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  1. Temaelrin

    A-Z of Baby Names

    The rule of the game is extremely simple; simply go from A-Z (linearly) and post a name. Any language, gender, etc... A - Adam B - Becki C - Charlie D - Delta E - Emily And so on. Please be sure to read the last post of the last page before replying! Angelica.
  2. I'm a rather open room kinda person. I love playing stubborn sub lolis, or shy busty girls , but I can also play Dom mischvious males or futas. Like the title says I'm kinda a switch, so I'm fine with being either sub or dom. Feel free to message me if you're interested , I don't bite unless I'm playing the dom ;> Almost all my characters are bisexual Honey : female loli . Looks much younger then she is. 4'8 bright blonde hair and blue eyes. Can be quite sassy to strangers , and abit bratty , but has a sweet heart. Loves to wear frilly or girly pastel clothes , though gets mad at being called a kid just because of how she looks. Ichigo : dom male , 6'1. Dark pink hair , red eyes. Mischievous and playful , though has a slightly wicked side to him. Loves to play games or tease others and often pulls tricks on people, think the Cheshire cat if he was human. Bisexual, all he wishes is for somone cute to play with ( for fantasy can be vampire, or for scifi can be alien ) Yuki: dom/sub futa. 5'9 Long dark raven hair with purple eyes. Rather mature in both attitude and looks. Prefers to wear button up shirts or blouses , skirts along with high heels. She can be kind , though she's rather strict wherever she works and hates slackers. Naomi: shy busty girl, 5'2 , white as snow hair with red ruby eyes. Gentle smile and soft voice ,with a kind heart. Wears comfortable cute clothes like sundresses with leggings. Her personality is similar to a rabbit , she gets easily embarrased and flustered , often stutters , and trips due to her clumsy nature ( for fantasy can be elf)
  3. So basically... To spark up my fire of roleplaying desire once again, Cat wants a partner for short and straightforward one-shot sex-scene: Futa(MC) x Female(YC) pairing, sweet and sensual, wholesome and mutually-pleasant. Pretty much purely vanilla sex scene of two lovers enjoying each other. No hardcore stuff, no dom/sub, no strong fetishism of any kind. Most likely with fantasy races (monster-girls, elves, etc) or sci-fi races (aliens, androids, whatever) rather than modern world humans. If someone's interested - message me, please.
  4. Hello!!! This is a little directory for RP seeking my female characters specifically...I've listed the one's that I've really been craving to play as of late. All are mostly tailored to a submissive angle. You may choose one! I don't really have the energy to play them all at once. I like to stick to short-termed stories and strictly keep things to private messages. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First, here is Izumei, a tomboyish Ninja that I've had for a long time. She's brash and hot-headed. Her bio can be found below: Izumei Ishihara Occupation: Assassin Nationality: Japanese Age: 16 Dom/Sub Role: Sub An odd girl from an exotic land. She's been trained as a killer, yet holds the tolerance of an ox with her brash and forward personality... Hailing from a clan of female warriors, all girls are required to enlist into the ranks of a militia at a certain age, dedicating themselves to the art of the sword. Only a handful of gifted girls make it into positions such as leaders or advisers though. This one doesn't have any of the traits desired for such roles...although, very intelligent, Izumei's hot-headed nature and brutish attitude have always placed her in a negative spotlight when sized up by her peers, and without much of a trigger, she's quick to anger despite trying her best to act calm when placed in a stressful situation. She would much rather use violence to solve her problems. A black sheep, she's always had a desire to be more than what she could be, her loyalties often shifty and only as straight as someone is willing to pay her. Her uptight assertiveness and lack of respect for traditions exiled her from her home, though for someone like her, she didn't seem to care much and viewed this as a way to leave a secluded life behind. Truthfully, she was overworked and often held in a great prejudice due to being motherless. Much of her life revolved around trying to make do with little more than bread crumbs. Seeing no particular love for the people she was often placed around, she was quick to betray one of her own sisters in the hopes of killing her hunger or escaping to find an easier life. A knowledge in the anatomy of bodies and the ability to comprehend a variety of situations are the biggest skills that have kept her alive for thus far. Despite bearing a relatively young age, the girl has little regard for a sense of humor aside from a dark sarcasm that springs up from time to time. It's almost as if she's been purposely propelled into adulthood before she's ever had a chance to actually live something akin to towards a normal life. Though, truthfully, this wasn't of her choosing, situation and circumstance have made her into a very tomboyish individual with the understanding it takes to step up to the plate of a rugged lifestyle. She's not a bitter person, but she is incredibly blunt and mouthy when tested. Izumei is a small girl and was always underestimated in comparison to her peers, though her stubborn pride has had alot to say in how she's chosen to make up for those areas. A bit of a brute, she has no issue with using more direct means to fight such as martial arts. Although her preference towards combat depends on the use of a knife, she's had plenty of time to learn how to use other means of weapons as well, from firearms, all the way towards explosives and the occasional poison. The way some of these weapons have been prepared and the reckless way in which she uses them indicates that winning so much more important to her that she would gladly abandon any code of ethic to get her job done. She isn't that strong and this leaves her with a severe lack of physical size as opposed to someone who might be a bit stockier than she is, thus, she dresses as lightly as possible, being someone who prefers to move with grace and definition to her acrobatics, she usually aims to make a fatal kill so she doesn't drag an incident out for much longer than it needs to be. Her favored garb consists of a nylon mask with a black cloak that gets accompanied by a traditional looking latex martial garb made for a girl's comfort, a bodysuit - female attributed stealth gear that allows for light movement and quick attacks when she's prowling about on a job, but underneath that mysterious guise, for how rare it is, an angelic figure lies in wait for anyone fortunate enough to see it and if she's willing enough to flaunt it. In every sense of the word, Izumei is a true mercenary, though some might see her as little more than a common thug. She works for profit and has been shown to be deeply motivated by greed and material wealth. Even power, perhaps! Something that she can relish and gloat over. It isn't too uncommon that she would work by herself or for someone else that would value the skills of an swordsman like herself, thus she finds herself traveling the world, looking for more ways to engage not only her desire for pride, but to test her passion as a warrior. