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  1. Hello everyone~ I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. I’m looking for a romantic/sexual long term roleplay. I’m open to many different genres and roles: - Fantasy (orc x human/elf, human x human, elf x elf) - sci-fi (Star Wars, Star Trek) - Harry Potter - My Hero Academia - Fairy Tail - Atlantis The Lost Empire - Treasure Planet - Marvel - DC - Fantastic Beasts etc. I can even do normal/realistic roles.
  2. Hello, i did this art for my friend, i was wondering what you guys think about it? Tried to make anime girl into realistical girl still working on it!
  3. I'm looking for short-term/one-shot, and quick roleplays to hone my writing skill and keep my writing habits up. However, I am willing to negotiate (or renegotiate) that, if we're both willing and want to continue the roleplay. (I won’t likely initiate these [re-]negotiations. So, I’ll be leaving that up to you, my roleplay partner.) One of the biggest reasons I’m looking for short roleplays is that I want to get through my list of “Will-Do Kinks” in order to get a wider array of experience, skill, and knowledge with speed. I’d prefer not talking about the roleplay as my mind may change in the process, I may lose interest sooner, etc. I’d also prefer staying away from the following: character pictures, post formatting, and anything else that’s “fluff”. Again, I’m looking for short-term, which means that I’m not willing to put forth an extravagant effort for such a trivial thing as aesthetics. I don’t have a set scenario or character in mind for a preference. I’m a bit on the eclectic side, and am up for many things. I will admit, I may have to be taught many a thing, including terminology, and the likes. I also have a tendency toward bad ideas. So, don’t worry whether it’s “good” or even “good enough”, I’m open-minded to reading another’s ideas, but I can’t promise that neither myself nor my characters will be receptive. My previous cast of characters include: —Two Soldiers (Male; Male) —A Catkin / Neko-Girl —A Catkin / Neko-Boy —Fraternal Angelic Twins (Female; Male) —A Homosexual Teacher —Hermaphroditic/Intersex Vilkacis The cast of characters that I want to create and work include: —A Cowkin / Cow Girl (Possibly multiple; Fraternal Twins or Triplets) —An Incubi / Succubi —Dark Elf / Forest Elf —Futanari Foxkin / Kistune Character & Plot Pairings that I’d like to try: —Futanari Teacher at an all-girl’s school who impregnated plenty of the girls, who plot to get one of the male teachers to fuck/rape her until she’s pregnant, too. (*I’d be willing to let this one become a longer-term roleplay. I’d like to discuss where we end it, and what kind of word count would be appropriate. Ie, Do 10k words overall, allowing for 5k words each to get us to the revenge with a possibility of skimming over what happens to our characters afterwards; OR do we go with an exceptionally high word count of 40-100k words and stretch it further to include several go-arounds of the plot?) —Succubi / Incubi that mistake each other for humans, and get tangled up in each other’s magic. —Incubi / Cowkin / Human —Succubi / Foxkin / Dark Elf —Incubi / Succubi / Multiple humans —Cowkin / Catkin / Human(s) —Cowkin Slaves / Human Owner —Dark Elf / Forest Elf —Vilkacis / Human —Vilkacis / Werewolf —Vilkacis / Dark Elf —Dryad / Forest Elf
  4. AndrewofFire

    The Ultimate Team

    This is a fun game, at least to me. Pick six people to be on an ultimate team. They can be from any video game, anime, movie, etc. You must also pick a leader for the team. Just as a 'real' team, you would not want five super strong guys, but diversity in abilities and powers. Here's mine, at least the best I can come up with at 3;04 in the morning 1;Batman(Leader) (Animated Series through Justice League Unlimited version) 2;Avatar Aang (Avatar; The Last Airbender) 3;Yuna (FFX,) (Every team needs a healer) 4;Red XII, A.K.A. Nanaki (FFVII) 5;Vaan (GunXSword) 6; Lighting (FFXIII)
  5. Redlewd

