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  1. Vilma watched the 17 year old redhead beauty as she walked back across the schoolyard to her dorm. Private schools always seemed to have the cutest, sexiest girls....all wearing those plaid and pleated short skirts, those white starched button front blouses, ankle lengths socks....maybe a nice pristine white cotton bra underneath.... She had to shake herself back into reality. After stalking her prey, she knew the redhead's roommate had a class that just started so her prey would be alone in her dorm room. Carrying a vial of chloroform and a rag in her pocket, she walked across the compound and into the dorm. Sure enough, after finding the girl's room she knocked. The redhead answered the door. At 32, Vilma was still strong. She burst into the room, throwing the door closed behind her. As the girl struggled, she doused the rag and pressed the drug soaked cloth over her nose and mouth. Soon the girl passed out. Vilma carried her out....as coeds watched, she looked over her shoulder. "Taking her to her doctor," she said..... placing the girl in the car she sped off to her mansion. Once there, she took her into her playroom. In one corner was a steel cage. Vilma stripped her naked, attached clover clamps to her nipples and stuffed her, ass first into the cage. attaching wires to the clamps, she anchored them down to the cage floor, the girl's tits now pointing down. Her hands were tied behbind her back. Vilma took a glass of wine, settled in aq chair near the cage and waited for her slave to wake up.
  2. Lacy and Jenny had always been close. They had to be, since their parents seemed to enjoy their jobs more than they did spending time with their daughters. Lacy being 18 and Jenny only a year younger, they knew each other fairly well, or at least her younger sister thought she did....Lacy was a lesbian. Coming out of the closet at 16, her parents still had no idea of their older daughter's sexual preferences and failed to notice that she never brought any boys home. In addition to the usual teenage social problems that all young girls faced, Lacy had one more....not only was she a lesbian, she was in love with Jenny, or at least in lust. Lacy wanted her. Seeing Jenny naked often at home as well as showering together in school, she knew every inch of her raven haired sister's body and for years secretely yearned to explore it further. How many nights had she dreamed of having sex with her, of kissing her, of binding and gagging her....yesw, Lacy was also a dominate. Day afterday, month after month she desired her. Finally one day while their parents were at work, she went into Jenny's room. She sat down beside her and without any warning, leaned over and kissed her.
  3. Hi!.....put in a similar request along these same lines but it didn't work out, so I'm trying it again.....I want to play a teacher that enjoys teasing and flirting with her students....short skirts, tight blouse (with or without bra)....constantly dropping pencils so she could bend over and torment both male and female students alike. One day it gets to much and one of the students comes in after class, forces her to strip, gags her, ties her up and rapes her. She ends up being his/her sex slave....pregnancy is also a possibility This can be either Fxf or Mxf
  4. ~ Tentacles In My Girlfriend's Vent? ~ Everyday seemed the same. Get up, go to school, and come home and sleep until the cycle repeats itself. At least that's what it would've seemed like if it weren't for someone who brightened up their day, nearly every day that is. A couple of two girls had been together for quite a while, they had met each other at their academy on the first day. It seemed like they only hung out with each other because they didn't know anyone else, and they were both shy enough to only keep to themselves most of the time. And in a lot of other ways, they had a lot in common. Their friendship together, their trust, soon turned into a full on relationship where they began to love each other. And everything looked normal for them, but for one of them, who had planned to bring their significant other over to their home... Noticed something. There were strange noises coming from the vents, and all of sudden, they met them. These... Weird tentacles. They could talk, and they warned her that if their girlfriend was loud, something bad would happen. That same day, they couldn't help keeping their hands off each other. After such a long time, the most fun they had was teasing each other, but more was needed. When they had come back to her house, only just from slight touches, the pleasure had rushed to one of their bodies, causing them to squeal. Loud enough for the tentacles to hear, and they rose up above both of them. What they'd do then would depend on what they would... Would they fight them off, or possibly accept them into their fun times together? There were only seconds to decide... So they had better decide well. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hey there! Mhmm..! So this roleplay, I wanna try something just a bit different. For this one, I would like to play at least two characters, depending on your preferences that is. Where a Yuri couple are interrupted by tentacles that may or may not want in on something they've been teasing each other for. And even though I'm a guy in real life, I believe that I do the girl role pretty well. I've definitely had my experience a long time back then... So why not add something that more people may enjoy, along with something that I do? Tentacles and Yuri! What could be better? Some things I look for in roleplay are: Decent Spelling/Grammar (This doesn't mean perfect, but somewhat alright spelling, punctuation, and grammar is nice to keep things concise!) Minimal Fluff (Fluff is alright sometimes, but when unnecessary details start to contradict the roleplay, or let alone stop it. We may have a problem..!) Decent Length (About 2 - 3 or maybe even 4 paragraphs are plenty! You do not have to be a professional writer, but a good amount of details and such are very encouraging.) Expressive Text/Dialogue (Like when a character uses ' ~ ! ? -- ' You know? Those little things that make roleplays just that more expressive? Things like that if it makes sense.) But things that I don't enjoy in a roleplay are: Lack Of Direction (Surprises are fun and all, but if a roleplay has no structure or anything to it then it sort of becomes confusing and aimless... You know?) One Liners (One liners are incredibly discouraging. Especially if you work hard on a good few paragraphs to only get one or two sentences, or even worse... One word.) Ghosting (Please, if you're going to EcchiText me and discuss things with me, then please do not ghost it. If you have to take a break or stop the roleplay, please let me know because that's okay. It's very discouraging and annoying developing a roleplay to only have it fade away for no reason. So please, if we develop a roleplay, please do not ghost it.) So with that out of the way, let's discuss kinks! For this roleplay, I mean, obviously I would like tentacles and some cute romantic things with the Yuri couple. But besides those main things, perhaps casual sex, slight BDSM, slight masochism, and of course... You cannot forget, dirty talk! I think that has to be my favorite, I mean what is a good sex scene without dirty talk? But anyway, I can do other more intense things like tentacle rape, and while I do enjoy that, I only do in spades. I don't like anything too extreme. Sometimes it becomes less exciting and fun, and just becomes... Well, scary. Yet that's all just what I think, it's always more about the other person's preferences and tastes, so you can let me know what you like. But remember, please keep within our own boundaries. Things like Lolicon or scat or extreme gore are instant turnoffs for me. So please remain within my limits! And if that wraps it up, and you find yourself interested. Then feel free to EcchiText me! I'll usually be available and I promise you a good roleplay. This took me a while to type up so I hope it's not for nothing at least. I'll see you there~ (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  5. wanting a chance to play one of two sisters.....I could play either the submissive or the dominant one but this would have to be FxF. Would prefer a female for a partner but if your'e a guy and feel you can play a female conviningly, we can try it. As for the plot, I'd like to have the dominant sister make a move on the other.....the other sister would initially reject the advances, resulting in her being tied up and raped
  6. JennyDK