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is Charlotte, a new OC that I made: I'm hoping to find some dominant partners to pit this lovely blonde lady against. She's set for religious-based and fantasy themes! Her bio can be found below: Occupation: Cleric Age: 32 Dom/Sub Role: Sub Orientation: Bisexual A holy woman, of the cloth and a devout follower of the sword. While she might dress in the form of a Nun, she's actually an exceptional huntress who preys upon fiends for sport and purpose, making use of the many swords she dons upon her body. Charlotte is an exorcist working on the orders of a church to help get rid of the many monsters lurking in the shadows of the world. Her work consists of both combat and study. When she isn't off crusading, this lovely blonde remains cooped inside of a library researching the many fine points of religion. This is her livelihood, a citizen from a very well-armed imperium, dedicating herself to worship and prayer, purging and wrath. She is an exorcist, trained in the art of divinity, from the ability to snuff out magic, towards the use holy fire to smite evil spirits... A force known as ether is found naturally throughout her world. From this, a type of holy magic is molded and laced with fire, sparkling with the light of a thousand diamonds as they create a spiral of flame with the many flurries of blades she possesses, heartlessly impaling and ripping her way through her enemies on the battlefield, doing so without so much of a thought at to what fate awaits sinners in the afterlife. She would be just a normal human if she hadn't been molded into a weapon. What appears to be a rune decorates along her toned back. By the way it's been formed, it seems to have been branded into the woman, giving her an enhancement which aids her. Concealed by her robes, she is deceptively frail looking but beckons furor and an unsettling amount of sturdiness, stamina in the form of her small stature. It's hard to believe this once simple country girl, sweet and naive, whom had lived upon the pastures of a peasant's farm would grow into such a wrathful instrument. From her country, though, this is an honor to serve God, and for a woman to be considered to fight upon his battlefield is rather exceptional, as many of them lack a man's fortitude, but it isn't entirely unheard of either. Those who get considered join the Church as a member of a united front. Naturally, she jumped at the opportunity to enter the teachings and the result transformed and inspired her and made her into a more serious and dignified individual, marching with a high sense of pride. Recently, she has left for a voyage along with a group of other like-minded individuals, in the hopes of spreading influence through the ways of missionary work, however, she has yet to return... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ La'chett/Sahl'rael Occupation: Druidess of Nature/ Self-Exile Age: Unknown Dom/Sub Role: Sub Unlike her more vicious kindred, Sahl'rael chose to dessert from the Underdark, having been appalled by many of their brutal rituals and abdominal blood sport. A self-exile, she had decided to venture past the caverns and onto the surface world where this exotic alchemist seems to have found a forested meadow on the cross-roads between three humanly built civilizations. Living here amidst the meadows, Sahl'raeil devoted herself to being a warden of sorts: A druid who managed the upkeep of not just her home, but the borders around her meadow and even such into the walls of the cities that surrounded it. More commonly: The term medicine woman would be more accurate, as many souls have found their way lost into meadows, hurt, scorned, whatever else. As a vector of life, her duties fall upon collecting these wayward souls and mending them however she can, using magic or natural remedy alike. The alchemist, an expert medicinal by trade has become a well-known merchant around these parts and many adventurers like to take refuge at her clinic, either for a bite to eat or a simple respite from battle...she is well-renowned for her ability to heal, either through acts of druidism or more traditional medicines. As of late though...some odd things have been going on outside of her cottage and, ruckus from the nearby cities that overlooked her woods have become alight with activity, thus, being the curious sort, she has decided to investigate the disturbance... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Saewin the Fairy Occupation: Artist, Annoyance Age: Immortal A fairy - Fairies are curious, fun loving and extroverted creatures with an affinity towards nature. Many of them share a common upkeep of all things that would circulate around such, having the ability to grow trees, plants and tend towards similar mannerisms of life with their blessed gifts. Being creatures who have achieved immortality, while not by their own efforts, they are made up of vast amounts of magic in their spirits, this energy, powerful, but compact, eventually gives way to a physical form. When a fairy dies, they will simply phase out of existence but the energy that makes their body up is usually able to return them to life or at least fuel the leftover magic into a different form of life. A fairy can be expressed by the glow that forms around them, manifesting into a spherical ball of light, each species having a different color as if to exemplify the element of nature they belong to. Just as the light is bright and warm, so too does it linger onwards, leaving this trail of glistening dust behind them, an arcane mist, disappearing just as quickly as it's produced. Fairies have incredibly short attention spans and abnormally high libidos despite their ages consisting of hundreds, even perhaps, thousands of years old. They never seem to age, nor do they appear to be in a shortage of stamina. The typical fairy is often unable to keep her mind focused on one thing for too long before dropping it and moving onto something else that catches her attention, such as sex or a form of game. This one in particular, a wind fairy, Saewin, is a bit more curious than one should be, a devious little trickster who enjoys playing pranks on others, human, fae or whatever else, even though she's relatively innocent. Her hobbies are simple, revolving around drawing and chartering maps. An impressive amount of detail, even if these are just simple pictures to her done out of boredom, many have been left aloof by her, often finding their way into the company of sea-faring travelers. Saewin, whom speaks in a broken English, has found herself in many situations where she has been led to follow her ever-growing curiosity of foreign objects leading her to cause mischief in order to obtain such baubles, usually collected as a means to piece together utensils for her crafts, such as ink or oils, many of which are often smudged onto her small form, like any human artist might have for an indication of their passion. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Lucrisa the Stubborn Age: N/A Sex: Herm Species: Centaur Occupation: Knight Dom/Sub Role: Switch Lady Havenglow is a seasoned knight working among the interests of a church, dedicated to enforcing the law of the land. Devoted, defiant and unwavering in the face of evil, this blonde haired Centauress comes from a race known for its savagery and expertise in the ways of warfare but would argue that she possesses a heart too spirited to do wrong, contradicting her often violent and brutish behavior. Generally good-natured, but with an awfully boisterous and obsessive sense of justice, she speaks in an old-styled tongue, something that was picked up and taught to her from old library books inside of abbeys; A long-forgotten sense of common that is rarely used but is still generally accepted amidst the leagues of formality. Despite the brash and serious behavior that she's accumulated, she isn't without hope for humor or even a little rest and relaxation from time to time. However, once she gets something on her mind, it becomes extremely hard to dissuade her from it even if it might seem like a bad idea. She's not the smartest Centaur there is, being quite gullible due to her low intelligence and refusal to think before she acts, but she is sturdy and gets the job done, even if most of her work is simple guard-duty. She hates to be played for a fool, though, once she catches onto some sort of ruse, her pride being the flimsy thing that it is, hates getting tarnished. If only she were a bit smarter, she might have made a perfect fighter, but thinking has never been her strong point. Like most Centaur, Lucrisa possesses an extraordinary amount of stamina and bravery, bearing the hearty competence of a steed with the devotion of a knight towards their master. Being that her body is designed for heavy combat, she's clad in a strong steel made to take a number of blows and treads down her enemies with a rather unwieldy and heavy looking warhammer she favors using while on duty, something that with her force of destructive nature, can level entire trees and groups of enemies down with ease, making her a very dangerous foe to go up against because of her sheer strength. Being a Paladin-based soldier, Lucrisa also possesses the ability to make use a heavenly magic that's centered around healing, protection and enhancement as long as her mana remains in one piece, something she uses as a resource to cast spells, but is hardly worth of any reliance to the dense-headed Centauress. Most of the time, she forgets she has it! War is the only thing someone a creature like Lucrisa really knows how to do correctly. An extremely tenacious woman, Lady Havenglow fights and follows orders based on the direction of her superiors. Sometimes this might include activity in a purge, a witch hunt or even the nuisance in dealing with bandits or other forms of disturbance if she's lucky, but usually sticks to her duties as a guardsman, protecting a boarder or even sorting out petty crimes. The problems of the Church are many and their attention is quite numerous in what they send their followers out to do... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Vyrere the Naga: Sexuality: Bi - Female Preference Role: Mostly Dominant Vyrere is a naga who lives on the reaches of a tropical island, forested and sheltered not too far off from from the shores of a series of human inhabited trading colonies, ripe with opportunity, but most importantly, naive mercenaries who have made her life quite luxurious as far as exotic monsterkin go, mostly in the sense of arrogant and inexperienced adventurers who end up paying her a visit. In every sense of the word, she's a predator, and the obvious glamour of treasure has intentionally been placed there to attract foolish prey, usually in the form of the occasional adventurer who comes to her home in search of riches, glory or whatever nonsense they seem to have in their head to end, causing her to take on an unwilling guest in the hopes that she can make an example of them. She doesn't usually try to be, but lonesome life as a solitary predator has molded her into having an aggressive and territorial nature about herself. Anyone or anything that she catches usually ends up staying there with her, her claim being dominance and ownership over the subject in nature. She's very clingy of her possessions and often times, will not only take anything the intruder has, but the intruder as well. Locals have come to know of her presence as a warning or omen to steer clear of her little island, meeting her prey with an intimidating demeanor and a speed just as scary to match up to it. Usually, those who seem to get caught by her have to worry about spending the rest of their days within her long and very hot coils. Being immortal means that she isn't in any hurry to leave and most certainly isn't going to die anytime soon, being as cunning and graceful as she is. It could be said that she's a very lonely predator by nature and has a tendency to seek out a companion of whom she would be able to spend the rest of her days and ease her boredom with. What makes her even more terrifying is the fact that she boasts an odd knack of being possessive towards the point of where it could be considered unhealthy by normal human terms. Anyone caught within those stalwart coils is usually kept there no matter what. She wants to be near the object of her affection regardless of what happens. Most prey run a hefty risk of being kept there for the rest of their life...and unfortunately, she can become extremely jealous to the point of where she's displayed lethal behavior over her playthings, going so far as to kill in order to get them back...and she usually doesn't stop until she either gets herself killed in the process or gets her love back. Her bodily structure for her top looks to be quite frail, but at a closer glance, she seems to be very lithe, toned and healthy. She doesn't look too muscular up there as opposed to being gentle and appealing to the eye. What she loses in that part of her body, though, she makes up for in her lower part which is nothing -but- muscle. Scales that are as smooth as silk and thousands, if not millions of muscles that make up the expanse of her tail which is quite lengthy in terms of measurements. It surpasses that of over at least three fully grown average humans and even goes on for miles when uncoiled and resembles an ominous, endless spiral when it's coiled up. It's also quite thick in terms of width, about the size of an average human's belly. Her skin is made up of a pale and purplish color that is more reminiscent to that of ice...while her lower coils seem to be a much darker purple. The fine difference between the two that keeps them from clashing is where her firm, but heart-shaped butt can be seen until it sort of melds with a fusion of scale and skin. She can be a fearsome opponent to face, but is generally not that big of a deal for the more disciplined heroes who cross her path. Aside from a crushing pressure that's able to snap bones in half and a speed that seems highly unnatural to begin with, she actually possesses some of the more unorthodox and arcane abilities to bring her foes to their knees...such as hypnotism, an arcane ability that's able to seduce and carve others into her loyal and loving slaves, petrification in more dire situations or, when it comes to more biological aspects, poison that can be used to subdue, entrance or kill if enough is administered. It doubles as not only a potent aphrodisiac, but a lethal toxin in enough quantity. She prefers to ambush her prey from the shadows, choosing to remain quiet and hidden, taking advantage of them when they're distracted. The island she lives on has been mostly isolated and respected as per her negotiations with the humans in the colonies around her but that agreement is still violated from time to time with the more grittier adventurers or foreign daredevils who might be seeking her out on a bounty or bragging right or with the hopes of stealing from her...
  5. Hi, everyone! I'm new to this site, but I'm not new to roleplaying. I'd love if you guys checked out my profile and maybe shot me a message to discuss characters and plots for a long-term roleplay. I'm so glad I was able to find such an open, fun-loving community. I think I'll like it here. Much love!
  6. Skraele


