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  1. crimsoncrusader16

    A variety of rps

    Greetings! I'm new here, but not new to roleplaying and have a few plots and pairings in mind I'd like to try. I'll probably add to or delete from this post from time to time depending on which rps are open or if I get new ideas too. If there are any fans of Ranma 1/2, I would love to do an rp involving girl Ranma specifically. I am open to discussing what we could do for it. As for the more historical themed rps, I have a female vampire x male vampire hunter pairing I would like to try set in either the Victorian Era to The Great War. The other pairing I have in mind is where a Teutonic Knight discovers that his Hungarian friend and rival is actually a woman in disguise. While he is initially freaked out, he soon realizes he desires her. I also have one in mind for a short, but well endowed futa who seeks to have a harem of women who live and work in her mansion as well as giving her heirs when she impregnates them. Lastly, a bit of an odd craving I'm open to experimenting with is a broodmother theme. Wherein a woman is taken by a group of creatures and bred over and over. If there is anything more you wish to know or discuss, don't hesitate to message me! Hope to hear back soon!
  2. ShimapanThief

    Lewd Fandom Stories

    Hi, I'm Shiro. I'm non-binary and roleplaying for quite a few years. Some tidbits about me: Non-binary (they/them) Demisexual, grey-romantic Married, poly, ENM I have been having a rough year so far, and last year was equally as rough, and as a result I'm not taking on as many stories. I have a couple that I am actively writing in, and can squeeze in a few more. Currently Craving Fandoms Smut Fandoms I'm Looking For Bold is who I'm looking to play. RWBY Whitley x Team RWBY Whitley has always been a spoiled brat, though where Weiss actually went to Beacon and do something with her life, Whitley has enjoyed the highlife. When Weiss bring the rest of Team RWBY to her home on a mission, Whitley doesn't wait to give her and her friends a hard time. However this time, with all of Team RWBY there to help, Weiss and co take advantage of Whitley and turn him into their own personal toy and servant. I could see quite a bit here, he is already very lithe so forced crossdressing, anal, oral, sexual exhaustion. Persona 4 Rise x Yu The King's Game Revisited [Yu x Rise, Yu x Chie, Yu x Yukiko, Yu x Yukiko x Chie] - The scene on Tatsumi Port Island, where Rise's club friends 'accidentally' give them alcoholic drinks. I'd love to work out a scene, either MxF or MxFxF between Yu, Rise, and/or Chie. There are drinks, dares, and fun for this. Maybe Yukiko asked Chie to record Yu fucking her over the table, and Chie needs some fun too! Rise x Futa!Naoto Chie x Yu Yukiko x Chie x Yu Love Me Too, Senpai! - Yu built up the courage to ask out Yukiko. They decide to date, catching some of their friends off-guard, but everyone is happy for them. That is, until Chie tells Yukiko she liked Yu too. What happens when Yu comes home and finds both of them on his futon... with Yukiko coaxing Chie into fucking the two of them! Based on this: https://i.redd.it/is7dceaxzrz61.jpg Persona 5 Futaba x Ren/Joker Makoto x Ren/Joker Danganronpa Junko x Nagito Junko x Mikan x Nagito Junko x Chihiro Celeste x Chihiro Toko/Genocider x Chihiro Chihiro's Worst Enemy - Chihiro Fujisaki. A cute boy who was picked on for being too girly as he grew up, was chosen to attend Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Programmer. Touko Fukawa. The Ultimate Writing Prodigy, chosen to go to Hope's Peak because of her writing skills, harbors an inner alternate personality - the notorious serial killer Genocider Jack! Genocider's preferred targets? Cute boys. When Chihiro started school, he decided to try to live as a girl, taking on a persona of being a girl, and even dressing as one. What would happen if Genocider Jack finds out about this trap? Scooby-Doo! Velma x Tentacle Monster/Other Creatures After the Mystery is Solved... - This would take place after the Scooby-Doo Monsters Incorporated series. Velma is single, and honestly, there haven't been any more big mysteries in Crystal Cove. People stop visiting the town as often, and with the museum being less of a money maker for her family, Velma needs a job after she and the rest of the gang graduate high school. She manages to get admitted to a prestigious school and have the opportunity to get away from Crystal Cove, but it's still a few months until university starts. In order to make some cash before she starts college, she decides to start taking up streaming. Lewd streaming, maybe even OnlyFans or something similar. One night on stream, someone mentions a book that has an inscription that will summon real monsters. She blows it off, but after looking through the museum's archives, she manages to find a copy. She starts a stream as she's reading through it, and with the promise of trying one of the summons out, she performs the steps... And a multi limbed tentacled creature appears. I hope Velma likes being used on stream! World's End Harem NB OC x F OCs I admittedly haven't seen or read the series, just caught bits of it as my spouse watched it. I'm mostly just interested in a few quick scenarios where MC would be one of the few remaining male-bodied people (albeit non-binary and femme leaning), and some female characters could take the very basic stance of "Have dick? Must breed!" I could see a few situations where MC would be dominated / borderline raped, or coaxed out. My Dress-up Darling Gojo x Marin These two are just so cute! Other plot ideas! The Panty Loving Tentacle Monster! - Tentacle Monster (MC) x Schoolgirl (YC) - YC is on her way home from school when she ends up being stopped by someone advertising a new shop near her home. It's a toy shop. She gets asked to come in, and just to finish up the situation she decides to go in... And is taken aback. The shop is full of various shaped slug looking creatures. Some small, some large, most gooey. She's confused at first, but one of the workers talks her into playing with one of them. Petting it, holding it. It seems fine, and she decides to take it home. The worker mentions a 'try period', and she's not sure what that means. She makes it home with the small creature in a cage, and when she gets home she isn't quite sure what to do with it. She goes to cook dinner, and when she comes back she finds it rummaging through her panty drawer, having apparently grown an extra arm somehow. There's a sticky fluid on the panties it had in its grip, and as she's looking it over, the creature climbs up her skirt... leading to quite another sticky, fun situation! ( I took inspiration from the Tentacle Shop doujin series https://nhentai.net/g/229779/ ) Did You Hear About Mikami-san..? - I took this idea from a doujin I read. Shiro Mikami is a senior at a high school in Tokyo. He's a pretty straight forward anti-social otaku. He collects figures, hentai, doujins... He'd known as a pretty creepy dude. That being said, his family is hilariously rich - his dad works in America, and his mom is in America with him. Shiro has an entire apartment to himself, as well as more money than he knows what to do with. What happens when he hears his class crush talking about wanting an expensive new cell phone? "You know, if you help me out I can give you the cash for it." I'd love this to play out where he pays her for increasingly kinky things, throwing tens of thousands of yen on her (10,000¥ is about $100) for just about anything she wants. He even has her bring her friends when they want anything they desire. We could go as kinky as we want here, but I've been craving it for MONTHS. Something based on these doujins: One Week Friends - https://imgur.com/a/ZUsRL1I Rabbit & Dragon - https://imgur.com/a/dYg964D Turn Ons! Panties Panties as a gag Pantyjobs Hotdogging with panties on Cumming in or on panties Stockings or Tights/Pantyhose Footjob with them on Thighjobs / Intercrural sex Cosplay Toy play Tail buttplugs Remote control vibrators Turn Offs: not really much, just nothing 'gross'. I.e. watersports, toilet related stuff, scat, etc.
