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  1. RP between @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Premise: A new transfer student joins Lisa's class. While the new girl seems very different from Lisa, they slowly begin to hang out more and discover that there is more between them than friends. With Lisa ashamed of her extra parts, she is even more insecure and shy and cautious around others, but slowly she is coming to terms with and even loving being born the way she was, as the new girls accepts her fully as she is. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Another day and another day of being ostrasized or worse among her peers and even those from older grades as well. Lisa is both happy about going to school, but also dreads it and sometimes even wishes that being home schooled would be an option. Sadly, she can do little else than try to be as invisible as possible. Turns out that it is pretty hard when you are this smart, informed and well read and spoken as she is. Every day she hopes and prays for some sort of relief from this anguish that most school days bring. Her brother is not much help and even he has to deal with the bullies from time to time, only being tolerated or allowed to hang with them whenever they feel like it. Soon enough the teacher starts the lecture, but unlike most days she has an announcement to make. She tells the class about a new kid joining the class. And oooof course the only free seat is next to Lisa, who already has her own dreadful thoughts and predictions about how awful this will be, surely only adding to her troubles. After finishing, the door opens up to reveal the new girl....
  2. JennyDK

    Loli Dragonborn

    Dragon's Pleasure: (Skyrim) As the normal Dragonborn is out doing theirs to ensure the Tamriel's safety and many other quests, another Dragonborn is also out there. Only this one has gotten the blood from an ancient dragon of fertility. She is a slut by nature and has always sought out to pleasure her unsatiable needs for sex. She has no knowledge of this until she is summoned by the Gray Beards. Here she learns about her powers, but knowledge and tutoring in the way of the sexy voice is not without a cost in the lonely temple. I have made some custom Shouts as well, feel free to suggest more: Dragon shouts: Alter Age Alter body Add body parts Call Demons Enlarge body parts Extreme stamina Force orgasm Indestructable body Instant erections Prolong orgasm Remove items (clothes, armour and so on) Renew stamina Shout of Clones Shout of strength Soundwave of Lust Notes: 1) the Dragonborn is never submissive or forced to do anything 2) My partner will have to at least act as a GM.
  3. @WritesNaughtyStories Gwen had been playing her Gaming Console as Amy brought over a friend to have some fun with clearly Gwen didn't mind at all though she was still contemplating if her being so mean towards the woman was too harsh, yet she couldn't believe she was too harsh after all she wasn't the one stuffing a giant black cock into someone's extremely tight pussy... Gwen could hear the moans and groaning going on in the room right beside her and as she tried to ignore it and enjoy her game of Dog Island it wasn't really helping when her body was beginning to act up getting all wet while her nostrils could just feel the aroma from the two in the bedroom it was intoxicating her little underage mind into thinking dirty thoughts. She slowly put down her controller as she sneaked over to the bedroom door which was slightly open like back then with Amy and Michelle having their fun yet this was so much more with penetration and rough animalistic sex almost like they were both in heat it was a shock for Gwen to be the one on the watching end seeing how it all was going down and how the cock was going inside that small hole she couldn't really believe she had been forced to do those things earlier and yet here she was getting so turned on by it with her body that she couldn't believe herself, though she did her best to justify it wasn't her own thoughts and ideas making her wet but more so her body betraying her seeing as how it has loved that big black cock inside it. After an hour or so of heavy smut going on in the room she could see they were about to reach their end and as such Gwen was panicking as she knew she didn't want to be caught once more by Amy as she knew what happened last time she could even still taste the jizz from her Breakfast earlier not to mention feel it all over her chest, she quickly and as quietly as she possibly could she went back to her console and kept playing the game trying her best to ignore her body's aching for that big nigger cock inside her heck she could feel how her body was shivering in anticipation while her nostrils couldn't help but keep breathing in the intoxicating scent from both women. "Geez... Why have my body become like this??... Stupid Amy..." Gwen hadn't realized that she was actually laying down on her stomach with her ass up in the air while it was obviously drooling from her pussy due to the show she had been looking at with Amy and Megan heck the little jailbait ginger didn't even realize she was inviting to get fucked immensely by big nigger cock at least while Michelle was not home which was obviously most of the time so she was obviously going to get bred sooner or later like the white whore she truly was.
  4. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @MasterfulGreninja. Overall premise: In an alternate timeline, the nazi movement has never indulged in the horrendous crimes against humanity or wars that it has in reality. Instead, its leaders and most supports are dickgirls, who does believe in their own supremacy, but does not make it their mission to enforce it on everyone else by any violent or aggressive means. They let their culture, mannerisms, behaviour and actions speak for themselves. They have started a new chapter in the otherwise very left wing town of San Francisco where they want to get established well and hopefully spread their message little by little and let eager people want to join in. Among these, will be two cute young boys, one of which starts off as an unsuccessful model, who then gets a very generous offer. This offer then spirals into more and more work for the dickgirl nazis who also is happy to sissifiy him hard and well over time and teach him the proper doctrines and such. Later on, they are also pulling in another boy, who happens to be black and still more than eager to also become a nazi cock slave for the dickgirls. -------------------------------------------------------- The agent of the young Kenneth usually never gets a lot of offers for that particular client of hers, but then one day an odd, but lucrative finally pops up and she does not hesitate to forward it to Kenneth's own e-mail address. It reads: From: Windmill Studios. To: kenneth.model. Dear Kenneth. We have seen some of your work with the minor clients and labels. Whilst they have yet to appreciate your obvious good looks and repertoire, we certainly have done so. So we are happy to extend an initial offer for a one time photo shoot. There can and will be many more after that if we like what we see. Of course, you must also consent to a condition of ours: Completely confidentiality until these photos are approved fully and published. It is also requested that you will be willing to wear what we put forth without questions. This one time opportunity will net you 5000 dollars, whether or not we wish to continue working together after that.
