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  1. Bunnies-N-Oleander

    Looking for All Sorts of RPs!

    Hello! I'm Ciel and I'm looking for all sorts of lewd and non lewd RPs! Here are some things you should know about me: - I prefer M/M, I can do M/F but I don't do F/F. - I prefer my partners to be good at grammar and decent at spelling! - I have DID and I'm Narcoleptic so if I don't reply to the RP within a few days, you are free to poke me! :3 - My biggest kinks are Shotas / Underage, Transformation esp animal TF, and Mind change! The link below is a link to my OC and canon Character Muses. It only looks good on desktop, but I made a Mobile Nav post to give you more info in the characters and OCs I'll RP as! Click here for my Muse List! What sorts of things am I looking for right now? I'm always down for Sebastian x Ciel SFW or Smut so if you RP sebastian gimmie!! I'm also been craving Bede x Chairman Rose from Pokemon SwSh Incesty Age gap... tasty Right now I'm particularly craving something TF or Shota related, so anything with my OC Pudding being TF'd would be great! I love animal TF, but really weird TF like Dorses or Fuckplants are also very fun to me I am thinking either mutual TF or just my OC tfing. - an age regression/ ABDL TF where your character slowly turns mine into a dumb baby. maybe with cock shrinkage and/or ball expansion? - Some sort of mutual animal TF where our characters get the urge to mate ? :3c Any animal is good but fat things like hippos, pigs, and cows are where it's at for me. I dunno shoot me your own ideas too! I'll edit / update this when I change my wants or get more ideas.
  2. JennyDK

    Canon harem RPs

    For some time I have contemplated to play harems for various canon universes. I don't have a specific story idea in mind for any of them, but I would love to try and arrange something with potential partners and see if we click and match. Be sure to read the custom kinks in my preference sheet (they are listed below the top part). Since I will be playing 2 or more females, I find it fair to expect the kind of characters I prefer for each kind of universe - it seems only fair. OF course, we can discuss this further down below. The universes I have mind are: My Little Pony Helltaker Steven Universe Fallout 3 and 4 Simpsons Avatar: The Last Airbender Powerpuff Girls Undertale Stardew Valley Doki Doki Literature Club Aggretsuko
  3. From the album: Breakbox_Muses Canons

    https://www.f-list.net/c/lord megatronus/
  4. Breakbox_Muses

    Ganondorf (Twilight Princess)