    Redlewd’s ideas

    Hey there I’m just posting this with a few ideas of mine. I typically play as male characters but I’m open to playing female or futa if the mood and idea is right. I try to write longer replies but more or less I’ll match what I’ve been given, or at least whatever I’ve been given to work with. I can sometimes be slow with replies, either several times a day, once a day, or even once every few days depending on how busy I am with work. Some of these I’ve tried with others already but some I’ve never got the chance to do. ((the pictures aren’t meant to represent the entirety of the RP they are just there for a visual aide)) Harem: A very lose idea to be honest I would definitely be up for combining it with any other idea. I myself love these kinds of stories, but think they work best as a sub genre. But I do have a couple ideas for harems based on some stories I’ve read before, one that more suited for romance and drama, and the other more suited for Dub con and other darker themes. RPG: (Fantasy) A simple idea that’s to be worked on. I have several ideas but the main idea is to form a party of adventurers and go on a quest, will they succeed, will they fail, will some of them form unlikely friendships or romance? Only the gods and the roll of the dice will know. ((Several D&d like characters to choose from, to play against.)) Sword Saints: (Modern, Fantasy, Action) MC is an ordinary high school student that stumbles upon a lone katana sheathed in an old temple, being looked after by someone no one else can see. This person urges my character to take hold of the sword. By doing so they are chosen as a participant in a combat tournament unknown to the rest of the world. Where a swordsman and sword spirit will have to team up to defeat every opponent until there is only one team left standing. The person egging him to take the sword was its spirit, and now they are bound together by fate. ((YC can be the spirit, a rival swordsman or spirit, or even take my character’s place)) Werewolf: (Modern, Horror, Action, Tragedy) MC a former delinquent turned college bound honor student. While on a camping trip with his current group of classmates/friends they are brutally attacked by an unknown animal. MC wakes up in a hospital bed several days later to learn he was the only survivor. He spends the next few weeks dealing with survivors guilt and experiencing visions and odd behavior that he can only rationalize as ptsd. However once the next full moon hits, he finds himself alone in his room, painfully transforming into a beast. Before the transformation is complete however, someone enters from the window to tranquilize him. He wakes up in a secret bass where he learns of a special task force that combat supernatural creatures and prevent public knowledge of them. If he helps them they just may be able to cure him, but can they be trusted? ((Tons of possible roles for your character, from an agent of this task force, an old friend from the character’s delinquent days, another supernatural character working with the task force/fighting against them, a hunter wanting to kill supernatural monsters at all cost, a nurse/doctor who looked after him, or even the very werewolf that did this to him.)) Ideas I’ve had based off series I like New Professor: (Modern, School, Drama) Class 2-C is a group of troublesome kids. They have often driven away any teacher that tries to straighten them out. That is until a new eccentric teacher comes in and helps the students in unusual ways. They seem like a complete goof of a teacher, but they are shown to be quite capable at teaching and holding their own when threatened with violence. Will this new professor help the students or will they drive them off like the rest. (Based off GTO/Ultimate Otaku Teacher/Gokusen) Genre Shift: (Modern, Comedy, Action) This idea really involves some work. I really cannot describe how much I love certain manga and anime that begin as comedy and then seamlessly transition to action and back with a blink of an eye. The setting and power system can be anything we think of. (Based off Reborn/Iruma/Gintama/MadakaBox) Death Game: two variations Trapped- (Realistic, Drama, Tragedy) A group of strangers wake up to find themselves unable to escape unless they comply and play games with and against each other. Games that will put their lives on the line. Can they escape their prison and solve the mystery of why they are here? (Danganronpa/Zero Escape/Your turn to die) Supernatural- (Fantasy, Drama, Tragedy) An ordinary day takes a dark turn as numerous people are placed in a life or death game. While being looked after by nonsensical beings that refer to themselves as “Game Masters”, they must overcome various obstacles to win. Losing means instant death, while winning seems to only push them on farther to the next round, who is behind all of this, how are they able to preform these actions and for what reason? (Based off As The Gods Will/Darwin’s Game/Mirai Niki) Land of the Lost: (Fantasy, Drama, Tragedy, Action) While returning from a topical vacation spot a plane of roughly 400 passengers experiences a sudden a violent wave of turbulence, resulting in the plane crashing in an unknown island covered in jungle. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the jungle is filled with dangerous prehistoric animals. Can the survivors work together to survive? (Based off Cage of Eden) New Reality: (Futuristic, Sci-fi, Fantasy) After getting a copy of the hottest VRMMO to ever release, Underworldz!, you rush home to boot it up and begin playing. Little did you know once the game reached a total of 2.5 billion users all online at once, a program was issued through out the system. One that made it that logging out or reaching a game over would result in the death of a player. The only way to allow everyone to escape is to defeat the boss at the end of the game. However it is possible for other people to log in, but doing so will trap them in the game as well. It’s been nearly 7 years later and the large population still alive inside the game as made their own society. With plenty of people forming groups and guilds to accomplish various tasks to maintain survival. (Based off SAO/Log Horizon/.Hack) Thanks for reading this far, will probably edit more ideas later on.
  6. Kittykitty23