  3. 「BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT THE WRITER AND ROLEPLAYING PRE-REQUISITES」 <I personally am quite picky about partners due to some horrid experiences in the past. Please come prepared with what I requested in mind! I might excuse one or two slip-ups but overall I'm quite serious.> Bonjour~! I hope your doing well dear reader! As you can tell, this is a thread dedicated just to the fandoms that I like to roleplay in! Most of these will be anime series that I love and since I'm quite new to all of this, most of the fandoms I'm trying to get myself into won't be here for the time being until I have either caught myself up with it or have done thorough research into said fandom. Besides that, below you'll see my three personal favorite fandoms that I will be roleplaying in. Before the Fandoms, you'll need to know some stuff about me. I go by She/Her and They/Them but I general don't care that much about which pronouns you call me, so any of them really work! I am quite a busy person IRL with a job that takes most of the day so please be patient. I'd rather not come home after an exhausting day to see someone that has pinged me a dozen times since I didn't respond to them. Please, this is a hobby so don't take this to seriously! I want us to have fun and chat OOC while also creating something we'd both like with some plot, some lewds, but mainly some good memories! For who I am as a writer, I can write about two to three paragraphs on average but I typically dip to around one or two when it comes to more erotic scenes, but you can expect about two per. Due to my inconsistent time online, you might have to wait a bit between responses. If you don't like taking your time with writing, I am not the partner for you. I love talking OOC and just discussing random things so here are some things you should know about me for conversational stuff. I cook a lot and love to get ideas for new things to make, I'm a huge nerd and I play Magic: The Gathering a lot and sometimes go down to my LGS on Friday to play some games (that's quite rare but still), I love fantasy roleplays but I love fandom roleplays even more, and I love to create original characters when I'm bored and not roleplaying. Oh, and of course. . . ALL CHARACTERS AND ROLEPLAYING PARTICIPANTS MUST BE EIGHTEEN YEARS OR OLDER! I WILL NOT ROLEPLAY WITH A CHARACTER AS A MINOR AND THEY WILL ALL BE AGED APPROPRIATELY. IF I SUSPECT YOU OF BEING A MINOR, I WILL GHOST YOU AND REPORT YOU. 「DANGANRONPA」 <WARNING: Spoilers for [DANGANRONPA, TRIGGER HAPPY HAVOC, [DANGANRONPA: GOODBYE DESPAIR], and [DANGANRONPA V3: KIILLING HARMONY] Will be present.> Out of all the fandoms I'm currently interested in, Danganronpa is my current highest priority. I've been a fan of the series since 2017 when Danganronpa V3 was introduced and it was my gateway into the series as I followed Kaede Akamatsu through the game to try and find each and every murderer who slayed a friend of hers. It was incredibly unique and overall pretty fun and intensive for my logic-loving brain. For a roleplay centered around Danganronpa, I'm mainly searching for players that would play as Canon Characters and/or Original Characters. Smut is optional but I prefer it in rare intervals with a good amount of story in between. For the character's I'll be playing, I'll mainly be using the perspective of an Original Character with sometimes having some Canon Characters around. (Ex: I would play from my OC's perspective but also include the actions of Rantaro Amami and Shuichi Saihara.) I'd love some romance with it being either centered around a Canon and an OC or and OC and an OC with a higher priority on the latter. I'm also only searching for an FxFuta romance with either me as the futanari or you as the futanari, it all depends on your tastes. Depending on what we'd like to do, we can choose any of the main three games and change the order of deaths around it you pick a character who happens to die. I will be as canonical as possible with the death order. But I will change it with an example such as the one below. Besides that, please come with a character or a list of characters in mind as I am fine with almost any of the girls minus Sakura as I feel like she wouldn't be very interested in sex. SPOILERS FOR DANGANRONPA V3, CHAPTER 3: 「BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA」 Unlike the Danganronpa, I'm currently not searching for partners who want to do something related to My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia. As much as I love the series, I currently need to catch myself up on it and therefore won't be incredibly accurate. Yes, I do know some of the characters I haven't seen on screen yet (Ex: Nejire Hado or Burnin') but would like to play with some of the girls from 1-A like Momo Yaoyorozu or Mina Ashido. Regardless, this'll be an alternate universe besides the obvious of adding original characters to the series. Instead of a High School as is depicted in it's source material, U.A. will actually be a Hero University where people who trained throughout their High School years attempt to join and learn how to become a Professional Hero over the course of a couple years. Similarly to the wants mention above, I'm currently searching for an FxFuta romance with either my character being an original, your character being an original, or both being an original! I love hearing my partners idea so please come with a character to play or an original character in mind. We can start up anywhere within the first season or just before the tournament arc. Obviously, I'm currently watching the series and catching myself up so I will have a couple things wrong that I will try my best to correct as I continue the series. Besides that, please come ready with a character and a point in the series in mind! 「RWBY」 Alright, I'll say this first and foremost, RWBY is a disaster of the highest degree but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the series. Sure, it's a literal train-wreck but it has this nostalgic charm and this world with so much potential that I cannot help but love it. Even if a lot of things are dropped along the way. Anywho, as per usual, I'm searching for FxFuta as well! I do have a great array of original characters from my younger years before I got into roleplaying that I have kept in my back pocket. From crazy scientists with a quadruple-weapon to calm and easygoing Bojutsu masters, I have a great array of different things that most people might enjoy! Story is something that needs to be tweaked, but I'm always open to hear thoughts. But, please do not come asking for me to play as a harem. I repeat, I will not play as a goddamn Harem! Got it? Good! I've had many people try to make me do a RWBY harem and I always block them, I'm not a fan of them in general (At least in RWBY.) Anyways, RWBY is something I also bounce back and forth with, especially since I'm fully caught up to the series and plan on watching Volume 9 when it finally releases! I'd love to pick up parts that Rooster Teeth dropped such as Roman Torchwick's general existence and Ruby's "weapon fanatic" that we almost never see outside of the first couple of episodes. Overall, this would be second in my priority to roleplay list. If you'd like to roleplay, please include your original character/canon character you'd like to play along with what point in the story you'd like us to start in? After the third volume? Just before the end of the first volume? I'm generally up for discussing this. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ 「PARTING INFORMATION」 If I seem like a Partner you'd be interested in roleplaying with, please come with the following in your EcchiText: 1) Put some flair into your message! Introduce yourself, your likes, who you are! I want to know more about my partner and potential friend! 2) Do not just send a starter to a prompt, your not getting a response that way. 3) Don't make your message overly formal. We're all here to have fun and relax! It's a super fun hobby so don't introduce yourself like your writing a very important letter! And with that, au revoir my friends! Have a fantastic day/night and I hope to hear from someone soon enough!
  4. Hello! Welcome to my roleplay thread. First and foremost, about me. I'm a 22 years old woman from the USA, so I prefer having my partners be in one of the four main timezones in the United States but it isn't a requirement. If you are wanting to do one of the fandom plots or the fantasy plot, you will be of my highest priority in terms of contacts. When it comes to where I do all my roleplaying, I highly prefer Discord but we won't be moving off-site without some banter first and foremost, y'know? Anyways, I'd like to state that all the characters depicted and played will and have to be over the age of eighteen. If I find you you are attempting to either lie to me about the age of your character and/or yourself, you will be immediately blocked and reported. I am incredibly strict about this. On a lighter note, my personal favorite kinks include Creampies, Anal Sex, Deepthroating/Facefucking, Clothed Sex, Large Sizes, Futanari, and Romance. My limits are all essentially stated on my Roleplaying Preferences, so please read that as I am also strict about my limits as I have had to many people attempt to coerce me into doing incredibly taboo stuff that I really don't like. If something you'd like to know about isn't listed, please let me know I your initial message. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [FANTASY] 「Escapades & Erotica」- Inspired by good ol' Dungeons & Dragons. As someone who plays a lot of Magic: The Gathering on Friday Nights along with the occasional DnD campaign in the past, I believe I have the experience to send someone one a little adventure of their own. Obviously, this'll be long-term an 1x1, no groups. Compared to the other roleplays, this'll take the longest to set up so please have patience. [FANDOM] 「Danganronpa」- I tried to think of a good alliterative title but it would look like Guro so I decided against my decision. Anyways, this'll be in my personal favorite series of Danganronpa using some of my lovely Original Characters that I have spent a lot of time crafting. I can totally play canonical characters, but keep in mind I am not searching for anything related to Canon-X-Canon. This is mainly for Canon-X-Original. If you can do this as the Canon, you'll be of my highest priority (This can also be vice-versa. I want this to be an equal exchange since this is my #1 priority.) [FANDOM] 「RWBY」- Set during the first-through-third (maybe beyond?) volumes of RWBY in an alternate timeline featuring OCs, a more sensible storyline, more time for characters that really needed to be showcased more, and a healthy dose of combat and smut, I believe RWBY has a lot of potential as a world to explore with the creativity involved. This one will also be creative intense if you haven't made a RWBY OC before as there are set rules from the creator himself on how a character should be made. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Everything on this thread is more than subject to change. Just note that I prefer playing with one of the characters as a Futanari - be it me or my partner as I am a switch - and using an Original Character for either both of us or just one of us due to past experiences that have tainted my view on Canon-X-Canon. If I seem like a partner you'd like to interact with, please send me a detailed ecchi-text with information about yourself, what you like to do, and your favorite prompt I included. I hope all of you that have read this have a fantastic day and/or night, I hope to hear from some of you soon enough!
