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  1. Craethiel Kingdom (Photographer Steve Highfield) The Craethiel Kingdom is a wild, and untamed land where the monsters and animals of the land rule with an iron fist. Where legends stalk the lands like giants, and myths are the way of the world. A land filled with beauty and wonder, that the unwary traveller would find enchanting and irresistible. A land where the Eldyr’s travelled at will without fear. A land that had seen wars that would strike fear into the sturdiest of souls. It is unwise for an adventurer to strike forth alone for there is little protection beyond the walls of the Great City of Selil, or any of the towns and villagers that dot this harsh and unforgiving land. To the North, lies the huge, imposing peaks of the Therarr Mountains that tower high into the air, as if striving to touch the very heavens themselves. A perfect symbol for the land of Craethiel. Beautiful. Enchanting. Untamable and traversable by only a few. To the East sits the Dynx desert. A barren land of blistering heat and little water. The desert is nearly uncrossable at times due to rolling sand storms and below freezing temperatures at night. To attempt the feat is almost as possible as climbing to the very tallest of the Therarr peaks. To the South lays the forest of Rosayia, a deep thick curtain of darkness that seems to go on for an eternity. Hidden within its depths, are mysteries beyond comprehension, and creatures that would make your nightmares seem tame. For citizens, and travellers alike, this land is filled with wonder and danger. For some, it seems that there is nowhere safe. Be wary, dear traveller, of the land that sings its siren song. You might just meet your end... Skill lever: Advanced Relevant Links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus: Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, non-Epsian/UFF species will not be allowed to wander onto the property of Epsian/UFF species without permission. If a character attempts to trespass, they will be met with potentially lethal hostility. No one can RP as the human King who owns the land. If he is needed for anything, then I will roleplay with them providing that it’s a good plot that doesn’t ruin the flow of the RP. If you want a location put onto the map, then you’re going to need to message me with the details. If I don’t think the suggestion is good enough, or that the extra information you provide is lacking, then I might refuse.
  2. I'd like to rp as a perverted man sent into a fantasy world where he gains great power and gets a harem of girls as his entourage. He can be reincarnated as a young genius noble. Has a childhood friend who works as his personal maid. Has an older girl tutor that he eventually seduces. Meets with the king, befriends the princess and the female knight general. Eventually gets his own territory. Will get advisors of even more pretty females. Polygamy is common in that world, especially with nobles. So most girls would be pretty open with the idea. Outside, he would look youthful, with a dazzling smile that none of the ladies could resist. Inside however, he would use his magic to constantly set up embarrassing ecchi situations with the girls, with them thinking that it's all accidental. He would also use aphrodisiac magic to make the girls horny, so he could peep on them masturbating. Even in sex, he would still keep his innocent act, even as he gives them ungodly amounts of pleasure. I'm also into my character being absolutely innocent instead. Doesn't even know the difference between peeing and ejaculating. But he just keeps meeting with girls and women who want to get it on with him.
  3. LadyAwesome713


    Hi~ Thanks for clicking~ I am currently in the mood - no pun intended - for a completely smut FxF or MxF RP. I want there to be a little of story development in the beginning of course, but for the most part, this is all smut. I can play either Dom or Sub, and I don't have much of a preference really. Bondage is a must. Nothing too crazy or intense and not a lot of pain- these are my favorites: ~Orgasm Control (Denial\Forced\Ruined) ~Voyeurism & Exhibitionism ~Tied & Blindfolded ~Some Electro Play (Toys that give small shocks) ~Toys (vibes are preferred, but not limited to) ~Teasing ~Nipple Play ~Light Punishment What you can expect from me and what I prefer in a partner: ~I am semi-lit and have a one paragraph minimum. I CAN write more than that if my partner is more into the longer replies. I don't line one or two line responses; I need something to work off of. ~I can respond a few times a week at the least. I do work full time and am a full time student, so some days are easier to respond than others. But I can usually get back to you in a few days. ~Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. are appreciated, however, I know that people make mistakes and I'm not going to rage because you missed a few periods. ~COMMUNICATION - If you don't like something that's happening, let's change it! I want us both to be enjoying!! Pairings & Plots ~***Tentacle Creature x Human (I have a seriously HUGE craving for this.) ~Slave x Master ~Kidnapper x Kidnapped (Okay - I don't mean a rape scenario. That's a hard no for me. BUT I do enjoy when one character is reluctant and therefore is struggling against the other person, but secretly ends up loving it and does everything in their power to keep it from the other person.) ~Bad Girl x Good Girl (Maybe the good girl owes the bad girl some money, or refuses to do her homework, or something like that and has to be taught a lesson. I'm open to just about anything.) ~Cheerleader x New Girl (Maybe the cheerleader is showing the new girl her place, or she's jealous that the boys are all drooling over her, something like that.) ~Neko x Human (I prefer being the human, but I am willing to play the Neko.) ~Best Friends (I was thinking something along the lines of two friends make a bet, one loses and has to be the other's slave for a day.) ~Thief\Spy\Assassin x Homeowner (One character breaks into the home of another - could be to steal something, or could be a hired gun to gather information on them, or is there to kill them. They get caught and the homeowner does whatever she needs to to get the truth out of her.) Those are just my favorites. If it's not on the list, that doesn't mean I'm not open to it! Feel free to throw some ideas at me! HARD NO'S: ~Rape (see kidnapper x kidnapped scenario above) ~Incest ~Age-play (I'm not into teacher x student, babysitter x parent, that kind of stuff) ~Vore\Gore\Anything that goes into the toilet ***For a complete list, here's my F-List: https://www.f-list.net/c/awesomesauce_is_good/ ***And my BDSM Test results: https://bdsmtest.org/r/e3UpYzdj I think that's about it. I'm always open for discussing ideas, so don't be afraid to speak up! If you've stuck around until now, then PM me and let's chat!
  4. guy_sas

