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  1. (set in the universe of Justice League Unlimited) It had been roughly one month since the final battle with Darkseid, a month since the world was saved by Luthor of all people, the Justice League was back to their usual business of stopping villainy while the Legion of Doom was finding it difficult to maintain itself now that it had neither Luthor nor Grodd as a leader, everything seemed like it was going back to relative normal, but a change was coming that no one expected. When Luthor passed, it turns out her had left everything, his wealth, company, and even his secrets, to one of his few relatives, his niece, Nasthalthia Luthor, or as some call her, Nasty. Nasthalthia is the daughter of Lex's older sister, though not Lex's daughter, she does share many traits with her uncle, intelligence, talent, and a love for acquiring power, what's more, Nasthalthia is more manipulative than Lex, more devious, she has a great love for using and toying with people, so much so it even impressed Lex, which is most likely why he left her everything he owned. Now Nasthalthia was more than happy to except the money and huge building, but what really excited her was when she found out about all of Lex's secret projects, the ones he's been keeping in the dark, specifically for his own personal use. Mind control devices, cloning, superhuman drugs, and so much data on the both superheroes and villains, Lex really had an obsession, now Nasthalthia wasn't as interested as her uncle in taking down the Justice League or anything, but she has always wanted to play with some heroines, and now it looks like she has all the resources to do just that. She wasn't alone, Lex left his personal assistant Mercy with the instructions to aide Nasthalthia in whatever she chose to do, he left no instructions for Nasthalthia, knowing her tastes, he was confident that while she probably wouldn't destroy the Justice League, she would no doubt cause some trouble for the supers and have a good time doing it. This is a roleplay set in the universe of the Justice League cartoon from from the 2000s, after Lex Luthor was lost defeating Darkseid, he left all his resources to his niece, Nasthlathia, a woman who even Lex admired for her love of dominating and manipulating others, which is why he chose her to inherit all he owns. Now she has access to a massive amount of resources from technology to magic, not to mention the many allies Lex had and information on virtually every hero and villain known, and she can use those resources for whatever she wish, and for Nasthlathia, that is mainly dominating women and making them hers. This would revolve around you playing Nasthlathia, now that you have all that Lex left you, you can use it to pursue your own goals, making allies with other villains, capturing and controlling heroines, and of course, having lots of naughty fun with everyone involved, a lot of fun to be had here and I'm eager to play with you. I'll be handling the GM role in this, both all the heroes and villains you'll be interacting with, naturally we'll be focusing on the ladies of course, I'd really rather not involve any male characters in this, and just to let you know my characters will be futas, that's a requirement, yours however can be female or futa if you wish. If you prefer however I am also open to playing Nasthlathia instead, just keep in mind I'm not as much of a dom, if I had to classify myself, I'd say I'm a switch with more submissive tendencies, so keep that in mind if choosing that path. I'm pretty kinky personally, I have a love for bdsm, bondage, scent play, sweat, feet footwear, musk, nipple play, ass play, ball play, facesitting, dirty talk, big orgasm, watersports, cameras, slutty outfits, spit, alien girls, panty play, humiliation, getting dominated, toys, pet play, muscular girls, chubby girls, harems, porn, JOI, collars, degradation, exhibitionism, gangbang, giantess, and more, I have no interest in snuff, gore, vore, abuse, men, or vanilla sex and I'm more of a sub, so be sure to keep that in mind. If you're interested, shoot me a message and we can start talking, I'm very eager to play this with you, but please, no chat, thank you.
  2. * * \[T]'/ Welcome! \'[T]/ Thanks for stopping by! Hope all of you have a wonderful day or night as you're browsing Ecchidreams, just like most likely I am. Make yourself comfortable, get yourself some tea or coffee, and I suppose, read what I have prepared! Ah but also make sure to take a look at my Roleplaying Preferences Sheet to see if I'm someone you'd like to Roleplay with! List of all the ideas (scroll down to read the writing sample and to read additional details about each idea!) 1. A forgotten Android. (Looking for someone to play an Android M looking for F) 2. The stolen toys, whores and wine belonging to the Baron of Arendol. Or different stories from the land of wine and gold. (Action-fantasy adventure RP) 3. "A short guy's dream to find a tall, strong demi-human that's looking for a boyfriend. Or in other words. Can a 6 or 7 feet tall Oni, Orc or something else hit it off with a 5'4 guy like me?" [Slice of Life Wholesome Modern Fantasy-themed RP.] 4. Lactose Intolerant: A Futa Were-cow Story (Extreme and weird kinks be warned. M looking for F/Futa) 5. The Red Wolves' second in command. You. (Looking for strong amazonian gals for this one.) 6. She-wolf, supersoldier mommy-Dom (40k Inspired idea.) 7. You're my girlfriend, the Intergalactic Assassin. Yup. 8. Girl's Frontline RP idea (Or just any other Gacha Game, Azur Lane, FATE, Arknights etc.) 9. Monstrous, motherly, bodyguard? (Another concept idea. A powerful and terrifying yet still sexy monster girl given to protet an heir of some kingdom.) 10. Futanari Auction (Fantasy setting RP) 1. I found her in the attic. I'd just moved in and was clearing out a lot of the old junk; the place had been abandoned years earlier. She was in a large crate; still, tamper proof sealed. A label listed her model and date of manufacture; she was older than me, but had never been turned on. With some caution, I brought her down to the living room. She was there for a day before I braved opening her up. A note on the case warned; "Not returnable once the seal is broken." Not that that was an option; I knew the company had gone out of business long ago. It wasn't just a psychological barrier; with the seal intact I could've made a fortune on the black market. Especially if the 'adult options installed' sticker meant what I thought it did. I remembered wanting one of these when I was a teen. A lot of us did, but nobody dared say anything. How do you tell your parents you want an AI Girl or Boy for Christmas? It just doesn't happen. We all just sat in silent envy of the other teens with their expressive freedom. They were all getting them; "good for development" the ads would say, "helps girls/boys learn about growing up", "great for babysitting", "her/his special friend". I was still too ashamed to get a robot, not even a Robo Rover. Sure I had servant bots like everyone else. Keep 'm Clean, Mr. Handy, Green Thumb... The usual models. But no living dolls, certainly no A.I. Girl like this. I never really thought of having a partner because of my current situation but getting a doll like that for all my needs seemed suitable. Gah it seemed perfect! Eventually, I cracked the seal. There was a thick manual lying on top of a box labeled "Reserve Power Supply" which listed itself at only 30% left, it was all that kept her brain intact. The manual began with the dreaded words: "Hello Jessica, welcome to your new friend. Her name is:" Below which was a place to write the name of the robot once she had been given one. Now I understood her presence in my attic. Jessica must have been the girl who passed away. My realtor had explained the house to me. A sudden illness in the family followed by the property's abandonment. A little girl who only wanted to live; taken so suddenly. They must've been too hurt to take what was likely intended as a surprise present. Bloody hell. This presented a new issue. She was tailored. If I woke her now she would be confused, lost. Looking for a little girl named Jessica to bond with. The manual mentioned the possibility of resetting the bond anytime before initialization as well as prior to resale or recycling. They could send out a company rep to perform the job. . . Only there was no company anymore. So I went online. I had to be discreet, I didn't want the collectors knowing what I had. I certainly didn't want the AI Authority to know. The law wouldn't let them shut her down once she was self-aware, but they were ruthless in destroying potential AI's before that point. Eventually, I had my answer. I tapped a few keys on the power unit and clicked away at the holo-screen until I had her ready for a new life. She'd been lying on my living room floor for another week before I had the nerve to turn her on. I'd done my research on the model and knew that once I flipped that switch, there was no turning back. These girls were natural born AIs; it was why the company had been forced to go under. Pure black market technology, all quite by accident. I sat there watching her for an hour already. I wanted to memorize every detail, every contour. . . After all I still had a choice to go a step further. Import of Japan-made modifications for cosplayers, had their own adult modifications. It didn't take a genius to know one had to insert few adjustments to have her look like anyone. From a favorite actor to a character from beloved video game, all if you had the money. As wrong as it felt, I had a chance to get myself a girlfriend, or a source of income, her new personality was already in place. . .All that's left is to get through the psychological barrier. Thanks for reading the prompt! So I'll state again. I'm looking for someone to play as a female (or futa with right modifications.) Android, in this story. As to what we want to focus on in it depends purely on what we can come up with. I have few ideas but don't let that stop you from sharing yours. A simple slice of life romantic RP? Something darker or entirely lewd? Sky is the limit! 2. Arendol was always a busy place. And if it wasn't the plotting nobility or embittered knights, the untamed wildlife and troubles of the peasantry were quick to pile on, begging for an armed confrontation with the physical issue. They say that if one dared to storm Arendol it's defenders and citizens would bleed wine and spill gold and silver rather than their guts. Giving anyone, even the most innocent or foolish an idea on how...expensive everything is there. If one's pouch is too light for Arendol. Their body can still help them with such a delicate issue. After all, the land of wine and gold relishes in the depravity. It is also a place famous to the mercenaries and adventurers of all kinds. Champions and warriors seeking recognition, as well as talented sorcerers and clerics aspiring to be noticed. After all these lands have been walked by many. . . Aterus the Silenced, Claudia Riedl "Sun-seeker", Daneros the storm weaver- But alas, now when one mentions the whore house of Madame Mari De Castyltian "Turquoise Wing", these ancient legends pale in comparison. Still, only those that can afford to stay there for at least a day can consider themselves lucky just like everything it costs a fortune to stay there for longer than a few hours. Just like every year the attention of the whole world turns to Arendol, while eyes of the courageous turn to the bounty board and a single peculiar Quest signed by the Lord of Arendol himself. Heroes! I Ferrnando De Tabares, lord of the Welenza and Arendol, am in need of your aid in these trying times. For it is the champions and the finest of Thedal that can only tackle the situation of such importance. The great estate of the Tabares's line built by my great grandfather has become a victim of robbery! Such injustice is a stain on my family's honor but as the Baron my duties force me to ensure that stability of my people is put even above the honor of my family name. This is why you'll be my sword, the blinding light of justice to reclaim the treasure taken by foul wretches responsible for this crime. If you consider yourself worthy of such task come meet with my subject another of your profession waiting at you in the lovely establishment of the Brass Piglet on the eastern side of the main square. The following stolen items are reported to be. - Ten barrels of Badelian Flametongue, an expensive brand of elven wine from Charia. Each barrel returned will grant you 10 Olerian Crowns or Pelshian Suns depending on your choice. - Specialized stimulating equipment of house Tabares, including Golden and silver tools of the cult of Al'hara's Goddess of Pleasure and fertility. As well as a set of leather whips, flails made from the finest leathers. There are also additional caskets supposedly locked, any open or damaged lock are to be reported immediately before return. - Daneresian courtesans. This is a lifetime opportunity champions! Every one who shall return part of the stolen treasury alongside finding or dealing with the thieves will be invited to the ongoing tournament as the honored guest and will be given a month of free stay at Madame Mari De Castyltian pleasure house! Ferrnando De Tabares. Hadrian's eyes stared defeated at the drawings of what was pretty much a perfectly drawn penis covered in gems and holy marks of Al'hara a certain goddess of fertility well known in Elven culture. The ink was still fresh as the dark-blue seal continued to drool wax down the side of the document splashing against the polished wooden floor. "Did he really have to give specific drawings for of each of the stolen objects? I may have been hired by him but- Dionis's light why did I take this offer." The scribe's brows furrowed as he took a step back defensively as if accused of a crime he has committed. His balding head and pale complexion mixed with smooth skin were a jarring contrast making it even harder to look at him. "Lord Ferrnando, asked us to provide copy of each of the missing objects and given us the detailed description providing each. It was obvious We had to ensure the objects could be distinguishe-" "Oh no, I understand that. But was it really necessary to draw decorated dildo and provide it's exact measurements? Bloody hell. I'll be in my quarters if someone will bother to approach this Contract seriously just guide them to my room." Moving up the stairs Hadrian spoke again, as if to state something quite obvious. "And don't bother trying to get me to do this alone! Mission of utmost importance my ass. . ." Thanks for reading the prompt! Ahh Arendol, a place of violence, sex, schemes and opportunity. The very endgame for any experienced adventurer and a deathwish for a novice. I'm looking for you to play as...Someone in Arendol. A courtesan, noblewoman, another adventurer. Some ancient monster girl living beneath the city about to cause some trouble? Perhaps a divine that conceals her identity to see what mortals have to offer? We're free to create a new plot rather than chase after Tabares's gilded and decorated sex toys so no worries there. 3. Saturday, 02:27 PM Breckens's street in front of the local sports center. ARES. The sports center itself was grand in scale. Fitting, given its namesake: The god of war. Greek, of course, as most people know of him and his divine family. Being one of the first companies to cater to the new folk that have joined modern society, their business boomed. While it was a local chain, at best, announcements of "An Ares opening near you!" are now exceptionally common when you browse the web. Especially when you're someone like me, a guy with a rather weird fetish and eagerness to meet up with tall, big and muscly representatives of demi-humans. Yup, it's rather amusing no? A short guy trying to hit it off with an Oni or looking for a chance with one of the more predatory and truly dangerous by human classification demi-humans...But here I am waiting for you. . . I look down at the digital screen of my phone for what must've been the 17th time, scrolling up and down, eyes scanning over the last conversation with my new "Girlfriend", watching the collection of Oni-made and proportioned sports equipment I helped her order and pick online. We haven't even seen one another face to face yet, and I was already helping you with things like that which left me...Hopeful? No. No no-no-no. Not hopeful. Don't call me desperate. I do fidget a little, watching people far taller than me just move over towards Ares's sports center, which just like most new establishments became a non-human friendly activities provider. In fact, the very sports bag, dumbbells, additional weights, and even a rather skintight pair of sports bras, yoga pants and everything else she now had were ordered from here. It was rare but we managed to hit it off fairly quickly, we even spent the first two days chatting about various stuff, in the end we both had topics to exhaust given the difference in our upbringing. That said I never heard her ask about my height which only made that little ball of anxiety inside of my throat grow as I worried about our first face-to-face meeting. I lean against the glass wall of the bus stop I was waiting at, trying my best to fit into the area already swarming with groups of friends and couples. The moment famous apps were adjusted to allow easier use for those of all monstrous qualities. Including dragon and hellhound paw or claw-touch support for screens couples of mixed-species began appearing one after another. Of course, there were no extreme pairings yet, Onis or Orcs were out of luck especially for females given their height and a rather traditional mindset of the elderly of the said species. Not that I'm some professional about it, I just got a chance with an Oni girlfriend so I wanted to know what to talk with her about rather than risk doing or saying something inappropriate. That said Oni's weren't really in that much of a bad spot. Like any the variety of jobs opened up to even them. The species like Bunyip's, for example, are still a tricky question, most have their housings provided by the government but there are little to no handlers from both humanitarian multispecies organizations and private recruiters leaving another rather sizable group on a lockdown. The tip of my thumb dances across the black screen of my smartphone, as I stare at the reflection of my own face in it. Even a passing by harpy working at some postal service is taller than me, as she prepares for another flight. The padding around her claws is already company made, showing just how much the commercialization managed to adapt itself. My soft index finger slides over to the right upper side of the cellphone, pressing against the power button, once again granting me the digital light of the screen revealing the last message I've sent her after arriving on the spot 20 minutes earlier just in case if she got lost or caught in some traffic. Daniel: I'm going to wait by a bus stop then, it's right next to the cafe. I'll post an image just in case once I'm there! Can't wait to meet you in person! The more I re-read the message in my head the more awful it sounds. My thumb runs over the screen again, the clicking is replaced with a sudden flash of the camera as I swap it with the second camera installed on the front, displaying my reflection. Carefully fixing