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  1. Deetox

    Family Breeding

    So, I have a super niche plot template that I would absolutely love to run with somebody if they happen to love each part of the niche. I want to roleplay either a young boy or a large man, a son/little brother or a father/big brother, that breeds with his mother/sister/daughter and makes another daughter. Then, they would raise that daughter together to be lewd and kinky like they are and share her together. The only requirements I'd have for this RP are 1. Being cool with or into the kinks listed above, and 2. being willing to play two or more females (not necessarily at the same time, but same time is encouraged). Every other detail I am open to changing or adding onto! I am content to play Dom, sub, or switch, I just want whoever plays the aggressor or instigator to be lewd, manipulative, and have an intense desire to corrupt the younger relative. I am very open-minded when it comes to ages and age gaps, so feel free to suggest your preference! And this is an open-ended plot template, so I would love to hear your ideas to flesh out the plot or your kinks that you'd want to integrate! Feel free to comment any questions or to send me an EcchiText if you are interested!
  2. Kohaku Saito was a normal, if geeky girl. For the most part, at least. She was secretly a masochist who longed to be taken by a futanari and made to become her breeding slave, after all. Then, one day, she found herself suddenly being transported to a fantasy world. And fortunately for her, this new world is filled with very hung and very horny futanaris. Perhaps dreams really do come true… Hello, everyone! How are you doing? I’m kinda on an isekai binge right now and I’m also feeling extraordinarily horny. So, I’d like to do an ERP that puts a lewd spin on the isekai genre. My character somehow ends up in another world where a good chunk of the population are futanaris. However, she loves futanaris and finds this very exciting. And so, while completing the task she was summoned to do, she is also looking for the futanari who could be her ideal Mistress. It can honestly be anyone; a monster, a noblewoman, a bandit, or even the main villain herself. But regardless of who it is, all Kohaku cares about is whether or not they’ll keep her around as a breeding slave. Also, whether their relationship starts off consensual or not is up to you. Let me know if you’re interested and I hope to see you soon!
  3. Good morning, evening or night! Today I'm looking for a male partner to roleplay the following incestous stranded prompt with... It's a hot summer day and the Smith family - a traditional family with a father, a mother, a son and a daughter - is enjoying the August heat in a paradisiacal cruise throughout the crystal clear waters of the Pacific, alongside many other families in vacation. All is well until a sudden storm - a deadly combination of dark clouds, strong winds and crashing waves - erupts out of nowhere, causing a shipwreck. After regaining consiousness, the Smith father and daughter find themselves washed ashore in a seemingly deserted island, and realize they have nothing but the ripped-off clothes on their backs and eachother. The roleplay will follow these two characters' - father and daughter - day-to-day lives as they attempt to survive in a completely abandoned island. The duo would quickly adopt a Dominant/Submissive dynamic, seeing as the father - a virile head-of-the-household stud raised with traditional values that epitomizes masculinity - would naturally take on the leadership role, as opposed to his daughter's - an innocent and very feminine teen girl that strikingly resembles her mother taught from a young age to always follow her daddy's orders - follower role. I'd like to explore the pair's sexual relationship as they find themselves in this Adam and Eve like situation, as well as the growing tension between them - the experienced father stripped away of his god-given right to fuck his wife every night, and the virgin daughter only now immersing herself in the world of sex and seeking her father's love and approval above all else. As for how the roleplay itself will play out longterm, nothing's set in stone. I do, however, have a few ideas, but feel free to share your suggestions... - The father/daughter duo gives up on trying to escape and instead decides to remain at the island and repopulate it, with the father breeding and impregnating his own daughter. (A nice "climax" moment could be help actually coming, but being refused by the pair.) - They discover the island isn't actually deserted and find a hidden tribe of exotic women lost to the ages. They begin worshipping the father as a god-like figure and he becomes their harem master and king of the island, with the daughter living out her days as a member of his harem (or maybe being its "head slave".) Looking for a male partner to roleplay as the father, and I'll roleplay as the daughter. I have a reference picture ready for both of our characters that I think would be a perfect fit, if you'd like to see them. Hope to hear from you soon! Kinks: Traditional gender roles, misogyny, rough sex, being degraded, raceplay, political play, size difference, unrealistic sizes, age gaps, incest, breeding, impregnation, public sex, harem, ff(+)m, just to name a few. Limits: Beast, scat, gore, snuff.
  4. Venus