  5. Hey, new to these boards, and wondering if I can find some interested folks here! With the prefs sheet and the ideas below, this should be a good starting point, but questions are welcome of course for the interested. I may revise this later; for now I'm trying to jot down a variety of ideas. For many of these, they're fandom based but intimate knowledge is not required of any characters. None of the RPs would follow anything strongly canonical anyway, but they may. I could always give a personality outline if something sounds fun for any of these. Also basically all ideas stem on the principle of being mostly smut, but I'm open to a more well-rounded approach especially if it's funny. All right, in no particular order: Lovers' Dream (MFF(F), optional futa) There's a reason there is so much art and smut for Tifa and Aerith! This is about them with Cloud. Derailing from the canonical source material quite a bit, the basis of the story is that this group of heroes was acknowledged by their heroic efforts, including putting their lives on the line, and their reward was a large beach house in Costa del Sol, along with a massive monetary prize. Cloud and Tifa are a couple and naturally have Aerith live with them, with her having nowhere else to go. As such, they all can live in luxury in very early retirement. There's a strong bond; essentially, each loves the other two. (Romance is not necessary in the RP but it fits.) One day, the girls find an odd shop in town, and purchase an exotic Materia. The spell it casts causes an enduring status change. It greatly magnifies lust, more than doubling libido, and substantially boosts stamina. Its magic allows a person under its effects to reach strong orgasms more easily, and achieve multiple just as easily. Consequently the story is just a variety of chapters about the sexual escapades. The girls are both bisexual and most scenes are probably threesomes. The magic causes sterility while in effect, so Cloud can pump all the cum he wants in his two girlfriends and they'll never be impregnated. Optional: Add Yuffie to the story! Optional plot point: The girls can discover yet another rare Materia. This own is a spell that can transform the user into a futanari. For futa fans, this would be a great new twist on this trio's experiences, allowing the girls to take turns being double-teamed. Palutena's Obsession (gangbang) The next idea is a lot easier to describe. The goddess Palutena rules a peaceful land, residing in her palace with plenty of loyal royal guards. Her duty as a ruler grows dull; her land is essentially a utopia. Her unfufilled desires influence her ideas on how she'll spend many of her days: satisfying them! She finds it is so easy to seduce any guard she chooses, particularly because they find they must oblige from duty, although they all are more than willing, goddess or not. This one is about the different sessions she has, though I'm mostly interested in the parties she has for herself, getting a group together for a gangbang. Cosplay Freak (MxF) This one is about the character Reisalin Stout, although it's not the canonical girl from the game, but rather a girl who cosplays as her. She's a closet freak, a pervert, and a geek. She always hangs out with a cute boy her age who has a huge crush on her. This is much more open-ended; I don't have a set plot necessarily. The cosplay is not necessary for intercourse scenes but it should be present one way or another. If you love hentai OVAs this one's a hit. Best Friends Always Share (Futa/Futa x F, Futa group, etc.) This is straight-up futa so skip this one if that doesn't suite your tastes. I would play two futa girls, energetic and outgoing, who love to share their sex partners together! I primarily have scenes in mind of them teaming up on girls, but there's no reason why it couldn't include more variety like pairing off with another futa pair, or being total subs amidst a group of guys and/or futas... Ask if you wanna do this one and I'll go more into these two girls' traits and such. Heroes' Time Off (furry, MMMF) Disclaimer: I don't enjoy furries. I tried. But this is an exception. Somehow, I do like this one. This is for the Sonic universe. Amy Rose is a slutty girl. She fucks everyone interested in her. The story can be about different sessions with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, and of course, a gangbang with all three of the heroes. The three guys should all be very apt in their multiorgasmic ability: they always cum a lot with each climax and require several to be entirely satisfied. Miscellaneous This section is a loose mix of character ideas with no plot or story in mind and other notes. Kemonomimi (humans with animal traits/appendages, usually ears and/or tail) is one of my all-time top kink/motifs so definitely suggest original characters for this! Neko/kitsune (catgirls/foxgirls) both adored! I will always match & play as kemonomimi male(s) too, if asked. I quite like these characters but have no distinct ideas yet: Narmaya, Xayah, Ahri, Saratoga, Kaleina Fantasy themes are great (love elves!!) and I like sci-fi but have yet to come up with a good sci-fi story to work with... I am very descriptive. A multi-paragraph post is very easy for me to whip up! If you like to stick to single, simple paragraphs, this is probably not for you. (I've seen some girls do a marvelous job with posts even when playing gangbang scenes where the female character tends to have little flexibility!)
  6. Hello! Just a few ideas I have in mind, though, they are rather canon-centric so apologies if that's not your thing. Some small disclaimers: The foremost being that many of my ideas are open to crossovers of some kind/form, and I am for the most part looking for canon x canon content. Next: I am looking to brainstorm/adjust ideas to better suit a plot. If you see a fandom, or a concept that you like, do not be afraid to say hello and ask about it. The worst I can do is say no, it does not hurt to try. As for character ages, everyone will be older, specifically 18+. If the canon age is under 18, they will not be played at that age. I've got a series of ideas ranging from a cute pairing like Hiccup and Astrid (from HTTYD) or Ezra and Sabine (From Rebels) to much steamier plots like a tentacle monster grabbing various canon girls and corrupting them into being brood mothers for it! Just give me a poke if you're interested! Or something based around smutty misadventures for an older Dipper Pines. Or perhaps something in Kingdom Hearts is more your speed? Outside of stuff like this..? I'm fairly flexible and I know quite a few fandoms so don't be afraid to mention any you like! Kinks I hope to play: Impregnation, pregnancy, cum inflation, creampies and excessive cum. But for ideas like a tentacle monster making conquests out of canon girls? I tend to defer to stuff like hypnosis and addictive cum too. Kinks I won't play: Gore, scat, horror, heavy bondage and anything hyper. HTTYD-1: Hiccup and Astrid, sharing an apartment while going to the same University, and teetering on the edge of entering an intimate and steamy relationship. How will they enter this relationship? A subtle nudge from a friend? A slice of drama? That is up to you. HTTYD-2: Bit of a crossover; Hiccup and Astrid end up joining the Brotherhood; At what point they end up joining the Assassins is up to who among you guys n' gals might like to brainstorm this. As for who their adversaries might be? Plenty of HTTYD villains can fit the bill easy enough! HTTYD-3: A world without Hiccup! Basically in this idea, Dragons are Anthros and possess hypnotic pheromones/musk along with addictive cum, and take Human women as pleasure and breeding pets, and Toothless ends up taking the HTTYD girls as his pets. How he catches them, is up to you. Star Vs the Forces of Evil: An AU where Magic never disappeared, where Eclipsa and her husband break up, likely for a good reason with no Drama. However she is in need of a new King and she chooses Marco, gifting him with a bit of Magic in the process, a hypnotic charm to use on any girls that strike his fancy, to take as lovers. Leading to now King Marco being lovers with Eclipsa, and using this Charm. (Older Marco, obviously.) KH-1: Basically the idea here is Sora, and Kairi on a cosmic road trip and having various misadventures, and actually spending time as a couple since in KH III we got the confirmation of that ship, yet nothing was done with it. KH-2: A special Heartless is loosed on the Worlds, using hypnotic pheromones and addictive cum to turn various canon beauties into his pets and lovers, corrupting them one by one, possibly even with some genderbending, if anyone wants to explore that particular flavour. KH-3: Another hypnosis themed plot! This one is starring Sora however, for a bit of a twist. Basically the concept is this; Sora gets a new Keyblade, but he isn't able to swap it out for another one and is subject to the charm/curse of the Keyblade itself. That being it turns girls in a certain radius of its' wielder into pets and lovers. More of a love potion effect than anything else. What misadventures could Sora get up to with this? Miraculous-1: So, in this idea Alya (Rena Rouge), Marinette (Ladybug) and Adrien (Chat Noir) all decide to unmask to one another, but after some teasing and banter, things become steamy before the masks come off and long after. Craving: Miraculous-2: Adrien has become Chat Blanc! However, free of Hawkmoth so there's no repeat of the alternate timeline however. Now corrupted, and with a hypnotic ability of his