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  1. And by "special", I mean feminine! That's right, I'm looking for somebody to play somebody who, while they identify as a guy, and they definitely have a dick, they display themselves in a feminine manner- femboys! All of these plots will have the femboy referred to as "fem", and the masculine boy referred to as "masc", for clarity as to who's being referred to. I would prefer to play Masc in almost every situation, but I'm also willing to play Fem! ANYWAY let's talk about what exactly I'm looking for! PLOT 1: Walking In On Him For this plot, Fem and Masc will be roommates or something, be prepared to see the "roommates" thing a lot here by the way. So, Fem is exceptionally horny one night and decides "Y'know what? I'm going to spend all night gooning to whatever porn I can find". So, he does exactly that, spending all night fapping...loud enough to alert Masc, but not loud enough to be heard by the other people in the apartment building, I guess. That aside, Masc, one room over, cannot sleep and doesn't recognize the sound being made from the other room. So, Masc goes into the room, in hopes that he'll be able to get the noise to stop so he can go back to sleep. masc walks in on Fem jerking off. Fem doesn't hear Masc come in thanks to the headphones he has on, but when Masc realizes what happens, he's just kinda like, "Hey, if you want, I could help you with that." Fortunately, Fem is too horny to panic about having somebody walk in on him like that, so Masc grabs something to give him more energy, if temporarily, and goes to town on Fem's ass...or Fem goes to town on His. Dominant femboys are also welcome! PLOT 2: The Inevitable (And Only) Reference to Femboy Hooters Yeah, do I even have to explain myself for this one? I don't think I can. Basically, Masc is a customer, and Fem is his waiter. Why anybody would even go is beyond me, there's way better ways to get your hands on wings, but whatever. At that point, Fem begins serving Masc, before either A: getting a bit too horny somehow & needing a way to cool it down, maybe he has a dildo in his ass all day or something and that's really getting to him, or maybe he just has some weird-ass kinks. The other option I thought would work was that a coworker of Fem would hypnotize him and make it so that whatever customer Fem serves first would be a customer that Fem ends up having sex with? I don't know, I'm not expecting this plot to get picked for the most part, if only because of the location, so I won't spend too much effort wasting your time with this one. PLOT 3: Were the Wolves Are That title is a pretty fuckin stupid joke. Anyway... For this plot, Masc will be a werewolf. It's only a matter of time until the moon shines over the dark sky, I imagine Masc is at a party or something while all of this is happening. Masc tries to leave, but Fem is the reason he's there in the first place, and wants an explanation. Once the full moon shines over him, and he grows about twice his size with fur coating his body...well, Fem gets one hell of an explanation. See, Masc turned in what would be the equivalent of breeding season for a werewolf, so instead of being extremely violent like werewolves typically are, they're just extremely horny. So, Were-Masc ends up fucking Fem for relief. PLOT 4: The Challenge For this plot, Fem is a bit egotistical, while doubling as Masc's roommate again, wanting to prove himself as better than Masc. They decide that the best way to do that is to have a contest. Since Fem had the idea, Fem came up with the contest. The contest ended up being that "If you can fuck me for an hour straight without me passing out, then I'm better!" I'll let you decide if he wins or not. PLOT 5: In The Shower For this plot, Masc & Fem live together in a house and have decided that, because water bills, they will be showering together in the mornings. From here, I have two, but feel free to suggest your own! The first as that the two of them just get excessively horny from