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  1. Title pretty much says it all. Do you know of any anime/manga/hentai that doesn't get enough love? That is to say, series that are considered to be underrated and/or not well-known? I'm happy to allow for any underrated cartoon series to be mentioned in this thread as well, so, it's not limited to anime/manga/hentai series only. I'll list some of my own that I think could do with more love. ✿ Akagi: The Genius Who Descended into Darkness ✿ Arashi no Yoru ni ✿ Cromartie High School ✿ Dofus: The Treasures of Kerubim ✿ Haré+Guu ✿ Tekkonkinkreet ✿ The Irresponsible Captain Tyler I can probably think of a few more but I'm tired and have spent way longer writing up this list than I should have. x.x If I think of any more I'll add them to this post. Now I want to hear what you Dreamers have that could be added to this thread! Fire away~!
  2. You choose the scenario to start!
  3. Greetings, I am looking for a roleplayer that enjoys the anime Dragon Ball Z and who also finds Bulma incredibly attractive. I would love to roleplay as Bulma who keeps finding herself in terrible situations. She cannot catch a break! What initially this roleplay will entail is that Bulma is the center lead. She will be progressing canonically through the Dragon Ball Z storyline, though this time, she is the hero. The blue-haired researcher finds herself in predicaments with classic DBZ villains and monsters who force themselves onto her. Not strong enough to fight against like her martial artist friends, she will have to use every sexual position to survive and endure their wrath. As Sayians do, each experience does have her becoming better and more endurable. This is a silly roleplay which I hope I can find a roleplayer with the same skill and humor. I was considering that Bulma is responsible for Goku and Co. for winning their fights because beforehand, Bulma managed to make them tired from sexual fatique. Please message me so we can go further in details!
  4. UniqueQueen3

    Reverse Harem Mansion RP

    I am looking for someone to play a reverse Harem Mansion RP with me. I have a list of all the fandoms and Muses I am looking for in a Goggle Doc that I am going to post here. Please be 21+ as I am 27 and please be okay with NSFW/Slice of Life style storylines. Discord is preferred so please have one. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VYwefXf84ejQW6I7ffhNeVvp54bSxnSK72EnJDfOoAA/edit?usp=drivesdk
  5. Yo, as of late I have gotten into both Attack on Titan and a Futa Fever. So I wanna mix them together a little. Primarily turning all female Titan Shifters into horny Futas with insatiable appetites as an alternative to the Curse of Ymir. Basically, I'm asking for a woman with a monster rod like Historia or Ymir to make my character a personal cumdump. What I'm really asking for is someone to play 1 or more AOT characters as Futas. And you aren't stuck with the only three women shifters. You could make Historia or Sasha a Futa, it's up to you.
  6. Amber

    New here and ready for fun!

    Hello guys I'm new here and would love to please you! Would love to hear your plots and make them true for you :3 Im not a new RPer but also not a veteran either, I'm down to even make a plot together! Open to anything and willing to try new stuff as well~ Hope to hear from you all
  7. Hey, I'm looking for a partner (bottom), who's looking for a dom male. I'm interested in either fantasy, or "real life" scenarios. Depending on which you prefer I might have some scenes we could do. Let's be students in the same school, or adventurers on our "day off". Possibilities are endless. If you are interested, feel free to hit me up for details and we can work out something fun together!
  8. Sola Haze

