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  1. Hello all! I'm Sultry, a smut writer with a ton of kinks and a ton of ideas at her disposal! I play all of my ideas on Discord so if you want to talk and/or RP add me at: Rosewood#5556 If you don't like any of my ideas but still want to talk we absolutely can! IMPORTANT: I write all of my smut in non-traditional formats. That means I don't do traditional post-by-post RPs. The formats will be described below. The CYOA Format CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) In the CYOA format, rather than write posts back and forth, I will write posts and then present you with a list of choices for how you want to handle the situation your character finds themselves in. Let me give you an example: Bob walks down the road and finds the road forked in two, one road that led to the right and one that led to the left. He stopped to consider his options for a moment. Choices: -> Pick the road that leads to the left -> Pick the road that leads to the right You pick a choice from the list, copy-paste it back to me and I write out the next post based on your choice and it keeps going like that. Sometimes you'll also get situations like this: At long last Bob had found his way to a village, his feet were sore from all the walking and his stomach felt like a hollow pit, churning with hunger. But as he approached the village borders he was approached by a man. "Who are you? What is your business here?" the man asked, clutching a farmer's scythe like a weapon. There was a clear tone of hostility and wariness in his voice.... Choices: -> Tell him you are a traveler seeking a place to stay (your choice how) -> Tell him you are looking for work (your choice how) -> Ask him why he's so wary (your choice how) -> Say something else (your choice what) -> Do something else (your choice what) -> Leave (your choice where to go) In these situations you aren't just picking a choice but also providing details like dialogue and how your characters presents himself and what kind of tone he uses and so on, these are kind of like RP posts but short ones. It'd end up looking something like this: -> Tell him you are a traveler seeking a place to stay Bob holds his head as high as he can manage. "I am Bob, I'm just a traveler looking for a place to stay. I don't mean you any ill will," he said in a firm, strong voice that showed he wouldn't stand for being intimidated by some farmer and his sad excuse for a weapon! Now I understand this is unusual but trust me when I say that it can be absolutely amazing! Give it a try and if you don't like it, no worries! Below you'll find a list of ideas to go with it. Ideas You can pick any of these ideas. If you don't see one you like, no worries! Add me anyway and we'll create an idea together! Bang van It's the classic scenario: you drive around in an innocuous van and go on the road looking for fun and trouble! This can range from deliberately speeding by a female police officer to visiting strip clubs, going to colleges and hanging around the sororities, driving into a sub-urb to go looking for some MILFs, whatever you want! Pervert's Perspective Pervert's Perspective is a controversial new talk show that hosts female guests and interviews them live on TV. It's like any other talk show except for one thing: it's highly sexualized. The female guests show off their body, pose for pictures, talk about their sex lives and can be convinced to do much, much more.... You get to pick out guests from a list of profiles and then try to see how far you can make them go! The Critic You are an infamous critic who's reputation for harsh criticism is on the level of Gordon Ramsay. One bad review from you and a restaurant might as well close it's doors! When you come by restaurants will do anything, anything at all to appease you! See how far you can push the owner of the restaurant, her staff and even her customers! Sex Club Every highschool/college has clubs, chess clubs, sports clubs, debate clubs and more. One school now has a very controversial new club started by you: a sex club. It talks about and practices sex with the students, but not in any untowards way of course! Of course not... The Prowler Your character is a wealthy bachelor who spends his day prowling around town, looking for opportunities to indulge in all his favorite kinks. This ranges from him visiting the local college sorority to see what college girls will do for cash to infiltrating a wedding and far more. Go on a series of fun sexual adventures tailored to whatever kinks your bachelor might have! The First Date You are active on a special dating site for sexually promiscuous people who would love to go on a date with you. Browse the website, check out as many profiles as you want, pick a girl/woman, go out on a date with her and see how things get out of hand from there.... If you play your cards it can turn quite extreme and kinky. A New Family You have been dating a gorgeous MILF called Sarah for a while and she's finally ready to introduce you to her three daughters: Ashley, Anna and Amy. Today is the day that she finally introduces you to her family and she really hopes you and her daughters can be good friends.... She's nervous because she's been arguing with her daughters lately about their...lifestyle choices. Find out what her daughters get up to and see if you can't reconcile the family... The Ambassador You are an ambassador, sent to negotiate a peace treaty with a fantasy kingdom or a modern real-world nation. While you are a great negotiator your specialty lies in using your good looks and massive Cock to secure very favorable deals. Use your negotiation skills to talk the female members of court/parliament out of their clothes and into your bed. College Adventures You are an attractive freshman starting at a college famous known for a high count of hot women. Go to crazy parties, hook up with fellow students and teachers, sneak into sororities and get into all kinds of fun trouble. The Chaperone A wealthy mother and father are going on a vacation but are worried about leaving their daughter by herself and thus hire you to chaperone her. The girl invites three of her friends and they hang out in the living room together. Take advantage of the situation and see if you can't get the girls in trouble.... Porn Studio You are an underground porn producer with a cult following who has an unusual format. You go around with a hidden camera and approach attractive women on the street, talking them into engaging in all sorts of naughty, kinky and erotic shenanigans while you film it. Master of the Dungeon You are a powerful mage and live in a dungeon filled with monsters and traps. One day, an adventuring band composed of four ridiculously gorgeous elves has the audacity to storm your dungeon. In your eternal wisdom, you decide not to kill them but rather to corrupt them to your side. Using your magic to tempt them, your traps to catch them and your minions to pleasure them, you set out to turn them into your personal fuckpets and convince them to lead you to their village. After all, there might be other elves there for the taking.... The Elven Village An ancient hidden village populated by elves is visited by a human man, Your Character, for the first time in thousands of years. The elven women haven't seen a man as manly as you in a long, long time and they are obviously intrigued by you, much to the displeasure of the elven men. Seduce and corrupt the elven women, get yourself a harem of admirers and see how far you can go and how much fun you can have with them! Custom scenario Don't see a scenario you like? Work with me and we'll create a custom scenario together! Interested? Then add me on Discord at: Rosewood#5556 Please do it soon!
  2. Hello, I am looking to do a 1x1 long term fantasy adventure roleplay with romance and adventure. I have a few genres and ideas I am looking to do this with. All will be matured up to adults. They are not listed in any order. Black Clover Fairy Tail X Black Clover My Hero Academia Dragonball/Z/GT/Super One Piece -My character is the lone survivor of corrupt Marines destroying her whole village with devil fruits. She not only wants revenge she wants a fruit of her own, and to discover the secrets of their powers to end the world government. She can either make a pirate or revolutionary. Fairy Tail -My character was an orphan raised and experimented on. She recently escaped and now they are after her. What will she find after a life of captivity? Dragon Quest -My character and perhaps yours are the Luminary or Dragon Knight Emissaries of the god created to save the world from evil. Dungeons and Dragons -I would like to roleplay through all the campaigns, original story, and beyond. Isekai Genre -My character and maybe your character get somehow or another transported to another world with magic. Secret Magical World Genre -Harry Potter is an example of this genre but won't be used Psychic (me) and Detective (you) -My character will be a real psychic woman. She will do a lot of sixth sense type of things. Your character will have to be both the professional mystery solver and the brute force against the supernatural. Magic College/University -My character and yours go to a supernatural school, they also use their abilities to fight off magic threats, be them from the school or otherwise. Rules -Expect to use a Discord Server -Be 18+ (I am over 18 and expect you to be too) -Be willing to game master (game master controls story, outcomes, additional characters, and gets their own main character) -OCs (original characters) only. (Sorry I don't like to play with stories and characters preexisting. I might be talked into it if the series is over.) -If any cannon plot is mentioned the story will have to take place prior to any cannon or afterwards. -Be male (I play a straight female character so I expect a straight male as her romantic interest) -**Be expecting little to no smut** -Be familiar with the series or genre you are interested in -Have a fun magical adventure roleplay Hope to see some people interested, feel free to pitch any ideas, or questions if you have any, thank you. Please PM the word **Magic** when you message and let me know which you were interested in. If you don't, expect no response. Please also post here to keep the thread alive. Thank you, hope to have a magic adventure with you!
  3. HumbleCarrot

    Literate Fantasy SRP

    Hello! Hi! Welcome! Hey there! I have to preface that I am new to the site but I'm not new to SRP and rping in general! Also I want to preface that I won't be on 24/7, there will be some days/nights where I am much more responsive or online and other days where I am not. At the very least you can expect 1-3 messages from me a day unless we catch each other at a good time! For me a good time is anywhere between 12am and 5am EST! If I can't respond on certain days I will let you know in advance! With all the preamble out of the way I am looking to RP with someone willing to play as a female character. I will more than likely be playing a male character myself, however the specifics of which I am more than willing to mess around with and change to your preferences! I prefer to rp on Discord so if that is more your speed as well my tag is Carrot#3930. I am much more responsive there and we can even make a small private server to organize everything. However if that isn't your forte we can also use the DM system here as well, just know that I am not as familiar with it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KINKS Alright so thing that most people will probably care about is kinks so here you go! I may have forgotten a few but this should be most of it! Also if there is a kink that you like that I didn't list anywhere let me know and we can see if we can incorporate it or not into the RP! Or I'll let you know if I'm not okay with it! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLOT AND OTHER STORY THINGS With that out of the way we have the plot stuff! The plot would be set in a fantasy world, be it a traditional one or modern one, where my character and your character meet by some circumstance and become adventuring partners/friends. What caused that we can figure out together! It could be we just crossed paths during a job or while in a town, my character could have bought yours as a slave or vice versa, or maybe something else that is even more out there! The actual plot would revolve around the fact that when your character is very close to mine both their mana (or magic) supplies become nearly unlimited. Making both extremely good at using their magical abilities. I usually play my character as a normal mage or battlemage. You can have your character be whatever you want, whether it be a magic user like mine, or a non magic user like a warrior, or thief, or monk or anything really! I would LOVE to be able to grow a party as well during this, preferably all female but I can be flexible (Whether that be making some of the girls futas/dickgirls or having femboys, or having other guys in the party!). I can help with rping some of the party members as well so that it’s not just a one sided thing, I want you to be able to have fun as well! The purpose of getting a party would be both to increase the effectiveness of this strange mana enhancing that our characters have and also play into any other plot we have going on! That could be anything from just a normal adventure where we’re doing one job or a few, or maybe we’re trying to defeat a big evil, or my personal favorite we’re the bad guys and we’re taking over! I’m very open to all different types of things for this so PLEASE don’t be afraid to make suggestions! We don't have to do this plot 1 to 1 as described here, we can totally change it up and flip it on it's head. Or if you have a better idea that you thought of while reading this do let me know as well! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WRITING AND OTHER MISC STUFF Preferably I like to write at least 3-4 sentences but I can go upwards of 2 paragraphs or more with good partners! It really depends on how literate and detailed we're making things, along with what is going on in a scene! What I'm looking for is for someone to be able to at least write 2-3 sentences. More is definitely welcomed but not required! Writing a bunch doesn't make you a good writer, what does is what you say with the writing. Which may sound dumb I know but you can be concise and make a good response ya know? Also with all this said I would love for the RP to be as literate as possible (Though of course no novels or anything like that.) I am hoping for this RP to be long term and something that we can both pick and and drop if needed! I don't want you to feel that this RP is a commitment that you need to slave away at every second of every day. RPing is meant to be something enjoyed not dreaded! Of course it would be nice to have some bursts of long sessions of messages but it's not required at all! Something like 1 maybe 2 days of intense messaging and then maybe a few extra responses throughout the week! Nothing super serious. I wrote it at the top but I can usually do 1-3 messages a day at the very least and if we are on at the same time I can go ham haha! Communication is a big thing, so if there is anything you need to do just let me know and we can work something out! This isn't just for scheduling either, it applies for the story, kinks, characters, whatever! If there is something you aren't okay with or want to change do not be afraid to ask! And of course if you lose interest or want to take a break then also be vocal about it! It's much better to know someone wants to stop rather than being ghosted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE END! You made it to the bottom of the post! Woo hoo! Thank you for reading and if you have any questions do not be afraid to ask! If it wasn't clear throughout all this but I am very flexible when it comes to this and am willing to work things out with you! I hope to hear from you soon if you're interested and I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are!
