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  1. KinkyKathy

    Just for the ladies....

    As the title suggests, I want to do a roleplay about 2 young women experiencing their first lesbian love affair....how they meet can be discussed with my potential partner....they both feel it's taboo but in the end they just can't deny their feelings.... it can be incest based as sisters, maybe co workers, who knows? there can be domination involved but not a game changer if you don't want...I want to base the story on this pic
  2. Lillian could hardly wait for Gwen to arrive. Despite the child being only 11 years old, she had already began developing into a beautiful young girl....her tits had already progressed from a pair or pimples to a training bra, even though she didn't need too much more training. The girl obviously got her nice sized titties from the family tree.....for over a hundred years, all the women had developed far too early, creating embarrassment for the girls but arousal from the young men in the city. Lillian was also a futa, a woman blessed---or cursed, depending on how one would look on it.
  3. A young teen loves her laptop, frequenting on line chatrooms. She finds someone and soon becomes friendly with them. One night while on chat, her screen goes blank, a gray screen quickly replacing it. In capitals, the words 'STAND IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN AND DISPLAY YOUR TITS' flashes... The girl panics, closing her laptop. It makes chiming sounds...more words appear, warning her never to close the laptop unless she's told to...turns out the other person is an expert hacker, finds out where the girl lives and goes to her place while she's out, wiring her bedroom. They make videos of h
  4. Looking back on things, Lacy had always been a little suspicious of Jarod. The first semester at college when 20 year old blonde Lacy first met Jessica, they seemed to hit it off perfectly. The 19 year old brunette Lacy at first was worried about getting to know proved to be a good friend. Lacy had been in plenty of teen sleep overs at friend's houses so being in bed with another girl didn't bother her. She was hetero and had a on again, off again boyfriend, so it wasn't as if any sexual exploration was going on....it was a simple matter of logistics. The dorm room, like most, was small,
  5. KinkyKathy

    HELEN 'O LOY......

    I'm into what's called 'classic' Sci Fi books and stories. Back in 1938, a writer wrote a short story called 'Helen 'O Loy'....it was about a man that bought a female robot and fell in love with it. I want to do a play based loosely on this....a girl is kidnapped, brought to a secret lab where her entire body is updated and changed...she becomes a walking talking Barbie Doll, perfect shape, boobs and ass that will never sag, permanently bald vagina, blonde hair and blue eyes, full lips that even a botox recipient would die for. The thing is, her mind if still intact....her body is compl
  6. Finally, you arrived to your new school! ...Was not your first thought when you got there. It would've been, but oh, wait - this was going to suck! Because instead of a normal school, it's a christian school. Your parents were concerned about you - what a shocker - so they up and sent you here, of all places. A school where being gay is a death sentence, many classes have church-related themes - and you had to share a room with another random student. That could either be the best part of the experience, or the worst. Needless to say, you weren't excited about it, but there wasn't much yo
  7. Alright, after joining here and taking a look around, it's probably a good idea to start looking for an RP, so here I am. For now the thread will be pretty basic, but I'll probably expand it somewhere down the line when I have a minute or two or thirty. Anyway, let's get started: What I'm looking for in a partner: Honestly, it's not that much: - plays a female or futa character (futa preferred, more possibilities and whatnot, both fine though) - plays a dominant character, or a switch at least (I don't enjoy playing the dominant one at all so yeah) - semi-decent E
  8. Heya! I'm new to this website so this is kinda like a debut for me. I have ~2 years of RP experience and can be relied upon to give lengthy replies and proper grammar without question though I will ask the same of you. My main objective here would be to just have a great time roleplaying and hopefully create a fleshed out story in which we can both enjoy. I'm currently searching for a long-term or short term roleplay partner based off the tags and what I have listed here My favorite kinks • Breeding • Cum-play • BDSM Here's my full list of dos and don'ts
  9. The man waited impatiently in the van, flicking out one more spent cigarette. Gazing at the apartment, he finally saw the bedroom light go out....shit, finally! The crumpled up bags of McDonalds wrappers showed that he had been here for a long time, stalking the place out, noting the teen's parents comings and goings. Finallky the time was right. He grabbed the bag of supplies and got out of the van, sneaking stealhily around to the back of the house. It had an older alarm, easily taken care of once he cut the wires. Breaking in, he crept like a cat and wearing a black ski mask.
  10. onearmeddruid

