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  1. * Please, for the love of all that's unholy, don't send me messages that consist only of 'do you want to RP?' ; my prompts, themes & ideas exist to intrigue you and I would love to know which ones did and what are you craving / looking for! ** Do not godmod my characters. I'll be dropping people who do that. Hello all! There's a grand chance I will re-work this at some point, so don't mind lack of formatting or a bit of vagueness at times! I am new here and still figuring out things. But I am looking for some intense, steamy, private roleplays with y'all! I am young lady in her twenties with obviously too much at her hands and I love writing with other people. I love finding new places to find more friends to write with If you have more questions about me, hit me up! I am happy to chat as much as I am excited to roleplay with you! I have a gallery with girls you can pick as refs! Some do have their backgrounds / descriptions, some don't yet. I'll be updating them daily! At the moment I am looking for some dark, taboo stuff! I want to list couple of things I'd enjoy a lot! incest, especially daughter x father fantasy/medieval settings or modern setting involving fantastical creatures! size play! I'd love to play a shortstack against your characters! I want to play a female against YC (female, male, futa, whatever works for you!) risk of pregnancy ;3 Adding THEMES I'd love to explore ** craving some anal & aphrodisiac themed stuff ** monsters, animals and ungodly creatures lewd laws (forced to breed because of the law; forced to wear skimpy clothing, etc) lewd school / univeristy (skimpy uniforms, lessons more focused on ex than actual topics, lewd clubs...) medical themes beautiful women forced to give up their bodies due to financial troubles / blackmail sex-streamers / prostitutes / stripers Here are a couple - a little vague - prompt ideas that we could work from! \(★ω★)/ MC is a general that needs to through endurance training. However, said training is much different than what she would expect it to be... Not like she can refuse it now! There's no other way but just to deal with it, but can she manage? \(★ω★)/ Due to curse (or blessing) fifth daughter of the King is born a little shorter and weaker than her sister. To outdo the curse, she is required to serve her father and brothers (and uncles perhaps) in most lewd of ways. She becomes a Priestess Princess and her whole life turns upside down... \(★ω★)/ Due to low fertility rate, new laws were incorporated. MC arrives at the clinic as she is supposed to, only to be put through most perverse set of experiments and loose all her pride, all in hopes to get pregnant... \(★ω★)/ MC stayed at school for a few hours too long. Now, it's dark and school seems a little... eerie. As she tries to find the exit, she realizes her school is haunted at night... \(★ω★)/ MC is a general, that is send for an endurance training. She's expecting what everyone else would, but she is asked to come rather late to meet with her higher-up. They do check her endurance, but in much more lewd context... \(★ω★)/ MC is short on cash and found a rather specific and lewd way to get some: testing sex toys. Sex toy owner, a female uses them on her and she provides comment. One of the days she goes to do her job, however, things don't go as planned... \(★ω★)/ MC is a curious young lady. She goes to this, rather lewd resort, not expecting just how extreme it can get. As she tries to enjoy it, in a way at least, since she already paid for it, she gets overwhelmed, coerced and forced into all sorts of lewd activities... [PROMPTS] # there aren't going to be many; sometimes I have this loose idea of something I REALLY WANT and come up with starters for these, so... thought I'll add these here, perhaps they may interest somebody # feel free to send me EcchiText with response to any of this! # fantasy / princess x Any Andrea closed her eyes as she was laid down on the soft mattress of the bed. Her body naked, her curvy shapes exposed. She was already shaven clean, after the long bath... Bathing aphrodisiacs made her sensitive and as she laid down, her legs spread open, revealing her wetness. She was still unsure about this whole tradition, this 'serving the males in royal family' thing. But it's not like you can defy a King, even if you're his daughter. She felt the maids began to oil her whole body, in even more aphrodisiacs. Her body trembled as fingers invaded her tight body. She wasn't looking, but something was pushed inside her bottom, deep inside. And there she was left for a whole, long night... Of course, young Princess didn't sleep at all. In the morning, she looked idly at the ceiling, after a long, long night of constant orgasms hitting her body. Her legs were spread, the mess she made in bed quite obvious, her virgin maidenhood aching and gaping. Her bottom both feeling good and painful from the insertion. Who knew what was going to happen to her now? fantasy / priestess x any / multiple The Priestess looked away as she held back her gasps and moans. While, what was happening was necessary, she still despised every bit of it. She never before had to use her body to defeat enemies and suddenly, there she was. The preparations were... most shameful. She now had another woman using her tongue to keep her virginhood wet, and she knew things would go much further than that. "Here..." Head Priestess handed her a cup of aphrodisiac, of course. Laura just nodded as she drank the concoction, it made her dizzy, but it also made her more aroused. The woman between her legs moved back to reach for a phallus-shaped item only to slowly push it inside Laura. The Priestess arched her back, allowing the mix of pain and pleasure fill her mind. But, it was mainly pleasure... As the item was moved back and forth, another woman covered a set of beads in an oil, and began to slip it inside Laura's tighter hole. Her voice echoed in the room, as the other women continued "preparations"... *** When she finally entered the cursed dungeon, Laura was a different women. Her golden locks falling down her bare back, as a white, see-through robe barely covered her body. Her nipples and clitoris been pierced and connected with a golden chain, and she was fed more potions, so that she'd at all times be prepared for the inevitable. As she went down the dark, quiet corridor, her love juices slowly trickled down her thighs... modern She felt embarassment whenever she would go do her 'job'. It paid well, but it was not something she could talk to anyone. 'Sex Toys tester' sounds like a joke, really. But that's what she was, and the fact it was another women using products on her made her feel better about it, but still... taking a deep breath she walked into the small room as usual. It was as dark as ever, with covered windows and ambient lighting. Her clothes hit the floor as she laid on the bed, on her stomach... typical procedure that she did every week. Then, the door opened. "Today, it will be different... for the right testing, we need to recreate the right... atmosphere." "Wait, I -- " Before she knew it, Sarah was handcuffed and blindfolded. "You didn't tell me -- !" "Just relax, would you?" The woman said and laughed, pouring lube over Sarah's tight bottom and massaging it. "Our client wants to know how tied-up ladies enjoy the anal toys, and I hope you're ready for this. Don't worry, I'll pay you a bit extra..." fantasy / romance / dragoness x any She rubbed her eyes before crawling out of the her little hideout. Hoodie of her cape covered her face and her horns, but it was much harder to hide the tail in her clothes. Still, her long dress somewhat covered it, as she went through the empty alleyways, trying to find any sort of job she perhaps could do... it has been way too long since last she was able to earn some money. Hunting in the nearby forest was a possibility, of course, but it was dangerous... sadly, whenever someone noticed her race, they pushed her away. "Dragons are hostile" or "You will scare the customers" or "You will break stuff with your nasty tail". Arlae missed the times when she was a child and her mother hid all this from her, when they somehow managed to survive in a human city. Knowing nothing of her lineage, the poor girl only knew this city and now, the city has turned against her...
  2. wanting to play a sister or daughter that get's dominated by a sister, brother, daddy or mother....I'm a big fan of bondage and BDSM so whover picks the short straw and becomes my writing partner, hopefully he/she will be ok with this....
  3. Rucio, Cheese Emperor

    Letting Off Steam

    It was a long year for the blond student by the name of Shauntal. Hours upon hours of finals had worn her down, and with the school year nearly over, she wanted to sit back and relax! If only it had been that easy. The constant need to study all year had meant that she didn't even have the time to masturbate, leaving her unbelievably pent up. Last night she had tried all sorts of toys, even stealing her mom's back massager and trying to use it as a vibrator. Ugh, no luck there. She'd need the real deal. She had put a few subtle notes in the popular spots that instructors rarely went to, with an incredibly simple message... "If you wanna let off steam on a willing girl, go to the abandoned bathroom."
  4. Government agents are tasked to babysit an alien girl after confiscating all her belongings, including her space ship. She is docile except for when the scientist come to experiment on her. They are painful and she has to be restrained. However, because she is normally harmless, she is allowed a house to stay in. Shes also allowed to explore Earth, but she is under strict government surveillance. Agents live with her and cameras are in every room. The agents are told they are aloud to do whatever they want to her, in the name of science.
  5. Hello all! My name is Mercy and I’d love to get to roleplay with you! Here’s a little about me! I play female or male roles and have experience in both. I write one to two paragraphs of quality writing or at least match my partner. I prefer EcchiTexts as my roleplay medium and won’t leave the site for it. Interests: Fantasy, medieval/historical, slice of life, modern era. Some pairings I like include boss x secretary, crime boss’s daughter x underling or some other pairing in that scenario, teacher x student, vampire x human. I’m fairly vanilla when it comes to smut. However, don’t let that make you think I only write vanilla! It’s just my preference. Potential plots: I’ll edit this section when I think of some good ones!
  6. A young man in his earlier twenties finds himself lost in an enchanted forest and awakens in a young Female elven witch’s tower deep in the forest. The young man’s name is Edmund Winters, born of the middle working class in America and he stands at 5’8” and has an average athletic build with pale skin, while his angular face is framed by midnight black hair and two orbs of amethyst. His attire is a simple black cotton t-shirt with a pair of ripped black jeans held up by a studded black belt that is ended with a pair of black combat boots. He looks around the strange and eerie forest as he begins walking in the direction of the only structure insight a strange spiral tower made of basalt and ebony wood - the witch’s tower. As he traverses through the overgrown brush and thickets of the forest, he is unaware that he is being followed by the witch’s magical familiar and being directed to the front door of the tower. After hours of traveling the forest and a small summer shower, Edmund in his wet and ragged form finds himself outside the an ornate arched doorway of basalt and white marble with an ebony wood door embossed with an emerald leaf trim. As he reaches out forge door to raise the detailed Demon Skull knocker made of iron surrounded by a thicket of thorns, the door slowly and eerily swings out causing him to call out softly, “Hello? Anyone there?” As he leans into look at the interior of the room.
  7. Currently closed for RPs. Will update as soon as I'm able to accept more. Hiya! I’m new to this website so I guess this is technically my “debut” of sorts. I’m looking for RP partners that would be wanting to RP with me based off of the tags and preference sheet provided in this bulletin. I have around 8+ years of experience RPing and I can be relied on when it comes to creating an interesting story, as well as proper grammar and lengthy replies if requested. The overall goal is being able to have a good time and create an awesome story with whoever would be interested. I’m currently looking for a long-term RP partner 1:1 for the related kinks that I’ll list below. Favorited Kinks -Weight Gain Male/Female (Preferably Male) Either it being magical, progressional, feederism (slob is fine, just not overly eccentric. Humiliation/Teasing would be part of this as well if desired), quick, or anything in relation. Belly Expansions are also on the table, depending on request. -Rapid Female Pregnancy (Will not do male) This can include through different means such as: alien impregnation, magical methods, scientific methods, or anything in relation. - Breeding My longer list: https://www.f-list.net/c/holtsajin Warning: Please no underage characters and RPer. This would suggest sexual themes and we don’t need that underage stuff up in here, yaknow? Things that I will never write: - Vore - Scat and other related fetishes - Anything in relation to rape -Underage characters or pedophilia -IRL characters -Cruelty fetishes/Gore - ABDL/Diapers -Farting fetish Replying with just a few sentences will make it extremely difficult for me to reply properly since it’ll leave little to go off of. Having it one sided with the length of replies would dwindle the urge to continue. It basically tells me that you don’t want to put in the effort to build off of the story. I'm completely fine with romantic or non-romantic relationships within the RP. I can do both dom and sub, but I am more experienced with submissive roles. If you wish to RP with me, don’t be afraid to DM me!
  8. Naktr