  4. HELLO THERE AND WELCOME TO MY THREAD! For anyone that happens to land here I wish you an enjoyable trip, I hope you'll like my little space. I'm looking for new partners to have some fun and relaxing time with. For those who are wondering I highly prefer discord, I think it's easier to follow, more organized if we want to create a server for our little adventure(s) and overall more appealing, that's my tag if you want to reach me there ( Leon B#9774 ) and if for some reason you don't like the idea, we can always continue through PMs here. Anyway let's talk about the important stuff! Kinks and limits: If you happen to find something interesting here let me know and we can build a scenario around these elements but don't worry, even if I didn't wrote down your favourite kinks in my list feel free to write me anyway, I'm quite open minded and I think that everything can be enjoyable given enough context... Well anything besides my limits of course . I also have a list of plots that I'd like to show you but if you want to create something entirely new I'm ok with that, I LOVE the brainstorming phase, talking about the little details is so much fun and I'm cool if we want to take 3/4 hours to define what we're about to explore. Anyway don't let me waste your time, here are the plots I was referring to and remember, long-term, slow building, realism and corruption are the key words here! Son's bully: Superhero's fall: Let's brainstorm together: Ok then, we talked about my kinks, my limits, my plots... what else? right! Since it's important to so many people I should talk about my writing style, I'm a semi-literate writer that usually can write between 2 to 5 paragraphs but to be honest as long as you're not a one liner I'm probably gonna be ok with it, I'm not here to write novels, I don't think that more equals better and so as long as you put enough effort in your replies I'm probably gonna enjoy our time together. Oh first person takes priority, but I can adapt if needed. Another thing, I love feeding pictures and gifs throughout the RP to better describe what we're doing, what we're wearing and what we're feeling and I hope you'll do the same, finding something that fits what I'm writing is usually really fun (IRL pictures please). I'm GMT+1 and I write quite frequently, usually I lose interest when I meet someone that can play for 1 or maybe 2 times a week. Anyway that's all, if this post caught your attention let me know, I'm looking forward to talk with you all.
  5. At this point I'm falling really deep into my horny hole. I'm craving some really dirty smut. I'm not looking for non con or dub con nor master slave or bondage. But just someone who's open to really to just about anything. I'm really craving lots of cum, massive cock and balls, hairy girls, guys. Dirty musky sex. I'm craving all that plus more. So if you're just as degenerate as me do not hesitate to send me a message. CRAVING!: I'm currently really wanting someone who really into pubic hair and body hair in general as well as someone who isnt afraid of alot of cum and messy smut. I'm also down to play a futa as well if wanted! Hello. I'm gonna be very plain and simple. I'm looking for smut. Like. Smutty smut. I'm not really looking for a story but there can be a scenario. I'm down for short term or we can make something a little more long term if wanted. Now kinks. I have a semi long list of kinks that change every now and again but there are two kinks that I'll always be interested in. Anything with cum and Pubic Hair of females! I will say though, I'm not interested in non coc unless you have an interesting plot to go with it! I also have a soft spot for chubby characters I play them and I want them. So if you have one in need of love let's get something going! Breeding Risk of pregnancy Large cock and balls Pubic hair on females (prefer bush) Rough sex Public Size play Large ass Large tits Excessive Cum Anal Cumshots Squirting (light and heavy) Harem Cumplay Some other kinks I'm into bit not always craving are: Interracial, cheating, cuckhold, NTR. Never hurts to ask about them if they interest you! I'm also very into playing a futa. But only against a female character. I'll always give a least a solid paragraph of a post but on a good day I can go up to 3 to 4. I usually like making an rp revolving around both me and my partners kink. Possibly with a pairing. I am a male dom looking for a female sub. If you're a fan of both of the kinks I mentioned before PLEASE dont hesitate to add me on discord. Well become instant best friends I also like sharing NSFW pics I've found on the internet over the years! I dont do realistic face claims dont ask me. I also dont do dub con or non con My discord is Glutton#1090 if you want to add me there as well!
  6. Chulk

    New around the block... :)

    Hello! Ive heard from down the grape vine to try this site to find good erp, so i thought id finally get around to it A little about me is that im an m21 sub and just a few kinks to list off are incest/taboo relationships, ageplay/agegaps, light restraints, outersex (like thighjobs, footjobs, etc.), getting teased, giving and getting oral, videos/pictures (not irl! In rp) name calling (like baby boy, sweetie, honey, etc.), oh and hypnotizim. And i have a fairly open mind to other kinks~ Please feel free to hmu if interested, more than happy to talk more about with you!... I also can rp on discord aswell
  7. Hello everyone, This is my first ever announcement, and I wish it was under better circumstances. A few things need to be said about the future of EcchiDreams moving forwards especially after recent events. As many of you have noticed, @Tema has stepped down as a Community Administrator. Originally he stepped back into a more developmental role however he has since taken a break due to the ongoing problems, which included deactivating his account for a few days. I cannot promise that he will return to being a “Community Administrator” anytime soon. He has not made up his mind on that, however he will be taking a break from the site and focusing on himself and his own wellbeing. For those concerned for him, rest assured. I will make sure that he gets rest. He loves this site, and has poured over half of his life into it as @Casey brought up the other day. Also let me assure those who saw the status; @Illogically Logical will not be coming back in, in an administrative role. Not while I am here. Tema made a conscious decision to leave out a lot of details from his status, and even though it was well intended, it doesn’t seem to have had the effect he hoped for. The reasons; he told me that he kept it light and didn’t make a further statement was because: Out of respect to the staff who’d have to deal with the fallout of what he had to say. Out of kindness to the community. Out of a desire to not want fingers being pointed at any one person or cause. Out of concern that it’d start a witch-hunt. Out of a want to move through this transition period peacefully. Out of a need to convey how much he is disappointed with all of this. Out of a “self-respect” to not sound like a “whiny victim”. Out of worry that someone will end up bullying and abusing other people on his behalf. While Tema is concentrating on his health and wellbeing, I will be doing my best in his stead until he makes his decision. As such, I will outline a few things to come in the future. Staff EcchiDreams has grown into a large community with 200+ active Dreamers a day. Currently, there are only four active staff. This is unfeasible as it stands. The staff are stretched quite thin, and we all have real life obligations that often take priority. The staff here on EcchiDreams are volunteers who do their job because they’re passionate about the community and want to try and help foster a good roleplaying space. We have attempted to recruit more staff in the past however that has fallen through. Part of the problem is that it can be hard to find people to fill the roles. Admittedly, due to the fact that I have a personal passion for the site, it can be hard to entrust it to others to care for as well as uphold the high level of standards that we have for our staff. However I trust our current staff wholeheartedly. I could not ask for better colleagues and friends and I hope to expand the current roster to not only make the job of the staff easier, but to also continue helping make EcchiDreams a better place. I cannot give a timeframe at this moment, but when the applications go up, I will let everyone know. Harassment on EcchiDreams Let’s address the proverbial elephant in the room, shall we? Because there has been a lot of talk about the subject as of late and I wish to say a few things, as well as clear up some misconceptions. The first thing I want to say; is that there is one group of Dreamers that are the largest target of harassment and that is the staff, with Tema taking the biggest brunt of it. This is not backed up by feelings, but backed up by data. This is what has led to him stepping down and taking a break from the site. I will not divulge any details, but he has been subjected to insults, slights, accusations and even vile abusive messages as well as death threats, and for a long time he’s just put up with it and dealt with it quietly. Let me make this clear; Harassment of anyone is intolerable. As such, I will now be far more firm when it comes to the harassment of staff as in the past the staff have often merely tolerated it out of a sense of duty. The staff are volunteers and do not deserve the level of abuse that they receive. It is against the ToS and I will be firmly cracking down on this especially as we are looking at bringing on more staff. As for harassment of Dreamers, we have continuously refined and updated our policies in an attempt to better protect those that have been the target of harassment. After one particular case, Tema spent forty eight hours awake adapting the EcchiMates feature to the site to work with the other applications we have. This allowed Dreamers to lock their profiles to be viewable to friends only which would prevent harassers from being able to see their profile, as well as limit their view on who that person interacts with. The No Contact Order was created to be somewhat like a restraining order, with both sides being told not to talk to one another. If the harasser violated the order, then action would be swift against them. The last change that has occurred is that new Dreamers cannot immediately send an EcchiText upon registering. This prevents new accounts from being able to send spam to other Dreamers but it has the secondary effect of preventing Dreamers from making new accounts with the sole purpose to harass others. This is because whilst you’re a virgin dreamer, you can delete your account, whereas afterwards you can just deactivate your account, which are two different things. A lot of the abuse received is from people who register an account, send the abuse in EcchiTexts and then delete their accounts. His first concern was that of everyone else - not him. He asked me, “If they can so easily do this to me, then what is stopping them from doing it to anyone else? I really don’t want that. No one should have to put up with that and some people here are very big targets for it.” So we both thought of a way to get around the problem that would be fair, and yet something that doesn’t punish everyone else. Despite what people think, we take every case of harassment seriously. But what we can do is often hampered by people's unwillingness to cooperate with us. If you are being harassed, report it. We cannot do anything about a situation that we know nothing about and it frustrates me that people accuse us of doing nothing, while not working with us on the matter. I understand that people might not like how we categorise harassment, but that is to protect people from false accusations which make up over half of the reports that we receive. For those cases that are absolutely harassment, punishment has been swift and utterly without mercy. Every single one has been banned without hesitation. Another problem that seems to crop up often, is that people meet other Dreamers on the site and then take their communication off site before they return and report that they are being harassed. However, because the incidents happen off of EcchiDreams, it is out of our jurisdiction. We are not here to moderate what goes on, on other sites and platforms and it is unfair to expect us to do so. You take any communication off site, at your own risk. We outline very clearly in the ToS that we do not recommend doing so. Instead of attempting to deal with it through us, report it to the site or platform that it occurred on. They can do something about it, as it is their jurisdiction. Discord As I have outlined in one of my recent statuses, the EcchiDreams Discord has been locked down to be Read Only. Dreamers are able to view it for site updates as well as updates on site outages. For the time being, it will remain that way. But I have come to the decision that if I were to bring it back in the future, then I will be looking for dedicated Discord Moderators who will moderate it, instead of asking the site staff to fill that role in addition to their site duties. I will revisit this decision once things have calmed down and Tema has reached his decision regarding his position with us. Final Thoughts It has been a rough year for all of us. I sincerely hope that things get better, and that life gets easier. I am extremely disappointed that it has gotten this far, and I am even more disappointed by the fact that people assume they know what goes on in the background when it comes to reports and such and start spinning off their own narratives as a result of it and throw around unfounded accusation that question our dedication to the community and diligence in upholding the Terms of Service. You don’t and you shouldn’t even pretend that you do. We read every report sent to us; not just once, or twice, but as many times as each staff looks at it and we deal with it on a case-by-case basis, but if it's not reported in the first place then we can’t be expected to know what goes on in your EcchiTexts, and the like. We have better things to do than to read the many thousands of messages sent per day, and in fact as per internal policy we’re not allowed to read without ‘just cause’ which is a report or the consent of at least one of the parties involved in said EcchiText. After seeing the torrent of abuse that Tema has been receiving, it’s left me heartbroken and furious. It’s absolutely appalling, and I expected better. No one deserves that, not even my own worst enemy… if I had one. As for those who expect every single word he says to be perfect and without fault; ask yourselves this - is every word you say perfect and without fault? Have you never said anything off-colour at the wrong time? I doubt it. On top of that he has social interaction issues, communicating his ideas or thoughts especially around abstract concepts with great difficulty, but at least he tries. Every single day. For those who have been understanding of this whole mess: I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to those that have shown their support. I deeply appreciate it, and I will pass along your kind words to Tema. I know he didn’t want a fuss about this, but knew he was going to be somewhat unavoidable. I will make sure he gets the break he needs and hopefully he’ll return one day to work alongside us once again. Right now he’s getting a break from it all and just working on other projects that he’s got going on in his life. I have rejected his resignation and I will hold open the door for him when he decides to return, and when I think he’s well enough to return. People have come out of the wood-work to express their dismay and sadness about the whole thing, even people who have never interacted with him. To them; I say thank you. Due to these issues; the End of Year update has been postponed. I believe that people seem to forget; the site is paid for out of his own pocket. He foots the bill, so that you don’t have to, we don’t and won’t ask or beg for your hard earned money. He is also the technical man, the one who knows how to install the software properly and how the server is strung together without him; I feel that this site would crumble from the inside out. Please be kind to others. Things are rough enough, so please don’t pile onto it. Be kind, and look after yourselves and each other. I hope the upcoming holidays are good for you, and that the next year is better for everyone. Image Credit: nwzt I love how this image encapsulates the chill beauty of a winter landscape. It is perfectly blurred, giving the impression that you are standing in heavy snowfall. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing that I find it rather relaxing to look at.
