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  1. Neptune

    Lexi Jayne Heart

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lexi Jayne Heart Age: 25th April 2541 (Earth year). So she is 23. Gender: Female. Religion: None Species: Taru'zenari. Origin/Nationality: Stoke-on-Trent, England, Earth, Earth Alliance. Specialty: She is a fully trained space pilot with some emergency survival skills. Universe: Andromeda One Universe. Time taken: Earth year 2564. Physical Appearance Height: 5ft1 Weight: 149lbs Eye Colour: A deep, beautiful blue. Hair Colour: Light blonde hair. Physical Description: Lexi is a slender individual, with long slim arms and legs. She has a hint of muscles on her, although she is slightly stronger than she looks due to her genetic heritage. She has wide hips, and F-cup breasts that give her a pronounced hourglass figure. When she arrived on the island, her skin was extremely fair and pale, due to long hours without being in direct sunlight to develop a tan. She has a beautiful, angled face with beautiful Keza’marakian blue eyes. She has high cheekbones, and a natural rosy flush to her cheeks. Her hair is blonde in colour, and is straight and long, going down to the small of her back. In her hair, there is always a blue butterfly ornament. She wears it no matter what she is wearing. When Lexi came to the island, she was wearing a rather functional jumpsuit, despite the fact that she was taken while asleep. It hugs her body tightly, almost like a second skin. It helps protect her skin from injury, as it is made from a tough and durable material. She also has a pair of heavy, steel capped boots that protects her feet from injury. Her jumpsuit is quite waterproof, and good at keeping her dry. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: She is a shy, but sweet girl. Due to her shyness, she can find it hard to deal with strangers, but becomes more confident once she gets to know them. When in a dangerous situation, she can sometimes forget about her shyness and become a leader-like person for people to follow. Her first concern is always the safety of others. She likes to speak and hang out with friends on occasion, but really loves sitting at home quietly reading a good book. Lexi has always preferred her own company to that of others, but tolerates it from time to time as sometimes the presence of friends comforts her and makes her forget her worries. Due to her nature of putting others before herself, she often worries about other people, even if she doesn’t know them that well. She will neglect herself if someone else needs her help. Lexi has a good affinity with animals, and tends to get along with them better than people. In the bedroom, Lexi can turn into a cock-loving, cum-craving little slut that is generally open to doing anything new at least once. Lexi is an unselfish lover, and tends to allow her partners to love and fuck other people, providing she can do the same which is an unusual attitude for a human. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: She is a skilled pilot, if a little fresh out of flying school. Lexi has a good attention to detail and can catch small and fast movements with her eyes, which are skills she uses heavily in flying. She has some basic survival skills, such as how to make a shelter, how to get clean water to drink and how to catch small animals. Lexi is quite athletic and flexible, with good stamina from training she did at flying school. Lexi has average skill as a hand to hand fighter, and is reasonably good with a hand-held weapon of her time. For a human, she is able to take cocks that are of a larger size, which is unusual for her species. Also, due to her Keza ancestry, she has a unique reproductive cycle for a human. She knows when she is at a fertile stage, as every month when she ovulates, she goes into a heat like condition but the need for sex isn't as strong as for a pure breed Keza. Lexi has average cooking skills, and usually needs a recipe book with her to get a meal correct. Weaknesses: Despite being slightly muscled, she is not that physically strong and can be overpowered by a more powerful opponent. Her hand to hand skills are average at best, so again, can be overpowered by a more powerful opponent but she can hold her own. Being human, she tends to be a lot weaker than other races, as well as slower and less agile. Being mortal, she is vulnerable to killer blows, especially in the usual spots of weakness for humans such as the neck (Spinal Cord). Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To become a pilot for an exploration vessel. Lexi also wants to, one day, settle down with a husband and have children. Hobbies and Interests: Lexi loves flying ships, as that’s her passion. She loves spending time alone, especially when she has a book with her. Despite her shyness, she loves sex and usually puts out on the first date. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially with the risk of getting pregnant Making love to someone she has deep feelings to. Making love to someone she doesn't love, or even know. Rough, lust filled sex especially when she's very horny. She really likes it with a Mako, dominating Coda, or a Zeta. Having multiple partners Sex in public. Her partners being tactile, such as touching and groping her. It makes it feel even more intimate for her, which further turns her on. Turn offs: Being abused, and her partner(s) being violent towards her Gore, Vore and Necrophilia Scat and Golden showers Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: F-cup Sensitivity: Sensitive Additional Sexual Information: She is quite sensitive and she can be made to cum quite easily. She can also take cocks that are much larger than humans easily, and she has a reproductive cycle more similar to that of a Keza than a human. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: James Heart (62) Mother: Lily Heart (58) Siblings: Jackie Peterson (29) who is a married stay at home mother. Grandparents: She never knew her grandparents as they died before she was born. Place of Residence: None at the moment. Pet: None. History Awards/Commendations: Best flyer of a graduation class of 152 students (Number One Graduate) Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: She has been healthy her entire life. She hasn't even had any broken bones that have had to be dealt with. Bio: Born in 2541, Lexi is the youngest child of Lily and James Heart. She has an older sister, whom she idolised as Jackie was an extremely popular girl at school. Due to Lexi’s shy nature, she hardly had any friends, and had quite a lonely childhood. Her parents tried to encourage her to socialise, but Lexi had trouble fitting in with anyone at her school, and was usually bullied for being the shy child. So Lexi spent most of her free time reading as a child. However when she was six, her parents took her on a spaceship to the moon, a rare treat for the family as they rarely could afford holidays. Lexi immediately became fascinated with ships, and even went to chat to the pilots when her family came upon them at the Lunar Cafeteria. Since then, Lexi studied as hard as she could, hoping to one day fly in the graceful machines across the Galaxy. Her parents encouraged Lexi’s fascination, getting as much help as they were able to afford. They felt it was a good career path for the little girl, who would otherwise spend her life poor. When Lexi left school at 18, she immediately enrolled to a Piloting school, which was funded by the Government as they needed pilots badly. Other students had come from wealthier backgrounds and had an advantage over Lexi, but she buckled down and worked harder than anyone. The girl dated a few men during her time at school, and lost her virginity when she was 18. She discovered that she loved sex as much as she loved piloting. Strangely, it didn’t harm her grades at all. In fact it improved them as having sex was a good way to clear her head and improve her reaction times. At the age of 22, she graduated with the highest score in her class, which was a huge achievement for her. Her first assignment was a passenger liner, which at the time she didn’t know would be her last.
  2. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Talivana. Age: 2,500 years Gender: Female. Species: Eldyrannth. Origin: Therarr Mountain’s, the Eldyrannth City of Vorserend. Nationality: Eldyrannthian Occupation: Eldyr High Guard Specs Ops. Rank/Title: Eldyrannthian Crown Princess Physical Appearance Height: 6ft4. Weight: 154lbs. Eye Colour: Gold. Hair Colour: Pitch black, slightly curly and to the waist sometimes tied up at the neck with a golden hair tie. Physical Description: Human form: Slender yet has the body of a fighter with toned muscles. She has a full and curvy figure with D-cup breasts, flat stomach and lush thighs on her long legs. She is very beautiful looking- delicate and exotic looking, almost cat like with a graceful looking angled face. Her eyes are slightly angled with a nose and mouth that are proportional to the rest of her face. She has pointed ears which are large enough to reach the top of her head, with a few bone spikes along the rim of the ear. On her arms are gold gauntlets that go up to her elbow. They cover the back of the hands and cover her fingertips. Embedded in the gauntlets are the coloured crystals. Dragon form: Western style dragon that is white with gold eyes, gold claws, spikes, gold tail fins and wing membrane. Ageing and size: Every 100 years, Eldyrannth’s have a growth spurt of, on average, two metres. The wingspan is, on average, four times the length of the body. So as she is 2,500 years old, she is 50metres in length and has 200metre wingspan. (For some prospective, that's half a football field as the length of the body and two football fields long for the wings. She is slightly smaller than the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Jumbo Jet, with a wingspan almost 3x the wingspan of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft) Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: When people treat her with respect, then she will be kind and friendly to them and give them respect in return. She doesn't like it when people lie to her and will be very cold to those who do, even to the point of shunning them from her presence. She can hold a grudge for a long time, however, if the person who had done her wrong apologises and means it, then she can forgive and forget, depending on the circumstances. Since the murder of her entire race, Talivana has become less self assertive due to the crippling blow that she suffered that day. She hates being alone, and finds the silence of her mind overwhelming and sometimes scary. Talivana tries to hide her fears from everyone, only suffering in private. She now cannot stand to be in a crowded place, finding the noise disturbing to her, as it only serves to remind her that she will no longer be within the group mind of her species. Since the incident, nightmares plague her sleep so often she has a short fused temper from not being able to sleep well but she always tries to keep herself in check to avoid taking it out on anyone. