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  1. The world of Female oriented combat sports has evolved, mixing the flair of pro wrestling with athleticism of sumo comes an explosive new sport known as, "BATTLE BROADS!" 2 women enter the arena, it can be either a small floating platform in the middle of a pool, a balance beam over a pit of jello and lube, or even on motorized single wheel boards that zip around an arena, regardless the rules are the same. First one to touch the ground loses, and only the hips, buttocks, and breasts may be used to strike your opponent. The ladies each adopt colorful personas and battle it out in high-stake matches for fame, fortune, and the coveted BB Belt and the title of "Baddest Battle Bitch". Women from all over the world compete for the title, pushing their bodies and sex appeal to unheard of lengths in order to obtain any advantage they can get. That brings us to our current up in coming challenger, Mimi Marshmallows! She came out of nowhere and swept through the rookie league, making to the pros in record time and as one of the youngest competitors, seeing as she's still in High School. A bubbly clown girl decked out in full body paint and even a big red nose, she goes into battle in the traditional 2 piece bikini, naturally done up in garish colors and a large pair of clown shoes she typically kicks off before a match. Bold and brash, with a love of puns and bad jokes along with funny gags, Mimi's matches are always a hoot. It doesn't hurt that she's also well built, her arms and abs toned, her thick rear is round and plump, and her massive breasts impossibly perky, but there is one other aspect that draws in the crowds. She's a futa, and quite a well endowed one as well. While she's not allowed to use it in battle, the added weight aids in keeping her balance, allowing her to strike harder then most other competitors without risking a fall. Of course, Mimi has a secret. In her day to day life she's Milo Jaegerson, a shy, nerdy high school student with a flair of oversized turtlenecks and floor length skirts. She's almost paralyzingly shy and introverted, doing her best not to stand out in any way as she tries to focus on her school work. She got into BB as a way to stay in shape, and when she dons her makeup and costume it's as if she becomes a whole other person, someone who's everything she isn't. She's gone to great lengths to keep her 2 lives separate, even going so far as to wear a wig and glasses she doesn't need in her day to day life just to keep her privacy. So the idea here would be YC is either a fan or a fellow competitor who discovers Milo/Mimi's secret, from there we can either take it to a dark place or play up the humor or even work in a sort of romance story. I'm down for anything really.
  2. Basically a slightly gender swapped version of Weird Science, a nerdy girl or girls decide to try their hand at building the perfect virtual boyfriend, only to end up with a magical wish granting futa who decides her purpose in life is to make her new Mistress or Mistress's happy, successful, and popular, no matter how wild things have to get! Big opportunities for comedy, smutty goodness, and genie/monkey's paw style shenanigans.
  3. The basic idea is MC is a rather inept supervillain with a habit of making double entendre's and is really more of a nuisance then a threat. However he has the misfortune of being paired against an exceptionally brutal superheroine played by YC. She takes pleasure in not just foiling his schemes but also roughing him up quite a bit. Eventually she decides to take things even further, taking him into custody and "rehabilitating" him herself, by any means. I figure there's plenty of room for all kinds of crazy shenanigans, and of course everything is up for discussion.
  4. So this idea comes from that age old tidbit of knowledge that steroid use causes genital shrinkage in men in exchange for larger muscles/bodies in general. But what if they developed a reverse version? A steroid that caused an adult male to revert in appearance to that an adolescent but caused extreme growth of their genitals? The idea is a college guy has to take these pills for some medical condition, but still has a healthy sex drive despite his youthful appearance. He seeks out female partners, really taking anything he can get from MILFy teachers looking for a cute little play thing, to co-ed's looking to experiment. This is definitely an idea designed to be played up for laughs as well as smut, and I do want to say that all parties would be of legal age regardless of appearances.
  5. Kai Ichimasu

    Cream Pies for sale!