own, who knows who among the girls the Feline themed Hero might decide to put a collar on. Aside from Marinette of course. Hypnosis is kind of a required 'kink' on this one. Rebels-1: Basic concept for this one takes place after the finale of Rebels, with Sabine and Ahsoka finding Ezra on a backwater planet in the Unknown Regions, and after an intimate reunion between Sabine and Ezra, or both girls and Ezra, depending on partner preference, they go back to Lothal. From there the plot is malleable. Let's see what we come up with! Rebels-2: Similar to the standard reunion idea, however with hypnosis/harem themes, with Ezra using a new, hypnotic Force Power to turn Ahsoka and Sabine into his pets and lovers, before moving on to other Star Wars canon girls, using the World Between Worlds to have access to the future and past. Rebels-3/Mandalorian-1: Similar to my first idea, but with the context of The Mandalorian, since Sabine and Ahsoka seem to be due to appear in that show. I might make a group thread out of this one but I honestly don't know, just ask me to elaborate on this and I will to the best of my ability. Clone Wars 1: A no-War AU, starring Anakin and Ahsoka in various misadventures, for example a training mission to an all but deserted Planet in the outer reaches of the Outer Rim. Ben 10-1: Basic concept with this one is Ben gets a new Alien/Hybrid, and goes to first Gwen to test it out, before finding out this creature has hypnotic abilities, resulting in the Redhead turning into his pet and lover and from there Ben, greedy as ever, begins to use this creature on other girls he knows, for example Charmcaster and Julie, though thanks to Gwen's Magic, who knows where or when he could go..! Sonic-1: This is inspired by Project X: Love Potion Disaster and comes in three flavours. 1. Sonic returns from a trip to the jungles and tropics and is the source of, or patient 0 for a lust virus that is somewhat transformative and the plot follows the Blue Blur going around, infecting and corrupting other Mobians. 2. An incubus manifests on Mobius, and starts going around, working his magic on any any Mobians he bumps into, with things gradually escalating. 3. Sonic has been cursed! This is similar to Sonic being turned into a Werehog by some magic mishap, only this time he is turned into an Incubus. Sonic-2: Tails' steamy misadventures. This concept is more open honestly, with everyone's favourite Two Tailed Fox getting into steamy misadventures with a Mobian girl of your choice! Spyro-1: Coco, Tawna or both have a Portal related accident, and end up in Avalar or the Dragon Worlds, only to soon meet and befriend Elora, Sheila or Bianca and the pair end up bumping into a newly matured Spyro. However, it turns out Adult Dragons give off hypnotic and heat inducing pheromones, and things turn steamy between the girls and Spyro, and things go from there. This idea can branch in a bunch of ways, from Draconic greed leading to Spyro working his magic on others, to there being no Dragonesses, so instead females of other races are transformed by, and after mating with a Dragon. Spyro-2: This is a simpler idea. Essentially the concept is Spyro makes a bet with a girl before a race, be it Coco, Elora, Tawna.. Whoever you wish, and said bet is the loser does whatever intimate activity the winner wants, only for the Dragon to win and things turn steamy. Naruto-1: Ever read a Doujin by Sahara Wataru? This idea is essentially inspired by that, being a Hero of the Leaf Harem concept, with things starting just after the battle with Pain, or perhaps before, with Naruto's return from his training trip. Teen Titans-1: Robin and Starfire on a business trip to her home planet of Tamaran! Basically the concept here takes place a few months after the pair get together in Japan, and this trip leaves them both with all the privacy they need for all sorts of fun. Somethin' fluffy, and potentially steamy. Teen Titans-2: Raven and Beastboy! Yes I know, Terra is a thing, but c'mon, there's so much potential there. Anywho, basic idea is the rest of the team are out on a mission helping some other Titans, leaving Beastboy and Raven alone. What specifically happens is up to you, Raven could have her demonic side manifest in a rather steamy form, or maybe something in a much fluffier sense happens. Young Justice-1: Wally and Artemis! This idea takes place in the time the pair are retired from the Superhero stuff, living together and generally taking things easy. 'Course, this also includes every ounce of steamy misadventures a Spitfire and a Speedster can get up to. Young Justice-2: Connor and M'gan..! Basic idea here is M'gan and Connor in either Mount Justice or the Watchtower, while the others are out on a mission and of course things grow steamy between them. After all, no one is watching and there's little to no chance of being interrupted! RWBY-1: Jaune Arc! The resident dork of Team JNPR and RWBY. This idea takes place in a slight AU where Beacon doesn't fall, and he ends up having various steamy misadventures with the girls of RWBY, likely starting with Pyrrha. The specifics are, of course, up to you! RWBY-2: Oscar..! The second dork of RWBY, kinda. Not that well versed on the later volumes of RWBY but I'm probably going to be watching them soon! Either way the basic idea here is kinda similar to the idea above, however with a slightly older Oscar, because of course. Xeno-1: Mutant dimension hopping Xenomorphs! Because why not dive head first into the weird? Basic idea here is a mutant hive of Xenos, specifically they are mutated to NOT snuff those they breed. Thank you. Go world hopping, catching girls, and keeping them as breeders to grow the hive, likely through hypnotic pheromones and addictive cum or something. Tales of Arcadia 1: Basic concept here is Claire and Jim are adjusting to living alone a few years after all their adventures, with literally all the fluff and intimacy that comes with a couple that's been through as much as they have. Dragon Prince 1: Basically the idea here is a year or two after the Battle of the Storm Spire, Callum and Rayla are on the road again, helping to heal the divides across the continent while Callum works to connect to the other Arcanum's, and grow as a Mage. As for other fandoms? Well feel free to ask. Trust me, I know many, and honestly many of these ideas are examples.
  7. Fandom roleplays! I crave them, need them, and want them bad. I have some Oc's I would love to use, just as well roleplaying something that is inspired by these great shows . Feel free to decide what you want, and if you have the time I would be ever so greatful if you read some of the stories these characthers carrys. Beacuse they might not look like much, but they have a lot of heavy stuff that could play in well with some of the stories. Anyways enjoy the read and if you guys are intrested just pm me HUGS AND KISSES OBS (If there is a fandom you like missing you can always ask me I have seen or know most shows/animes just hit me up and maybe we can come up with something else ) Some ideas! Legend of Korra/Avatar the Last Airbender universe This could be set in either Era, I would love to try a legend of Korra roleplay. But if someone is more for the Airbender era that is fine too. We can either discuss what characters, or if we want Oc's. It would take place wherever we chose, but my idea sprouts in republic city. (here is one Oc that I would love to use ) This is not set in stone just a reminder that these are fully negotiable Fruits Basket! I would love to do a fruits basket one, it can be original cast, or new but my character is more specific for the OG cast. this would take place in the main house, but instead of the focus on the younger cast(Like Ryo Yuki and Thoru we have the older ones like Shigure Ayame and specifically Akito) Ofcourse a lot of stuff needs to be discussed, and how we want to play the different ones. Attack on Titan Would be another interesting one, many scenarios could play out and due to humanity almost on the verge of extinction, many other things could play in. I have a character in mind but as the others its not set in stone ^^ Tokyo Ghoul Also another interesting anime, with a lot of things that could go from horrible wrong to very kinky xD. It could bring a lot of stuff and kinks into it, which im all for. I have a character in mind, but it's not really needed if you feel more interested in the OG cast. Breath of the wild! This would take place in Hyrule in the settings of Breath of the wild, anything is up for grabs and we could work out a nice story with the OG cast or with some OC's in the mix.
  8. Hey everyone, I had to take off some time to stablizie my life. Now that it's well stablizied i'm down to start roleplaying again. I am still here to play people's crushes but I am going to have it a bit more focused on series I know. That being said, if you have someone you'd like me to play for you from the series listed below simply send me a picture of who you'd like and we can discuss! Sub leaning but Switch Celebrities - Egirls: Anything goes for this. Any woman in these categories is on limit. Games: League of Legends Overwatch Pokemon Rainbow 6 Seige Movies: Marvel movies Disney Movies Jurassic Park/World I can play any character from a movie in a different setting as well. AU of sorts Shows: The 100 The Wheel of Time Snowpiercer Same here for with movies, I can play a character from a show in an AU of sorts Anime: Bleach Attack on Titan Beastars Jiu Jiutsu Kaisen Demon Slayer My Hero Academia
  9. Floofenstein

    A floof's search thread!

