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  1. Veddie

    Fantasy Incest RP

    Hey hey The Veddie once again. After a good break I would like to do a more Fantasy styled Incest roleplay. Originally I wanted it to be a dad x daughter type rp but I changed my mind and am allowing a futa mom x daughter pairing as well. I also welcome any other Fantasy Incest ideas you may have but I do have a plot and a world already set up so its a long term rp and It will be done on discord preferable since Its easier for me to keep track of my rps there when im not doing anything. But yea that's about it feel free to pm me any questions you may have or just add me on discord and say your from Ecchi. My tag is Veddie3#3947
  2. Heyya! Got a new post. I'm looking for anyone to play as a futa oc from my favorite nsfw artist: Peculiart. Specifically I'm lookin for ya to play as Abigail Oakwood in this smutty long term erp. The gist of this RP is that Abigails son, Stacy. Has moved out of his home to live with his girlfriend, Roxy. Which means Abigail is now alone and a bit furious at her son but she can't stop him from leaving the nest. So now she's feeling rather lonely and needs someone to fill this void in her home. So she uses a roommate site to take in someone and that happens to be my character. As our characters live together Abigail realizes this void in her isn't loneliness but love as she's a single mother. Having nobody to call her own and she hopes perhaps my character will be interested in her. I'd also be up to add the other Oakwood sisters into the RP once our characters are fully dating and when Abigail decides to let them know. Could add some fun into the rp but that's optional! For writing please be able to write 5 pc lines, 1st or 3rd perspectives are welcome! We can do this RP here or if you would like maybe Discord? Up to you! As for my kinks they're all optional so feel free to add/remove any. I'm looking for primarily switches for this RP. I'll post the intro and reference sheets of each of the Oakwoods here. I hope to get some takers! Feel free to Ecchitext me if you're interested. Kinks: futa dom/sub, frottage, anal/vaginal sex, anal/vaginal creampie, blowjob, deepthroating, lipstick marking (giving/receiving), thighjob, titfucking, mild hyper cock (8-16 inches), excessive cum, stomach bulge, mild-moderate cumflation, lactation, cum swap (via kissing), cock slapping, musk, romance, aftercare, name calling (cum dump, slut etc), hair pulling (giving/receiving), face fucking, double penetration, spitroast, light bondage (pinning/holding one down), biting/hickeys, bondage (rope, cuffs, etc), blindfold, toys (dildo/buttplug), cunnilingus, fingering, rimming (receiving/giving), hidden sex, exhibitionism and public play Limits: death, gore/guro, snuff, extreme BDSM, leather/latex suits, blood, piss/fart/scat, feet/foot kinks, ABDL, diapers, painal, fisting, prolapse, pain kinks, abuse, watersports, toiletplay, wedgies, vomit, drugs, bladder control, stepping kinks, feminization/sissification, bimbofication, sounding, chastity, CBT and ball-busting -- The Plot: The Oakwoods:
  3. Floofenstein

    A floof's search thread!