    "Hello Miss, I'm here going door to door on behalf of the world famous Globo-Sweets Corporation, a subsidiary of Bettys-Baby-Batter International, to offer you our new and dare I say the most delicious dessert to ever darken your doorstep! It's the new and improved Custard Cream Pie! Yes you heard me right, the Custard Cream Pie is back and the great folks over at Globo-Sweets want me to make sure every woman in the country has the chance to try this masterful bit of baking! We bring them straight to you, hot and creamy, just waiting to fill the empty hole deep inside of you! Don't believe me? Well then listen to these testimonials! Karen from Salt Lake City Utah says: "I just love how the creamy goodness fills me to the core!" And Suki from San Francisco California says: "My Sister walked in on me getting my cream pie and was so shocked she just had to have one herself!" Heck even the husbands are impressed, just take the word of Ryan from Gary Indiana: "My Wife, Daughters, and even My Mother just can't get enough of these Cream pies, it seems that salesmen is over here every couple of days!" So there you have it Miss, that many satisfied customers can't be wrong! So what's it gonna take for me to get my cream pies into you today?" I really don't think this needs that much explanation, but I will because I'm cracking up laughing as I write this. Basically MC plays a somewhat overenthusiastic Cream Pie Salesmen, he's literally selling pies, but he seems to have a knack for double entendre, and he's pretty easy on the eyes. Who knows, maybe a lonely housewife decides she can't get enough of his cream pies? XD YC of course would play the role of one of his female customers, perhaps she's a lonely housewife of frustrated single woman, looking for a thrill or simply bored with her current romantic life, so she seeks out a thrill with this fast talking pie salesmen.
  6. Kai Ichimasu

    Date a Kaiju!

    "The world has been invaded by a massive beast, more ancient and powerful then anything mankind has ever faced. Capable of destroying entire cities and even nations by itself and immune to even humanities most powerful weapons, it seemed as if all hope was lost. At least until researchers discovered something, the beasts DNA wasn't to far detached from that of humans, in fact it was close enough to give them an idea. Despite it's monstrous appearance, the creature was close enough to mankind for cross breeding to be possible, in theory at least. The researchers believed if they could acquire a sample of some reproductive material, they may be able to breed a new kind of super soldier capable of battling the creature! With their plan set, they only needed a way to attract the beast, some way to arouse it's interest in something beyond destruction, and thus the crudely named THOT Corp was formed, gathering the most beautiful, brainy, and talented women the worlds militaries had to offer with the singular goal of seducing a 400 foot tall monster." I think the idea speaks for itself, MC would be playing the monster, YC would be one or more of the girls in the unit tasked with seducing him. He'll seem like a mindless brute at first before eventually revealing high levels of intelligence as well as other abilities. To solve the incredible size difference we'll either have him shrink or the girl(s) grow, more details can be discussed via messages. I also have a related idea involving the hybrid offspring instead, if giant monsters don't float your boat.
  7. So the idea for this one actually comes in the form of 2 possible perspectives. Number one, YC plays a Lonely Housewife who hears a noise late on Christmas Eve and goes to investigate when she stumbles upon MC, a version of Santa Claus. Naturally she has some questions, but once she's convinced he's the real deal she decides what she REALLY wants for Christmas, is to have her Stocking Stuffed with care. X3 Perspective two involves more or less the same thing, except YC is the daughter of said Lonely Housewife instead, who catches her Mommy getting her Stocking Stuffed by Santa. She's changed by the event, and the next year she waits up for him, wanting the same thing her Mother got last year. After all she's been so good, she deserves to get some naughty fun. As usual these are pretty barebones plots, we can discuss more in messages, and by no means will you have to play 2 characters if you don't want to. I'm looking for someone to play the Mother OR the Daughter, however if you feel like playing both I won't say no.
  8. I have been dying to play with some sort of monster girl, really anything other than a vampire, succubus, or werewolf. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with those types, I've just done too much of it! I'd absolutely love to be the slave of a haunted house full of horny monster/ghost girls, being used for their pleasure and what not. I'm willing to play a monster myself, perhaps some sort of Frankenstein-esque creation, and I have very VERY few limits. Hit me up and we can discuss things further.
  9. "Congratulations on the new house! Nothing like owning your dream...fixer upper home! Oh you're gonna love it, a big backyard that just needs some TLC, anyone can patch a hole in the roof, and just look at how well the drainage system works in the basement. Barely any water down there at all! Okay so the new home was a shit hole, but it was dirt cheap since the last owner mysteriously vanished. Some say he was a weird guy, a supposed scientist who was always tinkering with things. He had some wild claims that he could train insects to handle all sorts of jobs, but he also kept to himself so no one seemed to care. At least until one day when an explosion rocked the entire neighborhood, how his house was still standing was the real mystery, but ever since then no one had seen hide nor hair of the mad scientist. Of course not long after weird things began to happen, small items going missing from around the neighborhood, animals acting weird, women getting the strangest feeling they were being watched even while alone, but it was probably nothing right? After all the explosion probably just rattled folks a bit, things will go back to normal right?" Okay so the idea behind this one if your character is the new owner of a dilapidated home that she plans to remodel and either live in herself or flip for big profits. The problem is, the old owner is still around and doesn't plan to go without a fight! He's found a way to alter his size at will and isn't afraid to use it! How knows what shenanigans may occur!
  10. Kai Ichimasu

    Let's Play a Game!