    A Noble Gangbang

    You were a servant to a noble household. The head of the household was a quite kind woman, but this also hid a very kinky personality. She had no qualms about sleeping with her servants, and even frequently had them gangbang her. However, something has recently caught her curiosity; what would it be like to get knocked up? So, she got all of her male servants together and gave them a very special request; fuck her until she gets pregnant. But of course, knowing her, she'll likely still want more hot dickings even while she's currently pregnant.
  5. Hello, everyone! Pokephilia is a guilty pleasure of mine. On one hand, yeah, the idea of a human and a Pokemon having sex is wrong. But on the other hand, it’s also hot and Pokemon being fantasy creatures rather than just straight up animals makes it easier to stomach. So, I’m wanting to do some RPs where the series’ female protagonists journey across their respective regions, getting regularly fucked by Pokemon along the way, most likekly getting knocked up a lot too. Or if you want, we can do a shorter RP with one of the other female Pokemon characters, like a female Gym Leader, for example, getting bred by a Pokemon. It could be Misty getting fucked by a Vaporeon, Korrina fucking her Lucario, a Lass falling prey to a horny Hypno, etc. Just about anything is game for this one! Just let me know if any of this interests you, and I’ll hope to see you soon~!
  6. This is an idea that I recently got, through the inspiration of a manhua (a Chinese manga/comic), in case you are interested, it's called reaper of the drifting moon and has nothing to do with sex. Anyways, the world is in a "medieval" time, and so it has a lot to do with martial arts and such, in my idea that would basically all be sexualised, and the start of it would be that a lot of people (teens) get captured and locked up in a secluded cave that nobody can get out of to train them for several years, many of them will die through starvation or punishments and other captives. The main goal of the captors is to get a group of just a small part of them to be the strongest of them, so just 30 at most will survive in the end before they get released, what they do from there on out depends completely on you. maybe you are even the only one that survives before getting free again. What the groups goal is, to make the strongest sexual-martial artist possible, to control the world at some point, through you, but if you take revenge in them or do as they say, depends, like I said, on you. regarding preferences, this is mostly a dark setting, so gore, rape and such will be included, but I, myself, am just fine with it in a non-sexual way, like, if someone get's killed or raped, doesn't turn me on, but for 5he sake of story it is amazing. Also any link is fine with me in this idea, so anyone that is interested, drop me a DM to discuss it. And of course, I am willing to also answer questions in the comments. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
  7. Down below will be a few FutaXFemale incest rps. I would be playing as the futa(s) while looking female players. And they could be short term or long term rps. Plz read my preference sheet also I have the setting say “Comment First” for a reason. Also this is all written in first person but it doesn’t have to be. Happily rp them in third I just write the prompts in first cuz it’s easier. 1: Sisterly Love. Ever since you where a very young girl the only person you could count on was your older sister. She always looked after you even when your shitty parents, or bully kids, made life hard. She has been the one and only person to stay at your side and it’s made the two of you close. Too close most people would say. But then again most people never went through all the things you two have gone through together. (Consensual) 2: Jealously And Revenge. Life has always been kinda great for you. Your mom has always been kind with you, you’ve always been popular at school, and had the hottest girlfriend(s)/wives. The one thing is that your little sister has always been there too. And for whatever reason she always seemed to be unhappy with stuff, especially when you succeed so much. You’ve always tried to get along with her but she refuses. But one weekend she asks for you to speak with her. It seems like she wants to make up for all these years. But in truth she plans on getting her revenge by making you her pet to prove who’s the better sister. (Non-Con) 3: Breeding Contract. The Human race was once nearly wiped out by there own wars. In the aftermath, a law was placed that women where practically forced to sign a Breeding Contract at least once so that the population can keep regrowing. If a woman doesn’t sign one willingly then she’ll be forced to a contact and that’s what happened to you. And the person you have been assigned to is your own futa sister. Since she’s a futa she’s eligible to breed. And because you refused to singed a contract yourself, your under house arrest at her home till you bare her child. (Non-Con OR Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 4: Mommy’s Princess. Your mother has always been extremely kind to you and has always spoiled you in some ways. But it isn’t just because she’s the nice mom. She has…special plans for you and has always had them, waiting for you to become the right age. Now it’s that birthday and of course she threw you a giant party and let you invite whoever, well except your mom(the Female who gave birth to you), you wanted. But the main event would be the “after party” once everyone leaves. And she has been preparing you for this day for a while now. (Consensual) 5: Long Time No See. You and your cousin where always great friends when you two where younger to the point that many kids you went to school with thought you where sisters, not cousins. And that friendship grew closer when you two became teenagers. Too close. You two where caught one night in her bed and immediately your aunt and uncle told your parents and afterwards your cousin was taken away when her parents moved to keep you too apart. Years have past and you moved on. A different cousin is holding a massive family reunion and you know she’ll be there. But it should be fine right? You moved on and so did she. Hell she has two kids now! So nothing weird should happen once you see one another again…right? (Non-Con OR Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 6: Summer With Your Rich “Aunt”. (Warning, kinda long read.) Aunt Vikki, your mom’s younger sister, lives in a large beachfront house, one she can afford because she owns a popular local nightclub, and has invited you to stay with her for the summer. Something your mom was hesitant to allow. You have many memories of them being close when you where younger than one day they stopped talking and Vikki moved away. And no one ever told you why. Most people didn’t even seem to know why. You kept in touch