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  1. Minorikawa

    Minorikawa's Journals

    Hey there folks. Every so often I get inspired and decide to write a short story. So, while I have the time and inspiration, I figured I'd put together a thread for some such stories. I have one or two others I wrote some time ago I might post here later, but for now I'll start with a brand new one. Note that I don't enjoy roleplaying as the opposite sex, largely because I'm never sure I'm doing it right. However, I find it more interesting for my solo stories to try and get into the head of the female character, to experience the world through her eyes. So, don't be surprised if many of the focal point characters are women instead of men. In addition, feel free to provide feedback in this thread. Comment, critique, what have you. *** NEVER A BRIDE The strawberry daiquiri was supposed to help deafen Eliza to the pulsing of bass in this dimly lit reception hall. The fruit-flavored rum drink instead seemed to amplify the pounding beat within her skull, the sounds reverberating throughout her cranium only to slam in the back of her eyes. She leaned forward, resting her chin and cheeks within her palms propped up by her elbows, staring at the succubus in the mirror of the open bar. A pair of red horns poked through her neatly combed blonde locks, the golden hair cascading over her shoulders and nearly concealing her obnoxiously large E-cup breasts squishing against the counter-top. Eliza had no clue why Stephanie had seen fit to invite a succubus to her wedding. True, they were co-workers, each a secretary at the Goldman & Bergenstein Associates law offices. Stephanie was perhaps one of the only cordial women Eliza had ever known, in fact. Yet she was a gossip, and that meant she no doubt dished plenty of insults and stories behind the demon woman’s back. They were co-workers, acquaintances, occasional drinking buddies after wasting their Friday nights in the office, but they weren’t friends. Despite all that, Eliza still sought out a dress that could somehow fit her five-foot-five hourglass frame, going so far as to get it tailored so it wouldn’t showcase too much flesh. It had a halter-top design to it, leaving her shoulders and upper back bare, but required modifications so the sides of her heavy bosom wouldn’t be exposed. This is nothing to say of the smaller waist yet still generous hips and thighs. Trying to conceal her natural assets without wearing a potato sack of a dress cost quite a bit of money, and as usual, no shortage of glances and side-eye from the staff. It had been three years since all the succubi had been cast from the underworld, exiled to the human realm like some devil king’s discarded trash. None of them even had a clear memory of the hell or hades they’d been booted out of, let alone why. It had caused quite a stir at first, especially amongst the world’s various religious groups. There was even a moral panic not just at the existence of demons, but sex demons at that. Yet they’d managed to find themselves a little home in this world, though one which treated them like second-class citizens. Though adorned with a set of horns and a prehensile tail, their physical attributes were often enviable by the artificial modifications of porn stars. Naturally heavy breasts, slim waists, and asses you could bounce a silver dollar off of, let alone a measly quarter. At least the nasty looks from other women could be ignored, though. It was the men that were most irritating. Any social interaction was overshadowed by the stench of their lust, viewing each of the demon women as an opportunity for pleasure. Eliza trembled as if from a chill, but it was more akin to a stomach growling. It had been almost seventy-two hours since her last feeding, leaving her very bones feeling somewhat hollow, as if they could hardly support her fleshy body. Her throat felt as if it were lined with cotton, absorbing any moisture and leaving her thirsty for the thick cream of a cock. Her sex seemed to pulse like a radar, pinging for dicks that might yearn to take a plunge. Her thighs closed and she suppressed a groan as she stared at herself in the mirror. Most of her demoness friends had taken up jobs working in legal brothels, strip clubs, or pornography. Some of them even made a career out of the amateur scene. Eliza did not want to be defined by her hunger, but it was moments like this that she regretted her decision to take on a more “respectable” career. The green dress she wore looked good on her, tasteful yet with its own appeal, but it felt wasted here at this wedding reception filled with older couples, children, and the occasional drug addict or two that happened to be her age. “And what the Hell is this ‘macaroni’ song, even?” she grunted out loud, watching as the other invited guests had formed a series of rows on the dance floor, hands stretched forth then back, then on their hips before waving their asses side to side. A pop song of sorts that had hypnotized regular people into a ritual dance of butt shaking nonsense. It had become too much. She needed to get some air. Slinging her purse strap over her shoulder, Eliza stepped from the bar stool, swaying slightly in her clacking heels. Normally she could hold down a single strawberry daiquiri much better, but her hunger clearly left her more susceptible to the rum’s mind altering properties. She took a second to steady herself and then proceeded to walk the perimeter of the dance floor, avoiding eye contact and keeping her tail as concealed beneath the dress as she could. It wouldn’t prevent the light from glinting off her horns, but those still managed to attract less attention. Within moments she was stepping outside, flinching and squinting her eyes at the still bright sunlight. “Ah,” she grunted, holding her hand up before her eyes. “I know,” a deep voice spoke beside her, “really stings after coming from inside that PG-rated rave party.” Almost immediately the polluted scent of cigarette smoke assaulted her nostrils, causing them to flare in distaste. Her hand waved before her reflexively to send it away, allowing her eyes to readjust to the light. “Sorry,” the man said with a smile, placing the cigarette back between his lips. He continued his bad habit, but stepped across to the other side of her, the subtle breeze carrying the smoke away from where she stood. “It’s no problem,” she shrugged, beginning to cross her arms just so she could do more than hang them at her sides. Trying to cross them in front of her breasts was just… awkward, so she settled for crossing them beneath, turning herself away from the stranger so that his eyes wouldn’t immediately be drawn to the manner in which her bosom lifted beneath her arms. He had a nicely trimmed goatee from what she could tell, giving him the look of a classic devil. His brown hair was curled but cut short, eyes piercing blue. The light gray suit he wore padded his shoulders, giving him a more imposing appearance despite the light pink of his tie. “I can’t stand weddings either,” he smirked, taking another drag on his cigarette. She turned her head towards him, giving him another look. This was actually her first time attending one. Succubi weren’t really invited, and they most certainly weren’t viewed as the sort to vow a permanent and exclusive bond with another. “The music is too loud for me,” was all she responded, her eyes turning out towards the parking lot. The breeze blew a bit more strongly, the air chill compared to the stuffy warmth of the reception hall. She could feel the goosebumps rolling across her flesh, her fingers lifting up to caress her arms. “I prefer something with double-bass and relentless rhythm guitar myself,” the man spoke behind her. She could hear the soft clack of his shoes against the pavement, the soft rustle of a garment. Before she knew it the thick and heavy jacket of the man’s suit was placed upon her shoulders. She turned her head reflexively, looking up at him, smelling the nicotine from his breath and his clothing. He smiled at her like a villain in a Disney film. He wants to fuck me. “I’m Curt,” he said with a smile, his fingers remaining on the shoulder pads of the jacket, letting his presence be known. “Eliza,” she said softly. *** She moaned deeply as her tongue caressed the taut flesh of his rock hard cock, lips pulling up its thick stalk towards the sensitive glans. Her fingers gripped the base and stroked upwards after her mouth, smearing her saliva along the length. Somewhere within her mind she was shouting, angered and outraged to be giving into yet another man looking to use her for his pleasure. Yet it seemed to her, in this moment, that the flesh of a cock never tasted so good in her mouth as it did now. “Just like that, Eliza,” Curt gasped, leaning his head into the back seat of his SUV. It was rather odd looking, both of them still clothed, his jacket still draped over her shoulders, yet the dress hiked up her thighs to expose the smooth flesh of her legs, prehensile tail lifted up and swaying side to side in joy. Her heavy breasts crushed against his thigh, squishing out and in with each dip of her head into his lap. His erect cock burst upright through the fly of his pants, her tightly gripping fist careful to catch any loose spit so that it wouldn’t ruin his clothing. She moaned again as she dove down, her throat welcoming that bulbous tip with a tight embrace, “gag reflex” a foreign and unheard of concept to a succubus such as herself. She turned her head, twisting her throat around the crown before immediately pulling up. She swirled her tongue around the ridge once, twice, thrice before flicking at his slit. His thighs spread further apart, his muscles tensing as his abdomen clenched from the pleasure. Then, her lips popped free, her hand continuing to pump along the rock hard pillar of lust, twisting her wrist so that her palm rubbed his crown with each jerk. “Cum for me,” she commanded, her chest heaving with deep breaths. He nodded, one hand resting between her shoulder blades, fingers flexing and trembling as her fist moved in a blur over his throbbing dick, the other pressed to the car door. She began to lean back down, lips opening back up to take the length once more before pausing. “Oh, and make sure to keep an eye out.” She didn’t wait for any acknowledgement on that last part. For many humans there was an excitement to being watched or caught, but for her it’d just be another reminder to the human race that she was a demon of sex. “Slut” wasn’t an accurate enough word to describe her. Sluts didn’t hunger as she did. Sluts had a choice. The salt of precum smeared along her tongue, alighting her taste buds on fire. Her nostrils flared and she moaned in whorish delight as the cock slid back into her throat. She twisted and turned her head from side to side, reveling in the thirst-quenching feel of the precum against her throat. She almost didn’t hear the sharp intake of breath, his hand sliding down to grasp hold of her ass. Eliza had told him that was off limits, touching her ass, her breasts, or her head. This was about her hunger, not his pleasure. Yet she couldn’t bring herself to care. All that mattered now was that seed. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger into a ring around his base, keeping it steady as her head began to bob rapidly up and down his shaft. She opened her maw with each dip down, swallowing as she pulled back up, the vehicle filled with the sound of slurping and swallowing as he panted more and more heavily. His hips began to buck, pushing back into her mouth, his crotch slamming a bit uncomfortably into her teeth behind tightly sealed lips. It didn’t matter. She could tell he was close. Her remaining fingers reached down, caressing at his scrotum through the pants, moaning a plead for them to release their wonderfully satisfying cream. “Oh shit!” he suddenly exclaimed, his free hand grasping the coat hanger handle of the car. His back arched, body quivering. She immediately dove her head down and held herself there, even before his hand broke the rule once more and curled through the locks of her golden hair. Warm, thick, salty semen splashed into her throat, immediately swallowed before another burst flooded in. She just continued to swallow and swallow, moaning between each burst until it became a steady trickle. Beneath her his body relaxed, his thighs and abdomen loosening up and his hands falling to his sides. “Oh-ho shit,” he moaned softly, her head beginning to slowly, softly bob on the thick, upright member. It would begin to soften shortly, but before then she wished to savor it a bit more, her tongue tracing every vein she possibly could, flicking against the frenulum, softly cooing as he trembled at her pleasurable ministrations. The more she caressed that crown, however, the more swiftly it began to soften, until each tug of her lips stretched the member. Finally she released him with an audible pop, letting out a sigh of appreciation. Already her bones felt less hollowed out, the dry thirst of her throat gone. There was still a bit of a quivering eagerness within her sex, but that could easily be ignored. “Thanks for the meal,” she said with a light smile, wiping at her lips with the back of her hand. Curt smiled that confident smile and nodded, his fingers deftly slipping his cock back into his pants. She watched, neither glad to see it concealed once more nor upset to see it gone. “My pleasure,” he sighed, one hand reaching into his pocket to fish something out. She quirked an eyebrow for a moment, expecting him to withdraw his wallet. Wouldn’t be the first time a man thought it “polite” to pay her “for her service”. She was ready to roll her eyes when instead they widened, a wedding band withdrawn instead. He fit it snuggly back onto his ring finger. “My pleasure,” he repeated, the grin still on his face. Eliza swallowed once more, the look of shock a fleeting moment lost in a blink. She put on a smile as her stomach felt like a ship tossed about in the middle of a typhoon at sea. “Well, I’d best get going,” she nodded, peeling his jacket from over her shoulders. “Yeah,” he nodded, “probably best no one sees us go inside together, right?” He winked at her. “Don’t worry, I know how these things go.” His hand reached out, taking the jacket as she slipped it from her smooth shoulders. “I’m sure you do,” she replied softly, hoisting the strap of her purse back over her shoulder before opening the car door. *** “HEEEUUUURRRRAAAUUGGGHH!!!” Eliza stared into the bowl of the toilet, panting heavily, the adulterer’s cum floating about the water with the red and pink of a strawberry daiquiri and some of her own bile. She could feel the trail of tears rolling down her burning cheeks, her stomach and chest heaving with each deep breath. The flavors of salted rum and acidic strawberry burned her taste buds and caused her lower lip to quiver. That should be all of it, she thought to herself. Reaching forward she flushed the toilet, lifting herself back to her feet. She wobbled, light-headed once more, but not from the strawberry daiquiri. The hollow feeling returned to her bones, and her throat was not only dry, but burned as well. As she stepped out of the stall another woman stepped into the bathroom, pausing in absolute shock at the now disheveled succubus. “Oh honey, you look like a mess!” the middle-aged woman exclaimed. She looked to be in her fifties, a bit heavy set, possibly a grandmother by this point. “What happened?” Her expression and words spoke of concern, but her eyes glanced at her horns. She kept her distance. “Just a bit too many drinks,” Eliza smiled, her nose a bit stuffed up. She approached the mirror, her mascara running down her cheeks and strands of her blonde hair standing frazzled above her head. She twisted the knobs of the tap, letting the water run a moment as she slipped her purse from her shoulder. “Nothing a bit of freshly applied make-up and a tylenol won’t fix.” “Well, just be careful on the way home, dear,” the woman nodded. “If you need to, be sure to call an Uber. Better to be safe than dead on the side of the highway, am I right?” “Yeah,” Eliza chuckled half-heartedly, “no doubt about that.” The middle-aged woman stepped into a stall, taking a quick glance back before closing the door. Eliza let the smile fall from her face, her gaze watching as the water poured through her hands. She looked upon her own ring finger, bare. Her hands trembled. A chill climbed up her spine, causing her to shake. Her body felt so heavy, weighing down hollowed out bones. Immediately her hands began to wash the water over her face. She’d find a gloryhole on the way home. She didn’t like it, especially as she didn’t have a change of clothes and this dress was too nice for such a place, but she needed to feed. If she went another night without eating she’d wake up delirious. No, better to please a stranger she couldn’t see than a mortal devil like Curt again. Eliza paused, looking into the mirror. Thinking of herself on her knees, sucking on some random cock through a hole in the wall, wondering if a ring would adorn that man’s finger as well. She sank her teeth into her lower lip and bit back her tears. Not worth thinking about. Out of sight, out of mind. Just… get yourself some food, Eliza. After several minutes of face washing and mascara mastery, she found herself back out in the reception hall. She’d have a dance or two. Put on a fake smile for Stephanie and congratulate her on her union. Make small talk. But first, she’d need another strawberry daiquiri.
  2. Hello there! So I have been craving for doing some taboo roleplays lately, especially anything incestuous. BUT, themes such ageplay, corruption etc have been on the back of my mind as well. I will try to write down some possible scenarios, please EcchiText me if any of the ideas seem appealing to you. 1. Generic Slice of Life Incest The plot is just as it sounds. A normal family leading normal lives in some suburbs until MC begin developing feelings for his mother/sister/daughter. Primarily I am seeking a romantic consensual relationship between son and mother, which later develops into a dom-sub dynamic but I am fully open to other relationships as well, even if it comes to non-con and ageplay. 2. Office Roleplay: Boss-employee or coworkers YC is an ambitious youth looking for her big break. She is willing to do anything and pay any price for it, even if she has to climb the staircase of 50+ year old cocks with her mouth. Or, she is the office bicycle. Everyone gets a ride. Thanks to her, office parties turn into bukkake after a few drinks. She could be a homewrecker as well. The sweet guy who just got engaged to his highschool sweetheart could be her newest obsession. Until she gets him to rail her against a desk and be fucking addicted to her she won't rest. 3. Corruption YC is a religious figure or follows a religion strictly where she can't have sex before marriage. MC rips YC out of innocence and turns her into a double penetration lover. Brownie points if your character is a nun or a priestess. I would love to do a medieval setting where sex before marriage itself was a taboo with this plot. This plot will probably be non-con at the beginning, until YC begins to accept her reality. 4. Cheating YC is happily engaged/married to their prince charming, but she comes across this man at a party, or as her gym trainer, or at office who she can't stop just thinking about. On top of that, the man has been spoiling her with attention and good vibes. They start hanging out, a little more than just friends. One thing leads to another and he introduces her to the world of bdsm, awakening her sleeping desires to be used and abused. So, these are the plots I am craving for. If you are interested in any of these, or a possible combination of these please don't hesitate to shoot me a text! Hope you are having a good day
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    Just for the ladies....