rubbing each other down like this with the sampoo. The other is that Masc is a bit of a pervert and Fem ends up, quite literally, dropping soap and bending over to pick it up, with...some very obvious results. But yeah, we can figure that out. Later. For now, more plots! PLOT 6: Two Best Friends Playing Smash Bros Together, Right Next to Each Other Because They're Gay As Hell If you know what that title's referencing, good on ya. Anywho, for this plot, Masc and Fem don't live together, and they are secretly in love with each other, though neither feels ready to admit it to the other yet. Masc invites Fem over to hang out, since Fem always makes Masc's days much, much better...and Fem feels the same about hanging out with Masc, so they come together and play video games, like Smash Bros or something. They end up getting a bit too close and Fem's ass absolutely gets wrecked. Or maybe Masc's does! I don't know, either works! PLOT 7: The One I Saved For Last Because Not A Lot of People Dislike Cucking & I Didn't Want Them To Lose Interest Yeah, this one involves cucking. So, Fem lives with Masc, right? Fem doesn't do jack shit to clean the house- he doesn't bathe himself, he doesn't clean up after himself, he's just the worst roommate in existence...and yet somehow he seduces Masc's girlfriend. And yes, he fucks her in a way where Masc is so clearly going to walk in and see it happen. So, Masc sets some new rules. If Fem continues to be the bitchy asshole that he has been, he will be used as a fucking fleshlight and treated as an object. While Fem never goes as far as cucking him ever again, I think we both know that he stays the bitch he was for the sake of getting dicked down by Masc some more. ================================================================================================= Alright, if you're interested in any of these, message me!
  2. I'll keep this short and sweet. I once had a roleplay going where I was able to engage in food play and belly stuffing with a femboy character. What made this roleplay special was that, as their character ate and got full, the character's player did the same IRL. For example, if the character ate a donut, the player ate a donut IRL, and so on. I would like to try and do this type of roleplay again, if anyone is interested. I absolutely love knowing that I can stuff someone remotely (both in roleplay and IRL) with just my words; it's a huge turn on and I want to experience it again. PM me if you're interested~
  3. Today I feel greedy for hung femboys, their cuteness mixed with a huge throbbing and menacing cock is a combination that drives me crazy. In particular I am looking for dom femboys who have no problems with kinks like kidnapping, rape and any other kind of abuse, even watersports and the most extreme. It is easy to understand that I want to play like their toy and be abused until my mind breaks or my body gives way, leaving me motionless on the floor like a broken toy to be thrown into a ditch. The kinks I like most are painal, forced deepthroat and asphyxiation, bonus points if you also like double oral or double anal~ If you are interested DM me!
  4. I'm looking for someone to Bestiality RP with me!, sorry if i dont respond i probably feel asleep.
  5. Hello Everyone! Im Leo or Arleon if you like that more. I usually roleplay as a Femboy Furry . Or a normal femboy im usually intrested in Fantasy settings, but im open to many thing. Im very kinky and i love to meet new people and their kinks. So i usually like to adapt to my partner. (Ofc i have my own kink list and stuff but i prefer variety so choosing something that "I wanna include foot play in every roleplay" is not for me. Also im new here so i probably didn't know about a 100+1 feature or etiquette. If you read this far thank you. Ps.: Im bisexual and i didn't like to play as a female, and my preference sheet is in a VERY early state.
  6. Looking for somebody interested in a Femboy x Femboy RP involving a sexual enchancement drug! I'll explain more in DMs!
  7. Amber

