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  1. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Mysthero. Overall premise: As the monsters have been able to finally emerge from the depths, their lives can start fully anew. This also meaning that having to find new careers is a thing for many of them. Of course, with the realization that monsters are a thing, they are very much focused on lately and become popular in many sort of media. Likewise, the monsters are exposed to many, many new things here. This leads us to the devoted and happy couple consisting of Alphys and Undyne, who are also celebrities in their own ways and thus prime targets for many employers to want to hire. The former Captain of the guard is happy being a guard and Alphys working in a school as science teacher, as she has grown much more outspoken and such after hooking up with her partner, Undyne. Sometimes, the lizard woman even lets porn spice up some of their fun in the bedroom and secretly has an idea to try and make her and Undyne star in something together.... Of course, there are also other females out there, who are more than fit for such fun.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is another Friday and the weekend is close to being here and the lizard girl Alphys is sitting at the teacher's office, looking through her e-mails and doing some light grading and preparing stuff for next week. There is not a whole lot of work related stuff to go through, so she is mostly clearing out her inbox on the PC. About half of them are spam stuff, but the rest usually varies between personal stuff and a few job offers from time to time. However, one e-mail seems to stick out to her....
  2. Corey had a dark secret, one that could potentially destroy him, he didn't want anyone to know about the sick, wicked desires he had to see little underaged girls naked tiny, smooth, flat chested little breast, and the perfect thigh gap all little girls had drove him wild for years he masturbated to the idea of taking little girls innocence, He imagined Thats what They really wanted, or so least that's the twisted perverted truth he tells himself! That's why he finally decided he would finally take that risk to taste the most forbidden fruits, the virgin pussy of children! "Welcome to my home room class, boys and girls! I'm mister Corey," he wrote his name on the chalk board "
  3. It was the beginning of winter term at Hogwarts, and there was an excitement in the air, much like the chill, you could feel it, and even see it in all the bright eyed faces of the students at King's Cross Station. It took the man back to years gone past, when he first attended the prestigious school of Wizardry as a young lad himself. He had not been back in over a decade, it was all nostalgic to him. He thought back to just a few days ago, when he first arrived after several years over seas, and doing some dangerous under cover work, it was nice to be able to just take it all in, and relax a bit. Viktoroso Cobrissi was now the new adjunct professor of the Dark arts teaching a psychology of Dark Arts course. Not very popular stuff but it was right up his alley, as a member of the super elite, top secret Ministry Against Darkness, Necromancy & Evil Secret Societies just known as M.A.D.N.E.S.S to those who knew, but so few even knew. A slight dusting of snow had just blanketed the school grounds in pretty white coat of wintery magic, as Viktoroso wondered about the campus, looking for a nice place to just sit for a moment, his mind was heavy with thought and fresh air always helped him think. He had remembered a very secluded spot he use to duck away too, as a boy, where he could always be by his lonesome when he need be. Black boots stomped through the fluffy snow covered paths, with muffled his steps, but left no trail, thanks to some trusty spy magic he had picked up long ago. As he cleared the reddish-brown brick corridor he came to a secluded cobblestone nook with a tree in the midst and a bench encircling it. To his surprise there was a girl sitting there, under the bare branches, reading a book. The reason this place was his favorite as a child was the tree, called an Umbrella Oak, had this magical ability to prevent precipitation of any kind from falling directly under it, so one could sit there in any weather an remain completely dry. The flip side to that was peculiarly enough, the tree produced no shade in the summer, even with its branches full of leaves. "Well Lillim, would you look at that, who do we have here I wonder...What do you think should I kick'er out my secret spot?" he craned his neck left, as small snakes tongue lick in the air and at his face before retreated back into the warmth of the cloak. "alright alright, I'll play nice..." He walked silently up on the girl, face buried in a rather bizarre binding, so bizarre in fact, he could tell from 100 feet away what she was reading, and he just had to inquire about it, and introduce himself. But in his stealthiness, he had manage to completely mask his presence, and there was something about watching her this way, unbeknownst to her, that captivated him. Like watching a beast in the wild, it seemed like this was her natural habitat, detached from the rest of the world, in this cold yes whimsical place; it would have been a shame to disturb her in the middle of a passage, so he waited until she turned the page, to make himself known. "Why hello, maybe you can help me, I appear to be lost...!" He took several steps closer, this time releasing the magic that subdued his steps and left no trail, so the sound of his boot squishing down snow actually caught her attention a moment before he spoke.
