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  1. Hello, I am looking to do a 1x1 long term fantasy adventure roleplay with romance and adventure. I have a few genres and ideas I am looking to do this with. All will be matured up to adults. They are not listed in any order. Black Clover Fairy Tail X Black Clover My Hero Academia Dragonball/Z/GT/Super One Piece -My character is the lone survivor of corrupt Marines destroying her whole village with devil fruits. She not only wants revenge she wants a fruit of her own, and to discover the secrets of their powers to end the world government. She can either make a pirate or revolutionary. Fairy Tail -My character was an orphan raised and experimented on. She recently escaped and now they are after her. What will she find after a life of captivity? Dragon Quest -My character and perhaps yours are the Luminary or Dragon Knight Emissaries of the god created to save the world from evil. Dungeons and Dragons -I would like to roleplay through all the campaigns, original story, and beyond. Isekai Genre -My character and maybe your character get somehow or another transported to another world with magic. Secret Magical World Genre -Harry Potter is an example of this genre but won't be used Psychic (me) and Detective (you) -My character will be a real psychic woman. She will do a lot of sixth sense type of things. Your character will have to be both the professional mystery solver and the brute force against the supernatural. Magic College/University -My character and yours go to a supernatural school, they also use their abilities to fight off magic threats, be them from the school or otherwise. Rules -Expect to use a Discord Server -Be 18+ (I am over 18 and expect you to be too) -Be willing to game master (game master controls story, outcomes, additional characters, and gets their own main character) -OCs (original characters) only. (Sorry I don't like to play with stories and characters preexisting. I might be talked into it if the series is over.) -If any cannon plot is mentioned the story will have to take place prior to any cannon or afterwards. -Be male (I play a straight female character so I expect a straight male as her romantic interest) -**Be expecting little to no smut** -Be familiar with the series or genre you are interested in -Have a fun magical adventure roleplay Hope to see some people interested, feel free to pitch any ideas, or questions if you have any, thank you. Please PM the word **Magic** when you message and let me know which you were interested in. If you don't, expect no response. Please also post here to keep the thread alive. Thank you, hope to have a magic adventure with you!
  2. WELCOME!! Welcome to my specific plot ideas forum post! In this post, I'll be adding RP ideas that lean into a much more specific path. This means characters are already chosen, or are limited in choice, and the plot already has a somewhat set path. This doesn't mean things can't change, and if in the midst of the actual RP or planning, we get an idea to expand upon, this is acceptable. I hope the aesthetic pleases you, and I hope there is an idea that pulls in your interests. As mentioned, this post is for my more specific plots, however, I also have a post that is dedicated to broader ideas. Those plots will be much more lenient and forgiving, and will most likely require much more planning. The link will be at the bottom of the page. There is also a new key that will show what the state of the posts are. These are subject to change at any time, so feel free to check back regularly. - Locked - Hot/Top Without further ado, I shall now list the specific ideas below! A lucky find Prison woes New recruit Billing the hero Turning the tables Rock hard Streamer troubles Burning love Butterflies care "Petplay" The wrong hero? Toppling the system A true pirate's welcome Order 69 Cum no jutsu Curing curses To be the very best, like no one ever was Fireteam fun Sexbots in disguise The best maid Restarting life on easy mode The new crew Teyvat's other stories That magic touch Hard work is hell And there we have it! This list will be updated regularly with new and exciting ideas for you to read through. However, the post doesn't end here. Below is a list of fandoms that I am particularly interested in. These various franchises may not have a specific post right now, but feel free to ask about them anyway! I'm sure we can work something out! Fandom list And there we have it! Below, I have also linked my other post, which has my broader ideas, in case nothing here suited your tastes. I have also linked my gallery, which contains other reference pics of characters I'd love to do something with, or use in the above plots. Also, a link to my album with character references that I would likely play as in these RPs. Lastly, I hope you all enjoyed reading through my ideas. The list should have new additions regularly, and over time, I'm sure some ideas will be placed on hold for others to shine. Feedback is always welcomed, and feel free to ask questions! TAKE CARE!!
  3. The world of Female oriented combat sports has evolved, mixing the flair of pro wrestling with athleticism of sumo comes an explosive new sport known as, "BATTLE BROADS!" 2 women enter the arena, it can be either a small floating platform in the middle of a pool, a balance beam over a pit of jello and lube, or even on motorized single wheel boards that zip around an arena, regardless the rules are the same. First one to touch the ground loses, and only the hips, buttocks, and breasts may be used to strike your opponent. The ladies each adopt colorful personas and battle it out in high-stake matches for fame, fortune, and the coveted BB Belt and the title of "Baddest Battle Bitch". Women from all over the world compete for the title, pushing their bodies and sex appeal to unheard of lengths in order to obtain any advantage they can get. That brings us to our current up in coming challenger, Mimi Marshmallows! She came out of nowhere and swept through the rookie league, making to the pros in record time and as one of the youngest competitors, seeing as she's still in High School. A bubbly clown girl decked out in full body paint and even a big red nose, she goes into battle in the traditional 2 piece bikini, naturally done up in garish colors and a large pair of clown shoes she typically kicks off before a match. Bold and brash, with a love of puns and bad jokes along with funny gags, Mimi's matches are always a hoot. It doesn't hurt that she's also well built, her arms and abs toned, her thick rear is round and plump, and her massive breasts impossibly perky, but there is one other aspect that draws in the crowds. She's a futa, and quite a well endowed one as well. While she's not allowed to use it in battle, the added weight aids in keeping her balance, allowing her to strike harder then most other competitors without risking a fall. Of course, Mimi has a secret. In her day to day life she's Milo Jaegerson, a shy, nerdy high school student with a flair of oversized turtlenecks and floor length skirts. She's almost paralyzingly shy and introverted, doing her best not to stand out in any way as she tries to focus on her school work. She got into BB as a way to stay in shape, and when she dons her makeup and costume it's as if she becomes a whole other person, someone who's everything she isn't. She's gone to great lengths to keep her 2 lives separate, even going so far as to wear a wig and glasses she doesn't need in her day to day life just to keep her privacy. So the idea here would be YC is either a fan or a fellow competitor who discovers Milo/Mimi's secret, from there we can either take it to a dark place or play up the humor or even work in a sort of romance story. I'm down for anything really.
