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Found 31 results

  1. Temaelrin

    A-Z of Baby Names

    The rule of the game is extremely simple; simply go from A-Z (linearly) and post a name. Any language, gender, etc... A - Adam B - Becki C - Charlie D - Delta E - Emily And so on. Please be sure to read the last post of the last page before replying! Angelica.
  2. What would you do if the above person enters your bedroom, give remarks and reasons. (Oh and to prevent arguments and such, this is a LIGHT hearted thread, and should be considered if you were both single or promiscuous, or whatever you want to use to justify a joke. I don't want people going "I'd fuck you." and then someone else posting "NO YOU WON'T HE'S MY BOYFRIEND ROXOR!?!/1!!!!11111!!" so... Take it in to the spirit of things, and not so seriously.) I can't really answer... There's no one above me. So let's use me. I think I'd tell myself off for evidently going back in time and crossing my own timeline. Naughty me.
  3. As the title says. Just say what the last thing you willfully or otherwise put in to your mouth. :D Vanilla Coke. - T'was delicious considering I feel like shite at moment. :(
  4. Temaelrin

    Keep a word... Replace a Word.

    This game is pretty simple. Someone (I guess me) starts with two words: Bacon Sex Then the next poster replaces one of the words for another. A good example: Awesome Sex "Rules": The word you replace must remain in the same place the word you replaced it with. For example: Bacon Eating or Awesome Sex are correct. Cramming Bacon or Sex Pest are incorrect. Multiple Posting in quick succession is not accepted by site rules. To Start This Off: Bait Mate
  5. What would you do if you woke up next to the person who posted last, give remarks and reasons. (Oh and to prevent arguments and such, this is a LIGHT hearted thread, and should be considered if you were both single or promiscuous, or whatever you want to use to justify a joke. I don't want people going "I'd fuck you." and then someone else posting "NO YOU WON'T HE'S MY BOYFRIEND ROXOR!?!/1!!!!11111!!" so... Take it in to the spirit of things, and not so seriously.) I can't really answer... There's no one above me. So let's use me. I'd tap that. Who knows me better than me right? Of course my future-self will be getting a bollocking; AGAIN for time travelling. Tsk tsk.
  6. God of RP

    Last post wins (nsfw)

    This is something I started on another forums in February 2014 and to my knowledge is still going there. I didn’t see anything like it so I hope this goes well. As far as I’m concerned just please follow normal community guidelines, but you can post whatever you want here, have any sort of interaction, etc. Let’s have fun and try to be the last post to win!
  7. Temaelrin

    The Geography Game

    The Geography Game. (Originally Posted by NeppyNepNep) This is a game where you take the last letter of the country/city/town/landmark etc of the previous poster, and post up the name of a country/city/town/landmark etc beginning with that letter. For example: First Poster: "England." Second Poster: "Denmark." Third Poster: "Kenya." So the next poster will put a location beginning with "A". Please use real places, but don't be afraid to use a map xP The rules are very simple, but if you're still confused, message me. Anyway, first location: Russia.
  8. There are no conditions! You can assume it is 100% consensual, legal and without consequence. It doesn’t even have to be realistic! And if you don’t want it to be I guess it doesn’t have to be consensual. You make up the conditions! You make up the setting! You get to decide what is what!
  9. Temaelrin

    In My Pants (The Revival)

    ...IN MY PANTS! I decided this game was fun and it must be given a second chance, and perhaps a fresh new start. Basically you say a sentence, any sentence, or anything and add ", in my pants." after it. For example: I went to Tesco's, in my pants. I love cucumbers, in my pants. xD I need to fuck someone, in my pants. See, easy! One per post, no double posting, have fun! Starting with: I dunno what it is but I wanna bunga bunga, in my pants!
  10. This game is a little out there, decided to try something new. Instead of finding the last poster in your room. It's not you; it's me. So now it's time to break up with the above poster. You don't necessarily have to be in a real relationship or factual with that person but this game aims to make you think and be creative. Think of it as an excuse book, that I hope will never be used in a real life scenario. Rules of the game: Play fairly (no "Below the belt" potshots.) You must provide a reason (obviously) Be creative. For example; using me as an example posting about me. It's both of us. We're just not compatible with each other in an emotional, relationship level, don't be upset though. We'll bang, okay?
  11. Temaelrin

    When was the last time...?

    It's really simple this game - ask a question - the next person answers it, and ask's his or her own. Q: When was the last time someone made you feel special?
  12. Imouto Kanna

    phone game Let your phone make a sentence.

    Many cell phones have features now a day that go farther than predictive text. Before it was just a word now they can make whole sentences! Let’s see what sentences your phone will make with only one word to start from. The word I’m going to choose is “he” He just wanted me a few minutes before he got home. Your turn! You can use my word “he” or choose a random one! Feel free to make as long or short of a sentence as your phone can!
  13. Neptune

    forum game This or That?

    This or That? This is a game where you pick between a choice that the previous poster gives. Then, underneath your answer you give a choice for the next poster. That is it. It is that simple. I'll start off; Coke or Pepsi?
  14. Temaelrin

    Three Word Replies Roleplay!