    I'll lay down the bare bones of the ideas, everything is free to use and up for discussion, PM me if you're interested! Oh, and I am only looking for Female Partners! Idea One: Sexy Saw! 2 People wake up trapped in a room, a voice comes over a PA system/TV in the corner, telling them that they will die in that room unless they complete a series of challenges. But instead of the horrifically torturous/disfiguring games from Saw, these are much more sexually charged and lewd. As the games unfold more info is revealed about the unwilling players, and what they've done to earn themselves such unusual fates. Idea Two: Bored Games! 2 friends find themselves with nothing to do and decide to dig through a stack of old board games, eventually coming across an old one neither of them recognize. They decide to give it a try, only to find themselves stuck in a Jumanji type situation where strange things start happening the more they play the game. Their bodies changing, their minds altering, all with a lewd twist naturally, and the only way to get back to normal is to finish them game.
  11. https://rule34video.com/videos/3058454/bonbon-and-chuchu-derpixon/ I was just watching Derpixon's video with BonBon and ChuChu which got me thinking that what if they both had massive cocks that they used on contestants?? The premise here would be more of a Comedy Aspect I want it to be full of puns innuendoes and the likes while also still having the Dark Kinks so yeah still Ageplay with Rape as usual but what do you expect from me at this point so yeah the Idea is pretty simple. Gwen is going to a Carnival on her own since she has been allowed by her parents, after all, she needs to learn to be independent at some point well that didn't age well with them now did it?? So Gwen goes to the Carnival only to get tricked by BonBon and ChuChu acting all friendly with her having her try out their 'Games' You pretty much know where this goes~ So yeah not much else to say there any and all Ideas are welcome in this one hope to hear from you all soon hehe~
  12. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Deepanddeeperstill. Overall premise: Two unusual people get paired up by the adventurers guild as both of them have been asking for a partner to do jobs with. The roleplay will mainly focus on the fun and action packed adventures, coupled with slice of life and humorous shenanigans of the odd pairing of a sassy goblin paladin and a minotaur spellcaster. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- It is around noon and the main room of the guild building is fairly quiet and with most members away for now. One of the newer members, Beatrix Shattershield, is one of the few of her kind who has earned the position of a paladin. She aims to both smite all of the evildoers and their minions, as well as making some decent coin. As most goblins, shiny objects are one of her personal weaknesses, though not to the point where she switches side just for mere coin. Wherever possible, she will acquire such gain whilst keeping her oaths and codex intact and unspoiled. Most goblins favour light to no armour and small weapons, mostly to be agile, fast and dexterious. Beatrix, on other hand, very much prefers being heavily clad and even more heavily armed. She approaches the taller desk, so she has clear her throat to be seen by the human standing there, who has yet to notice her."Excuse me! Down here! Yes...you! I am reporting here as requested. Beatrix Shattershield! I was told I would be partnered up by now", she tells him, already seeming like things to go swift and smoothly. Hopefully, he will make no comments about her height, which is still below goblin average. Powers (let us say we both pick up to 4): Smite evil Pure faith Blessing Purify
  13. A crazy, silly and ridiculous rp. It takes forced orgasms no a epic level.
  14. Howdy! I am in desperate need of some experienced roleplayer(s) who like to put story and character interaction first and smut second. Gender has no bearing on how well someone roleplay's so it doesn't bother me what you identify as. I am however, only comfortable roleplaying as a man with the other roleplaying a woman, just cause I write best from what I know. I love character creation, world building and plot direction but I prefer something that feels natural and fluid, so I like for things to be driven by the character(s) and their interactions. I'm not looking for something specific in terms of genre or plot but I gotta have some sort of conflict or overarching narrative. I have a hard time being invested in short-term one-offs because not only do they lack meaningful conflict, they also don't make me feel very invested in the roleplay. It can be dark, light, slice of life or romcom or really anything, as long as there's some sort of overarching narrative/conflict. I gotta have that spiceyness to the rp for me to be invested and I very much enjoy creating things with my rp partners~, which also makes me feel more invested. Last but not least, I have a hard time replying to anything less than two paragraphs. Maybe it's just me but I rarely find single paragraphs or less to be reply conducive. Proper grammar, decent spelling and reply conducive para's is my kink ~ If you're an experienced roleplayer looking for something with more than just smut, if you like talking with your roleplay partner about the characters and progressing story, please feel free to send me an ecchitext! I will be eagerly waiting ^^
  15. LovelyLem