  4. JennyDK

    Loli Dragonborn

    Dragon's Pleasure: (Skyrim) As the normal Dragonborn is out doing theirs to ensure the Tamriel's safety and many other quests, another Dragonborn is also out there. Only this one has gotten the blood from an ancient dragon of fertility. She is a slut by nature and has always sought out to pleasure her unsatiable needs for sex. She has no knowledge of this until she is summoned by the Gray Beards. Here she learns about her powers, but knowledge and tutoring in the way of the sexy voice is not without a cost in the lonely temple. I have made some custom Shouts as well, feel free to suggest more: Dragon shouts: Alter Age Alter body Add body parts Call Demons Enlarge body parts Extreme stamina Force orgasm Indestructable body Instant erections Prolong orgasm Remove items (clothes, armour and so on) Renew stamina Shout of Clones Shout of strength Soundwave of Lust Notes: 1) the Dragonborn is never submissive or forced to do anything 2) My partner will have to at least act as a GM.
  5. RP between @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Premise: A new transfer student joins Lisa's class. While the new girl seems very different from Lisa, they slowly begin to hang out more and discover that there is more between them than friends. With Lisa ashamed of her extra parts, she is even more insecure and shy and cautious around others, but slowly she is coming to terms with and even loving being born the way she was, as the new girls accepts her fully as she is. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Another day and another day of being ostrasized or worse among her peers and even those from older grades as well. Lisa is both happy about going to school, but also dreads it and sometimes even wishes that being home schooled would be an option. Sadly, she can do little else than try to be as invisible as possible. Turns out that it is pretty hard when you are this smart, informed and well read and spoken as she is. Every day she hopes and prays for some sort of relief from this anguish that most school days bring. Her brother is not much help and even he has to deal with the bullies from time to time, only being tolerated or allowed to hang with them whenever they feel like it. Soon enough the teacher starts the lecture, but unlike most days she has an announcement to make. She tells the class about a new kid joining the class. And oooof course the only free seat is next to Lisa, who already has her own dreadful thoughts and predictions about how awful this will be, surely only adding to her troubles. After finishing, the door opens up to reveal the new girl....
  6. Busterbugs

    Age regression

    I’ve found a idea that I would love to do based on a hentai I saw, where a character somehow just much younger. Ideas for include- Mom and son-Mom gets younger and finds her son attracted to her. Or the son is older and goes back to a young boy and the mom finds his cuteness irresistible. Dad and Daughter-The father is getting older and has a teenage daughter who his is attracted to. And one day he finds hisself his daughters age. Older brother and younger sister- The two new stepsisters hate their older geek of a brother but the brother finds himself young again and the sisters think he is a cute neighbor boy and adore him. HeadMaster’s Younger Brother and a private all girl academy-It takes place in a private all girls academy and my character is the younger brother of the HeadMaster and the only guy there. The girls don’t like him and shun him, but one night my character finds himself a young boy again(Expect for his cock size). The girls find him adorable and think he is a kid brother of someone on the campus. My character finds himself in some sexy positions after that. If you are interested in this, let me know.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm clarity. I'm a submissive female looking to roleplay with a dominant male. My many kinks can be found on my preference sheet which is linked in this post as well as my profile, but my main ones are playing as little girls\lolis, ddlg, petplay, size difference, age difference excessive cum, and darker themes. Once you have gone over my kinks, I have plenty of ideas here that I would love to roleplay or have expanded upon. I am also open to other ideas if they interest me enough. Parasite Girl You find a little girl with a number on her neck, trying to eat a bird she caught somehow. She is the result of a project to turn cell cultures into human beings and escaped before they could experiment on her any further. She is initially very violent and aggressive, but your teach her how to be more human by making her learn to love and she slowly becomes fond of you in a codependent relationship. She can also adapt parts of her body to better suit her situation. Zombie Daughter A zombie apocalypse and you're one of the few resilient survivers. However your daughter is infected and you don't have the heart to kill her, so you remove her teeth, making her unable to bite you. You decide to take care of your zombified daughter and she becomes like a pet. Daddy's Milk A world where the milk that comes out of breasts is entirely useless to growing girls and is only nutritious to boys. Cum that comes from a cock has all the nutrition that a little girl might ever need. Girls cant digest proper food until they have reached full maturity at the age of 18. So any time before that they need to live off cum. Girl want cum instinctually, it tastes like sweet honey to them and they become docile to whoever gives it to them. Loli Fantasy Land You find yourself waking up in a high fantasy world where every person, monster and animal is some sort of little girl. You can decide how you interact with this world and I will act as a gm of sorts, creating situations for you and determining how the world will react. Witches Among Us In a modern day world, witches are real and they've been lurking in the shadows for hundreds of years by taking on the forms of innocent little girls. One of your friends turns out to be one of these witches who broke away from their society. She askes you to take there magic, by ejaculating inside of them which will completely remove their capacity to do any sort of mischievous magic anymore. Lethal Ejaculation A world where an illness has plagued the entire male population, making their cum entirely poisonous to woman. If it enters the female body orally, anally, or vaginally, the women will start to shake and die peacefully within less than a minute. Because of this, all sex is outlawed and men are mostly viewed as dangers to society. Without any way to release your pent up lust and aggression, you become