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Strengths: She is much stronger than a human, so she can easily overpower them. In her dragon form, she can easily overpower a number of enemies at once or she can easily flee. She can heal a lot faster than other races and she has access to the crystals that give her unique abilities which cannot be directly duplicated by others. Turn into a dragon: She is 50metres in length and has 200metre wingspan. (For some prospective, that's half a football field as the length of the body and two football fields long for the wings. She is slightly smaller than the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Jumbo Jet, with a wingspan almost 3x the wingspan of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft). In this form, she can breathe fire, fly and use her claws for lethal attacks. Her tail, with the shark like fin, can be used as a rudder to steer in both aquatic and aerial situations and is extremely powerful. Crystals [For more information, consult the Extra Info]: The coloured crystals that she has are as follows: Grey: This allows her the telepathically link to the crystals that she uses on her gauntlets. Gold: This crystal allows Talivana to help control the crystals she uses and to put in set pre-programs. Yellow: Increase speed and agility and able to do Air attacks. Decrease in physical strength. Weakness to Fire based attacks. Spectrum colours in irregular veins: Draw energy from other sources and then be able to transfer that energy into the user. Black with white veins running though it: Used to manipulate the metal on the gauntlets. She has two, one on the back of each hand, imbedded into the metal of the gauntlets. Black: Defence. Repels magic and also physical attacks. Orange: Holds a large amount of energy. She has one on each gauntlet. Pink: Knowledge store where Eldyrannth’s can telepathically store knowledge for later use. Hand to Hand combat: She can fight hand to hand and in tight quarters, she is very athletic, however, she is not good at long range fighting. This can be used in conjunction with hand held weapons like daggers. Telepathy: As a naturally Hive mind race, Talivana is an extremely powerful telepath. She can handle the weight of tens of thousands of active minds. She can also communicate with people not of her species, but rarely opens her mind to them for fear of the damage it could do to them. She can also bridge a non-telepathic mind into the mind of another (Either telepathic or not). Telekinesis: She is able to move objects that are as much as ten times her weight. She has to concentrate very hard otherwise she will not be able to do it, or at least not very well. It is so precise that she could rupture a vein or artery inside someone's brain. However she has never used this ability due to the moral and ethical ramifications. Sorcery: Talivana is an extremely powerful Sorceress, even among the Eldyrannth. She has huge reserves of exotic energy to fuel spells, and can accomplish things that others would have no hope in doing. She also learnt from her mother, who drew upon the Royal vault of knowledge to give Talivana a wide range of spells to utilise. Fly high and tolerate low oxygen levels: Due to her one way breathing system (Like a bird), she is able to fly higher than other winged creatures as she is able to tolerate lower oxygen environments as she is able to extract oxygen more efficiently then beings with a two way breathing system (Like a human) Scales: Her scales are as hard as diamond. You would need a lot of energy to break through the scales. The scales are done small and in such a way that allows her to move. The scales themselves are not flexible. These are pigmented. Skeleton and Super-Human strength: Strengthened skeletal structure that has a high tensile strength and yet is nearly 20% lighter than a mammalian skeleton. In human form she can lift about 4 times her weight and in her dragon form she can lift twice her weight. Ichor and healing: When she bleeds the scab forms a resin looking covering over the wound (like a tree). This is to protect the wound from infection. She can heal in nearly a fraction of the time of a human and this includes broken bones. The Inchor in her blood is broken down to Chor (What she uses for the fire. See extra info for more detail) and stem cells. When in a battle and breathing fire a lot, her body goes into overdrive to produce more Chor. This in turn produces more stem cells for healing, and thus heals slightly faster. However this puts a huge tax on the bodies