    Lovin' The 90's

    Matthew was running to his class one morning, having woken up late, not gotten enough sleep, and getting caught in traffic - it was safe to say his morning had been delayed, and he really needed to hurry to class, or he'd get penalized. He'd be marked tardy in... exactly 41 seconds! He had to hurry! He ran through the empty halls, though as he was turning the corner, he hadn't quite caught the wet floor that would now sit in front of him, and he unfortunately slipped on it, his fall feeling like it was in slow motion, and the numbing feeling of his head hitting the solid floor beneath him was the conclusion to his morning. He woke up with some people surrounding him. One of which was a girl he'd never seen before, the other was a teacher, who again, he'd never seen before. It was a big school, that wasn't too weird. The two helped him to the nurse's office, and the teacher spoke to the girl. "Alright, y/n, I'll let Mr. Gutierrez know you're busy so you don't get marked down absent. Hopefully he'll be okay." And with that, the two students were alone in the nurse's office. Matt sat up and rubbed his head, ready to get going to class - only realization hit him like a brick, and he soon realized he wouldn't be going to Mr. Strait's class. Mr. Strait wasn't a teacher yet - the calendar on the wall read 1997, and the girl who sat in front of him had a Sony cassette deck attached to her backpack. He had somehow glitched the matrix (which ironically didn't exist yet!) and went 24 years back in time! //This is gonna be a long term between two adult seniors in High School, I have some ideas for what will happen, but mostly, I want this to be a romance/slice of life. I use Discord most, hopefully you'll be alright with using it. I don't get web notifications very well.
  16. A Girl Fell from the 2nd Floor Hey there you guys today I am doing something that used to be done on anime amino but hasn't happened in a long time. And that thing is hentai reviews. So fellow degenerates I present to you my first review of a hentai series. Story! Yes there is one!! This is a nine episode series that follows, Sousuke, a man who lives in an apartment complex by himself. However the few interactions he does get is with his landlord, and the woman living right above him who is always practicing being an a actress. One day while rehearsing her floor falls apart and she lands right into the arms of our main character, and their sex adventure begins. I would definitely say that this is undoubtedly an ecchi series in the form of a hentai. The story is filled with many fun mishaps and legitimately funny moments. The episodes while short (each episode is about five minutes) are filled with loads of fun moments rather that be the great beach episode, some fun scenes with characters in yukatas, or a date at theater. There is a lot packed into these chunks that really adds to you connecting with the characters. Speaking of!! Characters They are absolutely wonderful! Sousuke while hesitant isn't a bland main character. He is aware of the situation he is in and has a lot of fun with it. In all of his scenes he is very expressive and energetic. He is always aware of his actions, and the feelings of each of the girls he is around. He is a very perverted character without coming off as a complete asshole. (Although at times he definitely is). Undoubtedly one of the better hentai protagonist. Cute outfit! Suanao Unyu is a girl who knows what she wants, knows how to get what she wants, and knows exactly what type of protagonist Sousuke is. I love her! This girl not only bangs this man once but climbs into his room at night while he is sleeping with another girl and fucks him while the other girl sleeps. It is truly incredible. Now for me on a personal level Yuki Shimuzu isn't my fav. She kind of starts out having that whole super strict thing going on. You kind of get tsundere vibes from her. Which isn't a bad thing, but she just isn't as enjoyable for me. She also isn't hot as Unyu imo either. But she does have a few really great moments and she does develop over the nine episodes. I like what she represents for Sousuke as she is the character that he most desires from the start while Unyu was probably meant to be second place in the battle for his love. Overall don't hate her, probably would date if she was real, but for the enjoyment factor for a hentai series there are other harem girls I prefer. That it right? Nah. We got one more girl. Apparently another girl was simping for Sousuke's good man cock and wanted nothing more than to have a good taste. Yuzu Hanazono is thrown at us in the last two episodes of the series, and definitely feels unneeded. Yuzu had been going around saying she was his girlfriend despite him saying she wasn't. But that doesn't stop Sousuke from getting his dick wet from her. Personality wise I really like Yuzu. She is very hyper and a super simp, but she is also the most anime of all of the characters in this story. She is super fun, super sweet and lovable. If you ask me she is top tier waifu material!! Animation Okay so I think we all know the animation is hentai isn't generally groundbreaking in anyway. These are shows made for cheap for the most part. The series is animated from a studio called Comet. They haven't made much else from what I could tell, but they are already putting out animation on the level of Bunnywalker. I meant it is really good for a hentai series. And it really does a lot to add to the sex scenes. Talking on that.... Gonna be some spoilers..I guess. I am going through each scene by scene talking about them. We won't be going through all of them just some notable ones. The Sex So we get a sex scene in the first episode as our boy puts his cock in this girl right as she falls onto his lap and immediately begins to bang her. This whole set up is perfection as far as tantalizing its viewers. Because you see my fellow weebs a fun sex scene might be good for all of you, but a sex scene with a good setup is just amazing. Now some people may argue. Oh but it is so short. And while I understand that sentiment I found it to be a great length. Sex is great in hentai, but sometimes one scene can drag on for a bit too long, and while I also wish this could of been a bit longer I also can't deny what it does give was very sexy and tantalizing. Rather that be the ass shots, the boob shots or anything else it really worked for me. 5/5 Episode 2 has another short scene with Yuki Shimuzu. And I didn't really like this one much at all. Not because of Yuki but because of Sousuke. While I do like this idea of fucking a girl in her sleep I thought the way Yuki went about it was really distasteful. It something I never really enjoyed most of the time in shows like this. I mean come on hentai protagonist show some restraint. But hey at least the characters do always call him out for his lack of restraint in each scene. 