprisingly few people are home during the middle of the day. He had a clipboard and blue BIC pen at the ready. No one suspected that he was anything more than just a door-to-door surveyor. Knocking and waiting...and waiting then knocking again...No reply... Walk away and repeat. A kind feminine face opened the front door at 169 Treisfall Land on this Wednesday morning. Asa stood smiling and rather surprised that the attractive suburban wife answered the door. “Good morning, ma’am... I am sorry to bother you. Would you possibly have five to ten minutes to help?” He smiled and was so charming. “I am doing a survey and it would be appreciated.” His left hand on the door frame. He waited for a moment as the woman seemed to be thinking to herself before he pushed her inside. Wrapping his right hand around her neck and revealing that the BIC pen was a small knife. He pressed the attractive housewife against the wall. “Keep your fucking mouth shut...or I’ll shut it for you...” he was able to lock and deadbolt the door from the inside. It took only a moment to find a bedroom. It wasn’t the master bedroom but it contained a full size bed with a blue comforter...Presumably her son’s room. “Strip...” he told her in a calculating but resolute tone. “Fucking everything off...socks too!” He told her. “Get those panties off or I’ll take them off myself and choke you with them.” He threatened. He waited and watched as she was naked but trying to cover her pussy and tits. He smirked at her before grabbing her and swiftly taking a long string from a balloon that was there in the room and tying her hands together. He slammed her into the foot board of the bed head first. He took the top she had been wearing and ripped it to make a tie for her feet. He took her panties and shoved them in her mouth. “Looks like I have a full day ahead of me...” he snickered as he stood over her bound body. “Let’s just hope we can fit everything in...before the family comes home...you wouldn’t want your kids seeing you like this...would you?” He gave a toothy smile.
  19. April stirred in bed, flipping from side to side, on her belly then onto her back. It was a crappy day at work and despite her ordeal, she was finding it hard to get to sleep. Finally she gave up around midnight, deciding that a nice relaxing warm shower might help her relax. She stripped out of her panties and T shirt, set the water temperature then stepped into the shower. It felt so good, closing her eyes, leaning against the cold tile wall and feeling the warm water cascade down her face and over her tits. The blonde 22 year old forgot to lock the apartment door, a mistake she would soon regret.....Little did she know that she wasn't alone....someone was in the bedroom, waiting almost impatiently for her to emerge from the shower. As she stepped out, a strong rough hand quickly came over her mouth. "One sound and I'll kill you," he whispered hoarsely. Of course he wouldn't do any such thing....she was far too valuable to be injured. The blonde was gorgeous and would bring a very high price at tonight's auction. He dragged her backwards toward the bed, The girls struggling as they moved. He forced her onto the bed and on her belly....as he jumped up and straddled her, he took a ballgag and forced the ball into her mouth, cinching the bands tight. Her arms were forced behind her back and tied tight, doing the same to her ankles. As she valiantly but uselessly struggled, he took a rag doused with chloroform and pressed it against her nose and gagged mouth. Despite more fight she soon passed out. He picked the naked girl, carrying her out the back and into a waiting van and sped off with his prize. The sounds of other girls in the room woke April up....like the others, she was naked, her ankles forced wide apart and secured to a spreaderbar, her pussy on full display....her arms were behind her back, locked around the pole she was fastened to. As she tried to scream she discovered she still had the gag. Two other girls were in the large cage with her....soon she was struggling and moaning loudly along with the others, her tits swaying as she struggled. She looked down and saw a number '3' on one thigh. "Allright Ladies and gentlemen," a voice said over a speaker....."time for tonight's slave auction.....we have 3 beauties for your viewing and purchase pleasure....you may come into the cage and examine the captives for a few minutes before the auction will begin...."
  20. EnchantedNymph

