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  1. BigBadWolf

    Compendium of idea's

    Hello everyone! I hope people are having fun, I've only just joined the site recently, haven't done rp in some time and now that my life is starting to get some balance (Crazy right?) I've more time in the evenings to do some writing. I've had some ideas over the years and wanted to put them into sort of a list, Of course, the idea's I propose are not set and stone and can easily be tweaked and worked around to suit your kinks and change some of the plots or change characters around. if you got something better. If you get your own idea and want to do that, we certainly can as I'm very open and easy-going so we can brainstorm together as that can be just as fun as the rp itself sometimes! 1.) Human M x Monster/Alien F This idea is actually based on the kostos art https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=leech_(kostos_art)+# The idea being a monster that lives on cum for sustenance, the idea could be she is a new creature that is brought to an aquarium for experiments and research, my character is overseeing the research and experiments. During a thunderstorm the power gets cut off to his area which unlocks her cage, and escapes and begins assaulting the male staff and other male creatures that are kept, slurping any dick she comes across to satisfy her hunger. Or instead, the research scientist takes advantage of the new creature and instead of feeding her the storage, he just sticks his dick into the cage and let her go to town Another idea an explorer on a distant planet who is in charge of documenting the flora and fauna and I like this character to be a futa who encounters the leech, at first the leech can be confused as she smells that the female has a dick but yet isn't a male, during this confusion the futa thinks it's friendly and is curious about her, after some interaction the leech proceeds to mount the futa and make her a permanent food source, could be shes highly virile and high-quality cum that sustains her. 2 .) Human M x Human F Incest would be the theme of this one, pairings are mother and son or brother and sister, both shota and loli can be included as well, this one is quite open for discussion, we can go for blackmail, straight up rape, even romance/curiosity, cheating, mom not satisfied with her husband dick anymore, even a game of truth or dare, drinking together become flirty and frisky, probably the most open idea on this list for discussion. 3 .) Male x Beastiality F I see a lot of Beastiality but always a Male beast with a human female but never the other way around, So I'd like to do exactly that, A human male having sex with female animals, dogs, deer, horses, cows, snakes, etc, A simple idea of a farm boy that is always stuck on the farm with hardly any contact with others, so instead he starts using the animals around the farm to satisfy his needs, either by sneaking out at night to have fun with the horse, or stick his dick into the calves pen thinking it's their mother teat for milk and so on and so on. Or Instead of a human can be a monster that comes across other animals or even the farm, that is unable to find a mate of its own species so it needs to improvise, although I'd probably like to play a werewolf for this, another other monster/anthro of some kind can work as well. That's all for now at least, More might be added every time I decided to give this a bump, but if you have some ideas of your own or like to play any of these or even alter the ideas we can do that, I look forward to chatting with people and cook up something nice, have fun and thanks for reading! 4 .) Male/Futa x Lesbain Another simple idea, one based around lesbain breaking, just as it sounds, its turning a very heavy lesbain that won't even go near a futa, gets broken in and wants dick instead. This can be based around cheating or rape, for cheating, the lesbain would have a pretty bad fight with their GF and spends the night with one of her friends. My character was trying to console her and have some drinks together, which can be turn into some mischievous actions, such as groping, her hold a cock for the first time, trying to give a handjob and esculates over time. or For the rape part, I'm thinking the lesbain is a long time friend, despite being a lesbain she loved to tease and show off, she did it with her best friend cause she felt comfortable doing so and not with others to the point my character gets the wrong idea. This have been going on for a long time, but my character caves in and tries to ask her out or kiss her, with immediate backlash, saying she doesn't like guys/futa and said was just messing around I shouldn't take it so seriously, it could cause my character to snap and rape her till she breaks? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This section I'll just make more proper scenarios, The Dark Hotel: The dark hotel is infamous for being an underground brothel, despite protestors, warrants, and investigations, not actual proof has been found, simply because it's well hidden from but guests and staff. What makes this brothel special compared to others? Well, put simply anthro's are seen as taboo among the populice, they are less than human's have very little rights, so in this secret brothel, they can live here happily while the hotel makes money off them. Despite them being seen as lower creatures, the public can't deny their itches and cravings for sexual encounters, So you arrive at the desk, getting here through means of money, connections, privleges, or lucky few to stumble upon it, which flavor of Anthro would you like, reception has a book of who you might want to spend the night with. Young Yet Deprived: Being the older brother in the household, his little sister and her best friend tend to always hang out together, most days they appear after school and hangout, doing homework and play games, but their is a secret, his little sister friend is a sexual deviant, she always came over cause she had the hots for her older brother despite her age, aware of her intentions and sexual knowledge, she does everything she can to get her brother, while the two were playing video games one day, the brother came in to watch as he was bored and see how competitive the two can be, so much so his sister tends to be deaf and unaware of her surrondings when she is in the zone, her friend knew this all too well and took advantage of it, when the big brother joined them, she moved closer to him, dirty looks, unintentional grabs, even sexual gestures towards him, how far is she willing to go to get him to fuck her?