    Hello! A bit about me: I have been roleplaying for about, oh, twelve years now. I'm a rather laid back individual, near impossible to actually offend, and I am really very flexible. I like a lot of things (such as video games, long walks, sex, nature, neat tech....lotsa stuff), and honestly? I rather like sharing and talking about stuff! Super social, y'know? So...please be able to actually chat about at least our rp. I'm looking to get into a roleplay. Ideally, the pairing would be female with futa, but i'm okay with pure yuri as well. Fetishes and stuff, you can see in my preferences sheet! Of course, i write quite a lot (like, 2-4ish paragraphs), so please be able to write a lot in return, you know? a paragraph at least! Little is more of a turn off than getting one or two sentence replies, it's terrible. Oh, and...well, i usually prefer lighter hearted storylines, y'know? Really not good with domming, sorry! It's very much a maybe Oh, and, just to put this out there because it keeps happening: I like cleanliness, and I sure as heck don't like musk. Please do not do that, ew. If you vanish, well, life happens. Sucks but eh. If you come back, lemme know and I'll be happy to start up again! Present craving: Being on the receiving end of hypnosis! Or similar. Sounds fun! Sort of Special Request: someone to dm for me, please! yup, the usual. Some basic ideas I have include: Siblings! A girl discovers her sister's secret, which leads to naughty fun times. A tale of taboo sex and comforting relationships. Married couple! A married couple enjoy life and sex together. A tale of happiness and fun. Primitives! A group of primitives, isolated tribals or a developing species, are encountered...this could go different ways, either with one of the primitives being captured for nefarious or benign ends, or the primitives capturing their civilized intruder! A tale of differences, of being in a dangerous situation, and curiosity. A goddess! A deity of some sort enjoys her worshippers...reasons vary, from a sacrifice, to grant a boon, or just for fun! A tale of fun, of being in the thrall of a higher being. Spookyness! The restless dead need loving too! Be they ghosts, zombies, or scarier things! A tale of taboo, sometimes lack of consent, and perhaps fear. Mistress' love. A maid, or other type of servant, must pleasure her mistress...It is her duty, after all! A tale of devotion, willing or forced. The Creator. A relationship, loving or casual, between a created girl (robot, golem, summoned, or what have you) and the one who created them! Breeding the Queen. An alien or eldritch force, anything from the Alien Swarm of Locusts, cyborg, or just plain robotic, alien swarms, to some sort of eldritch corruption has spared someone from it's recent conquest...needing them to either breed the queen, or get bred by the queen. A tale of breeding and fear, worry. Cultist fun! A new member of a cult (totally loony, evil, benign, whichever), finds out just how much fun it is to be part of it! Or, perhaps, it is time for the cult's "Chosen One" to, willingly or not, be used in a ritual...one involving lotsa naughty sex! Odd pair. More a modifier than anything, I want to do a roleplay involving fairly major size difference, or body difference (ie: human and lamia or mermaid or tauric thing) Hive Mind ~ Odd One Out: One of two things, either a hive mind of humanoids has captured an individual from a different species and plans on...enjoying it, or a drone of the hive mind has been separated from it's people, and now lives amongst others...and is likely to be 'enjoyed' by them. First Time: A shy, naive, virgin, with little clue about sex, has her first time, with consent, or without. A tale of learning and fun, of gentle teaching, or forceful taking. The Joys of Sex: A girl, curvy and friendly and attractive, but otherwise rather plain, travels, or hosts travellers a lot...and is -very- happy to spread her legs for each and every one of them. A tale of sex with many different people (or not-people) of many different species. The Harem: A harem plot! Someone in a position of power (my character, ideally) with, well, more than two slaves or servants that belong to her for sex. Either a futa in the center of it all with a harem of lovely ladies, or a woman with a harem of lovely futas! The Bad Girlfriend: A good girl (you!) has moved to a new school. she is, well, a good girl, the quintessential type, really, good grades, participates, cute, everyone's enamored with her and she can hardly escape people who want her as a girlfriend. But she doesn't want any of them...at least no one who's so openly interested in her. No, unfortunately for her, she fell for the bad girl (me!) of the school. You know the type. Tall, athletic, sexy, grumpy, smart but just doesn't put any effort in. Hardly ever on time, gets into fights....secretly has a cock and fucks every girl who finds out. That sort. Of course, the bad girl just doesn't care for the good girl...Well, at first, anyway. One way or another, the good girl finds her secret, and gets claimed as a girlfriend. Not the healthiest relationship at first, it eventually blossoms into actual romance. A tale of opposites attracting and eventual romance...and sex, of course. blah being dominant right now Intruder!: One girl is a sneaky type...Thief, ninja, assassin, something like that. Infiltrating a place for whatever purpose....either she comes across a sleeping girl and...enjoys her, maybe even coming back to repeat, growing attached to her victim....or, ends up caught, and punished. Secret Identities!: One girl is a superhero, or other such individual who does fairly-public heroics and has a secret identity to keep the heat off. She also has a girlfriend, who's thankfully rather understanding about the sudden 'work issues' that sometimes interrupt their dates, and she, regrettably, hides the truth of the matter from. One day, a new villain shows up...Cute, slightly inept, much more friendly than you'd expect of a villain, but still a villain. Who is also, unbeknownst to her, her girlfriend...the story of their lives, their battles, their love, and eventually, what they do when they put the pieces of the puzzle together. Live Forever, Fuck Forever: Our protagonist here is immortal. Well and truly unable to die....And she's been around for a long time, and will be. A bit of an episodic and strange idea, following a girl who is going to see it all. From the time of tribes and cavemen, classical era, medieval times, on through to modern and space and beyond, and all the situations she get into in her life. Owned as a pet one century, successful and influential the next, and all that. A strange tale...but it came to me, so, yeah. Fandom ideas....Well, I don't usually do those, but if you have an idea, go ahead and suggest, even if it's not on this list. Not that my reference pool is terribly broad. That said, I have a few that are more than possible! Fire Emblem (been playing since gba era) Final Fantasy (played a smattering of them, ask for specifics) League of Legends WoW....maybe. Diablo, also maybe Monster Hunter (monstergirl style) Warhammer Neptunia Persona5 Certain specific characters: Samus, Rosalina, Zelda Specific fandom ideas: Fire Emblem: Corrin being dommed by one of her sisters, or making a harem of them? Persona 5: Liking the idea of....well, any of Makoto, Haru, and Futaba together, probably post-game. and, again, feel free to ask! Just because it's not listed doesn't mean it's a no, flexibility and friendliness are my specialties! Fandom stories will likely be totally different from the uh, generic ideas up above But...Y'know, I'm kinda terrible at ideas when i'm not working with someone, so I'd love to hear yours as well! And all of these ARE pretty basic, so we can work out the details to make them jusssssst right! I'm good for a variety of lengths. From oneshots on up to truly lengthy plots! Send me an ecchitext if you are interested, and thank you for reading!
  4. RP between @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Premise: A new transfer student joins Lisa's class. While the new girl seems very different from Lisa, they slowly begin to hang out more and discover that there is more between them than friends. With Lisa ashamed of her extra parts, she is even more insecure and shy and cautious around others, but slowly she is coming to terms with and even loving being born the way she was, as the new girls accepts her fully as she is. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Another day and another day of being ostrasized or worse among her peers and even those from older grades as well. Lisa is both happy about going to school, but also dreads it and sometimes even wishes that being home schooled would be an option. Sadly, she can do little else than try to be as invisible as possible. Turns out that it is pretty hard when you are this smart, informed and well read and spoken as she is. Every day she hopes and prays for some sort of relief from this anguish that most school days bring. Her brother is not much help and even he has to deal with the bullies from time to time, only being tolerated or allowed to hang with them whenever they feel like it. Soon enough the teacher starts the lecture, but unlike most days she has an announcement to make. She tells the class about a new kid joining the class. And oooof course the only free seat is next to Lisa, who already has her own dreadful thoughts and predictions about how awful this will be, surely only adding to her troubles. After finishing, the door opens up to reveal the new girl....