resources. Fire: Her body breaks down Inchor into stem cells and Chor. The stem cells go off to heal while the Chor reacts further to produce the flammable Gas of Chor. This is stored in a gland at the edge of the lungs, with tubes going up the throat to the top of the mouth. There is a small spark producer here, that ignites the gas to produce the flame. Inchor can he spat out alongside the gas, creating lethal napalm effect. The vapour from the liquid is also a heavy irritant and any unprotected eyes can be affected. This is why when producing flame the Eldyrannth closes their third eye lid which they have in both forms. The third eyelid is used in both aquatic and aerial activities. They can also spit out Inchor without igniting it to put a waterproof layer in something. However this is highly flammable. Stomach Acid: Their heart contains a left aortic valve so they can, willingly, redirect blood flow to essential organs like the brain. Also they can redirect it to the stomach increasing their stomach acidity so they can digest bone. When they produce too much they will sometimes throw it up. As they can do this on command they can use their own digestive juices as a defensive option. Senses: She have very keen eyesight and have advanced night vision. She has sensitive hearing and they have a sensitive sense of smell. Not only this, they can use their tongues like a snake and further distinguish scents from each other. They can do this on land as well as in water making them deadly hunters of all environments. Flexibility: She is very flexible and can climb trees easily, which she very much does enjoy doing. Weaknesses: Dragon Form: The under-belly is her weak spot as it is not made from the same material that the rest of the scales are made of, it is more softer and more hide like to allow easier breathing without hindering her performance. If she were to be struck at the right place (in between the rib bones and into the heart) it would mean instant death. Or a slow, painful one if the Inchor glands were struck as the Inchor is essentially their immune system. She cannot remain in this form for very long periods of time as she becomes more animalistic the more time she spends in this form. When flying, she is using up her energy and working her muscles. She must fly often to keep her endurance up so that she is able to fly for extended periods of time, and even then she needs to stop to prevent passing out or straining her muscles. Her wings may become damaged which will impede her ability to fly. If they are damaged severely enough, she will not be able to fly and will have to wait for the membrane to re-grow before she can fly once again. Cold (In dragon form)/Hot(In humanoid form): She slows down in colder weather, but also suffer when it becomes too hot. This is due in part of her cold blood as she does require the sun to regulate her temperature and if she is too cold, she tends to slow down. In hot weather, she becomes sluggish as she gets to hot and must cool herself down some way as she does not sweat like other humanoids. If she does not cool down, it could potentially be life threatening. Inchor and the Crystals: In return for the large amount of power gained from using the powers, over time, the crystals power turns the Inchor into crystal itself from the exotic radiation that the crystals give off every time they are used. As Inchor is a constant presence in the blood, this essentially crystallises the blood. In the later stages of this illness, as the blood thickens and the crystals scratch them from the inside out, it can become very painful. If death does not occur soon, the victim can ask another to end their life to end the suffering. The more the Eldyrannth uses their crystals, the quicker the blood turns to crystal. They are also more susceptible to infections the further down the illness they are. Most hope that they die of a virus then the crystallisation of their blood. Stomach Acid: This can burn their throat and leave it raw and irritated for a few hours or even longer making it painful to eat or drink. Combat: She is not a good long range fighter, so she is vulnerable to an attack from far off. Crystals: In order to use the crystals, she will need energy to do so. The more she uses them, the more energy she uses up. If she exhausts herself, she can pass out and leave her open to attack. Or she will lose so much energy that she no longer has enough to keep her heart beating and die. Telepathy: The Eldyrannth are a race that has a natural, telepathic, hive mind. This means that Talivana is an extremely powerful telepath and can hear a thousand voices at once. With people not of her species, she will not open her mind to them unless they gave her express permission. Her mind can overwhelm other races, and they can become lost in her mind easily. Telekinesis: If she tries to move more then she can handle, she can use up a lot of energy and pass out, even strain her mind. To be able to use telekinesis if she concentrates and if someone distracts her, she can lose what grip she had. Also, she may accidentally trigger it when she is angry and cause the person she is angry at fly away from her. Her telekinesis can be so precise that she can use it to crush veins and arteries inside someone else's mind. This can be taxing on her, but she never likes using this ability anyway. Sorcery: If she does a spell that far exceeds her energy pool, then she could completely drain herself of exotic energy which would ultimately lead to her death as Eldyrannth are, by nature, Exotic Beings and require Exotic Energy in order to live. So she must be careful to the spells she uses, so that she does not over-tax herself. Fire: She only has a limited amount of Inchor at one time and must wait for her body to produce more. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To get revenge for the death of her race. Hobbies and Interests: Training and studying are her main hobbies, however she does like to ride Aelda from time to time. She loves being in her dragon form and flying high in the sky and feeling the wind brush against her body. She also has a great love of painting, and it has been a hobby of hers since she was a young child. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Personal Sexual Information Turn ons: Having unprotected sex Making love with someone she loves deeply When she's in the mood, she likes to be fucked hard and rough Being touched in certain places, as she loves the feeling of strong hands moving across her body Turn offs: Being controlled Being abused, or someone being violent towards her Scat and golden showers Gore and Vore Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: D-cup Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: When Talivana is having sex with someone she loves deeply, she may draw back the metal covering her fingers. When her fingers are exposed, it allows her to stick to almost any surface. When getting very intimate with her partner, she will either interlock her hands with her partners, or hold onto their face. This would need to be done while facing towards each other. STD History: Clean Extra Information Father: Kayrin Eldyrannth. Deep purple eyes. Deceased. Adoptive Father: King Temaelrin Eldyrannth. Black eyes. Mother: Queen Jyavana Eldyrannth. Golden eyes. Deceased. Children: To be filled in. Adoptive children: Kaylarvana Eldyrannth. Blue eyes. Siblings: Princess Lyravana, Golden eyes. Talivana also has a brother that she does not speak about; Crown Prince Talrin Eldyrannth, Black eyes. Banished and dishonoured. Grandparents: Queen Kaliavana and King Xharin House: She used to have a small home on the edge of the Eldyrannth city. It is now destroyed and she has no permanent home. Pet: She does not have a pet, but she does have an Aelda horse, called Aena which means ‘Swift One’. He is 23 hands high and a snow white in colour. He is very muscular and he has a lot of stamina. He is very tame, and extremely patient. He loves running, however, and will take any chance to do so. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean, as far as she is aware. Medical Record: Her medical history has been quite healthy throughout most of her life. She is currently at Stage II of Inchor Crystallisation. Bio: Talivana was born to her mother, along with her twin brother Talrin. To the absolute horror of their mother, the two of them emerged at the same time, clinging to each other as they refused to go one after another. They were as close as Eldyrannth twins could be. One of the things immediately noticed about the newborn twins, were that they were sporting two hearts, unlike usual Eldyrannth. When they were extremely young, they had many tests done on them but other than the hearts, the Doctors were unable to find anything unusual apart from some strange brain readings but they were unable to pinpoint to the source. The twins were very healthy, active and intelligent. The two were extremely close when they were children, with them rarely being in a separate room from one another. The two were usually holding hands, and would often act as one person. There were problems in the family, though, and one point of major contention between Talivana and her brother. Their father was completely absent, and only came back every few years. And even when he was there, he usually only spent time with Talivana. Talrin grew to resent his father, but Talivana could never really understand the depths of his resentment towards their father. She had always loved Kayrin, even if she rarely saw him. As Talrin started growing older his behaviour began getting worse and he would often have autistic fits with both his mother and sister. When they were four, another man stepped into their family unit; Temaelrin Eldyrannth. He became their adoptive father, and took Talrin under his wing. As Temaelrin was a very vigilant and present father, Talrin’s behaviour began to improve and things became more peaceful around the home, where he was concerned. Talivana didn’t entirely approve of her mother bringing another man to her bed, behind her father’s back but it wasn’t really any of her business. She quite loved her adoptive father, and didn’t want to drive him away so kept her options to herself. She was just glad that her brother was better for it. As the twins grew a little older, they began to spend some time apart from one another as they diverged into separate interests. Talivana took more of an interest in the fight against the