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  1. On the continent of Scalia, there are two countries locked in a semi-hot war. One is the Empire of Absol, A totalitarian Empire that crushes any opponent they can, And the resilient Freelands, A collection of kingdoms and Merc. Bands. In this, a pair of adventurers live. One, a legendary warrioress who was once an Absolian slave Warrior. Another is a rookie adventurer that, though very green, has great potential. And the two may change the stalemate. Character:
  2. Asmodoeus City was a peculiar one. While a thriving metropolis, It was up there as one of the worst hives in crime in the country, often with some twist straight out of a porno. The place had seen attempts to be tame it, by the heroes and police department, but nothing seemed to stick. Any prorgess would rapidly degenerate quickly, until they came A team of heroes(either exclusivly heroines or some heroes thrown in) Managed to do a great deal to clean the city and keep it clean. This, naturally led them to developing enemies. Ones that wish to take the (prominent) members from their lofty positions and beaus. Time will tell if they are taken and made into the worst the city has seen, or if they may yet be saved. Preferred Role: The (female) Heroes
  3. Kinda looking to do A group of phantom thieves reforming society by stealing damning proof of crimes in a semi-future dystopia sorta thing. Though given the thieves are all female with boyfriends/girlfriends that, while kept in the dark, are vulnerable to those in charge to be used as leverage. And then comes (possible) breaking. Preferred Role: The Thieves
  4. JennyDK

    DDLC FxF romance.

    I am simply looking for someone wanting to do a long termed romantic RP with, where we each play a girl from the Literature Club. However we start off and what sparks any romance, I would love to discuss with you and come to an agreement I just want wholesome and sweet fun and romance I wish to play as Natsuki, but you may play either of the other three Bonus points: Playing as a futa Playing as a two dicked futa The more romantic, the more I will love ya
  5. onearmeddruid

    forbidden love

    It's a normal day at school, the Hungarian teansfer student Sonja is an odd one. She wears a military uniform ovet the school uniform, a red scarf and brown gloves. You have seen some of the other girls grope her very large breasts and ass from time to time trying to convince her to loosen up. You are her teacher well, her main teacher as she is in five of your classes, Ms.Bellerose (not set in stone you can choose a different name)),you have eyes on one specific girl. Sonja the only student who could rival your assets. the thought of her naked makes you wet. However you know the rules, you cannot be involved with a student.
  6. KinkyKathy

    Caught by housekeeping

    Based on a Bondage video I seen recently....a girl gets a hotel room for herself... she wants to experiment with bondage but wants to be private. She brings some supplies, strips nude, ballgags herself and puts handcuffs on her ankles. It takes more time but after she puts blindfold on she manages to handcuffs her wrists behind her back.. She wiggles around on the bed, moaning, pretending she's a captive.... She forgets to remove the housekeeping need sign off the door...there's a knock then a female housekeeper comes in and sees the nude and now panicked girl...... What happens next?..??does the housekeeper find some toys and fucks her? Will she leave her to struggle while she finishes her shift, then kidnaps her?....I'll leave that up to you
  7. Alright, after joining here and taking a look around, it's probably a good idea to start looking for an RP, so here I am. For now the thread will be pretty basic, but I'll probably expand it somewhere down the line when I have a minute or two or thirty. Anyway, let's get started: What I'm looking for in a partner: Honestly, it's not that much: - plays a female or futa character (futa preferred, more possibilities and whatnot, both fine though) - plays a dominant character, or a switch at least (I don't enjoy playing the dominant one at all so yeah) - semi-decent English (not expecting perfection, it's not even my first language either, but coherent is what you should aim for.) - on average 1-3 paragraphs per message (any more and I can't match, any less and it's boring to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) What you can expect from me: - plays a female or futa character (here I prefer female, though if someone insists, I can go futa) - all the things I expect from you tbh, not asking for what I'd be unable to give back, y'know? Also I'm not making any promises about message speed, and I don't hold you to any real deadlines too, since I can reply 20 minutes after your post, or it can take me 1,5 a week to do so, so I mean, as long as you don't leave me hanging for half a month or more, we Gucci. Kinks: Kinks: + Slavery, transformation - in particular breast and ass expansion, and mental changes, bondage (gags and collars in particular), corruption, getting piercings and tattoos (in particular womb tattoos), breeding, watersports, anal plugs, tentacles, humiliation, exotic cocks, big dicks, threesomes, gangbangs, public use, cumplay - creampies, facials, eating/drinking cum, cum inflation, hypnosis, bimbofication (mostly the intelligence loss), squirting - Scat, guro, loli, sadism, feet, abdl, furries, torture, death, underage characters The plots: At last, the probably most important part. For now just a few basic ones, but will expand on them. Also they're pretty much all very smut heavy, so if you don't like that, you probably won't find anything for you here. And for the record YC = Your Character, MC = My Character. Plots in pink are the ones I'm particularly craving. The plots: Also in case none of these seem right for you, but you'd still like to RP with me, feel free to propose your own ideas. Here's a list of pairings I'd be fine with playing, in case you need some to fuel your creativity. Note that the underlined one is the one I'd rather play, if none are underlined, I can be either. Some can be combined too. The pairings: And that's it for now. Do note that I'm more than willing to do multiple partners, so if you'd like to play as, say, two older sisters against me playing as the youngest one, or mutiple kidnappers handling a princess, that'd be a-ok.
  8. AirAllie14