  5. Heya! I'm Crispy, a female sub ready to rp I'm looking for someone thats interested in doing an fxf or fxfuta rp with me, with your character being the dom. I like muscular, tall girls, think someone like... Junkerqueen from overwatch, or WWE wrestler rhea ripley. I'm looking for either female or futa. i'll play a female in either situation. As for roleplay idea's, i can work with almost anything. i'd be most interested in: Fandom roleplay: Overwatch - the Junkerqueen (YC, F or futa) and MC (F, either OC or an overwatch lady). This could either be non-con or wholesome, i don't mind either. For the non-con part, something like debt or kidnapping would fit the queen. for wholesome, i always like a tall, beefy lady protecting me (A JQ image just cuz i feel like it: smashing mercy) Steven Universe - Jasper (YC) x a gem or human, depending on your preferences. i prefer this roleplay to be non-con, given Jaspers ruthlessness (Maybe she takes a human as a pet, or she decides to punish a runaway gem) buttt i am up for wholesomeness. i do prefer it to be a long rp then, since a very sweet and open Jasper would be.. just a bit ooc. Genshin impact - in this rp, YC would be the shogun of inazuma, electro goddess raiden/ei/whatever you call her. again, i am both open for non-con and wholesome. MC could be a new concubine, a servant the shogun decides to toy with knowing she cant say no, or any other character what could fit in a plot you'd like. Non-Fandom roleplay: currently don't have any plot in mind that i would like to roleplay, but please feel free to dm me if you want to play a dominating, buff female or futa character! we can make up a storyline together : ) i will update this if inspiration strikes me. If any of this interests you, please message me
  6. Hello, everyone! I’m feeling very horny today and I’m really wanting to breed. But rather than being the one getting bred, I want to be the one doing the breeding this time. More precisely, I want to do an RP where I play as a futa who gets a woman knocked up, or maybe even multiple women. So, if any of ladies out there are interested in something like that, just hit me up! Hope to see you soon~
  7. First allow me to speak in my native tongue, its much more efficient. Shss.... Shhhss... Shhhh... Shh.... Elf Blood: In a fantasy world, where wood elves and drow have had vicious conflict, a male drow, and a female wood elf are sent on an ancient quest by a elder dryad. They must go to the heart of the forest, collect seeds, and propagate dryads in the new country. I see the elf as outgoing and athletic, and the drow as a bit strange and reclusive. Will they be able to deal with each other's presence? Will they have loads of sex? Stay tuned. Will play as either character. Lovers To Enemies: In a sort of low fantasy magical world, a young woman appears (A), very weak, on the outskirts of a small village. Another woman (B) takes her in, and over time they develop a relationship. (B) finds out (A), who is very secretive of their background, is naturally skilled at magic and she help her learn more. Eventually they become intimate, but it turns out (B) was raised in a cult of dark sorcerer's, and plans to take over innocent people's land in a bid to redeem herself after being exiled. (B) must struggle to learn magic herself, and do something before (A) finds out she knows of her plan. Will write as either character. Cross Compatible: What I want is a slice of life role-play, with two characters living in a dorm or apartment. One is a woman with a penis, cheeky and mischievous but caring and soft hearted, and the other is a man with a vagina, serious and stoic, but somewhat vulnerable. It will start with them first meeting, and probably end after they've formed a serious relationship and had sex multiple times. I'm happy to play either character. ... Otherwise hit me up with your ideas, after checking out my preferencinos.
  8. Hello all! So, do we have any big Pokemon fans in here? I personally am a pretty big fan of the series. So, I want to do an RP where my character travels around one or more of the regions, fucking the wide variety of sexy girls the series has to offer with her big futa cock. We can either stick to one region, or we can take this journey across multiple ones, depending on what you want to do. We can use almost any female Pokemon character for this~ If this idea's caught your interest, just hit me up! I don't care what your IRL gender is, just as long as you're fine with playing as female characters and with a futa character. But as always, expect quite a bit of babymaking, as breeding is my top kink. Hope to see you soon~! The character I plan to use for this: For those of you who love rape RPs, I also have another character for you; a cruel futanari Team Rocket agent who enjoys raping any female Trainers she defeats. Whether they be a Gym Leader, Elite Four, Champion, or just an ordinary Trainer, any women who dares to oppose her will be punished with her futanari cock, followed by her sperm blasting off into their wombs and certainly impregnating them.
  9. Hello all! So, do we have any big Pokemon fans in here? I personally am a pretty big fan of the series. So, I want to do an RP where my character travels around one or more of the regions, fucking the wide variety of sexy girls the series has to offer with her big futa cock. We can either stick to one region, or we can take this journey across multiple ones, depending on what you want to do. We can use almost any female Pokemon character for this~ If this idea's caught your interest, just hit me up! I don't care what your IRL gender is, just as long as you're fine with playing as female characters and with a futa character. But as always, expect quite a bit of babymaking, as breeding is my top kink. Hope to see you soon~! The character I plan to use for this: For those of you who love rape RPs, I also have another character for you; a cruel futanari Team Rocket agent who enjoys raping any female Trainers she defeats. Whether they be a Gym Leader, Elite Four, Champion, or just an ordinary Trainer, any women who dares to oppose her will be punished with her futanari cock, followed by her sperm blasting off into their wombs and certainly impregnating them.
  10. As the title says, this will be a list of rp ideas I have thought of for my futa characters. There will be links/names of the character so if you wish to see there images and bios that should be provided. Also some plots will have variations and main “moods”or kinks associated with them. Just a heads up. Comment here FIRST please if you wish to do any of the rps below. READ and visit my preferences sheet please. (Getting kinda of tired of people asking me to rp with kinks/characters I’m not interested in) Also for those who don’t know, the Names ARE the links. Looking for female partners/players. Also if you like the character looks/bio but not a fan of the idea placed here that’s fine. These plots are not meant to restrict the character’s to theses. Julie Matadori. (Mood: Wholesome.) Julie has been in a bit of a runt lately. She’s always been the one to help out and be there for her friends and family, and happy to always do so, but she’s come to realize that she’s missing something. It’s been a long while since she’s been on a date or even had a girlfriend so she decided it’s time to fix that. Variation 1: YC meets Julie at a bar or through a dating app/website and only time will tell if it’s a good match. Variation 2: YC is a close friend, or family member, to Julie and when it was found out that she’s going to start looking for dates, YC shoots there shot. Andrea Ruhadze. (Mood: Kinky.) Andrea’s life has been going great as of late. Work has been going well for both as a teacher and as a personal coach. Plus she’s been able to stay in such good health. And it really helps that most of her time she gets to be around attractive women. Variation 1: YC hired Andrea as a personal trainer months ago and she’s really helped you stay in shape. But it’s also obvious that she’s a little more touchy than private coaches should be. Variation 2: YC had just won the national volleyball championship for your school, high school or college, and immediately YC became a star. And no one was more proud and happy than YC’s favorite coach. Tilvia Lori. (Mood: Kinky. Kink: Prostitution.) YC had, for whatever reason, begun “working” on a street corner for high paying customers. But one night Tilvia comes and picks YC up. And she seems like she’ll pay more than any previous client. Which means she plans on making every dollar count. Jennifer Wails. (Mood: Kinky. Kink: Non-Con.) Head Mistress Wails rather enjoyed her complete control over her Academy and everyone in it. All staff and students dressed “appropriately” and everyone will act in an appropriate manner. But soon there will be someone who needs Jennifer’s “discipline”. Variation 1: YC had been sent to a very prestigious all girls school that YC’s mother use to work. Almost immediately YC noticed stuff was weird like how the uniforms were tight and form fitting as well as the skirts being a little small. But immediately YC was called to the Head Mistress’s office as she wanted to see her. Variation 2: YC was a new hire as a teacher to the Academy and immediately YC knew something about this place was wrong. Not only did the staff act weird but the students uniforms were highly