    Hello guys Im kitty and I Am currently looking for men to do a naruto smut rp, I play my oc and you guys can play whoever you’d like ^^
  7. Hello, I am a female but I can play as any gender (Male, Female, femboy, cuntboy, futa etc) and any pairing (MxM, MxF, FxF etc) I typically play submissive characters but occasionally I can be a bit dominant. I like both cannon roleplays and ones involving ocs and I have some plot ideas. I'm nearly limitless aside from a few things and I only roleplay in private messages or on discord in the third person. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested.
  8. Sleepytime-Muses

    talking with hope

    From the album: My muses!

    Kiki, a College student who can apply to any dere type depending on your preference.

    © PICREW

  9. This is an incredibly simple game, in theory. I will provide the English title of an anime, but I will remove one or more words. The goal of the game is to come up with something absurd to fill in any blanks I leave. Example: Kiki's Delivery Service might become Kiki's [BLANK] Service. You would then have to fill in that blank, with no regard to what should be there. Like, for instance: Kiki's Escort service. So for our first one, I'll take: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? And make it: Is It Wrong to Try to [BLANK] in a [BLANK]?
  10. Title pretty much says it all. Do you know of any anime/manga/hentai that doesn't get enough love? That is to say, series that are considered to be underrated and/or not well-known? I'm happy to allow for any underrated cartoon series to be mentioned in this thread as well, so, it's not limited to anime/manga/hentai series only. I'll list some of my own that I think could do with more love. ✿ Akagi: The Genius Who Descended into Darkness ✿ Arashi no Yoru ni ✿ Cromartie High School ✿ Dofus: The Treasures of Kerubim ✿ Haré+Guu ✿ Tekkonkinkreet ✿ The Irresponsible Captain Tyler I can probably think of a few more but I'm tired and have spent way longer writing up this list than I should have. x.x If I think of any more I'll add them to this post. Now I want to hear what you Dreamers have that could be added to this thread! Fire away~!
  11. Tactical harem

    Tons of RP ideas

    I am a multiparagraph RP writer. Here are some ideas. o War o MC is currently the acting platoon Sergeant for Blue Platoon, Delta Company, 1-12 Cav in Model Iraq. At 25 he is a SSG Tank Commander in charge of 16 men. The PL rescently passed away and the PSG is in recovery in Germany. It's 2006 and we are making do with less as the politics on TV are painting a different picture then what we are doing on the ground. YC comes to the unit as a reporter/medic/EOD Tech/or Fill in PL (officer). Instantly there is something between us but war is not the time. There never seems to be time... Still, with all the fighting we grow close. Not everyone is going to make it home but maybe we can manage it. o Our Lady Hellsing o 300 years ago monsters where all but pushing humanity to extinction. But one man stood up to stop them. Sir Walter Hellsing. Helping to hunt, kill, and qwell the monster hords, he helped push them back and build Britain with the first King. It took generations but 200 years ago all those left of monsters were stories and the Hellsing family was forever tied to England. Now as England expands to the new world to found the America's people have forgotten why the Hellsing family holds one of 13 seats in parliament. They often take the cream of the crop in the Queen's military for 3 years or more for additional training. Of which is a closely guarded secret. They hold a modest Navy at ports and own some questionable businesses. But with the passing of YC's father you are all that is left of the Hellsing line. Conspiracy to kill you will happen tonight at the wake for your father. That 13th seat will finally be open. But none would realize what would happen tonight. What is set into motion will undo hundreds of years of effort. For under this hallowed house swings the last and the original Vampire. Of your blood he will rise and once again be a blight on the world... Or be it's savior. o 1948 o Jullian Graves is a man of great pain. A son to a whore and the product if WWII, he is now the internal Hitman for the Mafia. When a member crosses the Don or the family he is called to action. Heavy on the drink and struggling with PTSD, he is beyond unstable. After the murder of Vinny Callous and his family of 9, the Don has to pull back on his bloodhound or put his dog down... Calling on YC to be his new partner he hopes Jullian can continue his work. YC child to the Don? Another Mafia member? An old war buddy? +++ All of YCs can be male, female, or Futa. Up to you.++++ Smut RPs o Good Wife o You have a successful and attractive husband who loves you and treats you write... But looking as you do at the GYM, Shopping, or at work men keep pounding you good and hard. Can't you keep a separate life outside of home and still enjoy a normal life? Risky sex and public places are the setting of most of this RP. Trap/Futa/Gay/Strait/or furry. o a little extra money o after school most go home. But no one is home for you. Just a cop father who is never there. But you have a side thing you started. Playing on your phone near the alley behind the school you take money for sex in and around the area. Rest room, the bleachers, a car. It's good money but things are getting complicated. Black mailed by teachers, friends father's getting to close, friends hating you for ruining their families. o make it hurt daddy o Mom left when you were young. Your father and you have been on your own for some time. Frustrated nights and side glances have lead him to look at you in a different light. Watching you dress, overly affectionate. At some point it's all going to boil over. o Werewolf Queen o Russian in the 1400s is a dressing place. In a small village a horse of werewolves ransack and kill, and rape the village. They are extremely rough and large breasts. Most girls who struggle or kick are killed during. YC makes the choice to try and survive and accepts it. Hours go by and soon YC is the only one left alive. Claimed by the aloha you are taken away and declaired to be shared. Over time you become the human queen on the pack as soon human's form hunting parties to seek out and kill the invading werewolves kin. Anime I will RP- Gundam Wing Neon Genesis Evangelion Gunslinger Girl Card Capture Sakura Claymore Berserker SAO Hellsing Pokemon Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Outlaw Star Tenchi Muyo
  12. Mr. Hat-and-Clogs