    RP Ideas

    (Post under construction, but your still welcome to read around and see if there are any you like!) Hi there! I’m Allie, nice to meet you! Welcome to my post filled with lots of different rp ideas and plots that I would love to do with anyone! Firstly, let me start off and say that I am strictly sub! Now that that’s out of the way, I have been rping for over 3 years now. I can post short lengths of post and I can post long posts, really up to you really on which you prefer. I typically play female characters but I do enjoy playing traps/femboys as well. I am very open to kinks and have very few limits, check out my preference to get a good grip on what I like and don’t like or you can just ask me about a specific kink. For these stories, they can all go different ways and I can either play female or trap for really any of the stories, up to you which you’d prefer. I will also take any kinds of partners, Males, Females, Futas, Traps, as long as your the dominant one, your good with me! Now then, here are my ideas: 1. The Demon Maid. One day while walking home from work, your character discovers a strange book laying on the floor in an alleyway. The look is old and tattered, some of the pages ripped. You decide to pick it up and take it home. When you get home you begin to read the book discovering that it is in fact a book which tells you how to summon a demon. Of course, you think it’s not real and a total hoax so you decided to test the ritual and that’s when I appear. I explain everything to you and we make a contract with each other, binding me to you and now I live as your maid, tending to your every need and forced to obey your every request. There is one price for my services, your cum. 2. In this world, monsters exist, everyone refers to them as demons. No one knows where they came from, but they exist. You are tasked with eliminating these demons as a hunter. One day, you discover an old building, it is rundown and decrepit. Inside you find, blood, lots of it everywhere along with bodies. In the center you find me, crying, my knees up to my face, blood also covering my body. When you approach me, I look up and you see my eyes, blood red and you see fangs in my mouth, you think that I killed these people but I didn’t, someone else did and he turned me into a demon. They say that you lose yourself when you become one, but I didn’t, I still remember everything and I don’t want to kill anyone. 3. It was a night like any other. I always walk home like this everyday from school, something was different however. When I passed by an alley, I saw it, these was a man laying on the floor, another man/woman (you) slumped over him biting his neck. You hear me and turned over to see me, your mouth bloody, two holes in the man’s neck. I feel stricken with fear and immediately take off run, hoping and praying that you weren’t following. 4. In the land, there once existed dragons, but now how people thought. These dragons were humanoid but could still fly and breath fire. Mysteriously, all died out, except for one (me). You are a hunter, one day while walking around, you stumble upon me. I immediately try to flee knowing that it was one of your kind that killed mine and that you would do the same to me. Will you turn me in and kill me or will you try to befriend me and keep me safe from those who would kill me. 5. Tonight was a regular night, you got into bed and drifted off to sleep. Your cat jumped up onto the bed with you and laid down at your side purring and cuddling against your chest. In the morning, you feel the heat of something next to you. You figure it was your cat but it wasn’t, it was something bigger. Looking over, you see a young naked girl, her hair was white and she had white cat ears atop it’s head and a long white tail. The girl wore a collar on her neck, the name of your cat was written on it. This girl was your cat, she had transformed into a cat girl. 6. I recently transferred to your school, I’m your typical shy and quiet type so I don’t talk to many people and many people don’t talk to me figuring that I was a loner. Your the bad boy/girl, one day while hanging out with your friends, one gives you a bet. He tells you that he’ll give you a lot of money if you became my boy/girlfriend for a month. You agreed for the money. At first, your just doing this for the money but over time, we start to develop a deeper relationship and soon when the month ends, you have to make a choice, you either break up with me and take the money, or you give up all the money to be with me. 7. Little Red Riding Hood. For this rp, I’ll play as Red and you play as the wolf. You can either play a furry wolf or a humanoid wolf guy, up to you really. This rp could go two ways, either on her way to her grandmother’s house, the wolf finds Red in the woods and rapes her or we could go the romantic route. Here me out, is this ridiculous... maybe. So the two could meet in the woods and subtly begin to form a relationship together, maybe he saves her from another pack of wolves or she finds him starving and offers him some of the goodies in her basket or she finds him hurt and brings him home where she tends to his wounds. If you do choose this rp to do with me, let me know what role you would like to go down and also feel free to let me know your own ideas. 8. I’m really craving an incest role between siblings recently. What I had in mind was two siblings who are very close. One day the brother just had enough, he had always had dirty thoughts of his sister and one day it becomes too much and he rapes her. Of course after that day she is distraught about what just happened but then, she starts to come around and the two begin to develop a romantic relationship with each other. For this one, if you don’t like rape we can just have it as like he confesses to her and things go from there. Any ages will work as long as I’m the younger one. I can play loli, shota, and I’ll go up to maybe 21, you’re welcome to play any age you want or we can even be twins if you’d like, I’ve been really craving twin incest a lot lately. For this one I can play female or trap if you’d like, just tell me which. MxF MxM FxF all work for this one.
  9. Ao one rp idea I want to try is an rp about a boy being transfered to an all girl school and being stuck there. As such there will only be 1 male character allowed and I was hoping to have one or two more female characters beaides myself. I kinda want to see if we can keep this going as a long term rp if possible. If anyone is interested let me know.
  10. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    The Troublesome Shapeshifter