  5. Ginger Jailbait Gwen

    Gwen The White Cumdumpster

    Hey there everyone as you can see I am once more looking for someone to Roleplay with though this time I am also looking for a Buddy someone who I can Chat with and do a lot of back and forth on Ideas for this RP I have had in mind for like forever. Now this RP is one where Gwen ends up angering a group of Black Upperclassmate Futas who doesn't take her Bratty attitude lightly as they decide to Rape and Blackmail the White Whore to do as they say from that point on. I have done this RP before but due to my Friend being busy 24/7 we are unable to continue it which has saddened me for a long time, so I was wondering if anyone on here would love to do it with me, after all, a lot of you guys are understandable and caring which is so lovely~ Anyway under here is a Tab that shows the entirety of the Second Chapter of Gwen and the N-Word Gang. ( Warning Extremely Long and with Vulgar Words ) I would appreciate and adore anyone who would be willing to play Multiple Characters as well as talk over Ideas a ton aka Brainstorming I do have some Ideas for the Continuation of this World if anyone is interested now again I know I am asking for a lot and if you are not thinking it is worth it then that is totally understandable, though if you have the slightest interest then contact me either here in Comments or EcchiText I won't bite~ Ooh forgot to add a Reference for the Leader of the Black Gang there well here you all go~
  6. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @MoonMan. Overall premise: Profile for Henriette Júrgendóttir: ------------------------------------------------------ In a small, peaceful and overall happy village, quite a rare and unique sort of person lives, named Henriette. Despite her age, she is already more sexually experienced than most wenches are and very happy with it. Her usual partners being the single men of the village (who mostly keep quiet about it) and visitors in the local inn that is called "The Gilded Mead Horn", which is always a warm, cozy, homey and nice place to hang out and even spend the night, with a great view from most of the inn's room upstairs. Tonight, not a whole lot of people are present here, but among them are the young girl of 6 who has found her way onto the booth where a couple of huge bodied orcs seems to enjoy her presence and company, despite how young she is. There is just something about her that usually draws men to her and which not even she can explain yet. She is currently sitting on the lap of one of them, enjoying some non-alcoholic beverage."So...what are your plans? Are you just travelling through?", she asks them.
  7. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @MoonMan Overall premise: Basically, this is happening after the war with the vampire lord is over and the vampire threat is over and dealt with, with the rest of them being mostly in isolated and disorganized cells around the province. Since Serana has proven herself a worthy ally, despite her condition, the Dawnguard keeps in touch with her and even still uses her to deal with other of her kind that are not in their interest to have around. However, seeing how they have patched up, there are now many members who sees Serana/Babette in a different light and now have some other plans: To seduce the vampire(s) and over time bimbofy them hard, well and often, along with trying to convince them to become their willing little vampire cock slaves and live on the base with the men, as well as do raids with the Dawnguard ---------------------------------------------------------- Thankfully the war with the vampire lord is done and over with, leaving Skyrim with the ability to be more peaceful and tranquil - at least from the threat of sudden vampire attacks. Of course, this doesn't mean they are not threat still, but they are most often confined to minor "cells" here and there and thus much, much less of a major threat as a whole and more one to local and smaller communities. The Dawnguard's presence helps keep them in bay and from growing in size and power. So they remain the primary force to deal with these enemies. The Dawnguard still has their base in the old and abandoned keep, where they have fortified themselves very well and nicely. It is from there that the soldiers begin to gain knowledge about more noteworthy vampires that very much fall out of the norm of the regular ones, just like they did with Serana during the conflict with her father. They also have come to know about a certain agent of a band of murderers-for-hire, known only as Babette. A child vampire who is said to be a century old by now or older. The men start to wonder if both these ladies might be better to have live here and more often help with the threats of vampires, as Serana occasionally does do. Besides that, they have been very aching for some female companionship. The only problem being that this is not exactly a place for dates and such and their constant stench drive pretty much any female away too. OF course, this calls for a new strategy and they begin to hatch a plan for the two lovely and busty vampire ladies. Thus it comes to pass that a letter is sent to the Dark Brotherhood, speaking of a rumour of a rogue agent acting on their behalf. The Dawnguard has no real interest in messing with the Brotherhood's affairs, so in turn they have nothing to fear when they receive the letter in the Sanctum. This finally leading to them sending Babette to the place. Even as she is 10 kilometers away, a faint, but still nasty stench hangs hard in the air and it only gets worse the closer she gets. Even though her sense of smell should be dead, it still breaches into her sense of smell. After a long journey, the small and "young" vampire finally arrives at the gates where she knocks on the door.
  8. Roleplay between: @JennyDK, @BlakeRp and @Nafarman. Overall premise: A single mother and grandmother have both been single for many, many years and are not exactly getting younger or anything. This leaves them both feeling rather depressed, down and not really trying to find romance or love. Things are not really going so well finanically. They are not exactly struggling, but mostly just scraping by. In short: Things definitely could and will look better going forward, especially when they discover the sexual prowess, ideas and experience of their son and grandson. Post order: @JennyDK --> @BlakeRp --> @Nafarman ------------------------------------------------------------- As a sudden stroke of rare and odd luck, our family has earned a prize in a random radio show competition. It was an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii on a very luxurious place. So of course, with a recluse from the usual struggles of each day we have headed there as soon as we can, the three of us. It is the end of day one of a 5 day long vacation here and during the day we have been doing mostly just normal trip stuff like sightseeing, walking around to visit various landmarks, visit town and so on. Nothing so far has seemed out of the norm. However, grandma Debrah has been having an odd feeling about the young boy whilst they have been here. She cannot put her finger on it just yet, he just seem different somehow. She chalks it up to them probably being on vacation for once - something they have not had in years. Evening has finally arrived and the three of them are by the pool and having it all to themselves even. With grandmother Debrah on one deck chair, the boy in the middle one and his mother on his left."What a day, huh guys? Man, it feels good to just lie down for a bit", she softly comments and stretches.
