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  1. The Kings is a large Raider Gang that operates in the post apocalyptic world of Ashaea. They have a base located at Kalath, which allows them access to most of Ashaea. If one has heard of them, then they know that this is a gang to be wary of. They will kill indiscriminately and will completely strip a location of supplies. They will raid loot from characters, and will happily kidnap and rape their victims. If a victim is lucky, they may be made into a sex slave, or forced to become part of the gang. The gang is highly organised and well armed, almost militarily so, thus they are highly dangerous. For characters who want no part in their sick games, it is best to avoid them as they are as dangerous as the zombies that haunt their streets. The Base The base itself is surrounded by a makeshift wall, with guard towers that ring around it. With this, they have been able to starve off all attacks from zombies, although they have yet to encounter a dragon. This makeshift wall is made from huge metal cargo containers, wired fencing, barbed wire and various pieces of scrap metal. Ringing around the wall is metal spikes, that are used for zombies to impale themselves on to damage them and make it easier to take them out. It is a designed fortress, that will be almost impossible for other survivors to scale without the proper planning and equipment. The walls are always guarded by gang members, who are always keeping an eye out on not only zombies but also other survivors that they could either kill or capture for making into slaves, either sexual or labour. Inside, there is a large area where labour slaves toil away growing crops and tending cattle to feed the gang members. These slaves are under constant guard by the gang members, who will not hesitate to beat anyone that steps out of line. The lives of these slaves are hard, as they work all day long and only receive a single meal in a day. They are housed in some small makeshift houses, where they sleep on mattresses on the floor. Their only means for toilet relief is a filthy latrine which they have to clean out themselves, often using it for fertiliser in the fields to increase crop yields. They get only the most basic of medical care, and aren’t allowed to take days off sick. The thought of revolt has never crossed their mind, as they only have access to pitchforks and shovels while the people looking over them are armed with guns. The gang members themselves live in either the ruins of houses that are encompassed in the camp, or in houses that they have had slaves build for them. They have access to the medical facilities on sight, and the medicine loot that they have on hand. They also have access to the guns, food and water that they have in stock as they are the soldiers of the gang and thus must be kept relatively healthy and satisfied. There is even an entertainment lounge where gang members can watch videos, play games such as pool and drink alcohol from the bar. The centre of the encampment is dubbed ‘The Palace’ and it is where Tobias King, the leader of The Kings, lives. He lives in absolute comfort and has his every whim satisfied. It is an old office building that is twenty stories high. He lives at the very top, taking up several floors while ‘special’ members are allowed to live in the lower levels of the office such as special sex slaves or well liked members of the gang. He has a large bedroom, that contains a large bed and a wide variety of clothes. Due to the kind of loot that his gang has collected over the past year, he has rooms with his own television, entertainment centre and a working computer. He also has a room completely dedicated to growing cannabis for his own personal consumption. Basically, he lives quite a luxurious life for someone who lives in the apocalypse. The encampment has their own on-site power generation as well, as they have looted solar panels and gasoline from various sources which allows them to have electricity. This ensures that their spotlights can always be running at night, and their entertainment systems are always functioning. They also have a large storage shed that is filled with the loot that they have managed to collect, including guns, ammo, clothes, miscellaneous items, food and water. It is always heavily guarded and slaves can only enter if they are being escorted. If any slave, or gang member starts displaying the symptoms of the N-virus then they are likely to be shot on sight. The supply of Necrotacin that they have on site is reserved only for Tobias and his ‘specials’ and the gang will not take chances with infected people in having zombies within the confines of their bases. Area’s controlled The Kings control a good amount of Kalath, but not all of it. While the gang itself is not something that survivors would want to encounter, the zombie population count in the town is relatively low thanks to them. They control several office buildings, and a number of houses but outside of their encampment these are not policed heavily. Outside of town, though, they control a water treatment plant which they defend vigorously. It is this that supplies their encampment with clean water which gives them an enormous amount of power within the region, as they control the biggest source of not only clean water but decent food as well. It also helps them that, due to their numbers and the amount of items that they have been able to look, they have several working vehicles which they use to go on expeditions to reach various destinations quickly. The Raider gang can often be seen in all areas of Ashaea, including Blackberry Falls although the closer to Blackberry Falls they get, the larger their scouting gangs will be due to the higher numbers of zombies. For survivors the gang can be a blessing and a curse. If caught, survivors will soon regret it. However the gang tends to clear out zombies as they go, which can reduce the dangerous conditions for survivors in lootable areas.