    Maid Just For You

    Maid Just For You Premise: You are the heir to a prestigious business conglomerate. After the sudden death of your father, you are set to take full control over the family business once you graduate, but there just one thing standing in your way: Your great Grandfather, set out certain stipulations that every heir must obey in order to eligible to inherit the business, the most pressing of which was that, in order to ensure that the business would remain in the family, each has to have either taken a wife or fathered an acknowledged heir before their seventeenth birthday. If this obligation is not met, the inheritance passes to the next closest male relation. At sixteen years of age, the deadline looms and the sharks of the extended family circle the waters waiting for the opportunity to steal your birthright for themselves. As a result you are faced with the prospect of choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with. There's just one problem, despite being interested in several girls in your life, finding one who would match your domineering sexual appetites could be complicated. This is until you happened upon the perfect solution: If you couldn't find the perfect wife, then why not train one? Using the money and influence of your family, you have recently taken several young women into your household as your personal maids. But their service is just a pretense, hiding your true intentions to groom these beautiful girls into your perfect bride. Characters: Name: Yoko Ise Age: 25 Bio: Assigned by your father to be your personal maid from a young age, Yoko has long been among your closest confidants. A loyal and talented servant, she also guided your through your formative years of sexual awakening, and so is well aware of your dominant proclivities. Despite her workload having grown since your father's passing and her promotion to the household's Head Maid, she still manages to balance her duties to the house and to you personally. She is aware of your plan to train your own perfect wife and wholeheartedly supports you. Name: Niko Nakatsuka Age: 16 Bio: Formerly a common fixture in your household, you and she were close friends during your childhood, owing to your families moving in similar social and business circles. The Nakatsuka family were old money, but due to you own father's aggressive business practices, they quickly found their own success floundering, even as you own family soared to new heights. A stubbornly proud pair, Niko's parents refused to give up the trapping of their bourgeois lifestyle, layering debt upon debt in order to keep up the appearances of affluent success. Niko herself blames you and your family for the suffering of the Nakatsuka business, and your childhood friendship has soured into an intense one-sided dislike. Despite being classmates, she tends to ignore you, beyond the occasional icy glare. Name: Nagisa Homura Age: 16 Bio: A popular figure among her peers in your class, Nagisa is friendly and open with just about everyone. Coming from a working class family, she strives to work hard for her parent's sake, showing an earnesty that earns her the admiration of many. Due to your daily commutes meeting up half way to your school, the two of you have become walking buddies. Though she does her best not to show it during your time together, Nagisa harbors a secret crush on you. Name: Isane Age: 16 Bio: An enigma among your class, little is known about Isane. What is known is that she is a ward of the sate, commuting to school each day from the orphanage where she lives. Her quiet disposition, and usual lack of visible emotion has alienated her from peers. Though she is rarely the victim of outright bullying, she is routinely excluded from group activities. No one makes an effort to reach out to her, and she doesn't seem inclined to take the initiative herself. A mystery to be unraveled.
  9. Heya! I'm new to this website so this is kinda like a debut for me. I have ~2 years of RP experience and can be relied upon to give lengthy replies and proper grammar without question though I will ask the same of you. My main objective here would be to just have a great time roleplaying and hopefully create a fleshed out story in which we can both enjoy. I'm currently searching for a long-term or short term roleplay partner based off the tags and what I have listed here My favorite kinks • Breeding • Cum-play • BDSM Here's my full list of dos and don'ts I do seem to have a trend going here but fear not, I am open to anything you might suggest aside from the following. Big no-no's • Rape of any sort • Underage Characters • Scat • Watersports • Torture
  10. Baby-Girl

    sub Pushing the limits

    Hi, thanks for clicking on my post. I'm looking for RPs. Very little limits (depends on the day) Tell me what you want kink wise. My RPing. -First or third Person. -I play female Submissives. Younger characters around 21. -I don't play seductive characters, she will not actively seduce your character. Nor will I play an older female. ♡Likes♡ DDLG is a fav Non-con Kidnapping BDSM PetPlay Human (me) x Furry (preferably canine) Beastial Age play Tentacles!!! ◇Want to try◇ Soft vore Some thing about MC being shrunk Message me and lets talk! Push my limits, suprise me <3.
  11. vindiction

    Spicy RP with Smut

    Hey everyone. Looking for some new roleplays. 4-5 maximum partners. Would like it to be well-written and tasteful, but sexy and hot. Steamy. I would like to play as a female. I'm open to adapting to other roles, but my primary character is generally a straight female. Story ideas: - Kidnapping (DDLG or Master/Slave with Stockholm Syndrome) - Competitive (eg. Monster hunter x Monster) - Romantic (FxM with kinks that may be implemented) My characters include a female knight, a selkie, and a faery. For DDLG, just ask. ^^ Please comment here if you are interested. I'll send you a private message and we can RP once we know we are compatible. Thanks!
  12. Hello fellow dreamer, I'm having this one plot in my head for a long time and am looking for a male role-play buddy to realize it with. The plot takes place in the medieval century. My character is the daughter of an old and well known pirate, that has been terrorizing the royal seas for many decades. As she has become old enough to have her own ships, she follows in his footsteps and one night attacks one ship of the royal fleet. Many pirates are killed or captured during this encounter and one of the captives is her. I would basically let the story start here. Your character can either be someone of the royal family or someone of the royal fleet - this is up to you. Maybe YC knows about her importance for the pirates or maybe finds out later, this we can discuss. However, YC first tries to lull her (which doesn't work) and then turns out to be pretty sadist and tries to break her, to keep her as kind of a trophy or to make a deal with the pirates to get rid of them in the royal seas (this is up to you). I'm not quiet sure about how the story ends, but maybe we can find out together. I like literary role plays with some sense for details and little individual background stories. So please just write me if you like to write more than just one paragraph per message. What's also important to me is that MC will not just give in but will fight back to a certain extend. Also she will probably not like anything you do in the beginning (if you would be taken captive, would you?). Things I'll do: non-consensual sex (and consensual sex, obviously!) mind games (like sleep or light deprivation) and all kinds of other things Some of the things I won't do: physical torture anything with excrement Let me know if you are interested! I'm always open for suggestions and am flexible with the plot. It's always two people creating a story, not only one
  13. Open to dominate (top) males and futas~ (It can be sub x Dom upon request) Here’s my preference sheet for a comparability test~ Your character can be kemonomimi like mine or a human. Characters must look like adults (18+)! It’s mating season and I have a thick ass bunny looking to have her pussy filled with somebody’s sperm<3 This can be porn-without-plot filled with mindless sex scenes unless you have a little scenario in mind~
  14. Hello! I can't make any of this come true on my own so thank you for taking the time to look at a complete stranger's list of literary desires. It’s pretty niche of us to meet this way I use female pronouns and play female characters. I do consider myself to be more lit/plot-based as I like to earn character development and somewhat realistic timelines and sequences. I know we obviously don’t do this for the realism - but I am gonna cost you more than a few lines. I also have an expectation of myself for meeting 3-5 paragraphs with proper grammar, spelling, plot advancement and attention to detail. I enjoy introducing new characters and throwing wrenches into your plot ideas to keep things interesting. I put effort into my characters and I try to include the occasional example and details to add depth to RPs, whether it be offering imagery, references to things like astronomy, soundtrack music, architecture, mythology/lore, or just experience-building particulars collected from Retrojapan's interests. I am not looking to write pure smut. I actually refuse to write just sex scenes because it's boring and tactless. If I wanted to spend my time learning synonyms for penetration then I wouldn't be hoping someone here can write well enough to tickle my fancy (though I am still adding to my thesaurus). I want something challenging, stimulating and well-written. I want to think about it even when I'm not wanting to think about it. Lets create some sort of plot, characters, world, theme, power dynamic, conflict, relationship, etc - because it will compliment the inevitable if we mesh. Likes - Slowburns - Slower - Slowest - Anticipation - Being manipulated and coerced - Identifying with aggressor; Stockholm Syndrome - Superpowers and magic - Being controlled and overpowered - Demonstrating obedience - Unknowingly being watched - Tension - Bimbofication - Possessiveness & jealousy - Denial - Dirty talk - Dominant men - Having to wait - Romance - the Male Gaze/objectification - Feeling pursued - Power struggles; abuse of power - Deprivation - Clever banter - Not getting what I want - Degradation - Good writing/storytelling (Some) Fandoms & Ships - Final Fantasy VI (Terra x YC, Celes x YC) - Final Fantasy VII (Vincent Valentine x Lucretia, Vincent Valentine x Tifa, Tseng x Aerith) - Final Fantasy X (Yuna x YC) - Final Fantasy XV (Noctis x LunaFreya) - Escaflowne (Van x Hitomi) - Angel Sanctuary (Setsuna x Sara) Wishlist/Cravings - Final Fantaxy XV [Older Noctis x MC] - Final Fantasy VII [Vincent Valentine x MC, Tseng x Aerith] - Princess x Bodyguard - Dark and brooding men - Sapiosexuals - Being used to fulfill someone else’s cravings - Natural chemistry between roleplayers - Character development - Damsel in distress - Unlikely attractions and/or impossible pairings Think you can play me?
  15. Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my thread. Currently, I am looking for RP partners who want to immerse themselves into a darker, crueler world with a naughty society (superiority, enslavement, etc. etc.). This is an erotic RP that would include a ton of BDSM. I am actually open to playing a domme character but there is a catch (please check FeFe's Preferences). It would be wonderful if my RP partner is willing to play a dominant character as well and the two clash but simultaneously have the hots for eachother, taking turns dominating the other in some way. Of course, I don't actually require this, I am happy to play the domme, as long as I get an interesting sub character who isn't a doormat, who has layers. I am also open to playing multiple characters but I do want the focus on our main characters. I also would like to play the sub with someone if possible and I crave the same things; BDSM and an interesting male dom who isn't 'ooh pretty thing, me strong man, spank'. Men who are androgynous and are in touch with their femininity are sexy as well. I accept both dommes and doms as a sub. Preferably, I will take a pretty boy or handsome, clever, charismatic man but my lady doesn't mind putting a big boy in his place. As for the plot; something involving the horrors and supernaturals of fantasy would be preferable, I love the idea of playing in a dark world as a villain who likes to to toy with her food or a poor soul who is just trying to survive. There is no heroes in my world, only predators and the prey. That doesn't mean my RP partners can't play as a goodie goodie, that just makes it more fun haha. I imagine a dark, gothic world that is beautiful but filled with terrors. Vampires that are beautiful but horrible, cults that are devoted to them and other demons. There is a lot of scenarios and possibilities here. We can include a small kingdom trying to live in a world ruled by demons and other monsters, trying to survive. If any of this sounds appealing, please hit me up and let's see what we can craft together. :}
  16. Wraith

