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  1. Neptune

    Aimi of the Nine (1)

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Link to second image here: https://ecchidreams.com/gallery/image/19618-aimi-of-the-nine-2/ Federal Council of Citizen Records (FCCR) ACTIVE RECORD Name: Aimi Coda’zotoxi (Officially: Aimi of the Nine, Coda’zotoxi) Date of Birth: 9th September 2022 Gender: Female Religion: The Order of the ExoSinian Eldyr Species: Coda’zotoxi Origin/Nationality: Xantal City, UFF, Earth, Solae (Solar) System, Milkyway Galaxy. Occupation: Ambassador’s assistant. Faction: Federal Grand Council - Federal Council of Ambassadors. EPSIFleet Uniform Colour: Purple Rank: Ambassador Attaché (Assistant) Physical Appearance Height: 4ft9 Weight: 94lbs Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Brown Physical Description: Aimi looks younger than she is due to her youthful looking face and the fact that she is so tiny, indicating that she is neatomy. She is quite slender, with a very small amount of fat on her body. She likes to keep her muscles well toned without being too much. Her legs and arms have a good amount of fat and toned muscle that enhances her figure. Her stomach is completely flat, with a well curved waist. She has wide hips to go along with her bust, giving her a very prominent hourglass figure. Like most Coda’s, she has digigrade physiology which allowed her to be able to move around easily on all fours as well as upright on two legs. Her fur is primarily a light orange in colour, with whiter fur covering her muzzle, lower face, front of the neck and down her torso and between her legs to the base of her tail. Her arms have darker fur that go up at least two thirds of the way up the limb. It starts off as a lighter brown, which fades into a darker brown. Her fingers, and the toes are white in colour. She has has a little bit of brown fur on the top of her muzzle. The pads of her feet are a light blue in colour. Her tail is quite long, fluffy and soft. It alternates between a lighter and darker brown which ends in a white tip. No matter what Aimi is wearing, there is usually a small blue bow in her hair. She has a necklace that she always wears, even during sleep, showering and sex. It is made from purple gold, a rare gold found in the EPSI Federation. The chain is extremely thin and delicate looking, however it is almost indestructible. The pendant that hangs from it is an intricate looking tree with leafy branches and almost spidery looking roots. In the trunk of the tree, there are what appears to be several liquid crystal veins that pulsate various colours from deep blue to grey. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Aimi can only really be described as being very kind, and incredibly patient. She can sit there and listen to someone rant hard for several solid hours without showing any trace of annoyance or irritation. As such she is a very good listener for those who want to get something out in the open. She always keeps conversations quiet, if other people asked her to, unless it went against her morals such as someone confiding in her that they raped and murdered a young child. Due to her rather quiet and self-effacing nature, people rarely notices her when she sits in on a meeting. She will sit quietly while she watches and listens carefully. While she has a very youthful and sweet appearances, it would not be a good idea to underestimate. Behind the sweet smile is a very cunning young woman, who can be very sly although she would never use this to cause harm to someone. But she can make people seriously underestimate her, and be able to hand over information they wouldn’t have otherwise given. Like most Coda’s, she meditates once a week for two hours, which allows her to get a better control of her emotions and thoughts. Thus she can keep calm in situations where others would panic, or become angry. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Aimi is very observant, and even when she appears to be sitting quietly preoccupied with a task, she keeps her attention on her surroundings. She could even be sitting near some people talking, and while appearing to do something she can overhear the conversation and remember it for later. She also tries to think a few steps ahead of her opponents, such as doing an agreement with another species. She always tries to predict what they are going to ask for, or demand. If she can accurately predict what they are going to say, or do, then she can take steps to counter them if needs be. While Aimi is non-aggressive and peaceful, she will defend herself if needs be. She would attempt to warn them off, telling them to leave her alone, but as a last resort she will defend herself. And she knows how to do so due to the fact that she is like her father, able to channel the other Coda castes including the War Caste who are famous for their adaptably warfare. Thus when she enters an attack mode, she almost seemed to become a different person that can easily kick someone’s arse. Aimi is quite agile, especially thanks to her height and might be able to get the upper hand on a taller, stronger opponent. Weaknesses: As a mortal she can be killed in any manner of ways. While nanites can help her recover from most wounds, they do have their limits. An opponent that is stronger and better at fighting than her can easily win against her. Due to her peaceful nature, she prefers to avoid fighting with people. Not only that, but due to the fact that she is a Coda’zotoxi, she requires frequent meditation, otherwise she will not function properly as it causes a chemical and hormone in balance in her brain. It also prevents her brain from performing maintenance on itself, thus not meditating for a long time is similar to lack of sleep for humans. She is also a furred Epsian who usually speaking cannot stand to be in high-temperature environments, and the heat dissipation of her clothes is something she's come to rely on as it makes her feel comfortable in hot and humid environment (IE: The environments of certain aliens, and Zeta'muluri). Note on EPSI Federation Nanites: Nanites do not make a person invincible, but it does make her immune to ageing. Epsian medical technology to the point where one can no longer die of old age (Immortality of Age), but that doesn't stop a person from being killed too quickly that the nanites can't respond quick enough. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To help her Father be an Ambassador for the EPSI Federation and to create peace. Hobbies and Interests: When not working, Aimi likes to spend her time doing studies of anything she fancies. One day it could be ancient Earth History, the next it could be reading theories on Blackholes. She has a very wide reading taste and will not judge a book by what others have said about it. She prefers making her own opinion, even one that is quite universally hated. She also looks forward to the times that she meditates and enjoys that activity as it helps her feel more balanced and more like herself. She also loves having sex a lot. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Alieapansexual, which means she will have sex of any gender, of any species. Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially if it results in pregnancy. Making love, to those she loves and those she doesn’t. Quick, lust-filled quickie sessions. Being fucked by an animalistic Mako or Coda. She just loves it when they become beastial, pin her down and fuck her really hard and fast. While she isn’t really that much of a submissive person, she will definitely submit to a Mako and Coda in bed. It’s even more of a turn on when they are doing it with the very intention to breed. When being dominated like this, she loves being spanked, called a breeding bitch, clawed at, bitten, growled at, pinned down and forced to take their cock and their nails digging into her hips. Dressing up and doing roleplay, such as pretending to be a schoolgirl. Being tied up and fucked hard. Multiple partners, gangbangs and swinger parties. Turn offs: Gore, Vore and Necrophilia. Scat. Having sex with someone underaged. Her partner(s) being too violent and forcing her to do something she really doesn’t want to do. Someone lying and deceiving in order to get into her knickers. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: D-Cup Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: Like all Coda females, she has the special rings inside of her vagina that, when a male Coda fucks her, it makes it feel that his cock is vibrating inside of her. These rings also allow her to take cocks that are much bigger than the avera Coda cock. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Spouse: Axel Coda’zotoxi Father: Axel Coda’zotoxi Mother: Zoe Coda’zotoxi (Deceased) Siblings: She has many half siblings, but no fully related siblings. She was quite close to her older half sister, Phaedraar. Grandparents: Her grandparents are Maureen and Jeremy Coda’zotoxi Place of Residence: Andromeda Station Diplomatic Ambassadors Quarters 99-9 Pet: None. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: She has been healthy her entire life due to Epsian nanites that help her body heal damage done, as well as helping her immune system fight diseases. She has them set on the lowest setting, so she will get common illnesses like colds and flus. Bio: Aimi was born to her parents in 2022, and she is the only child that her mother has had with her husband, Axel. All of her other children have been with other men, so the siblings that Aimi grew up with were never her full blood siblings. However she never knew her mother personally, as she had died shortly after she was born leaving her in the care of her biological father, Axel. She had always felt close to her father, and idolised him from a young age, standing in awe of his work as an ambassador. he would always question him closely to get as much detail as she could on everything that he was involved with. Despite not personally knowing her mother, Axel made sure that she knew about her. From what Phaedraar had told her, there had been some problems between her parents, but Aimi only understood when she was older. She was raised with all of her other half siblings that Axel dedicated himself to raising in Zoe’s honour after she had died. Phaedraar, despite being a sister, was almost like a mother to her despite only being twelve years old when Aimi was born. As such, she admires Phaedraar as much as she does her father. Aimi did very well at school, and was often top of the class which was no mean feat for a UFFian child as they were dedicated when it came to their education. When she left school she immediately took a further education course in diplomatics as she wanted to follow the footsteps of her father. Due to her very kind, calm and patient personality she was very good at listening to all sides of the discussion and helping to translate for the other side in a way that they would understand. Her teachers commented that she might also be a good lawyer, however she already had her heart set on being a diplomat, especially with the problems they were having on Earth at the time with the Tau’ri (humans). When the first set of UFF colonists were set up to leave earth, she left with the other UFFian’s in the large colony ships that took them to their new home in the Epsus Galaxy, Xantal’lar. (Entire EPSI Federation Content Snipped) Towards the end of Xantallec War II (Xantallec being Xenovityr'raian for Homeworld, in the context of war, in where the people of that planet are fighting each other) in the Epsian Year 4166, the Order of the ExoSinian Eldyr warped into the system and started destroying Keza Corp forces (Who had been oppressing the Epsians for a very long time under a Corporate Dystopia) these forces were then attacked by by the United Families Federation (Not to be confused with the United Federation of Families) who then proceeded to bombard a Coda'zotoxian City from orbit which saw several million lives lost. To Aimi, everything had just been thrown into chaos. Riots started happening across the planet, and civilians who had previously been docile and complacent had armed themselves and started rebelling against their oppressors, and lawlessness set in. On the day of Victory and Liberation; the EPSI Federation Government was in complete collapse, and ruin, the homeworld of Xantal'lar burned, and the sky was thick with the smoke of fires in every city and population. Pockets of fighting were happening everywhere, and all laws ceased as the Police were either helping the people, or fighting against them and losing. The end result was the rebirthing of a new EPSI Federation with the Order merging to become a part of it, and bringing in a new religion that was peacefully adopted, as a new deal was given to all survivors who were still at each other's throats about all that had happened. Each country (Memberstate) was given a free deal by the Order's God's. Each one would be given their own star system, where only their kind would exist, and be sent back in time by two hundred years so long as they promised to never interfere with the events surrounding this planet, and that they would all be allowed back as soon as they were called upon. All out of each other's way whilst the federal state rebuilt itself and healed from the wounds with technology they had developed, and to all try again to form a federation that they want to be apart of. This is unanimously accepted by all memberstates, however individual people either refused to move from what they saw as their home, or didn't want to be a part of any memberstate, and wanted to be a part of the Federal state. Her father was one such person, and Aimi stood by his side as she wanted to follow her father's footsteps. Thus she was with her father when he spoke to these Order Gods, and they explained that while they had the souls of divines, they themselves were not Gods. At least not yet. While Aimi was skeptical, she was willing to listen. Their proof of their word absolutely gobsmacked her, as they showed that Zoe was alive and well. A little different, but the same person. They had saved her from a death that was too soon, and they did it without trying to weave a web of lies. For the first time in her life, she got to actually know her mother and saw why her father loved her. She was kind, and sweet. She finally had a complete family, although she respected her mother and father’s space with one another so that they could talk about what they needed. After the two had divorced, she had moved in with her father to help him with what came after the divorce. The two easily become involved with one another, sexually and romantically speaking. She had loved her father for most of her life, but had never spoken of her feelings because she knew that he was still grieving for her mother, and didn’t want to overstep her bounds. But now that Axel had reached the closure that he needed, Aimi was free to explore a new relationship with her father. Like her father had come to the decision to worship these Divines, Aimi herself read the book and decided to worship them herself, as she wanted to grow and improve herself. When she heard that her father was going to be the ambassador to the Andromeda One station, she requested to be his attaché and assistant, which he accepted. The two spoke about it, and came to an agreement after a while to become husband and wife, so they married in an Order ceremony and went to the Andromeda to become ambassadors there. The station wasn't even properly open to the public when they turned up and spoke to the station commander, however the station commander let them pick their own quarters and accepted their application, as well as processed the EPSI Federation paperwork granting approval. She has been there ever since under the Federal Grand Council - Federal Council of Ambassadors.