serial rapist, going around and cumming inside little girls that you can find which inevitably kills them. You leave the bodies at the scene of your horrific acts and quickly get out before anyone can catch you. Young Again You hate your boss a lot because she is constantly rude to you and overworks you like a slave. To get back at her, you buy an experimental drug that forces her body to revert to that of a small girl, slowly losing her adult memories. She now has no way to fight back against you, so you rape her and make her into your own daughter, fucking and abusing her little body as much as you can. Adopted Refugee Daughter Your daughter died in a car accident a few years ago. You never got over it, so you left her room exactly as it was when she died with all the pink accessories and stuffed animals littering the entire room. This event in your life have you a soft spot for little girls, so when you given the opportunity to adopt a little African girl from a war torn country, you accept without a second thought. When you get though. She provided to be much more than you bargained for. She's violent and unruly, until you figure out that you can calm her down only by fucking her into submission. Through this sort of training, you slowly train her to be more like your last daughter except in a much more sexual relationship. Little Alien Girl Harem You're a pilot of a large cargo ship in space. This time you have a very important cargo, a bunch of little girls from many endangered alien species. You were supposed to get them relocated so the girls could be used to repopulate, but your ship engine stop and leaves you out in space with all these little girls and nothing to do while you wait to be saved. They're all supposed to get pregnant anyway... Sick Girl You're a assistant working at a hospital. Everyday you see a girl with terminal illness who will die very soon. She doesn't have any parent and you can see how hollow she has become withering away in a hospital. So you take it upon yourself to take her out of the hospital and on a road trip. You bring her to every place you think she might like to try and make her happy before she dies, but you start to fall in love with her too. So you decided to teach her sex too.
  8. Busterbugs

    Family Sex Stories

    Would any lady be interested in doing a role play where a family gets into sexual trouble in their day to day life. I would play as the male family members and the other male characters that the family meets. Male Family members I would play- -A older dad who is a well off business man but has a problem with breaking in the female employees with his large cock. -The oldest son, a handsome college playboy who loves to fool around with any girl he finds, including his sisters. -The middle son, a high school student who has all the girls in his school attracted to his good looks and large cock -The youngest son, a shy 13 year old with adorable looks that draws older woman from all around but his hiding a huge cock in his baggy pants. -Other male characters I could play as, a teacher, a married neighbor, a group of gym nuts, a stalker and a uncle. As for your characters you can decide, but I was thinking a mom and a older and younger daughter for the basics. Does that sound interesting to you and if it does or let me know.
  9. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @newbalogna. Overall premise: The barrier is now gone from the underground, thus allowing monsters from there to emerge and find new lives on the surface if they so desire. Of course, this was a grand event happening all of a sudden and some of the main characters from this is becoming more or less celebrities in their own ways and even interviewed for TV, newspapers and such. This also leads to several job offers from all sorts of places and people everywhere, even to someone like Frisk, who made the barrier disappear in the first place. Most offers are regular, some are unexpected, fewer are outright odd and some are just plain bad sounding. Of course, all of them steer clear of the latter category and try to focus on what each of them really wish for. First off the bunch of four (Alphys, Undyne, Muffet and Frisk), is the couple of Undyne and Alphys, who are now a couple. They both get the same strange, but very tempting and lucrative offer from an older gentleman who wishes to hire them as part of his house staff. From there on, all of their lives turn out to become much more interesting, fun and unexpected.... ------------------------------------ It is another uneventful day and Undyne has been intrigued enough to visit this mansion where this strange older man should live, wanting to at least hear out the offer in full and more detailed. Alphys was not so sure, but was finally convinced by her partners, so they are walking towards the front door together and soon knock on the door, unsure what is to happen here...
  10. Name: Astelle Albion Age: 25 Class: Holy Swordmaiden Gear: Cloth Armor - Robes of her Order, Bastard Sword, Basic Travel Kit: [Tent, Bedroll, Pots n' Pans, Waterskin, Food], Basic First Aid Kit: [Bandages, Health Potions, Herbs] Powers and/or Skillset: [Divine Spells] --Touch of Healing - The users hands become aglow with divine energy. The glow spreads across the wound, knitting back together rent flesh and mending broken bone. --Infusion: Holy Flame - Divine energy is infused into the user's weapon, wreathing it in bright, white flames. The flame is especially powerful against the Wicked and Undead, burning like an intense fire and causing unbearable agony. --Words of Denial - With a holy word, a dome of devastating divine power erupts from within the user and forms a protective barrier. The barrier remains until dispelled by the user or other spells, and can be shattered if enough damage is dealt to it. The initial force from creating the barrier can can knock-back and damage foes. [Physical Talents] --Lithe and Agile --Talented Swordswoman --Intelligent ( For now ) Appearance: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rain fell in sheets, immediately soaking any living soul brave enough to weather the storm to the bone. Water drummed rhythmically against the stone and wood, crafting a soothing, hypnotic melody. Light poured out from the only inn in town where Astelle Albion sat with her young ward, Richard Hamilton. Dressed in the loose, flowing robes of her order, her unbelted sword resting on the bench next to her, the swordmaiden sipped absently at cup of watered-down wine and looked out the window. "Looks like another day of heavy rain. We'll have to wait it out again. Too far to go to get sick." She said, looking at the young, exiled prince.