  4. LeSane

    Reserve Isekai

    What is an Isekai? Isekai, or "different world," is a Japanese genre of light novels, manga, anime, and video games that revolve around a person transported to and has to survive in another world, such as a fantasy world, virtual world, planet, or parallel universe. This plot device allows the audience to learn about the new world at the same pace as the protagonist. The genre can be divided into "transition into another world" and "reincarnation into another world." In "transition into another world" stories, the protagonist gets transported to another world (e.g., traveling into it or being summoned). In many examples, the Main Character is an ordinary person who thrives in their new environment thanks to being expected in the real world to being seen as extraordinary in the "other" world. These can be physical characteristics, such as hair or eye color, or average, everyday skills they learned in their previous life, such as cooking, engineering, primary education, or medicine. Which are far more advanced in the real modern world than in the world they are sent to. An offshoot of the isekai genre is the "second chance" or "reincarnation" genre, where a protagonist who, upon dying, finds themselves transported, not to a different world and new body, but into their own younger self. With their new knowledge and older intellect, they can relive their life, avoiding their previous pitfalls. Usually, the protagonist manages to deal with why they've been transported, summoned, reincarnated, etc. They are allowed to be returned home. The big question is, what happens afterward when the reason you are brought to this world has come to a close? Story idea Your Character was just an average person... Who lived an average life but was transported to this strange world over a year ago. They cried a lot at first, wanting to escape from it all, though after learning that there was a chance you'd be able to return home. The idea of going back to your life had hardened your resolve, and you adapted to this world. On the battlefield, where many people who killed and were killed... Your Character tried their best to uphold the values of justice and equality that their teammates often spoke so strongly about. The time spent learning the true meaning of courage and camaraderie. Things that they hadn't understood before arriving in this world. For an average person, it would be too for them to understand, but they'd grown strong, so much so that more people were relying on them than your Character counted on them. They'd lost a lot but gained a lot, too. Times where they would have stumbled at a few obstacles but were able to overcome more. Finally... a year-long journey came to a close. Three weeks after saving one world, your Character returns to earth only to find that they have lost everything. It seems that while they were away, things hadn't stopped. Parents worried and tried to find their child only to have one face an unfortunate accident. The other, overwhelmed by grief, took their own life. They asked that their passing publicize that the media outlets publish your characters' missing person report even to the end. Your Character's family wasn't wealthy enough to have money left behind. Money wasn't the only thing they lacked. No Family. No Higher education. No Social Status In this place, the 'You' no longer exist. Your Character saved the world. Saved countless people's lives, and as people searched for them, our Character risked their lives to come back here... so why have they been abandoned? Reason for writing all this— This comes from a webcomic called 'Yongsaga dorawatda' or, for the majority of us who have no idea what that says, 'The Warrior Returns.' It resonated with me because, for once, it took the stale concept of other worlds and being transported. The ramifications of what happens when a character is gone for so long, or they die. The world moves on, and people are hurt. There isn't a happy ending for people sometimes.