    Bad End RP

    Hey, I'm looking for a female, or someone willing to play a female character, for a bad end roleplay. If case you don't know, a bad end roleplay is one where one of the characters meets a bad end. Usually this involves heavy rape/non-consensual play for obvious reasons. I'd like to play this role where my partner would play their character and I'd take a more GM role, describing all the other characters and the effects of the characters actions. I would also like their to be a decent build up before the sex, time to establish the characters and the setting in the roleplay. It just makes things that much better for me. These are some kinks that I would like to include, not all have to be. Rape/Non-Con, Humiliation, Degradation, Body Writing, Name Calling, Heavy Bondage, Rough Sex, Orgasm Control/Denial, Pet play, Gangbang/Multiple partners, Corruption, Mind Break If by some miracle, you are interested but you're not okay with one of the kinks, feel free to talk with me about it. I'm completely happy to make concessions to the role, if it means we both can enjoy it more. My main idea for the role right now would involve a post apocalyptic earth, where humanity now barely struggles to survive in the wreckage of the old world, and where those who can master the old technology rise up as kings. Specifically I was thinking something where your character would be the daughter of one of the old kings, someone who had been respected and noble before they were killed by a corrupt and unfair fighter. And now your character is on a quest for vengeance. Like a cyberpunk heavy afro samurai. The character could be brought down by the same person/group who killed their father, or could be corrupted by a third party, in exchange for seeing the vengeance completed. This isn't the only idea, by any means. I'm also willing to do something along the lines of the chosen one in a fantasy world gets corrupted by the evil overlord, or something far less epic scope, like an elf on a personal adventure ends up with the wrong people. I can also do more of a sci-fi/space opera sort of setting, if that's something your interested in. Really, if you're interested please just send me a message and we discuss the best characters and setting that works for both of us. If you managed to make it this far, even if you're not interested at all, I'd just like to thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a good day.
  5. RP name: Welcome to Eterea Genre: fantasy, supernatural In a world of hybrids, inhabited by people who don't look entirely human, division and segregation appear to be the only tools to avoid constant war. Predators, also known as the Eaters, and prey, or Peacekeepers, live in separate, autonomous communities. But law has its exceptions and that exception is Eterea, the city where Eaters and Peacekeepers may live together, rely on fruitful commercial co-operation and share a common culture in a lively environment. That of Eterea is a beautiful yet fragile harmony, as it is granted by the loop, a collar that Eaters who wish to live in the city must wear. The loop represses their predatory instinct through electric shocks that activate whenever they get the urge to hunt, that way they wont attack a Peacekeeper. Very few Eaters are allowed to live in Eterea without wearing a loop, it's the ones who have passed the ERA, an expensive program through which Eaters are trained to fully control their hunger for flesh. My character, a male alligator-hybrid, has left behind his previous life in a community of Eaters, looking for better luck and has recently moved to Eterea. After getting accustomed to his loop, he has found himself a job he can pay a rent with and he begins his new life. Your character, a Peacekeeper, becomes part of that new life when they meet. After that anything can happen.
  6. Mr. Bubbly

