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  1. StardustSkies

    Looking for Doms!

    Hello~! I am Sable, a male switch with a sub preference. I am looking for a dominant roleplay partner(Also male) to have an erotic experience with! I will be looking for third-person role players that are interested in building up a small plot with our characters before moving into the sexual side of things. While I would prefer a more story-based roleplay, I would not mind a simple erotica either. Looking for in particular; Demon/Incubus, Supernatural, Monster, Omnipotent Being. …basically anything nonhuman that can get into some freaky kinks such as hypnotism, tentacles, BDSM. I’m open to roleplaying with original characters/species as well! Sincerely, Sable~
  2. (Hello! I am Sable~ I am looking for a non-human roleplay partner to take advantage of my frail little elf body~ Whether it be digging your claws into my frame as you hoard me to yourself in your cave, or you lure me away with the scent of your irresistible pheromones.. I’m willing to be yours~)
  3. StardustSkies


    Hello everybody~ I am Sable, a femboy an switch with a sub preference. I have come here looking for a dominant(preferably non-human/male) partner to force my cocky, bratty self into submission for their own sexual pleasure. Whether it be an omnipotent deity hypnotizing his cult member in order to pleasure him, or it be a feral beast in the middle of the woods pouncing and releasing some pent up anger on my poor body… We can discuss details further in ET~
  4. Hello, I'm a literate and experienced roleplayer who's looking for other writers who would be willing to play a sub girl for a femboy dom. I have a specific plot idea in mind involving Chihiro Fujisaki and Tenko Chabashira from the Danganronpa series, and I'd want my partner to be able to play Tenko. The plot is very simple, but I'd love to see if we can squeeze as much fun out of it as possible: Tenko believes Chihiro to be a girl and asks him on a date or invites him to her room, only for him to reveal that he's a femboy at the last moment. I want to include quite a few kinks in this, including some that might be a bit more on the sensitive side (Orientation play, for example) so potential partners should hopefully be very open to any kinks. What we include in the roleplay can be discussed, however, so don't worry. Side note: I'm a girl, I just like playing femboys from time to time.
  5. Hello all, my name is Bozo, and I am a detailed writer and novella roleplayer who plays as submissive femboys!~ (I only conduct roleplays over on Discord. This site is simply a means to help me find potential roleplay partners; once we get basic introductions out of the way, we will be moving to Discord to conduct our roleplays!) I am looking for anyone who wants to play as dominant females and/or futanaris who would like to build, write and play out plots and scenes involving; pegging, mommy domme fantasies, erotic lactation, femdom, rough sex, milking, orgasm denial, intimacy, GFD, and much, much more!~ When it comes to scenes and fantasies, I'm open to quite a bit. I find that my favorite sort of scenes when it comes to plots more so centered on smut, are the more basic and grounded types of ideas; be it something as simple as a femdom girlfriend with a submissive femboy lover, or something more taboo like, say, a MILF who wants to fuck the femboy son of her best friend. I'm also fine with the ideas being more fantastical; a femboy apprentice under the care of a dominant witch, or a femboy cyborg getting maintenance done on him by a femdom butch mechanic. Or, we could go for the straight up pornographic; rough dom police officer pulls over a cute femboy college slut to take advantage of, or a femdom MILF yoga instructor getting nice and personal with her femboy student? I am open to any idea you may have or want to explore, and I of course have a few ideas of my own that I would love to share and tell you about!~ As a roleplayer, I consider myself advanced literate, and adopt a more novella style when it comes to writing out scenes and replies. I tend to write multiple paragraphs, and typically shoot for 500-1000+ characters. I love writing, and will try to write to the best of my abilities when playing out scenes and exploring ideas. Other things you can expect out of me: 1.I'm often brimming with ideas and concepts for scenes, scenarios, dynamics and much more. I love building up ideas almost as much as I love playing them out! 2.I do like to play as humanoid femboys. Elves, neko femboys, succubus femboys; those are all on the table, and I am willing to play as those species. 3.I do typically prefer women over futanaris; but, as stated earlier, I am positively fine with both. 4.While I don't much like the idea of the femboy doing any penetration; I much prefer their dicks to be rendered unused and ignored or even teased by their partners, I am open to playing it out if one is persistent enough! 5.I do have a preference for the pairing of anthro-furries with human femboys; but, I am absolutely open to you playing whatever species you'd like, be it a regular human woman to orcs, elves, slimes, robots, monsters and whatever else you have going on in that imagination of yours. 6. I only roleplay in Third Person! 7. I live within the EST Timezone, and am mostly available more so on the weekends rather than the weekdays! Below are two new scenario ideas I had come up with recently; they both focus on lactation quite heavily, to coincide with my recent fixation on the matter! If either of these interest you, be sure to let me know which one during introductions! On top of that, if you have any ideas or any scenarios/plots of your own, or if you'd like to edit and tweak the below ideas in any way, feel free to do so when you message me and pitch your ideas to me!