1/5 "A booty call for real?" So in episode 3 we get another great sex scene with Unyu. And this is when she became a fav for me. This is the sex when you are sleeping scene done right. (Even though Sousuke isn't sleeping). It is even better than his landlord Yuki is sleeping right next to him which only adds to the hotness of the scene. 5/5 In the next episode we get a sex scene with Yuki. And this sex scene I really liked a lot. The setup was pretty great and I love it when anime logic is used. Literally this girl's shirt just explodes randomly for no reason showing her bra. It is in a freaking closest with the two trying to hide and fuck. I mean this sounds pretty tantalizing to watch and it really is. 4/5 So now I am kind of going to skip ahead to the final three episodes. In episode 7 we get a great sex scene in a theater where Yuki and Sousuke are watching Unyu perform on stage and this were we get our first ever public sex scene in the series and the best part was Unuyu knew about it and approved. it is absolutely amazing and shows Yuki has changed a lot to actually be willing to do something so daring. It is a great sex scene and I love it. 5/5 This episode also introduces Yuzu and gives her a sex scene, but while her personality is fun I don't think this sex scene really adds a lot. Sousuke watches her through a hole without her knowing before Yuzu catches him and immediately fucks him. It is fun but nothing to write home about, and as I said Yuzu is pretty rushed 3/5 Dialogue So before we start to wrap up I want to bring up the dialogue or at least the translations. Because I think this hentai really is a laugh because of the subtitles on it. I assume they are meant to be official because they are the same on the big hentai sites but who knows. But the show has some amazing lines rather that be... "Don't be a pussy and get this pussy" "All I need is a little honk" "Thank you Mr Dick" 'Please don't get dickstracted" and finally "No pricking with your prick" Truly all quality lines. All worthy of Oscars. Overall Thoughts Yeah I like this show. It fun, goofy and I loved spending time with these weird characters. Really enjoyable. The sex might be a little pushed to the side for the characters, but the characters are fun and their sex scenes we get with them are really fun too. I gotta recommend it overall.
  17. (One possible protagonist appearance -- others can be found in my gallery if you need inspiration) I'm looking for a partner with few or no limits who wants to star as the hapless heroine to an irreverent long-term adventure or slice-of-life that never takes itself too seriously, despite revolving around the 'dark' theme of rape. To illustrate the kind of tone I'm going for, imagine a typical comedy/fanservice anime. The kind of show that probably has an episode where the girl(s) go to the beach, and an unruly giant squid gets way too friendly -- there may even be some implied rape happening off-screen! Despite experiencing what should be considered a traumatic event, the character moves on fresh-faced for her next adventure (which will surely also see her being molested) with no long-term repercussions. I want to do something like that, but of course with all the naughty stuff described in delicious detail. This will be an open world that we create together as we go, and you can do as you please. The setting could be anything from fantasy, modern or sci-fi. The character, as described above, will be an airheaded and wholesome girl who does not seek sexy situations, but is always found by them. Despite being raped on a near-daily basis, she remains naive and forgiving to a fault, moving forward with a smile. You may also switch between multiple characters if you want some more variety. This part can be negotiated or entirely left out, but since the whole fun of this is putting dark content through a lighthearted lens, I think it would be fun to play with death in this RP too. We would simply decide on a respawn system of some sort, and that would open us up to snuff by monster vore, or giant insertion, or other things. Afterwards the character could just respawn somewhere and be like "Ouch, that wasn't nice" or something. Finally, I hope that you will not view yourself as a mere 'passenger', in this -- join me in the driver's seat and contribute your own ideas along the way! If this sounds up your alley, please get in touch and we'll brainstorm the details!
  18. I'm absolutely awful at making up plots and ads, but I hope my RPing would make up for it. So, as the title implies, I'm seeking to do some long term, comical romances for my Khajiit. There's plenty of options of how this might work; it's possible the harem is made up of apprentices of his, those trying to learn magic, alchemy, general combat, among many other things from this legendary Dragonborn. Perhaps they're already working for him in Sjel Blad Castle as guards or servants, or perhaps they're admirers of the Dragonborn and just used this as an opportunity to get closer to him. I'm very much hoping for a cute, sweet romance to develop between Ja'vassa and the girls that make up the harem. Though, I'm looking for more story than sex, but this can be discussed. I know the ad wasn't impressive, but again, I hope the roleplay itself would more than make up for it. This can be a 1x1 RP or we could have a small group, regardless, drop me a PM or response here and we'll see what we can do. I hope to hear from you soon!
  19. Terminal Laziness

