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  1. White_Snake

    Blossoming Evil

    The story of this particular rp is as follows: A happily married couple (or so it seems at first) consists of a 30 year old husband and a 25 year old wife, they run a bakery shop and are constantly looking for new workers in the bakery, and the husband has a 'only females' policy in hiring new workers, but they don't stay too long working as the husband does sexual things to every woman who applies for the job in their bakery, but during one time after almost a year of opening the bakery, a beautiful, busty 28 year old lady applies for the job and stays working unlike the other women who quit the job, even after the husband's sexual advances the new worker doesn't seems to mind it, it does bother her a lot at first but she desperately wants a job as soon as possible and only puts up with his sexual advances for the money, but the more he have sex with her the more her heart grows darker and falls for him And it's an immoral for them to do that sort of thing because both the husband, and his new worker are both married! but they cheat on their significant other for different (yet somehow convincing reasons) , and the climax of the rp would reveal these two's secrets and there will be 2 endings to the rp And so! i'm looking for only female roleplayers to ecchitext me, so If you're reading this and is interested in the idea ecchitext me and we'll discuss it further if necessary
  2. @WritesNaughtyStories Gwen had been playing her Gaming Console as Amy brought over a friend to have some fun with clearly Gwen didn't mind at all though she was still contemplating if her being so mean towards the woman was too harsh, yet she couldn't believe she was too harsh after all she wasn't the one stuffing a giant black cock into someone's extremely tight pussy... Gwen could hear the moans and groaning going on in the room right beside her and as she tried to ignore it and enjoy her game of Dog Island it wasn't really helping when her body was beginning to act up getting all wet while her nostrils could just feel the aroma from the two in the bedroom it was intoxicating her little underage mind into thinking dirty thoughts. She slowly put down her controller as she sneaked over to the bedroom door which was slightly open like back then with Amy and Michelle having their fun yet this was so much more with penetration and rough animalistic sex almost like they were both in heat it was a shock for Gwen to be the one on the watching end seeing how it all was going down and how the cock was going inside that small hole she couldn't really believe she had been forced to do those things earlier and yet here she was getting so turned on by it with her body that she couldn't believe herself, though she did her best to justify it wasn't her own thoughts and ideas making her wet but more so her body betraying her seeing as how it has loved that big black cock inside it. After an hour or so of heavy smut going on in the room she could see they were about to reach their end and as such Gwen was panicking as she knew she didn't want to be caught once more by Amy as she knew what happened last time she could even still taste the jizz from her Breakfast earlier not to mention feel it all over her chest, she quickly and as quietly as she possibly could she went back to her console and kept playing the game trying her best to ignore her body's aching for that big nigger cock inside her heck she could feel how her body was shivering in anticipation while her nostrils couldn't help but keep breathing in the intoxicating scent from both women. "Geez... Why have my body become like this??... Stupid Amy..." Gwen hadn't realized that she was actually laying down on her stomach with her ass up in the air while it was obviously drooling from her pussy due to the show she had been looking at with Amy and Megan heck the little jailbait ginger didn't even realize she was inviting to get fucked immensely by big nigger cock at least while Michelle was not home which was obviously most of the time so she was obviously going to get bred sooner or later like the white whore she truly was.
  3. I am looking to have someone play Mary & Jessica while I play as Oliver
  4. Found a 3D porn about a mom and son made by a person named JackerMan and fell in love with the mom character. Her voice, her plump, sexy body and her blood red lips are all amazingly sexy to me. You can watch the video, just type in JackerMan Southern Hospitality, and you should find it. Their is two of them, one just called Southern Hospitality and one Southern Hospitality-Sunday Surprise. Or I can send you a link. But here is what the mom looks like. Now I’m looking for a woman to play as the mom, that can copy her character well. I will play as a son character that fits my partners taste. If your interested, Message me or comment here.
  5. LeSane