  2. Neptune

    Kellina Dansken (1)

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Link to second picture here: https://ecchidreams.com/gallery/image/19620-kellina-dansken-2/ Character Identity Information Name: Kellina Dansken. She often goes by the nickname ‘Kelli’. Age: 21 Gender: Female Religion: N/A Species: Human Origin/Nationality: She comes from the Kilsyth Colony in the Glamis System. This star system is a binary star system with two type M stars, Glamis A and Glamis B. There are four rocky planets. In the outer system are 5 gas giants, ranging in size and colours. The largest one, Alyth, is purple in colour and is three times the size of Jupiter. Alyth has several moons orbiting it, with one being an Earth-like moon. This is where the Kilsyth Colony resides. Occupation: Bounty Hunter around the Andromeda Station. Faction: Independent. Physical Appearance Height: 6ft (182.88cm). Weight: 126lbs (57.15Kg). Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Pale blonde Physical Description: Due to the type of career that she has chosen, Kellina keeps herself at a very healthy weight. She keeps her muscles well toned, and able to see her through some of the toughest situations. She has a very prominent hour-glass figure with wide hips and F-cup breasts, along with a slim waist. She has a pretty, angled face with kissable lips, a small nose and angled, cat like eyes. She is usually seen wearing make-up such as lipstick and mascara/eyeliner to make her features stand out. Her hair is usually done in a certain manner. On one side of her head, the hair is plaited back, with a lot of hair flipped across her forehead and over one eye. This can be done on either side. The rest of her straight hair goes down her back and goes beyond her arse. She is usually seen wearing tight and revealing clothing, usually black in colour. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Kellina is a strong willed, independent woman. Ultimately, she relies on only herself to be able to get things done. She is very happy being on her own, and doesn’t rely on others to do things for her or help. She gets a great sense of satisfaction when she is able to do something on her own. As she is so self-reliant, she never trusts anyone to make an opinion for her. When she is faced with something such as an event, she prefers seeking out all the information she can about it before she makes up her mind. She is quite bold with her opinions and language. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and is very forward with her desires and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She can take the initiative and act on her own behalf, but she will claim responsibility for her words and actions. Her bold nature makes her sometimes take risks, but she feels that if it achieves the end result either better or quicker, then it was worth it, which was one of the reasons why she is very good in a fight. She dresses and acts in a very bold and confident manner. She looks people in the eye, and sees everyone around her as her equal, even if they were the head of a state. Her confident nature allows her to take criticism, and allows her to admit mistakes without any trace of embarrassment. She is very honest with others, preferring to let others know the full story instead of covering it up even if it made other people uncomfortable. As mentioned before, she will always claim responsibility for her words and actions, and she will always own up to mistakes. She is loyal to her remaining friends and those that she considers her friends. She would never abandon them in their time of need, and will do what she can to help them. She will leap to their defense, either in battle or to defend them with her words. Kellina is very adventurous, always having a taste for adventure. She can never settle down in a place for too long, before the need to go out and go places gets to her. She becomes bored very easily, and thus is always seeking out something entertaining, whether that be going out to a bar for the night, or fucking someone. She always becomes excited when she and her sister are heading out to go after a bounty as it possibly means that they are going to go somewhere new, and she always loves seeing new sights, and meeting new people. She can be quite spunky, becoming easily excited about new experiences and always having a high energy and drive. Kellina is very courageous, fighting for what she believes is right, and standing up when she needs to. She will defend those she is close to, and will sometimes risk her life to do so. Kellina does not back down from a dangerous situation, only doing her best to come out of it as unscathed as possible while defeating her opponents. Even when badly hurt, she will suffer through the pain and will carry on if it meant that she could save those that mean the world to her. Due to her adventurous nature, she can be very reckless. She takes risks, with little thought as to the consequences to herself and others. She engages in risky behaviour such as drinking, having unprotected sex and drug use. She gets a thrill from doing reckless behaviour, and doesn’t seem to want to stop. That said, she is quite adaptable to new situations, thinking quickly on her feet and responding quickly to a new situation. As she loves going to new places, she tends to explore and learn as much as she can about them. Even though she is spontaneous, she tries to plan ahead with anything she does so that she can be prepared. It helps that she is quite perceptive, able to observe an environment or situation without seeming so. She can use this to be able to plan ahead of her opponent and allow her to gain the upper hand. Kellina is able to see things that others miss, and connect things that other people would miss as well, allowing her to accurately and easily come to a solution to a problem. When she is doing a task, such as piloting the ship, she can be extremely focused. She will block out everything around her as she focuses on moving the ship, looking out for obstacles and any enemy that are nearby. Once she starts to do something, she doesn’t stop easily, and thus she can completely lose track of time. Kellina knows what she wants, and will singlemindedly chase that goal, and never gives up easily even when things aren’t going her way. She will try and find a solution to problems, by studying it as hard as she can until she comes up to a solution. This often means that she loses sleep, but she can become so focused on a task that she ignores the needs for food and sleep. Kellina is quite passionate about her opinions and her love of flying ships. She has a passion for ships in general and loves piloting good ships. She will talk about ships for hours, and is so passionate about spaceships that she extensively researches about them and knows a lot about them. When it comes to her views and opinions, she will stand up for her viewpoint. While she will listen to other people, she will argue her points readily and can become very emotional when doing so however she will never break a friendship just because someone disagrees with her. Kellina is very stubborn, never giving ground easily in an argument and will continue arguing her point even if it may be a bad point. However when arguing, she will always bring up examples and evidence to back her argument up and expects others to do the same. She doesn’t accept help from others, preferring to do things on her own, and often reacts in a hostile manner if someone attempts to give her help when she doesn’t want it even if she may need it. Her stubborn nature means that she never gives up easily, and goes after her goal with a single-minded determination. She will also always stick to her principles and morals. Kellina can also be very impatient. She gets bored easily, and doesn’t like being made to wait. If she is made to wait too long, then the chances are very high that she will go off and do something else. If she cannot focus properly on a task, she wants it done immediately. She can be short-tempered and irritable, snapping at others even if she doesn’t mean to. She loathes being made to wait, especially when someone is doing something that she knows she can do quicker. She will often take over the task, showing the other person how to do it quickly and ignores when they express outrage to her actions. She can be quite selfish at times, thinking of only herself and not of others. She rarely gives her money or possessions to others, even if they need it. She usually only does things for others if it will lead to some kind of benefit to herself, such as money. She will not do things that she doesn’t want want to do, and will often find excuses for not doing them. Kellina prefers to be the first to do things, and the first to get things. At times, she can be quite frivolous; unable to remain serious in many situations. She tends to laugh and joke at inappropriate moments, and she doesn’t seem to take things seriously. As such, she can appear quite callas, however she doesn’t try be serious because she tries to protect herself from the effects of something traumatic. She isn’t very interested in the larger, important events of the Galaxy such as politics or religion, preferring to live her own way and survive in the world around her. Kellina tends not to stress or worry about things, telling people to relax and not be so serious. She doesn’t see any point in stressing herself out by worrying about something, preferring instead to do something about it. Kellina is quite extroverted, loving to spend time with others doing fun activities. She will be the first to agree to any outing, and loves going to places where she can interact with a lot of people. She often visits bars and clubs, especially popular venues that would allow her to meet and interact with a large number of people. Sometimes she hates being left on her own, and craves to socialise with others and to go somewhere fun. Kellina is quite vain about her appearance, taking careful measures to make sure that she looks her best at all times. She works out a lot, is careful about what she eats so that she keeps her body in the best shape possible. Not only does she feel it makes her look good, but it keeps her in top physical peak for Bounty Hunting. She also wears just enough makeup to enhance her natural beauty instead of covering herself with make up. She tried it once, and didn’t think it made her look good; only fake. Kellina will often inspect herself in the mirror, or a reflective surface just to make sure that she looks good. She will usually buy expensive, good looking clothes and adornments. She likes it when people compliment her on her looks, but doesn’t like it when people tell her that she looks awful. She would drop everything to try and make herself look more appealing. Kellina is quite flirtatious, and will flirt with just about anyone. She tends to make comments that can be taken sexually, as well as give out all the signals that she is available. As she is so honest, she doesn’t tend to beat around the bush about her intentions, and lets it be known that she is after sex quite easily. She likes to see the reaction from others to her flirting, and if they react in a favourably way such as flirting back, she will become more flirtatious towards them. Even though she can have trouble forming lasting intimate relationships, she is a very sensual woman. She loves being touched, and touching others, losing herself in the moment especially in the bedroom. So when with a person she is getting intimate with, she will act in a very sensual manner, allowing them to take pleasure in her love to tease and touch them. Kellina is very promiscuous in nature and loves to have casual sex with people, and not restricting herself to a single partner. She likes having multiple men, especially at the same time. Whenever she doesn’t have anything going on, she often goes out seeking sexual gratification from others, either from friends or complete strangers. As long as she gets what she wants, she doesn’t care who it is. Having grown up working for the military, she is very rebellious and resists authorities. She tends to ignore warnings, especially if they come from someone in a position of authority. She will also ignore orders given to her. It also means that she will take part in activities that are considered illegal, usually just as a ‘fuck you’ to the state. She tends to question facts, and will argue with someone very easily. Kellina can be quite