    DDLC FxF romance.

    I am simply looking for someone wanting to do a long termed romantic RP with, where we each play a girl from the Literature Club. However we start off and what sparks any romance, I would love to discuss with you and come to an agreement I just want wholesome and sweet fun and romance I wish to play as Natsuki, but you may play either of the other three Bonus points: Playing as a futa Playing as a two dicked futa The more romantic, the more I will love ya
  7. Sierrazion

    Long Term Romance

    I had a dream that Love was Real, that when I woke up I wouldn't feel alone. I look outside and feel so lonely, unwanted and unworthy. I wish someone would come along and change all of that. Rewrite the script I've come to read. I want to believe in hopeless romance, hope in unbelievable love. I wish someone would just say "Hello" to me. . . I'm looking for a partner. I'm not good at these things, but I'd like to offer to someone who's interested a long building love story. I've always ached in my heart to tell a story about romance with another person with a real connection. I tend to write smut and sexual themed stories, but I really want to try to write something that feels real this time. Please help me, I'm begging. I find that all my smut and erotic writing tends to make me feel alittle hollow inside, lacking anything real. So maybe, just maybe you'd be interested in falling in love with my character while I do the same with yours? Allow me to elucidate what I'm looking for: Long term story starting from two characters meeting to their eventual romantic conclusion. That might mean a wedding, or final sex, or maybe just them kissing in the rain. Something more than skin deep. People are complicated, and I'd like for them to be too. I need a romantic lead who's alittle more than just a pretty face. Decently long or multiple paragraph responses. I like to describe in detail alot, I'd like a partner who could do the same. Someone to share 50/50 in the world building. We don't have to write a complicated AU or world, it can just be Tokyo or Atlanta, or anywhere in the real world. I am looking for a Drawn/Anime style Slice of Life story. If that isn't your style or comfort then I understand. Someone who doesn't want to rush and feels comfortable with letting the story breath while making steady contributions in each response. Male Or female Lead partner to pair with one of my female characters. I haven't chosen a character yet for this story, I like to write based on what other people enjoy. If you're willing to continue the story with me into marriage, then I would love that too. I find long term couples to be adorable. Someone patient, I get on daily and respond as often as I can. I'll check more often for pairings and stories that make me feel fulfilled. I'm open to any alteration to the world or story. It could be any kind of story we really want as long as love, is the center of the story. Thank you for reading this far, I'm a sweet person, I promise! Please don't feel afraid to message me, I don't open up to new RPs very often anymore, but I could really use this story in my life right now. With all my heart, Sierrazion
  8. KinkyKathy


