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  1. Payne1074

    Payne's Idea Thread

    This will be a general idea thread. If want more detail on any ideas posted here please feel free to message me. All of these prompts are not set in stone, if one sounds good to you but you wanted to add or change something then let me know. Thank you for reading! 1. Desperate Girl: You are in need of money, and a lot of it. There are only a few ways a girl your age can make that much in a short amount of time, sex. How will you sell yourself? Will you find the nearest man and beg him to fuck you? Will you advertise around school and take all comers, student and teacher a like? Maybe you find a shop that deals in more than just explicate items and find a brand new career. 2. The Casting Couch Casting porn videos are huge right now. Everyone has seen the fresh 18 year old come into a back office or hotel room looking to make some quick cash and possibly make it into the industry. These girls are all checked and verified to be 18, right? Maybe one gets through, maybe one hopeful teen wants to live out her fantasy and actually be IN the porn video instead of just watching it. 3. The Demon King The Demon King has been conquering kingdom after kingdom, none can stand up to his might and all fall before his mighty armies. Your kingdom is the newest to be taken under his control and here you stand before him, waiting to be judged. Who are you? Are you the princess of the fallen kingdom? Maybe just a peasant girl who the soldiers thought would be a fitting concubine for their master? Elf? Neeko? Something in-between? (This one is more geared for a long term rp, please do not pick this one unless you are in it for the long haul) 4. My Daughters Best Friend Its no secret that my marriage has gone south ever since my wife got her promotion at work. She works long hours, spends most weekends in the office or on the road, and even when she is at home all we do is fight. Recently my daughter has been inviting her best friend since childhood over more and more often. She has grown into a beautiful young woman and urges have started to come up every time I see her. Her parents will be gone for the week and will be staying with us in the meantime. There's no way she feels the same way about me, is there? 5. The Hitch Hiker Its raining and you desperately need a ride. Your choices are either walking the 10 miles to the next town in the pouring rain, getting a ride from the trucker who seems to not be able to keep his eyes off of your ass, or ask the stranger in the back if he can help, he seems normal enough. What could possibly go wrong? 6. The Coach and Player I am the coach of the school’s volleyball/swim team. I am hard on my players because I want the best out of them. You are one of the players on the team who wants more playing time or the starting position. What are you willing to do to get the spot? 7. The Voice Inside Your Head Is there anyone more confused about life and their identity than a teenaged girl? One girl finds it much harder to navigate highschool when a voice in her head is telling her to do increasingly lewder things. It starts off innocent enough, unbuttoning one more button than usual on your blouse or wearing your skirt a bit shorter than usual. But soon it spirals out of control as you suck your teachers cock to get A's. 8. Caught in Public I am an exhibition, and my favorite pastime is finding semi public spots to masturbate. Only today I wasn’t as careful as I should have been and was caught, by a highschooler. Now she blackmails me into, using the photos she took, forcing me to do things I would never do. What does she make me do? Am I her personal sex slave? Or maybe I get revenge on a few girls in her class. Let’s discuss 9. Creeper Caught I would spend hours at the local mall everyday, but never buy anything. Instead I was following around teenage girls, taking their pictures discreetly. When I found one girl who was a gold mine for JO material I had to follow her more closely, take some riskier pictures. But I pushed to Marx and was caught. Does she black mail me with my own photos? Or maybe she loves the idea and helps me get better pictures with her friends. This can go multiple ways. 10. The Nudist Resort My family is fairly normal, except for the fact that my wife left us and we spend our summers at a nudist resort. Everything was fine until you invited your friend to come with us. After watching her strip off her clothes and eye me up and down something has changed. I can’t stop watching her, or any of the younger female goes actually, and I think she knows this. Looking for someone to play the younger female nudist resort goes.
  2. Kohaku Saito was a normal, if geeky girl. For the most part, at least. She was secretly a masochist who longed to be taken by a futanari and made to become her breeding slave, after all. Then, one day, she found herself suddenly being transported to a fantasy world. And fortunately for her, this new world is filled with very hung and very horny futanaris. Perhaps dreams really do come true… Hello, everyone! How are you doing? I’m kinda on an isekai binge right now and I’m also feeling extraordinarily horny. So, I’d like to do an ERP that puts a lewd spin on the isekai genre. My character somehow ends up in another world where a good chunk of the population are futanaris. However, she loves futanaris and finds this very exciting. And so, while completing the task she was summoned to do, she is also looking for the futanari who could be her ideal Mistress. It can honestly be anyone; a monster, a noblewoman, a bandit, or even the main villain herself. But regardless of who it is, all Kohaku cares about is whether or not they’ll keep her around as a breeding slave. Also, whether their relationship starts off consensual or not is up to you. Let me know if you’re interested and I hope to see you soon!
  3. Hello, everyone! Pokephilia is a guilty pleasure of mine. On one hand, yeah, the idea of a human and a Pokemon having sex is wrong. But on the other hand, it’s also hot and Pokemon being fantasy creatures rather than just straight up animals makes it easier to stomach. So, I’m wanting to do some RPs where the series’ female protagonists journey across their respective regions, getting regularly fucked by Pokemon along the way, most likekly getting knocked up a lot too. Or if you want, we can do a shorter RP with one of the other female Pokemon characters, like a female Gym Leader, for example, getting bred by a Pokemon. It could be Misty getting fucked by a Vaporeon, Korrina fucking her Lucario, a Lass falling prey to a horny Hypno, etc. Just about anything is game for this one! Just let me know if any of this interests you, and I’ll hope to see you soon~!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm clarity! I'm an experienced submissive/switch role player with an obsession for playing lolis and little/petite girls. I love the power dynamic between an older/larger man and little girl, and I love playing it out in unique ways even more. I am a sucker for anything concerning cum and have a massive daddy kink. I can't wait to be your little princess. In terms of kinks, I have quite a lot. Many of them have to do with different relationship dynamics, but I also have some darker and even weirder ones. None are required, but if we have any in common, or you see one that particularly interest you, don't hesitate to bring it up! If I had to pick out my main kinks they would probably be playing as lolis, age play, age difference, size difference, non-con, incest, Excessive Cum, cum play, Petplay, Big Dicks, and cream pies. There are many more, though. I've listed them more thoroughly in my preferences sheet here. Please take a look! Plot and premise are also very important to me. Playing out the scenario or story are my favorite parts of ERP. I have many ideas for the plot, but I'm very open to suggestions if you have your own idea. Here are all the ideas I'd be willing to RP at the moment. Normal RPs Your New Queen Using some occult magic you found online, you're able to bring back a dead princess from a long past, ancient civilization. She knows nothing about modern life or living outside a palace, so you take her in and help her acclimate to her new life. The only issue is that the magic doesn't last forever on its own, and she is slowly dying again. Of course, you can help reverse the process by letting her drink your fluids. This is traditionally blood, but you find that cum works just as well~ Tiny and the Beast You're an adventurer with a dark secret. Every night you turn, a large werewolf (or other creature/animal) with high aggression and even higher sex drive. If you don't fuck, you might just kill someone. Usually, you find a secluded place to keep yourself during the night to keep from hurting anyone, but one night you don't make it and rape a little mage girl who was in the forest at the time. At the end, she isn't angry though and calls you a bad doggy. She agrees to let you get out all that pent-up pressure inside her at night from now on, as long as you protect her as she tries to become an adventurer herself. The Last Girl Alive All women have died out from an unknown disease, leaving only a dwindling population of men. One day, you find out that your coworker who you thought was a guy is actually a girl, immune to the disease. She begs you to keep her secret and even offers herself as your personal fuck toy to use whenever you want, since without women, straight men only have the option to masturbate. Alone with You You're a wealthy, rich entrepreneur in the big city and find a homeless girl teenage girl in an alley you walk past. You feel bad, so you decide to take her home with you. Turns out, she's an immigrant from another country whose parents were killed. In order to protect her, you tell everyone that she is your maid. She does all your chores for you and lets you fuck her without complaint, but seems completely emotionless. You make it your goal