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  1. KruelleTepes

    I Like It Rough

    From the album: Ebony Beauty

  2. KruelleTepes

    Tribute Of Cum

    From the album: Ebony Beauty

  3. KruelleTepes

    Fuck My Face

    From the album: Ebony Beauty

  4. KruelleTepes

    Stuff Me Good

    From the album: Ebony Beauty

  5. KruelleTepes

    Team Effort

    From the album: Ebony Beauty

  6. KruelleTepes

    Cum Addicts

    From the album: Ebony Beauty

  7. KruelleTepes

    Cock Worship

    From the album: Ebony Beauty

  8. KruelleTepes

    That's A Big Load

    From the album: Ebony Beauty

  9. KruelleTepes

    Head Queen

    From the album: Ebony Beauty

  10. KruelleTepes

    Put Your Back Into It

    From the album: Ebony Beauty

  11. Looking for a woman to play as lady who just moved into a new apartment. She hears noises during the night, like something wet and slimy moving in her ceiling, but tries to just think is nothing. Until one night she comes home late and turns on her lights to find a small tentacled creature in her bathroom. And thus beings her story of living with a Tentacle monster. If that interests you and want to talk about starting a rp, please let me know.
  12. Busterbugs

    Demonology Rp

    Looking for a lady(or ladies, as their is multiple female characters) that would like to do a role play with me based on the hentai Demonology. I would play the main character and you would be the female ones. I’ll post the first part here and if your interested let me know.
  13. HorniestDudeAlive

    Seduction Roleplay

    Yo, im looking for a RP-Partner to be my stepmom/carelady. I love being sub, i have to admit it at some point. Be creative for this one, bring your ideas, i'm really open for many things except gore and scat. You can be whatever species you want and this RP can go as long as you and I want. I just dont wanna get spanked or some shit, femdom turns me off. I want you to be secretly craving for my cum. This would be so sexy. For more Info - Ecchitext me
  14. Julieta Albarn

    A Cum Lover's Request

    Hello everyone, my name is Juliet Albarn and this is my modest resquest thread. First of all i'm a submissive girl, so i don't really enjoy switching roles or being in charge at all, also this plots are open to be taken by any gender (male, female, futa, anything) aslong as we can work around a way of suplying MC with her needs. So, my top kinks are: Public Humiliation, Blackmailing, Slutty Clothing, Body Writing, GangBangs, etc. But the most important of all... CUM: Extreme Bukkakes, Extreme Facials, Extreme Cumshots, Cum on clothes, Cum on food, Cum cocktails, Cum Walks, any cum related thing in short. Cum is a must on every story, and i have no limits for it. Wanna cum a full glass and make me drink it? Great! Wanna cum a full bucket and empty it on my head? AWESOME! Wanna call a thousand guys to fill an olimpic pool and make me swim in it as i swallow a gallon with each immersion? I will be in eternal debt with you. I'm up to play any Humanoid Character (Monster girls, Aliens, Anthros in general). But i usually prefer to do Human girls. I don't like the fuck and go RPs, and i also find the excessively long background and detailed meaningless actions a bit annoying, put effort interpreting YC but avoid topics that are unnecesary. I prefer things in beetween 2-4 paragraphas of detailed roleplaying that makes the story move foward. Now here are some plot ideas, feel free to suggest plots of your own, as well as another lookings for MCs: 1 - Her ship crashed in a primitive planet and she is rescued by a tribe of werewolves( they could actually be another specie of anthro, not necessarily wolves) , she is healed by the shamans/clerics/witch doctors of the tribe, and they give her clothes and a house to live in with *some number* of males and/or females of the tribe. Despite she is not forced to do anything she doesn't want to do, she has no way of repairing her ship, so she is trapped in this hostile planet and if she wants foos and shelter, she will have to work on the village to gain them. Maybe as a guard, maybe as the waitress of the inn, maybe as nurse, maybe as a gatherer, anything is possible. We can make a diferent plot depending on which her profession is gonna be. ( You would be all the other males and/or females of the tribe) 2 - She is a member of the galactic council, a diplomatic, or a high figure of authority for most of the galaxy. YC (You can chose what race or social status do he have ) somehow find out the corruptions deeds that MC has been doing, abusing of her political position, and in order to not tell the authorities. YC blackmails MC. To keep his silence she will have to do as he says. But just forcing her to be a sex slave would bring problems when the whole nation starts to look for her. So YC decides to instead of kindapping her, give her usual life a twist of pervertion, making MC wear naughty outfits at her diplomatic meetings, or making her wear sex toys as she gives a speech at the galactic council, or any adaptation of the ideas that i listed at the beggining of the post. 3 - She lives at the university campus, at the girls dorm, and by some burocratic accident or maybe because someone pulled a few strings around the authorities of the campus, YC ends up assigned to MC's room. Soon they become very good friends, and they even do ocasionally have sex, despite that there's not a romance beetween them and they still do anything they want with other people. The idea is to play the every day life of this girl wich YC will constantly bother and humiliate around the campus, always trying to put her on embarrasing situations in front of other students of the campus. To resume this plot, which is my favorite i'm gonna write down a few statements to make things more clear: YC and MC will be roomates who attend to college in a full of students residential place. YC and MC are very good friends, who ocasinally fuck each other, but they are completely free to do whatever with anyone else. YC loves to bother MC by playing cum and sex related pranks to publically humiliate her. MC will always get mad at him, but she will forgive him after a warm and of course fake apology of him. 4 - Her life is a train wreck and she loves it. Her father raised her to enjoy life at the fullest, and he always encouraged her to be an alcoholic common whore. She drinks vodka for breakfast before putting in her neo-gothic/punk outfit and heading to the school. She is stucked on the same grade of highschool since 4 years but she doesn't care. Every day is a new oportunity to drink and return home filled and painted with cum to make her daddy feel proud of her. The ideas is that she will not have intercourse with her father, he will only provide her with anything she needs and wants to make her life more and more enjoyable. Because he is a loving and caring father beyond all that. (You will be her father and also all the people that she interacts with everyday) 5- The every day life of this girl consists in waking up 8 AM to spent the morning at the local gym, then go back at her little department in the 5th floor of a regular residential building. She's a gamer who works for a big software companny, so she uses the rest of her everday playing and programming. The most exciting thing that happens to her on a regular week is to meet with a few of her friends at saturday night. But there's more, this girls also happens to be the most insane and obssesed fan of Lance "Money Shot" Hardwood. A famous male porn start, known not only for his several movies and awards, and her extremely long member, but also because having the record to the most big and substantial cum shot ever recorded. And for a girl with a huge cum fetish like her, having the chance to get fucked by such a porn legend would be a dream came true. The idea is that this porns star (YC) get retired, and this shy and lonely girl living in the suburbial (MC), gets very sad. Untill she finds out that Lance retirement home is just crossing the street from her building. She shows up at the door and ends up making a deal with him. If she demostrate to be a real cum lover who will do anything for a shot, he will accept to fuck her. So we could play the numerous and humiliating task that YC gives to MC. 6- Now for this last plot i don't have a lot of ideas in mind but here it comes. MC is a very feminine looking boy who is open to being humiliated and feminized by a dominant Female or Futa. I guess that most of the previous plots can be easily adjusted to implementing this roles and this dynamic on them, so if anyone is interested or has some cool idea for a scene let me know! Thank you for reading and i hope i get your PM soon!
  15. DirtyRPgirls