    As the title suggests, I want to do a roleplay about 2 young women experiencing their first lesbian love affair....how they meet can be discussed with my potential partner....they both feel it's taboo but in the end they just can't deny their feelings.... it can be incest based as sisters, maybe co workers, who knows? there can be domination involved but not a game changer if you don't want...I want to base the story on this pic
  4. (Before read Warning: Please be remind that this is an 18+ story and has a large amount of smut and other H things, my style is story based and sex based. This is the real story of my slime RP if I got someone interested in it and do it as the original plot, with no deleted tags or extra tags). Please criticize me via PM if you want to do so, it will help me on my story writing skills. There is one little blue slime in a forest moving around and walk freely in that place. It was so peaceful since no cocky adventurers or heroes and his party came over to disturb a super peaceful life of a slime. These slimes are just a little carefree creature that doesn't care about humans and their affairs, they will only go for human women if they want to at the right season, since they need some sort of bodily liquid. There is also slimes who will came to a human men to take their bodily fluids, but this slime is not one of them. The slime dissolve nothing but grass as their temporary food. Grass is edible for them but they won't last long and tend to be a short while, just like a human do if they only ate a snack not a full course meal but they eat constantly. Don't worry about the grass, they will grow back as normal again and even some slime liquids will help them too. The slime is just happen to moving here and there, not caring about any case and it just live its free life like any normal slimes would. He just happily eat the grass and does its hings as he moves away to the other place with no care. Slimes in general have a bunch of population and they could produce around tens or hundreds of children just in one go in their "mating season(which is random depends on the slime and they have random frequency too)". But some slimes are mana enchanted slimes, this slime is one of those lucky few. They are stronger than most slimes, they have their own magic to do their things, and even they can talk in human language. It just move and keep moving until it meets a certain female, she has a waist long blonde hair, a noticeably huge assets in both breasts and ass, and she also looks so beautiful. She is wearing a white dress now and she is in a middle of walking in a certain grasslands. Any sane male slimes would go to her already and do their thing, but it realize something as it saw a piece of pure platinum and pure diamond tiara, it felt like there is something dangerous from the said woman and it decides to go to near her but not as lustful as other slimes. It doesn't know what that piece of tiara is and what makes her special, just following its instincts to get near to the said female. "Hello there, miss. What are you doing?" A certain little blue slime asks in a friendly tone with its magic as it stop besides the princess just by a meter or two, doesn't really do what most male slimes will do. "Oh, I just strolling around here. Huh?!" The woman replied gently before she is shocked and back away slowly just due to the fact she saw a slime and it is a talking slime, which is not a general thing that she saw, and the bad news is she is also unarmed and doesn't bring her magic things, so she can't attack the slime. Humans tend to think slimes are hostile and for most of them it is a yes, but not for few. "How you can talk?! Don't come closer!" The woman screamed as she just shocked as the slime came a little bit closer as she walk backwards in fear, because she think that this slime is trying to kill her. The slime didn't realy pose a threat as it came closer to the said woman.
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    Untitled Fantasy Fiction

    This is an old idea I thought I'd try to breathe some fresh life into...
  6. Part I: A Summoned Power This wasn't right. None of this was right. She'd wanted a familiar. Not whatever the hell this ogre was. It had been the better part of an hour since she'd stopped thinking about if she'd gotten a rune wrong or if she'd mispronounced part of the incantation or maybe forgotten some cosmic date or errantly performed her ritual on some unknown ley line. She'd not been given the luxury of considering such frivolities with this brutish demon in her presence. From the beginning, he hadn't needed to say anything. From the moment that his rippling, red skinned, nude form materialized out of the gathered shadows at the centre of her magical circle... From the moment his evil eyes froze the blood running through her veins and the tug of a smile at the corner of his lips caused her to instinctively pull her legs closer together in defence of her sex, she knew. She'd barely had the time to take a hesitant step backwards before the monster had sprung towards her closing the distance between them in an instant. With the same inhuman speed he'd seized her by the throat and effortlessly lifted her off her feet, flashing a fang-filled grin up at his new captive. She had tried to kick, to scream, to wiggle free and fight back in whatever way she could, but it was more reactionary than anything. He was impossibly stronger and faster than her, and the haphazard blows that managed to connect with his iron skin barely seemed to even tickle the masculine demon as he held her in the air and smiled. She felt the precious oxygen she needed rapidly spend itself in her body—his iron grip preventing her from drawing in more air—and she began to lose strength as he reached up and tore her sleeveless blouse clean off her. With her breasts now bare in front of him, the demon expectantly licked his smiling lips with an inky black, sinuous tongue. He let her suddenly drop just as her thoughts were getting muddled by lack of air, causing her to collapse at his feet when she was incapable of properly catching herself. She'd hardly been given time to cough and gasp for air before she felt his clawed hand take her by the hair and pull her up to her knees. He wasted no time in pushing the head of is all-too-fat and quickly stiffening member into her mouth. She tried to pull away, tried to bite down, but nothing allowed her to resist him. He held her tightly in place as he gripped both her hair and her jaw, and the leathery flesh that covered his bitch-breaking cock seemed to hardly even dent under the pressure of her teeth. So she was forced to feel her jaw nearly dislocate and her throat distend as he pushed his flesh into her mouth and down her windpipe, sliding forth until her nose was pressed against his hairless pelvis. Soon enough she had no will to try and fight back against the throat fucking that ensued. Not only did she know it was futile, she was too busy trying to keep herself conscious by drawing in what air she could every time he pulled back, knowing that the following thrust of his rigid meat would completely stuff and block her windpipe. She resigned herself to his brutality, crying from the shame and the pain of his roughness, and she knew without having to look up at him and his evil smile that that was exactly what all of this was about. After all, he didn't cum. Whether it was because he couldn't or wouldn't, she didn't know, but the way he fucked her face wasn't centred around his physical gratification. He was breaking her in. Making her into his toy. Playing with her life as well as her body each time he stuffed himself entirely down her abused throat and held himself in place until her lungs burned for air and her eyes began watering afresh. This was the time where she made herself think about what she might have done wrong, what could have gone awry in her spell. Not because she had any hope of fixing it, but because she wanted something, anything, to distract from the sensations she was being subjected to: the taste, the smell, the pain. Thinking about her magic, useless as it was to her now, was at least some form of escape as she resigned herself to the raping of her mouth. Of course, he didn't allow for that for very long. His rough thrusts and choking girth made sure that she wouldn't be able to consistently block out his presence as he made play of her throat for that long quarter hour. When the mental and physical numbness finally started to settle in despite the treatment, he deprived her of air again, for much longer this time. She had grown used to to the practice in a sense, knowing it was just another tactic to make her fold. This time however, with how he refused to pull out even as she started howling and struggling, hitting against his thighs and desperately attempting to bite down through the log of meat keeping her from live-saving air, she became scared. As much as she tried to rationalize that the beast only wanted her submission, part of her began to scream in her mind that this was really the end, she was going to lose consciousness and never wake up thanks to this fucking monster. She had been wrong. It wasn't her submission he wanted. It was that fear. When he pulled out and she was finally allowed to breathe again, she was too distracted with choking and gasping for air to even notice his hand coming for her. she was entirely caught off guard by the meaty palm that struck against her cheek and sent her to the floor. Somehow, she didn't yelp nor cry. The first was probably because her throat felt too sore to attempt much of any sound now. The second... maybe because she knew so much worse was yet to come. He picked her up off the floor by her hair again, making her stand to her feet though she was still only at eye level with his chest. He then grabbed her by both arms, pinning them to her sides and lifting her up in the air effortlessly. He handled her with the ease of a throw pillow as he moved her over to her bed and pinned her down onto her mattress, quickly straddling her. She'd always known this was coming, but feeling him grab at the back of her skirt and tear out a hole with his clawed hands she felt... compelled in a way to try and resist. To yell out whatever protest and expletives her hoarse throat could manage, to try and wiggle free from his grasp, to look back at him with what hate and defiance she could though her misty eyes. Consciously, she knew it would avail to nothing but... perhaps somewhere deep in her mind, it wasn't pride that motivated her, but the fear of what more he would do to her if he didn't get the reaction he wanted out of her: if she made him feel he wasn't hurting her enough already. He just smiled, lay himself on top of her, and shoved the massive member into her terrified pussy by force. She couldn't help but whine out in pain through gritted teeth as the incomprehensibly large cock pierced her and spread her wider and deeper than anything she had ever felt before. He was too big, too strong, too fat. She felt like her insides were displacing and her womb made to collapse as he forced her body to accommodate his otherworldly dick. She was no virgin, not by a long shot, but nothing she'd ever had could have prepared her for how it felt to have this mistake she had summoned into her world turn her womanhood into his breeding hole. Holding himself flush against her, she could feel the heat of his smokey breath against her as he pulled back slowly, and thrust himself deep back into her a few times. Slamming her down into her sheets with the weight and power of his hips with every plunge, she couldn't remain silent and he delighted in the mindless, choked squeals that came from her every time. She didn't fully know what made her tears flow more at that moment: the pain of his rough domination, or the guilty knowledge that despite all of this, despite how everything was happening completely opposite to how she'd hoped, a sick part of her deep within was somehow feeling pleasure from having such a hot, meaty cock abuse her and dominate her. She didn't want this, she hated this, hated this monster that played with her and raped her. And yet, she feared that the otherworldly creature could somehow smell the craving coming from her. That somehow he... it knew that her body was aching for more in stark defiance of everything her mind screamed. It had to be just her body. She couldn't really be wanting this. Whether the demon knew or not, it didn't voice it, and she imagined that the knowledge or lack thereof wouldn't have changed what it did next anyways. Buried deep into her, he shifted his position to be up on his knees, and pulled her back by one of her arms for leverage while he began rocking his hips back and forth rapidly. Scraping at her insides with his bitch breaker with every thrust and retreat, he made her produce intelligible moans and whines as she grit her teeth and clenched onto the bedsheets with her free hand. He was too much, too rough, too big, too deep, too good, too rough! She whined and cried and wished for him to sow down, to pull out, to leave, to let her forget and drown away the mistake of this night. She didn't want to feel this any more, the way he split her apart like nothing she could have imagined. She couldn't bear to hear the squelching of her sopping pussy as he raped her to his heart's content. She closed her eyes, tried to send her mind somewhere else, divorce it from this body of hers that betrayed her so and didn't let her fight off this aggressor, but he would have none of it. While he held her wrist and kept her back arched with his left hand, he craned the right one up in the air and began repeatedly slapping her ass hard while he fucked her. She'd have thought he was holding nothing back, but if that had been the truth he would have been carving chunks of flesh out of her easily with his super human strength. No, he wanted her in one piece, clearly, because he didn't so much as draw blood. He just hurt her, over, and over again. All he wanted was her pain, her fear, and her sorrow as she was made to understand that her life, her body, and her very will were now his. He grunted and smiled each time he slapped her. Did her clenching body feel good wrapped around his demonic meat? Or did he just love the flashes of searing pain he was subjecting her to each time? Was there eve much of a difference to this beast? His claws scraped against her, his palms left her reddened, his grip made her feel like he would turn her wrist into gelatin, and she could only whine, moan, and cry, while she looked back at the monster and wondered how much would be enough, when he would finally be satisfied. It wasn't over quickly, he made a mess of her pussy and abused it without rest for at least twice as long as he had worked her throat. She knew because he brought her back to attention in whatever way he wanted any time she tried to block out what was happening to her, at one point even roughly shoving a clawed thumb into her asshole to bring her back to attention. His lust for her emotional suffering clearly knew no end. However, she eventually did get an answer to her previous question concerning whether he hadn't cum in her throat due to lack of will or lack of capacity. Little had come in the way of warning from the brute, but she recognized full well what was happening when his thrusts became more and more pronounced for a few seconds, and he then sheathed himself completely in her while his thick meat twitched inside and she felt a sickening warmth spread through her. The size of his load was entirely as massive and inhuman as the demon was himself, making her feel like a geyser was erupting inside her womanhood. Sore and abused as she was, the sorceress still knew that she was feeling his thick seed spurt out the sides of her pussy around his twitching cock from how violent his orgasm was, and she found herself desperately hoping that she at least would be graced with the mercy of being incapable of bearing the demon's children. It felt good, she had come to accept, much like his power over her, but that didn't mean she was ready to become his breeding sow. As he seemed to be winding down and slid himself out somewhat, she looked back to him with the pain and hatred she knew he wanted to see, and felt her heart sink as her eyes met with his. He wasn't done, she could tell. Tonight was not yet over, and tonight would still only be the beginning of her servitude. This wasn't right. None of this was right. She had wanted a familiar, a servant to help her uncover more about the dark arts. Instead, here she was, poised to be this brute's slave and plaything for however long he found her entertaining. She hated it. She had to hate it. Nothing of who or what she once was would remain if she didn't tell herself that she hated all of this, no matter how good it felt to be hurt by him.
  7. This will become the little corner of inspiration in which to write some short erotic stories. Inside you will find most of my preferences. I try to put some tags before uploading the story so all of you can decide whether to read it or not.
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    19 September Dear Diary, Is that how I'm supposed to start this? I hope not. That sounds stupid. This whole thing sounds stupid. I've never kept a diary before. I'm not even sure what to write here. It just feels dumb. But I need to get past that. I need to find a path forward. My therapist thinks this is a good idea. She said sometimes writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you get them out and identify them. She thinks it will help after what happened. I don't know. It doesn't feel like it's helping. It feels... forced. Fake. Stupid. I hate doing this, but I'll try. I'll try to get my thoughts out on paper. I'll try to be honest with this and who knows, maybe it will work. Doctor Fox is a smart lady. She wouldn't have told me to do this if it was stupid. This will help. I have to convince myself that it will help, so it will. THIS WILL HELP. It has to.
  9. UPDATED 1/4/2021 Hi~ Thanks for clicking~ I am currently in the mood - no pun intended - for a completely smut FxF or MxF RP. I want there to be a little of story development in the beginning of course, but for the most part, this is all smut. I can play either Dom or Sub, and I don't have much of a preference really. Bondage is a must. Nothing too crazy or intense and not a lot of pain- these are my favorites: ~Orgasm Control (Denial\Forced\Ruined) ~Voyeurism & Exhibitionism ~Tied & Blindfolded ~Some Electro Play (Toys that give small shocks) ~Toys (vibes are preferred, but not limited to) ~Teasing ~Nipple Play ~Light Punishment What you can expect from me and what I prefer in a partner: ~I am semi-lit and have a one paragraph minimum. I CAN write more than that if my partner is more into the longer replies. I don't line one or two line responses; I need something to work off of. ~I can respond a few times a week at the least. I do work full time and am a full time student, so some days are easier to respond than others. But I can usually get back to you in a few days. ~Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. are appreciated, however, I know that people make mistakes and I'm not going to rage because you missed a few periods. ~COMMUNICATION - If you don't like something that's happening, let's change it! I want us both to be enjoying!! Pairings & Plots ***HUGE CRAVING***~Alien/Tentacle Creature x Human (I would prefer to be the human in this scenario. Also, I'm interested in making it MxF, but I am definitely down for FxF still. This could also be one that has more of a story-line and romance behind it if you would like, but it can also just be an ERP. Basically, MC meets YC who is visiting/hiding out/etc. on earth and can change his/her appearance to look human. His/Her alien form would be up to you, though I do love tentacles...(; Our characters meet, YC seduces MC and MC ends up finding out the truth. Please feel free to give me some new ideas for this!) ~Slave x Master ~Kidnapper x Kidnapped (Okay - I don't mean a rape scenario. That's a hard no for me. BUT I do enjoy when one character is reluctant and therefore is struggling against the other person, but secretly ends up loving it and does everything in their power to keep it from the other person.) ~Bad Girl x Good Girl (Maybe the good girl owes the bad girl some money, or refuses to do her homework, or something like that and has to be taught a lesson. I'm open to just about anything.) ~Cheerleader x New Girl (Maybe the cheerleader is showing the new girl her place, or she's jealous that the boys are all drooling over her, something like that.) ~Neko x Human (I prefer being the human, but I am willing to play the Neko.) ~Best Friends (I was thinking something along the lines of two friends make a bet, one loses and has to be the other's slave for a day.) ***CRAVING***~Thief\Spy\Assassin x Homeowner (One character breaks into the home of another - could be to steal something, or could be a hired gun to gather information on them, or is there to kill them. They get caught and the homeowner does whatever she needs to to get the truth out of her.) Those are just my favorites. If it's not on the list, that doesn't mean I'm not open to it! Feel free to throw some ideas at me! HARD NO'S: ~Rape (see kidnapper x kidnapped scenario above) ~Incest ~Age-play (I'm not into teacher x student, babysitter x parent, that kind of stuff) ~Vore\Gore\Anything that goes into the toilet ***For a complete list, here's my F-List: <Mod Note: Removed Link as per Section 14, Section 1> ***And my BDSM Test results: https://bdsmtest.org/r/e3UpYzdj I think that's about it. I'm always open for discussing ideas, so don't be afraid to speak up! If you've stuck around until now, then PM me and let's chat!
  10. Aura