to slowly attempt to teach her English and get her to smile. Civilized Your doctor friend shows you a girl he saved from a fatal illness in a foreign, Third World country and convinces you to adopt her. Turns out she's very wild and unruly. You can only calm her down by forcing your dick into her. However, you're eventually able to get her around to you and even like her new life. Succubus Blackmail You're an office worker that lives in a small apartment alone. One day you find a little girl in front of the door of your apartment, ready to pull on her child safety alarm at any moment. She says that she is a succubus, and she needs dick and cum to survive. If you don't do what she says, she'll activate the child safety alarm and tell the cops that you raped her. She wants to use you as her source of energy for as long as she can~ Semen Nutrition (Oral Focus) In this world, young girls have very different digestive systems. Their teeth aren't strong enough to chew food, and they can't digest solids until after puberty at about age 14. Until then, girls feed or get nutrients from their daddies cum. Girls are homeschooled, and most fathers stay home to feed them. It's also seen as very healthy for them to fuck their daughters too~ Replacement In order to cope with the death of your daughter, you buy an android specifically made to look just like her. It's like a cute pet, but you can't contain yourself and try out some of her more "sexual" assets~ Regressing Your wife has developed a special sort of cancer, causing her to de-age rapidly. Not only is her body regressing, but her mind too. She is becoming much less mature, more easily agitated and generally childish. However, you still love each other, and she still wants to do her duties as a wife even if it's getting harder, especially in bed. Monster Under the Bed (Warning: Non-con) You're the monster under the bed that every little girl in afraid of. You can change forms, grow limbs and shift in size. Every night, you find a different girl to use and completely traumatize for the rest of her life. Alien Freeloader You find an alien slug feeding on your trash in the middle of the night. It's not aggressive, so you feed and take care it. In order to blend in, the creature morphs into a little girl and pretends to be your little sister. However, you realize that there are other things you can take advantage of in that form~ Goblin's Heart of Ice While hunting during a cold winter, you get attacked by a feral Ice Goblin. You're able to incapacitate her, but decide to take her in instead of killing her. With your expertise of monsters, you know that Ice Goblins are only feral in extreme cold, freezing their hearts, but warming them up converts them into a more docile state. Of course, the best way to get her warm is a good dicking, and you'll need to do it consistently to keep her that way~ Madman(Non-con) Every day, you go to the park, school, or street, find a little girl and molest her to get a quick fix before leaving without a trace. Now you've gotten a lot more bold, though. You started forcing your dick in the girls mouths or even fucking them, making sure to cum inside them before you leave. It leaves the girls traumatized for life, and their parents horrified to come find their little girl with cum all over their mouths and faces. Impaired You're hired as a tutor and babysitter for a little girl with mental problems. She's completely non-verbal, easily distracted, doesn't remember things well, acts like a toddler half her age. You quickly realize she's hopeless, but find her endearing and also find that she's easy to take advantage of. Dark RPs Limbless(Warning: Amputation, Non-con) On the black market, you order an amputated little girl to use as your onahole. With no arms or legs, she can't escape and is completely dependent on you to survive. You use this to abuse her all you want. Little Red Riding Hood (Warning: Gore, Watersports[Optional], Snuff) Play little red riding hood story. Instead of being pestered by a wolf on her way to her grandmothers, she is kidnapped, raped and violently abused by a large werewolf. He rips off limb, slashes her body and uses her as a human toilet constantly until he finally kills and eat her. The One They Fear(Warning: Non-con, Violence Gore, Snuff) You're a serial rapist that goes after little girls exclusively. Every week, you find a new girl to kidnap and do whatever you like with before killing her and moving on to the next one. You constantly find more elaborate ways to bondage them, amputate, stab, choke, cut and kill. Weird/Niche RPs Friend From Outerspace (Warning: Oviposition/Egglaying, Cervical Penetration, Rapid Pregnancy) You are an alien parasite that has just fallen off of a meteorite. A little girl finds you a takes you home, hiding you in her bedroom. She quickly comes to the realization that you'd like to lay eggs inside her. Carrion (Oviposition/Egglaying, Cervical Penetration, Rapid Pregnancy) You're an alien that has snuck onto a ship full of young female research scientists and female guards. You find each of them to impregnate and fill with eggs. Symbiotic Relationship(Oviposition/Egglaying, Cervical Penetration, Rapid Pregnancy) You're a creature of unknown origin that has slipped into a little girl bedroom. She finds you cute, and you need a place to live, so she allows you to live inside her warm womb. Unbeknownst to her, you'd also start releasing your babies inside there too. DM me if any of these interest you!
  5. Like the title says, I wanna play a horny, shapeshifting slime. I figure we can play around with the specifics, but it could possibly be something like your character is an adventurer exploring a dungeon when she comes across a helpless little slime, taking pity on the creature she decides to take it as a pet, only to learn once she gets home that it is more predator then prey. Just a basic idea but I think it could be fun.
  6. Looking for a dominant male to rp with. My kinks are listed on my profile and I have very few limits.
  7. Hello! You can call me Sweets, Peach, etc. Whatever you want within reason. I'm only just jumping back in to role-playing so be patient with me, but I'm ready to start looking at finding a partner or two! Let's get to business! What do I perfer to play? I perfer to play female characters. That being said I do also perfer a male character opposite. I perfer MF, MMF. I'm happy to play a male character myself but it has to be the right plot, and usually in addition to a female character. Also F xF isn't really my jam, not a no, but definately a harder sell. I'm happy to discuss! What about writing? I'm not picky but I do usually use my phone most often. So keep that in mind. A couple paragraphs, a few mistakes. I'm admittedly out of practice. I do tend towards third person and try to hand back what I'm given and more when I can. Thinking about 2-5 paragraphs. Maybe more, maybe less. But overall I'm not all that concerned as long and you're interested and trying. How much do I post? It depends. Usually a minimum of once per week, but the more effort or thought I try to put forth the longer it takes. Sometimes you'll get multiple posts in a day especially if I'm quite vested. Likes, dislikes? Love a bit of a plot, and characters tend a little more submissive when we get to the smuttier side of the role-playing. Though not always true. It totally depends on what we're playing on what I expect my ratio for smut to plot ratio but a little of both is always good! Plot suggestions! Send me your ideas! Private message please. I want to know you're interested so I love to hear them. I have a few ideas below but please don't feel confined by them. To be honest these aren't really plots but maybe jumping points to get us talking, perhaps in the future I can think up something more descriptive for them. Likely anything suggested can be fantasy or not. Let's chat. Alot of these are pretty soft at first glance but with... harder characters it can go darker. Arranged Marriage A Prince and a Princees engaged to be wed. A story that's been told a few times over, all a clash of love and loyalty. Opposites Attract: True love? Hardly. Both with little in common beyond loyalty to their countries, the love is hard to find. Culture and personality differences make love seem like a distance dream. Will they be able to put aside difference to united their country against a enemy amassing far away? Unrequited: It was true love from the start. If only one sided. A knight asking for her favor not uncommon or unsightly at a tournament. Unspoken love now made impossible by a political union. (Easy to swap chambermaid, someone of service to another, etc.) Kidnapping: The union of these two families would cause upheaval in the country. Simple solution? Murder. But more lucrative? Kidnapping. Runaway: Never kean to be told what to do a runaway into the night, when told they'd be forced to marry. With little skills outside the walls of the castle a friendly stranger at a tavern could help. Enemies to Lovers Really is a fine line between hate and love isn't there? They used to be best friends. Wronged in the past they reconnect at a high-school reunion. An earthy optimist out to save the world and a corporate pessimist duke it out. What can they learn of eachother when forced to work together to find a path forward. A thief and the law. Who will do the stealing in this relationship? Hunted and hunter. When you've grown up understandong that a race/people are nothing but animals for hunt. What happens when one shows you otherwise? Difference of Class: The wealthy have very little concern for those who have little. Why would they when you've worked for your money and they haven't? Other fleeting thoughts perhaps I can develop into more full ideas in the future: Regency romance. Pride and Prejudice, Bridgerton esque. Cursed not sure where this thought is yet Some sort of magic and Sci fi love story? Perhaps scientist and magic user? I just am drawn to the collision of the two.
  8. Flip_Flop_and_Sloppy