  8. Hello! Today I'm looking for a White male partner to play out a roleplay mainly centered around the Raceplay and Harem kinks. The premise is as follows - you'll play as a college's quote on quote golden boy; the perfect guy per say. Quarterback of the football team, body of a greek god, perfect GPA, a smile that could melt hearts and a friendly attitude towards everyone. You've led many girls to your bedroom and subsequently your bed, but generally speaking your sex life has been fairly vanilla, and mostly restricted to White girls. That is, until you meet my first character - an Asian cheerleader slash complete slut rumored to not wear panties under her cheerleading skirt, I become your first sexual contact with Asian women. During our first time together, everything was going well until you were about to reach your climax and pull out - that's when I yelled out: "Bleach me Master! Colonize my womb with your Big White Cock!" Which completely caught you by surprise and made you cum inside me. After sex we have a sort of deep talk. You admit that my comment made you tick and from there I introduce you to the world of Raceplay, more specifically WMAF Raceplay, yellow fever and White superiority, and tell you that a guy like you could have a Harem of Asian women crawling at his feet, and that I'd happily be a part of it. From here there's multiple paths we can take with this roleplay, but what I initially have in mind is having your character be convinced to go off on a journey to conquer the college's Asian women, be them students or faculty members, and add them to his newfound harem. I'd play as all of the female characters he'd encounter along the way, and together we can play out these scenarios. I'm hoping for something more long-term with this, and maybe, later on, we could even develop our characters' lives post-graduation. Playing this out on Discord is something I'm very willing to do! Hope to hear from you soon. Kinks: Traditional gender roles, misogyny, rough sex, being degraded, raceplay, political play, size difference, unrealistic sizes, age gaps, incest, breeding, impregnation, public sex, harem, ff(+)m, just to name a few. Limits: Beast, scat, gore, snuff.
  9. Hello fellow Dreamers, Quite a few updates have been made since our last announcement from just over two weeks ago, that we wanted to go over here. Table of Contents: A message from our Community Administrators Events in the United Kingdom More changes to the Terms of Service Section 14 Changes Section 18 Changes Section 19 Changes EcchiMates Loading Bar/Client-Server Comms Bar Roleplay Advertising Changes Roleplayer Preference Changes Discord Server Changes Other Small Changes A message from our Community Administrators It has been an extraordinary few weeks, and a very busy few weeks. I’ve been enjoying my evening sitting in the voice chat on our Discord server, speaking to and interacting with people of the community, and Neptune has made an appearance a few times too. We’ve worked pretty hard the last couple of weeks, even as our nation enters a period of mourning. There are likely to be more improvements over the coming months as we enter 2023. Events in the United Kingdom This might seem weird on some “Random Roleplay Smut Site”, but both of us Community Administrators are British. We were born in England, and will likely die in England. We’re British through and through, and we make no apologies for it. So on the 8th of September 2022, we were saddened to learn of the passing of our Queen; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Many of us felt like she was timeless, present throughout our entire lives; at least the majority of the lives of most people in this country. Our thoughts and condolences are with the Royal Family, as we mourn the loss of our longest-serving British monarch. We are indebted to her dedicated service to this country. She truly was a magnificent woman who endured much with dignity and decorum. It truly is the end of an era. More changes to the Terms of Service Do you know when you proofread something, and then you get other people to proofread it, and you all independently think that it's good so you send it up to go live for potentially hundreds if not thousands of people to read, and then - and only then - you find grammatical mistakes in it, despite going over it with a fine tooth comb? Yeah. That happened. We’ve corrected the ones we’ve noticed and we’ve actually made changes to Sections 14, 18, and 19, to clarify our stance on monetary transactions on EcchiDreams. We've also added "Not to add the other party as an EcchiMate" when it comes to NCO's, which makes sense with the new system in place. We've also changed a lot of grammatically incorrect sentences and changed most, if not all mentions of the word "User" to "Dreamer". This will not require reacceptance as most of it is stuff that was already against the rules before the update, and the NCO sub-section is agreed to upon taking out said NCO. So this announcement will suffice. Section 14 Changes We have added personal donations to the list of things that aren’t allowed, this includes - but is not limited to - things like GoFundMe links, Ko-fi or Cryptocurrency Addresses. We’ve also stated that the rule of thumb is if it asks for the money and the context is that dreamers should buy it, give to it, or donate to it, it’s not allowed. Section 18 Changes Very minor changes here. We added “Any kind of QRCode, Datamatrix, Barcode and other such things that contains anything that violates any Section of the Terms of Service.” Section 19 Changes We’ve changed this from “Commissions on Art” to “Monetary Transactions” which covers ‘Commissions on Art’ anyway. We have reaffirmed that all transactions on EcchiDreams are restricted to EcchiCredit transactions only. Content posted on any part of this site such as, but not limited to; commissions on art as well as donation services, and cryptocurrency are not allowed on this site. EcchiMates Some of you might have noticed; we’ve re-released a new system which we lost in 2015. First let's get the rumours out of the way: Yes, this is a friends system. No, it is independent of the followers system. With this comes a basic profile feature that allows you to set some new privacy settings. You can have a maximum of 300 EcchiMates. There is no difference between normal, gold, platinum members, or even staff, everyone gets 300, and that’s your lot. This number may change later down the line, but for the foreseeable future it’s capped at 300, universally. There were a few hiccups along the way such as the fact that it was sending out emails, despite being told not to, but this has since been fixed and we’ll be making improvements to it, with any luck as the feature matures and comes out of Beta. Why EcchiMates? Because in England, a friend is a mate. But “Mate” has other meanings depending on context. So it’s a bit of an innuendo too. I know, cheeky, isn’t it? But at its core it’s a friend system. Loading Bar/Client-Server Comms Bar Noticed that pink bar running across the top of the page? It’s been with us since around 2011 or so, in one form or another. It used to be a bouncing ball in the top corner but it slowly changed into the pink line that is seen today. Basically it’s your indicator when everything on the page is loaded when you navigate to a new page, or if you haven’t it shows communication between your device (Client) and EcchiDreams (Server). For a long time it’s been a pink bar regardless of which EcchiTheme you’re using but I’ve recently changed it to make it more noticeable, and have a bit more variation of colour, be a little bit thicker and to be a little bit smoother. Otherwise it still uses the same library and not much else about it has actually changed. Roleplay Advertising Changes In October 2013; we brought a little fun feature that essentially turned every link on the site into a rainbow link when you hovered over it with a mouse over it. One person (out of many) who really appreciated the Rainbow Links was Xander. This was back when >75% of our users were using laptops and desktops now it's on average less than 30%. However in 2015 with one of our biggest updates to date, we unfortunately removed it because it didn't work too well with the new system, and the fact is, today most people won't see it on their phones unless it was active all of the time... Which, yeah - no. But in that very same announcement it was also where the roleplay advertising thing started, here is how it looked back then: This obviously morphed and evolved as Roleplay Clubs became a thing. Now it's for roleplay club owners who want to advertise their club. As such it will now show an embed showing that club, which is a bit more rich than just a picture. It also means that people looking to advertise don't have to do as much work to make an image that fit our rigid specifications. All you need now is a club (That complies to the advertising Terms and Conditions) and more EcchiCredits than you know what to do with, and you can apply for it. In memory of @Xander this link is now a rainbow link, and you don't need to hover over it to get it to flash. It will just do it, with any luck (I've not tested this outside of Chrome). Roleplayer Preference Changes There have been a few minor updates to the roleplayer preferences section. Such as: People are now physically limited to one roleplay preference. If you try to submit more than one; you will get an error. There is now the option of a “Might”/”Maybe” field, which shows up as a yellow-ish orange in the preferences. (Thanks @Sinful Vampire, for this suggestion.) A rainbow link of your preferences, if you have one put on your profile, will appear next to your posts across the forums of the site. Discord Server Changes We’ve made a few tweaks to the Discord Server which is a place to socialise and talk in real time to other Dreamers from the site. Please note that it is not a roleplay server. Despite the fact that our Discord Server is protected by the same Terms of Service as the site, Discord has a few extra rules that we don’t have. Which meant that our server was technically in violation of Discords Terms of Service/Community Guidelines. This has been rectified. As such we’ve made a new channel called “#important-information” which outlines the extra rules on that server. We’ve also added a channel to counter “#memes-and-shitposting”. The new channel is for wholesome (completely SFW/SFW-ish) memes and stuff. A brief snap poll was announced on the server for the name of the channel and @Neptune's suggestion won by an absolute landslide. The new channel is called “#wholesome-shit”. No, I’m not kidding. We’ve added icons to the channel names. EcchiVoice Text Channel (The voice channels, text channel) has been removed as voice channels now have this built in. If you can’t see it - update your app. Our server, at the time of writing, is currently Level 2, thanks to the generosity of our Discord Boosters: @Mini Magi, @Azalyn, @Sinful Vampire and @Moon Hound Hati. Please note that of course we appreciate those that donate their boosts to the server, it’s not mandatory, and we don’t see a penny of it. It’s purely a Discord thing, but it still means a lot to us that you'd donate your boosts for the betterment of our Discord Server for others to enjoy. Thank you to those who have boosted the server! We might be holding a competition to come up with a server banner and invite page images at a later date. The prize pool is sitting at 20,000 EcchiCredits; this could go up (but won’t go down) when the actual competition is announced. Other Small Changes There have been a number of small changes too: We’ve added an Achievement/Award for people who have boosted our Discord Server. As a trial run, we’ve set out the default theme to the Dark EcchiTheme, and renamed the previous default to “Light EcchiTheme.” 86% of Dreamers who have logged in over the last six months have switched to the dark theme. I’d say that message was loud and clear. People prefer the dark theme. If you don't, the option is there to switch back to the light theme. The search box has changed a bit now. It now includes a drop down of the area you want to search in, within the box itself. Image Source: はちお (hachio81) This article wasn't really planned and for this one I was just looking at landscapes on Pixiv for something unrelated and I found this, and thought that it looked extremely beautiful, especially with the summer we've just had. It's a very beautiful and colourful image, it conveys a sernie, tranquil peace that is both neutral and unoffensive. It's very detailed too, and it kind of makes me wonder if it's a real place and the artist took inspiration and if I can visit there. Looks like it'd make a lovely holiday spot and the water looks inviting enough to lounge around in. I think the artist did every well with this picture, and I like some of their other artwork too and it's also as incredible as this one. I highly recommend checking them out!