    At Fault

    ==Warning== This story contains themes of kidnapping, rape, violence (both physical and sexual), psychological torment, and other similar themes. If these themes disturb you, I highly advise clicking away. Chapter 1: 2:00 am I was alone. It wasn't scary at all, well, not anymore than it usually was. I was no stranger to this road. I drove up and down several times on my way to and from my best friend Alexis's house. I always stayed there too late. She always insisted I stay over, but I always had to get home before morning so that I could take care of my dogs. I always wound up driving down this road, it was always late, it was always dark, and it was always completely empty save for the occasional, very rare pair of headlights that turn a corner a few miles in front of me. It isn't surprising to see other people out this late. This wasn't exactly the best part of the neighborhood. Drug deals were really common in the area. Thankfully, Alexis and I were well informed about the type of people to stay away from. We were always very careful not to get involved in business we knew nothing about. Still, every time I found myself driving down this road, there was an unnerving thought in the back of my mind. In this backwoods area, cell service was very limited. What if one of my tires popped or I hit something? Even worse, what if, in my carelessness, I wasn't paying attention and wound up hitting someone I didn't notice turn out from a stop sign? The thought of having to get out in such a dark, isolated place to assess damages and handle the hassles of insurance at such a late hour was a terrifying one, and the last thing I'd want to have to do is hitchhike out of the dead zone to make a phone call. This night wasn't unlike any other night. I just got done spending some quality time with Alexis. We chatted about all sorts of things. There wasn't any catching up to do, we saw each other at least once a week, we knew everything about each others' lives. In some ways, a bit too much. But every second with her was always a joy. We could talk about any given subject for hours bouncing our unique perspective off of each other. Mostly, though, we just discussed whatever stresses we've been facing and make light of them through playful jokes and jabs. Somehow it made all those personal struggles feel so much less threatening. As always, we ended up exchanging goodbyes and "be careful"s before I got back into my small red car and started driving off. My house was only about 10 minutes away, so I never considered the drive particularly dangerous. I had plenty of gas and the concerns I always had in the back of my mind were mild. They never completely took over my thoughts or anything, it was the same sort of fear you get when you find yourself wondering what would happen if you got in a wreck on a bridge and tumbled over the edge. Yeah, it would be horrible, but it would require a pretty freak accident for that to happen. I suppose it's just something movies these days condition you to think about. At the very least, it would definitely be an exciting way to go! That's the sort of direction that conversation would go if I brought the idea up with Alexis. Her morbid sense of humor has rubbed off on me over the years, I suppose. ================================ It was around 2 in the morning while I was driving down the road. I had class in the morning so I needed to get home and get to sleep as soon as I could. I didn't pay much mind when I saw a pair of headlights turn the corner ahead of me. They were in the other lane, going the opposite way. Of course, this always made me a little tense. I hated driving down these two-way roads with oncoming traffic. No matter how safe I was, it always felt like I was about to get in a head-on collision and I hated that feeling. Still, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary. That is, until I started to notice the car moving for the left. For a moment, I'd just assumed there was some dirt road I'd never noticed before. I didn't bother slowing down. If he was turning already, he would make it through before I got to him. In this moment, I was a bit relieved. But it was only for a moment, as I quickly realized he wasn't moving. What was going on? Did this person not realize this was a two-way road? My heart was racing as his car was rapidly approaching mine and he didn't seem to have any interest in fixing his position. I couldn't drive to the right, there was a ditch! I hadn't realized just how claustrophobic this part of the road was until now. For a brief moment, I recalled my father's advice for a situation like this. I should stay where I am. If I get in a wreck here, he's at fault. But if I try to move into the other lane, I could be held at fault. But my heart was beating a mile a minute now. I was holding my breath without even realizing. I did not want to interact with whoever it was in this car. There was something off about the way they veered right toward me. I couldn't help but ignore the advice daddy gave me and immediately tried to swerve to the left while slamming my palm into the center of the steering wheel to sound the horn. This horn seemed to catch the attention of the other driver who also reacted by slamming on his breaks and veering to the right as well. In one moment, I felt my entire car shake and my stomach dropped. "Shit..." I mumbled under my breath. It took a lot of frustration to get me to curse at all and every mistake I'd just made was running back up to me. I reached back for my phone to check the time, 2:04. No service, of course. I bit my lip and slowly pushed my car door open. Maybe... maybe the damage wasn't too bad and we'd be able to move on. Somewhat to my relief, the other driver seemed to be just as panicked as I was. He was a young man, he looked to be around 16 or 17. He got out and immediately checked the damage as well. His car looked rather old and run-down. He probably didn't have much money to his name, either. He was cursing up a storm to himself as he looked at the damage he'd done to my car and then his eyes widened in surprise when they landed on me. "I'm so sorry," he started out. "It's so late, I didn't think anybody else would be on this road..." "I-It's okay," I interjected, my voice still shaken up. "Look, just give me your insurance information and-" "-No way! I-I can't do that!" I blinked in surprise at this response. What did he mean he couldn't do that? Was he uninsured? Did he not have a license? "Well, we have to report this!" I started lifting my phone into the air to see if I could get a signal. "St-stop it! No we don't! We don't have to report a thing! Listen, don't call anyone and I'll do anything you want!" "Absolutely not! You hit me and I can't afford to get this car repaired! I'm calling the police!" "You're calling nobody!" he persistently demanded. I hadn't noticed what he was doing as I was focused on trying to get a signal on my phone. When I glanced back down at him, however, I was horrified to see that I now had a revolver pointed directly at me. "Drop the phone!" He demanded as soon as he saw that I'd noticed. My breath was caught in my throat and I immediately dropped the phone without a single move, the phone hit the pavement and the screen cracked, but I kept my hand in the air. "W-woah, wait, hold on, why do you have a gun on me? Be reasonable, put the gun down!" More than anything, I wanted to get inside my car and drive off, but the way he'd veered to the right made it so that I couldn't move even if my car could still drive. "You don't understand. I can't have the cops search my car." He spoke like it was a matter of life or death. "Okay, okay..." I didn't want to go along with his plans, but with this gun trained right on me, I didn't know what else I could do. "But please, shooting me won't solve anything. You're just gonna get the police to devote more resources into finding you. People know where I am right now so the police will be able to find the crime scene really easily. So please, just put the gun down..." The man didn't seem to have any interest in reason. He was far too paranoid. He wanted no consequence at all to come from this. "N-no way dammit! You're gonna call the cops and then I'm screwed!" "Look, I'm sure we can figure something out. Maybe we don't have to get the cops involved at all." The man reached down and pulled the trunk of his car open. "You're getting in here!" "What!?" My eyes widened. "N-no way!" "Get in, or I-I'll shoot you and put you in here myself!" "I'm not an idiot! You're not gonna shoot me!" In less than a second after finishing that sentence, I heard a loud bang and could physically feel the bullet pass through my hair over my right shoulder. This wasn't a warning shot, he literally just tried to kill me. I immediately dropped to my knees with a loud scream. This man was completely unhinged. "Wait! Please! Okay! Okay!! I can't die right now! There's so much I still need to do! Just don't shoot anymore!!" The man somehow seemed just as nervous as I did. "Th-then get in!" "Listen, please!!" I started begging through tears. "I have people who need me! A little sister to take care of, pets to feed, my parents will be distressed! Please, let me go home and I'll never talk about this again! You can drive off and I'll just pretend I never spoke with you!" "And if you're lying?" "I'm not!" "Bullshit! How do I know!?" "Please!!" "Get in the car or I'll shoot you and I don't want to do that!" I had no choice. I reluctantly climbed into the trunk of his car. The trunk reeked of old gasoline stains and must. I wouldn't be shocked to see a roach in here. He went into the car door and opened it to look for something. I could hear various items shuffling around in his backseat. I wanted nothing more than to hop out and run for it, but there was nowhere to go that he couldn't easily shoot me. My going free would have been his death warrant. That was the way he saw it anyway. There may have been something I could have done, but this just isn't something you can rehearse for. I was deathly afraid for my life. To be honest, I never thought I would react this way. My whole life I was convinced that I was ready to die the moment God decided I needed to die. But it seems when push comes to shove, I was too much of a coward to lay down my life like that. "Oh god..." I cried to myself in a barely audible mumble. "God please help me, I don't know what to do, I'm scared...!" It wasn't long before the man returned into view with a roll of duct tape which he quickly wrapped tightly around my arms and legs. He wanted to leave no chance that I'd be able to break out. With every stretch of the tape being applied to my body, I could feel my chances of escape falling further and further out of reach. 'God help me, please help me God!!' Once he was satisfied with the bonds around my wrists and ankles, he stared down at me. I couldn't quite make out the features of his face, but I could tell he was adamant just by the way he spoke. "You are going to stay quiet back here or I'm gagging you. Do you understand?" Without a second thought, I just nodded, my tears flowing freely. What was going to happen to me? Was I going to be rescued? How much of my life was this man going to rob from me? Was this whole encounter planned and calculated? Or was he really acting on impulse? Was I just going to die anyway? My only hope at the moment was that my family and friends would recognize I never made it home, find my car, and the police would be able to find and rescue me. There was nothing else I could do. I as at the mercy of the whims of this deranged man.
  11. Kimberly is a new transfer student.....she's the kind of girl that all the guys want to fuck, the kind that many girls are jealous of. A real 'daddy's girl' that comes complete with her own credit cards, drives a BMW she got for her birthday and the leader of a small group of girls that call themselves the 'Plastics' due to their seemingly unlimited credit card balances (think of that Lindsey Lohan movie, 'Mean Girls').... She's a tease but secretely she's a virgin. I'm looking for a guy or girl to get her alone in a classroom or basement, tie her up, gag her and fuck her into reality
  12. Hello, everyone! I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. I'm looking to play a kind, relatively innocent, petite girl who gets raped by a dominant man or futa... ...preferably one that is older by her than at least a decade and larger than her. Necessary disclosure, rape is obviously wrong, and I absolutely condemn real life rapists and sympathize with victims. However, I can't help what I'm interested in, so if you'll kindly refrain from coming at me about it, that'd be grand. While I'm not used to lolicon, I'm interested in exploring it, and these storylines can be edited to accommodate it. Other kinks and squicks can be found on my f-list, in my signature. These are the storylines I'm currently interested in: 1. A stalker takes advantage of his obsession being home alone, and either breaks in, or uses a ruse to get inside. 2. An older brother decides to take advantage of the younger sister he lusts after when they're left home alone one long weekend. 3. A man has hid his attraction to his best friend's teen daughter for years, but when the father asks him to watch the girl for a week while he's away, the man decides to take what he wants, damn the consequences. 4. A burglar breaks into a home expecting it to be empty, but when he finds the family's teen daughter there alone, decides to take more than just valuables. 5. A drifter living in a van finds a runaway hitchhiking on the highway, and figures that, since no one will be looking for her anyway, there's no harm in taking her as his sex slave. 6. A homeless man happens upon a pretty young camper, all alone in the woods, and decides to end his dry spell by force. 7. A humanoid monster is attracted to the young, female intern of the scientists. Wanting to study children conceived by the monster, the scientists lock the intern in his pen as his unwilling mate. 8. A teacher at a prestigious boarding school uses the threat of taking away a student's scholarship to blackmail her into letting her do what he wants. 9. The coach for the cheer team gets sick of just watching the girls shower over the security cameras, and decides to take advantage of his favorite cheerleader when she's left alone in the showers. 10. A college boy is rebuffed by the girl he's interested in, so he and a group of friends jump her to get some revenge. If any of those interest you, please shoot me an ecchitext (preferably with your username as the title). Thanks for reading!
  13. Kato10