  2. In the Western Continent, only the strong and chosen were allowed to be tested for the annual Ceremony of the Plates. Our story takes place in the metropolis city of Adora; large sleek modern buildings that would touch the sky to the humble shack in the outskirts were overshadowed by these towers of metal and mortar. The ceremony was the difference between a life of servitude and poverty to grand adventure and wealth. Many participated and it was such a dangerous affair that many would have to sign waivers so family members could not claim wrongful death over a perfectly voluntary process. The Ceremony of the Plates was a way for these warriors t exhibit their skills and for a God to choose to be their champions. The ability to wield powerful weapons to crush inanimate objects and living beings with ease. If one was lucky they would also be blessed with armor plates that were gifts from the Gods. Both protecting and strengthening the wearer it allowed them to channel the innate element that the God associates with; these lucky few are called Armorers and there were less than twenty on the Western Continent. That is until this day when a human female of the seventh nahn circle of their complicated class system made history. The event was strange because she was almost on the brink of being killed by a pike wielder who had her praying to the Gods and her prayers were answered it seemed. Not only was she the youngest female Armorer she was also the first to claim the championship of the Ice Priestess; an aloof God that would bring harsh blizzards to the land if angered. Or at least that is who the people blamed for coincidental natural phenomenon. As the ceremony came to a close the female was adorned with much praise and coveted by officials to be a guard for their 'honorable' houses. A feast was even held in her honor, the disconnect between the first nahn circle to the tenth dahn circle was so large. It was uncomfortable how abundant in fresh food and excess they indulged in while the poorest of them suffered starvation and unclean environments. Even though she was closer to the top as far as class went she still was used to the harsh labor required to live. With the realization that there would be corruption and waste the female could not accept the attentions any more. That evening she would escape from the clutches of the elite and leave the city not even saying goodbye to those she considered family. A sack of her most immediate essentials and a document of the last known location to the most skilled Armorer to ever be produced from Adora, Asher Ambrose, she set out on her quest to find the man she wanted to be her teacher. A month after her departure for her quest she had finally found his last known dwelling, in a large black cloak that covered her face and body she went . It was a large estate in the middle of nowhere; a multiple story castle like structure with a connecting bridge built over the rushing ravine below. The gate was closed shut but that wasn't so hard to get past now that she her self was an Armorer. Leaping over the gate with a rookies over estimation of how gravity works, she landed on her rear on the stony path leading to the large front door. Hurriedly she would rush to the door and with all of her reasonable strength she would pound at the door. Over and over and over again but no answer, it had rolled into evening and she had almost given up that is until after what felt like a hundred years an older gentleman with a distinguished mustache towered over her five foot five frame. Pulling a the hood off her head it revealed her light ginger hair and determined blue eyes. Armorer's had this innate ability to tell their own and feel ones aura; and Asher's was making her body burn from how intense his aura felt. Before the man could say anything the voice of the young twenty-five year old female spoke excitedly. "You're Asher Ambrose right?! It is such an honor to meet you! I know this is sudden and out of the blue but..." Suddenly she would bow and in earnest beg for his tutelage. "Please let me be your student!" After some silence he would dawn a sly grin and give her the conditions. To which not really understanding all that she had heard agreed despite the risks, and so this started their relationship as Master and Student. Another month had passed the two were sparring in his training grounds and this was where their story truly begins...
  3. Rosalynn98

    Medieval Fantasy

    Hello I'm looking for someone to play a dominant male for the plot below. Ideally the story starts out dark, but slowly turns into a romance between the characters. On average I write a couple of paragraphs per response, but they vary greatly depending on the scene and what seems to flow. I also typically write in third person and like to plan major plot points out in advance, so we both know where the story is heading and can work on getting it there. Response times vary depending on the day because of my job, but I do typically respond several times a day and give a notice if I'm going to be gone for a longer stretch. I am also open to changing the plot, or if there is a totally different idea you have and you think we'd be compatible, I'm open to hearing that as well. Starting Plot: Rumors have swirled around the kingdom of Miridia for years, passed under the breath at risk of treason. The King was not the true king. Another was rising, coming to take what was rightfully his. The talk has started when the current king was just a child. His dark hair and eyes did not follow that of his ancestors, who were known for a steel gaze that could strike fear into the heart of any man. The queen must have had an affair, one that resulted in this child, in response to the king's own infidelity. The true royal blood does not run through his veins, but there was a child, far on the outskirts of the kingdom, that was rumored to be the true heir, a bastard son. Still, the rumors stayed rumors as both boys grew into men and had their own children. The current king, bitter from the loss of his wife and son, has become cruel, taking what he wants from the kingdom without any regard for his people. He ran the commoners into poverty, sent them off to die for his wars. He even pushed his own daughter away, keeping her in the dark about the kingdoms affairs. The worse he got, the more the rumors picked up. The blood heir had had a child. Strong, smart, and determined. People were flocking to him and his promises to take back the throne and restore the kingdom to it's original glory.