    Shota X Dark-Skinned Femdom

    Ok, I've got two ideas. Essentially, I'm looking for someone to play a dominant female (or multiple) who can deliver detailed replies (minimum of 3 paragraphs per reply, minimum of 3 sentences per paragraph). Age range for the girl would be anywhere between 18 and 26, while the male I'd play would be anywhere from 14 to 19, preferably on the lower end for this case. If you're interested, comment here or shoot me an ecchitext Idea 1.) The gist is, I play a cute, shy little boy who has just started to hit puberty, and unfortunately for him, that also means he's started to feel funny whenever he looks at his teacher. His teacher eventually notices this, and decides to take advantage of the young boy. She locks him in her office with her, rapes him till he nearly passes out, and then takes pictures to blackmail him into being her boy-toy with. Of course, she'd never really release the pics, since she'd be the one getting in trouble, but he doesn't know that, so he's forced to play along. Idea 2.) MC somehow finds himself alone in a strange, jungle-covered place, totally in over his head and having no idea what to do. He gets attacked by some wildlife, and almost gets killed, but it saved by a tribe of half-human half-animal people, all of whom appear to be women. They take him back to their village, where its revealed to him that all the men in their village died recently, and as such, they have no one to mate with and keep their society going. This being the case, they take him to be their breeding stud, regardless of if he wants it or not, and they end up fucking him within an inch of his life~ Kinks I'd like to include would be as follows; Femdom Outercourse (Paizuri, thigh fucks, etc) Overstimulation Cosplay Pet-Play Teasing Maybe some race-play For reference to what I'd like her to look like, see the images below
  9. Hi! Looking for someone to do a bro/sis rp with! I dont have a specific scenario in mind, but here's some of the things I'm looking to include in the scenario: Bro/Sis (Obviously, although I'm open to something like cousins or mom/son as well.) Femdom (Required, looking for someone willing to play a submissive male and also open to bottoming) Modern Setting. (Required, never been a huge fan of fantasy, scifi or historical settings. Always just preferred simple modern slice of life settings SET IN OUR OWN WORLD. That means no scenarios like "World where men are forced to be submissive and turned into women" or something weird like that.) Ageplay. (Basically looking for something in the range of 15-19, with YC being on the younger side and MC being older.) Feminization. (Self explanatory I think? Can be anywhere from MC making YC present in a feminine manner and wearing girly clothing or go as far as making YC essentially fully transition to being a girl.) Long term. (Definitely prefer something long term. Also required is some amount of backstory and at least a page or two of build up before getting into the hot and steamy stuff.) Futa. (Not required but I usually prefer playing as a futa character.) If you're interested, just take a look at my preference sheet and shoot me an ecchi text and we can try and work out a scenario to play!
  10. Kai Ichimasu

    Alien Sex Cult

    So I've been playing a lot of Destroy All Humans 2 lately and have a craving to play a Crypto like Alien creature. A typical Grey, you know big head, black eyes, that sort of thing, maybe some modifications, not sure yet. But he comes to Earth seeking to educate the Earthlings in the ways of Free Love, one orgasm at a time! Of course he's really only interested in the females, but they can spread the message to the males for him, provided they haven't decided to forgo human males entirely after having their minds blow by the otherworldly visitor. It's a rough idea certainly but I'd love to explore it more. Only looking for female partners.
  11. Hello and Fair Greetings! I’m so thrilled setting off on this new adventure here, and am ready to wade into such delicious depths of depravity with you all! I’ve got an insatiable appetite for the salacious, and am here in search for submissive females who yearn for a scarlet taste of something steamy and sweet. (To be absolutely clear, I only feel comfortable writing with females. If you’re a guy, need not to apply) Although I’m a Literate/advanced writer, I happily am able to adjust to match anyone. My preferred method is either my discord or PMs. -Plot Cravings *****Here I will list two creatures who are flavorfully the same as ‘incarnates of temptation’ which I crave to play out. The Incubus and the Werewolf/Wolfwere. There are too many plot possibilities to list, but the general theme of them would involve my character as either an Incubus or a Werewolf/Wolfwere would approach yours, bearing the fruits of temptation. Depending on the setting and the story, they may come under a guise, or be forward with what they are from the very beginning. But always they will be suave and domineering. The other theme of plot possibilities comes from not so much as exalting temptation, but of a more ‘Master/Slave’ dynamic. This plot is most commonly used as a vehicle to satisfy any craving and desire on your wishlist and mine, as the ways such dreams can come true are absolutely endless. *****Speaking of temptations and of forbidden fruits, this comes into my next plot craving. Incest romance. One of my only few exceptions to playing a possible slice of life. The two pairings out of this type of theme are a Brother x Sister, or a Father x Daughter. I am also alright with the less incest ‘step-relations’ alternative. I’m open however to any other pairings involving incest. My only caveat is for our characters to have had a previous history together (even if small), and for us to work out the bare minimum of that past together for there to be context. If anyhow a incestuous romance could be tied up in any other plot idea or pairing I have listed, then by all means I’ll go for it. *****Riding upon those same erotic waves, I crave also either a Harem or a love triangle. Choosing to undertake this craving of mine, you would need to have double as at least two of the ladies after my character’s heart. Other than that, the craving is fairly straight forward, but not diminished in desire. ****Another is being a Dragon. Most of my ideas for plot are a collection of inspirations, but are none the less something I’d want to try out. Ranging from a character of yours being a dragonslayer, to being a dragonrider, a princess, to even another dragon. There are other things which are more plot based; like the world currently being dominated by tyrannical dragons and a rebellion is on the rise aided by myself, or working through the plot from both sides of the opposing forces as different characters. Another is quite the opposite (sorta) with dragons being driven to extinction, which wouldn’t be necessarily a bad thing or really a good thing for the world at large, but it would be for my own character. Those are really just a few starting ideas that I am not at all limited to (as the same can be said really for all of this). ****I would really want to play as a pack of werewolves. Sorta like Dragons, I can’t get enough of them. Us being in the same pack would be preferred with the conflict of inner tribe strife's and outer forces; but really anything can be fine. This includes Alpha and Omega dynamics, as well as plots to involve a feud between the Werewolves and silver-wielding Hunters. Or just a regular human getting unknowingly involved with a werewolf, whether or not the human was at first a unwitting victim to the prowling predator, or a friend or a lover with a feral secret. There is too the possibility of a clash between the classic trope of Vampires and Werewolves colliding in blood frenzied passion. Too, as an alternative I would prefer roleplaying as a wolfwere who are wolves which change into man rather than the vice versa for werewolves. ****Playing within a either Drow/Dark Elf, or a Elven community. If there was two environments I wouldn’t mind playing a fantasy ‘slice of life’, it would be these. All the darker toned political intrigue, backbiting and depraved acts of villainy under one vast cavern roof: and or lush elegance, hearts verdant with passion and love of arts and beauty, and a fierce resolve to see their own people and homeland preserved. Roleplaying as any part of their societies, from the lowest slave, to rangers that daily track across the boundaries for intruders, to being a part of raiding parties pillaging other folk, to the highest of their nobility and anything in between the lines that can be imagined. Within these one it would be really awesome to play sorta a magical academy spin to it, but that's just another bit of frosting overflowing from this pie. Pairings ***Prince x Princess ****Prince x Maid ***Knight x Princess **Knight x Squire *****Viking x Slave ****Demon x Demon ***Demon x Fallen/Angel ***Fallen/Angel x Human ***Superhero x Villain ****Unicorn x Maiden ****Fae x Human ****Human x Neko *****Furry x Furry *****Master x Slave/Pet ****Teacher/Tutor x Student **Long-time Friends ***Good Girl x Bad Boy *Popular x Unpopular *****Dragon x Dragon *****Wolfwere x Wolfwere ***Adultery **Exes —(Redundant notes on preferences just in case preference link is broken)— Speaking more on preferences, I will always prefer playing my characters as male, and in some variation of a dominant, with a preference of my partner’s characters being female and submissive. I usually don’t roleplay with switches anymore, because it’s becoming a bit of a peeve of mine having my characters cuckold or simped by a switch. But, I can be convinced if guaranteed that this wouldn’t be the case in our story. And as with my dominants to note, I so do adore pet-play and using tons of aftercare, and reaffirmations. I have an F-list I’ll happily share if you’re interested, but some of my tops favorite things, and my absolutely nots in the TL;DR version is FAVS & LIKES Foreplay and Oral (giving and receiving) Pet-play and Aftercare Ageplay Choking and Hardcore Pleasure Control Bondage and Toys Antros, Furries, Monsters, and non humanoid species Knotting Incest (Favories are Father / Daughter or Brother / Sister) Sexual Exhaustion Non and Dub Cons (Including Blackmail/coercion) F x F x M Harem A HARD NO Scat and Watersports Necrophilia Bad Ends Non Sexual Torture Guro Vanilla Sex Yaoi Cuckold
  12. Is there anyone more confused about life and their identity than a teenaged girl? One girl finds it much harder to navigate highschool when a voice in her head is telling her to do increasingly lewder things. It starts off innocent enough, unbuttoning one more button than usual on your blouse or wearing your skirt a bit shorter than usual. But soon it spirals out of control as you suck your teachers cock to get A's. If you are interested in this plot message me and we can get a story going! Nothing is set in stone and I am open to changing anything, just ask and we can talk about it.
  13. Kai Ichimasu