    Hey all and thanks for the warm reception! I'll be brief; I am open to long-term or short-term RP, public or private, but I like my RPs to be canonized or the spirit thereof, meaning I like my RPs to have lasting effects on both characters. I am open to regular RP as much as erotica, and I RP as many species from many fandoms so long as I'm interested in the RP itself. I land somewhere between one and five paragraphs, but I always try to mirror my partner. I can be expected to respond once a day although possibly not at all on Saturday and Sunday. That said, I gravitate to RPs that move about that speed so I'm not left behind or slowing anyone down. I appreciate any suggestions to join or start RPs. ... I guess that's all the important stuff?
  7. Ok, so... I confess. I really love consensual and enjoyable group sex. And I mean... I really love it. And I'm always open to RP that includes it. By "group sex", I mean specifically a single female/futa enjoying the company of two or more men/futas at a time. Sometimes, much more than two men. Fully consensual, sensual, affectionate, aimed at mutual pleasure. It is something that I would never experience in real life... Oh well. So I'd love to experience in roleplay, at least. As much as possible! With various people and their different writing styles. As well as different settings, different characters(humanoids/anthros/furries), different setups/situations we come up with, different dynamics between characters and other possible variety. In short sex-driven scenes or even long-term story-telling roleplays that would still include sex scenes based around this fetish of mine. So I'm looking for people who are willing to play more than one Male/Futa for a variety of my different ladies, in various setups - short or long. Simple as that. So if you're open to doing that - send me a message. This thread will be always open and relevant 99% of the time, with rare occasions when I'm the super rare mood exclusively for 1x1 scenes. So... The bottom line is. I'm looking for: Female x Multiple Males Female x Multiple Futas Female x Multiple Males AND Futas Futa x Multiple Males Futa x Multiple Futas Futa x Multiple Males AND Futas However, I must also mention this: I am not interested in any group scenes that are non-consensual, unpleasant, abusive, degrading, humiliating and other dark themes. I don't find those pleasant AT ALL. No matter what kind of "pairing" it is gender-wise. I'm also not interested in the "cliche" Futa characters - this super-sexualized, hyper-aggressive, mega-abusive, uber-dominant, mega-violent "being" that has only one single ultimate goal in life - to rape everything around it. Only absolutely normal characters of feminine variety who "just happen" to have dicks instead of pussies and it does not affect their personalities and behavior in any way
  8. CherriPop