    The Money Shot

    Scenario— A young woman in desperate need of money and with little support from her family, friends, not even her boyfriend despite his less than unenthusiastic efforts. She looks for other means to support herself while dealing with her school debts, her job barely paying enough as is she seeks other means to get money quickly, and without having to work too hard. Looking online she stumbles upon an ad looking for female talent, and they pay upfront. Even though it looks rather sketchy, she goes anyway soon finding out that the one who put it up is from one of her classes. My Character is an art major looking to be a director though not in the way most think as he gives her the proposition of his job offer. He wants her to be a porn actress as he already has a few of her fellow male classmates who are also in need of cash. My character explains that she'll get paid upfront for doing a scene with one of them that day, and if she feels up to it she can come back and get paid again. It seems simple enough, right? Though the thought of what if people see the film, she gets noticed on the street, or worse her boyfriend learns she's doing this?! Other information— This is going to be about your character doing what she has to to make money while keeping a lid on it, and maintaining her normal social standing the best she can though I see it either going with your character seeing the money and allowing this 'job' to take precedence over everything else as she feels like a star once its open to the public.
  6. In Japan a big company working in the Idol business is having financial issues. The boss has the idea of taking advantage of a young girl whose sell start to fade. He start to trick her doing swimsuit/underwear photoshoot before perverting her totally, eventually breaking her in public livestream. You'll play as the girl OR the manager/boss and other people of the company.
  7. Payne1074

    Trailer Park Trash

    This idea has a few variants: 1. I just moved into the trailer park after my wife divorced me, and my neighbors daughter has taken an unhealthy liking to me 2. Same as first but now I have an unhealthy liking to the neighbors daughter 3. I just married your good for nothing mother and moved in with you two into the already cramped trailer home. Good thing I want more to do with you than I ever did your mother 4. I am your new step father and already you want to steal me away from your mother. If you have your own ideas or variants of these prompts please let me know. I am open to most things, let me know and we can talk about it. I can't wait to hear form you!
  8. Hi! You are having a fun time here I hope! So, I was thinking about doing some silly roleplays. Lighthearted plots, where for example the mom would openly ask her son if her E cup tits are big enough for attracting young men or if she should go for the FF cup. The example aside, the story I am thinking about revolves around online dating. Maybe MC is swiping across some dating app and finds his mother there. As a joke, he swipes right on her. All was for shits and giggles until his mother swiped right on him too and they started flirting. The story progresses from there. The scenes will probably be short and obviously smutty. We will be adding more scenes, scratching different kinks and fetishes (if you'd prefer that), and elements to make the scenes hilarious or borderline cartoonish. That's about it. If you are interested, don't hesitate to shoot me a text! Have a good day!
  9. Yukina

    Son Supremacy

    YC is a young man in his 20's. Living by his father's house. But his father is almost always out. During this time, not only the actual wife is bored and ready to take, but the actual mother of YC, who was living very far is keeping in touch and still angry about her previous husband. The stepmother has some grudge about her husband being always far away and suspiscious about him having an affair. The mother is still holding a grudge about him dumping her and still being in need 2 milfs for one. Stepmother : Reiko Hasawa Mother : Yuriko Hasawa
  10. Hey there everyone I am really interested in doing an RP where I play the Dad who ends up feeling sexual attracted towards his own Daughter due to less Sex with Mom, this is just a quick craving I got but really wanna dive deeper into depravity with this~ So if any of you are really interested in this then hit me up in EcchiText