    Wraith's Epitaphs

    0. Hi, Hello, How are 'ya? I'm Wraith. been RPing for near a decade by this point, and am a bit a perv and looking to try out this way of organizing plots and characters, see what I can reel in. So here is some stuff to keep in mind: Length: I default to about 1-3 paragraphs and hope that you can match. Longer can cause me to take much longer to respond, and shorter, depending on content, can kind of just bore me, but willing to try. I'm not too much a snob, I think, but just noticed I had more fun, and stayed in, around this way. Medium: Blue moon, PMs. Not interested in discord, sorry! Grammar: Keep it readable English, and I'm good. I will try to do the same, but mistakes happen for everyone. Frequencey: Life happens. I'm a student and currently employed so I should know. Would Like at least once every few days, but willing to go about two weeks with no word. Then, I drop it, or feel free to drop me. Obviously willing to work things out if that pesky thing RL shows up with enough warning though. Ratio: Ideally it'd 50:50, but given my nethers have a habit of grabbing the steering wheel, it can dive to 60:40 in smut's favor. And the fact the plots are pretty porny in my head doesn't help. A Key piece-ANTI-NTR: TL;DR of the impending rant: The the vic gets at least a fighting chance to bring his/her lover back. Okay, rant time. Now for those not in the know, NTR stands for Netorare, or Girlfriend stealing. Basically some asshole steals the girlfriend, makes them their personal cumdump. Now I'm a fan of corruption, mind break and general fucked up shit, but one thing gets my damn craw. In these roleplays, the guy does....NOTHING! Absolutely, fucking NOTHING! it is a rare day in hell they even throw a punch! It drives me absolutely batty! I wouldn't mind so much if actual effort was made! But not with these babies! Here, while a bad end is entirely possible, there is at least a fighting chance for a happy ending. Okay, I'm done. Light vs Dark: I would say Gray. While these will have dark moments, there will be Light too. I like my Sweet and Sour~. Image Issues? Try opening the link incognito window. On My Characters: They are for my use, though are open if you want to use them. I would prefer you use your own, however. Well, that's all, Hope to see you take something up! Plot-End of a Heroine:A tale of a heroine close to hanging up her cape for good, so she settle in fully with her beau and on medical grounds. However, The super villain she faces down manages to finally to entrap her, and use her for their own ends. Now Comes the civy's part. Will they step up to the plate and save their lover, or will they Fall to the might of the villain? My Characters- Heroines Name: Atlanta "Argonaut" Aarons Villain Name-Gorgon Age: 26 Power-As a hero, she posses Super Human Strength, Agility and Near Invulnerability, and superior intelligence, affinity for greek syyle weapons. Weakness is that she has multiple spots that are like achilies Heel and The fact she has the blood of gorgons in her veins as well, making her vulnerable to curses. Appearance: Civ- Heroine- Villain- (Has various weapons seemingly poking out of her) Personality: Hero- Kind, Honorable, A lover of battle, proud, A bit horny but sappy romantic, Protective, bit of a big sis type, quite the pervert in bed thanks to dulled sense of touch as a side effect of her invulnerability. Villain- A heartless, predatory woman who loves to create blood and havoc for all those around her, quite salacious, and fully open pervert. Kinks: Masochist, Groping, Large insertions, Name calling, Being made to submit, rough, ahego, Latex, BDSM, etc. Origin: Atlanta grew up fairly normally, the though the red headed beauty was always gifted. She was tougher and stronger than others, and was always ahead of class, and just felt a bit lonely. This was until a trip to a museuem with a warriors through the ages exhibit was attacked by a villain. She felt her deep buried instinct of the various legendary heroic ancestors, Achillies, Heracles, and Odysseus, and Jason. That was the day Argo was born. Name: Phoebe "Paragon" Pren Age: 27 Power- Super strength, Speed and flight with moderate energy projection capabilities. Contamination absorbing and de-mutantization material can drain her powers. Appearance: Civilian- Costume- (Blue hair and domino mask) Villain- Personality: Hero- The young woman is the ideal heroine, selfless, A big heart, Caring, Brave, Willful, easy to fluster out of her costume, a hero geek, Sappy romantic, very reliant on her hero identity for a sense of purpose Villain- A Ruthless, Selfish, nihilistic, A bit of a charmer, loathes heroes, has bit of her old self in there. Kinks: Groping, Sadomasohist, switch, Blindfolds, Roleplay, Latex, costumes, Outdoors,etc. Origin: Phoebe was always the type who wanted to be a hero. she is the one who would constantly pull dangerous stunts to unlock her powers, only to come to the realization she had none to unlock, and her physical frailty meant she was unlikely able to train herself in any skill that she could refine to a extraordinary degree or any talent with creating gadgets or power armor. She drifted through life after that, no great goal in mind. That was, until one day on her way to work after dropping out of college, she got into an accident. Whatever was in the truck that collided with her, it leaked into her totaled old jolapy and changed her. granted her the ability to change into a new form, one that can be a hero. And thus, Paragon was born. Name: Kimberly "Gallant Knight" Grant Age: 27 Power-Power Armor that grants super strength, flight, energy protection and durability and numerous gadgets and software suites. Control scheme is a nuearal uplink net that can give her quite the shock and a cooling issue she never quite solve left her with a limited time, the longest nude, inside the armor. Appearance: Civilian- (Silver hair, bags under her eyes) Costume- Villain- Personality: Hero-Workaholic, Extremely driven, Caring, can be a bit grumpy, skilled in the boardroom(even if she hates being there), Love of tinkering, Brave, clever, Pretty selfless, has some mad scientist tendencies, Has a slight complex about her chest size, pretty pervy. Villain-Full on mad scientist without an ounce of concious or humanity in regards to anyone else, proud of her expanded chest, still retains her old skills, mega-perv., has some embers of her old self still rattling in her. Kinks: Electricity, Heat play, wax, ice play, masochist, toys, latex, etc. Origin: Born without Powers and a knack to work with machinery, she was starting to get to work on a suit she could use, the branching off tech becoming the foundation for her multi-million company, Grant Technologies. Eventually the Knight Mk.I was form as her initial suit, and under the guise of her name Gallant Knight, has taken to the world to protect it, much like the image of the knights of old. Name: Dianna "Doctor Occult" Oak Age:29 Power: A master of various mystical arts. Weakness is that its the only source of power she has. Appearance: Civilian- Costume- (Butterfly mask on.) Villain- Personality: Hero-Motherly, Sarcastic, Loves to study and teach, Inquisitive, A lover of the romantic, a tease, inexprienced in the bedroom Villain- A secretive, very perverted , and amoral sorceress who is always in the pursuit of greater power. Kinks: Ritualistic, Ropes, Groping, Cow girl, Large insertions, Switch, Bitch breaking, Shibari, outdoors, etc. Origin: Born a normal, directionless girl with an inquisitive mind. She dove into all sorts of subjects, magic and occult in particular holding her interests. Then, in college, she was caught up in a convience store hold up, where her latent talent for magic awakened, and she unleashed it on the would-be robber. That was the night where Dianna would eventually become a Professor of the Occult and a well respected one at that. And it was the Night the magic heroine Dr. Occult was born. Civilians Name: Amanda ____ nee. Bright Age: 25 Appearance: Personality: Supportive, kind, Goes with the flow, Very loving, A bit of a worrywart, has a suprisingly strong will, pervy. Kinks: Groping, outdoors, Slightly sadistic, A kind dom, Latex, costumes, roleplay, etc. History: A young woman who was a office drone for an insurance company. She had a normal life until, one night when taking a shortcut through an alley there was an attempted mugging of her. She would've probably ended up in the hospital, if not for the hero. A chance encounter as a civilian led to friendship, then love. A nice wedding later, they were quite the married couple. Name:Aiden Shaw Age: 26 Appearance: Personality: Supportive, hard worker, Very loving, goes with the flow, Worry's over his wife, surprisingly willful when it counts, a romantic, pervy. Kinks:Groping, Rough, a nice Dom, outdoors, Costumes, roleplay, ropes, etc. History: A young man who was working through the office ranks until they were caught up in a hold-up. Luckily he was saved by a heroine. Who happened to be a co-worker when in her civilian identity. Cue an office romance and marriage. 2. Plot: BFFF: A tale of two childhood friends, one not that strong and kind of wimpy, but is one of those people who can calm and act as a pretty good anchor emotionally speaking. The other is more physically capable(Sportsy type, Tom Boy, Delinquent or Disciplinary Head), and they are even new lovers. However, a Bully and blackmailer has harassing the former, with the latter getting in the way. Though he has plans that may come to fruition, or rot on the vine is up to the anchor. My Characters The Best Friend Name: Catrina Kirk Age:16 Appearance: A- B- C- Personality: Competitive, big sisterly, very Athletic, not extremely book smart, Very protective, Insecure about her condition and Femininity, bit of a perv. Kinks: Uniforms, Sex games, getting groped, Ahego, Vaginal, Oral, Anal, Exhbitionist, Rough, gentle, iceplay, sweat, Hair pulling, Latex, Sub, Masochist, Climax denial etc. History: A young woman that has been the star of the school's athletic teams, whether it be Gymnastics, Basketball, Swimming or Track and Field, Martial Arts or Tennis. This earned the young woman quite the reputation and was fairly well liked. It is always a mystery why she hung out with The wimpy kid so much. Said Wimp wasn't at the bottom, but no where near the top, and seemed pretty unlike her. Little did they know of the bond they share, her trust whenever her Neural Shock Syndrome acted up, them making sure she got out the otherside the same. And a few secret hobbies and active romantic and sexual relationship. Name: Kodi Lake Age: 16 Appearance: A- B- C- Personality: By the Book, A bit aloof, extremely protective, Has buttons that easily fluster her, Decent in book smarts, Cares dearly for those close to her, Suprisingly Sappy romantic and Perverted, Self-concious regarding her condition and her lack of feminity. Kinks: Groping, public areas, very masochistic, DP, BDSM, Blindfolds, Oral, vaginal, anal, boob job, bukakke, Ahego, etc. History: Kodi has always been the goody-two-shoes and a keeper of order, though not to the degree of being a tyrant. It was only natural she ended up on the disciplinary committee when it was time for high school. Still, they were always rather tender around their Lover, who was always caring and understanding of her. The two have also been rather frisky since the relationship started, in spite of her nueral shock syndrome. Name:Alexis Rodi Age:15 Appearance: A- B- C- Personality: Short fused, always up for a fight, A slacker, Has tendency to rebel against authority, prickly, Is suprisingly tender hearted, A bit bugged by her lack of femninity, Loathes her condition, Pervy Kinks: Groping, rough, masochist(not that she'd ever admit it), "Dom"(Sub), Fights for dominance, Outdoors, public areas, etc. History: The young woman has always been a ball of trouble. Rebelling hard against her nueral shock and an uneasy home life has led to her acting out against the authority and the world to a degree. Still, she has a calming presence that anchors her and gets her to play nice. As lovers, she even slowly being reformed after a period away from her childhood friend. Though, she is still quite rowdy and a trouble maker. Name: Tori Gale Age:16 Appearance: Personality: Very much like big sister, Slightly slacker, rather active, Average booksmarts, Self concious about her conscious and especially her lack of feminity, pretty pervy Kinks:Groping, Doggy style, Rough, Ahego, Public areas, BDSM, Sub, masochist, Hair pulling, etc. History: Tori was never like most girls. She was bever afraid of a creepy crawly, and willing to rough house and get dirty. She strangely took to a rather bookish kid, and in time they would spend quite the bit of time together, her protecting him from bullies, him protecting when her nueral shock acted up. And this blossomed into quite the steamy romance. The Wimp Name: Katey Moore Age:15 Appearance: Personality: Very shy, rather frilly girly, supportive, Bookish, wimpy on the surface, Has a hidden steely will, Sappy romntic, suprisingly pervy. Kinks: Dom, sadist, ribbons, pubkic areas , Groping, BDSM, toys rough and gentle, oral, anal, vaginal, etc. History: Katey was always the bottom of the totem pole. The girl always seemed to have a target on her back since day one, and was easily cowed by it. still while she would bend, she would never break, seemingly thanks to the protection of her childhood friend, who would become her girlfriend. She in turn always was supportive, and made sure she would come out of her episodes in one piece and much like she had been before. Name: Corey Vale Age:16 Appearance: Personality:Geeky, Shy, Very intelligent, Sappy romantic, pretty wimpy, Perverted, Has buried Iron will Kinks: Groping, Dom, public areas, Rough, Sadist, BDSM, vaginal, oral, anal, etc. History: Corey was the scrawny geek that got hit with a great number