with your aunt on social media but never got the chance to see her in person. Well that will change once the plane lands! Although you don’t know what really awaits you. Some time before you where born, your mom cheated on your dad. Cheated on him…with her own futa sister. And when you where a kid Vikki did a DNA test without you or your moms knowing and found out you weren’t your dads kid. You where hers. She told your mom who made her promise to NEVER tell which Vikki didn’t like and after realizing her sister would never changed her mind, packed up her bags and moved away. Now all these years later, she wants you to know. And she wants you as her loving daughter. (Consensual OR Non-Con) 7: The Problem Child. (Warning, long read.) What went wrong? What happened? Your oldest, or only, child has somehow grown up to be a almost endless headache. She’s a teenager now and is attending high school but is at risk of failing! She’s hasn’t been doing homework. Barley paying attention in class, if she even attends. Getting detention. And starting fights with some other students. And most of these things are all connected to her “Girlfriends”. A bunch of students you know she’s sleeping around with. Which is dangerous cuz what if she gets one pregnant! And now you have chosen to do something about it. Version 1: You put your foot down completely. Your take away her phone, computer, and anything she can use to contact people plus is never allowed to leave or have visitors. She’s grounded and will get these things back once she fixes her grades and graduates! This…turns out to be a massive mistake. Cuz she ain’t going to take this lying down. And if she can’t get access to her “Girlfriends”…then she’ll just use you. (Non-Con) Version 2: You realize that the main reason she’s started acting out like this is because she’s gotten addicted to the sex she has with her “Girlfriends”. Which for the most part she can only do while AT school. So what if she could satisfy this need at home? That’s where your, admittedly bad, idea comes in. If YOU promise to satisfy these need while she’s home when she has them. So that once she’s in school, she can focus on her work and she promises to take school seriously. She agrees happily, almost too happily. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be the worst decision of your life. (Reluctantly Consensual) 8: Keep The Blood Pure. (Warning, Fantasy Plot & LONG read) There are a number of important families within the Elven Kingdom and your a part of one of the largest and one of the most influential families. The Tilzvara’s. A family comprised mostly of Female Elves. At least the main branch of the family is only female. The Matriarch of the family is Shile Tilzvara and she has run the family for over 1000 years. The Matriarch had made a deal with a fertility goddess back when she became the leader of the family. The deal was that the first born daughters of the Tilzvara’s would be naturally very powerful magically but in exchange Shile had to “father” all these first born daughters herself so she was turned into a futa. With her new powers she placed a spell, or a curse depending on who you ask, on her family that any female will ALWAS have a daughter as there first offspring. And the tradition began that before any first born female can marry or have kids, they must first mate with the Matriarch. Although Shile is more than happy to mate with ANY female member of her family. But that’s where you come in. Because you are a first born daughter and it’s your turn. Either you are looking to to get this over with, you’ve been called upon to mate with the Matriarch, or you wish to marry someone and must do your duty first. OR maybe you’ve already had a offspring with the Matriarch but want to go again with her. Whatever the case, you have a appointment with the Matriarch. (Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual)
  8. Hello there! Decided to do a little post connected to my recent album: There's a couple characters there with their little backstories, however, if you want a different character we can discuss that as well! I just have a little idea for a world I wanted to curate and wanted to have couple girls living in that world and abide the rules of it (willingly or not). Backstory: The fertility rates have fallen low, and so young women are expected to focus on getting pregnant, rather than on their careers or living their life or anything else. The new laws states that women younger than twenty-five are expected to give up their school, work or anything else they are doing for the sake of getting pregnant. Society breaks away the usual need for stable family or a regular partner, and a lot of things that once were considered wrong, if they are done in the name of getting more babies out -- they are praised. Even though this is not demanded by law, things like Universities kicking out female students, work-places firing women, it all happens. And with the need for more pregnant women, new facilities come to life: - fertility clinics to help women get more fertile, find men to breed them and make sure they are indulging in activities often enough so that they can get pregnant - special resorts where women can go to relax and get bred - gentleman clubs where women can work and 'service' men to get their breeding - maid service, another way women can work and be involved with multiple men that can breed them Final thoughts: I know I lean in heavy on one kink here BUT I don't mind indulging in more. I love a lot of different things and I am happy to incorporate them, but I do want the theme to be for my girls to get bred more than they ever thought was possible! I am also happy with tweaking the story if you don't like some parts, honestly, just DM me if you like any bit of the story and let's brainstorm :3
  9. Why hello there fellow traveler. I know people don't request this very often but for some odd reason I am craving some sort of lolicon interaction. Rather it's of age or not, MC is not fucking a baby tho. I'll be looking forward to responses and maybe we can come up with something :}
  10. Hello all! So, do we have any big Pokemon fans in here? I personally am a pretty big fan of the series. So, I want to do an RP where my character travels around one or more of the regions, fucking the wide variety of sexy girls the series has to offer with her big futa cock. We can either stick to one region, or we can take this journey across multiple ones, depending on what you want to do. I've also got a list of girls we can use for this RP, so just pick out whichever ones you're interested in using for this~ [Links removed: ToS Section 18] If this idea's caught your interest, just hit me up! I don't care what your IRL gender is, just as long as you're fine with playing as female characters and with a futa character. But as always, expect quite a bit of babymaking, as breeding is my top kink. Hope to see you soon~! The character I plan to use for this: For those of you who love rape RPs, I also have another character for you; a cruel futanari Team Rocket agent who enjoys raping any female Trainers she defeats. Whether they be a Gym Leader, Elite Four, Champion, or just an ordinary Trainer, any women who dares to oppose her will be punished with her futanari cock, followed by her sperm blasting off into their wombs and certainly impregnating them.
