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  1. HELLO THERE AND WELCOME TO MY THREAD! For anyone that happens to land here I wish you an enjoyable trip, I hope you'll like my little space. I'm looking for new partners to have some fun and relaxing time with. For those who are wondering I highly prefer discord, I think it's easier to follow, more organized if we want to create a server for our little adventure(s) and overall more appealing, that's my tag if you want to reach me there ( Leon B#9774 ) and if for some reason you don't like the idea, we can always continue through PMs here. Anyway let's talk about the important stuff! Kinks and limits: If you happen to find something interesting here let me know and we can build a scenario around these elements but don't worry, even if I didn't wrote down your favourite kinks in my list feel free to write me anyway, I'm quite open minded and I think that everything can be enjoyable given enough context... Well anything besides my limits of course . I also have a list of plots that I'd like to show you but if you want to create something entirely new I'm ok with that, I LOVE the brainstorming phase, talking about the little details is so much fun and I'm cool if we want to take 3/4 hours to define what we're about to explore. Anyway don't let me waste your time, here are the plots I was referring to and remember, long-term, slow building, realism and corruption are the key words here! Son's bully: Superhero's fall: Let's brainstorm together: Ok then, we talked about my kinks, my limits, my plots... what else? right! Since it's important to so many people I should talk about my writing style, I'm a semi-literate writer that usually can write between 2 to 5 paragraphs but to be honest as long as you're not a one liner I'm probably gonna be ok with it, I'm not here to write novels, I don't think that more equals better and so as long as you put enough effort in your replies I'm probably gonna enjoy our time together. Oh first person takes priority, but I can adapt if needed. Another thing, I love feeding pictures and gifs throughout the RP to better describe what we're doing, what we're wearing and what we're feeling and I hope you'll do the same, finding something that fits what I'm writing is usually really fun (IRL pictures please). I'm GMT+1 and I write quite frequently, usually I lose interest when I meet someone that can play for 1 or maybe 2 times a week. Anyway that's all, if this post caught your attention let me know, I'm looking forward to talk with you all.
  2. If you enjoy dark, twisted, role play's with equal parts smut and story Im your guy. Majorca themes involve : Age play, age gaps, ddlg, dub con rape, willing sex between taboo pairings, degradation, humiliation and corruption are all some of my favoriess Plot Ideas : 1. Desperate mother in need of a raise brings her young daughter to work in hope of gaining favor with her boss who has been known to take trips on the Lolita Express 2. MC is a teen youth pastor or guidance counselor YC is needy and easily corrupted 3. In the future feminism has been outlawed and women have become objectified like never before, even leading to a special Grooming School to train underaged girls to be the perfect sluts. 4. Gamer girl who wants to go pro gets sponsored by a toy Sex toy company 5. Young liberal white teen wants to do her part by helping black people get reparations, having no money she offers the one thing of value, her body 6. Serial killer kid naps a girl and tortures them in all kinds of ways. (This would be the goriest and most fucked up) 7. Perverse uncle is down on his luck and ask his brother to let him crash at you house if he agrees to help you recover from a injury you had during gymnastics 8. Social worker abuses his job to target single moms in low income housing to get them to let him molest their under aged daughters 9. A business man takes a trip over seas for work and brings his child not knowing that the outdated practice of child wives means he has exposed her to a land of Loli lovers 10. MC has a wife's that runs a day care for kids, but she doesn't know she married a creepy child molester. 11. YC is a lolicon demon that got sent to the human world on a mission to earn her horns, The equivalent of an angel earring their wings. she must find a corrupt humans to gain favor with with the demon king, MC is a closet p-do that had resisted the urge for years but now YC provided him the perfect opportunity. I really went get to convince him that she is a child and makes him feel like shit all the time hiding her demon form until she falls in love with how perverse he is 12. Child dr molest and rape little girls with mental disabilities that can't talk or don't know how to distinguish real from make believe.
