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  1. Lawless Lawyer


    From the album: Mastertarium's Menagerie

    Character Identity Information Name: Brighton Maserati Age/Date of Birth: January 17th, 1995. (25) Gender: Male Religion: Agnostic Species: Human Origin: Midwest, USA Nationality: US Occupation: Lawyer Physical Appearance Height: 6'2" Weight: 195 lbs (88.45 kg) Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Blond Physical Description: Without a suit on, Brighton is a tall, slender fellow with a bit of stubble on his chin. His long dirty blond hair comes down to just over his nose when it does not have gel in it, pushing the glorious mane back. He has an eyepatch over his right eye. It is the classic black leather with the three straps that go around his head to come together at the hold point. His strong chin amplifies the intimidating look he has as his face is almost always in a constant scowl. Brighton always looks focused and ready to object in the courtroom. The professional setting he works in requires a suit. The pieces of the suit are a very dark, almost black Armani blazer, a snowy white Van Holsen button-up shirt, dark navy blue slacks and, jet black dress shoes. Sometimes, but very rarely, Brighton will wear a Stetson hat that is black and has a velvet feel to it. When he is not in the courtroom or located in his office, Brighton wears a variety of polos ranging in color, a white tank top underneath that, blue jeans and, white sneakers. Personality, Traits, and Abilities General Overview: Upon first meeting this lawyer, one will notice his signature scowl. The scowl almost always reflects the young man thinking about many things around him. When the time arises where the scowl means something other than Brighton's usual visage, there is an aura around him that you can sense. However, when approached, that scowl will fade away to a soft smile and overall friendly demeanor. He seems withdrawn in some aspects as on approach; one may only get short answers if they are curious about who he is and what he does. After a bit of prodding, the young man will finally start to open up about his life. His bluntness shoves people away from time to time as he doesn't correctly hold back from speaking his mind. Whereas that hinders him in some areas, this particular quirk helps him regularly. You know Brighton does not pull strings as he tells you like it is. There comes a time where he has to lie, but there are two places that he cannot as there is a law that binds him from telling a lie. Those are the courtroom, and when he is with friends. In the courtroom, there is a persona switch. Instead of Brighton's usually calm demeanor, he has a cold and calculating stare. This glaring look has been described by those who have been in the room with him as piercing. He knows when things are amiss, and the lawyer will not let one get away with it. Strengths, Skills, and Abilities: Brighton is a talented lawyer. He can be a dangerous presence in the courtroom as his charisma is very high. His intimidating scowl makes his appeal higher. Being a human, he doesn't have any abilities per se. He is a witty fellow and can talk his way out of almost any situation. Being a lawyer makes him very logical and continuously thinking about the world around him. Weaknesses: Women, alcohol and his bluntness. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): After getting done with law school and starting to become a lawyer, Brighton wants to be one of the most well-received legal personnel he can be. His other dreams include getting married and having two children with his future spouse Hobbies and Interests: Brighton is an avid Warhammer 40k model builder and painter. He doesn't play the game at all, but Brighton loves to build the models. His favorite army is the Necrons because robots are cool. The lawyer also loves to collect old videogames. His current collection is small, but he hopes to have as large a selection as possible in the future. Being a layer as well means Brighton has a soft spot for reading. When he is not into a law book, he is almost always reading a sci-fi or fantasy book. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn-ons: Facesitting, ample rears, yoga pants, underwear, light musk, gym clothes, gas, facials. Turnoffs: Scat, blood, BO, Watersports. Penis Length: 5.5" Additional Sexual Information: Virgin STD History: None Extra Information Father: John Masurati Mother: Amber Moreign Siblings: None Grandparents: Unknown Children: None Grand-children: None House: Apartment. Car: Old truck. Pet: None Additional information: (End of Optional part. The rest of the form is required unless stated otherwise.) History Awards/Commendations: Graduated Magna Cum Laud from his law program. Criminal Record: None Bio: Brighton was born in a large city in the South part of the United States. He didn't spend much time in that area as his family decided to move to the central area of the Midwestern region of the US. While there, he was playing with a friend at the time when disaster struck. They weren't paying attention, and Brighton accidentally ran into a barbed-wire fence. He ended up mangling the side of his face when he collided with the structure. It also severely damaged the eye to the point it couldn't be saved. The eye was covered with scar tissue, and it is an off-shade gray color. Without the loss of his eye, his hand-eye coordination became terrible. Try as he may, he could not gather the ability to do several normal tasks the same way again. With this, Brighton had to choose what career he wanted. However, with his options limited, Brighton decided to be a lawyer. Knowing the task would be an arduous road ahead, the young man set his goal to get a Juris Doctorate and become the best lawyer he could be. In law school, Brighton noticed that he was slowly regaining his hand-eye coordination. It seemed the paper and homework he had written had eventually started to make his ability to move and see the movements work again. With this, Brighton was able to write faster and, in doing so, have more time to revise his papers. After this revelation, he went on to go to the top of his class smoothly. Brighton eventually graduated Magna Cum Laude from his law school. Today, Brighton is currently looking for employment in a new land. He hopes to find someone to settle down with and start a family.
  2. Neptune