  4. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @MoonMan. Overall premise: Profile for Henriette Júrgendóttir: ------------------------------------------------------ In a small, peaceful and overall happy village, quite a rare and unique sort of person lives, named Henriette. Despite her age, she is already more sexually experienced than most wenches are and very happy with it. Her usual partners being the single men of the village (who mostly keep quiet about it) and visitors in the local inn that is called "The Gilded Mead Horn", which is always a warm, cozy, homey and nice place to hang out and even spend the night, with a great view from most of the inn's room upstairs. Tonight, not a whole lot of people are present here, but among them are the young girl of 6 who has found her way onto the booth where a couple of huge bodied orcs seems to enjoy her presence and company, despite how young she is. There is just something about her that usually draws men to her and which not even she can explain yet. She is currently sitting on the lap of one of them, enjoying some non-alcoholic beverage."So...what are your plans? Are you just travelling through?", she asks them.
  5. Kohaku Saito was a normal, if geeky girl. For the most part, at least. She was secretly a masochist who longed to be taken by a futanari and made to become her breeding slave, after all. Then, one day, she found herself suddenly being transported to a fantasy world. And fortunately for her, this new world is filled with very hung and very horny futanaris. Perhaps dreams really do come true… Hello, everyone! How are you doing? I’m kinda on an isekai binge right now and I’m also feeling extraordinarily horny. So, I’d like to do an ERP that puts a lewd spin on the isekai genre. My character somehow ends up in another world where a good chunk of the population are futanaris. However, she loves futanaris and finds this very exciting. And so, while completing the task she was summoned to do, she allows herself to be used by the world’s futa denizens. All the while, she is looking for the futanari who could be her ideal Mistress. It can honestly be anyone; a monster, a noblewoman, a bandit, or even the main villain herself. But regardless of who it is, all Kohaku cares about is whether or not they’ll keep her around as a breeding slave. Let me know if you’re interested and I hope to see you soon!
  6. Alia Scalia was a summoner, or at least, she liked to think of herself as one. For years she spent training and trying to summon various creatures to help her on her travels or to help with fighting, but sadly everything she tried to summon something, it never worked. Alia had began to doubt herself and if she actually could summon anything. Despite the setbacks however, Alia never gave up and continued to try and try to summon something, anything, she didn’t care what at this point. On this day, Alia had just come back home to her small cabin after going out on an adventure. She kicked off her shoes and immediately went to her bedroom where she pulled out a summoning book she had bought while out on her travels. She had payed quite a lot of it so hoped it would be worth it. While looking through the pages, she noticed that this book spoke a lot about Imps, perhaps that was what the book allowed her to summon. That was enough thinking however, she was getting extremely exited to test it out. She opened the book up to a read the inscription she needed in order to summon the Imps and soon. She then gathered her energy and raised her hand over the pages of the book. She spoke the ancient inscriptions and lastly said, “I summon thy!” and waited, and waited.
  7. It had been about a week since Terah Hornbelly had left her ancestral home deep in the Anvil Mountains and had come to the village of Mountbrook, nestled within the shadow of the mountain. Against her father's wishes that she remain and become a dwarven blacksmith like her father and his father before him, Terah wanted passionately to become a great adventurer. She left under the guise of night one day with nothing but the clothes on her back, a pack full of essentials, and her trusty short sword and shield. It had only taken a few short days to make her way down the mountain and into the town below. She wasted no time visiting the pubs and guilds, looking for work. It became quickly apparent that Terah lacked the proper gear and supplies to take on such work without steep difficulty and she had little in the way of coin. Despite her best efforts, the young dwarf was unable to find work as a blacksmith due to a lack of demand and attempts at other jobs quickly revealed that she was unsuited to such tasks. One night while drinking ale at one of the cheaper taverns, Terah overheard a conversation about women who made sacks of coin by renting out their bodies. Her cheeks colored a bright red as she looked down at her bodacious breasts, squishing them together and thinking seriously about prostitution. The last thing she wanted was to return shamefully home after leaving like she did. The dwarf downed her drink in one massive gulp--seizing about the courage she found there--and left the tavern. After smoothing the short hem of her dark-green dress, Terah headed into the night to find her first client. Terah Hornbelly's Profile
  8. JennyDK

    Loli Dragonborn

    Dragon's Pleasure: (Skyrim) As the normal Dragonborn is out doing theirs to ensure the Tamriel's safety and many other quests, another Dragonborn is also out there. Only this one has gotten the blood from an ancient dragon of fertility. She is a slut by nature and has always sought out to pleasure her unsatiable needs for sex. She has no knowledge of this until she is summoned by the Gray Beards. Here she learns about her powers, but knowledge and tutoring in the way of the sexy voice is not without a cost in the lonely temple. I have made some custom Shouts as well, feel free to suggest more: Dragon shouts: Alter Age Alter body Add body parts Call Demons Enlarge body parts Extreme stamina Force orgasm Indestructable body Instant erections Prolong orgasm Remove items (clothes, armour and so on) Renew stamina Shout of Clones Shout of strength Soundwave of Lust Notes: 1) the Dragonborn is never submissive or forced to do anything 2) My partner will have to at least act as a GM.