rowdy, making a lot of noise and being quite boisterous. She likes to throw loud parties, and do things that will grab a lot of attention from others. She likes to tell crude jokes to get a good laugh, even if it offends someone. She can often be quite mischievous, playing tricks and pranks on others to get a reaction. She can make cheeky jokes to get a reaction from others. If she gets away with a trick, or prank, she will often try bigger tricks and pranks to see just how far she can get without getting caught, and often doesn’t see how her pranks can frustrate others. She can also be quite tactless, saying and doing things that can cause offense to others. Kellina prefers being upfront and honest, not caring what others think of her behaviour. She will say whatever comes to mind, not knowing or caring if the other person wants to know. Kellina has an addictive personality, allowing her to easily become hooked on drugs and become dependant on them. She often takes a number of drugs, and frequently drinks alcohol. The only times she doesn’t like to do that is when she is flying her ship, but when not doing her job she will drink and take drugs as much as she can. She has also become addicted to having sex. She has trouble forming lasting relationships with others, due to the fact that she has trouble expressing her love to them. She tends to express it with sex, so will even have sex with someone she considers a friend. But even when she tries to form a relationship with someone, she often gets bored and goes out seeking new partners as she cannot make herself stick to having sex with the single person. She spends much of her free time having sexual encounters, and will often allow her behaviour to impact her health and job, but she doesn’t feel like she can control this behaviour, especially when drinking or taking drugs. When she does give into her addictions, she usually does it to the extent where she overindulges. She will often wake up with strong hangovers and in various other beds that are not her own. This often means that she is late for meetings or appointments, as she often oversleeps and misses the time and then often spends a while making herself look presentable. All of her addictions, plus the fact that she is very reckless, is very self-destructive. She often gets injured, or acts in a manner that could get her killed like seemingly piloting in a dangerous manner. Sometimes, it is almost as if she wishes for death, but if you attempted to tell her that, she would deny it. She claims that she is just living how she wants and having fun while doing it. Kellina can come across as cocky at times, especially when she has the upper-hand in any situation. She will mock her opponent, and tease them in order to get a reaction from them. She will point out their flaws, while bragging about her superiority over them. Sometimes she isn’t very good when working in a team, especially with those she doesn’t know. She prefers doing things on her own, and gaining all of the glory. She sometimes things that she knows better than others, and will often assert that in a very cocky manner. She can be rather competitive, especially with an opponent, and is always striving to the one that comes up on top. She can be quite abrasive, acting in an irritating manner to anger others. It is one of the reasons why she doesn’t form many friendships. She tends to act in a manner with little thought to those around her, doing what she wants, when she wants to. She can also miss certain social cues, such as seeing when someone is uncomfortable in her presence, or overstaying her welcome. She feels that if they have a problem with her, then they would tell her and not keep quiet about it. When in an argument, she can be quite confrontational, passionately defending her position. Kallina, when someone is being very rude towards her, she use low blows and insults to get a reaction. She gets a thrill from angering people, and from getting in fights. She will not hesitate to confront someone if she believes that they are in the wrong, and she in the right. She does not back down from problems, preferring instead to face her problems head on, instead of falling back. Kellina can be quite volatile, moving from one emotion to the next within the blink of an eye. One moment she can be extremely angry, and then calm and composed the next. Her emotions can be quite unpredictable, and thus she can unknowingly blow up at something, even something small. She can hold grudges against those that she perceives have wronged her in some way, and she can be quite vindictive. She can find it hard to forgive people, and usually ends up trying to get revenge on those that have wronged her. She will find a way to get back at the person in a manner that would make them think twice before doing something against her again. She can come up with some interesting and elaborate ways to get back at people. She can be quite ruthless in her revenge, but if she is able to forgive, then she would stop trying to get revenge. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Athletic/Gymnastic: Kellina is very athletic, keeping herself trim and fit. She is also a gymnastic, allowing her to be able to do complex maneuvers that she can use against an opponent or use to get away. That, coupled with her athleticism, makes her very flexible. Using these skills, she can also do parkour, allowing her to move quickly and easily through an urban environment. Stealth: Using her athletic and gymnastic skills, Kallina can be very stealthy, keeping herself hidden so that the enemy doesn’t spot her. If she keeps herself hidden enough, she can sneak around someone, or easily kill them without much danger to herself. She is usually very quick and agile, making very little noise as she moves about. Piloting skills: Due to her reckless, adventurous behaviour, Kallina is very wild with the controls of a ship. However despite the fact that it seems dangerous to fly with her, she knows exactly what she is doing. She can pass within a metre of another ship without touching it, and she can easily navigate something as dangerous as an asteroid field. Combat Training: Due to the fact that she has lived most of her life in a war zone, she has had to learn how to fight from a young age. She is very proficient with hand weapons such as guns and melee weapons, as well as being able to use ships in space combat. She is also very good at hand to hand combat, using her athletic and gymnastic skills to full use to gain an advantage over an opponent. Against an enemy that is stronger than herself, she uses quick thinking and being agile in order to defeat them. She is always trying to think several steps ahead of her opponent. Weaknesses: Combat: While Kellina is very quick on her feet, and able to avoid thrown punches, she may be physically weaker than her opponent so they could use that against her. She usually only carries a laser pistol on her person at all times, leaving her heavier weapons in her ship until she knows she needs them. So most of the time she is weak against long range attacks. Due to her volatile and confrontational personality, she gets into fights very easily, especially in bars and clubs. Sexual addiction: As Kellina is a sex addict, she usually has sex on the brain and rarely declines an invitation, unless it was someone that didn’t fit her tastes. This can be used as a way to distract her, or waylaid her. Alcoholism and drug use: Due to her addictive personality, she tends to drink and use drugs a lot. So if anyone offers her a drink or drugs she rarely declines. As such, she may skip on certain things in order to get her fix, and means she can often be late to meetings or not turn up at all. She often finds herself waking up in places that she had no idea how she got to. Tactless behaviour: As she is rather tactless, and confrontational, she finds it hard to find new friends. However, when she thinks that someone is a friend, she is very loyal unless they do something that breaks her trust. She tends to easily offend people and anger them towards her. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): At the moment, she doesn’t really have a dream that she is working on. Sometimes she thinks about settling down somewhere, but doesn’t feel ready to do so yet. She is currently content in working as a Bounty Hunter and enjoying life. Hobbies and Interests: Her main hobby and interest is ships. She knows everything about her ship, and how to fly it. She loves hearing about new ships and ship technology and researches about various ships that grab her interest. She even has a private collection of model ships as well as datapads filled with information on various ships. When she is not working or indulging in her passion, Kellina loves going out, meeting new people and partying. She will often go to clubs and bars, drinking and taking drugs. And more often than not, she ends up having sex with numerous people when she does so. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Hetero-sexual. Turn ons: Having unprotected sex. Making love with people she doesn’t love, and complete strangers. Being touched physically by her partner, such as hands moving across her body. She loves the feeling of being close with another body. Having sex for physical gratification. Being fucked hard and rough. She likes having nails digging into her skin, hard and wild thrusts, her hair being pulled and being talked dirty to such as slut shaming her. Despite her confident and dominating manner, Kellina loves it when a man takes control in the bedroom. Being used for sex. Giving and receiving oral. Having sex with alien species. Sex in a public place. Multiple partners, orgies and gangbangs. Turn off: Scat Necrophilia Gore Vore Having sex with someone underage. Not only is that a turn off, but it makes her feel physically sick. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: F-cup Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: Due to her rather openness when it comes to sex, she tends to want to fuck any cock that comes on by although she can still be picky about her partner, to a point. Most of the time, the fact that they have a dick is enough to her. However she doesn’t tend to get close to most of her lovers and might not even notice when someone becomes infatuated with her. If she suspects something though, she will be blunt and honest and tell them that she is not interested in a relationship, nor is she interested in settling down. STD History: She has had a minor STD not long ago, however it was easily curable and she suffers no ill effects from it. Extra Information Father: Michael Dansken (Deceased) Mother: Cathy Dansken (Deceased) Siblings: Moira Dansken (25). Grandparents: She has never known her grandparents as she grew up on a colony. Ship: Stella-Kelpie, a human fighting vessel. Place of Residence: The only place she even considers her home in her quarters on the Stella-Kelpie. Pet: None. Additional information: Kellina partakes in a number of drugs, most of them minor ones as she doesn’t want to really touch the ones that would make her unable to pursue her hobby. The hardest drug that she takes is alcohol, and often spends her free time getting drunk. Most of the time when she gets drunk or is taking drugs, she usually ends up having sex with people as she also suffers from a sexual addiction. She is constantly seeking sexual gratification from numerous partners, and becomes withdrawn and frustrated when she cannot satisfy herself. She is also unable to remain with a single partner, and will laugh at anyone who suggests that she should. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: She has been arrested for possession of an illegal substance, as well as having sex in a public location. Both resulted in fines that she has since paid. Medical Record: PTSD, sex addiction. Bio: Kellina is the youngest of two sisters that were born to her parents, Michael and Cathy Dansken. While human, she was born in the Science Colony that her parents lived and worked in. The Kilsyth Colony was in the Glamis System, in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Star System was a Binary Star System with two type M stars, Glamis A and Glamis B. There were four rocky planets, and five gas giants. The largest Gas Giant was a planet named Alyth. It was a beautiful purple in colour and was three times the size of Jupiter. Alyth had several moons orbiting it, with one being an Earth-like Moon. This is where the Kilsyth Colony was located, and where Kellina grew up with her older sister, Moira. When she was young, Kellina showed a lot of promise. She was always an active child, and very curious. Her mother, Cathy, was one of the researchers that was researching a strange, heavy metal that was discovered on the planet. Her father, Michael, was a ship mechanic. Ships were vital to bringing in resources as well as moving people around the Moon. Both Kellina and Moira were fascinated with the ships that came to their fathers work yard for him to fix. While Moira was more interested in playing with the actual machinery, Kellina was more interested in the whole ship. One of her fondest memories was when she came into the work yard as her father had finished fixing a ship. He had turned around and smiled when he saw her, before inviting her to test fly it with him. Excited, she agreed and followed him into the ship. She then sat on his lap as he started the ship up and flew a few laps around the workyard to make sure that the ship was working as intended. It was from that point that she truly developed a love for flying ships. Even to this day, she has a picture from that day. Her sitting on her father's lap, smiling, as her father was flying the ship. Her memories of her mother were sketchy. The most she remembered of her mother was her beautiful smile. Despite the promise that the sisters showed, their life was fated not to be happy. When Kellina was 4 years of age, with her sister being 8 years of age, the colony was invaded by a species that lived in a neighbouring system. They were a lizard-like species that seemed hell bent on killing everyone. No one knew what their name was, but they later became known as the Malum. Due to the low level of technology that the Colony had, the Malum sent in an invading force to go in and take everyone out so that they could claim the Moon for themselves. At the time the invasion started, Kellina and Moira were at home with their parents eating dinner. As the screams and shouts started, a booming alarm blasted across the entire colony. Their parents grabbed both children, who had little clue as to what was happening, before shutting them in a small cupboard. Frightened, they clung to each other as they heard their parents shouting to each other. Explosions sounded outside of their home, as well as shouts, screams and the sounds of weapons firing. The frightening sounds only served to get closer to their home. The two girls, still curious despite their fear, peered out through the gap of the cupboard to watch what was going on. They saw their parents using the window as a shield as they fired some kind of weapon outside. Kellina, being so young, had little idea as to what was going on. Suddenly, one of the walls had blasted inwards, showering everything inside the once neat home, with dust and debris. One alien, a huge creature with dark green scales and malevolent white eyes stepped into the room. With a casual flick, he fired his weapon, killing their parents. They didn’t even have time to react to his presence before he mercilessly killed them. The two girls drew back, more frightened than before. Kellina started to cry, but Moira tried her best to comfort her younger sister, whispering for her to be quiet. Kellina, still upset, still obeyed her older sister. The Malum prowled around the room, his breathing heavy as he seemed to be looking around, clearly after any survivors. He came near the cupboard where the two young girls were hiding. He seemed to pick up their scent, as he began to reach out to rip open the cupboard, but another alien called him in a harsh, thick language. The soldier glared at the cupboard before turning and leaving. The two girls were left for hours as the battle raged on around them, too frightened to move from where they were hiding despite almost being discovered. Unknown to them, despite the initial advantage of the aliens surprise, the humans were more armed than they had anticipated, and had managed to drive them off. In the dead of night, roughly six hours after the battle had started, search teams went out to look for survivors. Kellina had fallen asleep in her sister's arms, but Moira had remained awake the entire time. They were discovered by one of their neighbours, who found the bodies of their parents before calling for the girls. When Moira responded, he opened the cupboard to find the pair. He took the two of them and returned to the main camp where the two were fed before being put to bed. Unfortunately for the Colony, the invading aliens were persistent on taking over the Moon and removing the local population. It was not long before they regrouped and attacked the Colonists again. This turned into a war that lasted years, with heavy losses on both sides. The invading aliens were only relying on ground forces, so they were not able to make as much progress killing the colonists as they had originally hoped. The colonists moved underground, using some of their research facilities to shield people from the hostile forces. They were also able to change some of the labs to grow their own food, to help feed the surviving population. With being so young, Kellina was unable to help, but she was young enough for them to begin teaching her. They taught her how to hold and fire a weapon, as well as how to fight in various situations including hand to hand combat. She grew up, learning this from the moment she got up in the morning to the moment she went to bed. She occasionally saw her sister, Moira, in between her training and the duties that she was doing. Kellina took advantage of every moment they had together, feeling almost incomplete without her sister. But both of them were trying to help the colony survive. When Kellina was ten, they began giving her piloting lessons, teaching her how to fly one of the few ships that they did have. She turned out to be very talented, and had an innate sense when flying. She was able to turn tighter than other pilots and was far more daring and dangerous than others, but she was able to outfly the best pilot in the colony. When she was twelve years old, she finally began to defend the colony from attack. Her sister, Moira, had already been fighting for four years and Kellina was keen to join her. At first, she was assigned to guarding the facility, killing any of the aliens that came near enough to the facility to endanger the lives on the colonists. Due to the training that she had been given, she saw the aliens as nothing more than pests that needed to be wiped out. An evil force that would take away everything that she loved. They had already taken her parents away from her, she didn’t want her sister taken from her either. One of her fellow soldiers was a young man called Jake Wilkinson, whom was the same age as herself. The only colonist that was the same age, as there were precious few children. The two of them struck up a strong friendship, spending whatever time they could together. Like her, he had been trained to be a pilot for one of their few ships. They served together side by side for years, becoming inseparable. Her neighbour warned her not to become so close to him, because she risked losing him in battle and making herself miserable. But she ignored his advice. When she was 15, she allowed Jake to take her virginity. The two were huddled together in her bed, whispering quietly and touching each other. One thing led to another, and they made love for the first time. For the first time in a long time, Kellina was happy. However, the happiness was not to last. Several months after she had first made love to Jake, the two were flying a ship over one of the enemy camps. Their mission was to drop bombs and wipe the camp out. They had managed to destroy most of the camp, however they were shot down and ended up crash landing near the camp. Both pilots were unconscious, but otherwise they were alive. When Kellina awoke, she was tied in some kind of chair. In front of her, Jake was tied in a similar manner. The aliens tried, without success, to force information from the two. Their techniques were often brutal, and painful, inflicting mind-numbing pain on them in order to try and get them to talk. They were starved, deprived of sleep and were only given enough water to barely survive. But the two of them refused, adamantly. This went on for a week, before they grew tired of their resistance. So on the seventh day of their capture, they killed Jake in front of Kellina in an attempt to try and get her to finally start giving them what they wanted. But, despite her overwhelming grief and anger, she still refused to talk. They then threatened that they were going to force feed her the body of her lover if she didn’t cooperate. But Kellina, so angry and bitter towards them, cursed them in every word she knew. She was left alone, then, locked in a cold, dark room. She knew that if she didn’t talk soon, they were going to kill her just like they did to Jake. But she was at the point where she didn’t care anymore. They had killed Jake, taken away the one person she had truly shared her heart with. She couldn’t stop thinking about him, and she spent hours in that cold, dark room crying. Before the Malum could come back to her and finish her off, the small camp was attacked by the human colonists. Kellina had been snapped out of an exhausted, restless doze, by the sound fighting and explosions. She lay there, listening to the sounds of fighting, mixing with screams and cries of pain. It seemed to drag on before the door to her cell suddenly opened. For a few moments, Kellina was blinded by the light but when she was able to see clearly, her sister Moira was standing in the doorway. Moira wasted no time in picking her little sister up, before pulling her out of there. Moira took Kellina back to their base, where Kellina immediately received medical treatment. It took her a few weeks to recover, before Kellina demanded to be allowed back on duty. That incident had changed Kellina. She distanced herself from others, unwilling to form a close bond with anyone. She would make friends, but she wouldn’t allow anyone to get any closer to her. She feared the hurt and pain of losing a loved one. She had been warned, and she didn’t listen. And now she was paying the price for it. Every night she had nightmares. She saw Jake’s face, everytime she closed her eyes. She became afraid of sleeping, knowing that sleep only brought the horrors of this war into the front of her mind, making her a captive audience. She put every ounce of strength into the war, not caring if she became injured. The friends that she did allow to become close to her, almost like best friends, she saw fall in battle. With each friend that died, Kellina felt that a part of herself was dying along with them. It was becoming useless. What was the point in fighting back? They were slowly being wiped out, killed. They might as well kill themselves now, instead of allowing themselves to continue suffering. But by the time she was 18, the answer to their cry for help finally came. It was fourteen years too late, but it finally came. Great ships came down onto the moon, blasting away any the Malum that were on their final march. The colonists, now few in number, were happy to see that help had finally arrived. But in response to this help, the Malum began sending ships into the system to fight against this new threat. The colonists told their reinforcements that there was no point in staying; there was little left for them. Their research was all destroyed. The aliens were intent on attacking until they had gotten what they wanted. So the reinforcements extracted the remaining survivors and took them back to human space. The only person that survived that Kellina was remotely close to, was Moira, her sister. The colonists had received compensation for how late their reinforcements were. Kellina and Moira pooled their money together and were able to purchase a small ship together. After much discussion, the two had decided that they wanted to become bounty hunters; to hunt down people wanted by the law and deliver them back to the authorities if possible. Kellina knew that it was just as dangerous as their war, however she didn’t care. It was what she had grown up knowing, and only after a few weeks of peace, she grew uneasy. The sisters, Kellina and Moira, now operate around the Andromeda Trading Station. There, they are open to receive a large number of Bounty contracts which they can do to get a lot of money.