  9. Hey y'all! My names Ken, im male and im 21. Im new to the site and heard about it through the grapevine on the internet and wanted to give it a go. I hope that doesnt deture anyone from replying to this... (To reassure anyone reading this, i try respond as quickly as i can, i do have roleplaying experience before this. I generally do 3 or 4 sentence responses (sometimes longer) , and add a fair amount of detail.) If anyone is interested, im looking for a fem dom rp where im either drugged, kidnapped, taken advantage of, or all the above. If youre not into that then its all good! We dont have to do that. Some of the roles i want to try out are mom/son, siblings (young dom if anyone is up to make it interesting), teacher/student, neighbors, neighbor/neighbors son, classmates, complete strangers, or if you want to make it creative then we can do something like Succubus/stranger. If none of those sound fun the im more than welcome to ideas! Im more than willing to tell more details such as descriptions, my kinks/limits, scene ideas, and etc. over dm's. Thank you for reading my post!
  10. Dominant male from Europe looking for sub female that is able two play out 3 females for the roleplay I want to build up. It's about a special facility that set up to bring out dominant males and sub females. The school is called "Sant Clairs boys and girls behaviour school". At this school every male student will have to care about 3 female student during the whole school year. By care they mean to train them but also be responsible for everything the 3 female students do. Each group has to do different tasks and take part at the school activities. The most important thing at Sant Clairs is that the male students is always in charge. The male will decide the clothes, will have do punishments, even have to decide on the after school activities. I will play Mike a new student that just joined the school on the beginning of a new school year. Everything will be new to him and he doesn't know about the responsibilities he gets. His father a rich business man decided it would be best to spend at least two years at Sant Clairs. For the Roleplay i would start quite slow so no sex right from the start. But the further we process the more kinky it will get. My only limits are dead and animals. If you want to play that idea with me please make some suggestions for the school and bring some examples what you think could happen there!
  11. Harem Mistress


    Greetings! My first ever bulleting post, and the most important one! I always astounded the idea of massive harems being made for me, and my endless search for stunning roleplayers able to play multiple female characters continues for several years. In my endless searchs, I found myself in taste of different kinks, sometimes even the radical ones. Of course I am not the biggest fan of few, like toilet thematics, watersports, but we can always discuss anything you love and not. I always respect the kinks and limits of those I play with, and try to be flexible as possible. Yet, there are few kinks I wanted to note before you invest your precious time. You can always look into my Preference Sheet, but for specific ideas I will post below, the kinks I specifically mention here will be important. Oh! And I always play top/dom characters, but their appearance, age and gender may vary upon your preferences. I prefer to play as futa characters, but it is negotiable MOST IMPORTANT - Kinks I value a lot and won't go without them. If those are not your cup of tea or those outside your likings, it would be hard to play with me. - Absolute Domination - dominating in every single possible field, of course done by me upon your characters! Sexual, financial, social, any domination in any form! - Harems - tons and TONS of female characters serving me, either by love or by force (or by both!). Characters you can play in general (During entire story, not necessarily at once or during entire story) and at once (Exactly in once scene, highest amount of comfortable roleplay). As example, during story you could play 15 characters, 2 at the same time. The higher any of those numbers, the happier I am! Do not overdo yourself and realistically think about how much you can provide. If it is important - I am able to play almost unlimited amount of characters even at once, of course it will be causing longer replies and sometimes even burnout, but I am sure I can provide the same amount as you can. Thought it is preferably if the heavy lifting in characters would be done on your behalf, as it is I who search for harems, haha~ - Hyper-cock - even if you are not a massive fan of hyper breasts or asses, one most important hyper part for me is, of course, the tool of my character to keep everyone in harem satisfied at once~. Radical, brutal sizes are to be present, and I will be very sad if I will be forced to deny potential amazing roleplay only because 25 for you is "already too big". Nothing bad in having your favorite size in two digits, don't get me wrong, thought! - Power-tripping/Power-play - "Power is what turns humans into animals". I want to reach the extreme of it. I want to power-trip hard, and with not just some nominal or technical power like political or social, but ACTUAL powers to be the strongest! Deities, Universes, all of them being weaker because of my power extents are just arousing. Especially if to defeat the entire armies with a simple finger which is not even closer to 0.1% of potential power is enough. - Death of Logic - I don't like stuff being limited by something called "LOGIC". Yeah, it is very illogical for girl to survive 2-metric cock ramming her insides, yes, it is illogical to turn Logic into hot female consept and literally FUCKING her into submission, but that's the point! Some basic logic may apply, but if Logic stands between us and having fun, I prefer to rail her until she stops whining. The more abstract stuff we do, the better! Everything else can and will be negotiated, do not worry! And thus, we can move to the stories themselves you can show interest in (Or not, if you won't be, well, interested!) Canon Haremification. Basically turning any canon world you love and know into a harem! Harem gathering by someone in that canon, or by the otherwordly invader (my "OC" character). Any canons that you or us both know can be done. If I am not familiar with it, I would request at least basic understandings to keep my role. I can play character from canon world you suggest or play someone out of it, who gathers everyone she wants! May include dark themes, conquests, massive battles, hypnosis and/or non-(dub-)con upon your wish! As examples, turning all Skullgirls female cast into cock and semen addicts after defeating them in a duel! OC World Conquering. More advanced that Canon Haremification, this one includes us both thinking amazing world we will play inside, with rules, boundaries and specialities. No matter what setting it would be, it would be our world where we can do anything we wish! It can be ANYTHING, and conquered however we want! Sometimes I even agree to not be omnipotent if it fits the story! Good story is always amazing even if I want to just have my wild and hard-to-sate fantasies done. Non-story relaxation outside Boundaries. Or we could just already create a harem of any girl you wish and have fun in endless times outside all the Worlds. Rape planets, universes, girls inside them without any remorse or limitation. It is up to preference of players I hope to meet! And, of course, you can always check my page and read "About me", I got a somewhat sizeable text in it. You can use it to determine either our potential story or if you ever want to play with me. P.S. If I did some "rooky" mistake, do tell me, I want to become a decent Dreamer in that beautiful place I recently found!