    There is a strange individual around town. No one really knows the truth of anything about this person. True name, age, gender, past. All of it is a mystery, none of which the individual is inclined to reveal. It may not even be human, but for the most part no one really can say anything about it for sure. This individual is a shapeshifter. That is about the only thing anyone can say for sure. People have seen the person shift their form. Sometimes male, sometimes female, their favorite hobby is to play with the desires and taboos of those around them. Sometimes s/he fulfills personal fantasies, sometimes s/he intentionally picks a form to make the other person uncomfortable. Most likely s/he has a website/email address where people can make requests and sometimes s/he goes looking for people to have fun with, at least sometimes the person may not even realize it is the shapeshifter, sometimes they know, and sometimes they suspect but can't/won't confirm. The shapeshifter is known to occasionally attend classes at local schools as well, but it is unknown if that is a confirmation of true age, or if the shapeshifter has influence with people in power to allow it (s/he does have such influence, but it may or may not be necessary for this particular arrangement). This can a lot of ways, along with one or more characters, the shapeshifter could take forms of: Random male with female partner Random female with male partner Random female with female partner Random futa with female partner Form of the other character's friend/crush/lover/relative/lover of someone they know. Form of a fictional character Form of a teen for older character Form of older character for a teen Same aged form Non-human form Possibly other things too. The other character could be a stranger, a classmate, maybe even a casual friend (in that they do stuff together, but the friend still doesn't really know much about the shapeshifter). More likely than not the truth of the shapeshifter will remain hidden. Don't have much of a story planned at this point, it will largely depend on the other character(s). It potentially could include things like cheating/affairs or 'fake incest' (in the sense of taking the form of someone else's relative), possibly sometimes doing it openly, sometimes pretending to be the one s/he is impersonating. Possibly with the idea of tempting the other character to do something they might not otherwise.
  11. Washingpole_victory