inappropriate and it was clear most of them were scared out of their minds. Something had to be done about this. Unfortunately, the Head Mistress doesn’t like when new teachers try to change things. Kayli Truvo. (Mood: Kinky. Kink: Cheating.) YC’s husband has been spending all his time running for his mayoral reelection campaign and before that was always super busy with the work he had. Secretly YC was wishing he’d lose so that maybe he’d finally spend time with YC again. However it was announced that he had won and he was hosting the celebration at his favorite restaurant. Thankfully it was also a Golden Night so the owner would be in. And rumor has it, Kayli Truvo can keep lonely wives company. Mia Fords. (Mood: Wholesome.) YC’s car had broken down while on the road and to make matters worse YC’s phone is dead. Thankfully there was a small mechanic shop not far and the one working there was Mia and she offered to work on your vehicle. And free of charge too. Wonder why? Variation 1: Whenever YC needs any vehicle work done it’s always at the shop Mia works in and more often than not she the one to do the fixing. So this must just a kind gesture to a reoccurring customer. Variation 2: YC is new in town, visiting, passing through or just moved in, and Mia clearly knows this and doesn’t want YC first’s experience here to be a bad one. She always hopes newcomers enjoy there time here as she has. Alexis Shor. (Mood: Kinky. Kink: Blackmail & Recording.) Someone had somehow hacked into YC’s personal computer and used the camera in it to record and take pictures of her while she undressed or did other, private, things. Then Emails came with the pics and vid’s and whoever this was gave orders for YC to come to a local Library after hours to meet somebody or they’ll release all of them. But when YC arrives they find Alexis waiting for her. This can’t be the person doing the Blackmailing, right? Lucita Nilno. (Mood: Kinky. Kinks: Non-Con & Mind Break.) Lucita’s “business” had been going well. New “students” have been coming in at a good pace and she was looking forward to a new one. Variation 1: YC was on vacation in Italy and enjoying the beautiful sites when suddenly everything went black as a bag was placed over YC’s head and a needle was injected into her neck. The next thing YC knew, she was waking up in a small bedroom with all her belongings now missing. Variation 2: YC character was given a free vacation to a resort in Italy by someone they knew. The place was a large and beautiful compound but strangely enough it was very isolated from everything else. It also looked like only women worked there. And only female visitors. How strange. Lili Loerman. (Mood: Wholesome.) The Nightclub owned and ran by Lili, Mother Marry’s Getaway, was about to host one of its biggest parties of the year and she was very excited for it. Variation 1: YC had been invited to a party by a close friend who rented out some VIP booths at one of the Nightclubs in town. And supposedly the owner, known as Mother Loerman, took care of the VIP guest personally. Variation 2: YC had been looking for a new job and thankfully someone finally had hired her. A local Nightclub was in need of a new server as they were slightly understaffed for an upcoming big night. The owner of the club would personally be the one to help YC get used to her new job. Cindy Provest. (Mood: Kinky.) It’s gotta be great being Queen Bee of the school. At least Cindy thinks so. Plenty of friends, most other students and even staff know not to fuck with her, and enough cute girls more than happy to spread their legs for her to fulfill every need. And there’s still more to do. Variation 1: YC is a recently newly hired teacher and it became extremely obvious almost immediately the Cindy was a problem student to the max degree. YC, despite all the warnings from other teachers & students, try disciplining her. The realization of this being a mistake comes soon when one night YC wakes up in the middle of the night only to find the futa student wait at the edge of the bed. Variation 2: YC told a friend that YC had a, big or small, crush on Provest even fully knowing of her reputation. But this being school, high school or college, word somehow spread till finally Cindy herself heard of this. Now she immediately approaches YC during a launch period as normally Cindy, even in cases like this, dose not like being told what others think of her by someone else. But this time she seems fine. In fact, she invites YC to a hangout after school at a mall with her and a few friends. Only it’s way late into the night after it’s closed. But hey, this could be a good chance to get in good with the “Queen Bee”. Ashling Sansa. (Mood: Kinky.) Ashling’s work feels like it’s never done. Homework and tests to grade. Students who are behind needing extra help and lessons. But she’d wouldn’t have any other way. She loved teaching with all of her heart. But she could do with a good distraction right about now. Variation 1: YC had graduated last year and was currently out shopping for groceries and other supplies. But while at the store YC sees their favorite Teacher Miss Sansa. She was always sweet and helpful. Plus there were the few rumors of how she’d screw any cute girls who spreads their legs for her but YC was too nervous back then to ask or see if they were true. But maybe now YC has the courage? Variation 2: School sucks. Dose anything else need to be said? Classes are boring and people here are annoying and awful. Well most people at least. Some are fine like YC’s History Teacher Miss Sansa who at least is very chill and doesn’t go over board with homework. Although she is still a teacher so she still expects that her students work and pay attention. But maybe there is a alternative? There are very hushed rumors that Sansa does love to get between the legs of attractive female students. YC fits that description. Maybe some “special projects” could be arranged instead of class work and homework? Angel Larksu. (Mood: Wholesome (V1) or Kinky (V2).) Being a PI never has been an easy job but that just means the pay is always big and worth it. Angel is always getting new cases, most of the time it’s people trying to find out rather or not their spouse is cheating on them or not but hey sometimes there’s more exciting cases. At least life is never dull. Variation 1: YC recently saw a ad in the paper or on some Internet forum that a PI is in need of a new assistant as hers is retiring soon. The pay is good enough and most of what is needed is just someone who can organize case files and take notes for the most part. Plus from time to time the assistant will come with Angel Larksu, the PI, to get information from the clients themselves. Variation 2: A few months ago YC had hired a PI to find out rather or not her -insert any romantic relationship here- had been secretly cheating and unfortunately they were. Now broken up/divorced, YC is at a bar drinking. Rather it’s to relax, drown sorrows, or stew in anger but it doesn’t really matter the reason. As long as alcohol is had. But while drinking YC sees at the complete other end of the bar is Angel Larksu. The PI YC hired. A thought then popped up. Angel was, even before knowing that YC was in fact getting cheated on, a bit of a flirt. And YC is no longer in a relationship and neither is Angel. Maybe a fun time can be have as she was clearly interested. Brenda Hashwoll. (Mood: Kinky.) Brenda on the outside seems like a strict and serious defense lawyer who only has a soft spot for her wife. And little for her sister-in-law. But in truth she’s actually a prev who runs a brothel with her sister in law Tiffany as the co-onwner. And together, with Brenda’s wife’s blessing, they allow a select few people satisfy their need. Variation 1: YC had need for an excellent defense lawyer and thankfully Brenda offered her services and won the case way quicker than what was expected. But the problem is that YC didn’t have enough money to pay for the services but Hashwoll made a deal that she’d take the case without getting paid right away with the agreement being once she won the case that YC would have to do some “work” for her. Little did YC knew that Brenda co-ran an illegal underground brothel and now YC would have to work in it. But first, Brenda had to show the basics. Variation 2: YC has had the privilege of being a customer at a place that provides much desired “comforts” for a while now. And some, female only, customers get access to actually being able to hire the two owners for a higher price. One of which YC has been saving up for a while now. Hashwoll seems rougher and more dominating than the other owner. Once the “date” is paid for all that’s left to do is wait for the time when YC gets to come up to the privet office. Tiffany Malu. (Mood: Kinky. Kink: Filming=Variation 2, Incest=Variation 3 ONLY.) Sex basically runs Tif’s life. Well at least 60% of everything she dose or thinks is related to act of her nocking boots with one or more female. And honestly she wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s completely embraced the fact she’s addicted to it and has made a LOT of money off it. Variation 1: YC couldn’t believe her eyes as she was out and about when she saw someone they recognized. Tiffany Malu, the most popular futa prom start on the planet. But YC’s staring was noticed and the futa immediately realized she had been found by a fan. After a little chatting and flirting Malu gave YC an invitation to private club. There the