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  1. Welcome to the Creaky Tavern (Age of Conan concept art) Welcome to the Creaky Tavern, a place for roleplayers from all over Craethiel Kingdom to come and gather to talk about their characters and any of their plots. If you are new to the Kingdom of Craethiel, then this is a good place to advertise your character. The Creaky Tavern is perfect to explain a plot that you wish to do inside of the roleplay, and want to invite other roleplayers to join. So, come by and talk to your friends over a drink. Just please remember that things discussed within the Creaky Tavern cannot be known by your characters inside of the roleplay. Come and have fun at The Creaky Tavern. Relevant links: Craethiel Kingdom Roleplay Extra Information Character ID
  2. Craethiel Kingdom (Photographer Steve Highfield) The Craethiel Kingdom is a wild, and untamed land where the monsters and animals of the land rule with an iron fist. Where legends stalk the lands like giants, and myths are the way of the world. A land filled with beauty and wonder, that the unwary traveller would find enchanting and irresistible. A land where the Eldyr’s travelled at will without fear. A land that had seen wars that would strike fear into the sturdiest of souls. It is unwise for an adventurer to strike forth alone for there is little protection beyond the walls of the Great City of Selil, or any of the towns and villagers that dot this harsh and unforgiving land. To the North, lies the huge, imposing peaks of the Therarr Mountains that tower high into the air, as if striving to touch the very heavens themselves. A perfect symbol for the land of Craethiel. Beautiful. Enchanting. Untamable and traversable by only a few. To the East sits the Dynx desert. A barren land of blistering heat and little water. The desert is nearly uncrossable at times due to rolling sand storms and below freezing temperatures at night. To attempt the feat is almost as possible as climbing to the very tallest of the Therarr peaks. To the South lays the forest of Rosayia, a deep thick curtain of darkness that seems to go on for an eternity. Hidden within its depths, are mysteries beyond comprehension, and creatures that would make your nightmares seem tame. For citizens, and travellers alike, this land is filled with wonder and danger. For some, it seems that there is nowhere safe. Be wary, dear traveller, of the land that sings its siren song. You might just meet your end... Skill lever: Advanced Relevant Links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus: Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, non-Epsian/UFF species will not be allowed to wander onto the property of Epsian/UFF species without permission. If a character attempts to trespass, they will be met with potentially lethal hostility. No one can RP as the human King who owns the land. If he is needed for anything, then I will roleplay with them providing that it’s a good plot that doesn’t ruin the flow of the RP. If you want a location put onto the map, then you’re going to need to message me with the details. If I don’t think the suggestion is good enough, or that the extra information you provide is lacking, then I might refuse.
  3. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex, dress up, seduction. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. Participants: Rowan and Natia Description: Upon reaching Ryn'tur, Rowan and Natia visited Glenda's shop, where Natia bought a surprise for Rowan, despite encountering a problem with a slave owner. They went to the local inn, sat down and had a meal before Natia requested to go to their private room. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Rowan remained patiently waiting as Natia seemed to stare blankly up at him. The corner of his lips twitched a little, finding it very endearing. It made him want to draw her into his arms and to kiss those perfect little lips of hers. But he resisted the urge and contented himself with waiting to see what she wanted. When she demanded that he turn around and cover his eyes, he raised an eyebrow at her, “This again?” He asked, his tone light and teasing. He could see that she was looking rather nervous and he hoped his rather lighthearted tone helped put her at ease. He gave her an encouraging smile before he turned around so that he was no longer looking at him. He then reached up and covered his eyes with his hands to ensure that he wasn’t able to peak, even if he was facing her. That said, that didn’t stop his ears to twitch a little as he listened out for her movements. It was cheating a little, since he could hear very well, but he was curious as to what she was wanting to show him. The only thing he could think of, was what she had bought from Glenda’s, but he had not expected her to show him that so soon. He was certainly curious to know what she had gotten, and how she would look in it. Admittedly, he was rather excited, and found himself waiting rather impatiently for her to get changed. One thing was for sure, though, she was undoubtedly going to make it hard for him to leave that evening to look into her potential friend. If she looked anywhere near how she looked in his imagination, it was going to be hard not to spend all night fucking her into the bed. He also had to make a mental note to not break the bed in the process, either.
  4. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, extreme violence and gore. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. This thread will not contain any sex; it is an adventure thread. Participants: Daedrin and Izanagi Description: After Izanagi found a mysterious sword in the forest, he approached Deadrin to have it repaired however lacked the funds required to repair the sword. So the two came to an agreement that if Izanagi went into the Rosayia Forest and got his hands on Kraerhil, a rare exotic metal used in sword making, Daedrin would pay him for however much he retrieved. After some discussion, Daedrin agreed to accompany him on this quest as well to be a guide through the forest as well as to get their hands on more. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Once Izanagi joined him, Daedrin gave him a nod to show his approval before he turned back towards the forest. It seemed a little too quiet for his tastes, and he already had a gut feeling that they were going to encounter something very soon. But then he had inherited his Fathers tendency to get into trouble. He snorted a little in amusement at that though, the sound soft enough not to be overheard by Izanagi. Daegrin stirred a little restlessly, and Daedrin stroked his neck gently, “Daegrin senses that there’s something nearby. Let’s move, and keep an eye out.” Daedrin said in warning as he kicked Daegrin’s flanks lightly causing the Aelda to move forwards slightly, heading along the river. Daedrin pulled out his sword, not wanting to be caught completely off guard. He could cut their travel time down by cutting through the forest, but it was rather dangerous due to the fact that the more dangerous monsters lived deeper inside the forest. He didn’t fear being lost, as his sense of direction was as good as any Eldyrannth, allowing him to navigate the forest with ease without being caught in never-ending circles. Daedrin cast an eye up at the sun, seeing that it was the mid-afternoon so they had at least a few hours of travelling time left in the day before they even considered settling down for the night. His eyes returned to the forest, watching it carefully as he strained his ears for anything. In the end, he wasn’t able to see or hear anything. But he could smell something with his sharp nose. He opened his mouth slightly, inhaling sharply before snapping his mouth shut as he resisted the urge to evacuate the contents of his stomach. The stench of rotting flesh pervaded the air, getting stronger by the moment. Daegrin stirred again, snorting in a challenging manner. Daedrin looked over at Izanagi, “We have company. There are ghouls nearby…” He said, before casting his mind out around them, careful to avoid going close to Izanagi’s just in case the man could sense the touch of telepathy. He could sense at least five of the bastards that were homing in on their direction. He pulled his mind back, shifting the grip on his sword to be more comfortable. There was a sudden growl from the bushes as something leapt out towards Daedrin. The figure was completely naked, and was so emaciated that it would have been mistaken for a reanimated skeleton if it wasn’t for the rotting pieces of flesh that clung to its body. Its hands, although human-like, looked like claws with filthy black fingernails. Its cheeks were gaunt, as its eye sockets were sunken into its face as the eyes gave them a gormless look that was filled with an insatiable hunger. Its jaw was hanging low, only attached by a few thin threads of flesh, as its tongue dangled from its mouth. As it flew through the air, Daegrin jumped to the side as Daedrin swung his blade in an arch. The silver blade easily sunk through the flesh of its neck, chopping its head off. The body tumbled to the ground as the head sailed further through the air before rolling into some bushes. The remaining four ghouls appeared, snarling at the two of them. Daedrin glanced at Izanagi before returning his gaze to the rotting creatures. Two of them completely ignored him and leapt towards Izanagi, leaving Daedrin dealing with the remaining two. One of them leapt forwards, but Daegrin danced out of the way before twisting around and kicking out with his powerful hint-quarters. Daedrin could hear the snapping of bones as the ghoul was kicked back at its companion, knocking them both to the ground. Daegrin turned around just as the two scrambled to their feet and lunged again. Daedrin brought down his sword, the sharp blade slicing down through its skull and into what remained on its brain causing it to become limp and drop to the floor, dead. Unfortunately, his blade seemed content to remain lodged within its skull despite how hard he tugged it. The third creature leapt up towards him, intending on pushing him out of his saddle. Daedrin tugged at his sword more, but it refused to move. He turned his head towards the creature, intending on using telekinesis to deflect it however Daegrin reared up with an angry whinny. He lashed out with his front legs, knocking the ghoul down onto the floor. Before it could even get up, Daegrin brought his polished hooves down and began to stamp the monster into the ground until it lay lifeless beneath him, as if the Aelda took the danger it posed as a personal affront. This gave Daedrin enough time to pull his foot from his stirrup and use the strength of his leg to push the ghoul off of his sword. He then turned in his saddle to see how Izanagi was fairing.
  5. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. Participants: Raeghan and Luna Description: During their quest to find a dragon for an ingredient for Luna, she created a potion to turn Raeghan temporarily into a human. One of his desires for when he was human, was to have sex and Luna had offered to help him with just that. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Raeghan smiled at her nervous question, his thumb stroking against her cheek again, “Well, you relax. I have more experience than you, even if I haven’t done it in a long time. So it would best if, for this kind of dance, you let me take the lead.” He said. Before she would be able to respond, he pulled her face closer before kissing her once again. This time, he deepened it by pushing his tongue past her lips and into her mouth to explore the sweet cavern. Now that she was closer, his other arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her towards him, pulling her up onto his lap. It allowed him to lean back a little, and be more leisurely in the kiss. It was quite passionate and heated, but he did it slowly to allow her to get used to the sensation of a deep kiss. He then pulled away from the kiss, tilting his head a little at her. Now that she was sitting on his lap, her head was almost level with his. A fact that quite pleased him as it made it easier for him to kiss her. Going along the theme of being her teacher, he told her, “Sex isn’t just about the pleasure of the one person involved. It’s about the pleasure of all. I know you want me to feel good, but I want you to feel good as well.” As he spoke, one of his hands moved up her thigh, his fingers ghosting on her pale skin before they dipped slightly under her garment but not fully, as he wanted to tease her a little. He once again kissed her lips with a full kiss that only lasted a few moments before he pulled away and pressed his lips against her throat, planting tender kisses along the unblemished flesh. A lot of women he knew liked this, as it sent tingles of pleasure through them. And he quite liked watching their reactions. Some would sigh and tilt their head for more, while others wriggled and moan. He was very curious to know what Luna’s reaction was, if there was one. He hoped that, even as she fulfilled his desire for this kind of contact, that she would get something out of this as well.
  6. Neptune

    Lucius Sheridan

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lucius Sheridan Age: 20 Gender: Male Religion: Catholic Species: Human Origin: Lathulla, Craethiel Kingdom Nationality: Craetharian Occupation: Adventurers Rank/Title: Noble, Lord heir Physical Appearance Height: 180cm (5’11”) Weight: 62.5kg (9st 12lbs) Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Blond Physical Description: Lucius is quite a tall man for this era, standing almost six feet tall. He has the lithe frame of a fighter, with a broad muscular chest going into muscular arms that show that he is quite physically strong. He has a trim waist going into long, lithe and muscular legs. So overall he has a strong and healthy body shape that indicates his skill as a fighter. His blond hair is quite long, going down to his waist. He has some that curls around his face, cut shorter than the rest. The rest is usually tied back with a red bow and spills down his back. His hair has an incredible amount of volume and thus it can often seem to be wild and all over the place. He has quite a handsome face, with a slender jawline and well shaped lips. He has a nose that fits well with his face, as well as sharp and an intense blue eye. His left eye, however, is covered by a patch to hide it from view. He tends to dress in quite a rich manner, with expensive materials. He likes to make himself look very presentable and is somewhat vain when it comes to his appearance. He also has a set of armour that was created by Daedrin, in Selil. It was very expensive, and the metal is darker than a standard steel armour. That is because it is a steel alloy with another metal called Glaedian, a rare exotic metal which strengthens the steel. Lucius has a necklace that hangs around his neck at all times. The main part of the ornament if shaped like a dragons head, with what appears to be a red glowing triangular point underneath it. It appears to be a dragon's scale, and he values it greatly as it was a gift from his mother. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: At first glance, Lucius comes across as a serious and proper young man. He has a golden tongue, and is flawlessly polite in front of the correct company, including his parents. However behind closed doors and in front of the right people, such as his sister, he is less proper and polite. He sometimes swears just for the pleasure it gives him. He often dislikes the kinds of expectations and responsibilities levelled on him by his father, and sometimes chafes at his restrictions, sometimes leading to rebellious behaviour that can cause headaches for his father. He is very adventurous, and loves going and seeing new places. He takes every opportunity to do so, and he has a desire to travel from one end of Craethiel to the other. He faces challenges head on, and does not become stressed easily when faced with a new situation. He is quite a confident young man, easily looking others in the eye, and never letting failures bring him down. When he sets himself a goal, he can sometimes forge himself ahead with a single mindedness that tends to exclude everything, and everyone around him. Thus he has workaholic tendencies, and it is not uncommon for him to spend several days in his lab, not sleeping or eating, when working on a particular project. He is quite observant, often noticing things that others do not. This is more of a developed trait due to his training as a tracker and hunter. He needs to be able to observe the smallest of details in order to hunt someone or something down. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Physical strength: Lucius is very strong, and is far stronger than the average human male. While it may pale compared to creatures of magic, it is enough to serve him very well. Lucius has been taught from a young age to be able to fight, and thus he has been given numerous lessons to give him the following combat skills. Swordsmanship: He has been trained from the age of four how to handle a sword and how to fight with one. He has been taught to use a variety of swords from two handed longswords to one handed short swords. He is also proficient in the use of daggers. Archery: He has known how to use a bow and arrow since age of six. He has spent long hours practicing, and can shoot the arrow off of someone’s head at thirty paces. He can also fire arrows with quite a bit of accuracy from a moving horse. Hand to hand combat: When weapons are unavailable, he utilises his fists and feet. He is quite good in a hand to hand combat situation. His natural physical strength greatly helps him. Tracking and Hunting: From a young age, Lucius has been taught how to track things, from hunting game to humans. He can track someone days after they have passed through an area, by looking for signs that they have passed through such as footprints or damage to foliage. He is quite skilled and thus few can cover their tracks enough from him. Science (Chemistry): In his spare time, Lucius sometimes like to pursue scientific goals. His particular area of interest and expertise is Chemistry. He knows how to do a variety of things with chemicals, including create primitive explosive devices although he doesn’t tend to carry them around as they’re usually quite unstable. Weaknesses: Lucius is still human at the end of the day and he can be killed in a variety of ways such as being stabbed in a way that damages major organs. The human body has numerous weak points that can be exploited. If he encounters a fighter of superior skill, he can be overwhelmed by them and be at their mercy. Due to the fact that he has no left eye, he has a blindspot on his left side that can be exploited. He also doesn’t know any kind of magic, thus he is weak to magical attacks. He also has a bit of a weakness for good booze and beautiful women. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To go on adventures all over Craethiel. Hobbies and Interests: He loves hunting, as he loves the challenge of tracking animals and then being able to successfully hunt them. His main hobby and love is his science, and will spend hours locked within his lab doing experiments that do sometimes, literally, blow up in his face. He also loves stargazing, and will spend hours glued to his telescope (very primitive compared to modern machines), charting the stars. He also quite enjoys music, and knows how to play the violin. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Turn ons: Unprotected sex Being dominant during sex Being rough. He loves pinning his partner down and fucking them roughly. This often involves hair pulling, choking, nails digging into flesh and spanking among other things. Oral, mainly receiving although he does like to give it to women. Having multiple partners, and being able to fuck them all deep and hard Having sex with someone he doesn’t love, or even know. He loves the illusion of intimacy. Turn offs: Being in extreme pain The thought of being fucked Scat, and watersports Gore and Vore Penis Length: 11” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: His neck can be a little sensitive at times, meaning that if someone were to kiss or even give a love bite, it can cause his cock to become hard. He also likes having his back scratched. Even though it can be painful and pain is a turn off, the pain induced by a female scratching his back during sex causes an increase in his lust, thus encouraging him to fuck them harder and faster. STD History: Clean Extra Information Father: Edward Sheridan Mother: Mary Sheridan Siblings: Ciara Sheridan Grandparents: Franklin and Lauren Sheridan on his father's side. George and Jayne Willow on his mother's side. Children: None Grand-children: None House: He loves on his parents estate, out the outskirts of Lathulla. It is a large mansion with extensive grounds that he will one day inherit. It is called the Sheridan Manor. Pet: A white stallion by the name of Aeris. He has raised this horse since he was a foal, and he is fifteen hands at the shoulder. Additional information: He has a sword, that he calls Draden, which roughly translates to Dragon’s Tooth, as the colour of the blade matching the scale on his necklace. The blade was made by Daedrin, in Selil, much like his armour and is infused with the metal Mangenarr, which gives the blade its unique red colour. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: He lost his eye in a skirmish. Luckily he survived the wound, but lost his eyesight in his left eye. Bio: Lucius was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His parents were quite rich as his father was the Lord of Lathulla, but they tended to give over his care to a nanny rather than look after him themselves, thus he didn’t form a very close relationship with them when he was a young boy. All he knew of them was that they were distant authority figures that expected him to study hard and to get all of the questions right. He was given a teacher that taught him how to read and write, and drilled manners into him. When he was two years old, his younger sister Ciara came along. He instantly loved her, and would spend his free time playing with her, when he was allowed his free time. However due to the different expectations laid down on them, they were forced to spend most of their time with their respective tutors. He was taught swordsmanship from a young age, and would be made to spend hours practicing to help bring up his skill with his blade as well as to train his body. As he grew older, this extended into archery, when he was finally strong enough to be able to draw a bowstring. They attempted to teach him how to use a crossbow, and while he accepted the lessons, he much preferred the bow. While it wasn’t as powerful as a crossbow, it was far more maneuverable with a greater rate of fire. His parents also hired a local hunter to teach him the skills needed to track and hunt game, a skill that he can also put to use with people as well. His adventurous streak caused many headaches for his parents, as he would often wander off out of the estate, often taking Ciara with him as she thirsted for adventure as much as he did. Sometimes it would be to the surrounding wilderness, despite the dangers, but it was often to the town of Lathulla. He liked meeting new people, and learning new things about them. He especially loved meeting the sailors from the ships, who often told him about distant towns, cities and countries. He loved to learn as much as he could, and he became well known in the taverns as the questioning young man. His father often tried to confine him to the estate, but failed as much with Lucius as he did with Ciara. His mother was not so upset with them, as she seemed to understand their desire for adventure. A desire that she, as she once admitted to Lucius, once shared in her youth. But she had traded her adventures away to marry their father, to settle down and start a family. When he was sixteen, a band of robbers broke into their estate home with the intention of stealing their valuables. Lucius refused to be cowed by them, and fought back fiercely, using all the lessons from his youth. He killed most of them, however the last bandit was able to stab him in his left eye before his death. Lucius almost died from the wound, but his mother never gave up and called in healers from all over to tend to him. He recovered from the wound, but he has lost his left eye and thus has a blind spot on his left side. This incident did little to hamper his adventurous tendencies, and he is even worse than ever. He argued long and hard with his father, as he wanted to go out and see the world, while Edward wanted to keep his children nice and safe within the estate. Eventually, he won the argument, mainly because he argued that they clearly were not safe on account of the bandits, and their father finally gave permission for him to go on adventures. He is determined to take Ciara with him.
  7. Ice Queen

    Alice Harper,

    From the album: Ice Queen's characters!