  10. Hello there! I’m currently looking for someone who shares similar preferences to start an RP with. It can be anything from something short and smutty to longer-running plots with deeper storytelling. I do have a few wishes though, which are an average (read) post length of about two to three paragraphs, a moderate level of grammar and spelling, and be available to RP via Ecchitexts or Discord. If you’re interested, please send me an Ecchitext and we’ll get the ball rolling.
  11. I am looking for a long term DOM (don't care if male or female OC, both I will accept) RP partner that knows Sailor Moon AND/OR Yu-Gi-OH. The kinks I want for these RPs must be erotic (can or won't have to use sex but it's nice to have such) of the following: Corruption, transformation, mind control, beautification, bimbo, maybe Stepford Wife, petrification, mummification, bondage, energy drain and other dark stuff kinks like turned into a bondage minion or doll or other stuff. I DO NOT want gore, vore, or kinks like kidnapping or romance only. This person must be dominated (using male or female or monster) and each RP must be written at the least 2-3 lines Frequent replies at least 10-20 minutes, 30 works too. Must have ideas so we can come up with each RP at least 50-50 of the time please Don't leave me without explaining and also this person must have a lot of fun ideas, looking to have fun and okay Grammar. It helps us to enjoy the story. Also someone who is really interested and won't leave me for no reason please. Also I am a switcher (playing the other character) to speed up the RP a bit so if you are okay with that, you can do the same with my OC please. Also enjoy someone that puts details in stuff like transformations please. The Sailor Moon RPs will involve my OC here, Sora Muto aka Sailor Sagittarius (AND I do have other images but can't post them here or in my DA account): https://www.deviantart.com/dragonknight-15/gallery/71052377/sora-mutou-sailor-sagittarius If you know Friendship is Magic... yea, it makes the story spicier haha. If not, ignored the wings and I can pretend they're not a thing for the RPs. Also that you're familiar with all of the arcs of Sailor Moon too The Yu-Gi-Oh! RPs will involve my OC here, Yukino Muto (yes, it is a genderbend AU version of Yugi who's a bit mix with Atem) (AND I do have other images but can't post them here or in my DA account): https://www.deviantart.com/dragonknight-15/gallery/79141188/yukino-mutou If you know how to RP duels, even better for fun stories too and we can use Yukino in non-DM events like Society of Light or whatnot YES, you can use canon characters but if you have an OC for non-Fandom stuff, that's fine too! Anything works since I want to do any of the Kinks we can enjoy a lot please. I can only RP in Discord so if anyone interested wants to look for me there, do so as I am usually always there due to work: DragonKnight15#3002 I want to RP with someone to help me with my depression plus I want a friend who enjoys what I enjoy. Please contact me soon here or Discord, mostly Discord! Thank you. Also if you don't have Discord or prefer here, I can make exceptions. Contact me.
  12. I am looking for a long term DOM (don't care if male or female OC, both I will accept) RP partner that knows Sailor Moon, from first anime to the Manga, that is into sexual (sex) or/and corruption, transformation, mind control, beautification, bimbo, maybe Stepford Wife, petrification, other dark stuff kinks. I don't want gore, vore, or kinks like kidnapping only. This person be dominated and each RP must be written at the least 2-3 lines, frequent replies at least 10-20 minutes, don't leave me without explaining and also this person must have a lot of fun ideas, looking to have fun and okay Grammar. It helps us to enjoy the story. Also someone who is really interested and won't leave me for no reason please. Also I am a switcher (playing the other character) to speed up the RP a bit so if you are okay with that, you can do the same with my OC please. Also enjoy someone that puts details in stuff like transformations please. The RPs will involve my OC here, Sora Muto aka Sailor Sagittarius: https://www.deviantart.com/dragonknight-15/gallery/71052377/sora-mutou-sailor-sagittarius If you know Friendship is Magic... yea, it makes the story spicier haha. I have Discord if anyone interested wants to look for me there: DragonKnight15#3002 But I will try to RP here in Blue Moon, just very unfamiliar so please lead how to RP here please. I want to RP with someone to help me with my depression. Please contact me soon here or Discord! Thank you.
  13. Hello there everyone, My name is Leila and I am a 27 F that uses She/They pronouns. I am looking for someone that is committed to writing Canon characters for a self-insert OC. I am bisexual so I am going to post a list for Fandoms and characters from those fandoms. I have no problem if you play both men and women just know that I am a switch. If you do decide to play a female Canon character... I require them to be the more submissive as I have had VERY BAD experiences with domme women in rps. The basic premise of the RP is what would happen if iconic characters lived under one roof with a fangirl. Everything is normal during the day but at night... The fangirl has to survive or face punishment. I am looking for someone to play multiple muses so please do not apply if you are not going to play multiple characters. I AM NOT GHOST FRIENDLY!!! If you get bored with the storyline or want to add something to the storyline then please talk to me verses just ghosting. I have had to deal with that for the past few days now and it is emotionally draining on me as a creative person. If you have read this far into the add then please add 'The Trickster is Sexy' somewhere in your message or dm. I can't wait to hear from you if you are interested in the idea. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VYwefXf84ejQW6I7ffhNeVvp54bSxnSK72EnJDfOoAA/edit?usp=drivesdk ~Men https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aYRMrOYbS8Hsk2ZfxB46nUElIr5jsdqidgPLfPlCjfs/edit?usp=drivesdk ~Women DM's are open but I know that no one is gonna pick this idea up....
  14. Hiya!~ to keep it short and sweet, I have a server on discord with all kinda of cool settings in the works with game systems set up to help players and game masters make rolls to play TTERPG's with one another in a cool, well written, understanding environment~ Right now, we're looking for male or female DOMINANTS only, switches are fine but we currently have an abundance of subby players and switches eager for some rough dominant partners~ Message me here if you're interested, right now we've got a Fantasy and Zombie setting ready to go with rules, stats, perks, traits, etc, and we've recently added a rule free slice of life modern section as well if you're not too into rolls and such. Only real limits are underage stuff and sexual death overall, so if any other possibility interests you don't hesitate to hmu!~
  15. Hi there~! Thank you for viewing my thread. I'm new to the site but not to roleplaying; I've been doing it for most of my life on various other sites and means. Today I'm coming to seek people like me! Who might that be?~ People who get excited writing hot, nasty smut. I love finding partners who are full of excitement to write things with, and especially those that are as goofy and creative as I am! I get weird with my cravings sometime, and would love someone who can keep pace. So! Lets get to it, what am I looking for? My favorite thing to write, is straight shota. Young boys with much older women, and especially caked in Orientation Play. I have a few kinks that really get me going, such as Orientation Play (a gay guy fucking a girl, or a gay woman fucking a boy, or even... the both of them being gay and yet still fuckin'~), Impregnation, Cheating, Pubic Hair, and Small Dicks.~ I have a few others that aren't as big to my desires, but will definitely offer/include them to a partner who is open to getting whacky.~ In particular, do I have any ideas for what it will be like? Yep! I want pure smut, very little worry about keeping to a story. I like my smut to be like a porn film, more concerned with the fucking then logical sense. Right now I'm craving two particular ideas; One where a young boy gets stranded in a big city of our choosing and uses his Mom's credit card to survive for the holidays! (Yep, home alone-inspired!) Only... The hotel he's staying at offers quite the nasty array of services not usually meant for boys his age.~ The other? I'd love to do a post-apocalyptic idea where a young boy is with a group of older women who are protecting him, and his usual contribution to the group being his ability to fix electronics and being a blushing mess trying not to stare at the gals. So! This may be a little jarring compared to other threads here, but this is what I'm looking for! I will say that I am looking to play either role; Whether it's the young boy or the woman(s) in the idea, and have a heavy preference for playing the boy atm~! Though, for a good writer I'll play whichever! I would also like to say that please be okay with using Discord for writing, since that is where I do almost all of it; I can be persuaded to use the PM system here if you can convince me~! ♥ Thank you everyone! ♥
  16. Alright, so there's a lot of info to include if I were to go into exact details this post would be longer than most of the dickpics I've been sent over the years. So, to sum things up a bit, I'm on the hunt for players and GMs for an erotic DnD style rp server on discord. We're looking for female players at the moment, meaning either fellow RP ladies or female character players looking for a fun place with fixed setting to play out whatever kind of roleplay style you prefer! A Co-Creator and I make die roll rules, world lore, etc whilst you are left to find either a GM or player to act out a one-on-one setting with said partner following whatever rules you see fit! Don't like die rolls and prefer Slice of Life? No problem! Just hash it out with your GM/Player of choice and mold yourself and your characters into the world with ease!~ We tend to prefer more taboo and depraved kinks as well as general interest in plot/character development as the roleplays go on. We're most after FEMALE players/GMs atm, as the ratios are a but off and most of the people prefer a mix of both male and female characters respectively. We currently have one fully fleshed out Apocalypse setting, and are currently starting on a Medieval Fantasy setting as well. We'd ask that prospective players be open to most/all kinks, fall into the kinkier categories of preferences, and type at least a paragraph+ per reply. As I said, we're REALLY looking for more girls as currently. Aside from myself and one other girl who's pretty much inactive, we're outnumbered 3-2. So if you're a male/GM who hits me up, apologies if I don't get back to you immediately. Message me here if you're interested and we'll go from there!~ (It'll be shorter to tell you which kinks AREN'T allowed, so here are those. If there's another you're curious about, feel free to ask. Chances are I or someone else has the same kink ngl lol) • Underage (-16yo) • Scat • Snuff/Sexualized Death • Sexual Mutilation
  17. Nialla

    Zombie thingy

    Long story short, last post got eaten. If you saw it and wanna hop in, message me, don't comment in case this is sucked up again lmao.