    Hetalia Roleplays

    I've recently been looking to roleplay some hetalia. I usually like to play the sub, and I am open to most roleplay ideas. I mostly prefer POW and Interrogation/torture scenarios, pirate ones, and historial stories, but I'll take other suggestions. Not all need sex. Below is a list of what characters I'm good at writing, and ones I'm not good at. But just because I', "Okay" at something doesn't mean I won't play it. Bad France China Poland Switzerland Turkey Sealand Rome Holy Rome Okay Germany Japan Hungary Liechtenstein Estonia Belarus Spain Good Italy America England Russia Prussia Latvia Ukraine Romano Best Canada (I'm Canadian, but he's not my favorite to rp) Austria Lithuania Below is a list of my favorite pairings to play. The Dom is posted first. A * next to it means it's one I love. A ** next to it means it's my favorite. A *** means it's my top choice Involving Germany ***Germany x Italy - Fun with BDSM scenarios and anything cute. Can also be dark with Germany getting retaliation for Italy abandoning him. Russia x Germany - Best for torture and POW scenarios Germany x Poland - 1939 Germany x England/England x Germany - Perfect for POW scenarios Germany x France - 1939 Germany x Austria - 1939 Canada x Germany/Germany x Canada - War scenarios are fun. I've heard the Germans were scared of the Canadians in WWI Germany x Ukraine - 1941 Germany x Belgium - 1914 Involving Italy Russia x Italy - Don't know why this would happen, but it's possible. England x Italy - Good for POW rps Hungary x Chibitalia - Cute and lovely. Mostly platonic. Romano x Italy - Because in Hetalia, Incest is Wincest, even if it's Twincest, but it's a sincest if it's not gay. Holy Roman Empire x Chibitalia - So cute! Japan x Italy Spain x Italy *Ukraine x Italy - Italy's a flirt, Ukraine has large tracts of land, and is also oblivious to sexual advances. Involving America *Russia x America - Cold War Intensifies *America x England *America x Japan - WWII scenarios are interesting. America x Canada Prussia x America - Prussia trained America for the revolutionary war. Involving Russia Russia x Poland - 1939 **Russia x Lithuania - I love baltic torture. Russia x Belarus/Belarus x Russia **Russia x Austria - Don't know why I like this so much *Russia x Latvia *Russia x Estonia - Estonia reminds me of me. **Russia x Canada Russia x China Russia x Ukraine **Russia x Prussia - 1945 Involving Lithuania *Belarus x Lithuania - She once broke all his fingers, and he didn't even mind because he's so in love. *Poland x Lithuania Involving England England x France/France x England - Pirate scenarios England x Romano - POW scenarios are great. *England x Canada **England x Spain/Spain x England - Pirate scenarios England x Liechtenstein - Non-sexual. Liechtenstein seems like England's tea party partner Involving France France x Canada *Spain x France - Pirate scenarios Involving Hungary **Austria x Hungary - A married couple. Perfect for consensual stuff. Turkey x Hungary **Prussia x Hungary - These two are great Involving Austria ***Prussia x Austria/Austria x Prussia - One of my all-time favorites. War scenarios and slice of life both great. You can't go wrong with these two. Involving Romano *Turkey x Romano - Pirate scenarios and other kinds of kidnapping are interesting. ***Spain x Romano - I love this so much, perfect for consensual stuff. Involving Latvia *Ukraine x Latvia - This is so cute! Usually non-sexual. *Latvia x Liechtenstein - Perfect. Sexual and non-sexual Involving Turkey Turkey x Greece Turkey x Spain - Pirate scenarios Involving Japan Japan x China - Sino-Japanese War Intensifies Involving Canada **Prussia x Canada - Don't know why I love this I also have an OC for Israel (Human name Tamar Levi). She's indignant, spunky, and fun. She is based on both the country, but also represents all the Jews that were in Palestine. So, she grew up in Turkey's house with her brother, Palestine (Human name Assad Khalid). After the War, Britain promised them freedom, but instead kept them in his house and drove a wedge between them. In sexual rps, Israel is either an indignant sub for non-consensual, and a powerbottom for consensuals. For pairings, Israel ships with... Germany x Israel - WWII intensifies Italy x Israel - Usually non-sexual or non-sexual. Israel's friends with Italy, but is a tad bitter because Italy's Grandpa Rome invaded her Grandfather Judea. America x Israel - America is her best friend. Russia x Israel - Russia and Israel are friends and worked on space stuff together, but she's still a bit frightened of him. England x Israel - England was a father figure to Israel after WWI, and a terrible father at that. Not only was he a liar, but he refused to support her in many of her efforts and eventually turned his back on her. He views her as an unruly brat, and she views him as a lying bastard. Turkey x Israel - Turkey was her father figure. He was a good father in her earlier years. But in the later days of the Ottoman, with the rise of Anti-Semitism and the attempts to Muslimize the Jews. By the time of WWI, Israel and Palestine were practically conspiring against Turkey. Greece x Israel - Greece is part of Israel and Cyprus' natural gas triangle. China x Israel - Israel is one of China's major weapons suppliers, but he generally doesn't understand her culture. Prussia - WWII intensifies
  9. I am looking for anyone interested in anyone rping in any of the Fandoms and Muses that I have listed in my references page. I am also preferencial to rping on Discord so please ask me if you wish to have my handle. I am looking for someone to do a Canon against my OC; 1x1 only and I do not double so do not ask. There is one exception for there to be more than one Canon character involved in a rp as I have a mansion rp idea that I would love to do if you are interested in playing more than one Canon character. Thanks in advance if interested.
  10. Feyrith Arbelladon