  12. NytheraRP

    Jenna's walk home

    Plot: Jenna is a school student (age will be take about in chat!) Who is waking home after school by herself. When suddenly a large van pulls up, snatching her up before anyone can see, and drives away! Scene can take place in the back of the van, at a different location, also open to gangbangs as well! Kinks suggested: lots of cum!!! Anal/oral, ageplay, rape/noncon, gangbang.
  13. If you have any Questions about this RP Ad or anything in Particular to me then don't hesitate to Comment here or send a EcchiText to me I will happily reply as fast as possible, after all, we are all here to have a wonderful time Roleplaying all sorts of things
  14. ThatGal

    [F4M] sister's prom

    Long read ahead ---- I want to play as Nicole. This is an Ageplay prompt, we can discuss ages in chat. ---- Brandon was your typical high school jock. He was cocky, arrogant, and was a bit of a bully. However, he's always had a soft spot for his younger sister Nicole. Whenever she has a problem, he was always the first one there. Whenever she has boy trouble, he always comforts her to make sure she's feeling better. Now, Brandon is 22 and is a college senior. He still dates a lot, and of course has a lot of sex, but recently he's been on a bit of a dry spell. That was all going to change tonight. His parents are out of town on a romantic weekend getaway, and his sister has her prom tonight. The house is completely empty all night long. Tonight he was finally going to fuck Kathy. Kathy went to Brandon's high school and every guy had a crush on her. She was the captain of the cheer squad and was the most popular girl at school. Unfortunately for all the guys, Kathy was a devout Christian and wouldn't have sex until marriage, but that didn't stop her from using that glorious mouth of hers. She was so good at blowjobs that some of the boys considered proposing to her just to finally fuck her. She absolutely loved Brandon's cock the most. Brandon was the only man who she used to get naked for during blowjobs. After every one of Brandon's games, he would pick her up in his truck, drive her to a secluded area, and have some backseat fun. She would blow him, and then let him suck on her tits and lick her pussy, which is something she never let any other guy do. He was amazing with his tongue, which is why that now she's decided to finally have sex instead of waiting until marriage, she called her favorite dick, Brandon. It was all set. Brandon's parents were already gone, Nicole was supposed to leave at 6, and Kathy was coming over around 8. Nothing could go wrong. Brandon and Kathy were already sending each other flirty and dirty sexts throughout the day, even sending a nude here and there. At 5:50pm, Nicole came down from upstairs in her dress. "How do I look?" Nicole asked her brother. Brandon turned around and was stunned. Nicole was wearing a slim red dress which fit her slim body perfectly. She did a little turn for Brandon and he got to see her tight little sexy ass. Her hair was curled down to perfection. She looked hot. "You look stunning Sis," Brandon replied. Nicole blushed. "Thank you, I should be leaving any minute. Tyler is picking me up in a limo!" she exclaimed. "Well have fun," Brandon replied as he kissed her on the cheek. "And no funny business tonight." Nicole rolled her eyes and began waiting for Tyler. 5 minutes passed by, then 10, then 30. Brandon came back to the living room and saw his sister crying. He ran over to her. "What happened Nic?" "Tyler was late so I called him. He didn't answer the first two times but he finally answered the third. He said something came up, and I heard my friends voice in the back," Nicole cried in Brandon's chest. Brandon stood up, "what's his address? I'm going to kill him. No one hurts my sister." "Just forget about it Brandon, just hold me please." So he did, for 10 minutes, then 20, then 30. It was already 7:00, Kathy is going to be here in an hour. Brandon was considering leaving and meeting up with Kathy, but he saw how devastated his sister was and he couldn't leave her like that. She was so excited to go to the prom all year. "Why don't we go to prom?" Brandon said. "I don't have a date anymore remember." "I'll be your date." "What? You're my brother, that's so weird." "Come on, no one will know. You get to take a handsome man to prom, not some boy, and I get to spend the night with a beautiful young woman," Brandon replied as he stroked her hair, not even thinking about Kathy anymore. Nicole thought about it, and smiled. "Let's do it, but we got to rush, we're already late." Brandon kissed her cheek and ran up to his room to change. Nicole went to fix her makeup. They both got into Brandon's truck and drove to prom. During the ride, Brandon's phone kept ringing. "Who is that?" Nicole asked. Brandon knew it was Kathy but didn't want to say. "Just those spam calls," Brandon replied. The pair got to prom and Nicole introduced Brandon to all of her friends. "This is my hot date for the night," Nicole said as she took Brandons hand and moved it lower down her back, grazing her ass. Brandon felt weird but played on. He looked at Nicole's friends and was very attracted to them, but none of them were nearly as hot as his sister. One of her friends, an 18 year old named Bianca, was basically eye fucking Brandon already. Her date was some loser and she clearly wanted Brandon. Brandon wanted to take Bianca to the restrooms and fuck her right now, but he knew he couldn't. First he missed out on Kathy, now this, and worst of all he is most attracted to his sister out of all the bombshells here. Brandon and Nicole sat down at their table. Right opposite him was Bianca, who hasn't stopped staring at him. Bianca started playing footsie with Brandon under the table. Brandon welcomed it. He knew it was wrong but he had already missed out on Kathy and was so horny. After they finished the main course, they ordered dessert. They all ordered crazy new desserts, but Bianca just ordered a simple popsicle. Brandon knew where this was going. Bianca sucked on the popsicle mimicking a blowjob while keeping eye contact with Brandon. He had no idea how no one else noticed, but he couldn't stop watching her suck the popsicle while her foot was on his crotch. Nicole started to catch on and began to get jealous. Although he was her brother, he was her date, not Bianca's. Not to mention he's hot too. Nicole interrupted Brandon's staring by tapping him on