  18. Hello there! Thanks for taking at what I'm hoping for. I'll start with a few musts from my side before telling you what I'm offering you. You must be 18+. I'm an older man, by internet standards, so you must be okay with writing/speaking to someone that's a bit older. Be open to getting to know each other. If a phrase like "Hi, how are you? What's your name?" terrifies you and immediately puts up a wall wanting you to give me a fake online name, I'm not the partner for you. I'm looking for a genuine real connection with a human being. I love to write and explore new ideas with my partner. Please be open to talking things out. I love to hear new ideas and appreciate having mine heard too; even if we disagree about certain things, we're both adults here... let's have a conversation about them and move onto the next idea if we dislike something! NO GHOSTING. Have the common courtesy to talk things out with me if you think that things aren't working well. This is directly in line with #2. I'm a human being. You don't just push the delete key on a human being, have some respect! Okay... if you're still here, here's what I'm offering! Friendship/partnership and respect. I'm a great conversationalist and enjoy talking about any and all subjects. An author. I've been writing for many years and always have a personal project on the go, along with a RP. I enjoy talking about all sorts of writing! I can write in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person. I tend to lean toward 1st for a more intimate piece and 3rd for a piece that leads into more than one character. (most people don't even know what 2nd is so I won't mention anything more about it, but know it is available) I'm extremely literate and am happy to write with any skill level. If you want help learning how to be a better writer don't hesitate to ask... we're all learning, including me! Romance is a must with me, so you can expect it in all stories I write. I expect that anything is a go, including NSFW. I like mixing multiple genre's together. I especially love original creations, world building, SOL, sci-fi, fantasy........ well really... let's be honest... I'll write anything!!! I hope you've made it this far and are still interested! I look forward to hearing from you. Please say hello and introduce yourself if you've found your way to the end of my preferences.
  19. Well, there's not much to know. But I'll let you in on a little secret. ⨀ I'm a dom ⨀ Hello there, you may call me Sir and more, but Jon for starters if you're into that. I am 18 years of age, and I've been roleplaying for about 4 years now. As I stated previously, I like to be dominant, but don't confuse this for when I'm not horny, in fact, I'm rather soft when not in the mood to breed. I am indeed straight, just putting that out there to avoid confusion. Now the Juice. Kinks Degradation Pet Play Slave Play Insemination Monster Girls Group Sex (And by that, just me and a bunch of other women because I'm a greedy fuck.) Anal Blind Obedience Sadism Worship Collaring Knife Play Piss Play No No's Death Poo Vomit Cacti Not sure about all the types of literacy, but I think I'm semi-lit, by that I mean at least a small paragraph. You're really gonna have to roleplay with me to find out what I mean. My dream is to have a harem Discord server. It'll consist of me, and about 3 to 4 other females. It's going to be very small, and what I expect from the submissives that will want to accompany is to have at least have experience with me. I don't want to share my women, so I'd like to have said members to only spread their legs for me and me alone. It's a big ask, thus why it's a dream. It'll be a special little circle, and it may even involve pictures and such should it get to that position. It'll be strictly Discord. This is basically my bio, just tossing it out there. I'm new and needing some love from adorable puppy subs
  20. Floraimora

    M looking for F role players.

    Hi I'm open to a number of settings, I tend to prefer to roleplay on Discord but I am also happy to roleplay on here too. Settings I enjoy are: Medieval, Fantasy, Supernatural, Dystopian and Post apocalyptic. Feel free to message me on here or leave a comment and we can discuss
  21. Hey there! So, this is my first post on this site and it's honestly a pretty ambitious one. If I've posted this in the wrong forum, someone please correct me so that I can fix it. Thank you! At it's very basic elements, I'm looking for a long-term Discord Role-play centered around this idea of a growing group of adventurers in a fantasy world where we'll write in a GM/Player fashion. (Note: Discord isn't necessary but it helps tremendously when it comes to organizing everything.) P.S Won't be able to respond for a few hours, please be patient! I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able. The RP Idea We'll be exploring a fantasy world where sprawling cities of magic and airships are a rarity, as there are much greater threats in the natural world that deter the advancement of civilization. Many adventurers brave the unknown wilderness in hopes of hunting rare and exotic creatures for a big profit. The risk is high but the payoff is even better. Out in the wilds, there's only small town settlements, minor cities and the camp that you make for yourself. It's a lonely existence out there...which is why it's far better (And much safer) to group in large numbers as you travel throughout the land. To this end, adventurer guilds are some of the most common convoys you'll come across and often get employed to safely escort citizens to a destination when they aren't monster hunting. However, this story will not start off with a full guild! The beginning of this plot will revolve a chance meeting between an adventuring girl and a merchant with his head in the books. How their party grows and where the story goes from there is entirely up to us. How This Plays Out My character will take on the role of a tactician in this budding group. He'll be doing minimal fighting but his strategies are sure to keep everyone alive at the end of the day. There's just one catch. His word is not law. Characters may have issues with certain commands, distrust their tactician, or think they know better and act freely. These are just a few examples but I'm sure a capable partner can really run with the idea. I want to split the focus of the plot between character interaction in their downtime and the fun, lewd, and exciting stuff that happens while they're doing their jobs as adventurers. Character death could be a possibility if that's a venue that interests you. Everything here is up for discussion, come chat and add your own thoughts to this! The Ideal Writing Partner The ideal partner for this roleplay would be interested in both the intense action of the plot and the inner workings, drama, and relationships that form between a growing cast of characters. It would probably work best with someone who's had experience GMing before and understands how to push and pull when the world is theirs to craft and mold. However, I'm not going to let you put in so much effort to craft a story without me returning the favor in full. We're both GMing this world and crafting it as we go. A Bit About the Player So, a little bit about the player you'll be DMing for: I'm a total switch and love power struggles. I have plenty of kinks with very few limits and I'd love for you to be the same! (I have a few that aren't listed in my preference sheet either. Feel free to ask if you're feeling adventurous.) The crazier the RP can get, the better! But the most important takeaway is that I plan to give you the same detail you put in and drive the story forward in my own way as the player/Co-GM. I'm not asking some poor soul to type a novel just for a little one-liner in return. (Strike me down if you catch me doing that.) Anyway, I don't think I'm all that interesting but if there's something you're curious about, just ask! Setting Up The RP If we manage to click really well when discussing this idea on here, then we'll move over to Discord! From there, we'll both contribute images of the characters we'd like to see in the RP and eliminate the ones we dislike. After that, everything should be more or less all set to go! Though, there's always room for more discussion if you're really into the idea. So What Next? Come say hi! Tell me a bit about yourself and some fun GMing stories if you have any! I'd love to hear what you liked about the post and how you want to contribute to the idea. If you're enthusiastic about the whole thing, I'll be real happy to chat with you! And...That's about it! Thanks for reading through the whole thing and I hope to chat with you soon! Artwork: "Inn of Heroes" by Woo Chul Lee
  22. DC - Small Justice Plot Basicly the idea is that the male super hero's after messing with the wrong villain get flung into a Space Time Continuum leaving earth's fate in the hands of Earth's Heroine's and a new super lad named Shrink, he's cowardly perverted and he always has a sarcastic line waiting to be used. He enjoys abusing his powers to shrink down to the size of a hair follicle and roam around the bodies of some of the beautiful DC girls while Batman and SuperMan are out of the Justice League satalite. I favor Power Girl, Wonder Woman, and Huntress for the favorite girls. Occulus's Re-Rifted (Long Term, OC x Canon plot) A young tester for the occulus rift team is tasked with testing out the product. Its been equipped with a new system that allows players to dive into very story driven or not games, well being the lonely young man he is. He takes the chance to use the Occulus to finally flirt and play with his favorite game girls. Insert a Game, who will you be? Accepted games currently Street Fighter Dead or Alive Tekken Fire Emblem. Samus x Solid Snake pairing Pm me for more details on this pairing! The Unkindled, and Chosen undead.. rise from a pile of corpses littering a long waged Battle for the two opposing swords. The Unkindled rises from the ashes of burned to cinders soldiers. The Chosen undead simply rises. Enter a stage of Battle for Souls, and the two opposing swords. Wander the world, meet canon Soul Calibur characters on your quest. If interested please contact me VIA Pm weather you wish to play or GM Project X Zone 2 Intermissions and Pairing Ideas With the release of the 2nd installment of the Cross Over Series of X-Zone. I have been craving some short term Intermission Rps and Pairings Involving various Characters from the games. Pairings Chrome- Estelle, Felicia, Fiora, Valkiery. Phoenix Wright- Maya, Ulala, Chun-Li, Morrigan. Ryo- Xiaoyu, Chun-Li, Xiaomu. Kite- Everyone (Major Kite fan so will play him against any of the games female cast) Dante- Morrigan, Jill, Chun-Li, Lucina, Leanne. Vashyron- Maya, Chun-Li, Felicia, Alisha, Jill. Intermission Plots -coming soon- Dead or Alive Paradise Craving I am looking to play my OC Kotetsu a rough tough biker gang leader with the ancestry of Warlords, his rough exterior is also brought on by his insatiable almost wolf like personality, he gets invited to New New Zach Island along with the many beauties from the Dead or Alive tournaments. The 28 year old is going to have one hell of a Summer. Street Fighter, The worlds strongest mother and son. <Current Craving Due to a shadloo experiment the time line of the world has caused decendents of the world warriors to appear within the present. During a heist break up, Chun-Li receives back up from her future son Yujin-Li a fighter who uses Chun-li's own style with his own flare is tasked after wards to be Chun-Li's new partner in fighting crime, during the story mother and son will bond. (incest rp) Requirements Must be able to play Chun-Li and other cast members of Street Fighter as close to canonly as possible. ((this plot is intended to be incredibly smutty, if your not into that then I would not recommend it)) Another Plot Sexy Anime/Game Girl Fitness Club. The Anime Gaming world is full of naughty sexy girls who I'd really love to invite into my Gym and have them worked out nice and fitly, interesting fucks include Squat fucking, push up fucks, Jogging fucking, Vibrator bikes and more. man x harem of milf (4 girls) (OC plot)) Seeking any and all of this Canon re-training program any canons needing to be completely re-trained from naughty fighting women to loving obedient sluts, Overwatch, Rwby, Street Fighter, Tekken, Nintendo. -Ad Looking to put some heroines DC/Marvel through some abject peril upon the end of my 2 and a half foot long cock, Wonder Womans, Power Girls, Cat Womans, you name it show up at my door ready to be over powered and choking down my meaty dick - AD Looking for Canon Slaves Orihime, Hinata,Tsunade Rangiku, Mercy, Sailor Jupiter Ayane, Kasumi, Mai Shiranui Chun-Li, Cammy. - Ad list Animes I would love to do Naruto One Piece Bleach Rwby Games Soul Calibur Tekken Street Fighter Final Fantasy KOF Blazblu Cartoons DC/Marvel Totally Spies Jessica Rabbit (Winks) ((*= Interested)) Canon Characters x Oc Pairings Naruto Harem x Oc ****** Tsunade and Mizukage x Oc** Hinata x Oc* One Piece Harem x Oc** Nami x Oc* Robin and Nami x OC*** Bleach Harem x OC****** Rangiku and Halibel x OC**** Orihime x Oc* Rwby Team Rwby and Glynda x OC******* NEW- Senran Kagura Yumi Ryoba Asuka (More to come soon) Games Soul Calibur Harem x OC****** Ivy and Sophitia x OC*** Taki and Cassandra x OC and OC***** Pyrrah and Xingua x Oc* ((want a pairing bring it to me)) Tekken Harem x OC**** Nina and Anna x OC* Street Fighter Harem x OC -******** ((all Street Girls accepted)) Chun-Li and Cammy x OC Sakura and Ibuki x OC Rainbow Mika and Poison x OC***** Final Fantasy Harem x OC******* All main Heroines x OC Tifa and Yuna x OC Rikku and Yuffie x OC KOF Mai Shiranui x OC** Blazblue Harem x OC***** Makoto x OC Marvel x DC ((I will ask for these do not request them)) Power Girl Wonder Woman Raven Starfire Rouge Susen Storm Jubilee