  2. With a roleplay about blackmail, it's only natural that secrets are going to play a big, recurring role. For that reason, it is critically important that you keep your characters' secrets hidden behind lock and key. Secrets should never be listed in the character's public profile. Not even the character's bio. Instead, secrets will be sent directly to a member of Ghost through ecchitexts. In order for a character to be publically labeled as a victim, they must have at least one secret on record in the Ghost's databases. Keep in mind, your character can still be blackmailed as an onlooker, but your secret will have to be discovered by other means as Ghost can only sell information it knows. In order to submit a secret for a victim, you will send an ecchitext to a member of Ghost using the following template: Secret: Summary of the character's secret, try to avoid referencing other secrets your character may have. Potential Consequences: What would happen if this secret got out? Why would this character allow him/herself to be blackmailed over it? Severity: X/5. How badly would this character try to protect their secret? People who know: Who knows about this secret? Try to list each character in a bulleted list in the following format: userA - Victim A userB - Onlooker C [Anonymous Characters] Please try to list each secret you'd like to submit separately. We may modify your submission if we decide it should be split into multiple secrets. ------------------ As a blackmailer, your job will be to actively seek out these secrets. The easiest way to do this is to send an ecchitext to a member of Ghost requesting information on a specific character. Remember to make note of which character is requesting the information so that we may keep track of what characters know what secrets. We will tell you how many secrets that character has on file and send the secret to you. You may only request one secret at a time and will have to wait an amount of time before requesting another, depending on the severity of the secret. 1/5: 1 Day 2/5: 2 Days 3/5: 1 Week 4/5: 2 Weeks 5/5: 1 Month It is important that you discuss with the owner of a victim first whether or not they would be okay with your character blackmailing there's. We may have leniency on this rule if the owner of a victim character goes inactive, gets banned, terminates their account, etc. It is implied that all blackmailer characters know the phone numbers and other contact info of their target victim from Ghost. Note: As alluded to earlier, you do not have to purchase a secret directly from Ghost. You can press for secrets through direct interactions with the character, you can trick that character into doing something that you can blackmail them over, you can even completely bluff your knowledge of a secret. Any devious way you can think to manipulate another character into doing your bidding is on the table, so long as you continue to respect that user's preferences, of course.
  3. Black City is located in northwestern Florida. As a result, US and Florida State Laws are in effect. For the purposes relevant to this roleplay, this means: You have to be at least 16 years old to have a drivers' license. At 15, you may have a Learner's Permit which allows one to drive only if there is an adult (18+ years old) with a valid drivers' license in the passenger seat. The age of consent is 18. You have to be 21 to buy or consume alcohol. Between 18-21, you may have alcohol in small doses if a parent/guardian offers it at home. Firearms such as pistols and hunting rifles are easily obtainable from a local gun store as long as you're 18+. You must be 18+ to purchase items from a sex store. Of course, keep in mind, these are all with respect to what is legal. You can still break the law and, in specific cases, the law isn't going to care. For example, an 18 year-old can't technically have legal sex with a 17-year-old the week before her 18th birthday, but I doubt such a case would be taken very seriously. If there are any questions about the law, please ask me about them or look up the legality of the action in question yourself! (Keep in mind that that some crimes are federal law while others differ by state). I will update this list with the answers to any questions that consistently show up.
  4. As expressed on the homepage, Black City is a sort of hybrid between public and private roleplay. Which type of roleplay it leans more toward depends solely on the user's individual preferences. For some users, private messaging may be used exclusively for sharing and secrets, while other users might prefer to act out entire side stories in ecchitexts. Ideally, players will be able to switch back and forth between public and private roleplay in order to show two sides of their characters. The way said character behaves in public and the way they behave behind closed doors where the secrets are in play. In this thread, I will be explaining the general process of how roleplay will work within this club. Note, while doing private roleplay involving a blackmailer or onlooker, that character may just send recordings or photos to a member of Ghost to be documented and held against a victim or an onlooker (who decided to turn victim from their player's decision). When you first begin, you will have to create your character profile in the Citizen Database. There, you will specify your character's role: Onlooker, Victim, or Blackmailer. For all roles, you will either jump into the main thread and begin roleplaying, or introduce yourself in the OoC thread to discuss your plans with other users! You may want to head to the OoC thread before starting your character profile so that you can get an idea of what type of character you want to play! Roleplaying as an Onlooker Onlookers serve the purpose as a sort of control variable. They are supposed to live their lives with freedom from such horrors as blackmail. Of course, they'll find themselves in any number of conflicts, but ultimately they won't have the constant threat of their secrets being exposed. If you are nervous about committing to a victim or blackmailer role, this may be the easiest place to start as you can easily transition into one or the other based on your preferences. An Onlooker doesn't necessarily have to have a dark secret, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they won't. Onlooker's secrets will be kept in Ghost's databases just like victims, although they cannot be purchased by blackmailers. Often, these characters will be interacting with victims and reacting to their odd behavior as blackmailers give them commands in secret. Maybe they'll be turned on by sudden flirtatious attitudes or maybe they'll be horrified by something the victim is made to do. They might find themselves in a position where another character confesses a secret to them, or where they develop their own secret with someone they think they can trust. These situations among many others just might lead to a change in role~ Roleplaying as a Victim Victims will be forced to accept commands from blackmailers who know their deepest darkest secrets. These