    Let's Play a Game!

    I'll lay down the bare bones of the ideas, everything is free to use and up for discussion, PM me if you're interested! Oh, and I am only looking for Female Partners! Idea One: Sexy Saw! 2 People wake up trapped in a room, a voice comes over a PA system/TV in the corner, telling them that they will die in that room unless they complete a series of challenges. But instead of the horrifically torturous/disfiguring games from Saw, these are much more sexually charged and lewd. As the games unfold more info is revealed about the unwilling players, and what they've done to earn themselves such unusual fates. Idea Two: Bored Games! 2 friends find themselves with nothing to do and decide to dig through a stack of old board games, eventually coming across an old one neither of them recognize. They decide to give it a try, only to find themselves stuck in a Jumanji type situation where strange things start happening the more they play the game. Their bodies changing, their minds altering, all with a lewd twist naturally, and the only way to get back to normal is to finish them game.
  14. There are no puppies. I lied. These are long. Like.... seriously... I kind of got in the zone and went off a bit. If any of these interest you, they don't have to be EXACTLY as written, ya know? If you like the concept but want to change details, I'm for it. Also wrote a lot of these for a site that was like NO UNDERAGE CHARACTERS!!!1. I prefer teen sisters... most the time. Siblings can be annoying. Very annoying. You've dealt with them your entire life. Traditionally, this is why it's so hard to imagine having a sexual relationship with your sibling. Ew. Gross. Them!? You just see them as this annoying person you've had to put up with. Even if you get along, you either feel you have to protect them, or you look up to them. The thought of crossing that line just feels wrong, like you're betraying some unwritten law. What if the unwritten law is the opposite. Siblings were meant to be life partners. Or at least... always the back-up. We've all had bad relationships. Bad break-ups. You can't break up from blood. What if they were meant to always be there, no matter what. Even amidst relationships, no one really knows you like your sibling and it'd be accepted that if your partner has a brother/sister, you'd be expected to share. Perhaps they're meant for... training... mating. Or simply an outlet for your sexual desires. To be taken, and molded how you see fit. However you imagine it, there's nothing as immaculate as breaking the forbidden barrier with your own blood and indulging those dark and dirty thoughts we've all had but are too afraid to act upon. A few prompts for your consideration. I am open to suggestions or modifying the prompts in ways that may appeal to you as well as I. The Price of Notoriety: You and your brother share a place to save money on bills. Split the rent, divvy up the utilities. You got rules about having people over... basically... it's a quiet, safe space. Take any funny business elsewhere. And starting out, you both had your own jobs. Nothing special or fancy, but it paid the bills. It began as a hobby. Just something to kill time, and admit you enjoyed the attention. From random vlogs with very light modelling thrown in... IE just showing off some things you bought. You notice more people seem to be watching your vids than your bro, friends and co-workers. Your videos are growing so much, you're able to monetize... and even make decent money. Enough to pay rent, at least. You ask your brother for suggestions on how to grow bigger. Jokingly, he tells you to whore yourself out or something. You say "Why not?" At least model more clothes, and maybe do a swimsuit/bikini special. It overwhelms you... and end up asking your brother for help. Mostly as a photographer and editor. It feels a little strange at first... his eyes always on you while you're posing in fairly revealing bikini's... but he jokes to make you more comfortable. Soon... it seems like he's directing. The poses and bikini's become more sexual. Making alluring faces at him as he puts the camera in rather unenviable positions. It's embarrassing but also a little... arousing. You're not posing for your brother... you're posing for your followers... he just happens to be taking the pictures and telling you how to pose... bossing you around... It came out of the blue during a shoot one day... same as always... sexy posing... low angle shots... he kept getting closer and closer. And you let him. Kept telling you to do things. And you did them. He's not even holding a camera anymore, just coming for you. Your lips briefly protested, yet your body eagerly welcomed him inside of you. No words spoken. Just heavy breathing and moaning... the sounds of passion as he took you. It was something you both needed. Just to get out of your system. Then never speak of again. But it continued to happen. And not just between the two of you... bringing the camera with him... snapping shots as he takes you. You tell him not to post those. He says no one will know. He'll crop out/blur his face if it's in any shot. Views and cashflow skyrocket. Before you know it... you're cosplaying different characters for your brother to fuck. The videos go up. They make loads of revenue for the both of you. No one knows it's your brother in the vids. All is good. Until.... someone slips... During a livestream, you're chatting and modeling. He's teasing you off camera. You reveal it's the guy you've been with in the vids...but don't say who. But he keeps teasing and it comes out, "My brother can be such a dick!" ....interest and views peak. Donations flowing in. The people want to see it. No hiding. You and your brother having sex live on stream. It's a huge success.... and continues to be for a long time... setting you both up for the foreseeable future. But at what cost? How do you deal with this now? Live with it? Do you form a relationship? Or just have sex? And how will everyone you know react? Your parents...? Your brother jokes, "Heh... maybe Dad will want to join in, too!" The Debt: It's no secret that your brother is a drug dealer. The most well-known one on campus... maybe even in town. Now in college, you wished to spread your own wings and create your own identity. Yet somehow... everyone knows. Is it... the name? Word of mouth? You've never had any issue with your brother or what he does. You never asked or got involved and he never tried to push anything onto you and you two got along fine. Now it's becoming incredibly annoying. Anytime you go out or to a party... people keep coming up and asking if you have anything or what your brother has... how to get ahold of him... You keep having to explain you don't know... don't get involved in that... over and over and over. Nearly wished you never knew him... until one night... The kegs and booze that were ordered fell through. The party was dry. It was too late to make a run and everybody was ready to go. As they all wondered what to do now... with great regret, you sigh... "Let me make a call..." Your brother was shocked to hear you calling for that, but he was happy to help. He told you to come over where he supplied you with a felony level amount... gave you a quick lesson on how to deal and not get caught... a list of people and numbers you needed to deliver to... the prices for the various amounts... all the slang names for it all... even had a good amount of 'samples' to hand out to help gain new customers... he said he'd split all the profit with you and even gave you a baggie to keep you going all night if you wanted it. You'd never done anything like that before... drink sometimes... smoke weed on occasion. He said if you don't want it, then sell it. You didn't think you'd want some, but as you went back to the party... the people... constantly in your face... yelling for you... asking for stuff... keeping track... who knew it was so stressful to deal drugs!? Finally, getting a place alone to catch your breath in the bathroom, you open the baggy and figure a little won't hurt. Get through tonight, and call it. Be done. With all of it.... It was all a blur.... next clear memory... waking up... not... hungover... or sick... just... confused? Where? What? So many messages on your phone... missed calls... mostly from your brother... shit, morning already? Not quite... Not just one day, the whole weekend. You did your stash... all the samples and most the ones that were already paid for... he's gonna be mad... but he's your brother... he'll be cool about it, right? And the way you feel... hopefully give you... a little more....? He's not mad... just disappointed. Great. He's not as upset about the dope or the money so much as the damage you've done to his reputation. Made him look like a two bit dirt slinger... lost customers... and the worst was when you asked him for another fix. And he said Yes. On one condition. Until he's paid back in full (with