    Ok, picture this.....a beautiful young bride is with her maid of honor in a dressing room lounge, getting the bride to be ready for the wedding. It's only an hour before the ceremony starts. The maid of honor picks then to confess that she's been in love with the bride for years.....to her suprise, the bride confesses that she too has harbored a secret crush on her as well. They kiss and make love..... NOW what happens? I need a girl to play either the bride or the maid of honor....if your'e ok with it, maybe we might throw in some wrists tying.......
  9. Overall premise: Two members of the same SWAT team develop feelings and interest for each other as one of them is suddenly divorced from her husband and ends up having to find a new place to live, which is the home of her team member. Slow and wholesome courtship and romance blooms over time between the two. ------------------------------- It is late evening in the home of her partner's @Harmony Frost place. Her telephone is ringing and she can tell by the number that it is indeed her partners from the special SWAT force team, Misty Calhoun. She is usually pretty reserved and keep her private life mostly to herself. The most she knows about her, is that she is married long termed and that she can be a bit hot headed and indeed very much of a tomboy. She has never ever called her partner outside of the rare work related business, but this is during their vacation time with no need for them to show up in uniform or handle situations and the time of day seems even more unusual as well.
  10. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    The Boy’s First Day as a Schoolgirl

    OOC: Threads don’t normally seem to do this here, but I want to elaborate that I’m playing a boy who just became a girl and now has to deal with such a life and consequences. As you can see in the tags, I’m open to covering a lot of material here. It could but does not have to get dark. She could be involved with teachers, but mostly other students. Going for ‘anime style’ in the sense of things like school uniforms and possibly names, or hair color and things like that. The sex could start pretty quickly, but there will bee some set up first. IC: The young girl, 14-15 years old, stepped out of the car. She fidgeted a bit with her uniform, she had never worn anything like this before. The sailor uniform or the lingerie beneath. It made her more self conscious. She had been part of a medical experiment. The test subject for sex change procedure that was 100% genuine. Her figure changed, her voice, no hint she had ever been a boy and completely functional female reproductive organs. Long hair, modest chest and curves, she was not one of the models but most boys and girls who were into that would find her attractive. She had not exactly wanted to be become a girl, but her family was paid well for the process and with some reluctance, she agreed. She had been out for a few weeks for the process to be completed. She was going back to the same class, they had been informed what was happening. But she had no idea what sort of reaction to expect, from either the boys or girls. She paused at the door to the her home room class and took a few breaths. Class had been going for a few minutes, it was the time she was expected to arrive. Once she had calmed herself she walked in. Everyone quieted as she stood in front of the class, almost a class a presentation about herself. ”Hey, guys. It’s me, Riki. Well, now I’m Ryoko. It was an interesting experience, but now I’m back, and now I’m a girl. I was given some idea of what we were going to start with once I returned. Apparently I’m supposed to answer any questions you guys have about the whole thing. How I feel, what’s like or what I expect will be different.” Obviously they could not ask anything too vulgar or intimate, those questions had to wait for more private circumstances. But they were allowed to ask a great many things.
  11. Sylvia was overjoyed with how well her plan had been turning out so far. Ever since she saw the striking brunette at the library she knew she had to have her. It took little time for her henchmen to break into her apartment while Elizabeth was at work....most security systems always had fatal flaws...the trick was to hack into the girl's laptop. Once done, the 30 year old professional dominatrix would see every site the girl visited, as well as having total access to her e mail accounts. Finally one evening everything paid off. A chime sounded on Sylvia's computer, signaling that her prey was on line. Sylvia could hardly believe what she was seeing..... The mild mannered shy appearing brunette was a closet BDSM fan! to her suprise she watched as Elizabeth visited numerous bondage sites then went to a chat room in yet another BDSM site. For Sylvia, this was too good to be true. Who could've possibly guessed that the shy brunette had a kink side? The time had come, Sylvia decided, to show the girl what it would be like to live out her fantasies. She waited until night then sent a man over to kidnap her. A tall hooded man broke into the girl's apartment and snuck into her bedroom. Despite her struggling he was able to chloroform her. Once she was out, he quuckly stripped her and gagged her, then waited on the side of the bed for her to wake up.
  12. onearmeddruid