  3. Far across the rolling plains of Stribari, tucked deep away inside the dark places of the Vonrial Wood and cresting the great hills stood the ancient cathedral of the Goddes Valdana, home to the disciples of her faith. The heavy footfalls of Hendrick Godblessed boomed across the darkened halls. Silver rays of light streamed in from the windows as he made his way through the temple. Without even so much as a knock, he stopped in front of a door and pushed his way inside. The sounds of his steps grew muffled against the carpeted floor of the High Priestess' private chamber. Smells of roasted meat, fresh baked bread, steamed vegetables and sweetberry wine wafted from a modest table set in the center of the room. A veritable feast laid before him, but Hendrick's eyes were drawn to the striking woman sitting on the other side. Winova Sirensong bore a figure that many would consider to be the envy of women everywhere. As one of the highest-ranking priestesses of Valdana, it was little wonder why. Boasting a curvaceous hourglass form with a full massive chest, wide hips, plush bum, face like a doll, and long glossy raven locks, the woman practically breathed sensuality. Her habit left little to the imagination with a shortened hem that flowed just to her knees and slits along the side that traveled up to her armpits with only a fine twine to keep the two halves together and doing nothing to hide the strip of unblemished skin that traveled up her thighs, hips, and sides. When she crossed her legs, as she often did, guests were treated to a full view of her leg, from calf to thigh to hip. And Hendrick suspect that she wore no underthings, a detail that easily distracted weaker men. "Evening, Keeper Hendrick. It pleases me greatly that you could join me tonight." She drawled, her voice low and smoky and contained a hint of lewd promises. Hendrick snapped his fist to his chest in a crisp salute and bent at the waist with a brisk bow. "It is always my pleasure to serve you, High Priestess. And while I mean no disrespect, it is not my intent to dine with you this evening." Winova raised an eyebrow at that, but otherwise said nothing. "I only wished to report that the vessel is ready. On the morrow, I will take the girl with me and prepare her for the arrival of our Goddess under the guise of taking care of threats to the Holy Order. When I'm finished with her, she'll be almost as slutty as you." Hendrick allowed himself the faintest hint of a smile. "Ah, perfect." She laughed. In the temple of Valdana, being a slut was considered the highest honor one could achieve. And she had no doubt that Hendrick could do it. She'd not named him "Keeper" for nothing. The man had prepared many Godling vessels to receive the blessings of the divine over the years. "Then go and prepare, my Keeper. Tomorrow begins a new age." She said and he left without another word, to sleep and prepare for the next day.
  4. This is the “love story” of a middle-high school pair. Your character is a girl who has been bullied by mine for years. Insults, getting things stolen, light physical harassment (tripping, light smacks to the head, things along those lines). It is a constant thing, you came to accept no one cared enough to stop it. You just had to wait for graduation and it would be over. Now though, as you get older it has taken a new shift. Sometimes he just stares at you, a few times he has slapped your ass as he passes you in the hall. That was just a warning of the coming day, the day that would change everything forever. Both of them ended up on a class field trip to a water park. For a while it seemed to be an ordinary day, both of them doing their own thing and having fun. Then, when he caught an eye of her in her swimsuit, he took it a new step. He waited for a chance she was isolated, out of sight. Then cornered her and fucked her, not caring how she thought about it. After that things changed, he looked at her differently, like she was his. He found more chances to take her, telling her how worthless she was, that no one else would ever love her. Love? Maybe she started to believe it, to want it. Pulled away from friends, family, towards the boy who claimed her. That’s the idea. Starting with the day at the water park, a girl being pulled into a relationship with one of the worst possible men for her, and worse, starting to love him and believe everything he says about her. Increasingly desperate for his ‘love’, gradually becoming a completely different girl. How far will she go (these are optional possibilities, if we are going dark, almost anything can be considered)? Runaway from home to be with him? Intentionally try to have his child/children? Be his living toilet? Arrange her friends/sister(s) to be raped by him like she was? Or his sister? Other suggestions could be considered.
  5. Currently looking for players willing to play girls looking to be transformed by my dominant male OC, physically, mentally and emotionally. Corrupting sweet & innocent girls, tapping into their inner primal sex drive and become perverted cock-hungry, cum-thirsting sluts believing it's totally natural. Breaking and humiliating bitches, dommes, and amazons who need that chip on their should taken care of with some climaxes and dickings, channeling their frustration to do whatever their master wants to relieve themselves of that raging itch. Transforming skinny, unattractive bodies into curvy, busty, hyper-sexualized ultra-models who make lesser guys collapse from their lewd body language. Mighty warrior women, skilled assassins, crafty magicians, and devout clergywomen, made vulnerable with perverted combat tactics until they are taken by the dick of the master and finished off in a estacy-filled stupor and made to become slutty versions of themselves for their victor. Any of this sound like fun? Then look me up so we can have some fun!
  6. CherryHeathen