    Character Identity Information Name: Alice Harper, Age: Twenty-three, Gender: Female, (OPTIONAL!) Religion: N/A, she isn’t very religious, it isn’t going to get her treasure. Species: Human, Origin: Nationality: Craetharian. Occupation: Adventurer. Rank/Title: Platinum Adventurer! Physical Appearance Height: Five feet, six inches, she isn’t short. Weight: One-hundred and twenty pounds. Eye Colour: Amber eyes, twisting from brown and golden flickers. Hair Colour: Short-dirty-blonde. Physical Description: Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Alice like many people has multiple layers, she is a troubled individual, but on the surface, she seems like a bright-star shining brightly in the night sky to guide the weary traveler. Approachable one would call her – seemingly accepting everyone for who they are, but who is she to really judge? A smile is constantly upon her lips to help her facade of a happy woman. And she is -very- flirty, liking to be the center of attention, because deep down the girl has very ill- rooted emotions. A dark shadow underneath the vibrant light she forces above – however, sometimes her mask cracks and that deceptive disorder comes into view if someone has slighted her. Then it becomes some type of obsession to ruin them—though she tries really hard to hold back on her worse habits, she still falls prey to them occasionally. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Regarding her normal attributes it isn’t anything supernatural, she is toned and capable of wielding the very gauntlets upon her hands – they’re magic resistance, capable of holding off blasts but that’s all to their capability – otherwise they’re pretty plain and only used for blunt damage with her own strength – which most supernatural entities and beings can withstand without much struggle! However, when using the crystal. . .that’s a completely different situation—one would realize it houses similarities to that of a magical girl transforming ability, giving her access to an array of different abilities, weaponry, and clothing. Fast healing: Considering she is the monster eye’s host, even if she isn’t in one of her stances, it will heal her quickly – like super-fast regeneration. One would need to hit a vital spot immediately to kill her, like cutting her head completely off or stabbing her through the heart type of ordeal. Otherwise, she’ll begin to heal or regrow limbs. War Cleric grants her a magical sword that is wrapped in light and magical enhancement, the sword going off the crystal’s more so powerful affinity for magic than the girl’s own capability, increasing her cutting power and strength with the sword. She can also heal minor wounds, needing to advance further in the “class” before getting access to a stronger ability with this stance. Ninja grants her shadow manipulation and teleportation, giving her stealth and ability to get to other places without detection unless someone was capable of piercing through the shadow’s cloak with light or masterful sensory ability. The shadow manipulation at this stage is weak and is only good at hiding her within its clutches from people – even during the day time she can hide within the shadows of people or trees. It also increases her speed and agility, trading it for strength however, considering it goes off her normal ability to hit. To access further abilities the girl must kill monsters, acquire other gems or feed it a different type of magical aether – right now it is stuck at two transformations until she feeds it more. And she must predetermine what class or stance she is going to take – considering she cannot switch in-between battles, once she picks something going into one, she is locked to it until the battle ends. Weaknesses: Weaknesses are specifically catered to which stance she is currently using, light could simply mess up her Ninja stance – while speed and agility could easily mess up her War Cleric stance, since it’s built around mainly hitting hard over hitting fast. Both are their own restrictions and limitations that people can use against her once they learn of it. However, there is a split-second during transformation where someone can interrupt the change, causing her to lose her chance to use whatever she is trying to use. And when that happens, it leaves her completely vulnerable to her human abilities, instead of the stance’s own ability. Basically, she is weak like any normal human if she isn’t using her crystal and when it is interrupted, she is like her normal self, but it does give her a chance of transforming until it is firmly locked into something. So if the person gives her -room- she can negate this interruption and eventually transform to meet with them head-to-head in combat. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Power. Gold. She is inflicted with normal greed like any other human being, not having a “noble” goal of “saving” the world – instead she just wants to become stronger, gain fame and riches, like any other adventurer – however, it doesn’t mean she won’t help people, she isn’t completely heartless, but she might ask for payment before hand or afterwards at least. Hobbies and Interests: Slaying monsters, finding magical and special relics to sell – or use for her own selfish needs and growth! Personal Sexual Information (This whole part is optional) Sexual Orientation: Promiscuous. This girl has no shame when it comes to sexual activity, she likes having multiple relationships, especially if they benefit her and her adventures, however- it doesn’t mean she isn’t like the normal girl that falls—it is an eventual probability, but a very difficult task since she believes relationships and love holds her back. Turn ons: Bad boys – she likes when they’re catering to her and trying to “get” her to fall, what they don’t realize is that she’s using them to give herself praise – instead of them using her. Because she is just like them, she knows every word is fabricated and she can enjoy it while it lasts. Submissive; They’re cute and she likes bullying them, so expect her to pressure and be all over someone who seems shy. Challenges; She likes the feel of impossible but what she likes most? Making the impossible possible – so when a guy seems the type to not fall – she finds it more appealing to get him to fall and then leave him wanting more. The chase is always the funniest part of these things for her. Rough; She isn’t vanilla, the girl likes to be pounded fiercely by her partner, taken spontaneously too. It is so alluring to have random and heated moments of sex in the middle of somewhere they shouldn’t. Especially libraries. . .! Turn offs: Someone wanting an actual relationship from her, though it isn’t completely impossible, it still makes her run for the hills. Penis Length: Breast Size: C Sensitivity: Like any woman – her breasts are sensitive, but what makes her melt without giving too touchy, is kissing her neck – suckling upon its exposed flesh can get the girl melting real quick. Even sweet little warm breathes of whispering against her ears can get her in the mood. Additional Sexual Information: STD History: N/A, nope. (End of Optional part. The rest of the form is required unless stated otherwise.) Extra Information (This whole part is optional) Father: Roland Harper, [deceased] Mother: Carina Harper, [alive and married to a noble man] Siblings: Half-and step-siblings. Grandparents: Ike and Agustina Moonstar, alongside Angeline Harper and Manain Harper. Children: Carina Moonstar, Irina Moonstar, Roland Harper, Ronan Harper, Amber Harper, and Lan Harper. Grand-children: Alice Harper, multiple others. House: Pet: Simon, her orange cat. Additional information: (End of Optional part. The rest of the form is required unless stated otherwise.) History Awards/Commendations: Due to her accomplishments in the adventurer’s guild, she’s gone through multiple promotions from bronze to the third highest rank within the guild! However, she is a -long- way from promoting from this rank – considering only the top-tier adventurers of world renown ability can go beyond that of platinum – not to say she isn’t on her way there, but it won’t be anytime soon. Criminal Record: N/A! (OPTIONAL!) Medical Record: N/A. Bio: Everyone knows of the Adventurer’s guild, it was established many years ago for the weary hero and traveler – so people who did their part in the protection of the realm, without getting noticed could gain their own merit. And a place for Adventurer’s alike to gather, parties were essential for higher-level beasts, such as those that take on a humanoid appearance, while the lower beasts are just feral creatures without a glimpse of intelligence. It wasn’t like people knew of this however, many died and perished to the human look alike, just because some held the appearance of innocence and kindness while housing a sinister plot to feed. Therefore the Adventurer’s guild is more than just a way to earn currency for people’s wild interests of slaying beasts, but it was also a place to gather information and to receive it – so people were more aware of what was inside of the world instead of people becoming meals to the unexpected. Alice’s parents were Adventurer’s- high-level ones, almost to the peak of perfection, however- their lives would be cut short, leaving the child alone in the world to fend for herself – luckily. . .they had friends inside of the guild that would pick up the task of training and taking care of the girl. So soon she would follow in her parents foot-steps of becoming an Adventurer. Though her tale isn’t a clean-cut one, like her parents before her she happens upon tragedy, because becoming an Adventurer doesn’t always mean safety. Just because a job is listed as weak – doesn’t mean another beast or thing can’t stroll up to harden its difficulty. “Don’t cry.” It was too late for that when tears were practically staining her face, body parts scattered around the field where she was now holding the last survivor of her party- “…. Don’t tell me what to do, Chris.” The girl would sniffle – dried blood across her fingertips, “…They all died.” He chuckles as if he hadn’t a care in the world despite the man being completely impaled, maybe it was because he knew his last moments would be giving encouragement to the girl he once loved. “And for what!? For -this-!?” His hand goes to quickly grab her own in an attempt to keep her from being too frantic, “That relic is powerful, Alice. Hold onto it or everything we did---” A cough, he was becoming weaker, “all for naught.” There is silent mourning for what had happened, the creature that held this eye—was far too strong, she shouldn’t be alive but he---…. he saved her. Gave his all in order to keep her alive, “Chris. . .I know. I know!” The girl frustratingly whines, understanding -that- she’d have to hold onto the nightmare gem, for now, it was too precious to let go of— “Don’t leave me. . ..” But that was too late too, wasn’t it? His eyes had already closed with her tears pouring down onto his face – a terrifying ending to a quest that should’ve been far easier than it had become and while…it wasn’t intentional – they had gotten something to make her far stronger than she was right now. It was fate’s tragic hand in play, but was it worth? All her friends and companions she had survived many missions with – gone. Now Alice hops party to party -- never keeping to one place long, always active and fighting beasts around Craethiel. She never truly finds another partner, holding onto the burdens of the past and making sure to not allow the same tragedy to befall others. However, while she has that in mind, she still uses parties to her own advantage --but she refuses to completely join one again.
  8. Craethiel Kingdom Beastiary. This is a list of the creatures and monsters that inhabit the Craethiel Kingdom. Anyone can post a monster or creature here, if it is for public use. It can be of your own creation or from a book, movie or TV that you like. Just complete the little form below and reply to the topic. Easy! Any creatures or monsters that you mention in the roleplay, do not need to be placed in here. It's entirely up to you, especially if you wish to share a version of a creature or monster with other roleplayers. Rules of this thread. Anyone may submit a monster to this thread. Fill out the template below and respond to the thread. A reply should reflect a general or average specimen of monster. A short summary of them as a species and general behavior. While the author of a post is credited with the monster this thread and anything in it is for public use on EcchiDreams. You will not be asked for permission before the monster you have posted is used, however anyone using a monster featured in this thread must adhere to what the author posted. Anyone may take what is written here as inspiration and modify it to fit their needs. If you wish to create a monster that is not for public use post it as a new thread here in the extra information section. Such post remain the property of the author and permission must be obtained before they are used. Monsters in Craethiel are not limited to this list and are not required to be placed in here once you have created them. Name: The type of monster Region: The area it can be found in Diet: Food it eats Description: General look, behavior, method of operation ect. Intelligence: What level of intelligence do they have Weaknesses: Known common weaknesses Hostile: Are they aggressive towards people Danger: The danger it poses to people
  9. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Daedrin Eldyrannth. Age: He appears to be in his mid-to-late twenties. Gender: Kae Religion: Daedrin is deeply, and extremely religious. While not fanatical in the sense that he would cut the head off of anyone who speaks bad about it, he cannot be convinced that his religion is wrong. He will not speak much about it, even when pushed about it. He is a follower of The Order. Species: Daedric/Eldyrannth hybrid Origin: Vorserend, Vorserend’s Stand System, Order Galaxy. Nationality: Eldyrannthian. Occupation: Joint-CEO of the Factual Historical Information Temporal Agency (FHITA) however in Craethiel is works as a blacksmith that crafts the best quality tools and weapons in Selil. Rank/Title: In Craethiel he is a Master Blacksmith, but with the Eldyrannth he is a Prince. Physical Appearance Height: 6ft4 Weight: 173lbs. Eye Colour: He was originally born with black eyes, but at the moment he has deep red eyes. Hair Colour: Jet black. Physical Description: For this time period, Daedrin is a very tall, youthful looking man. He is a slender body build but despite his slimness, he is quite well muscled but not overly so. It gives him a strong, toned appearance with a well formed six pack. His hips have a defined curve to them, being slightly wider in proportion to males which lead into his long slender and toned legs. He has a slim, effeminate face and piercing blood red eyes. His hair is jet black in colour, cut short just below the ear. He liked to keep it short so it doesn’t interfere with his work. Despite the fact that he is an Eldyrannth, at least in part, he lacks their distinctive almost elf-like ears. Instead, his ears are human in shame and design, because he has changed the shape of his ears to disguise himself. Also, unlike Eldyrannth from this time period, he lacks gauntlets on his arms and hands. Instead, he has a ring on each hand which can grow out into a gauntlet. This has a holographic interface and can show a display which for obvious reasons he doesn't use any of this in public. Everyone seeing him will simply think that he is a human. He does have an Eldyr form, which he is highly unlikely to reveal to anyone except for his sister. Like all Eldyrannth, it is a western-type dragon with six sets of limbs; front legs, a pair of wings, and back legs. His body is covered by extremely hard scales, that swords and arrows have a hard time being able to break through. They are a blood red in colour, and are highly reflective making it look as if he is covered with millions of rubies. His scales, when compared to other Eldyrannth, are larger and a lot sharper. He also has overlapping scales on the underside of his throat that go down to cover his stomach. His wings are, proportionately, four times the length of his body to help sustain his weight during flight. Essentially, he looks like a more demonic form of a normal Eldyrannth Eldyr form. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: To the citizens of Craethiel, he seems like a kind young man that is easily approachable. He has a good listening ear and will happily sit and listen to someone as they pour their heart out to him. He never takes advantage of these people, and acts like a balm to their frustration. He will also occasionally give out pieces of advice which are never to be ignored, although he only gives advice suitable to their time Era. Daedrin comes across as quite quiet, thoughtful and has a good command of his emotions rarely giving into anger or happiness. He has a deep fascination with History and has long dreamed to study it in intimate detail, so he is living his dream. He loves his twin sister, Erickavana, deeply and will not let any harm come to her. He would protect her viciously. He is also not the jealous type, not caring if his wife had sex with other people. Despite his nice and kind exterior, he has a hidden dark side. Due to the fact that he is a Daedric Eldyrannth, he has daedric influence on his personality. When angered, he can become merciless. He has been known to go as far as killing someone if they were endangering someone he cared for or was taking away someone's Right to Life without their consent. He will only become this dark if he feels it is morally right to do so. Otherwise he would always try and find another way to settle things although when truly enraged he will see nothing but red, and will attack anything, and anyone, stupid enough to get in his way. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Eldyr form: Being an Eldyrannth he has his dragon form, however in Craethiel it is very unlikely he will ever use this form. It would be a deep red colour, the same colour as his eyes. This form is extremely dangerous, with the ability to breath a napalm-like fire along with razor sharp claws and teeth. Not only is he powerful offensively, but he also has a strong defense when it comes to his scales which are harder than diamonds. Gauntlet: His gauntlets are always hidden from view, due to the fact that they are technologically very advanged. They seem like normal gold rings on his fingers. However, they are filled with a liquid crystal which allows him to use the entire range of Eldyrannth crystals (See extra information for more information in the crystals). He normally doesn’t use these, except in subtle ways such as his work as a blacksmith as he can easily manipulate metal, as well as help make fires hotter or cooler. Strength: He is physically very strong, with more strength than several humans. He uses this fact and the fact that he is good at hand to hand combat as well as using weapons of many Eras to defeat opponents. Telepathy: As an Eldyrannth, he an extremely powerful telepath. He can easily overwhelm minds of about every species currently in Craethiel. He can speak into the mind of another as well as be able to reach their thoughts in return even if the other person isn't even remotely telepathic. He can also defend himself against another telepath and prevent them from accessing his mind. He can be vicious in protecting his mind as he has knowledge that he would rather not be around, especially in this Time Era. When someone is touched by his mind, it will almost feel like a huge mountain towering above them. It could send many people mad with the strength of his mind. So he usually keeps his mind to himself, and will only let Erickavana into his mind. It is possible to speak to someone without exposing them to the true force of his mind, but he can only speak and read thoughts. Telekinesis: He is extremely skilled with telekinesis, and is stronger than the average Eldyrannth. He can lift up to several tonnes in weight and move it around with ease. Blacksmith: Daedrin is a very talented blacksmith that can make a wide range of tools and weapons which he sells onto customers. He can even make something to order, but custom orders like that tend to be a lot pricier. Weaknesses: He is simply pretending to be like any other human, so to prevent exposure he wouldn't use his full abilities. To someone with advanced enough technology of weaponry could use that to take advantage of him. If he were to ingest part of the Lemoa Flower, it will cause the Inchor in his blood to swell and expand. This causes blocking of vital arteries and severe haemorrhaging throughout his entire body, quickly killing him. This flower poisons them through scent or through ingestion. As a result, this flower can be made into a soup (which is known to be delicious) and given to an Eldyrannth without them knowing. The scent of the Okelo flower will make him fall into a deep sleep that will last about a day. Nothing will wake him up, even if someone is cutting his limbs off. As such, he can easily be overpowered using this humble flower and either killed or easily captured. If someone puts him in the same room as his flower, he will not wake up until a day after the flower is removed or dies. His Daedra physiology does not protect him from the effects of these two flowers despite the flowers being Daedric in origin. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He wants to see History as it really happened. He Co-founded Factual Historical Information Temporal Agency [FHITA] with his twin sister, Erickavana. So right now, he and his wife are living their dreams. Hobbies and Interests: His deepest passion is History and he is fascinated by it and wants to know the truth as to how everything happened. He also loves being a Blacksmith and crafting what he considers ancient weapons. He can also make tools and various metal objects with enough skill to make him well known throughout Craethiel as one of the best Blacksmiths. He owns his own Blacksmith and employs apprentice Blacksmiths that he trains with the finest skills equal to that time Era. He knows how to make better weapons, but does not want to advance the citizens of Craethiel further than they were. In his spare time at home, he often does carpentry. It is his form of meditation as it keeps his hands busy, allowing his mind to think clearly. He often makes very beautiful wooden objects and makes high quality furniture. Every piece of furniture in his and Erickavana's home is made by him. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Aliea-Pansexual Turn ons: Being promiscuous and having sex with a lot of people. Having unprotected sex, especially if it leads into pregnancy although he uses a special birth control that prevents him from putting viable sperm into anyone. Well experienced partners. Not only does he liked someone who knows what they are doing, but not many people can handle his cock and he finds really tight orifices to be uncomfortable. Fucking someone roughly. The rougher the better. He loved being able to fuck someone until they pass out. He likes to dig his nails into their skin, spank them, slap them, pull on their head and choke them along other things. Daedrin is, just like his fathers, a sadist. He is a mix between the two, liking to do both psychological and physical torture to inflict pain and suffering onto his target. This side he will only reveal to special people who show to like that kind of thing, as this would be too much for most people to handle. Turn offs: Pain. He cannot stand to be in pain, and it can be a very quick turn off for him. Penis Length: He sports a 20" Eldyrannth cock and has a 11 inch circumference. Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: He has average sensitivity around his cock, however his arse is extremely sensitive. It’s why he tends not to let people touch his arse because of how sensitive it is. He also doesn’t tend to sit down for long periods of time due to how uncomfortable it is. Additional Sexual Information: Running along the bottom of the penis is a spine that makes several hard protrusion along the lower part of the cock that the Eldyrannth can make pulsate at will. This usually makes it feel like he is coming inside of a female, and it can sometimes be so powerful that it feels like his entire dick is vibrating inside of her. It is a biological trick that he, as a Kae Eldyrannth, uses to trick a female Eldyrannth into heat and to drive her wild in mating lust. The head is also rather large and is slightly pointed so that it is easier to get the penis into the female vagina. Ringed behind the head of the dick like the ribs of a spine, going down to about mid-shaft while getting smaller each time, is a ring of hard flesh that pulsates much like their shaft. Each ring wraps around the entire shaft to the spine that runs along the underside of the penis. STD History: Clean, despite how promiscuous he is. Extra Information Father: He doesn’t have a singular father. Genetically, he has four, due to the fact that the sperm used for the father genes, was genetically spliced from four parents. Talrin Eldyrannth and Temaelrin Eldyrannth along with their Daedra forms; Tal’aar and Temael’aar. These four gene sets were spliced together, before fertilising the egg of the mother to create Daedrin. Mother: Talivana Eldyrannth. Siblings: Erikavana Xeno'rannth Grandparents: Jyravana Eldyrannth and Kayrin Eldyrannth Children: None. He has not had children in a long time. Grand-children: None. House: They own a rather large house with a fair few empty bedrooms in Upper Selil. Pet: There seems to be a Wolf, that lives there and acts like a domesticated dog, and a well trained one at that. It's actually a Fen'rar from Neptune, Neptune's Soul. Which is a perfectly sentient wolf like creature. It doesn't have a name, but Erickavana calls him Wolfy (Not to be confused with Wolfie or Wolfii), and it is intentional like a 'Nod' to Wolfie. History Awards/Commendations: EPSI Federation Permit to Time Travel for historical research - Granted. But in the current century he has none. Criminal Record: EPSI Federation: Clean. | Commonwealth: Clean. | Tau'ri: None. | Human 1200s: None. | Keza'maraki Sin-Clan Royal Family 1200s: Clean. Medical Record: He is currently on Stage IV of Inchor Crystallisation. Bio: Daedrin was not born in this century, and is in fact a Time Traveller who has come back to make an accurate record of History while trying to keep his interaction with it to a minimum. He will give a story that he and his wife had always lived in Selil, and will even produce identification that will apparently back that claim up. His claimed history is that he was apprenticed to a blacksmith some years ago and learned the trade from him and eventually took over the shop. While that seems like a lie to most people, it is more of a half truth. His parents, particularly Talivana and Talrin, originated from the Kingdom of Craethiel, although from the city of Vorserend. He does actually hold citizenship in Selil, from the Keza State, under the Sin Clan. He was indeed apprenticed to a blacksmith within the city, where he was taught some skilled of the human trade. Much of his skill though comes from learning from the very best Eldyrannth blacksmiths, of both old and new techniques. However he has learnt the skills of this era so that he can better disguise himself. While his sister works a gardener for the Sin Clan Royal Palace, he has purchased a blacksmith in Selil’s Marketplace Square so that he can carry out his trade with his apprentices in relative peace.
  10. Mary’s House of Pleasure This is the thread where the roleplaying surrounding Mary’s House of Pleasure. Due to the nature of this location, this is an open-ended Side Story thread where characters are free to come and go as they please. If one of the NPC whores are available, then feel free to message me about roleplaying them with your character. If you wish to roleplay with one of the whores, that is a character of another Dreamer, ask them beforehand if they would oblige you with your character. All sex takes place within this thread, and it is not necessary to move to another side story unless it is a scene not relating to the whore house (For example one of the owned whores moves off location to spend time with another character). Please note that the NPCs here are tied to this location, and no matter how much you ask, will not be roleplayed outside of this thread. Rules for this thread: If characters cause scenes, or commit illegal acts, then they will be thrown out by the guards or handed over to the City Guards. A character must ask a whore for their services. While they will allow some touching and groping, they will not allow things to progress further than that without money being shown. If a whore that you’re eyeing up is already occupied, then you should either wait or spend time with another. Characters that wonder into out-of-bound areas such as Mary’s office, or the kitchen, then they will be thrown out by the guards. These areas are always guarded. The information about this establishment is in this thread here: If you wish to have your character work here, please contact me as per the instructions at the end of the information thread!