  11. RP between: @JennyDK and @Jtcookie Premise: As the normal Dragonborn is out doing theirs to ensure the Tamriel's safety and many other quests, another Dragonborn is also out there. Only this one has gotten the blood from an ancient dragon of fertility. She is a slut by nature and has always sought out to pleasure her unsatiable needs for sex. She has no knowledge of this until she is summoned by the Gray Beards. Here she learns about her powers, but knowledge and tutoring in the way of the sexy voice is not without a cost in the lonely temple. I have made some custom Shouts as well, feel free to suggest more: Dragon shouts: Alter Age Alter body Add body parts Call Demons Enlarge body parts Extreme stamina Force orgasm Indestructable body Instant erections Prolong orgasm Remove items (clothes, armour and so on) Renew stamina Shout of Clones Shout of strength Soundwave of Lust -------------------------------------------------------------------- It has been a few days since the young, magically adept Nord girl called Freya Jotunsdottír left her home village. Ever since she were able to, she has been the kind of girl to be very sexually active and already at age 4 is even more experienced than most brothel ladies. Before this, the village inn had gotten a visit from a group of mercenaries of all orcs. Of course, Freya could not help but use her charms and voluptous body towards them, aiming to end in bed with them. Needless to say, it ended up in that way, with her using them for hours on end, even to the point where they were getting tired out. Just when they were about to pass out, they make her cum so hard that her screaming instead changes into a Shout. A Shout of extreme stamina, as is part of her lineage's heritage of powers. This provided the orcs with renewed energy for a while more. Not long after, a call from the monks at The Throat of the World, is summoning Freya to them.
  12. Come and join the Institute! Headmaster and founder, the mysterious and illustrious Cayleth Wolfe, has sent you a PERSONAL invitation. The Institute is always hungry for new students and teachers. It has a taste for unlocking their will to pleasure. What cutting edge adventures await? What twisted fantasies does Professor Wolfe indulge at the Institute? What is it they're REALLY studying? And what happened to the innocent and ambitious young lady who entered? She's certainly HAPPIER now..... But who back home would even recognize her? LENGTH: Variable but short. I don't want 6 paragraphs every exchange, but if you've got one that REALLY needs that much once in a while, do it! I also don't want like three words every time. One or two complete descriptive sentences is plenty, and we're all good up to about two paragraphs, as a general rule. Expect me to usually write one complete paragraph. 2-5 sentences, but generally shorter in times of high action, and possibly longer on rare occasions describing a dream scene or something. Consistently too short feels like a lack of investment, and too long breaks stride having to wait forever and doesn't allow partner to act. GRAVY: My top kinks that I'm looking for are, in no particular order: hypnosis, ageplay, pregnancy, incest, D/s, bestiality, heathenry/sin. I don't want or expect to have all of them in every RP, and I'm open to virtually any you might want to include as well. But I'm not going to be interested without two or three of those taking frontish roles. Dr. Wolfe IS a hypnotist, and HIS fetish is unlocking the potential of young women to embrace their happiness.... while also encouraging them to submit to him. DURATION: I prefer long-term play, because I like to build things up, and there isn't as much time for that if you're worrying about when to end. I try to time crescendo and decrescendo with how much time we've got, to the extent that I know, and life happens, but I generally want play friends who will come back day after day for a longer and deeper story.
  13. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Blue Spirit Records. Overall premise: At a very early age Twilight Sparkle, now the princess of friendship, accidentally cast a spell on herself, making her grow a horse cock, just like stallions have. Ever since that day, her love life has been both hindered by her lack of social skills and because both mares and stallions found her extra "stuff" offputting. However, it is not exactly something she can hide, but has tried to during dates ever since she grow well versed in her social skills. No matter how well she thinks it is going, it always end in rejection or worse. What she did not count on, was that the friendship to one of her best friends would turn into much more after one fateful evening together.... ---------------------------------- She was to have another date with someone this evening as well, but the pony never showed up, leaving the alicorn understandably depressed, sad and teary eyed. Anyone would be able to see she was not having any sort of fun evening at an otherwise nice, cozy and romantic restaurant. The prospect was fairly good too - one of the bigger hunks who had heard of her reputation, but has never seen her up close, but was told about her "abnormality" before he could get there. Twilight has been waiting for 45 minutes extra, growing increasingly visibly distraught and disheartened....