    Hello! A bit about me: I have been roleplaying for about, oh, twelve years now. I'm a rather laid back individual, near impossible to actually offend, and I am really very flexible. I like a lot of things (such as video games, long walks, sex, nature, neat tech....lotsa stuff), and honestly? I rather like sharing and talking about stuff! Super social, y'know? So...please be able to actually chat about at least our rp. I'm looking to get into a roleplay. Ideally, the pairing would be female with futa, but i'm okay with pure yuri as well. Fetishes and stuff, you can see in my preferences sheet! Of course, i write quite a lot (like, 2-4ish paragraphs), so please be able to write a lot in return, you know? a paragraph at least! Little is more of a turn off than getting one or two sentence replies, it's terrible. Oh, and...well, i usually prefer lighter hearted storylines, y'know? Really not good with domming, sorry! It's very much a maybe Oh, and, just to put this out there because it keeps happening: I like cleanliness, and I sure as heck don't like musk. Please do not do that, ew. If you message me, please don't just....Vanish, okay? It's getting really, really, really, distressing. Like, seriously. And depressing. Just...yeah. Present craving: Being GMed for would be absolutely love. Adventure in fantasy, sci fi, post apocalyptic, cyberpunk, or whatever would be awesome. And lewds, of course. Sort of Special Request: Long ago, had a Star Wars roleplay going, wherein my character was a jedi padawan who'd been captured and was being corrupted by a sith mistress...but, of course, my partner for it vanished. Doing this again would be pretty much top of my list of wanted things, so, yeah Some basic ideas I have include: Siblings! A girl discovers her sister's secret, which leads to naughty fun times. A tale of taboo sex and comforting relationships. Married couple! A married couple enjoy life and sex together. A tale of happiness and fun. Suspicion! A pair from different species meet for the first time....And resolve their differences with sex! A tale of lust and wariness, and eventual trust. Consequences! Tired of being ignored, a girl decides to take advantage of her lazy, sleepy friend! A tale of annoyance leading to action and punishment. Primitives! A group of primitives, isolated tribals or a developing species, are encountered...this could go different ways, either with one of the primitives being captured for nefarious or benign ends, or the primitives capturing their civilized intruder! A tale of differences, of being in a dangerous situation, and curiosity. A goddess! A deity of some sort enjoys her worshippers...reasons vary, from a sacrifice, to grant a boon, or just for fun! A tale of fun, of being in the thrall of a higher being. Spookyness! The restless dead need loving too! Be they ghosts, zombies, or scarier things! A tale of taboo, sometimes lack of consent, and perhaps fear. Mistress' love. A maid, or other type of servant, must pleasure her mistress...It is her duty, after all! A tale of devotion, willing or forced. The Creator. A relationship, loving or casual, between a created girl (robot, golem, summoned, or what have you) and the one who created them! Breeding the Queen. An alien or eldritch force, anything from the Alien Swarm of Locusts, cyborg, or just plain robotic, alien swarms, to some sort of eldritch corruption has spared someone from it's recent conquest...needing them to either breed the queen, or get bred by the queen. A tale of breeding and fear, worry. Cultist fun! A new member of a cult (totally loony, evil, benign, whichever), finds out just how much fun it is to be part of it! Or, perhaps, it is time for the cult's "Chosen One" to, willingly or not, be used in a ritual...one involving lotsa naughty sex! Odd pair. More a modifier than anything, I want to do a roleplay involving fairly major size difference, or body difference (ie: human and lamia or mermaid or tauric thing) Hive Mind ~ Odd One Out: One of two things, either a hive mind of humanoids has captured an individual from a different species and plans on...enjoying it, or a drone of the hive mind has been separated from it's people, and now lives amongst others...and is likely to be 'enjoyed' by them. First Time: A shy, naive, virgin, with little clue about sex, has her first time, with consent, or without. A tale of learning and fun, of gentle teaching, or forceful taking. The Joys of Sex: A girl, curvy and friendly and attractive, but otherwise rather plain, travels, or hosts travellers a lot...and is -very- happy to spread her legs for each and every one of them. A tale of sex with many different people (or not-people) of many different species. The Harem: A harem plot! Someone in a position of power (my character, ideally) with, well, more than two slaves or servants that belong to her for sex. Either a futa in the center of it all with a harem of lovely ladies, or a woman with a harem of lovely futas! The Bad Girlfriend: A good girl (you!) has moved to a new school. she is, well, a good girl, the quintessential type, really, good grades, participates, cute, everyone's enamored with her and she can hardly escape people who want her as a girlfriend. But she doesn't want any of them...at least no one who's so openly interested in her. No, unfortunately for her, she fell for the bad girl (me!) of the school. You know the type. Tall, athletic, sexy, grumpy, smart but just doesn't put any effort in. Hardly ever on time, gets into fights....secretly has a cock and fucks every girl who finds out. That sort. Of course, the bad girl just doesn't care for the good girl...Well, at first, anyway. One way or another, the good girl finds her secret, and gets claimed as a girlfriend. Not the healthiest relationship at first, it eventually blossoms into actual romance. A tale of opposites attracting and eventual romance...and sex, of course. blah being dominant right now Intruder!: One girl is a sneaky type...Thief, ninja, assassin, something like that. Infiltrating a place for whatever purpose....either she comes across a sleeping girl and...enjoys her, maybe even coming back to repeat, growing attached to her victim....or, ends up caught, and punished. Secret Identities!: One girl is a superhero, or other such individual who does fairly-public heroics and has a secret identity to keep the heat off. She also has a girlfriend, who's thankfully rather understanding about the sudden 'work issues' that sometimes interrupt their dates, and she, regrettably, hides the truth of the matter from. One day, a new villain shows up...Cute, slightly inept, much more friendly than you'd expect of a villain, but still a villain. Who is also, unbeknownst to her, her girlfriend...the story of their lives, their battles, their love, and eventually, what they do when they put the pieces of the puzzle together. Live Forever, Fuck Forever: Our protagonist here is immortal. Well and truly unable to die....And she's been around for a long time, and will be. A bit of an episodic and strange idea, following a girl who is going to see it all. From the time of tribes and cavemen, classical era, medieval times, on through to modern and space and beyond, and all the situations she get into in her life. Owned as a pet one century, successful and influential the next, and all that. A strange tale...but it came to me, so, yeah. Fandom ideas....Well, I don't usually do those, but if you have an idea, go ahead and suggest, even if it's not on this list. Not that my reference pool is terribly broad. That said, I have a few that are more than possible! Fire Emblem (been playing since gba era) Final Fantasy (played a smattering of them, ask for specifics) League of Legends WoW....maybe. Diablo, also maybe Monster Hunter (monstergirl style) Warhammer Neptunia Persona5 Certain specific characters: Samus, Rosalina, Zelda Specific fandom ideas: Fire Emblem: Corrin being dommed by one of her sisters, or making a harem of them? Persona 5: Liking the idea of....well, any of Makoto, Haru, and Futaba together, probably post-game. and, again, feel free to ask! Just because it's not listed doesn't mean it's a no, flexibility and friendliness are my specialties! Fandom stories will likely be totally different from the uh, generic ideas up above But...Y'know, I'm kinda terrible at ideas when i'm not working with someone, so I'd love to hear yours as well! And all of these ARE pretty basic, so we can work out the details to make them jusssssst right! I'm good for a variety of lengths. From oneshots on up to truly lengthy plots! Send me an ecchitext if you are interested, and thank you for reading!
  10. Hello all there! This Is quite the niche request on my part but I thought I might as well throw It here to see if It catches anyone's attention. It involves the lore of the "Lone Wolf" Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks. Inwas a fan of those stories and thinking back at them now I imagined I could as well give It a sexy spin and use them as background for many hot and kinky Adventures. Mynusual preferences are still up but otherwise feel free to contact me and propose ideas on how you'd love to Choose Your Own Kinky Adventure!