  23. Hello fellow Dreamers, Before I get stuck into this, there's an apology in order. I'm sorry that the last update news was way back in March of last year. I assure you that this isn't intentional, and we've not really gone anywhere either. We're still as busy as ever. But I'm going to try harder to keep everyone in the loop about everything that is going on here. I've decided to present these as newsletters, that I want to start releasing more frequently perhaps, I don't know. It's a new format I'm trying out. This announcement will cover: A message from the Community Administrators to everyone about the current pandemic The recent EcchiDreams Folding@Home Event against COVID-19 The situation with Politics on EcchiDreams and it's Discord UK's Draconian Age Verification on Indefinite Hold Changes to Section 18 violation enforcement Removal of Politics from EcchiDreams Promotion of Dreamer Content under "Our Picks" Welcome Pack Staff Applications Feature Updates Mood System Overhaul Upcoming Features Profile Items Profile Enhancements Roll the Dice! A message from the Community Administrators We understand the community’s current concern regarding the COVID-19 situation, and even share those concerns. Whatever the outcome, come the end of the year, few of us are going to be the same again. It is going to test each and every single one of us in ways we never thought possible, if it has not done so already. Like yourselves, we are worried about our families, our friends, neighbours as well as all of you, the Dreamers of this awesome community. Some of the stories we've heard from Dreamers (some public, some privately via EcchiTexts/DMs on Discord, and so on) has been truly heartbreaking, and our thoughts are with you and your families during this difficult time. It is extremely important right now, in a time were we must remain apart, that we must come together in spirit. Now more than ever, we need to bring comfort and love to help and support each other. EcchiDreams is absolutely here to escape from what's going on in the real world, and to try and keep you preoccupied during the lockdown that has been instituted by various countries. We are staying absolutely free of charge to use, and are going out of our way to make sure that our virtual doors remain literally open. We, as a community need to be understanding to those who may be affected by the isolation and the lockdown, as it is likely to start driving people stir crazy. To that end: as of the 21st April 2020, Neptune and I have asked the staff to relax a little on the enforcement of punishments when it comes to violation of minor rules on the site. This does not mean a consequence free free-for-all, but for minor offences content will likely be removed, offenders served a polite notice and no further action taken. This doesn't apply to repeat violations of the same offence, Section 8 or various serious violations. We ask that you remain understanding if you get such a notice, and to not take advantage of this. We are not giving up, and neither should you. We hope none of you catch this virus, obviously. Your first priority is to stay healthy and follow your Government's advice, guidelines, apply some common sense if you get crazy advice, and of course laws. Just know that we're here for you, as a community. The recent EcchiDreams Folding@Home Event against COVID-19 As many of you might be aware, EcchiDreams recently hosted a Folding@Home event in which: @Peculiarity, @Manni, @Alexander Bodide, @Neptune, @Rucio, @Sunstone, @Kerzin Kalamond, @Elena Ichinomiya, @Avengalyne, @Mr.X, @nicjomo, @Lawless Lawyer, and I all pulled together with our computers to sacrifice our CPU and GPU cycles, to help the Folding@Home project in their fight against COVID-19. This also means that everyone sacrificed their comfort when their computers started getting warm, their sanity, because playing games on them was out of the question, all during a lockdown with nothing else to do for 14 straight days. Some of them couldn't even use their computers, full stop. For that I can only say thank you! As a Team we contributed 29,481,528 points worth of credit and 1337 work units to the project. Woo! Go Team EcchiDreams! Nearly 400,000 EcchiCredits were dished out as reward and, because of the success during this event, the 'Rave Blob' reaction and mood was introduced to EcchiDreams. I am extremely touched that there was such a response to this event, and I salute you all for taking part. Each and every single one of you. This brings me to my point that when we work together - we can achieve something. This is exactly why we should all stick together as a community, despite our differences. We all have things in common, and it takes guts to celebrate those similarities, and tolerate the differences. UK's Draconian Age Verification on Indefinite Hold In the last article, I spoke about the UK Government's ill-thought out desire to make it so that every porn/adult themed website on the internet. Most of the article is moot and invalid now, but there are still some highly critical pieces of what I think about the UK's direction when it comes to personal freedoms and liberties, especially online, which is why I have not taken down the article. You'll be pleased to know that as of October 2019 - the UK Government decided to scrap the idea, after repeated delays to implement it, and good. I think it should never see the light of day, ever again, certainly not in its current incarnation. I don't want to get too political so I'll leave it there as an update to the saga. Changes to Section 18 violation enforcement Some of you may have noticed that over the last few months we've been trailing out a new system to inform people of Section 18 Violating Content. This system replaced the previous which issued out first time warnings to people who posted this type of content on EcchiDreams. The feedback we got was that despite the fact that it was a 0 point "First Time Offence" that it was heavy handed. So we tried out a new system, a new method of dealing with it: When someone posts offending content up, we delete it, and send them a notice saying what was deleted, why it was deleted and how to avoid making the same mistake in future, with the flowchart. The first time is not a warnable offence, it's merely a "This is the situation, this isn't allowed, we've deleted, please follow these guidelines to help prevent this in future". The second time it happens, is when the first time warning starts becoming a thing. Although really we've seen a drastic drop in these kinds of offences after the polite notice, to near zero. As in we've hardly warned anyone for it since. It's not perfect. This seems - on the most part - to be better received. Although there is no unifying template that all the staff use for these messages, it's something that we're still working on. Each of the staff have their own templates based on circumstances which are modified to fit the situation. We're working on perfecting it, and we're going to set this new way of dealing with it - as official policy. Therefore it's no longer in the trial stages, it's going to become the way in which we deal with it. Removal of Politics from EcchiDreams In response to demand from quite a number of Dreamers, the Politics Channel has been removed from the Discord server, and the forum has been removed from EcchiDreams all together. This decision wasn't mine alone, but it has received an overwhelmingly positive response. Because it causes more problems than it's worth, and with how polarising it is, the amount of drama it has caused and so on... We're not going to stop you from discussing politics, but my advice is to do so in EcchiText's or something. Whilst political opinions are allowed to be discussed openly by nature of Section 15 (Freedom of Speech; so long as it doesn't violate the universal rights of another person) just be aware of what you're getting yourself into by sharing your political views, and that other people in the chat might not want to hear them... That is your choice to make, not ours to make it for you. On the forums we recommend using the Random Chat Chat, and use the tags to tag it as political, that way people can decide whether or not they want to view that content or not. Really, one could argue whether EcchiDreams is really the place to get an informed political debate. Probably not. Promotion of Dreamer Content under "Our Picks" You may have noticed that I have started promoting content written by other Dreamers to the "Our Picks" section on EcchiDreams, which is also shown on the homepage. It serves as a promotion of good quality content that is on our site, reviews, news articles and so on. Dreamers who write something that appears under "Our Picks" will get an EcchiCredit award, and later down the line an actual trophy for their profile. So if you write good content, it could be a good way to expose it to the rest of the site and be recognised for it at the same time. We could expand this over time to allow other Dreamers to vote for the content that they want to see promoted. What counts as content that is eligible to promotion in this system? Well this isn't concrete or set in stone. Perhaps we're going to want a clear set of standards as to what gets promoted, in the future such as "no txt spk lyk dis" or somewhat passable grammar or what have you. Anyway, I'm putting it you guys to see what you think on the subject matter, and I'd be fascinated to read your comments. Welcome Pack If you had noticed that under every welcome topic, I was practically replying with the same template after saying my personalised bit, then you weren't alone. We noticed this and it came off as a bit impersonal, and repetitive. The welcome guide passes on a lot more information that what I was doing before, and gives people a very good run down of the community as a whole. All in all we see this as quite successful, although we can make improvements to it over time. You can view the guide yourself here: And if you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback for it, we'd be interested in hearing them. Staff Applications EcchiDreams has not looked into bringing in new staff since 2018, but in just two short years we've grown pretty wildly, with over a hundred active people per day. It has been crazy how far this site has come in a very short time. We would like to bring two more people into the moderating mix, to help us serve the community better. Of course, this position is completely voluntary (not even the Community Administrators are being paid for their roles), any money generated by the adverts are put straight back into keeping the site up and supplementing for server and licencing costs; the rest comes out of the Community Administrators pocket. Other staff aren't asked to help with the upkeep at all, either. It's not something we could ever, in good faith, request. This application will close on July 1st 2020, those that are picked will be asked to read and accept the Staff Policy Agreement by the 6th July 2020. It is important that you read below in its entirety. You have to have: A content count of at least 100 A reputation count of at least 150 Have been registered for more than 60 days Be 21 years old or older Be in the Dreamer, Gold Dreamer and/or Platinum Dreamer user group. Don't be offended if the application gets rejected, as it goes up to a staff vote later down the line. If we've not had enough suitable applicants, chances are it could be extended past the deadline. Primarily we'd want someone to tick as many - or better yet all - of the requirements as possible, and secondarily we would want English speakers, who can type English fluently and be somewhat competent in their grammar. Feature Updates We've kept various applications and modules up-to-date a per our responsibility to keep in line with bug fixes as well as security flaw patching. I accept that there are some quirks of EcchiDreams that don't always work right, but usually we get these bugs fixed depending on severity. There is still a bug bounty program in effect, and we welcome all reports, it lets us know that there is a problem and you get EcchiCredits for it. It's win, win. Mood System Overhaul We previously had 18 mood icons to express your mood to the world. Sure you could write whatever custom text you wanted in it, but there was a bit of a lack of choice. We've had a few suggestions over the years asking us to add more to it, and back in December we brought it up at a staff meeting, and agreed that we could totally do that, and upgrade the icons whilst we were at it. During the process, I kind of teased it, and we were asked to leave "Waffle Time" in there. We did. You can thank @SMFoxy for that one. Now you can express yourself even better than ever before with the mood system overhaul. We went from 18 icons to over 110. You can still write in what you want, but you have more range to pick the icons that better reflect your mood. Since the Folding@Home event, we also put in the Raving Blob. It is the biggest overhaul of the system since it first appeared on EcchiDreams a few years ago, and we're quite proud of it. Upcoming Features We don't normally like talking about upcoming features because there is a chance that things might not be implemented due to technical reasons, or implementation sucks, and what have you. But I wanted to share some upcoming features this time that I hope to have implemented