    Guitar Lady

    From the album: Female Characters

  9. Looking for Rape only. Living insertions, anything you want. Like eels, worms, insects, fish, snakes, slugs, etc. With belly bulge (from womb, bladder, stomach etc) Please EcchiText me!
  10. WritesNaughtyStories

    Captain Venus

    From the album: Ship's Crew

    Captain of Monster
  11. IsabellaRose

    Nurse Jenna

    From the album: Private Roleplay Characters

    Jenna is a young nurse at Saint Laurent Memorial Hospital. She loves caring for her patients and sleeping with as many of them as possible. Her world adheres to "hentai/porn" rules - that is to say, all the women are easy, love sex, get into whatever the men/monsters/aliens want and beg for more, and there are rarely any repercussions for excessive lewd behavior.
  12. Please EcchiText me first to work out details ;D
  13. I'm a female looking for other females to explore ideas and enjoy detailed roleplay scenes in private. I'm really looking for others who are fully literate and able to put as much of themselves and their passion into any scene as they can. Detail and expressiveness are really important to me and I'm looking for someone who can do everything from a simple short scene through to one spread out over days or even weeks. I have a particular thing for scenes which are based around medical and specifically gynaecology related subjects where I'm taking on the role of a doctor, nurse, specialist counselor or similar and which leads to a long and detailed scene or the patient or other subject. These could be based around a visit to the student medical centre, perhaps a pre-marital well woman exam or even a teaching session on more sexual or intimate areas. If you're female, experienced, literate and think you might enjoy something like this then please get in touch! Cosmic x
  14. Looking for a dom to capture me and let creatures loose inside of me just to watch me squirm ;D (non con only please ;3)
  15. Ayano

    Default neko

    From the album: Ayano's characters

    Neko character I'll be using for roleplays.
  16. Ayano

    Default female

    From the album: Ayano's characters

    The default character I'll be using to play as female. If I'll play as futa or some non-human (except neko) just imagine the part.
  17. Ayano

