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Found 42 results

  1. Participants: @wonderlandess (Alice Madeline Drake) @Neptune (Zelru)
  2. Guy_Sas as Charon Wonderlandess as Akira
  3. Disclaimer: The following roleplay will contain a massive variety of extremely dark and realistically portrayed crimes including, but not limited to, kidnapping and rape involving minors and featuring a variety of forced kinks and fetishes such as Incest, BDSM, and more. We do not condone such behaviors in real life, but if you are easily disturbed, we advise not reading beyond this disclaimer. Participants: @Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki - Jordan @Lisa - Jasmine @Aura - Amelia
  4. Participant(s): @lVergill [Vergill] @Amirah-V [Raelyn]
  5. Participant(s): @lVergill [Vergil] @Aurafox1 [ ]
  6. Participants: @Paco as Darius @Whimsical Dreams as Felicia
  7. Participants: @Aurafox1 -- Carla @Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki -- Haru @PinkKitten -- Miki
  8. Participants: @lVergill - Vergil @Angela Daring - Keiko @Aurafox1 - Serrah
  9. Participant(s): @lVergill @Mai Seto [?]
  10. Participant(s): @lVergill [Amy] @NyxAvatar69 [Alisa] @Angela Daring [Angela]
  11. Keiko was a slave. She had been her entire life. It wasn't an easy life by far. Sometimes, she got lucky and a nice person would buy her, and sometimes a real meany would pay for her. But for one reason or another, Keiko would inevitably wind up back here - in the market. Most owners got bored of her after a while, and the ones that liked her - or acted like it - wound up having some reason or another to return her. Keiko knew that part of the problem was her body. She was designated as a sex slave, but she tried her hardest to ignore her sexual urges. This was not only a defensive mechanism against the true perverts, but also a necessity - her body would be very happy being used day in and day out, and she knew that there was more to live than that, even as a slave. She didn't get much time in her cage this time. Shortly after being returned, she was back on 'the block' - the line between cells where slaves stood to be inspected and hopefully sold. Half the time, Keiko didn't care who bought her as long as it meant not having to be in this hell anymore. The market was terrible - all slaves had to be in tiny cages that they barely fit in, and trying to do anything in them was a pain - eat, sleep, etc. Of course, Keiko wanted a kind owner that would treat her nice, but she'd take a meany if it meant getting away from this place for a while.
  12. Participant(s): @lVergill [Vergil] @Fated Melodi [Melody]
  13. Participants: @~Ava-chan~ as Sasha @Whimsical Dreams as Eris
  14. Participants: @M. Valtore as Marick @Whimsical Dreams as Charlotte and others Charlotte
  15. Particpants: @guy_sas as DM @Whimsical Dreams as FBI Agent Lora Kaine
  16. Now, before I get into it, allow me to bring up one point. This RP was started between myself and @IVergill via PM several months ago. After a discussion regarding the fate of the RP on Discord, it shall be brought over here. Since there is already heavy amounts of progress already made and copy and pasting all the older posts would take an eternity and a half, I'm just gonna leave his last response and follow up from there. While Aurawing was busy with the old man, Crystal had walked back into town in hopes of finding more information on her own. Unlike her visit yesterday, Crystal began to notice a number of police officers dressed up far differently than any cops she's ever seen. Something about them bothered her a bit, but she had no idea what it was. On a street corner, a few people were advertising tomorrow's comedy show as an opening act to the town festival. In the corner of her eye, Crystal could've sworn she spotted a woman with long, blonde hair glaring at her. Crystal thought she was imagining things and kept walking, ignoring the people who were passing out flyers about the comedy show. As she walked around, she tried to listen for any talk of the Big Five or their activities, but all she heard was more gossip about the shop owner who had his store ruined by "a sudden gust of wind."
  17. Mike Sheer got up for the first day of school with a smile on his face. The thirty three year old teacher had just moved to Glades, California and his beach house was all he could have ever asked for. There was a logical reason for being able to live there on a teacher's salary, divorce. Mike had been married to a famous actress without a pre-nuptial agreement and thus when she decided to end it he got half of her fortune, which was about three million dollars. Sure it was a lot, and many questioned why he would ever work again, but the fact was that Mike loved teaching. So he spent the majority on his beach house and saved the rest for property taxes down the line. At five in the morning he went for a run along the beach and enjoyed the fresh sea air, it got his blood pumping well in the morning before he headed back inside his home to prepare for the day. A shower, breakfast that consisted of cooking himself a ham and cheese omelet with tomatoes in it, and then finally he was ready to go. Mike dressed in a tight black t-shirt with a brown sports jacket to go with his cargo style khaki pants and brown shoes. The first day of school was a typical first day filled with going over the rules, syllabus, and then being on of those dreaded English teachers who made students work on the first day. Finally his sixth period class rolled around. They had just finished an assembly, so cheerleaders were all decked out in their uniforms, two who were in his class. His last class of his first day at Glades High School and Mike had a senior class full of girls, women actually as he checked the roster and every one of them was already eighteen. "Hi all, and welcome to the first day of Senior Writing." He started off while passing out papers after the last bell rang to start class. "My name is mister Sheer, and together we will embark on a magical adventure unlike any other. I do have a few rules, no food, no drink other than water, no gum, and no cell phones. Any questions before I tackle the rest of the syllabus?" @~Ava-chan~
  18. Participant(s): @Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki (Garret) @Mai Seto (Maya)
  19. Participant(s): @lVergill [Gil] @Aurafox1 [Catherine] @Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki [Nagamine]
  20. Participants: @Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki {Himself} @Local Tit Cow {Alice}
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