  5. ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- F E A R C H A O S R E S P E C T D A N G E R ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- 2XXX. Technology has led to a Meta that literally is the second life, the next frontier, and quite possibly the primary setting for people. Traversing the Meta can be an exciting experience, but there's a danger hidden within the second reality... Turn down the wrong alleyway, I dare you. You may just run into the biggest criminal nomad of this world, and once your eyes fall upon that leather... Or that unsettling mask... Know the tag; R4zrc0de. Call him R4zr, or Razer. An embodiment of seven deadly sins. Hacking is an understatement for him - his ability to remain elaborate and relevant with change is what makes him the highest honor of threats. He looks as he pleases. He goes where he wants. He takes what he likes. Nobody who wants a chance gets in the way of that. If you do, you can consider yourself lucky when you're let off with injuries most people claim they can feel after removing their VR buds. Why not just hack back? Why not dox? Well, Razer is obviously elaborate, but other hackers have only gotten a peak at the truly elaborate lengths this monster goes to - layers and layers of encryption, proxy, and protection. Not to mention, the threat of him returning the favor - try to find out a peep of him, and the moment he finds out (which he will), you don't know what could happen to you in real life. Such a dangerous threat leaves most people with two options; steer clear of Razer, or give him what he wants. However, there are some people who find themselves entering a sort of 'fan' position with him. It's strange, but there's a cult-following of fans of people like him; it's a sort of celebrity appeal. How about you? What'll it be, when you walk down that alley - look the other way when you see him, or give him what he wants? ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- Abis Hering. 19. Paranoid out the wazoo. In life, he's nothing but insecure, unassertive, lacking any kind of charm or nerve. Then, he got to experience a world where he didn't have to be who he was. It started easily enough - he used his knowledge to give a little bit of hell to the people who had done the same for him way back when. It devolved with every threat... Then every piece of mockery... Then, every wrong look. Now, he was nothing like his real self, here. And because of that, his life outside was covered. Tape on cameras, every possible firewall and safeguard for cybersecurity... Paranoia that kept him safe from repercussion. He was just a lonely boy, which was the sad truth... Was he truly fine sealing that fate with things he could do? ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- You entered the Meta world with a set of buds. Maybe this was your first time... Maybe you've been doing this for a while. Regardless, you wanted to have some fun. So, you saw a few sites, entered a few 'rooms' which had music or activities, before hitting a neon bar, wanting to end the night with a bit of edge. What really surprised you though, once you had been sitting at that bar for a bit, was that just a few seats away, someone else sat, too. Someone strangely familiar. You didn't know if they'd been there before you sat, or if they just sat down. All you knew was that you'd seen them before, on a piece of news. His name was R4zrc0de. And you were within reach of him. //Alright! You made it this far, sweet. This is gonna be fun, idk what I want from this RP so you're free to have fun and introduce ideas! I just know I want romance to come from it, surprisingly. I expect good grammar, 3rd person responses, and I am asking for kinda longer responses for this one. I'm also hoping for people who'd love to move to discord, but that's not a requirement at all. I think that's about it, but it is 2 am so I may be forgetting something. Oh well!
  6. ~ Knights With Rifles ~ Have you ever wondered that maybe you’re worst enemy is... Yourself? It was the office clerk who ended up in such a tedious job because of her choices leading up to it. The same thing over and over again. Answering similar calls, mindlessly filling out paperwork, and having to cover for other lazy co-workers’ shifts. What a nightmare! The sun was setting for another long day, and it was made worse that she couldn’t enjoy such a nice view from her car, since the building’s of the large industrial city blocked the gorgeous heavens themselves. It seemed like another slow end to another slow day, until seeing her house not too far away flashing with an indescribable light! No fires, no impactful explosions it looked like, but the office lady’s gut instinctively knew something was awry. Upon cautiously checking her home, she saw a... Knight cowering inside? What would such an odd thing be doing in a place like hers? After some outlandish claims made by him about time travel, as well as a never ending waterfall of reasoning behind his situation. The girl let him stay as much as she didn’t believe it... Nearby at least, definitely not in her private space, as the armored man wielded a sword. Yet soon after that day’s end, another flash occurred, but somewhere out in nature. Before they even knew it, a large metallic monstrosity was hunting them down. At least the knight that is, and it would not stop until they came across a gas masked soldier. It was only then that she realized... They had the same name? It may’ve been a coincidence, but the gas masked one also stated he was from the past! It would come to be known that the menacing robot was also them? Then why hunt himself? There was another that all wanted to stop from preventing a paradoxical catastrophe. The only reason they didn’t harm each other in the first place was because of the innocent yet cynical woman, so would she be able to help them find a new solution to saving... Well, themselves? She would come to learn more about herself, and perhaps her other selves too... ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ Mmmmmmwahhh! Hello my sweets, it’s me! I’m back with another bulletin post for you all, and this one-- I gotta say, is something rather challenging for me. This little idea has been stuck in my head for days, but I never got the time to write about it. So now, here it is! A story about time traveling soldiers from different walks of life, while being the same person who ends up protecting and getting assistance from a seemingly normal lady. That’s basically the gist of this story, but I truly hope to flesh it out with someone, as I find it to be one of my more interesting ideas of the bunch while keeping to my tastes and interests. For this roleplay, I would like to take the role of the many soldier characters who end up teaming up with the woman to stop... Themselves! From a clumsy but caring knight, to a paranoid and flirty gas masked marine, all the way to a big-- cold cybernetic assassin who learns to show more than just one emotion. And perhaps more... But I think I’ll just leave it there for now, or else this list of characters would go on forever! Anyways, I would also ADORE it if someone could fill in the role of the sleepy and sarcastic office lady! You all know how much I love these kinds of pairings. The big odd entities warming up to a regular girl of some sort-- or vice versa. Gah! My favorite! I just think it’s so cute, you know? Really, I prefer a more story driven roleplay than just pure smut, but remember, I can always negotiate on that. Most of the things I discuss here can be tweaked as long as it doesn’t completely butcher my idea, but I’ll open up for you! Mewmewmew! (>///<) (And keep in mind, there are references at the bottom!) Here are some things I enjoy in roleplay: Decent Spelling/Grammar (It doesn’t have to be perfect though!) Decent Length (I can usually go up to several paragraphs, but we can negotiate..!) Expression (Through small details and dialogue, I love expressive characters and scenes!~) And here are some things I don’t enjoy: One Liners (It’s irritating to write so much for someone, only to get a few skimpy sentences back, you know?) Excessive Fluff (Now I love little details, but when they take over progression or halt the story, we have a problem.) Ghosting (Please do not ghost anyone. Don’t get someone excited for a new roleplay only to dump them later for no reason. If you wish to pause or stop the roleplay entirely, let me know, and I will always understand. That’s a promise.) So now, here’s a few little additional things you should know. One of the main things is that I do NOT care about your IRL gender, this is fiction after all. So as long as we can both play our part well, then we’ll be just great! You hear me!? (Ò///Ó) Now now... How about we list off what really counts for a lot you little naughties, the real meat of roleplay for some... Kinks! Here are some that I think’ll work in this roleplay: Ecchi Scenes, Oppai, Paizuri, Passionate Sex, Dub Con, Kisses, Cuddling, Dirty Talk, a-and... Hand Holding..?~ And that should be it! Actually wait, I tell a lie... One more thing I must request. Please please please-- have a preference sheet of some kind! Preferably on this site too just for quick access, as I believe simply just having one can make things easier for the both of us. It helps me understand some of the things you like beforehand, and it can make the process of actually discussing our tastes much smoother. So please just have a preference sheet, no matter how basic it is. Yet that is all I request, so I believe that’s a wrap! I hope this catches at least one person’s eye, since I truly love writing on this site and roleplaying in general. It’s just a relaxing hobby for me, especially after a long day of work, and there’s no feeling like creating something new from scratch. Even if it’s time consuming, I still enjoy making new bulletin posts for you all to check out. Even if it doesn’t attract tons of attention and such, I still have fun going through the process. So please don’t be scared of approaching me! I am usually quite shy, so don’t be intimidated by my bright colors or anything. We want the same thing, I assure you! Anyways... With all that said and done, I will see you soon. (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  7. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Deepanddeeperstill. Overall premise: Two unusual people get paired up by the adventurers guild as both of them have been asking for a partner to do jobs with. The roleplay will mainly focus on the fun and action packed adventures, coupled with slice of life and humorous shenanigans of the odd pairing of a sassy goblin paladin and a minotaur spellcaster. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- It is around noon and the main room of the guild building is fairly quiet and with most members away for now. One of the newer members, Beatrix Shattershield, is one of the few of her kind who has earned the position of a paladin. She aims to both smite all of the evildoers and their minions, as well as making some decent coin. As most goblins, shiny objects are one of her personal weaknesses, though not to the point where she switches side just for mere coin. Wherever possible, she will acquire such gain whilst keeping her oaths and codex intact and unspoiled. Most goblins favour light to no armour and small weapons, mostly to be agile, fast and dexterious. Beatrix, on other hand, very much prefers being heavily clad and even more heavily armed. She approaches the taller desk, so she has clear her throat to be seen by the human standing there, who has yet to notice her."Excuse me! Down here! Yes...you! I am reporting here as requested. Beatrix Shattershield! I was told I would be partnered up by now", she tells him, already seeming like things to go swift and smoothly. Hopefully, he will make no comments about her height, which is still below goblin average. Powers (let us say we both pick up to 4): Smite evil Pure faith Blessing Purify
  8. Hello! I would like to do a romantic plot that centers around YC fighting through other suitors of MC (exes or otherwise) with video game physics like in Scott Pilgrim vs The World if you've seen that movie. However, at the heart of the plot would be the two's relationship. I value mainly story with some smut. We can discuss kinks in PMs though keep in mind that I would prefer to keep the plot somewhat lighthearted. Just PM directly if you are interested and we can discuss our characters and the plot in more detail. Keep in mind that I would be the GM of the RP unless you had ideas otherwise if you wanted to reverse the roles of our characters.