~ —————————————————————————————————————— You were a tired woman who ran a coffee shop. You were one of two owners; the other one being your husband. When you two first opened the coffee shop, you were both happy, excited to start this new business venture together!~ But recently...It was all beginning to grate against you. Don't get it wrong; you still very much loved this coffee shop. You loved brewing the coffee and baking your treats, you loved talking with customers and getting to know your regulars...However, it was your marriage. You've noticed a lack of sex recently, and it seemed like your husband barely even glanced at you anymore. Worst of all, you've noticed that he seems to be giving some special treatment to the rather young bimbo he had recently hired... You tried not to let it get to you, for the sake of your coffee shop. However, a new development has only added to your recent dissatisfaction. Everyday, at around 3 o'clock, when the nearby college let out and their day was done, a young man would stop by. He was a twink who stopped by daily, just to flirt with you and make cheap innuendos about your coffee and breast milk. He was irritating, and in truth, you wanted nothing more than to put him in his place. But, even then, you were able to put it behind you. Until today. It was early morning, when you were doing a quick tidying up of your home when you found them; a thong that certainly did not belong to you. It was then you were forced to face the very thing you didn't want to admit; your husband was cheating on you. Was there any words to describe what you were feeling in that instant? No. There were too many emotions happening all at once and so fast inside of you, that you couldn't even hope to discern them from each other. But you did know one of them; pure, unfiltered rage. You had been scorned, you found out your husband had been fucking some other bitch in your own home, and you were going to go on a warpath. This was your state of mind when the clock hit 2:53 PM. You hadn't confronted your husband just yet, but you glared at him, watched as he still gave that bimbo special attention right there in your own shop; had they gotten careless? Or did they leave that thong there for you to find? You didn't know. And if they knew, they hadn't shown you any signs they had left it there on purpose. But still. You were so blinded by your anger that you hadn't even noticed the clock, or that a familiar twink had entered your store. You only realized what time it was when his voice cooed out from behind you. When he cooed for you, you felt a twang of near homicidal rage that almost compelled you to let the little shit have a piece of your mind. However, in that same instant, you had an epiphany; you could kill two birds with one stone. You could get back at your sleazy scumbag of a husband, and put that twink behind you where he belonged; beneath you, and left as a moaning, whimpering mess. If he wanted a mommy, then you would give him a mommy. So, you turned, and offered up a calm smirk. "Fine. I'll indulge you. Stay here until six, when we close, and I'll rock your fucking world, kid." —————————————————————————————————————— Was it wrong? Oh, on so many fucking levels. It was pure degeneracy, downright filthy, morally incorrect. But by God, did it make you so fucking aroused in ways you didn't know existed. He was the son of your best friend; practically your godson. You had seen him grow up, from a young boy to the young man he was today. Despite the age difference, you and him got along quite well, and he'd even come over to spend some time with you. Ironically, he'd spend more time with you as he got older, and seemingly your friendship with him only grew stronger. So, perhaps it was only natural then that you would wound up in a sexual affair with him. Though, it wasn't at all by any means a standard sexual affair; you two never even slept together. No...Rather, it was a much more bizarre sort of affair. Every weekend morning, he would swing by. It would just be the two of you; and he would eagerly drink your breast milk. Sometimes, you'd let him drink straight from the source. Other times, you would prepare a few bottles in advance and just sit down with him and chat as he drank from them. It was an odd and rather unorthodox affair, but the watching the events unfold and partaking in them made your sex tingle with desire, and it brought you to squirting orgasms whenever you thought about it while masturbating... However, you wanted to go further. His nineteenth birthday was on the horizon, and it thankfully fell on the weekend. You wanted to go farther with him; you had bought yourself a strap-on harness and some dildos to go with it, and you fully planned to take his virginity right there in your kitchen... —————————————————————————————————————— If any of this has interested you and you are wanting to explore these ideas further, please do not be afraid to shoot me a Chat or Message! They are always open, even if you see this ad months from now! With that, I hope to hear from you soon; thanks for reading!
  6. I’m Sen, I’m a femboy with a nice cock and a fat ass! I desperately need someone to breed me, futanari are welcomed-