  11. I am looking for someone to do a Lady Marian x Gwen Hilda aka Fandom x OC I know it might be cliché but I do truly hope someone who has equal skills in writing wanna do this RP with me seeing as I just recently watched the movie and decided to watch some Porn of her and damn if she isn't just a beautiful Vixen~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gwen Hilda was just a small cat even though she was an adult she never acted nor looked like it through the eyes of any of the citizen of Nottingham even dear old Robin Hood mistook her for a child all the time and as such she had grown tired and annoyed towards such comments. Gwen had even gotten her attitude to match that of what people believed her to be which was a brat who was acting up too much around town with her not being on good terms with Prince John, however, after a long battle between John and Hood one came out victorious aka Robin Hood with all the stolen tax gold. Only weeks later had Robin Hood and Lady Marian gotten married and King Richard was finally back on the Throne, yet something was off about the newly married couple, none was the wiser about it but even King Richard had kept some secrets about Marian that only they knew and now Robin Hood was soon about to learn. Two weeks went by without anyone knowing what had happened but Robin Hood was acting much more shy and timid like a noble woman while Lady Marian was her usual self albeit a bit more seductive towards women as of late. Gwen now had gotten to curious and suspicious as to what was truly going on with Lady Marian that she sneaked into the house they had in the woods just Robin and her and as such Gwen knew that was the exact spot to figure out Lady Marian's secret and to her extreme shock she was presented with a giant throbbing cock from Lady Marian as she emerged from her hiding place already being caught by the woman. "Whaaaa!?. . ." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Now I wrote this Starter with the intention of not being Underage Character but I do wanna change that following a Continuation of this Post if anyone is truly into doing this one with me )
  12. Hello there! So I have been craving for doing some taboo roleplays lately, especially anything incestuous. BUT, themes such ageplay, corruption etc have been on the back of my mind as well. I will try to write down some possible scenarios, please EcchiText me if any of the ideas seem appealing to you. 1. Generic Slice of Life Incest The plot is just as it sounds. A normal family leading normal lives in some suburbs until MC begin developing feelings for his mother/sister/daughter. Primarily I am seeking a romantic consensual relationship between son and mother, which later develops into a dom-sub dynamic but I am fully open to other relationships as well, even if it comes to non-con and ageplay. 2. Office Roleplay: Boss-employee or coworkers YC is an ambitious youth looking for her big break. She is willing to do anything and pay any price for it, even if she has to climb the staircase of 50+ year old cocks with her mouth. Or, she is the office bicycle. Everyone gets a ride. Thanks to her, office parties turn into bukkake after a few drinks. She could be a homewrecker as well. The sweet guy who just got engaged to his highschool sweetheart could be her newest obsession. Until she gets him to rail her against a desk and be fucking addicted to her she won't rest. 3. Corruption YC is a religious figure or follows a religion strictly where she can't have sex before marriage. MC rips YC out of innocence and turns her into a double penetration lover. Brownie points if your character is a nun or a priestess. I would love to do a medieval setting where sex before marriage itself was a taboo with this plot. This plot will probably be non-con at the beginning, until YC begins to accept her reality. 4. Cheating YC is happily engaged/married to their prince charming, but she comes across this man at a party, or as her gym trainer, or at office who she can't stop just thinking about. On top of that, the man has been spoiling her with attention and good vibes. They start hanging out, a little more than just friends. One thing leads to another and he introduces her to the world of bdsm, awakening her sleeping desires to be used and abused. So, these are the plots I am craving for. If you are interested in any of these, or a possible combination of these please don't hesitate to shoot me a text! Hope you are having a good day
  13. Busterbugs