Daedra while Talrin had more of a scientific turn of mind. He loved doing little experiments and would read numerous scrolls on a large number of subjects, seemingly absorbing every scrap of information he could. While neither of them liked being away from one another, they occasionally had to, but would become distressed after a time. One day, when Talivana was twenty years of age, she had gone for a small walk in the mountains while Talrin was having some lessons with their adoptive father. As Talivana moved about, she smelt flowers and watched animals that scampered about such as rabbits and birds. However as the time round towards evening, with the sun setting over the mountains leaving her in darkness, she realised that she was lost. She had no idea how to get back home. She wondered among the mountains for a while, scared, lost and feeling very alone. As she wondered, she had the feeling that she wasn't alone; like as if she was being followed by a hunting animal that saw her as their prey. This only made Talivana even more scared, and she wanted nothing more than to run and hide from the monster stalking her steps, but the more logical part of her mind told her that, that would be a bad idea as it would result in her being even more lost. After several hours, she was tired and feeling that she would never be able to get back home. She collapsed down next to a tree, and curling up as she cried. Her sobs filled the quiet forest around her, and she felt as if the monsters were circling around her, watching her with hostile eyes. When she was sure that she was going to die, she felt a warm, comforting hand on her shoulder. She jumped slightly, before looking up to see a tall, cloaked figure. She couldn't see his face, due to how dark it was, and the fact that he was wearing a hood that covered his face in shadows. She couldn't even see the outline of his face. And yet, his presence comforted her and she felt that she knew him. “Come on, let's get you home Talivana.” The man said, and he had a distinct masculine voice. Deep, enchanting and he spoke with a definite Eldyrannthian aristocratic accent. He reached out, putting two gloved hands on either side of her head for a moment, before he pulled his hands away. He then picked her up and began to carry her through the mountains. Talivana finally felt safe, as if those monsters could no longer get her while she was being guarded by this strange man who she knew would never let those monsters near her. She dozed against his shoulder as he took her back home, and it wasn't long before she could see the soft glow of the city lights. The man took her as far as the city limits, before he put her gently down, before kneeling down before her, “Be more careful next time, Talivana.” He told her, his tone gentle with love. He leaned forward, kissing her on the forehead gently. Talivana wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tight, “Thank you!” She said, smiling happily. The man chuckled softly, before he gently pulled away from the hug. He placed a hand on the top of her head, “Stay safe, Talivana.” He said, before he turned and walked off back into the night. Talivana tried to see where he went, but he seemed to melt into the darkness. After a few moments she turned and ran home, to be greeted by her relieved parents. Talrin immediately ran to her, holding onto her tightly as if he was never going to let go again. Talivana didn't mind. In fact she clung to him just as tightly. The twins continued to grow, and develop together. Despite their different interests and career paths, the two twins were still extremely close. Before their telepathy began to develop, their minds were interwoven to the point where sometimes they forgot who was who. Talrin continued spending time reading and doing experiments while Talivana spent her time learning what she could from those in the Eldyr High Guard. She would spend her day watching as Eldyr High Guard soldiers trained with their weapons and battle techniques. Her interest did not go unnoticed, and a couple of Eldyrannth, Lyrerin and Xallavana, took her under their wing and started training her from an exceptionally young age. At the end of each day, she would return home and spend hours with Talrin, talking about what they had both done in the day as they exchanged information with one another. When Talivana was forty years of age, her telepathic and telekinetic abilities were beginning to develop. Her telepathic training went very well, especially when training with Talrin as the two worked incredibly well together. Together, they were able to do things that neither of them could do alone. For her telekinetic training, Lyrerin decided to take it on. He would take her to a grassy field where he would give her a smooth, black pebble, “Focus your mind on the pebble, and try to cause it to raise above your palm and hover there.” He instructed. The young Eldyrannth looked at the pebble, thinking that the task that he asked was easy as she had already done some unconscious telekinesis that seemed to work fine. However, those times were often fuelled with emotion and she did it without putting much thought into it. This was the first time that she was consciously trying, and it was not as easy as