    Sky Maiden (fxf/futa)

    The Небесная дева Project, translated to Sky Maiden, has been in service since the end of World War 2. Sky maidens are, to be frank, women with large implants capable of allowing them flight ( yes i know how ridiculous this sounds). They average about 8 feet tall and are known for their giant assets, both chest and rear. Anastasia is one such Sky maiden, granted her assets are smaller than her predecessors of the second world war as time went on the need for such large implants became little by little. She is given a Mig 25RB, mostly for Reconnaissance she was stationed in Hungary the place of her Birth, later sent to Afghanistan when war broke out. Your her mechanic, your job is simple maintain her rig make sure the rig is securely fit, something that brings a smile to your face every single time she squeaks at your touch, and make sure she can land and take off. You also have a crush on the taller woman always trying to shower at the same time as her. ((sorry just have to deal with my own skill as an artist for her))
  13. KinkyKathy

    Farmer John's Milk

    A new milk company has been quite successful in the few short years it's been around. It's called 'Farmer John's Milk' and has created a sensation.....the milk has just a tangy taste to it that the public just can't seem to get enough of. The big secret is of course how it's obtained, processed and made....deep in the woods of southern New Hampshire is a building that looks like an old barn. Inside are rows of naked girls, gagged on their knees and tubes secured to their nipples....their knees are bound wide apart and another tube is deep inside their vaginas. The captives are forced to orgasm and the fluid is added to the milk they produce, thanks to forced lactation. I'll play a girl out to find her missing sister....I would like a guy or girl to play the men running the 'farm'....bondage and BDSM is a must
  14. So, I've been thinking of starting some sort of magical girl story. The focus on my side would involve an older one, last survivor of a previous team or even generation of such girls. Very reluctantly, she realizes there is a need for a new generation to face a new threat or potential threat and it is her duty to pick and prepare the new ones as no one else is left to do so. She is the mentor sort of character, not invincible or a goddess by any means, but vastly more powerful than the new ones. She likely ends up sexually with at least one of the new girls, if not more, the magical girl status could lead to temporary futaism in one or more of them. The MxF could be them getting involved with men around them or even the enemy. A lot of sex but plenty of story around it too. Numerous characters, but limiting it to two or maybe three players. That's my idea for the older magical girl. I am thinking a modern setting, despite her clothing there and the dragon. This is only a very basic concept, I figured the details would be discussed with whoever else is involved. I don't have any more detail in mind just yet.
  15. Hi there!.....I got an urge to play a 30ish mother, a MILF, if you will, that gets bound gagged and fucked by either her son or daughter (can go either way)....how this happens is open for discussion....maybe her offspring has had a desire to mount Mom and finally decides to act upon it....pregnancy is also on the table if your'e interested
  16. The two men waited impatiently outside the apartment.....shit, how long does it take for someone to go to bed? One man glanced at his watch....10:20 pm, it shouldn't be much longer.... Sure enough, a few minutes later the bedroom light finally went out. The assailants crept slowly up to the window, using the bush in front of it as a hiding place. One kept a watch while the other cut the screen off and jiggled the window. Much to their suprise and relief, the window was unlocked. One man went back to the van while the other quietly opened the window and climbed inside....thank God it was on the ground floor.... He scanned the bedroom....it was a typical young girl's room, posters on one wall, a pegboard with photographs, a pile of large stuffed animals in one corner sitting on a rocking chair. In bed was his target, a adorable looking brunette. Considering her young age, she was already well developed....the man gazed at the girl's tits, gently rising and falling with her breathing. He looked around, finding a High School ID card....Shit, she was only 13! with a set of tits like that? He quickly took a rag and doused it with chloroform. Bending over her, he smothered her nose and mouth with the drug soaked cloth. As expected, the girl frantically struggled, kicking and flailing.....he kept it down over her face until she finally passed out. The other man was waiting outside....the unconscious girl was carried out the bedroom window and taken to the van. The room was echoing with the sounds of gagged moans and the sounds of swaying bodies....A line up of 4 girls were in a dimly lit room....they were all naked, ballgagged, ankles bound together tight, arms stretched high over their heads, their wrists bound and secured to hooks in the ceiling. The 13 year old brunette was at least 5" shorter than the rest and obviously the youngest. Like the others, she was nude gagged and bound. All the captives were likewise drugged and by now they were starting to wake up, some already struggling, their bodies swaying.
  17. Bifrons