    Animes or manga characters?

    I'm looking for any anime or manga to seeking RP for ecchi. Please let me know as soon.
  13. Here is some of my art! :0 The first one is my profile picture, second one my character Olivia, and third one my character Leya :3 If you're interested in them and want to read about their information, here's a link~ I use all hand drawn characters for RP! Though- I've only managed to make 2 so far.. >.< but! I'll be sure to make more that I can RP with as time goes by I might turn my profile picture into another RP character as well!
  14. Garnish


    From the album: Garnish's RP characters

    Name: Olivia Franco | Age: 18 | Gender: Female | Height: 155cm | Species: Bunny girl hybrid | Origin/Nationality: Nothing spesific | Occupation: College student (studying marketing) | General Overview: Olivia was born into a world where humans had come as far as trying to hybrid themselves with other animals to gain either desired looks or enhanced abilities. Sadly, hybrid people in this world, even if they have incredible abilities, had rights taken away from them. People would often look down upon them, and demean them as nothing more than "intellegent pets". Many are sold on the market, adopted right from birth, or tossed out into the street. They are still continuing being treated as these disposable and buyable "pets" 'til this day. Luckily, these hybrids reserve SOME rights, like the chance to get an education, and even a job if they pass a certain test. This test is originally meant to see if they are in control of their animal counterpart, and if they are able to live in a human society. Olivia was one of these hybrids who managed to pass the test. She was highly motivated to pass it, because she was often treated less than a human due to her adorable bunny hybrid looks. Always taken less seriously and always seen as less capable. Filled with determination to show the people she was worth equally as much, or maybe even more, she studied hard and eventually passed the test. She is now in higher education, which few hybrid humans make it to (due to the tests being rather unfair towards them). She wants a voice to spread the message of equality, and believes media and marketing is the way to do it. (thus why she studies it!) Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Persistant, Strong willed, fast and witty. | Weaknesses: Psychally weak, stubborn, a brat, feisty/hot-headed, judgemental, arguementative. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To bring equality to hybrid humans. | Hobbies and Interests: Fashion, jogging/running, writing a diary. | Sexual Orientation: bi-curious (leans more towards males) Turn ons: Total domination, being bitten, rough treatment, pain & pleasure, bondage/restrictions. | Turn offs: Being treated like she's worthless.|