  14. Payne1074

    Free Use Girls

    The men of the world have gone infertile and birth rates are plummeting. To help combat this situation the fertile men have been given a special rank in society. These men are now labeled as “Owners” and are given girls to help repopulate the country. These girls are now referred to as “Free Use Girls” and this special government run program is named after them. Only those that have been signed up for the program may be selected to be given to an owner. Any girl that is of child bearing age my sign up for the program, with parents consent if needed. After they are selected they become the sole property of their Owner, whose only rule is they may not put the lives of these girls in danger. The Owners are allowed to use their Free Use Girl at any time no matter where they are. They can do whatever they want with them as long as they follow the one rule. If this prompt interests you message me and let’s set up a story together. I have much more information if you are interested and I want to hear if you have any suggestions. This is meant to be a long term Rp so if you message please be in it for the long haul. I can’t wait to hear from you!
  15. It's not very surprising that I wound up with my boyfriend. He's...well, a burnout. He hangs around his apartment with his friends getting high, and lets his parents pay for his 5th year of undergraduate in college. To say he lacks motivation would be a colossal understatement. And what about me? Well, I'm 15. You can imagine I'm not the most popular girl around my high school if I wound up dating a loser in his 20's. But I'm certainly not complaining! I'm a bit desperate for attention and validation, and it's certainly easy to get that out of my boyfriend. Though I'm starting to worry he's getting an idea that there's a lot I'll do for his affection... --- "Ah, hell, I'm short tonight." "Sorry, brother, you know the rules: No cash, no grass." It's "delivery night"; the night of the week my boyfriend's dealer drops by to make sure his stash of weed isn't getting low. I don't really smoke much - I can't handle more than a puff or two on a joint before I start feeling really tired - but my boyfriend's dealer is such a friendly guy, and my boyfriend is always so happy after he comes by that I look forward to delivery night just as much as he does. Unfortunately, tonight it seems like there might not be a delivery, unless my boyfriend can come up with something to pay his dealer with, and quick. "Come on, man, don't be like that. You know I'm good for it." My boyfriend hastily pats at his pockets, looking for any spare change. He finds none, however, so he turns his head to look at the inside of his apartment...which is when his eyes come to rest on me. I'm looking down at my phone, so I don't notice right away, but by the time I look up both my boyfriend and his dealer are staring at me, seemingly sharing some kind of idea. "...What?" --- Plap plap plap plap. "A-Ah, o-oh my g-gosh, ah~!" "Shit, man, this new strain you brought over is sending me to spaaace!" The thick, acrid aroma of smoke fills the living room of my boyfriend's apartment as he slumps back into the couch. He balances a joint between his fingers, taking long deep drags before breathing more of the pungent-smelling odor into the air. Beside him on the couch, I'm sitting on my knees, skirt flipped up over my peachy bubble butt while his dealer hammers my pussy with his thick cock. "Glad to hear you like it, bro! I'd hate if you offered up your girl's cunt like this and the new shit didn't do anything for you." The conversation is briefly interrupted as he gives me a hard slap on the ass, making my back arch deeper as I moan desperately. "Nah, dude, Annie's a trooper", he assures his dealer, reaching over to pinch one of my nipples and tug on it hard. "Ain't that right, baby - you just love to help your man out." Panting, on the verge of mind-splitting orgasm, I smile and dutifully nod my head. "A-Anything for you, baby!" "Anything, huh? Shit, girl, then why don't I help myself to that ass~." --- So, take this concept, stretch it over as many filthy scenarios and pairings as you can imagine, and you've got an idea of the RP I'm looking for! I'd rather this be written as a series of disconnected scenes that possibly reference one another rather than one long, continuous narrative, but we can figure out details like that in EcchiTexts. Kinks: Dubcon turned con, public sex and general degeneracy, rough sex, spanking, ass play of all kinds (spank it, eat it, finger it, fuck it 'til I can't sit down), creampies, ageplay, sloppy blowjobs/cock and ball worship, monster/beast partners, hyper play (cocks that bulge out my stomach and balls that hang down past your knees), weird cocks, dirty partners (smelly, sweaty, covered in dirt and grime), mild watersports (piss inside my ass or pussy, nowhere else, plz-thx <3) Limits: Gore, violence, puke, snot, scat, vore, feet, pregnancy Now, what would I like to see from you when you message me? First off, please put some effort into your reply! I want to see that you're interested in building up some fun, sexy scenes, so please don't just give me one or two sentences asking if we can RP. Bring some ideas of your own to the table, or tell me your own kinks and limits to get the conversation rolling! I also prefer using image references for my character, so if you could, take a look through this album and tell me if any of the gals within strike your fancy. I'm using this to help us get started, but also as a way to gauge who is actually reading my entire post
  16. RP between: @JennyDK and @BlakeRp. Overall premise: Akali is trying to find herself some potential teammates as she wishes to rise to the very top of the League of Legends - a huge tournament, which pits the best of the best against each other in large scale matches. The size of a team needs to be of 5 people and so far she has yet to find anyone who could fit into her own future team. Hopefully there will soon be opportunities for gaining allies. Beyond these allies, there will be plenty of time and chances for Akali to get even deeper attached to her teammates: Kindred, Vi, Annie and Soraka - all of which are packing a LOT of meat between their legs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a large forest, Akali is moving through, wanting to travel from the last village she visited and to a larger town, hoping this time she can find her first ally for the League. By now, things are looking a bit grim as the start up is not too far away and she needs to find her teammates before this happens so they can sign up for it. After this, the next League is only for multiple years. Most likely caught up in her thoughts, Akali is less aware of her surroundings. This leads to a huge creature who is lurking nearby and wanting to pounce her and most likely try to eat her. The forest is quiet and tranquil, which only makes it easier to let ones guard down. Not far from there, another figure is sitting in lotus position with her mask on and meditating silently. The young gal Kindred is off in her own world, but surely she would notice something loud and dangerous happening soon.