    MHA and JJK Search

    I have some ideas I've been wanting to do with the MHA and JJk characters. Canon x OC with me as my OC. Plenty of posts a day. I post daily and will post as many times in one day as I can. Romance and smut are required with each plot. I will not do just smut or just story. Has to be a mix of both. 1) Hot springs: College professor has had their eye on one of their students for such a long time. Problem is, they're dating someone in their class. That's when the teacher gets a brilliant idea. He starts failing them on purpose even with their test answers being right. With the school trip coming up, teacher decides to offer a deal. They can go on the trip however, the hot spring bath time is shared between the two. With an odd number of students, it only made sense that the only student without someone to go take a bath with got to bathe with the teacher. Right? (Aizawa, Gojo, Hawks, Dabi) 2) Saved from the villain: Fey is captured due to his unique quirk and feminine looking body. Hero comes to save him after months of being tortured and sexually assaulted. He's in very rough shape when the hero breaks in to free everyone who has been taken. (All characters I'd like from My Hero can be applied to this one) 3) Jealousy is a terrible thing. But when the love of your life is dating someone else? There's just no stopping it. Character A (the dominant), must find a way to break up Character B and their lover for their chance to be together. (Deku, Dabi, Hawks, Bakugou, Gojo, Aizawa, Sukuna, Todoroki) 4) A misunderstanding comes up between A and B. (A is dominant). B sees a picture of A kissing another person in the news paper and decides to leave without giving A the opportunity to explain. Years go by. All contact has been broken. B is finally ready to start dating again. Somehow A finds out about this and does everything in his power to stop it. Whether that be sabbotaging it, completely replacing the guy or whatever is interesting that would attract B back. (Bakugou, Deku, Aizawa, Hawks, Todoroki, Kirishima) 5) B wins a contest to spend the day with their favorite hero. They have idolized them since they were a kid and now that they are almost a hero themselves, this presents a great opportunity for B. Things take a rather... Lustful turn the longer the two are together. (Hawks, Bakugou, Aizawa, Deku, Kirishima, Kaminari) 6)Date gone wrong. Feyrith is out on a date. It's going absolutely terribly. Enter in character B (The dominant) They end up saving Fey in one way or another from the terrible date. Can either be a darker rp where they kidnap Feyrith or it can be a romance thing. (Dabi, Deku, Gojo Sukuna, Hawks, Kirishima, Bakugou, Aizawa)
  11. Dreamfox

    Girly Fun

    Hey y'all, this is my thread for roleplays I am wanting to do. I will be adding more and removing them as my desires shift like a leaf in the wind. Please message me if one strikes your interest and/or you want to know more. I do also like when you do that you have an idea of your own about the pairing(s) you are interested in. I typically want about a paragraph, at least, in response, and I will return in kind. I don't have a definition of paragraph, just if it looks like one, it is probably fine. I like details, I use pictures in my roleplaying, I use descriptions of clothes, hair, makeup, all that good stuff. Most importantly though, I like partners who contribute their own ideas to the roleplay. I have been in many roleplays where I was driving and they were just riding along in the passenger seat. I don't like that, it's basically just writing with myself. I like keeping an open line of communication through Echitexts so we can come up with ideas together. Allllllllsssoooooo.... I generally want the gender of my partner to match that of their character. With the exception of the SAO pairing, I am looking to play with real faceclaims. Alright, on with the pairings! First Time Lesbians FxF This one is first because it's the one I'm looking for the most right now. I love romance stories of first time, experimenting lesbians, and this idea is about best friends who end up discovering their feelings are more than just that of friendship. At least one of them hasn't dated girls before, or even thought about it really. I've even got the initial scene sort of written out in my head, which is our characters attending a high school party at a rich classmates house, and maybe getting dared to get a little frisky with one another. Age range I'm going for is around 14-16. True or Dare (Looking for either a group or someone who can play multiples, thinking 2 guys and 3-4 girls) Pretty self explanatory, wanting to try a Truth or Dare roleplay. Citrus Girls FxF Our girls' parents just got married, though the girls have never met each other. Their first day at school my character is a popular kid who is beautiful and envied by other girls, while yours is more reserved, shy, but no less beautiful. (We can switch roles if you like) Maybe they have a bit of a run in on their first day of school with each other, so imagine their surprise when they come home and realize that they are actually now step sisters. Sword Art Online FxF So obviously you gotta know the anime here. My idea is that it takes place in the same universe the show, but our characters are original. It would start at the raid on the 25h floor boss. I have a lot more on this but it's long so if anyone is interested in some sao roleplaying please echitext me. Girly Slumber Party FxF (plus one M, perhaps) Not Currently Looking This one requires some doubling. The idea is that we each play two girls, three bffs and one cousin or some related 4th wheel who all have a slumber party and end up playing truth or dare. While some of the dares and truth questions start out innocent and funny, they eventually ramp up into some more lewd stuff. Can even involve an older brother if one or multiple of the girls get dared to go do naughty things to him. Teacher's Pet FxF Not Currently Looking My idea here is that a girl, who is underage, sneaks into a strip club with her friends and low a behold, one of the strippers on stage is their Anatomy Teacher, who also happens to be the Cheer/Dance instructor. Looking for some ideas to bounce off of for this one, could go a number of different ways. The Babysitter FxF, FxM Plot A FxF: Your char is a shy girl who's mother is over-protective, so much so that she hires a babysitter when she and her husband go away for two weeks. This babysitter happens to be my character, a popular girl the same age and in the same class as your char. My char happens to take the job of "baby"sitter a little too seriously. If you haven't figured it out yet, this roleplay is based on ageplay, and will center around humiliation. Plot B FxM: Looking for a partner to play either character in this idea: The little brother watches his parents his walk out the door with dread, surrounded by her sister and her smiling friends. No sooner did the door close then was a baby dummy popped into his mouth from behind and the giggling girls carried him off to his room to begin his transformation. The last couple weeks his sister and her friends had tormented him daily, knowing their parents were going on vacation for a month and that he was going to be living as a baby girl the whole time. They would pass him by in the hallway, whisper how they couldn't wait to see what a cute girl he would be, or about how soon everyone in their class would know what a baby girl he was. Baby "Sister" FXM This is kind of like the babysitter one, only it's between a brother and a sister. I'm looking to play an older sister against yc the younger brother who loses a bet which results in the sister getting to pick his Halloween costume for a party/trick or treat they're going to, and all of their classmates will be there. Naturally, she chooses an embarrassing girly costume. A what's worse, Halloween is on a friday evening and their parents are gone for the next two weeks, so she ends up having him as her baby sister for a lot longer than just Halloween. Lastly, I have to say this so there is no confusion: I won't be writing actual sex scenes. I'm all about the flirty/sexy stuff like flirting, and sexy clothes, but any actual sex that would happen would need to be implied/fade to black. I know a lot of people probably won't be down with that so I thought I'd get it out the way before you read a lot.
  12. SilverGirl20