    The Betrayed

    This is a list of a rp that have to do with cheating. I normally don’t like cheating, but decided to give it a try and maybe could add some vanilla in it as the story progresses. Stolen Partner- This is a list of general pairings of a family member seducing a another family members partner. Mon stealing daughters boyfriend Dad stealing son’s girlfriend Sister stealing sisters boyfriend A stepdaughter’s lust-Your character gets a new step dad a very handsome older man who is just your type. You get jealous of your mom and try to seduce your new stepdad. Mother’s betrayal-This is based off a hentai I saw about son who saw his mom cheating on his father one day, shattering his image of his perfect mother. The father found out, which lead to fights and the break up of his family, causing him to view all woman as sluts in disguise. A few years later his father got married again and the son viewed the mom with disgust, knowing she would cheat given the chance. He decides to test her, trying to tempt her under the guise of a heart broken son who was starving for love from his mom. This could go two ways, taking a more vanilla route, were after receiving love from his stepmom he starts love her back or it can go darker with the son fucking her more and more, letting his anger out.
  14. MC is a middle aged woman married for some time. They run a small bookstore and to have a bit more money, they rent one of the room above the store. YC is a student between 20 and 25 years old who wants to get his hand on her. The woman won't be any seductive (not willingly) but coerced and gradually get into it. 3rd persona writing. Possibility to involve multiple characters depending on how it will go. Mary Hillsize (nicknamed Jugs by the neighborhood and male customers)
  15. Hiya ! I am trying to branch out of my comfort zone a little bit because my fandom-based RP bulletin wasn't super successful. I did get something from it which I am happy about, and while doing an RP revolving around that would be more ideal, I am willing to branch out a little more and try to go back to OC x OC lewd RP. I'm still using my persona OC for the RPs, and I am hoping that the RP can take place in the same city ( that would be Tokyo ). My idea was more along the lines of a cheating RP of some sort - while my oc wouldn't be interested in cheating on her boyfriend per say, she finds herself in a situation inwhich she can't really say no. She is naturally relatively passive and listens to what people tell her ( if they're older than her, even if just by a year ). I'm not looking for a big age gap between the characters, a year or two older is preferable. Again, my initial bulletin is the preferred RP, but I came up with this as like an alteration, as I would like to do more than one RP here at a time. Thank you for reading ! PS: If you know of persona and would like to do an RP among ocs that fits in better with knowledge of the game series and all that, that's highly appreciated and I would love to discuss it !
  16. In many ways, I'm your average 19-year-old. I go to college, I hang out with my friends, and I go on dates with my boyfriend. I'm fairly unassuming, and I've always been a bit shy. I have a tendency to wear baggier clothes and darker makeup, even though I've been told I have a pretty good body. As far as sex goes, I couldn't be less aggressive to save my life, despite having a highly stimulated sexuality thanks to growing up watching lots of anime, and maybe developing a mild porn addiction. The only really unusual thing about me is probably my long streak of terrible luck. --- "Hey hey, there's our girl! Why don't you give us a smile, or better yet, take off that hoodie and give us a flash!" Every day I have to work past this construction site on the way from my apartment to campus, and every day, these total jerks catcall me! Well, enough is enough. Summoning every ounce of courage, and fueled by annoyance, I march my way into the site and right towards the workers who always seem to have something to say. After today, they won't be catcalling me anymore! --- I'm laid on my back on a stack of steel girders, my hoodie and bra rolled up to my neck and my jeans rolled down to my knees. I squirm and mewl in meager defiance and poorly-hidden pleasure as one construction worker kneels near my feet. His head between my legs, he feasts messily on my pussy, lips and tongue assaulting my folds and my clit while I feel his scratchy facial hair against my soft skin. On the other side of me, another worker bucks his hips against my face, his thick, sweaty cock sliding between my pink lips. His balls smack against my face as he throatfucks me, and just as I feel his balls tighten, my own body seizes up. My thighs clamp around the other man's head as I begin to cum, just as I'm force-fed a thick load of cum. Both men pull off of me once they're done, leaving me a panting, squirming mess. "There, sweetheart, that oughta get rid of your bad attitude!" --- "Come on, Jason, we've read through the material three times now!" I liked my job as a tutor in the writing center well enough, but Jason was one of those students I always dreaded seeing. He was your typical "jock" - handsome, charming, but noticeably lacking in work ethic for anything that didn't require throwing or catching a ball. He came in to see me twice a week, and whenever he did, I could tall any plans with my friends or boyfriend would have to be delayed, or cancelled outright. "Look, I'm sorry, but this just doesn't make sense to me. It's like I can't focus in." I ran a hand through my hair, trying not to sigh with frustration. "Well, what can we do to help your focus?" --- "Ah, hah, shit, ah..." Plaplaplaplap My tiny tutoring "office" was filled with the sounds of bodies clapping into one another. Bent over my desk, my asshole was stretched around Jason's cock as he plowed me. My eyes were crossed, vision blurred as the overwhelming pleasure of getting my asshole thoroughly wrecked blocked out all my other senses. I hadn't even realized I'd cum already, staining my legs all the way down to my thigh-high socks, when he hilted himself one final time and let the floodgates open. Warmth filled me as Jason pumped my ass full of cum, a glob of it leaking out of my stretched hole as he pulled out. "Whew! Thanks! I definitely feel ready to keep studying now." --- I feel that thoroughly establishes the tone I'm looking for: secretly kinky girl keeps getting caught up in instant-loss situations, and loves every minute of it! Why do so many people jump on her ass, and how does nobody ever find out what kind of slutty things she's doing behind her boyfriend's back? Who cares! This is role play, let's have fun and get silly. Kinks: Dubcon turned con, public sex and general degeneracy, rough sex, spanking, ass play of all kinds (spank it, eat it, finger it, fuck it 'til I can't sit down), creampies, ageplay, sloppy blowjobs/cock and ball worship, monster/beast partners, hyper play (cocks that bulge out my stomach and balls that hang down past your knees), weird cocks, dirty partners (smelly, sweaty, covered in dirt and grime), mild watersports (piss inside my ass or pussy, nowhere else, plz-thx <3) Limits: Gore, violence, puke, snot, scat, vore, feet, pregnancy Now, what would I like to see from you when you message me? First off, please put some effort into your reply! I want to see that you're interested in building up some fun, sexy scenes, so please don't just give me one or two sentences asking if we can RP. Bring some ideas of your own to the table, or tell me your own kinks and limits to get the conversation rolling! I also prefer using image references for my character, so if you could, take a look through this album and tell me if any of the gals within strike your fancy. I'm using this to help us get started, but also as a way to gauge who is actually reading my entire post
  17. galacticmud

    just a mud's cravings!