  11. Hi! I'm looking to do a FNAF roleplay. When I started doing this 8 years ago, FNAF was what got me into it. Now, I'm craving it again so I figured I'd make a post on it. Here's what I'm alright with playing: •NEW! I'd love to do a Security Breach RP, I can play Freddy, a human - we can discuss further, of course. • I can play as a male night guard. • I can play as a male mechanic. • I can play as male animatronics. • I'm fine with plots that revolve around games 1-4 and Sister Location. I don't really know much beyond that. • I'm fine with male and female partners for this roleplay (we can discuss specific animatronics and characters in private.) • I'm fine with 18+ roleplays and NSFW. If you're interested, do let me know! I'm also available on Discord as I'm mostly a mobile user. Also, my reference sheet is subject to change per scenario, as I'm fine with most any kink but only if they fit the situation.
  12. Hey all! I recently joined this site and then had some life situations come up. as well as my employment being rocked with extra work. So I had to take a small hiatus. Apologies to anyone who I had started to discuss stuff with ahead of time. You read the title correct, I'm here to roleplay as your Fandom or Celebrity crushes. It may seem a bit strange, but I've found I LOVE playing as people's crushes. I love playing established characters that people have a thing for and playing out a relationship with them. That being said I am TOTALLY open to playing the established character against your OC without needing you to double for me. I am also open to playing harems or a roleplay that cycles through different women. My only requirements are that YOU provide ME with the picture of the character(s) you'd like me to play. A decent trade off I'd say for me playing out your desires with the person you desire Plotting of the roleplay can be shared between us and control of side characters will also be shared. Roleplays can be as deep or shallow as you'd like and we can plot out a basic storyline accordingly. I work part time and go to college so replies might be a bit between sometimes. 1-3 paragraphs I'm here to play your crushes. That's what gets me going. I love taking established characters or people and having them give it all to the person crushing on them. That being said i will play your crush! Shows - Movies - Games - Celebrities - Anime - Egirls All are accepted! I can also play either the celebrity OR their character. Only limits: No gore. No vore. No scat. Please feel free to EcchiText me! My only limits are. No Vore. No Gore. No Snuff. No Scat. Everything else generally goes. I look forward to playing with you!
  13. I am looking to do an underground fighting arena style rp if anyone is interested. I want to have it to where a young girl is looking for a challenge but she got more than she bargained for. I am open to do MxF or FxF for this idea. I have characters I am looking for and can also send my kinks. Comment if interested.
  14. Hello there everyone, My name is Leila and I am a 27 F that uses She/They pronouns. I am looking for someone that is committed to writing Canon characters for a self-insert OC. I am bisexual so I am going to post a list for Fandoms and characters from those fandoms. I have no problem if you play both men and women just know that I am a switch. If you do decide to play a female Canon character... I require them to be the more submissive as I have had VERY BAD experiences with domme women in rps. The basic premise of the RP is what would happen if iconic characters lived under one roof with a fangirl. Everything is normal during the day but at night... The fangirl has to survive or face punishment. I am looking for someone to play multiple muses so please do not apply if you are not going to play multiple characters. I AM NOT GHOST FRIENDLY!!! If you get bored with the storyline or want to add something to the storyline then please talk to me verses just ghosting. I have had to deal with that for the past few days now and it is emotionally draining on me as a creative person. If you have read this far into the add then please add 'The Trickster is Sexy' somewhere in your message or dm. I can't wait to hear from you if you are interested in the idea. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VYwefXf84ejQW6I7ffhNeVvp54bSxnSK72EnJDfOoAA/edit?usp=drivesdk ~Men https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aYRMrOYbS8Hsk2ZfxB46nUElIr5jsdqidgPLfPlCjfs/edit?usp=drivesdk ~Women DM's are open but I know that no one is gonna pick this idea up....
  15. Your journey was over and you became the champion, as you had sought out to do when leaving home. Team Plasma was taken care of... Or... Disbanded, or something. That meant that every piece of the puzzle was placed and complete. ...Except for one. You asked Cheren and Bianca if they'd seen him - N, the Plasma boy, a kid with green hair... Nothing. In fact, nobody had seen him - he just disappeared. You didn't understand, and were unsatisfied with that answer. Screw staying around to fight little Pokémon battles, you were looking for N. You looked around the now abandoned Plasma headquarter ruins, looking for a hint of some kind... You found the remnants of what you could only believe to be N's room. There were some papers lying around. A few of them were drawings of pokemon, little Zorua drawings... But one happened to be something else. It was a sketch of a symbol... It took a bit of research, but you found that this symbol wasn't a Unova symbol - it was from Kanto, or Hoenn, or somewhere far away... Arriving in Hoenn, you went around to some ferry services, asking about the symbol, knowing it was associated with ancient folklore around a mythical island - and eventually, you found someone who claimed to know how to get there. You paid a small fee, before taking off on a voyage in the small boat. At long last, you were there, at Faraway Island. Why had N come here? Had he even come here? What if this was a wild goose chase, and he was nowhere to be seen...? There was obviously something off about him. He was so strange, yet so intriguing... You continued walking, making your way through the forest, until something caught your eye... A boy with green hair, facing away from you. But the biggest surprise had to have been the Zoroark tail behind him. Now it all made sense, he obviously came here to get away from other humans - because he himself wasn't one. He turned around, his soft stare was almost burning a hole in you. "...You did come to look for me... Does that mean you really do care about me, or do you just want to add Zoroark to your Pokédex?" //I thought it'd be interesting to indulge in some more underrated Pokémon characters, as well as the theory around N being a Pokémon in disguise. If you're interested, let's do discuss! I'm also available on Discord due to using my phone more than computer. My reference sheet is only a guide as to what I'm okay with as a whole, it's subject to change for each roleplay.
  16. Hey there everyone I am finally back on Ecchidreams and I am looking for a certain Fandom RP seeing as there is no Fanfictions between them now as you can see it is from the show Helluva Boss and the pairing I want is Daddy x Daughter aka Blitz x Loona, now obviously how it needs to go is totally up to you and me seeing as we can possibly do whatever kind of idea we have in mind for them, yet doing something that correlates to the latest episode of the Show could also work our minds are the limit! Disclaimer: I have never Roleplayed as Blitz nor do I believe I can do him justice, however, I do think that I share similar personality traits, therefore I think I can still Roleplay as him. Now if you are a huge fan and want to RP with me don't mind giving me pointers
  17. I am looking for anyone interested in anyone rping in any of the Fandoms and Muses that I have listed in my references page. I am also preferencial to rping on Discord so please ask me if you wish to have my handle. I am looking for someone to do a Canon against my OC; 1x1 only and I do not double so do not ask. There is one exception for there to be more than one Canon character involved in a rp as I have a mansion rp idea that I would love to do if you are interested in playing more than one Canon character. Thanks in advance if interested.
  18. As the title says: Looking to do a MHA RP, with our two chars as additional chars for class 1-A. from the start all the way up to current (roughly 321 as of writing). Any takers?