    From the album: Breakbox_Muses Canons

  5. Breakbox_Muses

    Albert Wesker

    From the album: Breakbox_Muses Canons

  6. Hello! Just a few ideas I have in mind, though, they are rather canon-centric so apologies if that's not your thing. Some small disclaimers: The foremost being that many of my ideas are open to crossovers of some kind/form, and I am for the most part looking for canon x canon content. Next: I am looking to brainstorm/adjust ideas to better suit a plot. If you see a fandom, or a concept that you like, do not be afraid to say hello and ask about it. The worst I can do is say no, it does not hurt to try. As for character ages, everyone will be older, specifically 18+. If the canon age is under 18, they will not be played at that age. I've got a series of ideas ranging from a cute pairing like Hiccup and Astrid (from HTTYD) or Ezra and Sabine (From Rebels) to much steamier plots like a tentacle monster grabbing various canon girls and corrupting them into being brood mothers for it! Just give me a poke if you're interested! Or something based around smutty misadventures for an older Dipper Pines. Or perhaps something in Kingdom Hearts is more your speed? Outside of stuff like this..? I'm fairly flexible and I know quite a few fandoms so don't be afraid to mention any you like! Kinks I hope to play: Impregnation, pregnancy, cum inflation, creampies and excessive cum. But for ideas like a tentacle monster making conquests out of canon girls? I tend to defer to stuff like hypnosis and addictive cum too. Kinks I won't play: Gore, scat, horror, heavy bondage and anything hyper. HTTYD-1: Hiccup and Astrid, sharing an apartment while going to the same University, and teetering on the edge of entering an intimate and steamy relationship. How will they enter this relationship? A subtle nudge from a friend? A slice of drama? That is up to you. HTTYD-2: Bit of a crossover; Hiccup and Astrid end up joining the Brotherhood; At what point they end up joining the Assassins is up to who among you guys n' gals might like to brainstorm this. As for who their adversaries might be? Plenty of HTTYD villains can fit the bill easy enough! HTTYD-3: A world without Hiccup! Basically in this idea, Dragons are Anthros and possess hypnotic pheromones/musk along with addictive cum, and take Human women as pleasure and breeding pets, and Toothless ends up taking the HTTYD girls as his pets. How he catches them, is up to you. Star Vs the Forces of Evil: An AU where Magic never disappeared, where Eclipsa and her husband break up, likely for a good reason with no Drama. However she is in need of a new King and she chooses Marco, gifting him with a bit of Magic in the process, a hypnotic charm to use on any girls that strike his fancy, to take as lovers. Leading to now King Marco being lovers with Eclipsa, and using this Charm. (Older Marco, obviously.) KH-1: Basically the idea here is Sora, and Kairi on a cosmic road trip and having various misadventures, and actually spending time as a couple since in KH III we got the confirmation of that ship, yet nothing was done with it. KH-2: A special Heartless is loosed on the Worlds, using hypnotic pheromones and addictive cum to turn various canon beauties into his pets and lovers, corrupting them one by one, possibly even with some genderbending, if anyone wants to explore that particular flavour. KH-3: Another hypnosis themed plot! This one is starring Sora however, for a bit of a twist. Basically the concept is this; Sora gets a new Keyblade, but he isn't able to swap it out for another one and is subject to the charm/curse of the Keyblade itself. That being it turns girls in a certain radius of its' wielder into pets and lovers. More of a love potion effect than anything else. What misadventures could Sora get up to with this? Miraculous-1: So, in this idea Alya (Rena Rouge), Marinette (Ladybug) and Adrien (Chat Noir) all decide to unmask to one another, but after some teasing and banter, things become steamy before the masks come off and long after. Craving: Miraculous-2: Adrien has become Chat Blanc! However, free of Hawkmoth so there's no repeat of the alternate timeline however. Now corrupted, and with a hypnotic ability of his own, who knows who among the girls the Feline themed Hero might decide to put a collar on. Aside from Marinette of course. Hypnosis is kind of a required 'kink' on this one. Rebels-1: Basic concept for this one takes place after the finale of Rebels, with Sabine and Ahsoka finding Ezra on a backwater planet in the Unknown Regions, and after an intimate reunion between Sabine and Ezra, or both girls and Ezra, depending on partner preference, they go back to Lothal. From there the plot is malleable. Let's see what we come up with! Rebels-2: Similar to the standard reunion idea, however with hypnosis/harem themes, with Ezra using a new, hypnotic Force Power to turn Ahsoka and Sabine into his pets and lovers, before moving on to other Star Wars canon girls, using the World Between Worlds to