the shoulder. "Let's go dance," she said. It began as innocent dancing, just like how two platonic people would dance. However, once Nicole started seeing her brother's eyes go towards Bianca, she knew she had to pick up the pace. She turned around and presses into Brandon so her ass was resting on his crotch. Brandon's eyes shot right back at Nicole, that got his attention. The two started moving to the beat, but they were doing a lot more grinding than dancing. They got really into it, and the grinding turned into a really good and really sexy dance. By the end, everyone made a circle around them and Nicole fell into Brandon's arms. Everyone clapped while the siblings looked right at each other. "KISS! KISS! KISS!" the crowd chanted. Both Nicole and Brandon were pretending that they didn't want to for each other's sake, but they both wanted nothing more than to devour their siblings mouth. They leaned in slowly, still pretending they did not want it, but once their lips connected sparks started flying. They were full on making out in the middle of the dance floor. "Get a room," someone shouted, which brought the siblings back to Earth. They walked back to their table silently. "That was weird," Nicole said. "Yeah," Brandon replied and leaned in to kiss her again. Nicole welcomed the kiss but then pushed him away. "What was that?" Nicole asked. "The kiss on the dance floor was just to pretend you are my date, nothing more," Nicole continued. "Bullshit! You were grinding on me the whole time and that kiss was the most passionate kiss of my entire life," Brandon replied. "It was just for show Brandon," Nicole said. Brandon stormed off to the dance floor while Nicole sat in silence. Brandon ran into Bianca. "Hey," Bianca said, "I'm going to the washroom now." She placed her hand on his crotch and said "you can join me if you want." She walked off to the washroom, her beautiful ass swaying back and forth. Brandon looked at Nicole. He felt sadness for her, but also felt anger. If he couldn't fuck Kathy tonight, he might as well fuck Bianca. Brandon walked to the women's washroom. He had one last look at Nicole before he went inside and kissed Bianca. Nicole needed to clear her head so she walked to the restroom. She went inside and heard moans from the stall. She recognizes those shoes under the stall. She opened the door and saw Bianca on her knees blowing her brother. "WHAT THE FUCK!" Nicole screamed. Bianca ran outside of the restroom while Brandon tried to cover up. Nicole couldn't help but notice how hung her brother was, but she was still pissed. "You're my date tonight and you're getting head from some other bitch," she said. "Hey you're the one who made it clear we're just siblings. You want to know why I was here with her? From the moment I got up today i wanted to do was kiss and fuck you. I knew it was wrong so I didn't do anything. Then you grinded on me on the dance floor and I got all hot and horny. I wanted you so bad. But you rejected me. So I went to Bianca, what's the big deal?" He replied. "That's m-" she started until he interrupted her. "I don't want to hear it Nicole," and he stormed out. Nicole followed him. "There he is!" some kid said as a group of guys walked up to Brandon. "You piece of shit!" one of the guys said. "Tommy what are you doing?" Nicole said "Tommy? Who are you?" Brandon said. "Yeah Tommy Eriksson! You're the guy who stood up my sister tonight. You know Kathy?" Tommy said. "You stood up a date for me?" Nicole replied. Brandon just looked at her and didn't respond. "Yeah and a hot date too. Kathy has big tits and a huge ass an-" one of Tommy's friends replied until Tommy punched him in the arm. Nicole hugged Brandon and just looked at him in the eyes. She turned around and told Tommy "Tommy please just not tonight. It's prom night. Please, for me?" Nicole said. "Fine. But this isn't over," Tommy replied. Tommy and his group left. Nicole looked back at Brandon. "You really stood up a date for me?" "Of course, you're my sister and I love you." "I can't believe you gave up a great night for me!" she said. "It was a great night. Any night with you is wonderful." Brandon said. "Well, the night's not over yet," Nicole said seductively, and then went on her tippy toes to kiss Brandon. Brandon kissed her back, until she finally pulled away. "Take me home," she said. They ran out to the parking lot and approached Brandon's truck. Nicole opened the back seat and said "Fuck it. Just fuck me here, I need it so bad. No one will see, prom still has like two hours left." "No," Brandon replied, "if we're going to do this we're going to do it right." Brandon got in the driver seat while Nicole stayed in the back. Nicole took off her clothes and started masturbating. Brandon could see her through the rear view mirror and was so hard. She started touching him from the back, touching his chest and kissing his ears. Somehow they made it home. Brandon opened his door and then opened Nicole's. He picked up her naked body and kissed her all the way all the way to the door as he carried her. If any neighbor looked outside they would have seen the start of hot incestuous sex, but Brandon and Nicole didn't care. They only cared about each other Brandon was somehow able to open the door while holding up Nicole with one arm, his eyes closed, and his tongue down his sister's mouth. He stepped inside, closed the door behind him, and then pressed Nicole against the closed door. He was now carrying her with both hands on her ass, while her hands were wrapped around his head as they passionately made out. "I've wanted this for so long," Nicole said in between kisses. "How can I have such a hot brother and not want to fuck him all the time." "What about you," Brandon replied while still kissing her. "You are so fucking sexy with your big ass and gorgeous fucking tits. Ever since two years ago all I've wanted to do was come into your bedroom and fuck the shit out of you."
  15. Payne1074

    Casting Couch RP

    We have all seen those porns where the cute little fresh 18 y/o goes out to her first porn audition to make some real money. But what if she is not who she says she is? What if she has a dark secret that she hopes you never find out? That’s the basics to my Rp idea, I’ll be the casting interview while you play the teen wanting to make some easy cash. Your secret can range from actually being underage to being a monster girl. Message me and let’s talk about and hopefully get a good Rp going.