  11. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lord Alistair Blackwood. He also has another name; Xenoth. Age: 27 Date of Birth: 29th September 1173AD Gender: Male Religion: He has no religion, but poses as a Roman Catholic. Species: Originally, he was a simple human however he has been taken over by a spirit who has now taken complete possession of him. Origin: Selil, Craethiel Kingdom. Nationality: Craetharian. Occupation: Business Empire owner. He develops and trades in war weaponry, as well as several other business ventures such as food, and mining materials. Rank/Title: Lord Physical Appearance Height: 6’2” Weight: 70.6kg Eye Colour: Gold Hair Colour: Blonde Physical Description: Xenoth’s physical appearance is greatly deceptive. His human form is quite tall, and is quite slender. He is well toned, with a decent amount of muscle mass on him although he looks weaker than he actually is. His blonde hair is very light, almost to the point of being white. It is cut short, only going down to his neck and clinging to his head tightly. He has some hair framing his face, as well as some hair that comes down over his forehead and between his eyes. His eyes are as golden as the sun that shines down upon Craethiel, and filled with malice and contempt for everyone and everything around him. He has a slender jawline with a rather pointed chin that give him a somewhat pretty-boy appearance. He tends to wear either smart formal, or smart casual clothes and he will always carry himself tall and authoritatively. He is also often seen wearing a set of black armour, with red decoration. He has a secondary form which appears to be some kind of demon, however it is actually his natural spiritual form in a physical manifestation. He stands at ten feet tall, towering over any mortal. Unlike his more human form, he is absolutely huge in terms of muscles with a very heavy set chest and bulging muscles on his arms and legs. The nails of both his hands and his feet are long and claw-like. His skin is a purple-blue in colour in colour, showing off his well defined muscles. Generally, his body is rather humanoid in shape however emerging from his back are three sets of wings. The top set are made from black feathers and are the largest, allowing for supported flight. The bottom set, however, are more bat-like in appearance with thin ‘fingers’ with black membrane between each one. The middle set are a mix of the two, beginning as feathered wings which grow into more bat-like ones. His face is humanoid in design, although his features are twisted, with cruelness etched into every line. His eyes glow a deep, menacing red that radiate hate. He has two horns that emerge from the side of his head before curving up in two majestic and sharp points. His hair is snow white in colour, in stark contrast with his complexion. His has natural plated armour on the skin of his arms, legs and the side of his torso. He seemed to have a strange kind of crystal that is embedded in his chest which looks almost like a tree with a central trunk and branches coming off of it. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Xenoth is a cruel and ruthless individual. He completely lacks any form of empathy towards other people as he cares for one person, and one person only. Himself. He is very self-centered and selfish, only doing things for other people if it benefits him in the end. Otherwise he will refuse to do it, and not kindly either. He laughs at the misfortune of others, and will torment and taunt them for his own amusement. Xenroth likes to be in control of a situation, and if he feels that he has lost it, then he will become exceptionally angry and far more cruel and ruthless than what is normal for him. He feels that the people around him exist for the sole purpose of pleasing him, and he will take what he wants from them without thinking of the effect it has on them. He does not respond well to threats, and will quickly show you why it is a bad idea to threaten him. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Change form: Xenoth has two forms. His human one, and one that resembles a demon. He becomes taller, stronger, faster and a lot more deadly. Superhuman strength: He is at least ten times as strong as a human, and thus he can move objects that a human would not possibly be able to. People are often extremely surprised by how strong he is due to his slender body. Superhuman senses: All of his senses are more sensitive than a humans, although not by much. Telekinesis: He is able to telekinetically move things with his mind, that are a maximum of twice his weight. He imagines them as extra ‘hands’ which he can use to manipulate the environment around him. Telepathy: He is able to communicate with his mind by creating a bridge between his mind and the mind of his target. He can implant his own thoughts into their mind, allowing him to talk to them without saying anything out loud. He can also read the surface of their mind with ease but it does require some effort to dig deeper into their mind to get more information. Illusions: Xenoth is very skilled at creating convincing illusions that one cannot tell the difference between reality or not. He uses this on his victims to force them to see what he wants them to see. To manipulate what they perceive and to generally mess with their mind. He uses this to twist his victims into believing what he wants them to believe, as well as to make his victims suffer. Dream Manipulation: This is part of his illusion manipulation, which he can use when the target is asleep. He can manipulate their dreams, to either give them the best dream they have ever had in their life or give them the worst nightmare of their life. He often uses this ability to cause his victims to fixate on him, to make their affection bond to him… or to give them such terrible nightmares that they no longer sleep at night. Fast healing: Due to the supernatural nature of his possession, it has given him the ability of fast healing. Weaknesses: Change form: He can only do this for a limited amount of time due to the energy requirements. At most, he can only spend a few hours in his second form. Superhuman strength: He could accidentally break something, or harm someone without intending to. Due to his personality, he would only lament the former and only if it was his property in the first place. But he can do unintended damage. Superhuman senses: As there is much of an increase, he has similar weaknesses regarding his senses as humans do. Telekinesis: Trying to lift objects beyond his ability will greatly strain his mind and could even cause brain damage if overused too much. This can result in headaches, strokes, unconsciousness and perhaps even death. Telepathy: Similar to his telekinesis, if he uses it too much he will strain his mind with similar consequences. Illusions: He needs to maintain his concentration in order to maintain this illusion. If it is broken, then the illusion drops and the target will be able to see the real world again. A person may be able to find small flaws within the illusion which they could use to identify it as such, however Xenoth is extremely skilled so it would be hard for them to do so. A strong telepath would be able to resist, or outright stop the illusion from working on them. Dream Manipulation: This only works on individuals that are asleep. It doesn’t require as much concentration as his illusions, as the dream eye is unfocused regardless, but he still needs to concentrate enough to be able to manipulate the dreams. The dreams also do no physical harm to the target, although repeated nightmares may have a psychological effect on them. Fast healing: This takes up a lot of energy, and if he has been badly injured he will need to eat a lot of food to be able to make up for the shortfall. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He is trying to find the perfect host that is well able to handle the power of his spiritual form. Hobbies and Interests: When he is not running his business empire, or entertaining himself with his slaves, he can often be found in the King's Court, interacting with the King or the other Lords and Ladies. His only genuine hobby is playing the piano. It is something he really enjoys. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Inflicting pain on others. He likes to make others suffer, finding it not only amusing but also sexually satisfying. Being extremely rough with his sex. He does not have a gentle switch. He will beat his partners, cut them, choke them, pull their hair among other things. Dominating others. He will never submit to someone else. He loves having control and dominance over others. Unprotected sex. He does not pull out, either. Being involved in orgies, gang bangs, threesomes, etc. Basically having multiple people in a single sex session. Turn offs: Submitting to others, as well as taking it. Experiencing pain himself. Penis Length: 16” in length, 5” in circumference. In his demon form it can grow up to forty-three inches in length. Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: Xenoth will refuse to submit, to anyone. He will always play the dominant roll. His human dick, despite the monstrous size, is a normal human cock in appearance. His demonic-like one is not. It had a pointed tip to the mushroom head, as well as a spine that runs along the underside of his cock with several hard protrusions. He also has ribs that curve up around his cock, with nubs running between them. He also has a series of very thick veins. STD History: Clean. Extra Information House: He has a large luxurious manor in the city of Selil which is situated in the richer part of the capital city, near the King's Palace. He also has his own private estates outside of Selil which is guarded by his own private guard. Pet: He doesn’t keep animal pets. Additional information: He smokes tobacco quite often, and he also takes various drugs. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Thus far he has kept if quite clean. Medical Record: The body he is inhabiting is quite healthy. Bio: His host, Alistair Blackwood, was born into a rich and wealthy family who were part of Selil’s Elite Class. His father was a businessman, who worked with the King and his General to produce fine weapons for the King’s army. As such, his wealth only increased as time went on, as there was always need for weapons to be supplied to not only the army but the general population. So Alistair was raised in a very well-off environment and attended a private school with the best education that Craethiel had to offer. To his father’s delight, Alistair showed a lot of promise when he was a young child when it came to business. His father began to introduce him to the family business and taught him everything that he knew. Alistair was the second oldest son out of five children. His older brother had no interest in the business, and was much more interested in being enlisted in the King’s army so Alistair became his father’s progedy. By the time Alistair was eighteen, he was working full time within the business, working for his father. Unfortunately, his father met a rather undesirable end when he was attacked by bandits one day while travelling and brutally murdered and any money and possessions he had on him, stolen. Despite his grief at his father’s passing, Alistair took over the business and continued in his father’s name. He expanded it, moving into the field of food so that he could provide cheaper food to the army. He also cut the price it took to manufacture his weapons by moving into the mining business and sourcing his own materials for his weapons and selling any surplus. By the time he was twenty-two, he was given the full title of Lord by the King and welcomed into his court due to the hard work that he had done for the Kingdom. Unfortunately for Alistair, this caused him some unwanted attention by Xenoth, a malevolent spirit that was searching for a perfect host that would allow him to have fun with the mortals that amused him. One night, while Alistair was pleasantly asleep, Xenoth took possession of his body and took complete control. The process was painful for both of them, but Xenoth successfully suppressed Alistair’s consciousness and was able to hide it away in the furthest corner of his mind to gradually fade away into nothingness. Unfortunately, it had the result of turning Alistair’s blue eyes gold with slits for pupils. At first, Xenoth wasn’t sure what to do about this, but it wasn’t long before he noticed that one of his servants was acting strange as if she was afraid of him. She would keep conversation to a minimum and always eyed him with suspicion, as if she knew what he really was. He realised that this could be turned into an opportunity, and he quickly convinced his guard as well as the King that his eye change was the result of this servant who had been operating as a secret witch, who had done some kind of spell which had resulted in said change. Due to how people viewed witches at the time, and this was the word of a Lord over that of a Servant, the guard quickly put her on trail and found her guilty before burning her at the stake, which allowed Xenoth to completely secure his position. Since then, he has been pretending to be Lord Alistair Blackwood, using his position of wealth and power to do what he wants and using his business as a front as he also secretly sells military weapons to bandits and thieves that are able to pay the price for them. He also has a group of spies that spy on his competition companies and sell the information on shipments to these bands so that they can attack and loot them at will. As such, some of the bandit groups are very loyal to him as he is a good source of money for them.
  12. Mary's House of Pleasure. Mary's House of Pleasure resides near the Marketplace within the Capital City of Selil, just within the border of the Upper District. They accept people who are both poor and rich, however give preferential treatment to the customers that pay more but they will allow anyone within their establishment if they have the money. The House was set up by Mary Baker once she had found herself husband-less and homeless, wondering the streets. She had been forced to turn to prostitution in order to pay her way in the world. It had always been a dangerous job, and she wanted somewhere safe for herself, other prostitutes as well as for the clients. She saved as much money as she could, before buying the house and hiring new girls to work for her. When a customer enters the house, they come into what appears to be a tavern of sorts with a bar along with tables and chairs for them to sit at. Alcohol and food is even served here. However the staff running the tavern are all women. There are hired guards that ring around the room, however generally the atmosphere is cheery and the guards are friendly as long as customers are not causing problems. A customer can approach any of the female staff and ask for their services in exchange for money. They will often ask for the money up-front as these girls are known to be honest and not steal money, and they will refuse service if their request is refused. If an agreement is met, then they go up stairs to where there are several bedrooms for this purpose. Each room has a double bed with a straw mattress as well as a chest of drawers that usually contains clothes for the prostitute to wear to impress their client. Often costumes, like a Nun, or even a pirate. Not every customer has to be bold or brazen. They are allowed to wear masks when they enter the establishment in order to hide their identity. The girls will also keep their mouths shut about the identity of their clients as it comes as part of the service. They can wear the mask for the entire time they are there. The staff are not picky to the gender or species of their clients. Mary will also allow other women to come and sell themselves inside of her House, however a half of their earnings must go towards Mary, and she will make sure that they pay up. These women are also allowed to hide their identity using a mask. None of the girls working there live there; they all have their own home. This is, apart from Mary who lives in the House as it is her home, as well as any prostitutes of special circumstances (You will have to ask me, but the answer is likely to be no unless it is a very good reason/idea). Women who work here have to give a quarter of what they earn to Mary, as she charges them to use the safety of her house. Mary Baker, the Owner of the House Name: Mary Baker Age: 35, and despite her age, is in very good health and condition of someone from this time era. Nationality: Craetharian Species: Neko. Height: 5ft8 Weight: 116lbs Sexuality: Heterosexual, but will very happily have sex with another woman for the right price. Breast size: D-cup. Occupation: Owner of Mary's House of Pleasure. Information: She grew up in the city of Selil in the lower district. She had many brothers and sisters, many of which did not survive till adulthood. When she was 16, she married the man she thought she was going to spent the rest of her life with. On their wedding night, he impregnated her with his child, and the two were happy for a time. When she was a few months into her pregnancy, her husband died in a fatal work accident, leaving her alone with her unborn child. She grieved heavily for his loss, and hoped that she would be able to raise her child. However just weeks after the birth of her son, he died. She was forced to turn to prostitution in order to have enough money to live. It was a dangerous life, and she wondered how she had never died. Every time she worked, she always put aside some money, hoping to buy her own home and live her life happily despite the tragedies in her life. When she was able to afford her own home near Merchants Lane when she was 21, she realised that she could do something to help other women like herself. She invited other prostitutes to come and use her home, charging them a small cut of their earnings so that she could pay for upkeep. It also gets enough money from selling food and drinks that she was becoming quite well off. Mary is very kind towards any prostitutes that work under her roof, however will not allow herself to be used by anyone for personal gains. She will take any bullshit from anyone if they abuse her trust. At this point in her life, she doesn't usually sell herself to anyone that walks into her house, however if they offer her a lot, then she would be more agreeable. Played by: Featured NPC. Played by Neptune upon request. Profile link: N/A. Elizabeth Baker. Name: Elizabeth Baker Age: 18 Nationality: Craetharian Species: Kitsune. Height: 5ft1 Weight: 95lbs Sexuality: Hetero-sexual but will have sex with a woman if she pays. Breast size: C-cup. Occupation: Whore. Information: Elizabeth was raised by Mary, which is why she shares the same last name, and currently lives at the House of Pleasure. She is very kind, friendly and loving towards others. She's intelligent, and will happily discuss a topic of interest. Due to her loving nature, she is best suited to a customer that wants a more intimate and loving experience. While she likes being fucked hard and fast, she doesn't like being hit or strangled. She can also play a girlfriend for a customer, however she often charges a lot for that. Played by: Neptune. Profile link: Link! Abigail Caldwell Name: Abigail Caldwell Age: 21 Nationality: Craetharian. Species: Bunny girl. Height: 5ft7 Weight: 109lbs Sexuality: Bi-sexual. Breast size: C-cup. Occupation: Whore. Information: Abigail is a sweet, loving woman that will do anything for a customer, no matter how kinky or dirty. She loves to please everyone and would never say a bad word about anyone. She has been working at the Pleasure House for several years now and is not shy about accepting money for sex. She has absolutely no interest in any romance; she loves working as a whore as she is a nymphomaniac and is only interested in the sex. She has a husband that is fine with her job, even if she ends up getting pregnant from a customer. The two have been childhood sweethearts and have a rather open relationship, where they both see other people. Played by: NPC. Played by Neptune upon request. Profile link: N/A Hannah Lewis Name: Hannah Lewis Age: 23 Nationality: Craetharian. Species: Human. Height: 5ft3 Weight: 102lbs Sexuality: Heterosexual, but will willingly service a female customer, but really she loves cock. Breast size: E-cup. Occupation: Whore. Information: Like Abigail, Hannah is very kind and sweet on the surface. She loves having a good laugh, and is always happy to see a smile. However in the bedroom she is a minx and loves rough, hard fucking. She loves being slapped, her hair pulled, and being choked. It turned her on a lot, and is very good for a customer who loves very roughly fucking a whore. She is quite the masochist, but she does have the limit that customers cannot do anything that causes permanent harm to her. Played by: NPC. PLayed by Neptune upon request. Profile link: N/A. Melissa Baker Name: Melissa Baker Age: 20 Nationality: Craetherian (not yet a full citizen) Species: Medusa variant Height: 1.55 m (5') Weight: 56 kg (125 lb) Sexuality: Bisexual (prefers taking it) Breast size: C Occupation: Whore and artist (pottery and sculpting) Information: Melissa is a depraved masochist coming to turns of her kinks. She doesn't like to admit it, however, but her customers swear by it that she squeals like a pig when being punished and turns wet when being humiliated. She hides her snake-hair in a colourful head wrap and wears tinted glasses to hide her gaze. She's an immigrant to Craethiel, but chose to hid her nature when applying to become a citizen. She's new to being a whore as well - she used to work full-time as a potter and sculptor but her patron discovered her nature and blackmailed her to continue her commissions for free. Having ran out of options, she chose to become a whore due to her... abilities... She heard of how Mary's House of Pleasure allowed the workers to hide their identities, so this was the perfect opportunity. However, depraved sex with her has lead to her disguise being ripped off in a moments of passion... Still, no none has reported her, but some may be looking to take advantage of her. In her youth, Melissa was a bratty tomboy that played rough with the boys in her village. But as her body developed to become a natural beauty, she enjoyed teasing them, excited over the power she had over them as they would blush and bulges would grow. That is until a cruel demon became angered as he witnessed this. 'Women are only good for rutting and breeding. Nothing more. Nothing less' he thought. So he visited her one day when she was slacking off from helping her parents in the bakery. He took her innocence by force and placed a twisted curse on Melissa, inspired from a punishment from a legend he heard. She became a Medusa, but her gaze did not turn people to stone - instead it aroused them. Her natural beauty was now mixed with tainted sensuality, her skin like silk, and her snake hair velvet to the touch. Her sight alone would arouse men and women, and her gaze would turn their members hard as 'stone'. The villagers chased her out for they saw a monster, and her parents disowned her for they could not recognise their sweet innocent girl... Played by: Hope Profile link: Link! If you wish to have a character working here as one of the whores, then please send me an EcchiText, filling out this information about the character in question; Name: Age: Nationality: Species: Height: Weight: Sexuality: Breast size: Occupation: Information: There are currently no males working at the House, but I might make an exception if I like the look/sound of them. Mary has no problem with accepting a male worker, as long as they commit themselves just as hard as her other workers.
  13. Neptune

    Elizabeth Baker

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Elizabeth Baker. Age: 18 Gender: Female. Religion: Christian. Species: Kitsune. Origin: City of Selil Nationality: Craetharian. Occupation: Prostitute at Mary's House of Pleasure. Rank/Title: She is a lowly poor citizen. Physical Appearance Height: 5ft1 Weight: 95lbs. Eye Colour: Deep blue. Hair Colour: Strawberry blonde. Physical Description: Elizabeth is a slim, well toned woman with slender arms and long legs. She is naturally very skinny, and even if she eats a lot, does not seem to put on weight. She has large Kitsune ears on the top of her head as well as a long, bushy Kitsune tail. Her face is small and pretty, with attention grabbing blue eyes that most men cannot refuse. She has modest C-cup breasts that can be cupped in the hands easily. Her skin is naturally very pale, as if she has never been out in the sun before. She doesn't tan, either, but she can become sunburned so she usually avoids spending long periods of time outside anyway. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Elizabeth is kind, sweet and caring. She's very open and friendly as well, easily engaging people in conversation and befriending them. Within the house she is flirty and will allow men to have a feel of her goods before commiting to paying up. However she does know when to tell them to stop if she feels uncomfortable. She likes to read and learn new things even though she doesn't often have the chance to put what she learns to good use. She is a fast learner, and picks things up easily. Even though she is a practising Christian, she has a fascination of finding out how things work, instead of relying on the excuse that God did it. She feels that God may have created the world around them, there had to be a way that he had done it and she wants to find out how without the unsatisfying answer that 'God did it. End of.' Elizabeth is not afraid to give her opinion, and loves having a good argument about subjects. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: The only exotic seeming ability she has, is the ability to turn herself into a small fox with the same colour fur as her ears and tail. This can be used as a means to escape a tricky situation as it will allow her to escape places her humanoid form cannot, such as underneath a fence. She doesn't know much fighting moves as she prefers to avoid conflict. She has the ability to take cocks of a very large size and she hasn't come across any cock that she couldn't handle. Her pussy will also feel tight or loose depending on her partners preference. She isn't sure how this happens, but her pussy always seems to meld itself to the cock that she is currently fucking. She has a very sensitive body with many sensitive spots that make her melt. It is very easy to make her climax, when when just playing with her breasts. Weaknesses: She's quite weak in strength and due to the fact that she has no fighting ability, she can be very easily overpowered. As a mortal, she can be killed by any number of means. Her kind and caring nature can be used against her, as someone can easily trick her due to the fact that she always tries to see the best in everything and everyone. When she turns into a fox, her clothes do not change with her so when she turns back into her humanoid form again she will be completely naked. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): She hopes to one day to fall in love, get married, have lots of children and live her life in peace. Hobbies and Interests: Elizabeth loves to spend her time reading books, and visiting the library. She was taught to read and write by Mary when she was younger, which allowed her to absorb information from books. Other than that, she doesn't have any hobbies. When she isn't working, she is usually reading. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Hetero-sexual but will have sex with a woman if she pays. Turn ons: Unprotected sex. She loves the feeling of cum filling her pussy up. Anal sex, which works to her advantage as she uses it as a means of birth control. When she is in heat, she goes for an anal-only policy. Making love with people, including strangers she has never met before as she loves the illusion of intimacy. She likes it when a man gets rough in his fucking of her, but not too rough that it hurts her badly. She will accept nails digging into her hips, her hair being pulled and being choked to the point where her breathing is restricted. Giving oral sex. Dressing up for her customer and pleasing them. Turn offs: Too much pain being inflicted upon her. Scat, golden showers, gore and vore. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: C-cup. Sensitivity: Sensitive. Additional Sexual Information: She has a pussy that fits cocks of all sizes, from the very large to the very small. It will also feel loose or tight depending on her partners preference. She can only become pregnant when she is in heat. STD History: She has no idea if she has one or not. Extra Information Father: Unknown. Mother: Unknown. Siblings: Unknown. Grandparents: Unknown. Children: None. Everytime she is in heat, she switches to an anal only policy. House: She lives with Mary at Mary's House of Pleasure. Pet: None. History Criminal Record: None. Awards/Commendations: None. Medical History: She has been very healthy her entire life and hasn't even broken a bone. At least, not that she remembers. Bio: Elizabeth does not know much about her early life. Her first real memory was when she was six years old, and being found by Mary Baker. From before that, she has sketchy images of her begging for food and money. She also remembered the sensations of being very cold, and very hungry. Mary took her to her home, and raised her like her own daughter. Despite the fact that she was only 6 years old, Mary employed her to help clean the rooms, do the washing and other odd jobs. Elizabeth did this happily, getting engrossed into what she was asked to do, grateful for having a warm bed to sleep in and warm, filling meals. While she was still very young, Mary taught her how to read and write, explaining that her father had taught her, and knowing how to read and write may one day get her a well paying job that didn't involve prostitution. But for now, Elizabeth used this new skill to begin reading any book that she could get on her hands, absorbing the information. She often bored Mary as she retold the kind of things she read about. When Elizabeth was ten, she discovered the small library that was nearby her home, and she visited it as often as she could. She still helped with anything Mary asked her to, however Mary was beginning to teach her techniques in pleasuring a man. She reasoned that Elizabeth will need a job and when she was older, she could work here at the House. She would need to save up money somehow anyway. Mary got Elizabeth to social as much as she could, so that she could be comfortable around strangers who she knew much be interested in having sex with her. When Elizabeth began to enter her teens, she began to help out at the bar, carrying drinks to paying customers. She got used to the leers and the occasional groping and began learning how to flirt with a man to drive him crazy. At that time, she had to refuse customers sex as Mary had told her that she wasn't old enough. When Elizabeth was 16, Mary auctioned off her virginity to the highest paying customer. It was then that Elizabeth has sex for the first time, and thanks to Mary's teaching, it went very well for her and she loved every moment. Her first time was actually with two men, who paid together to fuck her, giving her the most intense sex she had ever experienced and despite never seeing them since, she would often think about them and wish they would return like they promised her to do one day. Afterwards, she insisted on working full time, eager to please as many people as she could using her body. She is saving up money that she hopes will one day buy her a nice home and security for years to come.