interest, of course) you will do whatever he tells you to do. And he'll even keep you high in the process. Good deal, huh? At least he let you get high before he raped you... mostly a blur... with some moments of clarity... watering eyes and gagging as something pumped in your throat... a surging wave of pleasure coursing through your body as a warm gush filled your loins... an uncomfortable burning... pressure and stretching behind you... horrible things cursed and said to you as your filthy rear hole gets pounded. This is your life now. Moments of horrible clarity between blurred days of euphoria. Will your brother just make you his personal fuck toy? Maybe pimp you out to the people who didn't get their orders? Maybe take a cue from another prompt, and whore you online? Anything his drugged up, sick mind can think of... From Loathe to Lust: For as long as you remember, you and your brother have always hated each other. And I don't mean your typical sibling rivalry. Just the thought of him either gets your blood boiling or makes you sick to your stomach. So you would think by the time you both grew up and moved out... you'd never want to see each other again... yet the two of you see each other on a near daily basis... Not because you want to, of course... but through a horrible fate or insane coincidence.... perhaps insidious plotting? You ended up dating his best friend... and he ended up dating your best friend. Guess who his room mate is? Your boyfriend. And guess who your room mate is? His girlfriend. You can't make this shit up... (Well... I guess... actually...) Double-dates are avoided as often as possible, but him ending up at your place or yours at his... is a regular occurrence.. the heated stares and talking behind the back intensifies. One uneventful night, you were sprawled out in your bed... or maybe your boyfriend's? Don't recall... one of *those* nights... but you suddenly hear him crawl into bed and for some reason he's quite eager... you're shockingly... yet gladly... woken up by hard, warm girth filling your womanhood completely. A started yelp turns into a satisfied moan as your hands grip the sheets tightly. From primal instinct, your body opens, raises and presents itself... welcoming him inside of you as his sudden exceptional manhood deeply massages your aching loins in the most perfect way... he's scratching every itch you have and all you can do is bury your face in your pillow as he juices your peach with every thrust. What has suddenly gotten into him? He's good, but he's never been *this* good... it's like he can read your body, changing his pace and intensity as you crave it... pinning you down, pulling your hair and gripping the back of your neck so tightly... he's never so rough and dominating... when you peak, you orgasm so intensely that you feel may have suddenly gotten Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and a mental illness all at the same time in addition actually hoping that got you pregnant, feeling the explosive burst or warmth deep inside you... not because you want a child, but after that... he fucking deserves it... "Holy shit..." You're finally able to utter after catching your breath and ceasing to convulse, "It's not my pussy anymore... it's all yours now, baby..." Charming words of praise. "Good to know, sis..." The voice returns. Your heart sinks. Blood runs cold. Throat tightens. Do you vomit? Scream? Kill kill kill!? "What the f--- how... why!? YOU...!!" Words are hard. Turns out, your brother also had a long night... meant to go back to your room mate's room... he went into the wrong room. Saw your ass sticking out of the blankets... thought he'd be giving his girlfriend a pleasant wake up. Noticing she felt better than usual... more inviting and comforting... that he fit perfectly inside her suddenly... proceeded to fuck her brains out. Only her being you... his sister... not realizing until you dedicated your pussy to him in your post-nut haze. Angry exchange is had. Denials and accusations. Room mate/gf wakes up and peeks in... luckily you two were no longer in an awkward position... you both seem to quickly settle on the story he just walked into the wrong room and they started arguing cuz it's what they do. She buys it, and that's it... for that night... The next time you're alone with your brother... it's time to have it out. How the hell could he have done that and not know!? Again however, rational discussions are impossible with him. More accusations and more denials. Seeing red, you threaten to bring him up on rape charges. As always... things escalate and escalate, only this time... "Rape...?" He returns, "That wasn't rape... this, however...!!" His hand is on your throat, forcing you back and down. Cool air on your lowers signaling that you're suddenly exposed. Holding onto his forearm, he tosses one of your legs up over his shoulder and begins to dig into you so thoroughly he may scoop your ovaries out with his meaty cock head.... again leaving you like Michael J Fox with down syndrome. This is it now... every chance you two get... whenever you're alone... all that anger pent up over the years bursts into the most intense angry hate fucking either of you could ever imagine. How will it end? Will your partners/room mates bust you? Will it blossom into an intense passion, or progress to more and more sadistic/depraved rape? A Cult of Multiple Personality: I take care of my sister. Nothing weird, she's an adult but she has a certain condition. She's completely functional, you just never know when she's about to become someone else for awhile... such is the case of multiple personality syndrome. But the worst part is... nothing to do with her... but... I may be in a relationship... with a couple of her personalities... Does that make me a terrib-- Yeah, ok... YEAH! IT DOES! I'm a piece of shit, okay!? But it's not like it's something I planned... it just kind of happened... And let me preface this by saying I never had a thing for my sister before. She is and always has just been my little sis. Nothing more, nothing less. Not in the onii-chan, I'm stuck sort of way, either. Never saw her that way. I'm her big brother, and I've always taken care of her. End of story. But it's not... It started one day when her personalities began to reveal themselves. Didn't know she had a disorder until then... We were having our usual Tuesday taco hang out and binge TV shows night and she ended up falling asleep as she typically does. When she woke up about an hour later... she seemed really dazed and confused... didn't know where she was or what was going on. "Hitting the wine coolers a little too hard tonight?" I teased, "It's taco Tuesday movie night, as usual!" I explained. She nodded... looked around as if she was taking it all in for the first time... then she asked me what my name was... I told her, then she asked... "A-are... we lovers...?" Now this is not a shocking, hol'up, record scratch type of moment you may think it is. If you know me and my sister and how we like to mess with each other. We'll play the game of taking things too far until they become uncomfortable before one of us finally gives in. "Oh yeah... super-passionate, too... we do it all the time! Several times per day!" I joke in return. She turned a little red and got quiet... I only thought it was strange because she had no comeback for that immediately. Instead, she moved closer for a snuggle... STILL NOT WEIRD, sibling snuggles are perfectly normal! I zoned out on the show for awhile until she suddenly moved, and straddled me. "Uh... what are yo--" Was all I got out before she held my face and leaned in for a kiss. I clammed up at first... not sure how to react... either she's really committed to this bit or... lips so soft and inviting... I returned to see if she would break. Not at all! Hello tongue in my mouth and grinding herself against my crotch. By the time she pulled away... strands of hair falling over one eye, the other gazing at me with a hint of longing as she bit her lip and placed her hands on my chest. I was not looking at my little sister anymore. This was someone else... "Several times a day... right...?" Her breath quivered, "Lets not lose that passion..." My hands were on her hips. My cock was hard. She was already working on undoing my pants as I helped slide off her panties and she took me inside of her. My heart raced like a speed addict. I'd heard that saying about making love being different than sex... and that may be the first time I ever made love... kissing deeply the whole time until we came together... gazing into each other's eyes. After a quick clean-up, we fell asleep together snuggled up on the couch. The next day when she woke up... "Oh man..." She pushed off me and stretch-yawned, "Slept through taco night again!" Tone and attitude were different... this was my sister again. "What's with you? Need to go rub out your morning wood or something!?" She laughed, "Just... get it away from