invitation would allow YC to have a free night to sleep with a world class sex worker. Variation 2: YC is rather new to the adult industry and has only been working for a few months but the next vid is to be both something new and big for YC’s career. It will be a “secret” cameras vids where there won’t be anyone else filming or directing. Just her and the co-star, Tiffany Malu. Who is a world famous porn star that’s more than excited to work, and of course fuck, YC for the first time. Variation 3: YC is the oldest daughter of Tif and the only one, currently, who knows that her mother, or both parents, is a porn star. In fact it’s a VARY high likelihood that one of Tiffany’s earliest films was how YC was conceived. But that’s not what is important at this second. See, YC, a teen or young adult, hasn’t had the best luck with romantic or physical relationships and has led her to get rather desperate to finally have her first time. And knowing full well that her mother is a complete sex addict, YC sits her down and explains the situation. With the desire for some good old incest. And while Tiffany will be reluctant and unsure at first, some skimpy clothes and dirty talk to “Mommy” will be more than enough to convince the futa have some steamy bonding time. Hulin Lashzo. (Mood: Kinky.) Even though the many years, hell centuries, have gone by Hulin the Witch has never stopped studying or learning all she can about and within the mystic arts. From simple stuff like minor pyro spells to light candles or more complex and darker/demonic spells like stuff that can help her with her “mission”. Variation 1: YC has actually become the new apprentice to Lashzo which has been a strange experience for both as Hulin hasn’t had a student since when she was a normal human over 400 years ago. And YC dose know what her teacher must do every 50 years. The question is how dose YC feel about it? Variation 2: Hulin made a deal over 400 years to no longer age in exchange that every 50 years she corrupts a innocent female soul and sends it to Hell so that the Succubus’s can do…whatever they do with them. YC is not a sacrifice. In fact she is the the very Succubus who made the deal with Hulin all those years ago. And she’s been doing such a great job that YC has come to “thank” her personally. Zoey Polie. & Mindy Polie/Jack Kulia. (Mood: Kinky. Kink: Incest=Variation 3 ONLY.) Zoey & Mindy haven’t had much interaction since their mother died and Mindy ran off. But the two siblings plan on having a meet up to try and reconnect again. Variation 1: Zoey is YC’s girlfriend and in a day she’s gonna meet up with her sister and she want YC to be there too. But till then she plans on helping YC to relax with a date at her house. Here’s hoping that YC can get along with both sisters. Variation 2: YC is Jack’s partner in crime. Literally. You both work for the same crime boss doing whatever is required. YC relationship with Jack is close. They’re not dating exactly, more like close friends with benefits, but Jack dose trust YC enough to reveal that her real name is Mindy Polie and she’s letting YC meet her sister. Variation 3: This Variation is a choice of the other two Variations but there is twist with YC’s backstory where she is Zoey’s and Mindy’s half sister, sharing the same father, but none of them will know this. At least not as first. How this happened will make more sense as long as you read there bio’s. Maria Bollwrs. (Mood: Kinky (V1) or Wholesome (V2).) Maria has enjoyed the more quiet side of things now that her daughter has gone off to college but at the same time she has gotten kinda lonely and bored. Maybe it’s time to cure that. Variation 1: Beverly Hills. A place where many rich and famous people live. And now YC has that opportunity too. However YC came into the money is irrelevant, what matters is the woman now walking you through a large home. Maria Bollwrs owns many homes and lots within the Beverly Hills area. And she herself lives in it too. But one thing obvious is that Maria keeps taking occasional glances at YC and her body. Hmm. Maybe you could get a discount. Variation 2: Maria wants to get back into the game of dating! But has absolutely no idea on how or where to start. It has been literal decades since she has ever been on a date so she reluctantly asks her daughter for advice who recommends to use a dating app/site. So she dose so and now here she is. Sitting at a table at a restaurant waiting for YC. Felicia Mewls. (Mood: Kinky.) Once upon a time Felicia was a teacher at a high school back when it was her dream to help the younger generations learn what they needed to make a life for themselves. But now she works as a “hostess” for a high society club. Getting paid by women to fulfill their needs. Variation 1: YC had a few friends who told her of this rather high end restaurant/golf/whatever overly rich people go to. But they also claimed that there is a secret part of it that only super select people can be members of and YC’s friends have memberships and give one to her. Rather there to just check it or actually partake, YC goes to the private side of things and runs into someone not seen since high school. The teacher YC use to sleep around with. What a place for a reunion. Variation 2: YC is a reporter who got a tip of some shady stuff happening at a rather well respected club. After some close checking and investigating YC found proof of what was going on and even a list of the clients. From local citizens to even politicians and other famous people came here to partake in this secret brothel. But then YC got sloppy and was caught and now is being held in a private room, one used for the special clients, with EVERY piece of evidence and equipment taken from her. But the one watching over YC offers a deal. She’ll convince her boss to let YC leave unharmed, not getting any of the evidence of corse, with the exchange that YC helps her “practice” for further clients. Olivia Shall. (Mood: Kinky.) Partys, Small gatherings or Big gatherings, it doesn’t matter what the occasion is. If there’s friends or chill people around Olivia will gladly be there to have a good time. Variation 1: A gamble was made by YC, a college student, to throw a party at YC’s house and invite practically everyone who wished to come. And boy did the gamble pay off as a lot of people, more than what was expected, are here. One of which is the “Party Master” herself, Olivia. Variation 2: YC’s older sibling is meant to watch over YC, a high school student, over the weekend which makes them unhappy cuz they had plans Friday night to hang with some friends. One of the older siblings friends come to pick them up and it’s actually someone YC has met before. Olivia Shall. And when she hears about the situation she just suggests that YC come along and hang out too.
  11. I'm going to let this be simple! I'd like to play a trap or female, and for you to play a futa. Any other theme ideas can be integrated really, fantasy, incest, furry, etc. It will be a lot of smut but romance and plot IS still welcome. I want the kind of futa that's absolutely insatiable haha. Whether it's lovey and cute or being forced, either way your character should get carried away, being overwhelmed is just what I'm looking for. Also, I'd like this to be semi long-term, or at least as long as we can keep it going. Here are the kinks I'd like to try including, though you're welcome to suggest otherwise: Big cock and balls Rough sex Very Excessive Cum Anal Musk play Maybe invite a friend further along the way
  12. Hiya all again here with another request. This time I would like to do a incest based on between two cousins. Its mostly a long term based RP and I am looking for someone to play the Futa for this request. If you do not feel comfortable playing the Futa and would like to play the female then please tell me so if you decide to dm me. I'll also state this now, I don't do roleplays on here in the dm chat its hard for me to keep track of so I do my rps in discord in a private server which we can set up. I am also looking for someone who can at least give me a paragraph or so each post. My preference sheet is on my profile so you can see I prefer some literate persons. I'll accept anyone though just no one liners and people who do not even respond to descriptive surroundings. Onto the plot of this rp: The whole family had decided to take a road trip for the summer vacation. The thing is this time you'll be joined by your disowned sister and her brother-in-law along with their daughter. The reason being was that un beknown to them, the family had decided to corrupt/ take advantage of the daughter and have her end up giving them the wealth that she is initially supposed to inherit. Basically the whole family wants your younger sister's and her husband's wealth because they are the scum of society. Your character had found out about it and wants to stop it from ever happening so she takes it upon herself to be with her niece all the time they are on this trip. It just so happens that the car they were going with was her sister's car and it was very much packed so the niece had to end up sitting down on her lap. Now what will happen along the way with this futa aunt and her cute niece. Edit: I don't mind doing this for male x female as well just saying, but futa would be more encouraged. And its open from there really. I think we both can work on this idea and develop it into something pretty nice. Hope to see you soon once again From, Veddie
  13. Veddie