    © Garnish

  15. Garnish


    From the album: Garnish's RP characters

    Name: Leya Inabella | Age: Depends on the roleplay! | Gender: Female | Height: 160cm | Species: Elf | Origin/Nationality: Northern elf | Occupation: Helping her tribe. General Overview: Leya was born into a tribe in the northern part of the world. Sun was only out for a few hours where her tribe was located, and thus over thousands of years her tribe developed little to no pigment in their skin and hair. Although, their eyes is an exception, bearing an outstanding amber. She's very sensetive to the sun, and needs an umberella over her when exposed to it. She has barely wandered outside of her tribes territory, kept at bay for her own safety. Thus, she is extremely underexposed to the world around her, but very curious about it. She's a very careful and shy girl, every move she makes is graceful and gentle. She beams of innocence, and her tribe wishes to keep it that way. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Sharp hearing, good survival skills in cold environments, flexible and quiet. | Weaknesses: Psychally weak, gullible and naive. | Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To explore the world beyond her tribes forest. | Hobbies and Interests: making snow sculptures, creating medecine. Sexual Orientation: She doesn't know yet (open to female and male basically!) Turn ons: Being dominated, rough but soft sex, small kisses | Turn offs: Biting, pain, choking, etc. |

    © Garnish

  16. Sola Haze

    Hetalia Roleplays

    I've recently been looking to roleplay some hetalia. I usually like to play the sub, and I am open to most roleplay ideas. I mostly prefer POW and Interrogation/torture scenarios, pirate ones, and historial stories, but I'll take other suggestions. Not all need sex. Below is a list of what characters I'm good at writing, and ones I'm not good at. But just because I', "Okay" at something doesn't mean I won't play it. Bad France China Poland Switzerland Turkey Sealand Rome Holy Rome Okay Germany Japan Hungary Liechtenstein Estonia Belarus Spain Good Italy America England Russia Prussia Latvia Ukraine Romano Best Canada (I'm Canadian, but he's not my favorite to rp) Austria Lithuania Below is a list of my favorite pairings to play. The Dom is posted first. A * next to it means it's one I love. A ** next to it means it's my favorite. A *** means it's my top choice Involving Germany ***Germany x Italy - Fun with BDSM scenarios and anything cute. Can also be dark with Germany getting retaliation for Italy abandoning him. Russia x Germany - Best for torture and POW scenarios Germany x Poland - 1939 Germany x England/England x Germany - Perfect for POW scenarios Germany x France - 1939 Germany x Austria - 1939 Canada x Germany/Germany x Canada - War scenarios are fun. I've heard the Germans were scared of the Canadians in WWI Germany x Ukraine - 1941 Germany x Belgium - 1914 Involving Italy Russia x Italy - Don't know why this would happen, but it's possible. England x Italy - Good for POW rps Hungary x Chibitalia - Cute and lovely. Mostly platonic. Romano x Italy - Because in Hetalia, Incest is Wincest, even if it's Twincest, but it's a sincest if it's not gay. Holy Roman Empire x Chibitalia - So cute! Japan x Italy Spain x Italy *Ukraine x Italy - Italy's a flirt, Ukraine has large tracts of land, and is also oblivious to sexual advances. Involving America *Russia x America - Cold War Intensifies *America x England *America x Japan - WWII scenarios are interesting. America x Canada Prussia x America - Prussia trained America for the revolutionary war. Involving Russia Russia x Poland - 1939 **Russia x Lithuania - I love baltic torture. Russia x Belarus/Belarus x Russia **Russia x Austria - Don't know why I like this so much *Russia x Latvia *Russia x Estonia - Estonia reminds me of me. **Russia x Canada Russia x China Russia x Ukraine **Russia x Prussia - 1945 Involving Lithuania *Belarus x Lithuania - She once broke all his fingers, and he didn't even mind because he's so in love. *Poland x Lithuania Involving England England x France/France x England - Pirate scenarios England x Romano - POW scenarios are great. *England x Canada **England x Spain/Spain x England - Pirate scenarios England x Liechtenstein - Non-sexual. Liechtenstein seems like England's tea party partner Involving France France x Canada *Spain x France - Pirate scenarios Involving Hungary **Austria x Hungary - A married couple. Perfect for consensual stuff. Turkey x Hungary **Prussia x Hungary - These two are great Involving Austria ***Prussia x Austria/Austria x Prussia - One of my all-time favorites. War scenarios and slice of life both great. You can't go wrong with these two. Involving Romano *Turkey x Romano - Pirate scenarios and other kinds of kidnapping are interesting. ***Spain x Romano - I love this so much, perfect for consensual stuff. Involving Latvia *Ukraine x Latvia - This is so cute! Usually non-sexual. *Latvia x Liechtenstein - Perfect. Sexual and non-sexual Involving Turkey Turkey x Greece Turkey x Spain - Pirate scenarios Involving Japan Japan x China - Sino-Japanese War Intensifies Involving Canada **Prussia x Canada - Don't know why I love this I also have an OC for Israel (Human name Tamar Levi). She's indignant, spunky, and fun. She is based on both the country, but also represents all the Jews that were in Palestine. So, she grew up in Turkey's house with her brother, Palestine (Human name Assad Khalid). After the War, Britain promised them freedom, but instead kept them in his house and drove a wedge between them. In sexual rps, Israel is either an indignant sub for non-consensual, and a powerbottom for consensuals. For pairings, Israel ships with... Germany x Israel - WWII intensifies Italy x Israel - Usually non-sexual or non-sexual. Israel's friends with Italy, but is a tad bitter because Italy's Grandpa Rome invaded her Grandfather Judea. America x Israel - America is her best friend. Russia x Israel - Russia and Israel are friends and worked on space stuff together, but she's still a bit frightened of him. England x Israel - England was a father figure to Israel after WWI, and a terrible father at that. Not only was he a liar, but he refused to support her in many of her efforts and eventually turned his back on her. He views her as an unruly brat, and she views him as a lying bastard. Turkey x Israel - Turkey was her father figure. He was a good father in her earlier years. But in the later days of the Ottoman, with the rise of Anti-Semitism and the attempts to Muslimize the Jews. By the time of WWI, Israel and Palestine were practically conspiring against Turkey. Greece x Israel - Greece is part of Israel and Cyprus' natural gas triangle. China x Israel - Israel is one of China's major weapons suppliers, but he generally doesn't understand her culture. Prussia - WWII intensifies
  17. Imouto Kanna