    New here and ready for fun!

    Hello guys I'm new here and would love to please you! Would love to hear your plots and make them true for you :3 Im not a new RPer but also not a veteran either, I'm down to even make a plot together! Open to anything and willing to try new stuff as well~ Hope to hear from you all
  8. Looking for a 18+ dominant smut partner either male or futa. I love playing chubby little femboys and am open to a wide range of kinks and plots as I have, few limits. Hit me up if interested
  9. Lately I've very much been wanting to roleplay a feminine male, one who could crossdress and very easily pull off looking like a girl, except for his cock. I've been trying to think of specific ideas, and I've only been able to think of a few - as well as have a few NSFWimages that I wouldn't mind playing. I'll put them all here. I have both submissive and dominant plots in mind, but more sub than dom. Note: Most of these ideas will be anime/hentai based! Plots: Dominant Needed: Should I Tell Her? (Friend x Friend) - Now in high school, YC and MC have been friends since middle school. MC has never really had many friends, and likes anime a bit. YC has had even fewer friends, and talks about anime or references almost constantly! She's your typical nerdy girl, always watching the latest series or reading the latest doujins and manga, and although most people find it offputting, MC and YC have gotten along for years. All this time, however, MC has harbored a secret - he's a trap! All the times they've went the mall and tried on outfits, or walked around Akihabara together, he's actually been a boy. He's been afraid to bring it up to her, but as time's gone on, he'd found it more and more difficult to keep his secret. One day, when they are handing out in YC's apartment after school to relax, he brings it up to her. MC: "You don't... hate me do you?" YC: "I've been waiting for you to bring it up! I've got just the thing!" She says before pulling out a small box. Of sex toys. Is it consentual? Or forced? How does their friendship evolve? Is That... Him?! (Friend x Friend) - Kaji. Typical Japanese college student. He was decently attractive, was fairly popular with girls, though he never had a girlfriend. He was nineteen, and seemed to be fairly well off. He went to class, never did badly, and even made sure to go out sometimes. No one would suspect that he was a popular trap cam boy. Three times a week he would slip into his apartment and get dressed, pulling on panties and stockings and some cute ensemble, only to find himself climaxing multiple times for his viewers. It made him quite a bit of money. He thought he was completely anonymous, his online identity being known as Yukari. However, when his friend, Asahina, recognizes him when she was on her own web cam expedition... Will she bring it up to him? I was thinking we could take this a few ways. Maybe she asks him about it and he denies, and she proceeds to sneak in on him to catch him in the act - maybe through the blinds. We could have her be dominant over him, preferably. Chihiro's Worst Enemy! (Danganronpa Fandom, Chihiro x Genocider Jack) - Chihiro Fujisaki. A cute boy who was picked on for being too girly as he grew up, was chosen to attend Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Programmer. Touko Fukawa. The Ultimate Writing Prodigy, chosen to go to Hope's Peak because of her writing skills, harbors an inner alternate personality - the notorious serial killer Genocider Jack! Genocider's preferred targets? Cute boys. When Chihiro started school, he decided to try to live as a girl, taking on a persona of being a girl, and even dressing as one. What would happen if Genocider Jack finds out about this trap? Older Sister's Toy (Sister x Brother (x Sister's Friends)) - Two close siblings. An older sister with money who is out of college and on her own. A younger brother starting college and needing somewhere to stay. A plan to make him her toy to repay the time he's going to be spending with her. Their parents talk her into letting him come stay with her while he's in college, since she went there and never moved out of the city. It saves on costs since he doesn't need an apartment or dorm, and he can just eat with her and enjoy life with his sister- or so he thought. Shortly after moving in, he comes home and she's drunk. He's always been a smaller boy, very effeminate, but always dressing the part. That is, until she decides to force herself on him. He can't tell her no, she's never done anything wrong by him... She has him dress up in some of her clothes, simple, nothing more. She likes it. He forgets the events until a few weeks later, he comes home and she has her friends over... Who all want to see a cute boy in a dress. They take turns ravaging him, leaving him breathless and drained. Short one shot, multiple characters. Submissive Needed: You're a Boy? (Roommate x Roommate) -Yuna was a student at a prestigious all-female school. 'She' fit in just like everyone else, even living with a roommate in the dorms. 'She' and 'her' roommate were best friends, all three years they had been in school together. Yuna is a very meticulous person, keeping track of both 'her' own and 'her' roommates schedules, so 'she' knows just what's going on. One day, senior year... 'Her' roommate comes back from vacation early, catching Yuna in 'her' underwear relaxing... finally revealing how Yuna is actually a trap. Yuna wakes from his slumber to his roommate's cry... We could take this multiple ways. Preferably, Yuna dominates his roommate, making her keep his secret from others. He just wanted to live as a girl. She hadn't had any problems the last few years, why start now? Inspiration Photos (all are assumed to be NSFW): Cute Trap Fox My Best Friend is a Trap As I find more I'll update this thread.
  10. Dove


    From the album: Atsushi Ren (femboy)

  11. Dove


    From the album: Atsushi Ren (femboy)

  12. Dove


    From the album: Atsushi Ren (femboy)

  13. Dove


    From the album: Atsushi Ren (femboy)

  14. Dove


    From the album: Atsushi Ren (femboy)

  15. Dove


    From the album: Atsushi Ren (femboy)

  16. Dove


    From the album: Atsushi Ren (femboy)

  17. From the album: Atsushi Ren (femboy)

  18. KitKatCassy

    Buttslut Boys Galore!

    I'm looking for any plots where I can play as a boy, be it a shota or a femboy, and get my ass absolutely ruined! A cock is a must for this, of course, so I'm only accepting males or futas. Futas will take priority, but I'm probably going to accept either anyways lol. Please have relatively good grammar and spelling, everyone makes mistakes, but perfection is always nice to strive for! Big desire for very large amounts of cum in this rp, and very big cocks (think around 12 to 18 inches). I'll throw down a few pairings I wouldn't mind doing, but feel free to suggest your own! Older sister style futanaris are almost guaranteed to be accepted! ^^ Plots!: Older Sister (Futa) X Younger Brother (Shota) (Highschool Setting) Teacher (Male/Futa) X Student (Femboy) Babysitter (Futa) X Shota Probably going to add more as I think of them!! Oh, also, I totally have a craving for a Breath of the Wild RP (Futa/Female Zelda x Link), so if any fans of that are about, go ahead and ask! Thanks for reading!
  19. Master Blaster