  19. It was the beginning of winter term at Hogwarts, and there was an excitement in the air, much like the chill, you could feel it, and even see it in all the bright eyed faces of the students at King's Cross Station. It took the man back to years gone past, when he first attended the prestigious school of Wizardry as a young lad himself. He had not been back in over a decade, it was all nostalgic to him. He thought back to just a few days ago, when he first arrived after several years over seas, and doing some dangerous under cover work, it was nice to be able to just take it all in, and relax a bit. Viktoroso Cobrissi was now the new adjunct professor of the Dark arts teaching a psychology of Dark Arts course. Not very popular stuff but it was right up his alley, as a member of the super elite, top secret Ministry Against Darkness, Necromancy & Evil Secret Societies just known as M.A.D.N.E.S.S to those who knew, but so few even knew. A slight dusting of snow had just blanketed the school grounds in pretty white coat of wintery magic, as Viktoroso wondered about the campus, looking for a nice place to just sit for a moment, his mind was heavy with thought and fresh air always helped him think. He had remembered a very secluded spot he use to duck away too, as a boy, where he could always be by his lonesome when he need be. Black boots stomped through the fluffy snow covered paths, with muffled his steps, but left no trail, thanks to some trusty spy magic he had picked up long ago. As he cleared the reddish-brown brick corridor he came to a secluded cobblestone nook with a tree in the midst and a bench encircling it. To his surprise there was a girl sitting there, under the bare branches, reading a book. The reason this place was his favorite as a child was the tree, called an Umbrella Oak, had this magical ability to prevent precipitation of any kind from falling directly under it, so one could sit there in any weather an remain completely dry. The flip side to that was peculiarly enough, the tree produced no shade in the summer, even with its branches full of leaves. "Well Lillim, would you look at that, who do we have here I wonder...What do you think should I kick'er out my secret spot?" he craned his neck left, as small snakes tongue lick in the air and at his face before retreated back into the warmth of the cloak. "alright alright, I'll play nice..." He walked silently up on the girl, face buried in a rather bizarre binding, so bizarre in fact, he could tell from 100 feet away what she was reading, and he just had to inquire about it, and introduce himself. But in his stealthiness, he had manage to completely mask his presence, and there was something about watching her this way, unbeknownst to her, that captivated him. Like watching a beast in the wild, it seemed like this was her natural habitat, detached from the rest of the world, in this cold yes whimsical place; it would have been a shame to disturb her in the middle of a passage, so he waited until she turned the page, to make himself known. "Why hello, maybe you can help me, I appear to be lost...!" He took several steps closer, this time releasing the magic that subdued his steps and left no trail, so the sound of his boot squishing down snow actually caught her attention a moment before he spoke.
  20. Roleplaying-Dream

    [M4F] some new scene ideas

    Hey there. I am new to this site, but not to roleplay in general. I would like to start a new roleplay with the right roleplay partner, so feel free to message me, if you're interested. My roleplay ideas can differ a lot from each other, as there is no specific type of roleplay or genre I like, so on here I will devide them into three catagories: smut orientated and story orientated: Smut orientated: -Free use declaration: A while back in this world, a declaration has been passed, which allows men to freely use women whenever they feel like it. This was done to lower the rising crime rate and increase the work efficiency of men. (for this roleplay i would like to dig a little bit deeper into this world, and explore diffrent aspects of it. It would require me to play multiple characters whereas, you'd only had to focus on one) -One book to rule the world: MC stumbles upon a long lost and forgotten notebook, allowing the owner of which, to shape the world around him to his liking, just by writing rules into said notebook. (This would require you to play as multiple characters, whilst I'd focus on one, on the other hand) -Slave/master: One day, after another frustrating day in chains for you, I decide to buy you off the slave market (Old but gold, I know this setting is quite old, but proves itself to be of a great potential) Story orientated: -Dystopian: Every person is born as either good or evil. The government determines which of both sides one belongs to, and whilst the good are normally migrated into society, the evil are sent outside of the cities borders, to live in camps amongst themselves, under own control. Since you had been born, the goverment wasn't able to make out, which side you are on, so for safety precausions, you are sent outside of the city. -Dystopian: Overcrowding prisons have lead the government to create prison islands. These are uninhabitated islands in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by mines, to prevent escapes. You just recently commited a crime and are on your way to such a prison in a helicopter.
  21. Hello there! I’ve had an itch I’ve been looking to scratch lately for finding any interested partners (regardless of IRL gender) up for playing the part of certain Vtuber characters/personas in various potential erotic situations opposite of male characters played by myself. Who I would be playing is very open to discussion, since it can range from fanboys, male Vtubers (either actual ones or ones created for the agreed scenario) or even something else entirely. As for the ladies I’m looking for? Well, I’m honestly very open minded when it comes to possible ones to play with, but I did have a number of them which I’m leaning toward the most at this time. I’ll list those below to give some suggestions on who I’d like my partner to play, but I’m again open to discussing other options. Gawr Gura Mori Calliope Takanashi Kiara Ninomae Ina’nis Amelia Watson Irys Kiryu Coco Houshou Marine Haachama Hoshimachi Suisei Kureiji Ollie Elira Pendora Selen Tatsuki Finana Ryugu Petra Gurin Snuffy Ironmouse Projekt Melody Nyatasha Nyanners Apricot The Lich (Froot) Veibae Hime Hajime Juniper Actias Honey Goblin Pikamee
  22. Howdy! I’m a male roleplayer who recently discovered and joined the site following some google searching, but I’ve been roleplaying off and on for years now, so I feel I’ve locked up a fair amount of experience through all of my fumbling around in learning to be a better writer and roleplayer. As such, I consider myself to be a fairly literate player and hope to find others here who happen to share some of my particular kinks and interests when it comes to the world of erotic writing. Also, while I do have a heavy leaning toward playing opposite of more dominant characters when possible, I do consider myself to be a switch and can play dominant for the right scenario. There are a ton of things which I’m into, but right now I’d like to focus upon finding partners for ageplay related games, with other big interests being to find people who are into playing a GM for characters of mine and/or anyone interested in any type of femdom play with my character being a submissive male or futa. There are also several fandoms which I’m presently in the mood for and shall list below for some quick browsing. I’m very open to discussions on each of these and enjoy hearing other people’s ideas or brainstorming stuff together, but here are a few specific cravings I’d like to put out there for consideration. Also, I have no problem with what gender the person I’m writing is, so long as you’re willing and able to write female/futanari characters opposite of whatever my character may be. On the ageplay prospectives, I’m open to either playing opposite of loli characters who are actually younger or ones who simply look young then they are for whatever reason. A few rough suggestions include the following: Babysitting Nightmare - A fairly straightforward craving for seeing a sitter being stuck with a bratty girl who is perhaps used to getting what she wants and isn’t about to make her sitters job an easy one. The sitter can be a family member, friend of the family or simply somebody hired to do the job. The Heiress - For most she’s a prim and proper young lady befitting her fine breeding and legacy. But beneath that is another side. Maybe it’s a lurid, perverse side with far more experience in such carnal activities then one might expect? Or maybe it’s simply a curious and naughty side which pokes its nose into things girls like her shouldn’t be poking their nose into? Either way, she’s looking for a means of acting upon that hidden side of her. She may find it in her new guard or some random grunt of her parents employ. Or perhaps she sneaks out to find it among the ‘common’ folk who may or may not know of her lineage? Lots of possibilities and can be done within different eras/settings such as medieval, fantasy, modern and so forth. Summoning A Demon/Familiar - This could take place within a typical modern world, where somebody practicing occult summoning actually manages to bring forth a succubus or some other creature of the night. Or alternatively, it could take place within a magic school, where most of the students have managed to summon rather impressive looking creatures as their familiars or companions, while mine ends up with a seemingly unimpressive little monster girl. Monsters Groom - Likely set within a medieval fantasy world setting, but very flexible on finding ways to make it work within modern or other types of worlds. This would involve my character finding himself engaged to a non-human female. It could be that he’s a Prince and it’s an arranged marriage or perhaps he’s a traveler who unintentionally committed an act which seals him to a pact with an unexpected creature for spiritual or traditional reasons. Either way, it’s a fairly safe guess she’s probably not exactly the type of bride he had in mind when it came to settling down. Monster Adventuring - A more straightforward roleplay scenario with an adventurer traveling the world and encountering a monster girl or two along the way is also always welcomed. They could start off as adversaries or maybe meeting up when one helps the other out. Or they could have been traveling together prior to the start of the journey, with them being party members or perhaps my guy having to escort an important figure or two to a new far off destination Very open to brainstorming different possible approaches for this type of game. Exorcist - Very open to differing variations in this, depending on setting and types of