    Daddy's Kinky Little Girl

    From the album: DDLG and BDSM

    Name: Megan Description: Megan is obsessed with anime and is constantly having kinky daydreams, mostly of tentacle porn.
  13. Well its my first time posting here so hopefully it goes well! I'm looking for someone familiar with the Fairy Tail world and characters , to play one of the many girls! The RP will take place during the Grand Magic Games tournament, specifically during the 1 on 1 battle part! The first part of the tournament was going just like it usually does. Lots of explosions, cheering and the power of friendship. But right before the 1 on 1 battle started.. the rules suddenly changed! No longer was it just a regular brawl.. Instead of winning just punching each other, the only way to win was to fuck your opponent into submission! Basically, the first one to pass out or give up, loses! Pretty simple. Specifically looking for someone to play one of these girls (in order from favorite to least favorite): Erza Wendy Lucy Mirajane Levy Cana Evergreen Minerva Juvia I'll be playing an OC rookie mage with "Growth Magic", meaning he'll be able to increase the size of his junk! If you're interested in this plot, feel free to EcchiText me and we can talk about further details and stuff! Please be at least semi knowledgeable about the character that you choose! I'm still very new to this site so please bear with me a bit! My main kinks are: huge/hyper sizes, rough sex, cock worship/praise, ball smothering, stomach bulge, excessive cum...
  14. Fenny

    New Person Sex!

    I'm looking for about anything right now. I want to drain my mind of some stuff so please let's set up a roleplay! (I want just 1 to 2 people right now but I'll totally RP with other people tomorrow when I have more time!)
  15. either of those two fandoms that I mentioned is fine,I'm look ING for a fandom roleplay,no more then the fandoms that I have listed: owari no seraph or black butler I'm looking for a descreptive person to roleplay with,in real life gender doesn't matter,just not ok with short replies we can discuss more ideas but resuming it I was thinking about what if the oc gave up their humanity in order to save their crush life but in the end they become a incubus??(if you want then to already know each other) if you dont like it we can roleplay some other idea like,what if a human become a monster and gets trapped in this world*the anime* info about my oc?: a shy and introverted person,who can be talktative and open up if they become more confortable enough,never had a boyfriend or even girlfriend before,to kind and gentle. nacionality:Brazilian. they do tend to sometimes be clingy and very shy when complimented about their appearence or talent. what I'm ok with:(those are optional if your not ok with some stuff that I'm ok with just warn me). plot ideas?: for black butler I was thinking about oc x ciel,he is a pround earl,maybe to pround to admit that he had fallen for someone,or even pround to admit that he is a needy virgin boy. boy x boy rough sex fluff mpreg(depending of the scenario) cuntboy?) passionate sex first time not ok with: out of character incest of any kind. age gap humilhation mommy daddy slave Gore vore pet play bdsm shock treatment blackmail
  16. AndrewofFire