  9. (Still in the process of learning the site's interface and set-up. Bear with me!) What I am looking for a short to long-term fantasy role-play with dark/taboo themes that is 70-30 story to smut. I like to build the tension and develop my character with the other's, and am looking for my RP partner to as well. Don't expect to jump right into NSFW. I am open to 1x1 or group RP. My Character(s) I have a variety of characters of different genders, types, and personalities. (Currently in the process of cataloging their IDs, but I will provide possible matches when chatting privately.) • I can play one to multiple characters. • Nearly all my characters are queer. • Characters are humanoid. • Dom, sub, verse, top, bottom, switch (will depend on the character) Setting and Plot Various devices I am looking to include and any combination is fine. (But I do not work with real life places/people.) • Fantasy politics, regality, action/adventure, drama, magic, school/college, ball/gala, modern fantasy, underground/private auction Current Craving • Pairing type: F/F, F/M, N/M, N/N (open to all combos though) • Character type I RP: [1] (female) semi-innocent and curious royal/commoner, [2] (female) snobby and beautiful princess-type, [3] (femme) manipulative MILF dom, [4] (male) coward and cautious retainer (knight) with baggage, [5] (masculine nonbinary) manipulative and beautiful court official • Setting/plot: fantasy politics, regality, school/college, ball/gala Required • Literate • Original character • 1 to multi paragraph, quality over quantity • Dark/taboo themes • 3rd person tense Bonus • Your OC is commissioned/piccrew (not stock/fandom) • You draw as well Kinks/Limits Kink preferences: non/dubcon, corruption, incest, dom/sub, sado/maso, drugging, power imbalance, violence, femdom (a few examples, all are not required. See RPS for more information.) Hard no: realistic/real face claims, scat, filth, vore, hyper, fisting, transformation Not for this RP: furry/scalie If replying to this bulletin, please have your character in mind and provide some information that we can work off of. Thank you!
  10. PrincessElla

    Hentai role play

    looking for creative role players into more anime/hentai type fantasy role play longterlong-term or short-term
  11. Hello, hello loves. Thank you for taking the looking through my general interest check, I'm excited to get to roleplaying! I may remove or add plots as time goes on and depending on my mood. I'm also more than willing to go along with plots you may be interested in or collaborating on a plot we'd both enjoy. You can just call me Peachi, my timezone is CDT, I'm ghost friendly and I'd prefer on-site PMs as a method for roleplaying. I prefer quality over quantity, my average writing is 1-3+ paragraphs depending on how inspired I am. I only write MxF and FxF pairings and only really play submissives, I have no experience writing dominate characters but if you're willing to work with me I'm willing to give it a try! I love OOC chats, plotting my partners and OC talk. I have a lot of OCs to use and prefer bringing them in over canon x oc shipping if fandoms are involved. I For smut to story ratio I prefer 50/50 or 40/60. The plot doesn't have to be super complex, just enough for interesting buildup with smut mixed in. Speaking of fandoms, here's a list of ones I'm familiar with. I'm more for using the plots of these or within the world. As it says in my preferences I will only write/interact with characters confirmed to be 18+. Again, I'm mainly looking for oc x canon plots for these. •Genshin Impact(Looking for Diluc) •BNHA(Looking for Hawks) •Attack on Titan(Looking for Eren) •JJBA(Looking for Abbacchio) •Obey me!(Looking for Lucifer) •Marvel(Looking for Thor) ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ Ideas and limitations *I am fine with dubcon/cnc. But lolicon and shotacon are hard limits. I have a love for romance, especially typical troupes like enemies/rivals to lovers, bimbo x nerd, etc. Romance isn't required for every plot, it's just so fun throwing those things in. I write low and high fantasy, I like both sweet and darker plots. I'm all for anything that involves being treated roughly or vanilla plots. But for rougher scenes aftercare is a must, even if this is roleplay the sub drop I can experience from harder scenes does require some aftercare. Speaking of darker plots I'm down for obsessive x object of obsession, supernatural creatures, dub-con, etc. The rest of what I'll write is on my preference sheet, but don't be afraid to ask if I'm open to something that isn't on there! I can write harem/reverse harem plots, but only if my partner is willing to write multiple characters as well. I don't like writing in depth gore/death, mentions are fine I just don't enjoy writing it heavily. Nothing absolutely disgusting either. ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ Some Ideas *These are really just some simple pairings or plots that I have a lean/craving for, but don't have a concrete plot. They're subject to change, I prefer collaborating with partners on fully fleshed out plots so we both get what we want out of the plot or going along with any ideas my partner has! • Coworkers • Boss / secretary/worker • Arranged marriage •Royalty • Royal / Knight • Royal / Mage • Royal / commoner • Demon / summoner • Demon / angel • Mage / Demon • Vampire / human • Vampire / blood slave • Vampire / witch/mage • Enemies/rivals • BDSM arrangement • Master / slave/pet • Roommates • Obsessive / Object of obsession • Inexperienced / "helpful" friend • College professor / student • Spouse/Partner / partner's friend • Gods, Goddess & Demigods • Delinquent / delinquent • Delinquent / goodie-goodie • Idol / assistant/fan • Best friend's older sibling • Friends • Nerd / bimbo/himbo ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ Married to the enemy(arranged marriage & enemies troupe.) -MC is a highly respected person, maybe a mage, maybe a warrior, from a kingdom engaged in a long and tiring war with the kingdom YC is from. YC is a hero, a knight, royalty, whatever you wish. The rulers from each respective kingdom come to an agreement the war has gone on too long and come to a conclusion to help end the war; an arranged marriage between our characters. Lacking a princess MC is chosen to be the offered bride for YC to wed as a psychical symbol of peace. Will they get along? Actually fall in love? Or have only a psychical relationship? Dubious contracts(modern fantasy, slave & master dynamics) -MC is obsessed with the occult. After picking up a summoning book she's gotten in over her head after accidentally summoning YC, who's a demon, a god, angel, whatever you'd like, who forges a contract with MC. Now completely bound together for however long YC decides to keep MC alive, she must follow any and every order given in exchange for her wish. Maybe they bond, maybe they become more, could lead to some cute dynamics like running a shop together or something. Vampire's offering(Supernatural, higher fantasy, possible dub-con) -YC is a vampire with a habit for torturing a nearby village. Stealing livestock, ruining harvests, taking items left out, feasting on whom ever you please. In order to keep YC at bay the village offers a human sacrifice every few months as a peace offering, and this time MC is the unfortunate soul being offered in return for even just a month free from torment. Instead of only seeing the sacrifice as nothing more than livestock, YC takes an odd interest in MC, one far different than original intentions. Innocent or something more dubious, who's to say? But how long can YC allow the former sacrifice to roam the manor freely before acting on such thoughts. End of the demon queen? Let's try again!(Isekai, possible romance, medieval style rpg) -A classic isekai type plot. MC is an avid player, ranking pretty high in the charts due to some cheating. The mods find out about her less than honest ways of winning and set MC's account back to the lowest level taking away upgrades, equipment, everything. Distressed she breaks her computer, falling asleep after destroying it and wakes up within the game. YC is a former NPC party member MC collected through the game, who is aware of who MC is within the game and believes she fell from power during a battle. YC desperately wants to aid MC in building back their empire unaware of the fact it's all a game. The assistant and the Brat(Comedic duo, slight power imbalance, slice of life, possible angst) -MC is having just a streak of bad luck. Possibly being evicted from her apartment, on thin ice at work, too many heels broken on the way to and from work. YC is the child of the company CEO. YC is careless, stubborn and barely ever do work unless it interests YC. Living live off their parent's money and have no interest being the next head of the company, just wanting to party and misuse their power they're the textbook definition of a brat. MC is called into the boss's office, thinking she's going to be fired. Instead, she's assigned to be YC's new assistant, a "promotion" for her hard work due to her being the best suited one for the job. Now MC has to navigate being the nearly 24/7 assistant dealing with petty relationship problems, media coverups, YC slacking off and whatever else is added to her list of duties. She's in over her head with this job, but saying no could land her back at the start of her bad luck spiral. Could something past their affair bloom? A scandal hitting the news of sex in the workplace? Siren Song(Slightly medieval, typical pirate plot, supernatural) -Everyone who ventures on the open seas knows the tale of the sirens. Enchanting women who's song can crash entire ships and doom the crew aboard. But what they don't talk about is siren's who can possess human forms. MC is a siren who can possess a human form, and is hiding as a crew member on the ship. YC is in some way part of the crew, and is more cautious than the others when it comes to the legends of the sea. YC catches MC doing odd things like scoping out the ship, disappearing for periods of time and becomes highly suspicious. It all comes to ahead one night MC dives into the water and accidentally shows her true identity. The characters make a deal, that long as the ship safely makes it and MC helps steal more loot for YC, nothing will be said. But working so closely together could lead to something more. -------- Please Ecchitext me if you're interested in roleplaying or just talking. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas and writing! ‪♡‬