she had foolishly thought. At first, the pebble merely trembled in her hand which caused her to become frustrated until she screamed out, “MOVE!” The pebble fired from her hand to slam into a small tree that was nearby. The pebble not only fired out of the other side of the tree, but it caused the young sapling to explode into splinters that flew all over the clearing. Talivana stared at the tree in shock, before she then felt really bad for destroying the life of a young tree like that. She felt a hand on her shoulder and she looked up at Lyrerin, who smiled kindly at her as she felt that he understood, “Don't worry, Talivana. I once embedded a coin in my mother's wall.” He assured her, which made Talivana's anger melt away. She looked at the tree, regretting the damage that she had done. “Don't worry, young Talivana. You've made a mistake, but you've now got to fix it. Why don't we plant a tree to replace it?” Lyrerin offered, which made Talivana smile. They then spent a few hours replanting the tree that Talivana had destroyed. Once it was safely in, Talivana resumed her training, determined not to lose her temper like that again. Throughout her childhood, not only was Talivana close to her twin brother, but she was also very close to her father, Kayrin. He often took her out to a small waterfall that fed into a small lake when he came to visit. They would sit, laugh and play with each other. They would also frequently swim together. Talivana treasured these precious moments with her father, as they made her incredibly happy. When with her father here, they could both forget about the War, and be themselves. As father and daughter. When Talivana and Talrin were a hundred-and-sixty-six, they both achieved their full maturity. Talivana entered her first heat, which drove her almost wild with the urge to breed. She was going to try and grit her teeth through it, however her adoptive father convinced her to breed with him. It was how she came to give birth to her firstborn son, Taliaelrin. At this point, she was living in the military barracks, as she was still in training underneath Lyrerin and Xallavana, and it was not long before she applied to become part of the Eldyr High Guard. As much as she loved her son, she couldn’t care for him the way she felt she should, and so allowed her mother to care for him in his early years. By this point, her mother had droves of children to look after, and was delighted to be able to look after her grandson. Talivana visited him as often as she could, but knew that one of the ways she could care for him was learning how to protect him. She was granted her gauntlets, and weapons which she began to train in earnest. At this point in their lives, Talivana and Talrin spent more time apart from one another, especially as she was heavily involved in her training and he was heavily involved in his research as he was doing medical research. She was quite proud of what he was able to accomplish, especially when he was able to browbeat the medical community into giving him a medical license simply because all of their patients were going to Talrin, as he was the better doctor. Talivana's main training was on her fighting ability as well as her use with the crystals. She gained mastery of the basic crystals after several hundred years and started work on mastering the crystal that allowed her to manipulate air. As time went by, she noticed that Talrin was becoming more and more distant from her. She tried to ask him what he was up to, but he refused to answer to her. He spent a lot of time with a young Eldyrannth, five years younger than they were, called Lusravana. All Talrin was willing to say was that they were doing Scientific Research. Lusravana was the twin sister of a friend of Talivana's friend, Zhalrin. She found herself more in his company as the two of them were in the Eldyr High Guard. By the time Talivana was eight-hundred, both herself and Zhalrin were accepted as Spec-Op agents. The two of them were given specialised training in infiltration with the less advanced races, and how to effectively clear out a Daedric threat as well as how to send them back to their own realm through their dimensional lock. Both Talivana and Zhalrin made an excellent team, and often moved about Craethiel taking care of Daedric threats that surfaced from time to time. They also had the job of observing the local people, to see how they were progressing as a society. Humans were still deep within the Dark Ages by this point, however the Keza's, Mako's, Coda's and Zeta's were more progressive than humans. Not long after they had turned eight-hundred it was discovered that her brother was doing Daedra research and collaborating with them. He was stripped of his gauntlets and banished, along with his partner, Lusravana. While Talivana outwardly showed anger towards her twin brother, inside she was hurt deeply. She felt betrayed by him, and that was almost more than she could bear. It was more painful than any physical wound she had ever suffered. To try and forget her misery, she dived herself into her work. At the beginning of the year 1200, Vorserend fell, destroyed. Now, Talivana is alone, and seeking revenge on those who have done this.
  3. From the album: NPCs