    The Ultimate Corruption

    Please be sure to have read my preference sheet!! I will NOT do pure smut. The role play MUST have story. I will be playing the female character, looking for someone to play a male character. This scenario features a soft, plush, cinnamon roll of a woman who finds herself kidnapped by a prolific seriel killer. She isn't his type, and he didn't want to take her.... But she walked out into the alley he was in when he nabbing a victim. What else was he supposed to do?! So, he had grabbed her too, and tied her up elsewhere as he did his thing with his intended victim. Then he would return to retrieve her. ^^^ that's the starting idea. The final result is that she becomes so Stockholm Syndromed by him that she begins to kill as well, turning them into a deadly pair. How we get there can be worked out as we go of course. I will be playing the female, named Opal. I'm very excited for this plot so if this interests you please reach out!!
  7. Hello all! Spin off of the Vbucks idea but into vtuber world where I infect the first vtuber I meet. (I only know bao, numi, etc)as they get corrupted and Controlled by me for a big controlling harem plot. All female characters. Oc or known vtuber are welcome
  8. CherryHeathen

    The Darkness Blossoms

    Hello! please be sure to check my preference sheet before messaging. id also like to see an example of your writing style when you reach out! i ask this of everyone so i can get an idea of how you write. i use bio sheets as well as face claims and sometimes photos to display clothing or locations. i require a photo of your character and at least a basic bio sheet (age name height weight etc) but more detailed bios are appreciated as well! here is the idea: a demon turns a woman into a demon after so many nights alone, her boyfriend off to do his business deals she finally caved and went out to a local club. it was here that fate for her changed... as she caught the eye of the demon king. he was out on the town, disguised as a human.... looking for his next prey. someone to toy with and use. and when he saw her. he knew. so the demon king took his time. making her fall for him, convincing her that her boyfriend was cheating on her. everything he did was to poison her mind against him... until one day the boyfriend comes home and shes gone, nothing but a note. the boyfriend tracks her down, and the demon king decides to try taking things a step further. he captures the boyfriend, using him as a tool to turn the woman into the darked avenues of life. crooning in her ear about how she deserves to hurt him, as he hurt her. he pushed her to do awful things and each time she did he fed her some of his power and darkness. continuing to do so until she turned from innocent town girl to demon queen- as dark and savage as he. blossoming into her true, deadly form.
  9. A open world take on nsfw Fortnite in game currency addiction, message me for more
  10. Deetox