  9. ~ Chosen For The School Girl Cult ~ The school had open arms when it came to new students. All the teachers were humble and the staff kind. As the new student came into the academy, with it being just a few days in, she managed to see how quickly she adjusted to the new environment. The academy proved to be quite comforting with all the support surrounding her, and this support was given by a peculiar group of girls who seemed oddly... Interested in her. Every time she’d be alone at lunch, they came to sit with her. Every time she needed help with work, they came to do so. Any troubles the new student had with her personal life were put to ease by this strange group, in a way, they were like a new family to her. One day, one of them suggested that she come after school for a club they planned. Though it was quite vague sounding, why not try it? She built a trustworthy relationship with them, so it wouldn’t hurt to see what they did after hours... A whole ring of them, perfectly lined up around each other, with horrifying markings on the floor. The projector in the empty classroom opening some gate or portal to an incomprehensible dimension, filled with flames and machines that exceeded what humans were possibly capable of. It was too much to run, only shock was felt, and freezing up was the first thing that her body did when she a cloaked figure come out of the gate. It seemed interested in her, and with the group of girls applauding the new student, she was taken away to a whole different place. Where she would be turned into a warrior, a warrior with high rewards-- equipped with infinite power. The shy student would confront herself as she was molded into a killing machine by this strange cult... ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ Mmm! Alright then, I haven’t made a bulletin post in quite a while, so here I am! This idea I’ve been wanting to get out for a bit now, so since I’m finally doing so-- let’s talk about it! For this roleplay, I’ve kept the story a bit vague because if someone takes interest, then I’d love for us to discuss about what scenarios happen and how the story progresses, unless you’d want to keep all that a surprise of course. I think it’s always better to have some level of communication rather than just guessing what we both like, right? (Remember! There’s references at the bottom!) In this roleplay, I’d like to take the role of the cloaked cultist! I love faceless and monstrous type of characters as most of you know, so how could I resist with this idea? Maybe I should change up my type of characters soon... Anyway! I would absolutely LOVE it if someone else could play the role of the school girl! A once shy and nervous girl who eventually gets morphed into a deadly and cold being by the cult. Now I shouldn’t even have to ask this... But who doesn’t love school girls..? Here are some things I look for in roleplay: Decent Spelling/Grammar (I don’t expect perfection, just good enough for it to be readable!) Decent Length (I can usually write 3 - 4 paragraphs. Remember, I don’t need a whole novel either..!) Expression (Through character dialogue and details, expressiveness is my favorite!~) Now here are some things I don’t look for: One Liners (It’s frustrating to write so much for someone, only to get a few sentences or single line back...) Excessive Fluff (Small details are nice, but when they slow down or contradict the story-- there’s a problem.) Ghosting (Please do not ghost anyone, it is incredibly inconsiderate and discouraging to people. If you want to stop or aren’t available to roleplay, let me know, I’ll always understand.) Now then! With all that out of the way, let’s move onto the real meat of this. One of the main reasons people roleplay in the first place... Kinks! Here are some things I think’ll fit well with this roleplay: Femdom, Rough Sex, Reverse Harem, Slight Non Con, Spanking, Domination, and... H-Hand Holding... ~ Remember! These are always up for discussion. If you want to add or get rid of a certain kink, then we can always talk about what we’d like! I’m usually pretty open with kinks in roleplay, just as long as their within our boundaries of course. So that wraps it up! I hope someone takes interest with this idea, but all I ask of you is that you have a completed profile! Specifically, a preference sheet of some kind. It’s always kinda suspicious to me when someone doesn’t have a mostly complete profile, because those types of people seem to enjoy ghosting and giving very poor communication. Ninety percent of the time it ends up with a corrupted roleplay, either through them ghosting or me just backing out of it. So please have a preference sheet before EcchiTexting me, that’s all I ask. Anyways, I look forward to catching the eye of someone, I’ve been wanting to try out this one for a while, and now I’ve finally written it out! So... I’ll see you soon~ (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  10. Kzk242


    We are two teenage lovers who are forced into labs that experiment on us due to our super powers. We escape in the night into the forests of an unknown location. We must try to go back to what was once our home while making love on our way.
  11. CaptKiraXAlice23

    Anime and fun Rps

    Hello!! I am looking for some fun rps! That are Romance, Action, and sexual base with some Kinky sexual fun as well. Some are Anime related. Others are ideas and things that I have come up with over the years. Some are book plots that never got used. Hope you have a discord. That where I am most the time for rps. This site just a base for finding rp partners! And well looking for Females and even open to male partners who can play female characters. I am open to discussion as well. If you know and like the animes please feel free to shout out. Sword Art Online Series, High School DXD Series, High School Day of the Dead, Fate Stay Night, Fate Unlimited Blade Works, Fate Apocrypha, Princess Wind and Lord Marksmen, Gundam Unicorn, Gundam 00, Gundam Universe in general. Oh others topic some I will rarely do. But are open too. Teacher X Student (up for discussion) Cheerleader X New Guy ( up for discussion) Princess X Commander And a few other private ideas if you opened to discuss. Please feel free to comment or message me in PMs! You can find me on discord. Will be updated when ideas pop in head! Thanks!! Some plot ideas. 1. After your parents died. They had the Kingdom split in two. You got one half. And your sister got the other half. And she want to build a empire and become the soul emperess. And she attack all the different powerful kingdoms and got all the other Female Nekos on her side. And she attack the nation that was Neutral and help your family gain the kingdom that you and your sister had. But Victoria didn't care and enslave me and was quick to show me off as a savage captive. And she give me to you as a gift. And she show me off in a Victory March through the city. And you see a bit curl she can be. And you will enjoy having me as your savage slave for a while. When you learn about history behind me and your family and you learn more about the savage stuff that your sister done. And you want my help in getting your Kingdom back. You relized that I was to be the one you were to rule with you. Hope you like this idea? 2. So you going to meet me at a party that one of your friends is having. And you relized that i was new to the area and school. And you took this chance to get me before the other girls have a chance. As a very popular kitty you got the name Heart Breaking Sexy Cheerleader, because of all the guys you have tryed and turned down from dating. You get me to come play the sex game with you and Alice and Mayrin