  12. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @LardMcLovin Overall premise: Being rescued by a chieftain and his sons of an Orcish stronghold, the young argonian woman promises the chieftain that he can ask for anything as thanks for rescuing her life from the awful bandits. Without hesitation, the potential of a lovely lizard maid strikes the chieftain and thus she begins to serve him and his men in his stronghold, whilst partaking in any adventures they set out into out there in the province of Skyrim. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The cave only had a few bandits in it, but they were still huge, heavily armoured, strong as fuck and formidable foes - even for the ferocious and massive bodied orcs that found this place and cleared it out. The last room was the one where Misha - the prisoner they had - was held in a small cage. Now she is finally freed by her rescuers, even though they mostly wanted the fight and heard these were bad guys. The argonian woman is very thrilled and happy to be both out of her captivity and to have suffered no harm from her captors. Something that soon becomes apparent to her, is just how bad these men stench - even more foul than most landfills and sewers do. She is both heavily disgusted, but also intrigued and kind of drawn to it. She attempts to hide sniffing the air, but it is very clear to them still."Ohhhh, thank you oh sooooo much! You saved me...and brought death upon these nasty bandits. I am in your debt! Please....allow me to serve at your Stronghold to repay you", she says cheerfully and relieved.
  13. Hello there, everyone! How have you been doing? Right now, I’m really wanting to do a lewd fantasy adventure RP. So, I would love it someone would be willing to GM a story where I play as a slutty knight who gets fucked all over the land. I’m thinking that at least half of her sexual encounters would be consensual, while the rest would be non-consensual (sorta). And of course, all of this sleeping around she’s doing will most likely result in her getting pregnant but with no idea who the father is. As the GM, you can throw whatever kind of scenarios you want at me. As long as it involves some hot fucking, I’ll be down for it! All I ask is that you not include any sex scenes involving animals and the undead. Monsters are fine, but those two are stuff that I’m not comfortable with. Here’s the character I plan to use for this: Alternatively, we could also do something that revolves around futanaris and monster girls and uses this character: Hope to see you soon!
  14. looking for hentai lovers and kinky role players
  15. Kai Ichimasu

    No Limits Impregnation

    I would love to find a partner or 2 who would be willing to go absolutely wild with an impregnation/pregnancy storyline. I'm talking pure fiction, something that could never happen like hyper pregnancy or getting pregnant while already pregnant, just absolute fantasy. I've done similar things in the past on other sites but they never seem to last, I'd love it to be something long term.
  16. I've always wanted to have a longterm RP kind of like a campaign. I really want to survive through a zombie apocalypse and end it with a semi-cure or have a fantasy adventure where my noble blood oc gets something cursed onto them which leads them and someone you on a journey to somewhere for something: the most unanticipated classic. I just want to be characters I never played before and have a really derailed SFW RP.
  17. Premise: Several years after a mysterious disease wiped out over half of humanity, a cure was found! Society began to rebuild, but there simply weren't enough people to get the job done. The world government, thinking quickly, decided to take matters into their own hands by lacing the cure to the disease with a potent fertility drug, making the human race ultra fertile. New laws were passed encouraging the population to go forth and be fruitful, to breed to their hearts content. Age restrictions, taboos, and consent restrictions were lessened, and advances in medical technology made STD's a thing of the past. People were told to do whatever they had to to repopulate their ravaged world. Women were offered bounties for each successful child they bore, leading to further use of fertility drugs making multiples a commons sight. Men with favorable genes were offered positions as studs, offering their seed to any woman who could pay their fee. Contraception and Birth Control in general was outlawed, sex ed. was no longer about safe sex but how to most efficiently procreate. Rape was only to be punished if it didn't result in pregnancy. While some saw this as a dark time where men would be able to do as they please, a powerful political group rose to overthrow the world government. This group, the Matrons of Infinite Lasting Fertility or MILF's, who were born with naturally overreactive reproductive systems decided that they and they alone would decide how best to repopulate the world. They began their Matriarchal reign by asserting women's superiority over men, forcing males into subservient roles in their new world order. They specifically began selectively breeding only those with naturally high sperm counts and other genetic traits they found appealing, and after several generations had finally achieved their goal of breeding the perfect specimens. The average man could now impregnate a woman with 100% efficiency every time, was completely obedient to the commands of any woman regardless of her age or position in society, and lived only to serve. // Okay so this is just something I threw together, anyone can feel free to use it to their hearts content. Personally I'd love to have a woman/women use me as their breeding slave.