    current rp slots: 0/15 hello there! ♡ my name is galacticmud(21), but please call me mud! i use she & they pronouns and i've been roleplaying for around eleven years. it's such a pleasure to make your online acquaintance! i adore roleplaying and have been doing so since the ripe age of ten! i am only interested in writing and roleplaying, so i would prefer if you didn't flirt or call me pet names outside of the roleplay. (but i'm also happy to just chat if you'd like to become friends! i am a pretty descriptive writer, and i categorize myself as an advanced literate to novella literate writer! my replies are typically six to eight paragraphs long, five sentences each. i am looking for writers who can write at least five to six paragraphs. i only roleplay in third person, so please don't pm if you only do first - apologies! although i am a switch, i am currently interested in roleplaying against dominant writers currently while i play submissive. i have many plot ideas based off of drawn photos, which i will be linking. i only have a few plots where i will be playing as dominant, they will be listed! anyways, here's some ideas i've been craving! (all photos listed in my plots are NSFW so please be warned!) the class of sin | mxf | i don't particularly have a set idea for this, but based off the profile i was thinking of this being set within the ages of 1900-1909. sex is still a very taboo subject, but there's still the expectation of a woman being able to please her husband. mc would be a young woman who is being introduced into the dating scene and has been signed up for classes that teach young women how to please their husband. yc would be someone who participates in the class to hell these women learn, and begins to form a sexual and romantic bond towards mc. (i play submissive f) orc and elf | futaxf | again, i don't have much of a plot for this one since there comic it's based off of is pretty straight forward - elf princess explores her sex drive and faux innocence with her new futa orc bodyguard. i'd love the help of someone else to bounce ideas around and form this into a full plot! (i play submissive f) after service | mxf | mc is a married woman, a loving mother and a christian woman. she is devoted to god and loved going to church, however she seems to have a problem with her church's new priest. yc, her churches new priest, is also a pornstar/camworker. mc is very familiar with yc due to her own dirty secrets, and goes to confront yc after service only to be put in her place by a much more experienced man that her husband. (i play submissive f) the witch | mxfuta or futaxf | mc is a witch who's lived within arms reach of the daughter/son of a farmer, yc, watching from afar. it isn't until one night when her lust magic backfires on her, mc decides that she's done watching and sneaks up on yc (who's innocently picking herbs and berries from the woods), enticing yc to come to her home for tea and sweets only to feast upon them the second the door closes. (i play dominant futa) the retired orc | mxfuta or futaxf | mc is a renowned orc general who's just retired into a simple farm life, relocating in the mountains to live a simple and happy life. because she served her kingdom so well, the king of the orcs decide to bestow her a forced wife/husband - a kidnapped elf (yc) who is now mc's new spouse. mc is very soft with yc, not forcing them to do anything until yc catches mc pleasuring herself and becomes curious of their supposed relationship. (i play dominant futa) lovers of sin | mxfxfuta | this will require my partner to play two characters - so unless you're comfortable with play two characters please disregard this plot. / mc is a demon who's forced her way into a church in a small town and has made it her new home, tainting the once holy place with her presence. the townspeople, tired of the demon, contact local exorcists to drive mc out of their town. ycs, the exorcists - one new, one experienced - do not believe the rumors of the demon being there and are taken off guard when the demon seduced them into sin. (i play submissive female) the human queen and elven king | futaxm | elves and humans have ravaged war for eons, however with a new king and new queen in charge the two decide it is best to put their differences aside to create peace. the human queen, yc, and the elven king, mc, decide to go on a walk throughout the elven kingdoms gardens to discuss their treaty and with the elves lack of belief in clothing - things take a turn neither of them expected. (i play submissive m) that's all i have for now, ecchitext me if you are interested in any of my plots, or have a plot you think might interest me! when texting, please please please put effort into your messages! first impressions matter to me, and if get just a simple "wanna rp?" message it'll seriously turn me off from wanting to roleplay with you - actually put effort into plotting with me please! i look forward to roleplaying with you!
  18. Hentai Video: https://hanime.tv/videos/hentai/ane-wa-yanmama-junyuu-chuu-1 | Hentai Video: https://hanime.tv/videos/hentai/ane-koi-1 | Link Idea: https://twitter.com/OfficialMaxine/status/1403311803959066630?s=20
  19. Hello bitches, bros and non binary hoes!!! Today we are doing our first Adult Manwha review. Manwha are Korean webcomics that tend to be in color and usually have long-form stories. In comparison, Hentai manga tends to be mostly made up of one-shot stories with a few exceptions to the rule. This what first pulled me into wanting to talk about Adult Manwha. I really enjoy following characters for a long time and seeing how things develop long-term. Getting into the series we will be looking at today we are discussing a series called "This Doesn't feel like me"(My Stepmom) or as I would like to call it....what happens when you find a milf in the trash can. Because this series is one of the greatest and most entertaining burning piles of trash I have ever witnessed. Story Where do I even begin? A guy gets a new hot stepmom who is secretly also evvvvvill with a plan to destroy his rich family. They're a bunch more stuff that happens throughout the story, but that is the main plot. The series has a lot of cheating, deceiving, and of course lots of spicy sex scenes. Characters Jin Woo is a young adult male who has never had sex in his life. He has been rejected multiple times by a ton of women for his lack of sexual ability. Despite growing up in a relatively rich family he has remained sheltered and forced to live with his father. This of course changes when he gets his new step mom who teaches him the more finer elements of life. Seoul Yeon is the young hot milf who joins the family. She starts out seeming like a nice woman who only