    The Ultimate Team

    This is a fun game, at least to me. Pick six people to be on an ultimate team. They can be from any video game, anime, movie, etc. You must also pick a leader for the team. Just as a 'real' team, you would not want five super strong guys, but diversity in abilities and powers. Here's mine, at least the best I can come up with at 3;04 in the morning 1;Batman(Leader) (Animated Series through Justice League Unlimited version) 2;Avatar Aang (Avatar; The Last Airbender) 3;Yuna (FFX,) (Every team needs a healer) 4;Red XII, A.K.A. Nanaki (FFVII) 5;Vaan (GunXSword) 6; Lighting (FFXIII)
  17. CaptKiraXAlice23

    Anime and fun Rps

    Hello!! I am looking for some fun rps! That are Romance, Action, and sexual base with some Kinky sexual fun as well. Some are Anime related. Others are ideas and things that I have come up with over the years. Some are book plots that never got used. Hope you have a discord. That where I am most the time for rps. This site just a base for finding rp partners! And well looking for Females and even open to male partners who can play female characters. I am open to discussion as well. If you know and like the animes please feel free to shout out. Sword Art Online Series, High School DXD Series, High School Day of the Dead, Fate Stay Night, Fate Unlimited Blade Works, Fate Apocrypha, Princess Wind and Lord Marksmen, Gundam Unicorn, Gundam 00, Gundam Universe in general. Oh others topic some I will rarely do. But are open too. Teacher X Student (up for discussion) Cheerleader X New Guy ( up for discussion) Princess X Commander And a few other private ideas if you opened to discuss. Please feel free to comment or message me in PMs! You can find me on discord. Will be updated when ideas pop in head! Thanks!! Some plot ideas. 1. After your parents died. They had the Kingdom split in two. You got one half. And your sister got the other half. And she want to build a empire and become the soul emperess. And she attack all the different powerful kingdoms and got all the other Female Nekos on her side. And she attack the nation that was Neutral and help your family gain the kingdom that you and your sister had. But Victoria didn't care and enslave me and was quick to show me off as a savage captive. And she give me to you as a gift. And she show me off in a Victory March through the city. And you see a bit curl she can be. And you will enjoy having me as your savage slave for a while. When you learn about history behind me and your family and you learn more about the savage stuff that your sister done. And you want my help in getting your Kingdom back. You relized that I was to be the one you were to rule with you. Hope you like this idea? 2. So you going to meet me at a party that one of your friends is having. And you relized that i was new to the area and school. And you took this chance to get me before the other girls have a chance. As a very popular kitty you got the name Heart Breaking Sexy Cheerleader, because of all the guys you have tryed and turned down from dating. You get me to come play the sex game with you and Alice and Mayrin and Luna. And you start to fall for my alot more.. you start feeling things you haven't felt with any of the other guys. You invite me to homecoming events witch are the Sword Art Dueling team battles. And the build your own team battle suit for the top spot event chaplains Alice give you the idea have me as your prom date. But you never expect you be also handling my PTSD and the flashback from the war. Witch was give you a challenge as a neko who loves to know my feelings. Hope you like? Other idea It was a about a year and a half after SAO incident. And after the ALO and GGO ones as well. And a new game was coming out that mix a bit of GGO with Swords and other thing that made the VRs great to play. This new game however.. was very very different for the other games. Because not only was there a skill tree. There was a Tech tree that would help you be more skilled and abilitys. This game would be more know for sexual and blood and gore. As well is the chance to get a world War going in the game. But the only way to find way to unlock different events was to get to the new areas and floors. But there was something new. A player was constantly dueling other players in the area. He was looking for someone. But no one know what that way. But all they know it was very important. Hope you like? Other Idea When a New Epic Game come out. And you want to get in agian. Because it's mix guns with sword. And there alot of different things you can do in the game. And if you want you can even get sexual. This game is said to have a major battle events through. And the goal of the game to make it to the center tower and make it the 120 floor to the Main Fort and up to the Epic Thrown room. Where you can get rare armor and equipment. Or you can become the rule over many lands. There's many different ways you can go. But I had just got back from the war. And I was in SAO. And I join this game just to still have that fun and testing my skills. But I never thought I fall in love with you. But because we not don't share the same DNA it's would be ok. Hope you like? Here's some other plots but haven't used them in a while. Idea one So I am the most wanted hooker / bdsm