have access to the future and past. Rebels-3/Mandalorian-1: Similar to my first idea, but with the context of The Mandalorian, since Sabine and Ahsoka seem to be due to appear in that show. I might make a group thread out of this one but I honestly don't know, just ask me to elaborate on this and I will to the best of my ability. Clone Wars 1: A no-War AU, starring Anakin and Ahsoka in various misadventures, for example a training mission to an all but deserted Planet in the outer reaches of the Outer Rim. Ben 10-1: Basic concept with this one is Ben gets a new Alien/Hybrid, and goes to first Gwen to test it out, before finding out this creature has hypnotic abilities, resulting in the Redhead turning into his pet and lover and from there Ben, greedy as ever, begins to use this creature on other girls he knows, for example Charmcaster and Julie, though thanks to Gwen's Magic, who knows where or when he could go..! Sonic-1: This is inspired by Project X: Love Potion Disaster and comes in three flavours. 1. Sonic returns from a trip to the jungles and tropics and is the source of, or patient 0 for a lust virus that is somewhat transformative and the plot follows the Blue Blur going around, infecting and corrupting other Mobians. 2. An incubus manifests on Mobius, and starts going around, working his magic on any any Mobians he bumps into, with things gradually escalating. 3. Sonic has been cursed! This is similar to Sonic being turned into a Werehog by some magic mishap, only this time he is turned into an Incubus. Sonic-2: Tails' steamy misadventures. This concept is more open honestly, with everyone's favourite Two Tailed Fox getting into steamy misadventures with a Mobian girl of your choice! Spyro-1: Coco, Tawna or both have a Portal related accident, and end up in Avalar or the Dragon Worlds, only to soon meet and befriend Elora, Sheila or Bianca and the pair end up bumping into a newly matured Spyro. However, it turns out Adult Dragons give off hypnotic and heat inducing pheromones, and things turn steamy between the girls and Spyro, and things go from there. This idea can branch in a bunch of ways, from Draconic greed leading to Spyro working his magic on others, to there being no Dragonesses, so instead females of other races are transformed by, and after mating with a Dragon. Spyro-2: This is a simpler idea. Essentially the concept is Spyro makes a bet with a girl before a race, be it Coco, Elora, Tawna.. Whoever you wish, and said bet is the loser does whatever intimate activity the winner wants, only for the Dragon to win and things turn steamy. Naruto-1: Ever read a Doujin by Sahara Wataru? This idea is essentially inspired by that, being a Hero of the Leaf Harem concept, with things starting just after the battle with Pain, or perhaps before, with Naruto's return from his training trip. Teen Titans-1: Robin and Starfire on a business trip to her home planet of Tamaran! Basically the concept here takes place a few months after the pair get together in Japan, and this trip leaves them both with all the privacy they need for all sorts of fun. Somethin' fluffy, and potentially steamy. Teen Titans-2: Raven and Beastboy! Yes I know, Terra is a thing, but c'mon, there's so much potential there. Anywho, basic idea is the rest of the team are out on a mission helping some other Titans, leaving Beastboy and Raven alone. What specifically happens is up to you, Raven could have her demonic side manifest in a rather steamy form, or maybe something in a much fluffier sense happens. Young Justice-1: Wally and Artemis! This idea takes place in the time the pair are retired from the Superhero stuff, living together and generally taking things easy. 'Course, this also includes every ounce of steamy misadventures a Spitfire and a Speedster can get up to. Young Justice-2: Connor and M'gan..! Basic idea here is M'gan and Connor in either Mount Justice or the Watchtower, while the others are out on a mission and of course things grow steamy between them. After all, no one is watching and there's little to no chance of being interrupted! RWBY-1: Jaune Arc! The resident dork of Team JNPR and RWBY. This idea takes place in a slight AU where Beacon doesn't fall, and he ends up having various steamy misadventures with the girls of RWBY, likely starting with Pyrrha. The specifics are, of course, up to you! RWBY-2: Oscar..! The second dork of RWBY, kinda. Not that well versed on the later volumes of RWBY but I'm probably going to be watching them soon! Either way the basic idea here is kinda similar to the idea above, however with a slightly older Oscar, because of course. Xeno-1: Mutant dimension hopping Xenomorphs! Because why not dive head first into the weird? Basic idea here is a mutant hive of Xenos, specifically they are mutated to NOT snuff those they breed. Thank you. Go world hopping, catching girls, and keeping them as breeders to grow the hive, likely through hypnotic pheromones and addictive cum or something. Tales of Arcadia 1: Basic concept here is Claire and Jim are adjusting to living alone a few years after all their adventures, with literally all the fluff and intimacy that comes with a couple that's been through as much as they have. Dragon Prince 1: Basically the idea here is a year or two after the Battle of the Storm Spire, Callum and Rayla are on the road again, helping to heal the divides across the continent while Callum works to connect to the other Arcanum's, and grow as a Mage. As for other fandoms? Well feel free to ask. Trust me, I know many, and honestly many of these ideas are examples.
