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  1. ArdillaVerde93

    fanfiction Dear Diary Part 4

    Dear Diary, I met up with the Cyndaquil trainer again. Or is it more proper to say that he stood in our way? He had come to get his second badge, as well, but, having heard that we drove Team Rocket out of the Slowpoke Well, he deemed us worthy of being approached. What’s more, he demanded a battle! Thank Arceus, we healed up after the match with Bugsy. After a hard-fought match, we emerged victorious, and he stepped aside. There’s something about him I can’t quite place. It’s like he wants to win at any cost! He’s not a bad trainer, but I feel sorry for his Pokémon. With 2 badges in hand, the next stop on my journey will be my hometown of Goldenrod City. First, however, I have unfinished business to take care of. I returned to Slowpoke Well and caught a Slowpoke. I nicknamed her Shelley, and transferred her to Professor Elm. One less Pokémon in the greedy hands of Team Rocket. It was nighttime after the match with Bugsy, and most people would wait until the morning to head out. Especially considering that Goldenrod City lies past Ilex Forest, which is known to be dangerous at night. But I’m looking for a Pokémon that only comes out at night. If I can find one, they’ll make a great addition to the team. We set out into the forest, and, before long, we found our target. A wild Oddish! Hard to find, but easy to catch. I named her Chrissy, after the chrysanthemum. Much like how I named Angelica after the angel’s trumpet. I expect she’ll come in handy soon. In fact, if I have my way, she’ll be more than useful in the next Gym! Of course, she’ll need quite a bit of training first. With Oddish in hand, we retreated to Azalea Town to rest. The next morning, we set out again through Ilex Forest, only to find our path blocked. An Azalea Town trainer had lost an unruly Farfetch’d somewhere in the forest. Farfetch’d are very rare in Johto, and nearly impossible to find in Kanto, so it makes perfect since he’d want it back. We tracked it down, and lured it back to him. We were greeted by not only him, but his boss, as well! It turns out, the Farfetch’d belonged to this boss, who used it to clear trees in preparation for charcoal making. We were thanked with our second HM. The HM for teaching Cut. Brittany was chosen as the recipient of that move. Her claws felled a Scyther, after all. The rest of our journey through the forest was uneventful, save for two things. The first was many encounters with Pokémon; Ilex Forest seemed to be swarming with them! The second was a kind boy who parted with the TM for teaching Headbutt. Diane got that. The path through the forest ended on Route 34, just south of Goldenrod City. I don’t need to ask around to find out what type the Gym Leader here specialises in; I live here. Whitney uses Normal types. With no Fighting types to counter them with, the only way we’re getting through that Gym is with some serious training. And that training will start now. My plan is to impede Whitney’s Pokémon, keeping them and her on their toes while we build our defences. And Oddish will be pivotal in that, with access to Sleep Powder and Stun Spore. Angelica will be a great help, too, keeping damage low with Reflect, whilst she whittles the opposing team down with Razor Leaf. We can have the greatest defences possible, but we can’t win if we don’t attack. I’m counting on Angelica’s Razor Leaf for that. Being an evolved Pokémon, her attacks should have some power behind them. With Angelica and Chrissy making up the crux of my forces against Whitney, I set to work training them. Being at a lower level, Chrissy was first. Much of her training took place in Union Cave. By the time we had left there, she had defeated countless Pokémon, and had Stun Spore and Poison Powder in her arsenal. But the comparatively weak enemies in the cave quickly became less valuable as experience. It was time to move on to Goldenrod City. Ilex Forest led to Route 34, which, in turn, led to my glittering hometown. Our training wasn’t over, though. We just had to change locations, since defeating the low-levelled Pokémon in Union Cave wasn’t giving enough experience to be worthwhile anymore. The trainers north of Goldenrod, and the wild Pokémon south of it, served that purpose at least a little bit better. Knowing I would eventually want Chrissy fully evolved, I headed north to the National Park, hoping to win the Bug Catching Contest. The first prize was a Sun Stone, which Chrissy would need. I brought Julia with me into the park for the contest, since she wields Sleep Powder to make tough captures a little easier. The competition, as well as the Pokémon, were both fierce, especially our target. It took some time, but we eventually came across the formidable Scyther. Yes; the same species felled by Brittany in our match with Bugsy. I certainly wouldn’t mind having that power on our side. Put to sleep by Julia, it was was an easy capture. Just in time, too. No sooner was Scyther secure in her Poké Ball than the announcement came in that the contest was over, and judging would soon begin. Our opponents were going to be hard to beat. Caterpie the size of a small Ekans. Beedrill with stingers that bulged with toxins. But our Scyther was the best in