    Rex Gunner

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Rex Gunner Age/Date of Birth: 32, born 16th May 2504 Gender: Male Religion: None Species: Human Origin/Nationality: He originates from Mars, located in the Sol System. Occupation: Trader Faction: Independant. Rank (If applicable): Civilian, technically the Captain of his own ship but he is the only crew member. Physical Appearance Height: 180.3cm (5’11”) Weight: 63.04kg (139lbs) Eye Colour: Light purple Hair Colour: Blonde Physical Description: Rex is quite a slender man, on the lower side of a healthy weight for his size. But despite his slender body-build, he has some muscles which gives him a deceptively weak appearance although he has enough muscle to be able to surprise people. His torso is relatively well muscled, along with a well toned stomach with a hint of a six pack. He is still in the height of his youth, so he has a rather young appearance, with a hint of maturity. His blonde hair is of a medium cut, stopping just as it brushes his neck. He has a few locks that stylishly frame his face. His eyebrows are of the same colour as his hair, but they are slim and well formed. They are quite expressive, allowing other people to determine his mood by his eyebrows alone, even if he is giving off no other indications as to how he feels. He has well shaped eyes, with their unusual light purple colour, a feature that is extremely rare among the human population. He has a straight nose that is a good size for his face, and a well shaped mouth. He likes to keep himself quite presentable, prefering to wear smart casual clothing. He also tends to wear a dark blue set of glasses as he is short sighted. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Rex is a relatively easy-going man, who doesn’t let things ruffle his feathers. It can take a lot to get him angry, and he rarely shows if he is upset. He is also able to tolerate people that most others cannot stand. He can easily joke, even at his own expense. He is quite a confident man, not letting much get him down. He can take criticism on board without feeling slighted or offended. Along with his rather confident manner, he also has a bit of an adventurous soul. Despite how dangerous it is to pilot a trading ship alone, he does it almost with glee. He enjoys his own company, and thus never feels lonely. He gets a sense of peace from flying that he doesn’t get elsewhere, thus he really enjoys his job. Despite liking his alone time, he does seek company whenever he is in a station, so that he can drink, socialise and play games with people. He is a resourceful man, always finding ways to ensure that his ship continues running on the limited resources and technology that he has. When interacting with others, he comes across as quite friendly. While friendly, is isn’t always open about himself, as he tends to keep personal details to himself. He doesn’t particularly like people knowing too much about him, especially as the wrong kinds of people would use that information against him. He also doesn’t tend to ask for personal details from others, either, as he respects the privacy of others and would only accept such personal information if it was offered to him. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: In terms of any special abilities, he has none, but he does have a few biological advantages over most humans. Piloting skills: Due to the fact that he has been flying ships for well over ten years, he has become quite the expert flier. He can navigate his way through various kinds of space from star systems, between systems and even difficult space such as an asteroid field. He can usually find his way around most kinds of ships, with only a minimal amount of adjustment. Combat: As he is on his own in a ship, he has had to learn defence in order to fight off boarding pirates. He is quite good at hand to hand combat, knowing a variety of fighting moves that can bring down a heavier, taller and stronger opponent down. He is also able to use energy weapons to defend himself, such as using a pistol, assault rifle and shotgun. He is a good marksman, as he practices often to keep his skills up to date. Engineering skills: He has good engineering skills. While he has no official qualification in regards to engineering, he knows his way around a ship and is able to easily fix his own ship. He is very resourceful, and has been forced to Macgyver a number of systems in order to get them to work to avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Denser than average muscles: His muscles are denser than what one would expect of a normal human. This means that his muscles don’t need to be as large to work as hard. Thus he can hide the fact that he is physically quite