    forbidden love

    It's a normal day at school, the Hungarian teansfer student Sonja is an odd one. She wears a military uniform ovet the school uniform, a red scarf and brown gloves. You have seen some of the other girls grope her very large breasts and ass from time to time trying to convince her to loosen up. You are her teacher well, her main teacher as she is in five of your classes, Ms.Bellerose (not set in stone you can choose a different name)),you have eyes on one specific girl. Sonja the only student who could rival your assets. the thought of her naked makes you wet. However you know the rules, you ca
  11. Hi folks! I'm a sub fem looking for roleplaying possibilities. I'd prefer a dominant female character, though if you'd like to play multiple characters, including a male, that's also fine with me! I'm flexible about what we play. A few ideas: 1. Me: a young superheroine who just can't get one over on the kinky villainess, her nemesis, (you) and always ends up captured and taken advantage of. Will she triumph or end up in evil's clutches forever more? 2. Me: The naive daughter of a powerful lord, captured by his enemy and pressed into her service. What indignities will she be subjecte
  12. AirAllie14

    RP Ideas

    Hi there! Got some ideas for rps. If any of them peck your interest, feel free to read my preferences and EchhiText me, for these rps I’ll take males, females, futas, and furries, and if you so require, I can also play as a trap if your interested (I’ve really been craving me a good trap story as well) I’m also into ageplay so if you want me to play a specific age or any of these, go ahead and ask me. I’m also strictly sub. I will also add ideas to this over time if any pop into my mind. If you also have any ideas of your own that you would like to discuss with me, feel free to tell me about t
  13. KinkyKathy


    It's a simple enough plot.....I play a bored woman who can't seem to get her husband to do little more than quickie, missionary style humping in bed---foreplay? he never heard of it.... She makes an excuse to get out of the house, gets a hotel room and lives out her fantasy. Buying a ballgag, she brings rope and strips, gags herself, ties her legs together and self ties her hands behind her back. She pretends to struggle, wriggling on the bed, a kidnap victim. Few minutes later, a knock on the door.....Housekeeping (or room service)....in a panic she realizes she forgot to remov
  14. Friend of mine suggested this plot so I figured I'd post it here..... I wake up in a hotel room bed in Las Vegas after partying my ass off....I wake up naked, ballgagged and tied up! even stranger than that, there's a naked woman lying in bed with me still asleep.....I look around as I struggle and see a WEDDING LICENSE on the table.....WTF?????? I really want this as an FxF pairing
  15. JennyDK

    DDLC FxF romance.

    I am simply looking for someone wanting to do a long termed romantic RP with, where we each play a girl from the Literature Club. However we start off and what sparks any romance, I would love to discuss with you and come to an agreement I just want wholesome and sweet fun and romance I wish to play as Natsuki, but you may play either of the other three Bonus points: Playing as a futa Playing as a two dicked futa The more romantic, the more I will love ya
  16. Haley