    Default loli

    From the album: Ayano's characters

    Default loli character if I ever decide to do such a roleplay. For the futa or non-human version just imagine the part.
  18. Hello there, I'm Lana! I'm an overworked, slightly crazed woman looking for another FEMALE to play with! I have been role playing for about 10 years now and I know what I like. I want detail! Detail and emotion. I crave the push and pull that characters can have in RP and the intense need the writers can feel when giving a scene all they have. I'm the kind of person that can get caught up in a story with someone for days, weeks, months. If you're good and we connect then we can do endless plays and change up the characters and scenes whenever we want to. I also write in first person and usually first person, present tense. Now... I may not be as 'crazy' put together as some of the people on here that have scenes and characters already picked out but I do know what I like and I'm open to so much stuff. From normal everyday stuff to taboo and even some fantasy thrown in. All you have to do is ask. I like to get all the little details established before starting the story so we both know what the other one is expecting or thinking going in. Also... Even though I love detail that doesn't mean that I need six paragraphs of writing to keep me interested. I prefer back and forth communication with 3-4 sentences of story, including talk, emotion, action, thoughts, ect. I'm a busy girl but when I do have play time I like to get into it and shorter (no one liners though) more frequent messages are always fun! Message me and let me know what you're into and what gets you going!
  19. Neptune

    Aimi of the Nine (1)