few strands of dirty blonde hair, I hope the nearly baby-faced milky white skin over my face isn't too...soft, given how Oni's tend to have their values quite similar to those of the Orcs, sure there's more drinking but they're pretty much the only species that can barely get drunk in the first place. Hence they're banned from all drinking contests as for them it's more about how much they can drink not how much their head can take. My small attempts at improving my self-esteem about this whole date is momentarily crushed as I'm a witness to a dwarf in a business suit going on about with his day. He was shorter and yet, the select few human women looked his way as if in awe, the lack of a shaggy beard reaching all the way to his knees and replacing it with some stern yet striking mustache really changed how one can look. Add in a suit and a confident "strut" and viola even a dwarf can easily find himself some partners. I really doubt it...I mean. You're an Oni! I saw her pictures and the ones she sent privately as we got to know one another a bit more. She doesn't look like someone who's interested in someone weak right? I mean sure-sure there was the image of her trying to bake cookies and that was pretty cute and made her even more feminine, but I also got gifs and short videos of things she lifts up. Be they meant for that or not- In turn, I offered some fancy stuff of myself, either playing some tunes on the guitar. (While having my phone always tilted slightly up to not betray my height while it was being recorded.) To creating those somewhat live-in guides on how to request additional government-provided house equipment etc. It's still a bit new and as with anything, the government's tricky about being clear how to request that stuff. She also mentioned something of an e-mail about new housing which sounded like a great offer, although I don't know why she sent me some tests to fill up alongside it. Either way I think I passed? Given I could see the images and plans, I'm just happy she gets herself a bigger house to suit her needs but it still feels a bit...too large. I run my hand over the smooth pale cheek, as cries and laughter can be heard from somewhere in front of the sports center drawing my attention for just a moment. That's when 02:30 hits. My smartphone immediately starts beeping as I'm looking around trying to find her. Left. Nothing. Right. Nothing. I told her what I was wearing so there should be no problem in finding a guy in a bright white polo shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers. I also wore glasses, the big nerdy ones but they did suit me. Actually, it's another thing she didn't comment on even if you've seen me with them... Standing like a sore thumb, I was already assuming the worst, well I couldn't exactly blame her. . . Hell, what was I thinking? Thanks for reading the prompt! This one is a bit more restrictive unlike the other two. So I'll immediately say that the whole Size fetish as well as race isn't important. In other words. I want you to play as a monster girl that's getting used to the modern world with her new human boyfriend. If you want to go as some tall strong Oni great! If you don't and rather prefer some elf, halfling, hellhound etc. Feel free to! She doesn't have to be tall either. 4 ((This is a concept I was thinking of and thought someone might enjoy it. We can discuss the details for it!)) You rush to your friend's bathroom, shutting and locking the door, and leaning against it as you heave every breath, looking down at your body that felt like it was on fire. You think back to a few moments ago, you had let your guard down. You were having so much fun with your friend that you didn't even question the bowl of ice cream he laid out in front of you and you took a bite without thinking. Problem is that you're lactose intolerant...well, it's much worse than that. . . Much much worse. It was only a bite, surely it wasn't enough to. . . Nevermind your normally B-cup sized breasts began to strain your bra and caused the straps to dig into your shoulders while the first two buttons to pop off your shirt, revealing cleavage that certainly wasn't there before. Meanwhile, your hips start to pop a little wider and your thighs and ass started to thicken, causing your pant buckle to pop open and your zipper to force itself open just to make what little room it had. Shit! Not here! Not now! You moaned softly as the start of tears start to appear on your shirt and jeans. "Hey! Is everything alright in there?" Your friend asks you through the door. You're forced to cover your mouth, the pressure of your growth causing you to involuntarily moan as your curves continued to grow, causing your shirt to uncover your midriff and pop more buttons while your jeans to start ripping along the crack of your fattening ass. You gasped as you felt your clit, growing longer and thicker, starting to tent your panties along with a pair of golf-ball sized balls at their base, giving you a quite noticeable manly bulge beneath the soft silk fabric. You felt the start of a tail start to slip out from the base of your spine through the rip in your pants, your ears start to flatten, small nubby horns starting to poke up out of your hair, and a second pair of mounds starting to grow beneath your first set, which were already bigger than the largest porn-stars. You even noticed you stood at least foot taller than before. "Do I need to call an ambulance for you?" He asks again and you nearly answer before you're forced to hold your mouth once more, moaning harder as your whole body has another powerful growth spurt, your feeble tattered clothes unable to hold on much longer before four huge bouncing udders burst free from the remnants of your shirt and bra, each one with a nipple as long and thick as your thumbs as the first drops of milk start to drip onto the hard tile floor, and the back of your pants fails first as an ass so thick that it would make the Kardashians gasp rips out of its denim prison along with your flicking tail and overly voluptuous thighs. Your former clit, now a mottled bull shaft with a flared head, tore your panties in two, bulging larger and larger as your balls reach the size of apples. Your fingers harden in your hoove-like hands while your shoes and socks shred to pieces as two large hooves take the place of your feet. "What's going on in there?" He asks one last time as you practically moo out loud as the final growth spurt takes place, you reach eight feet tall as a thick fur covered hide starts to spread over your body, your face stretching forward into a cow-like muzzle with a large flat nose and large flat teeth, your horns growing five inches long, and your ears long and fuzzy. Your enormous jugs growing until they were each the size of a yoga ball with three inch, bottle-cap thick nipples that splashed warm milk onto the floor, your cock was nearly three feet long and thick as a soda can at its thickest point, thick heavy balls the size of swinging bowling balls, ass-cheeks the size of bean-bag chairs, hips nearly twice as wide as the doorway, thighs as thick as tree trunks, and great heavy hooves clacking against the hard tile beneath you. "Hello? I'm coming in..." Your friend warns as the door starts to creak open and his sweet feminine scent starts to fill your enlarged nostrils... Thanks for reading the prompt! This is an extreme and weird one I know but if there's at least 1% I find someone that likes the idea. . .Yup I do want you to play as that monstrous gal. Whether it ends with some lewd romance or a rather dark end, it's up for us to decide. I will share my preferences for all the ideas if you ask as well. Anywho, I don't have much more to say for just a concept. 5. We approached the gates in companionable silence, cloaks drawn tight around us against the warm summer rain. There was no need to speak; we were instead alert for any sign of ambush or betrayal. The Don of Careon was an honorable man and we knew we would be safe once we were within the walls of his villa, but the rest of his city did not share his morals. Mercenary captains made poor enemies, but good assassination targets. The guards at the gate turned to you first. Most potential assassins would as well. You hardly blamed them; one would usually assume that the seven feet tall figure was the one in charge. I realized the benefit of having an Orc for my lieutenant as soon as I'd taken command and elevated you immediately. You still halfway resented me for it. The promotion was an honor, sure, and certainly a pay raise, but you had no patience for politics and like all of your people, you lead by example rather than words. Luckily for you, I handled that part. I spoke briefly to the guards while you watched our backs. They stared at you uncomfortably for a moment, but did finally admit us inside. Our wet cloaks were hung on pegs and then they asked for our weapons. I handed over mine, and you threatened to personally pluck out the eyeballs of any man who let my prized sword befall any harm. You carried no weapons of your own because you needed none. Your thighs were as thick as the waists of most of the women in this pretty, vapid city; your arms equally intimidating. Like any Orc, you could rip a man's head from his shoulders without breaking a sweat. And you were a shaman besides, tattoos and body paint swirling across your green skin in dizzying patterns. Some of them had meaning and power. Others were just put on to intimidate the city-folk. There were quite a lot of them; your only concession to human notions of decency was a pair of linen breeches cut just above your knees. In colder weather, you might relent, but Careon was all but tropical and reminded you of home. That said, you rarely wore boots either, travelling barefoot as you said, allowed you to reunite with the earth-mother. Your nipples were soft, on full display at the tip of your full bust. Naked women were hardly an uncommon sight on the streets of Careon, but still the guardsmen stared. You suppose Orc-maids were probably a rarer visage. Not many of you cared to make the long journey from the Eastern continent. Your kind was not fond of the ocean... a shame, for the realm of men was ripe with treasure for the taking. The Don's villa was a prime example, ostentatious with wealth. A servant approached with a basin of water and asked you very politely if he could wash your feet before you reached the fine rugs further within. You caught my eye and when I nodded, gave your consent and sat on a nearby bench as the servant carefully scrubbed your feet of filth before drying them with a soft towel, not daring to ever glance up at your face. Or get cut on your claws. It was all most amusing... almost as amusing as the sight of me exchanging my boots for a pair of soft house-slippers. They didn't offer you a pair. You quietly doubted they had any large enough. You minded not in the slightest; those rugs were indeed soft. It was eerily quiet inside the villa, only the swish of the servants' clothing and soft clicking of the beads in your braids announcing our progress through the halls. Eventually we reached the Don's study, where we were invited to take a seat and informed that our host would be joining us shortly. "Nice place," You say once we're alone in the room, eyeing up the shelves. "It's comfortable. I could learn to like this city for a time. And I'm sure this Don can afford a bit more than the standard rate." You grin greedily, imagining all the fun a girl like you could get up to in a place like this. Most of it with me. Softskin girls were fun, but of all the softskin men you'd tried, I was the only one who'd kept your interest longer than a night. You'd follow me to the end of the world if I asked, as would most of our company. Honorable mercenaries were rare, but we were among them. Well, as honorable as your kind could be. "Let's finish this quickly though. I want to celebrate with you," You add, your eyes darkening with desire. The thought of a payday was an aphrodisiac like no other. It was no small part of what attracted you to me. And me to you. Thanks for reading the prompt! This one is a tad limiting I know, so I'll just say to clear things up. I do want you to play a strong character as a second in command. It doesn't have to be an Orc, it could be a human or even some elf that has a body and bulk to her. So, if you fancy yourself playing some goliath of a babe do let me know! 6. Gold-pinned eyes narrow. Slow. Glacial. Ten men, throwing back chairs, drawing sidearms or hefting oblong monomolecular picks. They use them to cut ore samples, I'm told. This is a mine, so that makes sense. It was a mine. The Terran Confederation owns this asteroid. We may be close enough to the rimworlds for that to seem like a joke, but look at me. Do I look like I'm laughing? She's eight feet tall. On Old Earth, they'd have called her an Olympian. A demigod. The female form, moulded to the heights of athleticism. Perfect proportions, angular jaw, long legs. The right side of her scalp is shaved to stubble. The rest is a tangled mane of loose blonde locks and long braids. Feathers, rings of bone, carnivorous teeth. Her eyes are gold, pinned black. They aren't sane eyes. They aren't kind eyes. There's a word etched in her breastplate above her heart with the point of a knife. A name. Her name. From the neck down, you're all business. The nuclear generator throbbing like a second, deeper heartbeat near the small of your back runs the show. Janissary gear, though all the old badges and icons have been sand-blasted off. Artificial muscle-fibers hum with power. Servos purr with oiled, lovingly-maintained perfection. Injection ports near your ribs dump enough artificial adrenaline into your blood to make your jaw tighten. Adrenaline. Coagulants. Muscle Relaxers. Painkillers. In the time it takes for the first sidearm to swing in your direction, you're lightning caged in human flesh. A frozen bar of distilled anger, clad in power armour and vibrating faintly. You are shining teeth and the beast that hunted man to the brink of species death when Old Earth turned in the grip of blizzards that could level mountains. Your cunt soaks through your bodysuit. Eradix is a godsend of a stimulant. It makes the alterations to one's libido worth it, if barely. Your clitoris is so hard that every beat of your heart scrapes it against fabric. Your insides clench upon nothing, tight enough to bruise themselves. They don't stop, either. And people thought that muscle relaxers sounded like a stupid addition to a combat mix. Shows what they know. The Vessor 12 at your hip comes free. Your arm levels. Your elbow doesn't lock, but your armour does. A solid-slug reduces that first poor imbecile to pink mist and an iron stink from his navel up. The world ratchets back into focus. They move like drunks. One comes at you from the left. You bat his arm aside and it snaps his wrist like dry kindling. You step into him, powering your elbow into his skull. The impact kills him instantly. He doesn't have time to scream. You can smell them. Urine and panic. A solid round or two glance from your breastplate. Another smacks you in the hip. Someone with enough cash to spring for laser weaponry tries their luck. Stupid. That shit hardly works when the only impediment is somebody's dress shirt. Six beats of your heart, and it's over. All dead. All except for me. You bare your teeth. Elongated canines match your eyes. Lupine. There's wolf inside of you. Some people call it superstitious nonsense. Some people say you're meddling. You can hear a human heartbeat through a closed door, and smell cordite from upwind and two miles off. You know your place in the pack without a word. You know where your brothers and sisters hunt from instinct. The pack. The war-clan. Tribalism refined to a killing-art. Flesh bred and shaped for war, then sold to the highest bidder. Janissary life, a lifetime ago. Most don't get the choice to leave. Most don't live that long. Another few decades, and your hair might start to gray. That's a joke you'd probably actually laugh at. "This asteroid-" I add, quick to meet your sharp gaze. Eyes, keen. Cautious. I'm young. Way younger than the rest of those you've just taken care of. My skin pale. "This asteroid and her bounty are the lawful property of the Terran Confederacy. Your friends did not believe themselves beholden to those laws. Your friends are dead. You are not dead, because your hands are empty." I can see that you're close to hyperventilating. You've soaked through your bodysuit twice now. You need more. Friction. Another joke. What You need is to slap your pussy until it is red-raw, swollen, and aching. Then, if you're lucky, you'll have burned enough of the battle-poison out of your veins to consider something other than fighting or fucking. Your head tilts. It is the barely-angled gesture of a carnivore regarding something curious. Your lips peel back from your teeth. Your smile is a shark's smile. The broad baring of interlocking daggers in the moment before they gape wide and drag me screaming and pleading into the abyss. "My crew will make an example. A decimation. One in ten. You will live. You will crawl to me on your hands and knees." You're sweating, even though the recycled air here is cold enough to warrant thermal gear in portions of the rock. Your codpiece, through your own tampering, is the easiest part of your gear to remove. Six adamantite buckles, a pair of needle-thin data jacks, and the vulcanized covering that fits it securely to the rest of your wargear. Soaked fabric and the cloying aroma of soaked pussy. Female. Woman. Combat-hot and frenzied. The temperature of the room actually makes it steam. "You will use your mouth," You finish, your voice rumbling out of your chest in a hungry, wet snarl. . . Thanks for reading the prompt! So I want you to play a sexy, competent supersoldier badass in some grimdark sci-fi future where mankind rules the stars but also exploits one another as resources. Think Warhammer 40k mixed in with some general free form of exploration. As for what happens to our characters? Is he taken under her wing and turned into one of them? Does he turn tables on her and somehow gets control? Or they fall in love as the world around them goes to shit? Up for us to decide. The next idea will be similar if not somewhat tamer in comparsion. 