    Love Shot -MxM Rp Request-

    I’m an assassin—and a damn good one at that. Sure, I only take contracts on targets that I think are vile, despicable people, but that doesn’t keep you from coming after me. You’re a private detective, and you’ve been on my ass since I showed up in your city, trying to finally get some information on the “Specter” as your ‘original’ homies in the law department have taken to calling me. One day we finally meet when I lure you to my old abandoned hideout. When you try sneaking in through the second story window and catch your pants on part of the roof and flash me spectacularly on your none-too-graceful-fall down, it was love at first sight. Or at first fall? First ass? You have a really nice ass—alright? Okay so maybe we didn’t even actually “meet” it was more like me stalking and staking you out until you showed your pretty little face—and you have a really nice face too. The point is, I find myself interested in you pretty fast, and it takes a lot to interest me (that’s a lie). I decide then and there that while you’re trying to chase a ghost (AKA: me) I’m going to have some fun with you, because why the fuck not? They’re pretty harmless pranks, not anything lethal like say—“accidentally” firing off a little love shot just a few inches away from that face I love so much while you’re trying to chillax in your apartment (btw nice heart boxers, didn’t think they made those in real life). You got to live a little, right? What’s the fun without any risks? I have plenty in more in store for you handsome, like let’s say, leaving you little (taunting) love notes in random places you visit, or perhaps filling your car with sex toy’s (got to start off your dildo collection somewhere, am I right?). Though perhaps I went a little too far when I decide to show my face (not that you know it’s me) at a cute little bar you like to drink away your sorrows in (because you’re that kind of cliche detective that I adore so much). Surprisingly, it’s easy to flirt you up (feeling a little frustrated... eh?), and we find ourselves tangled in the sheets together and boy did you impress! Unfortunately for me, I’m not the type to linger (though I definitely wanted to help myself to some seconds and thirds and fourths and—well, you get the picture). Though I do leave you a nice little present in your car when you wake up, a lovely note signed by yours truly—the “Specter—“ (it just oozesoriginality), and I may or may not have left you a nice big dildo on your drivers seat that reminded me of you and I couldn’t help myself (because what’s one more to the collection, right?). Now you’re even more pissed, not only did the (best lay of your life) Specter get away, you’re left with even more questions than ever before and you had me right in your grasp (and boy does your touch do some fantastic things to me). Unluckily for me, you’re one determined son-of-a-bitch, and you aren’t willing to let me go (who knew you were such a romantic?). However, when one night after running into some trouble (though I’m sure you’re probably wondering when I’m ever not in trouble), I end up getting hurt pretty bad (did you know that being shot hurts really fucking bad?), and you’re the one that I crawl back too. And despite all of the “pranks” I’ve played on you, you actually help me, nurse me back to health and for sure won’t let me out of your sight. Because despite how much you want to hate me (I’m just too damn lovable), you are extremely curious about who the mysterious “Specter” is behind the gun, behind the sarcastic facade, you realize you actually want to get to know me. And if all those little “love” notes didn’t clue you in, I kinda like your stupid ass too. Soon enough we’re teaming up (taking ass kicking names—wait—I don’t think that’s how it goes...), both of us trying to fight back the true (mushy) feelings we have for one