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    Moira Dansken

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    Note! This is actually a character that does not actually belong to me. They belong to another Dreamer who created the character to be the older sister of Kellina, however they are no longer active within the RP. Therefore I have made them an NPC for the time being, but I will not RP them in any sexual capacity. Name: Moira Dansken. Age: 25 Gender: Female Religion: Christian Species: Human Origin/Nationality: She comes from the Kilsyth Colony in the Glamis System. This star system is a binary star system with two type M stars, Glamis A and Glamis B. There are four rocky planets. In the outer system are 5 gas giants, ranging in size and colours. The largest one, Alyth, is purple in colour and is three times the size of Jupiter. Alyth has several moons orbiting it, with one being an Earth-like moon. This is where the Kilsyth Colony resides. Occupation: Bounty Hunter Faction: None. Physical Appearance Height: 6ft 3/4” Weight: 11st 2lbs Eye Colour: Bright blue Hair Colour: brown Physical Description: Moira prides herself on keeping herself fit and ready for action. Her hourglass body is offset with large breasts that she often grumbles about. She has a heart shaped face with delicate features, but unlike her sister, she prefers to keep her make-up to a minimum. Her hair is straight and long enough that it touches her backside, and she scoops back her hair away from her face to keep the majority away from her face. Her combat dress is body hugging and semi-revealing, and she tries to be practical about it. It is always black in colour. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Moira is the planner and has a need for everything to be in her control. She will often become frustrated if she can't work a situation in her favour, which leads her to be at odds with her sister's more free spirited nature. She is often cool and collected, but has a fierce undertone to her nature. She exudes self confidence and is extremely intelligent. She is normally the one to do all the talking in any given situation and the one to conduct the intricacies of a deal or bounty. However, she is a fairly spiritual person, believing in God enough to favour spouting scripture to intimidate her opponents. Coupled with her intense demeanour it can shake the boots of most harden criminals. However, many mistake her religiousness to mean she would behave in a moral manner. In fact, if pushed, her temper can lead her to do things she shouldn't. However, behind closed doors she is an extremely lonely person. She has not the same confidence as her sister with people and she often envies Kellina even if she does not agree with her sisters behaviour. She appears content with tinkering with her toys and any time she may go out she makes sure to hide herself in a corner to watch everyone. In these situations she comes across as guarded and, though social interaction is not normally a problem, she prefers to keep people at a distance. However, deep down she cares a great deal, especially for her sister and has a soft spot for weak or vulnerable people. She can be as much as a defender as an aggressor if the need arose. Not many have seen her true smile except for Kellina who, being the last family she has, will defend with her life. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Intelligence: She feels this gives her an extra edge over her opponents. Her quick thinking and problem solving gets both sisters out of most scrapes. Engineering: She prides herself on her high level of technical know how, and tries to keep up to date with up and coming technologies. She is able to fix just about anything and is adept at making drones/droids for various purposes. Leadership: She has had a fair bit of field experience and leading small parties to employ guerilla tactics. Her confident nature and intelligence tends to make people naturally defer to her stronger personality. Aggressive Diplomacy and Manipulation tactics: When interrogating certain targets, she uses a mixture of aggressive diplomacy and manipulation tactics to get what information she wants. She is not above hurting the target as long as it gets what she wants. Combat Training: From a young age she has been trained to handle a variety of weapons. She was also trained to utilise her engineering skills in combat to sabotage enemy equipment etc. She is an advanced hand to hand combatant, but she prefers a measure of distance to her opponents, using the range to her advantage with the help of her drones. Stealth: Although not as quick on her feet as her sister, she is still able to employ an element of stealth in combat. She usually prefers to get into a good position to deploy her 'toys' or as a means to gain access to essential equipment, or access terminals. Athletic/Gymnastics: Moira is not quite as flexible as her sister, but she is still very athletic and still capable of using advanced maneuvers she can use against an opponent or use to get away. This allows her to be fairly proficient at Parkour, giving her the ability to traverse urban spaces with ease. Kellina: Kellina is the closest person to her and they know each others habits as well as their own. Moira knows she has her back in any situation and gives Moira a drive to fight harder. Weaknesses: Kellina: Despite their proficient team work, Moira is still overly protective of Kellina. If it is seen that Kellina is a near death situation Moira's concentration is most likely to slip and will get herself into trouble. Combat: Despite being fairly proficient at hand to hand combat, if all technology was removed she feels weak and vulnerable. If others knew how to manipulate her, press her buttons, to make her vulnerable she is easily overcome. OCD and Controlling behaviour: Her OCD nature and subsequent controlling behaviour can lead her to be bad tempered and foul mouthed. If she is not in control of a situation she mostly likely will react negatively, which can put her at a disadvantage in combat. She will do anything to regain control and this often leads to brash actions that may do more harm than good. Although, she is able to keep her OCD tendencies in check when in public, within her own space it is a different matter. Anything found out of place is usually met with swift retribution. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): She hopes to live long enough to be rich and retire to a garden planet somewhere, far away from anyone else who may find her or her family. Hobbies and Interests: She has a love for technology and gadgets. In her spare time she loves nothing more than to tinker with her constructs and toys. She especially likes to make bombs and traps that help them both on the jobs. She has a knack for making various types of drones and droids that she also employs in the field or as assistants on the ship. She enjoys reading, especially Tech Journals and various engineering papers. Sexual Orientation: Hetero-sexual Turn ons: Moira has not the same confidence in sex as her sister, but like any normal person she does enjoy it. She likes being talked dirty too and someone describing exactly how they want to fuck Likes being touched and groped, but only if she has invited a person to do it She likes toys and is not below using her assistants, giving them programs allowing them to give sexual pleasure She likes a rough and ready sort, those who exude confidence to rival her own Secretly wants to be dominated (will push anyone she is interested in) Only likes rough sex if she is turned on enough Sex with other aliens Turn offs: Drunken sex or any other kind of inebriation like drugs Underage sex Anything involving bodily fluids, corpses or organs and blood Feet, she thinks feet are ugly and dirty Extra Information Family: Kellina Dansken Ship: Stella-Kelpie, a human fighting vessel Place of Residence: quarters on the Stella-Kelpie Pet: none Additional information: All their weaponry and tech is mostly crafted by Moira herself, who refuses to buy full tech. Preferring instead to buy parts and make something herself that she knows the ins and outs of, and knows she can rely on it in a fight. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: She has been arrested for assault on multiple occasions, damage to public property and attempts to hack vital systems on various stations. All resulted in hefty fines and limited prison sentences. Medical Record: OCD Bio: Moira is the oldest of two sisters that were born to her parents, Michael and Cathy Dansken. While human, she was born in the Science Colony that her parents lived and worked in. The Kilsyth Colony was in the Glamis System, in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Star System was a Binary Star System with two type M stars, Glamis A and Glamis B. There were four rocky planets, and five gas giants. The largest Gas Giant was a planet named Alyth. It was a beautiful purple in colour and is three times the size of Jupiter. Alyth has several moons orbiting it, with one being an Earth-like Moon. This is where the Kilsyth Colony was located, and where Moira grew up with her younger sister, Kellina. When she was young, Moira showed a lot of promise. Despite being a quiet child, she was confident, very intelligent and very curious. Her mother, Cathy, was one of the researchers that was researching a strange, heavy metal that was discovered on the planet. Her father, Michael, was a ship mechanic. Ships were vital to bringing in resources as well as moving people around the Moon. Both Kellina and Moira were fascinated with the ships that came to their fathers workyard for him to fix. While Moira was more interested in playing with the actual machinery, Kellina was more interested in the whole ship. One of Moira's fondest memories was the time her father help complete her first fully functioning drone. Her father had patiently taught her despite her abundant questions and thirst to know everything from how the mechanical servos worked to the programming the drone itself. She remembers the elation she felt when it had finally completed and it flew for the first time. Since then, she would make all sorts of drones to play with, but no other children were allowed to play with them except her sister. Despite the promise that the sisters showed, their life was fated not to be happy. When Moira was 8 years of age and Kellina was 4, the colony was invaded by a species that lived in a neighbouring system. They were a lizard-like species that seemed hell bent on killing everyone. No one knew what their name was, but they later became known as the Malum. Due to the low level of technology that the Colony had, the Malum sent in an invading force to go in and take everyone out so that they could claim the Moon for themselves. At the time the invasion started, Kellina and Moira were at home with their parents eating dinner. As the screams and shouts started, a booming alarm blasted across the entire colony. Their parents grabbed both children, who had little clue as to what was happening, before shutting them in a small cupboard. Frightened, they clung to each other as they heard their parents shouting to each other. Explosions sounded outside of their home, as well as shouts, screams and the sounds of weapons firing. The frightening sounds only served to get closer to their home. The two girls, still curious despite their fear, peered out through the gap of the cupboard to watch what was going on. They saw their parents using the window as a shield as they fired some kind of weapon outside. Suddenly, one of the walls had blasted inwards, showering everything inside the once neat home, with dust and debris. One alien, a huge creature with dark green scales malevolent white eyes stepped into the room. With a casual flick, he fired his weapon, killing their parents. They didn’t even have time to react to his presence before he mercilessly killed them. The two girls drew back, more frightened than before. Kellina started to cry, but Moira tried her best to comfort her younger sister, whispering for her to be quiet. Kellina, still upset, still obeyed her older sister. The Malum prowled around the room, his breathing heavy as he seemed to be looking around, clearly after any survivors. He came near the cupboard