  14. Welcome to the Town of Dragons Eye The Town of Dragons Eye has existed in Craethiel for a long time, since around 1200BC which is roughly 2400 years before the start of this roleplay. It has not changed much during that time, other than new buildings to replace the old and crumbling ones but its purpose and spirit remain the same. It is an idyllic trading town located in the Terarr Mountains, nestled within a deep valley, close to the river Ageon as it emerged from its mountainous origins and down by the Dynz desert. It has grown from a small trading outpost, to the town it is this day. Most of the buildings are made solidly from stone and are actually made up of a mix of architecture from several species including human, Keza’maraki, Zeta’muluri, Coda’zotoxi and Mako’demerian. As the main purpose of this town is trading, there are a large number of warehouses that traders and merchants are able to rent out to store their goods while waiting for them to be sold. There are also a number of shops in Dragons Eye, and they even have their own blacksmith, and butcher due to how large the town is and how prosperous it is. This town is uniquely build and designed to accommodate traders, with large storage barns, stables and a market square which allows for traders to set up their wares to sell them. There is only a small amount of permanent residents, who are people such as tavern owners, shop owners and the mayor of the town. Otherwise the population of the town is quite fluctuating, due to the number of traders that come and go. The town has been here long enough that they have carved out an easily navigable path from the Ildgara forest, on the opposite side of the river from Delwore. It is large enough for traders to bring through wagons lead by teams of horses. Characters are free to come and go from this town, but troublemakers will face consequences of their actions. History. The Town of Dragon’s Eye began as a small trading post around 1200BC. This occured when the reigning Queen of Vorserend, Jyravana the Sixth, decided to put aside the Eldyrannth’s policy of isolation after being convinced by her new King, Temaelrin the First, who used persuasive arguments to point out the folly of complete and utter isolation. This allowed other species within Craethiel to travel to their City to trade with them, an opportunity that most were drooling over and it wasn’t long before they were flocking towards the city not only to trade things to the Eldyrannth, but to trade things from them. But, they were quite conscious and aware that they did not want to crowd the Eldyrannth too much and nor be too much underfoot. So a number of Zeta’s, Mako’s, Coda’s and Keza’s set up a small outpost which acted as a halfway point between the rest of Craethiel and Vorserend, especially since it sits in the middle of the only path through the mountains which can get you to the ancient city. The Town is only a few hours walk away from Vorserend, and thus allows traders to come to the Town and rent a room to spend the nights, while spending a few hours in Vorserend to sell their wares. As such, the Town has rather extensive accommodations that are rentable for short periods of time, and only a small number of permanent housing. The town not only acts as a means to trade with the Eldyrannth, but the Zeta’s as well as they are rather isolated on their nearby volcanic island so they use the town as a means to trade. Due to this, the outpost rather quickly evolved into a town with a bustling, fluctuating population. The Eldyrannth were not actually aware of the existence of this town until the young Crown Prince, Talrin, and his friend Leametrin came across it on their way to a cave that was close by as they had wanted to explore it. As they were walking along the path, they encountered the town and informed the King and Queen to its existence. King Temaelrin came along, and inspected the town to determine its purpose and its threat level to the City of Vorserend. But he found that the town was quite peaceful, and they were only interested in trade so the Eldyrannth had no problem with the town being there, and allowed for it to continue despite its close proximity to their beautiful mountain city. Since then, the town has continued to flourish due to the large amount of trade that it becomes involved in, and is the central hub for trade when it comes to the Zeta’muluri and Eldyrannth. However, since the start of the roleplay the Town has had a major setback in the fact that Vorserend was completely destroyed. They had heard the fighting from their town, but were powerless to do anything and were even too afraid to go and have a look, until the current Crown Princess (And technically new Queen at this point), Talivana came along afterwards with the news that Vorserend had fallen. The town still remains, as the Zeta’muluri still use it for their own trade, but it is not as prosperous as it once was.
  15. Non-Playable Characters This thread has several purposes. The first of which, is to inform you of how Craethiel Kingdom deals with NPCs, and even Featured NPCs. While NPCs are often random figures such as a woman at a reception desk of some office building, a Featured NPC is an individual that is owned by a Roleplayer but isn't a fully formed character. This individual serves the purpose of driving a roleplay forward and for helping in the development of our characters, thus they are roleplayed only in specific circumstances. These featured NPCs, depending on how the owner wishes for it to be, can either be generally roleplayed by all players or restricted to the owner. The first place that NPCs can be found are Lore threads, such as the Craethiel Kingdom one which has images of the human King that runs Craethiel from his throne in Selil. These are featured NPCs of the roleplay and are restricted to being controlled by the Game Master; Me. But these are figures that can be referenced by other characters, as well as spoken about. Another place to find featured NPCs would also be Locations, where these NPCs would be tied to the location, such as shop assistants, or even servants for other characters like a Butler. Featured NPCs can also be tied to a character within their ID. However this thread is for NPCs that don't fall into any of these categories. At the moment, it's the only solution to keep them in one place since I currently cannot create a single album which allows everyone to post pictures in it. So post the images in the Library Paintings (Extra Information images), and post them up in this thread along with this simple template: Name: Date of Birth: Age: Species: Height: Weight: Nationality: Occupation: Information: Of course, you are free to add or change any of the fields if they are more suitable to your NPC. Double posting is allowed within this thread, as with all Extra Information threads.
  16. Disclaimer: This species profile only contains the need to know information. More information may be added in the future ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Race: Mēfwa (Pronounced Meef-wa)  Clan Name: None Species Age: 2,065 years (47 BC) Average individual Age: 110 years Origin/Location: America History: - Pre-history: Mēfwas were a rarely seen phenomena in ancient times, often considered to be Mythical creatures by the natives. Not much is known about how they came into existence, but they have often believed to have been blessed by the goddess of cats, Hartho, who had been lost to time - Modern history: Mēfwa are more commonly seen nowadays, and are often mistaken for Nekos. There are currently around four million Mēfwa in existence Culture: Their culture varies depending on where they were born. Communication/Language: The Mēfwa have no unique languages. Food and Drink: They eat anything that normal humans can eat, but they can also eat raw meat without getting sick. Sports/games and other pastimes: They are not allowed to participate in the same sports as humans due to their unfair advantages. They do enjoy hunting to an extent Hierarchy: There is currently no known hierarchy in the Mēfwa race due to them spreading out and blending in with human society What the race consider as insulting/rude/ shameful: Females: Flicking their tails towards the another as they turn away Hissing at each other Gently dragging their claws down one's back when not locked in sexual intercourse (basically slut shaming) Males: Cracking knuckles towards a loved one. Hissing at each other Lowering one ear (basically saying that the other isn't strong enough to touch them) What the race consider as Respectful: Bowing towards an elder Keeping each ear up in the presence of a male Misconceptions/Myths/legends/Old wives tales: Myths: It was once said that if you gave a Mēfwa a loaf of bread, they would grant one wish. Farmers believed that Mēfwa would bring good harvest if one so decided to stroll through their farmlands. Doctors believed that Mēfwa were miracle workers and could bring good healing to any sick, injured patient and that their presence alone would allow a sterile woman or man complete fertility Name Style: None General Race Behaviour: They act like humans except for the noises that they make when they are happy, pleasured, scared, or angry Love: Mēfwa choose one person to love and then stick with them until one or the other dies. They grieve and wait until they have moved on before finding another love. They are only partly monogamous when it comes to partners Religion: Their religion depends on what they choose to believe in Laws: Their laws depend on where they happen to be living Rituals - Mating (The Ritual, not the act): The females will send out a smell similar to that of cinnamon to attract males, and she will have her own free choice of who she likes better. Once the partner is chosen, they like to find a nice secluded area and commence with the mating. The mating will last for an entire seven days, to ensure that every ounce of semen is poured into the female to ensure a successful pregnancy. The female will not mate again until their child has matured. - Birthing and pregnancy celebration: Once the female is confirmed to have been impregnated, they will have a small item of theirs, preferably one taken everywhere with them, blessed for good luck and a successful delivery. When the baby is delivered, they normally have the leader of their religious group to bless their child with health - Birthing Day: They celebrate birthdays just like any human would in their culture. - Death: When a Mēfwa passes, they are buried with a material item from each family member that connected said family member to them. Genetic Diseases/ Common Ailments/ - Common Mental problems: Mēfwa can develop any mental illness that a human can, from Schizophrenia to Stockholm Syndrome - Genetic Diseases: None, other than STDs passed on from mating humans (when it does happen) - Common Ailments: Mēfwa can get colds and some illnesses that humans can get. It isn't very often due to a highly evolved immune system Anatomy and Physical Appearances: - General look of the race: All Mēfwas have white/silver hair and Cobalt to sky blue eyes. Their skin color is often a slightly paler complexion that whites. They also have particularly sharp fangs that develop a year after being born - Hearing: Mēfwas have cat ears, which greatly enhance their sense of hearing to 2 octaves higher than that of a human. - Smell: Mēfwa have an acute sense of smell, which helps males with finding a mate. - Eyesight: The eyesight of the Mēfwa is so good that they can see the light of a burning candle thirty miles away (three times that of a human) - Touch: There is nothing special about how Mēfwa perceive touch - Feeding: Other than the fact that they can any raw meat without catching a virus or sickness (due to strong stomach acids that kill malicious bacteria), there is nothing special about how Mēfwa feed - Organ Function: The same as humans - Sexual Organs: The same as humans - Features: Cat ears and tail Mating: - Impregnation: Mēfwa are impregnated the same way a human is. - Pregnancy: The pregnancy of a Mēfwa only takes six months until the child is ready to be birthed Offspring: The offspring mature both sexually and mentally at the age of 15, but they are prohibited from having sexual intercourse until after 18 years of age to fit in with the laws of the humans. They are raised by their mothers (and a father if one is bonded to the mother), and they are sent to school for education. Abilities/ Powers and weaknesses: Abilities Speed: A Mēfwa can travel on foot up to about thirty miles per hour without breaking a sweat. The fastest recorded speed for a Mēfwa was seventy four miles per hour Strength: Mēfwa, even though some may lack expected muscle mass, can lift up to ten times the weight that the average human can. Only a few can break that limit. The most weight recorded to be lifted by a Mēfwa was 1.2 tonnes Enhanced senses: Mēfwa can hear 2 octaves higher than a human, and they can see three times better. Their smell is about ten times better than a human's Weaknesses: Speed: If they're not careful, they can end up seriously injuring themselves by hitting or tripping over things Enhanced Senses: If they are overly exposed to things that trigger their senses, said sense can be impaired temporarily or permanently RP Interaction: - Basic Interaction: Unless they are provoked, Mēfwa are very nice and caring people. The always look out for their family and friends - Fighting: Mēfwa are dangerous fighters, using their brains and muscles to seriously disable their opponent when they feel the need to - Sex with: Mēfwa females are very loud moaners. Both males and females tend to purr and growl in pleasure. A simple touch to the ears or tail are a great way to turn them on immediately. The vagina of a female is very soft, and so is the skin of the penis on a male. - Being a Female: Females are usually quite shy and tend to keep to themselves until mating season. It is rare to find a female Mēfwa that actively seeks to be around others. - Being a Male: Males are a less shy version of the females, but they are far more competitive when they are challenged.
  17. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Talivana. Age: 2,500 years Gender: Female. Species: Eldyrannth. Origin: Therarr Mountain’s, the Eldyrannth City of Vorserend. Nationality: Eldyrannthian Occupation: Eldyr High Guard Specs Ops. Rank/Title: Eldyrannthian Crown Princess Physical Appearance Height: 6ft4. Weight: 154lbs. Eye Colour: Gold. Hair Colour: Pitch black, slightly curly and to the waist sometimes tied up at the neck with a golden hair tie. Physical Description: Human form: Slender yet has the body of a fighter with toned muscles. She has a full and curvy figure with D-cup breasts, flat stomach and lush thighs on her long legs. She is very beautiful looking- delicate and exotic looking, almost cat like with a graceful looking angled face. Her eyes are slightly angled with a nose and mouth that are proportional to the rest of her face. She has pointed ears which are large enough to reach the top of her head, with a few bone spikes along the rim of the ear. On her arms are gold gauntlets that go up to her elbow. They cover the back of the hands and cover her fingertips. Embedded in the gauntlets are the coloured crystals. Dragon form: Western style dragon that is white with gold eyes, gold claws, spikes, gold tail fins and wing membrane. Ageing and size: Every 100 years, Eldyrannth’s have a growth spurt of, on average, two metres. The wingspan is, on average, four times the length of the body. So as she is 2,500 years old, she is 50metres in length and has 200metre wingspan. (For some prospective, that's half a football field as the length of the body and two football fields long for the wings. She is slightly smaller than the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Jumbo Jet, with a wingspan almost 3x the wingspan of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft) Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: When people treat her with respect, then she will be kind and friendly to them and give them respect in return. She doesn't like it when people lie to her and will be very cold to those who do, even to the point of shunning them from her presence. She can hold a grudge for a long time, however, if the person who had done her wrong apologises and means it, then she can forgive and forget, depending on the circumstances. Since the murder of her entire race, Talivana has become less self assertive due to the crippling blow that she suffered that day. She hates being alone, and finds the silence of her mind overwhelming and sometimes scary. Talivana tries to hide her fears from everyone, only suffering in private. She now cannot stand to be in a crowded place, finding the noise disturbing to her, as it only serves to remind her that she will no longer be within the group mind of her species. Since the incident, nightmares plague her sleep so often she has a short fused temper from not being able to sleep well but she always tries to keep herself in check to avoid taking it out on anyone. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Strengths: She is much stronger than a human, so she can easily overpower them. In her dragon form, she can easily overpower a number of enemies at once or she can easily flee. She can heal a lot faster than other races and she has access to the crystals that give her unique abilities which cannot be directly duplicated by others. Turn into a dragon: She is 50metres in length and has 200metre wingspan. (For some prospective, that's half a football field as the length of the body and two football fields long for the wings. She is slightly smaller than the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Jumbo Jet, with a wingspan almost 3x the wingspan of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft). In this form, she can breathe fire, fly and use her claws for lethal attacks. Her tail, with the shark like fin, can be used as a rudder to steer in both aquatic and aerial situations and is extremely powerful. Crystals [For more information, consult the Extra Info]: The coloured crystals that she has are as follows: Grey: This allows her the telepathically link to the crystals that she uses on her gauntlets. Gold: This crystal allows Talivana to help control the crystals she uses and to put in set pre-programs. Yellow: Increase speed and agility and able to do Air attacks. Decrease in physical strength. Weakness to Fire based attacks. Spectrum colours in irregular veins: Draw energy from other sources and then be able to transfer that energy into the user. Black with white veins running though it: Used to manipulate the metal on the gauntlets. She has two, one on the back of each hand, imbedded into the metal of the gauntlets. Black: Defence. Repels magic and also physical attacks. Orange: Holds a large amount of energy. She has one on each gauntlet. Pink: Knowledge store where Eldyrannth’s can telepathically store knowledge for later use. Hand to Hand combat: She can fight hand to hand and in tight quarters, she is very athletic, however, she is not good at long range fighting. This can be used in conjunction with hand held weapons like daggers. Telepathy: As a naturally Hive mind race, Talivana is an extremely powerful telepath. She can handle the weight of tens of thousands of active minds. She can also communicate with people not of her species, but rarely opens her mind to them for fear of the damage it could do to them. She can also bridge a non-telepathic mind into the mind of another (Either telepathic or not). Telekinesis: She is able to move objects that are as much as ten times her weight. She has to concentrate very hard otherwise she will not be able to do it, or at least not very well. It is so precise that she could rupture a vein or artery inside someone's brain. However she has never used this ability due to the moral and ethical ramifications. Sorcery: Talivana is an extremely powerful Sorceress, even among the Eldyrannth. She has huge reserves of exotic energy to fuel spells, and can accomplish things that others would have no hope in doing. She also learnt from her mother, who drew upon the Royal vault of knowledge to give Talivana a wide range of spells to utilise. Fly high and tolerate low oxygen levels: Due to her one way breathing system (Like a bird), she is able to fly higher than other winged creatures as she is able to tolerate lower oxygen environments as she is able to extract oxygen more efficiently then beings with a two way breathing system (Like a human) Scales: Her scales are as hard as diamond. You would need a lot of energy to break through the scales. The scales are done small and in such a way that allows her to move. The scales themselves are not flexible. These are pigmented. Skeleton and Super-Human strength: Strengthened skeletal structure that has a high tensile strength and yet is nearly 20% lighter than a mammalian skeleton. In human form she can lift about 4 times her weight and in her dragon form she can lift twice her weight. Ichor and healing: When she bleeds the scab forms a resin looking covering over the wound (like a tree). This is to protect the wound from infection. She can heal in nearly a fraction of the time of a human and this includes broken bones. The Inchor in her blood is broken down to Chor (What she uses for the fire. See extra info for more detail) and stem cells. When in a battle and breathing fire a lot, her body goes into overdrive to produce more Chor. This in turn produces more stem cells for healing, and thus heals slightly faster. However this puts a huge tax on the bodies resources. Fire: Her body breaks down Inchor into stem cells and Chor. The stem cells go off to heal while the Chor reacts further to produce the flammable Gas of Chor. This is stored in a gland at the edge of the lungs, with tubes going up the throat to the top of the mouth. There is a small spark producer here, that ignites the gas to produce the flame. Inchor can he spat out alongside the gas, creating lethal napalm effect. The vapour from the liquid is also a heavy irritant and any unprotected eyes can be affected. This is why when producing flame the Eldyrannth closes their third eye lid which they have in both forms. The third eyelid is used in both aquatic and aerial activities. They can also spit out Inchor without igniting it to put a waterproof layer in something. However this is highly flammable. Stomach Acid: Their heart contains a left aortic valve so they can, willingly, redirect blood flow to essential organs like the brain. Also they can redirect it to the stomach increasing their stomach acidity so they can digest bone. When they produce too much they will sometimes throw it up. As they can do this on command they can use their own digestive juices as a defensive option. Senses: She have very keen eyesight and have advanced night vision. She has sensitive hearing and they have a sensitive sense of smell. Not only this, they can use their tongues like a snake and further distinguish scents from each other. They can do this on land as well as in water making them deadly hunters of all environments. Flexibility: She is very flexible and can climb trees easily, which she very much does enjoy doing. Weaknesses: Dragon Form: The under-belly is her weak spot as it is not made from the same material that the rest of the scales are made of, it is more softer and more hide like to allow easier breathing without hindering her performance. If she were to be struck at the right place (in between the rib bones and into the heart) it would mean instant death. Or a slow, painful one