strong, as he has quite the slender appearance. Better than average smell and hearing: His sense of smell, and hearing is a little more sensitive than a normal humans. His nose is able to identify more scents, and he can smell things from further away. He is able to hear a slightly wider range of frequencies than a human, and he can hear things from further away. Resistance to the cold: He is more resistant to the cold than most people. In the kind of weather where people would be wrapping up warm, he would be walking around in T-shirt and shorts. It’s only the most extreme cold weather, where he will begin to wrap up warmly but it is long after other humans. Weaknesses: Like any human, he is mortal and thus is subject to a wide range of injuries as well as fatal strikes. Denser than average muscles: While there are advantages to this, it does have its fair share of disadvantages. If the muscle is torn, it can take longer to heal due to how dense it is. On average, it would take twice as long when compared to another human. They also require more energy to function properly, meaning he needs to consume more calories. Better than average smell and hearing: As both senses are more sensitive, they are easier to overwhelm. A noxious stench, or a loud sound can incapacitate him easily, making it easier for an opponent to overwhelm him. Intolerance of the heat: In complete opposite to his resistance to the cold, he cannot tolerate the heat. He hates hot weather, and finds it overwhelming at just twenty-five degree celsius weather. This can result in his passing out due to heat stroke, which can cause other problems such as hitting his head or passing out somewhere, where he isn’t safe. Eyesight: Rex is quite shortsighted. Without his glasses, only things within fifteen centimetres are in focus. Everything else is a blue, meaning that he has to wear his glasses all the time. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He is quite content with how life is at the moment, although he would love to be able to get enough money together to put his ship into retirement and buy a new one. While it has served him well, it is very dated. Hobbies and Interests: He absolutely loves flying his ship, as it gives him a thrill like no other. Other than that, whenever he is in port and has finished his business for the day, he often likes to head to one of the bars, have a few drinks and play cards with other patrons. While on the ship, there are various ways that he passes the time while waiting to get from one place to another. He likes to exercise, as it keeps him in shape. He also likes to build small ship models, which he sometimes sells at stations that he visits to any interested parties. This doesn’t just include space ships but old sea ships. He does them all from scratch, buying raw materials at the stations, and builds them on his ship. A single ship may take weeks, or even months to finish but he does this more as a way to pass the time than any real desire to make money from them. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual Turn ons: Making love with someone he is in a deep emotional bond with His partner deriving pleasure from what he is doing to them When dominant, he likes to be a little rough. How rough would depend on the masochistic nature of his partner, however he doesn’t like to hit or slap. The furthest he will go, is pulling on someone’s hair, firm spanks, rough face fucking and even choking to an extent. Giving and receiving oral. Turn offs: Being in pain, and causing pain to others especially if that isn’t something his partner is interested in. He wants to give them pleasure, after all. Gore Vore Necrophilia Scat, and other such disgusting fetishes Water sports Adult Baby Penis Length: 9” Sensitivity: Average for a male of his species Additional Sexual Information: Despite his sexuality, he is romantically monogamous. Thus he will remain loyal if he has chosen a partner. Likewise, he expects his partner to give him the same respect, although this is a rule he restrains only to established relationships where they have agreed to be a couple and monogamous. If he has a friends with benefits, or a one night stand, he doesn’t hold them to the same standard. He also won’t expend the same kind of energy on a fling that he would an actual relationship. With females, he tends to be more sexually dominant. But with males he is a little more switch, although more prone to submit to more dominant men. His cock is also slightly different from what one might expect from a human. It has a slightly pointier tip, and the base swells slightly upon orgasm. He also has a relatively quick recovery rate, allowing him to continue quite quickly. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: Daniel Gunner Mother: Lauren Gunner (Deceased) Siblings: None. Grandparents: Kevin Gunner and Andrea Gunner on his father's side, Peter Strong and June Strong on his mother's side. Ship: He has a rather old trading ship, called The Rising Star. It was given to him by his father, after he had retired. Thus it is quite an old ship, and quite slow. But it is reliable, easy to maintain and Rex is very familiar with it as he practically grew up in it. It has, for the current level of technology, low strength shields. It has a Tritanium-alloy hull, protecting it from a number of different types of attack. It also has three pulse turrets, giving him a wide arch of attack. They do a reasonable amount of damage, but is no match for a better equipped ship. Place of Residence: When he is in a port, he will rent a room, but primarily his home is his ship. Pet: None. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: He has short sightedness, and he can barely see without his glasses. But otherwise his medical record is quite clean. Bio: When Rex was born, Mars was still in the midst of its civil war between the democratic government and the socialist ‘rebels’. His mother worked as a doctor, often having to deal with large amounts of wounded caused by the fighting. Due to her profession, she was often close to the front lines, but it was not something that could be helped. Even if she could be dragged away from her patients, she would refuse as her sense of duty was exceptionally strong. His father wasn’t a soldier, but was a civilian that served the military. Despite the fact that the ‘rebels’ were attacking supply lines in an attempt to starve the population into submission, Daniel Gunner used his trusty ship, The Rising Star, to ferry the colony with supplies from earth and other such colonies. He almost met his end several times, due to hit and run attacks by the ‘rebels’. Due to this, his mother took primary care of him on the planet's surface. However when he was five years old, there was a ‘rebel’ terrorist attack on the hospital where his mother was working. There were no military personnel serving there, nor were there any governmental function there. It was a civilian hospital, filled with civilian patients. Due to strained resources, it was hours before they were able to recover her body from the ruins. Daniel was devastated, and he took over the primary care of their son, Rex. It was hard for the two to adjust without Lauren in their lives, but it drew them close together and Rex greatly respected his father for the strength he displayed after the loss of his wife, a woman he had loved deeply. After Lauren’s death, he had never remarried, as in his mind, no one could replace her. A year after Lauren’s death, the war ended with the ‘rebels’ being taken out once and for all allowing the democratic government to finally get back to do what it had intended from the moment the colony settled. After that, Rex pretty much grew up on The Rising Star. While he was born on Mars, he only stepped foot on the planet several times a year and never for very long. As journeys could take a long time, Daniel spent a lot of that time teaching Rex what he needed to know and ensuring that he had a good education. As he grew older, he began to help his father more around the ship. He would fix up broken systems, help defend against pirates and even fly the ship if his father needed a break, or needed to do some other chores. He lost his virginity at the age of eighteen to a girl that he had been meeting frequently for a few years and had developed an emotional bond with. The two enjoyed each others company, but their relationship didn’t last. Over the years, he has numerous relationships with both men and women, but none have lasted more than a few years. When Rex was thirty, Daniel decided to retire with his savings. He moved to Centauri-Prime, around the Alpha Centauri star, where he bought himself land to set up his own farm so he could live out his days farming. Thus Rex has spent the last two years ferrying cargo around the Earth Alliance territory in the ship that his father gave him.