  17. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Cash Money Chad. Overall premise: Like so many other girls, she would love to be able to be a model when she grows up and she does even get an invitation for an audition, which she is thrilled to go to and start off her new career. However, the piece of paper it is written on, somehow gets smudged and she ends up in a very different studio - namely a porn studio and fate would have it that they were expecting a new potential starlet, who doesn't show up, but instead I do without being aware of it. Things proceed as I think them to be normal and she gets talked into doing stuff on camera she is not at all knowledgeable about and over time grows to be sluttier by the day. Kinks which will be included and learned to love: Body writing Bukkake Cock worship Continuous orgasms Double anal/vaginal Double penetration Extreme ageplay Fucked silly Group sex Heart pupils Huge size differences Lewd talk Lipstick marks Making porn Ovary fucking Powerhouses Screaming orgasms Size queen ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is a quiet, sunny and lovely day outside on a peaceful Friday afternoon. Sarah Forrester was walking towards the place she has been getting an invitation from. One of her relatives knew a studio with interest in doing photoshoots with cute young girls and through there she was told of where to go. She had the address written down on a small piece of paper and kept it well guarded. However, due to some rain, it got smudged and text harder to read. So she walks towards the place she thinks this is, judging from how she interprets the text. The route now instead takes her to an entirely different place. She finally reaches what looks like a small office building, a bit far away from most places in the outskirts of town. Still, she has no idea how the place is supposed to look like, so she approaches fully and make her way into the reception area."Hello there. I am here for an audition", she says, smiling brightly at the person at the desk.
  18. Payne1074

    Creepy Photographer

    It was early after and you and your friends have been walking around the mall all day. While you were busy shopping you noticed an older man following you around, his phone out, pointed right at you. You confront the man and end up stealing his phone, finding it full of pictures of you and your friends, with zoom in on your asses. It’s time to teach him a lesson in creeping on girls This Rp can go any number of ways and I am down for almost all of them. Feel free to message what you would like to do to this pervert and let’s make it happen. Anything at all about this Rp is open to change, the only limiter is your imagination. I can’t wait to hear from you!
  19. --Awaken Your Instincts-- The Premise: This RP is based on an idea presented by a One Piece H-Manga called, "Chopstick". This manga features Robin and Chopper as sexual partners and revolves around Chopper awakening to his animalistic instincts and being somewhat unable to control them. To provide a short synopsis, Robin comes across a crying, panicked Chopper sporting a raging hard-on. He's distressed because he doesn't know what it is or what to do with it. Feeling that it's her duty as a friend and crewmate, Robin decides to help him. She tells Chopper that he has been somehow infected with a poison and that she's going to suck it out. After bringing Chopper to completion and be covered with his semen, they find out that it wasn't enough. So Robin tells him that she's going to use her other "hole"--her vagina, if it's not obvious--to suck it out because her body can neutralize the poison. This time Chopper is finally settled down. However, now Chopper's instincts are awakened and he starts taking Robin whenever the mood strikes him, much to her inconvenience and annoyance. But she doesn't re-buff him or flat out refuse him because she feels a bit responsible. This leads to scenes where Chopper interrupts Robin in the bathroom, in the bath, at night in the room she shares with Nami, etc. The Kinks: Bestiality ( Preferred, but not an absolute requirement ), Dub-Con, Breeding/Impregnation, Large Quantities of Cum, Large Insertions, Bimboification, Age-play The Plot: What I would like to do is a short-term RP around the plot of Chopstick, using either Chopper and Robin or a couple of OC characters. I'd like to follow several scenes of the male character interrupting the female character in her daily life to have sex with her, preferably inconveniencing her in the process. Her consent would be dubious, not that she wouldn't be enjoying it all the same. The interruptions would most likely annoy and irritate her, but she won't stop the male character because she feels a bit responsible for his current state and uses it as a justification to enjoy a bit of guilt-free sex. This RP will probably end when the female character is finally able to admit to herself that she's not just doing this for her friend, but also for herself and has become addicted to this treatment. And I hope to possibly see her get impregnated in the final scene, but that's debatable. The Pairings: Disclaimer - I am not great at RPing Canon characters and would much, much prefer to create two OCs. But if you're dying to do canon characters, I can give it a shot. --Chopper x Robin --Beastman x Human Female --Shota x Older Sister/Cousin/Female Friend --Sentient Animal x Human Female Closing Statements: If you know me, you should know that I enjoy playing a female characters. I just find much more enjoyment with a female than I do with a male character. So I am looking to playing the female character. I am also very flexible and if this idea interests you, but there are certain aspects you don't like, you can message me and we can discuss alternate paths and aspects. While this is the idea I'm craving, it's just no fun if my partner isn't enjoying it as well. Also, I'm only looking for one partner to do this RP with. Once one is found, I will update this thread. I look forward to RPing with you!
