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  1. Ice Queen

    Alice Harper,

    From the album: Ice Queen's characters!

    Character Identity Information Name: Alice Harper, Age: Twenty-three, Gender: Female, (OPTIONAL!) Religion: N/A, she isn’t very religious, it isn’t going to get her treasure. Species: Human, Origin: Nationality: Craetharian. Occupation: Adventurer. Rank/Title: Platinum Adventurer! Physical Appearance Height: Five feet, six inches, she isn’t short. Weight: One-hundred and twenty pounds. Eye Colour: Amber eyes, twisting from brown and golden flickers. Hair Colour: Short-dirty-blonde. Physical Description: Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Alice like many people has multiple layers, she is a troubled individual, but on the surface, she seems like a bright-star shining brightly in the night sky to guide the weary traveler. Approachable one would call her – seemingly accepting everyone for who they are, but who is she to really judge? A smile is constantly upon her lips to help her facade of a happy woman. And she is -very- flirty, liking to be the center of attention, because deep down the girl has very ill- rooted emotions. A dark shadow underneath the vibrant light she forces above – however, sometimes her mask cracks and that deceptive disorder comes into view if someone has slighted her. Then it becomes some type of obsession to ruin them—though she tries really hard to hold back on her worse habits, she still falls prey to them occasionally. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Regarding her normal attributes it isn’t anything supernatural, she is toned and capable of wielding the very gauntlets upon her hands – they’re magic resistance, capable of holding off blasts but that’s all to their capability – otherwise they’re pretty plain and only used for blunt damage with her own strength – which most supernatural entities and beings can withstand without much struggle! However, when using the crystal. . .that’s a completely different situation—one would realize it houses similarities to that of a magical girl transforming ability, giving her access to an array of different abilities, weaponry, and clothing. Fast healing: Considering she is the monster eye’s host, even if she isn’t in one of her stances, it will heal her quickly – like super-fast regeneration. One would need to hit a vital spot immediately to kill her, like cutting her head completely off or stabbing her through the heart type of ordeal. Otherwise, she’ll begin to heal or regrow limbs. War Cleric grants her a magical sword that is wrapped in light and magical enhancement, the sword going off the crystal’s more so powerful affinity for magic than the girl’s own capability, increasing her cutting power and strength with the sword. She can also heal minor wounds, needing to advance further in the “class” before getting access to a stronger ability with this stance. Ninja grants her shadow manipulation and teleportation, giving her stealth and ability to get to other places without detection unless someone was capable of piercing through the shadow’s cloak with light or masterful sensory ability. The shadow manipulation at this stage is weak and is only good at hiding her within its clutches from people – even during the day time she can hide within the shadows of people or trees. It also increases her speed and agility, trading it for strength however, considering it goes off her normal ability to hit. To access further abilities the girl must kill monsters, acquire other gems or feed it a different type of magical aether – right now it is stuck at two transformations until she feeds it more. And she must predetermine what class or stance she is going to take – considering she cannot switch in-between battles, once she picks something going into one, she is locked to it until the battle ends. Weaknesses: Weaknesses are specifically catered to which stance she is currently using, light could simply mess up her Ninja stance – while speed and agility could easily mess up her War Cleric stance, since it’s built around mainly hitting hard over hitting fast. Both are their own restrictions and limitations that people can use against her once they learn of it. However, there is a split-second during transformation where someone can interrupt the change, causing her to lose her chance to use whatever she is trying to use. And when that happens, it leaves her completely vulnerable to her human abilities, instead of the stance’s own ability. Basically, she is weak like any normal human if she isn’t using her crystal and when it is interrupted, she is like her normal self, but it does give her a chance of transforming until it is firmly locked into something. So if the person gives her -room- she can negate this interruption and eventually transform to meet with them head-to-head in combat. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Power. Gold. She is inflicted with normal greed like any other human being, not having a “noble” goal of “saving” the world – instead she just wants to become stronger, gain fame and riches, like any other adventurer – however, it doesn’t mean she won’t help people, she isn’t completely heartless, but she might ask for payment before hand or afterwards at least. Hobbies and Interests: Slaying monsters, finding magical and special relics to sell – or use for her own selfish needs and growth! Personal Sexual Information (This whole part is optional) Sexual Orientation: Promiscuous. This girl has no shame when it comes to sexual activity, she likes having multiple relationships, especially if they benefit her and her adventures, however- it doesn’t mean she isn’t like the normal girl that falls—it is an eventual probability, but a very difficult task since she believes relationships and love holds her back. Turn ons: Bad boys – she likes when they’re catering to her and trying to “get” her to fall, what they don’t realize is that she’s using them to give herself praise – instead of them using her. Because she is just like them, she knows every word is fabricated and she can enjoy it while it lasts. Submissive; They’re cute and she likes bullying them, so expect her to pressure and be all over someone who seems shy. Challenges; She likes the feel of impossible but what she likes most? Making the impossible possible – so when a guy seems the type to not fall – she finds it more appealing to get him to fall and then leave him wanting more. The chase is always the funniest part of these things for her. Rough; She isn’t vanilla, the girl likes to be pounded fiercely by her partner, taken spontaneously too. It is so alluring to have random and heated moments of sex in the middle of somewhere they shouldn’t. Especially libraries. . .! Turn offs: Someone wanting an actual relationship from her, though it isn’t completely impossible, it still makes her run for the hills. Penis Length: Breast Size: C Sensitivity: Like any woman – her breasts are sensitive, but what makes her melt without giving too touchy, is kissing her neck – suckling upon its exposed flesh can get the girl melting real quick. Even sweet little warm breathes of whispering against her ears can get her in the mood. Additional Sexual Information: STD History: N/A, nope. (End of Optional part. The rest of the form is required unless stated otherwise.) Extra Information (This whole part is optional) Father: Roland Harper, [deceased] Mother: Carina Harper, [alive and married to a noble man] Siblings: Half-and step-siblings. Grandparents: Ike and Agustina Moonstar, alongside Angeline Harper and Manain Harper. Children: Carina Moonstar, Irina Moonstar, Roland Harper, Ronan Harper, Amber Harper, and Lan Harper. Grand-children: Alice Harper, multiple others. House: Pet: Simon, her orange cat. Additional information: (End of Optional part. The rest of the form is required unless stated otherwise.) History Awards/Commendations: Due to her accomplishments in the adventurer’s guild, she’s gone through multiple promotions from bronze to the third highest rank within the guild! However, she is a -long- way from promoting from this rank – considering only the top-tier adventurers of world renown ability can go beyond that of platinum – not to say she isn’t on her way there, but it won’t be anytime soon. Criminal Record: N/A! (OPTIONAL!) Medical Record: N/A. Bio: Everyone knows of the Adventurer’s guild, it was established many years ago for the weary hero and traveler – so people who did their part in the protection of the realm, without getting noticed could gain their own merit. And a place for Adventurer’s alike to gather, parties were essential for higher-level beasts, such as those that take on a humanoid appearance, while the lower beasts are just feral creatures without a glimpse of intelligence. It wasn’t like people knew of this however, many died and perished to the human look alike, just because some held the appearance of innocence and kindness while housing a sinister plot to feed. Therefore the Adventurer’s guild is more than just a way to earn currency for people’s wild interests of slaying beasts, but it was also a place to gather information and to receive it – so people were more aware of what was inside of the world instead of people becoming meals to the unexpected. Alice’s parents were Adventurer’s- high-level ones, almost to the peak of perfection, however- their lives would be cut short, leaving the child alone in the world to fend for herself – luckily. . .they had friends inside of the guild that would pick up the task of training and taking care of the girl. So soon she would follow in her parents foot-steps of becoming an Adventurer. Though her tale isn’t a clean-cut one, like her parents before her she happens upon tragedy, because becoming an Adventurer doesn’t always mean safety. Just because a job is listed as weak – doesn’t mean another beast or thing can’t stroll up to harden its difficulty. “Don’t cry.” It was too late for that when tears were practically staining her face, body parts scattered around the field where she was now holding the last survivor of her party- “…. Don’t tell me what to do, Chris.” The girl would sniffle – dried blood across her fingertips, “…They all died.” He chuckles as if he hadn’t a care in the world despite the man being completely impaled, maybe it was because he knew his last moments would be giving encouragement to the girl he once loved. “And for what!? For -this-!?” His hand goes to quickly grab her own in an attempt to keep her from being too frantic, “That relic is powerful, Alice. Hold onto it or everything we did---” A cough, he was becoming weaker, “all for naught.” There is silent mourning for what had happened, the creature that held this eye—was far too strong, she shouldn’t be alive but he---…. he saved her. Gave his