  16. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Jtcookie. Overall premise: A slice of life RP with an argonian maid living in the mansion with its two brothers who both possess immense wealth and influence, despite not having any guardians or not being very old. One being 8 and the other is 10. They discover the lovely joys and pleasures of finding a busty and wonderful argonian maid, whom they aim to make into a fully fledged bimbo and lover beyond just being a "mere" maid. ------------------------------------- With the victory of the Stormcloaks bringing an end to the civil war, order and peace must now be established and formed once more. The situations has sadly led to some unfortunate fates for some - like how the parents of the two young boys fleeing the estate for good since they supported the Empire. Jarl Ulfric has since made the two boys left the de facto new masters of the house, their business and so on. This further led to the boys having to get new servants as some positions were left empty due to all of these changes. Today they are to meet with a new applicant for the position of house maid. This takes the young Jeera to show up at the huge double doors to the mansion to knock on, wanting to try her luck here.
  17. I was looking to do an Rp where my daughters friends are so hot and sexy I can’t help myself from seducing them. Or maybe they seduce me? I am open to any suggestions as long as I get to fuck my daughters friends without her knowing
  18. I am down for anything, but only If my character can be a loli, text me the plots you have in mind
  19. Roleplay between: @JennyDKand @Deepanddeeperstill. Kinks used: Airhead Big titted loli Big tits Bimbofication Body writing Bukkake Cock shock Cock worship Continuous orgasms Corruption Double anal/vaginal Double penetration Extreme ageplay Fucked silly Good pacing and build-up Group sex Heart pupils Huge age gaps Huge size differences Lewd talk Lipstick marks Lolis (both playing as or with) Making porn Ovary fucking Powerhouses Screaming orgasms Shotas (age 10 or lower) Size queen Temporary mindbreak Temporary or permanent IQ loss Overall premise: Once the war with the diamons and Homeworld is over with and there is once more peace, the Crystal gems and their human companions are left with a lot of opportunity to pursue other ways to spend their lives out there on Earth. Of course, this does mean that some of them either move away from Beach city entirely, others do stuff that makes them unable to spend the same amount of time with their group as before and so on. Some of those who do stay in town are Peridot, Pearl, Connie and Sadie, who are all about to get into something they never would or could have imagined would be their new passion as well as livelihood and it all starts at the local kindergarten.... ----------------------------------------- It is another lovely and hot sunny day in Beach city, with everyone out and about to enjoy their day, whether they are attending to their jobs or other stuff. By now, everyone here is used to seeing gems walking around town. So that leaves Peridot with going about her business as she prefers. Just like other gems and the few humans participating in the conflict with Homeworld, she has been trying to find a new place for her to be at and someone jokingly suggested doing human studying at the local kindergarten. As she is still new to human humour and sarcasm, she took it at face value. So the next day she has exited her home to go down there and try to do this suggestion...
  20. Hi everyone! I'm clarity! I'm an experienced submissive/switch roleplayer with an obsession for playing lolis and little/petite girls. I love the power dynamic between an older/larger man and little girl, and I love playing it out in unique ways even more. I am sucker for anything concerning cum and have a massive daddy kink. I can't wait to be your little prin In terms of kinks I have quite a lot. Many of them was have to do with different relationship dynamics, but I also have some darker and even weirder ones. None are required, but if we have any in common or you see one that particularly interest you, don't hesitate to bring it up! If I had to pick out my main kinks they would probably be playing as lolis, ageplay, age difference, size difference, non-con, incest, Excessive Cum, Petplay, Big Dicks and creampies. There are many more though. I listed them more thoroughly in my preferences sheet here. Please take a look! Plot and premise are also very important to me. Playing out the scenario or story are my favorite parts. I have many ideas for the plot, but I'm very open to suggestions if you have your own idea. Here are all the ideas I'd be willing to rp at the moment. Normal RPs Your New Queen Using some occult magic you found online, you're able to bring back a dead princess from a long past ancient civilization. She knows nothing about modern life or living outside of a palace, so you take her in and help her acclimate to new life. The only issue is that the magic doesn't last forever on its own and she is slowly dying again. Of course, you can help reverse the process by letting her drink your fluids. This is traditionally blood, but you find that cum works just as well~ Tiny and the Beast You're an adventurer with a dark secret. Everynight you turn a werewolf with high aggression and even higher sex drive. If you don't fuck, you might just kill someone. Usually, you find a secluded place to keep youself during the night to keep form hurting anyone, but one night you don't make it and rape a little mage girl who was in the forest at the time. At the end, she isn't angry though and calls you a doggy. She agrees to let you get out all that pent up pleasure inside of her at night from now on as long as you protect her as she tries to become an adventurer herself. The Last Girl Alive All women have died out from an unknown disease, leaving only a dwindling poplation of men. One day you find out that your coworker who you thought was a guy is acrtually a girl immune to the disease. She begs you to keep her secret and even offers herself as your personal fucktoy to use whenever you want since without women, straight men only have the option to masturbate. Alone with You You're a wealthy rich entrepenuer in the big city and find a homeless girl teenage girl in an alley you walk past. You feel bad, so you decide to take her home with you. Turns out, shes an immigrant from another country whos parents were killed. In order to protect her, you tell everyone that she is your maid. She does all your chores for you and lets you fuck her without complaint, but seems completely emotionless. You make it your goal to slowly attempt to teach her english and get her to smile. Civilized Your doctor friend shows you a girl he saved from a fatal illeness in a foreign, third world country and convinces you to adopt her. Turns out shes very wild and unruly. You can only calm her down by forcing your dick into her. However, you're eventually able to get her to around to you and even like her new life. Succubus Blackmail You're an office worker that lives in a small apartment alone. One day you find a little girl in front of the door of your apartment, ready to pull on her child safety alarm at any moment. She says that she is succubus and she needs dick and cum to survive. If you don't do what she says, she'll activate the child safety alarm and tell the cops that you raped her. She wants to use you as her source of energy for as long as she can~ Semen Nutrition (Oral Focus) In this world, young girls have very different digestive systems. Their teeth aren't strong enough to chew food and they can't digest solids until after puberty at about age 14. Until then girls feed or get nutrients from their daddies cum. Girls are homeschooled and most fathers stay home to feed them. Its also seen as very healthy for them to fuck their daughters too~ Replacment In order to cope with the death of your daughter, you buy an android specfically made to look just like her. It's like a cute pet, but you can't contain yourself and try out some of her more "sexual" assets~ Regressing Your wife has developed a special sort of cancer causing her to de-age rapidly. Not only is her body regressing, but her mind too. She is becoming much less mature, more easily agitated and generally childish. However, you still love each other and she still wants to do her duties as a wife even if its getting harder especially in bed. Monster Under the Bed (Warning: Non-con) You're the monster under the bed that every little girl in afraid of. You can change forms, grow limbs and shift in size. Every night, you find a different girl to use and completely traumatize for the rest of her life. Alien Freeloader You find an alien slug feeding on your trash in the middle of the night. Its not aggressive, so you feed and take care it. In order to blend in, the creature morphs into a little girl and pretends to be your sister. However, you realize that there are other things you can take advantage of in that form~ Niche/Weird RPs Symbiotic Relationship (Warning: Oviposition/Egglaying, Cervical Pentration, Rapid Pregnancy) You are an alien parasite that has just fallen off of a meteorite. A little girl finds you a takes you home, hiding you in her bedroom. She quickly comes to realization that you'd like to lay eggs inside of her. Carrion (Oviposition/Egglaying, Cervical Penetration, Rapid Pregnancy) You're an alien that has snuck onto a ship full of young female research scientists and female guards. You find each of them to impreagnate and fill with eggs. DM me if any of these interest you!