me, dude!" She winced and waved me away. "You don't remember...?" "What? Boring ass show?" She rubbed her eyes, "Or damn wine coolers... sorry, man... you know I'm a lightweight..." And that was it... she remembered nothing of it. And that's usually how it goes. After she switches over... the other personality will take over until she falls asleep... then wakes up as my little sister again. But the thing is... that's not the only personality.... That one was my lover. She's soft, tender and... well, loving. Passionate sex and cuddles. If you think that's bad... there's another that puts that one to shame... I call her the freak. You can usually tell it's her from the sudden change into revealing outfits, bikini's/swimsuits, underwear/lingerie. She's super chill, yet outgoing... if that makes sense... and she loves to fuck. Anywhere, anytime. Don't even have to ask. Even loves anal. The weirder, the more she likes it... if only my sister knew the things I've done to her... well, her body at least... There's another I call 'The Victim'... but... lets not go into detail about her or what I do to her. Listen, I'm not proud of it! But when life gives you lemons... make lemonade... when life gives you sister with multiple personalities DTF... then fuck them whether they consent or not... That's all I'm gonna say about that... And they're all the same... afterwards, they usually fall asleep then my sister will wake up later. I've gotten good at making sure they're all 'cleaned up' before she returns... so she doesn't suspect... although sometimes I wonder... what if I'm not the fucked up one here, but she is? Like she's had some big brother fetish this whole time and this is just an act she came up with to satisfy her secret desires? And... I do love my sister... not like that, but you know... the RIGHT thing to do would to tell her, but... have I gone too far? Would she forgive me? Or maybe something would develop between my sister and I? Who knows? Fallen From Grace: Was anyone else ever blessed/cursed with having the hot older sister while growing up? Like you thought you were cool cuz so many of your friends wanted to come over to hang out, but in reality they only wanted to catch a peek at your sister. If I had a nickel for everytime I heard someone say "Oh man your sister is so hot!!!11" Bah, fucking kill me. Not only attractive... but popular, athletic, top of the class in grades. So literally everything going for her. Me on the other hand... discovered that weed, classic rock and video games make a great combination! Needless to say who the parents were proud of and who just kind of existed along through nowhere job after nowhere job currently into adulthood. So you'd imagine my surprise one night, when I'm about ready to get high and hear a knock on the door... which is always a surprise and send me scrambling to hide any visible substances or paraphernalia... fearing a 3-12 month vacation with my new room mate Skeeter... but as most the time is usually door dash... but in this instance... Holy fucking shit. Haven't seen her in years... big sis. Pride of the family. Off to prestigious university then travel abroad and blah blah blah. But apparently, problems with addiction run in the family. Turns out college started off pretty great, then she started to get into the party scene... as one does in college. (Or so I've heard...). Picked up drinking... smoking some weed from time to time... then just like her younger bro, moved onto harder substances. Whereas USUALLY I'm able to contain such things to occasional use and special events... she went full blown addict. First her grades began to drop... then her attendance. Stopped showing up for classes. Sleeping, or not sleeping late... and eventually got kicked out. Too ashamed to call Mom and Dad, lest they find out the golden child had fallen... she attempted and failed to hold job after job. Eventually ended up bouncing from shitty boyfriend to shitty boyfriend until she got tired of the abuse and wound up at my place, pleading for a place to stay until she could clean herself up and get back on her feet. Somehow... if there is a higher power... it's an asshole... as she's still smoking hot after all of that... I didn't particularly want my sister living with me... knowing it'd just bring trouble... plus I had a pretty cramped place as it was for just one person... two would much worse. She promised she wouldn't cause any trouble and no one would come looking for her. In fact, no one would even know she was here. Aaaand as she was making all these empty promises... she lit up as she noticed the goodies I had been waiting all week to ingest and enjoy some quality alone time with. She practically BEGGED me for just one hit. That's all. Just one and done. Sure, yeah. I told her to grab some water from the fridge and I'd load her up something special. Awkward hug with a "You're the best!" empty sentiment while I added a little special ingredient to hers. She didn't even question it, immediately took a hit as I took from a separate one. "So here's the deal..." I started, "As long as you're going to be staying here... I have full rights to your body... to fuck you. Whenever I want to. However I want to. And you cannot refuse or resist me." I took a hit of my own, blew it at her, "...or I mean you can... I'd prefer it if you did... it's more fun for me that way..." Her eyes were wide... from the drugs and my ultimatum. "What the fuck is wrong wi--" She appeared as if she were to stand up and storm out, but her limbs failed her. She started sinking back into the couch, failing at trying to pull herself up, "What did... did you do...!?" "Special ingredient!" I grin, "Juuuuuuust a bit of GHB to your crank... it won't knock you out... you'll be totally awake and aware... just... unable to you know... struggle and stuff..." I helped lean her back, then rolled her over the arm of the couch. "You're sick! You can't do this! I'll tell..." She began. "Who? Mom and Dad?" I returned, "That you became a junkie and got kicked out of college? They still send you money each month? Spent it on shit, I assume?" Slowly pulling her pants down, "Look... say anything... I'll inform our parents... the university council... hell, I bet some of your old boyfriends are looking for you and would love to know where you are..." "Don't! Please!" "And the cops? Look..." I admire her ass... still plump and round as ever, "You're not the golden child anymore... you're a drifter... I have a steady job... a home, a car... I pay my bills..." I peel the thong off and get on my knees behind her, unbuttoning my pants, "They're not my drugs, officer... she must have brought them into my house! She's my sister, I trusted her! My job drug tests, I couldn't even if I wanted to....!" I'm sure it's been heavily used by now, but the closure and satisfaction of sinking inside of the most sought after pussy in my life... belonging to my sister... was incredible. She whimpered as I fucked her. Not from pain, likely, but from even her own brother betraying her like this. After I came inside of her, I could have died right there. What could get better than this? "Don't..." She protest too late, "Can't afford... BC anymore... I might get..." "Your problem, not mine..." I told, pulling out. "Blame it on one of your supplier boyfriends." As I pondered if she'd recover... get better and I'd lose this wonderful free ass... or maybe something would blossom between us? Or perhaps I would just enjoy getting her pregnant and watching her have my bastard child just for fun...
  15. I'm brand new to this site but not at all to erotic role-playing. I know what i like so I'll not beat around the bush. I love a fantasy world with overpowered demons, monsters, creatures, even a world like Warhammer 40k with their excessively erotic and sadistic dark elves. I love to play an innocent, feisty and a little naively mouthy sub to any confident, and forceful dom. I'm open to plenty (take a look at my preferences page for details), and i prefer to keep long term stories going. If you want to discuss starting a story together, drop me a message!
  16. Hello, Long time role player with many years experience online story telling and role playing. Am new to the server and looking to roleplay privately with people looking to play female characters, let me know if you are interested. I love corruption and build up to the actual smut, hopefully we can make a great story of it! I play European hours and generally will reply most days, weekends are busier than week days and I will be in contact to warn if I am off for a longer period so as not to keep you hanging. A big fan of 3rd person, multi paragraph play and long term if I find the right partner but happy to start with a one off and see if we click. I give a good paragraph or two with detail, dialogue, reaction and action to help move the play along and have lots of ideas for storylines. Love to hear from you and your ideas and wants!
  17. DoggedFellow