another. And with more than one bad guy on our (albeit—lovely) asses, will we be able to set aside all our differences and truly come together? ~~~ Basically just about a goofy, younger assassin guy (me) who takes an interest in an older detective (you) and teased the fuck out of him while YC is trying to track the miscreant down, though they end up working together anyways after MC is shot and YC takes care of him and slowly but surely they start to fall for one another while trying to keep each other safe! ~~~ Your character—the older detective. My character— the younger assassin. ~~~ RULES/INFORMATION: 1. This is a descriptive, third person and mature roleplay. I'd like at least 2-3 paragraphs per reply, though more is definitely encouraged and I also tend to write a lot. You by no means have to match me, but please put in some effort. Decent grammar and punctuation as well. 2. Smut/sex will occur in this roleplay. I posted a preference thread as well earlier, but those are by no means all of the kinks I am willing to try. Please feel free to suggest your own if you wish to try something. For bed positions I'd prefer playing the uke/bottom and YC's the semes/tops. 3. Contribute! Please feel free to suggest your own ideas as the rp goes along, ask questions or just chat with me. I'm always open. 4. I will start this roleplay off for us. ^.^ 5. I like to write out simple character forms with their appearance/picture, name, age, and any extra information depending on the storyline. 7. This roleplay will also feature some dark themes such as abuse and other possibly triggering themes, as well as violence. 8. Shoot me a message either privately or down below if interested in this storyline! **My Preferences Link.**
  20. Sparrow_

    Angel x Human

    Hey all. I'm looking for someone to do an Angel x Human RP with me! I'll be playing the male human, while you'll be the female Angel! I'd really love for you to play as Esme from this character template. My post length will generally be 1-3 paragraphs, and I consider myself a fairly literate writer.
  21. Mysthero

    Mountain Resort

    Far away from civilization, secluded by mountain ranges is a hotel resort nestled at the top of one of the lower mountains. With wonderful slopes, natural hotsprings, lakes, and rivers, the resort provides a year round attraction for anyone who knows of it's existence. But if it's not the wooded trails, the swimming, or skiing that interests you, then the staff definitely will! They are trained in traditional and modern methods of providing either the pinnacle relaxation or the ability to sate any craving for adventure! The men and women who serve at the Glass Lake Resort can fulfill the craving of almost any client, all you ever have to do is ask. Come relax with us, or have an adventure! Or perhaps you crave something more enticing that's just beyond your reach? Let us help make your dreams come true! ----- Sounds too good to be true right? Or far too expensive for your average tourist? Well, you would be half right. The Glass Lake resort has catered to the rich and powerful for years but with such a small, discerning clientele... hard times are falling on the resort. Financially speaking they are having a difficult time keeping the lights on! The last owner has unfortunately passed away and the staff are worried they will lose their jobs and their homes without a guiding hand! Luckily the owner had an heir, maybe they can keep the Glass Lake Resort from going out of business? So I had this idea where someone who didnt even know they were related to the owner of the resort, ends up inheriting it! Along with all the debts that come with it! Also... there is something strange about everyone who works here... Looking for the new owner of the Glass Lake Resort! Let me know if you are interested!
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