  11. Hello, everyone! I’m feeling very horny today and I’m really wanting to breed. But rather than being the one getting bred, I want to be the one doing the breeding this time. More precisely, I want to do an RP where I play as a futa who gets a woman knocked up, or maybe even multiple women. So, if any of ladies out there are interested in something like that, just hit me up! Hope to see you soon~
  12. So this one is Going to be on the extreme/messed up side so all warnings. I am a limitless female role-player who enjoys rping as Milfs and recently I've been craving a certain long term plot. Your character is still young, but has made a real mess of his life, virgin, overweight, unemployed and a high school drop out. You don't really take good care of yourself but still expect the world to be handed to you on a platter. My character is a bombshell trophywife/housewife tall, confident and not particularly smart having to rely on her husband for money and a home. Her kids have left the nest and she is feeling pretty lonely, especially due to her husband losing his sex drive after the vasectomy, leaving her very needy. Our characters would be neighbours. You, living in a crummy home you got from your grandma's will. With one feature, you found a secret basement that's hidden under the floorboards. Mine living in a well off four-bedroom home that her and her husband have paid off. Our story started with the school your character went getting in touch with my character about you due to you being on a watch list and want me to check up on you. So I would go down the street and knock on your door feeling a bit awkward as you're the only person on the street I don't know, only to find you living in squaller, I mean the place is absolutely filthy. Filled with trash and looked like it had never been cleaned since you moved in. Being a good housewife, I would offer to help you clean your place up a bit, like a good housewife and neighbour would and you agree. While I'm over to help clean your place, you would decide that a woman like me still barley in her thirties was wasted oh her husband and decide to take her for yourself. You would kidnap her and use her as a sex slave. Breaking her and impregnating her, eventually breaking the milf enough to get her to divorce her husband and marry you instead. I do prefer to rp on discord, but I can still rp here in privet messages if you want, please message me or comment if you're interested.
  13. Hey all! I hope you all doing well. So, I've come up with some RP plot ideas but haven't been able to come up with anything more for them to make them warrant their own individual posts. So, I think I'll just post all of my mini-plot ideas here. If any of these catch your attention, just let me know! And just so you know, I am female looking for male. Into the Tentacle Nest Recently, there has been a rash of incidents in the village where women have been disappearing in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, no matter how hard the villagers tried, they were unable to figure out just who or what was doing it. But one day, an Adventurer came into town and began to try to figure out what to do about these disappearances. Eventually, she would get a lead that might help her catch the culprit. But unfortunately for her, pursuing this lead would cause her to find herself encountering a vicious and horny tentacle monster. Eternal Summer Singularity In a strange turns of events, some side-effect of the Luluhawa incident has created a new Singularity. You and MHXX were deployed into the Singularity to investigate, but once you entered the Singularity, things went odd. Not only did you lose contact with Chaldea, but time within the Singularity resets at the end of every week, and you theorize that time flows faster within the Singularity than it does outside of it. And so, you and XX were on your own, which led to you having some naughty fun together. And eventually, it led to you and her accidentally making a baby. The Magician's Apprentice You were the apprentice to a very skilled and very beautiful magician. You had found yourself becoming quite attracted to her, but you were unsure just how to go about it. Then came a day when she requested your assistance in helping her out with a new project of hers; a powerful fertility potion. This could be a very excellent opportunity for you~ Sex Ed There was this one teacher at school who you really liked. She was hot, but she unfortunately would not accept any offers for sex you made. But you were not one to give up so easily, so you decided to take matters into your own hands. And who knows, maybe you might end up putting a baby in her. Either way, you're definitely going to enjoy lots of "after-school tutoring session" with her. Summoned Breeder A young mage has a fetish for tentacle monsters and wants to become a tentacle monster’s breeding bitch more than anything in the world. After hours of research, she has finally found a spell that would allow her to summon any monster, including tentacle monsters. Now, she has completed the spell and summoned a tentacle monster. And thankfully, it is very eager to take the clearly fertile young woman that is now right in front of it. A Sacrifice to the Tentacle God There is a village where a tentacle creature is worshipped as a god of fertility. It gives it blessings to the village, making its people, land, and livestock exceptionally fertile. However, its blessings are not provided unconditionally. Each year, one woman from the village must be selected as its priestess and surrendered to it. The priestess has one simple duty; to constantly conceive and birth her god’s offspring throughout the year. A Servant’s Duty You were the servant of a distinguished noble house. Every now and then, you would see your mistress looking at you in an odd way. One day, the mistress sent for you to come to her chambers. There, she gave you a very unique assignment; help her produce an heir. And just like the good servant you were, you obliged. Fallen to Darkness Aqua has been wandering the Realm of Darkness for a very long time now, having to comstantly fight of the Heartless living there. However, she can’t keep this up forever. One day, she found herself being surrounded and overpowered by the Heartless. But instead of consuming her heart, these Heartless seem to be more interested in fertilizing Aqua’s womb. And so began Aqua’s transformation into a brood mother for these fearsome creatures of darkness.
  14. goodgirl