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Link to second image here: https://ecchidreams.com/gallery/image/19618-aimi-of-the-nine-2/ Federal Council of Citizen Records (FCCR) ACTIVE RECORD Name: Aimi Coda’zotoxi (Officially: Aimi of the Nine, Coda’zotoxi) Date of Birth: 9th September 2022 Gender: Female Religion: The Order of the ExoSinian Eldyr Species: Coda’zotoxi Origin/Nationality: Xantal City, UFF, Earth, Solae (Solar) System, Milkyway Galaxy. Occupation: Ambassador’s assistant. Faction: Federal Grand Council - Federal Council of Ambassadors. EPSIFleet Uniform Colour: Purple Rank: Ambassador Attaché (Assistant) Physical Appearance Height: 4ft9 Weight: 94lbs Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Brown Physical Description: Aimi looks younger than she is due to her youthful looking face and the fact that she is so tiny, indicating that she is neatomy. She is quite slender, with a very small amount of fat on her body. She likes to keep her muscles well toned without being too much. Her legs and arms have a good amount of fat and toned muscle that enhances her figure. Her stomach is completely flat, with a well curved waist. She has wide hips to go along with her bust, giving her a very prominent hourglass figure. Like most Coda’s, she has digigrade physiology which allowed her to be able to move around easily on all fours as well as upright on two legs. Her fur is primarily a light orange in colour, with whiter fur covering her muzzle, lower face, front of the neck and down her torso and between her legs to the base of her tail. Her arms have darker fur that go up at least two thirds of the way up the limb. It starts off as a lighter brown, which fades into a darker brown. Her fingers, and the toes are white in colour. She has has a little bit of brown fur on the top of her muzzle. The pads of her feet are a light blue in colour. Her tail is quite long, fluffy and soft. It alternates between a lighter and darker brown which ends in a white tip. No matter what Aimi is wearing, there is usually a small blue bow in her hair. She has a necklace that she always wears, even during sleep, showering and sex. It is made from purple gold, a rare gold found in the EPSI Federation. The chain is extremely thin and delicate looking, however it is almost indestructible. The pendant that hangs from it is an intricate looking tree with leafy branches and almost spidery looking roots. In the trunk of the tree, there are what appears to be several liquid crystal veins that pulsate various colours from deep blue to grey. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Aimi can only really be described as being very kind, and incredibly patient. She can sit there and listen to someone rant hard for several solid hours without showing any trace of annoyance or irritation. As such she is a very good listener for those who want to get something out in the open. She always keeps conversations quiet, if other people asked her to, unless it went against her morals such as someone confiding in her that they raped and murdered a young child. Due to her rather quiet and self-effacing nature, people rarely notices her when she sits in on a meeting. She will sit quietly while she watches and listens carefully. While she has a very youthful and sweet appearances, it would not be a good idea to underestimate. Behind the sweet smile is a very cunning young woman, who can be very sly although she would never use this to cause harm to someone. But she can make people seriously underestimate her, and be able to hand over information they wouldn’t have otherwise given. Like most Coda’s, she meditates once a week for two hours, which allows her to get a better control of her emotions and thoughts. Thus she can keep calm in situations where others would panic, or become angry. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Aimi is very observant, and even when she appears to be sitting quietly preoccupied with a task, she keeps her attention on her surroundings. She could even be sitting near some people talking, and while appearing to do something she can overhear the conversation and remember it for later. She also tries to think a few steps ahead of her opponents, such as doing an agreement with another species. She always tries to predict what they are going to ask for, or demand. If she can accurately predict what they are going to say, or do, then she can take steps to counter them if needs be. While Aimi is non-aggressive and peaceful, she will defend herself if needs be. She would attempt to warn them off, telling them to leave her alone, but as a last resort she will defend herself. And she knows how to do so due to the fact that she is like her father, able to channel the other Coda castes including the War Caste who are famous for their adaptably warfare. Thus when she enters an attack mode, she almost seemed to become a different person that can easily kick someone’s arse. Aimi is quite agile, especially thanks to her height and might be able to get the upper hand on a taller, stronger opponent. Weaknesses: As a mortal she can be killed in any manner of ways. While nanites can help her recover from most wounds, they do have their limits. An opponent that is stronger and better at fighting than her can easily win against her. Due to her peaceful nature, she prefers to avoid fighting with people. Not only that, but due to the fact that she is a Coda’zotoxi, she requires frequent meditation, otherwise she will not function properly as it causes a chemical and hormone in balance in her brain. It also prevents her brain from performing maintenance on itself, thus not meditating for a long time is similar to lack of sleep for humans. She is also a furred Epsian who usually speaking cannot stand to be in high-temperature environments, and the heat dissipation of her clothes is something she's come to rely on as it makes her feel comfortable in hot and humid environment (IE: The environments of certain aliens, and Zeta'muluri). Note on EPSI Federation Nanites: Nanites do not make a person invincible, but it does make her immune to ageing. Epsian medical technology to the point where one can no longer die of old age (Immortality of Age), but that doesn't stop a person from being killed too quickly that the nanites can't respond quick enough. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To help her Father be an Ambassador for the EPSI Federation and to create peace. Hobbies and Interests: When not working, Aimi likes to spend her time doing studies of anything she fancies. One day it could be ancient Earth History, the next it could be reading theories on Blackholes. She has a very wide reading taste and will not judge a book by what others have said about it. She prefers making her own opinion, even one that is quite universally hated. She also looks forward to the times that she meditates and enjoys that activity as it helps her feel more balanced and more like herself. She also loves having sex a lot. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Alieapansexual, which means she will have sex of any gender, of any species. Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially if it results in pregnancy. Making love, to those she loves and those she doesn’t. Quick, lust-filled quickie sessions. Being fucked by an animalistic Mako or Coda. She just loves it when they become beastial, pin her down and fuck her really hard and fast. While she isn’t really that much of a submissive person, she will definitely submit to a Mako and Coda in bed. It’s even more of a turn on when they are doing it with the very intention to breed. When being dominated like this, she loves being spanked, called a breeding bitch, clawed at, bitten, growled at, pinned down and forced to take their cock and their nails digging into her hips. Dressing up and doing roleplay, such as pretending to be a schoolgirl. Being tied up and fucked hard. Multiple partners, gangbangs and swinger parties. Turn offs: Gore, Vore and Necrophilia. Scat. Having sex with someone underaged. Her partner(s) being too violent and forcing her to do something she really doesn’t want to do. Someone lying and deceiving in order to get into her knickers. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: D-Cup Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: Like all Coda females, she has the special rings inside of her vagina that, when a male Coda fucks her, it makes it feel that his cock is vibrating inside of her. These rings also allow her to take cocks that are much bigger than the avera Coda cock. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Spouse: Axel Coda’zotoxi Father: Axel Coda’zotoxi Mother: Zoe Coda’zotoxi (Deceased) Siblings: She has many half siblings, but no fully related siblings. She was quite close to her older half sister, Phaedraar. Grandparents: Her grandparents are Maureen and Jeremy Coda’zotoxi Place of Residence: Andromeda Station Diplomatic Ambassadors Quarters 99-9 Pet: None. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: She has been healthy her entire life due to Epsian nanites that help her body heal damage done, as well as helping her immune system fight diseases. She has them set on the lowest setting, so she will get common illnesses like colds and flus. Bio: Aimi was born to her parents in 2022, and she is the only child that her mother has had with her husband, Axel. All of her other children have been with other men, so the siblings that Aimi grew up with were never her full blood siblings. However she never knew her mother personally, as she had died shortly after she was born leaving her in the care of her biological father, Axel. She had always felt close to her father, and idolised him from a young age, standing in awe of his work as an ambassador. he would always question him closely to get as much detail as she could on everything that he was involved with. Despite not personally knowing her mother, Axel made sure that she knew about her. From what Phaedraar had told her, there had been some problems between her parents, but Aimi only understood when she was older. She was raised with all of her other half siblings that Axel dedicated himself to raising in Zoe’s honour after she had died. Phaedraar, despite being a sister, was almost like a mother to her despite only being twelve years old when Aimi was born. As such, she admires Phaedraar as much as she does her father. Aimi did very well at school, and was often top of the class which was no mean feat for a UFFian child as they were dedicated when it came to their education. When she left school she immediately took a further education course in diplomatics as she wanted to follow the footsteps of her father. Due to her very kind, calm and patient personality she was very good at listening to all sides of the discussion and helping to translate for the other side in a way that they would understand. Her teachers commented that she might also be a good lawyer, however she already had her heart set on being a diplomat, especially with the problems they were having on Earth at the time with the Tau’ri (humans). When the first set of UFF colonists were set up to leave earth, she left with the other UFFian’s in the large colony ships that took them to their new home in the Epsus Galaxy, Xantal’lar. (Entire EPSI Federation Content Snipped) Towards the end of Xantallec War II (Xantallec being Xenovityr'raian for Homeworld, in the context of war, in where the people of that planet are fighting each other) in the Epsian Year 4166, the Order of the ExoSinian Eldyr warped into the system and started destroying Keza Corp forces (Who had been oppressing the Epsians for a very long time under a Corporate Dystopia) these forces were then attacked by by the United Families Federation (Not to be confused with the United Federation of Families) who then proceeded to bombard a Coda'zotoxian City from orbit which saw several million lives lost. To Aimi, everything had just been thrown into chaos. Riots started happening across the planet, and civilians who had previously been docile and complacent had armed themselves and started rebelling against their oppressors, and lawlessness set in. On the day of Victory and Liberation; the EPSI Federation Government was in complete collapse, and ruin, the homeworld of Xantal'lar burned, and the sky was thick with the smoke of fires in every city and population. Pockets of fighting were happening everywhere, and all laws ceased as the Police were either helping the people, or fighting against them and losing. The end result was the rebirthing of a new EPSI Federation with the Order merging to become a part of it, and bringing in a new religion that was peacefully adopted, as a new deal was given to all survivors who were still at each other's throats about all that had happened. Each country (Memberstate) was given a free deal by the Order's God's. Each one would be given their own star system, where only their kind would exist, and be sent back in time by two hundred years so long as they promised to never interfere with the events surrounding this planet, and that they would all be allowed back as soon as they were called upon. All out of each other's way whilst the federal state rebuilt itself and healed from the wounds with technology they had developed, and to all try again to form a federation that they want to be apart of. This is unanimously accepted by all memberstates, however individual people either refused to move from what they saw as their home, or didn't want to be a part of any memberstate, and wanted to be a part of the Federal state. Her father was one such person, and Aimi stood by his side as she wanted to follow her father's footsteps. Thus she was with her father when he spoke to these Order Gods, and they explained that while they had the souls of divines, they themselves were not Gods. At least not yet. While Aimi was skeptical, she was willing to listen. Their proof of their word absolutely gobsmacked her, as they showed that Zoe was alive and well. A little different, but the same person. They had saved her from a death that was too soon, and they did it without trying to weave a web of lies. For the first time in her life, she got to actually know her mother and saw why her father loved her. She was kind, and sweet. She finally had a complete family, although she respected her mother and father’s space with one another so that they could talk about what they needed. After the two had divorced, she had moved in with her father to help him with what came after the divorce. The two easily become involved with one another, sexually and romantically speaking. She had loved her father for most of her life, but had never spoken of her feelings because she knew that he was still grieving for her mother, and didn’t want to overstep her bounds. But now that Axel had reached the closure that he needed, Aimi was free to explore a new relationship with her father. Like her father had come to the decision to worship these Divines, Aimi herself read the book and decided to worship them herself, as she wanted to grow and improve herself. When she heard that her father was going to be the ambassador to the Andromeda One station, she requested to be his attaché and assistant, which he accepted. The two spoke about it, and came to an agreement after a while to become husband and wife, so they married in an Order ceremony and went to the Andromeda to become ambassadors there. The station wasn't even properly open to the public when they turned up and spoke to the station commander, however the station commander let them pick their own quarters and accepted their application, as well as processed the EPSI Federation paperwork granting approval. She has been there ever since under the Federal Grand Council - Federal Council of Ambassadors.
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    From the album: Akane Mako

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