  7. I decided to toss this out here as sort of a semi-permanent wish list of RP's I'd like to do. Basically, I'm a big nerd and I love to do things based around series' that I love (especially anime and manga). So, why not put out a big, massive list of franchises I'd love to do some roleplays with people with. Like with most of my roleplay ideas, I'll be chiefly looking for female characters to play opposite in these. That said, on a good handful of these? I'm totally open to genderbent versions of some characters; aged up versions of characters; and in the case of a good few of them as well, OC's based in those worlds (and that goes for canon x OC, or even OC x OC in some cases). It all just depends on who or what we come up with together. There are also a few series here that I'm far more familiar with than others, so some I might be pretty rusty with overall, so bear with me in those cases. So without further ado, here's the big list - I may be adding to this as time goes by, if I think of any other series that I'd like to work with that I may have forgotten. If anyone's interested, just shoot me a text and we'll get to building an RP! ANIME/MANGA .hack, Ai Yori Aoshi, Attack on Titan, Azumanga Daioh, Baka and Test, Bakuman, Beastars, Black Clover, Bleach, Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Chrono Crusade, Clannad, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Detective Conan, Digimon, Dirty Pair, DNA2, Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro, Dr. Slump, Dr. Stone, Dragon Ball, Eden's Zero, Fairy Tail, Fist of the North Star, Food Wars!, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Girls Bravo, Gurren Lagann, Haruhi Suzumiya, I"s, InuYasha, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, K-ON!, Kanon, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, Kill la Kill, Kodocha, Love Hina!, Lucky Star, Lupin the 3rd, Medaka Box, Midori Days, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, My Hero Academia, Naruto, Negima!, Neon Genesis Evangelion, One Piece, One Punch Man, Ouran High School Host Club, Outlaw Star, Pani Poni Dash!, Please Teacher!, Ranma 1/2, Rent-A-Girlfriend, Rosario+Vampire, Rurouni Kenshin, s-CRY-ed, School Rumble, Sgt. Frog, Shaman King, Silver Spoon, Slayers, Soul Eater, Tenchi Muyo!, The Seven Deadly Sins, Tiger & Bunny, Toriko, Trigun, Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, Vampire Hunter D, Video Girl Ai, Witchblade, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs CARTOONS Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Ben 10, Big Hero 6, My Life as a Teenage Robot, RWBY, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MOVIES/TV SHOWS Godzilla, Jurassic Park/Jurassic World, Star Wars VIDEO GAMES Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear, Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 5, Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros., Tales of Symphonia, Tekken, The Legend of Dragoon BOOKS Animorphs, Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, Percy Jackson OTHER DC, Marvel - (For these two, my knowledge is pretty limited - especially with DC - and I more-so know the basic gist of a lot of the characters based on having seen lots of the shows, movies, played some games, etc.)
  8. Hello there! I’ve had an itch I’ve been looking to scratch lately for finding any interested partners (regardless of IRL gender) up for playing the part of certain Vtuber characters/personas in various potential erotic situations opposite of male characters played by myself. Who I would be playing is very open to discussion, since it can range from fanboys, male Vtubers (either actual ones or ones created for the agreed scenario) or even something else entirely. As for the ladies I’m looking for? Well, I’m honestly very open minded when it comes to possible ones to play with, but I did have a number of them which I’m leaning toward the most at this time. I’ll list those below to give some suggestions on who I’d like my partner to play, but I’m again open to discussing other options. Gawr Gura Mori Calliope Takanashi Kiara Ninomae Ina’nis Amelia Watson Irys Kiryu Coco Houshou Marine Haachama Hoshimachi Suisei Kureiji Ollie Elira Pendora Selen Tatsuki Finana Ryugu Petra Gurin Snuffy Ironmouse Projekt Melody Nyatasha Nyanners Apricot The Lich (Froot) Veibae Hime Hajime Juniper Actias Honey Goblin Pikamee