7. I'm just an engine-nerd. One that never could get enough of it, the moving parts and the smell of grease. Spending all day long troubleshooting problems and up to my elbows in sparking components and vulcanized rubber. When the opportunity arose to work on a serious piece of technological know-how, of course, I jumped at the chance. An opportunity to see the galaxy, indulge my fascination with things that chunk and whirr and explode - - - Almost get myself killed. But, I did manage to do something that my siblings and peers always teased me about! I managed to find myself a girlfriend. . .sort of. It’s complicated. She’s tall and brave and strong, though! That’s her, on the hazy view screen of my terminal. The operation has been underway for nearly thirty hours at this point, and I still find myself drawn to watching her when the opportunity arises. There’s little else to do, in geostationary orbit. She’s in a matte-black bodyglove that accentuates every curve of her frame, especially the swell of her bust. Despite myself, I feel my heart beat a little faster and the first stirrings of arousal. She’s tall, with long black hair and eyes like chips of glacial ice. She hasn’t so much as twitched in over a day, prone behind the immensity of the Terminus rifle she’s set up in her hide. She fires as I watch. I've never actually seen her do that, before! I'm always away at the critical moment, dealing with some minor technical issue or just taking a moment to wash up. The recoil from the rifle is immense, and before it’s even finished the motion generated by firing she’s moving. There isn't any tripod, just the rubble she carefully arranged to negate a visual profile. She sweeps the rifle into the air, taller than she is. I know just how deceptively strong that wolfishly lean, female form is. The strap hangs from her shoulder, braced by her right hand. The left is gripping a pistol that’s just as overlarge. Compensating for something? Probably just the immense, body-shattering ammunition a beast like that is loaded with. Everything about my ‘girlfriend’ screams lethality and hard, messy death. I titter for an hour or two, after she picks up the little terminal I insisted she take with her. This is the third such indulgence she’s granted me, and she quirks the barest hint of what might be a grin before she shuts it. The deck rumbles beneath my feet, and I'm underway again. No inter-ship communications, not until I'm well out of range of whatever world this is. They don’t ever tell me, though sometimes she does. Speaking of her, she’s out of that bodyglove and dressed in a pair of fatigues and a loosely fitting under-shirt. Her tits wobble as she walks, bare feet making no sound. She pulls me in for a kiss that makes my head spin, tilting my head up to make it easier. I can’t deny there’s something amusing in attraction to me, given that she stands a head taller. Her right hand is already inside of my coveralls, but I'm not surprised. She always comes back insatiably horny. “Missed you,” She breathes. Her lips trail from my own to my collarbone. She bites me, and she breaks the skin. She’s rough like that, but it comes with a surprising amount of affection. I’ve seen how she can be with others. I’ve seen what it is that she does for a living. She’s a human spear, built and trained for a single purpose until there’s nothing sharper. Each time she’s metaphorically hurled at some poor individual, that individual *literally dies.* My quarters adjoin to the Engine Room, and the door to them shuts on its own after its proximity sensors don’t detect any additional personnel. “Going to make you forget your own name,” She growls lustily, hands engaged in groping liberally at me. I swallow hard. Thanks for reading the prompt! Just like the idea above this one, this is it's more...Tame variant so to speak. Lot's of stuff to do with your supersoldier GF after all no? That's who I'd like you to play as. As always would prefer to discuss the rest in private. 8. "They'll be placing you in a FOB located in the ruins of southern Poland, various reports both provided from recon teams and data provided by the PMC's includes data of active Sangvis Ferri facilities." The buzz of static, following her report, had the commander turn in their swivel chair, extending their right arm, just to look at the sleek red color of their uniform only to glance at the Griffin & Kryuger armband on their left arm, as always hugging the limb tightly as their voice rang out in the empty room. "Hidden Research & Development facilities? Factories? Bezerovich would be furious if he heard Sangvis Ferri had them built so close." Taking off the beret, the commander inspects one of the gas analyzers on the desk, just like everything for human standard safety procedures had to be carried out to ensure they weren't exposed to any kind of danger, a standard gas mask of GP-8.5 model was waiting on the very same desk in case of such emergency. Even now with the mass use of androids, some things never change, and while the use of a normal gas would hardly be a problem to them, its corrosive variant can at times have devastating results. And yet it was the commander that they bothered to equip with a specialized gasmask with a set of filters. "That's why they're sending you, the construction of the forward base of operations will be left to your troops. The facilities themselves are still unknown to us, you're meant to secure them with your troops and report what you find immediately. You could consider this as a partial vacation during your service before jumping back to the frontlines in guts of Russia." "Or consider it as a suicide mission you're throwing us into without even knowing. We'll be changing frequencies from tomorrow, I'll have one of the navigators answer and fill you in on secure channels." With an almost lazy gesture the commander reached out to close the laptop-shaped communication's device, after a soft thud, they watched as the stretched out antenna slid neatly back into the body of the device, and once more took on the appearance of a neat, plastic suitcase rather than a specific communications and navigation's gear that allowed G&K's commander to not only orchestrate and plan out movements of their T-Dolls but also have a complete view of how each and every encounter was being executed. From earlier and past operations carried out against outposts and bases of Sangvis Ferri to memorable battles and chase after various information when crossing paths with figures such as Alchemist or Scarecrow. Not that it's a problem. . . Adjusting the buttons of their coat, the commander leans back into their leather chair, listening to the squeak of their back just sliding down the material. . .They were tired if not the bags under their eyes then the fairly obvious body language they were showing. . .Even the evening had to be something bothersome, which was now only encouraging them to slump down in their seat and open the nearby shelf, just to fish out a cold and still closed bottle of someone's favorite whiskey. Not even a minute later two glasses were filled up to half, as the commander's voice could be heard outside of their office. "How long are you planning to eavesdrop M16?" Thanks for reading the prompt! Gotta say my knowledge of all gacha's is at times limited, it has potential to make a good story but also the amount of lewd stuff to include is well. You know quite well if you've played a gacha game. So if you have a favorite shipfu, gunfu, operator-fu you wanted to play as and don't mind me palying some d00d to pair it up with...Hit me up. 9. ((This is a concept I was thinking of and thought someone might enjoy it. A very monstrous gal that eventually falls in love for the person she's tasked to protect. )) The rain continued on, a thousand tiny dull knives stabbing into the earth, trees, and naked body. It was calming, relaxing in it's own sad way. To be one one's back with the whole sky opened up and connected to his soul via a watery chain. People so rarely looked up into the sky, when he was dead, would his spirit fly up to the clouds? Or sink down into the mud with his body and blood. The cool water, masking and dulling the summer heat, also served to every so slightly ease the many bruises and blows he had taken. Yet, the small cuts and lacerations his assassins had inflicted stung and broke his pace like shattered glass. In fact, it was starting to hurt more and more, as his senses recovered from their stupor and survival instinct once again began to grab hold of his eyes and force them open. Still on his back, the only thing he saw was the sky and edges of the tree line in this muddy clearing. Grey swirls of storm cloud moved by the will of air current far above him. The vast open expanse of the sky felt like an invitation, a calling, but one he had to refuse. After all, there was a mystery afoot. There only the sound of rain and his breathing. No snuffle of metal, no barking and fighting over gear. No leader with a foul laugh ready to gut him from groin to neck. That should be comforting, yet he a deep sense of danger and dread remained. What if they had left him to starve? Or be eaten by the wolves? Sitting up weakly, streams of water running down his face in mock tears, clever eyes tightened at the horror before him. Red. There was red everywhere: the ground, the wagons, the pines. Body parts and gore from his attackers were strewn about as if a whirlwind of blades had blown through and left only him intact. Some of them had been pierced by branches and hung in the trees, others disemboweled and drowned in their own filth. The lead was just a few feet away from him and the only one still intact, but not whole. His head was facing the wrong way. It had been spun around in place, like a marionette doll, and the shattered bones of his spine jutted out of his neck in a way somehow more disturbing than any of the other acts of violence his companions had suffered. Perhaps it was the way he still twitched ever now and then, as if some tiny spark of life remained and was very slowly being snuffed out. No, that was definitely the reason. Turning away from the horrific scene, hoping to find some solace from the sigh, he instead came inches away from a specter of death. At least, that's the best way he could describe the figure that had been looming just a few feet behind him the entire time. It was hart to tell if the specter was humanoid, for it wore a massive leather coat that totally covered it's limbs and legs. He couldn't even be sure if was standing or kneeling. Though if the latter was the case, considering how it already towered a head over him, it's full height must be tremendous. The coat was pattered in strange symbols and pagan trinkets, but he could make out a distinct star and eye motif. The neck of the creature and most of the face was tightly wound in black bandages, showing only a thin white nose and bright red eyes. Lips as white as death peeled back in a smile, showing rows of thin fangs and a totally black interior mouth. The rest of the head was covered by a hood, but from the creatures temples two antlers sprout out and curved back along the skull. The points all angled inward, looking as if the creature wore black iron crown. "Hello, Master Aldrik, won't you come inside?" It cooed, with a voice as flowing and gentle as rain itself. From the cloak a massive white claw reached out for him, attached to an arm coved in more bandages. Yet, he could make out tufts of white fur and patches of shining silver scales where the cloth did not fully cover. The claw itself was very human-like, save for the fact it was big enough to cover his entire head. Looked strong enough to spin it around too, just as it had done to the assassin leader. Unlike a human, there were no finger nails or claws like a wolf. Instead, each finger turned pitch black at the tip, and tapered off into a spike-like point. "Come inside..." It repeated, the beastly limb caressing his face and slowly wrapping around the back of his head. Another limb just like it was also reaching out for his legs. Did she, as lest it sounded like a she, plan to pluck him up like a babe, and swaddle him naked in a horrific embrace? "You might catch your death, otherwise..." The creature hissed. Thanks for reading the prompt! This one is stil an idea that's well. . .In need of getting fleshed out. How would they meet, what would she be? Some ancient beast that was awoken on the force of some forgotten pact? A local terror that has been "Tamed" or rather had her motherly instincts take over? A lot of to discuss here. Yup I'm looking for you to play as the mosnter presented here (Though her appearance can be changed.) 10. The city was a lively place. Specks of dirt and foul-smelling mist hung in the air. Money jangled in pockets and glinted in the sunlight as a million silver coins passed between a thousand hands. The dirt streets had been either packed down into clay or else churned into a slurry by day-old rainwater and wagon wheels. Buildings rose up to ten times the height of a man, with well-polished wooden catwalks running between them, several levels off the ground. On these paths, men and women of wealth and power strutted over the roads, followed closely by their richly decorated futas. Above them, great colorful birds perched on rooftops, picking at each other, tending to nests or simply staring as if in awe at the woman-made jungle that surrounded them. To Arjan, this was home. He dodged carts and ducked around porters carrying heaping baskets on their heads. When the beggar children swarmed around his legs, claiming to be motherless and destitute, he sent each one way with a one-piece coin each. But the object of Arjan's errand was not in the central city. On the outskirts, where the wooden houses ended and the thick rainforest began, a beaten path that wound through the jungle to the river port a few miles off. Where this path met the city, a crowd gathered before a hastily set-up wooden stage. Workmen of all races bustled about the stage, setting up curtains, laying down rugs and muscling wheeled cages into place. Through the cage bars, Arjan caught tantalizing glimpses of their cargo: futas, taken from all over the world. Arjan felt inside his pocket, his fingers meeting the cold, smooth faces of his coins. After completing his apprenticeship to the ivory-worker and becoming a full master craftsman, Arjan had been saving up to buy a futa for his home. Now, three years later, he had enough. Inching his way through the hot, eager crowd, he reached the middle, where he could stand on the tips of his toes and see the stage. From behind the thick blue curtains, a woman leaped out onto the boards. Her skin was white- clearly, she was from far away- and her shoulders were decked in furs that looked much too hot for this climate. Wooden beads hung in braided bands round her neck, framing a wickedly smiling face draped in messy blond hair. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome!" thundered the white woman. The crowd roared with applause. The white woman had flattered them; very few were true nobility. Some were commoners with money to spare, like Arjan. Others were rich travelers, here to satisfy their curiosity more than their desires. Most were priestesses or pilgrims who had come to skirt around the clergy's old taboo against taking wif- slaves, after all, could not marry. The white woman swept her hand out in front of her, bellowing, "We humble traders have searched far and wide to bring you the finest futas in the world! First, from across the. . ." And that's where Arjan forgot about the woman, already staring at one of the cages not far away. His eyes locked on you. . . Thanks for reading the prompt! So as always it can go in a few ways but what I'd be interested in is to have a more romantic RP? Sure kind masters/owners are a bit overused idea, but hey futanari monster girl or just normal endowed gal saved from a cruel fate seems like a good base for ideas. I have one more plot heavy idea with exploration and story in focus and another more slice of life one where Arjan bought a specific futanar who's seed is somehow valuable. And with her help can afford to finish his house. Or even have her be the muscle if you fancy playing some strong futa gal. * * \[T]'/ Thanks for reading! \'[T]/ Hope you had fun! \ | / - - * - - / | \ {Praise the Sun!} \\ r // \\ [T] // |[ ]| [| |] //\\ | | | | | | | |
  3. (set in the universe of Justice League Unlimited) It had been roughly one month since the final battle with Darkseid, a month since the world was saved by Luthor of all people, the Justice League was back to their usual business of stopping villainy while the Legion of Doom was finding it difficult to maintain itself now that it had neither Luthor nor Grodd as a leader, everything seemed like it was going back to relative normal, but a change was coming that no one expected. When Luthor passed, it turns out her had left everything, his wealth, company, and even his secrets, to one of his few relatives, his niece, Nasthalthia Luthor, or as some call her, Nasty. Nasthalthia is the daughter of Lex's older sister, though not Lex's daughter, she does share many traits with her uncle, intelligence, talent, and a love for acquiring power, what's more, Nasthalthia is more manipulative than Lex, more devious, she has a great love for using and toying with people, so much so it even impressed Lex, which is most likely why he left her everything he owned. Now Nasthalthia was more than happy to except the money and huge building, but what really excited her was when she found out about all of Lex's secret projects, the ones he's been keeping in the dark, specifically for his own personal use. Mind control devices, cloning, superhuman drugs, and so much data on the both superheroes and villains, Lex really had an obsession, now Nasthalthia wasn't as interested as her uncle in taking down the Justice League or anything, but she has always wanted to play with some heroines, and now it looks like she has all the resources to do just that. She wasn't alone, Lex left his personal assistant Mercy with the instructions to aide Nasthalthia in whatever she chose to do, he left no instructions for Nasthalthia, knowing her tastes, he was confident that while she probably wouldn't destroy the Justice League, she would no doubt cause some trouble for the supers and have a good time doing it. This is a roleplay set in the universe of the Justice League cartoon from from the 2000s, after Lex Luthor was lost defeating Darkseid, he left all his resources to his niece, Nasthlathia, a woman who even Lex admired for her love of dominating and manipulating others, which is why he chose her to inherit all he owns. Now she has access to a massive amount of resources from technology to magic, not to mention the many allies Lex had and information on virtually every hero and villain known, and she can use those resources for whatever she wish, and for Nasthlathia, that is mainly dominating women and making them hers. This would revolve around you playing Nasthlathia, now that you have all that Lex left you, you can use it to pursue your own goals, making allies with other villains, capturing and controlling heroines, and of course, having lots of naughty fun with everyone involved, a lot of fun to be had here and I'm eager to play with you. I'll be handling the GM role in this, both all the heroes and villains you'll be interacting with, naturally we'll be focusing on the ladies of course, I'd really rather not involve any male characters in this, and just to let you know my characters will be futas, that's a requirement, yours however can be female or futa if you wish. If you prefer however I am also open to playing Nasthlathia instead, just keep in mind I'm not as much of a dom, if I had to classify myself, I'd say I'm a switch with more submissive tendencies, so keep that in mind if choosing that path. I'm pretty kinky personally, I have a love for bdsm, bondage, scent play, sweat, feet footwear, musk, nipple play, ass play, ball play, facesitting, dirty talk, big orgasm, watersports, cameras, slutty outfits, spit, alien girls, panty play, humiliation, getting dominated, toys, pet play, muscular girls, chubby girls, harems, porn, JOI, collars, degradation, exhibitionism, gangbang, giantess, and more, I have no interest in snuff, gore, vore, abuse, men, or vanilla sex and I'm more of a sub, so be sure to keep that in mind. If you're interested, shoot me a message and we can start talking, I'm very eager to play this with you, but please, no chat, thank you.