    A twisted lesdom romance

    Heya everyone! As the title says I'm looking for a female domme to have both a cruel and gentle lesbian roleplay with! In this I'm looking to play a rather taboo relationship between my character, a relatively young, virgin girl, pure and untouched by others hands, who is quite naive being taken advantage of by your character, who I would imagine to be in their mid to late thirties and teaches my character about the world and her body, but in ways that aim to twist my character's perception of the world and make her fall deeply in love with your character whilst breaking down her connections to everyone else. I want the relationship between our characters to feel deeply romantic despite how twisted and wrong it really is, that's out of the bedroom at least, in the bedroom your character will be a harsh and downright sadistic domme to my character as she trains her and moulds her into the perfect little sub to satisfy her every sexual desire. Some examples of pairings I think would be fun: - Mother and Daughter: I'm in my last year of highschool and nearly ready to fly the nest for university, however you have other plans, my father had left us at a young age and you've been raising me by yourself, watching me develop into the beautiful girl I am today and you cant bear to see me leave, you need my companionship, not just as a daughter, but as a partner and you desire my body too and so you decide that you'll convince me to stay with you, but not only that, you'll take my virginity too and make me fall in love with you the same what that you love me. - Schoolgirl and Teacher: you've always been my favourite teacher and, although I may not know it, I've always been your favourite student, though it wasn't for my good grades, or for my attentiveness in class, no it was because you always thought that I was a sweet girl with an even sweeter body, and so you've decided that no matter what you'll make me yours, how will you do it? Will you keep me after class? Maybe ask to see me in the office? Heck maybe you could offer to drive me home, but instead you ask me if I want to have some fun and when i say yes you hurry us to a sex club? Eventually I want us to be more than a fling and fall truly in love, perhaps I even move in with you. - Schoolgirl and Businesswoman: you're a successful businesswoman who has always enjoyed the company of an obedient sub who's been more than happy to please throughout the years, however she has recently moved on and so you're in the market once again for a new girl to train, that's where I come in, perhaps I've found myself in the wrong part of town or stumbling into some form of naughty establishment, you catch sight of me and seeing how pretty I am as well as how innocent and lost I look you decide that you'll present yourself as a friendly face who wants naught but to help, seeing how curious I look about my surroundings you offer to teach me about the world I've found myself in, once you find out just how pure I am that'll be the icing on the cake. I want you to tear me out of my previous life and make me believe that you're the only person that cares about me in the world and along the way, despite how twisted our relationship is, I want us to fall deeply in love. Also I should mention that I play in first person
  12. onearmeddruid

    A breast friend

    Outside your small town lies two fortresses embroiled in a rather ridiculous war between the two factions. On what folks call the blue side a young medic resides. Due to somenslight disagreements between both faction companies and the town council led to her being forced to go to your high school despite being in her early twenties. She was odd to day the least she behaved like a child at times and completely serious the next. Though you noticed she was always disappointed in the schools science lab never getting to do any experinents she wanted to do. So gathering up your courage you walked up to the tather curvaceous woman anf asked if she bwould like to do some science experiments with her. Thisnwill involve breast expansion, possible gender change or change to a futa
  13. onearmeddruid