    Ideas To Bounce On

    Hello! So to start things off I am only looking for a female partner, I'm very sorry to anyone else. Welcome and I hope you'll find something you like! I have so many ideas and I hope you'll see something you like. I'll give the title of the RP and a brief description, if you're interest, please ask and I'll be more than happy to go into further detail. Bruising Streets: Set within a more Victorian era, the story circulates around a cut throat leader and their first hand bruiser, controlling their up and coming gang/cartel. The main driving point is both have feelings for the other, yet neither have the will to tell the other for fear of putting the other in danger, or worse, having a broken heart if things were to go wrong. With the business they run, that is an all too real threat. Either role is up for grabs! University Fights: A classic tale of the differing economic class. One character is an established name among the school, having their opportunities handed to them upon a silver platter, entitled and cold, their lack of love in their life has made them crave the attention of another all the more. The other is a working class student, making their way into the school through hard work and determination. The two are rivals, competitive, yet lusting under their tough exteriors. Both roles are available! Enchanter's Knight: Set in a medieval fantasy, the story revolves around a young, yet inexperienced enchanter. Due to his lack of combat skills, a knight comes to his aid to rescue him in his hour of need. From there, the knight escorts him to his destination. misadventures, romance, and detours ensue for this long haul of a journey. You = Knight Role Subject On The Run: Scifi setting for this one, two roles, one an escaped subject of any humanoid design and make. The second a hired tracker/hunter who pursues the target into dangerous territory. Once caught the two realize they are stranded in said territory and must work together to escape. A trust builds between the two, as well as a romance and attraction. You can pick either role! Keep in mind, all of these will involve romance, consensual sex, and plenty of other messy fun whilst aiming for the end. Please let me know what interests you and I am more than happy to discuss details. I'm very flexible for anything you might want to add or change. Hope to hear from you soon!
  7. I am a teenage mage who just made a familiar contract with you, a female spirit. Not knowing that a familiar shares an emotional and psychic connection to her master, I didn't stop my habit of masturbation, even though you can feel what i'm doing. Even my lewd fantasies would be transmitted to you. At first, you decide to keep quiet, not wanting to upset me, but after one month of nearly daily masturbation, you just have to speak up about it. Besides, you can't help but feel upset how I never fantasize about you, when I fantasize all those other girls I've met. I'm thinking of your character being somewhat of a prude/unapproachable. Maybe an Angel familiar or a gloomy dark elemental. Someone I would never show my perversion to.
  8. Greetings and welcome to my search thread! Introduction. A bit about myself, I am a 26 year old male living somewhere in the central United states! I have been roleplaying for over a decade at this point and consider myself literate to advanced literate. I love all sorts of settings and plots, from fantasy, to sci-fi, to slice of life. I also very much love romance, and would like to include it in some fashion in almost all of my writing. One thing to note is I will provide a list of pairings and I would be extra happy to do them, but if you have ideas of your own feel free to present them. I work Thursday through Tuesday. But even on days I work you can expect 1-2 replies depending on how well our schedules match. The very minimum would be 1 a day. As of 2/12/19 I am bedridden so replies will be much more plentiful. A note about smut, I am cool with any ratio of plot to smut. I love plot and I love smut. Currently I would be craving mostly smut and my star ratings for craving kind of indicate that. But any pairing can be made into a plot or smut based rp, or any mix in-between. I want to talk to you and find out what your craving too and mesh together something that works well for both of us, otherwise... someone will get bored. So please be up front and honest with anything you want. I will do the same. A few notes. I only do MxF pairings, and I would be playing the male. I am looking for long term roleplays. I enjoy plot and smut in equal portions.I am typically a mirror poster when it comes to length. Please PM all inquires I am a Dom so my characters tend to be dominant. I enjoy OOC very much, whether its random chatter or plotting! I can and do double! Pairings more stars = more craving First role would be my preferred role Once again feel free to pitch your own ideas, or mix them with mine, or just PM me with a general idea and we will brainstorm. *Slice of life/modern* ⚛Cop X Druggie stripper☆ ⚛Cop X Drunken stripper☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Best friend X Best friend battling a sickness☆ ⚛Gangster X FBI agent☆ ⚛Gangster X Drug Mule ☆ ⚛Body guard X drunken celebrity☆☆ ⚛Husband X Drunken wife. ☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Parole officer X Habitual DUI case☆☆☆☆ ⚛Master X Pet☆☆☆ ⚛Master X Drunken pet☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Kidnapper X Troubled youth ⚛Rich man (dom) X Poor drunken woman(sub)☆☆☆☆ ⚛Photographer X Drunken model ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Wealthy man X Female Idol of some sort (could be an actress or musician etc.)☆☆ ⚛Drug dealer X Druggie/drunkie Police officer☆☆☆☆☆ *Fantasy/sci-fi/modern* ⚛Wizard X Witch☆☆ ⚛Time traveler X Woman of significance he is tasked to guard☆☆ ⚛Super Hero X drunken super heroine (Or anything X drunken super heroine)☆☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Mutant X Mercanary ☆☆ ⚛Undercover cop X Undercover cop☆ ⚛Smuggler X smuggled person☆ ⚛Alien X Super Heroine from earth☆☆☆☆ ⚛Alien X Drunken super Heroine from earth☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Famous world conquering alien X Earths greatest super soldier ☆☆☆ ⚛Lycan X Drunken witch (modern) ☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Master X Pet (with a fantasy twist)☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Master X Drunken pet (with a fantasy twist. )☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Starship Captian X Subordinate☆☆ ⚛Man X Drunken genie ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (Anything star trek I would be super into!) *Fantasy* ⚛King X Drunken queen/princess/sorceress. ☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Mage X Mage☆ ⚛Necromancer X Washed up drunken Warrior☆☆☆ ⚛Warrior X Warrior☆☆ ⚛Mage X Dragon rider☆ ⚛Amateur mage X Master sorceress☆☆☆☆ ⚛Cleric X Archer ☆ ⚛Druid X Druid☆☆ ⚛Warrior X Bandit☆☆☆ ⚛Bounty hunter X Bounty ☆☆ ⚛Planeswalker X Captured Drunken fairy (or other magical creature) ⚛King of a magic kingdom X Drunken concubine☆☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Bard X Drunken queen☆☆☆☆☆ ⚛Bard X Drunken princess☆☆☆☆ ⚛Bard X Vampire huntress ☆ ⚛Ninja Grandmaster X Student ☆ ⚛ Wizard X Conjured pet☆☆ ⚛Wizard X Drunken conjured sexual pet☆☆☆☆ ⚛Necromancer X Palladian☆☆ Please do pm me if you are interested!
  9. Hi all, looking for someone to do a multiple girl harem role play with me. Your character would be a male from outside of the country looking to capture women in a slavery legal country and make a harem. I will be playing multiple girls which is not limited to but will include humans, elves, demons, angels, animal girls (no furries), and monster girls. The world will be fantasy set so basically castles and the premise of the role play will be that your character inherits a castle in the country and finds a bunch of old magic slave collars which he can use for enslaving girls. There will be magic included in the world if you want to have your character know some.
  10. Would anyone be interested in an RP with these elements. Here was an idea I had for the RP, but I'm more then willing to accept suggestions if you have a better one. Story: The protagonist's home was burnt to the ground by a powerful warlord, but they were saved by forging a contract with a God of Murder and Death, who will give the protagonist power in exchange for female souls from powerful figures. The RP would essentially focus around killing powerful enemies to gain power from the deity until they were strong enough gain revenge for their home city. Preferences: - Small fights, usually consisting of either a single enemy or a group between two to five enemies. - Difficult fights, fights that will take some effort to win. - no gore If you have anything else you would like to ask me about, just PM me and we can discuss it.
  11. Brennan887