  4. Looking for someone to play the role of a male (preferably a dominant male) in a Futa on male roleplay. I've come up with some prompts for rps but that doesn't mean we can't add something in it you have any ideas. Btw, your character can be any species. Human, Elf, Demon, Furry, etc. Just has to be a male~ ROLE PLAY PROMPTS 1.Futa cafe (Male x monster girl Futa) Your character hears about a new monster girl cafe that's opening in one of the downtown mall's districts. Your character has always been a fan of monster girls, your character is also quite hungry. So he decides to give this place a go and see what this cafe has to offer. After your character's first visit, he decides that he loves the place! The place was nicely decorated, the food was actually really tasty and the staff were not only super kind, but super hot as well! Your character had especially taken a liking to one (or more) waitress(es) in particular. My character(s). Timeskip to two weeks later, your character has become a regular customer at this cafe. He comes by almost every day. Not just for the delicious food, but also for the one (of more) monster girl(s) that has on his mind since the opening of the cafe. For character is going to tell that girl(s) just how he's been feeling. Or, while enjoying a delicious lunch, your character sees another customer hitting on the girl he's taken a liking to. Clearly he can see that she is very uncomfortable. So with a perfect excuse to interrupt, your character makes his way over to the other customer's table to defend "his girl". Extra: Your character can fall for one or more of the monster girl waitresses. I can role play as many as you like or we can share roles. You also get to decide what kind of monster you want each girl to be. The only catch is that they will be futa. They don't all have to be, but the main girl has to be. 2. Infection (Male x hyper Futa) In the recent years, many women have been afflicted with a mysterious disease. Scientists know very little about it at the moment. It is a sexually transmitted disease that causes women to suddenly grow an abnormally large penis and ballsack. Doctors warn women to not go around having sex with men who have not been tested for this disease, as they could end up getting infected and never be able to go back to normal since the condition had no cure. But some people just refuse to listen and insist that there is no that they could ever be infected with any type of disease. That is the case for my character. A girl who lives for partying like there's no tomorrow, getting drunk and stimulating men's genitals for the shits and giggles. Your character had always liked my character, but never spoke up about his feelings for her. Your character was kind and always took care of my character when she'd come home wasted. Your character was wise and level headed, unlike my character. The two were polar opposites with totally different personalities and ideas. They were living in two different worlds, as they say. But Your character still cared deeply for my character and always worried about her whenever she went off to go party. Your character wanted more than anything for my character to change and be more responsible, more aware and be able to think whenever he wasn't around. Because your character knew, eventually my character would get herself into a problem that she wouldn't be able to get out of so easily. Much to your character's dismay, that's what ended up happening. Today my character had gone out to party with her friends, but came back to your character and my character's shared apartment early because she wasn't feeling too good. As usual, your character takes care of my character. He makes her some dinner and then watches with concern as she slowly makes her way back to her room. Later on in the middle of the night, your character is startled awake by a sudden scream coming from my character's room. Desperate to find out what's going on, your character busts the door open and sees my character looking on in horror at her new cock and balls that were slowly growing in size. Extra:This will be one of the weirder roleplays I've come up with. So you probably shouldn't role play this with me unless you're okay with weird shit. Also, you're free to add whatever you want if you have any ideas. There will be A LOT of smut in this one too. And also a lot of relationship building and character development so this will most likely be a long role play unless we do a lot of timeskips 3. Wife material (Male x Tanooki girl) Your character has been alone pretty much his entire life.Yeah, your character has friends, family...but the one thing he's never had in his entire life, was a girlfriend. A girlfriend to play games with, snuggle with, have sex with...basically, your character wanted a girl he could fall in love and spend the rest of his life with. Alas, your character had never been that great with women in general. So maybe that's why he hadn't had a girlfriend at any point in his life. As the days go on, your character realizes just how lonely it really is without someone special to spend your life with and he waits until the sun goes down, when the stars are perfectly visable. He sits at his desk, by the window so he can see the open sky full of stars, and he writes down his one wish, to have a loving girlfriend, who's beautiful, compassionate and also doesn't mind have sex frequently, as your character had always been quite the pervert. He was a man that was, pretty much always horny. He wished for a girlfriend that could take care of his needs, and in return he could shower her with as much love and appreciation she deserved. And they could be happy together, forever. Just as your character finished writing his wish on the sheet of paper, out of nowhere, a racoon dog(a tanooki) jumps into his room through the open window and onto his desk. Before your character can realize what's happening, the racoon dog snatches the paper off of his desk, jumps out the window and makes of with his little sheet of paper with his wish written on it. Your character tries to chase after the small creature , only to completely lose it, along with the piece of paper. Discouraged, your character returns to his house, believing that the reason his paper was stolen by some random animal was because he was cursed to be alone forever with no one to walk alongside him. Your character goes to sleep, accepting his "fate" to be forever alone while all of his friends and family get married and even have kids. The next day, your character hears a knock at his door. Once he opens it, he is greeted by a beautiful, naked hermaphrodite(basically my definition of a futa) girl who has tanooki ears and a tail. She is apparently claiming herself to be your character's girlfriend/maid for the rest of his life. Now your character must learn to live with this air headed, carefree, constantly horny girl as she refuses to leave! Extra: This is another role play that I want to last long term and have lots of character development as well as relationship building. I'm willing to try out a lot of kinky stuff for this role play so don't be afraid to add anything! This is also one of those rps that I want to kind of play out like a tv ahow. Each day our characters will find themselves in some kind of new scenario. I also want to add pregnancy to this later down the road (but we don't have to if you don't want to). Finally, the girl that will become your character's girlfriend can be either Kemonomimi or a furry. You decide! Really hoping to find somone to rp this one! (I'll continue to add more prompts onto this because I have tons more ideas! So follow if you're interested I guess. also, these prompts can be changed in any way of you have any ideas so let me know what you wanna cook up! As long as it sticks to the Male on Futa thing, I'm willing to add whatever you want to these! Especially if it's kinky~)
  5. RP between @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Premise: A new transfer student joins Lisa's class. While the new girl seems very different from Lisa, they slowly begin to hang out more and discover that there is more between them than friends. With Lisa ashamed of her extra parts, she is even more insecure and shy and cautious around others, but slowly she is coming to terms with and even loving being born the way she was, as the new girls accepts her fully as she is. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Another day and another day of being ostrasized or worse among her peers and even those from older grades as well. Lisa is both happy about going to school, but also dreads it and sometimes even wishes that being home schooled would be an option. Sadly, she can do little else than try to be as invisible as possible. Turns out that it is pretty hard when you are this smart, informed and well read and spoken as she is. Every day she hopes and prays for some sort of relief from this anguish that most school days bring. Her brother is not much help and even he has to deal with the bullies from time to time, only being tolerated or allowed to hang with them whenever they feel like it. Soon enough the teacher starts the lecture, but unlike most days she has an announcement to make. She tells the class about a new kid joining the class. And oooof course the only free seat is next to Lisa, who already has her own dreadful thoughts and predictions about how awful this will be, surely only adding to her troubles. After finishing, the door opens up to reveal the new girl....
  6. kalei

    Extreme erp.

    Hello I'm a sub female but can play as a swich. Looking to do a very kinky erp now. A erp where a virgin woman gets to have a gangbang time and even transform into a monster girl. She got a new job serving around some people but what happens when she gets to have sex with some of then? Starting with her first time with someone else. She was never in any relashionship before and now this virgin would feel what having sex is like. She is secretly a pervert. My second idea is about a woman that becomes a futa because of a tentacle monster that invades her place and both get to have a great time My kinks: No con Age difference Inpregnation Creampie Transformation Breeding Dirty talk Being found out Risk of getting pregnant Stomach muscles Oviposition Aphrodisiac Tight fuck Public sex Mating press Glory hole Tight/latex clothes Futa ___ Not ok with: Choking Armpint Any toilet stuff Food play Foot play Vore Gore Mind break Mind control. Hypnosis. Blackmail You can decide the monster that she will become.
  7. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Blue Spirit Records. Overall premise: At a very early age Twilight Sparkle, now the princess of friendship, accidentally cast a spell on herself, making her grow a horse cock, just like stallions have. Ever since that day, her love life has been both hindered by her lack of social skills and because both mares and stallions found her extra "stuff" offputting. However, it is not exactly something she can hide, but has tried to during dates ever since she grow well versed in her social skills. No matter how well she thinks it is going, it always end in rejection or worse. What she did not count on, was that the friendship to one of her best friends would turn into much more after one fateful evening together.... ---------------------------------- She was to have another date with someone this evening as well, but the pony never showed up, leaving the alicorn understandably depressed, sad and teary eyed. Anyone would be able to see she was not having any sort of fun evening at an otherwise nice, cozy and romantic restaurant. The prospect was fairly good too - one of the bigger hunks who had heard of her reputation, but has never seen her up close, but was told about her "abnormality" before he could get there. Twilight has been waiting for 45 minutes extra, growing increasingly visibly distraught and disheartened....
  8. Somehow, a portal between the human and monster planes have opened up. Of course, this causes a lot of uproar, uncertainty, distrust and many other things of the bad kind, BUT also a lot of opportunities for new species and cultures to study each other and try to coexist. Monsters who cross over and try to live with the humans are all assigned a caretaker who is there to help them settle in and adjust, as well as learn about human history, customs, culture and so on - basically, making them ready for a life here among human beings. I am one such monster, who wishes to learn about your world and everything. You are my caretaker, aiming to try and integrate me among your people and society. Who knew that love and romance could spark between a human and a monster girl? Quick notes: 1) I will be playing a futa (let me know if multicocks is your thing ). 2) Less focus on drama and more on the developing relationship my caretaker and myself. 3) Light heartedness and wholesomeness required. 4) No males, this is futa x female A few options for my looks (look HERE if you want more options
  9. RP between: @JennyDK and @BlakeRp. Overall premise: Akali is trying to find herself some potential teammates as she wishes to rise to the very top of the League of Legends - a huge tournament, which pits the best of the best against each other in large scale matches. The size of a team needs to be of 5 people and so far she has yet to find anyone who could fit into her own future team. Hopefully there will soon be opportunities for gaining allies. Beyond these allies, there will be plenty of time and chances for Akali to get even deeper attached to her teammates: Kindred, Vi, Annie and Soraka - all of which are packing a LOT of meat between their legs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a large forest, Akali is moving through, wanting to travel from the last village she visited and to a larger town, hoping this time she can find her first ally for the League. By now, things are looking a bit grim as the start up is not too far away and she needs to find her teammates before this happens so they can sign up for it. After this, the next League is only for multiple years. Most likely caught up in her thoughts, Akali is less aware of her surroundings. This leads to a huge creature who is lurking nearby and wanting to pounce her and most likely try to eat her. The forest is quiet and tranquil, which only makes it easier to let ones guard down. Not far from there, another figure is sitting in lotus position with her mask on and meditating silently. The young gal Kindred is off in her own world, but surely she would notice something loud and dangerous happening soon.
  10. Floofenstein

    A floof's search thread!

    Hello! A bit about me: I have been roleplaying for about, oh, twelve years now. I'm a rather laid back individual, near impossible to actually offend, and I am really very flexible. I like a lot of things (such as video games, long walks, sex, nature, neat tech....lotsa stuff), and honestly? I rather like sharing and talking about stuff! Super social, y'know? So...please be able to actually chat about at least our rp. I'm looking to get into a roleplay. Ideally, the pairing would be female with futa, but i'm okay with pure yuri as well. Fetishes and stuff, you can see in my preferences sheet! Of course, i write quite a lot (like, 2-4ish paragraphs), so please be able to write a lot in return, you know? a paragraph at least! Little is more of a turn off than getting one or two sentence replies, it's terrible. Oh, and...well, i usually prefer lighter hearted storylines, y'know? Really not good with domming, sorry! It's very much a maybe If you message me, please don't just....Vanish, okay? It's getting really, really, really, distressing. Like, seriously. And depressing. Just...yeah. Present craving: Very much wanting someone to DM for me! I have ideas if you don't or general uhmm, protective domming of my girl Recently been in love with the idea of age or size difference (or both) also! Sort of Special Request: Long ago, had a Star Wars roleplay going, wherein my character was a jedi padawan who'd been captured and was being corrupted by a sith mistress...but, of course, my partner for it vanished. Doing this again would be pretty much top of my list of wanted things, so, yeah Some basic ideas I have include: Siblings! A girl discovers her sister's secret, which leads to naughty fun times. A tale of taboo sex and comforting relationships. Married couple! A married couple enjoy life and sex together. A tale of happiness and fun. Suspicion! A pair from different species meet for the first time....And resolve their differences with sex! A tale of lust and wariness, and eventual trust. Consequences! Tired of being ignored, a girl decides to take advantage of her lazy, sleepy friend! A tale of annoyance leading to action and punishment. Primitives! A group of primitives, isolated tribals or a developing species, are encountered...this could go different ways, either with one of the primitives being captured for nefarious or benign ends, or the primitives capturing their civilized intruder! A tale of differences, of being in a dangerous situation, and curiosity. A goddess! A deity of some sort enjoys her worshippers...reasons vary, from a sacrifice, to grant a boon, or just for fun! A tale of fun, of being in the thrall of a higher being. Spookyness! The restless dead need loving too! Be they ghosts, zombies, or scarier things! A tale of taboo, sometimes lack of consent, and perhaps fear. Mistress' love. A maid, or other type of servant, must pleasure her mistress...It is her duty, after all! A tale of devotion, willing or forced. The Creator. A relationship, loving or casual, between a created girl (robot, golem, summoned, or what have you) and the one who created them! Breeding the Queen. An alien or eldritch force, anything from the Alien Swarm of Locusts, cyborg, or just plain robotic, alien swarms, to some sort of eldritch corruption has spared someone from it's recent conquest...needing them to either breed the queen, or get bred by the queen. A tale of breeding and fear, worry. Cultist fun! A new member of a cult (totally loony, evil, benign, whichever), finds out just how much fun it is to be part of it! Or, perhaps, it is time for the cult's "Chosen One" to, willingly or not, be used in a ritual...one involving lotsa naughty sex! Odd pair. More a modifier than anything, I want to do a roleplay involving fairly major size difference, or body difference (ie: human and lamia or mermaid or tauric thing) Hive Mind ~ Odd One Out: One of two things, either a hive mind of humanoids has captured an individual from a different species and plans on...enjoying it, or a drone of the hive mind has been separated from it's people, and now lives amongst others...and is likely to be 'enjoyed' by them. First Time: A shy, naive, virgin, with little clue about sex, has her first time, with consent, or without. A tale of learning and fun, of gentle teaching, or forceful taking. The Joys of Sex: A girl, curvy and friendly and attractive, but otherwise rather plain, travels, or hosts travellers a lot...and is -very- happy to spread her legs for each and every one of them. A tale of sex with many different people (or not-people) of many different species. The Harem: A harem plot! Someone in a position of power (my character, ideally) with, well, more than two slaves or servants that belong to her for sex. Either a futa in the center of it all with a harem of lovely ladies, or a woman with a harem of lovely futas! The Bad Girlfriend: A good girl (you!) has moved to a new school. she is, well, a good girl, the quintessential type, really, good grades, participates, cute, everyone's enamored with her and she can hardly escape people who want her as a girlfriend. But she doesn't want any of them...at least no one who's so openly interested in her. No, unfortunately for her, she fell for the bad girl (me!) of the school. You know the type. Tall, athletic, sexy, grumpy, smart but just doesn't put any effort in. Hardly ever on time, gets into fights....secretly has a cock and fucks every girl who finds out. That sort. Of course, the bad girl just doesn't care for the good girl...Well, at first, anyway. One way or another, the good girl finds her secret, and gets claimed as a girlfriend. Not the healthiest relationship at first, it eventually blossoms into actual romance. A tale of opposites attracting and eventual romance...and sex, of course. blah being dominant right now Intruder!: One girl is a sneaky type...Thief, ninja, assassin, something like that. Infiltrating a place for whatever purpose....either she comes across a sleeping girl and...enjoys her, maybe even coming back to repeat, growing attached to her victim....or, ends up caught, and punished. Secret Identities!: One girl is a superhero, or other such individual who does fairly-public heroics and has a secret identity to keep the heat off. She also has a girlfriend, who's thankfully rather understanding about the sudden 'work issues' that sometimes interrupt their dates, and she, regrettably, hides the truth of the matter from. One day, a new villain shows up...Cute, slightly inept, much more friendly than you'd expect of a villain, but still a villain. Who is also, unbeknownst to her, her girlfriend...the story of their lives, their battles, their love, and eventually, what they do when they put the pieces of the puzzle together. Live Forever, Fuck Forever: Our protagonist here is immortal. Well and truly unable to die....And she's been around for a long time, and will be. A bit of an episodic and strange idea, following a girl who is going to see it all. From the time of tribes and cavemen, classical era, medieval times, on through to modern and space and beyond, and all the situations she get into in her life. Owned as a pet one century, successful and influential the next, and all that. A strange tale...but it came to me, so, yeah. Fandom ideas....Well, I don't usually do those, but if you have an idea, go ahead and suggest, even if it's not on this list. Not that my reference pool is terribly broad. That said, I have a few that are more than possible! Fire Emblem (been playing since gba era) Final Fantasy (played a smattering of them, ask for specifics) League of Legends WoW....maybe. Diablo, also maybe Monster Hunter (monstergirl style) Warhammer Neptunia Certain specific characters: Samus, Rosalina, Zelda Specific fandom ideas: Fire Emblem: Corrin being dommed by one of her sisters, or making a harem of them? and, again, feel free to ask! Just because it's not listed doesn't mean it's a no, flexibility and friendliness are my specialties! Fandom stories will likely be totally different from the uh, generic ideas up above But...Y'know, I'm kinda terrible at ideas when i'm not working with someone, so I'd love to hear yours as well! And all of these ARE pretty basic, so we can work out the details to make them jusssssst right! I'm good for a variety of lengths. From oneshots on up to truly lengthy plots! Send me an ecchitext if you are interested, and thank you for reading!
  11. Disgraced Angel

    Femboy/Trap and Futa RP ideas

    I'm a pretty simple femboy and love most things, if you are looking for my specific kink i have included my preference sheet, also feel free to ask me anything! I primarily play Femboys/Traps, but i am fully able to and willing to playing Futas, mostly, but not limited to the submissive side! I can always play power bottoms and more dominant characters, if you would prefer! Here are some different settings i wouldn't mind exploring (I'll add more ideas as they come to me): Generic high fantasy, medieval setting My character character could be a traveling mercenary, trader, enchanter... whatever who either needs some help or gets into trouble with your character. It could be non-con attacked by the creatures/bandits they were sent to vanquish, or nothing nasty at all and they just falls in love with a stable boy... The possibilities are endless and i don't mind expanding and coming up with a grand idea with you. Generic Modern day A more lovey-dovey, modern day, but with possible fantasy hints. My shy character finds love in your character, maybe they protected him against a bully, co-workers catching one anothers eyes on late shifts, or anything in between. I hope this roleplay would lead to a sub and dom dynamic, hopefully even a pet play thing as they develop their relationships. Fantastical Brothel Sissy Factory !Craving! Knotty Dog, Dire-Wolf Services !Craving! The Dragon and it's (S)layer The Wrong Side of Town An unusual curio Witch's Pet !Craving! Character ideas that could be used for these RPs! They are just vague ideas, i would love to expand on them with anyone of you, just message me if you have an idea!
  12. FieryDreams

    Supernatural Event

    Being young and dumb is half the fun, but never in your life would you have been this stupid... When a an abandoned placed is marked to be "dangerous, no trespassing". Wouldn't it be best to stay away? Your character will travel to a place of legend and mystery near by. This could be an abandoned mansion, laboratory, or a religious site. What you find there depends on your desires/kinks. You could find monsters, insects, ghosts, and/or demons. In this story you will play as a young woman. Possibly in high-school (no younger than 16), college, or et cetra. We can play as a group of friends as well (I'll help). It doesn't have to end after one encounter. Let's keep the ball rolling until we find an endgame or not, but death is never an option here.