  18. *** The Crimson Tide Desert is an inhospitable place where the heat of the scorching sun and the freezing nights are the least violent things that can kill you. As above, so below lurk many dangers; from monsters to ancient curses and many things in-between! It is a land of golden dunes tainted in blood, where the weak die and the strong survive. Refuge and relative safety are found in but a few scarce places, most prominently the various settlements, towns, and cities built around the oases that are dotted across the Crimson Tide. Some spend their entire lives in one of these places, not daring to take a single step beyond its boundaries. However, some do brave the sand ocean, be it for adventure, profit, or something else. These soldiers of fortune are called nomads and are oft employed to transport goods between various safe-havens. Banding together as clans, they traverse the sandy dunes of the desert not by foot, nor by horse or camel, but by so-called “sand skimmers”; light and fast vehicles resembling small ships equipped with not just sails but also special magical equipment that allows the skimmer to glide across the sand as if it were water. Our tale begins with the misfortune of two nomads, following a botched contract that leaves them in serious debt and the possibility to damage their reputation beyond repair. Granted an opportunity to settle their debt, they are tasked to set out and find the long lost tomb of the wicked warlock king Azmond II. But with just a single, vague clue at hand and their sand skimmer damaged beyond repair, the nomad pair has their work cut out for them. *** So the start-up for this one is pretty straightforward with a duo of nomads down on their luck, their skimmer was sunk and its precious cargo along with it, leaving them in debt with the contract givers. They are given an opportunity to pay off their debt in full, however, the task they must undergo is a daunting one. Of course, before they can even attempt to go look for the lost tomb, they have to secure a new skimmer. It's a pretty open adventure, with the tomb and debt serving as initial motivators for our adventurers and things can spiral into all sorts of directions before, during, and after they have completed their quest. Feel free to Ecchitext me if you're interested!
  19. General themes: Fantasy, Adventure, Dungeon Crawling, Romance, Darker/Grimmer Tones TL;DR: A young female adventurer inherits a debt from her late father. To pay off the debt, she seeks the aid of a male mercenary that owed her father a life debt. To settle their respective debts, they must seek out an ancient artifact her creditors desire. Setting: The Rivera Frontier is a relatively unexplored and hostile territory. Believed to have once been home to a prosperous empire of high elves, it has long since been abandoned and fallen into decay and rot, becoming home to all manner of monsters and twisted beings. However, it is also a place filled with treasure and ancient artifacts, attracting waves of adventurers and mercenaries from all over. Our tale begins in the frontier city of Runetown, which is renowned for its runestone mines and runesmiths capable of forging all manner of powerful artifacts out of the runestones. Possible Extras: Additional party members (as NPC’s) A pre-existing history between the main characters, such as, for example, having been childhood friends Lower, but more personal stakes
  20. Kai Ichimasu

    Pregnant School Girl Club?

    Okay so this is an idea I've had for years but haven't really ever found anyone interested. It's basically a school club where the girls purposely go around the school looking for guys to knock them up. It's open to all ages from freshmen to seniors, even the female advisors get involved in the fun as well. The guys are typically the ones being dommed by the girls, usually they're brought in by force and passed around the club until the girls get tired of them, or even fully kept on as slaves and forced into humiliating positions like being forced to wear a cock cage and walk around on all 4's when not being used. Of course a softer touch can be used as well, and there's always the situations where the girls have the tables turned on them and end up being used and humiliated themselves. Personally I would like to have a couple of girls involved but if I only find 1 who's into this I'm not complaining! More details are available, PM me for them.
  21. Black Cat 666

    The Vampire's Ghoul

    Vampires are real and have a secret society amongst the human world. These vampires have a subclass of willing slaves known as ghouls. These ghouls are made when a human drinks the blood of a vampire and they gain some of their gifts. Immortality, strength and speed so long as drink their owners blood. This bloodbond makes them obessed with their owners and extremely clingly.