if the Inchor glands were struck as the Inchor is essentially their immune system. She cannot remain in this form for very long periods of time as she becomes more animalistic the more time she spends in this form. When flying, she is using up her energy and working her muscles. She must fly often to keep her endurance up so that she is able to fly for extended periods of time, and even then she needs to stop to prevent passing out or straining her muscles. Her wings may become damaged which will impede her ability to fly. If they are damaged severely enough, she will not be able to fly and will have to wait for the membrane to re-grow before she can fly once again. Cold (In dragon form)/Hot(In humanoid form): She slows down in colder weather, but also suffer when it becomes too hot. This is due in part of her cold blood as she does require the sun to regulate her temperature and if she is too cold, she tends to slow down. In hot weather, she becomes sluggish as she gets to hot and must cool herself down some way as she does not sweat like other humanoids. If she does not cool down, it could potentially be life threatening. Inchor and the Crystals: In return for the large amount of power gained from using the powers, over time, the crystals power turns the Inchor into crystal itself from the exotic radiation that the crystals give off every time they are used. As Inchor is a constant presence in the blood, this essentially crystallises the blood. In the later stages of this illness, as the blood thickens and the crystals scratch them from the inside out, it can become very painful. If death does not occur soon, the victim can ask another to end their life to end the suffering. The more the Eldyrannth uses their crystals, the quicker the blood turns to crystal. They are also more susceptible to infections the further down the illness they are. Most hope that they die of a virus then the crystallisation of their blood. Stomach Acid: This can burn their throat and leave it raw and irritated for a few hours or even longer making it painful to eat or drink. Combat: She is not a good long range fighter, so she is vulnerable to an attack from far off. Crystals: In order to use the crystals, she will need energy to do so. The more she uses them, the more energy she uses up. If she exhausts herself, she can pass out and leave her open to attack. Or she will lose so much energy that she no longer has enough to keep her heart beating and die. Telepathy: The Eldyrannth are a race that has a natural, telepathic, hive mind. This means that Talivana is an extremely powerful telepath and can hear a thousand voices at once. With people not of her species, she will not open her mind to them unless they gave her express permission. Her mind can overwhelm other races, and they can become lost in her mind easily. Telekinesis: If she tries to move more then she can handle, she can use up a lot of energy and pass out, even strain her mind. To be able to use telekinesis if she concentrates and if someone distracts her, she can lose what grip she had. Also, she may accidentally trigger it when she is angry and cause the person she is angry at fly away from her. Her telekinesis can be so precise that she can use it to crush veins and arteries inside someone else's mind. This can be taxing on her, but she never likes using this ability anyway. Sorcery: If she does a spell that far exceeds her energy pool, then she could completely drain herself of exotic energy which would ultimately lead to her death as Eldyrannth are, by nature, Exotic Beings and require Exotic Energy in order to live. So she must be careful to the spells she uses, so that she does not over-tax herself. Fire: She only has a limited amount of Inchor at one time and must wait for her body to produce more. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To get revenge for the death of her race. Hobbies and Interests: Training and studying are her main hobbies, however she does like to ride Aelda from time to time. She loves being in her dragon form and flying high in the sky and feeling the wind brush against her body. She also has a great love of painting, and it has been a hobby of hers since she was a young child. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Personal Sexual Information Turn ons: Having unprotected sex Making love with someone she loves deeply When she's in the mood, she likes to be fucked hard and rough Being touched in certain places, as she loves the feeling of strong hands moving across her body Turn offs: Being controlled Being abused, or someone being violent towards her Scat and golden showers Gore and Vore Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: D-cup Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: When Talivana is having sex with someone she loves deeply, she may draw back the metal covering her fingers. When her fingers are exposed, it allows her to stick to almost any surface. When getting very intimate with her partner, she will either interlock her hands with her partners, or hold onto their face. This would need to be done while facing towards each other. STD History: Clean Extra Information Father: Kayrin Eldyrannth. Deep purple eyes. Deceased. Adoptive Father: King Temaelrin Eldyrannth. Black eyes. Mother: Queen Jyavana Eldyrannth. Golden eyes. Deceased. Children: To be filled in. Adoptive children: Kaylarvana Eldyrannth. Blue eyes. Siblings: Princess Lyravana, Golden eyes. Talivana also has a brother that she does not speak about; Crown Prince Talrin Eldyrannth, Black eyes. Banished and dishonoured. Grandparents: Queen Kaliavana and King Xharin House: She used to have a small home on the edge of the Eldyrannth city. It is now destroyed and she has no permanent home. Pet: She does not have a pet, but she does have an Aelda horse, called Aena which means ‘Swift One’. He is 23 hands high and a snow white in colour. He is very muscular and he has a lot of stamina. He is very tame, and extremely patient. He loves running, however, and will take any chance to do so. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean, as far as she is aware. Medical Record: Her medical history has been quite healthy throughout most of her life. She is currently at Stage II of Inchor Crystallisation. Bio: Talivana was born to her mother, along with her twin brother Talrin. To the absolute horror of their mother, the two of them emerged at the same time, clinging to each other as they refused to go one after another. They were as close as Eldyrannth twins could be. One of the things immediately noticed about the newborn twins, were that they were sporting two hearts, unlike usual Eldyrannth. When they were extremely young, they had many tests done on them but other than the hearts, the Doctors were unable to find anything unusual apart from some strange brain readings but they were unable to pinpoint to the source. The twins were very healthy, active and intelligent. The two were extremely close when they were children, with them rarely being in a separate room from one another. The two were usually holding hands, and would often act as one person. There were problems in the family, though, and one point of major contention between Talivana and her brother. Their father was completely absent, and only came back every few years. And even when he was there, he usually only spent time with Talivana. Talrin grew to resent his father, but Talivana could never really understand the depths of his resentment towards their father. She had always loved Kayrin, even if she rarely saw him. As Talrin started growing older his behaviour began getting worse and he would often have autistic fits with both his mother and sister. When they were four, another man stepped into their family unit; Temaelrin Eldyrannth. He became their adoptive father, and took Talrin under his wing. As Temaelrin was a very vigilant and present father, Talrin’s behaviour began to improve and things became more peaceful around the home, where he was concerned. Talivana didn’t entirely approve of her mother bringing another man to her bed, behind her father’s back but it wasn’t really any of her business. She quite loved her adoptive father, and didn’t want to drive him away so kept her options to herself. She was just glad that her brother was better for it. As the twins grew a little older, they began to spend some time apart from one another as they diverged into separate interests. Talivana took more of an interest in the fight against the Daedra while Talrin had more of a scientific turn of mind. He loved doing little experiments and would read numerous scrolls on a large number of subjects, seemingly absorbing every scrap of information he could. While neither of them liked being away from one another, they occasionally had to, but would become distressed after a time. One day, when Talivana was twenty years of age, she had gone for a small walk in the mountains while Talrin was having some lessons with their adoptive father. As Talivana moved about, she smelt flowers and watched animals that scampered about such as rabbits and birds. However as the time round towards evening, with the sun setting over the mountains leaving her in darkness, she realised that she was lost. She had no idea how to get back home. She wondered among the mountains for a while, scared, lost and feeling very alone. As she wondered, she had the feeling that she wasn't alone; like as if she was being followed by a hunting animal that saw her as their prey. This only made Talivana even more scared, and she wanted nothing more than to run and hide from the monster stalking her steps, but the more logical part of her mind told her that, that would be a bad idea as it would result in her being even more lost. After several hours, she was tired and feeling that she would never be able to get back home. She collapsed down next to a tree, and curling up as she cried. Her sobs filled the quiet forest around her, and she felt as if the monsters were circling around her, watching her with hostile eyes. When she was sure that she was going to die, she felt a warm, comforting hand on her shoulder. She jumped slightly, before looking up to see a tall, cloaked figure. She couldn't see his face, due to how dark it was, and the fact that he was wearing a hood that covered his face in shadows. She couldn't even see the outline of his face. And yet, his presence comforted her and she felt that she knew him. “Come on, let's get you home Talivana.” The man said, and he had a distinct masculine voice. Deep, enchanting and he spoke with a definite Eldyrannthian aristocratic accent. He reached out, putting two gloved hands on either side of her head for a moment, before he pulled his hands away. He then picked her up and began to carry her through the mountains. Talivana finally felt safe, as if those monsters could no longer get her while she was being guarded by this strange man who she knew would never let those monsters near her. She dozed against his shoulder as he took her back home, and it wasn't long before she could see the soft glow of the city lights. The man took her as far as the city limits, before he put her gently down, before kneeling down before her, “Be more careful next time, Talivana.” He told her, his tone gentle with love. He leaned forward, kissing her on the forehead gently. Talivana wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tight, “Thank you!” She said, smiling happily. The man chuckled softly, before he gently pulled away from the hug. He placed a hand on the top of her head, “Stay safe, Talivana.” He said, before he turned and walked off back into the night. Talivana tried to see where he went, but he seemed to melt into the darkness. After a few moments she turned and ran home, to be greeted by her relieved parents. Talrin immediately ran to her, holding onto her tightly as if he was never going to let go again. Talivana didn't mind. In fact she clung to him just as tightly. The twins continued to grow, and develop together. Despite their different interests and career paths, the two twins were still extremely close. Before their telepathy began to develop, their minds were interwoven to the point where sometimes they forgot who was who. Talrin continued spending time reading and doing experiments while Talivana spent her time learning what she could from those in the Eldyr High Guard. She would spend her day watching as Eldyr High Guard soldiers trained with their weapons and battle techniques. Her interest did not go unnoticed, and a couple of Eldyrannth, Lyrerin and Xallavana, took her under their wing and started training her from an exceptionally young age. At the end of each day, she would return home and spend hours with Talrin, talking about what they had both done in the day as they exchanged information with one another. When Talivana was forty years of age, her telepathic and telekinetic abilities were beginning to develop. Her telepathic training went very well, especially when training with Talrin as the two worked incredibly well together. Together, they were able to do things that neither of them could do alone. For her telekinetic training, Lyrerin decided to take it on. He would take her to a grassy field where he would give her a smooth, black pebble, “Focus your mind on the pebble, and try to cause it to raise above your palm and hover there.” He instructed. The young Eldyrannth looked at the pebble, thinking that the task that he asked was easy as she had already done some unconscious telekinesis that seemed to work fine. However, those times were often fuelled with emotion and she did it without putting much thought into it. This was the first time that she was consciously trying, and it was not as easy as she had foolishly thought. At first, the pebble merely trembled in her hand which caused her to become frustrated until she screamed out, “MOVE!” The pebble fired from her hand to slam into a small tree that was nearby. The pebble not only fired out of the other side of the tree, but it caused the young sapling to explode into splinters that flew all over the clearing. Talivana stared at the tree in shock, before she then felt really bad for destroying the life of a young tree like that. She felt a hand on her shoulder and she looked up at Lyrerin, who smiled kindly at her as she felt that he understood, “Don't worry, Talivana. I once embedded a coin in my mother's wall.” He assured her, which made Talivana's anger melt away. She looked at the tree, regretting the damage that she had done. “Don't worry, young Talivana. You've made a mistake, but you've now got to fix it. Why don't we plant a tree to replace it?” Lyrerin offered, which made Talivana smile. They then spent a few hours replanting the tree that Talivana had destroyed. Once it was safely in, Talivana resumed her training, determined not to lose her temper like that again. Throughout her childhood, not only was Talivana close to her twin brother, but she was also very close to her father, Kayrin. He often took her out to a small waterfall that fed into a small lake when he came to visit. They would sit, laugh and play with each other. They would also frequently swim together. Talivana treasured these precious moments with her father, as they made her incredibly happy. When with her father here, they could both forget about the War, and be themselves. As father and daughter. When Talivana and Talrin were a hundred-and-sixty-six, they both achieved their full maturity. Talivana entered her first heat, which drove her almost wild with the urge to breed. She was going to try and grit her teeth through it, however her adoptive father convinced her to breed with him. It was how she came to give birth to her firstborn son, Taliaelrin. At this point, she was living in the military barracks, as she was still in training underneath Lyrerin and Xallavana, and it was not long before she applied to become part of the Eldyr High Guard. As much as she loved her son, she couldn’t care for him the way she felt she should, and so allowed her mother to care for him in his early years. By this point, her mother had droves of children to look after, and was delighted to be able to look after her grandson. Talivana visited him as often as she could, but knew that one of the ways she could care for him was learning how to protect him. She was granted her gauntlets, and weapons which she began to train in earnest. At this point in their lives, Talivana and Talrin spent more time apart from one another, especially as she was heavily involved in her training and he was heavily involved in his research as he was doing medical research. She was quite proud of what he was able to accomplish, especially when he was able to browbeat the medical community into giving him a medical license simply because all of their patients were going to Talrin, as he was the better doctor. Talivana's main training was on her fighting ability as well as her use with the crystals. She gained mastery of the basic crystals after several hundred years and started work on mastering the crystal that allowed her to manipulate air. As time went by, she noticed that Talrin was becoming more and more distant from her. She tried to ask him what he was up to, but he refused to answer to her. He spent a lot of time with a young Eldyrannth, five years younger than they were, called Lusravana. All Talrin was willing to say was that they were doing Scientific Research. Lusravana was the twin sister of a friend of Talivana's friend, Zhalrin. She found herself more in his company as the two of them were in the Eldyr High Guard. By the time Talivana was eight-hundred, both herself and Zhalrin were accepted as Spec-Op agents. The two of them were given specialised training in infiltration with the less advanced races, and how to effectively clear out a Daedric threat as well as how to send them back to their own realm through their dimensional lock. Both Talivana and Zhalrin made an excellent team, and often moved about Craethiel taking care of Daedric threats that surfaced from time to time. They also had the job of observing the local people, to see how they were progressing as a society. Humans were still deep within the Dark Ages by this point, however the Keza's, Mako's, Coda's and Zeta's were more progressive than humans. Not long after they had turned eight-hundred it was discovered that her brother was doing Daedra research and collaborating with them. He was stripped of his gauntlets and banished, along with his partner, Lusravana. While Talivana outwardly showed anger towards her twin brother, inside she was hurt deeply. She felt betrayed by him, and that was almost more than she could bear. It was more painful than any physical wound she had ever suffered. To try and forget her misery, she dived herself into her work. At the beginning of the year 1200, Vorserend fell, destroyed. Now, Talivana is alone, and seeking revenge on those who have done this.
  18. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Elizabeth Keza’maraki. Age: 18. Gender: Female. Religion: None. Species: Pure breed Keza. Origin: Selil City Nationality: Keza’marakian Occupation: The Keza’maraki Queen. Rank/Title: Queen. Physical Appearance Height: 5ft1. Weight: 105lbs. Eye Colour: Gold. Hair Colour: White. Physical Description: Elizabeth is tiny in height with a slender, but curvy frame. She has wide child bearing hips and C-cup breasts. Her muscles are lightly toned, adding to her slender frame. Her hair is long, down to her arse and completely straight. Like her hair, her Keza ears and tail are a snow white in colour. She has some hair framing her face on the sides as well as having a fringe. She is usually seen dressed in long gowns that usually hide her body, usually on demand of her husband, the King. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Usually, she is seen as rather quiet and reserved who says little. However when in the bedroom she is a raging slut. She loves being talked dirty to. She would fuck any man she can, although she makes sure that it is always behind her husband’s back. While she loves her husband, she wants the freedom to fuck whomever she wants. Elizabeth loves reading and can (When not fucking people) often be seen in the library, reading a good book. Even though she is the Queen, she is kind and caring to her subjects. She also makes sure that the King is always kind to their subjects so that he doesn’t piss them off. Almost like a conscious for him. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Being a Keza’maraki Queen, she has accelerated pregnancy. She can become pregnant and give birth to a healthy child within 48 hours. This is an ability that the King utilises to make sure that he has as many heirs as possible. Elizabeth also has the uncanny ability to feel any cock that she is presented with, and take even the largest of dicks with ease and yet still remain tight. It is one of the reasons why the King doesn’t suspect her for sleeping around. Elizabeth can sew, knit and can do embroidery, making them her favourite pastime. Weaknesses: She’s not that physically strong, and she doesn’t know how to defend herself from physical or psychic attackers. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To have a husband that allows her sexual freedom. Hobbies and Interests: Sewing, embroidery, knitting and reading. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Personal Sexual Information Turn ons: Unprotected sex, especially if it leads to pregnancy Being a breeding queen and being forced to breed Being fucked hard, and roughly like a little bitch Breeding hybrids. She has a weakness for Mako’s and Zeta’s in particular. Being fucked by those taller and larger than she is. She loves being pinned down and fucked. Turn offs: Gore and Vore Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: B-cup Sensitivity: She is quite sensitive. STD History: Clean as far as she is aware. Extra Information Father: Kail Keza'maraki. Mother: Narina Keza'maraki. Siblings: She has many. She's the full blood sister of Rowan. Grandparents: She has never known them. Children: She has many. But as she is being made to breed, she doesn't spend much time with them. House: The Keza’maraki Palace. Pet: None History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: None Medical Record: She has been quite healthy her entire life. Bio: Like many of her siblings, she grew up in the Keza’maraki Palace. She wasn’t really raised by her mother, instead she was looked after by a nanny who taught her everything she needed to know about being a good little lady such as how to eat and dress properly as well as proper passtimes for a lady such as sewing and embroidery. She was also kept an eye on so that she, like some of her sisters had done, didn’t lose her virginity to someone that wasn’t her father. She had seen several of her sisters banished, because they had lost their virginity to their randy brothers that constantly pestered the girls for sex. Elizabeth kept herself away from them, and at the age of 13, she was fucked by her father and impregnated. It was revealed that she had the Queen gene as within 48 hours she gave birth. The King kept returning to her, getting her pregnant. Her brothers also began fucking her and impregnating her. Since then, she had a hunger for sex and soon slept with a huge number of her brothers. She found that she could take any sized dick, and yet still remain tight despite fucking for most of the time. At the age of sixteen, her father got rid of his wife and immediately made Elizabeth the new Queen. She was a little more careful with whom she slept with since then, but most of her children weren’t even her husband’s.