    Dark twisted fantasy

    I have lots of characters and time. Check my preferences for some examples, you may request the character or prompt me to make one in the spot. Let's have some fun!
  18. Lillian looked around the bar as she turned on her stool. Usually she didn't frequent bars or night clubs---too many witnesses if she decided to follow through with plans. The 30 year old brunette was a professional dominatrix, someone that clients would go to and pay to be abused, both verbally and emotionally. She smiled when she looked around the bar....you couldn't tell if anyone in here were police women, teachers, housewives. Women from all walks of life would pay good money for Lillian---Mistress Lillian to her paying customers---they would go to her penthouse apartment where she kept a guest bedroom, converted into a BDSM dungeon and she would make them strip, gag them, put them on a leash and whip them, walk them around the room on the leash....maybe tie them to bondage furniture and use a dildo on them until they were forced to cum. Everything was totally discreet. One of her clients was a Family Court Judge....if the truth came out about the judge's kinky side it would be the end of her career. Lillian was also a lesbian and only accepted female clients...what excuses they used not to tell their boyfriends or husbands was their concern, not hers. She quietly sipped a margarita when a beautiful young girl came in. She had blonde hair, almost white with a creamy complexion, her tits were big and full for her size. Lillian guessed she couldn't be older than her late teens and most likely underaged, since the old 'no one under 21 permitted' sign was still posted outside on the door. Lillian wanted her from the moment she came in....the girl looked out of place, almost as if she came in to hide from someone or something. What the problem was didn't concern Lillian. She reached into her bag and brought out a small vial. Once she found out what the girl was drinking, she waited until the bartender finished the girl's drink and quickly dropped 3 pills into the glass....they dissolved almost instantly and was tasteless....the girl would have no idea she was being drugged. She stayed on her barstool and waited for the reaction.....it didn't take long before the girl passed out. Lillian came over to the table. "Poor thing," she explained to customers...."her first time drinking...just can't hold her liquor...." She dragged the girl out the back door and into the parking lot where her car was parked. She stuffed the girl inside and sped off. Lillian had to hurry before the drug wore off. Once inside, she took the private elevator up to her penthouse. Bringing the girl into the dungeon room, she stripped her naked, stuffed a ballgag in her mouth and put her in a metal cage. Taking a pair of Japanese clover clamps, she secured them to the girl's nipples then attached short strings to the clamps, securing the ends to the bottom of the cage. The girl's hands were tied behind her back and her ankles bound. The cage was only big enough for a person if they were on their knees and bent over so the girl hardly had room to moove, leave alone try to escape. The cage door was locked and Lillian undressed, sitting nude, crosslegged in a chair, waiting patiently for her captive to wake up.
  19. Hi I’m new to the site and I’m looking to get dirty in a road trip style lesbian adventure. Can be 1 or more ladies and as for style it will most likely be smut centered. Though I don’t mind doing a story one ether.
  20. The man put the black ski mask over his head. He hated wearing it, it was so hot but he couldn't take a chance and be seen. He broke the lock on the back door of the apartment, cut the wires of the old alarm system and silently crept through the kitchen, living room then finally he heard the sounds of someone stirring. THere in the bedroom was his quarry.....a sexy young redhead....best thing was, she was also naked. Good, it would make binding her easier. Without a sound, he suddenly leaped on the girl, straddling her, a hand over her mouth. "Keep quiet and you won't be hurt," he said.....he fished out a ballgag, shoved the hard black rubber ball in her mouth and cinched the straps down tight. Wrestling with her arms, he managed to tie her wrists behind her back and depsite her kicking and struggling, managed to tie her ankles together. Reaching into the bag, he took out a cloth, doused it with chloroform and mashed it over her nose and mouth. Despite her resistance, the drug soon took effect and she passed out. The girl's wrists were tied, arms high up over her head, ankles still bound together tight. The girl swayed lightly in a row with 3 other naked gagged and bound girls....tonight's slave auction was about to begin.
  21. Heya! I'm new to this website so this is kinda like a debut for me. I have ~2 years of RP experience and can be relied upon to give lengthy replies and proper grammar without question though I will ask the same of you. My main objective here would be to just have a great time roleplaying and hopefully create a fleshed out story in which we can both enjoy. I'm currently searching for a long-term or short term roleplay partner based off the tags and what I have listed here My favorite kinks • Breeding • Cum-play • BDSM Here's my full list of dos and don'ts I do seem to have a trend going here but fear not, I am open to anything you might suggest aside from the following. Big no-no's • Rape of any sort • Underage Characters • Scat • Watersports • Torture
  22. AirAllie14