    The Seducer - Modern

    From the album: My Roleplay Character Ideas

    A Real Shameless Piece of Work A lot of people like to dismiss him as just another flirt, clinging from one girl to the next like some kind of parasite. In reality though, he's actually quite clever. One moment of vulnerability is all he needs to take everything from his marks.
  18. KINKS I AM GEARING TOWARDS BUT ARE NOT ALL NECESSARY: hair-pulling, face-slapping, deepthroating/facefucking, spitting, spanking, biting, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, toys, general rough handling, dirty talk, and maybe a dash of bondage. Trans guys absolutely adored and invited, but cis is just as good. Keep reading for what exactly I'm looking for. That said... Say hello to Nathaniel "Nate" Donovan: Nate HATES his full name, and will detest anyone who calls him "Nathaniel" or "Nathan". He bleaches his hair, which is naturally black, and has a variety of piercings and, when he's older, tattoos. He is also optionally a werewolf and/or alpha. Or he's just A Guy. Whatever works for you! Nate is also an aggressive, possessive, violent dominant who craves the ability to knock someone down a peg. Someone he either has an existing rivalry with, or who he loathes from afar because the other guy is just so perfect. Introducing: your character! Y/C can be made up on the spot or someone you already have, but I am specifically looking for a ~good boy~ who gets good grades and is popular/has popular friends. Only thing is, he's also hiding a little secret: he's kinky as all hell, and a total sub. I'm open to other ideas, but the base plot I have prepared is thus: Y/C wears a vibe to school (high school or college) and Nate finds the remote to it, dropped on accident, in the gym/library/on the bus/whatever. Vibe can be whatever your little heart desires, fitted to a cis or trans man, as long as Nate can crank it up to overstimulating levels. So he finds this remote, messes with it, and then--based on Y/C's reaction--realizes what it is. Cue operation: knock this fucker down a peg. Y/C is blackmailed/coerced/otherwise "persuaded" to let Nate have his way with him, in return for giving the remote back so the vibe can be safely turned off and removed. Nate goes to town, and by the end of it, Y/C actually kind of wants more. Nate is more than happy to have a fuckpet that he hates for being too perfect, oblivious to his own homosexuality and the fact that he's so angry because he's afraid to like people. That's right, folks; Nate and Y/C fall in love. Nate starts to provide genuine aftercare, seeks Y/C out for things other than sex, and carefully, cautiously explores his budding understanding of his own sexuality. However, he's still hashtag Fucked Up and remains possessive and violent, though usually rounding on other "competition" rather than Y/C, who he'll only be aggressive towards sexually at that point. Y/C goes from the worst guy ever to "can do no wrong", and hey, maybe he's into it? Hit me up in this thread if this sounds fun to you! I am currently seeking roleplays with posts erring towards the short side, because I don't have the brain juice to deal with big chunky posts right now. I am also mentally ill and disabled and ask that you have patience with me if I take a long time to reply. I'm always happy to chat, even if I can't muster up roleplay energy. Otherwise check out my preferences for general info. Hope to talk to you soon!
  19. Payne1074

    Demon Lords Harem

    I want to play as the demon lord who is slowly taking control of the world. As my forces push farther out they bring back more and more slaves for me to enjoy. Your role would be to play these slaves, they can be anything from elf to Orc, neeko to human, farm hand to princess. This would be a more long style of Rp as I would interact with multiple different slaves. Maybe one or two catch my interest and become my wives, maybe the princess binds me and stops my conquest, anything is possible. I am open to almost anything so let me know what you like and we can work out the details. Can’t wait to hear from you!
  20. Payne1074

    Trailer Park Trash

    This idea has a few variants: 1. I just moved into the trailer park after my wife divorced me, and my neighbors daughter has taken an unhealthy liking to me 2. Same as first but now I have an unhealthy liking to the neighbors daughter 3. I just married your good for nothing mother and moved in with you two into the already cramped trailer home. Good thing I want more to do with you than I ever did your mother 4. I am your new step father and already you want to steal me away from your mother. If you have your own ideas or variants of these prompts please let me know. I am open to most things, let me know and we can talk about it. I can't wait to hear form you!
  21. I have a roleplay idea that I've been thinking over for quite a bit of time. It's basically driven by sex, with main topics/fetishes being noncon/dubcon, spying, humiliation, masturbation, and, of course, blackmail. If these things interests you, check out the vague outline below. Characters: Muse A - Male or female virgin. Works in a big company. Hardworking, diligent, career-oriented, but also something of a pervert. Muse B - Male. A mysterious, extremely perverted hacker who one day messages Muse A The plot outline: One day Muse A gets a mysterious message. It turns out to be Muse B, who uncovered their pervy secret. He threatens to reveal it to the world and ruin their career unless Muse A starts sending him nudes, giving sexual shows, following his orders, and further down the line even meet up with him. Muse A doesn't feel like they have a choice, so they agree. To help them fulfill his orders, Muse B sends Muse A sex toys, lingerie, and other various perverted items, proving he knows their address. Muse A's life spirals out of control. That's about it. I'm very open to discussing and changing some details of the story. Preferably, I'd be Muse A. Also, I don't care about your irl gender/sex. If you wanna be a female roleplaying as male or male roleplaying as female, go ahead.
  22. Hey there everyone I am really interested in doing an RP where I play the Dad who ends up feeling sexual attracted towards his own Daughter due to less Sex with Mom, this is just a quick craving I got but really wanna dive deeper into depravity with this~ So if any of you are really interested in this then hit me up in EcchiText
  23. IsabellaRose