    Island Survival

    Hiya all, this is my second post. This time around, I'm interested in doing a long term survival island type roleplay. If you read Robison Crusoe or anything similar, then the rp will be similar to that. Now Instead of it being that kind of shipwreck, it would instead be a cruise ship which wrecked and only three survivors would be alive. The futa and two girls. Now I'm looking for someone who can play the futa or the two girls it doesn't matter, as long as you can do about a paragraph to two in terms of post length with vivid descriptions and so forth. I am also looking for someone who can actively help me develop this world so it can be a good long roleplay with lots of fun sexual activities and story elements. Now this is not required, but if you have some knowledge of survival or foraging it would be a great asset, but worry not I don't mind taking people in if they don't have that type of knowledge. I do have a concept art of the island which is below. Hope to hear from you soon~
  14. YelloweyeOfHim

    Lewd RWBY AU plots.

    Down below I’ll have a handful of plots meant to take place in different AU’s of RWBY. And while they are each in a AU, plz have a small understanding or the actual show/characters. Please read my preference sheet and check my profile. Looking for female partners. Also I have “Comment Here First” for a reason. Also I’ll split the plots in two different categories cuz admittedly a good few them are based around a futa while the others don’t need to be. Also some of these plots are kinda Harem based but if you really don’t like to play as more than one character that will be fine. Futa Specific Plots: #1: Salem’s Queendom. As the many centuries have passed, Salem grew increasingly bored with Male companionship so she eventually tried female companionship and rather enjoyed it. But as even more time went on she started to use her magic and control over Grimm to experiment with different ways to sleep with women. This all eventually lead her to turning herself from a female into a futa which she rather enjoyed. Now she’ll both reward her female followers with pleasure and “punish” her female prisoners with the same. For this play as any female characters, more than one IF you wish, who is either serving her or as a prisoner. #2: The Teacher LOVES A Pet. Most students, correctly so, believe Glynda Goodwitch is a strict headmistress who doesn’t seem to have any time or patience for students who don’t behave. However what most people, even Ozpin, don’t know is that Glynda is willing to let a select few female students get away with things from time to time for a trade. They can be given more liberties at school in exchange for them taking her “private tutoring classes”. For this play as any of the Beacon students, Cinder, Neo, and Emerald count too, and IF you wish you can be more than one. #3: The Teacher IS A Pet. Glynda has a private class she like to teach to a very few select students. She offers herself up as a “physical health coach” for futa students and lets them use her to “train restraint”. The only real question is that, how much of her “training” will the students need from her. This is essentially the opposite of the previous plot. You play as Glynda Goodwitch and I’ll play any futa student(s) you wish. #4 The Queen Bee. Raven’s band of Bandits had a rule, “Whoever beats the Chief becomes the Chief and they have free rain to do whatever they want with the previous Chief.” Raven killed the last one but her daughter decided to keep her mother around as punishment for all the years she left Yang alone. And Yang has grown to rather enjoy both punishing her mother and running the gang of Bandits. She now thinks on what she should do with the gang. In this plot play as Raven, and/or other female characters who join or are forced to be a part of Yangs gang IF you wish. #5 Momma Gets Jealous. Most people think Kali is Blake’s mother cuz she gave birth to her. That’s not the case. Some other women birthed Blake and soon ran away afterwards to escape Kali and her controlling ways. Speaking of which, Kali was very picky with how her daughter would be raised to the way she walks, talk, dresses, and so forth. But the one thing above all that Kali was most controlling on who Blake’s friends are. And never liked it when Blake spoke to people who she might get “close” with. In this plot play as Blake and if you wish Yang, or a different female character(s). Other Plots: #1 Different Profession. A long time ago Remnant used to have Huntresses that would protect the Kingdoms and slay monsters to keep the people happy and content. However the order disbanded many years ago which has admittedly left the world a little more dangerous with no one pushing the Grimm back. But Grimm are attracted to negative emotions so a new business has started up. New “Huntresses” made up of new women, and some of the retired ones too, now preform a new way to relieve people of there negative emotions with there bodys. In this plot play as any female character, or characters, who now works for the Huntress Brothel. Whoever the customers are can be decided between the us. #2 Obligatory Mind Control Plot, But It’s A Shota. Team RWBY is sent on a mission to save a boy who has been captured by The White Fang -or Salem’s Faction if you prefer- and they are successful by one of them sneaking in and freeing the boy while the other three distract the enemy. The other three retreat while the one takes the boy but is force to hide in a abandoned cabin while enemy forces scour the area. The problem is that the boy was taken cuz of his semblance that lets him manipulate people through hormones but he has no idea how to control it and being stuck in a privet cabin with a cute girl, who’s also the first person to treat him kindly since being captured, has made the innocent shyness he feels become 1000% more intense for the women with him. In this rp play as a member of team RWBY who is the one who saves the Shota. Others can be brought in IF you wish to play them. #3 Big Sisters Training. Yang had started attending a special “training program” at a local gym after she began going to Beacon. She never brought or told her teammates what exactly she did for exercise but it must be hard cuz she’s always tired when she comes back. But one day she invites Ruby to go with her and of course the younger sister agrees. Having no idea what actually awaits her. In this plot as Ruby, and if wish Yang, and it’s up to you if for Ruby this is Non-Con or not. Also who, and how many, is waiting for them at the gym can be decided during set up. More Plots will be added at future points.
  15. Down below will be a few FutaXFemale incest rps. I would be playing as the futa(s) while looking female players. And they could be short term or long term rps. Plz read my preference sheet also I have the setting say “Comment First” for a reason. Also this is all written in first person but it doesn’t have to be. Happily rp them in third I just write the prompts in first cuz it’s easier. 1: Sisterly Love. Ever since you where a very young girl the only person you could count on was your older sister. She always looked after you even when your shitty parents, or bully kids, made life hard. She has been the one and only person to stay at your side and it’s made the two of you close. Too close most people would say. But then again most people never went through all the things you two have gone through together. (Consensual) 2: Jealously And Revenge. Life has always been kinda great for you. Your mom has always been kind with you, you’ve always been popular at school, and had the hottest girlfriend(s)/wives. The one thing is that your little sister has always been there too. And for whatever reason she always seemed to be unhappy with stuff, especially when you succeed so much. You’ve always tried to get along with her but she refuses. But one weekend she asks for you to speak with her. It seems like she wants to make up for all these years. But in truth she plans on getting her revenge by making you her pet to prove who’s the better sister. (Non-Con) 3: Breeding Contract. The Human race was once nearly wiped out by there own wars. In the aftermath, a law was placed that women where practically forced to sign a Breeding Contract at least once so that the population can keep regrowing. If a woman doesn’t sign one willingly then she’ll be forced to a contact and that’s what happened to you. And the person you have been assigned to is your own futa sister. Since she’s a futa she’s eligible to breed. And because you refused to singed a contract yourself, your under house arrest at her home till you bare her child. (Non-Con OR Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 4: Mommy’s Princess. Your mother has always been extremely kind to you and has always spoiled you in some ways. But it isn’t just because she’s the nice mom. She has…special plans for you and has always had them, waiting for you to become the right age. Now it’s that birthday and of course she threw you a giant party and let you invite whoever, well except your mom(the Female who gave birth to you), you wanted. But the main event would be the “after party” once everyone leaves. And she has been preparing you for this day for a while now. (Consensual) 5: Long Time No See. You and your cousin where always great friends when you two where younger to the point that many kids you went to school with thought you where sisters, not cousins. And that friendship grew closer when you two became teenagers. Too close. You two where caught one night in her bed and immediately your aunt and uncle told your parents and afterwards your cousin was taken away when her parents moved to keep you too apart. Years have past and you moved on. A different cousin is