    FxF RP anyone?

    Hi there. Sub female looking for another female to Rp with. I have a couple of ideas we could do: Sisters: you play my older sister and I play the younger one and you seduce me. Mother/Daughter: you play my mother and I’ll play your daughter who you seduce. Best Friends: we are best friends in high school and start developing feeling for each other until one day when you finally confess. Teacher/Student: You play the teacher who asks me, the student, to stay after school where you punish me for not doing my homework and failing the first semester. Do you like Nekos? I had a fun idea. Me and you are best friends, one day I find a magic headband with cat ears one it. When I put it on I’m unable to pull it off and the ears appear to now be my real ears and I grow a tail. You are supposed to be coming over as well to hang out making me panic. I try my best to hide my new secret but you eventually find out. Well those are my ideas, let me know if you like any.
  23. AirAllie14

    RP Ideas

    Hey. Got some ideas for rps. If any of them peck your interest, feel free to read my preferences and EchhiText me, for these rps I’ll take males, females and futas, and I’m also willing to play a trap for any of these, just ask and I will if you want. Also I’m strictly sub. 1. One day while walking home from work, your character discovers a strange book laying on the floor in an alleyway. The look is old and tattered, some of the pages ripped. You decide to pick it up and take it home. When you get home you begin to read the book discovering that it is in fact a book which tells you how to summon a demon. Of course, you think it’s not real and a total hoax so you decided to test the ritual and that’s when I appear. I’m now your personal demon for life and will follow you were ever you go and appear at your call, all for a price, your cum. 2. Lately, you’ve been mad. Your a police officer and one person has alluded you. The cat burglar who always manages to slip through your fingers. You try tirelessly night and day to catch her but you never do. Dispute everything, there is some silver lining, a new girl recently joined the force and your the one tasked with showing her the ropes. Overtime, you two develop a relationship, but she had one secret, she’s the cat burglar. Will you end up catching her? Will you learn her identity? What will happen if you catch her? Would you turn her in? Or will she come tongue to slip through and avoid you once more. 3. In this world, monsters exist, everyone refers to them as demons. No one knows where they came from, but they exist. You are tasked with eliminating these demons as a hunter. One day, you discover an old building, it is rundown and decrepit. Inside you find, blood, lots of it everywhere along with bodies. In the center you find me, crying, my knees up to my face, blood also covering my body. When you approach me, I look up and you see my eyes, blood red and you see fangs in my mouth, you think that I killed these people but I didn’t, someone else did and he turned me into a demon. They say that you lose yourself when you become one, but I didn’t, I still remember everything and I don’t want to kill anyone. 4. It was a night like any other. I always walk home like this everyday from work, something was different however. When I passed by an alley, I saw it, these was a man laying on the floor, another man (you) slumped over him biting his neck. You hear me and turned over to see me, your mouth bloody, two holes in the man’s neck. I feel stricken with fear and immediately take off run, hoping and praying that you weren’t following. 5. In the land, there once existed dragons, but now how people thought. These dragons were humanoid but could still fly and breath fire. Mysteriously, all died out, except for one (me). You are a hunter, one day while walking around, you stumble upon me. I immediately try to flee knowing that it was one of your kind that killed mine and that you would do the same to me. Will you turn me in and kill me or will you try to befriend me and keep me safe from those who would kill me. 6. Tonight was a regular night, you got into bed and drifted off to sleep. Your cat jumped up onto the bed with you and latex down at your side purring and cuddling against your chest. In the morning, you feel the heat of something next to you. You figure it was your cat but it wasn’t, it was something bigger. Looking over, you see a young naked girl, her hair was white and she had white cat ears atop it’s head and a long white tail. The girl wore a collar on her neck, the name of your cat was written on it. This girl was your cat, she had transformed into a cat girl.
  24. Baby-Girl