    Fantasy rp

    Hello! I came with a new rp idea here. I'm looking for someone who can rp as the female Elf. PLOT: It’s a boring afternoon,Leroy is in his house basement checking on an old box the house previous owners left there, he never got the family number, neither met them so he couldn’t call telling that they forgot their stuff in the basement, no one came back to retrieve it anyway,that probably suggested how insignificant the box was. There is nothing very interesting inside the box, nothing but old mirrors, hairbrushes, broken diskettes, an old typewriter, baby shoes and dusty old books, all of them about physics,math and chemistry, they all look interesting but not enough to make him stop to read,shoving his right hand in the dirty old box he feels one last book,he catches it from the world of mess the box is and pulls it,managing to take it, its a more distinct book, comparing with the others it is completely different, it has a grey-black color, the material looks thick and resistent, the book name is “Wizard dreamlands” the book looks extremely old ,when he opens it he can see the pages written in english with different languages, looking like it was written a hundred years ago, the languages though, look strange, none of these other languages seem to actually exist at all, he never saw something similar to that before ,he flips several pages to find many distinct subjects, like summoning a leprechal, learn how fly, have super powers, how to find witches and wizzards around the world, how to stop the time and many others, but one subject at a page catches his eye, which is in the page 298, “To go to the Clokathan realm, another world in another dimention, reading about it says that the Clokathan realm is a fantastic world inhabitated by elfs of both genders but a million years ago, the male specie got into total extinction, only remaining females ,that made the wizzards go to Clokathan to breed many elfs and keep the population unstable, it has been a success actually but years later it happened again, female elfs still need to be breed and also need pleasure. Male human beings in Clokathan are a myth but very desired as they are able to please the elfs and impregante them. Reading the book out loud, he summons lights that come out of nowhere and drag him to a dark portal. When he opens his eyes, he is in a unkown place, with mountains, fields and waterfalls, he's in the world of Clokathan realm. The ELF (Elina) https://us.rule34.xxx//images/2605/dae4d3210f82da857c946dfd71249c0e99d8f707.png?2893030
  12. InsatiableAdrian