of bullying. He was the type to bend, rather than break, however. He was protected by the girl who he would make a girlfriend and loved dearly. Special Notes: Nueral Shock Disorder- A (hopefully) made up nuerological disorder where a prolonged exposure to major touch stimuli or a sudden intense spike of said stimuli can overload her brain, putting her in a state similar to a stupor and hypnosis, where its rather easy to insert traits into her subconcious to bleed out and alter who she is. 3.Plot:Teacher-Student Relations: In a countryside private school, and rather rigerous and prestigious too. In the school a rumor has spread of a "naked ghost" that wanders around campus. In truth it is a girl who has been on the mend from a stress induced meltdown, having found a way to relax. When her favorite finds out and an affair starts up, can they keep up the secret? My Characters Student Name:Bianca Carter Age:15 Appearance: Personality: Anxious, Extremely book smart, kind, Naive, Closeted Pervert, Views her intelligence as a curse, socially awkward, has dark fantasies. Kinks:Rough, oral, vaginal, anal, Groping, exhibitionist, humiliation, Ahego, BDSM, Masochist, Submissive, Blackmail, corruption, Bimbofication, Roleplay, etc. History: The young woman was the child of a family known for overachieving and faced pressure from her family to do likewise. For a time she was able to keep up with said expectation, fear lighting a nice fire under her ass to do so in the private schools her family sent her to. However, she finally suffered a grade slip, which caused a mental health meltdown that just exacerbated the tumbling grades. It was during an attempt to use excersize to manage her stress that a missing clothes incident, which she was forced to walk back to her dorm nude that her method of relief was discovered. And by uncanny ability to avoid clean photo shots being taken and keeping her distance from people, the rumor of a naked ghost girl was born. Teacher Name: Miranda Ross Age: 24 Appearance: A- B- Personality: Caring, Understanding, Strict but Fair in the classroom, Rather laidback outside of it, A Romantic and Pervert, very protective of her students and girlfriend. Kinks: Groping, Motherly Dom, Sadist, Exhibitionist/Risky Places, BDSM, Toys, Roleplay, etc. History: A young woman who excelled in the academic world and was able to get a a job involving teaching and studying psychology. For a few years, she was able to work with little issue, though made some enemies in the old guard, which eventually got her the boot. She was able to secure a job teaching at a private academy for high school age girls. And she has taken to the girls quite a bit. Name: Jason Benson Age: Appearance: A- B- Personality: Pretty unflappable, Brilliant Historian, Caring for his students, Generally laid back, protective of students, A romantic and pervert, protective of his students. Kinks: Rough, Exhibitonist/risky places, BDSM, Dom, Sadist, Blind folds, Roleplays, etc. History: The guy was once a rather renowned young historian. He breezed through academia and was often one to go out and into the field on numerous digs. However he was given the boot due to a few small scadals inflamed by those who came to hate him due to office politics. Still he was able to go to the academy for work instead. 4.Plot:Idolatrous Scandal : A relationship that would give any journalist a field day. A number one idol(or rocker), engaged in a relationship with a punk(or girly) girl type. A sleezy journalist working for a tabloid happens across it, but is willing to stay quiet, for a price. Now will the target be saved and avoid a career ender, or a rather nasty fate await them? My Characters Star Name: Layla "Lacey Bright" Brooks Age: 19-25 Appearance: Personality: To the public she is a happy go lucky, energetic, Loves to sing and perform, a bit of an airhead, and A party animal. Out of the spotlight, while she loves to sing and dance and she is pretty cheerful, She is much more reserved and intelligent, plus while she acts bashful and inexprienced in romance and not wanting anything to do with actual sex, is quite the sappy romantic and pervert. Kinks: Switch, Sadomasochism, Exhibitonist/Risky Places, toys, Groping, Latex,blindfolds, Large insertions, etc. History: A Shy girl growing up with a talent for music, she often kept mostly to herself and her few friends. She was content to be a face in the crowd, if that. However, her girlfriend signed her up to one of those talent TV show, trying to help her get some confidence. She won and quickly rose to stardom. Though due to the nature of how she was marketed, the true nature of her relationship with her girlfriend secret thanks to how the record label marketed her. Name:Courtney "Creepy Killer" Kresnick Age:19-25 Appearance: Personality: On stage, she is a a short fused, rebellious, Aggressive punk who doesn't need anyone and will butt heads with the suits any chance she gets. In reality, while definetly pretty coarse and rough around the edges, she is much more tender, compassionate and while a bit of a hot head, willing to compromise with management and is quite gentle. She is also quite the romantic and a pervert in bed. Kinks: Vag, oral, anal, switch, sadomasochist, Groping, Latex, Large insertions, etc. History: Born in a rough neighborhood and and to a rather explosive home, she didn't have an easy time growing up. While she did get in some fights and expiremented, she was never one to fall into the pits that claim most from her neck of the woods. However, her primary outlet was music, and one night playing for a hole in the wall bar, she got scouted, and quicklypicked up and rose to the top of the charts. And during this time she would come to meet and fall in love with her #1 fan. Though thanks to marketing and disapproval of parents, they keep it under wraps. Fan Name: Tammy Tenison Age:18-25 Appearance: Personality: Sweet, Very supportive, A romantic, Good with acting and networking, Can be manipulated when panicked, a pervert, very girly Kinks:Switch, Sadomasochist, Latex, Sensual, Groping, Vaginal, oral, anal, toys, Large insertions, blackmail, corruption, etc History: The child of a rather prominent family in the world of business, and was raised in a manner similar to what you would expect. During a meeting to invest in the company, a top rocker was used to demonstrate why they should They became fast friends and soon were in a secret relationship, despite her parent's objections. Name: Jamie Jackson Age:18-25 Appearance: Personality: Rough and tumble, Caring, good at acting, brash, Quite the romantic, pervy, Rather protective, can be manipulated if right buttons are pushed. Kinks: Switch, Sadmasochist, Exhibitionist, latex, Sensual, groping, vaginal, oral, anal, rough, toys, blackmail, corruption, etc History: A girl who was always a rather rowdy one, and found her punk self tied to one shy girl, often being the protector and encourage her. Shortly after graduating high school, She saw that she was still rather withdrawn. So she signed up her friend behind her back, and said friend won. So the burgeoning romance had to go under wraps, but she's always helping out. 5.Plot:The Military Love- A soldier once was reluctantly dragged to a brothel, and was set up to pop their cherry with a hooker, though through a crack in the veneer, They are able to connect, fall in love, get married. However, The hooker always seems to draw the lustful kind of attention, and they don't always take no for an answer. My Characters Housewife Name:Natalia ___ nee. Smith Age:24 Appearance: A- B- C- D- E- F- G- Personality: -When a prostitute she puts up a front of a a bubbly, happy go-lucky, party girl, though under it was a deeply cybical woman who gave little care for others and used drugs and sex to numb the despair and pain from her past and current situation. She has very little loyalty beyond whoever can get her next fixed of either delivered to her. Still there is a small part that hopes to be saved, and some scraps of love, kindness and hope. -When a housewife she is a near total opposite. Very optimistic and takes to her new life with gusto, and tries to be the epitome of a good housewife. A hard worker, and talented cook. She is extremely loyal and loving to her spouse. She also still has a major libido, though mostly under control these days. Still, she has a few quirks from her former life, and major fear of drugs, even being skittish around something as mild as alcohol. And there is the worry of which side of her is the "real one". Kinks: Groping, lactation, Masochist, Rough sex, Gentle Sex, Large Insertions, Vag, oral, anal, Naked Apron, etc. History: Growing up to a drug addicted home, things were rigged against her from the start for Natalia. However, she managed to become quite self-reliant and might've gotten out relatively okay. Then her parents left her behind when dodging debt. She ended up on the streets and scavenged until her pimp found and broke her in short order. So, she was a prostitute and was hooked on drugs and sex. Then, her future spouse saved her when she was supposed to pop their cherry. Military Name: Adria Croft Age:25 Appearance: Personality: Brash, protective, slightly rebellious, a keen tactician, A big sister type, Romantic, pervy Kinks: Groping, Rough, toys, vaginal, oral, anal, toys, necking, Dom, Sadist, etc. History: Born in a rough neighborhood, she fought her way through the years to stay alive and get through years. Wanting a way out, she joined the military and while she chafed under their chain of command and discipline, did rather well. Most of all, she is grateful that through a night after basic, she got to meet the woman who would become her wife. Name: Lance Brooks Age:25 Appearance: Personality:Brash, Head-Strong, Very skilled tactician, rough around the edges but has a good heart, suprisingly romantic, a perv. Kinks: Groping, Rough, Latex, exhibitionist, Necking, vaginal, oral, anal, Necking, Outdoors, Dom, Sadist, etc. History: The young man was born into Brooksvale, better known as Bloody Brooks. He had aligned plenty of gangs and bathed in blood. Then came a major riot, which he was one of the few survivors of said riot. Having a wake up call from the exprience and joined the army. and would come to meet the love of his life. 6.Plot:Cleaning Up an Act- A bit of a change from the usual mind breaking/corruption of a school girl story. There are two girls, outcasts. One having luck that loved to put her in sexually embarrassing situations, another who rejected Populars, and end up together. Alas, the (un)lucky girl wanted to try and protect her lover and herself, and figured getting into the in-crowd would do it. While she got in, she was isolated from her friend and to try and keep it, goes into a downward spiral, ending up a drug-addled, nymphomaniac prostitute on the street. The two soon meet up with one who rejected the social ladder saving her from being beat on from some asses looking for kicks. She saved her old flame from them, and there is love still there. Still, can she save our now thoroughly ran through muck lover from herself, or is the lewd girl doomed to sink uncontrollably into depravity, and lose the last shreds of who she once was? My Characters Lewd Luck Girl Name: Naomi Shima Age:15-25 Appearance: Past- Future- Personality: Past-Naive, Book smart, easily embarrassed, a romantic, supportive, reckless, closeted megaperv. Future- Nymphomaniac, Cynical, Often drug addled, Still has some shreds of her old self, Wants to change Kinks: Groping, Vaginal, oral, anal, Large insertions, semi-public locations, Rough, Drugs, BDSM, Masochist, Corruption, etc. History: A Transfer Student who moved from Japan and had hoped to turn over a new leaf. However she was followed by her lewd luck, and the bullying that always happened around it. Then the Outcast came to her defense and befriended then came to love her. During their rather passionate relationship, she was able to witness what little bullying they got and decided to help them as they help her. She decided to get into populars to try and help them from the inside. What happened instead was she had to break up with them and decended into sex, drugs and partying, ending with her on the street as a burnt out prostitute and junkie. And when one, night, at the end of her rope getting beaten up by some punks, her old flame came back as a cop, and rescued her. Outcast Name: Cory Vale Age:16-26 Appearance: Past- Future- Personality: Past- Loner, rough around the edges, directionless, holds those close dear, a romantic, perv., Doesn't like rocking the boat too much. Future- Will go rock the boat, driven, willful to the point of stubborn, very protective, more social, still a romantic and perv. Kinks:Groping, Rough, public/semi-public/exhibtionist, Vaginal, Oral, Anal, Dom, Sadist, Creampie, Deep throat, etc. History: A man born with intimidating crimson eyes, and led to him getting picked on quite frequently until high school, when he won a few fights and he was able to get the bullies to back off for the most part. Then one day, he saved His girlfriend from one of her lewd-luck incidents, and ha a rather passionate, and happy relationship. Then lost her in her attempt to help him. Gaining a new direction, he became a cop, and worked his way into a detective position. And then, when forced to walk the beat, he found her again. Name: Dakota Carson Age:16-26 Appearance: Past(left)- Future- Personality: Past- Very laid back, Loner, a bit of a tomboy/big sis type, directionless, Doesn't tend get too involve in others' lives ,a romantic, a perv. Future-A much more driven, determined and interventionistic individual, Still a tomboy and has romantic and pervert. Kinks: Groping, Toys, Sadist, BDSM, Necking, Vaginal, Oral, Anal, Public/Semi-public/exhibitionist, etc. History: Born with a condition that caused her hair to grey early, and earned plenty of mockery, though she managed