  13. Kzk242

    Furry Futa Maid

    I hire you from an erotic maid service company, your outfit covers all that needs to be, but barely anything else. As you clean around my house I offer you money to do acts and remove parts of your uniform until I eventually pay you to start pleasing me and yourself.
  14. The futa (you) are a gym trainer I hired to keep in shape. After one workout in particular I get curious about the bulge in your pants and sneak a peek of your cock. You hear me at the door and I’m flustered, but I still am interested in you.
  15. Finally, you arrived to your new school! ...Was not your first thought when you got there. It would've been, but oh, wait - this was going to suck! Because instead of a normal school, it's a christian school. Your parents were concerned about you - what a shocker - so they up and sent you here, of all places. A school where being gay is a death sentence, many classes have church-related themes - and you had to share a room with another random student. That could either be the best part of the experience, or the worst. Needless to say, you weren't excited about it, but there wasn't much you could do. You walked down the corridor, soon finding room 202. The door was open, it seemed - your roommate must've been unpacking. Stepping inside, you found a girl with pigtails was moving her stuff in. She seemed cute, and fairly normal. She turned when she noticed you, giving you a little wave. "...What's up? I guess you're my new roommate, right? Cool. At least you're not my roommate from last year. What a bi- uhhhh, bbbbbbuzzkill... Maybe close the door so I don't have to watch my mouth..." She was a little irreverent - and totally normal. Yes, you had a normal roommate! Someone who was down to earth... Forgot if NSFW pics are allowed so I just linked them. Pics: http://img1.thatpervert.com/pics/post/full/Junko-Enoshima-Danganronpa-Anime-asahina-aoi-5829533.jpeg http://img0.thatpervert.com/pics/post/full/Junko-Enoshima-Danganronpa-Anime-asahina-aoi-5829534.jpeg Info: Thanks for reading my short starter! Kinks for this one include public sex/fear of being caught, obviously futa, possible oral or anal, and creampie. We can discuss more kinks or anything you'd like to incorporate in private! Hopefully we can have fun with this one. That's about it, I guess. See ya in the DMs!
  16. 9th of September 2018 (before the world would go to shit because of a certain virus outbreak *ehem covid-19 ehem* In a peaceful farm in one of America's most beautiful country side states, there lives a family of farmers consisting of a mother and a 28 year old daughter named Rose, her father died when she was 18 years old due to health complications of old age, so ever since that the mother and daughter lived a pretty rough life They would still manage to get by but oh boy did they work their ass off every single day, to an outsider it might not seem like much but to a farmer, their job is pretty exhausting having to get up every day at 5 am to tend to the animals, clean their pods and feed them, plus all the struggles to tending to the cows since they are the creatures who give the most benefit to a farmer Milk, meat and manure, then after all that Rose and her mom must wash the animals and mainten them every few hours or so until they would sleep, then finally before they would finish up the daily routine, they would tend to the fruits and vegetables that they planted because it's their crucial supplies of food, some of it they would sell to the city market and keep some to themselves During that day at around 1 pm Rose got a text from Gwen, her cousin That she and her parents would visit Rose and her mom to spend their vacation there, Rose was thrilled at the news and couldn't wait until she could get to reunite with her cute lovely little cousin, last time Rose saw Gwen was when she was 7 years old so it's been a while, Rose has a smart phone on her and a stable internet connection of course but she would barely have the time to use it Unbeknownst to her cousin, Rose has a secret and that is she was born with a cock, a big and juicy one at that, it was 16 inch long and very thick, having all sorts of veins in it and her balls were quite big as well, she would secretly masturbate to all sorts of pornos on her phone on a regular basis, she used to hate it but with time, Rose accepted having a huge and juicy cock, her sexual libido was off the charts with the gift that she had, she was already having lewd thoughts about showing Gwen her big bulgy cock and seeing Gwen's honest reaction would be something a perverted pedo like Rose would drool at! In terms of personality, Rose at first seems like a kind and friendly experienced woman, who has a sick sense of humor and a secret dark twisted side that no one has seen before yet.... Before Gwen and her parents would arrive to the farm, Rose and her mom had prepared a nice lunch, cleaned their big house which had more than enough room for Gwen's family, although Gwen would have to be Rose's roommate because she's sleeping in her room Rose was wearing a short shorts, a cap and an unbuttoned shirt that clearly shows her big cleavage, with sweat pouring out of everywhere in her body, especially on her big breasts which shined upon being exposed to the sun, which by the way gave rose a nice tanned skin because of all the work she does for years now, they waited and waited for more than an hour, so Rose got outside of the house and waited for Gwen's family on the highway looking like a hitch hike type of gal.
  17. I'm going to let this be simple I think. I'd like to play a trap or female, and for you to play a futa. The premise can be pretty much anything, normal slice of life, fantasy, incest, furry, it will be fairly smutty but romance is welcome. I want ridiculously big dicks and no limits on cum, the traditional futa that's absolutely insatiable haha. Even if it's lovey and cute too, your character should also get wild, feel free to break me how they want. A disclaimer though, I want to be dominated but I don't want it to be a heavy bdsm dynamic, not looking for a master. Degrading with names like slut and whatnot is awesome, but that's more in the vein of normal dirty talk anyway. Make it sexy, not mean.
  18. I'd like to play a trap or female, whichever you'd prefer! The premise can be pretty much anything, normal slice of life, fantasy, whatever. I want a ridiculously big dick and no limits on cum, the type of futa that's totally insatiable! Hehe, feel free to break me how you want really.
  19. Shadow Puppet's LFRP Vault Version 1.0 - December 2020 Edition Introduction Hello, everyone! My name's Shadow Puppet. Who am I, you may ask? I'm an avid role player that loves the heck out of smut and plot! Sometimes more smut than others, sometimes more plot than smut. Depends on the mood, y'know? I now work night shifts, so I won't be available between 10:00 PM EST and 6:30 AM EST Tuesday through Saturday nights. I'm off on Sunday nights and Monday nights, however. Methods of Role Play I'm proud to announce that I'm willing to role play via Personal Message (PM/EcchiText) or via Discord! However, if you wish to RP via Discord, you'll have to ask for my Discord name via PM/EcchiText. I rather not leave it here on the post. Discord Note: If we're role playing through Discord, however, we will be creating a private RP server to keep things organized. I don't RP directly through Direct Messages (DMs) via Discord. The Lab's Rules The following rules are what I expect to be read and followed if you wish to role play with me. Please read these rules before messaging me. Rule 01: English is the primary language I speak. I will only RP in English and you must have tolerable English. If you have broken English, then we will not be role playing. Rule 02: Role Playing partners MUST be literate. This means they will have to write out cohesive sentences. If you use shorthand or "1337 Speak" (eg using "u" instead of "you"), we will not be role playing together. Rule 03: Each plot centers on a primary character, but they are multiple character plots as well. This means both partners would have a Primary, but also play Secondaries and NPCs (Non-Primary Characters). Rule 04: Please read over my profile thoroughly and also pay attention to my Kinks/Fetish List before messaging me. If you have not done so, then you will kindly be told to have a nice day. Rule 05: I have a strong preference of playing Female characters, as most if not all of my plots deal with having female protagonists. However, I can play Futas and Males as well. My preference ranking for Gender from Most Interested to Least Interested: Female, Shapeshifter, Futa, Male. Rule 06: Most of my plots do not require Extreme Kinks. The ones that do, however, will be noted and likely highlighted to alert you. Extreme Kinks involve Death, Gore, and Vore as a few examples. Rule 07: If you refuse to play more than one character, then have a nice day. Rule 08: If Faceclaims are involved for any characters in a plot, they will have to be Drawn/Anime Faceclaims. I do not enjoy Real Life Faceclaims. Rule 09: Out of Character gender does not matter to me as long as you can play the part. If it matters to you, then we will part ways. Rule 10: If a Fandom is not listed, you can always ask if I'd be willing to role play it. Chances are I will say no if it's not on this list, but you will never know unless you ask. Rule 11: If you ask about one of the fandom plots on the thread, and you refuse to play canons, then we would not be compatible. Canons are required for fandom role plays for me. Rule 12: While I don't turn away MaleXFemale, I do not like plots where this is the sole focus. This also applies to FemaleXFemale. I don't mind it, but I don't want an RP focused around it. I greatly prefer the FutaXFemale and FutaXFuta pairings. Rule 13: Futanari must be allowed in some form in the RP. I'm just generally interested in Futanari more than I am Males. This still only includes FemaleXFuta and FutaXFuta pairings, however. Fetish Quick List This is a Quick List of my Fetishes. This will only cover my absolute favorite and absolute hated fetishes. NOTE: Any linked images are immediately NSFW. Do not click if you do not like NSFW imagery. These are also not all required for any plots. These are just Fetishes I really like and hate. Quick List 01: Absolute Favorite Fetishes Aliens - The use of aliens within a plot/setting Body Horror - The act of a person's body being twisted and mangled, rather than full on transformation. Examples being Junji Ito's works (Uzimaki, Tomie) and The Thing. Breast Growth - The act of breasts growing larger (maxing out at I-Cups). Breast Reference Guide. Eye Stalks - The act of one's eyes bulging outward and forming into eye stalks, with the eyes resting upon the stop of the stalks. Elastic Body - The ability to have an elastic or rubber body. Generally, allowing the character to unrealistically stretch their neck, limbs, and torso. Horror - The use of horror within a plot/setting, generally to scare the reader or the protagonist. Lactation - The act of milk leaking or pouring from a Female's or a Futa's breasts. This can be caused by pregnancy or just happen for no apparent reason. Impregnation - The act of impregnating a Female. This can also happen to Futas. Non-Consensual - The act of having non-consensual sex performed on me. Pregnancy - The act of a female becoming or being pregnant. This can also include Alternative Pregnancy, such as Oral or Anal Pregnancy. Sluts - The act of the protagonist being a slutty character. This can vary, with Closet Slut or Unwilling Slut being my favorites. Surreal Mouth Growth - The act of one's mouth opening/growing abnormally wide. Tentacles - The act of growing tentacles from one's body, usually used lewdly. Variants of this can be Tentacle Tongues, Tentacle Cocks, Tentacle Limbs, and Tentacle Hair. Transformation - The act of transforming within a plot/setting, usually supernatural of science fiction related. Unbirth - The act of pulling a person into a Female's or Futa's womb. I'm also into Mass Unbirthing, when a Female/Futa become addicted to Unbirthing and keep unbirthing people. Vore - The act of fully eating another living thing, usually Human/Anthro or Feral Animal. This can be Hard Vore, Soft Vore or another variant such as Hair Vore or Anal Vore. Quick List 02: Absolutely Hated Fetishes Harem Focused Roleplays - Roleplays focused on harems. I do not like this direction. Lolicon - Young girls under the age of 15 performing sexual acts. Pairing: Male on Futanari - The act of a male having sex with a Futanari. I'm not a fan. Pairing: Male on Male - The act of males having sex with other males. I'm not a fan. Quickies - Roleplays that have no intention than being a quick session between partners. Even in Kink Driven RPs, I would like a solid plot. Scat - The act of defecating. Whether it's onto people or animals or used sexually at all, I'm not a fan. Shota - Young boys under the age of 15 performing sexual acts. Single Character Role Plays - Roleplays that only focus on two characters and have no supporting roles, secondary characters or NPCs (Non-Primary Characters). I have no interest in this type of roleplay. Watersports - Anything utilizing a bodily fluid like piss in a sexual manner. I'm not a fan. This section is for plots that are original ideas, even if some could be inspired from existing media. Current Cravings for Original Plots (Smut/Story/Fetish Focused) Bimborella - A high school girl named Marci is injected with a strange serum, either unknowingly or after being kidnapped, and begins to feel the effects of the serum shortly after injection. She begins slowly transforming into a bimbofied version of herself both physically and mentally, soon losing herself to the new, dumber super powered bimbo she's become. Her body had morphed and she looked like a completely different person - massive breasts, hourglass figure, seductive voice, and she looked like a full grown adult. She only had one thing on her mind: sex. She began to flirt and have sex with every doctor, nurse and even other patients while she was transformed. However, once she was fully satisfied, she would revert back to her teenage form and passed out on her bed. Due to the drastically different forms, no one knew it was Marci that caused all of the sexual shenanigans. When she was finally released, no one knew about her new alternate persona and appearance, including Marci herself. She'd experience random transformations into the bimbo version of herself, constantly having sex with anyone she saw fit. However, the bimbofied version of Marci began to show extraordinary powers such as super strength, endless stamina, x-ray vision and so on. She begins to sense other's arousal and she emits pheromones of her own, targeting people and making them quite horny for her. This snowballs and she winds up stopping a bank robbery due to her seductive ways and pheromones, earning the nickname Bimborella as a "dumb bimbo like her stopped dumber criminals". The transformed Marci embraces it, even donning a costume. However, the true Marci is still unaware of Bimborella, even as her friends begin to find out about Bimborella's true identity. Breast Quest - A high school girl named Sam gets into an accident after a lack of sleep leads to her not paying attention as she crossed the road. She wakes up not in a hospital, but in her room somehow. She sits up and notices a strange floating icon that resembles a CD and said "Save" on it. Confused, she heads downstairs and notices that when she puts on her glasses, she sees a Heads Up Display - a HUD - giving her a Level, Health Points and a Quest Log. She also noticed icons above interactable items and that her mother, washing dishes, was doing so and stuck in a loop. She would approach her, then talk to her, and as she listened to her speak, she'd see subtitles in a box within her glasses. She freaks out, finishing her conversation and runs outside to get air. This causes her to find out about Encounters. She runs into a group of cheerleaders, which cause a RPG-like fight. Sam manages to win it and the HUD indicates she levels up, which causes her breasts to inflate noticeably. Freaked out again by this, she tries to find someone to help her. Can she figure out what's going on? Breeder Everywhere – One day after going on and on about wanting a big family in the future, a high school student notices a new application on her phone called “Breedr Everywhere” Thinking it’s some prank, she deletes it and carries on with her day. However, when she checks her phone later that day, the mobile application is on her phone again. Curious this time, she checks the mobile application, noticing that her information is all there – incredibly specific information, too. She’s also noted that she can’t change any of the information and it’s of note that her role is “Breeding Cow” and “Abnormal Pregnancies” is switched to on. Not knowing what was going on, she deletes the application again. Some time later, she begins to notice people talking to her and looking at her strangely. She even notes the bulges from her male friends, father and brother, too. Her female friends, sister and mother also seemed to grow sizable bulges in their pants. Suddenly, she’s pinned down by one of them and a cock is shoved into her mouth, with the person noting she’d make a great breeder. What did that application do to her? Did everyone want to breed her now!? [NOTE: Abnormal Pregnancy is fine for this RP – ie Breast Pregnancy, Oral Pregnancy, Ear Pregnancy, Anal Pregnancy, etc] Chemical Pheromones - A high school student is subjected to a strange chemical after an incident (science experiment explosion, chemical injection, etc). This causes her body to become enhanced, allowing for bigger breasts and a curvier body. This starts to get her some recognition within her school, but soon enough the sweet smelling pheromones become a serious problem. Boys want to always have sex with her as their cocks grow to at least 12 inches in length and girls grow large, 12 to 24 inch cocks and want to have sex with her as well. As she tries desperately to find help, she finds out her friends, family and even the teachers rather keep her this way and not help her find a “cure”. Is she stuck as the school’s and the town’s cum dumpster? Eva Online - A high school senior named Eva receives a strange new game in the mail and it turns out to be a MMORPG that seems to be in the style of an anime she really likes. She gets excited about the game, not questioning why she randomly received it. She puts the game in her computer and puts on her VR helmet. She then begins to play the game and levels up. As she does so, her body tingles and her breasts suddenly inflate a cup size in game, as do some of her other assets like her ass, curves and even height growth. Wondering why this happened, she quits the game, only to feel the enhancements on her body in real life. She's shocked at first, but then a calming emotion sweeps over her and she seems to forget about the enhancements. She then continues to play the game after getting some rest, leveling up with her assets, most notably her breasts, continuing to grow as she levels up. No one else seems to find this strange, as they act like Eva's always looked the way she is. What's going on with Eva and this video game? Hypnocock – A high school girl has a normal life until one day she wakes up sporting a massive (12/24/36 inch) cock between her legs. Panicking, she tries to find someone to help her find out why this happened and how to make it go away. The first person she runs into at first seems interested in helping her, but within a few minutes of being exposed to the massive cock, they begin to dismiss her pleas for help and begin to fall under a hypnosis from the cock, causing the person to want to be bred by the cock and wanting the girl to keep it. This results in quite the steamy exchange and the girl can’t get away as the afflicted person is suddenly much stronger than her. Once finished, she manages to slip away and tries to find help from someone else. The pattern continues – at first they’re willing, but as soon as they see that cock, their tone and attitude change as they’re put under a hypnotic spell. Will the girl ever be rid of this cock? [NOTE: Females and Futas only for this plot!] Out of Control - A beautiful high school teacher is lusted for by fellow teachers and the entire student body. She gets requests to have sit downs with students who do not require them and often she gets visits from other faculty members, men and women alike. Because of this, someone hatches a sinister plan and one day sneaks a control chip onto her body (anywhere, though commonly on the back of her neck). One day, she feels a little light headed and excuses herself to the restroom. While in there, her mind is jolted and her free will is taken away. Whomever planted the chip begins to alter her personality and control her thoughts, making her act on the requests of the student body and faculty, turning the teacher into one of the lewdest, naughtiest teachers in the school's history. Grades skyrocket, as does teacher morale. The chip fuses to her skin over time, making it almost impossible to return her to normal. Her body also begins to be modified - breast growth, enhanced curves, etc. Even with female students, the teacher can grow a cock to satisfy