slave girl. And everyone had me on there most wanted wall. And you been seaching for me for the last 6 months. And you been working the case for 2 years. And you end up with your chance to arrest me. But you not take me to jail you going to take me to as classified 4 miles island in the middle of a 20 miles lake. Where this island is for the top hooks where you get used in porn video and live porn shows and VIP get to tell want happens and your character and freinds run this place. Idea 2 Ok so you are a leader of a really strong nation and you like to go to other countries and enslave the all the most sexy girls. And soon you come across my nation who are very strong too. My nation is all very very sexy Valkyries and we are strong. And you want me as your sex slave queen. But you want to capture me in battle that is then best way to show you are strong. And it make it better when you take my city and show me off as your capture prize. Idea 3 After a Great Apocalyptic event. Only the young from the ages 18 - 23 were alive and they were only futa girls and normal girls. But they didn't come together. And they broke up in to groups of schools that were futa only or normal only. They set up there own governments. And once a year for 3 days the groups were able to attack and take stuff from the other schools. And they could take equipment or the the girls as slave and sluts. To be used at other schools. And different buying and selling and stuff went on. idea 4 And it's where I am a very sexy cheerleader. And you the captain of the football team. And you have had your eyes on me. For a while we went on a few dates. And then after a great game and after everyone left and it was just me and you. You will make a sexual move on me. You will handcuffs my wrists behind my back and force me out back to a one of the old school building where you will have bdsm sex with me. And you will take me and make me your sex slave. Kinks and Special Sexual Themes: Likes: Ropes, Handcuffs, Leather Cuffs and Restraints, Whips, Crops, Floggers, Vibrators, Collars, Strap-on Vibrators. Fantasy BDSM Crucifixion 1 tie them to a flogging post and whip them until falls on knees. 2 get a wooden beam that's 6 feet long. and two ropes that are 3 feet long. 3 force them on their stomach. arms out and put the beam on them and tie down four arms. 4 then force to walk with the beam up a hill and whip as moves to a sandy area with the post of the cross. 5 force on the back and tie down wrist and then play with his cock and balls. Before pushing a pill vibrator in ass about 2 inches in. 6 lift slave on to the upright beam and let her hang for a bit and then ties down ankles and let he stay up there until he cums out. three times. Limits: Water related kinks, scat stuff and bathroom stuff, Blood, cuttings, sharp edges, piercings, nettles, hot wax and other things. Big thing no getting character pregnant unless part of the story. Thanks!!
  18. HERE IS SOME BACKSTORY! I use to be a video editor, till YouTube posted that new "FAMILY FRIENDLY CONTENT" Screwing it up for all video makers. Rather they used their own footage, or other's (under the common "fair use" law) So they pretty much scared/forced me into deleting all my hard work, or else I would been taken to court. And it wasn't cause I used footage not my own ,but because I was putting kids in danger somehow with my videos? As I marked them matured (meaning kids WOULD BE LOCKED OUT! and be able to watch, so that made no sense) It was because I edited with Disney/Non footage, and kids could be watching. YET YT FORGETS THEY OFFERED/CREATED THAT ' MATURE' OPTION, FOR ALL CREATORS So how I was being blamed, when they themselfs, allowed it on their platform? Yet they allowed real questionable fan made Disney content to stay up, but not mine? That was dangerous and scarring, allowing that to be mark as "family friendly Content!" It was because they were paid partners, and they found ways to cheat the censors. Well I deleted it all of my video. The only saving grace I had left, was knowing how some Disney/Non editors like myself, were editing some dark creepy shit, and choose to marked it for all ages. Then Mature. (I also called them out, many times long before this new rule past, as it was just plain wrong. It still went against YT RULES, even if they were to mark it as mature) Only I found they were never banned, and I realized how YT SCREWED ME (and others, who played with dark themes in a tasteful manner) OVER! And this new "FAMILY FRIEND CONTENT" is lies. And makes it easier for children to be in endanger. Though I confess I still do use YT. As it is the VIDEO PLATFORM as of now. THOSE BASTARDS! ---------------------------- Here is collection of some of video edits. (you can find them below...) I have been uploading to this new site now... Though it seems pretty dead..:-( vlare.tv
  19. Hello everyone~ I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. I’m looking for a romantic/sexual long term roleplay. I’m open to many different genres and roles: - Fantasy (orc x human/elf, human x human, elf x elf) - sci-fi (Star Wars, Star Trek) - Harry Potter - My Hero Academia - Fairy Tail - Atlantis The Lost Empire - Treasure Planet - Marvel - DC - Fantastic Beasts etc. I can even do normal/realistic roles.
  20. Darknan