all in order to keep her alive, “Chris. . .I know. I know!” The girl frustratingly whines, understanding -that- she’d have to hold onto the nightmare gem, for now, it was too precious to let go of— “Don’t leave me. . ..” But that was too late too, wasn’t it? His eyes had already closed with her tears pouring down onto his face – a terrifying ending to a quest that should’ve been far easier than it had become and while…it wasn’t intentional – they had gotten something to make her far stronger than she was right now. It was fate’s tragic hand in play, but was it worth? All her friends and companions she had survived many missions with – gone. Now Alice hops party to party -- never keeping to one place long, always active and fighting beasts around Craethiel. She never truly finds another partner, holding onto the burdens of the past and making sure to not allow the same tragedy to befall others. However, while she has that in mind, she still uses parties to her own advantage --but she refuses to completely join one again.
  2. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Yamura Hru’Rakthan Age: 50 Gender: Female Religion: The Texts of Jrackyrhza Species: Dreshza Origin: Unknown. Nationality: Unknown. Occupation: Daedra Worshipper, spy and assassin. Rank/Title: Black-Ops assassin. Physical Appearance Height: 5’11” Weight: 61.5kg Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Blue Physical Description: Yamura is quite a tall women when compared to most females in this day and age, standing almost as tall as men. She is very slender, with a very lithe appearance with long, slim legs. She has a deceptively cute face that is framed by her blue hair, with piercing blue eyes with a well formed nose above luscious lips. Her hair is quite long, going down to just beyond her arse with some caught up with a bow. She wears a range of clothing, from dresses to completely black outfits with form revealing tops and trousers. It is entirely dependant on the situation at hand, and which will be more appropriate. She has a secondary form; her Thunderbird form. She stands ten metres in the shoulder and is twenty-four metres in length from the beak to the tail feathers. Her wingspan is forty-eight metres from wingtip, to wingtip. The feathers are an electric blue colour, and her eyes are a piercing blue much like her humanoid form. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Yamura is a cold and calculating women. She lacks any form of empathy and compassion, meaning she will never sympathise with anyone nor does she form any kind of last attachment. Even if she has upset someone, she will be truthful with the fact that she does not care that she’s upset them. She is only interested in carrying out her work with Devlyn in the obedience of her Daedric Masters. She has a disdain towards all inhabitants of Craethiel, and is not afraid of letting other people know just how lowly she thinks of them. She can also be quite selfish, and doesn’t tend to share her possessions with others including food and water. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Thunderbird: She can turn into a large thunderbird, 10 metres at the shoulder and 24 metres in length from beak to the tail feathers. Her wingspan is 48 metres from wingtip to wingtip. In this form she can attack with her powerful beak and talons which can shred enemies apart with ease. She can also summon lightning storms with a single cry. This produces heavy rain, lightning and thunder. She is also able to control where the lightning strikes, so he can strike down an enemy if she so wishes. Not only can she control the lightning around her in the storm, but she can fire lightning bolts out of her mouth which she can direct towards a target, but due to the electric nature of lightning it isn’t that accurate so metal can cause the lightning to be attracted to it instead of the intended target. (She also has this ability in his human form, except she fires it from her hand instead of her mouth). The downside of the storm summoning is that the rain waterlogs her feathers, so it reduces her ability to fly at fast speeds. She is also able to fly at the speed of sound, but she can only do this for a half an hour at a time, unless it is in the storm, then the water filled feathers reduces her sped considerably. As she has limited hearing in this form, enemies can come up behind her without her hearing them. This is also because her eyes are focused on the front and she cannot turn his head 180o. She has eyesight that is twice that of a hawk, but this means that she is long sighted and cannot see objects near her easily, as it is blurred and unfocused. It also presents a problem if there is a lot of movement on the ground that can distract her from the target that she is looking upon, but she has managed to train herself so that this does not happen easily. The feathers on her wings can harden and become razor sharp. She can jerk her wing in the direction of her target and send these razor sharp feathers at her enemy. There is, however, a limit to the amount she has as she does need her feathers to fly. It takes a few days for them to re-grow. Along with being able to fire these razor sharp feathers, she can flap her wings to create a gust of wings that she can use to blow away her enemies with ease. She can also allow the razor sharp feathers to intermingle with the wind to make a deadly gust. Assassin