them, but only temporarily. Who did this to her? And why are they doing it to her? Will she ever be her old normal self again? Potion Commotion - A teenage girl wishes that she was the center of attention and happens to be jealous of all the attention the more popular crowd is getting over her. Deciding to listen to the rumors, she visits an Antique Shop that just opened in the local strip mall. She purchases a potion of which will have everyone notice her, but not in the way she'd necessarily like. After she downs the potion in one swig, she begins to feel odd, as if her body is tingling and changing. She naturally becomes taller, curvier and definitely bustier than she had been previously. This is compounded, however, by the girl running into a friend, thinking lewd thoughts and suddenly she was further transforming into their dream girl and cannot resist a single order or command they give. She reverts back to herself after the person's done and leaves, but she's freaked out by this and tries to begin figuring out what's going on while dealing with transforming into the perfect dream girl for various people. She even noticed her transformations also sometimes affect females, causing them to be come Futas, too! Can she break this curse the potion put on her? Reincarnation - A high school sophomore discovers she has magical powers. Memories begin to crop up randomly, showing her a previous life and a previous world that she lived in. She was formerly a very powerful ancient magical being that threatened the ecosystem of the original dimension she came from, killed by other ancient beings in another dimension and her soul was sent to the current dimension and she was reborn as an Earthling. Her powers and memories were thought to be gone, but manifest themselves on the girl's 16th birthday. She begins to use her powers, experimenting with them and finding out she can manipulate others, control them directly, alter their bodies and her own. She begins to slowly abuse these powers, her corruption coming back and eventually begins to desire to conquer the Earth and make literally anyone or anything do her bidding. [NOTE: This is a story where almost anything goes. Magic, Body Manipulation, Mind Control, Mind Alteration, and potentially Body Horror must all be considered for this plot. Body Horror might be the only fetish that may be optional.] Sunshine – A powerful, addictive drug called Sunshine has been developed by a corporation hired by the US military. It is utilized to combat stress and negative thoughts, but the effects seem to have unusual consequences which involve the user’s body mutating in various ways – gaining muscle mass, bones stretching and rearranging themselves, growing multiple limbs or heads, etc. The speed and severity of these mutations entirely depends on the individual. The drug is finalized and rushed out for production, as the country needs a way to curb negative thoughts. As more and more people become reliant on it, mutations begin to happen more frequently and panic begins to set in those among that aren’t mutated yet or have yet to take Sunshine. A scientist decides to put the formula to the test, infusing it into a fertilized egg within their womb. They then give birth to a daughter who will develop while having the chemicals from Sunshine flowing through them, resulting in the daughter growing up to be a natural Futanari among a city in which only females seem to live. Her true gender’s kept secret despite how well endowed the teenage girl becomes, though her Futanari gender is discovered on accident at school one day. When a classmate convinces her to give her a blowjob, the classmate finds out that the girl’s cum tastes just like the drug Sunshine and begins to demand more, though no one knows if it also brings Sunshine’s side effects. What’s going on with this world? What is Sunshine doing to everyone? [NOTE: Inspired by the LISA video game series] Current Cravings for Original Plots (Vore/Extreme Fetish Focused) Apex Cybercop - A young prodigy officer is revealed, even to herself, that she is not an ordinary human. She is, in fact, an experimental android with a real human's brain that has had her memory erased and manipulated every so often to ensure she never figures it out. However, she is hacked and manipulated at one point as the hacker reveals how old she really is - the android body having been upkept by the department. She seems to be hundreds of years old, with the earliest database of the android design being as early as 2005. In addition to this, to her shock, it is revealed that her body and overly sexual appearance was the secret weapon to subdue criminals. She can devour them orally or pull them into her pussy via Unbirth, trapping the criminal or anyone else the current person in control had her target. Normally, this led to her delivering the criminal and coughing them or birthing them into a cell. Over time, it had gotten a lot darker, with upgrades forcing her body to destroy criminals who were obtained via Unbirth or Vore within her womb or stomach almost immediately. Can she fight the monster she's become or is this hacker revealing all of this to her just to use her for themselves? Is she corrupt? Find out within the RP! The Criminal Mind - A young woman decides to swipe an ancient relic, a necklace, from a local museum in order to make a quick buck. She is successful, even citing to herself that the heist was surprisingly easy. She then is tempted to put the necklace on, in which she does. As soon as she does, her body is struck with pain as she begins to transform into a much more attractive, bustier and curvier version of herself. She is almost unrecognizable and all she can think of is doing mischievous things, such as commit more crimes or even mess with people. She begins to act strangely - seductively, confidently and rather selfishly. During an altercation with a guard, it's revealed she can Vore and later on can Unbirth anyone getting in her way. Mentally, she's terrified, but on the outside, she grins and embraces her new powers. While the original version of herself can sometimes regain control, the newly transformed Succubus-like version of herself is slowly and permanently taking over. Is this the life of a new supernatural criminal? Killer Tongue - A young woman's life is forever changed when she is struck by a strange energy after a meteor crashes through her window and lands on her bed. This occurs at night, right before she goes to bed, and knocks her out. When she wakes up, she feels strange and feels her mouth being forced to hang open as her tongue has grown thicker, more flexible and even sentient. It has a mouth at the tip, though it uses her own eyes to look around. It forces her to begin feeding it, at first, normal meats like uncooked turkey, ham and coldcuts. It's not enough, however, and the sentient tongue forces her to go out and find living beings to eat - animal or human, though the tongue gets a taste of human flesh after the woman is exposed to a pervert while being forced to walk around. Its power only grows and the woman can't seem to stop this alien creature that was now attached to her. What's even worse, she's beginning to fall in line and under its control. Is the Earth doomed? [NOTE: Based on the B-Horror movie of the same name, Killer Tongue] Reincarnation: Judgement - A high school sophomore discovers she has magical powers. Memories begin to crop up randomly, showing her a previous life and a previous world that she lived in. She was formerly a very powerful ancient magical being that threatened the ecosystem of the original dimension she came from, killed by other ancient beings in another dimension and her soul was sent to the current dimension and she was reborn as an Earthling. Her powers and memories were thought to be gone, but manifest themselves on the girl's 16th birthday. She begins to use her powers, experimenting with them and finding out she can manipulate others, control them directly, vore or unbirth people herself, force others to vore each other or unbirth each other as well, alter their bodies and her own. She begins to slowly abuse these powers, her corruption coming back and eventually begins to desire to conquer the Earth and make literally anyone or anything do her bidding. [NOTE: This is a story where almost anything goes. Vore and Unbirth are an absolute requirement for this version. Magic, Body Manipulation, Mind Control, Mind Alteration, and potentially Body Horror must all be considered for this plot. Body Horror might be the only fetish that may be optional.] Specimen 999 – A young female (teen/young adult) is exposed to an odd chemical on accident while sneaking through a forest near a secret underground lab producing illegal and immoral experiments. Her body begins to become magnetized to a certain structure, be it a school, hotel, house or some other large building. Her body then forces itself upon its walls, beginning to stretch out like rubber and begins to slowly engulf it and sink into it, becoming a living variation of the building. She becomes a hungry predator that begins to lure people into the building in some way, generally by creating appealing clones of herself with varying differences. She begins to feed on anything that comes inside of the now living building – people, animals, etc. The sweet, innocent woman/girl that was once just curious about the forest was now forever morphed into this building abomination, forever feasting on innocent victims. Tentacle Trouble – A teenage female high schooler is exposed to a strange element from another world during a field trip to a laboratory, with the element being absorbed into her body and infused into her DNA. While at first, she recovered and seemed to be fine, over time her body begins to mutate. Her skin changes different colors, her limbs begin to stretch outward like rubber – as well as other aspects of her body. Her arms and legs eventually mutate into tentacles as she becomes a ravenous humanoid tentacle monster. She then begins to go out on hunts, mostly at night, and tries to find various prey to wrap in her tentacles and devour. The Town – A teenage girl and her mother move to a new town due to her mother’s new job. Within a month of living in the new town, the girl begins to note that only Females seem to live in it, though she also begins to see Females with bulges in their shorts and skirts – including her mother. People also seem to become far more sexual, with public masturbation and indecent exposure becoming a bit more common. Her mother even begins to act much more perverted and even teases her with her cock bulge a lot. As things continue to become even stranger, there is sometimes an odd flash of light and the town takes a turn for the even stranger. People begin to mutate into overly sexualized creatures, intending to procreate with anyone and everyone. The only one seemingly unaffected by turning in to a monster would be the girl, though she has gain notable curves, breast size and height thanks to being within this strange town. What is going on within this town? [NOTE: Loosely inspired by Silent Hill. Requires open mindedness to various unusual fetishes. Vore can be included, but not required.] Xolpi – After finding a necklace that was seemingly abandoned on a school trip, a teenage high school student finds herself experiencing odd dreams and transformations, as well as having the urge to never remove the necklace. Over the course of a few days, she begins to act stranger and stranger. She begins to talk in tongues and her body’s transformations become more and more permanent. She eventually spreads herself out, overtaking a classroom and becoming an amalgamation of tentacles, transforming into an Old God named Xolpi. Now the new Xolpi pulls various females in, violating them and brainwashing them to serve it. The town now has a new Old God Please click here for the Original ERP Plot List PDF file! Please click here for the Original ERP (Extreme) Plot List PDF file! These are all plots solely focused on an extreme fetish such as Vore or Body Horror. Fandom Plot Productions This section lists the plots I have for the Fandoms I like! Current Cravings for Bleach (Story Focused) Shattered Souls - When Orihime and Ichigo finally get together and have celebrated with a fun time for their first all-nighter, Orihime finds out she is pregnant. Excited, they both plan their future together, but it is cut short when a Hollow attacks and bites Orihime. Now, she is beginning to Hollowfy and Ichigo must save her by using a taboo act similar to that of his father using on his mother. However, this lands Ichigo in a coma and Orihime isn’t fully relieved of all over her newfound Hollow powers. She must become the new protector of Karakuta Town while she waits for Ichigo to wake up, if he ever wakes up. [NOTE: This is a Prequel to Soul Force (Below) and also ignores the Blood War arc.] Soul Force - A young girl named Natori Kurosaki grows up in the aftermath of the Fullbring events. Being the daughter of Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue-Kurosaki, Natalie is able to see and talk to spirits and eventually discovers that she's inherited both of her parents' abilities and becomes Karakuta Town's newest generation Substitute Soul Reaper. Orihime begins to help train her, along with her husband Ichigo, and tries to make sure she's the best protector she can be. She and her friends end up stumbling upon a villainous plot though within the Soul Society and might have to face it without their parents' help. [NOTE: This ignores the Blood War arc entirely.] Current Cravings for Bleach (Fetish Focused) An Innocent Addiction - After obtaining a strange locket, Orihime is introduced to sex for the first time either willingly or unwillingly. Once she gains the taste of sexual intercourse, she begins to crave it more and more. She becomes addicted to it, preferring Oral Sex and Doggy Style though she's also enjoying the attention from larger groups forming orgies. The thoughts about being in a single relationship vanish as she finds herself just craving cock after cock to be put inside of her, even thinking about being bred over and over. The locket becomes etched into her skin, forming into a tattoo on her wrist and an odd symbol appears on her belly, trapping her in the life of being an addicted whore. Bleach: Futaverse - A strange phenomenon hits Karakuta Town, the Soul Society and the rest of the world, transforming most Males and Females into Futanari, while some are left as Pure Females. Ichigo and Orihime are no exception, being transformed into a Pure Female or Futanari by this same strange occurrence. The Cursed Kido - Orihime discovers an unused Kido from an old, old dusty book after helping Urahara spring clean his shop's basement. Discovering the Kido, Orihime reads it silently and wonders about what it means. It has a cryptic message about being a person's greatest desire and she decides to recite the kido out loud, thinking nothing would happen as she hadn't been learning kido for very long. Nothing happens at first, leading her to believe that it was likely just an old jumble of words someone put together. However, the next time she runs into someone, her body begins to morph based on their greatest desire at the time, even if it means having sex with her. She becomes their ultimate desire, even obeying their commands if verbal or just if they're thought up. Once the person's done with her, she regains control and reverts to normal. The Kido seems to have worked, but Orihime seems to be unable to get help to reverse it! Will she be stuck transforming into anyone's deepest or darkest or horniest desires? Please click here for the full Bleach Fan ERP Plot List PDF file! Current Cravings for RWBY (Story Focused) RWBY: Aeon - A spectral being offers something Taiyang cannot refuse - a chance to save his beloved Summer Rose from death. Manipulating time, Taiyang is able to go back to just before Summer Rose is murdered and managed to get to the scene of the event. Instead of stopping the incident outright, Taiyang is murdered in Summer's place and the assailant runs off afterward. Broken and distraught, Summer returns in a depressed state. Staying in her room, ignoring Huntress requests and ignoring her own daughter and stepdaughter for several days, the tides would soon turn. Yang, knowing her stepmother's condition, sets out to find her mother, Raven Branwen, along with a baby Ruby. This leads to them nearly being killed by a Grimm, only to be saved by their Uncle Qrow. Once Summer learns of this, she is lectured by Qrow and decides to re-dedicate herself to being both a mother and a Huntress, though mothering comes first. She takes less dangerous jobs, assists with some other Huntsmen teams and generally carves a good life for the Xiao Long-Rose household. When Ruby turns 15, she ends up in the middle of a robbery in a Dust Shop and meets Roman Torchwick. Ruby manages to defeat them with her unusual skill level for combat at her age, drawing attention from authorities and the Headmaster at Beacon Academy. She is then pulled into an interrogation room and half interrogated, but half congratulated. She gets to enter Beacon Academy early, alongside her sister and several other First Years. The future will be different now, with another being watching over the events that happens alongside Salem, who is still attempting to rule the world of Remnant and torture all of mankind. RWBY: Grimm Times - Years after Salem's victory against Ozpin/Ozma and the nations of the world, humanity is outnumbered by Grimm and infected Grimm-Humans. Ruby Rose, a former Huntress with decorations from Atlas and Vale, has become a mother to one child, and a godmother to three others. She frequently moves from settlement to settlement, usually being forced to move when Salem and the team of Grimm-Humans sent out to hunt for her and her children. When the team gets dangerously close to succeeding, Ruby triggers all of her powers at once in order to stop her former friends from harming them. This accidentally triggers a large enough magical explosion, causing Ruby and her children to be tossed back in time and into a timeline prior to the Fall of Remnant. It takes Ruby a little while to realize this before realizing she and her children were given a second chance to prevent the Fall of Remnant from occurring, thus creating a new timeline in which Salem is defeated. [NOTE: This takes place after RWBY: Aeon] RWBY: New Dawn - It is time for a new generation of Huntsman! With Salem being defeated, peace was partially restored to Remnant. However, heeded by Ozpin's and Glynda Goodwitch's words, this might be only a momentary break from any other potential enemies like her. Recruitment was going strong for a while, until it hit another stagnate roadblock. The children of the famous Team RWBY and other Old Beacon teams were now ready to take the torch and become full fledged Huntsman themselves. They were enamored by their parents' days of Hunting, so therefore they wanted to follow in their footsteps. Now with Glynda as the Headmistress of New Beacon, it was possible for them to get the same experience as their parents. But will an evil awaken again to challenge them? [NOTE: This takes place after RWBY: Aeon and ignores Grimm Times or can be combined with Grimm Times] STRQ: Maiden Voyage - Summer Rose is a prodigy that is accepted into Beacon earlier than normal, though it was partially due to her parents prestige as well renown Huntsmen. She joins Beacon to further her training as a Huntress. She becomes the leader of her own team and they go on to be one of the most proficient teams during her first year. However, in the background, Summer's destiny has been chosen for her and her parents have made the decision for her - she will one day become the Summer Maiden and guard the Summer Maiden power. This would be carried out once she's graduated, but something occurs on Operation Onyx, an escort mission to protect the current Summer Maiden, and the power transfers to Summer earlier than intended. Now Summer must deal with this new responsibility while juggling her team, in-fighting, and secrets being revealed along with finding out her parents kept all of these secrets from her. [NOTE: This is a prequel to RWBY: Aeon] Current Cravings for RWBY (Fetish Focused) Apex Remnant - A large burst of strange magic goes through Remnant, permanently altering its inhabitants. The Humans and Faunus take on special traits and become Apex Predators, leading to Humans and Faunus beginning to vore other people in various ways - orally, anally, etc. However, this story focuses on Ruby Rose and how she deals with being turned into an Apex Predator and loses control, devouring people she formerly cared about. Emotions are put in the backseat, with Ruby being almost monotone whenever she becomes ravenous and devours a teammate or fellow classmate. She temporarily regains control, but seems to be the only one that remembers any life before Apex Remnant outside of the people she devours, who seem to be terrified of her. Can Ruby figure out what's happening or will she become a feared Apex Predator who eats anyone she wants, including friends and family? Apex Remnant Rebirth (aka Futaverse) - Remnant was hit by a strange phenomenon referred to as The Great Change. This event completely altered Remnant, turning Humans and Faunus into