wants the best of the family but as the story goes on she becomes more and more manipulative especially as she takes a liking to her new step son, Jin Woo, as she uses his in her attempt to destroy the family and still his father's money. Sung Ho is the father of Jin Woo. His is the chairman of a big business and is quite wealthy. He is naturally the first person to catch on to Seoul Yun's escapades after she continuously refuses to have sex with him and even drugs him before taking money out of his wallet. Yoon Ji Park is the girl who ends up dating Jin Woo. After talking at a bar the two immediately have sex. Using the skills that Jin Woo has managed to learn through the previous few chapters Yoon ends up becoming Jinn Woo's first girlfriend. The two end up having sex multiple times after this. Some more spoilers on this character Ha Yeon is the young woman who is working with our milf. The two craft a devious plan to get rich. In the last 3 chapters we get a scene between her and Sung Ho when after being very sexually frustrated decides to have sex with Ha Yeon. She obliges deciding to use this as a chance to get more information on what is going on with her sister. This leads to a scene in which Sung Ho attempts to keep Ha Yeon around longer by saying.... "Can't you become a Gold Digger just for me?" ..... Truly iconic!! Sex This series is filled with scenes of teasing. There is a line about squash, a nice thigh scene, scenes of a character wearing very revealing outfits, but there are also these interesting sex scenes that happen when it comes to Jin Woo in which the girls attempt to teach the young man how to have better sex. Sooo I guess if you are a person who wants to learn about how sex works I guess this works xD. A lot of the sex scenes in this series can range from great, fun scenes that really add a new level of hotness to sex scenes where you are like...I mean...yall could have just talked this issue out, but alright I guess we can fuck and talk....sure... And then there are the sex scenes that are filled with tension because these characters always have to push the limits on how far they can take things. Probably the sex scenes that fill the nicest are the ones between Jin and Yoon, but those are of course ruined when you start to realize that Jin is kind of a douche. Art It very pretty looking. I love the colors all throughout. The way every sex scene pops with sound effects immersing you into each of the scenes is honestly wonderful to look at. This is pretty natural as most of these types of manwha have really great-looking artwork and I really love looking at each panel on its own. Issues The characterization of Jin Woo is all over the place. The boy first seems pretty shy and innocent about a lot of things. Not just sex but you get a sense that he is super sheltered. This is why he is perfect for the stepmom to manipulate. But over the course of the 25 chapters, the guy has really become a massive douche which all culminates in the explosive chapter 25. Also Sung Wo I felt pretty bad for. I know he some rich billionaire but daaang is his agency really stripped from him a lot through the series. Overall Thoughts Okay so like....as trashy as this series is I won't lie and say I was entertained. This story is a trainwreck that you can't stop reading. Every chapter I keep wondering what is going to happen next. Will Yoon and Jin stick it out or stay together? Will Joon learn to be a better boyfriend? Will Seoul get found out and sent to prison? All of these questions are keeping me reading, and I can't wait to see what will happen next!!
  20. Naruto Alternated Universe I am looking for someone who is able to play the girls from Naruto and even alter how they act due to scenarios changing in the Naruto Universe from the Canon of the Show, basically I am going to be playing my Naruto OC who is half Uzumaki and half Yamanaka he would have been on Orochimaru's team with Anko and whoever their third teammate would have been. Basically things go the same all the way up until Naruto is born that is. In this version Minato and Kushina is still alive and takes care of Naruto, Sasuke can though not requried to have one of his parents, also Sarutobi aka Third Hokage died when sealing Kurama inside of Shinobu Yamanaka ( my OC ) who is roughly around Kakashi's age and even helped him along with an injured Obito to save Rin, basically Akatsuki later on is going to be controlled by either Nagato or Orochimaru instead of Tobi aka Obito. Now the thing I am looking for in this huge worldbuilding long-term scenario is Story mixed with Smut since I want Shinobu Yamanaka to be fucking the girls throughout the show with help from his lover Anko who is partially damaged due to Orochimaru leaving her so she wants to figure out whether her lover Shinobu will do the same if something 'better' shows up and gives him this little test only to find out she finds it hot that he is fucking those girls and women in the city while no one knows about it other than them
  21. In a fantasy kingdom, the King takes a new queen. MC will be the queen and YC will play as a regular male servant, taking advantage of the fact that the king is always out hunting or doing other stuff to start assaulting the queen. Gradually she get addicted to be fucked and her servant progressively share her with other members of the court, till her final public fuck, turning her into a public cumdump.
  22. Hey there everyone, I am finally back or at least somewhat back to my usual routine on here with Roleplaying with a bunch of horny people xD Anyway today I am actually having an old craving of mine which is nothing to do with Ageplay at all OwO So yeah what I am looking for in this scene is someone to play two females, one a tomboy girl who does a lot of fitness who is the lover of a 23 year old guy and after some time together like a year or so they still haven't done a lot of sexual activities together, unknown to his lover he is looking at videos online where a guy fucks another woman while his lover watches he knows that if she saw it she would be furious, however, on one of their dates at a restaurant she sees that her lover's pc is on and stopped on a certain video which she watches. After their lovey dovey restaurant time together they get home and begin to cuddle together watching a movie or doing whatever as she then asks him about the video and such, he obviously gets super nervous until she shows interest in him having rough sex with another girl so they can learn more and have such a sexual relationship as well. So if you are interested please do shoot me an EcchiText and if you have questions ask them in the comments down below~ Can't wait to hear from some of you all~
  23. Mayu Makinami