  20. Nekoboi

    Taboo family rp

    Looking for someone who wants to create a dirty family role. Ideally looking for a father or brother character but I'm open to anything. If you've got any kinky family ideas be sure to message! Nothing is too kinky for me, don't be shy! Send me a message and we can discuss the specifics. I'm happy to make any changes or additions you like. Maybe you want to make it furry or rough or add an another element. I'd be glad to include your fantasy. I try to respond to all my messages as soon as I'm able to!
  21. Hello! I am looking for a female to play a role in one of the many RP ideas I have. I have been RPing for a few years now so these are either ideas that I had a great time with or new ones that I have been wanting to try out! Most of my ideas do involve age play but if you are not into that then we can always change it. None of these are set in stone and any of them can be changed so don't be afraid to ask! 1. My first idea is you would play a highschool girl who is in desperate need of cash so she goes around the school and offers her self up to teachers and students in exchange for cash. The girl can be a total slut or a virgin that is in a tight spot, that part is up to you. 2. The second piggy backs off the first where you still need money, but this time you would go and find random strangers and ask them for cash in exchange for sex 3. you play a school girl on a train and on your way to school/or on your way home, a molester comes up and starts to play with you. At first you hate it but soon you realize that you love being touched in public and find yourself riding the train wearing more proactive clothing and trying to get men to touch you 4. You would be playing the part of a newly hired secretary for a large corporation. Your duties involve answering phone calls, setting up meetings, and keeping the schedule of your boss. Everything is going great until your boss starts to make subtle advances towards you, which is fine until they aren't to subtle.... What do you do? How do you react? Do you like it and try to create a secret office romance? Or maybe you don't and now you are faced with an ultimatum. 5. My last idea has you wanting to rebel against your parents so you start hanging out with a bad crowd of boys from school. One day you skip school with them and find yourself tagging along to pick up some drugs, the dealer likes you and offers to buy trade for you and the boys happily accept
  22. RP between: @JennyDK and @Nafarman Overall premise: A major town set in a fantasy setting has a new and thriving place of business. They cater to some very specific needs for their clientele, by having exclusively shortstacked girls of all ages and races. These girls are handsomely paid well for their unique services. However, seeing how the place has just opened, there is a lack of prostitutes to choose and pick from. In fact, there are none so far, but they are very eager for any willing girls and women who wants to have an amazing time, being fully safe and make a ton of coin as well. Surely, not something to pass up. Of course, such gals do not appear out of thin air and most women are not too keen on the idea at first glance, so surely they need some help in discovering their true potentials, places in life and so on - so therefore many clients are more than happy to find girls they wish to introduce to the brothel in one way or another and help bimbofy them hard and well over long periods of time. One such example would be a cocky and sassy goblin warrior who learns to be much more meek, sweet and slutty as well as learn to love and crave many various kinks and situations and acts. This album will depict the profiles for each shortstack and these will change in accordance to the development for each of them: These are the kinks that will be used here as well as some of the types of characters appearing: Airhead Big titted loli Big tits Bimbofication Body writing Bukkake Cock shock Cock worship Continuous orgasms Corruption Double anal/vaginal Double penetration Extreme ageplay Filth (sweat, smegma, pubes, body odor and maybe chubbiness/fatness and nasty armpits) Fucked silly Group sex Heart pupils Horse cocks Huge age gaps Huge monsters Huge size differences Lewd talk Lipstick marks Lolis (both playing as or with) Making others pedo-only Monsters Multicocks Older men (70+) Ovary fucking Powerhouses Raceplay Screaming orgasms Shotas (age 10 or lower) Size queen Slobs Temporary mindbreak Temporary or permanent IQ loss ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is another quiet, tranquil and normal afternoon and Ursula do not have to work today and her daughter is taken care of, so she is having a rare day where she can do what she wants. Of course, her current job does not pay overly well and thus she cannot afford much in general. So she is mostly out walking the streets to enjoy her day off and hopefully have a nice time and a free of cost one at that too. She has yet to have any idea about the fully new place that has been set up - that being the nearby brothel named "The Small Package", which is currently seeking women to work there. So it is very much on accident she sees this place as she rounds a corner. She immediately grows shy and careful, even though no one is making her go near it or anything. The thought of such lewd acts as goes on in there, makes her very self conscious and cautious. She really has very little sexual experience and they were hardly any sort of exciting or experimental. So for now she is peeking around the same corner as before, curiousity making her stare at the place.