    Gangbang Rp's?

    Hi! I play a female character! i am looking for others who are willing to play multiple men/futa/furry to gangbang me! We can discuss ages, and personal scenerios that you want in my ecchitext! Thanks!
  16. FieryDreams


    Hello, I am the tentacle/monster fiend. I am back with another nasty roleplay! Ecchitext me if you are interested. This can be shaped in either a sci-fi or fantasy setting. Read the tags to find what roleplay will consist of. Who knew society could be so sexist? Females always get the brunt of shit, because they are "inferior" and etc. Because of this men usually rule the realms and usually take the easiest and highest paying jobs first. Who knew that would bite them in the butt first? In a realm untouched by society, (a space station/planet/region/forest/temple) a male dominated company establishes a research site. There they discover many fine treasures, but unlock a beast (depends on what type of creature you want) not ever seen before. The entire Male team is massacred. Wave after wave of male teams are sent to eradicate the beast(s), but none are successful. Eventually it is determined to send in a lone female (or party containing 1 or multiple women) into the fight. Where men were killed the female survives, but she achieves something unexpected. A curse, an infection, etc. After days or weeks of being there. The women are released only to bring that curse to society. Where men fall and women breed.
  17. vindiction

    Spicy RP with Smut

    Hey everyone. Looking for some new roleplays. 4-5 maximum partners. Would like it to be well-written and tasteful, but sexy and hot. Steamy. I would like to play as a female. I'm open to adapting to other roles, but my primary character is generally a straight female. Story ideas: - Kidnapping (DDLG or Master/Slave with Stockholm Syndrome) - Competitive (eg. Monster hunter x Monster) - Romantic (FxM with kinks that may be implemented) My characters include a female knight, a selkie, and a faery. For DDLG, just ask. ^^ Please comment here if you are interested. I'll send you a private message and we can RP once we know we are compatible. Thanks!
  18. Hello! This is an intense/extreme tentacle roleplay. While the scenarios are not finalized, the targeted themes MAY contains rape, mind break, cum inflation, all the way through, impregnation/eggs, lactation and much more. The idea is to start with the one victim and grow the 'infection' (for lack of a better term) to several women by the time we are finished. If you are interested, please comment and/or PM me directly. Thanks. Enjoy this Gif
  19. Look at my F-list for an idea of what I like~ Im really in the mood for a big breasted maid, or a big breasted milf ready to take care of me. We can plot some more once we get chatting! You can reach me multiple ways: <Mod Note: Removed Link as per Section 14, Section 1>
  20. Ashelia

    Trap looking for anyone!!

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone who's looking to ERP with me, preferably long term (short term isn't of the table however). My character is a college-aged trap/femboy/trans (no offense is meant to those who don't like trap and trans being used together like this). My character is a switch, and has loads of kinks to list, too many in fact, which is why I've decided to just use F-list to list all the juicy bits. Roles and settings are open for debate, but I do prefer to use what's listed in my F-list. Here is my F-list, on it is my Discord (which is by far the best way to contact me, but notes over F-list work just as well). <Mod Note: Removed Link as per Section 14, Section 1>
  21. Alright, since I can't seem to get what I want, I'll just do this. Your character is my character's mother. My character is a porn star, and a very popular one at that. When her mother, you, find out, you have a very specific punishment in mind. You were going to make her pose for you in very slutty outfits as a photo shoot, and then you'll think of even more punishments to come. The mother can be a futa, but doesn't have to be.
  22. imabitmorethanhappy


    From the album: Ashlyn the Cum Hunter

  23. imabitmorethanhappy


    From the album: Ashlyn the Cum Hunter

  24. imabitmorethanhappy


    From the album: Ashlyn the Cum Hunter

  25. imabitmorethanhappy


    From the album: Ashlyn the Cum Hunter

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