    Succubus RP

    I'm looking for someone who will RP as a succubus. Story something like, I'm not getting what I need back home, so I have to consort with a succubus, whom I see regularly. Or something like that. The finer details can be worked out as we go! I have a lot of ideas
  13. Background. Our characters attend a school (college/university level) for higher beings. Anyone but mundane humans can join. Think of Hogwarts but more mature. Students end up in a variety of careers but at least half of them becomes Shepherds watching over humanity and protecting them from supernatural threats. The story would actually start where he's a demon and she could be a witch or something along those lines. They fall in love after he seduces her but to their surprise she's become a demon herself and they've also become soul bonded. Afterwards they learn that a race of dark beings wants to destroy them so they can conquer the mortal realm and they have to deal with that along with their responsibilities as students. There's more to it than this and it would be a long term story.
  14. Today is the day, Alex was leaving for college his green eyes bright and his hole future ahead of him. If he only knew that the college he chose. Grenetch, home of your dreams. If he only knew what would be awaiting him, driving his little mazda into the gates, it was immediately taken from him and stored, by two large minutar women, with soft smiles explaining that he would scare some of the 'people' here. It would be returned upon vacation or semester's end. Thats when it all changed, he saw creatures of all kinds, on his way to his room there was four lupine, two neko, a spattering of lamia foxkin, deerkin, and so many others, upon getting to his room and setting up his bunk, that's when she walked in. (Insert your character) //Hello friends! I'm gonna try to get back into rp and I hope this may tickle your fancy. If so I would like to start the entry with your character entering from the shower or from gym and dressed with that in mind. feel free to contact me with more ideas on this or comment on this with additions, I hope yo talk to you soon ^.^
  15. Previously I would have posted something like this in the private bulletins, but this time I decided to try here first and then maybe post if there if there is no response. The idea is here is a shapeshifter with a very open mind and a lot of curiosity. I am going to suggest two versions of the idea here, but the first is the preferred one. In this case it is a fantasy setting with an endless variety of fictional humanoid, semi-humanoid or monstrous creatures. My character would be the shapeshifter, maybe it is an innate talent, maybe it is magic. Either way it is an extremely rare ability, that no one would have reason to suspect he was not what he appeared as. Anyway with a motive that is half fetish, half early scientific curiosity. He decided he wanted to study the mating habits of various creatures. He decided to study it by experiencing it first hand. He has done it a few times already but wants to do much more. To get the full picture, he is also willing to do it as both the male and female. The decision usually being made depending on the type of creature it is. I'm not looking for 100% sex but also like the idea of playing out the various courtships and ideally how they handle children. Some of these could be one on one and some might involve herd/pack/group dynamics. His transformations are complete enough that he is capable of fathering children or even giving birth to them as a female. I know that is not everyone's thing but I would like to include it. And while I prefer to focus on the creatures he may also occasionally take human form as a woman and would like to spend some time on his interactions with men as such. It is a setting where women are likely not equal to men and he would be studying less respectable situations where a woman might get involved with a man without marriage. The second one is a more modern version, purely human, using the shapeshifting for a more purely sexual motive. Using it as a trick to sleep around, with both men and women without them realizing it or having a chance with people both men and women he would not otherwise have had a chance with, due to age (for example going after school girls if he is older or older people if he is that age)/looks/status/blood ties (for example he might take another form and use it to seduce his sister/brother/other relatives without them knowing), or any other reason. The first idea was purely MxF (with variation on who would be playing each gender). This one could be a mix of MxF and FxF. He would probably even be capable of being a futa at times, though it would not be his preference. In both cases I am looking a lot of sex but with story, and potentially detailed story, around it. You should be willing to play both male and female characters. Being into pregnancy and everything around it is a big plus as would playing FxF in the modern version and a wide variety of creatures in the fantasy version. In the fantasy at least there will not be proper romance but any sort of bonding that a male and female of that type might go through. He could be with some mates a lot longer than others (some it may just be the courtship and mating, others could be much longer). Some of the creatures will more intelligent/capable speech and others more beast like and instinct driven.
  16. Hello! I have been wanting to do this roleplay for a long time now, and I would really love to find the right person to do it right with! The first thing to note that is pretty important is : This will be a mainly sexual roleplay. About 98%, if not more, will be focused on sex! Another thing to note is that we don't have to roleplay all in one sitting. Either sending lines back and forth throughout the day (If you're feeling risky ) or sitting down for an hour or so at a time works fine for me! The base of the story is this : You are the young and hot trophy wife to some old billionaire who barely spends time at home, much less time with you. Because of this you have turned to the online dating sites where you meet my character. You wanted to have me come over to your mansion and you wanted to feel like you were in charge, but as soon as I enter into the house I quickly force myself upon you. I then quickly learn how much of a whore you really are. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I feel we could take this scene in a lot of different directions. Even though I already have my preference page linked, I will go ahead and post all of my kinks that I would like included, and my character description. Kinks : Impregnation, Having a big cock, Piss, You having large tits and a big ass, Facials, Cumshots, Cum Play, Public Sex, Rough Sex, Dirty talk, Risky sex, cheating, Sloppy blowjobs, deep throating, having lots of cum, and having "magical" cum that when consumed makes you more horny. Description : My name is Jack. I am 5'10 with short brown hair and hazel eyes. I have lightly tanned skin with a slightly built upper and lower body. I usually roleplay with a thick, 9 inch shaved cock. If you'd like I can be bigger and not shaved. If this sounds like it interest you, please send me a message with your kinks and limits, and also a description of your character and we can go from there! I look forward to fulfilling this roleplay dream!
  17. JeanneAlter

    lesbian Jeanne Alter RP Board?

    Hello everyone, JeanneAlter here, call me simply Jeanne. I just joined in search of literate females and futas that would dominate me hard and kinky. Please check my preference sheet and "about me" so that you would understand a little bit about me before inviting me to a private chat. I am a submissive lesbian slut, looking for dominant female or futa ****BE WARNED**** I AM LESBIAN AND I WILL NEVER ACCEPT ANY MALE INVITATION Some plots that I will update as I come up with more ideas: Open World Fantasy: We are in a world called the Gardesia. In this world, there are humans, elves, dwarfs, and many other humanoid species ruling the land. Magic exists, and demons and monsters lurking around the world with evil thoughts. We can choose one of the species and proceed some kinky story from there. Slut Breeding Facility: In a near future, the government officially announced that they will collect any and all poor and middle class females at age 18, training them to become a baby breeding bag and milking cow. They will first enter the separation facility, where they will get their mind rewritten and separated to three groups: the poor sluts, the animal sluts, and wealthy sluts. The poor sluts will be thrown into a crowd of lust hungry poor men, and will spend 10 years serving as poor baby breeding slut and stress relieving toy. The animal sluts will be separated into cow sluts, horse sluts, and pig sluts. They will get their womb modified so that they can breed with actual animals. They will spend at least 15 years as animal sluts. The wealthy sluts will be impregnated by the wealthy class, and spend at least 10 years, and after that they will either continue or be sold to the wealthy class that they can get their body and mind modified to what their customers needs (ie breast expansion, replace mind so that they can act like a dog, piercings, etc). Work in Progress.... I am open to other kinky plots, so feel free to send your ideas ladies~
  18. August Gold