show! The Sun Stone is mine! In addition, the Scyther is ours to keep. I named her Missy. I don’t have the means to evolve her, so I sent her to Professor Elm to look after until I need such a powerful ally. Now, our training can continue. Chrissy is near evolution, and I certainly don’t intend to face Whitney with an Oddish, however high of a level it may be at. Between rematches with trainers we’ve bested before, and the myriad of wild Pokémon, our training went splendidly. Both Angelica and Chrissy gained considerable amounts of power. But it still wasn’t quite enough. I know what’s gonna have to happen to put us over the top, but I’m a little bit worried. In an underground section of Goldenrod City, some more trainers lurk. Some are just normal trainers, but a couple are known delinquents. If I want a shot at us defeating Whitney, though, there’s no other option. And Arceus knows, I don’t want the journey to end here. So it’s off to the Goldenrod Underground. I’ve been to the Goldenrod Underground before. The Pokémon groomers there are wonderfully skilled, and a lady comes around once a week selling various trinkets. But it’s also a hangout for the aforementioned trainers. We took them on, and, after some difficult battles – one trainer had a Lickitung! - we were levelled up even more! But, even after all that, it still wasn’t enough. I know Whitney. I know she’s got some serious skills that shouldn’t be underestimated. Before I even take on the Gym, I want Chrissy to be evolved into a Gloom. The problem with training is that it gets tedious quickly. With the trainers all defeated, we had to rely on the wild Pokémon for training. And the experience they gave upon defeat was almost pitiable. But I have an idea. There might be stronger Pokémon in the trees! Diane’s Headbutt could shake them out. I’ll head back to Azalea Town, to see what I can find. I hear Heracross can be found there. If we’re lucky enough to come across one, defeating it would surely grant a bounty of experience! Back in Azalea Town, we shook the trees until the Pokémon in them were awoken. As it happens, we actually did find Heracross! Not only that, but we also found a new team member. An Ekans that I chose to name Sarah. Poisoning opposing Pokémon is great for wearing them down and avoiding drawn-out fights. With Sarah in hand, the training can continue once more. Back to Goldenrod City we go, where the wild Pokémon should be enough to give Chrissy the last bit of experience she needs. It won’t be long now; she’s showing signs of being near evolution. Sure enough, I wasn’t kept waiting long at all. Chrissy defeated the various Route 34 enemies, and suddenly began to glow with a bright light. When it faded, she had become a Gloom! With her and Angelica on my side, I’m confident I can win against Whitney. At least, I hope so. It’d be a damn shame, after everything we’ve been through, for our journey to end prematurely, with us defeated in my own hometown. Goldenrod City’s Gym is in view through the windows of the Pokémon Centre; it’s time. Whitney, we’re coming for you! *Author’s Note* Here we are. Outside Whitney’s den of bovine pain. Can we make it through? Or will our dreams be crushed by Rollout? Find out next time! This was the training chapter. We spent a good portion of it preparing. Getting ready for our first big roadblock. Well, we’re here now! It’s do or die. Wish us luck!~ PokéDex #79: Slowpoke, the Dopey Pokémon Slowpoke take 5 seconds to feel pain. Their yawns are said to be able to summon rain. Their tails will regrow if detached. The tails are edible, and are commonly sold in Johto and Alola, sometimes dipped in chocolate. It’s an acquired taste. #43: Oddish, the Weed Pokémon Oddish are nocturnal. In the daytime, they stay disguised as weeds. If mistakenly pulled, they will retaliate in kind. Their leaves regrow if accidentally cut, or if eaten by predators. When they near evolution, they may start to drool often, or their leaves may curl upwards. #44: Gloom, the Weed Pokémon By absorbing nutrients from soil, Gloom grow. Some have been seen to grow gigantic, to 3 times their normal size or more, in areas with good soil. Their viscous drool smells sweet as honey, but is toxic. They use it to attract and subdue prey. #123: Scyther, the Mantis Pokémon Ninja in ancient times used to train with Scyther, trying to copy their movements. Scyther can move too quickly for the untrained eye to track, and their blades can easily chop down trees. Thankfully, they almost never venture outside of their habitats, and will not attack unprovoked. #23: Ekans, the Snake Pokémon Bites from Ekans are among the most common injuries seen in inexperienced trainers. Make no mistake, however. While young, and lacking potency in their venom, they will bite if not properly trained. If being kept as pets, they can be devenomed.
  2. Actually, I don't wanna pick through anything. I love any kind. As long there is no adult babies, scat, vore, gore, watersports and. .. anything that seems disgusting for me of course. Just no offense for the people who like them but, just no. C'move to my pm's and we can discuss. Naomi has a short pink bob, fair-peachy skin, 4'9" height, 2-3 inches of meat and thick. Womanly, ready for fucking thick .<3
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