  19. Dreshza This race profile is for a special that I have created. To my knowledge, I haven't stolen any ideas from anywhere. If you with to RolePlay a Dreshza, then you will need to send me an EcchiText and ask politely. A 'yes' is not guaranteed as I would have to be confident that you can RP a Dreshza properly. Anyone found making a Dreshza character without permission will have the character removed by staff and possible infractions. Race: Dreshza (Homo binesi) Clan Name: There are thirteen clans within this race, all specialising in different areas of their culture. A member of the clan takes the clan name as their second name. They are listed below. Rakthan: The Stealth Clan. They specialise in stealth operations as well as assassinations for their clan and their species. Clan members can be hired by members of other clans to assassinate one another in power struggles. Ulra: The Authority Clan. They are the police version of this species. They tend to be extremely vicious to law breakers and will not hesitate to kill over the smallest of crimes. Fenla: The Technology Clan. They are responsible for developing new technology and making sure that current ones operate at peak efficiently. Orgrud: The Intelligence Clan. They deal with Intelligence gathering and sell information to other clans. They usually alert the Rakthan Clan is there is a target to assassinate. Hanruk: The Entertainment Clan. They specialise in the Entertainment part of the society. From putting on shows to running clubs and pubs. Drakhu: The Hard Labour Clan. They are responsible for hard labour such as farming and building new structures and making sure that the cities are structurally sound. They also make sure that the cities are supplied with power to keep them running. Many are too proud for this, and tend to capture other species and use them as slaves. XyGoth: The Fighter Clan. They specialise in fighting, and is the largest clan of them all. They are set up into groups where they specialise in long range, short range and using vehicles. Karane: The Trade and Financial Clan: They are a small clan that keep an eye on the economy and run the banks that contain all of their currency. They also set up trade to expand the empire and boost their economy. This ranges from buying items from other countries and setting up shops. They also sell products to make money for their country. Varorsorth: The Religious Clan. They run the religious buildings in the cities and are responsible for the teachings of their religion [Look below for details.] as well as religious activities. Sothdruk: The Medical Clan. They are responsible for keeping the populace healthy. Rendha: The Scientific Clan. They are responsible for all the research that goes on and all the Scientific experiments that go on. These usually involve experiments that would be questionable to other paces. Karuk: The Scholar Clan. This clan specialises in keeping the records of their history as well as teaching the young of the race. Eldyrack: The ‘Royal’ Clan. They are the ones that rule the race and make sure that the kingdom is running smoothly. They make up the government of the race. Species Age: 5.7 million years. They were one of the Homo races that split off from the apes, however unlike races like the Homo erectus; this race of Homo has not been extinct. It is currently unknown to the Homo sapiens race as the Dreshza pretend that they are human due to their uncannily similar appearance. Average individual Age: 150 Earth years. Origin/Location: An unknown island in the Caribbean. It is a medium sized island with an inactive volcano on it. There is a small mountain range where their city is built into to hide them from the prying eyes of the rest of the world. This is where they live and train their elite Clans. History: Pre-history: The Dreshza are one of the many homo species that evolved from the ape species. Unlike the other species, they did not become extinct. They went on to evolve like the Homo sapiens. When the species was 3 million years old, they were beginning to form the beginnings of their own society. They were a nice, kind species. However, that was all to change. One day, a demon came from the pits of hell and whispered temptations into the hearts and mind of the Dreshza people. Swayed by the promise of power and glory, they stepped into the demons trap. Now the species are the demons slaves, existing for one purpose and that is to serve Lucifer, the Devil himself. They were granted powers beyond their imagination but at the heavy price. For a few thousand years, the Dreshza did the demons bidding, corrupting the hearts and minds of the human race. Modern history: They largely remain hidden from the rest of the world. No human knows what they are. They are still subtly corrupting other races that exist on Earth. Usually when a Dreshza is around, Death is quick to follow. There are some conspiracy theorists calling them the “Black Blade” but many of the theories are very hit and miss. There is one individual, called Devlyn, that existed in modern times. However he was sent back in time by Diomedes to attempt the genocide of the ancient and powerful race known as the Eldyrannth. Culture: Overall they are civil with each other, but they are extremely racist and fearful of other races. Most of their existence is spent training and making sure that they can support their fighting class in any shape or form. They are rather withdrawn from others and very secretive as they are very prideful. When they are not working, fighting or training, they indulge in what the Christian faith refer to as ‘sins’ such as out of marriage sex and binge drinking, so they have a very established nightlife. Communication/Language: Their language is an ugly one that consists of different sounds rather then words. They can make high pitched squawks, clicks, growls, hisses and other such hostile sounds. But it seems to be the way they communicate with one another, a language that no other race on Earth can decipher. They do, however, have the ability to learn the languages of other races so will speak them when needed. Food and Drink: Consists of mainly meat, with very few greens. They hunt wild animals and usually serve it raw, but cook it on occasion. They have a popular alcoholic drink which they drink a lot of the time. It is 68% proof, stronger then a number of human drinks. It is made using a grape like fruit which they ferment over a few years. To add flavour, they add several chemicals which also add as giving them a quick energy boost. Also, animal carcases are added to add more flavour to it, to give it a more meaty taste. A less energy filled drink is usually served in bars, with the energy one being used on the battle field for an extra boost. Sports/games and other pastimes: Being up in the mountains, there is not much for the Dreshza to do. Most of their time is spent drinking, training, learning or working. There are a few sports which they like to indulge in, like racing in the air. This puts members of the species against each other in a test of speed, agility and indulgence in their other form. They do it in small tournaments or in larger, public events. Swordplay is considered another sport, done with sharp swords so that the loser learns from his mistakes. Death is common, but that does not stop them from doing this as a pastime. They fight each other until one submits, or death occurs. Due to their proud nature, they tend to never submit. Hunting is also sometimes made into a sport where they let loose a creature and hunt it. Either on foot or by air, usually with only basic tools. A hunt can last from days to weeks, but the members involved enjoy the hunt as it helps to heighten their sneaking techniques and survival skills. Music is one of the favoured pastime on the island, as they are cut off from the rest of the world and they let out their creativeness by music, however it is the equivalent to the humans Heavy Metal and Scremo. Hierarchy: The Governing Clan is the Eldyrack Clan. They are the equivalent to the Royalty of the Dreshza race. Beneath them, there are the Clan Heads and then there are ranks underneath them which are as follows [Which are in English as there are no words for the ranks, so their English equivalent is listed below.]: Rakthan: Clan Head: They deal with giving orders to the assassins and spies that are under them. Top Assassin: The best Assassins there are in the Clan. This is a much sort out position among members of this clan but only a few gain the privilege as it requires the very highly skilled. High of these assassins is extremely expensive, but they always get the job done. Assassin: A common rank among members of this Clan. They are sent on average level and paid assassin jobs. Apprentices: The lowest rank of this Clan. They are the ones learning the trade to be an assassin. They are generally not sent out on jobs, but occasionally they are hired, but it is low paid. Ulra: Clan Head: The Head of the Clan, they are responsible for assigning jobs to the force to keep order. Detective: They investigate into serious crimes. Guards: They guard places like prisons and Eldyrack offices to protect them. Police officer: They are the main force of the Ulra clan. They deal with the small crime and arresting criminals. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. Fenla: Clan Head: Ordering members of the clan about to make certain projects etc. Researchers: They research new technologies from household items to weapons. Engineers: They keep current technology working at its peak efficiency. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. Orgrud: Clan Head: They are responsible for telling spies what missions to go on etc and the selling on of information to other clans. Sorters: They sort gathered information by the spies into relevant sections and pass it onto the Clan Head. Spies: They do the spying and report any information back to the Sorters. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. Hanruk: Clan Head: They are responsible for making sure that members of the clan are doing their job and making sure that the population is happy. Performers: They perform shows. Hosts: They own places similar to our cinema’s and arcades. The most common of this rank. Musicians: They play the music of the race. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. Drakhu: Clan Head: Responsible for telling clan members what to do. Contractors: Do things such as build and decorate a house as well as do things like repair paths etc. Cleaners: Keeping the cities clean. Farmers: Farming animals and the plant used for their drinks as well as the very few greens that the race eat. Stone Cutters: They cut stone used for building materials as well as carving into caves. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. XyGoth: Clan Head: The equivalent to Generals so they order the troops and making strategies. Soldiers: They are the main fighting force, having experience in both short and long range. They prefer an areal attack over the ground as the air is their strong point. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. Karane: Clan Head: They run the banks and make the decisions as to what trades there are and what countries to trade with. Tradesmen: They are the ones that negotiate trades etc. Financial: They keep an eye on the economy and run the equivalent of banks of the cities. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. Varorsorth: Clan Head: The equivalent of the High Priest. Priest: They teach others in the ways of the religion and worship their deity. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. Sothdruk: Clan Head: Run the medical facilities of the cities. Doctors: Treat the patients like the human doctors do. Nurses: Looks after the patients like the human nurses do. Surgeons: Operate on patients like the human surgeons do. Other: This includes things like Midwives and physiologists. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. Rendha: Clan Head: Dictate what is researched and studied and decides if it is good enough to carry forward on. Scientists: Do the studying. They specialise in many fields. Researchers: Research into new things. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. Karuk: Clan Head: They make sure that the Scholar’s and Teachers are doing their job. They also dictate where their clans money is going. Scholar: Keeps records of the species history. Teachers: Teach the young things they know to go further in their clans. There are specialist teachers for each clan. Apprentice: The trainee members of the Clan. They can be trained in any of the above ranks. What the race consider as insulting/rude/ shameful: Kindness such as helping with a project as it shows that the person cannot do it themselves and must have help from others. Giving gifts as it means that the person is to poor to get it themselves. ‘Kissing someone’s arse’. Something that is frowned upon due to their prideful nature. A gesture where the person puts their forefinger and middle fingers of their right hand into the palm of the left had. If shown to an individual, you are calling them a coward and disrespecting their clan name. What the race consider as Respectful: Bowing to show authority that you respect it. Can be bowing of the body or the head. Allowing a member to do their task without interfering as it shows that you know that they are more than capable to do it themselves. Misconceptions/Myths/legends/Old wives tales: That the Thunderbird, their other form, can make the sound of thunder from a flap of their wings, but they can however, create violent lightening storms which can also produce weather such as tornados. It is also believed that they came from North America, although a period of their history was spent there when they were whispering words into the minds of humans to make them violent, this is not the case. They have evolved on the Caribbean island and only travel out when they need to. Name Style: They have a first name which is followed by “Hru’” And then the Clan name. For example, a member of the Rendha Clan would be like this, “Traliu Hru’Rendha.” The word “Hru’” Means “Of the.” So the name translates as “Tralie of the Rendha.” General Race Behaviour: They are rather hostile and aggressive towards other races, being quite rude and abrasive. They have no respect for other races and tend to treat them as if they are dirt upon their shoes. To each other they are a bit more civilised, working together to gain a goal, but they are still somewhat aggressive and fights can often break out. They love fighting and will do anything for a good fight, even if they loose. They can be described as ‘sore losers’ and will get their revenge in any way that they can. They can be unfair in fights and often find a way to cheat so that they win. Love: They do not love like humans do, but they can become possessive over the one that they are mates with at that time. However once they break off the mating, they act as if nothing has happened so there are no complicated love stories in their race. They have been stripped of this emotion by the demons as it gets in the way of their goals. Religion: Their religion is based around the fact that the demons gifted them with powers beyond their imagination. It is based on a book, written in honour of the demons, called Jrackyrhza which means “Worship to the Gods.” The gods being the demons that changed them. Over the millennia, they have been warped to worship the demons through this book. The book speaks of the history of their race, saying how they were once lost and the demons showed them the right way to go, giving them rewards like their other form. The book also speaks of in the future where the world is run by the demons and they are their favourite race on the planet where all other races will be killed or enslaved. They would be given slaves and pets by the demons as rewards for their work in helping them open hells gates upon the Earth. The book also speaks of Heaven being over-run and destroyed, where all the souls would be taken down to hell for an eternity of pain and suffering. The book also speaks about the Christian Faith, in reference to people like Jesus Christ, and calling all other faiths on the planet ‘dirty, immoral and filthy’, highlighting the fact that anyone not following this faith need to be eradicated or converted. There are several religious ceremonies which they must abide by: On the 25th of December, Christmas day: They take a human virgin and sacrifice her in one of their temples. She is stripped naked and tied spread eagled on a stone table in front of a fire. Then, when she is still alive, they cut her chest open and remove her heart. The priest then turns and puts it on a metal plate which one of his assistants hold. The heart is then cut up and shared between the Clan Heads, who devour the heart piece raw. The body is then stripped of its meat and shared out with the worshippers in the temple for them to each raw. Individuals who are unable to witness this, have a raw meat at home, of any kind of meat which they eat. The rest of the day is spent reading from the Jrackyrhza before the evening is spent drinking and praying to the demons, praising them for giving them such power and strength. This ceremony is because they believe that the Virgin Mary was not a Virgin as in the sexual sense, but in fact a raging whore that slept with many people, as well as being a young girl under the age of sixteen. They see this as the God of Heaven lying to the people, something that the demons would never do, and they condemn the God by doing that. Easter. The Day of Turning: The same time that Jesus was said to come back to life, the demons came down to the Dreshza people and offered them power for their souls. They get up at sunrise and until midday, pray to the demons and thank them for the wonderful gift that they have received. They then eat a dinner of raw meat, freshly killed before reading from the Jrackyrhza about the day that the demons turned their kind into what it is now. The evening is then spent in their leisure, such as partying and drinking until they can no longer walk. Many times this usually dissolves into an orgy or large fights. Both are accepted. The race generally have blue eyes, however there are a few that have pure white eyes. This is because they were chosen by the demons for a special task and given extra abilities. Theses people are worshiped by the population as the chosen ones. They are given what they want and treated better than royalty. Laws: The laws of this race are pretty lax in most areas, such as murder or mugging, but as they are so strong they are able to defend themselves from that kind of thing which usually results in the death of one or both, so it is rare that it happens as they do not want the dishonour of dying by their neighbours hands. The only exception to this is that no one may harm a White Eye, since they are specially chosen by the demons for the benefit of their race. Anyone caught helping other species, or worshipping ‘God’, then they are killed on the spot to save the species any wrath from the demons. The laws are decided by the demons, so it’s a case of obeying the demon in charge at the time, which can change depending on what demon it is. Rituals: Mating: In the mating season the males make their homes all nice and attractive for potential mates. They then transform into their bird form, sitting above their houses and sing potential mates to their home. If a female is impressed, she sings back to him before going inside of his home. The male turns back into his human form and follows her where they mate. Outside of their species, they treat sex as nothing special, and something only for pleasure and stress relief. The male mates with a female before the female leaves. The male then goes back to attracting more mates so that they can mate with as many as they can. The ratio of females:males is 5:1. Birthing and pregnancy celebration: There is nothing celebrated as children are not treasured as humans are. Birthing Day: Again, nothing celebrated. Death: Nothing is celebrated. All that is known is that sometimes they do not let the body go to waste and devour it. But those are only rumours, right? Genetic Diseases/ Common Ailments/ Common Mental problems: Genetic Diseases: None. Any child showing any defects is killed the moment of birth. Common Ailments: Illnesses like colds, and flues, but they are generally a healthy race. Common Mental Problems: There have been common cases of things such as psychosis, however these people are not treated and in fact their condition is fuelled so that a number of mental issues can arise like Schizophrenia and becoming a sociopath. Anatomy and Physical Appearances: General look of the race: They are generally good looking and attractive, due to their curse, which has earned them attention from other species when they choose to venture out of their island. They are mainly slim and toned due to training or the work that they do. The males and females are of the same height, 6ft+ with no one any smaller. They have blue hair and blue eyes, but there are some individuals with white eyes [Explained in Religion section]. Overall, they look just like humans so they can blend in extremely easily. This gives them an advantage when manipulating the human race, especially as they use their looks to their advantage. Hearing: Their shape of the ears are similar to that of the humans; however they can hear a wider range of pitches, similar to that of a Dog. This does however mean that really high pitches that humans cannot hear hurts them like a dog whistle. Smell: Their sense of smell is the same as humans. Eyesight: Due to having their other form, they have hawk like vision, so they never have the need for glasses or other eyesight aids. They have 1,000,000 per square mm photoreceptors, a very high number of nerves connecting the receptors to the brain, a second set of eye muscles not found in other animals, and an indented fovea which magnifies the central part of the visual field. Touch: They touch in the same way that humans do, by the skin which is covered by nerves. Feeding: They feed the same way that humans do, with their mouths which are located in the same location as humans. Organ Function: Their organs are the same as that of humans with no extra organs for extra function. Their stomach, however, has a stronger stomach acid due to the fact that they eat raw meat. Sexual Organs: On average the male penile anatomy is 12”. There are larger and smaller then that, but that is the general average. The thickness is on average 4” in diameter and they are extremely veiny with veins that bulge out across the entire cock. The female anatomy is large enough to accommodate the male penile anatomy. Features: None. Thunderbird form: General look of the race: A large bird standing five metres at the shoulder. It is twelve metres from the beak to the tail feathers. The wingspan is twenty four metres wingtip to wingtip. The feathers are blue in colour with white, fierce looking eyes. The feathers sometimes can have a white shimmer to them, however that is only the case if the human form has white eyes. The beak is a massive one metre long itself, looking extremely sharp and is enough to bite a car in half. The talons are large and can pierce metal a metre thick. They can easily carry objects about the size and weight of a blue whale, the largest of the whale species. Hearing: Their ears are hidden underneath the feathers where they are out of sight. Their hearing is not as good as in their human form as they rely more on sight. Smell: Their sense of smell is the same as their human form. Eyesight: Their sight is twice that of a hawk, being able to see anything moving on the ground in massive detail. They are however long sighted so close objects are blurred. They have 2,000,000 per square mm photoreceptors, twice that of their human form. Touch: They can feel the different air pressures around them so that they are able to catch any winds to save energy. This is due to special sensors being on their skin which feel the smallest of movements in the feathers. Feeding: They feed by the large mean looking beak which they possess. Organ Function: The same as their human form. Sexual Organs: They do not have any visible sexual organs in this form as they have no need to breed in this form and it might be a weakness in battle if they had sexual organs in this form for the enemy to target. Features: None. Mating: Impregnation: The male produce sperm and semen like humans do which they plant in the female during sex. In the mating season, the pair may mate several times to ensure conception. Pregnancy: The gestation period is 23 weeks before the offspring is born. They experience the same symptoms as that of humans with the hormones running through their body and the young growing inside of them. During this period they cannot shift into their bird form as it would cause miscarriage. Offspring: After they are born, they are looked after by the mother until they reach the age of ten. Once at that age, they are sent off to the ‘school’ where they stay for ten years learning their clans techniques and are trained in the rank they wish to do. They do not reach sexual maturity until they reach fourty years of age. Once they hit sexual maturity they are moved from the Apprentice rank to their desired rank. The offspring age twice as slow as that of humans as they have a longer life span and they have two bodies in which to become accustomed to as being in their Thunderbird form does not come completely natural to them, and just like hatchlings they have to learn to fly. Abilities/ Powers and weaknesses: Turn into a Thunderbird: This is their main ability. This form was given to them by the demons as part of their ‘gift’ of power. It is through this form that the demons control them as the demons could take it away just as easily. This would kill them as this form is as much part of them as their heart or brain. In this form they can attack with their powerful beak and talons which can shred enemies apart with ease. They can also summon lightening storms with a single cry. This produces heavy rain, lightening and thunder. They are able to control where the lightening strikes, so they can strike down an enemy if they so wish. The downside is that the rain waterlogged their feathers, so it reduces their ability to fly at fast speeds. They are also able to fly at the speed of sound, but they can only do this for a certain amount of time. The older, the longer they are able to fly for. And in the storms they summon, they cannot fly this fast. As they have limited hearing in this form, enemies can come up behind them without hearing. This is also because their eyes are focused on the front and they cannot turn their head 180o. They have eyesight that is twice that of a hawk, but this means that they are long sighted and cannot see objects near them easily. It also presents a problem if there is a lot of movement on the ground that can distract them from the target that they are looking upon. The feathers on their wings can harden and become razor sharp. They can jerk their wing and send these razor sharp feathers at their target. There is, however, a limit to the amount they have as they do need their feathers to fly. It takes a few days for them to regrow. Along with being able to fire these razor sharp feathers, they can flap their wings to create a gust of wings that they can use to blow away their enemies. They can also allow the razor sharp to intermingle with the wind to make a deadly gust. Fighting abilities: In their human form they are very skilled fighters with a range of skills depending on what their Clan and Rank are. If they are in the fighter Clan, then they will be trained in a range of range weapons like guns, as well as melee weapons. They will also be trained in close, hand to hand combat with their own fighting style which is currently unknown. Those that are in the Stealth Clan are more specialised in sneak attacks and being able to spy on their targets. They can also escape from a battle by using their intuition to distract their enemy and make a hasty escape. They are trained in long and melee weapons, but they prefer guns such as snipers and weapons such as blades which they can make small quick jabs at their enemy. Their fighting style is different from that of the fighter clan as it is more fluid and relies more on speed and agility rather then brute strength. Control of electricity: They have some power over the element of electricity. They can control its flow and electrocute people. They can fire a bolt of lightening from their hand towards their target, but it is not always accurate as it is attracted to anything positive. The Thunderbird form can do this except from out of their mouth. Agility and Speed: In both forms, they are extremely agile and fast with a great deal of stamina. They can run twice the speed of a human and run for a whole day without needing rest. White Eye: This is members of the species that have the pure white eyes. They have a special, extra ability given to them by the demons that they worship at birth. It is revealed to them when they are twenty so that they train in the use of it before they reach sexual maturity. This varies from White Eye to White Eye so the specific ability cannot be noted down. RP Interaction: Basic Interaction: Members of this species are very rude and very racist, so they come across as insulting and rude. They appear to be sly and cunning, exuding a malicious aura. And this is when they are in a good mood. When they are in a foul mood, it is best to avoid them as they would not hesitate to break someones neck. If a member of this species comes across as nice, then they are clearly up to something and are wanting to use their target for their own advantage. Fighting: As they are a Warrior race, fighting one of these is extremely hard, especially if they are in another form. Only beings able to fight them are ones that have similar advantages then they do and if not, then the person fighting them is extremely hard, if not impossible. Sex with: Sex with this race can be extremely intense, but very pleasurable and satisfying. Not only do they have, by human standards, large dicks that can harm their partner, but they also fuck purely for the pleasure and use their lightening fast speed to their advantage. When having sex with this species, do not expect them to hang around, unless it’s for seconds, as they will up and go as they have done what they wanted and will have nothing more to do with their partner. If pregnancy occurs, as they do not use protection, do not expect them to stay around and care for it, or help financially. Being a Female: Unlike humans, females are not as emotional, or hormonal unless they are pregnant with young. They do not have monthly cycles like humans do, but instead yearly ones. Around the time of mating, they get the urge to look around for the strongest mate. Once they have chosen one, then they mate and get pregnant with the young. Other then that, there are few differences from being a human or a male of this species. Being a Male: Around the time of mating, they get the urge to spruce up their house and go on top of their house and display. They then mate with as many females as they can during the mating season. Once it is over they then carry on as normal with either working, training or partying. Again. This is an Original Creation which is protected under site rules. So send me an EcchiText, asking my permission if you wish to RP as one!