    Dark Neverland

    Dark Neverland The Syne Corporation I am an agent of the Syne Corporation. I was sent to the anomalous island of Netherland by complete accident. My usual job involves the investigation into anomalies that are seen as supernatural in nature. Things like magical rifts, possible cryptids, and rogue magicians. However, my most recent mission has proven to be my most dangerous yet. I was sent to investigate a mysterious fog cloud that has been said to claim ships and planes in the southern Indian Ocean. Myself and a team of other elite agents were sent to investigate the fog with the best equipment available to us. That was, however, not enough. For we did not know what we were going up against. I will play an agent, or a series of agents (depending on which of the two roleplay options you take; see below) who will be attempting to survive the island by any means necessary. There may be violence, there may be blood, and there may be bad endings. This all depends on what you prefer to choose below. Netherland This is where you come in. The island of Netherland has only been inhabited for the past 5 years, but it is a deadly and dangerous place for any who are not the island's main natives. These natives are various types of "monster girls" from differing worlds and realms all summoned here either by accident or invitation. The stronger among the island's residents make up those who were invited. Vampire and succubi nobility, powerful witches, high level elven sorceresses, and the royal leaders of each race of monster girl count among those who were given invitation. While the lower, more feral or perhaps just weaker monsters make up those who were summoned in a similar manner to myself. Some monster girls are violent, some are clever and domineering, others may be sweet or helpful. Either way, what only the highest ranking monster girls know is that the island was created by a powerful demoness to be used as a private hunting ground. Men are brought in only to be enslaved or, in some extremely rare cases, eaten. So what is my role in all of this? A good question! I am looking for someone for either of these two options: The hopeless meat grinder - This option sees us doing a series of oneshots (or longer) where you play whatever monster girl tickles your fancy with the express goal of killing (by any means you feel appropriate but I prefer stuff like energy draining or just plain fucked to death) enslaving, or transforming my agent as he/she tries to find a way to escape the island. Maybe you want there to be no escape for them, maybe there is. It would be a shared GM role between the two of us, but with less of a focus on story and more of a focus on action. The story-driven meat grinder - While still labeled a meat grinder, this would see you take an active role in fleshing out the characters and places of Netherland. As it stands I have given very little thought to the lore behind Netherland so as to leave it as blank a slate as possible (that is not to say I don't have any ideas, but I will prioritize your input over my own in most cases). Fetishes What I am looking for in a RP partner for this is someone a little sadistic or domineering. Succubi, Elves, Slimes, Amazons, Vampires, etc. are all big time favorites for me in terms of monster girls, but I can go deeper into the lexicon of different monster girl lores and discuss those further with you via PM if you so prefer. Female domination is super attractive to me, as is humiliation and the idea of losing a fight. I want to play a man who is fairly confident only to have that confidence be completely turned on its head. Sounds fun, where do I join? I am fairly new to the ED site, but I believe you may send me a PM or an EcchiChat and we can discuss how you would like to proceed from there? I am not a man of hard opinions on chatting platforms, so I am very flexible on rping wherever you wanna do so.
  19. Adverse

    New role play ideas!

    So, while I have a few role plays going and, like everyone else, I lose motivation periodically, I'm keeping myself inspired with new ideas. I can never have too many role plays, especially with good partners. So, I have some ideas for role plays that may or may not be intended for private or clubs. Pictures not necessarily related and are just for fun. Sexy Fairy Tale Adventure A role play about a Hansel and Gretel esque duo (who may or may not be brother and sister depending on what you're into) journey into the black forest and get lost. They always heard stories about the forest after dark, the deeper they go, the stranger things get and the inhabitants are restless... Various fairy tale characters are meant to be encountered in this one, meaning I will be playing more than one character in occasion, if my partner could too and add to the role play that's great, but I will not push. A great deal of wild, maybe taboo sex, but there's story too. I like story. Leave me alone XD. The Not-So-Silent Library The picture is relevant this time. The idea here sort of is an alternate concept for The Fairy Tale one listed above. I honestly might try to make a club out of this one anyways. There are those of us in this world who have desires, desires which are unfulfilled, and it is to us that the library calls. No one knows how to get there, even if they have been there before and not everyone finds their way back after their first visit. One day, you find yourself walking through the doors of your home, place of employment, etc, and find yourself in an expansive library with endless rows of books extending further than the eye can see. It is silent, behind a small desk in the lobby is a sexy blonde woman, who smiles warmly, greets you and has you look over the terms of membership for the library. You can now open any story of your choosing and live out your wildest fantasies, taking the place of characters in the stories, or entering as a guest... As long as you don't change the ending... The Four Kingdoms and the Wish A dark fantasy. Most likely a club. This one is story heavy but there should be plenty of room for smut, you beautiful pervs. The aesthetic of the role play world and many of the inhabitants are inspired by Henson fantasies, such as The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth. To get an idea of the bizarre, surreal landscapes and scenery. You can be anything valid in fantasy, man or monster or mythical creature alike. Essentially a D&D campaign without dice, the main party is in search of a mythic artifact that may have been proven to exist, which is said to grant the weirder endless knowledge and even grant wishes. Our characters come to an agreement after banding together, but there are many who are not so friendly in search of it for their own selfish reasons. Expect conflict, maybe a bit of non-con if you want (not my cup of tea but if it fits). There's a lot more to this, this is just a basic idea. The Resort Could be group of private. I didn't pay much attention to hentai really until this site, I found one about a tropical resort and goddamn. It was kind of a harem, though, and that's not 100% necessary. I don't mind playing a few characters to keep it varied and fun. Not much story here even though I could come up with one, just summer flings on vacation. Or more. Who knows? Monsters! I love monsters. Not necessarily monster girls as we know them in a hentai sense, but I like monsters of all kinds. I want to do a role play about fighting them, maybe if you've seen Castlevania you could get an idea what I want out of this. I could also do a monster girl role play if you want. Or a mix of both. Persona 5 Also most likely private. I would be maining Joker, you could play as whoever you want. Again, this doesn't have to be a harem. Mecha Mayhem! Could be a group or private. It would be fun in a group. The characters could be in school, or not, but in a futuristic world where mech suits are dominant in warfare, even with underground arenas for them to have unauthorized battles for wagers.
  20. Kittyslave01

    New Roleplay

    The aim is to create a roleplay that will involves femdom, BDSM and war+politics and some magic, ecchi text me if you are interested
  21. Isthisthekrustykrab?