holding a massive family reunion and you know she’ll be there. But it should be fine right? You moved on and so did she. Hell she has two kids now! So nothing weird should happen once you see one another again…right? (Non-Con OR Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 6: Summer With Your Rich “Aunt”. (Warning, kinda long read.) Aunt Vikki, your mom’s younger sister, lives in a large beachfront house, one she can afford because she owns a popular local nightclub, and has invited you to stay with her for the summer. Something your mom was hesitant to allow. You have many memories of them being close when you where younger than one day they stopped talking and Vikki moved away. And no one ever told you why. Most people didn’t even seem to know why. You kept in touch with your aunt on social media but never got the chance to see her in person. Well that will change once the plane lands! Although you don’t know what really awaits you. Some time before you where born, your mom cheated on your dad. Cheated on him…with her own futa sister. And when you where a kid Vikki did a DNA test without you or your moms knowing and found out you weren’t your dads kid. You where hers. She told your mom who made her promise to NEVER tell which Vikki didn’t like and after realizing her sister would never changed her mind, packed up her bags and moved away. Now all these years later, she wants you to know. And she wants you as her loving daughter. (Consensual OR Non-Con) 7: The Problem Child. (Warning, long read.) What went wrong? What happened? Your oldest, or only, child has somehow grown up to be a almost endless headache. She’s a teenager now and is attending high school but is at risk of failing! She’s hasn’t been doing homework. Barley paying attention in class, if she even attends. Getting detention. And starting fights with some other students. And most of these things are all connected to her “Girlfriends”. A bunch of students you know she’s sleeping around with. Which is dangerous cuz what if she gets one pregnant! And now you have chosen to do something about it. Version 1: You put your foot down completely. Your take away her phone, computer, and anything she can use to contact people plus is never allowed to leave or have visitors. She’s grounded and will get these things back once she fixes her grades and graduates! This…turns out to be a massive mistake. Cuz she ain’t going to take this lying down. And if she can’t get access to her “Girlfriends”…then she’ll just use you. (Non-Con) Version 2: You realize that the main reason she’s started acting out like this is because she’s gotten addicted to the sex she has with her “Girlfriends”. Which for the most part she can only do while AT school. So what if she could satisfy this need at home? That’s where your, admittedly bad, idea comes in. If YOU promise to satisfy these need while she’s home when she has them. So that once she’s in school, she can focus on her work and she promises to take school seriously. She agrees happily, almost too happily. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be the worst decision of your life. (Reluctantly Consensual) 8: Keep The Blood Pure. (Warning, Fantasy Plot & LONG read) There are a number of important families within the Elven Kingdom and your a part of one of the largest and one of the most influential families. The Tilzvara’s. A family comprised mostly of Female Elves. At least the main branch of the family is only female. The Matriarch of the family is Shile Tilzvara and she has run the family for over 1000 years. The Matriarch had made a deal with a fertility goddess back when she became the leader of the family. The deal was that the first born daughters of the Tilzvara’s would be naturally very powerful magically but in exchange Shile had to “father” all these first born daughters herself so she was turned into a futa. With her new powers she placed a spell, or a curse depending on who you ask, on her family that any female will ALWAS have a daughter as there first offspring. And the tradition began that before any first born female can marry or have kids, they must first mate with the Matriarch. Although Shile is more than happy to mate with ANY female member of her family. But that’s where you come in. Because you are a first born daughter and it’s your turn. Either you are looking to to get this over with, you’ve been called upon to mate with the Matriarch, or you wish to marry someone and must do your duty first. OR maybe you’ve already had a offspring with the Matriarch but want to go again with her. Whatever the case, you have a appointment with the Matriarch. (Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 9: If It Helps Pay The Bills. Life’s been kinda hard with just how much of a mess the world has been so you moved out of your own home and moved in with your sister(or cousin). But before doing so you had no idea how she made money or what her job actually was. But once you where fully moved in you learned. She picks up girls from bars or nightclubs, sometimes there fully aware or are super drunk, and has sex with them while hidden cameras record everything. She then uploads the vids to the deep web where she gets paid a lot for each vid. And after seeing just how much she makes, and how perverted her audience truly is, you(or she) make the suggestion of the two of you making vids and advertising the fact there actual incest vids. Surly the amount of money will be great. And maybe eventually you’ll earn enough to move out to have your own place again.(Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 10: How I Met Your Mother Aunt. You and your wife have been married for a few years now, and dated for longer, and have(or plan on having) a/some kid(s). Well one night, at a gathering with your family, your father talks about how shortly after you where born another woman had given birth to another kid of his but that child was immediately given up for adoption. The thing is, the place the child was given to was the same orphanage your wife grew up in. So she dose a lot of digging and sure enough your wife, who to reiterate: you’ve been a couple for a while now have/plan on having a/some kid(s), is your long lost half sister. Well….shit. (Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 11: Unseen Side Effects. You work as a scientist that works on experiments/medicines that can help people regrow missing limbs, or repair badly damaged ones, by just taking a simple pill. But recently your daughter got into a bad accident that has left her lower body completely ruined. The other problem is a person must be approved to receiving a pill and that could take months or a year if the injury isn’t life threatening. But since you work at the place they are made you just secretly steal one and give it to your daughter. The problem is that you technically stole the wrong pill. Because while it did fix everything broken/gone, it was a male pill, so it also made her grow a dick. Not only that but it has completely messed up her sexual hormones so that she gets turned on very easily and when she is it becomes painful to her if it’s not “taken care of properly”. So now while you are at work you have to secretly create a cure for the hormones and while at home you have to help your daughter control them. (Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 12: Not Too Late For The Resolution. This kinda sucks. With how shit the world has been in the past 2 years you have had a very hard time receiving any of sort of physical “fulfillment” that you wanted. With most people being extremely cautious, especially when meeting new people, it’s been a pain for most people to get together for fun. But that didn’t curb your interest so last year you made your New Years resolution to have “fun” with someone you had never done it with before. Well it’s been a full calendar year and the ball drops for a new year to begin in just a few hours and you haven’t accomplished your goal. Your at a relatives house for a New Years party so it’s extremely hopeless that you actually achieve it. Or is it? See someone else at the gathering is your (Insert Any Futa Family Member Here) and she’s been drinking a lot of Champagne and has gotten into one of her moods. Whenever she gets flirty she tends to also be a little touchy-touchy with girls, even if there related to her. So maybe if you can sneak her away from everyone else, maybe you can accomplish your resolution a few hours before making a new one! (Consensual) 13: Ada & Eve. (New) The world as you knew had ended years ago do to war and almost all sentient life was destroyed. And as far as you know the only humans left alive, rather as a miracle or curse, are you and your (insert futa family member here) meaning only one thing. If you two are the only humans left, then that means the only way the human species will survive is through the necessary act of reproduction. (Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 14: On A Dare. (New) What’s a fun time? Party’s! What makes party’s even more fun? LOTS of alcohol and stupid games that you’ll regret in the morning! But that’s sober you’s problem. Tonight you’ve been having a hell of a time at a party you are attending and about to take part in the main event “game” of night. “Mystery Partner”. A game where people are placed in a bedroom at random and no one else knows who’s paired with who. Obviously this is just a giant hookup thing but what surprises you is that when you go to your assigned bedroom, you see that your “partner” is your sister, or cousin, and at first you both think to leave. But then the alcohol starts taking over. A small bedroom, you’re both hot and bothered plus drunk, and besides…no one outside will know. How bad will one night of sin be? (Consensual)
  16. YelloweyeOfHim