    Family Breeding

    So, I have a super niche plot template that I would absolutely love to run with somebody if they happen to love each part of the niche. I want to roleplay either a young boy or a large man, a son/little brother or a father/big brother, that breeds with his mother/sister/daughter and makes another daughter. Then, they would raise that daughter together to be lewd and kinky like they are and share her together. The only requirements I'd have for this RP are 1. Being cool with or into the kinks listed above, and 2. being willing to play two or more females (not necessarily at the same time, but same time is encouraged). Every other detail I am open to changing or adding onto! I am content to play Dom, sub, or switch, I just want whoever plays the aggressor or instigator to be lewd, manipulative, and have an intense desire to corrupt the younger relative. I am very open-minded when it comes to ages and age gaps, so feel free to suggest your preference! And this is an open-ended plot template, so I would love to hear your ideas to flesh out the plot or your kinks that you'd want to integrate! Feel free to comment any questions or to send me an EcchiText if you are interested!
  11. To put this simply, I've been feeling a strong desire to play Tifa lately. Though, to be fair, I've always had desire to play Tifa because, let's be honest, there's a lot to like. So, probably against my better judgment, I've put together this thread to find someone willing to play one of the scenarios below with Tifa as the main heroine. The focus being getting into many dirty and perverted situations and getting her as messed up as possible. A word of warning though: I already have a bunch of romantic and consensual RPs going on and I really, really want to get a few RPs going that step away from those themes. So, if that's what you're looking for then perhaps it would best to move on. That's not to say that this RP won't have consensual sex in them, but that it may start off as non-consensual. It really just depends on the plot we go with. I'm also craving having "exotic" partners for my characters to get hot and nasty with. Generally, this ranges from non-human characters to human characters with some interesting alterations. Again, if this isn't your cup of tea, that's fine, no judgment. But perhaps your interest would be better directed elsewhere. As for expectations, I'm not really looking for a whole lot, but there are a few major things: --A Sense of Agency - One thing I hate is having a partner that feels like that can't or shouldn't affect the world with their character in any way. Stop that. I love a partner that realizes they have just as much control as I do. Go nuts. Do some fun stuff. Just stay within kink limits and don't take control of my character. --Communication Outside of the RP - I know it can be difficult sometimes--sometimes you just don't even think about it, I know, I do it too--but I would like to have chats and just general communication. If you're not going to be able to reply for a long period of time, let me know. I'll try to do the same. Discuss with me where you want things to go with the RP, let me know what you'd like to see. --Combat and Sex - Something that excites me as much as kinky stuff is combat. Including combat and sex together is something that can get me highly interested and motivated in writing. I love to write both kinds of scenes and I can really get absorbed into them. With this RP, I would like to see both and would love even more to combine them and see some Battle-Fucking, if you will. --Don't Control my Character - I think most of us feel this way. Our characters are the way we touch and interact with our RP worlds. Taking control away from that character takes away our sense of agency and it's horrible. That being said, there are a few exceptions I like to make. When it's a minor action that just slows down the RP, like being invited into someone's home and there's no reason for them not to, it's okay to make my character enter. Or following another character somewhere. Do I really need to write out that they follow for you to make it happen? Sometimes I also use a prompt such as, "Ash throws out a hard straight, but his left leg is taut and ready, prepared to snap a kick into his opponent's leg if they try to side-step out of the way." That means I'm telling you it's okay to make my character do as I wrote if your character reacts in that way. Plots Now for the fun stuff. That is discussing the potential plots and ideas for this roleplay. --Hojo's Breeding Experiments - The plot would revolve around Shinra's premier scientist having captured 7th Heaven's, raven-haired beauty and taken her back to his labs to collect valuable data on her. Tifa would awaken in a cell and be called to join Hojo on his observation deck. There he would explain to her how he would have a series of challenges/mission for her and if she performed well, he would release her. Now either he could tell her that these missions will involve promiscuous monsters and other things, or he could keep it a secret and act like he has no idea why they're acting that way. During the missions, he could do things to mess with her to see how the creatures would react to it and how Tifa will handle it. Ultimately, his goal is to cross-breed her with the most powerful of monsters and produce the ultimate being. --Breeding Materia - This one could be integrated into Hojo's Breeding Experiments or remain its own thing. This plot is also based on an animation I saw some time ago. The Turks have captured Tifa and taken her back to their headquarters where a new accessory has been outfitted on her neck: a choker with a bright pink orb of materia fitted into the center. This is a special materia that intensifies the breeding instincts of the wearer when activated. The Turks take turns dropping Tifa into some risky areas and activating the materia, taking videos and pictures of what happens afterwards, selling them for Gil. --Don Corneo's Mansion - This one might have a bit more normal partners, but I would still like to see the exotics. This plot would revolve around the scene where Tifa infiltrates Corneo's mansion in an effort to stop the attack on Avalanche. This could go one of two ways: she gets picked and is taken to Corneo's room to serve at his pleasure. Part way through, not willing to go all the way, Tifa drops the act and interrogates Corneo, only to get tricked and dropped into the sewers where his pet awaits. Alternatively, Tifa could be NOT chosen and ends up given to Corneo's men, where a possible gangbang ensues. Afterwards, Tifa beats up the men and bursts into Corneo's room where she gets tricked and dropped into the sewer. These are the main plots I want to pursue, with Hojo's Breeding Experiments being the prime contender. Of course, if you have an idea that's not here, feel free to pitch it. As long as it's within the parameters of what I'm looking for, there's a good chance that I'll be willing to do it. Tags: Non-consensual to Consensual, Dubious Consensual, Drugged, Mind Control, Dark themes, Bestiality, Impregnation, Monsters, Monster Cocks, Excessive Cum Possible Features --HP and MP - Since I'm looking for combat being involve in this RP, I figured it might be fun to include some resource bars for some light RPG fun. We wouldn't do anything too crazy, damage would be determined by how damaging we feel the attack should be. Like a light jab only doing 25 damage, but full-body punch doing 50 damage. Then when Tifa reaches a certain threshold of HP, she could be vulnerable to sexual actions. Basically, this represents that Tifa no longer has enough stamina to fight them off. Additionally, we could include an Arousal bar that fills with every lewd action an opponent does. In this way, you could choose to either beat Tifa into submission or lewd her until her lust spirals out of control. Just an idea.
  12. Kris

    A idea for a Club(hear me out)