    Lost at sea. A island romance.

    (So I have no idea how to remove the reference link...so yeah lol) Title: Lost at sea. Island romance Genre: fantasy, romance, adventure. Parings: M/F, F/F Plot: Lucy is stranded on an island after her ship got destroyed by a rouge wave. She found herself on an island which she thinks no one else is on....but she is wrong. Setting: If the Amazon was an island. It's basically a rainforest that is on an island. A really big island. Characters: Lucy(my character) and your character which you will play either a chief of your clan or a inhabitant of the island. What you will do: I have a starter, you will continue with it. I need descriptive paragraphs. Three. No less, unless it is two good paragraphs with detail. Your character: can be anything (demon, human, furry) Male or female, although, I would like the female to be a dickgirl. No futa. Doms only, no switches. I will also need a picture and some info about your character, name, personality, age and height. Your character cannot have neon/bright colors. Although, if your character is poisonous, like a snake or something, then your character can have a bright/neon markings. The rest of the fur/scales has to be a natural color. (If you're playing a furry) Starter: When Lucy had bought her own ship, although, it was small, she was proud of it, the feline didn't think that it would be destroyed so quickly...and easily. Everything had been calm when she sailed out to sea, no storms, nothing that would bring destruction to her ship. Well, was she wrong. Very wrong. It had been a normal day, day two of being out at sea. It was a cloudy day. Lucy laid out on her deck, naked as the day she was born and legs spread wide. Her fingers were moving fast on her clit, she was moaning and crying out, arching her back and just loving how free she was. "F-fuck! Yes~! Almost...ah~!" She bucked her hips in the air, eyes rolling back as she squirted all over her deck. The human groaned as she slumped back on the warm deck, panting hard. That was the fourth orgasm she had today, she could do a few more, but something seemed off...her boat was rocking in the water more violently and she sat up, eyes wide as she saw a giant wave coming towards her. "Holy shit!" She screamed and scrambled up, the wave came out of nowhere. She had no time to do anything before the wave swallowed her ship whole, sending her tumbling through the icy water. She soon blacked out. Lucy's body washed up on the beach, with a few things that had came from her ship, she was breathing, but barely. End starter (this is where you pick up.)iframe widget
  22. sup, i'm new here. first off, i'm new here, hello. secondly, i wanted to start out by roleplaying one of my most classic roleplays: the orc roleplay. it's pretty simple. the whole thing is, woman wanders forest, orc sees woman in forest, orc likes woman. anyway, ecchi text me or whatever it's called. i don't really like one liners and i'm pretty descriptive in my roleplays. however i don't mind roleplaying with someone below my writing level, as long as they don't sit there and do *i look* all the time, ya know? probably around like 5+ lines or so would be good enough for me. anyway, thanks, and if you want to do this just message me.
  23. Silver Kirochima

    Searching for A Partner

    Searching... Searching... Loading required data... > This is a restricted file < > Please Enter An Admin Code < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 # 0 * * _ _ _ * * _ _ * * * _ * * * * > Access Granted < Loading RP Files... [Fantasy - A Dark Knight’s Curse] Silver Kirochima (24) Following the story of my OC, a for the dark king (you), comes a tale of betrayal and revenge. Having been at your side since the day you took over the kingdom and was announced as the dark king, my OC suddenly attacked you and ran off into hiding. Angry and wanting revenge, you send your army after her in order to capture her and enact your very (likely) sexual revenge to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Details and discussion may occur in the DM or Comments. [Realistic - A Sniper’s Rivalry] Gina Sveltezza (25) With crime rate being at an all time high and powerhouses trying to take each other down, rumour of a skilled sniper runs around the street. She is a for-hire assassin who never misses, and is nicknamed “100% Accuracy” due to her lack of failed missions. However, none have seen how she looks until you came along, looking to reveal the face of the mysterious sniper and (likely) reap some benefits from your newly gained blackmail. Details and discussion may occur in the DM or Comments. [Fantasy - The Immortal Witch] Nerezza (???) In the times when darkness and demons slowly lurked across the land comes the tale of a young looking girl who became their queen. Under her rule, the demons forced the humans into a small corner of land where they lived in fear. Someone had to take care of this queen, but upon reaching her, you realize she is immortal, but has the strength of a child. Now... Either you take advantage and win her over, or you become one of her many human slaves. > More Coming Later <
  24. Muramune

    A New Life

    A colony ship carrying humans on an exodus from a dying Earth crash lands on a strange planet. With the crew dead and the ship damaged beyond repair, the colonists have to find a way to survive this new world and even repopulate the world to thrive once more. If possible, I'd like this to be a multi-generational RP with each generation advancing the world from a near medieval setting to taking to the stars once more. If you're interested in this RP, drop me a line and we can bounce more ideas.
  25. SilverLily

    Search for Roleplays!