by the end of the year. Profile Items To help you spend your EcchiCredits, we're looking at greatly increasing the range of items you can buy in the EcchiStore. These are 'Profile Items' that you can buy for yourself, or gift to other Dreamers. The feature works, and it works very well, however... The only problem I have with it right now is that I don't have any idea what kind of items to include, what kind of icons to use, or anything of the sort. It's something I'm going to be working with the staff on over the next few weeks/months but any help from the community, any ideas, would be extremely welcome. We will most likely have to licence the images that we use, which is not a problem. The forum icons, and the icons used in the dashboard are such icons that we've purchased a licence to use. Profile Enhancements Everyone on EcchiDreams is looking for different things. For example, some of you are only here for ERP's, some of you are only here for deep, long term storytelling roleplays, some don't want to roleplay - you want to take part in the community as a whole, and some just want to lurk. Well, what I'm hoping to do is allow the Dreamer to set this preference as part of their profile, as well as a few other things that might be helpful, such as a "Am I taking on new roleplays right now?" kind of thing, perhaps. The idea is that you'd be able to search this using our search system, to find someone who is after the same thing you're after. Although there is a debate going on about if we should allow the searching by Gender/Sexuality as well. I personally don't think it should matter what gender or sexuality the actual roleplayer is, if a male is happy to roleplay a female, or a straight person is happy to roleplay Yaoi/Yuri, why does it matter? But as we've seen, there are quite a few roleplayers who actually seem to care a great deal about these kinds of things. This can be implemented quite quickly, but not in a format that I'm too happy with, and it's something I'm trying to work on and finalise. I'd rather have it looked polished and working, than for it to look like it's working and barely functional. Roll the Dice! We're thinking about introducing a feature that will allow roleplayers to make dice based roles for a more D&D like roleplaying experience. These dice would be "Thrown" upon posting in a topic. Right now the code is largely untested, and very much in alpha stages, pending tests, so we don't actually know if it works or not. Or if it even works for the clubs or not. It is likely that the first iteration of this will be extremely basic, and therefore something that we can build and improve on later down the line. Lets us know what you think about that one! Image Source: 士由(シユ) (Pixiv Account Deleted) This was just the kind of neutral picture that I wanted for the announcement. It screamed "It's Spring Time" and "It's going to be a warm one!" to me, which spring here in the UK started off with a spring time heatwave. So it felt appropriate. It's got a vibrant picture, and I think that right now people could use a little vibrancey to brighten up their lives. The artist is quite talented at doing landscape art and I want to promote their work for more people to seem unfortunately they appear to have deleted their Pixiv account. If anyone knows if the artist is operating under a different name or alt Pixiv account let me know, and I'll happily link it. It's a very well done picture and I for one would love to see more of their work.
  24. Would anyone be interested in an RP with these elements. Here was an idea I had for the RP, but I'm more then willing to accept suggestions if you have a better one. Story: The protagonist's home was burnt to the ground by a powerful warlord, but they were saved by forging a contract with a God of Murder and Death, who will give the protagonist power in exchange for female souls from powerful figures. The RP would essentially focus around killing powerful enemies to gain power from the deity until they were strong enough gain revenge for their home city. Preferences: - Small fights, usually consisting of either a single enemy or a group between two to five enemies. - Difficult fights, fights that will take some effort to win. - no gore If you have anything else you would like to ask me about, just PM me and we can discuss it.
  25. Tema

    2019: Winter Updates

    Hello fellow Dreamers, This update has come a little later than we initially planned. Originally it was scheduled for Christmas as the End of Year Update for 2018, but we had various things not go our way, and we had to push it back with the Winter Updates Release. Whilst it is a meteorological spring time here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is still astronomical winter until March 20th. There are quite a few things to cover in this update, so without further delay I will get right to it. This announcement will cover: Sunstone's Resignation An open letter to Sunstone Terms of Services Changes Section 1 Section 10 Section 14 Section 17 Section 18 Section 21 Section 22 Forum Software Update Dark EcchiTheme Emoji Changes Clear Indications of Bans and Account Deactivation Account Deactivation and Deletion Changes Homepage Changes FAQ Section Changes to Premium Membership Hovercards! Official Discord Server Updates EcchiLotto Draw Semi Technical: Bug Fixes Known Bugs that Still Exist Sunstone's Resignation It is with heavy heart I must announce that Sunstone has asked to step down from his role as a staff member here on EcchiDreams, after being with us for eight to nine months, which we have reluctantly but respectfully accepted. His resignation may or may not be permanent (as he is more than welcome to come back at any time), but for personal reasons he has decided to step down at least for now; after listening to his concerns, I can't say I blame him. However, I would like to include an open letter to Sunstone here in this announcement, to show that all of the staff stand by his decision, and are indeed saddened to see him leave. I want to make it clear that Sunstone was not fired, and there is no hostility regarding this departure. I am told that he will remain in the community as a Gold Premium Member, but not as staff for the time being. An Open Letter to Sunstone Terms of Service Changes Since November there have been a lot of changes to the Terms of Service that I'd like to cover. Technically under the Terms of Service, I don't have to do this, but I will in the interests of transparency and openness. We recently overhauled it and changed the formatting, so that you can see the sections and paragraphs in a Table of Contents and select which part you want to read, which it will scroll down to for you and take you to the relevant part. I will try to keep this part brief but I will also try to outline what changes we've made exactly. Section 1 Section 1 is the Acceptance of the Terms of Service. It is the most important of the Terms of Service, as it states what is outlined in the ToS and sets the tone of the rest of the document, as well as your obligation to accept it if you want to use EcchiDreams, and our obligations to you, contained within those terms. We changed a little of section 1 to keep in pace with updates and modifications made to the site since 2016. The biggest addition to the Terms of Service under Section 1 is paragraph 1, something that we've been advised to add in for legal reasons, which is a legal disclaimer. It basically covers our asses if something goes wrong, but it also warns the user that whilst our site contains links to websites run and operated by third parties: They are not endorsements or recommendations. We have no control over them, nor do we accept responsibility over them. You visit external links from this site at your own risk. We reserve the right to remove, edit or delete links at any time for any reason. We also make it clear that you can view our privacy policy, and provided a link to it. Section 10 Section 10 is our Harassment clause, and it's not one of the Terms of Service that I like to edit, because of how the word 'Harassment' is being used and abused nowadays. The bar of what some people consider 'Harassment' is so low, you can't even say "Hello" to someone. Well, not here. We always have, and always will - whilst it remains reasonable - follow the legal definition of harassment as defined under the law. That is one of the only sections in the Terms of Service to be clearly defined, and given a bar of acceptable evidence, and it is for good reason. We recently had to modify this, to change: To: Because apparently when a staff member contacts you because you have broken a rule, that constitutes as harassment... Yes, someone did literally accuse one of the staff members of harassment when they contacted them about a very, very minor rule that they were breaking. If a staff member is contacting you in the act of their duty, you cannot pretend like you can get away with it by screaming harassment. That is not how this works; it doesn't work on the Police in real life, and it sure as hell won't fly here. We also added two sections: Harassment against Reporters Multiple False Reports about specific Dreamers This is because a couple of dreamers last year saw it fit to mercilessly harass someone who they had thought had reported their content and "Got them into trouble.", when it was actually in fact a staff member that picked up on it independently. You cannot go around harassing people who have, or you think may have, reported your content. That will now get you in even more trouble than you were in to begin with. We will also not allow false reports (Persecution) against specific Dreamers. We have had a number of incidents where Person A has been slighted/offended in some way by Person B, and then Person A starts a campaign of reporting all of Person B's posts/content. On other sites, this is called "False Flagging", and it will not be viewed in a good light here; in fact we deem it as a possible form of harassment. As I said. I didn't want to strengthen this any more than it already was, but there we go. Disagreement is perfectly natural, we're not bound to get along with each other all the time. That is why you can ignore specific dreamers, and tell them not to contact you. If they keep contacting you when you've asked them to stop repeatedly - then it becomes harassment. But at the same time you can't goad them into it by provocation either. Just block and move on. Section 14 Section 14 is our Advertising and Spam rule, and says what kind of links to other sites (external to EcchiDreams) can and cannot be posted on this site. It has recently been updated, as this hadn't been since 2012. Therefore, it's been completely reworked and reworded, and includes a new section that specifically addresses "Disallowed Links". This was a hard one to rewrite for several technical reasons, but eventually all of the staff agreed to the new incarnation of it. That's all there is to it, really. Section 17 Section 17 is our Roleplay Section. @Neptune had repeatedly warned me about this being grossly out of date, and I kept putting it off because the Roleplay section was going through periods of rapid overhauling and changing. The original piece was put in during the Big Update of 2015, and ever since it's been left well alone. However, at the end of 2018, it became quite apparent that this section was meaningless, because none of it applied anymore. It has now been completely re-written to reflect reality, and it's well worth reading. Recently we've had to make an additional change to Section 2 as it contained erroneous information in that you can only have one Private Roleplay Bulletin topic, which is not the case. As long as you don't spam it relentlessly, you're fine. Section 18 Section 18 is one of our most broken rules, and perhaps the most hated by the community It is, of course, our Gallery and Media Uploaded or Posted to EcchiDreams section. We have completely refreshed it, and made it explicitly clear on what we will and not allow on this site when it comes to images, animated GIFs, videos, and other media content. It is not something we like to enforce, but it's something that we do have to. The most broken rule in this section is, of course, depictions of a cartoon/drawn/sketch/pseudo photograph of a minor (under 18) in nude or sexual situations. As I have discussed many time before: this counts as child pornography by law. Unfortunately this covers people who look over 18, but aren't (Such as Nekopara, for example). As a result we've had to make a flowchart, which I believe is helping people already, as we've had less violations on this since it became available. Here is that flowchart if you want a copy of it: To be clear: You can post cartoon images of minors, but they must not be sexual or nude in anyway. You can't post real pictures of minors under any circumstances, however. We highly recommend reading Section 18 to re-familiarise yourself with it. Section 21 Section 21 is our Account Termination clause, and due to a recent update in how our Account Termination and Deletion works, and the fact that it is mostly automatic now, we've had to change our Terms of Service to reflect this; this is a complete re-write. I will be going into more detail with this later in the announcement, but suffice it to say, this has been changed and updated to reflect the new options for all Dreamers. I have made it clear in the Terms of Service that during the deactivation procedure, if you delete your account, you must wait at least 14 days before opening a new account; if you deactivate your account, you are still not allowed to open a new account under Section 9 