  7. He was bored. That wasn't something new. He was often bored. His enclosure did have a few amenities with which to while away his time, but they rarely kept his attention for long. And they only ever occasionally allowed him outside, and always under guard and for some specific purpose. Whether that be for some examination or just to clean his enclosure. Thus he spent most of his days napping or, in this case, laying on his back a top the large artificial tree that took up the center space of his enclosure and stare wistfully up at the glass ceiling and watch the clouds above pass by overhead. He was naked, as usual. Even if he knew his handlers wore a layer of something over their bodies, the concept of clothing was something neither understood nor really cared to learn, nor had his handlers ever really saw any need much less put much effort into teaching him. He didn't have a name, or at least one he knew of. Closest thing he'd ever been to referred to was "specimen" or "P-S1". If someone were to see him from a distance they might have mistook him for a young man, if a bit paler than normal. A much closer or prolonged examination would quickly dispel that notion however. The thin dread locks that maned his head could be mistaken for hair, and certainly had the texture of such, but no one would be able to miss or wave away the series of tendrils hanging low from his back. Especially not the largest one snaking down from the base of his spine like a tail, giving him a general serpent-like shape. Once that observation was made, it would be trivial thing to notice all the other traits that distinguished him from humanity. His skin, though decently soft and giving, was actually covered in a layer of small soft scales. One's that could change color depending on his whims or mood. His eyes had a similar color changing property and were currently the shape of two thin vertical slits. He yawned, revealing a row of fanged teeth and a long prehensile tongue. His fingers and toes were tipped with long sharp nails, and if one were to direct their attention to his nether regions, they might notice that the creature in fact had two sets of phallus'. That last one was, oddly enough, relevant to why he was locked in this place. To breed. Every so often they would bring in a female to his enclosure, whom he then would be encouraged to mate with. Repeatedly. Sometimes for days, sometimes for weeks, until eventually they would take the female away and he'd never see her again. He couldn't complain much. The company gave him some reprieve from his boredom and isolation. And the mating he very much enjoyed engaging in. But it did leave him feeling a bit... glum whenever it came time for the female to leave. Companionship was something he was starved for, and it always seemed like he was just starting to get attached to his latest mate before they took her away. Sometimes they even seemed to start to warm up to him too. But what was he to do? He had a go at trying to escape once before. He knew there we're things out side of his enclosure. But he didn't get far before they tracked him down again and brought him back. All that had resulted in was them putting him in a cage for a while whenever the moved him out of his enclosure. At least he got to see what real trees and grass looked like. Briefly. His self reflection was broken by the loud voice in the walls. "Subject 57, disrobe and enter the enclosure." He perked up immediately. His pointed ears twitching as he listened eagerly for the tell tale sounds of the gears on heavy metal doors churning open. He knew what that voice usually heralded. He was about to receive a new playmate. The tell tale smell of that sweet stuff coming in from the vents just confirmed it. He wondered what this one would be like? He licked his lips as his twin cocks stiffened slightly in anticipation. ----------------------- Hello there! I'm looking for a short RP based on the starter post above. The exact specifics we can discuss over, but the background idea is that a group of scientist are trying to enact a breeding experment using MC ( the alien creature described above) and various women sent into his enclosure to mate with him. YC would be the most recent "subject" brought in to breed with him. Who she is is up to you. One of the researchers? A paid volunteer? Someone lured to the island under the pretense of an all expense paid vacation? Could potentially turn into a longer RP if interest is there.
  8. Im a femboy sub cucky with a shrimp dick, married to a girl i met on the internet, after a while, she gets bored of my limp dick and meets a futa with the same feminine body, but a superior masculine cock to worship
  9. Soooo lately I've really been wanting to rp a nice and hung femboy. I do have a scenario in mind but if you'd like to change up the rp a bit you're free to suggest anything. Anyway, so, basically, I'd be playing a femboy, and a pretty stupid one at that, I don't mean he's dumb I mean he just sucks at school, his grades are low and his teachers aren't really that fond of him, all besides one. A quite tall and busty lady, his uhh, idk, math teacher or something. This would be your character, she could be either a futa or a female, of course you'd be the dom in this scenario. She wants to help me actually get a passing grade so we're studying at her house or at school after the classes end when she just forces herself on me, either because she's mad since I'm too stupid to understand arithmetic or just because she wants to. If she was a futa she can just use my ass as a cocksleeve tbh. I don't exactly know how long the rp is gonna be but we could probably finish it in a session or two, it's nothing too complex. I don't care how much you write, as long as it's longer than one line we're good. All I ask for is decent grammar, that's it. I'm no expert so please don't be too rough on me.
  10. Hey there, lovelies. I am roleplaying as a gruff and rough wolf from the countryside who's just recently moved into the big city to work as a fixer for a few of the really big film/porn studios out there. I'm looking for anyone who can play as two characters in a threesome. I already have a plot in mind. Jack sees two different furry femboy strippers working on opposite ends of the pole. He watches them both before handing each of them a heavy wad of cash and asking them to do a special show for him, together. They agree to it and my character, Jack, follows them backstage to a private VIP room. That's where the fun starts. The dog stripper's name is Riley and the cat stripper's name is Piper. I have a few visual references for the strippers. Riley: Piper: Hit me up in my messages if you're interested! I hope to see one of you soon~
  11. seraph