    I was playing the NSFW game Corruption of Champions 2 and being wondering What if we create a group or club of roleplay that is kinda like CoC2? I'm new in this so I need help. The Main Story The story follows a Guild/Inn that welcomes Adventures and Sex Workers of any time to help build a town,every money and roleplay let's the town grow and make it better NPC In the game it would have NPCS Shopkeepers and Citizens of course But it would also have Enemies like Orcs,Goblins etc. This is area 1,so in other Areas you get more dangerous ones like Giants and Dullahans Encyclopedia of the world Self explanatory I also hope if we can add a Dice mechanic but that's beyond me. What yall think? Any ideas or can help?
  13. SlutHana

    Conquering an empire

    So i had an idea for a story about an incredibly powerful empire known as the land of gold is at war with a new powerful foe an alliance of monsters. This conflict is the greatest the empire has ever seen most of the resources are used up and it seems ut glory days are over as the war continues to rage on. With the monster alliance unrelenting attacks on the empire.The outcome of this battle will change the tides of history. So hopefully you'll contact me in the dm's to discuss this idea and flesh out the world. What i am looking for is someone who can be a gm and is comfortable in that role.
  14. 5 girls find them self completely naked on an unknown island. The first thing they hear is a announcer welcoming them to the sex game and explains the rules to them. In an hour hunter's will be released they outnumber you and don't get caught. Because if you do he gets to rape and once he cum's inside of you he claims you aa his property. So good luck finding an exit.
  15. DirtyDaddy

    More fun as a pet~

    From the album: Looks templates and Ideas

    Don't you wish you were this girl?
  16. This is an idea in a setting very very loosely based on the world of Fallout. A world where civilization collapsed and has only very recently begun to be reestablished in some places. The story will explore most of the darker aspects of such a world, the story is focused on a brother and sister, with no surviving family. Their parents were recently killed and now they are on their own and need to do whatever they can to survive. Both are reasonably well armed at the moment, knives, several guns with ammo. Eventually they need to replace/resupply them though. Both will quickly learn they can only trust each other, and they have to do anything they can to survive. Within the first few nights, the brother will cross the incest line, whether she wants to or not. Once crossed, it will continue. They will need to kill, both humans and non-humans. Both will likely have varying amounts of sex with the creatures of the wilds, sometimes more willingly than others. The brother will sometimes sell his sister for the night for money, or temporarily give her to others to avoid trouble (but will kill anyone who tries to keep her). Sooner or later, she is likely to have one or more of his children. Desperation for food may even lead them to cross the cannibalism line. Just about any line might be crossed in one way or another, in a story of love and survival for a desperate brother and sister.
  17. Lately I have been getting into lovely, fun and exciting kink of "bleaching", which basically means women exclusively into white males. I do not have a solid idea for a story to give you guys, but I can give an overall idea to a few images from my gallery. Generally I do want to avoid the following "themes": Mysogyny Rape or other sorts of non-con Evil or asshole characters Any sort of gore, blood or killling Hatsune Miku: Idea: She would be using her songs to deliver more and more pro-Aryan lyrics that helps other Asians emulate her Helltaker: Idea: The demon or demons begin to understand the superiority of the white human males in the human realm and aim to breed heavily with them. General White Cock World Order: Idea: The world getting a "world tour" where each place slowly gets to see the non-white males being outbred over time and the women growing white cock only Fantasy (can be done with gnomes/imps/elves/goblins): Idea: A proud and noble race within a fantasy world gets to discover and explore the joys of the white cock and let them get special laws and privileges within.
  18. Yukina