    That Vampiric witch i found

    You were dragged along to a supposedly haunted castle in Hungary by a band a criminals the hope was to find long lost riches within. luckily the band started to argue amongst themselves on waht to do cops were searching the forest and wouldnt be long until they find such a castle.. Sensing an opportunity to escape you ran into what looked like a throne room to find a shriveled corpse upon the thrown. Your escape was short lived as the criminals find you. One cuts your cheek leaving a droplet on the corpse. ((Lesbian/futaxf)) ((takes place in the modern day
  14. The two men watched and waited for the attractive brunette to make it towards her car. It took only seconds for the capture to take place. Despite the girl's struggling, a rag doused with chloroform over her nose and mouth effetcively stopped all further struggling. She was carried out of the evening parking lot and into the waiting van.....the pet sore would be closing for the night soon and they had to get her inside. When the 18 year old brunette woke up, she was naked, ballgagged and crouched over on her knees in a wire cage. She wasn't alone....she was in a row of cages, each one with a nude and gagged girl inside. Alexis was in a pet shop. The next morning Cassandra came to the store....her last slave didn't last as long as she had hoped and it was time to replace her. The girl she had would eventually be found brainwashed, naked, hogtied and gagged out on a deserted desert highway..... The 28 year old dark haired professional dominatrix looked at the old man. "I have a new shipment of canaries and hamsters," she said....Cassandra shook her head. "No," she said...."I came to see your inventory in the back room...." He unlocked the back door and led her into the room....a dozen nude and gagged captives in a row....she walked down the aisle until her eyes settled on a sexy brunette with nice round, full tits. "Keep her caged," she said...I want her plugged and clamped....she needs to know her place before arriving at her new home...." The man nodded, watching the woman leave the store. He brought out a 3 foot long pole with a huge dildo on the end. The cage was so small the captives had to be on their knees, crouched over, their asses in the air. He took the pole and rammed it through the cage bars, impaling the brunette in her ass. He then took a set of nipple clamps, opened the cage door, secured them on her tits then took heavy duty string, attached it to the clamps and tied the ends to the cage wall.
  15. Vanessa cruised the night streets, searching for a replacement sex slave....she bought one or two in auctions, used them until their bodies became too useless. With their ass holes and vaginas permanently gaped so large you could slip both hands inside, they were found out along a desert highway, nude gagged tied and brainwashed, having no recollection as to how they got there. The 30 year old dark haired brunette was on the prowl. Kidnapping prostitutes were easy but they were already well used. No, she needed a fiesty new young girl. Raking a shortcut through an alley she finally came across her victim....a sexy looking slender young girl. She pulled over close to her, sprang out and suddenly grabbed her, a rag doused with chloroform over her nose and mouth. Within seconds the girl was out. After making sure they were alone, she tied her hands behind her back, bound her ankles and gagged her with tape. Stuffing her in the trunk, she sped off through the night. They arrived at her penthouse apartment on top of a 40 story high rise. Making sure the coast was clear, she carried the girl into the apartment and dropped her on the living room floor. Getting a glass of wine, she sat and waited for her victim to wake up.
  16. Dewdrop

    Lets do something!

    Hi there it's just me Dew looking for some rp's to do! I have a few plots below and my preference page linked(please read it to make sure we are a good match first), most of the plots are pretty open to leave room to add more of what we would like. If you don't like any of the ideas I have and want to create one together please feel free to message me! 1. His life has never summed up for much, working a minimum wage job has gotten him by just barely all these years until luck grabs him by his arms and helps him fly. He wins the largest lottery in history and from then on his life is never the same. She knew him just a little from going in to his old job but when she heard this old man had won the lottery she thought it would be easy to swindle him for his money. When he offered to take her on a vacation it was an easy yes, and once abroad it was even easier for her to agree to a quick elopement behind all her friends and families back. . . After all everything was going according to plan. Except she had no clue what she was getting into and the sex depraved man she was marrying. (I would like to play the girl in this and the other role can be changed to match what gender you would like as well.) 2. (This takes place in the world of Fallout, but doesn't have to follow with much of anything from the games. I would like to play the girl and the other character is really open for who/what you would like. Let me know if you want to use a certain game map.) The nukes were going to fall and she was offered the deal of a lifetime, sleep in something like cryo until the world is once more restored and an Eden to live in. What she didn't know was the years she slept the scientist in charge of her began an experiment of their own. After over 200 years, the scientist long gone left only brief experiment notes and instructions on how to wake her, someone/something finally stubbles across her. When awakened a sweet smell filled the room and followed her wherever she went, stirring living things into a horny state. Not only that changed, after each time she has sex her body changed, became more lewd and is completely unable to say no to anyone's advances. The wasteland is already a hard place to survive let alone being her. 3. A demon/monster king's dream is to rule not only their world but the world of the humans as well- A princess as perfect as they come seems to be the best first move. In her dreams the princess is ravished over and over again until she awakens the next day. At first she can't seem to get the dreams out of her head, then signs of the night begin showing even on her waking body making her question what is real and what is not. On the eve of her wedding to a foreign prince the monster king's plans are revealed to the princess. . . And is it too late for her to do anything to stop the king? (I would prefer to play the princess)
  17. FieryDreams