    Kanna as she ages

    From the album: Kanna's RP Art

    Rough idea of what Kanna looks like as she grows older.
  18. RyuJunkie

    Space Pirates Harem?

    I'm looking for someone who is willing to play a multiple female characters at once. anywhere between 4 and 6. Basically my character is a thief, and is on the run from the space police. He ends up boarding a space ship, using it to hide. What my character doesn't know is that he boarded a space pirate ship, consisting of only females who don't think too highly of men. They can either catch him hiding out in their cargo area, or maybe he's trying to steal some small valuables off their ship. Basically they capture my character, using him as some sort of servant/slave. Of course, with them being space pirates, they have enemies of their own. One enemy in particular is a alien race. This would be story mixed with smut. I'm also looking for someone who.. Stay committed to the roleplay. If you want to quit, let me know. Don't leave me hanging. Third person writing only. No first person. Has good spelling and grammar. Be able to write a paragraph or two. Not just a few sentences and definitely no one liners. By paragraph, I mean five complete sentences. Are fine with the following kinks. (Non-con, tentacles, bondage, oral, anal, machines, forced orgasms, aliens, orgasm denial, foot play, & tickling.) Also, well this is not really a rule or anything. I would like two of the pirates to look like these two women here. If you actually read those, please put Apple in your EcchiText Subject. Failure to do so will result in your EcchiText being ignored. Hope to hear from someone. Also, don't send me a message if you're not going to reply back when I reply to you. It's annoying and it's a waste of my time. It's also a good way for me to block you.
  19. Gingervitis13

    Ginger’s RP wishlist

    First things first, please do not comment on this thread. Thank you. With that out of the way, hello everyone who drops in, I am Gingervitis or Ginger. This is my craving dump, see anything that piques your interest feel free to send a message. The main role plays I would love to do involve the Proheros of My Hero Academia. No students please. I would like to play an OC with any Prohero but the main one is All Might and bonus points if he is not ooc. That being said, I would also love to delve into the villain AU and make it with All Smite lol. The second wish I have is a good D&D based scene, we can build our characters from the ground up and create an excellent story together! Other fandoms I am open to at the moment include but are not limited to: The Umbrella Academy, Dragon Age, Naruto, Fairytail, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, and many more. Thank you for your time have a nice day Edit:I also have a huuugggeeee daddy kink so if anyone likes to play a don daddy let me know!
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