    My First Time (fiction)

  14. So I went down the rabbit hole of this dude and It's all just so....perfect. Even if you don't have audible, the previews are enough to experience a flood of new emotions. I would say to start off with this one https://www.amazon.com/Gay-Living-Billionaire-Jet-Plane/dp/B01EQUN1PU/ref=sr_1_44?dchild=1&keywords=Chuck+Tingle&qid=1596088955&s=audible&sr=1-44 but here is his amazon author page, just..... go through it https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Chuck+Tingle&i=audible&qid=1596089402&ref=sr_pg_1
  15. RNoodles

    Gold Fever: Dragon Lovin

    Hello! This is my first time on this site. I wanted to share my writing, I like monstrous partners with a preference for dragons. I wanted to share my most recent fic, if you’re interest in ERP hmu.
  16. Feyrith Arbelladon

    Prince and the Demon

    Do you like playing demons? Do you enjoy dominating over a submissive man and earning the title of king? Well look no further! In this rp Feyrith is a prince. The demon is capture and brought to the castle to be placed in the dungeon while he awaits his trial from said prince however.... What if Feyrith doesn't want to kill the demon? What if he had fallen in love with him and wants to make him a ruler over the land?
  17. A figure in a witch-like uniform is humming as she ready to open her store. The elixir shop is one of many businesses that is on the rage these day since the attack of monster coming up frequently. A young girl smiled whenever she had a customer that decides to buy her potions. They never order her potions in one digit, their order always close to a hundred potions with various types of uses. It could be a healing potion, a strengthening potion, even she sold few sexual ones. Using few magic as helper to aid in hundred potion making order is just a flip of a hand as she is a pure-blooded witch. Some people do aware that there's a potion that can only be made by pure-blooded witch. The girl is one of the pure-blood witches that is existing in this world. It is unknown what does the elixir can do other than it can heal every sickness or even close fatal wounds. Its could have been just a rumor made by barkeeps or chattering housewives for some cases but they could have been real in the same time. The only mean to get such elixir is also special as there's nothing written about where to get it or even how to made it. Other than pure blooded witch, nothing seems come up. Unfortunately due to such rumor, many witch claim themselves could produce one as mere excuse so they can work in royalty while in reality, those elixir is just a water with flavor, nothing more. Some people hunt witches for this elixir even though they don't know a thing about this. The Witch Hunt is making the witches and wizard afraid and always live in fear even they don't know how. She know how to get the elixir to be made but she found out later that she can't get this herself. It was too embarrassing to say or write, and it could endanger the whole witch existence if it ever found out. The only hint she can give to is to the person that she like. People always get ahead of themselves and claim they would love her. They actually don't love her and said so with excuse of the payment that they will receive when the mission is done. The Witch knows this and lash out at the adventurers that only love her because of the rewards. She let out her anger until no remains that is left from them. Because few incidents that already happen and one of the remaining victims is escaping, her customers always order everything from The Witch by letter. The Witch said it herself to many barkeeps, guild masters, and shops keepers. She is also known as "The Mad Witch" because of the fact that she kills everyone who came to her and pretend to love her for her elixir. They will fall victim of her wrath if they did not abide the rules and keep being stubborn to come to her place, which the location is only known by the ones who she ask to come. Everything changed in one day when she was on the way to go home after looking for ingredients of her potions. She saw a wounded man in verge of dying laid under the tree when she is in the way to her home. She approach him until she saw his face, she feels like that person is familiar to her. She just decides to move his hair a bit and see his unconscious face, and she was shocked enough. She stepped back and close to her mouth for a while. "Oh my Goodness, Riki!" she said it quietly while her mouth is closed by her two hands. The man didn't give any reply and it seems that he's too injured to respond her calling. She desperately find way to heal him with some healing potions, but no avail. She tried to use her healing spells but also no sign of response, even the greatest spell can't make him awake. In the middle of desperation to save her childhood love, something is crossing her mind. That thing is the rumored elixir which can save anybody from fatal injuries and near-death experiences. 'Wait... What if I use the "elixir"?' she thought when "elixir" is crossing on her mind. She is thinking how to saved her long time crush and she just give the said "elixir" to the man who was her childhood friend and she decided to give it to him without any hesitation. She doesn't mind if it was his childhood crush and she admit it was embarrassing for her to do this, but she do it anyways by giving him the "elixir" directly to his mouth by open some of her clothes and directly make the man called Riki drink that directly from it source. The witch heard a ruckus coming from afar before she can see the effects of elixir on her body. It was something that is experimental and she hasn't have any proof yet. The ruckus was possibly came from his party, who were looking for him in the middle of forest after clearing a mission or two. She decide to left her childhood crush on the hand of fate because she was out of options and to avoid her discovery. The elixir itself doesn't guarantee if it is actually effective to be used since she only know it just some time ago theoretically by her mom's last journal . She never have a chance to proved that the elixir work and failed to meet his childhood crush again ever since. Many days has gone by through both lives and Marissa the "Mad Witch" decide it is the time to experiment on her elixir again. The problem is that according to the journal, The Witch can't get the elixir without any help, she also didn't find the last words of the elixir. 'Maybe, i just ask specifically for him? i don't know...' she thought to herself before decide to sent a missive to a barkeep, hoping it would reach him. She didn't know if her childhood crush is renown dragon slayer as she live very far from civilization. She could only silently pray and hoping nothing bad happen to him, realizing this fact. She can only hope that the letter reach the right guild, which has Riki the Dragon Slayer inside. -Present day "Here's your quest, kiddo!" a certain bald man in a white rug outfit in a certain bar says to the adventurer which has a spiky black hair and wears a black outfit with his signature black coat. He is sitting in the chair which is put in the front of the quartermaster's bar table and drinking a bottle of rum in the adventurer's guild. He is also giving some rum to random adventurers that come by to rest after they do their adventuring and find some wonders in the place. Adventurer like him come often to this guild for quests from helping the people, killing beasts, collect items, and so many things that they can do. He is one of them and his favorite quest is dragon slaying and goblin nest clearing, he is the specialist in both areas. Dragon slaying gives a huge amount of gold per slain dragons and goblin nest clearing is priced based on how much and what type of goblins that he killed also the nests tends to give a decent but not huge reward. But seeing from the paper today, it wasn't his ordinary dragon slaying quests nor goblin slaying. It was a collecting items quest, which the item is an elixir. "Hey, kiddo. This is a special quest just for you. The person said only you who are allowed to do this quest and that lady pays a lot of money just for you to do this quest, she doesn't mind if you do this quest repeatedly. Since you are technically selling the "elixir", we will price your reward based on the amount of elixirs that you gave to us." The bald person who is the quartermaster himself said while giving him another letter and seems he is teasing the adventurer due to his luckiness in his eyes. "Many adventurers know that if someone isn't the one she asks to come, they will die. So nobody is going to mess around and they are so J e a l o u s due to your luck. What a beautiful lady you got there. The quest also tells you to stay in the place at least a week before you do your job." The Quarter master teases as he said what those adventurers said but nobody is foolish enough to face one angry adventurer like him, since he is already a gold-level or maybe platinum-level if he is interested. He has the perfect mix of mana, mind, and body that maybe only one or two adventurers that is on par with him. He takes the letter and he is suspicious with who is the one sending him letter. In a nutshell the letter is to invite him to a hut in the middle of the forest in another area. Judging from their reaction this woman has a some connection to him that he isn't aware for now. The Witch named Marissa was greeted by someone with the letter that no other was sent by her. The Dragon Hunter named Riki is standing in front of Marissa, Marissa knew that Riki is her long time crush that is is alive after that fatal wounds many times ago.
  18. A black haired guy in his usual black office uniform is sitting in his chair and typing something in his laptop. It seems he is working on some projects that his office will need and it will give profit for both parties if the execution was right. There is a cup of coffee that he is already drink for his own extra energy when working some heavy things as this. It was lucky that he got some coffee and he have a secretary that helps him on doing his work. Even he knows well how troubled his member down there every time he calls her, wee remembering "Camilla, I have a question for you. Can you come here in a minute?" He called his secretary or maybe his future couple which maybe is besides him or His job is done for now as he is already type the last word and drink his last sip of coffee for a while. He is already done with the project and send it via email to his partner which located in the other office. He is actually planning to ask Camilla for a walk together later in the evening and going to the love hotel in the night while he is already bought a pair of matching rings which he put in his suit pocket. Camilla is a purple curly haired woman in her red shirt and miniskirt that is still in the middle of her work. She is almost finished doing her work in the office and she is already on the last page of the project proposal. This day has been stressful for her because the amount of the work she needs to do right now and the less time she needs to take a break. The next project requires both parties to do their job properly and check every single word that she and her boss is typing there. Not including what is her breasts doing in the middle in this Camilla thinks to take off her heels and take a long relaxing bath when the job is done and she is home already. Camilla heard her name come from the boss's office, which is no other than Alex himself. "Wait until I finished my printing, boss!" She said while she has done with the documents that she needs to type and starts to print them before arranging them in a folder. Few minutes has passed and she already arrange she put the last documents in the folder then went back to the adjacent room. "I'm finished with my job boss, and here I am you looked for me Alex? What do you need now?" She asked in seductive tone while try to impress him with her pair of big boobs. Alex is just focusing on Camilla's bouncing breasts while she is walking, but he is too clever to make it obvious and his eyes just seeing on her eyes. He just closing one of computers because he is really done with the job, and he is already print the needed files and put them in the folder. It is almost evening and he is thinking of asking Camilla to have a walk with him while it is actually a date for him with Camilla. He has planned all of these from today but he just don't let it to become an obstacle when he is working so he can keep his project in line and only plan about the date just now. "How's the work? Do you think it will a success?" He asked to Camilla while his actual plan is to bring her on some date before he is bringing her to a love hotel and do what they will do there. He is already preparing his "things" to execute his plan in the night in his bag. In his bag there is a bunch of sex toys, some apparatus, a camera and its tripod, and maybe some lotions that he need to for making Camilla as his woman, which he doesn't aware that is her wish to be dominated by him and being fucked senseless by her own boss. "The work is so tiring, Alex, I just want to relax at my home today, and I think the project will be a success" Camilla said while approached her head and leaned against the edge of the desk, this move allowed the miniskirt to rise slightly and to show the lace guepiere which held up her stockings, trying to seduce him also with a wink. She is unaware that he is going to make her wish into come true yet she keeps making such movements to make her boss, this thing is a habit of her to make her boss became closer to her. She knows that this is something that is kind of betraying herself but she know in her heart there is an untold scar. "I think we will discuss it privately somewhere if you have some time. Do you have your time this evening?" He asked to Camilla as he is already ready for his plan on dating her and of course, owning her to become his. He is seeing her as his future couple or wife that maybe some of them are based on his lust to girls with sexy body as her, but he also sees her as someone that he wanted to make happy in longer term and not to mess up just because of his lust . It seems seducing enough to make his member almost awake but he realize that they are still in the office. "I don't think we should spend more time discussing other details. Unless these details coincide with a dinner, a glass of wine and a relaxing bath with friends." Camilla licked her lips and leaned towards Alex. She is leaning her flourishing boobs to her boss but still on a safe distance. These big pairs were straining the buttons of the red shirt she had chosen that morning, but those buttons still can hold her large fun bags that soon will be fall into her boss' hands . She is maybe catching some codes behind of her boss words and she is guessing that he is going to ask her for a date and not discussing about her work. "Great to hear that, Camilla." He said while he is stand up and taking his bag that filled by "toys" and some "things" for his plan tonight, which maybe will make him successfully executing his plan tonight in a love hotel when she leaned against the edge of desk. He take a bit of view in her thighs and some lace that holding her stockings, well there is no man that can resist such thighs unless they aren't attracted to a lady. "Of course, a dinner for two is my plan for you, I could buy a glass of a wine. About the bath with a friend, maybe I shouldn't do that with you, except if you don't mind..." He charmingly said the few last parts and holding Carmilla's chin with his right thumb and index finger gently and make her face look to his face for a bit. Alex take a peek to the Camilla's seductive lips which he will kiss tonight before then he release his hands from her chin gently. Carmilla just silent and smiled seductively when her chin is being held by her boss, seems seeing his boss' handsome face is something good. 'It's not long before I lay my hand to those melons and peaches.' he thought while stealthily take a peek on her shirt which almost can't hold her breasts and her butts which almost make her skirt lift due to its size. "Let's go together shall we?" He ask politely to Camilla for both of them to go to dinner or his date before he executing his plan and give his ring which already in his suit pocket to her, but she didn't know the plan yet. Camilla will enjoy what is he going to plan and Alex is going to enjoy the night, even both are not aware with what they are going to do and how they react.
  19. It is the Year of Our Lord 1738 and homosexual men are prosecuted and executed for just being themselves. The sinister organization known in polite society as the Reformation of Manners has been disrupting the so called "Molly Clubs" social clubs were gay, bi, queer, and transgender men congregate and express themselves and seek love. Their formerly joyous celebrations have been destroyed by undercover agents and their culture is dying under a reign of suspicion and tyranny. Though the darkness consumes the homosexual community, and society refuses to even speak of homosexuality out loud, leaving young queer men without any context for the things they feel, affection and hope still find their way, love still exists and thrives even so. In the manor of a country lord, far from the persecution of the big cities, a marriage has taken place between the young handsome Lord Cia Helmcare and his new bride Billie a "girl" from one of the villages in his domain. The secret marriage is exceptional not only because it crosses social status lines but because Billie isn't actually a girl.....
  20. "It's gone?" Abaddon The Despoiler snarled lowly, the sound barely enough to be heard over the growl of his thick Terminator plate as he gestured towards the distant black spire that pierced the horizon. "How is that possible?" He inquired simply. Kel'Kane, Exalted Sorcerer of the Thousands Sons, knelt before the Warmaster in much smaller and more streamlined Power Armor, though his own warplate was just as ornately decorated. "It is, and I assume because someone took it before we slaughtered our way here." He replied just as simply. The Warmaster reflexively flexed the huge Talons of his Power Claw, a weapon that had once tasted the blood of the Emperor Himself when worn by Horus Lupercal. To Kel'Kane's ethersight the ancient weapon shone with a painfully bright golden light, remnants of the Emperor's flesh, tiny drops of dried blood, still bleeding a shocking level of power after ten thousand years. "Very well, then two paths lie before us now according to the Prophecy. In one I am slain by this power and the Imperium is saved from my Black Crusades, in the other I or my forces defeat the power and I break Cadia and cut the Imperium in half with the greatest warp storm ever seen." He turned towards Kel'Kane. "You know which future I prefer." "I shall make it happen." Kel'Kane said. "By any means necessary." Another leader may have given a speech emphasizing the dire and vitally important nature of the task but Abaddon did not waste words, Kel'Kane was the one best suited to this task and he would succeed or he would fail, speeches were unnecessary. Kel'Kane knew if he failed he would die alongside Abaddon and lose everything. He would not fail.
  21. PolkovnikRybalko