    breed me like a cow

    Fuck me in the hayloft. cum in/on my little pussy Make me scream your name as you impregnate me.
  15. BigBadWolf

    Compendium of idea's

    Hello everyone! I hope people are having fun, I've only just joined the site recently, haven't done rp in some time and now that my life is starting to get some balance (Crazy right?) I've more time in the evenings to do some writing. I've had some ideas over the years and wanted to put them into sort of a list, Of course, the idea's I propose are not set and stone and can easily be tweaked and worked around to suit your kinks and change some of the plots or change characters around. if you got something better. If you get your own idea and want to do that, we certainly can as I'm very open and easy-going so we can brainstorm together as that can be just as fun as the rp itself sometimes! 1.) Human M x Monster/Alien F This idea is actually based on the kostos art https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=leech_(kostos_art)+# The idea being a monster that lives on cum for sustenance, the idea could be she is a new creature that is brought to an aquarium for experiments and research, my character is overseeing the research and experiments. During a thunderstorm the power gets cut off to his area which unlocks her cage, and escapes and begins assaulting the male staff and other male creatures that are kept, slurping any dick she comes across to satisfy her hunger. Or instead, the research scientist takes advantage of the new creature and instead of feeding her the storage, he just sticks his dick into the cage and let her go to town 1.5) an explorer on a distant planet who is in charge of documenting the flora and fauna and I like this character to be a futa who encounters the leech, at first the leech can be confused as she smells that the female has a dick but yet isn't a male, during this confusion the futa thinks it's friendly and is curious about her, after some interaction the leech proceeds to mount the futa and make her a permanent food source, could be shes highly virile and high-quality cum that sustains her. 2 .) Human M x Human F Incest would be the theme of this one, pairings are mother and son or brother and sister, both shota and loli can be included as well, this one is quite open for discussion, we can go for blackmail, straight up rape, even romance/curiosity, cheating, mom not satisfied with her husband dick anymore, even a game of truth or dare, drinking together become flirty and frisky, probably the most open idea on this list for discussion. 3 .) Male x Beastiality F I see a lot of Beastiality but always a Male beast with a human female but never the other way around, So I'd like to do exactly that, A human male having sex with female animals, dogs, deer, horses, cows, snakes, etc, A simple idea of a farm boy that is always stuck on the farm with hardly any contact with others, so instead he starts using the animals around the farm to satisfy his needs, either by sneaking out at night to have fun with the horse, or stick his dick into the calves pen thinking it's their mother teat for milk and so on and so on. 4 .) Male/Futa x Lesbain Another simple idea, one based around lesbain breaking, just as it sounds, its turning a very heavy lesbain that won't even go near a futa, gets broken in and wants dick instead. This can be based around cheating or rape, for cheating, the lesbain would have a pretty bad fight with their GF and spends the night with one of her friends. My character was trying to console her and have some drinks together, which can be turn into some mischievous actions, such as groping, her hold a cock for the first time, trying to give a handjob and esculates over time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This section I'll just make more proper scenarios, The Dark Hotel: The dark hotel is infamous for being an underground brothel, despite protestors, warrants, and investigations, not actual proof has been found, simply because it's well hidden from but guests and staff. What makes this brothel special compared to others? Well, put simply anthro's are seen as taboo among the populice, they are less than human's have very little rights, so in this secret brothel, they can live here happily while the hotel makes money off them. Despite them being seen as lower creatures, the public can't deny their itches and cravings for sexual encounters, So you arrive at the desk, getting here through means of money, connections, privleges, or lucky few to stumble upon it, which flavor of Anthro would you like, reception has a book of who you might want to spend the night with. Young Yet Deprived: Being the older brother in the household, his little sister and her best friend tend to always hang out together, most days they appear after school and hangout, doing homework and play games, but their is a secret, his little sister friend is a sexual deviant, she always came over cause she had the