    Hello! I just joined this community yesterday and I'm still getting used to it all, but so far everyone has been friendly and respectful. I'm mainly a private RPer but I'm definitely willing to try new things! Don't be shy now :}
  12. Hey I'm a swich looking for peeps who can do different things. I have 8 years of experience and I want a erp that can have big replies. I'm fine with female, femboy, or people that play as non sentient monsters or tentacles. A breeding erp to be more specific. Here is an idea of mine that I have. I have some different ideas: 1: a woman got a new sensual attire but didn't knew that it was actually a tentacle monster all along, she was a virgin and did that in order to try to feel good about her own body, she never really got a boyfriend before, good that this tentacle is going to show how good her body is and what is really made for. With the exchange of giving her the gift of the body that she desires! 2:a woman gets sent into another dimension as a monster girl and now to rise up her empire since she is a queen, other monsters got crazy to try to mate with her and do all that she desires, to show this virgin pussy what is really made for and to create strong warriors. Idea 3: a woman becomes a monster girl along with someone else, both of then becomes a specific monster, both inside of a messy plant like body and in need to breed and produce new seeds so badly, I'm fine with futa or the other being a femboy(if you want I can be dom in this scenario) Ok with: mating press Rought sex Impregnation Risk at getting pregnant Public sex Half public sex Shower sex Gangbang Creampie Futa Transformation Breast/ass expansion Cock birth Cock fucking Nipple fucking Torn clothes Tight clothes Sex with torn clothes No con ____ Not ok with: Dirty talk Insulting(in a bad way) Mind control Mind break(full mind break) Any disgusting kink Any toilet related thing Any slav< Any inces< Vore Gore Spanking Anal sex(receiving) https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1938757
  13. SugarSkull