    sub Pushing the limits

    Hi, thanks for clicking on my post. I'm looking for RPs. Very little limits (depends on the day) Tell me what you want kink wise. My RPing. -First or third Person. -I play female Submissives. Younger characters around 21. -I don't play seductive characters, she will not actively seduce your character. Nor will I play an older female. ♡Likes♡ DDLG is a fav Non-con Kidnapping BDSM PetPlay Human (me) x Furry (preferably canine) Beastial Age play Tentacles!!! ◇Want to try◇ Soft vore Some thing about MC being shrunk Message me and lets talk! Push my limits, suprise me <3.
  25. Elena Ichinomiya

    plot with ending Plot List From Me

    7 Days With You This plot is suggested by my RP partner on other site. However we can't execute it because our kink clashed. But i do like his idea. Your OC just got home from work. However due to economy crisis, you must choose to either quit the job or take overtime work so you won't sink in debt. However on your way home, you found a girl coming to you and ask if she can stay...for seven days with reason only known to her. Should your OC decide to quit the job: Those seven days are spent with the story revolve around you and my OC while trying to figure out how you gonna get the better job among crisis. Should your OC decide to work overtime: Those seven days are spent with story revolve around you and my OC while both try to keep each other company with little time they got and gain trust. Things to note: This RP plot has time limit on the progression which mean at day 7, its time to wrap it up with ending. You can either be the worker or the girl. See You One Last Time Your OC is a hero who just save the day. However you're injured badly and if that's not enough to prevent you from celebrating, it is revealed that your injury cut your life span significantly. Judged from your injury, your life might end around new year. To monitor your condition, a nurse or caretaker were assigned to be your company just in case your health decline. As time passed, both character start to get to know each other...and led to a bittersweet relationship until its time to say goodbye. Or is it? Things to note: Again, there's time limit. The setting is up for discussion; fantasy, modern, digital world, etc. You can be the hero or the caretaker. If you pick to play as the hero, what kind of hero you are and what heroic deed you do that cause your fatal injury is up to you. Eventful Cosplay Your/my OC would visit some sort of comic-con. At the event, there's a cosplayer who cosplay as a character of your favorite anime/manga/movies. They got perfect figure from head to toe. Knowing its just cosplay, your/my OC still want to have a shot with the cosplayer anyway, thinking they actually lewd the said character as the imagination get the better of them. Either the cosplayer like it or not... Things to note: while this sounds a bit close to fandom RP, it is not. This is just a person cosplaying as someone and got lewded by the fans who love the character they potrayed. The cosplayer could be OOC or might act like the character they cosplayed. Warning: no underage character or childlike character allowed in this plot. Welcome to Audi (NEW!) Audi is your typical modern city. However it wasn't a city you can visit at whim. There seems to be a secret inside the city who lie in wait for the world to see. But the city itself were hidden from the view of the world for some reason. At night, the city turn into a dead city. No activity, no movement, no people on the street...just "them". And they're not welcoming any visitor who barge into their timezone. Whoever come out at night, they won't see the daylight. Who are they? What is this city? And why you can't get out from there? How you gonna survive the night away? Things to note: Its your typical anime action stuff if you're into that kind of thing which mean there will be weapon included to fight against "them". There will be many OC involved in this RP. However you're free to just control your own character. This RP is long-termed one compared to others and i prefer at least 2 paragraph of reply. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember to read my RP preference sheet first before you ask for RP. Much appreciate it even though you just come to read this. (PS: I live on GMT+7)
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