    Supernatural Event

    Being young and dumb is half the fun, but never in your life would you have been this stupid... When a an abandoned placed is marked to be "dangerous, no trespassing". Wouldn't it be best to stay away? Your character will travel to a place of legend and mystery near by. This could be an abandoned mansion, laboratory, or a religious site. What you find there depends on your desires/kinks. You could find monsters, insects, ghosts, and/or demons. In this story you will play as a young woman. Possibly in high-school (no younger than 16), college, or et cetra. We can play as a group of friends as well (I'll help). It doesn't have to end after one encounter. Let's keep the ball rolling until we find an endgame or not, but death is never an option here.
  18. onearmeddruid

    In the jungle (tf2 themed)

    Graymann unleashed his horde of robots against Mann co. In new mexico but losses from his allies in blu havevslowed him to a crawl. Now to find something to improve upon his robotic minions even if he had to betray boy just to do it, thrusts into the jungles of Africa. Well against thatbone tiny outpost with one medic. Sonja shuts her eyes as the droning ticks of clock ring through the humid air. She is tired aching to get something to play with, by that she wants to donsome experiments, her dark green uniform with a blue cross. Dirty from sweat and mud as her bright bluebeyes looknaround the small but she called a lab.
  19. For this play, my writing partner can be either male or female, son or daughter.....I want to play a mother in her mid 30's whos only sex she has with her husband is vanilla and straight missionary....you know, the 'slam-bam-thank you maam' variety. She thinks this is the only way sex is supposed to be in married life. Her son (or daughter) unbeknownst to her, had had years of dreams and fantasies about mom, loving they way she looks naked, what it would be like to fuck her, etc.....finally while husband is at work it happens.....she's seduced and LOVES it but there's a catch......the only way her offspring will have sex with her is when she's tied up and gagged...soon she's hooked on BDSM.....but how the hell will she keep it a secret from her husband? we could complicate things even more if she becomes pregnant (either by her son or forced semen injection with a syringe if it's a daughter)
  20. KinkyKathy

    Just for the ladies....