to get them to back off in the end.She would soon enough find and help a girl she took under her wing, and came to love. For a time, while she didn't have much of a plan for the future, she was pretty happy with how things were. Then her girlfriend made a failed infiltration to protect her and was lost to the world of drugs, partying and so on. From this, she gained a desire to help and protect others from the same fate, and maybe, just maybe, the faint hope to save her old flame. And she would get the chance when forced to walk the beat, saving her from some thugs. Special Notes Lewd Luck: A mix of supreme clutz and repressed nymphomania. Think something like Mikan from Danganronpa 2 on how it ends up. 7. Plot:Love and War- In the world of Scalia, a prophecy for a great war is destined to place. The light is to be guided by a champion, A great heroine shall guide the forces of light into battle. Of course, the forces of darkness are commanded by an overlord. The two however, turn out to be lovers, both from the same village. The pair having a secret relationship. However, the overlord would be created by a failed witch trial and execution, setting the prophecy into motion. Will the war play out in full, or can the old flame they had counter the fated course? My Character Priestess/Heroine Name: Media Amathas Age:16-26 Appearance: Past- Future- Personality: Past-Devout, rather meek, Kind, Very Loving, Love of reading, Longs to know her heritage, easily cowed, passionate Future-Much more jaded and cold, braver, disenchanted with the faith, more willful, still has some of her old self Kinks: Descrating altars, Outdoors, Large insertions, switch, sadomasochist, waxplay, Blindfolds, Leather, Groping, etc. History: Born the bastard daughter of a courtesan and some john, likely merchant or minor noble, and was soon dumped upon an orphanges doorstep. She was raised by the church affiliated organization, and ended up becoming quite devout and on track to becoming a priestess. Then she was sent to heal the poor outcast of the village, and fell head-over heels for her, and secret romance bloomed. However, when her lover was caught using dark, if harmless, magic led to both their relationship being unveiled and she was forced to throw the first torch on the pyre, and she was soon unofficially black balled from the more priestly branch, and went into the Military branch, the Templar Militant, and rose quickly through the ranks, trying to bury her grief and broken heart. She even became propped up as the hero. And then she encountered the overlord. Outcast/Overlord Name:Morgan Murn Age:16-26 Appearance: Past- (Horns are MUCH smaller, golder eyes, runes on shoulder and goes to barely touching her jaw) Future- Personality: Past-Shy, very bookish, meek,slightly jaded, still a bit hopeful, Sweet, very much a romantic and pervert. Future- A very jaded, vicious woman who is ruthless on the battlefield, very vengeful, very kind to her fellow monsters, some ieces from long ago still in there Kinks:Ritualistic, Outdoors, Sensual, Leather, Groping, switch, sadomsochist, Large insertions, etc. History: Morgan was born as wicht, child of a mortal and demonic entity, and was very reluctantly taken care of by the village. She survived on odd jobs given to her by those in the village, and had few people approaching true kindness. And then, when struck with Malos Plague, she was saved by a maiden(priestess in training) and from her rescue, became fast friends and quickly smitten. She even dove into dark magic to help heal her frail body, so there was more of a chance that she may have a future with her. But what little good will she had was burnt away in the witch trial and flames. That night Morgan the outcast died, And the Overlord was born, rampaging and quickly conquering much of the continent. But all overlords are opposed by a hero. 8. Plot:Forbidden Courtship- A tale of love between a Knight and Elven girl(Unicorn, Tavern Wench, Witch ,Princess or Priestess are also available.) who love each other deeply despite the taboos in place to keep them a part. When a local lord begins making moves on the girl, threatening all sorts of hell if she doesn't obey. Will the knight be able to defend their lady's honor, or will the Lord's power be too much to make a scratch on the cage? My Characters Lover Name:Alasia Rosevale Age: 165, elf equivalent of around 15 to 17 Appearance: (hair a mix leaf green and bark brown. Has clothes made of plants) Personality: Curious, Lover of nature, A keen huntress, slight to moderate naivety when it comes to humans, Very much a romantic, closeted pervert, Is both fearful and aroused by the possibility of "darkening". Kinks:Groping, vaginal, anal, oral, outdoors, Gentle,rough, Large insertions, hair pulling, Ahego, corruption, chains, etc. History: Born in one of the many elven communes, hidden deep in the forests of the world. In the commune she became a renowned huntress, though she was a slight bit the pariah for her, in their opinion, was far too interested in humanity and her sexuality, even at the risk of becoming a dark elf if she had sex with another who was not soul mated. When she was caught trading with humans of a nearby village for erotica and other books, she was cast out and was left on her own for quite some time, but was relatively happy. Then, when she was acosted by bandits. And that was when she was saved by her knight in shining armor. Name: Maria Riggins Age:19 Appearance: Personality: Very sweet, knows hospitality, decent people reader, a dreamer, bit of a bleeding heart, Easily pressured, very supportive, sappy romantic and closted pervert Kinks: Groping, vaginal, oral, anal, Rough, Gentle, Public/semi-public, bent over something, ropes, leather, masochist, etc. History: Born to a long line of owners to a fairly popular tavern in a trade town near the castle of a local lord. Starting with dishes and mugs as a smal child, she ended up as the bar wench. She did well in her position thanks to her charm and generous curves, though that had its own problem in some patrons. And during one one incident with some higher class customers, A visiting knight saved ad stole her heart. Name: Graila Faine Age: 90, looks barely in her 20's at the oldest Appearance: Personality:Inquisitive, cool exterior but very passionate, studious, Extremely loyal and protective, Not too open with her romantic side, puts up a front on sexual side despite being a virgin Kinks: ritualistic, masochist, vaginal, anal, oral, rough, gentle, ropes, chains, wax play, outdoors, submissive, struggle for dominance, etc. History: Graila was always the outcast. First a sickly thing that barely clung to life, then as a wandering black witch, once she discovered what would become her grimoire. Se drifted from village to village, town to town, working as a fortune teller, charm seller, potions, so on and so forth. Most of the time, when found she fled from the hostile towns and villages. She was cut off however, and after a kangaroo court, magic highly distrusted but never outright banned, was sent burn at the stake. Only saved from the injustice by a patrolling Knight. Name: Aria Adrast Age: 16 Appearance: Personality:Sweet, Devout, Meek, Hopeless romantic, Closeted pervert, Motherly, Fears her ability, Ashamed of her heritage Kinks: Groping, milking, Rough, vaginal, oral, anal, Holy site desecration, breeding, Leather, ropes, etc. History: Aria was born a bastard child between courtesan and some john, and was thrown away upon a temple sponsored orphanage's front steps. She was not the first, or the last of those like that, and while a sore spot, she had mostly come to accept it. Then, the mark appeared. A tangled mark of of the Echidna and Sacred Maiden, the ability to birth monsters or heroes. She was made an outcast among the Temple, which she was training to become a priestess in. Then, when a Knight chapter came for blessings, she met a knight who accepted her, and thus saved her from loneliness. Name: Ragna Falkor Age: 300, looks about 16-19 Appearance: Personality: Honorable, Loves hunting, protective, Combative, Passionate, surprisingly wise, Tries to hide her romantic tendcies, A perv. Kinks:Sexual Fighting, struggle for dominance, Grabbing her horns/wings/tail, vaginal, oral, anal, switch, sadomasochist, etc. History: A Dragon who lived in the mountains in of the kingdom, and was made protector of a region that received little in the way of protection until recently. This, for generation upon generation, the dragon protected the land in exchange for a portion of the game and cattle and whatever treasure turns up. Though, even a dragon can run into trouble. In her case, a crazed dragon Hunter bent on killing her. However, a Knight, in a great twist of irony, protected the sanctioned Dragon. Name: Sylvaina Lunaris Age:220 Appearance: (Has a snow white unicorn body from waist down) Personality: Very Naive, Gentle, meek, Loves nature, Sappy romantic, deep in the closet about her sexuality, Is fearful and aroused by possibly becoming a bicorn. Kinks: Outdoors, Groping, Being ridden, vaginal, humiliation, Sub, risk of impreg, Sensual, cuddling, corruption, etc. History: Born deep in the forests of the Kingdom, The young woman would have an unusual amount of contact with humas for a unicorn. This led her to soon being the target of poachers out for her horn and blood, powerful magical and healing regents. However, her death was averted by the timely arrival of a knight saved her. Name: Calia von Reese Age: 17 Appearance: A- B- C- D- Personality: Calia is a kind young woman, though perhaps not the best to lead the country. She is kind and very empathetic to pretty much everyone, to the point of being a bit of a bleeding heart. She is also a lover of the arts, often being the patron of a promising one in the kingdom. Also quite the romantic, and a very sappy one at that, wishing to be able to oficially come out as being in a relationship with her knightly love and enjoys things quite unbecoming of a princess with them. She relies on others to be her mental and emotional strength, her physical frailty extending to her will and ease of being manipulated otherwise. Kinks: Rough, groping, Shibari, blindfolds, Whips, Masochist, Large insertions, Ahego, vaginal, oral, anal, DP, etc. History: The youngest daughter of the Reese royal line, Calia was always frail and sickly, and is nominally out of the power games in court, though managed to be fairly popular with the commoners and artists. She was relatively safe thanks to her popularity, often being the one who was needed to help calm them, though equally frequently bedridden due to poor health. On a rare trip out, she ended up kidnapped and held hostage briefly before the knight that would come to be her secret lover rescued her. Knight Name: Lancia Castern Age:23 Appearance: Personality: Willful, honorable, Noble spirit if not conduct, a bit short fused at times, Protective, Romantic, perv. Kinks:Groping, Fingering, Toys, outdoors, Dom, sadist, sensual, leather, etc. History:Born in poverty and soon orphaned and had to go the way of the highway woman, and was sure she was going to die as one, especially as she became relatively infamous. However, an attempt on a noble, by some miracle, led to her being taken in. She was soon made a knight and proved quite the heroic, suprisingly enough. And would find her love in the most surprising of places. Name: Artorian Pendragon Age:24 Appearance: Personality: Kind, Extremely Loyal, Romantic, Pervy, Willful, Honorable, Willful. Kinks: Groping, outdoors, Rough, creampie, outdoors, leather, etc. History: Born a simple peasant the young man went into the army as a way to get out of his poverty ridden village. He served dutifully as a good soldier, but not someone up for any kind of promotion. Then, the battle of Galleon happened, where he single-handedly held the line against cultists and beast-breed until relief arrived. Thus he earned Knighthood for such a feat. And it wasn't long until he found his love. 9.Plot:Stranded on a Primitive Blue Dot:In space, there are plenty of wars brewing, some more savage than others. And the near human Galgene, blessed with the ability to "tense up" their muscles, upping their density to the point where it resembles rocks, boosted by the booster suits and gadgets built off of it. However, their females rarely make it very high in the warrior society of their people, due to the "reaction" whenever a silvery shock of hair or one of the red, slightly indented spots, causes them to lose all strength and go into heat. Though one did. A solo commando unit, who got shot down onto Planet Earth. And ended up with one of the natives, Will she find her place on the "backwater"? And will she be able to protect it without ending up a slave as her people's females are famous for? My Character: Alien Name: Trellia Ga'al Age: Galgene equivalent of 20 Appearance: (hair much longer reaching about her ass, silver hair at base of her skull) Personality: Dedicated, Rather stoic, Soft hearted, courageous, good actor, Bit secretive, closeted pervert, surprising romantic. Kinks: Groping, her buttons being pressed, sub, masochist, Electric, miliking, drugs, tentacles, latex, rough, sensual, etc. History: Born in Galgene space, she was pressed into military service and found herself in their spec ops divison, undertaking numerous operations in enemy, given their race's proclivities, nearly everyone else, and became quite the hero to her people. But even heroes can fail. She was caught sabtoging a shipyard against a raider faction in spce and as she was fleeing, was shot down. She was lucky to land on solid ground, near civilization. 