    Old Friends

    I climbed the steps to the secluded house in good cheer. I hadn’t seen Matt in almost 20 years, since the summer between our freshman and sophomore years in college. It wasn’t that we didn’t like each other; I thought he was great. But for differing reasons, neither of us was good at keeping up with people. I rang the bell. A woman answered it. She wore a maid’s outfit that might not clear customs at the border of scandalous. The skirt was so short that bending over at all was sure to display her panties, assuming she was wearing any, and it displayed her cleavage prominently. She would have been six inches taller than I before putting on the four inch heels, but was obviously about my age. Very attractive, mind you, in an aristocratic way but in a mature way. It was quite a spectacle to greet one when renewing acquaintances with an old friend. I smiled at the sight of her. “You must be Heather.” Her voice was proper, but she posed herself in a way that dripped sex. “Indeed.” I’m sure I smirked. She stood aside, holding the door and motioned for me to enter. “The Master is in the living room and asked me to show you there. Let me take your bag.” After closing the door, she took the lead. I watched her ass twitch as she walked. “You look familiar. Do I know you?” she asked, a bit timidly. “You should. We went to high school together.” *** Six months earlier, I’d been sitting at an outdoor café, waiting to meet an attorney. I’m normally a very patient person, but I drummed my fingers on the table in anticipation. She was late. I didn’t really have any legal questions other than some fiction I had concocted. I had an entirely different purpose in mind. Finally, the click-clack of a professional woman’s shoes approached from behind me, and the lawyer in question sat down across from me. “Heather Colquitt?” “That’s me,” I replied. The sun shone directly over her shoulder, preventing me from getting a good look. She sat down. “So,” she said brusquely, “you need help with a patent.” I nodded, examining her carefully now that I could see her. She’d changed, but not enough to keep her from resembling the Amy Colston I remembered. Her blonde hair was in a much more expensive cut, the gray silk suit was nothing like jeans and a t-shirt and her eyes were mostly hidden by a pair of designer sunglasses, but the face was the same. I’d lusted after her as a teenager, and was already starting to do so again in middle age. Her laptop landed on the table and she opened it up. “I usually prefer to meet in my office, but I suppose this will do.” She still hadn’t really looked at me. “You mentioned something about subliminal persuasion on the phone.” “Yes. I have a way of convincing people to do something that you want them to do. I don’t know that it’s really subliminal. That just seemed like the best way to describe it in shorthand.” She reached over and picked up her water. I watched in triumph as she took a swallow. Amy looked at me with an obviously skeptical expression. “Subliminals don’t work. That’s been shown over and over again.” “Oh, no. This really works. It could be worth a fortune to the advertising industry.” I could almost see her wondering why she’d even taken this meeting. I could have answered that for her, but then it went directly to the claim I’d made. The funny thing was that I’d spoken the truth. I really did have a way to make people do things I wanted, as she was about to learn. The only bit of dishonesty was that it would never, ever go to a patent office. *** Amy’s ass led me to a room decorated in a modern style, all chrome, glass and black leather. Dust and disorder were nowhere in sight. Matt Reynolds stood up as we entered. He’d put on weight and his hairline had drifted backwards a couple of inches, but otherwise looked just the same. “Heather!” He stepped forward, holding out his hand. “It’s great to see you.” I ignored the offer to shake hands and stepped up to embrace him. He returned the hug enthusiastically. “Sit down,” he insisted when we parted. “God, we have a lot of catching up to do.” I accepted the invitation, noting that Amy stood to his side, within easy reach. “Indeed. What have you been up to? It certainly seems to pay well.” He shrugged. “I guess. First, would you like something to drink?” “That would be fabulous. Could I get a vodka Collins?” Matt grinned. “Of course.” He looked up at Amy, simultaneously running one hand up the back of her thigh, producing a shiver. “Slut, fetch our guest her drink and I’ll have a bourbon.” He delivered the insult casually, as if without thinking, but it produced a brief flush of shame in its target. The maid bowed slightly. “Yes, Master.” She left the room, still emphasizing her butt. We caught up briefly. Matt was in tech, some sort of network engineer. I didn’t pursue, because playing to stereotype, I don’t understand computers at all. It really is genetic, but not so much because I’m a girl. I claimed that I was research psychologist, which is close enough to being true that it’s really just a fudge. Amy returned with two glasses on a tray before I had to go into detail. I stopped talking to watch her. She bent over far more than was necessary to set the vodka on the table next to me, ensuring I could look down her bodice. It was impressive. When she did the same for Matt, I saw that my surmise about the panties was correct. They even looked a bit damp, which did nothing for the dryness of my own. “Is that who I think it is?” I asked unnecessarily when she had returned to her station. Matt laughed. “Oh, yes. Amy Colston, indeed. Slut, this is Heather Colquitt. I’m sure you remember her from Groverdale High as well as you do me.” She turned a bright crimson. “Really?” I put as much surprise into my voice as possible. “Actually,” Matt continued, “she’s the reason I tracked you down and invited you to stay with me for a weekend.” He stroked her thigh again. “She just showed up one day a few months ago. Said she was really sorry for the way she’d treated me in school.” He looked up at her as his hand slid between her legs. “What was it you said again?” *** I watched with satisfaction as Amy drank the rest of her water. Now the deed was done. “You don’t recognize me, do you?” She looked at me sharply, studying me for the first time. “I go by Genevieve Étrange now, but it’s really just kind of a stage name. I’m Heather Colquitt.” I watched her think for a moment, then recognition. “From Groverdale? Really?” She put on a fake smile that would fool most people. “It’s great to see you.” “Cut the shit.” I felt angry all of a sudden. “You were a bitch then, you’re a bitch now, and you couldn’t care less that I’ve reappeared.” Amy pursed her lips. “Then maybe you should find a different attorney.” She started to close her laptop. “No,” I snarled, “you’re exactly the lawyer I want. I certainly didn’t call you at random.” She closed her bag. “Well, I’m not going to work for you.” I snorted. “I never intended to have you work for me.” I emphasized the last word. *** Amy squirmed in both humiliation and arousal. “I said that I was sorry, Master. That I’d been having dreams about you. I said that I felt very guilty about teasing you and,” she bit her lip and stumbled over her words. “And that, you know, that time that we molested you.” I sat up in genuine surprise. That was a story he’d never shared with me. “The only way I could make it up to you was to become your slave. To let you use me in any way you wanted. I said that I wanted, no, needed you to humiliate me.” Tears leaked out of her eyes. That did nothing to control my own sexual excitement. I was drinking my vodka collins faster than I had intended. Matt had a look of wonder on his face. He clearly still didn’t believe his good fortune. “I’ll be damned if she hasn’t done it, too. She’ll do anything I want.” I could see the skirt moving as he played with her pussy. “Isn’t that right, slut?” “Yes, Master,” she gasped. He suddenly removed his hand, producing only a look of loss on Amy’s face. His fingers came away glistening with moisture, and he held them up before his slave. As she bent to suck them clean, he looked at me. “Well, once I realized this was for real, I had to find you. You wanted a piece of her ass as badly as I did back then, and deserved it as much as I do.” I nodded. I had certainly hoped that he’d give me this chance. “You’re damned right I wanted her. Thank you.” I was almost bouncing in my seat at the prospect of finally abusing Amy myself. “May I play with her?” I smirked. “I’m sure you’d like to watch.” He laughed again. “Oh, indeed I would. As soon as she gets us another round of drinks, nothing would please me more.” With a slap on her bottom, he sent Amy on her way. We sat in silence while she was gone, but couldn’t keep the grins off of our faces. It was a bit odd, as this sort of thing wasn’t exactly new to me, but I blame my lack of professionalism on the fact that I had really hated Amy for a long time. As for Matt, he wasn’t really himself on the subject. *** Amy fidgeted with her bag. “I’ve had enough.” I laughed at her. “You didn’t believe my claims. So, let’s give you a demonstration. Go ahead. Leave.” I sat back and watched her dither. I was impressed that she at least managed to stand up. There aren’t very many who have that much willpower. It was as far as she got, though. “What’s happening?” Fear edged into her voice. “Sit down and I’ll explain.” She complied with a thump. “As I said, I can make you do what I want. At first it was only a little compulsion to take this meeting with me, but with what I put in that water you drank, the sky is pretty much the limit now.” “I’ll scream.” “No you won’t. In fact, I think you should shut up and just listen.” Her mouth snapped closed. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Actually, you’re my master piece. Literally. Once you are a finished product, I graduate from being a journeyman to a master. We still use the old system in my profession. “Ask me what I do for a living.” “What do you do for a living?” she complied. “I’m a witch.” *** When Amy returned with a second round, I stood up. “Put them down and stand in front of me.” She did what I’d ordered. I reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling her face down to mine. I kissed her savagely, forcing my tongue into her mouth as she struggled to keep her footing. She stumbled when I released my grip, but stayed on her feet. I walked behind her and kicked the inside of her foot. Not hard, but enough to sing. “Spread your legs; bend over; grab your ankles.” I watched as the fabric of her panties stretched tightly over her mound. I pressed my thumb against the silk, feeling its dampness. “This turns you on, doesn’t it?” “Yesssssss.” It ended in a hiss. I drew back my hand and spanked her hard. She rocked, but impressed me by staying on her feet. “You will address me as Mistress. Understood?” “Yes, Mistress,” she replied hastily. I slipped a finger inside her panties and probed the hot, wet hole underneath. “This really turns you on. Do you like being humiliated?” “Yes, Mistress,” she groaned. “That must be a lot of guilt you’re feeling, isn’t it?” I slid my finger down, feeling her coarse pubic hair, and brushed my nail against her clit. She jumped and produced a sharp squeak. “Yes, Mistress.” “Well then, if you’re so guilty, you need to be punished, don’t you?” I withdrew my touch. She rocked back, trying to follow my hand, but failed. “Yes, Mistress.” **** The bitch clearly wanted to respond to that, but couldn’t make her mouth work properly. All that emerged was a whine. “A black witch.” Under the table, I forced her feet apart with my own. “About as black as it gets, really. I put spells on people to break their will. I reduce them to sniveling, pathetic helplessness. Then I train them. Transform them into dutiful little slaves. And then I sell them.” I lifted my left foot into her chair and pushed it up her skirt. “You can’t do that kind of thing too often. People would notice. So there are two choices, really. Some of us prey on the homeless or the marginal. The kind of people no one will miss.” Very gently, I stroked her crotch with my toe. “They’re not good for anything specialized, of course, but even unskilled slaves can be used for all sorts of thing. You might be surprised to know how many of the manual laborers you see have actually been conditioned. But that sort of thing is low margin, and you have to do a lot of volume to really get ahead. “I do a different kind of work. Much more specialized. I work the high value end of the field. Once I’m a master, I can work on things like suborning politicians, making them completely compliant to so some interest. Up to now, I capture professionals.” She began to whimper as my ministrations began to combine with the potion she’d consumed to produce arousal. And fear. Delicious, delicious fear. It was one of the things about my job that I savored. “Lawyers seem to be particularly popular. Attorney/client privilege has nothing on the kind of secrecy I can enforce. “But let’s face it. The real money is in sex slaves. You have no idea how much some people will pay to have their own personal toys.” She looked around, hoping no one could see. I pushed against her crotch, forcing the chair away from the table, revealing more. No one would notice. I’d taken care of that already, but she had no way to know that. “And that brings us to you. We have a rule. A masterpiece can’t be done for money, and it can’t be done at random. It’s personal. Really, I couldn’t think of anyone I wanted to do this to more than you. Take that as a compliment, if you will. Of all the people I’ve ever met, you stand out above all of the others as the one I most want to destroy.” I sighed. “My foot is getting tired.” I pulled it away from her. “Put your hand down your skirt and masturbate for me. I want to watch you do yourself.” *** I turned to look at Matt. He had an intense look on his face, and I could see his cock straining against his slacks. “Enjoying the show?” He nodded. “Yeah.” His voice was hoarse. “You’re good at this.” “I spend time in the BDSM community.” That was kind of true. “Fun to put it to use for real.” I caressed Amy’s thigh through the silk of her stocking. “You’re giving your master a big hard-on,” I told her. “That’s a very naughty thing to do. Are you prepared to fix it?” “Yes, Mistress,” she groaned. “Good. But we’re not quite ready yet. Get on your hands and knees and crawl over to my bag.” She complied, still managing to shake her rump in an enticing way. I was pleased to note that she didn’t assume anything else about my instructions and didn’t touch my luggage. Matt was doing damned well for an amateur. “Now, unzip the long pocket on the right side. You’ll find several things in there. You’ll become acquainted with all of them over the next few days, but right now I just want the short, brown leather braided whip.” I suddenly realized I’d erred, and hoped Matt was too busy enjoying himself to ask why I’d come equipped. Amy pulled out the whip, wincing at the sight of some of the other instruments. She crawled back to me and held it up for me to take. I did so, then squatted down behind her. “Matt, have you ever had a woman give you a blow job while she’s being beaten? The sensation of her screaming while your cock is in her mouth is really quite exquisite.” He shook his head. I flipped Amy’s skirt up, and then pulled her panties down to mid-thigh. They clung to her cunt briefly, then separated, leaving a trail of moisture between them. It took a few seconds for it to snap. “Now, slave, here is what is going to happen. You are going to crawl over to your master. You are not to let those panties slip down to the floor. You will unzip his pants and pull out his dick. You will then give him the best blow job you have ever performed. He seems very close to blowing his stack already, but you are not to let him cum until I tell you to.” I smiled at Matt. “Is that absolutely clear?” “Yes, Mistress.” “The whole time, I am going to be beating your ass. Hard. As I said, I want you to scream.” I leaned forward and jerked her head back by her hair, forcing her to look up at me. “If you accidentally bite his cock while I whip you, I will subject you to pain you can’t imagine. Got that?” “Yes, Mistress,” she whispered, fear in her eyes. “Good.” I stood up, and delivered the first blow with a loud crack. “Now get started.” *** “I’ve worked up to this for a long time. You know, if you had paid any attention to the people you went to high school with, you might have seen this coming. Remember Monica? She lives her life in a basement in San Diego. The last I heard, Gina was somewhere in Russia. The first of your little clique to disappear was Kelly. I admit, I wasn’t very skilled at that point and it was a crude conversion, but it turned her into a streetwalker in Miami. And Sue, well, the life of a sex slave can be kind of dangerous. Take hers as a cautionary tale on why you need to keep the boss happy.” I couldn’t actually see her playing with herself, but Amy’s expression gave it away. She was really getting into it. I really enjoy cross-wiring my subjects, and Amy was going to find that fear and shame were irresistible turn-ons. The range of emotions that played across her face had the same effect on me. “I have a special destination in mind for you. More than just a punishment, you are going to search for atonement. I assume you remember Matthew Reynolds.” She gave no sign of recognition, but her features were busy. “I’m giving you to him. He is going to do anything he wants to you.” Amy suddenly smiled. She managed to croak out, “Too . . . nice.” That startled me. “I’m very impressed, Amy. You managed to disobey a direct order. I can count on one hand my victims that had the willpower to do that. It won’t help you, though. As those charms sink deeper, they’ll find ways to turn that strength against you. As I said, I’m much better at what I do than I used to be.” “But you’re right, of course. He is too nice to treat you the way you deserve.” I felt a stab of guilt of my own. “Can you believe that I once told him that he was too nice to date? Granted, that was before I realized that I’m a dyke, but still, that wasn’t nice.” “But that’s a temporary condition. I have another cocktail made up that I’ll be administering to him. Anonymously. Actually, that’s the part of all of this that will earn me a promotion. I think I’ve done an exquisite job with you, but you’re really just a prop. What I’m doing to him, though, is a work of art.” She was rubbing herself harder. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to edit someone’s ethics? And do it selectively? Of course not. Well, it’s an order of magnitude more difficult than turning someone into a guilty, shame-driven, masochistic slut.” Gloating about this felt really good. “By the time you deliver yourself to him, he will have a bit of a blind spot in that good nature of his. He will still treat everyone else just like he always has. Not you. With you, he’s going to be all id. Every bit of resentment he feels towards women in general, and you in particular, is going to come out in the way he treats you. You’re going to be his scapegoat, in its original sense, the receptacle for his anger. And the best part of it is that nothing he does to you will bother his conscience in the slightest. You’re fair game.” “I really hope he doesn’t kill you on the spot.” *** For all of her faults, I decided that I really did have to admire Amy’s work ethic. She was a sex slave, and had clearly put a lot of effort into being a good one. Despite the blistering I gave the back of her thighs and ass, she successfully kept Matt away from climax for quite a while. When the inevitable was about to become unavoidable, I let up and grabbed her hair again. “Sit back and jack him off. I want him to cum on your face.” She quickly grabbed his cock and started stroking it forcefully. In a matter of seconds, jets of white fluid spattered her from her frosted blonde hair to her pointed little chin. Matt groaned. I know that the orgasm is inferior that way, but I was sure that Amy would have opportunities to make it up to him. I retreated to my chair. “Once you’ve cleaned him up, come over here. And those panties should still be at mid thigh.” I had her stand in front of me, legs spread as far as the fabric would allow and her hands behind her head. I ran my fingers through her closely trimmed pubic hair and then idly played with her sex. Her cunt was leaking lubricant, which made a track down the inside of her thigh that resembled in microcosm the streams of semen dripping onto her breasts and uniform. “Tell me,” I asked casually, “what’s the most embarrassing thing Matt has made you do?” I let two fingers slide inside her as she answered. She hesitated. “We went to Chicago. A couple of months ago.” Her speech was halting and tears formed in her eyes. Her pussy had become an inferno. “Master took me to a strip club. It was amateur night. He made me dance. The owner didn’t want to. My age. So he made me bribe him. I paid the owner $1,000 to let me dance. I begged him to let me.” She was looking past me, unfocused on anything in the present. “Master had arranged for some of the associates from my old firm to be there. A large group. And a couple of the partners. They . . . they really enjoyed seeing me dance. Naked.” Her voice dropped to a whisper for a moment before recovering. “I don’t think they liked me.” “They threw one dollar bills at me.” Her eyes closed and her legs were trembling. “I was a $600 an hour patent attorney, and they were giving me singles.” “ Master invited them to a hotel suite. The younger ones came. They all fucked me. One or two at a time.” I brushed her clit with my thumb, producing a cry as she jerked. “Do you want to cum, slut?” “Yes, Mistress.” *** “Here is what is going to happen,” I told Amy. By this point she was moaning with arousal, but I made sure she was paying attention. “As I said, you are going to deliver yourself to him. Not today. Today, you’re going to go about your work. But memories of what you did to Matt are going to start to plague you. You’re going to dream about them. And you’re going to feel guilty about it.” “Then you’re going to start dreaming about ways to make it up to him. Eventually, you’ll hit upon the idea of becoming his slave. It will crawl out of your dreams and you’ll start fantasizing about it during your waking hours. Eventually it will consume you.” She started to sound like Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle. “And it’s going to make you hot. So very, very hot. I have no idea what your sex life is like now, and I don’t care. But soon, no matter what you do, it won’t be enough. You’ll be so desperate to climax that you’ll try anything, but it will be harder and harder. The only way to have an orgasm will be to imagine Matt Reynolds controlling you. Abusing you.” “And eventually, you’re going to find him. And then you’re going to sell off everything you own and quit your job. You will find yourself on his doorstep, ringing the bell. When he answers, you’re going to beg him to let you in. You will promise to do anything he wants you to. Anything. I mean that literally.” “And you had better hope that he accepts your offer. Nothing I’m going to do to him will guarantee that he does. If he doesn’t, well, it’s going to be a short and miserable life for you from there.” “If he does take you in, you will do what you have promised. It gets better. I’m also going to be sending him a charm. A physical one, not one to consume. As long as he keeps it near him, and he will, no one else is going to blink an eye at your situation. You can call for help all you want, and no one will answer. If he takes you out in public, no one will question the way he treats you or the things he makes you do, even if it involves them.” I was leaning forward, almost straining to get closer to her, to see her face. “If he starts dating someone, she will just accept your presence as perfectly normal, and she’ll hardly object to him fucking you, too. She’ll probably even help.” “That’s how you’re going to spend the rest of your life. And I’d try to make sure that he doesn’t get bored with you. Life is pretty tough for a middle aged sex slave in need of a new owner.” Even with the table interposing, I could tell she was frigging herself with a shocking intensity. “You seem to be excited by the whole idea. Tell me what you think of that.” “Bitch.” The word emerged as a long, quavering expression. “Evil bitch.” “Yes, yes I am. I’ll see you in hell. I’ll still be the one on top.” I stood up, gathering my purse. “Oh, one more thing.” I stepped around the table so that I was looking straight down at her, legs splayed apart, hand working furiously inside her clothes. “Once I walk away, you will finally have that orgasm you want so badly. And when you do, you’re going to forget I was ever here. You’re going to be left wondering why you’re drenched in your own sex juices and why no one around seems to notice. And then you’ll go on with your life, just as I described it. You’ll think that everything that happens came to you naturally. Just your own guilt finally taking control of you.” I bent down and gently kissed her mouth. When I broke it, I turned to leave. “Oh, there’s one exception to that. Whenever you cum, you will remember this meeting. Then, and only then, you will know what really happened to you and who did it. And then the memory will fade.” I wasn’t fifty feet away before I heard her scream out her climax. *** I looked up at Amy. I’m sure my smile was wicked indeed, but she didn’t see it. Her eyes were closed, thinking of nothing but shame and hot, wet excitement. I gently slid my two fingers in and out and began softly playing with her clit. She was panting with need, and the end came quickly. As her orgasm began to crash over her, her eyes flew open and locked with mine. I watched triumphantly as they filled with horror. She tried to curse me, but as I’m sure happened every time she tried to communicate the things she suddenly knew, her sexual needs overwhelmed her and choked her words into incoherence. She didn’t break my gaze. I basked in her despair and defeat. Then the moment was past. She looked down at the floor. “Thank you, Mistress, for letting me cum.” “You are most welcome, slave. May I say that I enjoyed it almost as much as you did.” She glanced up, and I saw gratitude. Gratitude for caring. I looked over at Matt, who was hard again already. “If your master is willing, I would love to make you cum over and over again this weekend.”
  22. I was wondering if anyone else uses Werdsmith? Do you prefer a different app or word/writing program? Are you old school and go for pen and paper, a type-writer, or do you go that extra mile and use a quill and ink? I tend towards a mix of pen and paper, forums like this one, Werdsmith, and Microsoft Word. Though, I want to improve my penmanship. I feel like it’s lacking, just like my writing style.
  23. 9. The Stilllhalle, Altenburg Idomeneus kicked his feet up on the divan in his chambers in the Stillhalle. Two beautiful, blonde altilium dozed naked on the bed behind him. A third lay beside him, her head on his stomach, one hand reached inside his loose breeches, idly stroking him. She was young, her hand soft on his flesh, but her grip was firm and her movements skilled. The two on the bed would need rest and food to regenerate the power he had taken from them. The one with him on the couch was waiting for her turn. For now he had enough energy stored, but when he needed more, he would take it from her. Until then, he instructed her, his voice calm despite the arousal he felt at her touch. "Remember to focus your own energy as you increase your partners arousal," he said, his cock growing in her hand, almost fully at attention now. He could feel her energy thrumming around him like an electrical field. She was quite strong. "Good, good," he said. "Let you power build to match that of your partner. You want to keep the balance between the two of you, your power and that of your partner should flow into and around each other. The trick is to maintain that equilibrium." He felt a spike in her power level and shook his head. "Careful, now," he said, but suddenly she leaned forward and put her mouth on him, sliding her tongue along his length. His own arousal and available power spiked to meet hers. She was more skilled than he thought. "Very good," he said. "Very good, indeed." He liked this girl, and idly wondered what her name was before he grasped the back of her head and pushed her down onto him. He felt her throat constrict around his head as she gagged trying to take him deep. Despite the arousal he felt at having his cock squeezed in her throat and the power rising within him because of it, she still somehow balanced her own power with his. Was she aroused by his dominance? He held her there, pressing hard against the back of her head, hearing the sloppy wet sounds of her gagging on him, feeling her power rise in a crescendo, and somehow his rose to meet hers. How was she doing that? He let go of her head and felt her slide off of him, heard her gasp in a breath before she turned and looked up at him, a self-satisfied smile on her face, saliva stringing from her lips to the tip of his cock. She was far more experienced than any of the other acolyte with whom he had worked. "You've been practicing," he said, looking down at her, feeling the well of power swirling around, between, and through them. "The Lord Magnus taught me a few things," she said, and he could sense her arrogance. Overconfidence was a common weakness among the acolytes. He would have to rid her of it. "Indeed," he said, focusing now. If she wanted to show off, he would make sure she understood what it meant to practice with a member of the Imperium Magus. "What is your name?" "Johanna," she said, giving him bedroom eyes. "Well, Johanna," Idomeneus said, wrapping his fingers in her hair, "you may yet have a thing or two to learn." He slammed into her throat them, tugging her head down onto his crotch. He felt her surprise and fear like a spear tip lancing through their tantric energies. Fear was also power, but another flavor altogether, one few knew how to wield. He knew it all too well, and turned the tip of that lance back upon her. Her eyes were wide as she tried to breathe, but he held her there. Her fingers scrabbled at his pants, not wanting to hurt him, but wanting to get off of him, take a breath. He stared down at her as he turned their combined power to bear on her. He made her feel fear like she had never known, combined it with the arousal she had felt before, made her unable to distinguish one from the other, saw the confusion as her body convulsed in orgasmic throes as she felt a simultaneous bone-chilling terror. Her power level rose to a level he had only seen in students who were ready to become full members of the Imperium Magus, and he siphoned it all off before she could do anything with it. He was filled with power, so much that the sense of it woke the two girls on the bed behind them. He stared down at Johanna and spent himself in her mouth. Her eyes bulged, but somehow she took it all, swallowing more out of necessity than desire. He drained every last iota of power from her, pushed his last spurt of semen into her mouth, then let go of her and shoved her aside. Johanna's body shook with her rasping breaths as she hunched on hands and knees, and she retched his ejaculate onto the divan. Her eyes watered and she looked at him in shock and horror. "Why...?" she could barely even get that word out between coughing fits. "You are strong, Johanna," said Idomeneus. "But you have much to learn. When I was an acolyte in the south, the Saaxir of the Maze killed promising students for lesser displays of arrogance." She stared at him silently, some of the deference she should have shown all along finally returning to her features. "The Lord Magnus taught you a few impressive tricks," he said, reaching out to pet her hair. "But you have much to learn." Her coughing had calmed, but she remained on her hands and knees staring at him and said nothing. "I can teach you." He smiled at her then, his friendly, disarming smile. "Would you like to become my disciple?" She nodded quickly. Idomeneus placed his hand on her cheek. "You have the potential to sit on the Imperium Magus," he said, his voice gentle now. "I can give you the training you need to attain that potential." "Thank you, Lord Idomeneus," she said, looking downward. He merely nodded. "Go, clean yourself up. Get some rest. Return to me this evening." She nodded, bowed her head, and scurried away, wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand. Idomeneus lay back on the divan and felt the power coursing through his body. It was amazing, really. She was as powerful as some members of the Imperium Magus already. With the right training, she could surpass all but the most powerful members. He reached down and picked up the gold circlet Balthazar had left for him. Placing it on his head, he attuned himself to it and was suddenly able to hear all the sendings that had come in before. Kali and Eckhart witnessed ruby flashes in the foothills of the Northern Waste and planned to investigate further tomorrow. Balthzar and Kamala had reached Bojadrar. While wearing the circlet he would hear their voices as they reported in. It was a mild nuisance, easily bearable when weighed against his unrestricted use of all the students as altilium. Even without the power he received from them, the women were enough of a reason to practice magic, and here in the Empire he practically had his own harem. He listened to the messages the others sent to him and cataloged them in his brain to share with Balthazar when next they communicated.
  24. guy_sas