    As the title suggests, I want to do a roleplay about 2 young women experiencing their first lesbian love affair....how they meet can be discussed with my potential partner....they both feel it's taboo but in the end they just can't deny their feelings.... it can be incest based as sisters, maybe co workers, who knows? there can be domination involved but not a game changer if you don't want...I want to base the story on this pic
  21. Looking back on things, Lacy had always been a little suspicious of Jarod. The first semester at college when 20 year old blonde Lacy first met Jessica, they seemed to hit it off perfectly. The 19 year old brunette Lacy at first was worried about getting to know proved to be a good friend. Lacy had been in plenty of teen sleep overs at friend's houses so being in bed with another girl didn't bother her. She was hetero and had a on again, off again boyfriend, so it wasn't as if any sexual exploration was going on....it was a simple matter of logistics. The dorm room, like most, was small, only big enough for a desk for each of them to study on and neither girl was crazy about bunk beds, so when the idea came up to share a bed they both agreed. Lacy wasn't sexually adventurous but wasn't inexperienced either and her......'activities' seemed to worry her brunette roommate. As always, Lacy waved her on and laughed. She finally stayed (more or less) with a regular guy and took precautions. Lacy became suspicious with Jarod from day one, ever since Jessica brought him to their dorm room. Maybe it was his semi brooding personality, his devil may care attitude or that he never seemed to be serious about his grades, she didn't know. She knew that between them, Jessica had less experience with guys and Lacy often tried to give her 'pointers', most of which fell upon deaf ears. It turned out both girls would soon have reason to worry. Jarod was being paid well to obtain unwilling females for a group of 'investors' as they liked to call themselves. After attending a few of their 'get togethers' Jarod knew exactly what was going on.....sex trafficking. A sex slave auction was regularly held and there was enough fresh attractive girls and young women, both on campus and off to satisfy the demands. Becoming close to Jessica made things not only easier for him but potentially profitable.....the next auction was coming up and they were two girls short. Jarod made up his mind to kidnap both girls. Unknown to Lacy, Jessica liked and trusted him enough to make him a key to their room. One night, he gathered his supplies---rope, duct tape and chloroform---and entered the hallway. Lacy thought she heard a sound but went back to sleep, back to back against Jessica. Quickly, he doused a rag with the drug and smothered Lacy's face, mashing it over her nose and mouth. She struggled for a moment, arms flailing but quickly passed out. Her movements woke up Jessica but he was ready for her as well..... "Wake up Jess," he growled, slapping her across the face a few times. He looked over at the passed out girl beside her. Throwing some rope and a ballgag on the bed, he pointed at Lacy. "Tie her up, gag her and lay on your belly.....do it or you'll be sorry...."
  22. KinkyKathy

    Corporate Kink

    A successful corporate manager, high up in one those big city high rises is looking for a new private secretary. I play the girl that has just been hired.....what very few people know is that the manager wants her not as a secretary but as a human room decoration....no sooner does she enter the office, she's forced to strip naked (either by the manager or another assistant), gagged and tied spread apart to a chair. What happens to the unsuspecting secretary? dildos in all holes while she struggles? nipple and labia clamps? some things even worse?
  23. galacticmud

    just a mud's cravings!