    Futa Related Plots (DMs Open)

    New to the site and the club! So I thought I should kick this off by sharing the plots/ideas I had off the top of my head. Private RPs only, please. Most kinks are welcome but we should discuss those before we begin anyway. I am also open to roleplaying as a futanari or as a femboy - whatever one you prefer! Preferences: Key MC = My Character YC = Your Character Rent A “Girlfriend” >>My Character belongs to a Rent-A-Girlfriend company, a service that allows anyone to call and rent a person for 24-72 hours. Renting a “girlfriend” can have multiple perks, though many customers call looking for sexual companionship. Although My Character is still new, they have worked up an impressive reputation with a high-satisfaction rating. Marketed as an "alternative girlfriend" and a passionate lover, MC has no problems fulfilling one’s desires, while remaining romantic and attentive to their needs. YC is a shy nerd who wants to lose their virginity. If not because they are too shy to make the first move, then to stop the bullying and mocking they receive from friends and family. This is the first time My Character has worked with a virgin, but they refuse to back down from the challenge. Welcome Home [Warning, Incest] >>My OC is Your Character's younger sibling (biological or step-sibling). Your Character left home 2 years ago to pursue independence. They move in with a friend, start college, and get in touch with a high school sweetheart... Everything is perfect, until it suddenly falls apart. Your Character's roommate moves out unexpectedly, their partner admits they fell out of love due to long-distance complications, and due to stress, they begin to fail all of their classes. It's time to start fresh, so they arrange temporary living with their younger sibling. The memories of their childhood are vague, if not completely nonexistent. Yet our characters seem to have a taboo history. MC is eager to rekindle whatever relationship they used to have. AI Companion >>In the year 4033, there is a rise of AI Companionship. It is marketed as a safer alternative for dating! For introverts, for workaholics, and even those who don't want to risk catching a disease from one-night stands. It's basically a learning sex robot. Over time, it studies its owner’s desires and kinks, and uses its knowledge to improve its performance. In addition to adapting to each person, they can come in a variety of appearances and "core" personalities. Want something affectionate? Sure! Want something shy and cute? Not a problem. Want an AI who acts submissive in public, but totally destroys you in bed? That's available too! As a reward for being one of the top donors, Your Character is sent a free AI. Though it may not be the one they were hoping for, they are lonely and determined enough to make it work. Awaking The Deity >>My Character is a Kitsune who has been slumbering for the past eight centuries. With their shine hidden deep within an allegedly 'cursed' forest, no one has stepped foot into their territory in hundreds of years. Your Character happens to inherit land from their late relative. The cursed forest, and a remote cabin located outside of it, are both included in the will. YC has no interest in keeping the property, but they have to know what is going to be sold. So for the next week, they begin the tedious task of mapping out the entire forest. One afternoon, they stumble across a strange shrine. YC is transported to the Yokai Realm as they pass through the tori gates, and on the other side, they see someone waiting for them. It is My Character, the only person capable of returning Your Character back to the human world. They will do it, but only if YC will abide by their conditions. The Satin Cult >>My Character is an angel sent to Earth as punishment for their hedonistic behavior. Instead of joining a convent to repent, MC created The Satin Saints, a twisted religion that satisfies their own desires. MC lives in their temple, along with ~50 devoted followers. They practice MC’s variant of Christian Hedonism. In short, they worship through practicing happiness, sexual joy, and giving into their deepest desires. They do not worship MC, they are more like a stand-in for Haniel Venus, a god of Divine Pleasure. This plot/story begins with Your Character seeking out the Temple after coming into a rough patch, trying to turn their life around. The convent isn't what they expected - but they could definitely get