and Luna. And you start to fall for my alot more.. you start feeling things you haven't felt with any of the other guys. You invite me to homecoming events witch are the Sword Art Dueling team battles. And the build your own team battle suit for the top spot event chaplains Alice give you the idea have me as your prom date. But you never expect you be also handling my PTSD and the flashback from the war. Witch was give you a challenge as a neko who loves to know my feelings. Hope you like? Other idea It was a about a year and a half after SAO incident. And after the ALO and GGO ones as well. And a new game was coming out that mix a bit of GGO with Swords and other thing that made the VRs great to play. This new game however.. was very very different for the other games. Because not only was there a skill tree. There was a Tech tree that would help you be more skilled and abilitys. This game would be more know for sexual and blood and gore. As well is the chance to get a world War going in the game. But the only way to find way to unlock different events was to get to the new areas and floors. But there was something new. A player was constantly dueling other players in the area. He was looking for someone. But no one know what that way. But all they know it was very important. Hope you like? Other Idea When a New Epic Game come out. And you want to get in agian. Because it's mix guns with sword. And there alot of different things you can do in the game. And if you want you can even get sexual. This game is said to have a major battle events through. And the goal of the game to make it to the center tower and make it the 120 floor to the Main Fort and up to the Epic Thrown room. Where you can get rare armor and equipment. Or you can become the rule over many lands. There's many different ways you can go. But I had just got back from the war. And I was in SAO. And I join this game just to still have that fun and testing my skills. But I never thought I fall in love with you. But because we not don't share the same DNA it's would be ok. Hope you like? Here's some other plots but haven't used them in a while. Idea one So I am the most wanted hooker / bdsm slave girl. And everyone had me on there most wanted wall. And you been seaching for me for the last 6 months. And you been working the case for 2 years. And you end up with your chance to arrest me. But you not take me to jail you going to take me to as classified 4 miles island in the middle of a 20 miles lake. Where this island is for the top hooks where you get used in porn video and live porn shows and VIP get to tell want happens and your character and freinds run this place. Idea 2 Ok so you are a leader of a really strong nation and you like to go to other countries and enslave the all the most sexy girls. And soon you come across my nation who are very strong too. My nation is all very very sexy Valkyries and we are strong. And you want me as your sex slave queen. But you want to capture me in battle that is then best way to show you are strong. And it make it better when you take my city and show me off as your capture prize. Idea 3 After a Great Apocalyptic event. Only the young from the ages 18 - 23 were alive and they were only futa girls and normal girls. But they didn't come together. And they broke up in to groups of schools that were futa only or normal only. They set up there own governments. And once a year for 3 days the groups were able to attack and take stuff from the other schools. And they could take equipment or the the girls as slave and sluts. To be used at other schools. And different buying and selling and stuff went on. idea 4 And it's where I am a very sexy cheerleader. And you the captain of the football team. And you have had your eyes on me. For a while we went on a few dates. And then after a great game and after everyone left and it was just me and you. You will make a sexual move on me. You will handcuffs my wrists behind my back and force me out back to a one of the old school building where you will have bdsm sex with me. And you will take me and make me your sex slave. Kinks and Special Sexual Themes: Likes: Ropes, Handcuffs, Leather Cuffs and Restraints, Whips, Crops, Floggers, Vibrators, Collars, Strap-on Vibrators. Fantasy BDSM Crucifixion 1 tie them to a flogging post and whip them until falls on knees. 2 get a wooden beam that's 6 feet long. and two ropes that are 3 feet long. 3 force them on their stomach. arms out and put the beam on them and tie down four arms. 4 then force to walk with the beam up a hill and whip as moves to a sandy area with the post of the cross. 5 force on the back and tie down wrist and then play with his cock and balls. Before pushing a pill vibrator in ass about 2 inches in. 6 lift slave on to the upright beam and let her hang for a bit and then ties down ankles and let he stay up there until he cums out. three times. Limits: Water related kinks, scat stuff and bathroom stuff, Blood, cuttings, sharp edges, piercings, nettles, hot wax and other things. Big thing no getting character pregnant unless part of the story. Thanks!!
  12. This is a bit of a niche request, but I need to satisfy this craving I have. Basically I want to RP a story between a Hero and a Villain, from when they both start as two clumsy dorks, to actual fearful arch enemies. My character will be an evil scientist (Trans or Cis Male), which can either be made on the spot or I can use one of my own OCs. Your character can be pretty much any type of hero. I don't have many ideas as to why my baddy becomes evil, but one idea I gathered was that he stumbled upon a machine that drove him mad ever since he found it when he was young. The world can also be hero-centered or similar to real life, where Heroes are only seen as fictional. This can start in any way you desire, but the ending is...well...fixed. Ya see, I made this prompt for the ending, specifically. I am a sucker for final battles between bad guy and good guy, especially the ones where right before the hero wins, the baddie pulls out his last resort. His plan B. Which often is a syringe to permanently or temporarily transform themselves into a hideous beast and try to crush the hero. This can either end well for the baddie, or well for the hero, or neither die and they both are reminded of their past as good friends. The two have a favorite song they shared since childhood! Sad stuff. There can be long dialogues between scenes/fights, and even lots of flashbacks! I love those a LOT, especially if they show the chemistry between the two. If you don't want to waste time for a backstory, we can simply begin the RP with the 'ending'. It can be angsty, it can be dramatic, but it's definitely going to be badass. No Canon characters, please. Only Original Characters!