Apex Predators, but also eliminating males and making the world only full of Futanari and Pure Females, with Futanari making up 95% of the population and only 5% being Pure Female. Ruby Rose is born into this world as a Pure Female, destined to be a breeder for Futanari to produce more for their population but to also produce eggs or Apex Offspring for Apex Predators. Ruby is attacked by a powerful canine Grimm at a young age, though it doesn't go through with killing her as she shows little signs of being afraid of it. This does lead to a strange event, where Ruby's Silver Eyed Warrior powers activate on accident and instead of killing the Grimm, the Grimm fuses to her body and they become permanently linked. As Ruby grows into her teens, the Grimm becomes her cock and this gives the illusion she is a Futanari and not a Pure Female, even fooling her parents and stepsister. She feeds her Grimm cock, naming it Zwei, various foods - including other people, as she never questions Zwei's intentions and even happily vores others herself. However, despite the illusion of being a Futanari, other Futanari go crazy for Ruby, pin her down, have sex with her and attempt to breed her. At this point, Zwei and Ruby have become quite close and if anyone dares harm Ruby, it makes her or itself devour that person regardless if Ruby was hungry or not. Amalgamation Station – Team RWBY is subjected to a serum or spell that causes the team to fuse together, picking one of the team members at random with who is ultimately in control. They are overwhelmed with the desire to grow more powerful and discover they can absorb anything into their body, adding onto it and increasing their power. They begin to do just that, the four headed amalgamation finding the team’s former friends and absorbing them until they escape Beacon and head into Vale. An example of the Amalgamation can be found here and here. [NOTE: Images are NSFW.] Blake’s New Diary - Blake decides to start keeping her thoughts in a diary. She finds a good deal on a completely blank book from a sweet, old lady within the Vale Flea Market. Not suspecting a thing, she purchases it. She begins to write in it, detailing her experiences. When she jokingly writes how a teammate should act, she gets a strange feeling and decides to ignore it and turn in for the night. The next morning, however, she awakes and finds out the joke she had put in the diary had been applied to reality and now the said person has that perk! Deciding to further test it, Blake erases the joke, which in turns stops it from occurring in reality. She then begins to write more jokes and even some short sentence commands, beginning to notice that reality is warped instantly. She begins to enjoy this, wanting to figure out how far she can go with this. Has she lost her mind with power? Will anyone else notice and stop her? Has this diary corrupted her mind and soul? Breeding Rose - After Ruby finds an amulet on a mission and decides to put it on and keep it, it winds up marking her and fusing to her neck, creating a lovely tattoo. However, in doing so, her body has quite the growth spurt - larger breasts, hips, thighs, and overall curves. Her teammates begin to act strangely around her, having glossed over eyes and growing large, throbbing cocks. Ruby is then penetrated by her teammates with their new lust and desire to breed her, which leads to instant pregnancy. Once she's able to escape or the teammates leave, Ruby panics and tries to find help, only to find out more classmates and friends have the same glossed look on their faces, pinning her down and impregnating her. The pregnancy/pregnancies are rapid, with Ruby looking quite pregnant within only a few days. She gives birth at random times to new Huntsmen offspring, even if it's in the middle of class, and everyone acts like it's normal. The birthing process doesn't hurt either - it feels extremely good to Ruby. Slowly, she's becoming addicted to being bred. Will she be the sole person to usher in the next generation of Huntsmen? Or is there something sinister behind the offspring she's producing? The Call of the Rose – Ruby ends up having her body being invaded by a malicious entity, claiming to be an old god that Humans and Faunus once feared and worshiped. The initial possession is somehow interrupted, trapping the old god within Ruby’s body with Ruby still mostly maintaining control. However, the old god can alter her appearance and influence and control others, along with significantly changing their appearances – most notably turning friends, family and classmates into tentacle beasts as a punishment to sexually assault Ruby for interrupting the possession and attempting to breed her body to give the old god a new body. It also plans on keeping Ruby as slutty as possible with her friends and classmates as sexually charged tentacle beasts so it can take over Remnant. [NOTE: Old God style plot. Involves tentacle beast transformation, partial possession, non-con, and breeding] Chemical Rose – Ruby is exposed to a chemical (spiked drink or a spray) that causes her body to experience transformation – Curve Enhancement, Breast Growth, Height Growth - along with her hair lengthening. Males and females all over Beacon notice this and begin to pay more attention to her new attractive body. The chemical courses through her veins, continually enhancing her body each and every day. She begins to also emit pheromones, making males want to have sex with her no matter what she says and turning females into Futanari by forcing them to grow relatively large 12 inch cocks to use on her. Will Ruby ever be able to figure out something's wrong and find a way to fix it? Or is she doomed to become a slutty girl forever? Crescent Dawn - Combining the aspects of New Dawn and Remnant Rebirth. Devouring Rose - While on a mission or simply alone on the training grounds, Ruby is infected by a Grimm Parasite. This parasite begins to alter Ruby's body and how it functions, giving her somewhat of a growth spurt but also increased hunger. She begins acting strangely, heading out into the forest and begins to violently devour Grimm. When someone discovers this and tries to run to get help, she tackles them and the next thing she knows, her jaw has opened wide and she was then devouring this fellow student. The taste of blood made Ruby want more, beginning to hunt down students and other people, wait until they were alone, and then went in for the kill to devour them. The more she does this, the stronger she gets and the more she mutates into a humanoid Grimm version of herself. Will anyone be able to stop Ruby? Eternal Mother Rose - Ruby is exposed to a serum that causes her body to go into overdrive, causing her body to overdevelop and begin producing additional pheromones. People around her, including her team, begin to lust for her and to impregnate her. Men grow absurdly large cocks, while women become Futanari and have equally gigantic cocks all with one goal - keep impregnating Ruby Rose. Ruby's fertility skyrockets, with each time someone cums inside of her, she's immediately impregnated. Her stomach grows and grows, though after 9 months, nothing happens when normally she's supposed to be giving birth. Her belly continues to grow and others see nothing wrong with continuing to impregnate her. Ruby grows concerned, but is constantly overwhelmed by her friends, family, strangers and classmates as all they want to do is impregnate her. Is this her life now? Will she keep being impregnated for all eternity? Fusion Delusion – [/B]Something goes awry during a mission to retrieve a special kind of equipment during a Huntsmen mission. Two members of Team RWBY are fused together, creating a strange amalgamation of not only their physical appearance, but also with their personalities. The machine breaks after a couple of uses, leading the team to believe they are stuck this way. They begin to search for answers or at least for the inventor of the device. However, the longer they take, the more likely they would stay fused together. Their minds begin to meld and they would soon forget about returning to normal. Will they be able to do that though? [NOTE: Fusion, Conjoinment, and Bodypart Transformation are all possibilities for this plot.] Grimm Madness – Ruby and her team are specifically targeted by Salem as a trap is set up by her minions. Team RWBY is called to the scene of a mission sent anonymously through the Vale message board. Once they arrive, they’re ambushed and an explosion occurs, leaving only Ruby behind from the explosion. Ruby wakes up in a hospital after being found, and then being told her teammates were likely killed/vaporized. However, it’s revealed shortly after Ruby’s alone as one of her teammate’s faces form on her body (usually her stomach) that they are not dead – they are one with Ruby and were saved by their Queen (Salem). Confused, Ruby is then subjected to her newly Corrupted Teammates (W/B/Y) treating her like she was inferior and only good for either keeping them ‘alive’ and/or breeding. Salem’s plan is put into action, as Ruby becomes so suggestible and easy to manipulate thanks to the three corrupted friends influencing her and guilt tripping her. In actuality, the explosion had transformed Ruby’s body into a new type of Grimm, called The Maddener. Her body fused and devoured her team but wasn’t able to fully take over Ruby’s mind, leaving her still technically in control of herself and body. To circumvent this from being a failure, the Grimm takes the form of their faces/heads and emulate the voices of her friends. It makes her devour humans, Faunus, other Grimm and so on to become more powerful. To keep Ruby under its influence and keeping her suggestible and easy to manipulate, if the Grimm devours someone she knew or was close to, the Grimm could take their form and guilt trip them with their voice and facial features/head (such as using the Blake stomach mouth to devour Coco, then forming Coco as her pussy, lipples or ass and guilt tripping Ruby with her voice). Has Salem finally created the ultimate Grimm? [NOTE: This is very similar to Madness Awakens, but with Salem purposely doing this to Ruby/Team RWBY.] Joyful Experience – A powerful Dust infused drug called Sunshine is introduced into various cities all across Remnant, going as far as being utilized as medication to help Huntsmen recover from wounds faster as it causes pain to turn into pleasure and seems to increase one’s recovery rate substantially. However, what’s kept secret from the public is that the drug is highly unstable and causes serious side effects, including mutations (such as multiple limbs, heads, stretched out body parts, etc etc). A member of Team RWBY is injured and winds up being prescribed the new drug, then proceeds to take it and becomes a bit addicted to it. They begin to mutate over time, with slowly making her other teammates become addicted to the drug as well, which leads to further mutations. [Alternatively: A member of Team RWBY can be injected with the drug, then their natural pheromones would cause their teammates to mutate.] [NOTE: Inspired by the LISA game series.] The Infinity Huntress – Ruby Rose is subjected to either a serum, a new Grimm parasite, or a magical spell that causes her to become irresistible to her teammates. This, in turn, makes the entire team wind up fusing to Ruby’s body, creating a new, ultimate version of Ruby with access to all of their Semblances. The new Ruby can have multiple heads and limbs, or she looks relatively normal with huge assets such as huge breasts and bottom, with the faces of Yang, Weiss and Blake appearing on various parts of her body (such as Blake becoming her pussy, Yang her breasts, Weiss’s head at the end of Ruby’s cock if she becomes a Futa). There’s no way to reverse this process, leaving the team stuck to Ruby as the Infinity Huntress. Ruby can keep adding to her body, giving her a corrupted view on how to deal with Grimm and any friends or foes that she wishes to fuse to her body. The Mask of Lust – A mask is found by a member of Team RWBY. They try to put it into a container to make sure it can be safely transported back to Beacon in order to ship it to Atlas’s Labs. However, the mask suddenly moves itself and then forcibly attaches it to their face, sinking into their skin despite the struggle to to pull it off. The mask alters their facial features slightly, always giving them an alluring look. As they try to get to their team for help, the mask’s magic begins to show itself. Their body becomes curvier and bustier, along with reality warping around them. Women grow cocks, men become incredibly hung and everyone wants to fuck the mask wearing Team RWBY member. Despite trying to stop them and explain that the mask is fused to their face, the afflicted friends/classmates ignore her pleas and give in to fuck them. They’re completely dominated, unable to fight back as the mask makes their body hyper sensitive and in constant need for cock. [NOTE: Any Team RWBY member can be the protagonist, but strong preference for Ruby or Blake. Highly customizable with fetishes as well!] Madness Awakens - Team RWBY is caught in an explosion that scrambles their atoms and causes odd mutations and by all accounts, Ruby should be dead. No one else is found when Ruby's found unconscious after the explosion. Ruby wakes up in a hospital, desperately calling out for her team. When she gets no reply, she begins to sob, assuming them to all be dead. She is soon released from the hospital and sent back home to Patch. When she's home alone, she suddenly begins to hear Yang's voice, along with Weiss and Blake's. Suddenly, she sees them all over her body and even sometimes as extra growths as extra heads. They repeatedly ask Ruby to feed them, seeming to only be capable of asking that at first. Ruby is so overjoyed to see them that she doesn't question why they're appearing all over her body or as secondary and third or fourth heads. She happily obliges their desires, though her friends begin to desire humans and Faunus. Ruby feels her body beginning to morph and stretch abnormally and she begins to devour random humans and Faunus in order to feed herself and her teammates. The amalgamation that is now Ruby Rose and Team RWBY grows more and more powerful the more she eats and becomes a predator, feasting on wildlife, humans, and Faunus alike. They've become a monster. [NOTE: This is heavily involving Body Part Transformation/Conjoinment, Body Horror, and Vore (Hard and/or Soft). In this case, all of Team RWBY is fused or conjoined to Ruby's body!] Mass Rose – Ruby is unknowingly injected with an experimental Dust serum while being shown around a laboratory supposedly under the wing of Atlas’s Research and Development division. The immediate effects increase Ruby’s aura regeneration substantially and give her quite the boost in strength, but that seems to be about it. However, as she returns to Beacon, more side effects begin to occur. Her body begins to grow and mutate, becoming slowly rather monstrous as her arms and legs become tendrils and mouths begin appearing all over her body. She begins to hunger, wanting to increase her biomass. She begins to stalk fellow friends, students and even her own team. She then traps them and begins to consume them, adding to her new biomass as she continues to further mutate into a tentacle-like creature that looks a lot like a Grimm. What has Atlas created? [NOTE: Inspired by the game Carrion] Remnant Rebirth (Futaverse) - In this version of Remnant, it is dominated by well hung Futanari with the rare breed of natural females. Thanks to an incident with Remnant's magical dust elements, males have been either wiped out or converted into Futanari. There are very few natural females. In this world, sex is quite common and almost common place among fellow Huntsmen, especially when finding pure females. Acceptable punishments are non-con and being mounted by their targets on a mission if they fail to follow through. There will be no compromise in excluding all of the Special Traits. Rubber Rose – An accident occurs during one of the Dust Chemical classes at Beacon and Ruby’s DNA is permanently altered, allowing her several new abilities. Her body gains the ability to stretch and elongate her entire form, including her limbs and neck, for seemingly infinite lengths. However, the more she does it, the more tiring it becomes as it consumes more and more stamina. This in turn develops an unusual hunger, which at first is just Ruby eating much more than usual. However, it progresses as her teeth sharpen quite considerably and she begins to attack and devour Grimm with her bare hands and teeth. This eventually escalates to people as Ruby attacks and devours humans after an altercation between her and another human. Can she be stopped? Is even her team safe from her ravenous hunger? [NOTE: Non-Apex Version Can Drop Vore Altogether] Slithering Rose – Ruby is infected with a parasitic worm-like Grimm during a solo mission and begins to feel the effects of the infection within just a couple of hours, right before she is to be taken back to Beacon. Her body began to distort and elongate, causing her arms, neck and legs to become temporarily much longer than they’re supposed to be and nearly tendril-like. They’d revert back to normal, but then her skin begins to open up like it was a costume, revealing a new snake-like parasitic Grimm form as she mutates into it. She sheds her former skin, which is now her first skinsuit. She then slithers around, finding the Bullhead pilot and forces her body into the pilot’s mouth. Rapidly, she enters her body and begins to devour her insides, effectively turning the pilot’s body into an empty husk and becoming her next skinsuit. Ruby then assumes the woman’s identity and flies herself back to Beacon. She has the greatest desire to devour everyone in Beacon, including her team, and add them to her skinsuit collection as she begins to take over Remnant. [NOTE: Skinsuits and Rubber/Elongated Limbs are REQUIREMENTS for this RP!] Please click here to look at the full RWBY Fan ERP Plot List PDF file! Fandom: Crash Bandicoot (Current Cravings) Gone a Bit Coco - After a strange incident occurs when Crash and Coco thwart Dr. Neo Cortex's latest scheme, Coco is knocked out and awakens in a new reality where she's the hero and Crash is seemingly gone. As she tries to ask about what happened to Crash, various friends and even foes don't know who she's talking about. When she does get home and sees Aku Aku, she notices something else different - she has a slightly younger sister named Clash Bandicoot! Trying to figure out what's going on, Coco decides to try and play along with this new reality in order to not worry Aku Aku or her sister Clash too much. Can she figure out what's going on? Tawna Unleashed - After Crash and Tawna break up, Tawna takes it upon herself to become a freelance adventurer. She begins advertising her services, often getting mixed up with being more of a sexual experience - and sometimes she didn't mind that, and goes on various adventures throughout the world. She sometimes teams up with Crash, Crunch, Coco and Aku Aku but for the most part tries to stay solo. She does make new friends along the way - both old enemies turned friends and new friends in general. Thanks to her adventures, Tawna's been exposed to various magic and more toxic environments, giving Tawna permanent and temporary powers and improvements (such as curvier body, even bigger breasts, super strength, etc). She's the next superheroine that the Wumpa Islands and the Earth need! Wumpa University: Coco Bandicoot is accepted suddenly into Wumpa University, which is in the heart of Wumpa City. While she is happy, Crash and Aku Aku are heavily suspicious as neither had heard of Wumpa University prior to the letter Coco had gotten. Coco decides to attend Wumpa University, feeling like she can better herself and be more respected. However, when she gets there, Coco's knocked out by a gas and wakes up in her "dorm room", but doesn't know that a mind control chip was implanted upon her person. She goes about her day, trying to socialize in the university only to wind up being controlled and influenced by the other students and teachers. Will she ever be rescued? Fandom: Yakuza (Current Cravings) Kamurocho Rebirth: An event called the Rebirth occurs, completely altering the world. Men are turned into Futanari, while women are either turned into Futanari or, rarely, become enhanced females capable of quickly and constantly breeding. Futanari gain a superiority complex and treat most Females, known as Pure Females, are breeders/broodmothers or an inferior type. However, Kazumi Kiryu, a Pure Female managing to make a name for herself as she can easily defend herself in a fight, is looking to break that stereotype and punch sense into people about gender equality. She joined the ranks of the Yakuza as one of the only non-breeding females despite the constant exposure to sex and manages to avoid pregnancy. She has to balance her Yakuza, social, and personal life constantly as she inadvertently becomes what Pure Females strive to be - someone who can stand up for herself while also dealing with the strange anomalies both Pure Females and Futanari were "cursed" with after the Rebirth (such as Multiple Limbs, Cocks, etc). [NOTE: This is the Futaverse/Rebirth concept within the Yakuza universe.]