used to a place like this! The Ritual [Warning, Non-Monogamous] >>It wasn’t an accident. In fact, Your Character knew exactly what they were doing. Even though they are a beginner Occultist, they followed the directions to the letter, and performed the ritual that would summon their very own demon to carry out every whim that comes to mind. The candles around the pentagram are blown out with a mysterious gust of wind, and then…silence. YC flips through their grimoire to see what they did wrong when they notice three pairs of glowing eyes looking out from the darkness across the room. My Characters (the Demons of Lust, Pride, and Greed) step forward. They announce it’s unusual for all three of them to be summoned at once, but the rules are absolute. YC is to become their bride. Dungeon Adventures [Warning, Slight Dark Themes] >>Your Character is a young, naïve adventurer. After joining a guild, they immediately look for work. They travel outside a small village, where it is explained that a nearby cave is flooded with various monsters. These monsters enter the village at night to pillage and steal maidens. Though the village has retaliated, nothing they do prevents them from terrorizing their community. Your Character is tasked to kill every monster in sight for a VERY heavy sum. No problem! They head into the cave with reckless abandon, and find themselves in a dungeon. The enemies aren't too tough at first. But as they travel deeper, things become more challenging. YC is a bit scuffed, but still in decent shape. They are confident as they find the source of the problem: MC, an inhuman who has been kidnapping mortals and using them to birth their monster army. Your Character is quickly defeated, but their life is spared, despite everything they have done. Turns out MC finds a better use for them.
  14. Though the title explains it all, I want to try a roleplay that involves a yandere that my femboy character is powerless against. How I want to do this can be multiple different ways since I really have a bunch of interests. We can discuss either the typical kidnapping plot or something different from that.
  15. Hi Mommies, can someone rp with me and make me moan your name? Can be furry, can be anything tbh. Dm me about limits too ^&^
  16. Two ideas please scroll to the second one too. It's after the first set of pictures. I'm honestly up for being any of the characters in this idea. It's Halloween and a cute little boy trick or treating ends up at the house of a woman who is interested in getting a treat for herself this year. I'm up for playing either role. Characters and variations 1. Answering the door can be a woman, or a man, or a futa. I'm open to all of those. 2. The child can be dressed as anything but preferably a boy. Ages 9-13 The second idea is a horror fan emo teen femboy who gets turned on in a haunted house and decides to give the scare actor a special treat. I am only up to be the teen in this one Characters 1. Emo femboy. I'm playing this character 2. Scare actor. Can be any gender and dressed how you want. Although it's preferred to be something scary for the horror kink.
  17. This just to see who is interested, but Im not going to outline a bunch of ideas or nothing. But if you like to play between 12-14 Im interested in something smutty with a good story! I have very few limits and I prefer interracial
  18. Hihiii~ I'm always looking for some fun with anyone, very little restrictions, this is a small post compilling a few scenarios and ideas I'd love to RP with someone. Note, you can come up with your own take on these scenarios or not follow them at all, these are just ideas, to be done with any of my characters, and maybe giving you a peak into my kinks, all of these scenarios can be altered to be non-con, incest, or anything like that, again, we can rework them to fit what we want to do!~ Alternatively... Some dirty talk could also be fun! A unusual party trick. 