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Staff Application

Application Settings

Content count Reputation points/likes Number of days as member Minimum age User groups
150 100 60 20 Dreamer, Gold Dreamer, Platinum Dreamer

  • Community Administrators

This application will close on July 1st 2018, those that are picked will be asked to read and accept the Staff Policy Agreement by the 6th July 2018. It is important that you read below in its entirety. 

Position Specification:

A site wide moderator will help implement the EcchiDreams Community Mission by monitoring and moderating Dreamer-generated content to ensure that the online community's pillars are maintained. The role coordinates with the Senior Staff such @SMFoxy and @Manni to support the team mission of ensuring a safe and legal community environment, promoting a strong sense of pleasant cooperation and helping to cultivate a strong and dynamic community full of individuals. The position requires a fine balance between Free Speech and Moderation; and thus, this job will not be easy. Asking for help in staff specific areas is encouraged, especially if you absolutely don't know what to do in a given situation. Likewise, helping other staff with a voice of opinion when they bring a situation forward, is strongly encouraged too hence team work.


  • Implement the online community mission, coordinating with other staff across EcchiDreams to ensure its effectiveness and providing superior quality of user support to our Dreamers with the help of various communication tools.
  • Review and moderate all Dreamer-generated content and user profiles within forums, comments, images, liaising with the Senior Staff and Community Management team when required.
  • With your tool set you need to be able to identify duplicate accounts and other problems.
  • Moving topics to the correct Forum board or Discussions category.
  • Processing EcchiTexts and complaints, escalating when necessary.
  • Regularly provide feedback concerning insights gained from community moderation to the Community Management team.
  • Maintain an overall mature and friendly demeanor when interacting with other Dreams. (You don't have to be a professional robot).
  • Practice diplomacy when users make mistakes.
  • Practice restraint when users need to be warned.
  • Diffusing hostile situations on both the Forums and the Discussions.
  • Pointing new Dreamers to policies and guidelines when necessary.
  • Remaining in contact with other staff through the EcchiDreams Official Staff Boards as well as external areas, such as Google Hangouts, Discord, Steam and so on.


  • Great knowledge of basic online legal issues and cool under pressure.
  • Are able to keep in mind that this forum is a pro-free speech platform. 
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills, and a proactive approach
  • Working operational knowledge and understanding of online community platform moderation tools (Forums, Clubs, Gallery, Articles etc.)
  • Ability to effectively communicate information
  • Team player, detail focused and reliable, but able to work independently too.
  • Good technical understanding and can pick up new tools quickly.
  • Have a good knowledge of principles of customer service.
  • Availability to be online frequently.
  • Google Hangouts, or Discord, or something along those lines for Offline Communication.
  • Two Factor Authentication must be enabled on your account (For security reasons). This will be a hard requirement if you become a staff member.

Confidential Information

Information and discussion posted in private staff discussion forums is to remain confidential. It is posted in private staff areas for a reason. The EcchiDreams Staff do not have parties or use these private places to engage in mindless gossipping/bitching about other Dreamers behind the Dreamers' backs. They discuss such things as board issues and what to do about policies. Any staff member found to be leaking information will be issued either a warning, a strike, be put on probation as a staff member, or, if the leak is serious, lose their position all together, permanently.

Information to Fill Out

  1. Name (Or what you prefer to be called by other staff in private/non-public encounters).
    1. Public Name. If the answer is different what would you prefer to be called on the forums in public, (For example @SMFoxy is sometimes just referred to as Foxy).
  2. Country and Timezone
  3. Availability? - How often are you online, and so on.
  4. Please tell us about yourself; job, school, hobbies?
  5. Why do you want to be a staff member, what makes you feel that you're a good candidate?
  6. Have you had experience before?
  7. What challenges do you foresee if you become a moderator?
  8. What do you feel are your personal shortcomings or attributes you can improve on?
  9. Do you have any questions for us?

Application Settings

  • Content count 150
  • Reputation points/likes 100
  • Number of days as member 60
  • Minimum age 20
  • User groups Dreamer, Gold Dreamer, Platinum Dreamer

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  • Love 1
  • Thanks 1

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