Skills: Yamura has a range of skills which she utilises for her assassination job. This ranges from impressive sneaking skills that allow her to move around silently, to being able to poison someone without them noticing. She is also extremely skilled with a range of weapons, in particular dual wielded sabre swords that she is extremely proficient with. She is also quite good with hand to hand combat. Speed and Agility: She can not only fly at impressive speeds, but she can run faster than a human and can run a full day without the need for rest, showing an impressive stamina as well. Daedric Blessing: She can let out a piercing cry that causes people to freeze in their tracks and to become paralysed. It sends people into a state of shock that leaves them vulnerable to attack. Super Human Strength: She is 3x stronger than a human in her humanoid form. Weaknesses: Assassin Skills: Those with superior fighting abilities can counter any attacks she makes, and gain advantage over her. She always tries to use the element of surprise to her advantage, but that is lost if someone anticipates her actions. Not only that, but there are ways that people can ward against poisons, such as antidotes, noticing that the food they have is spiked, or using some kind of ward or spell to guard against it. Not only that, but when her stealth abilities, someone with a sharp sense of smell, or hearing might be able to detect her presence. Daedric Blessing: In order to keep the paralysed state, she must frequently keep up the cry to keep her enemies in place. Those with very limited hearing, or cannot hear at all are more resistant to this attack. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To carry out the orders of her Daedric Masters to turn the citizens of Craethiel to the worship of Diomedes. Hobbies and Interests: Sex and Daedra Worships are her main pastimes. But she also loves being able to practice with her swordsmanship, especially on live opponents. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, although she has a marked preference for men. Turn ons: Unprotected sex, although she will avoid getting pregnant from a non-Dreshza species. Rough, lust-filled sex of which the purpose is to get off and reach climax repeatedly. Basically loveless sex that lacks any sense of intimacy. She doesn’t care about her partners, and only cares for the pleasure she gets. Dominating others, no matter their gender. Multiple partners, especially if they are there to please her. Turn offs: Being dominated by a non-Dreshza. While she likes it rough, she is not a masochist and she does not like being deliberately harmed. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: C-cup. Sensitivity: Average. Additional Sexual Information: Her vagina is more textured than that of a human, which causes more stimulation on any cock that is inside of her. STD History: Clean as far as she is aware. Extra Information Father: Jyrakna Hru’Rakthan Mother: Kyranack Hru’Rakthan Siblings: She has many siblings however she doesn’t know most of them, and nor does she care to. Grandparents: M’hraktha Hru’Rakthan and Helliasa Hru’Rakthan. Children: Since maturing at the age of 40, she has had a few clutches but the moment they are old enough to be sent off, she gets rid of them. Ultimately, she doesn’t care about them. Grand-children: None. House: She has no home in Craethiel. Pet: None. Additional information: She is a heavy drinker. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Attempted Genocide of the Eldyrannth. Medical Record: She has been healthy her entire life. Bio: She originated from Earth from an island in the Caribbean, spending her fifty years being raised and becoming one of the youngest top level Black-Op assassins within her clan. She has worked hard her entire life to reach this rank and is one of the most devout followers of their religion. Since the age of 40, she has been carrying out missions for the Daedra as well as the other clan. She has travelled around the world, eliminating targets she had been assigned and gathering quite the reputation. She was then approached by Devlyn and Diomedes, charged with a rather unique mission which would get her many rewards if she managed to complete it. Her mission was to go back to Craethiel with Devlyn, eliminate the Eldyrannth species and convert the people of the land to Daedra worship. She wasn’t sure why they would want lowly humans to worship them, but she didn’t think too much into it. She never did when it came to her Daedric Masters. All they needed from her was unquestioning obedience. She agreed, and was sent back in time with Devlyn where she helped him destroy the city and its inhabitants, killing all but Talivana.
  3. Neptune


    From the album: Character Images

    Rayvenne is a human, with a painful past and an unusual artefact attached to her that grants her a number of abilities that allow her to be able to stand up against the monsters that inhabit Craethiel.
  4. Neptune

    Elizabeth Keza'maraki

    From the album: Character Images

    Elizabeth Keza'maraki is the current Queen of the Keza'maraki's in the Craethiel Kingdom RolePlay. She has the ability to give birth 48 hours after impregnation. As such, she is used for breeding purposes. She's a very kind, sweet woman, that wants the freedom to do what she want and sleep with whom she wants.
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