  3. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lord Alistair Blackwood. He also has another name; Xenoth. Age: 27 Date of Birth: 29th September 1173AD Gender: Male Religion: He has no religion, but poses as a Roman Catholic. Species: Originally, he was a simple human however he has been taken over by a spirit who has now taken complete possession of him. Origin: Selil, Craethiel Kingdom. Nationality: Craetharian. Occupation: Business Empire owner. He develops and trades in war weaponry, as well as several other business ventures such as food, and mining materials. Rank/Title: Lord Physical Appearance Height: 6’2” Weight: 70.6kg Eye Colour: Gold Hair Colour: Blonde Physical Description: Xenoth’s physical appearance is greatly deceptive. His human form is quite tall, and is quite slender. He is well toned, with a decent amount of muscle mass on him although he looks weaker than he actually is. His blonde hair is very light, almost to the point of being white. It is cut short, only going down to his neck and clinging to his head tightly. He has some hair framing his face, as well as some hair that comes down over his forehead and between his eyes. His eyes are as golden as the sun that shines down upon Craethiel, and filled with malice and contempt for everyone and everything around him. He has a slender jawline with a rather pointed chin that give him a somewhat pretty-boy appearance. He tends to wear either smart formal, or smart casual clothes and he will always carry himself tall and authoritatively. He is also often seen wearing a set of black armour, with red decoration. He has a secondary form which appears to be some kind of demon, however it is actually his natural spiritual form in a physical manifestation. He stands at ten feet tall, towering over any mortal. Unlike his more human form, he is absolutely huge in terms of muscles with a very heavy set chest and bulging muscles on his arms and legs. The nails of both his hands and his feet are long and claw-like. His skin is a purple-blue in colour in colour, showing off his well defined muscles. Generally, his body is rather humanoid in shape however emerging from his back are three sets of wings. The top set are made from black feathers and are the largest, allowing for supported flight. The bottom set, however, are more bat-like in appearance with thin ‘fingers’ with black membrane between each one. The middle set are a mix of the two, beginning as feathered wings which grow into more bat-like ones. His face is humanoid in design, although his features are twisted, with cruelness etched into every line. His eyes glow a deep, menacing red that radiate hate. He has two horns that emerge from the side of his head before curving up in two majestic and sharp points. His hair is snow white in colour, in stark contrast with his complexion. His has natural plated armour on the skin of his arms, legs and the side of his torso. He seemed to have a strange kind of crystal that is embedded in his chest which looks almost like a tree with a central trunk and branches coming off of it. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Xenoth is a cruel and ruthless individual. He completely lacks any form of empathy towards other people as he cares for one person, and one person only. Himself. He is very self-centered and selfish, only doing things for other people if it benefits him in the end. Otherwise he will refuse to do it, and not kindly either. He laughs at the misfortune of others, and will torment and taunt them for his own amusement. Xenroth likes to be in control of a situation, and if he feels that he has lost it, then he will become exceptionally angry and far more cruel and ruthless than what is normal for him. He feels that the people around him exist for the sole purpose of pleasing him, and he will take what he wants from them without thinking of the effect it has on them. He does not respond well to threats, and will quickly show you why it is a bad idea to threaten him. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Change form: Xenoth has two forms. His human one, and one that resembles a demon. He becomes taller, stronger, faster and a lot more deadly. Superhuman strength: He is at least ten times as strong as a human, and thus he can move objects that a human would not possibly be able to. People are often extremely surprised by how strong he is due to his slender body. Superhuman senses: All of his senses are more sensitive than a humans, although not by much. Telekinesis: He is able to telekinetically move things with his mind, that are a maximum of twice his weight. He imagines them as extra ‘hands’ which he can use to manipulate the environment around him. Telepathy: He is able to communicate with his mind by creating a bridge between his mind and the mind of his target. He can implant his own thoughts into their mind, allowing him to talk to them without saying anything out loud. He can also read the surface of their mind with ease but it does require some effort to dig deeper into their mind to get more information. Illusions: Xenoth is very skilled at creating convincing illusions that one cannot tell the difference between reality or not. He uses this on his victims to force them to see what he wants them to see. To manipulate what they perceive and to generally mess with their mind. He uses