  20. Neptune


    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Rayvenne Age: 106 Gender: Female Religion: None. She is of the opinion that the God’s abandoned her long ago. Species: Human. Origin: She originates from a small village on the other side of the Dynz Desert. Nationality: She has no nationality. Nor does she feel any loyalty to any particular Kingdom. Occupation: Monster Hunter. Rank/Title: None. Physical Appearance Height: 5ft 1 Weight: 100lbs Eye Colour: Black Hair Colour: Black Physical Description: Rayvenne is a small human female, with the toned and fit body of a fighter. Despite being so small (Average height when she originally born), her body is in proportion with itself with long, toned legs, curvy thighs, C-cup breasts, flat toned stomach and slender arms. She has long black hair that reaches down to her arse, straight and usually loose or tied in a low ponytail with a length of leather. She has black, glittering eyes which are slightly angled with full, thick eyelashes. The bridge of her nose curves slightly, giving her nose a slight flick. Sitting below her nose is a set of full lips. Her chin is small and she has a slender jawline. When most people see her, she is usually wearing her armour. Her trousers are made from a black leather, with shin guards that cover the front of her shin. She also have several overlapping plates of metal that is tied around her thighs to protect them from injury. She wears leather boots, that allow her to be able to move in a semi-stealthy fashion. She has a heavy metal chestpiece that covers her breasts and rib cage, as well as her shoulder and upper arm. The part on her upper arm is fashioned to resemble a beast of some description that has red eyes. Her lower arm is covered by gauntlets that has three spikes that run backwards that not only protect her arm from harm, but can be used in a melee fashion. She also wears metal gloves that are fashioned into claws. Her stomach is protected by chainmail that does down to just over the top of her leather trousers, tucked underneath a thick leather belt that has some pouches on where she carries some equipment. Tied onto this belt through a metal loop is a red piece of cloth, that runs down to the knee. She has a steel sword on her left hip, and a sharp dagger on the other. Stuck on her back is a silver sword. There is something that she will very, very rarely talking about, let alone let anyone see. However there is a small device that is embedded into her chest, between her breasts. It is diamond in shape, made from an unknown but smooth black material. In the centre of it, is a small crystal that is white in colour, which occasionally pulses. On each of the straight edges of the strange device, a claw emerges from it, digging into her flesh with a strong grip that will not relent. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: When you first meet Rayvenne, she is extremely withdrawn, and private. She will not easily offer information about herself, especially her past. She does not have many friends, and she will not easily allow someone to call her their friend. She always prefers to work alone, not accepting help or advice from others easily. While she might listen to them, she might not take their advice on board. She keeps information about herself zealously guarded, and thus it is a sign of great trust if she shares personal information about herself. Likewise, she will never ask someone anything personal, unless they trust her just as much as she would be trusting them. She will also very rarely attend public events, even if she is specifically invited. She loathes being around so many people and she hates having to be polite about it, too. She would much rather go off and do her own thing. Due to the fact that she has problems with trusting others, she is very evasive. She doesn’t tend to let her opinions known, even when asked, she doesn’t tend to show her true emotions, she avoids questions especially if they are personal in nature, and she doesn’t tend to hold a conversation with people. She is quite anti-social, in that she completely rejects existing authority figures. She feels that society is not worth her efforts to become a part of it, and only concerns herself with her own self and those close to her. She is also rather disdainful of tradition and societal rules. When someone is able to get past her rather tough exterior personality, she is very honest with others. She will never tell a lie, as she knows that lies will always be found out eventually. She finds lying to be a pointless waste of time. She might hide the entire truth, but she would never lie. In tie with that, she is very honourable. She has a strong sense of personal honour. While she does not play by the rules of society, she plays by her own rules. She would never exploit someone, harm someone or take something that isn’t hers. She will always defend the weak and she will always own up to her mistakes. She also has a strong sense of Justice, and won’t stand by and watch as someone is being violated in some manner (Like mugged, raped, robbed, etc.). She is a patient person, never rushing to complete a task and taking her own time with it. She will wait for hours on end, without talking or moving, until the correct time occurs. This ties in very well with her occupation, which can involve a lot of waiting around. This is partly due to how disciplined she is. She keeps her emotions firmly in check, to the point where no one can easily tell what she is feeling at any given point. When she sets herself a task, she does not waver easily from it. She also always strives to improve her skills, to make herself better and stronger. She does not easily cave into others, as she is remarkably strong-willed. Despite her anti-social behaviour, and unwillingness to be very open, she is rather perceptive when it comes to others and she can often make connections that others miss. Although she usually keeps such observations to herself, unless it’s needed. She can quickly assess a problem and come up with a solution for it on the fly. With those that don’t know her very well, she can be seen as very callous. She will say things in a very honest, blunt manner without thinking about the feelings that she would be hurting thus when dealing with people she is very tactless. She does not show her emotions to others easily, and she does not trust easily so she would never communicate her emotions. As such, she will never cry at a funeral, or express remorse for killing someone especially through defense. She relies solely on herself, and does not ask of anything from others or accept help. She often tries to keep people at arms reach, to prevent getting close to them but sometimes persistance does pay off with her. She is very reluctant to impart information, especially about herself. She is also reluctant about imparting her feelings and thoughts. She is deeply cynical, and does not easily trust the words, or even actions, of others. As such, she will always provide evidence to a claim that she makes. She is never surprised when she sees people committing atrocities. She always expects others to break their promises or backstab her in some way. She also expects people to try and take advantage of her in some way thus she is very suspicious of people. Sometimes she will think that someone being nice to her, has a hidden agenda. She will not commit to anything unless she knows all of the details. She will usually be very pessimistic, and usually focusing on the negative in things, and expecting the worst possible outcome. While people would find this irritating, such thinking has saved her life before as she always plans for the worst outcome. She is very alert, always looking for changes and danger, so that she can come up of means to deal with the situation. Rayvenne is very adventurous. She does not stay in one location for long, unless she has a long term mission to complete. She often travels from one end of the Kingdom to the other. She takes a lot of risks, especially where her occupation is concerned. If she remains in one place for too long, she becomes bored and gets the itch to move on. Thus it’s possible for people to not see her for years. She is quite confident, and always treats everyone around her equally. She doesn’t pay much attention to the opinions of others in regards to her, whether that be positive or negative. She meets challenges head on, and doesn’t back down easily. This ties in with her being courageous, and thus not backing down from danger or situations where her very life is at risk. When doing a task, she can become very focused and will not stray very easily. It’s almost impossible to divert her from what has her attention. She will strive to figure things out and to learn more. With her emotional control, she usually has a very clear, level head in various situations including new ones. Rayvenne is quite resourceful, and is able to adapt to new situations and making do with what she has been given. She’s not very wasteful; if she can make use of it, she will keep it. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Due to the artefact that has fused with her, Rayvenne has been granted numerous abilities and enhancements. These ensure that she is able to keep her ground with the numerous monsters that she encounters. Enhanced Eyesight: Her eyesight is far more powerful than that of an average human. This allows her to be able to see further, and to see details that other humans would miss such as imperfections in a surface. She also has good night vision, which allows for her to be able to navigate around in the dark with ease. Enhanced Smell: Again, her sense of smell is enhanced far greater than that of a human, almost wolf-like. This allows her to track targets through scent alone, even several days after they have passed through. This means that she can smell things that might not even be there, such as blood and other such fluids. She can also smell when someone is sick, injured, pregnant, or even fertile. Enhanced Hearing: She has a much more advanced hearing than a human’s. She can hear tones that are both higher and lower than the human hearing range. She can also hear things from a distance away from her as well as things that are so quiet they go unnoticed by humans. This allows for her to be able to track targets easily, and keep an eye on her own sound-print and prevent herself from being loud enough to alert her enemies to her presence. Enhanced Touch: Rayvenne has a lot more sensitive sense of touch than a human. She can feel the imperfections in an otherwise smooth looking surface, like fractures in metal. She is hypersensitive to both hot and cold, and can accurately tell the temperature of something by touching it. Her enhanced sense of touch also means that she is very sensitive to the touch of others, which is one reason she doesn’t like being touched. She is more sensitive to both pain, and pleasure. Enhanced Taste: She has a sense of taste that is superior to that of a human. Even bland foods can be tasteful to her, allowing her to be able to eat food that nutritionally good, but too bland for other humans to enjoy eating. She can also taste things that others cannot, such as foreign substances and even poisons. Enhanced Stamina: Her stamina is much more than that of an average human, allowing her to be able to continue moving and being active for much longer before she is in need of a rest. She can run all day long with only breaks to eat. She can even remain awake for a few days before she is in dire need of sleep. Enhanced Speed: Rayvenne has speed that far outstrips a human’s, on par with some supernatural creatures such as werewolves and vampires. This allows her to surprise her opponents and to strike before they have a chance to counter-attack. Along with her extreme stamina, she can easily out-run many opponents. Enhanced Reflexes: While it can take humans a few seconds to react to a situation, Rayvenne will react in a fraction of the time, allowing her to respond to danger much faster and to get into the fighting frame of mind to defend herself. This has saved her life many times, and has also allowed her to escape without severe injury. Enhanced Endurance: Despite her sensitivity to things such as heat, cold and pain, she has a remarkable endurance when it comes to them. Often time, an injury that would cripple a human, would be almost nothing to her. She can remain in environments that humans would find uncomfortable, such as a desert or arctic region, without severe effects although there is still a limit to her endurance. Increased Strength: She is stronger than the average human male, allowing her to move objects that humans could not. This also allows her to be able to block attacks that would otherwise cause her to stumble. It also helps in the resistance to injury, as she can tense the muscle to prevent the injury from being worse than it could be. She can also jump higher and further than an average human, allowing her to take routes where humans would be unable to follow her. Accelerated Healing: Rayvenne is able to recover from injuries much faster than a human would, and is able to recover from wounds that would otherwise kill a human. For example, small cuts will be gone overnight, whereas a broken bone will take a week to repair itself, instead of several weeks. Not only does she have a high endurance for pain, but the artefact forces her body to release pain-killing hormones when she is injured, accounting for some of her endurance towards it. She is also resistant to disease, toxins, and poisons. She isn’t immune to everything, but she can resist most things, including STDs. Her immune system is artificially boosted through the artefact, which creates its own cells that fight against such things. They attack all foreign bodies within her body. They are also used in the healing process, helping to speed up the separation of natural cells, and helping to stitch a wound close. If she is very close to death, the artefact begins to expand and encompass her entire body to put her into a protective cocoon while it heals her body. Once she has been healed, the artefact returns to normal. Extended Life Span: Despite the fact that she is over a hundred years old, she has yet to age. This is due to the fact that the artefact has greatly extended her Life Span, and preventing her body was shutting down through overuse. She is unsure as to how much her life has been expanded by. Combat: Rayvenne has had many years of combat experience. She is most skilled with swords, and it is her preferred way of fighting, although sometimes she will rely on a bow. Due to her increase speed and strength, she can hit a lot faster than a human, and can move her weapons a lot faster, making her more than a match for some of the most seasoned human swordsmen. For a battle that she knows is coming, she always plans ahead, and always plans for the worst. If a battle comes on suddenly, she is able to think quickly on her feet to come up with a plan to overcome her opponents. Her enhancements make her a tough opponent to fight against as her stamina and endurance will allow her to outlast many opponents. She usually has one silver sword strapped to her back, a steel one strapped to her left hip, a dagger on her right hip, and a bow slung across her back as well. Magic: Due to the time that she spent with a witch, she has learnt a few rudimentary spells. None of them are particularly powerful, however they do give her an edge in a fight. She knows a simple fire spell, that allows her to summon forth small fires, as well as a force spell that allows her to push things away from her. Alchemy: She has some skill with alchemy, and is able to produce various potions for healing, increased stamina, increased strength, increased speed and an energy boosting potion that can revive someone from even the worst battle weariness. Survival Skills: Rayvenne knows how to take care of herself out in the Wilderness. She knows how to quickly make a camp, find water and produce food for herself. Rayvenne know many medical herbs, and has a decent knowledge of edible plants. She can defend herself against most dangers, so she has no real problems when travelling about. Weaknesses: Despite the advantages that the artefact grants Rayvenne, there are downsides to the artefact and the changes it has made to her. Enhanced Eyesight: Despite how enhanced her eyesight is, there is still a limit to its range. She also cannot see through objects, so targets can hide themselves behind cover to escape her gaze. With how sensitive her eyesight is, a sudden bright source of light would rend her temporarily blind, which can cause temporary disorientation. Several seconds in which someone can take advantage and strike. Enhanced Smell: Due to how sensitive her sense of smell is, she can not only smell things she wants, but also things she really doesn’t want to such as the stench of death, disease and filth. Sometimes she finds these smells overwhelming and can sometimes cause her to become sick. Enhanced Hearing: Loud noises can impair her hearing and make her temporarily deaf. Due to the fact that she has a hearing range beyond that of a human, she can hear sounds that they cannot and come of them, especially the high pitched ones, cause her a distressing headache. Enhanced Touch: If someone is able to breach her pain barrier, she is very susceptible to pain as well as pleasure. Both of which can be used against her, especially pleasure as she does not have the same tolerance towards it as she does pain. Enhanced Taste: Rayvenne doesn’t like unpleasant tastes, and will often vomit if she encounters it. An unpleasant enough, or strong enough, taste can cover up the taste of anything like poisons, meaning that she would not taste the poison and thus be vulnerable to its effects. Enhanced Stamina: If she runs all day, she will need a good night’s sleep to recover from such a run. If she continues doing this for a prolonged period of time, it will take her a little longer to recover each time until it comes to the point where she would need several days to recover. If she remains awake for several days, then it’s not unheard of for her to sleep for an entire day. Enhanced Speed: Her speed can be slowed down in numerous ways, such as fighting on uneven, or marshy ground. Wounds in the correct places would also slow her down and leave her vulnerable to attack. Tiredness can also be another factor in slowing her down. Enhanced Reflexes: Like with the speed, there are numerous ways to slow down her reflexes. Wounds and tiredness are the easiest ways to slow her down and leave her vulnerable to attack. Enhanced Endurance: Her endurance does have its limits, and she can still suffer from the effects of being exposed to the environment, if it is harsh enough or she is exposed for too long. This can leave her in a weakened state. Increased Strength: Tiredness can have an effect on her strength, as she does not have the energy to be able to keep up with her strength. This also affects her speed and jumping distance. Accelerated Healing: As her healing needs for her to be at peak health, if she is weakened, in ill-health or malnourished, then her healing will slow down. A serious wound can take a while to heal, leaving her in a vulnerable state. Even though she is resistant to disease, she can still become ill to something serious that could still kill her. Also, even though she is resistant to poisons and toxins, she can still be affected if a large enough dose is administered. Extended Life Span: Even though she has only lived for a hundred years, or so, she is convinced that if she lives for too long, she will go insane. Combat: She can fall prey to someone with superior fighting skills, who uses magic or abilities that far outstrip her own. She will not give in easily, though, and will continue to fight even if heavily injured. She is also vulnerable to long range attacks such as arrows, but her speed and reflexes might be able to overcome this although it would be difficult with a group of archers. Magic: Her simple spells take up energy which can be draining after a while. If she does not have the energy, she cannot use her magic. Alchemy: If she lacks the ingredients needed, she cannot make anything. Her potions only have a limited use rate, and she can only carry a few on her at all time. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Currently she doesn’t have any real dreams to aim towards. She is content moving about to move about Craethiel and earn her money through the slaying of monsters. Hobbies and Interests: Rayvenne spends most of her time travelling about Craethiel. She doesn’t remain still long enough to really pick up a hobby. Her only interest in life is her work, and travelling to see new sights and to see new places due to her adventurous nature. She will happily talk about the finer points of swordsmanship, and she does like to read on new subjects. She always enjoys having something new in which to read. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Personal Sexual Information Turn ons: Making love with someone she has a deep emotional bond with. Giving her lover pleasure and making them feel good. Having rough sex which is intended to relieve urges from both partners. Being close to her love; being touched often. Turn offs: Scat, Necrophilia, water sports, Gore and Vore. Being degraded and humiliated. Her partners being violent. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: C-cup Sensitivity: Due to the artefact that has fused itself with her, she is very sensitive to the touch, and very sensitive to pleasure. Additional Sexual Information: Rayvenne is not a promiscuous individual, and will not have sex with someone she doesn’t trust or love. She is also monogamous, thus she will not be pleased if her partner cheats on her. At that point, she quickly ends the relationship, and leaves. She has had her heart broken too many times to be comfortable with a partner that wants lots of sexual partners. Thus it is very hard to get into her knickers. Also, due to the artefact, she cannot have children as it has made her sterile. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: Unknown Mother: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Grandparents: Unknown House: She does not own a home. She travels far too frequently to settle down anywhere or to make the effort of having a home. She only stays in a place long enough to do contracts before she is moving on again. Pet: A Familiar Raven, called Raeghan. He used to be a familiar to a witch Rayvenne once knew. When the witch died, Raeghan decided to remain with Rayvenne. He is slightly larger than a normal raven, and his eyes are a blood red in colour. He is as intelligent as a human, and is even able to speak. He’s a good philosopher and he likes to read literature. He likes to debates a vast array of subjects, including morals and ethics. He often likes to take a devil’s advocate position in debates to make a conversation interesting. She also has a large black stallion, called Maedoc. He is well muscled and his hair is sleek. He’s a good running, with good stamina. He can gallop for a few hours before needing to slow down or rest. He is somewhat placid, however when he is involved in a fight he can become very aggressive and protective of Rayvenne. Additional information: None, for the moment. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean. Medical Record: She has lost her first child in a miscarriage. Bio: Rayvenne was born into a small, poor village, called Vennerr. It is located beyond the Dynz Desert, and consists of primitive wooden houses surrounded by fields of crops. Rayvenne didn’t know who her father was. At the beginning there was only her mother and even then she doesn’t remember much of her, other then the sound of her voice singing a soft lullaby. However, her mother died while she was very young, leaving her as an orphan. The village made sure that she was fed, clothed, and allowed her to use their barn as somewhere to sleep. In return, they also expected her to watch their cows, to prevent them from straying. It was not a hard job, and it allowed Rayvenne plenty of time to pretend that she was some great warrior in a distant land. When she was seven, one of the villagers decided to take her into their home. He allowed her to sleep in her own room, made sure that she was fed and clean. He expected her to help him with his little scientific experiments. But otherwise, he left her alone. He rarely talked to her, if at all and he never showed her any form of affection. Sometimes he would use her to test his experiments, which sometimes resulted in her being hurt or sick. But she was stubborn, and continued to live there as it was certainly more interesting than watching cows. As she grew older, and began to mature, she began to notice the men in the village. In particular, she saw a handsome young man called Beag. She wanted to attract him, so that she could marry him and bare him a lot of children. However her position of being a poor orphan did not grant her a very high position on the social hierarchy and thus he never saw her as a potential wife. She tried as best as she could to attract his attention, even going so far as to allow him to use her for sex. But he was still not interested. She had no inheritance, and thus was nothing more than someone for him to get his urges out. It was not long until she discovered that she was pregnant with his child. Thinking that it would get Beag’s attention, she informed him that she was carrying his child. She expected him to promise her hand in marriage, however that was not what happened. He called her a number of names that boiled down to her being a slut and whore. He did not believe that he was the father of her child and tossed her out onto the street where everyone could hear them. Humiliated and shamed, she retreated back to the old man that had taken her in and cried for days. There was no way she could get rid of the child, as they lacked safe techniques to abort a pregnancy. She and her child were doomed to the lives of paupers. There was a lot of talk around the village about her, mainly rumours and some indignation that she had tried to trick Beag into marriage. People would glare at her in passing, and some would outwardly spit at her. Thus she spent most of her time inside, where her caretaker was playing with a strange triangular artefact that he had bought off of a travelling trader. One day, he approached her and asked her to help him with an experiment. Knowing that she couldn’t really refuse as she needed his kindness, she agreed. He got her to lie down on a table and open up the front of her dress. He then put the artefact down onto her skin, causing it to latch into her skin. Immediately she was assaulted by intense pain all over her body which caused her to scream out. Her caretaker tied her down to the table, gagging her to quieten her screams as this pain continued on for six days, and six nights and she was aware of each passing moment. When the pain finally died away, she collapsed and slipped into unconsciousness. When she woke up, she found herself in her own bed. She noticed immediately, that things were different. Her senses had been enhanced, and the world looked slightly different around her. Getting up, she sought her caretaker who seemed delighted that she had woken up. He did a number of tests, muttering to himself as he did so. But then he retreated to his lab again and poured over his work, leaving her to her own devices. Rayvenne discovered numerous things about that strange artefact. For one thing, she could heal faster, and she was a lot stronger than she used to be. Thinking that these new abilities would allow her to help her villagers and hopefully Beag’s attention, she began to help around the village. However the villagers grew scared of her strength and prowess. So scared that one day, they decided to gather and ambush her, with Beag leading the charge. They caught her by surprise, violently beating her up and screaming at her that she was sent by the devil and that she was demonic scum. She broke free of them, fleeing the village with them in pursuit although they fell back after a time. But the damage had already been done. She had been chased out of her childhood home and, despite the faster healing she now had, she had also lost the baby. She grieved for days, trying to remove the artefact, however nothing she did was working. It could not be removed. This caused her even more anger and grief. She was forced to continue living with it on and any attempts to end her life were stalled as well. Sometimes she would encounter other villages, and hoped that they would take her in and allow her to live there, but every time her abilities showed themselves they would chase her out with curses and screams. Her mind reeling with grief and pain, she began to travel blindly, stumbling into the Dynz Desert. She hoped that the extreme environment that few could cross, would allow her to meet some kind of end. But that didn’t happen. The artefact forced her to continue living as she moved across the blistering expanse of the desert. Time meant little to her. The days came and passed, and she only slept every so often. She passed the barrier into the Kingdom of Craethiel without knowing it. Finally, near the edge of the desert she collapsed, thinking that she was close to death. However, it was not to be. The artefact enclosed her within a protective cocoon and began to heal her body. When she emerged, she was unsure how much time had passed but one thing she was immediately aware of was that she was no longer in the desert. She was in some kind of home that was filled with many plants, and pots of strange bubbling liquids. Feeling confused, she tried to figure out where she was but she did not recognise anything around her. There was no visible way that she could leave this room, either. She was trapped here. So she explored every inch of the room that she was in, but could find nothing to aid her escape. Just as she was considering punching a hole through the wall, a wall of ivy suddenly shifted and a small figure came into the room. Rayvenne demanded to know who she was, and where she was, when the woman grinned toothily at her, “My name is Maede. I’m a witch.” Was all the introduction she was given. The witch proceeded to feed her, and began talking up a storm about how she had found a strange cocoon in the desert and had brought it back. She mentioned that she had heard about the artefact before, but she didn’t know its name. The most she knew about it, was that it was some kind of way for a distant King to have a strong army but for one reason or another he was unable to use it in large scale. But one thing she told Rayvenne, was that it could not be removed from its host, meaning that Rayvenne was resigned to keeping it. She would have to adjust to a new kind of life. Maede offered to give her some teaching in the arts of magic and alchemy which Rayvenne decided to take up. Maede also gave her new clothes to replace the tattered rags of her previous dress. Rayvenne stayed for some time, getting to know Maede and her familiar, Raeghan. During that time, she had also found swords that Maede had hidden away as she no longer needed them. The witch told Rayvenne that she could keep them if she wished as she had no need for them. And thus Rayvenne began to train in the use of these swords, with Raeghan telling her how to use them as he seemed to know how to. He claimed to have watched numerous Master Swordsmen, and thus was able to pass down the methods onto Rayvenne. She wasn’t going to complain; he was good teacher that gave praise and criticism where it’s needed. It was also during this time that Rayvenne learnt how to read, as no one in her village could do so. She loved reading, and read her way through Maede’s entire library with had subjects ranging from the seasons to the monsters that inhabit the world. She was fascinated, and she began to realise what she wanted to do. She wanted to travel the land and earn her money by slaying monsters. Time passed quickly for Rayvenne, and she remained with Maede until she was roughly sixty-six years old. Then disaster struck as the witches home was attacked by some group of bandits. They destroyed the small home, and succeeded in killing Maede. Rayvenne tried to defend the only friend she had ever had in her life, but the wounds Maede had suffered were too much to heal. Enraged, she slew the attackers and dumped their bodies in a hole in the ground. She returned back to the home and buried Maede and left a grave in respect for her former friend and teacher. She then gathered up as many supplies as she could and took one of the horses that the bandits had left behind. Raeghan, now without his mistress, decided to tag along. Rayvenne headed deeper into Craethiel, taking odd jobs in various villages and towns, ridding them of various monsters. She began to garner a reputation as a strong warrior, and was often met with a mixture of fear and awe from people. Not many people wanted to make friends with her, and she hated the way they either cowered away from her, or fawned at her feet. She continued to move about the Kingdom, slaying beasts and monsters from all over, including taking some contracts for the human King himself to deal with monsters that troubled his people. When she was eighty, she encountered a Duke within the Castle at Selil. He spoke in a charming manner, and didn’t seem to treat her with the same distance as others. She found herself quickly becoming friends with him, and would do some extra jobs for him. This went on for a few years, until she began to notice some rather disturbing things. Sometimes the ‘bandits’ that she was asked to get rid of, were small communities that lived in tents. There were children there, as well as some farm animals. They never looked like raiders. At first, she tried to deny it, but as she began looking deeper into the situation, she found that he was using her to get rid of human settlers so that he could utilise the land for his own selfish gains. She felt very cruelly tricked, and confronted the man in front of the King, resulting in the Duke getting arrested. Afterwards, she had some assassins that were sent after her, but she managed to keep them off of her tail until they eventually stopped. She vowed to never let someone take advantage of her like that again, and was always wary and suspicious of those that seemed to be friendly towards her. Her reputation in the Craethiel continued to develop, marking her as a cold, aloof, but strong person that should not be crossed.