  9. Hey there everyone and thanks for checking out this post This is my first time using the bulletin for seeking RPs so it might look a bit different from other bulletins either with more or less information than usual. I'm not necessarily expecting anyone to be interested, but I know that the chances of doing an RP or two that I would like to do are going to be zero to none if I don't try and pitch it out there, so here we are. I am seeking a Persona 5 themed RP that can be long term with some sort of small storyline. I suppose that the story could branch in the genre of slice of life story set in the Persona universe, as I'm more so looking for the social interactions and relationship building as opposed to any action and fighting scenes. Alternatively the RP could just go among the lewd nature, but I am mainly looking for the character relations bonding with lewd added as opposed to mainly lewd. As the tags suggest, this would be a canon x oc RP. In my preferences it mentions that I want to use my oc, if I recall ( if not, then I just need to update it ), but I don't really plan to force which canon character I want played. Since each RP would be a different story line, I imagine I could make it work with almost any ship I won't be accepting ships with the adult characters like the palace rulers since my character isn't near their age and I am not really comfortable with such a big age gap. I do not mind the RP taking place a year or two after the game ended though, and going from there. In regards to the length and plot, I have no plot in mind. I like to plan the plots out with the person I am RPing with so ensure that the storyline will be interesting to both of us. This also allows the story to be more unique person to person. I am generally a relatively easy-going person with plots, and like to build off ideas with others. Though, I don't like when they're so concrete that there's not room for alterations or natural interaction. I want this to be a long term RP, but don't mind discussing ideas along the way to ensure that the RP lasts. I don't believe everything needs to be discussed start to finish right away, and we can just decide things within the RP or in a separate chat outside of it. I come from an RP background where I play a lot of characters. This is so the RP can thrive without being restrained to two characters - so interactions can happen outside of just the couple. I don't necessarily require my RP partner to play more than one character, but I do prefer it. My reply length is typically a couple short paragraphs long ( 2 - 3 sentences per paragraph ) but can become longer with the more characters I play and when they interact with one another. I write things sort of like a book, so my characters are prone to interact with one another as well as yours. I commonly ask that we split the cast around half ( give or take, I don't mind being more characters if necessary ) so that neither of us have paragraphs that end up dominating the other person. I've had RPs where I write a lot, and then I get a sentence or two response, and it kills the vibe. As for kinks and what-not, please refer to my preferences link above. If there are kinks you want to ask about that are not listed in either category, do not worry about asking me about them, I'll answer honestly. I left out the ones that I am unsure of my stance on as well as ones I don't know. We can discuss characters, the story, and I'll share my OC with you in an Ecchitext. If you have any questions that aren't answered from this post or my preference sheet, I am more than happy to answer them when I get the chance. Thank you for reading ! - Mythra
  10. Typical Blue Haired Dude

    Sonic Forces You to Do A Sonic RP

    Screw it, I'm going THAT route now. Ladies and gentleman, I'm currently asking for a female who is willing to do a Sonic rp. Characters I will role play as are the following: Sonic Tails Knuckles Shadow Silver A few other males just as extras story-wise, not for sexual scenes. (The five mentioned earlier can be used for sexual scenes.) Characters who I am looking for: Amy Rouge Blaze Vanilla Tikal Female OC (depends on what you may have for the OC) Please take a look at my preferences before you message me. Wouldn't want to make things awkward by asking for fetishes that are way too out there for me just because it's a Sonic rp Prerequisites: Have at least some knowledge of the Sonic franchise Write at least a paragraph consistently for responses with good grammar Choose at least one female character (you can choose more, and I don't mind you playing as extra roles either for immersion if you're up to it) DM me or reply to this if you're willing to give it a shot! We can discuss some ideas once we have our characters set up.
  11. CarmenLovers

    Persona rp?

    Looking to do a sex rp for Persona characters. Nearly any male character is welcome
  12. Mr. Hat-and-Clogs

    Animes or manga characters?

    I'm looking for any anime or manga to seeking RP for ecchi. Please let me know as soon.
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