    Lost Hope In Space!

    Lost Hope In Space! An Alien/Parasite/Tentacle ERP Can be either a DM/GM or NORMAL style ERP. NEW UPDATE: I ADDED IMAGES! Male looking for Female Players.(Although fellas are welcome to read, comment, or find people to do this with them!) -Also this is written with the thought of being in dark mode. If you are in bright mode there is a chance some of this will be difficult to read! Keep that in mind please- I recommend reading my preference sheet first. BACKSTORY & PLOT: In the year 2167 humanity came together under one government after centuries of conflicts and wars: The Grand Alliance. However in the time of all that fighting in the past, it became too much for the planet to handle so now the Blue Marble of the Milky Way is on a unchangeable path of becoming uninhabitable for the human race. So The Grand Alliance immediately made there first priority to be the construction of a Space Station that could hold up to 50% of Earths current population as well as to begin the process of deep space travel with the plan of making more stations if the first was successful enough. In the year 2199 the first station, and still the only one currently, was launched and placed in Earths orbit. The Angel. Named as such because of the Space Stations shape being a round ring. It has become a beacon of hope for the human race as a place of relative peace an no pollution like Earths surface. However, it is now the Year 2231 and the entire station has gone dark and quiet without warning. And no one has been able to make any form of contact. The Grand Alliance has sent multiple teams, practically enough people to make a small army, to the The Angel over the course of a month with no word from anyone they send. So now they send you and the team you are a part of as one last attempt to find out what the hell is going on without using the full might of The Grand Alliance’s army. Now we will move onto Rolls you could play as for your character(s) and there Origin in this RP/Universe. Roles will be first and then Origins. All Rolls & Origins can be mixed and matched plus be adjusted if needed if you have a OC you use in every/most rps. -Also these Roles/Origins are written in first person but that don’t mean this ERP is strictly First Person. Just wrote these like this for simplicity- ROLES. Role One: Commander. You are the leader of the Team and as such, everyone who goes with you will respect you and fallow most of your orders. Human survivors are more likely to trust you. Human enemies are more likely to be aggressive towards you. Role Two: Engineer. You are the lead engineer of the team and as such you will be protected however also be made to go out on excursions through the station. Human Survivors will be needed to be convinced to trust you. Human Enemies will be aggressive if it benefits them. Role Three: Scientist. You are the lead scientist of the team and as such will be in charge of figuring out what the problem is and how to solve it. You will be greatly protected but also greatly restricted from moving around and having much privacy. Human Survivors will needed to be convinced to trust you. Human Enemies will be greatly aggressive towards you. Role Four: Lab Rat Personal. You are a prisoner who has been sentenced either to life in prison or the death penalty. And as such you are to be used as a test subject or as a human shield. Human Survivors are less likely to trust you. Human Enemies are capable to being convinced to be allies. The Grand Alliance team have the ability to become enemies if you don’t follow their orders. Role Five: Stowaway. You actually aren’t a member of the team sent by the Government. But with how quickly everything was set up they weren’t fully checking everything they where meant to and you managed to sneak into the cargo of the ship and remained there till the ship landed on the Station and you where found. Your reason for sneaking on can be anything you want as long as it makes sense. Human Survivors will needed to be convinced to trust you. Human Enemies are are capable to being convinced to be allies. The Grand Alliance team have the ability to become enemies if you don’t fallow orders or actively go against them. ORIGINS. Origins One: Earth Born. You have lived on Earth your entire life and have never once visited The Angel Space Station. Now it’s your first time going to the station and there’s a good chance it will be up to you to save it. Origins Two: Space Baby. You were born on The Angel and lived most of your life on the space station. You only recently came to Earth for personal reasons(reason can be whatever you wish it be from a family matter to a career thing)Now you come home finding it in chaos. Origins Three: Military Family. You grew up constantly moving from place to place both on Earth and on The Angel itself. Both of your parents worked for the military and government. Due to that you never lived in the same place for long. Origins Four: Hard Life. Ever since You were a kid life has never been easy. You did whatever it took to keep yourself fed and alive. You where mostly on your own and constantly moved around from place to place. You do whatever it takes to achieve or get what you need. Now we will move on to types of characters & creatures you will interact with. Humans: Typical Humans. They can be Survivors, Allies, or Enemies. Main/Big Groups are: The Grand Alliance Special Team: The team you arrived with. Comprised 10 team members. (number can change to depend on how many characters you play as) The True Patriots: A group of people who don’t approve of the fact that every country has all joined into one. They wish to remake the United States of America, commonly now called Old America by most people within The Grand Alliance, and don’t like anyone working for the new government. The Believers: A group of people who believe, through either insanity or are forced because of the influence of the virus, that the parasites aliens are gods who just want to evolve humanity to a plan of extreme pleasure. The Administration: The name of the people who are meant to run The Angel and keep its daily functions running. Most of them are gone, most likely because of the Alien Parasite, but those that are still around are held up in the higher district with a small group of survivors and while they should be helping out the Special Team, they seem to want to stay on there own. ——— Androids: Arguably humanities greatest creation. They are not as intelligent as humans and are capable of being encrypted with a virus and turning them hostiles. Androids can appear in a few forms. Humanoid(don’t have the exact appearance as humans. You can see there metal body so that none can pose as a real human), Construction bots(like forklifts and such), and drones(meant for air support for army and cops or as cameras for security or news broadcast). ——— The Infected/Parasite: Humans, and a few other Alien species the Parasite has run into, who have been turned/infected. The Parasite can also create its own monsters/tools to use to infect victims. i.e Tentacles. Although if someone/something is either unable to be infected or is being to much trouble, The Parasite WILL kill them.(That’s not an invitation to have necrophilia/gore!) The Sick: When one is infected with the Parasite they are called Sick. Those who are “Sick” are still in control of themselves but the virus is inside them now. Those who are at this state will have full control of their main facilities but will have to deal with the fact that there body will start greatly craving physical pleasure. And trying to relieve oneself alone is typically not enough. The more they give in to this pleasure, or receive more of the Infection, the closer they are to fully turning. However if the Sick essentially go cold turkey and not have sexual encounters with others the physical need will spread across the body and start to become painful. The longer they go without pleasure, the more pain they suffer from. Majority Turned: The vast majority of people turned will be almost mindless with the only desire to fuck & infect anyone who isn’t. They aren’t, technically, zombies. They can run, open doors, crawl, attack, an so forth. But they don’t speak, just grunt, yell, & moan, so don’t expect to get any conversation out of them. The way to tell someone has turned is that there eyes will be completely pink. Pupil, iris, and scalera. The Flesh: Walls or just a mess of “Flesh”. Not made of real skin or meat, these mounds of living substance is the Parasites true physical form. It can appear as a large bubble/sack in a corner or completely fill a room from floor to ceiling. Typically will attack with Tentacles or similar things. The Enhanced: These Turned individuals are similar to the Majority but are more dangerous. There body’s have been “evolved” to be better at spreading the virus. Typically they can sprout tentacles from the exterior or interior of there body’s to use for infecting or combat. But sometimes it could be that the muscles in there legs are strengthen to allow them to jump higher and further or to run faster and longer. Or something simple like giving a female a cock to turn her into a futa. And those are not the only ways but just examples. To tell when one is like this there pink eyes will be glowing. The Voice: The most dangerous version of the infected. The Voices are very rare but extremely dangerous. They are like the Enhanced but have extreme intelligence & unlike the Majority or the Enhanced, Voices can speak, plan, and have the memories of the host within them. They will act like they are survivors to lure in unsuspecting people into traps. They can also control the other type of infected types. Make no mistakes. That may act similar to who they where before turning, but they are not that person anymore. Your Infected Character(s) and Game Over(?). This IS still a ERP. And it should come to no surprise that your character(s) will eventually become Infected and you play as a “Sick”. Everyone, NPC’s and your Character(s), have a different level of resistance to the virus in the RP. How much or how quickly the need to have sex can be discussed in the RP. But on that note, Game Over. If the other player is interested in doing a Game Over “mechanic” for either just there character(s) or for the whole ERP then I’d be willing to add this. NOTE then that there will technically be consequences for the sex/lewd scenes in the ERP once you are infected. Cuz if it happens to much then your character will fall to the virus and Turn. And for the infection rate I’m thinking that having sex with a non turned partner will increase your infection by 5 points out of 100 but with a turned it will be 15 points out of 100. But that can change or be altered if you wish. But remember that the Game Over stuff is NOT mandatory! And I think that’s everything. This is a remake of one of my ERPS from iFunny with some added stuff for more detail and options. This is also my first REAL rp post on this website and I would LOVE any and all feedback from anyone who’s been generous enough to make it this far! It a bit of a long read and I apologize for that. Just wanted to put down everything I had imagined for this plot. Would love to hear any advice anyone has on how to improve in the future for more ERP plots/posts. (also I hope I did this correctly and out this in the right category and tags)
  17. So for this rp I'm looking for a GM/DM I'm wanting to rp as a neko (futanari preferably) that was bred, and raised to be a fighter in an illegal underground arena. This being all she knows naturally making her quite violent, and short tempered. The direction this rp can go depends on what we wanna do, but here's a few ideas. As a reward for many victories in the arena my owner would give me smaller Nekos that I can take out my carnal desires on. Hopefully impregnating a few with my kin as well. After several losses my owner decides to chain me up, and let his buddies use me as they see fit to regain his losses. This could end up with me breaking free and killing them, and escaping into the outside world. Or the fighting ring is busted by local law enforcement, and I escape in the confusion, or captured either taken to some sort of rehab or kept by the guards. Etc.... If this interested you dm me.
  18. Hi! Looking for someone to do a bro/sis rp with! I dont have a specific scenario in mind, but here's some of the things I'm looking to include in the scenario: Bro/Sis (Obviously, although I'm open to something like cousins or mom/son as well.) Femdom (Required, looking for someone willing to play a submissive male and also open to bottoming) Modern Setting. (Required, never been a huge fan of fantasy, scifi or historical settings. Always just preferred simple modern slice of life settings SET IN OUR OWN WORLD. That means no scenarios like "World where men are forced to be submissive and turned into women" or something weird like that.) Ageplay. (Basically looking for something in the range of 15-19, with YC being on the younger side and MC being older.) Feminization. (Self explanatory I think? Can be anywhere from MC making YC present in a feminine manner and wearing girly clothing or go as far as making YC essentially fully transition to being a girl.) Long term. (Definitely prefer something long term. Also required is some amount of backstory and at least a page or two of build up before getting into the hot and steamy stuff.) Futa. (Not required but I usually prefer playing as a futa character.) Also not required but I absolutely love sweat, light musk, and armpits so if you're into that too let me know! If you're interested, just take a look at my preference sheet and shoot me an ecchi text and we can try and work out a scenario to play!
  19. Im a femboy sub cucky with a shrimp dick, married to a girl i met on the internet, after a while, she gets bored of my limp dick and meets a futa with the same feminine body, but a superior masculine cock to worship
  20. Soooo lately I've really been wanting to rp a nice and hung femboy. I do have a scenario in mind but if you'd like to change up the rp a bit you're free to suggest anything. Anyway, so, basically, I'd be playing a femboy, and a pretty stupid one at that, I don't mean he's dumb I mean he just sucks at school, his grades are low and his teachers aren't really that fond of him, all besides one. A quite tall and busty lady, his uhh, idk, math teacher or something. This would be your character, she could be either a futa or a female, of course you'd be the dom in this scenario. She wants to help me actually get a passing grade so we're studying at her house or at school after the classes end when she just forces herself on me, either because she's mad since I'm too stupid to understand arithmetic or just because she wants to. If she was a futa she can just use my ass as a cocksleeve tbh. I don't exactly know how long the rp is gonna be but we could probably finish it in a session or two, it's nothing too complex. I don't care how much you write, as long as it's longer than one line we're good. All I ask for is decent grammar, that's it. I'm no expert so please don't be too rough on me.
  21. Kris

    Hello,looking for Futas

    Hello,I'm new in this site...and I like Futas. I'm a switch so,you can Dom and Sub or even switch. Characters that I play are Males and Femboys And Furry,Scalie,Non Human Futas are welcome(specially Scalies) So...wanna have fun?
  22. Kris

    Male looking for Mommies or Futas

    Tittle says enough. Please,comment first before text me Oh and,I play male characters as a whole. Any plot and length are welcome btw
  23. I...hope I'm doing this right. But I'm looking to play as a Shota while you someone play as either a Girl or Futa. Ask for text so we can discuss on there
  24. Kris

    Futa Cock Ranking

    Show me a Futa...and I will rank their cock Inspired by:https://youtu.be/SGNExgpQQ-Q
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