  23. Busterbugs

    SuperHero Rp

    Looking for a female partner to start a superhero rp with. For now I have two ideas but more are to come. If you like any, let me know. 1- A mom is the most popular superhero in the world and when it comes time for here to pick a sidekick, she is shocked to see her son in the group, whom she had hid her identity from, to kept him safe and away from the super society. 2-Some people suddenly started to develop superpowers, but for some reason it was only woman that it happed to. Some formed a group to protect ordinary people from crime and attacks from woman who caused carnage with their powers and one day they were shocked to find a young man that had developed powers, the first man to do so.
  24. RP between: @JennyDK and @TaleGazer. Overall premise: As the normal Dragonborn is out doing theirs to ensure the Tamriel's safety and many other quests, another Dragonborn is also out there. Only this one has gotten the blood from an ancient dragon of fertility. She is a slut by nature and has always sought out to pleasure her unsatiable needs for sex. She has no knowledge of this until she is summoned by the Gray Beards. Here she learns about her powers, but knowledge and tutoring in the way of the sexy voice is not without a cost in the lonely temple. Dragon shouts: Alter Age Alter body Add body parts Call Demons Enlarge body parts Extreme stamina Force orgasm Indestructable body Instant erections Prolong orgasm Remove items (clothes, armour and so on) Renew stamina Shout of Clones Shout of strength Soundwave of Lust ------------------------ It has been a few days now after Freya Jotuunson left her homestead for a few days to explore for a while. Luckily, her parents know that region is pretty much free of dangerous wild life and other dangers. She has always been highly self sufficient, fearles and so on. However, they are not aware of Freya having basically had her sexual debut extremely early on and found out that she is also incredibly good at it, possess immense charm and pull and has more or less done with nearly every single male in their village and guests of the local inn. Freya has been camping around for some time now as well as wandering the local areas. Finally she reaches what looks like a weird place - a fortified village it seems, with odd structures and designs. She decides to approach the large gates and even just about 200 meters from the place, the stench hits her nose hard and it only gets worse the closer she gets. Yet, curiousity draws her nearer and nearer.
  25. Hi there~! Thank you for viewing my thread. I'm new to the site but not to roleplaying; I've been doing it for most of my life on various other sites and means. Today I'm coming to seek people like me! Who might that be?~ People who get excited writing hot, nasty smut. I love finding partners who are full of excitement to write things with, and especially those that are as goofy and creative as I am! I get weird with my cravings sometime, and would love someone who can keep pace. So! Lets get to it, what am I looking for? My favorite thing to write, is straight shota. Young boys with much older women, and especially caked in Orientation Play. I have a few kinks that really get me going, such as Orientation Play (a gay guy fucking a girl, or a gay woman fucking a boy, or even... the both of them being gay and yet still fuckin'~), Impregnation, Cheating, Pubic Hair, and Small Dicks.~ I have a few others that aren't as big to my desires, but will definitely offer/include them to a partner who is open to getting whacky.~ In particular, do I have any ideas for what it will be like? Yep! I want pure smut, very little worry about keeping to a story. I like my smut to be like a porn film, more concerned with the fucking then logical sense. Right now I'm craving two particular ideas; One where a young boy gets stranded in a big city of our choosing and uses his Mom's credit card to survive for the holidays! (Yep, home alone-inspired!) Only... The hotel he's staying at offers quite the nasty array of services not usually meant for boys his age.~ The other? I'd love to do a post-apocalyptic idea where a young boy is with a group of older women who are protecting him, and his usual contribution to the group being his ability to fix electronics and being a blushing mess trying not to stare at the gals. So! This may be a little jarring compared to other threads here, but this is what I'm looking for! I will say that I am looking to play either role; Whether it's the young boy or the woman(s) in the idea, and have a heavy preference for playing the boy atm~! Though, for a good writer I'll play whichever! I would also like to say that please be okay with using Discord for writing, since that is where I do almost all of it; I can be persuaded to use the PM system here if you can convince me~! ♥ Thank you everyone! ♥
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