secrets will either be confessed directly to a member of Ghost, volunteered by another character who may have found out, or uncovered through roleplay. In order to play a victim, that character must have at least one dark secret in the Ghost's database that hasn't been publicly revealed. However, a character does not have to be publicly labeled as a victim in order to be blackmailed. If a character has no unrevealed dark secrets, they can no longer be blackmailed and will become an onlooker or a blackmailer unless another secret is either confessed or brought up. All secrets within the Ghost's databases are secured. Only members of Ghost and ED Staff will have access to them. If a blackmailer is being too forceful or demanding and making you feel uncomfortable out of character, please send that blackmailer a private message, and/or post a complaint in the OoC thread explaining your problem. If necessary, staff will take action. That said, please keep in mind the implications of accepting the role of victim. If you have agreed to let somebody blackmail you, and that somebody makes a command for you that fits with your roleplayer preferences, the best we can do is request that they rewrite their command. Please make sure to keep your RP preferences updated, or to openly discuss your limits with your roleplaying partners, to prevent this situation from happening. Roleplaying as a Blackmailer Blackmailers will be invited by a member of Ghost to purchase secrets about any character labeled as a Victim. It will be suspicious for a blackmailer to request too much information at once, so each blackmailer may only purchase one secret at a time and must wait anywhere from 1 day to 1 month depending on severity before purchasing another. As such, it is imperative that the user discuss ahead of time if it would be okay to blackmail another user's character. However, secrets may also be discovered in ways outside of purchasing them from Ghost. For example, they may be retrieved through private conversation with the character or they maybe be created through clever use of commands, such as forcing a character to take a nude selfie. Secrets obtained in such ways can be kept between just the two characters, or they can be sold to Ghost in exchange for secret involving another character. No character may be blackmailed without consent by their player. Any attempts to do so will be considered non-canon unless said otherwise by the victim. These characters are blackmailers in roleplay only. Blackmail As the central focus of this roleplay, it is important to establish how blackmail will be handled. It's really quite simple. Once a Blackmailer has learned a secret about a specific character, and that character's owner has given permission, that character may be blackmailed in any number of ways. It is ultimately up to the blackmailer to decide what exactly that means, but generally, this will involve either sending messages to the character (through ecchitext or ecchichat) in order to issue commands to that character to affect their behavior during whatever is going on, or having your blackmailer character physically meet with their victim in order to issue a more physical command. A blackmail command may look something like this: Of course, the actual contents of the message depends on what your blackmailer character is like and how much information you're willing to volunteer. The victim will receive this message through ecchitext or ecchichat. In their next post for that character, that player would have their character check their phone at some point to read the message. The victim would then have to make the decision to respond to the message in any way they see fit. They don't necessarily have to play along with the command, but if they choose not to, it is up to the blackmailer whether they want to reveal the secret, or continue to press the character into obeying. When it comes to commands requiring "photographic evidence," it is enough to simply roleplay the character snapping a photo and sending it to their blackmailer. Although, if you want to go the extra mile and seek out an actual reference photo of your character naked, it would be more than appreciated!
  5. If there is anything about the roleplay that you don't understand, please ask about it here! Don't be afraid to speak up about your questions or concerns. We understand things can get really confusing really fast, especially for this roleplay in particular. If you post in this thread, a Ghost member will try to respond ASAP.
  6. Blackberry Falls: Zombies Lore Thread This roleplay is a non-canon version of one of my other roleplays; Blackberry Falls. It has been a year since the beginning of the end, with this roleplay set in 2020. Your characters will find themselves stuck in a post-apocalyptic world. They saw their comfortable and safe lives shattered before their eyes, only to be plunged into a world of confusion and danger. It all started innocent enough. One night, as your characters were watching the news, an innocuous news report came into the studio. A mere hour before that report, a meteor had come down and struck the country of Ashaea, in its lush and abundant countryside causing minor damage. For a little while, people excitedly spoke about it, as it wasn’t often that such occurrences happened. But soon enough, like with everything, it faded from the minds of people and they no longer thought about it. However weeks later, strange reports begun to spill in about a strange new flu that was spreading quickly throughout the country. At first, people would begin getting flu like symptoms with a fever, cough, headaches and chills. A couple of days later after the first symptoms started to manifest themselves, victims started losing their minds, becoming aggressive and even biting others. After a couple of days of this state, the victim died. Or seems to. A week after the first reports of this strange flu started coming in, more reports came through claiming that the dead were walking again. Absolute chaos resulted across the entire country, with panic-stricken people trying to flee. The UFF completely closed off their borders and would shoot anyone on sight, making their country inaccessible and a certain death trap for those trying to seek shelter there. The government tried to rally together, to save as many of their citizens as they could, as the wave of dead kept growing. But their efforts were in vain, as they found themselves completely overwhelmed by hordes of the deceased. This is the world that your characters find themselves in, and this will be the story of their attempts to either escape Ashaea or to forge a new life for themselves in this wasteland. More detail about the disease, the spread and events leading up to the roleplay have been deliberately left out because it is the task of your characters to uncover the story if they so wish to. The more your characters travel, and the more they explore, the more of the true story will be uncovered. Relevant links: Main Roleplay Thread Character ID The Bunker
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