  20. Part I: A Summoned Power This wasn't right. None of this was right. She'd wanted a familiar. Not whatever the hell this ogre was. It had been the better part of an hour since she'd stopped thinking about if she'd gotten a rune wrong or if she'd mispronounced part of the incantation or maybe forgotten some cosmic date or errantly performed her ritual on some unknown ley line. She'd not been given the luxury of considering such frivolities with this brutish demon in her presence. From the beginning, he hadn't needed to say anything. From the moment that his rippling, red skinned, nude form materialized out of the gathered shadows at the centre of her magical circle... From the moment his evil eyes froze the blood running through her veins and the tug of a smile at the corner of his lips caused her to instinctively pull her legs closer together in defence of her sex, she knew. She'd barely had the time to take a hesitant step backwards before the monster had sprung towards her closing the distance between them in an instant. With the same inhuman speed he'd seized her by the throat and effortlessly lifted her off her feet, flashing a fang-filled grin up at his new captive. She had tried to kick, to scream, to wiggle free and fight back in whatever way she could, but it was more reactionary than anything. He was impossibly stronger and faster than her, and the haphazard blows that managed to connect with his iron skin barely seemed to even tickle the masculine demon as he held her in the air and smiled. She felt the precious oxygen she needed rapidly spend itself in her body—his iron grip preventing her from drawing in more air—and she began to lose strength as he reached up and tore her sleeveless blouse clean off her. With her breasts now bare in front of him, the demon expectantly licked his smiling lips with an inky black, sinuous tongue. He let her suddenly drop just as her thoughts were getting muddled by lack of air, causing her to collapse at his feet when she was incapable of properly catching herself. She'd hardly been given time to cough and gasp for air before she felt his clawed hand take her by the hair and pull her up to her knees. He wasted no time in pushing the head of is all-too-fat and quickly stiffening member into her mouth. She tried to pull away, tried to bite down, but nothing allowed her to resist him. He held her tightly in place as he gripped both her hair and her jaw, and the leathery flesh that covered his bitch-breaking cock seemed to hardly even dent under the pressure of her teeth. So she was forced to feel her jaw nearly dislocate and her throat distend as he pushed his flesh into her mouth and down her windpipe, sliding forth until her nose was pressed against his hairless pelvis. Soon enough she had no will to try and fight back against the throat fucking that ensued. Not only did she know it was futile, she was too busy trying to keep herself conscious by drawing in what air she could every time he pulled back, knowing that the following thrust of his rigid meat would completely stuff and block her windpipe. She resigned herself to his brutality, crying from the shame and the pain of his roughness, and she knew without having to look up at him and his evil smile that that was exactly what all of this was about. After all, he didn't cum. Whether it was because he couldn't or wouldn't, she didn't know, but the way he fucked her face wasn't centred around his physical gratification. He was breaking her in. Making her into his toy. Playing with her life as well as her body each time he stuffed himself entirely down her abused throat and held himself in place until her lungs burned for air and her eyes began watering afresh. This was the time where she made herself think about what she might have done wrong, what could have gone awry in her spell. Not because she had any hope of fixing it, but because she wanted something, anything, to distract from the sensations she was being subjected to: the taste, the smell, the pain. Thinking about her magic, useless as it was to her now, was at least some form of escape as she resigned herself to the raping of her mouth. Of course, he didn't allow for that for very long. His rough thrusts and choking girth made sure that she wouldn't be able to consistently block out his presence as he made play of her throat for that long quarter hour. When the mental and physical numbness finally started to settle in despite the treatment, he deprived her of air again, for much longer this time. She had grown used to to the practice in a sense, knowing it was just another tactic to make her fold. This time however, with how he refused to pull out even as she started howling and struggling, hitting against his thighs and desperately attempting to bite down through the log of meat keeping her from live-saving air, she became scared. As much as she tried to rationalize that the beast only wanted her submission, part of her began to scream in her mind that this was really the end, she was going to lose consciousness and never wake up thanks to this fucking monster. She had been wrong. It wasn't her submission he wanted. It was that fear. When he pulled out and she was finally allowed to breathe again, she was too distracted with choking and gasping for air to even notice his hand coming for her. she was entirely caught off guard by the meaty palm that struck against her cheek and sent her to the floor. Somehow, she didn't yelp nor cry. The first was probably because her throat felt too sore to attempt much of any sound now. The second... maybe because she knew so much worse was yet to come. He picked her up off the floor by her hair again, making her stand to her feet though she was still only at eye level with his chest. He then grabbed her by both arms, pinning them to her sides and lifting her up in the air effortlessly. He handled her with the ease of a throw pillow as he moved her over to her bed and pinned her down onto her mattress, quickly straddling her. She'd always known this was coming, but feeling him grab at the back of her skirt and tear out a hole with his clawed hands she felt... compelled in a way to try and resist. To yell out whatever protest and expletives her hoarse throat could manage, to try and wiggle free from his grasp, to look back at him with what hate and defiance she could though her misty eyes. Consciously, she knew it would avail to nothing but... perhaps somewhere deep in her mind, it wasn't pride that motivated her, but the fear of what more he would do to her if he didn't get the reaction he wanted out of her: if she made him feel he wasn't hurting her enough already. He just smiled, lay himself on top of her, and shoved the massive member into her terrified pussy by force. She couldn't help but whine out in pain through gritted teeth as the incomprehensibly large cock pierced her and spread her wider and deeper than anything she had ever felt before. He was too big, too strong, too fat. She felt like her insides were displacing and her womb made to collapse as he forced her body to accommodate his otherworldly dick. She was no virgin, not by a long shot, but nothing she'd ever had could have prepared her for how it felt to have this mistake she had summoned into her world turn her womanhood into his breeding hole. Holding himself flush against her, she could feel the heat of his smokey breath against her as he pulled back slowly, and thrust himself deep back into her a few times. Slamming her down into her sheets with the weight and power of his hips with every plunge, she couldn't remain silent and he delighted in the mindless, choked squeals that came from her every time. She didn't fully know what made her tears flow more at that moment: the pain of his rough domination, or the guilty knowledge that despite all of this, despite how everything was happening completely opposite to how she'd hoped, a sick part of her deep within was somehow feeling pleasure from having such a hot, meaty cock abuse her and dominate her. She didn't want this, she hated this, hated this monster that played with her and raped her. And yet, she feared that the otherworldly creature could somehow smell the craving coming from her. That somehow he... it knew that her body was aching for more in stark defiance of everything her mind screamed. It had to be just her body. She couldn't really be wanting this. Whether the demon knew or not, it didn't voice it, and she imagined that the knowledge or lack thereof wouldn't have changed what it did next anyways. Buried deep into her, he shifted his position to be up on his knees, and pulled her back by one of her arms for leverage while he began rocking his hips back and forth rapidly. Scraping at her insides with his bitch breaker with every thrust and retreat, he made her produce intelligible moans and whines as she grit her teeth and clenched onto the bedsheets with her free hand. He was too much, too rough, too big, too deep, too good, too rough! She whined and cried and wished for him to sow down, to pull out, to leave, to let her forget and drown away the mistake of this night. She didn't want to feel this any more, the way he split her apart like nothing she could have imagined. She couldn't bear to hear the squelching of her sopping pussy as he raped her to his heart's content. She closed her eyes, tried to send her mind somewhere else, divorce it from this body of hers that betrayed her so and didn't let her fight off this aggressor, but he would have none of it. While he held her wrist and kept her back arched with his left hand, he craned the right one up in the air and began repeatedly slapping her ass hard while he fucked her. She'd have thought he was holding nothing back, but if that had been the truth he would have been carving chunks of flesh out of her easily with his super human strength. No, he wanted her in one piece, clearly, because he didn't so much as draw blood. He just hurt her, over, and over again. All he wanted was her pain, her fear, and her sorrow as she was made to understand that her life, her body, and her very will were now his. He grunted and smiled each time he slapped her. Did her clenching body feel good wrapped around his demonic meat? Or did he just love the flashes of searing pain he was subjecting her to each time? Was there eve much of a difference to this beast? His claws scraped against her, his palms left her reddened, his grip made her feel like he would turn her wrist into gelatin, and she could only whine, moan, and cry, while she looked back at the monster and wondered how much would be enough, when he would finally be satisfied. It wasn't over quickly, he made a mess of her pussy and abused it without rest for at least twice as long as he had worked her throat. She knew because he brought her back to attention in whatever way he wanted any time she tried to block out what was happening to her, at one point even roughly shoving a clawed thumb into her asshole to bring her back to attention. His lust for her emotional suffering clearly knew no end. However, she eventually did get an answer to her previous question concerning whether he hadn't cum in her throat due to lack of will or lack of capacity. Little had come in the way of warning from the brute, but she recognized full well what was happening when his thrusts became more and more pronounced for a few seconds, and he then sheathed himself completely in her while his thick meat twitched inside and she felt a sickening warmth spread through her. The size of his load was entirely as massive and inhuman as the demon was himself, making her feel like a geyser was erupting inside her womanhood. Sore and abused as she was, the sorceress still knew that she was feeling his thick seed spurt out the sides of her pussy around his twitching cock from how violent his orgasm was, and she found herself desperately hoping that she at least would be graced with the mercy of being incapable of bearing the demon's children. It felt good, she had come to accept, much like his power over her, but that didn't mean she was ready to become his breeding sow. As he seemed to be winding down and slid himself out somewhat, she looked back to him with the pain and hatred she knew he wanted to see, and felt her heart sink as her eyes met with his. He wasn't done, she could tell. Tonight was not yet over, and tonight would still only be the beginning of her servitude. This wasn't right. None of this was right. She had wanted a familiar, a servant to help her uncover more about the dark arts. Instead, here she was, poised to be this brute's slave and plaything for however long he found her entertaining. She hated it. She had to hate it. Nothing of who or what she once was would remain if she didn't tell herself that she hated all of this, no matter how good it felt to be hurt by him.
  21. Hellen and her family had frequented the orphanage for a few years now. She had felt that her family could use a little more life and wanted to make a new edition to it, the problem was finding a girl that the whole family could agree on. After so many interviews and so many arguments on the way home with her two daughters Hellen had decided to just give up her search. But something had peaked her interest recently, word of a young girl who had recently lost her family had reached Hellen and her family. To them this girl sounded perfect, her daughters Marry and Eva had been growing anxious. The only thing left was to go and meet their new "sister" The appointment was made for this afternoon and The Family could not wait. They arrived early, as usual, and took a look around, trying to spot any other girls that caught their eye. Hellen wore a plain white T-shirt and jeans that hugged her curves so tightly you would think its painted on her. Marry was in a long sleeve blue shirt, that seemed to be a size too big and yet it could hardly contain her large breasts, with her long brown hair swaying behind her head. Eva was always the one to wear the skimpiest of clothing, her pink tank top and jean booty shorts made sure that everyone in the building took a double take on her. In a couple of years this outfit would not contain her body, but as she was still developing she would wear it proudly, loving the extra attention.
  22. vrstal

    Femboy x M/Futa

    Heyo! o/ I'm looking for someone who can do 1-2+ paragraphs literate RP for a smutty Femboy (MC) with a Futa or Male character. We can do different kinks and whatnot, and different plot/genre concepts below. I have reference photos, but characters do not have to be so indepth. If you have another idea for a start off, do let me know. Some kinks I'm looking for: Orgasm denial, spanking, BDSM, pleasure torture Prompts: Sci-Fi: MC was one of the pilots on of the United Federation of Planets ship that crashed into the docking bay of the planet Zircon. YC is one of the military police officers and take in these humans for questioning - wanting to know their intentions for your home planet. One things lead to another, and you realize you'll need to do more to get the answers you're looking for. While violence would be easy, you can see that MC is aroused from the tense situation through their bodysuit. High Fantasy: MC is a new concubine to YC's harem. Usually women are appointed as concubines, but when they found him on the street, one of your advisor's believed that MC was perfect as a new addition. Being showered with luxury MC has never experienced before, he feels indebted to make it up to you. MC, lighting aphrodisiacal incense in your room for the evening, has come to worship YC in any way they can. Modern/SOL: MC is part of a new project at YC's frat (or sorority for Futa) house - college students who don't make the cut can re-enter as 'stress relief' for students, femboys who dress up and have sexual acts with other students. The benefit is that a frat house has connections and could look good on a resume, plus they pay a reduced price of living. YC is a student living in the frat house, ready to test out one of the new boys that just recently joined, and see how far you can push him. If you have any questions lmk! Please EcchiText me.
  23. Johnc99

    Futa surprise

    Last day of school before the summer vacation, your character is on a train to go to school, on the train she is met by molester that takes advantage of her sweet innocence. When she leaves the train and reaches her school, she finds her friend to tell her what happened. She decides to accompany her home and since her mom is going to leave for a business trip they decide to have a sleepover. They basically have fun and chill for the first day, but by the second day everything changes. They hear a jar break in the living room as they were heading to the bedroom. When they return they find a window open next to the broken glass, it seems like there was someone in the house other than them. They try to call the police but the landlines been cut and their phone was in the bedroom. They rush to their phone only to be knocked out as soon as they reached the bedroom. Your character wakes up with her body naked and tied up with a blindfold on. She has no idea where her friend is as her capture starts to play with "his" new toy.
  24. I'm kinda tempted to erp a gangbang now. with things like mating press and evrything like those lines. a woman that will become a monster girl but it can either start by being inside of a glory hole and the people there are knocking up a virgin woman without knowing that yet. the smell of her body can attract people and make then horny for her body and wish to touch her and fuck her good. later these things will only get worser,as she avoids this but another person will have sex with her but inside of a changing roon where her reflection can be seen. and later on by the beach and then in a subway. ok with: gangbang inpregnation egg laying bug sex womb penetration mating press creampie both sides having pleasure bugs sex not ok with; scat mind break anal sex spanking abuse pet play any toilet stuff vore gore incest
  25. RP between: @JennyDK and @RunaLegend. Premise: The new farmer arrives at her new farm after receiving a deed for it in the last letter from her deceased grandfather who used to live here. She is trying to find a life free from the hustle and bustle of the big Zuzu city and live a more simple life in Stardew Valley and Pelican town. Here she is soon to meet and befriend the citizens who live here and especially get close to the more snobby and spoiley Haley who lives with her sister Emily. Of course, everyone else in town are unaware of the biggest secret of Haley. ----------------------------- It has been a few days now where the new farmer now has had the time and chance to get the last of her stuff moved here and such. The area in front of her house is cleared of stuff and is soon ready to be tilled and be ready for any crops the rookie farmer wants to seed there. Of course, the news of the new inhabitant has spread like wildfire in the small and tightly knit community. Still, they wish to not overwhelm her and be a nuisance. The few who has seen her in town has made sure to wave and greet her from afar, but let her decide to approach them whenever she feels ready for it. On another sunny and lovely warm spring day, Haley is sitting on a bench in town, reading a magazine and simply relaxing.
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