  13. So this is a story I always held near and dear to me, never really got it off the ground so I am hoping I could find somebody to do this with. My character Aaron is a young boy who happens to be friends with a girl in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, this friend has a sickness that has her life expectancy be very young and she is not physically able to do much either. Aaron and this girl end up spending most of their free time playing a tabletop fantasy rpg that they played religiously together. They set up a world, lore, and even two self-insert characters that they as catalysts for the romantic relationship they wish they both are too nervous to admit. Around Aaron's middle school years the friend passes away and we flash forward to about 10 years in the future. Aaron is an atypical white-collar worker with his life set out, but he appears to be missing some kind of spark in his life that he had lost long before. After his friend's passing he had pretty much sworn of tabletop role playing and tried his best to focus on other aspects of his life. Through some random events my character ends up waking up in the world that he and his friend had both created and he is the self-insert character he had made before. Things are different however, even though he has not touched the world in years. It appears as if time still progressed in the world even without his input, so everything had advanced 10 years into the future as well for his character and everyone else in the world. I would like for my partner to play the role of the childhood friend and the self-insert character she had made in the tabletop rpg world. This is the bare basic template I wanted to work with. I figured it's generic enough for both me and my potential partner to have more discussions about the matter. As for my preferences this can go many ways, I will list some just to get the creative juices going. Your character ends up finding my own character when she believed that he had vanished long ago. Their friendship and potential romance is reignited and Aaron gets so much needed lessons about closure and saying goodbye to those he didn't have a chance to say goodbye to. Same as previous scenario , except your character has already moved on and found a new lover. Now conflicted between staying with their current lover or her old flame. Both characters have to face their relationships and the world they are in. Hey, that's that guy I wanted to fuck ten years ago. Let's fuck in all the fun fantasy settings all the time! This can be short term all the way to very long term. I look forward to any inquiries or questions about my idea, do not be afriad to text me or comment away. Thank you for reading this and I hope we can collaborate on something together! -Aaron.
  14. Participants: @Phrincut: Brynjar Frodisson @Neptune: Zoraelia Weir
  15. vindiction

    Looking for RP partner

    So you don't necessarily have to look at my preferences sheet, but you can if you want to. I'm in the mood for Daddy x daughter or uncle x niece. I'd play as the girl ! Thanks for reading
  16. The plot/outline listed below is Semi-AU to make the Canon characters 21+ **Very bottom of post has couple list. ** These plots are FxMultiM only! ** My Roleplayer preference sheet: https://ecchidreams.com/roleplayer-services/preferences/some-of-my-preferences-r691/ PLOT/OUTLINE: Slots: 1/2 Alright so I know for this rp, -I would like my OC to work at a hero agency, I’d like her to be a sort of jack-of-all-trades girl there. Fixing things, delivering paperwork, filling out paperwork, ect. -Some vigilante group (which she is wither a part of for Intel gathering and fighting or just intel gathering). has been..well not trouble exactly. They’ve actually been helping keep crime down. However, they are doing it in a rather..unethically. They are mainly hog tying the villains, leaving notes taped to their chest, with their crimes written on them. Never in the same handwriting though. On the door steps of police stations and hero agencies, In America. - The vigilantes are causing so much ruckus, heroes have their hands f
  17. Participant(s): @lVergill [Vergil] @Liily_ [Lily]
  18. Participant(s) @lVergill [Nameless] @ShuyaHideaki [Gina]
  19. Participant(s) @lVergill [Nameless] @Känną [Mishi]
  20. ₒₙcₑ ᵤₚₒₙ ₐ ₜᵢₘₑ ₐₙ ₐₙgₑₗ ₐₙd ₐ dₑᵥᵢₗ fₑₗₗ ᵢₙ ₗₒᵥₑ bₒₜₕ ₜₕₑᵢᵣ wₒᵣₗdₛ cₒₗₗᵢdₑd ᵢₙₜₒ ₒₙₑ ₙₑᵢₜₕₑᵣ ₒₙₑ ₙₒᵣ ₜₕₑ ₒₜₕₑᵣ ₘₒᵣₑ bᵤₜ ₘₑᵣgᵢₙg fᵣₒₘ ₛₕₒᵣₑ ₜₒ ₛₕₒᵣₑ... 》Angel Anahita (Ana) @Fℓåку 》Devil Dante ☠ @G0dC0mpl3x
  21. An open world, a place where you the roleplayer can experience a whole world portrayed by me. You will get a fenoxos blog type of vibe off of this as most kinks will be allowed and accepted. Sadly, as bad as this sounds it will be female only or you can enter with a partner. It is entirely up to you on if you want to solo or get helo but only 1 partner is allowed. No god nodding, no auto hitting, you wont have your abilities or skills immediately only one. It will have a ton of sex and mature themes mixed into the story as the world is rather corrupt. I have plenty of characters, i will post the pictures during the posts they will enter. I will be entering myself as well to go along with you all in the story. Everyone who joins will start in the same place even if others have gone ahead by quite a bit into the world. This will have a wide varoety of genres, due to my personal preferences you could determine what sexual themes will occur. Anyways there will be anthromorphic forms and i will do yuri scenes as well but not yaoi. So I will probably update this as i remember each bit of information i can provide. But for now females and partners allowed world is only just opening up send me your character info and picture and we can begin.
  22. Blakesmith90

    The Experiments

    He sat in the seat towards the middle of the bus. "I got to get away, what do they want with me? These voices in my head wont stop and theres so many of them. How is it that I can hear everybodies thoughts?" He heard someone say. Only thing is, is that they did not physicaly say it, they were thinking it. A woman got on the bus and she looked to be in a hurry and she was obviously breathless from exertion. She looked around and caught him looking at her. She looked confused and started walking towards him. He grabbed the bag that was in the seat beside him and put it at his feet. "Sit." He offered. He knew why she was confused, she could not read his mind.