characters, but basic idea would be for a roleplay based around exorcist of some sort (could be an expert or perhaps a novice or even a fraud who ends up making his first actual supernatural encounter) who ends up having more trouble then expected with a rather unassuming looking demon or oni girl. This could result in him either spending a lot more time then expected within the place the girl is inhabiting or perhaps finding himself being haunted/followed by her as a result of his meddling. Either way, he’s not getting rid of her as easy as he may have thought. Now for a few rough femdom related ideas which may not (though I’m open to trying) typically gel with the ageplay theme: The Feminist - She’s a young modern forward thinking feminist who is unfortunately stuck having to deal with an older sexist pig with a lot of caveman ideas of a woman’s place. She’s had to put up with his crap for months now, if not longer, but finally the opportunity arises to treat him like the dog that he is. Maybe she finds some juicy blackmail material on him? Or perhaps she simply has enough and shows a level of assertiveness which makes him fold like a stack of cards in her wake? Either way, she has a lot of pent of frustration to get off her chest by now. Can be set within a school setting with a student and teacher or a workplace setting with employee and boss or manager, but open to other suggestions there. Officer and a Hood - Fuck the police’ taken to its literal sense, with either a female cop taking a special interest toward a troublemaker walking the streets or some female ‘lowlife’ managing to turn the tables on one of the boys in blue who messes with the wrong woman. Very flexible on the type of person the non-police officer character can be. Bully - This can take place either during school years or even sometime after graduation with the two of them working together in the same office building or whatever. Basically would involve a female school bully (maybe a tomboyish type or someone within the more popular social cliques, for example) who takes their bullying to a more perverse place when it comes to their treatment of a certain male classmate or former classmate turned coworker. Revenge of the Nerd - Similar to the above, only with the female geek finally having enough of her current or former bully and decides on turning the tables. Maybe she finds some juicy blackmail or perhaps he’s a bit of a paper tiger when she does confront him? Either way, she has a lot of pent up annoyance towards him and she’s rather eager to let it out through various means now that she has him where she wants him. Prison Warden - A very hentai inspired type of scenario, which would essentially focus around a female warden who has a rather unique way of dealing out punishment and discipline to certain inmates. Or perhaps she has to dish out such methods with some of her guards, especially if one of them has a criminal record of his own as part of his past and she’s not quite willing to let him forget it. Time Travel - Okay, this is a weird one, even compared to some of the ideas above. Basic idea is with a time traveler (could be a man of science or perhaps a lab worker/volunteer/etc) traveling to another era and ending up in a submissive relationship with a woman of that time. This could be something of a massive time jump, with him either ending up with a dominant cavewoman or within a future where women rule over males. Or it could be something of a smaller jump, such as going back to find out that a friend’s older relative (or even one of his own relative) was a rather kinky girl back in her youth. Lastly, some fandom series which I’m craving and a listing of characters I’m hoping to write opposite of, while the character I’d play is very open to discusson. Avatar The Last Airbender - Azula, Toph, Ty Lee, Jin, Mai My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom Little Witch Academia - Sucy Manbavaron Miss Kobayashi‘s Dragon Maid - Kanna, Lucoa, Youjo Senki - Tanya Degurecheff Naruto -Tsunade, Sakura, Hinata Boruto -Sarada, Hinata One Piece - Nami, Nico Robin, Tashiigi, Carrot, Shirahoshi, Reiju Persona 5 - Caroline & Justine, Futaba Splatoon - Callie, Marie, Marina, Pearl Pokemon - Hilda, Roxie, Elesa, Flannery, Cynthia, Bianca, Serena, Shauna, Korrina, Magma Admin Courtney, Marnie, Sonia, Nessa, Misty Futa Club - Mao Asakura There you have it for now. If any of these appeal to you or if you’re open to simply brainstorming up something along the above lines together, then feel free to send a message my way so we can see what we may come up with together.
  23. Hey there everyone and thanks for checking out this post This is my first time using the bulletin for seeking RPs so it might look a bit different from other bulletins either with more or less information than usual. I'm not necessarily expecting anyone to be interested, but I know that the chances of doing an RP or two that I would like to do are going to be zero to none if I don't try and pitch it out there, so here we are. I am seeking a Persona 5 themed RP that can be long term with some sort of small storyline. I suppose that the story could branch in the genre of slice of life story set in the Persona universe, as I'm more so looking for the social interactions and relationship building as opposed to any action and fighting scenes. Alternatively the RP could just go among the lewd nature, but I am mainly looking for the character relations bonding with lewd added as opposed to mainly lewd. As the tags suggest, this would be a canon x oc RP. In my preferences it mentions that I want to use my oc, if I recall ( if not, then I just need to update it ), but I don't really plan to force which canon character I want played. Since each RP would be a different story line, I imagine I could make it work with almost any ship I won't be accepting ships with the adult characters like the palace rulers since my character isn't near their age and I am not really comfortable with such a big age gap. I do not mind the RP taking place a year or two after the game ended though, and going from there. In regards to the length and plot, I have no plot in mind. I like to plan the plots out with the person I am RPing with so ensure that the storyline will be interesting to both of us. This also allows the story to be more unique person to person. I am generally a relatively easy-going person with plots, and like to build off ideas with others. Though, I don't like when they're so concrete that there's not room for alterations or natural interaction. I want this to be a long term RP, but don't mind discussing ideas along the way to ensure that the RP lasts. I don't believe everything needs to be discussed start to finish right away, and we can just decide things within the RP or in a separate chat outside of it. I come from an RP background where I play a lot of characters. This is so the RP can thrive without being restrained to two characters - so interactions can happen outside of just the couple. I don't necessarily require my RP partner to play more than one character, but I do prefer it. My reply length is typically a couple short paragraphs long ( 2 - 3 sentences per paragraph ) but can become longer with the more characters I play and when they interact with one another. I write things sort of like a book, so my characters are prone to interact with one another as well as yours. I commonly ask that we split the cast around half ( give or take, I don't mind being more characters if necessary ) so that neither of us have paragraphs that end up dominating the other person. I've had RPs where I write a lot, and then I get a sentence or two response, and it kills the vibe. As for kinks and what-not, please refer to my preferences link above. If there are kinks you want to ask about that are not listed in either category, do not worry about asking me about them, I'll answer honestly. I left out the ones that I am unsure of my stance on as well as ones I don't know. We can discuss characters, the story, and I'll share my OC with you in an Ecchitext. If you have any questions that aren't answered from this post or my preference sheet, I am more than happy to answer them when I get the chance. Thank you for reading ! - Mythra
  24. Busterbugs

    Dark Souls Rp

    Just finished Dark Souls 1 and I am about to finish Dark Souls 3 and would love to do a role play based on the game and the lore. Maybe it could be that to people start out in the cell at the start of the game and they have to do the journey together, but with some smut added to it. If your a girl that is interested in playing a female character to go with my male character, let me know.
  25. Heyaaaaa! Been wanting to find a new rp for a while now ever since Discord’s NSFW restrictions thanks to the Apple Store, so moved here in hopes of a new place to start in! PLEASE READ THE NOTICE I’m a semi literate to literate straight sub who plays mainly female characters, with a possible exception for femboys. Noting that I’m looking for male roleplayers, but others who can be male themselves in the roleplay I am also fine with. I’m well experienced with a good 6 years, and I’m also fairly good with playing multiple characters too. Kinks include: -Rough sex -Cheating -Public Sex -Filming -Dirty Talking -Raceplay -Outercourse(Definite Yes, Looking for this more often) Limits are: Vore, Gore, Hyper, and heavy inflation. Anything else I haven’t said in limits/kinks are up for debate. Fandoms: -Danganronpa(+) -Doki Doki Literature Club -Genshin Impact(+) -League of Legends -Stardew Valley -Code Vein -Hyperdimension Neptunia+ -Fire Emblem (Awakening/Fates/Three Houses+) -Azur Lane -Vtubers(+, at least somewhat knowledgeable about this, mainly Hololive but I know VShojo as well) -Guardian Tales -Touhou (Still relatively new) -Skullgirls -Girls Frontline -Monster Musume -My Hero Academia -RWBY -Arknights -Shantae -ReZero -Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid -Fate Series (Grand Order/Apocyrpha/Zero/UBW) -Crush Crush(++) -Persona 4/5/Royal -Guardian Tales —More I might know but forgotten, say what else you know and I might just know it myself! Looking for Fandom based roleplays please! It’s really the one I’m the most comfortable with as well as the most experienced with too! Please note, I’d love for you to also speak about what ideas/fandoms you have in mind for your first response! NOTICE I will be not on ED as often as I am on somewhere else. If you are interested in this request, please be patient with me, I won’t be on all the time and if I am on, it won’t be for long. P.S: Please try to introduce yourself nicely, I’m a chatty type so I’d appreciate it if the first dms I get isn’t ‘Hey wanna roleplay?’ sorta thing and and an actual conversation. That, or a nice and lovely introduction speaking your mind about what fandoms you have in mind for a roleplay. Anyhoo, have a wonderful day!
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