  21. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Devlyn Hru’Rakthan. Age: 68 Gender: Male. Religion: The Texts of Jrackyrhza. Species: Dreshza Origin: Unknown Nationality: Unknown Occupation: Daedra worshipper spy and assassin Rank/Title: White Eye Physical Appearance Height: 6ft9 Weight: 179lbs Eye Colour: Piercing white. Just a glance of his gaze sends fear through any mortal as he radiates killing intent. Hair Colour: Bright blue and straight, but it always looks messy as if he has just gotten out of bed. Physical Description: Human Form: He is tall and slim with an athletic like body that is toned and slightly muscled. He has a beautiful, feminine like face that can charm, male or female. He has a cock that is 14” inch long and 9” circumference. Thunderbird Form: He can turn into a large thunderbird, 12 metres in the shoulder and 28 metres in length from the beak to the tail feathers. His wingspan is 56 metres from wingtip to wingtip. The feathers are an electric blue colour, which shimmers white at times if the sun catches him right. His eyes are pure white, like in his human form, and are very fierce looking. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: His true personality is a cruel, malicious one that will not hesitate to kill someone in a moment. He only respects daedra, if they take an authoritative stance over him, especially if it is a Daedra General or Lucifer himself (Except Succubi and Incubi. Unlike most daedra, he views them as things to fuck and that's about that. But he hates the thought of having his life drained from him). He lies to get what he wants and will pretend to like someone if they have a use for them. While he is disguising himself, he will act nice, but very isolated from others, not wanting to talk to them. This is because he only has so much self control and might snap and lash out at people and reveal himself. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: General: Due to his cruel and malicious streak, he will do anything to get his task finished with little regard as to who has fallen at the side. However, as he has no understanding of love, this can be used to trick him as it can leave him feeling very confused and vulnerable to attack. Turn into a Thunderbird: He can turn into a large thunderbird, 12 metres in the shoulder and 28 metres in length from the beak to the tail feathers. His wingspan is 56 metres from wingtip to wingtip. In this form he can attack with his powerful beak and talons which can shred enemies apart with ease. He can also summon lightening storms with a single cry. This produces heavy rain, lightning and thunder. He is able to control where the lightning strikes, so he can strike down an enemy if he so wishes. Not only can he control the lightening around him in the storm but he can fire lightning bolts out of his mouth which he can direct at a target, but due to the electric nature of lightening it isn’t that accurate, so metal can cause the lightening to be attracted to it instead of the intended target (He also has this ability in his human form, except he fires it from his hand instead of his mouth). The downside of the storm summoning is that the rain waterlogs his feathers, so it reduces his ability to fly at fast speeds. He is also able to fly at the speed of sound, but he can only do this for a half an hour at a time, unless it is in the storm, then the water filled feathers reduces his sped considerably. As he has limited hearing in this form, enemies can come up behind him without him hearing them. This is also because his eyes are focused on the front and he cannot turn his head 180o. He has eyesight that is twice that of a hawk, but this means that he is long sighted and cannot see objects near him easily, as it is blurred and unfocused. It also presents a problem if there is a lot of movement on the ground that can distract him from the target that he is looking upon, but he has managed to train himself so that this does not happen easily to himself. The feathers on his wings can harden and become razor sharp. He can jerk his wing in the direction of his target and send these razor sharp feathers at his enemy. There is, however, a limit to the amount he has as he does need his feathers to fly. It takes a few days for them to re-grow. Along with being able to fire these razor sharp feathers, he can flap his wings to create a gust of wings that he can use to blow away his enemies with ease. He can also allow the razor sharp feathers to intermingle with the wind to make a deadly gust. Sneaking and Stealth Abilities: He is extremely skilled in the art of sneaking around to gather information, and can make himself almost unnoticeable from other people. Using this ability they can easily kill their intended target, unless they had an ability like extremely sensitive hearing and/or smell (Like a cat/dogs, perhaps even higher depending on the person. For Devlyn you would need smell and hearing greater then a cat/dog.) Weapons expert and fighting style: He is an expert in an array of weapons, mainly long range ones such as the sniper rifle and short range bladed weapons like the sabre. He uses the long range weapons for assassinations, and the short blades for up close killings and for quick, sharp attacks in close quarters due to his whip like fighting style which focuses on whip like attacks on vital areas like the face, stomach and groin areas. Speed and Agility: As stated above, he can fly at the speed of sound. In his human form, he can run twice the speed of the fastest human and has enough stamina to run a full day without needing a rest. White Eye: He can bend light to make himself appear invisible to the naked eye, so he can completely blend in without fear of being seen. DaedricBlessing: This gives him the ability to give a special kind of sonic shout that can cause extreme pain within their ear and can cause anyone around him to begin to develop severe headaches. This shout can cause the ear drums to burst and, eventually, the victim would loose consciousness. Super Human strength: He is 8x stronger then a human in his human form, but 12x stronger than humans in his Thunderbird form. Weaknesses: Sneaking and Stealth Abilities: Those with hearing and smell greater than that of a cat or dog can smell or hear him in the shadows. It also takes a great deal of concentration for him to be able to sneak around so he might not notice if anyone has noticed him. He would only be concerned if his target notices him. Weapons expert: Someone with a long range bow or crossbow would be able to injure him. Also, someone with a superior strength to him would be able to overpower him, if they were able to catch him in his quick movements. White Eye: Even though he seems invisible, his smell and any sounds he makes will be visible so his target should smell or hear him, so he still needs to be careful with what he says. Also any effect he has on the environment would be visible such as ripples in water or footprints in snow. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To turn the citizens of Kingdom Craethiel over to the worship of Diomedes. Hobbies and Interests: Sex, daedra worship and dominating over those he consider less important than him. Sexual Orientation: Pansexul Personal Sexual Information Turn ons: Unprotected sex, however he will avoid getting a non-Dreshza pregnant. Dominating others, and bending them to his sexual will. He likes to have pets that will serve him in a sexual way. He doesn't care about their pleasure. Only his own. Loveless, lust filled sex. He doesn't understand the concept of love. Multiple partners, especially if they are all there to please him. Sex in a public place. He doesn't mind a crowd watching. Being violent and cruel towards someone. Turn offs: Being dominated by someone else. Someone being violent towards him. That is not the quickest way to turn him on. Penis Length: 14” long and 9” circumference. Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: His cock is shaped similar to that of a human, however it has a couple of differences. The tip is a little more pointed, and there are thick veins that run down the length of his cock. STD History: Clean as far as he is aware. Extra Information Father: Durhar Hru'Rakthan Mother: Syra Hru'Rakthan Siblings: He has various siblings, however he doesn't know most of them and those he does know, he doesn't really know them and nor does he care to. Grandparents: M'hraktha Hru'Rakthan and Lurasha Hru'Rakthan Children: He has has hundreds of children but he has never seen any of them. Grand-children: It is the same case as with his children. House: He has no home in Craethiel. Pet: He has a wolf anthro pet, Nakita. Additional information: He's a heavy smoker and a heavy drinker. He likes to drug himself to the point where he over-indulges. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Attempted Genocide of the Eldyrannth. Medical Record: He has been healthy his entire life. Bio: He originated from Earth from an island in the Caribbean, spending his 68 years being raised and getting to the rank of Top Assassin after years of severe training. Since the age of 40, he has been carrying out missions given to him by demons and other clans. His original mission was to travel to Blackberry Falls to eliminate a being named Talivana in that dimension, however the information he was given was out of date and he was unable to complete mission. Before he returned, he was confronted by the Demon General Diomedes who wanted him to travel so some distant Kingdom to convert them to worshipping Diomedes as their God. He needed their power, however he was never clear as to why. Part of his mission is the eradication of the Eldyrannth race. Diomedes charged him with this mission, on the condition that he returns to his homeland and pick up another Dreshza called Yamura Hru’Rakthan to aid him with their mission. He has given then extra abilities to help them, before sending them and Devlyn’s pet Nakita to the Kingdom of Craethiel. Once there, he left and proceeded to the city within the mountains where, with his assistant and new powers, he destroyed the city and the inhabitants. He killed every member of the Eldyrannth race save for one.
  22. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Rowan Winchester Charles Kieran Leigh Keza’maraki Age: 26 Gender: Male Religion: None Species: Keza’maraki Origin: Selil City Nationality: Keza’marakian Occupation: Spy and Assassin. Rank/Title: Keza'marakian Prince Physical Appearance Height: 6ft4 Weight: 182lbs Eye Colour: Gold Hair Colour: Jet black Physical Description: His hair goes down to his shoulder blades, tied at the back with a bow, or string. The front part of his hair comes down to just below his jaw line, slightly wavy and usually slightly messy looking. His Keza ears are black in colour, tipped with white fur. His tail is similar, black in colour tipped with white fur. He is tall and slim, but lightly muscled to give him a lean figure. He has handsome features, on the verge of being pretty. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Creative/imaginative He is sly and devious, manipulating people to be able to get what he wants from them. He is an actor, so he can have a different personality per disguise. He immerses himself completely into each disguise. He is ruthless, doing his job with single minded determination. He has few morals were his targets are concerned, not caring who they are. Whether they’re women and children or good people who donate food and money to orphans. Despite all of this, he has a very strong personal sense of morality. He doesn’t care what others do, as long as they don’t hurt others against their will. Unlike his father, he is all up for promiscuity and multiple marriages which is a rather rare attitude in those days so he rather keeps that under wraps. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: As long as he has the image in his mind, he can transform into any animal, such as a bird or wolf. He could, if he wanted to, turn into a neon pink wolf, as long as he pictured it in his mind. He is an expert spy, able to obtain any information. He can also poison a single person in a huge room full of diners. He is extremely skilled with daggers, able to throw one accurately from 20metres. He is an acrobat and skilled in hand to hand martial arts so he would be a formidable foe in close combat Weaknesses: He is tall, taller than most people, which gives him an advantage over other fighters. However with his business, his height can be of a disadvantage to him as it makes hiding in small spaces more difficult but he can cancel that out with his shape shifting ability. When he shifts into an animal, he begins to think more like the animal he has assumed, and it can inhibit his thinking. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To be the best spy and assassin in Craethiel. Hobbies and Interests: Spying, Assassination, poisons, sex, painting, trading, torture, reading, and drinking Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Personal Sexual Information Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially if it leads to pregnancy. Experienced partners that know how to pleasure a man and have a nice, loose and well fucked pussy. While he keeps this strictly secret, he loves having sex with men just as much as he does women. He likes both small and tall women. Small, because he can pin them down and fuck them and tall because he sometimes likes to look into the eyes of his lovers. Married partners. As cheating is such taboo, he finds it kinky to sneak off with someone’s wife, or husband for that matter. Turn offs: Gore, Vore, Necrophilia, Scat and golden showers. Being made to be submissive. Penis Length: 15” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: His cock is larger than the average Keza in those days, so that does make him a desirable person to breed with aside from him being within the Royal Family. He is not a submissive person, and would tell anyone that wants to fuck him up the arse to bugger off. It’s not something he desires, and he can get sex off of someone else. STD History: Clean Extra Information Father: Kail Keza'maraki Mother: Narina Keza'maraki Siblings: He has many siblings. He's the full blood brother of the current Queen, Elizabeth. Grandparents: He’s never met his grandparents. House: His home is the Keza’maraki Palace in the Upper District of Selil, although he usually doesn’t stay there for long. Pet: None Additional information: He likes to indulge in various drugs like Opium, Tobacco and Cannabis. History Awards/Commendations: He graduated from the Shadow College top of his class and the best that has graduated in years. Criminal Record: He has been arrested for thievery and murder Medical Record: For most of his life he has been relatively healthy apart from a few colds and flus. Bio: He was born in the Selil City, in the Keza’maraki Palace in the Upper District. Due to his rich parenthood, he was schooled as a young child by a private tutor up until the age of 14. Rowan lost his virginity when he was just 12 years old. He lost it to the nanny that was supposed to be looking after the children. Instead, she frequently fucked them. She usually became pregnant through them as well, with several from Rowan himself. A couple of years later, he enrolled in the Shadow College, paid for by his parents, taking courses in Spying, Assassination, Stealth in his first year and Hunting and Tracking and Survival in his second. He was commentated with being the best student that they had had in many years, surpassing the best teacher that they had. Since then, he has spent his life being a spy and assassin, travelling all over Craethiel for clients, making himself a rich man. He has had many lovers over the years, with many suspected children as a result, however he has never looked after one. He is currently single, without a wife, but there are several people, both men and women, that he sees on a regular basis.
  23. Craethiel Kingdom Overview Welcome to Craethiel Kingdom, a relatively young but thriving Kingdom in the year of 1200 AD ,unknown to much of the world as it is situated on its own large island. The Grand Capital of the kingdom is the large city of Selil on the South-West coast of Craethiel, accessing the Verdar Sea. Selil is a rich, bustling city that draws Merchants from all over the land to come to trade and try their luck at making themselves rich beyond their wildest dreams. Selil is also the centre of power within the Kingdom, as it is where the Kings Throne sits, ruling his subjects. The Capital City sits where the Ageon River empties into the sea, allowing it to have access to the drinking water and a harbour that goes out to sea, so they can shield ships from any storms as well as allowing trade with the Towns and Villages that line the coast. Going up the Ageon River, a traveller will see a vast grassy plain to the West side of the river, and the edge of the Rosayia Forest on the East side of the river, a dark and menacing wave of trees. Many people claim that evil lurks there, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to travel into its grasp. Many tales surround the Forest, tales that usually ended badly for the unwitting traveller. Around the first bend of the Ageon river is a large marsh area. The ground is extremely soggy and few can travel through it without getting lost, as the land seems to change constantly around them. Once the marsh is left behind, the land is filled with rolling hills. Nestled above the hills is the large Lake Kelrak that is so large that some claim that you cannot see the other side when standing on the shore. Continuing North is a vast Woodland called Ildyara Forest filled with towering ancient Oak Trees with several other tree species growing alongside them. This wood is quiet and peaceful, apart from the occasional wolf or bear. Wrapping along the coastline is the majestic Therarr Mountains, a vast stretch of mountainous peaks that continue East beyond Craethiel's border. On the far East side, below the Therarr Mountains is a dry, hot and arid desert. This land is inhospitable, and few survive a trek across it. Anyone who says that they are going to journey across the vast sand dunes are usually warned against such a venture. Separating the Dynz desert from the Rosayia Forest is a second, enormous Mountain range, known as Enutpen's Glory. Enutpen is the first King of Craethiel. He was the King that outlined the borders for the Kingdom seen today. He fought vicious wars with neighbouring Kings to secure the land and unite it under his rule. The Mountain Range that bears his name is famously known as the last battle of the War. Enutpen lured the forces of King Tarl into the huge Mountain range, before ambushing the surprised army and slaughtering them. It is said that Enutpen got into one last fight with Tarl before striking him in the chest and claiming victory. He then returned to his throne in Selil and ruled the United Kingdom of Craethiel until his death. It is not known to many people, but in his last years, Enutpen slipped into insanity, often giving confusing orders and chewing on the Royal drapes. He died at the age of 63, an achievement in those days, as a sick and insane old man. The peaks of Enutpen's Glory are higher than those of the Therarr Mountains, reaching beyond the clouds so their peaks are not visible from the ground. The tallest of Therarr's Mountains at the very North East of Craethiel only reach just beyond cloud level. Off the coast of Craethiel are several islands that can be reached by sea. Many of the small islands are uninhabited, however on some of the larger islands there can be civilisation, found and possibly approached by ship. The Wilds of Craethiel can be a dangerous place, with bandits and thugs waiting for easy prey and monsters that lurk around the corners. You should be mindful of where you set foot. Relevant Roleplay links: Main roleplay thread Character ID OOC Craethiel Kingdom Maps For the purpose of this roleplay, I created a map that gives a basic outline of everything within the borders of Craethiel. You are allowed to request for places of interest to be put onto the map, however they would need either a detailed Extra Information thread and it has to be approved by myself. You can suggest places such as the Ildánach Library that can be accessed by anyone, then no Extra Information Thread is needed and are roleplayed in the main Craethiel Wilds thread. However do keep in mind that not all suggestions will be added to the map. This is the black and white version of the map, where everything can be seen clearly. This is an example of the map that a character may carry around with them within the roleplay. Legend - Mountains - Hills - Grassland - Marshland - Desert - Rivers - Lakes (sometimes without the wave) - Water - Forest/Woodland - Enchanted Forest - Shipping route - Sea Monster - Village (See below for more information on the villages) Hermitage Tiloga Leria Vortase Delwore Dar'vere Ryn'tur Taiom Abandoned Village - Town (See below for more information on the towns) Lathulla Kalath - Place of Interest/Importance (See below for more information on the places of interest) Selil Vorserend Ze'taour Devlyn's Keep Fenrir's Graspe Coda Temple The Monolith Ildánach Library Ashaba Rydraeck Town of Dragon's Eye There will be some locations within Craethiel that will not be mentioned in this extra information, but that is because they are placed within their own extra information so that they can be linked back to this one, as it would be far too much information to contain to this single extra information. Despite being in their own extra information, they are linked to Craethiel Kingdom but may have their own limits in place. As the extra information must be approved before it is added to this list, the limits must be observed to be able to roleplay in Craethiel Kingdom. List of related extra information: Craethiel Kingdom Bestiary Eldyrannth The Keza’maraki Palace The Dreshza EPSI Federation Extra Information (Snippit)
  24. From the album: NPCs

    George V Taraezenar, who rules the Kingdom of Craethiel.
  25. From the album: Main Roleplay Extra Information images

    This is an image I use on the Home Page of Craethiel
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