    The Price of Victory

    Goblins weren’t like other races, they weren’t sculpted by the gods but instead were crafted by dark wizards. They subjugated the largest band of amazonian orc warriors, and got to work, working in bits and pieces of all the natural races. They were defined by the short stature taken from the dwarves, the long ears of elves, the green skin and tusks from orcs, and the messy dark hair of men. Despite their short size their bodies were magically toughened able to take the members and give birth to them as well, there were well known cases of goblins even giving birth to the children of giants. They were abnormally fertile, but only about one of ten of their children would be another goblin. They were always female. While the ‘more civilized races’ pretended to hold sympathies for the goblin’s plight, they did little to actually help free them from their roles as breeding slaves. If a goblin was found in a raid on the orc lands they might be brought back into those nations. Usually they would still wind up in the slave trade, but sometimes they would be taken in by a noble house that had pity on them, and educated. It was three such goblins who would change the world history. Leelus had wound up in the country of elves, and had been trained in the ways of magic. Insvilda had been taken into the land of the dwarves where she learned the art of weapon crafting and maintenance. Elidna, taken to the land of men, learned the ways of battle and would be the most important of them all. She convinced a small alliance of lords from the elf, dwarf, and kingdoms of men, to bring together a unified army to claim a patch of land from the orcs. If they made a homeland for the goblins, then orc numbers would drop quickly over the next few generations. The plan was agreed and after an eighteen month campaign a small chunk of land was carved out for the goblins to use as a homeland. The orcs responded quickly though, charging back with hordes of their berserker soldiers. The monstrous race attacked with new raids every day. Then they were abandoned by the ‘more civilized races’, the people didn’t support a continued war for what they considered to be a race of cattle slaves. The goblins couldn’t rely on the cunning of their queen forever, nor could they enlist their citizens as warriors. This was a place for goblins to come and seek out a better life, not fight in an endless war. There had to be a solution, and the mage Leelus had been the one to find it. Leelus had summoned a creature from the very pits of the infernal realm, a creature born in those fires tough, resilient, and loyal to its masters. She summoned hellhounds. During those dark months she made herself a secret laboratory and got to work on what would be her toughest project. Three months later, she finished. Hordes of hellhounds emerged from her lab. They had pitch black fur, and flaming red eyes. They bounded over the walls surrounding the kingdom easily, and drove back the startled orcs. The soldiers at the time dropped their weapons for a moment, completely in shock, and then they cheered. Behind the wolves was Leelus, calm and confident as ever, directed them to victory. No one ever learned what it had cost her. Elidna III now sat on the throne and the lands were doing well, or at least well enough. New goblins came in every day, brought on by the promise of new lives. They would abandon their old lives often dedicating themselves to farming, mining, fishing, or even skilled labor. Trade routes had been firmly established with the other kingdoms. Not only that, but there were men of other races; men, dwarves, and elves, who came for some reason or another and now stayed with their wives and children. Most importantly, while the orcs had gotten better at fighting off the hell hounds, they still lost land against the hell beasts and never took a bit of it back. Rea walked through the dirt streets outside the castle. She smiled as she looked between the smiling men and women all around her, in what seemed to be a small bit of heaven. It was hard for her to imagine how hard it was life for goblins outside the country. She was the grand-daughter of Leelus, and there wasn’t a single day that went by where she wasn’t proud of what her grand mother did. Every goblin had markings on her stomach, small runes inscribed there. They had changed the biology of every goblin that came to them to be able to only give birth to other goblins, who would also be naturally born with the same runes. Without a skilled mage it couldn’t be undone, which meant that even if they were kidnapped they would prove useless as breeding slaves. More importantly it gave them control in a way many of them never had before. Rea made her way inside the castle, past a group of guards, who wore silver armor perfectly fitted to their curvy bodies. They sat by the gate playing cards with each other, and smiled at her when she passed. Rea raised her own hand to them, as she entered. She made her way through the castle, it was covered with various arts made by goblins over the passing years, portraits, tapestries and even an elegant statue sitting in the garden in the center of the castle. Rea always went there when she came to the castle, she didn’t know why but being summoned always made her just a bit stressed out. She stopped by a shallow pool of water. She looked out into it, and back at herself. Her body was lithe, at least as lithe as goblin bodies got. She wore long blue robes that covered her body, and her black hair was kept trimmed and short. She gave herself a smile, to take a look at her white teeth and fangs, as well to get her confidence up. After a second she turned away and went through the rest of the castle to the throne room. The throne room was massive with large banners that hung down from the ceiling. The banners depicted their short history in great detail, and with an artistic flare that left Rea speechless every time she saw them. On either side of the room were benches were different lawyers and duchesses publicly debated the decisions of the kingdom. While she heard the shouting out in the hall, the second she entered they all fell silent. At the end of the hall was Elidna III wearing the silver armor of her grandmother and sitting half-sprawled in her throne. Rea walked up to the throne and kneeled. “My queen,” she said in a hushed tone. “Stand up, my royal mage,” she replied. Rea turned up to look at the queen. She was taller than Rea, taller and bulkier than most. Her hair seemed almost blue in the light, and it was kept in a long ponytail. Her fangs had two golden rings that ran through them. However, her dark eyes held a spark of compassion and kindness in them. “Why have you summoned me here?” “Our spies have reported Orcs consorting with rogue dwarves at the edges of the kingdom. Some of the berserkers are getting equipped with new armors and weapons, and while the line is holding right now, I’m afraid they’re going to push the line back once these tougher soldiers get sent out. I know your family has maintained the constant summoning of the hell hounds for years, but I wonder if it would be possible to increase that number slightly, to hold this new threat back?” Rea considered for less than a second, “it should be no problem, my queen. Is that all?” “That is it, my loyal servant.” Rea turned and left the throne room, after another bow. She made her way through the castle, to a small building just barely inside the walls. Building perhaps wasn’t the right word, it was more a block of pure stone with runes carved in the sides. It was the entrance to her grandmother’s old lab. Rea raised her hand up and closed her eyes. She began to chant in another language, her voice dark and deep as she did. The runes started to glow, and soon the stone started to melt away. A door formed in the stone block, nothing inside it but a stairway that led down into the earth. Rea walked inside and summoned a ball of light in her hands. As she stepped inside the stone closed up behind her. When the door closed up behind her she was left in silence for a moment. The only sound was her footsteps against the hard stone. She felt her pulse rise as she moved down the stairs, she knew what was coming, and it didn’t frighten her. Far from it, her cheeks filled with blush and she felt wetness between her legs. She entered down into a massive chamber divided into roughly twenty cells. The walls of the cells were made of bright blue magic, though she could easily see inside them. She saw herself in each, a perfect clone of her body, except for four changes. The first one was invisible, their bodies were modified so they would never give birth to another goblin. The second was that they were all naked. The third was their pregnant bellies. And the fourth was the fact they were all currently being mounted by massive dog like creatures, with black fur and flaming eyes. Rea cleared her throat and took a step deeper into the lab. This was the cost of freedom, a choice her grandmother had made. Then her mother made it, and now it was her. Rea turned to look into one of the magic cells and placed her hand against the bright blue barrier. The clones couldn’t see out of their cells, or hear out of their cells. This was to help them lose track of time, get lost in the endless rutting. Rea found her hand drifting south before she shook her head, she was here for a reason. Rea walked out to the center of the room, as she chanted spells under her breath. The chamber grew wider, the walls simply extended out the dirt and rock that was once there being teleported far away. She figured that five new breeding clones should work for Elidna. The magicals walls rose from the ground to the ceiling, leaving nothing inside. She closed her hands and focused her energy, five hellhounds that had been out on the front lines were teleported inside the cells, she was sure no one would miss them. They paced around inside their new homes for a minute, before they seemed to look at her eagerly, they knew what was about to happen. Once she was done with that, Rea turned her attention to the center of the room. There was a stone dias and from it rose a translucent white light, runes carved into the rim. She took a step towards it. That was it, the generator for the clones. The runes were carved into that by her grandmother, it was the most important tool inside this whole chamber. Once she took a step inside that, it would create her copy, change its breeding capabilities, and then teleport it to one of the empty cells. Rea stopped in front of it, her heart threatening to jump out of her throat. Did she really want to do this? The thing had always made her nervous, magic could deteriorate the older it got, and this thing was three times older than her. She always wondered what would happen if something went wrong, what she would do. She shook her head, she was just being paranoid. Probably. She took a step into the light. ~~~ Rea awoke with a pounding head on the hard packed dirt floor. She pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, as she blinked. What had happened? Slowly, she looked up, and saw nothing but glowing blue walls, and a massive dog with fur as black as night and flaming red eyes. She pushed herself up onto her feet and looked at the hellhound as it licked its lips and took a step towards her. “N-no! Stop,” she called out as she backed up against the magical shield. The dog looked almost disappointed for a second, but it stopped where it was. It sat down on its hind legs. It stared at her a moment longer, before it dropped down and rested its head in between its paws. “Oh,” she let out the word more as a sigh of relief than anything else, “loyal.” “Yes, we are. Annoyingly so.” Rea’s eyes went wide as she looked around for the source of the voice. It didn’t have any sort of source, rather it had seemed to come from within her mind. The voice was masculine, and dark. It reminded her of crackling wood in a fireplace. Her eyes looked down at the hellhound as it yawned from where it lay. “Did you just speak to me,” her voice sounded a lot weaker than she would’ve liked. “Yes, I did,” the voice responded in her head, “how very astute of you. It is obvious those years of studying have paid off rather well.” Rea felt heat rise to her cheeks as she stomped her foot to the ground, “hey, you’re just a dog! You’re not supposed to talk.” “If us hellhounds were just dogs,” the hellhound shifted around on the ground, “then you wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble.” Rea shifted on her feet, and turned away from the hellhound, and towards the magical shield. She placed