    LF Male Partners

    Looking for a literate roleplay partner to try out some of my roleplay ideas. I would like to add that these ideas would include actually story lines and depth. If interested in any of them feel free to message me and we can see if we can work something out. ~~~~~~~~~~ Alright, I have a few specific ideas I really want to try out. I will list them in order and if any of them interest you feel free to ecchitext me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ¤ Thriller/Smut style roleplay. I'm ready to dive into the spooky season. This could mean your character is some supernatural creature on the hunt, a serial killer, or a mixture of the two. My character would be a victim. I can easily switch characters so if one ends up dying, on to the next! ¤ Witch x Witch Hunter: Pretty self explanatory but if you need more details don't be afraid to ask. ¤ Opposing street gangs: Think something like West Side story. Your character is the leader of one, mine the leader of the other and our gangs clash all the time until things get a little too heated and it turns into more than just a brawl. (We can work on the plot more in ecchitext. This is just the general idea) ¤ Celebrity x Obsessed fan: Can play either role, could lead to kidnapping and other things. Drama/Thriller type genre not fluff. ¤ Fantasy RP theme: Think Dungeons & Dragons but text based. I can play multiple characters for the party so hopefully you can too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for taking the time to read~ ✌ Now let's get this party started ××
  21. On a warm summer night the children have begun to congregate beneath light posts. The children know their parents will be calling them home shortly. Watching the bats dart in to feast on the insects circling the lighted globes...children jump in and out of the rings of light, making up games, laughing and chatting. A gentle smirk formed on his face as he walked home from another day of work. Ah the celebrations of childhood freedoms...
  22. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    Offering a “helping hand”

    Young Ladies Only! MxF role play (YC) She needs work, she needs money, she needs a place to stay. She is skilled at almost nothing having not finished school/college. She applies for positions such as reception, maid, babysitter, daycare, light warehouse, and manufacturing, and uses a fake ID to try and get work as a waitress for clubs and bars. She presently lives in a one-room apartment on the wrong side of town and her money is disappearing fast. (MC) They are a group of men (employer) who are willing to give a “down & out lady” a shot at a job...real money. Money always comes from services rendered though...and how long before the employer decides to take a return on their employee? Maybe she’s better off being a source of income rather than a source of services? Looking for role play that will likely include: forced/non-con, drugged, gangrape, humiliation, forced/coerced enslavement, light bondage, coerced or plain purchased favor, oral, taking anal & vaginal, (virginity), public, exhibitionism. Not looking for a romantic storyline. Employer is about the bottom line. Besides she is broken. She’s not worth falling in love.
  23. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    Don’t Look Under the Bed

    You wake up—or you think you do. Someone’s in the dark. Someone’s close to you. Or you think there might be. So you sit up, and turn on the light. The room looks different at night. You know sometimes we think there’s something behind us. And the space under your bed is what’s behind you at night. Simple as that. It’s nothing to be afraid of. It ticks, creaks and breathes. And you tell yourself there’s nobody there. Nobody watching, nobody listening. Nobody there at all. You very nearly believe it...really, really, try. Just hold on tight. If anything bites, let it. Seeking a Female Loli to play with what lurks under the bed. Open to many different extra tags! Would love to discuss ideas in this thread?! This could remain in Public or go private? Just hit me up so we can discuss...either in Ecchitexts or here
  24. Hey there! I’m looking to see if anyone here would be interested in playing a fairly LT role play between Uncle and niece(s). Uncle Asa has been living off the coast of Maine for the last five years. He is visiting his sister and her two daughters. I would be open to a Mxfxf situation or even MxFxfxf situation with this role play (involving Asa’s sister and daughters in whatever configuration is agreed upon.) I would like to see some pregnancy stuff if anyone is interested. For anyone interested in a MxF pairing I might suggest using Ecchitext, so that if a bigger pairing with multiple players opens up we would still have the public topic. Thanks!
  25. KinkyKathy


    The storyline is basically simple......a suburban housewife is cleaning house while her husband is at work, kids at school. Someone comes to the door (male or female), claiming theyr'e here to take a survey. Housewife opens the door, the stranger bursts through, hand quickly over her mouth....she's dragged into the bedroom, forced to strip then tied up and gagged. What happens from there? it all depends on my potential writing partner. Bound and raped on the bed? kidnapped and taken before family comes home? hopefully involving my kinks list
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