hots for her older brother despite her age, aware of her intentions and sexual knowledge, she does everything she can to get her brother, while the two were playing video games one day, the brother came in to watch as he was bored and see how competitive the two can be, so much so his sister tends to be deaf and unaware of her surrondings when she is in the zone, her friend knew this all too well and took advantage of it, when the big brother joined them, she moved closer to him, dirty looks, unintentional grabs, even sexual gestures towards him, how far is she willing to go to get him to fuck her? Beach Day: It was a day out from school, a young boy with his school mates went out of town to visit a popular beach, the teacher bringing them was a pervert and went to a nudist beach, while everyone was off swimming and having a good time, the boy was bit scared and frigthened of all these naked people, hiding inside of a changing room, he bumped into a rather much older and mature women who was eager to play and help the boy get used to the nudists around, with the sound of people talking, kids screaming, a very loud shower, the women had no issue riding the young boy without being heard, perhaps she could kidnap him and turn him into her personal sweet boy, acting as his new mommy and breaking the boy in.
  16. Ok, I've got two ideas. Idea 1.) The gist is, I play a cute, shy little boy who has just started to hit puberty, and unfortunately for him, that also means he's started to feel funny whenever he looks at his teacher. His teacher eventually notices this, and decides to take advantage of the young boy. She locks him in her office with her, rapes him till he nearly passes out, and then takes pictures to blackmail him into being her boy-toy with. Of course, she'd never really release the pics, since she'd be the one getting in trouble, but he doesn't know that, so he's forced to play along. Idea 2.) MC somehow finds himself alone in a strange, jungle-covered place, totally in over his head and having no idea what to do. He gets attacked by some wildlife, and almost gets killed, but it saved by a tribe of half-human half-animal people, all of whom appear to be women. They take him back to their village, where its revealed to him that all the men in their village died recently, and as such, they have no one to mate with and keep their society going. This being the case, they take him to be their breeding stud, regardless of if he wants it or not, and they end up fucking him within an inch of his life~ Kinks I'd like to include would be as follows; Femdom Outercourse (Paizuri, thigh fucks, etc) Overstimulation Cosplay Pet-Play Teasing Maybe some race-play For reference to what I'd like her to look like, see the images below
  17. Hello! Today I'm looking for a White male partner to play out a roleplay mainly centered around the Raceplay and Harem kinks. The premise is as follows - you'll play as a college's quote on quote golden boy; the perfect guy per say. Quarterback of the football team, body of a greek god, perfect GPA, a smile that could melt hearts and a friendly attitude towards everyone. You've led many girls to your bedroom and subsequently your bed, but generally speaking your sex life has been fairly vanilla, and mostly restricted to White girls. That is, until you meet my first character - an Asian cheerleader slash complete slut rumored to not wear panties under her cheerleading skirt, I become your first sexual contact with Asian women. During our first time together, everything was going well until you were about to reach your climax and pull out - that's when I yelled out: "Bleach me Master! Colonize my womb with your Big White Cock!" Which completely caught you by surprise and made you cum inside me. After sex we have a sort of deep talk. You admit that my comment made you tick and from there I introduce you to the world of Raceplay, more specifically WMAF Raceplay, yellow fever and White superiority, and tell you that a guy like you could have a Harem of Asian women crawling at his feet, and that I'd happily be a part of it. From here there's multiple paths we can take with this roleplay, but what I initially have in mind is having your character be convinced to go off on a journey to conquer the college's Asian women, be them students or faculty members, and add them to his newfound harem. I'd play as all of the female characters he'd encounter along the way, and together we can play out these scenarios. I'm hoping for something more long-term with this, and maybe, later on, we could even develop our characters' lives post-graduation. Playing this out on Discord is something I'm very willing to do! Hope to hear from you soon. Kinks: Traditional gender roles, misogyny, rough sex, being degraded, raceplay, political play, size difference, unrealistic sizes, age gaps, incest, breeding, impregnation, public sex, harem, ff(+)m, just to name a few. Limits: Beast, scat, gore, snuff.
  18. Òkami117