10.Plot:Star Knights: The Invicta Crusade- The more things change, the more they stay the same. Humanity started to reach out, using a combination of Hyperlanes and Worm Holes. While Humanity found no other intelligent Race, they knew peace, cooperation and prosperity, Advancement never before seen with nano-technology, genetic manipulation, FTL on even smaller, personal ships, it was a gilded Age. But with all Gilded Ages, the corruption that would be its end was fostered. The core grew wealthier and more demanding upon the outlying sectors, the divide grew with the rage before war broke out and all manner of terror was unleashed on the galaxy. Finally, a weapon lost to the age was shot intro the heart of the galaxy, releasing a gravity wave that shattered the network, leaving humanity thrown millennia back technologically. Further wars raged on earth, political factions blaming one another and causing further deteration before the former high admiral stood up, having enough and with the support of the worlds of Sol, put them down. From there something between Nobility and meritocracy was born, each noble and their house having to prove capable to lead and having the will to not fall into the temptations that rulership brings. Eventually, The Humanity of Sol breached their system to find they were no alone. Other colonies that were lost, thought dead, were still around, many with its people changed, human no more. A second great war, The Banner Crusades, broke out between the powers, eventually stabilizing into 4(-12) great star kingdoms, where The ruler of the Terran Imperium had an idea, an alliance between them so that peace might return. Thus, The Galactic Grand Council was born, protected by various brotherhoods of Star Knights, Pilots of giant humanoid machines of war, and the first of them, their journey in fighting a threat from beyond. And with them, the final fate of humanity. If the threat doesn't turn them into minions of its own. 11.Plot:Saga of the Dawn Seekers- The world of Regaia was a relatively peaceful one, with prosperous kingdoms, and few wars. There were issues, but in the end, things were going well. However, peace never lasts forever. A great Demon Lord rose and rallied the long opressed monsters, and unleashed hell upon the people. It looked to be the end of the world, replaced by one of the Lord's design. But it was not the end, as by his acts created the very heroes that would slay him. That is, if the general's love of corruption doesn't get them. My Characters 12.Plot:Redemption of the Demon Queen-The war was brutal. Many lives were lost in the battles against the Demon and monster army which had leveled many human kingdoms, even the greatest of Empires fell to their fury. But A Hero rose and with their companion led a daring attack upon the dungeon that the Demon Queen resided in. In an epic battle, the Queen was slain, the world was saved. However, the Queen wasn't quite as dead first believed. She managed to barely cling to life and stumble away from the ruins, and ended up in some woods(or shifted into a park in the modern world) and are found by the one who would restore her faith in humans. And possibly defend them. My Character Name:Lilith Nixa Age:125 Appearance: True- Human- Personality: The woman is definitely a demon queen, for good reason. Rather charismatic, she is the type to inspire loyalty and will do what she can to keep it. The woman also knows how to do tactics and strategy, mostly offensively but knows her way around defense. She is also one to hold a grudge and has one hell of a fury when set off. She does have a good heart, capable of compassion, love and bravery. But that fiery heart and life lends it to a vengeful and ruthless streak. Kinks: Groping, rough, Vaginal, Oral, Anal, Sadomasochist, Leather, Blindfolds, etc. History: The young woman once lived in an isolated with her people, the Shadowkin. A simple maiden that, when Humanity led a crusade into her people's lands, and when she managed to survive the raid on her village, and she began rallying the monster races, forging a force to create her own empire, and wipe out plenty of other human nations. Then a band of heroes rose up, and through an ardous journey slew the Demon Queen. However, something unexpected happened. She survived. 13.Plot:Special Needs Girls-Sexual Genetic Disorders are a recently discovered phenomena and to many, something that has leapt straight out of a porno. Conditions that require sex with a certain kink involved to viably treat any of the potentially lethal symptoms of the disease. This tale follows group of girls as- -Hospital: they undergo treatment. Learning more about their disorder, hoping to get to a cure or at least a point that they can go into the outside world with the disorder in a normal condition. In the meantime, the girls have found themselves in intimate relations with doctors and nurses that go beyond accepted Doctor-Patient Relationships. Though, there are those who tried to take advantage of the condition of the patients and were tossed out, now looking for revenge... -School: As one of the first time expirements to see if the victims can engage in the outside world on a functional basis. At a rather prestigious and large private academy. The girls were nearly sent back to the hospital when the teachers assigned to help them with their conditions were found to be abusing their power, but the girls were ultimately able to stay, under the care of their boyfriends. However, those teachers aren't done yet... 14.Plot:So This is How It Ends- Its 2065 and The world saved from one end has started falling to another. The overpopulation problem was solved by the Grand Cities(Mega Cities but nicer) which in the united states made up of Capital, Central, West Coast and Gulf Coast. As for Energy and the resulting from a new and surprisingly clean to break down biological substance: Caphronium. Things were looking up humanity for once. Then the Calamity hit. First, many Caphronium plants went into critical meltdown and released the second blow- - (kinda) Zombie Apocolypse: The plague known as Nymphomanic Transformation Disease,or "Super Slut Plague" as nicknamed by the non-medically inclined survivors. Initial Stage of the disease seemed no more than a mild fever, uptick in libido and tendency towards revealing clothing and little of it. Then through either frequent sex or those in a full contagious stage, the body starts to turn. Skin becomes heavily sun tanned, iris' turn purple, sexual features, and musculature for male victims, swell to near absurd degrees and causes apparent nuerological degeneration, with rumors of a hivemind, though either way are seeking sex like no tomorrow. This tale follows a group of survivors trying to survive in the Grand City's lust filled, hallway running ruins. Though, a cure might be in the works. - Post Apocolypse Superhero: Maiden Syndrome. A strange disease that for females, after an initial period of weakness and a fever, marked also by increased libido, something that flies in face of known science happens. They gain powers, like superpowers, out of any media you could imagine. Larger Civilization has collapsed but thanks to these girls, smaller, town like settlements in Th Grand City. However, larger civilization fell for a reason. Males can degenerate into monsters out of porn, and The "heroines" can easily be corrupted into villainesses, something not known to a group of protectors putting themselves on the line for their Town. 15.Plot:Mythica:Of Heroes and Sword Maidens-The world of Mythica is simultaneously a wonderous and dangerous world. Monsters haunt the wilderness and lost places roam monsters, and there is the usual conflict between the nations of man. However, as the monsters have grown stronger, enough that the Gods who had been relatively silent have taken action. They gifted Humanity sacred arms, kept by Sword Maidens within their souls and only able to be wielded by heroes deemed worthy of the weapon. The sacred city, Crossan, has become the base of operations for said heroes. There is a problem, however. The maidens who are supposed to remain purely devoted to the gods have fallen in love with the heroes they simply meant to work with. The consumation lost the maidens their divine protection against corruption against the monsters, and Monsters that are corrupted Maidens are a terrifying sight to behold. 16.Plot:Darklan:Hellsinger's Litany-Darklan is no stranger to Horror. Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies and more wander the dark twisted wilderness, the civilized races took refuge in heavily fortified settlements, and heavily guarded fields. The dark and gloomy world does harbor bastions of warmth in life in these settlements. This is something the Lich King, the god of the monster and responsible for the state of the world. It has renewed its offensive, seeking to beat down the civilized races, or kill them. But in one of the settlements the Lich's forces, a group of people would revive an old bane and fear of the Lich. The Hellsingers, An order of Monster slayers of power equal to the Lich King. 17.Plot:Re:start:Silica's Rebirth-Silica is dying. The world has been developed into a giant, multi-layered city planet, one that is in ruins. Oxygen recyclers are letting pollutants enter the air more and more, Generators failing more and more often, the infrastructure in general falling apasrt and knowledge to properly repair any of it, or most of the advanced tech, long ago dubbed "lost tech.". The order of the world is held together by the Mega-Corps., and only the upper levels. Everyone knows the world is coming apart, and do what they do to survive and/or keep the world together. Scavangers from from an up and coming settlement find a codex that will show them the way to restart the world. And in the path of one of the most powerful Mega-Corps. 18.Plot:Lake Latngana, The cursed camp-Silica is dying. The world has been developed into a giant, multi-layered city planet, one that is in ruins. Oxygen recyclers are letting pollutants enter the air more and more, Generators failing more and more often, the infrastructure in general falling apasrt and knowledge to properly repair any of it, or most of the advanced tech, long ago dubbed "lost tech.". The order of the world is held together by the Mega-Corps., and only the upper levels. Everyone knows the world is coming apart, and do what they do to survive and/or keep the world together. Scavangers from from an up and coming settlement find a codex that will show them the way to restart the world. And in the path of one of the most powerful Mega-Corps.
  17. Greetings members of EcchiDreams! My name is Soft Stroke, and yes, that name means exactly what you think it does~! Just so you have it, my Preference Sheet is linked here as well. I primarily play Switch and Bottom (Submissive). All my ideas are written below! I use MC (My Character) and YC (Your Character) as needed. NB refers to Futa/Nonbinary characters. If I play a male, it will usually be a Femboy! Please feel free to EcchiText me with any questions you may have! This Wasn't The Proposal! [FxM/NB]: MC never meant to enter a proposal. YC, an alien, monster girl or some other supernatural entity, simply happened upon them, and MC said the magic words and actions to somehow propose to them. Now, YC's family is holding MC into that marriage relationship, and the two will have to figure out how they're going to handle it now that it's begun... A Uniquely Sexed Assignment [FxNB]: A new job is an opportunity. For MC, it's work. A job has opened up for a live-in maid position, one that is meant to take care of someone that is listed as an 'extremely introverted recluse.' What this means is hard to say, but money is money. So, after accepting the job and moving in, the two learn about each other, and the unique... 'elements' that are required for this particular job. A Place Beyond All Decency [FxAny]: The term 'isekai' means 'in another world.' That's exactly what happens one day when MC is dumped into a new world beyond anything they know. A world that is filled to the brim with sex, sexual antics, and was sex mentioned already? Regardless of this fact, as the world sees its first pure human in a long, long while, things are about to go south for all parties involved, be it literally, or physically. The Succubi's Betroved [FxF/NB]: When a succubus has sex with a human, they can tell if that human is meant to be their own. If a succubus finds their true partner, then they forever bond to them, their nourishment from them and them alone. In this world, humans and demons live among each other, nervously. Thus, one day, a human opens their door to a succubus, waiting, happily smiling, and asks the human for their hand in marriage. His Monstrous Encounters [MxF/NB]: As a variation upon the 'Place Beyond All Decency' idea, rather than being dumped into the world, several years ago a dimension of Monster Girls merged with the current one, allowing for passage between them. As the societies have begun to merge, so too have the people. MC has recently been given a chance to visit this new Monster Girl dimension by staying with an internet pen-pal. You Look Beautiful As Them [AnyxAny]: MC attends a local anime convention, and tries their hand at cosplaying their favorite character to do so. During this, they meet up and hit it off with another cosplayer. After spending time looking for figurines and prints and spending time in the gaming hall, the two find themselves simply having fun spending time together, even out of character and out of costume. And as the two of them connect, the two find themselves getting closer even more than just in their time together. It Came From Simple Interests [AnyxAny]: They attended the club because they were interested. When they showed up, there was only one member. One person that was interested in what they had. And as the two found that interest together, they found they were far more interested in each other than they initially thought. These are currently my ideas! I will certainly be adding more over time. Thank you for taking the time to read so, and have a wonderful day! ~SS
  18. MildZombie