    Clair Connor is the current Mayor for the City of Blackberry Falls
  4. Neptune

    Kat (Keza Form)

    From the album: Character Images

    Kat has had an eventful life, and has had her self confidence completely destroyed by what Aleksandr had put her through. Since that incident, she has become quiet and withdrawn whereas before she had been outspoken and loud. She only spends time with Xavier and Neptune.
  5. Neptune

    Scarlett Coda’demiri

    From the album: Character Images

    Scarlett Coda’demiri is the twin sister of Crysis Coda’demiri. They are characters in Manni's custom roleplay Moralia, The Manichean World. She is much like her father, Kaine Coda'zotoxi in personality. She's highly intelligent and codes hologame physics and interaction algorithms.
  6. Neptune

    Electra (2)

    From the album: Character Images

    Her full name is Emotive, Learning, Extreme Capacity and Totally Revolutionary Android, but it is usually shortened to Electra, or even Ellie. Electra is an Android, that has Artificial Intelligence and is consciously aware of everything that is around her and can react to new situations. She has the capacity to learn, and is learning all the time. She wants to be able to feel emotions like those around her.
  7. Neptune

    Lydia Mako'zotaki

    From the album: Character Images

    Lydia is the daughter of Wolfie and Kerry. She was raised by her mother, but she knows very well who her father is. She began having sex at a young age and has several children that are currently in good, loving homes. She is currently pregnant with Kaine's child. She is extremely submissive and cannot feel pain. Instead it translates itself to pleasure.
  8. Neptune

    Toriana (Blackberry Falls)

    From the album: Character Images

    Toriana is the twin sister of Kayne Keza'maraki. She is also the ex-girlfriend of Tripp's and was going to marry him. However after the Alekasndr incident, she fell into a relationship with Neko-Chan and began taking drugs. She also whores herself out and works as a stripper. She also manipulates Kayne into giving her money.
  9. Neptune

    Makayla Keza'maraki

    From the album: Character Images

    Makayla Keza'maraki owns and runs the Keza Corp Hospital. A Hospital that she has made sure would never deny anyone treatment, even if they come from the poorest of families. She has had one son with Tripp, but hasn't had any since. She has been to deep in her work at the Hospital and Research to have time for more children. She is an ex-Master thief, and an expert in breaking and entering high security facilities.
  10. Neptune

    Leila Misselbrook.

    From the album: Character Images

    Leila Misselbrook owns and runs the Kitsunetsuki, a whore house in Blackberry Falls. Here she allows customers to come in and unwind to the services of the girls that she hires. She takes very good care of her girls, and making sure at the same time that her customers are satisfied in every single way.
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