    Hello and welcome to my request thread For Fandoms I only play as OC characters mainly. If I play a cannon character it will solely be for the name and appearance. Current Kink cravings : -Bondage -MxMxF pairings/gang bangs -Monsters/Tentacles/Vampires/Werewolves -Rough Sex -Age Play (Older male x Younger female) Things I will NOT to: -FxF or FxFuta pairings -Playing multiple characters (on my end, just not my thing as i tend to favor one character over the other) -Full on non-con (can do a little bit of resistance but not total) -Bathroom play -Vore Things I will Role-Play: Settings: Medieval Modern Boarding School (Fantasy preferred but can do non fantasy) Pairings: ~Brother x Sister -Twins ~Prince x Shapeshifter ~Prince x Village Girl !Craving! ~Pirate Lord x First Mate ~Werewolf x Human ~Vampire x Human ~Vampire x Werewolf ~Prince/King x Servant Girl! Craving! ~Demon/Vampire x Neko ~Prince x Mermaid ~Good girl x Bad boy ~Unpopular Girl x Popular Athlete ~Boss x Employee ~Goddess x Male harem ~Kitsune x Demon ~Demon x Angel ~Elf x Vampire or Demon ~Succubus x Incubus Books -Doesn't have to be exactly by the book. Our own twist on it- -Fallen -The Darkest Powers Series Also looking to do something similar to the Darkest Powers trilogy books by Kelly Armstrong where our characters have been sent to a group home for troubled kids that holds secrets as to why they are there. They can be either aware of their powers or unaware of them and mistake them for a mental disorder. We can play as OC's or Cannon. Really looking to do a Chloe x Derek pairing. Current Plot Ideas ! A Vampire's Decision ~The prince is to be wedded to a princess he has no intentions on marrying and finds himself spending a lot of time with one of his maids for a bit of company, to try and avoid having to even meet the princess. The maid he chooses to spend time with so happens to have been in love with him ever since she started working at the palace, only he doesn't know for she is too shy to tell him. After being around her for a couple of days just sitting in the garden and talking, the Prince starts to realize he was developing feelings for her as well. Neither one of them knows and time is running short. Will the Prince accept his feelings for the maid and find a way to be with her? Or will he simply ignore them for what she is and just go through with the marriage? The Light Within the Dark The Vampires/Demon are after an artifact they have been searching for, for centuries, never able to find it. The artifact has been entrusted to a Angel who was assigned as a guardian for it's protection from any evil being because of how powerful it is. The Angel doesn't know of the powers it holds, and that the Vampires/Demons are after it until she runs into groups of them trying to find who the guardian is and soon is told about the power it holds. The object is hidden in a place only its guardian knows the location to, and eventually a Vampire/Demon discovers that she is the guardian and so kidnaps her in hopes of getting what they want. Catching a Fay Fairies are very rare throughout the kingdoms, but their magic is powerful. Hearing tales about their beauty and magic, many demons have tried to find them and hopefully capture one to use the fairy's magic for their own uses. And since most fairies are known to be female, they could be useful for more than just their magic. A lot of demons have failed though until just recently. One demon was out hunting like he always does, but this time on his hunt through the forest, he comes across a fairy wandering the woods as well, or bathing in the waterfall. With no one else around, the demon takes he's chance to try and capture the defenseless fairy. He quickly succeeds and takes her to his home, not wanting her to get away as he thinks of a way to either take her magic or get her to use it for his own needs. Forbidden Lovers A Werewolf and a Vampire, two warring clans, have fallen in love for each other after having been given an order to kill the other. It is against the rules and strictly forbidden for them to merely interact, let alone have a romantic interest. The daughter of the Alpha wolf was locked away when rumors started to spread. But her little punishment didn't last for very long. Her lover was furious when he found out. Even though he too was given a stern warning though it wasn't as severe. He fought in the battles, his rage, pushing him towards the edge to a cold blooded murder towards the Werewolves until he found who they had taken from him. Word carried and he was given the location. An underground dungeon was where she was kept. A key or spell provided to unlock the cell given to him in hopes of showing mercy on the guard. But once freed and if word caught of her escape, she was surely to be sentenced to death by her own father. It makes her hesitant, but the Vampire gets her out anyways, whether she was willing or not. Where they end up, anywhere as far away from the clans as they possibly can. Will their love last, or would she be too afraid of the monster he had become, driven by rage? The Hunter He was an immortal. Cursed with eternal life and youth and thrown in a secret organization of hunters. Though those that know of them, see them as ruthless killers. What they hunted were demons and monsters. The things that stalk the night. This time he was assigned a specific task. His target was a female, barely even coming into what she was but his group still saw her as a threat. The girl was young, born from a Vampire family though hasn't gone through the change just yet. She had just turned 18, the age when the change begins but she is completely unaware of it. Having grown up in an orphanage, she didn't know anything about her parents. The organization however, still wants her taken out before the change even gets the chance to fully occur. What will happen though is he finds himself unable to do it. He feels sorry for the girl as she doesn't know what was happening to her. So instead of killing her, he takes her under his wing. He helps her through it, and soon finds himself attracted to her. Prince x Shapeshifter A traveling circus comes to the kingdom the prince helps rule over. He grows tired of the constant way he has to live. He would rather be out in the city and enjoying life rather than being stuck inside the palace listening to his fathers orders. Once word goes out about the festivities that were going to take place one night, he sneaks away, keeping his identy hidden. From there one of the performers, a shifted, catches his attention. He wants her. She is unhappy with where she is and so the prince wishes to free her, either by sneaking her out or buying her off the ring leader. Either way he is determined to get her. ~~~Feel free to mix genres together as well, and suggest!
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