this to twist his victims into believing what he wants them to believe, as well as to make his victims suffer. Dream Manipulation: This is part of his illusion manipulation, which he can use when the target is asleep. He can manipulate their dreams, to either give them the best dream they have ever had in their life or give them the worst nightmare of their life. He often uses this ability to cause his victims to fixate on him, to make their affection bond to him… or to give them such terrible nightmares that they no longer sleep at night. Fast healing: Due to the supernatural nature of his possession, it has given him the ability of fast healing. Weaknesses: Change form: He can only do this for a limited amount of time due to the energy requirements. At most, he can only spend a few hours in his second form. Superhuman strength: He could accidentally break something, or harm someone without intending to. Due to his personality, he would only lament the former and only if it was his property in the first place. But he can do unintended damage. Superhuman senses: As there is much of an increase, he has similar weaknesses regarding his senses as humans do. Telekinesis: Trying to lift objects beyond his ability will greatly strain his mind and could even cause brain damage if overused too much. This can result in headaches, strokes, unconsciousness and perhaps even death. Telepathy: Similar to his telekinesis, if he uses it too much he will strain his mind with similar consequences. Illusions: He needs to maintain his concentration in order to maintain this illusion. If it is broken, then the illusion drops and the target will be able to see the real world again. A person may be able to find small flaws within the illusion which they could use to identify it as such, however Xenoth is extremely skilled so it would be hard for them to do so. A strong telepath would be able to resist, or outright stop the illusion from working on them. Dream Manipulation: This only works on individuals that are asleep. It doesn’t require as much concentration as his illusions, as the dream eye is unfocused regardless, but he still needs to concentrate enough to be able to manipulate the dreams. The dreams also do no physical harm to the target, although repeated nightmares may have a psychological effect on them. Fast healing: This takes up a lot of energy, and if he has been badly injured he will need to eat a lot of food to be able to make up for the shortfall. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He is trying to find the perfect host that is well able to handle the power of his spiritual form. Hobbies and Interests: When he is not running his business empire, or entertaining himself with his slaves, he can often be found in the King's Court, interacting with the King or the other Lords and Ladies. His only genuine hobby is playing the piano. It is something he really enjoys. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Inflicting pain on others. He likes to make others suffer, finding it not only amusing but also sexually satisfying. Being extremely rough with his sex. He does not have a gentle switch. He will beat his partners, cut them, choke them, pull their hair among other things. Dominating others. He will never submit to someone else. He loves having control and dominance over others. Unprotected sex. He does not pull out, either. Being involved in orgies, gang bangs, threesomes, etc. Basically having multiple people in a single sex session. Turn offs: Submitting to others, as well as taking it. Experiencing pain himself. Penis Length: 16” in length, 5” in circumference. In his demon form it can grow up to forty-three inches in length. Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: Xenoth will refuse to submit, to anyone. He will always play the dominant roll. His human dick, despite the monstrous size, is a normal human cock in appearance. His demonic-like one is not. It had a pointed tip to the mushroom head, as well as a spine that runs along the underside of his cock with several hard protrusions. He also has ribs that curve up around his cock, with nubs running between them. He also has a series of very thick veins. STD History: Clean. Extra Information House: He has a large luxurious manor in the city of Selil which is situated in the richer part of the capital city, near the King's Palace. He also has his own private estates outside of Selil which is guarded by his own private guard. Pet: He doesn’t keep animal pets. Additional information: He smokes tobacco quite often, and he also takes various drugs. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Thus far he has kept if quite clean. Medical Record: The body he is inhabiting is quite healthy. Bio: His host, Alistair Blackwood, was born into a rich and wealthy family who were part of Selil’s Elite Class. His father was a businessman, who worked with the King and his General to produce fine weapons for the King’s army. As such, his wealth only increased as time went on, as there was always need for weapons to be supplied to not only the army but the general population. So Alistair was raised in a very well-off environment and attended a private school with the best education that Craethiel had to offer. To his father’s delight, Alistair showed a lot of promise when he was a young child when it came to business. His father began to introduce him to the family business and taught him everything that he knew. Alistair was the second oldest son out of five children. His older brother had no interest in the business, and was much more interested in being enlisted in the King’s army so Alistair became his father’s progedy. By the time Alistair was eighteen, he was working full time within the business, working for his father. Unfortunately, his father met a rather undesirable end when he was attacked by bandits one day while travelling and brutally murdered and any money and possessions he had on him, stolen. Despite his grief at his father’s passing, Alistair took over the business and continued in his father’s name. He expanded it, moving into the field of food so that he could provide cheaper food to the army. He also cut the price it took to manufacture his weapons by moving into the mining business and sourcing his own materials for his weapons and selling any surplus. By the time he was twenty-two, he was given the full title of Lord by the King and welcomed into his court due to the hard work that he had done for the Kingdom. Unfortunately for Alistair, this caused him some unwanted attention by Xenoth, a malevolent spirit that was searching for a perfect host that would allow him to have fun with the mortals that amused him. One night, while Alistair was pleasantly asleep, Xenoth took possession of his body and took complete control. The process was painful for both of them, but Xenoth successfully suppressed Alistair’s consciousness and was able to hide it away in the furthest corner of his mind to gradually fade away into nothingness. Unfortunately, it had the result of turning Alistair’s blue eyes gold with slits for pupils. At first, Xenoth wasn’t sure what to do about this, but it wasn’t long before he noticed that one of his servants was acting strange as if she was afraid of him. She would keep conversation to a minimum and always eyed him with suspicion, as if she knew what he really was. He realised that this could be turned into an opportunity, and he quickly convinced his guard as well as the King that his eye change was the result of this servant who had been operating as a secret witch, who had done some kind of spell which had resulted in said change. Due to how people viewed witches at the time, and this was the word of a Lord over that of a Servant, the guard quickly put her on trail and found her guilty before burning her at the stake, which allowed Xenoth to completely secure his position. Since then, he has been pretending to be Lord Alistair Blackwood, using his position of wealth and power to do what he wants and using his business as a front as he also secretly sells military weapons to bandits and thieves that are able to pay the price for them. He also has a group of spies that spy on his competition companies and sell the information on shipments to these bands so that they can attack and loot them at will. As such, some of the bandit groups are very loyal to him as he is a good source of money for them.
  4. From the album: Andromeda Station Extra Information Images

    Christopher Barnes is the Chief of Security for the Andromeda Station.
  5. Kevlar

    Saeko Mori

    From the album: Kevlar's Role-Play Characters

    High School Student in her 4th year at Saint Arc High.
  6. Kevlar

    Camille Carter

    From the album: Kevlar's Role-Play Characters

    She is the owner of the lingerie shop called Sinful Delight.
  7. Neptune

    Jayne Hawthorne (1)

    From the album: Character Images

    This image is on reserve for Blackberry Falls. She is a Journalist working for The Pegasus. She will be seeking asylum within the UFF.
  8. Kevlar

    Béthanie Carter

    From the album: Kevlar's Role-Play Characters

    RESERVED for Blackberry Falls. Minor Character. She is Camille's mother.
  9. Neptune

    Jayne Hawthorne (2)

    From the album: Character Images

    This image is on reserve for Blackberry Falls. She is a Journalist working for The Pegasus. She will be seeking asylum within the UFF.
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