of the Terms of Service. Section 22 Section 22 is our Violations of the Terms of Service clause. It has been overhauled to include a new paragraph "Infraction Appeals", which gives you recourse if you genuinely think that a staff member made a mistake in issuing a warning or infraction; it is one of your rights, and our obligations. If you think that we've made a mistake, and you believe that there is an error with the ruling that you can point to the Terms of Service and contest with, you are allowed to state your case with an infraction appeal. However be warned: this does not apply to Section 8 violations, for which there needs to be extreme evidence before carrying out, because there is no chance of appeal. Also: ignorance of the Terms of Service is not a valid excuse, as its effect on your relationship with us is not contingent on whether or not you've read them. Forum Software Update I am pleased to announce that our major update from IPS 4.3.6 to IPS 4.4.1 was a major success, overall. This brought about a few small changes to the software that runs on this site and fixed a whole load of bugs (along with introducing new ones, naturally). To go through the entire change log would be insane; instead I'll just go over a few key highlights: Major Performance Improvements Improved Application Security across the board Tags will now start showing suggested tags as you type them when tagging posts. I think it selects from tags that have previously been used in the community. Fixed a whole slew of bugs and quirks. For a full list, see IPS's announcement for 4.4.0 and 4.4.1; just bear in mind that not all of these apply to EcchiDreams, such as the GIF in posts feature, or the post before registering feature. With this update came an update to all the third-party modifications that were used to customise EcchiDreams, all of which have their own bug fixes and feature additions. Dark EcchiTheme Last month, I put up a poll in the EcchiMeta club for people to vote on. Every now and then, I get a request for a dark theme for EcchiDreams and I've always turned it down because of costs (that would be incurred every six months), and development times (that would be incurred every time I make major updates), and there wasn't enough demand to warrant it. However after putting up the poll, 40-50% of our daily users voted on it almost immediately, and the resounding answer was: Yes! You do want a dark EcchiTheme. I am pleased to announce that this is complete and currently working. I am using the Dark Theme myself to try and spot bugs and/or flaws in it, and so far it appears to be working correctly; it is available for all registered Dreamers. To change the theme: just go to the bottom of the page and press "Theme", then select "Dark EcchiTheme" Guests and non-logged in users will not see this, and the Default EcchiTheme will be enabled by default, as indicated by the name. Emoji Changes Due to licensing reasons, we no longer use "Emoji One" Emoji's on EcchiDreams. Instead, we now use the free 'Twitter' style Emoji's. It is unknown if any of the old emoji's before the update will change, but from now on, the use of Emoji's on EcchiDreams will be Twitter's style, which is a small and very minor change. Clear Indication of Banning and Account Deactivation We have changed the way in which banned accounts and deactivated accounts are displayed due to some confusion in the community, and the fact that up until this point it has been majorly unclear. I will point out that accounts that are suspended (temporarily banned) still have nothing that indicates their suspension. For banned users; the name will become red, and a small red button will appear next to their username that reads 'Banned'. On their profile, there will be a small field that contains "Ban Reason" once their ban has been completely processed, which displays the reason that they were banned. You may have noticed this already. Deactivated users will also have the same thing. Their username; is normal coloured, but they will have a small orange button next to their username that reads 'Deactivated'. You might not be able to view their profile, send them EcchiTexts or anything of the sort, however. We were thinking on including a small button for those that are inactive for more than 6 months, but at this time we have not finalised anything. An example of a Banned Dreamer: An example of a Deactivated Dreamer: These buttons will also appear next to their names when viewed anywhere else on the forums, in the same way that all staff have purple names. Account Deactivation and Deletion Changes We have made it easier for you to delete or deactivate your account. As I briefly outlined in the Section 21 Terms of Service updates, previously the only way you could deactivate or delete your account was via contacting us on the contact us form, or by sending a staff member an EcchiText. We've now put in the ability for you to do it completely for yourself. If you want to deactivate your account (previously called Terminate) then you can, and you can re-activate it at anytime by logging in. Deleting your account is only possible when you have never posted anything, and you're still in the "Virgin Dreamers" group; after that it will not be possible to delete your account, only deactivate it. It is relatively simple, yet it will require you to pass a security check just to see if it is you requesting this. Homepage Changes I've made a number of small edits to the homepage, such as swapping the recent topics piece with the community wall to fix a long outstanding bug where text would appear weirdly under certain common screen resolutions and conditions. In addition, I've made it easier to vote for the EcchiDreams Dreamer of the Month by adding a button to the box. I've also tested the functionality of including a poll on the homepage, as and when we need it, for logged in Dreamers. FAQ Section We've added a new FAQ section to cover the most frequently asked questions we have. You can easily find it under the "Information" menu tab as "FAQ"... or just by going here: https://ecchidreams.com/faq/ If we start getting asked certain questions more, we will start updating this list to include the new questions we are asked. Currently they are split across 5 different categories: General Roleplaying Gallery EcchiApps EcchiCredits and EcchiShop Changes to Premium Membership We've changed the benefits of premium membership, as I've announced in my status towards the end of last year. Premium Membership does not cost any IRL money - so please put your wallets, purses and credit cards away. They cost EcchiCredits (a contribution based currency), and can be obtained through the EcchiStore. You get many benefits to being a premium member; the following is not a definitive list: Gold and Platinum: Customisable Profile Backgrounds. Gold and Platinum: Ability to insert Profile Videos. Gold and Platinum: Unlimited Gallery Usage (no Max Bandwidth per day). Gold and Platinum: EcchiText Limitations Normal: Able to store 500 conversations, only allowed to start 60 a day (10 per minute). Gold: Able to store 5,000 conversations, only allowed to start 120 a day (20 per minute). Platinum: No limits at all. Gold and Platinum: Max Number of EcchiText Recipients in one conversation. Normal: 6 Recipients Gold: 12 Recipients Platinum: 18 Recipients. Gold and Platinum: Search Cooldown Improvements. Normal: 20 Second Cooldown. Gold: 10 Second Cooldown. Platinum: 5 Second Cooldown. Gold and Platinum: Increased Clubs. Normal: Ability to run/own 6 clubs. Gold: Ability to run/own 8 clubs. Platinum: Ability to run/own 10 clubs. There are more features being added over time, so this list can - and will - change. Hovercards (Desktop Users) You may have noticed that recently the Hovercard system has changed completely. It was actually introduced shortly after the Spring Updates 2018, but was largely in Beta. For those that don't know, the Hovercard is the information that appears when you hover your mouse over a Dreamers username or profile picture on EcchiDreams. We were one of the first IPS websites on the internet to test this new feature out, thanks to a friend of mine (the Developer) wanting me to test it for them. I think it's fair to say that Neptune and I fell in love with it, and we've decided to keep it indefinitely. This is the old Hovercard: This is the new Hovercard: It displays the profile cover image, your avatar, and nearly all the information that the first one provides. It also displays a Hovercard Quote which you can set up by visiting your profile, looking for "Hovercard Quote" at the bottom of the sidebar, and clicking on the gear/cog icon. You can put whatever you want here (within the ToS and the 160 character limit). When you're on Leave of Absence, it will display a large orange button as well, letting people know easily and quickly that you're currently on LoA. I'm pleased to announce that this is out of Beta, and is staying, for as long as it is supported. Official Discord Server Updates Our official Discord server is going well, and we've gotten a fair few people who are registered to EcchiDreams on there. This was introduced in the 2018: Summer Updates and has now been improved, as we look at further expanding this project as it matures. It's not been without it's downsides; we have had more than our fair share of drama from members, myself included. But most of the time it's a pretty chill place, and it's a great way of getting your hands on updates that are happening before they're mentioned on EcchiDreams itself, as well as to talk to various other members and staff. I've not been on it as much as I would have liked, but then I've been rather busy lately; I think after this I will try to be more active there. If the site goes down, it's a good place to get updates - if there are any - from staff, as it allows us to communicate with you on a secondary line. However the Discord server is open to EcchiDreams members only. We have recently updated the EcchiDreams Site/Discord integration features, so if you linked your account with Discord before the 10th March 2019 (17:00hrs GMT), you will need to relink it, as we have come out of Beta with this application. We've also added a few new features: New topics on the forum are displayed in the #new-topic-notifications channel. You can update your EcchiDreams email address with your Discord Email address (disabled by default) You can update your EcchiDreams profile image with your Discord profile image (disabled by default) There is now a small banner on the homepage of the site displaying this Discord; although it is unclickable at the moment. So if you haven't already: come and join us! EcchiLotto Draw The draw for the EcchiLotto system that happened on the 1st January 2019 was somewhat of a success. There was only a handful of people who played, and so far 12,500 EcchiCredits have been claimed in prizes; however, there are still a number of unclaimed tickets that may have won the ~60,000 EcchiCredit Jackpot. Is your ticket unclaimed? The winning numbers were as follows: 7, 8, 19, 20, 46 and 51 If you didn't enter this years draw, you can enter next years draw, which will happen on January 1st 2020. At time of writing, the jackpot stands at 51,600 EcchiCredits, and each ticket only costs 100 EcchiCredits. Bug Fixes We have made excellent progress in this update at squashing all known bugs that existed before. I am ecstatic to report that all known bugs mentioned in the previous update announcement have been completely fixed! We had an event on shortly after updating EcchiDreams that doubled the bounty of all bug reports submitted to us pertaining to bugs on the site. The response was simply astounding! I want to thank everyone who did their part and reported all the bugs that they found. So a big and special shout out to: @Imouto Kanna, @XenoSera, @LazarusLuna, @Whoreo, @Neptune, @SMFoxy, @Aura, @Bethany, and @Felixx, who all contributed to this by reporting them. Thank you very much for the help there, ladies and gentlemen. So the list of EcchiDreams specific bug fixes are as follows: Certain types of PNG images would crash the gallery uploader, resulting in garbled data being outputted to the user or a blank/broken image being uploaded. EcchiStore and EcchiLotto would annoyingly redirect back to homepage for every action taken. Custom Activity Stream options would not save. Posts that were edited threw a "Template Error", asking for it to be corrected in the ACP. WYSIWYG Editor kept reverting to minimalist features. In very rare instances, hitting the home icon on Apple devices (Safari browser) resulted in being logged out. Known Bugs that Still Exist If you find any, please report them for a sweet bounty! There are a few open issues in the bug tracker, but these are more quirks that seem to happen extremely infrequently, and we don't have any solid information about them at the moment. There is one bug that will be affecting everyone, as far as I am aware, but we're certainly working on it. Editor restores previous content in box regardless of if it was posted or not. Low Severity: It is more of an annoyance than a bug. Why is this a bug: It shouldn't be doing this. It should only restore the previous thing you wrote in there if it never posted like if there was an error or something. Source: りびしぃ When I first saw this picture, it somehow felt right for this announcement. I can't explain it. I think it's an incredibly well done piece, it doesn't contain people (Although there are versions that do), but it was somewhat perfect for this. I think the artist is incredibly talented, so by all means check them out.
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