    Looking for love

    I want to play the protective masculine love interest of a small sweet femboy. Whether it's an older brother always looking out for his younger brother or knight who's willing to sacrifice his life for his prince. I love the idea of these opposite characters falling in love. I can do just about any setting and pairing, and while my tastes are fairly vanilla, I'm open to discussion. I don't like long posts so talk to me if you have some time. Thanks!
  20. vrstal

    Femboy x M/Futa

    Heyo! o/ I'm looking for someone who can do 1-2+ paragraphs literate RP for a smutty Femboy (MC) with a Futa or Male character. We can do different kinks and whatnot, and different plot/genre concepts below. I have reference photos, but characters do not have to be so indepth. If you have another idea for a start off, do let me know. Some kinks I'm looking for: Orgasm denial, spanking, BDSM, pleasure torture Prompts: Sci-Fi: MC was one of the pilots on of the United Federation of Planets ship that crashed into the docking bay of the planet Zircon. YC is one of the military police officers and take in these humans for questioning - wanting to know their intentions for your home planet. One things lead to another, and you realize you'll need to do more to get the answers you're looking for. While violence would be easy, you can see that MC is aroused from the tense situation through their bodysuit. High Fantasy: MC is a new concubine to YC's harem. Usually women are appointed as concubines, but when they found him on the street, one of your advisor's believed that MC was perfect as a new addition. Being showered with luxury MC has never experienced before, he feels indebted to make it up to you. MC, lighting aphrodisiacal incense in your room for the evening, has come to worship YC in any way they can. Modern/SOL: MC is part of a new project at YC's frat (or sorority for Futa) house - college students who don't make the cut can re-enter as 'stress relief' for students, femboys who dress up and have sexual acts with other students. The benefit is that a frat house has connections and could look good on a resume, plus they pay a reduced price of living. YC is a student living in the frat house, ready to test out one of the new boys that just recently joined, and see how far you can push him. If you have any questions lmk! Please EcchiText me.
  21. This just to see who is interested, but Im not going to outline a bunch of ideas or nothing. But if you like to play between 12-14 Im interested in something smutty with a good story! I have very few limits and I prefer interracial
  22. I hired a trap/femboy lewd maid service to “clean” my house. When you walk in I let you get started to work in the bathroom. I leave you alone for a bit but come back to see you scrubbing the floors and see your perfect, round ass in the air.
  23. Characters and participants must be 18+ Fuyuko is a fun-loving and carefree spirit who likes to lounge about, dance, sing, mingle with humans and drink sake. He's a kitsune or red fox, a yokai who is said to bring good fortune wherever he goes. If a human were to spend time with him, they will receive good luck for the next year or so depending on how long they were in his presence. He lives at a small shrine and spends any time where he isn't out on the town practicing calligraphy or painting and trying his best to answer prayers. Most of people's wishes can be granted just by visiting them, and because of this Fuyuko is very social and loves attention. He likes to spread luck by visiting populated places and singing for the inhabitants, often restaurants or private gatherings. People are often too intimidated to get close to him which is why he craves companionship. --- So, what do I want? I want to play my Fuyuko! Really anyone small and dainty, because that's my style. I haven't been able to rp since a recent painful event and I miss it dearly. I love to write and typically do lit to advanced lit responses. I'm looking for a partner who can play a dominant character, someone who's scary to others and caring to our sub. Maybe even obsessed. I LOVE this trope taken to the extreme, like a yandere type of character. That would be awesome ( ´∀`) So, in simple terms, I'm looking for my cute lil OC to be cherished and spoiled and obsessed over. I want to write a lot with you, a few paragraphs per response I have kinks, but I won't put em all here and make this post longer than it already is as well as to follow community guidelines. So, my partner, I'd like to brainstorm with you. Would you want to play a wealthy shogun? Perhaps one that offers Fuyuko a place to stay.... Ahh, I'm excited! Please message me or comment if any of this interests you, or if you want to hear about my other characters! I mostly like to rp off site. Thank you!
  24. Looking for trap or femboy to play as son . Long-term or short-term roleplay with gifs and pictures, contains sissification femboy foursome public etc.
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