  22. With kemonomimi being my favourite type of fantasy for characters, there is a grand idea that I've wanted to put down into words. Hoping to meet fellow fans of the motif and have some fun tales unfold. It's hard to find big fans of it... maybe we got a few on this RP board! This is going to require only the following restricted classes of kemonomimi: catgirls/boys, foxgirls/boys, wolfgirls/boys. All characters in the RP will be one of those, not just the ones being played actively. The setting: there is a small island with a well-developed modern town near the coast. This is a magical area, used as a lifelong retirement. (Why it has become this way is not too important; suppose that kemonomimi people are withdrawing from the rest of society because ordinary humans will not accept them.) On this island everyone appears to be 20 to 40 years old, but that is because aging is incredibly slow. All inhabitants on the island physically age approximately one year after ten years of actual elapsed time. There is a mostly invisible substance in the atmosphere, mostly high in the sky, causing a light purple hue to be visible. It's an unknown entity, but what is understood is the effects. The dramatically slowed aging is one. The other is that it causes infertility, rendering the population unable to reproduce. Lastly, it has another biological affliction where lust and stamina are significantly heightened. This means becoming aroused is very easy, and it's intense. It also means that it is never difficult to climax, and both males and females can always cum numerous times. Everyone is human aside from their ears and tails, both of which function as erogenous zones due to heightened sensitivity. Because catgirls/boys have thin tails unlike the other two, they may often use the appendage sexually (tail sex is not required in scenes but I think it's a fun twist)! As a result this small society of kemonomimi is extremely sex-oriented. Casual sex is completely mundane. Many inhabitants choose to go out in public nude; those who dress in any clothes at all are typically doing it as cosplay, or deliberately trying to be enticing. There is no economy in the traditional sense on the island, but most members perform duties in the likeness of jobs out of commonly-understood necessity. The convention centre doubles as a hotel on the upper floors. The suites are normally used for privacy for characters to fuck, while the main open floor can be a venue for things like a concert or a typical convention. A maid cafe could be a place where guests come to have drinks and order their attendants as well, choosing which ones they want to mate with. The library can have a quiet second floor dedicated for study, reading, and those who can remain mostly quiet during whichever sex acts they like, while the first floor permits any noise, friendlier for most groups having some fun. Police could be naked catgirls and catboys patrolling in caps identifying their role, just making sure there is no abusive conduct (not like there is any, but walking around in those hats draws attention and that's really what they're looking for!) Of course those are examples; being a town there is plenty that could be included. Now, for the kinds of interactions, I think this story calls for any variation to be possible. There's no reason not to include futa characters for those that like having them. There aren't lines drawn; it's all about having a pleasurable and fun time. Group sex should be very common and there should be plenty of both opposite and same sex going on. References to action in the background are okay for flavour, like walking through the park, and remarking on what what 2 cat- and 2 wolf-girls and/or boys might be doing on a blanket on the grass field. Although, personally, being straight, I do have preferences but the door should be open for fem on fem and some male on male. I think I can be on-board with something like catboy on catboy oral sex. No pairing or group that isn't desirable has to be included, but they may be if selected. Lastly, how the RP would work! For long-term, which is definitely the better choice here, I'll suggest choosing multiple characters because it will be a lot more fun that way. The setup will combine all characters who are friends and the tale is the adventure of life on this island, from their perspective. We would take on occasional temporary (or permanent!) roles of newly encountered characters as more story continues. Characters in the primary party can absolutely mate with each other though! I will welcome very long posts if you want 2+ characters of your own to have a scene of their own, just to preserve all possibilities. For short-term, using the setting, we can do a one-shot or small number of sessions/chapters for any given set of characters. Final note to add, no dark kinks or themes of any kind. No death, tragedy, crime, rape etc. It's easy to go wild or hardcore with this setup but wholesome scenes are also welcome! Romance is perfectly okay if that's your thing. I'd like everything full of positive vibes and I adore characters that are funny, cute, shy, nerdy et cetera. I never assembled an idea of this stature before, and there are tons of possibilities in every regard here. Don't be afraid to ask or brainstorm!
  23. On the continent of Scalia, there are two countries locked in a semi-hot war. One is the Empire of Absol, A totalitarian Empire that crushes any opponent they can, And the resilient Freelands, A collection of kingdoms and Merc. Bands. In this, a pair of adventurers live. One, a legendary warrioress who was once an Absolian slave Warrior. Another is a rookie adventurer that, though very green, has great potential. And the two may change the stalemate. Character:
  24. A tale of love between a Knight and Elven girl(Unicorn, Tavern Wench, Witch ,Princess or Priestess are also available.) who love each other deeply despite the taboos in place to keep them a part. When a local lord begins making moves on the girl, threatening all sorts of hell if she doesn't obey. Will the knight be able to defend their lady's honor, or will the Lord's power be too much to make a scratch on the cage? Lovers(Preferred Role): Knights:
  25. This premise is relatively simple and straight forward, but ought to be a good catalyst for a ton of various adventures and smutty fun. This will be about a fully new female warrior/paladin/mage, who wishes to become a very famous, rich and skilled adventurer. However, along with murdering various bandits, monsters and other bad guys, there are also plenty of monsters who are not evil and in fact very keen on having a good time with the young female. The more she indulges in her own and the monsters' kinks, acts and lusts, the more corrupted she gets. Beyond this, I also wish to include the collection of loot, a skill system of some sort, leveling up as well as a profile for the adventurer to list all of these things in! I will require someone who is willing to have gargantuan sizes on these monsters and their cocks! Kinks and acts I wish to include as many of as possible: I will show of the references I have in mind her for, but I will also list the two main galleries you may suggest stuff from as well: Magic girls and armoured women Suggested references:
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