    Naughty Milf

    I'll be honest I moved here from Rule34 since they can't seem to get their rp forums up and running. Anyway I exclusively rp as milfs or older female mostly as sub but sometimes switch. Also I am very open about kinks the only things I won't do is Vore, Gore, feet and food play. Everything else is on the table. I have a particular love for darker themed plot. Non-con, blackmail or drugs always go down well with me. I absolutely love breeding/impregnation just the idea of being pumped full and knocked up, god I love it. I write usually one paragraph between 2-6 sentences and i'm okay with playing multiple characters so all you looking for a harem of horny milfs are in luck. If you want anymore details then please message me, in the mean time here are some very basic plot idea's. (me x you) Modern 1. Mom x Son (Or step) 2. Aunt x nephew (Or step) 3. Teacher x Student 4. Rich milf x Homeless guy 5. Milf maid x Master 6. Western tourist x Tribesman 7. Ex porn star x Neighbour 8. Lost tourist x Big cat (Lion, Tiger ect.) 9. Owner x Pet 10. Stable hand x Horse Fantasy/Medieval 11. Queen x Dragon 12. Adventurer x Creature 13. Knight x Her Mount 14. Barmaid x Soldier 15. Farm girl x Creature 16. Milf thief x Guard 17. Mage x Creature 18. Lady x Prince 19. Priestess x Creature 20. Slave x Master Sci-fy 31. Scientist x Monster 32. Scientist x Robot 33. Native Alien x Super soldier 34. Lost colonist x Native Alien 35. Explorer x Explorer
  19. The specifics aren't super important aslong as it involves atleast a few kinks we can work something out!! Im craving to play a submissive character either a feminine boy or a girl is fine tho id probably prefer boy right now. But aslong as my parter is more dominant than it doesnt matter! As for kinks im mainly craving something with Netorare or Breeding rn or both together! Im pretty open to most stuff aslong as its not one of my no-go's (check rp preferences to see those) so if theres any kinks you want aswell im open to adding em! As for stuff like length and regular replies im very flexible aslong as its not one sentance messages im fine! If you're interested in working something out shoot me a PM and we can work something out together!
  20. Moon Hound Hati