her hand against the barrier and pushed against it. A few sparks shot off, but the wall didn’t give at all. She closed her eyes and tried to push her magic against it, to create an opening. She felt her magic press against the barrier, and for a second she thought she could create an opening. Then there was a rebound. All of her magic was pushed back into her, she was thrown back towards the center of the room. Sparks arced off the space where her hand just aws. She landed on her ass right next to the hellhound. “That was quite excellent.” “Shut up,” she responded as she stood up and stared at the wall, while one hand reached back to rub her ass. “I don’t know what you expected, anyway. The barrier was put in place by your grandmother. At your level, you’d need a week to get through it. Well you’d need a week if you were on the other side of the barrier.” She straightened out her robes, “I didn’t ask for your opinion.” Then she turned back towards it, “also, how did you know that?” “Our memories aren’t bound to a single body, like with you mortals. We aren’t many, but just one with many bodies. When one of our forms passes on the memories their accrued memories enter a sort of library, which is then given to any new hellhounds being born.” “Wow,” she said, actually surprised, this was information not known, “how do you manage it all?” The dog seemed to shrug, “we can handle far more information than you mortals, we were made to understand the cosmos. But, we’ve thrown out most of the memories we’ve gained in service to our contract. Your realm has very little information that we could even hope to find useful.” She nodded and turned back around, back towards the wall. She started to run through her possibilities of how to break through the wall. She only made it a half step, when she heard that voice in her head again. “I don’t know why you’re trying to get out of here anyway, didn’t you want to be here?” Rea spun around, “I wanted a clone in here, not me! Something must’ve gone wrong with-” “You are a clone, what are you talking about?” She took a half step back, “what? No I’m not. I’m me, I have all my memories.” “Did you think the spell would take away your memories? Do you think all clones just know they’re not the original? Wouldn’t they all just feel like themselves?” She froze for a second, “you’re lying. You just want me to think I’m a clone so I’ll accept this situation and let you,” she waved her hand, “anyway, I’m not listening to you.” “Let me what?” The hellhound’s voice was smug, “Breed you?” Rea’s heart skipped a beat and a blush came back to her face. “W-whatever you want to call it,” she said, not turning back to look at the hellhound. “Whatever I want to call it? Oh, well I think I’d prefer to call it fucking your tight body and pumping your pussy full of my seed until you give birth to my pups, then doing it over and over for the rest of your life.” Rea felt her pussy start to grow wet again, and she shifted where she was, “do you have to be so vulgar.” “I am a demon,” the voice said, as the dog licked his lips again, “and I know you like the thought.” She closed her eyes and did her best to compose herself before she turned around. “What? Because I’m a goblin, I have to get turned on by the idea of being fucked, and bred?” She did her best to keep her voice level. “No.” The hellhound responded, “certainly not. We demons care very little for your mortal stereotypes. This has nothing to do with you being a goblin, and everything to do with how you are. I know you love the idea.” The hellhound sniffed the air, “I can smell how turned on you are. Now, tell me I can stand up.” Rea looked at him a second longer while she stood there, and then finally, “You can stand up.” The dog stood up and seemed to almost smirk at her. Those flaming red eyes were suddenly so powerful, they seemed to burn right into her soul. She felt herself fall down onto her knees as her will gave out. Whether or not she was the original, she was here now, there wasn’t any getting out. More importantly than all that though was that she wanted this. “Good girl,” the hellhound responded in her head, “now crawl over here on all fours like a proper bitch in heat.” She shifted where she was before she moved down to brace herself on her hands. She started to crawl over to her new master, her pussy only getting wetter by the second. As she did, she cast a small spell, and her robes faded away into nothingness. She wouldn’t need them anymore. Her moderately sized green breasts dangled below her as she crawled towards the hellhound. As she crawled under him she saw his hard red cock come out of its sheath. “Now-“ Rea didn’t need to hear what it said next. She moved her head up, stuck her tongue out and ran it along the shaft. The hellhound shuttered with pleasure. She smirked, as she planted small kisses at the bottom of its shaft while one of her hands made its way up and began to stroke the hell hounds cock. Slowly she ran her tongue up the base and planted a kiss on the pointed head. Then, her lips parted as she took the cock inside her mouth. She sucked on the cock, it felt so perfect in her mouth, pushing up against the back of her throat. The taste on it was bitter, slightly salty, new and yet strangely familiar. She moaned around the cock and reached under herself to give her dripping pussy some much needed attention. She bobbed her head on the cock for several minutes, relishing the feeling of it inside her mouth. The hellhound didn’t speak as she did it, except for a panting noise that came above her. She pushed two fingers inside her pussy as she bobbed her head faster and faster, taking the cock into her throat a couple of times. She felt the knot at the base begin to swell up, and quickly moved her head back, as it shot out a load of cum into her mouth. She pulled all the way back as another strand was shot over her face, just above the bridge of her nose. She panted heavily as the hellhound came more and more, painting her green skin white. Rea swallowed some of the cum, and felt a shock of pleasure run through her body. Of course, hellhound cum was an aphrodisiac, she had read about it before. Still she eagerly scooped the rest of the cum off her face, she greedily swallowed every single drop. As she did her pussy got hotter and hotter, and she realized she needed more than just her fingers inside her. As she scooped up the last bit of the cum, she started to suck on the fingers in her mouth, while the ones below her worked faster and faster. She came loudly, screaming out into the cell as she squirted all over the floor below her. Her body shook, as her eyes lost focus for a moment. The pleasure washed over her almost entirely, it was all that mattered. It was so much stronger than when she was in her chambers alone at night. She collapsed into one panting heap, as her eyes regained focus. She saw that the hell hound had moved from over her, he walked off and now looked down at her. She saw dominance in those flaming eyes, and a deep hunger. Not only that but his red cock was still hard, even as it dripped with his delicious cum. She pouted and wondered what was stopping him from taking her. She wanted it, she needed it. She pushed her ass up into the air and began to shake it back and forth for him, and yet he just looked at her. “Please,” she said, “please fuck my tight goblin pussy. Fill me with your cum, knot me, breed me.” She felt the blush wash over her face but it also made her pussy so much more wet. “Make me your bitch, mark me.” Without saying anything, he turned away and walked behind her. She let out a happy little moan seeing it, but kept her eyes forward. She felt the hot and heavy breath of the hellhound brush her bare ass. He moved forward, his paws landed on either side of her neck. She felt his hard cock push against her entrance and she let out a moan. And then, with one shove he pushed his entire length inside her. Words escaped Rea for a moment as her pussy was stretched open. She wasn’t a virgin, far from it actually, but this was easily the biggest cock she had ever had inside her. She let out a low moan as the hell hound pulled his hips back, her walls hugged onto every inch of his cock, not wanting to let him go. And then he pushed forward, back inside her and she let out another happy gasp. The hell hound started to fuck her then, with her ass in the air, and her breasts pressed into the dirt. He was rough, and fast. Her body shook with every thrust, her pussy felt like it would never get used to his amazing cock. The pleasure running over her made it hard for her to think, all she could do was moan and writhe under him, and she loved every second of it. “Fuck. Yes! Fuck yes! Fuck me harder, faster! Please, I need it.” The words just flowed out of her mouth with no thought that went into them, it was just her thoughts spilled into the air. She felt her body get closer and closer to an orgasm. She closed her eyes, and squeezed her hands into fists. It was there, so close, she could almost taste it. “Please, keep going, just like that, don’t stop!” The hellhound lifted up his paws for a moment before he pressed them into her back. As he did he shoved his cock as deep inside her as it would go, and she felt his knot swell up. “Yes! Knot me! Breed me!” His cum came out with more force than she could’ve imagined. As the first rope was planted deep inside her, a fresh wave of pleasure washed over her, and she came hard. Her body shook again, and her legs went out from under her, letting her fall straight down. Her moans echoed throughout the cell. He kept pumping cum into her as well, it seemed to never end, and with each rope was another burst of pleasure, and another small orgasm from her. After even just a few seconds it was just too much and she passed out. She awoke later, with her pussy sore, and feeling warm. Most of that warmth came from deep inside her, flooding out from her core to the rest of her body. She remembered vaguely that hellhounds provided nutrition when they came inside a mate, they were able to generate energy and pass it onto their mates so they wouldn’t have to leave their side. She wouldn’t need food or water, just more of that cum pouring into her. She moved her hands down to her belly, and smiled. She didn’t even fully realize the weight on top of her until it shifted. The hellhound licked the back of her neck, before he got, paced a few steps away and dropped back onto the ground. She looked at him and smiled. “We’re you keeping me warm?” “Protective instinct,” it responded inside her head, “it’s in my nature to protect and care for anything carrying my children.” She licked her lips, “am I carrying your pups already?” The dog seemed to smile back at her, “you should know.” She thought back to the runes, she knew that when a clone was created one of the modifications made was to permanently increase her fertility. Really there was no doubt inside her mind that she was pregnant, and of course she wasn’t there wasn’t any doubt from the beginning. Still she smiled playfully back at him. “I don’t know,” she said as she wiggled a little on the ground, “we should probably go at least once more, just to make sure.” The hellhound seemed to smile back as he stood up, his cock coming out of its sheath again, “just once?” “At least once,” she corrected as she pushed her ass into the air again, “maybe we’ll have to go two or three more times.” ~~ The next day, Rea made her way back down into the lab. She checked out the new cells, and saw all five of the new clones, happily enjoying their roles as they were taken by the hellhounds. She could see a bit of bulge on each of their stomachs too, she was glad to see they were already pregnant. As she looked into one of the cells, she almost seemed to lock eyes with one of the clones for a second. She saw the pure pleasure and bliss in those eyes and felt herself get wet as she wondered what it’d be like to be one of them. She then locked eyes with the hellhound mounting her, the flaming eyes burned into her soul and made her knees feel weak. She looked back towards the glowing pedestal in the middle of the room, and wondered what it’d be like to be one of them. It’d be so easy to make those changes to herself, and set up a cell. She reached down to touch her wet pussy. Then she shook her head, and laughed. This place was getting to her. She turned and made her way out of the labs.
  25. Eros Angel

    GM Angel's Story

    Character: Cammille- (note: if you don't want the story and just the sex scenes go to my thread GM Angel's Story (just the sex scenes) I'll add them as I work.
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