    Derpixon Inspired Pegging

    Hello! For those who are interested and are familiar with NSFW animator/artist 'Derpixon' and their work they often have a slew of Original Characters, especially in one of their newest animations, that I would be very fond of any person who would be into playing any of the female characters they designed for a Pegging Focused RP. Not necessarily 'femdom', but rather any of these gals just really enjoy playing/using their toys on man butt among other things. Especially looking for roleplayers into the men being in control or 'dominant' while receiving. Particularly would prefeer to write in this role myself, but I'm willing to alternate playing as the Derpixon female OCs if you are very into playing male powerbottoms for pegging. Please contact me for further details in interested! Do check out Derpixon's works if you aren't already familiar.
  19. InsatiableAdrian

    Succubus RP

    I'm looking for someone who will RP as a succubus. Story something like, I'm not getting what I need back home, so I have to consort with a succubus, whom I see regularly. Or something like that. The finer details can be worked out as we go! I have a lot of ideas
  20. MildZombie

    Pegging with a Powerbottom Male

    Hello! Are you the kind who is either interested or VERY enthusiastic about all things pegging? Namely the one to play the female character who pegs? Then this might be the request for you! I'm mostly interested in looking for partners (IRL gender doesn't matter) who would be interested in Pegging focused RP themes and ideas. Especially the kind where our Male (can be a vague description or specific referenced male or even raunchy male themes/dark themes I'm not picky) is the Dominant one or the one who is actively into the pegging/instigates receiving. If this is your cup of tea I am the person to chat with about it~ The ideas would involve a theme, one-shot/short term/long term and everything in between where the female does the male with toys or a strap-on or anal play in general. While I personally have more confidence in playing the Powerbottom Male, I don't mind playing the Service Top girl. (Alternatively, also open to players who would like to be a service top futa instead.) Themes: Elf/Dark Elf/Slutty Elf x Orc / Monster Man / Pigman / Teacher (M) x Student (F) -Preferably older male teacher and younger student DD/lg or "daddydom x little girl" Loli x Orc / Monster Man / Pigman / Fat Bastard / Dadbod etc ''Powerbottom dom shota/son'' x Mother Male x 'Sex Robot' Ghost Girl / 'Spooky' Girl Canon Female x Male (She'd be from any anime/hentai/game/cartoon either of us are interested in.) Older brother x younger sister Neighbor x girl Service Top Girlfriend x Boyfriend or Boyfriend's dad and many more! Simply ask Again, I am more then happy to play the female pairing in any of these ideas/references if you are the type of player who is confident in writing ''dominant'' powerbottom males OR the latter; You playing the Service Top or ''sub giver'' female x the dom receiver male. Feel free to post here or EchhiTex/DM me! (I'm also super chatty about this stuff so if you just want to talk up raunchy ideas focused on any of this I'm also open to that)
  21. So basically I'm new here and rather bored, I'm open to all sorts of stuff and RPs. So long as it catches my interest and is story and smut driven I'm willing to give it a try. If you don't give me at least two-three paragraphs or more (as stated in my preferences) per post I'll most likely get bored and will stop RPing. Do not make the story smut filled or I'll drop the RP! I need a somewhat balance between story and smut! If you have anything you think might peak my interest or anything you'd like to RP that doesn't seem to be getting a lot of interest feel free to EchhiText me, I may be willing to give it a try(I love doing fandoms). I'll let you know that I'm not fond of playing canon(but can play them double check with about playing a certain canon beforehand) characters, however, I don't have any problems using a canon as a face claim but making the character my oc. When Rping I prefer rping female bottoms/subs, that are normal pretty tsundere. Below are some plots of mine, most of them are story/plot driven, feel free to check them out or throw your own plot idea at me. Hope we have fun here. Plots 1)Pokemon Trainer/Dub-Con/Adventure/Rival to Lovers/Optional Pokephilia MC is a new arrival trainer to the [pick a reigion] she recently moved in from Alola and is now returning to her home. She had some minor experience as a trainer and owns an Alolan Starter plus one of her father's pokemon he gifted to her before he disappeared. YC is MC childhood friend and rival. As children our characters were the oddest of friends, MC, being a tsundere, often picked on and teased YC for being shorter, and smaller then her, constantly bulling YC, but YC has never really let it bother them because YC had a crush that developed into love after MC moved away. Now years later with MC returns, the two of decided to fulfill the promise of going on a pokemon journey together(MC can't travel alone due to the fact she has no sense of direction). However, upon meeting YC again after so many years, YC has grown taller and bigger than MC which attracts her and pissed her off at the same time. YC takes some retribution and begins teasing her merciless for the same things she once teased them about. MC can only handle so much teasing before she blows up and demands a pokemon battle if nothing more than to wipe that smug smile off YC's face. A rule created by her when they were younger requires that any friendly competition between them revolve around a bet with something the other actually wants. The bet turns into something they both can do their entire journey, whoever wins their pokemon battle gets to control every aspect of their adventure and the other can’t complain at all without reprimands, it’s not forever though because after every gym battle they're allowed a rematch. The limit is one pokemon. They both agree and the two battle, MC loses horribly. Not expecting to lose, MC tries back out of the bet with excuses, nothing works. YC decides that they'll take her body, dominating/claiming her and forcing her into a situation that she didn't want to do in the first place, but can't help but physically enjoy it. YC decides that they'll make her fall in love with them one way or another. Every gym battle MC tries to turn things around but also ends up a losing YC. She's a great trainer although will always be second best when it comes to YC. As they travel and compete together, deal with a criminal organization, and collect badges, MC slowly returns YC feelings in their somewhat messed up and dysfunctional relationship. 2) War/Kemonomimi/Heat-Rut/Arranged Marriage/Plot Driven [I do have a slightly more smut driven version of this idea, same plot but set in an Omegaverse, little more focused on heats/ruts, and how the marriage and our characters meet would be different along with how the Kingdoms react will be different as well. Ask if you'd like to hear more about it.] In the fantasy world full of magical creatures and humans alike, lives a secret of beings who have cut themselves off from the rest of the world by putting up an invisible barrier that turns those looking for a home away. These beings are called Kemonomimi, humanoid beings with animal features(like a Neko). Kemonomimi used to be shapeshifters. After upsetting their gods, in retaliation the gods split their soul in half, separating the animal from the Kemonomimi. Unable to properly cope without half of their soul, the Kemonomimi isolated themselves from the rest of the world. The Kemonomimi separated themselves into Animal Kingdoms based off of Family. There is the Serpent Kingdom, the Ursine Kingdom, the Avian Kingdom, and so on. The largest and strongest of all the Kingdoms are the Canine Kingdom and the Feline Kingdom. The two kingdoms have been at war in an ancient feud since the beginning of time. Since the start of the feud, the smaller yet still noble kingdoms have slowly begun to ally themselves with whichever kingdom they believe will win the war by sending members of their royal families to serve the Canine and Feline Kingdoms as ladies-in-waiting, Knights, and so on for centuries. Upon discovering that it is possible to be reunited with their lost animal counterparts, the Kemonomimi created a coming of age ceremony called the Soul Search that requires adolescent Kemonomimi to go out on their own into the wilderness to find and reconnect with their other halves. It can take anywhere between a few weeks to years, but they are not allowed to return to their Kingdom until they bring their Spirit Animal home with them. Recently the Heir of the Feline Kingdom and the Heir of the Canine Kingdom had come of age to do their Soul Search. Both returned with Spirit Animal, the Feline is a White Tiger, and the Canine's a Direwolf. With this done the two are expected to take their parents Thrones as King of the Canines and Queen of the Felines in the next few moons. However, trouble looms in an unknown threat when strange animals bringing disease and death in all the kingdoms. These strange animals are given the name Hybrids and the odd disease they bring called Rabies. Against their wishes of both their parents and the young heirs, both councils of both Kingdom decide that they need to pool their research and resources together if they're going to save the Kemonomimi Race. With Canine's research on the Hybrids and the Feline's knowledge and slowly growing cure for Rabies, the councils' advice that a marriage between the two heirs is the quickest and simple means of bringing both Kingdoms together. Just like that, their engagements to their former fiances are canceled and a meeting is set up between both kingdoms, a truce is made and a date is set for their wedding with no input from either heir. A third kingdom is to be built at the center of all the kingdom known as the Imperial Kingdom where the young heirs will live once they take the throne along with a mix of the people. Despite all of this planning, years of hate, death, and bloodshed, can not be fixed with a simple marriage, along with the Rabies, and the Hybrids, a mysterious third party who takes ownership of the Rabies and Hybrids has shown up, not to mention upset Exs, Death threats, assassinations, Heats/Ruts, and trying to deal being betrothal to a complete stranger who days ago they were ready to kill, have a hell of a lot to handle. 3) Pokemon/Pokephelia/Erotic/Dark/Adventure It's set in the first region, Kanto and kind of follows the original plotline... but not really at all. Basically, I have three trainers, the first trainer is from Johto, with the goal to become a pokemon master. Having defeated three different pokemon leagues already, she heads to Kanto to conquer it as well. Often praised for having obedient pokemon and flawless teamwork, what people don't know about is her reward system she has set up. Every battle her pokemon win means that after the battle she lets them use her body however they want. Once in awhile, she'll even play with the gym leaders' and their teams if it means she gets a badge. She won her way to many championships using this tactic and plans to do it again, although, Team Rocket seems to enjoy causing her trouble. The second trainer is an utter slut. Her entire life has been shit and she sleeps with pokemon and trainers to make a living. She acquired her pokemon team by trading sex for unwanted pokemon thus her pokemon team sucks and she loses almost every battle she gets into often paying with her body over money. Upon hearing about Team Rocket, she decides to become the team's personal whore for hire, gathering information along the way till she finally discovers their search for a legendary pokemon they lost, Mewtwo. After learning of the pokemon location from an Admin, she heads to Cerulean Cave before Team Rocket to offer the pokemon a deal. Instead of trying to control the pokemon or capturing him. . The two become partners, in return for letting the pokemon use her as he pleases, he helps her take over Team Rocket. Together they turn Team Rocket from a failed organization into a real threat(that isn't defeated by ten-year-olds) to the Pokemon World. Even their newly named champion has trouble stopping them. The third trainer... doesn't play as big of a part she more of an extra we can keep or take out. She's lived her whole life in Alola. After learning that the Viridian Gym leader is planning to step down, she decides she wanted to become a gym leader, along with one of her rival of an older brother. So she takes her eldest brother's retired Pokemon team and set off on a journey to the gym. Unfortunately, she's never left her region before and is horrible with direction. She also finds out that she's not a very good trainer and lacks a great deal of confidence. Her team has enough battle experience that they can win battles without her help. Her brother forgot to mention that his team would require compensation for battling, whereas he'd just take them to breeders' for the day, she reluctantly pays with her body wherever, however, and whenever her team demands it. Note: I will help you play several NPCs(both genders mostly trainers with some pokemon) if and when needed and a few side canon characters(mostly females with a few males) as well. You'd primarily play the pokemon on MCs teams and the one legendary(unless you want to add more), although since it more or less an open plot you can add just about anyone you feel like into the story(might be doing incest for trainer 3). The Dark part of the story will be that the protagonist and her team (Trainer 1) will not be defeating Team Rocket like in the game or anime. 5) Deal with the Devil/Incest/Demons/Cult MC and YC are siblings. MC is considered a rising star and genius in the family and YC is often pushed to the side. Regardless, the two of them have a pretty good and rather close relationship with each other. While YC is bouncing from job to job and doing their own thing, one day an odd man walks up to them. YC is good with words and has a charismatic nature that draws people in. The man offers YC a job to help bring people into this cult of his. He has a lot of money and is willing to pay YC big bucks to help draw more followers in. Enjoying the thought of having money, YC jumps on board. As more and more money is made, YC reaches out to MC and starts spending more time and money on her. Buying her gifts, taking her to fancy restaurants, offering her the life she's never had. It's all fun and games until YC's boss decides to summon a demon they worship and needs a sacrifice. Okay, no skin off YC's back so long as YC is not the one dying then it's all good. So YC attends the meeting as requested to summon a demon YC didn't even believe in. It all goes well and dandy until it's discovered that the sacrifice is YC's sister. YC breaks the ritual to save MC and all hell breaks loose. When everything settles down YC finds out that the demon that was summoned has decided to use YC as his host. YC starts hearing voices in their head telling them that not only is the demon going to slowly turn YC into a demon by merging with them, apparently, the demon is also going to take over hell and then dominated the world and maybe start a war with God, the last one up for debate he guesses. But before that, the demon decides that he really likes YC's sister and that she'll become his sub and future wife/queen. Honestly, YC is totally down for all of this because why not?! MC completely hates it and will be fighting all the way, but it's not like she gets a choice in the matter. Plus, YC's demon has a sister who hitched a ride out of hell with him and is not stuck MC's body, and she's a fucking succubus who commits incest with her demon brother on a day to day basis. 