    Art for a friend

    Hello, i did this art for my friend, i was wondering what you guys think about it? Tried to make anime girl into realistical girl still working on it!
  21. I'm looking for short-term/one-shot, and quick roleplays to hone my writing skill and keep my writing habits up. However, I am willing to negotiate (or renegotiate) that, if we're both willing and want to continue the roleplay. (I won’t likely initiate these [re-]negotiations. So, I’ll be leaving that up to you, my roleplay partner.) One of the biggest reasons I’m looking for short roleplays is that I want to get through my list of “Will-Do Kinks” in order to get a wider array of experience, skill, and knowledge with speed. I’d prefer not talking about the roleplay as my mind may change in the process, I may lose interest sooner, etc. I’d also prefer staying away from the following: character pictures, post formatting, and anything else that’s “fluff”. Again, I’m looking for short-term, which means that I’m not willing to put forth an extravagant effort for such a trivial thing as aesthetics. I don’t have a set scenario or character in mind for a preference. I’m a bit on the eclectic side, and am up for many things. I will admit, I may have to be taught many a thing, including terminology, and the likes. I also have a tendency toward bad ideas. So, don’t worry whether it’s “good” or even “good enough”, I’m open-minded to reading another’s ideas, but I can’t promise that neither myself nor my characters will be receptive. My previous cast of characters include: —Two Soldiers (Male; Male) —A Catkin / Neko-Girl —A Catkin / Neko-Boy —Fraternal Angelic Twins (Female; Male) —A Homosexual Teacher —Hermaphroditic/Intersex Vilkacis The cast of characters that I want to create and work include: —A Cowkin / Cow Girl (Possibly multiple; Fraternal Twins or Triplets) —An Incubi / Succubi —Dark Elf / Forest Elf —Futanari Foxkin / Kistune Character & Plot Pairings that I’d like to try: —Futanari Teacher at an all-girl’s school who impregnated plenty of the girls, who plot to get one of the male teachers to fuck/rape her until she’s pregnant, too. (*I’d be willing to let this one become a longer-term roleplay. I’d like to discuss where we end it, and what kind of word count would be appropriate. Ie, Do 10k words overall, allowing for 5k words each to get us to the revenge with a possibility of skimming over what happens to our characters afterwards; OR do we go with an exceptionally high word count of 40-100k words and stretch it further to include several go-arounds of the plot?) —Succubi / Incubi that mistake each other for humans, and get tangled up in each other’s magic. —Incubi / Cowkin / Human —Succubi / Foxkin / Dark Elf —Incubi / Succubi / Multiple humans —Cowkin / Catkin / Human(s) —Cowkin Slaves / Human Owner —Dark Elf / Forest Elf —Vilkacis / Human —Vilkacis / Werewolf —Vilkacis / Dark Elf —Dryad / Forest Elf
  22. Redlewd