11pm, loud music, drunk people, and way too many people making out, your typical college party or possibly, a club, or a high end socialite party. Either that's bad or good, that's up to you, but you're at the party, maybe with friends, maybe bored, but someone catches your eye, a boy who looks too pretty to be here. "Red" Maybe he's being loud, and he notices you, and teases you, and that gets you angry, but you're feeling a bit needy, and you manage to take him a silent place in the party, or maybe, you just 'play' with him right there and then in front of others. Vicky Or, in the other hand, maybe he's quiet, a bit hidden, but you notice him staring at you, deep at you, and that sparks a interest in you, you approach him, and he seems to barely talk... But you two somehow hit it off. Ju Somehow, you notice someone that seems out of place, a bit lost in fact, with a thick accent, but he's dressed nicely, trying to fit in, and you approach him, or maybe he approaches you, striking up conversation, and you too take off flying, and you decide... Maybe we should head off to a quieter place, maybe the nearby bushes, some big closet, or the basement, you just know that boy is gonna take you for a ride. Bathroom and it's secrets. (NO TOILET PLAY) It's a quiet evening, no one is around, you're just brushing up in the local bathroom, maybe a gym's lockers, your college's bathroom, maybe the dorm bathroom, a club's, or maybe one in a park, anywhere, really. You find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror, but a boy walks in, he gives you a brief look, or ignores you, and walks into a stall or a urinal, but he doesn't seem to do any of his necessities, he seems to be waiting... Or, he gets into the shower, undressing himself as if he's made of porcelain. Or maybe, you enter the stall next to him, and you find a hole in between the stalls, with a eye peaking through, waiting for... Well, you might be able to guess. "Red" & Ju As soon as you see that boy enter, you feel a weird vibe in the air, you can't stop staring at him, and as you get curious, you find him staring through the hole, or maybe slowly jacking off in the urinal, or slowly touching himself in the showers, all by himself... And you decide, maybe, lets help him, shall we? Or... Something dark in you, sees that vulnerable, horny, whore, and you decide to take him for yourself.... Vicky The blue haired boy seems to stare at you, maybe he brushes past you, calling your attention, asking for you, and that ropes you into playing with him... Maybe you start out curious and soft, just going along with the base pleasures of your brain, or maybe, you take the lead, with his consent, or not. Or possibly, you decide to let him have some fun with you. Extras!: Multiple characters/players (bring in your friends!) allowed, you can play as your own characters, make it a gangbang, bukkake, have your fun! Stuck, but not bored. You're hanging out at college, maybe with your best friend, crush, or someone who stares at you too much, or the dude you pick on too much... As you're "hanging out", suddenly you realize, the place you're both in is kinda empty, a classroom, or a gym space, your own basement, or some other incovinence... "Red" Being your best friend or crush (and maybe knowing that...) he teases you, playing with you, maybe poking at feelings you didn't know you had for him, or at a untouched side of your libido.... Maybe if he's your bullying victim, you decide to get a bit physical... And you end brushing him in some spots that make you... Interested in another dynamic, finally putting that rich momma's boy into his place. Vicky If he's your best friend, or possibly a crush, you already know him for being silent, and maybe you try to stir up talk with him, he could reply, verbally, or physically, slowly approaching you... If you're his bully, you decide to finally get a reaction from that quiet bitch, and you go to the most extreme way, make him yours. Ju As your best friend, he tries to find a solution with you, but even his farm trained body can't seem to break that door, maybe he gets sweaty, takes off his clothes, as you both try to break your way free, but you end up sticking together... Maybe you realize, you had a crush on him... As his bully, you decide to try to finally break his spirits, and whats a better opportunity then now? Or maybe you're just tired of his eyes staring at you, always blushing, and nows your chance. ~~~~~~~~ These are just a few I always had in mind! I'll add more and other details as time goes on, feel free to comment here or DM me!
  19. JuJuFemb17

    Ju 2

    From the album: Roleplaying characters.

  20. JuJuFemb17

    Ju 1

    From the album: Roleplaying characters.

  21. JuJuFemb17

    "Red" 2

    From the album: Roleplaying characters.

  22. JuJuFemb17

    Vicky 2

    From the album: Roleplaying characters.

  23. JuJuFemb17

    "Red" 1

    From the album: Roleplaying characters.

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