  21. RP between: @JennyDK and @Jtcookie Premise: As the normal Dragonborn is out doing theirs to ensure the Tamriel's safety and many other quests, another Dragonborn is also out there. Only this one has gotten the blood from an ancient dragon of fertility. She is a slut by nature and has always sought out to pleasure her unsatiable needs for sex. She has no knowledge of this until she is summoned by the Gray Beards. Here she learns about her powers, but knowledge and tutoring in the way of the sexy voice is not without a cost in the lonely temple. I have made some custom Shouts as well, feel free to suggest more: Dragon shouts: Alter Age Alter body Add body parts Call Demons Enlarge body parts Extreme stamina Force orgasm Indestructable body Instant erections Prolong orgasm Remove items (clothes, armour and so on) Renew stamina Shout of Clones Shout of strength Soundwave of Lust Freya's profile: -------------------------------------------------------------------- It has been a few days since the young, magically adept Nord girl called Freya Jotunsdottír left her home village. Ever since she were able to, she has been the kind of girl to be very sexually active and already at age 4 is even more experienced than most brothel ladies. Before this, the village inn had gotten a visit from a group of mercenaries of all orcs. Of course, Freya could not help but use her charms and voluptous body towards them, aiming to end in bed with them. Needless to say, it ended up in that way, with her using them for hours on end, even to the point where they were getting tired out. Just when they were about to pass out, they make her cum so hard that her screaming instead changes into a Shout. A Shout of extreme stamina, as is part of her lineage's heritage of powers. This provided the orcs with renewed energy for a while more. Not long after, a call from the monks at The Throat of the World, is summoning Freya to them.
  22. Be it that he bought you at an auction, stole you from your parents, saved you from the gallows, found you alone in the forest or you've been raised by him for this purpose; you find yourself belonging to him, his wishes for you to follow the craft, cult or family is what keeps you fed, warm and protected from all the evils in the world but those practices have a price that he takes from you every night... Fantasy, horror or similar setting, mainly ageplay but O'dlike some master x slave/pet, magic, incest (maybe) and dub/non-con with it. Alternative idea: The Homunculus. An alchemy crafted human being, a flesh (or other) golem, an automaton or some other construct, you've been created to serve or maybe your purpose was corrupted so; maybe you were once human or have the soul of one, maybe you were summoned like a demon or spirit and bound to obey or at least forced to by magic, maybe you're just a humanoid species but this cruel world treats you like property, anyways you belong to someone or maybe some group and future seems dark to you, do you accept it, love your purpose or want to be free? Last one, just a modern objectification, maybe by legal means (some new law that allows for treating someone like a thing and not a human being) or illegally by human traficking.