    Out of God's path

    A private and catholic institute reknown to accept only wealthy girls from 7 to 12 years old, girls only is having issues lately with her staff. Most precisely with one job...The previous janitor was an old women now going on retirement and in the short period of time before the school opening again after the summer break, they only could recruit a male janitor...YC. YC will be a regular looking average man, can even be a bit ugly, anyone not paying attention and have a whole world of young innocent girls to corrupt and to turn into private cum dumps. I'll play several girls/female teacher in the institute depending of where YC go. Several scene could be play, looking particularly for : Blowjob in the confessional Fuck in the gymnasium And more...
  19. So there was a hentai I read a while ago called ' Tsuma Omoi, Netorase | Let me steal your wife's feelings.' When I read it, I expected the usual trashy NTR story, but it surprised me as it had a good ending. Then there was a good reason for why it was all happening. It got me interested in wanting to write something like that— The premise of the YC is in the hospital for an illness that was meant to be terminal, and their significant other has no idea what to do and feels hopeless. An unknown entity (Grim reaper) offers your characters SO deal if they can cast a curse on both of them. It will save YC's life. However, there is a condition that has to be met— • For six months, YC must have sex at least once a month, or they will die. • The second curse is that YC's significant other; they are not allowed to have intercourse for six months. This is meant to be kept secret from YC, or the curse will lead to her death. We can discuss how it's going to happen, and plan it out.
  20. So I'm looking for people how are interested in world building and building characters. So I'd like a more story oriented rp than just a plot with sex scenes. Here's the world setting i had in mind So a solar flare hit earth destroying most of the world's electronics and causing fires and food shortages around the world. In the midst of this chaos people didn't even realize than something changed within the animals the flare changed them it made them stronger smarter. During the human conflicts the animals attacked conquered the female population thanks to their new ability to breed with human females once europe was turned into thr first animal nation. The remaining nations joined to fight back but with no access to modern technology the animals quickly succeeded in almost every battle. And now 5 years later Asia has fallen Africa has fallen and South America. Only Japan and the USA remain free human nations but things are not looking good since the animals have started evolve into anthros and mutate into monster like creatures. So a solar flare hit earth destroying most of the world's electronics and causing fires and food shortages around the world. In the midst of this chaos people didn't even realize than something changed within the animals the flare changed them it made them stronger smarter. During the human conflicts the animals attacked conquered the female population thanks to their new ability to breed with human females once europe was turned into thr first animal nation. The remaining nations joined to fight back but with no access to modern technology the animals quickly succeeded in almost every battle. And now 5 years later Asia has fallen Africa has fallen and South America. Only Japan and the USA remain free human nations but things are not looking good since the animals have started evolve into anthros and mutate into monster like creatures
  21. So I'm looking for people how are interested in world building and building characters. So I'd like a more story oriented rp than just a plot with sex scenes. Here's the world setting i had in mind So a solar flare hit earth destroying most of the world's electronics and causing fires and food shortages around the world. In the midst of this chaos people didn't even realize than something changed within the animals the flare changed them it made them stronger smarter. During the human conflicts the animals attacked conquered the female population thanks to their new ability to breed with human females once europe was turned into thr first animal nation. The remaining nations joined to fight back but with no access to modern technology the animals quickly succeeded in almost every battle. And now 5 years later Asia has fallen Africa has fallen and South America. Only Japan and the USA remain free human nations but things are not looking good since the animals have started evolve into anthros and mutate into monster like creatures. So a solar flare hit earth destroying most of the world's electronics and causing fires and food shortages around the world. In the midst of this chaos people didn't even realize than something changed within the animals the flare changed them it made them stronger smarter. During the human conflicts the animals attacked conquered the female population thanks to their new ability to breed with human females once europe was turned into thr first animal nation. The remaining nations joined to fight back but with no access to modern technology the animals quickly succeeded in almost every battle. And now 5 years later Asia has fallen Africa has fallen and South America. Only Japan and the USA remain free human nations but things are not looking good since the animals have started evolve into anthros and mutate into monster like creatures.
  22. A Girl's Perspective The Plot - One day, a young man wakes up to find out that he's been transformed into a woman and burdened with a seemingly insatiable sex drive, riled up at mundane things and requiring plenty of stimulation to finally quell the beast. But while many may consider such a thing to be a curse and bemoan their fate, this young man sees this as a unique opportunity to satisfy his curiosity and experience a myriad of kinks from the other side of the board. He, now she, seeks out the help of her best friend, someone well versed in adult activities that she could trust to help guide and assist her through these new, erotic acts as she develops from a once-man into a newly ordained slut. The idea is a slice-of-life RP filled with discoveries and first times and as such will be open to virtually any kink that is not listed as a hard no on my preference sheet. If you have questions, please ask. Personally, I feel like this plot would be best played into a male character, but I think a female character works well too, provided that my partner is willing to play other minor side characters. I'm pretty open to discussions as well, so if there are alterations that you'd like to see to this plot, just PM me and ask. I am looking to play as the Gender Bender character, it is a role that I've been dying to play for some time. The Themes - Gender Bender | Slice of Life | Open to Most Kinks | First Times | Corruption | Exhibitionism The Scenarios - --Returning to work after a leave of absence due to medical reasons, dealing with co-workers and customers as a woman. --Attending a family function and having to explain to his parents how they have a daughter now. Maybe has an older brother that use to bully him and be mean, but now is strangely quiet and nervous around him. --Going shopping as a woman for the first time and buying bras, sexy underwear and girly outfit. --Maybe going to the club or somewhere and being denied, only to find out that he has assets he can utilize now.
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