6) The Kennel/Hybrid Pets/Pregnancy/4some Two of our characters are rival scientists working to obtain the same promotion. To figure out who obtains that promotion, their boss has made them partners of a government-funded project that works on gene splicing and dna reconstructions and experimentation. The task given to them by their employers was to figure out how to make a better pet for the future. People love their animals but their short life spans and lack of communication and understanding can cause issues with pet lovers. It's our scientists' job to figure out how to fix these problems. So they do the first thing that pops into their minds, they fuses animal dna with human dna and makes hybrid pets. They look most human with animal features, ears, tails, claws, wings, and so on of animals(like a neko/ Kemonomimi or you can have an anthro). They are also smarter than the common housepet and can communicate with people. The trial runs with dog/wolf and cat/big cat (this can be changed you can pick whatever animal you want) dna goes positive. However, out of the four they used, two of them go feral with aggression and rage and have to be put down. The last two, a bit younger than the first two, remains stable. Despite the concern, your scientist and mine decided to each takes a hybrid(my hybrid with your scientist and vice versa) and see how they do in a controlled home environment. So after taking a leave of absence, the hybrids head home with scientists and gets settled in. They act as predicted for a hybrid would at first, however, as time goes on certain changes start to show. It starts out small and grows bigger, aggression, possession, and dominance start to become repeated words in their notes. Upon meeting each and discussing their notes, the scientists find that the hybrids are starting to act like the two that had to be put down, having growing rather attached to them, the two put aside their differents and together puts more effort in trying to discover what was going on. Then they discover the problem, its common knowledge that animals have greater senses than humans, what isn't is that certain scents can trigger different reactions in them. The symptoms the hybrids possess points to one thing, apparently, they're in a heat/rut cycle. Why? While despite all the rude words and fighting, the two scientists are very much attracted to each other. They often bring that attraction home with each other after each meeting, which leads up to sexual frustration which their hybrids can smell and triggers their cycles. After being jumped and practically forced(not that their complaining) to mate with their hybrids, discovering that an animals sex drive and the cycle goes well beyond a mere human's so are unable to satisfy their hybrids fully. They decide to put the hybrids together during their cycles, unsurprisingly the two become mates, giving the scientists even more data then they expected. Things get even odder when the female hybrid starts acting very stranger, eating more, getting fatter... and her mate starts getting very possessive and protective of her, opening a whole new can of worms for the scientists while they juggle their unusual relationship. Note: Four-some relationship. F Scientist x M Scientist and F Hybrid x M Hybrid will be romantic. Scientists x Hybrids with be Master/Pet with the same gendered scientist and hybrid being platonic. 7) Marvels/Venom/Incest/Antihero Setting: Takes place in a modern world Marvels world, just without the former Spider-Man. Muse A and B are the twin children of Peter Parker. They both inherited their father's abilities and powers. Muse A sees their abilities as a gift and trains with their father to take over the mantle of the webslinger. Muse B hates her abilities and sees them as a curse. The two are unable to see eye to eye which causes a bit of a rife in their relationships, as they grow older Muse A finally takes over the mask when their father falls in the line of duty. While A runs around fighting crime, B throws herself into her studies, becoming one of the youngest genius minds the world, rivaling Stark, Sheri, Banner, and Strange. The two go their own ways only to meet up again years later under horrible circumstances. While investigating the fall of a meteor, A gets attacked and infected by an Alien called Venom. After hearing voices and feeling this unnatural hunger, A panics and seeks help from their Twin. Upon breaking into her home, despite the distances between them, A finds Vemon utterly fascinating. The two decide to live together while she works on 'fixing' her twin. However, the more time they spend together the more they start to really notice each other and the sexual tension between them grows. Finally, Venom, who can't listen to his host's, Muse A, dirty thoughts anymore decides to act on the advice he's been giving his host and takes her. Overriding A's control, Venom violates and ravages B's to his heart's content. Even though it's practically forced, B discovers she's a kinky little slut who really likes being dominated. After that and that line is crossed, the A and Venom find it hard to keep their hands to themselves. Life just gets more complicated when Venom decides they're going to take B as their mate. A's moral compass comes unhinged as A finds themselves falling to a darker more villain like mindset. Killing, stealing and using B's body when it's needed. B is no better when she finds herself enjoying her new twin. The two slowly lose any focus on getting ride of Venom and spiral further into insanity. 8 ) Soulmates/Gang/Plot Driven Setting: Modern (based off Chicago) ------- Muse a is the somewhat insane leader of this really dangerous and famous gang and almost everyone knows who muse a is, the horrible things they have done, how skilled they are at whatever weapon they like the most, how they have no mercy and will either kill you in matters of seconds or torture you until you’re begging for death. They’re cold, they’re calculating, rumor has it they lack a heart and soul, but then there’s muse b; pure, innocent, shy and awkward is cute as hell, a marshmallow that needs to be protected, and well, Muse A really wants to protect them at the moment their eyes land on Muse b, even if they don’t know them at all because they look so fragile someone is going to hurt them and one day, after days ( or weeks ) of muse A admiring muse b from afar they decide to approach them someway somehow, and poor muse b is clueless about who muse a really is at first. Little by little, the two come to fall for each other and date but disaster strikes when the gang's second(we'll call them Muse C) shows up on their date and demands to know why their leader is never around anymore. When C notices B one thing leads to another and both of A's lives come crashing together. When B learns the truth about A's other life they can't wrap their mind around it. B feels betrayed and dumps A and tells them to stay away. The only thing is unknowingly the two are soulmates. For the last few weeks an odd mark has been growing in size every day on their wrists(soulmate tattoos). The two are utterly miserable without each other, but B refuses to forgive A for hiding who they really are. But with soulmates comes bonding and when you bond with your soulmate it basically means becoming one. and gradually their souls begin to become one which leads to pain. They can’t go too far without their soul mate until the bond settles or they start to experience intense pain, chest pain, something that feels like a heartache, migraines etc. By the time they realize this, Muse B is hospitalized after passing out from the pain and their parents are called to inform them of B's condition. Long story short, A who obviously has a much higher pain tolerance, finds B at the hospital and runs into their parents. After some hell breaks loose, the parents leave and B ends up waking up with a worried A hanging over their bedside. Words are exchanged and after some tears, all is well...or is it. What happens when C decides that A isn't worthy of leading the gang and is willing to do whatever it takes to cut them out of the picture permanently.....and that's all I got right now. 9) Omegaverse/Assassin/Gang/Soulmates/Longer Plot Setting: Modern ------ In a small town lives a large population of Alphas and Betas, barely any Omegas. Most already have mates and are bonded to another. One day a new family moves in, a rich alpha and his child, an Omega. MC, the Omega is starting college, hoping to make friends and have a decent life. They're always moving around because of their father's work, but now she's returned to her father's hometown with the promise that this time they're going to stay. The next day the Omega moves into an apartment/suite(much to her father's disapproval) and start the first day of college. But almost at once the Omega finds that life isn't going to be all that easy. Constantly there are Alphas popping up everywhere, wanting to be friends, or asking what she's doing tonight. The Omega wanted popularity, but not like this. The phone is always ringing with random Alphas, and the Omega starting to think their being followed around. Studying for College is becoming a problem and after the Omega's grades start falling, the Omega decides to make up a fake a boy/girlfriend. Spreading the rumor around campus. The calls stop, and the shadows aren't following around, not as many Alphas are bothering her. Until one of them finally asked to meet this girl/boyfriend. That's a problem until the Omega finds the solutions in the form of an outcast. The one Alpha who utterly ignored the Omegas existence since arriving, the Alphas a bit of a mystery and rumor has it the Alpha's bad news, but it's worth a shot. YC, the Alpha's father is a rich Alpha and leader of a crime syndicate, from a young age discipline and respect had been drilled into the Alpha's head along with the countless number of fighting and self-defense classes that the Alpha had been forced to take over the years. Their father expects them to become head of the clan one day in the future. The Alpha has been bred, raised, and groomed to perfection for that very goal. There was no room for debate, and certainly no room for dreams of their own. Surprisingly, after having been taught by private tutors for most of their life, Father had insisted on the Alpha going to college once they had turned eighteen, claiming that it would help them to work on blending in with the crowd, be normal, and working on social skills. Despite believing their social skills are fine, on the first day of school a fight breaks out among Alphas(a common occurrence in a school full of them) and the Alpha ends up putting a several of their classmates in a hospital. No one challenged them after that, and rumors had spread across the school like wildfire. They had labeled the alpha an outcast, a loner, and more. Socializing and learning to be 'normal' is now an impossible feat, the Alpha hates failing and even more hates failing their father. However, the Alpha's saving grace comes in the form of a little Omega with a request. Seeing as the Alpha needs to learn how to interact with others their own age, they decide to use the Omega request for their own personal gain and so accept it. They both made up a rule, for their arrangement, neither one is allowed to fall in love with one another or become each other mates, once they graduate they will both go their separate ways. However, both find that watching over an Omega and teaching an Alpha is a lot harder than they had thought. There is also the increasing problem that their fathers have some history together. The Omega's father worked under the mafia for years. However he asked one day to get out, naturally displeasing the boss but due to a close partnership and friendship, the boss decided to grant his request after he does one more job for him. The impossible job of killing all of the clan's biggest competitors in a single day in order to further establish the clan. He went on the job, finished it, although had an accident before he could come back home, resulting in his death to the mafia. In reality, knowing that the moment he steps foot back on the Family's territory he'd be put on another job with his freedom constantly dangling over his head, he faked his death, changed his last named, and started a new life in a place where no one knew him. However, years later he returns for revenge against the mob boss with the plans to kill the boss's heir and derail his crime syndicate. Plans don't go his way when he finds out that the one he's planning to kill is his Daughter's Alpha. It gets worse and everything kind of just goes to hell when the Alpha and the Omega(gradually) learn that they're soulmate(they are strongly opposed to the whole soulmate idea and want to defy the system) but destiny and fate are being bitches. 10) Supernatural/School/Vamp x Wolf In a modern era, two supernatural factions are in a constant war under the very noses of the mortals. The vampires and the wolves. MC, is the adopted daughter of Royal Pack. Your character is the son/daughter of their rival the High Coven. Despite the constant feud between the two races, both of them are invited to GASA(Genovia Academy of Supernatural Arts). Naturally, these two don't get along. They fight and argue and this isn't your usual bickering it's full out screaming matches and fangs and claws, which of course is against the rules. Both sides okay pranks and tricks on each other, steal items and chuck insults. As leaders for their species at the supernatural school, they can't be seen backing down or doing anything nice towards the others which is where things take a turn for the worse. One day a particularly bad fight has the vampire sinking their fangs into the m/c neck. Unexpectedly, the bite feels good and the blood taste delicious, the two become addict to each other and has them keep coming back for more, they, in the end, start sleeping with each other, trying to keep it all secret from the teachers and their fellow students whilst trying not to develop feelings for each other-having made a deal to keep it simply physical which is harder said than done. Especially when m/c's wolf starts to think the vamp is their mate...
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