where the two young girls were hiding. He seemed to pick up their scent, as he began to reach out to rip open the cupboard, but another alien called him in a harsh, thick language. The soldier glared at the cupboard before turning and leaving. The two girls were left for hours as the battle raged on around them, too frightened to move from where they were hiding despite almost being discovered. Unknown to them, despite the initial advantage of the aliens surprise, the humans were more armed than they had anticipated, and had managed to drive them off. In the dead of night, roughly six hours after the battle had started, search teams went out to look for survivors. Kellina had fallen asleep in her sister's arms, but Moira had remained awake the entire time. She was unable to sleep for the screams and the sound of weapons fire. She feared if she did, then the aliens would find them. They were discovered by one of their neighbours, who found the body of their parents before falling for the girls. When Moira responded, he opened the cupboard to find the pair. He took the two of them and returned to the main camp where the two were fed before being put to bed. Unfortunately for the Colony, the invaders were persistent on taking over the Moon and removing the local population. It was not long before they regrouped and attacked the Colonists again. This turned into a war that lasted years, with heavy losses on both sides. The invading aliens were only relying on ground forces, so they were not able to make as much progress killing the colonists as they had originally hoped. The colonists moved underground, using some of their research facilities to shield people from the hostile forces. They were also able to change some of the labs to grow their own food, to help feed the surviving population. With being so young, Moira was unable to help, but she was young enough for them to begin teaching her. She received weapons and combat training, and they saw her engineering potential, so she was trained further in this field. They saw her natural talent for making drones and repairing weapons, and took advantage of this skill. She occasionally saw her sister, Kellina, in between her training and the duties that she had. Moira took advantage of every moment they had together, feeling almost incomplete without her sister. But both of them were trying to help the colony survive. When Moira was 14, she was involved in a mission that went afoul. The goal was to sabotage a communication's tower set up, by the Malum, in one of the colonies major cities. Yet when they got there the Malum were waiting and decimated the unit. It turned out that one of the units members, one of Moira's friends, had been captured by the Malum several months before, then released a couple of weeks later. Yet no one questioned the suspicious circumstance and yet Moira sensed there was something not quite right with him. They had been working as an informant for the Malum ever since and sent the specifics of the mission on to the enemy. Moira had been the sole survivor of the unit, but had managed to capture the traitor. Holding friend at gunpoint, she was ordered to bring him in. Yet, despite their friendship, all she could see were the faces of her dead parents who had given their lives for the colony and then she saw her sister's smiling face. She was then overcome with a deep and inexplicable rage. Yet, in a sudden moment of clarity a religious quote sprung into her mind. “Be fearful all who be unbelieving, abominable, murderer, whoremongers and all liars, for I bear the will of God. All shall be afraid; for I beareth the sword yet not in vain: For I, in the name of the Lord, am a revenger upon he who doeth evil. And I will execute upon them with furious vengeance and terrible rage; and they will know that I am the will of the Lord. Ye shall burneth within the fire and brimstone lakes of hell: which is second only to death! Habbakuk, 2:22 Motherfucker.” her friend smiled grimly and did not stop Moira when she pulled the trigger and blew his brains out. After, which, all of her rage left her, leaving her feeling mentally still and yet oddly satisfied. At that moment she was convinced that she had performed the will of God and returned to the barracks to face a hearing, but showed no remorse for what she had done. She was confident that her actions were justified and accepted her punishment. Ever since, the incident she refused to make close friends and became quite ruthless in combat. When Moira turned 22, help finally came and many of the colonists were finally evacuated. With what compensation money both sisters received, they decided to pool the money and buy a ship, then additional equipment with what was left. They further decided to use their skills as bounty hunters, as Moira was inspired the quote that she remembered all those years before. Ever since they made their money through bounty hunting.
  4. Neptune

    Daniella Taru'zenari

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Daniella Wilson Age/Date of Birth: 23. Born 4th April, in the Epsian year of 4143. Earth Equivalent: 2513 Gender: Kay Species: Taru'zenari Origin/Nationality: Xantal’lar, Epsus Prime, EPSI Federation, Epsus Galaxy Occupation: Unemployed Faction: Independent Rank: Civilian Physical Appearance Height: 4'10" Weight: Slender Eye Colour: Vivid, but deep purple. Hair Colour: Pink and black. Physical Description: As a Taru'zenari, he looks very similar to that of a human, or Tau'ri as the EPSI Federation identifies them ask. However, he is not. He is descendant of a Tau'ri that used to live on Earth, however he has been with other Taru'zenari that have separated away from Earth. He also isn't completely Tau'ri, either, as he has Xeno ancestry that links back to Dez'rarzii back in the UFF with a Tau'ri called Krystal. This coupled with his lineage being separated from Earth for a few thousand years, makes him a Taru'zenari. One of the most obvious things that make him distinctly non-Tau'ri is his vivid purple eyes which are never found among the Tau'ri population. His body shape is quite slim, although he has quite curvy child-bearing hips despite the fact that he is actually a male appearing individual, however he is able to become pregnant and carry children. Despite the slenderness of his torso, his thighs appear well-fleshed and lightly toned like the rest of him. His cock is about 8 inches in length, and human-like in shape although he does several small bumps that run along the underside of his cock. His face is very feminine to the point where most people think of him as a female. Along with his vivid purple eyes, he has a cute button nose and a small mouth with plump, kissable lips. He also has his hair quite short, with it only going down to his jawline. The top part of his hair, is a very bright, vivid pink in colour. On the underside, it is black. This makes his hair stand out, and makes him very easy to spot. He also has a small tattoo just under his right eye, of a small pink love heart. He also dresses in very feminine, often revealing, clothes which often help fool people into thinking that he was female. He gets a thrill out of tricking people like that, although it's never meant maliciously. He just loves the fact that he can get away with looking like a woman. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Daniella is a very friendly person, who easily greets others and easily makes new friends. He can chatter to someone, and spur on a conversation with them. He's quite a good listener, and will always give time to those who simply want a chat with him. That said, he is quite respectful of another person's space, and would leave them alone if they asked him to. He is quite easy going which allows him to get along with a wide range of people. He is quite bubbly and energetic, and doesn't tend to easily worry about things. He also forgives quite easily, unless the person did something so bad towards him, that it's something that he cannot look over. He's also quite affectionate, with friends and especially lovers. With friends, he will hug a lot and often link arms with them. With lovers, he tends to be very cuddly, and often gives them kisses or other signs of affection. He always likes to gift things to people, for the joy that it brings them. He seems to thrive on making others around him happy. Daniella is quite kind and gentle, and will never intentionally harm anyone. He will always help those who need it, even if it means just some of his time to sit and listen. He will always do small, kind gestures, like feeding someone or helping someone with luggage. Along with his kindness, he is also very generous. He will always give to others, even if he does not have much for himself. When giving gifts, he will never expect anything in return and when asked why, Daniella will simply say that he just likes making others happy. As such, he can also be described as unselfish; putting the needs of others above his own. He will always bend over backwards to help others, or mould to their plans. He will help someone, no matter what others would think about it. He will never judge someone from the offset, and most certainly not from mere gossip unless it's some a source he knows as reliable. Daniella is quite hospitable, always welcoming others into his home. He will always ask them if they want a drink, or something to eat. He will also never think twice before offering someone to stay the night if, for example, they've become homeless or they've stayed over so late or while drugged. Daniella is quite charming as he has an easy attitude, and can easily chatter to people. He's very welcoming of others, and remembers people well. He has a good sense of humour and always loves to have a joke such as laughing at himself. He is also quite flamboyant, as he dresses in a way that catches the attention of others, and often acting in a bold, confident manner. He enjoys the attention he gets from others, but would never do something bad to get it such as bullying others or humiliating people. Daniella is also quite flirtacious towards others and will make comments that can be taken in a sexual manner. It's quite easy to tell when he is very interested in someone, as his body language is quite open. He'll bite his lips, and look openly with the person of interest. He is quite sensual, and always loves being touched especially by the ones that he is really close to. He tends to linger on drinks and food as he takes his time to enjoy them and gives himself over to the taste, or even sensations, to the point where he loses awareness of his surroundings. As such, during sex, he loves it when he is touched. Even more so when he is blindfolded. When it comes to sex and relationships, he is quite promiscuous. He never settles with the single sexual partner and will go out and seek sexual gratification from others. He is quite confident and bold, with himself and his interactions with others. He will always look someone in the eye when he is speaking to them, and his body posture is always that of a confident individual. He can always take criticism, as well as laugh at himself. He tends to compliment others easily, but will always be honest with them. He is not intimidated by others, even if they are twice his strength and a lot stronger than they are. He faces challenges head on, and will not back down easily from them. Along with this confidence and boldness, is the fact that he's quite adventurous and a bit of a daredevil. He loves participating in extreme sports for the thrill and adrenaline rush. He always likes to go to new places, and do new things. He is quite courageous, and will face danger head-on rather than cowering from it. He will always stand up for others, even if it puts him in danger. That said, sometimes he can be a little reckless, and end up putting himself in a sticky situation because of it. Sometimes he doesn't think through something completely before doing it, which can cause a situation to turn against him quickly. But that being said, he is quite adaptable, and can think on him feet. This results in him being able to get himself out of the situations that he put himself into in the first place. He tries to think ahead, but sometimes he doesn't think through something fully before acting upon it. But he recovers