    The Need to Breed

    Hello there! I’m currently looking to write around the themes of breeding/impregnation and sex during pregnancy. Of course, there are plenty of other themes that can be tied in, but the aforementioned are the main themes I’d like to include. So if there’s anyone who would like to write the female character to my male character, then feel free to shoot me a DM and we can hash out the details! One thing I'd like to add is that I prefer posts of at least three or four sentences. Nothing kills my motivation faster than people giving literal single word replies in an RP... Which, unfortunately, I've had happen on two seperate occasions.
  21. Information A great and terrible Demon King has risen to power and raised a mighty army to terrorize the land. But it is always darkest just before dawn. You are the heroine who has been chosen by destiny to rise up, slay the Demon King, and save the land. Unfortunately, it would appear that destiny has made a very poor choice in choosing you to be the heroine. Rules I am only accepting female characters for this, but your IRL gender does not matter at all. I will be GMing the adventure for you. Let me know in your initial message whether you are okay with males, futas, or both. For some reason, whenever you fight a male/futa opponent, you will lose and get raped by them. There will be forced breeding in this. Whenever someone cums inside your character, we will roll for impregnation. 1-5= Failure 6-10= Successful 11-15= Twins 16-19= Triplets 20= Quadruplets Your character has a blessing from the gods that speeds up pregnancies to only one week long so that she won't be out of commission for too long because of it. Additionally, pregnancies will not take as much of a toll on your body as it normally would. When creating your character for this, be sure to include her backstory, personality, skills/abilities, and ref for appearance. If you're interested in this, shoot me a DM! Hope to see you soon~!
  22. Flip_Flop_and_Sloppy

    Shota X Dark-Skinned Femdom

    Ok, I've got two ideas. Essentially, I'm looking for someone to play a dominant female (or multiple) who can deliver detailed replies (minimum of 3 paragraphs per reply, minimum of 3 sentences per paragraph). Age range for the girl would be anywhere between 18 and 26, while the male I'd play would be anywhere from 14 to 19, preferably on the lower end for this case. If you're interested, comment here or shoot me an ecchitext Idea 1.) The gist is, I play a cute, shy little boy who has just started to hit puberty, and unfortunately for him, that also means he's started to feel funny whenever he looks at his teacher. His teacher eventually notices this, and decides to take advantage of the young boy. She locks him in her office with her, rapes him till he nearly passes out, and then takes pictures to blackmail him into being her boy-toy with. Of course, she'd never really release the pics, since she'd be the one getting in trouble, but he doesn't know that, so he's forced to play along. Idea 2.) MC somehow finds himself alone in a strange, jungle-covered place, totally in over his head and having no idea what to do. He gets attacked by some wildlife, and almost gets killed, but it saved by a tribe of half-human half-animal people, all of whom appear to be women. They take him back to their village, where its revealed to him that all the men in their village died recently, and as such, they have no one to mate with and keep their society going. This being the case, they take him to be their breeding stud, regardless of if he wants it or not, and they end up fucking him within an inch of his life~ Kinks I'd like to include would be as follows; Femdom Outercourse (Paizuri, thigh fucks, etc) Overstimulation Cosplay Pet-Play Teasing Maybe some race-play For reference to what I'd like her to look like, see the images below
  23. PBis18

    Xenomorph RP

    I've been thinking about this sort of rp, and honestly It sounds really hot. You'd play a female and virgin researcher, all alone in a stranded spaceship, little does she know there's an alien stalking her, ready to take such a "willing" breeder to raise their numbers for the rest of her days. Send me a PM so we can discuss any details
  24. MessyEmotions

    (A/B/O) Fantasy

    I've been catching my eyes following the guys at the gym all week. I even had to jerk off in the shower to calm myself. But that can't be coming, right? Just in case, I better stock up on some things. The store is empty today. I can hear the mop being pushed against the floor, the lights flickering. Shit. It's getting harder to breathe, I feel hot, I can't think, what's happening? I need to leave! Hello! This is my first post so I hope I've done it right. Please if you like omegaverse and want to play the Alpha/Beta that takes me then send a message!
  25. Lately I have been getting into lovely, fun and exciting kink of "bleaching", which basically means women exclusively into white males. I do not have a solid idea for a story to give you guys, but I can give an overall idea to a few images from my gallery. Generally I do want to avoid the following "themes": Mysogyny Rape or other sorts of non-con Evil or asshole characters Any sort of gore, blood or killling Hatsune Miku: Idea: She would be using her songs to deliver more and more pro-Aryan lyrics that helps other Asians emulate her Helltaker: Idea: The demon or demons begin to understand the superiority of the white human males in the human realm and aim to breed heavily with them. General White Cock World Order: Idea: The world getting a "world tour" where each place slowly gets to see the non-white males being outbred over time and the women growing white cock only Fantasy (can be done with gnomes/imps/elves/goblins): Idea: A proud and noble race within a fantasy world gets to discover and explore the joys of the white cock and let them get special laws and privileges within.
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