    So after a bit of a joke on the EcchiDreams Unofficial Discord server, where we were speaking about a horror story of writing a really long descriptive sex post only to have the person who replied just post "*moans*", and similar stories found. I revealed that for me, writing a post that short would actually be a pain in the arse, and a challanging one at that. Then I thought about turning it into a forum game... With some tweaking to the idea from @XenoSera who suggested it should be three words, the idea was a done deal... And thus:- Three Word Replies Roleplay... is born. This "roleplay" (This is not a serious roleplay) has three simple rules: You have to be lazy in replies, no more than three words, including speech and actions, and no; hyphenating a load of words or not putting in spaces, does not count as one word, nor does posting multiple times in order to up your word count, one reply at a time (No double posting). Violate this and your post will be ignored. You roleplay as your forum account - no character ID required. There is no OOC either. The story line doesn't have to make sense, and standard roleplaying rules do not apply. I will start this off: ~walks in~ Hello!
  15. Just like any other A-Z. I'll start with A, next posts with B, next post is with C all the way to Z, and start again. You must make sure you're on the last page, replying to the last post. If you screw it up, the next poster has to start from where it broke. Anal!
  16. This forum game requires a little imagination. Basically I will start this thread off with an example while explaining what to do. Because I am shit-awful at explaining concepts. xD I post: Ice Cream. The next user posts (Using their imagination a possible question for the last persons post): Then the next user posts their question and answer to be questioned, and so on and so forth. So lets start with the last reply. Name a really awesome hentai and roleplaying site? xP Cockgobblers.
  17. Hand Solo

    forum game Get The 'Gif't Of It!

    Imagine...if you were stuck in a gif??? Living the same epic moment over and over again? What would it be? What would you think? What sort of moment would you want it to be? Paste them here with a lil caption of what you'd be thinking of it was ju! I'll go foist! "A-arigato, Onee-saaaaan....!!!!"
  18. Neptune

    forum game The Description Game.

    The Description Game. This game is very simple. I will post a single word, an object, or concept, or place and the next poster writes at least a paragraph describing the word (either object, concept, or place) in any format you want. Then they state another one for the next poster to do. For example, the first post could state the word "Apple". The next poster then goes on to describe what an apple looks like, and feels like, and tastes like. Then they could go on to state "Rollercoaster" for the next poster. Anyone who posts needs to state a word clearly for the next poster to use. If not, then the next poster will simply use the last stated word. This game aims to help you either keep up your descriptive skills, or to flex and stretch them to the max and allow you to improve. Even veteran roleplayers may find this game useful. This game had been on EcchiDreams for a long time, but it died out and was never re-posted. So I felt it was something that my fellow members would appreciate. Table.
  19. Temaelrin

    Yes, No, Maybe

    This game is simple; the next poster simply responds to the last question and asks a question for the next poster. Make sure you've read the last post on the last page. For example; Would you attempt to preform sexual acts on a car? Next poster: No. Would you eat rice covered in Toffee? Next poster: Maybe. Would you - So on and so forth. Question: Would you watch Breaking Bad?
  20. Inspired by a certain episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway, and more specifically the game called Scenes From A Hat, in which a significant portion of the given scenes ended up being "Things you can say about/to X, but not your girlfriend". I'm unsure right now as to what format I should do this in. For now, I'll make a suggestion every so often, and people can just leave their answers, but in the future I might change it up so there is a suggestion, and the person responding leaves the next suggestion. We'll see. Your first scene is: Things you can say about a buffet, but not your partner.
  21. SMFoxy

    Conditional Power

    In a similar vein to Corrupt a Wish, in this game one person suggests a super power they could have, and the next person gives a condition for it's use, before giving their own power for the next person, and so on. For example (you're welcome to use the examples in the thread for a 'proper; response): P1: Invisibility P2: Can only turn invisible when nobody is looking. Able to cure any illness. So let's continue from the example I gave.
  22. Kalvoras Vertal

    What Would You do to Scare The Person Above You?

    "The rules for this are simple! We'll each take turns trying to find the most creative way we can to scare the person above us. Please come up with your own unique way, but I guess that taking jumpscares from horror movies works too ^_^" Example: I would put a sack over Shuya's head and tie his hands behind his back and his feet together so that he can't struggle too much when I pull him into my sweet ass van and realize that it's just a joke! "Alright, horrible example, but I think that everyone gets the jest of it. We're starting with me! Good luck ^_^"
  23. Simple game here; used to be on the old EcchiDreams many "moons" ago. No score, no people you have to reply to. Don't take it as gospel and remember opinions are in the eye of the beholder. Anything slanderous, racist, sexist, etc... Is considered a violation of the ToS and will be treated as yadda-yadda-yadda-such. RIGHT! How to Play: Simple. Copy and paste this code replacing 'REPLACE ME' with your desired text (See the stuff in the [ b ] tag to see what it is). It should format it for you. [center][color=#008000][b]Fact:[/b] REPLACE ME[/color][/center] [center][color=#ff0000][b]False:[/b] REPLACE ME[/color][/center]Rules:Nothing that violates ToS, obviously.Example: Fact: Rain, on Earth is generally wet. False: There is no such thing as life.
  24. Temaelrin

    ^, < and V game.

    The ^, < and V game is simple. ^ Say something opinionated or factual about the person above (Be-careful not to miss represent opinion as fact.) Also state if the last posters (V) prediction/opinion/fact is wrong or correct. < Say something about yourself. (Any fact) V Make a prediction for the person below. Please be sure to check the last post of the last page before replying. ---------------- ^ There is no one. < I am known as Tripp V I am also known as Tripp. Next post: ^ Is correct. Is also Tripp. < Feels sick right now. :( V Sings in the shower. :D
  25. Imouto Kanna

    Corrupted Dreams~

    Ruin a Wish goes like this: Someone posts their wish, the person who responds after them grants said wish but in a devious way, and then makes another wish. Example: Poster 1: I wish for a million dollars. Poster 2: Granted. You get a million dollars, but it's all Monopoly money. I wish _____. I wish I could find the perfect RP partner.
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