quickly from setbacks, and always finds a way to recover quickly. He can be a little cocky, especially to those who really irritate him. He can become sarcastic with his language, and mock them. He'll set out to irritate them as much as they've irritated him. However if he feels that he has gone too far, he will apologise for it, although would tell them not to irritate him again or they would get his cocky side again. And not the good kind of cocky. Daniella is always willing to work with others, and works well in a team. He is good at communicating with others, and being open to new ideas. He helps the group plan towards their final goal, and will do all he can to assure that. He can be very enthusiastic and passionate, especially concerning one of his hobbies. He can talk about them for hours, and will always encourage others to join him the next he does it. He doesn't tend to let anything get him down, even when faced with numerous setbacks, and is always determined to charge towards his goal. Due to his enthusiasm, he always seems to be bouncy and full of energy; always on his feet, moving from one place to another and never being able to sit down for several minutes unless he's been given a reason to. Danielle is quite honest, even if he risks upsetting someone. He would always try to frame the honesty kindly, as is his nature, but he will be completely honest nonetheless. He will own up to his mistakes, and will strive to learn from them. He's honest with himself about his own shortcomings, and will openly talk about them with those that he is close to. When he encounters a problem with a relationship, instead of bottling it up and burying it, he will talk to them and be completely open and honest with them about it. To those that he is close to, and trusts, he is extremely loyal. He will easily stand up and defend them from anything and anyone. Daniella can be quite playful at times, preferring to do things that are entertaining rather than working. He often makes jokes, and will laugh often. He often encourages others to lighten up and have fun as well and will often suggest things for them to do. Daniella can be a bit gossipy, although he would never lie or embellish the truth. He just like exchanging information with others, and chatting about certain people or places. He always wants to know what is going on and will often tell others if he's seen or heard something interesting. One that that is very noticeable about Danielle is that he's quite materialistic. He likes to buy expensive clothes, and have expensive accessories and objects in his home. He takes great pride in his belongings and often shows them off to others. When it comes to things Daniella is doing, he's very meticulous and a bit of a perfectionist. He will never leave a single dirty mark on whatever he is cleaning, and he will always make sure everything looks perfect. He can sometimes agonise for a long time over something if it isn't right, or isn't going the way that he wanted. He will always teak it until it's exactly the way that he wants; perfect. When he is unable to, Daniella can become quite irritated and frustrated but still be unable to pull himself away. He has to do it right, or else it is not good enough for him. Daniella is very vain about his appearance, which along with his perfectionism, can mean that he will agonise over his appearance until he looks just right. Sometimes he can spend hours getting ready just so that he looks the way he feels satisfied with. If someone mentions a physical flaw about his appearance, he will obsessive over it, and will not be happy until he has sorted it out. To those that he feels worthy, such as Bad Boys, he is very subservient. He will obey them without question, and allow them to do what they want to him. He gets a sexual thrill out of being controlled like that, and having others decide what he should do. This is due to the fact that he is a very submissive masochist. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Cooking: He has the ability, while cooking, to be able to season any dish with perfection. While cooking, he will add herbs and spices at seemingly random amounts and often rather negligent looking. But actually he knows what he is doing, and the dish always comes out perfectly seasons. He also seems to know exactly when a dish is cooked perfectly, as he seems to have some kind of higher instinct. He also has a fantastic tasting palate, but this can make him quite fussy with what he eats. Stamina and vitality: While Daniella may appear human, or Tau'ri as they are called in the EPSI Federation, he is far from one. He has distant Xeno ancestry, which is apparent by his eye colour. He also has superior stamina and vitality to that of a normal Tau'ri. He is able to outrun a normal human and out-pace them. He's also quite quick and agile, which added to his small height, actually makes him quite tricky to catch. Athleticism: From a young age, Daniella has had a love of athletics. He can do any number of stunts like flips, cartwheels and is also very good at climbing up surfaces. With this, he can out-manoeuvre others and lead a very merry chase. Nanites: As he is an EPSI Federation citizen, he has their nanites. These can heal injuries quicker than his natural healing. They can also save him from a number of life threatening injuries, although there are still a large number of ways that he can be killed. These nanites can also afford him protection from a wide range of diseases, including sexually transmitted ones. Weaknesses: As is the case with all mortal, sentient beings, it is possible to kill him in a number of ways such as poison or a bullet to the head, despite his accelerated healing. He is not invulnerable, and he is also subject to the effects of ageing. As he is so small, and physically weaker than most people, including Tau'ri, it is very easy to overpower him and restrain him. He also has little combat training, and thus it's very easy for him to lose in a combat situation. At this point, he is more likely to run, than fight. He is also quite squeamish when it comes to dirt and grime, as it makes his skin cruel and he gets the overwhelming urge to either run away, or clean it. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To find himself a bad boy which will control, and dominate him. Daniella doesn't want to work a conventional job, and instead make money from things he does on the EPSINet that he can do in the comfort of his own home. He just wants to live in domestic bliss with a bad boy. Hobbies and Interests: Daniella really loves keeping a home nice and clean and will spend hours in a week making sure everything is spotless, although not to the point where it looks sterile. While he likes things clean, he does like a home with a lived-in look. He is also very passionate about cooking and will find any excuse to do so. He loves trying new recipes, especially if they catch his fancy. He loves cooking for a number of people, as he enjoys the satisfaction from people loving his food. While he does not have an official job, and is thus classed as unemployed, he does earn money through the EPSINet. He has a video series running called the "Diary of a Bad Boy's Bitch" where he posts a video log of his relationship with a known criminal in the EPSI Federation. He monetises these videos so that he is earning his own money. Daniella also has his own website; "badboysbitch.epsi", which he also posts videos, as well as pictures of himself that he takes. Usually sexual ones, showing off how much of a trap he is, as it's something he's very proud of. He also takes a lot of selfies, sexual and non-sexual (including after-sex selfies) and posts them on the website as well. He also designs fashionable clothes and sells the designs on the Replicator Marketplace. He also really likes playing games, especially things such as Ocean of Cum, and Pokémon. He also has several gaming consoles that allows him to play some games on a computer, or while sitting in bed. He really loves playing numerous sports on the holodeck such as surfing, bungee jumping and water-boarding. He is also quite good at ice skating, particularly figure skating. But his favourite sporting pastime is climbing. He loves the challenge of being given a difficult surface to climb. He also loves climbing with as little safety equipment as possible as that gives him an extra danger thrill. He has special climbing equipment, designed and produced by the ExoSinian Eldyr Corporation. These includes special gloves, foot pad and knee pads. The material becomes tight when out on, to become completely skin tight to the user. The equipment is covered in nano-hairs that allows the user to stick to most seemingly smooth surfaces. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: He is Aliea-pansexual when it comes to sex. However when it comes to relationships, he prefers exclusively male partners. So while he would have sex with other genders, he wants a man to take care of him. With Epsian citizen's, he likes to have unprotected sex with them and has no issue with getting them pregnant especially as part of a breeding contract although at the moment, he has no interest in raising a child. However, when it comes to non-Epsian species, he is insistent on wearing a condom. This is to protect both himself, and his partners, from diseases. He also will refuse to get someone outside of the EPSI Federation pregnant, as he doesn't want his children to be raised outside of it. So while he has his sperm protection off, he will still insist on the condom due to the disease protection. Epsian Condoms (Stolen from Jake's profile) Traditional Condoms - These are either silicon based or latex based. These are obvious to both the wearer and the person receiving the condom clad cock, and it's primarily purpose for him are for kinks, for example - Pushing someone else's cum deeper into them. They provide protection for quite a number of venereal diseases. Whilst they work as a contraceptive, the failure rate is well known to be as high as 50%, for Mako'demerians because of 'Cock Knotting'. Sometimes when having sex with someone after another cock has been on them, Daniella will sometimes use this for the kink that they provide, as it also feeds into his subservient sexual nature. Epsian Spermless Condoms - These are completely invisible to the naked eye and the neither side can feel the condom on them. This allows for the feeling of unprotected sex, and still lets semen to pass through but not sperm. The primary purpose is birth control, and not venereal disease protection. Daniella will use this with Non-Epsian species, but only if he trusts them. Epsian Cumless Condoms - Like the previous they are completely invisible and naked to the eye, neither side can feel it however it doesn't let anything past. They're far more reliable than other condoms; as Traditional ones have a habit of breaking under the extreme stresses of the Mako'demerian Knot. These condoms are unbreakable and their primary purpose is birth control and full venereal disease protection. (Not guaranteed with unknown Aliens) For random fucks, and affairs with Non-Epsian species, this is the condom that Daniella would use. Turn ons: He has a huge weakness for bad boys. The ones that have a very bad boy reputation, but is actually a kind person. They really, really turn him on. Having unprotected sex. He loves getting filled with a lot of cum. Being made love to, by people he loves, and doesn't love. Being promiscuous. Being a trophy girlfriend. He loves being taken care of by his boyfriend, and he will be there to look sexy and beautiful for them. Being fucked hard and roughly, especially by a Mako. He loves the feeling of their cocks, and feels that they are the best shaped cocks in existence. He loves the feeling of a knot expanding inside of him, as he loves the feeling of it stretching him open. He loves being made to be a loose slut. He loves having claws digging hard into him, to the point of bleeding, he loves being slapped and spanked, slut shamed, spoken dirty to and a really dominating partner that will pin him to the bed and use his body to pleasure themselves. Being tied up, and used. He also loves being bound and teased mercilessly. He loves being teased to the point where he's begging at the top of his voice for relief. Being forced to fuck someone else. He loves a bad boy to have that kind of control over him. He especially loves it, when the bad boy is fucking him, while forcing him to have sex with someone. Partners taller than himself; both women and men. He loves having a man towering over him while pinning him to the bed and fucking him hard. With a woman-like gender, he loves being dominated by them, or being able to fuck them while being able to play with their breasts. Being teased for being a feminine kay, by any gender. He loves being mocked and humiliated about it, and his cross-dressing. Being promiscuous. He loves being a raging slut. Having multiple partners, gangbangs, swinger parties and orgies. Sex in a public place. Turn offs: Submissive, meek partners. Gore, and Vore. He will also refuse to do necrophilia. He will refuse to have sex with someone under the legal age, especially an alien species. Penis Length: 8” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Sensitive Additional Sexual Information: He's very sensitive in areas such as his neck, back and inner thighs. His arsehole and cock is also very sensitive. Daniella is a very submissive individual when it comes to sex. He always likes to be told what to do, and dominated by his partners, no matter their gender. He will absolutely refuse to dominate someone, as he feels too awkward to do so and doesn’t like it. He currently has all reproduction turned off. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: James Wilson (Taru’zenari) Mother: Katie Watson (Taru’zenari) Siblings: His mother had many other children than himself, with numerous species within the EPSI Federation. Daniella was close to some of them, although he doesn't often contact them. Ship: He lives on Kal’loure’s ship. Place of Residence: He lives with Kal'loure Mako'demeri on his ship, and his quarters on the station. Pet: None Additional information: He frequently vapes cannabis and takes cLSD. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean. Medical Record: He has always been a healthy Taru'zenari. Bio: Daniella was born to a promiscuous Taru'zenari woman, who had a large number of other children by many fathers. A number of them did pay her child support, but only because they had equal custody of their children and thus they were often away with their fathers. His mother also would also happily breed with someone and then give the child to the father once they were born, with full parental rights. But his home was usually visited by various men, who would drop by to have sex with her or go on dates with his mother. Daniella never minded this, as the men would often play with him, and spend time with him and the other children. So from a young age, Daniella was surrounded by a lot of men. Even from a young child, Daniella tended to dress himself as a girl and tended to spend more play time with his feminine siblings than his masculine ones. His mother was more than happy to allow Daniella to dress and act as he wished, as he felt that it was Daniella's path to discover what he was like on his own. Due to the nature of Epsian culture, and the fact that he was born after the period of Keza Corp, he was well liked in school and never experienced any nasty behaviour from other students apart from playing and teasing that wasn't serious. Daniella did well in the early years of his life. He learnt his Universal Rights easily and could recite them word perfect. Also from early in his school days, he became involved with athletics, as he enjoyed the physical challenge that it provided. He often remained after school with other students to join the club. Afterwards, he would be picked up by his mother, or even one of her boyfriends at the time, to be taken home. So Daniella's childhood was quite a safe one, if providing its own challenges in regards to his school. But he relished his early years, and was a typical, happy, confident child. As Daniella began to develop into his teenage years, he continued cross dressing and coming across as a female. For him, it felt right and he felt truly himself, although he continued to refer to himself with masculine pronouns as he felt that he was a trap, rather than a feminine trap. And he was comfortable with who he was. Even through puberty, his voice didn't drop noticeably so it remained rather feminine sounding, which was something that really pleased him, as it helped with the illusion. Like many teenagers, he became obsessed over his appearance and would wear clothes that were designed to make him look sexy. As he did odd jobs such as babysitting for his mother's friends, and various lovers that had children, he earnt himself money which he spent on clothes. This is also when his signature hairstyle came into his life. He came up with the idea after flicking through the EPSINet, and he loved it so much that he has never changed it. He felt that it highlighted his flamboyant personality and it suited his vivid purple eyes. He still continued with his athletics, although often visited the holodeck to play extreme sports such as rock climbing, skydiving and waterboarding. He has been a thrill seeker ever since he was young. Not because he welcomed death; he just loved the adrenaline rush that it gave him. As he continued to grow older, he began getting more aware about sex, and his urges in that regard. He knew a lot about sex, and relationships, from his education and things that his mother had taught him. He knew that he shouldn't be ashamed of his sexual appetite, and late at night he would sit alone in his room surfing the EPSINet for content that he could wank off to. At first, he was unsure as to his sexual orientation, however he did have a marked preference for males although he still felt aroused when thinking about having sex with one of the other genders. He felt that he was, for the most part, gay, but open to sex with other genders. He didn't discover his masochism until he was sixteen. He was struggling a little in one of the lessons, so he spent time after school with his teacher, a large Mako by the name of Kaloar. He was very tall, and very muscular appearing but he was a good teacher and patiently taught Daniella until he finally understood what the lesson was about. Daniella had noticed that while Kaloar kept a professional air, he had one raging boner in his trousers. Now that Daniella was better, he suggested doing something to thank Kaloar for his patience. He seemed to consider it, before agreeing since he had achieved the goal of getting Daniella to understand and that was his first duty. That day, Daniella ended up getting fucked hard across the teachers desk, and he loved every moment of it. He pinned him down and ravaged him. Clearly Daniella had hit a lot of buttons with the guy and he was clearly having trouble restraining himself. But the more rough he was, the more Daniella liked it and asked for more, until Kaloar was fucking Daniella like a fuck toy and spanking him hard. This began Daniella's first affair with one of his teachers that continued throughout his school career. Kaloar was not Daniella's only affair at the school. His athletic's teacher was a female Zeta by the name of Jyana'kynarr. She was a tall, slender Zeta that was a real Zeta woman. She was dominating, and brooked no-nonsense. She expected nothing short of perfection from her students, and drove them hard although not to the point where it put them in danger. Daniella loved the challenge, and dived into them head-strong even if he encountered problems in the beginning. One day, after such a session, Daniella was helping Jyana pack everything away. His teacher complimented him on his performance, which caused Daniella to become very flattered as he did not expect such high praise from her. Daniella admitted that her heavy handed approach encouraged him to do better as it seemed to energise him, as well as make him quite excited. As he spoke, he didn't realise that he was getting a boner, which Jyana noticed. She grabbed Daniella and threw him down on the mats, asking if he liked being ordered around like a good little bitch. This only turned Daniella on more and he pretended to resist although he did make it obvious that he was not complaining in the slightest. Jyana then stripped them both, before pinning Daniella down and riding his cock while humiliating and shouting at him. Daniella was in heaven. He loved being dominated like this. So much that he kept going back to Jyana for more. At home, Daniella began to have sex with some of his siblings, the ones that were old enough. He also seduced and had sex with several of his mother's boyfriends and even sometimes had sex with them in his mother's bed without her knowing. Sometimes even when she was in the kitchen cooking a family meal. Throughout school, he continued accepting babysitting jobs, and would frequently have sex with the parents as well when they came back from wherever they had gone to for the night. It was one of the little extra services that he threw in for a little extra money, essentially accepting money for sex. He left school when he was eighteen, with very good grades, although he had no idea what he was going to do with his life. For a time, he hung about at his mother's house, having sex with people, including his mother's lovers, or he went out doing various activities such as rock climbing. Eventually, he decided that he wasn't really one to attend University to get a high flying job. He wanted to find someone that could look after him, and that he could repay them by being the ideal wife for them. But for the meantime, he did need to earn money for himself, so he got himself a job as a bartender for a local bar. He met a lot of people, although none that caught his fancy. He slept with a lot of customers, but none of them were what he was looking for in a relationship. He did sometimes meet up with his old teachers, and they were able to really satisfy him sexually however, they weren't exactly what he was after. After looking around on the EPSINet, he stumbled across his biggest weakness. Bad Boys. He was watching a porn movie, one starring Autumn Mako'vitiri in a Dystopia world. Daniella loved the main villain of the porno, and He often wanked off over the thought of being controlled by such a person. In fact he began collecting such porn movies, as well as the holo versions, so that he could put himself in that situation. It made him truly feel that he was a little bitch that existed for their pleasure, and the feeling was addictive. He began looking around for a Bad Boy himself, and although he found some potentials online, they fell through. He read about some of the more notable Bad Boys such as the Daedric Wolfe, Dark Star Wolf, and a Mako going by the name of Kal'loure. He privately doubted he would ever meet them, but they often appeared in his fantasies. One day, while serving at the bar, two of his biggest fantasies walked in through the bar. The Daedric and Dark Star Wolves. As he served them, he flirted with them outrageously of which they reciprocated. But despite his efforts, they didn’t seem eager to go home with him. So after work, he returned home, feeling disappointed. However there was a surprise waiting for him, as the two had broken into his home where they proceeded to fuck him hard where the Daedric Wolf promised to own and control him just the way he wanted. <(Some EPSI Federation content snipped)> After following the news for a while, a story appeared about Kal'loure, one of the men that he often thought about. Since fleeing from the EPSI Federation, he had been spending his time on the Andromeda One Trading Station being a Bounty Hunter. It was one of the men on his dreams, Daniella felt. He looked into how long it would take to get there, and the costs involved. He needed to save up, but if it meant meeting the man of his dreams, he was willing to do so. He worked every moment he could in the bar, saving every penny that he could. He even got people to pay to have sex with him, and he often did special favours for them. When he had enough, including enough to get back if he didn't find what he was hoping for, he said his goodbyes to his mother and left to go to the Andromeda Station, to be one of the few EPSI Federation civilians to be there.
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