    Ageplay rp ideas

    Hey! This is just a little list I'm making for ageplay rp ideas. If you see any you like, feel free to ecchitext me so we can play, or use these for inspiration in your own rps, up to you. If you do rp with me however, keep in mind that I prefer long term rps with progressing stories n such, and I always love introducing new characters to the rp! 1. Twincest Genders: Any Ages: 10-16 Kinks: incest, teen sex Length: long term Two identical twins recently have been getting curious about their bodies. Since they're so close, one opens up to the other about this curi
  17. Hello, hello! As you can probably tell by the title of this post and the tags, I'm looking to write a story that just has cute aspects. I want to play the sub, specifically with the girl I'm going to post a picture of in just a minute, but I would be willing to write the Dom if I'm given a fun story to do! You can check out my preference sheet to see what I like, but I mostly have dark things listed there. This is not going to be a dark story, not at all. Here are the specifics of what I'm wanting: DD/lg, MD/lg, or CG/lg. I would love for my character to be a little. I think it wo
  18. Angela woke up in a sweat......this was the 4th time in less than a month that she had that same recurring dream.....she was laying in bed with her sister, Sonali....they were both naked, arms wrapped around each other. She was intoxicated by her younger sister's sweet natural aroma, like a drug....they kissed passionately, just like they had been doing all night. Neither of them could sleep.....how could they? with her sister's soft supple skin pressing against hers, gently sucking on Sonali's tits...... Next thing she knew, she woke up. Shit, another school day....Angela jumped into
  19. onearmeddruid

    A breast friend

    Outside your small town lies two fortresses embroiled in a rather ridiculous war between the two factions. On what folks call the blue side a young medic resides. Due to somenslight disagreements between both faction companies and the town council led to her being forced to go to your high school despite being in her early twenties. She was odd to day the least she behaved like a child at times and completely serious the next. Though you noticed she was always disappointed in the schools science lab never getting to do any experinents she wanted to do. So gathering up your courage you walked u
  20. KinkyKathy


    The storyline is basically simple......a suburban housewife is cleaning house while her husband is at work, kids at school. Someone comes to the door (male or female), claiming theyr'e here to take a survey. Housewife opens the door, the stranger bursts through, hand quickly over her mouth....she's dragged into the bedroom, forced to strip then tied up and gagged. What happens from there? it all depends on my potential writing partner. Bound and raped on the bed? kidnapped and taken before family comes home? hopefully involving my kinks list
  21. "We have arrived Madame," the chauffeur announced as the limo pulled up to the front of the building. St. Francis Orphanage had been around for over 100 years and had a reasonably good track record when it came to the placement of it's children and young teens. Monica pressed the button and her window slid down silently...she gazed at the ornate 3 story converted mansion....this looked perfect, she was sure she would find what she was looking for. The driver came around and opened the door for her. Monica and her driver went up the steps and into the main lobby. Children of all ages w
  22. Ok, basically it's this....a new breed of vampire has developed. Yes, she's practically immortal but instead of requiring blood to survive she needs vaginal nectar and breast milk.....she kidnaps or somehow seduces young girls and slowly drains them of their fluids..... Would prefer female writing partners but willing to play with males if they feel they can play females convincingly
  23. KinkyKathy


    This is a classic MILF abduction play....attractive housewife is suprised by a burglar. He wasn't prepared to have someone in the house...he gags her ties her up while he ransacks the place....coming back in the bedroom, he decides to rape and torture her a little before leaving....then he gets an idea....why not kidnap her, take her back to his place and force ger to be his sex slave? This would involves plenty of prolonged bondage and gagging....maybe while she;s bound she hears the next door neighbors coming home so she tries to make them hear her....titty torture, raping with large o
  24. KinkyKathy


    Already placed this plot idea in another section of EEcchi but want to put it here as well so I can get more 'bites' on my hook.... I'll play a bored woman that finally decides to live out her fantasy.....she gets a hotel room, bringing a ballgag and rope with her. she strips nude, puts on the ballgag and ties her ankles together.....she takes a shorter length of rope, self ties her hands behind her back and lays on the bed, struggling, pretending she was a hostage. There's a knock on the door and the housekeeper comes in, catching the nude woman.....now, she REALLY has a reason to
  25. KinkyKathy


    It's a simple premise.....I play a bored girl that decides to play out a fantasy.....always had dreams about being held captive in a hotel room. One night I decided to live out my fantasy and went to a hotel, got a room and stripped....I tied my ankles together, put a ballgag in my mouth and managed to self tie my hands behind my back. I pretend to struggle..... There is a knock on the door, a woman calls out 'Room service' and comes in, catches me wriggling around on the bed, helpless.....OMG!!!! Looking for a totally alpha female player.....plenty of bondage, BDSM....
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