    Redlewd’s ideas

    Hey there I’m just posting this with a few ideas of mine. I typically play as male characters but I’m open to playing female or futa if the mood and idea is right. I try to write longer replies but more or less I’ll match what I’ve been given, or at least whatever I’ve been given to work with. I can sometimes be slow with replies, either several times a day, once a day, or even once every few days depending on how busy I am with work. Some of these I’ve tried with others already but some I’ve never got the chance to do. ((the pictures aren’t meant to represent the entirety of the RP they are just there for a visual aide)) Harem: A very lose idea to be honest I would definitely be up for combining it with any other idea. I myself love these kinds of stories, but think they work best as a sub genre. But I do have a couple ideas for harems based on some stories I’ve read before, one that more suited for romance and drama, and the other more suited for Dub con and other darker themes. RPG: (Fantasy) A simple idea that’s to be worked on. I have several ideas but the main idea is to form a party of adventurers and go on a quest, will they succeed, will they fail, will some of them form unlikely friendships or romance? Only the gods and the roll of the dice will know. ((Several D&d like characters to choose from, to play against.)) Sword Saints: (Modern, Fantasy, Action) MC is an ordinary high school student that stumbles upon a lone katana sheathed in an old temple, being looked after by someone no one else can see. This person urges my character to take hold of the sword. By doing so they are chosen as a participant in a combat tournament unknown to the rest of the world. Where a swordsman and sword spirit will have to team up to defeat every opponent until there is only one team left standing. The person egging him to take the sword was its spirit, and now they are bound together by fate. ((YC can be the spirit, a rival swordsman or spirit, or even take my character’s place)) Werewolf: (Modern, Horror, Action, Tragedy) MC a former delinquent turned college bound honor student. While on a camping trip with his current group of classmates/friends they are brutally attacked by an unknown animal. MC wakes up in a hospital bed several days later to learn he was the only survivor. He spends the next few weeks dealing with survivors guilt and experiencing visions and odd behavior that he can only rationalize as ptsd. However once the next full moon hits, he finds himself alone in his room, painfully transforming into a beast. Before the transformation is complete however, someone enters from the window to tranquilize him. He wakes up in a secret bass where he learns of a special task force that combat supernatural creatures and prevent public knowledge of them. If he helps them they just may be able to cure him, but can they be trusted? ((Tons of possible roles for your character, from an agent of this task force, an old friend from the character’s delinquent days, another supernatural character working with the task force/fighting against them, a hunter wanting to kill supernatural monsters at all cost, a nurse/doctor who looked after him, or even the very werewolf that did this to him.)) Ideas I’ve had based off series I like New Professor: (Modern, School, Drama) Class 2-C is a group of troublesome kids. They have often driven away any teacher that tries to straighten them out. That is until a new eccentric teacher comes in and helps the students in unusual ways. They seem like a complete goof of a teacher, but they are shown to be quite capable at teaching and holding their own when threatened with violence. Will this new professor help the students or will they drive them off like the rest. (Based off GTO/Ultimate Otaku Teacher/Gokusen) Genre Shift: (Modern, Comedy, Action) This idea really involves some work. I really cannot describe how much I love certain manga and anime that begin as comedy and then seamlessly transition to action and back with a blink of an eye. The setting and power system can be anything we think of. (Based off Reborn/Iruma/Gintama/MadakaBox) Death Game: two variations Trapped- (Realistic, Drama, Tragedy) A group of strangers wake up to find themselves unable to escape unless they comply and play games with and against each other. Games that will put their lives on the line. Can they escape their prison and solve the mystery of why they are here? (Danganronpa/Zero Escape/Your turn to die) Supernatural- (Fantasy, Drama, Tragedy) An ordinary day takes a dark turn as numerous people are placed in a life or death game. While being looked after by nonsensical beings that refer to themselves as “Game Masters”, they must overcome various obstacles to win. Losing means instant death, while winning seems to only push them on farther to the next round, who is behind all of this, how are they able to preform these actions and for what reason? (Based off As The Gods Will/Darwin’s Game/Mirai Niki) Land of the Lost: (Fantasy, Drama, Tragedy, Action) While returning from a topical vacation spot a plane of roughly 400 passengers experiences a sudden a violent wave of turbulence, resulting in the plane crashing in an unknown island covered in jungle. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the jungle is filled with dangerous prehistoric animals. Can the survivors work together to survive? (Based off Cage of Eden) New Reality: (Futuristic, Sci-fi, Fantasy) After getting a copy of the hottest VRMMO to ever release, Underworldz!, you rush home to boot it up and begin playing. Little did you know once the game reached a total of 2.5 billion users all online at once, a program was issued through out the system. One that made it that logging out or reaching a game over would result in the death of a player. The only way to allow everyone to escape is to defeat the boss at the end of the game. However it is possible for other people to log in, but doing so will trap them in the game as well. It’s been nearly 7 years later and the large population still alive inside the game as made their own society. With plenty of people forming groups and guilds to accomplish various tasks to maintain survival. (Based off SAO/Log Horizon/.Hack) Thanks for reading this far, will probably edit more ideas later on.
  23. Kittykitty23


    Hello guys Im kitty and I Am currently looking for men to do a naruto smut rp, I play my oc and you guys can play whoever you’d like ^^
  24. Hello, I am a female but I can play as any gender (Male, Female, femboy, cuntboy, futa etc) and any pairing (MxM, MxF, FxF etc) I typically play submissive characters but occasionally I can be a bit dominant. I like both cannon roleplays and ones involving ocs and I have some plot ideas. I'm nearly limitless aside from a few things and I only roleplay in private messages or on discord in the third person. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested.
  25. This is an incredibly simple game, in theory. I will provide the English title of an anime, but I will remove one or more words. The goal of the game is to come up with something absurd to fill in any blanks I leave. Example: Kiki's Delivery Service might become Kiki's [BLANK] Service. You would then have to fill in that blank, with no regard to what should be there. Like, for instance: Kiki's Escort service. So for our first one, I'll take: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? And make it: Is It Wrong to Try to [BLANK] in a [BLANK]?
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