  23. Hello and Fair Greetings! I’m so thrilled setting off on this new adventure here, and am ready to wade into such delicious depths of depravity with you all! I’ve got an insatiable appetite for the salacious, and am here in search for submissive females who yearn for a scarlet taste of something steamy and sweet. (To be absolutely clear, I only feel comfortable writing with females. If you’re a guy, need not to apply) Although I’m a Literate/advanced writer, I happily am able to adjust to match anyone. My preferred method is either my discord at PadenP#6321 or PMs. -Plot Cravings *****Here I will list two creatures who are flavorfully the same as ‘incarnates of temptation’ which I crave to play out. The Incubus and the Werewolf/Wolfwere. There are too many plot possibilities to list, but the general theme of them would involve my character as either an Incubus or a Werewolf/Wolfwere would approach yours, bearing the fruits of temptation. Depending on the setting and the story, they may come under a guise, or be forward with what they are from the very beginning. But always they will be suave and domineering. The other theme of plot possibilities comes from not so much as exalting temptation, but of a more ‘Master/Slave’ dynamic. This plot is most commonly used as a vehicle to satisfy any craving and desire on your wishlist and mine, as the ways such dreams can come true are absolutely endless. *****Speaking of temptations and of forbidden fruits, this comes into my next plot craving. Incest romance. One of my only few exceptions to playing a possible slice of life. The two pairings out of this type of theme are a Brother x Sister, or a Father x Daughter. I am also alright with the less incest ‘step-relations’ alternative. I’m open however to any other pairings involving incest. My only caveat is for our characters to have had a previous history together (even if small), and for us to work out the bare minimum of that past together for there to be context. If anyhow a incestuous romance could be tied up in any other plot idea or pairing I have listed, then by all means I’ll go for it. *****Riding upon those same erotic waves, I crave also either a Harem or a love triangle. Choosing to undertake this craving of mine, you would need to have double as at least two of the ladies after my character’s heart. Other than that, the craving is fairly straight forward, but not diminished in desire. ****Another is being a Dragon. Most of my ideas for plot are a collection of inspirations, but are none the less something I’d want to try out. Ranging from a character of yours being a dragonslayer, to being a dragonrider, a princess, to even another dragon. There are other things which are more plot based; like the world currently being dominated by tyrannical dragons and a rebellion is on the rise aided by myself, or working through the plot from both sides of the opposing forces as different characters. Another is quite the opposite (sorta) with dragons being driven to extinction, which wouldn’t be necessarily a bad thing or really a good thing for the world at large, but it would be for my own character. Those are really just a few starting ideas that I am not at all limited to (as the same can be said really for all of this). ****I would really want to play as a pack of werewolves. Sorta like Dragons, I can’t get enough of them. Us being in the same pack would be preferred with the conflict of inner tribe strife's and outer forces; but really anything can be fine. This includes Alpha and Omega dynamics, as well as plots to involve a feud between the Werewolves and silver-wielding Hunters. Or just a regular human getting unknowingly involved with a werewolf, whether or not the human was at first a unwitting victim to the prowling predator, or a friend or a lover with a feral secret. There is too the possibility of a clash between the classic trope of Vampires and Werewolves colliding in blood frenzied passion. Too, as an alternative I would prefer roleplaying as a wolfwere who are wolves which change into man rather than the vice versa for werewolves. ****Playing within a either Drow/Dark Elf, or a Elven community. If there was two environments I wouldn’t mind playing a fantasy ‘slice of life’, it would be these. All the darker toned political intrigue, backbiting and depraved acts of villainy under one vast cavern roof: and or lush elegance, hearts verdant with passion and love of arts and beauty, and a fierce resolve to see their own people and homeland preserved. Roleplaying as any part of their societies, from the lowest slave, to rangers that daily track across the boundaries for intruders, to being a part of raiding parties pillaging other folk, to the highest of their nobility and anything in between the lines that can be imagined. Within these one it would be really awesome to play sorta a magical academy spin to it, but that's just another bit of frosting overflowing from this pie. Pairings ***Prince x Princess ****Prince x Maid ***Knight x Princess **Knight x Squire *****Viking x Slave ****Demon x Demon ***Demon x Fallen/Angel ***Fallen/Angel x Human ***Superhero x Villain ****Unicorn x Maiden ****Fae x Human ****Human x Neko *****Furry x Furry *****Master x Slave/Pet ****Teacher/Tutor x Student **Long-time Friends ***Good Girl x Bad Boy *Popular x Unpopular *****Dragon x Dragon *****Wolfwere x Wolfwere ***Adultery **Exes —(Redundant notes on preferences just in case preference link is broken)— Speaking more on preferences, I will always prefer playing my characters as male, and in some variation of a dominant, with a preference of my partner’s characters being female and submissive. I usually don’t roleplay with switches anymore, because it’s becoming a bit of a peeve of mine having my characters cuckold or simped by a switch. But, I can be convinced if guaranteed that this wouldn’t be the case in our story. And as with my dominants to note, I so do adore pet-play and using tons of aftercare, and reaffirmations. I have an F-list I’ll happily share if you’re interested, but some of my tops favorite things, and my absolutely nots in the TL;DR version is FAVS & LIKES Foreplay and Oral (giving and receiving) Pet-play and Aftercare Ageplay Choking and Hardcore Pleasure Control Bondage and Toys Antros, Furries, Monsters, and non humanoid species Knotting Incest (Favories are Father / Daughter or Brother / Sister) Sexual Exhaustion Non and Dub Cons (Including Blackmail/coercion) F x F x M Harem A HARD NO Scat and Watersports Necrophilia Bad Ends Non Sexual Torture Guro Vanilla Sex Yaoi Cuckold
  24. Hello! I am looking for a female to play a role in one of the many RP ideas I have. I have been RPing for a few years now so these are either ideas that I had a great time with or new ones that I have been wanting to try out! Most of my ideas do involve age play but if you are not into that then we can always change it. None of these are set in stone and any of them can be changed so don't be afraid to ask! 1. My first idea is you would play a highschool girl who is in desperate need of cash so she goes around the school and offers her self up to teachers and students in exchange for cash. The girl can be a total slut or a virgin that is in a tight spot, that part is up to you. 2. The second piggy backs off the first where you still need money, but this time you would go and find random strangers and ask them for cash in exchange for sex 3. you play a school girl on a train and on your way to school/or on your way home, a molester comes up and starts to play with you. At first you hate it but soon you realize that you love being touched in public and find yourself riding the train wearing more proactive clothing and trying to get men to touch you 4. You would be playing the part of a newly hired secretary for a large corporation. Your duties involve answering phone calls, setting up meetings, and keeping the schedule of your boss. Everything is going great until your boss starts to make subtle advances towards you, which is fine until they aren't to subtle.... What do you do? How do you react? Do you like it and try to create a secret office romance? Or maybe you don't and now you are faced with an ultimatum. 5. My last idea has you wanting to rebel against your parents so you start hanging out with a bad crowd of boys from school. One day you skip school with them and find yourself tagging along to pick up some drugs, the dealer likes you and offers to buy trade for you and the boys happily accept
  25. Looking for someone to play the GM position in an Rp that I've been working on. The basics are that I will be playing the General in an army that is taking over a neighboring country. This would be a kind of fantasy setting so it would be swords and shields instead of guns and tanks. The country I belong to praises strength above all else, the strong will survive and the weak will perish. I would go town to town and take what or whomever I want. This doesn't have to be smut only, I would love to have a story to this and make this a long term Rp. I am open to almost anything so please be also and if you have your own ideas I would love to hear them. I can't wait to hear from you!
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