    Mayu No School Life

    I want an extreme/taboo lolicon rp featuring 1X year old student Mayu living a normal school life with her kind girlfriend/roommate Akane and her other friend Rei (a crossdresser)..but things go very wrong. Stalkers, being the uke to a sadistic bully named Ryuko, and being stalked by a yandere named Kasuko. She can return to normal by snuggles from her duo of besties. She and her friends are orphans, calling each other the Roommates Club, living in the mansion of sadistic Sojiro.
  24. So, this is an idea I totally just got off one of my favorite hentai's: Saimin Seishidou This is the story about how a school counselor held an assembly where he mind controlled all the students to thinking that if they were going to pursue any form of intimate relationship, then they would need to talk to the school's counselor about sexual conduct. What the students don't realize is they are being raped and fucked senseless while their boyfriend watches thinking that it's what they should be doing all along. Feel free to have your character be anyone from the school and we can craft their "lover", however you want. I'd like my character to be in his late 20's. Let me know if this interests you.
  25. I am looking for someone who is open and willing to try and play as multiple characters at least 2 characters in the RP like for instance Chi-Chi and Goku or Bulma and Vegeta or something like that, I do want to discuss this some more considering I want to play my Original Character called Rashuba who is a Saiyan King from another universe where Frieza was defeated by the Saiyans and such. The overall idea is that Rashuba ends up heavily injured and transported to another universe or maybe the more canon one Universe 7 where one of the Dragon Ball Girls takes care of him and ends up developing feelings towards him, whether it is Bulma, Chi-Chi, Android 18, Videl or who it is doesn't really matter as long as it is still cheating I am open to suggestions as well from people who seems interested in this RP I do want it to be kinda like how the one I am doing with WritesNaughtyStories is, since it is long in replies though I don't mind shorter replies in this one just not much shorter, you know?? ( if you have any questions about anything related to this RP then do not hesitate to write to me on EcchiTexts or even in the comments right here since I am approachable so don't worry there~ ) So I do hope someone wants to do this with me though I am going to be quite busy these next couple of days but I will reply back but only start new RPs up when the New Year rolls around~
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