    current rp slots: 0/15 hello there! ♡ my name is galacticmud(21), but please call me mud! i use she & they pronouns and i've been roleplaying for around eleven years. it's such a pleasure to make your online acquaintance! i adore roleplaying and have been doing so since the ripe age of ten! i am only interested in writing and roleplaying, so i would prefer if you didn't flirt or call me pet names outside of the roleplay. (but i'm also happy to just chat if you'd like to become friends! i am a pretty descriptive writer, and i categorize myself as an advanced literate to novella literate writer! my replies are typically six to eight paragraphs long, five sentences each. i am looking for writers who can write at least five to six paragraphs. i only roleplay in third person, so please don't pm if you only do first - apologies! although i am a switch, i am currently interested in roleplaying against dominant writers currently while i play submissive. i have many plot ideas based off of drawn photos, which i will be linking. i only have a few plots where i will be playing as dominant, they will be listed! anyways, here's some ideas i've been craving! (all photos listed in my plots are NSFW so please be warned!) the class of sin | mxf | i don't particularly have a set idea for this, but based off the profile i was thinking of this being set within the ages of 1900-1909. sex is still a very taboo subject, but there's still the expectation of a woman being able to please her husband. mc would be a young woman who is being introduced into the dating scene and has been signed up for classes that teach young women how to please their husband. yc would be someone who participates in the class to hell these women learn, and begins to form a sexual and romantic bond towards mc. (i play submissive f) orc and elf | futaxf | again, i don't have much of a plot for this one since there comic it's based off of is pretty straight forward - elf princess explores her sex drive and faux innocence with her new futa orc bodyguard. i'd love the help of someone else to bounce ideas around and form this into a full plot! (i play submissive f) after service | mxf | mc is a married woman, a loving mother and a christian woman. she is devoted to god and loved going to church, however she seems to have a problem with her church's new priest. yc, her churches new priest, is also a pornstar/camworker. mc is very familiar with yc due to her own dirty secrets, and goes to confront yc after service only to be put in her place by a much more experienced man that her husband. (i play submissive f) the witch | mxfuta or futaxf | mc is a witch who's lived within arms reach of the daughter/son of a farmer, yc, watching from afar. it isn't until one night when her lust magic backfires on her, mc decides that she's done watching and sneaks up on yc (who's innocently picking herbs and berries from the woods), enticing yc to come to her home for tea and sweets only to feast upon them the second the door closes. (i play dominant futa) the retired orc | mxfuta or futaxf | mc is a renowned orc general who's just retired into a simple farm life, relocating in the mountains to live a simple and happy life. because she served her kingdom so well, the king of the orcs decide to bestow her a forced wife/husband - a kidnapped elf (yc) who is now mc's new spouse. mc is very soft with yc, not forcing them to do anything until yc catches mc pleasuring herself and becomes curious of their supposed relationship. (i play dominant futa) lovers of sin | mxfxfuta | this will require my partner to play two characters - so unless you're comfortable with play two characters please disregard this plot. / mc is a demon who's forced her way into a church in a small town and has made it her new home, tainting the once holy place with her presence. the townspeople, tired of the demon, contact local exorcists to drive mc out of their town. ycs, the exorcists - one new, one experienced - do not believe the rumors of the demon being there and are taken off guard when the demon seduced them into sin. (i play submissive female) the human queen and elven king | futaxm | elves and humans have ravaged war for eons, however with a new king and new queen in charge the two decide it is best to put their differences aside to create peace. the human queen, yc, and the elven king, mc, decide to go on a walk throughout the elven kingdoms gardens to discuss their treaty and with the elves lack of belief in clothing - things take a turn neither of them expected. (i play submissive m) that's all i have for now, ecchitext me if you are interested in any of my plots, or have a plot you think might interest me! when texting, please please please put effort into your messages! first impressions matter to me, and if get just a simple "wanna rp?" message it'll seriously turn me off from wanting to roleplay with you - actually put effort into plotting with me please! i look forward to roleplaying with you!
  24. Lillian could hardly wait for Gwen to arrive. Despite the child being only 11 years old, she had already began developing into a beautiful young girl....her tits had already progressed from a pair or pimples to a training bra, even though she didn't need too much more training. The girl obviously got her nice sized titties from the family tree.....for over a hundred years, all the women had developed far too early, creating embarrassment for the girls but arousal from the young men in the city. Lillian was also a futa, a woman blessed---or cursed, depending on how one would look on it. She had a 10 inch cock and for quite a while, wanted nothing more than to bury it in the little girl. Gwen's mother was also a futa. Since neither had a vagina, the mother had to adopt and Gwen was only a few months old when arrangements were made. When Gwen was old enough to notice the differences between mother and daughter, Lillian was sure the child was given some sort of bullshit excuse. Whatever Gwen's mother told her, Lillian couldn't care less. One day Gwen appeared at her doorstep, her mother next to her. Turned out that Mom had someplace to go and asked if Lillian would babysit her, apologizing for the last minute request. Lillian gazed at the girl's tits under her shirt, smiled and said yes. "So...," Lillian said after Mom left. "What would you like to do?" Plans were already in her mind about how she would restrain the little girl....there was no hesitation in her mind...she was going to rape Gwen.
  25. A young teen loves her laptop, frequenting on line chatrooms. She finds someone and soon becomes friendly with them. One night while on chat, her screen goes blank, a gray screen quickly replacing it. In capitals, the words 'STAND IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN AND DISPLAY YOUR TITS' flashes... The girl panics, closing her laptop. It makes chiming sounds...more words appear, warning her never to close the laptop unless she's told to...turns out the other person is an expert hacker, finds out where the girl lives and goes to her place while she's out, wiring her bedroom. They make videos of her while she plays with herself, threatening to release the videos unless she cooperates. I'm looking for a guy or girl to play the hacker....how far will it go? torturing her, making her do other more explicit things? eventually I'd like to see the mysterious hacker order her to come to his/her place where they would kidnap her and make her their sex slave..... Warning! I love including bondage and all sorts of BDSM elements
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