    So... I might have written a few dozen status update posts describing a manmade Sexpocalypse. The end of the world because people just want to have sex, some going full sex zombie while others can resist long enough to meet the basic necessities for survival. Think of it as "zombie apocalypse but the zombies are living but unthinking people who want to fuck you, and the survivors are people who also want to fuck you, but will actually help you survive between bouts of unrelenting sex." The Basics: Everyone who has matured sexually is infected People succumb to The Need, The Urge, Fuckmind, or whatever its called in their survival enclave. When it takes them, nothing matters but fucking, and it doesn't go away until after they cum. The Need releases a pheromonal cloud that is guaranteed to spread through sweat via physical touch, or exchange of bodily fluids (kissing, licking, etc.) - it spreads to those around the person. The Need is stronger than sexual preference. The affected will always seek their preference if present, but will satiate the need with whoever is present. The Need is stronger than societal constructs - marriage, religious beliefs, family relations... none of those will matter. The affected will have sex out of wedlock even if their religion prohibits it, with someone other than their spouse, with their own family members... The Need is the only thing that matters when it takes someone. There is only sex until satisfaction. I expect it to explore fetishes including age play, anal, blowjobs/cunnilingus, brides, bukkake, clothed sex, costumes/clothing of any type, consensual sex, noncon to con, dubcon, double penetration, exhibitionism, facials, handjob/fingering, gangbangs, incest, interracial, masturbation, romance, strap-ons, swallowing, teen sex, toys, triple penetration, voyeurism, leashes, collars, gags, bondage, dildos, plugs, vibrators, sexual slavery, pet play, domestic servitude... really whatever you can imagine happening between two or more people who suddenly NEED to have sex with each other. Does anyone think this might make a good group roleplay? I linked a few of my status updates below that describe the setting, as well as some of the themes I thought might come up in a group setting. - Dr. Meredith George presents the information she knows about how the Sexpocalypse affects humans. Researcher describes how the Sexpocalypse began, and some follow ups to her tale - Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 Survivors describe how they remember the start of the Sexpocalypse - One, Two, Three Running from Fuckzombies 1, Running from Fuckzombies 2 Surviving in the Aftermath Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
  24. Hi! New here and I was wondering if any female roleplayed would be up for an incest erp with multiple characters from either or both sides (as in either a harem, orgy, gangbang or just different scenes mixing and matching 1 on 1, threesomes or the like). Id like to include as many family roles as possible but if I have to choose a single option that'd either be siblings or parent X child (that is 1 sister and many brothers, 1 brother and many sisters, father and daughters or mother and sons or a mix of them). Also, I'd like including ageplay (that's almost a almost a must but we can discuss it). With the basic (simple) idea out of the way I'll place a few quick prompts to add to it (basically just settings or kinks that'd change them a little) —A simple family: Just your normal suburban family discovering (maybe due to the confinement during the pandemic) that they're a bit less normal and a bit more horny than your average person. Mostly a slice of life or comedy like setting, maybe a bit less realistic; in the other hand it can be darker if you'd prefer (adding certain other kinks like Noncon and elements like addictions, violence and threats) Optional kinks: Noncon, drugs, alcohol, public sex, humiliation. —Followers of a cult: A normal family from the outside, they've been members of a dark cult since the beginning of their clan, cult that has them making some terrible rituals (in search of believed or real power). Those rituals generally include incestuous sex and other darker deeds. Optional kinks: Noncon, dubcon, kidnapping, monsters, beasts, supernatural, darker kinks (ask if interested on these). —Fantasy horphanage: Maybe not your usual family, but family none the less, this is a small orphanage for all races and cultures where the young learn not only a profession but alsoa few things more... (In every fantasy setting I like adding the "cum or sex as mana" idea for magic) This can be a boarding school or an adventurer's guild that trains and keeps their novices under the same roof (or some other guild like or guild like place, videogame style, such as a thieves guild, a temple, a Wizards school, merchants guild, etc) —The collections it: Following along the previous idea but a tad bit darker, a powerful man (noble, wizard, warlord, etc) has been collecting (be it by paying for, attacking settlements, kidnapping, magic means, etc) different specimens from rare species in the look to satisfy his dark fantasies, breeding with the poor kidnapped creatures to continue his little dark harem. Optional kinks: This can be twisted and turned into a monster raping arena for kidnapped, imprisoned or otherwise innocent girls, Noncon and monsters. —The family engineer: Be it by science or magic, this person has discovered a way to create or modify life (by either using his DNA/essence and artificial/living breeding wombs or using their real offspring or relatives for it) in such amazing ways that could save millions of lives, however, they decided that this was too good for the world and that the best use he could give this is to have his fun with the creations/patients. They're not very well on their head. Optional kinks: Noncon, monsters/modified people, darker kinks, drugs. —We need to repopulate...: a) Set on a post-apocalyptic world, this family has been one of the few survivors, successfully managing a safe zone and some resources such as food, clean water and maybe some other commodities. Having no proof of more settlements (or better, knowing that there are some smaller ones that'd soon want their stuff) they decide that the best they can do is to grow their numbers... b) A band of marauders, survivors to the apocalypse by being the toughest and meanest, finally decide to settle down and once they find and take over small group (with quote some people of the opposite sex to toy with) or fund a good protected base (like a prison that's still intact or such). Now they need people who'd know what to do with the resources they can't plunder, as well as some toys for their entertainment. Optional kinks: Noncon, monsters (depending on the post apocalyptic world), violence/darker kinks (almost limitless on this area). —Secluded family: Far from civilization and kept under the iron rule of a tyranical relative (and their underlings/or a group of relatives). Basically treated like cattle for their amusement and breeding, as well as hard labor and maybe even human trafficking. Optional kinks: Darker kinks, beasts. Finally a smaller prompt, simply interested on an ethnic or interrracial family (specially, but unrelated to the situation on the middle East, just an old kink of mine, I'd like some Muslim girls for this last two options) I prefer roleplaying on discord, if interested please send me a PM and I'll give you my tag, or we just roleplay here if not. P.S. these are just some ideas, I'm open for discussion or hearing new ones.
  25. Busterbugs

    The Betrayed

    This is a list of a rp that have to do with cheating. I normally don’t like cheating, but decided to give it a try and maybe could add some vanilla in it as the story progresses. Stolen Partner- This is a list of general pairings of a family member seducing a another family members partner. Mon stealing daughters boyfriend Dad stealing son’s girlfriend Sister stealing sisters boyfriend A stepdaughter’s lust-Your character gets a new step dad a very handsome older man who is just your type. You get jealous of your mom and try to seduce your new stepdad. Mother’s betrayal-This is based off a hentai I saw about son who saw his mom cheating on his father one day, shattering his image of his perfect mother. The father found out, which lead to fights and the break up of his family, causing him to view all woman as sluts in disguise. A few years later his father got married again and the son viewed the mom with disgust, knowing she would cheat given the chance. He decides to test her, trying to tempt her under the guise of a heart broken son who was starving for love from his mom. This could go two ways, taking a more vanilla route, were after receiving love from his stepmom he starts love her back or it can go darker with the son fucking her more and more, letting his anger out.
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