  23. Blakesmith90

    The experiments

    From the album: The Experiments

  24. SMFoxy

    Pain Indie Ass - Freedom Planet

    Pain Indie Ass - Freedom Planet - I want to break free~! - -Second Pain Indie Ass review (two years later...)- I'm reviewing this game as someone who has both played the entire thing, and earned every... single... Achievement. As before, I will be looking at the gameplay, art, level design, replayability, and anything else that may come to mind as I'm writing this review. Freedom Planet is a nice little Sonic-esque indie platformer developed by GalaxyTrail. There's a good reason for it seeming like Sonic The Hedgehog: it originally started life as a fan game before becoming a standalone thing in its own right. This game can definitely be a challenge in places, especially some of the Achievements you can get, but for the most part it's a very simple "get to the right of each section as fast as you can" game. The (video proof) world record speedruns for each character are: Lilac - 32 minutes 47 seconds, Carol - 32 minutes 26 seconds, Milla - 30 minutes 38 seconds. I'd been playing it for thirty-nine hours before unlocking every last Achievement. I don't know how long I've owned this game, or what I paid for it. I'm pretty sure I got it in some bundle or another, or at least a sale, so I know I got it for less than the full price. It's definitely worth at least what I paid for it, though. Edit: I do not know exactly when I purchased this game or what for, but it was redeemed on Steam, via a code from a third party sale site, on the 24th of March, 2015. Art Style Honestly, it looks like some of the older Sonic games, having similar graphics, though possibly a slightly higher quality. It has been far too long since I've played Sonic, but I feel like the comparison is a reasonable one. I actually like that it looks and feels a little retro, it makes me feel kinda nostalgic, I suppose? Overall, if you like the art style of 16-bit games, you'd probably enjoy looking at this. I think it definitely suits that style better. If it looked like some of the modern Sonic games, I don't think it would look as good; the 2D style just... fits. Level Design Much like SMB, levels vary in size. All have several separate sections, but some feel longer either because they are, or because you get caught up in a swarm of enemies that slows you down immensely. Especially in later levels, you can get some troublesome to deal with enemies, but overall it's nothing overly taxing. The level design is is a pretty straightforward "make it to the next section"/"run to the right", for the most part. There is a little backtracking in a few levels, and if you want certain Achievements, or sometimes a decent 'power-up' in a level, you have to go off the beaten path a bit. Mostly, though, it's just like any standard platformer game. As previously stated, there are enemies in this game, and environmental hazards. Unlike in SMB, there is very little that can one-shot you, thanks to having a health bar. There are only two things that can kill you outright, and both are stage hazards, not enemies. There are 'glitches'(?) that speedrunners can take advantage of to get through the game far quicker than I feel I ever could, but I've only ever used two. One completely by accident that resulted in a softlock of the game (no crash, but unable to continue), and one deliberately to take out a certain boss far quicker than I could have doing it legitimately. Then again, if it's left in the game, why shouldn't I use little tricks to make it easier/quicker? Gameplay As with most games I've played, this one can be played with either a keyboard or a controller. I personally used an Xbox 360 controller to get myself through this game, since at the time I played it, I was used to using it for a certain fighting game that I may review at a later date. I have not tried using the keyboard that much, though I suppose I should make an attempt, in the interests of seeing how it compares... Gameplay is straight up simple; you only have to use the arrows/WASD and three other keys, or the analogue stick(/maybe D-pad works? I don't use it.) and three other buttons, which I believe you can customise. Avoid or defeat enemies as you run right, trying to make your way past each section of a stage until you get to the boss, then kick its ass. Boom, done. Oh, most stages have mini-bosses too. You have to kick their asses too if you want to get past them, with like... one exception. There are no special bonuses for completing a level in under a certain amount of time, but there is a way to get extra lives, or bonus 'power ups' at the end of most stages, if you get a certain collectable in that stage. There are, however, Achievements for completing each level in under a set time. Yes, I have them all. Yes, some of them were a total Pain Indie Ass to get. xD Replay Value Calling this replayable is dubious. You have three characters available that all handle very differently, along with a few character-specific Achievements, which means if you're going for completion, you definitely have to play the whole thing at least three times, once for each character. There are also (on Steam at least) leaderboards for level time, and crystals collected, so I suppose it could be worth replaying for the sake of improving your time. And certainly you may have to replay it to get all the Achievements, if you take too long on a level, or miss a collectible card, or screw up an Achievement. But I think it's more than reasonable to believe you could get every Achievement in the three playthroughs. It's not an overly long game, but it is fun. I managed to get thirty-nine hours out of it just going for every Achievement. It does also give you an option to wipe your data (which I haven't tried yet), which means you can try and get all the Achievements again. I assume it only deletes the in game data, not the Achievements on Steam, or Trophies on PS4. You May Like This Game If: You enjoy platformers. You enjoy nostalgia/retro throwbacks/16-bit games/2D Sonic. You like playing around with a variety of characters with different handling. You want a nice, easy game to relax a bit with. Conclusion This game was enjoyable, and I would definitely suggest that anyone who can play it does. Even if you just try out the demo version or something, if it's still available anywhere. Also, just to let everyone know, there is a sequel currently in development, which should be released some time in late 2017/early 2018; I'm cautiously optimistic, because I liked the first game. It's a great game with a few challenging Achievements, but it's just a little short. I'm only reviewing games I actually like, huh? xD (Review edited to follow ToS. Whoops...) Other Reviews PIA1 - PIA2 - PIA3
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