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  1. I'm looking for erp Really want someone dominating (it can be any drp excluding blood and gore) Im quite submissive and like to have a dom male or female age is up to you but dont go single digits other than that hit me with a dm if you wanna rp
  2. Welcome! Welcome to my request thread, I'm Lady Rosen and with your help, I intend to write detailed and intensely erotic RPs. All of my RPs are written in a unique format called the CYOA, which is short for Choose Your Own Adventure. More on that below! The CYOA Format In the CYOA format, rather than write posts back and forth, I will write posts and then present you with a list of choices for how you want to handle the situation your character finds themselves in. Let me give you an example: Bob walks down the road and finds the road forked in two, one road that led to the right and one that led to the left. He stopped to consider his options for a moment. Choices: -> Pick the road that leads to the left -> Pick the road that leads to the right You pick a choice from the list, copy-paste it back to me and I write out the next post based on your choice and it keeps going like that. Sometimes you'll also get situations like this: At long last Bob had found his way to a village, his feet were sore from all the walking and his stomach felt like a hollow pit, churning with hunger. But as he approached the village borders he was approached by a man. "Who are you? What is your business here?" the man asked, clutching a farmer's scythe like a weapon. There was a clear tone of hostility and wariness in his voice.... Choices: -> Tell him you are a traveler seeking a place to stay (your choice how) -> Tell him you are looking for work (your choice how) -> Ask him why he's so wary (your choice how) -> Say something else (your choice what) -> Do something else (your choice what) -> Leave (your choice where to go) In these situations you aren't just picking a choice but also providing details like dialogue and how your character presents himself and what kind of tone he uses and so on, these are kind of like RP posts but short ones. It'd end up looking something like this: -> Tell him you are a traveler seeking a place to stay (your choice how) Bob holds his head as high as he can manage. "I am Bob, I'm just a traveler looking for a place to stay. I don't mean you any ill will," he said in a firm, strong voice that showed he wouldn't stand for being intimidated by some farmer and his sad excuse for a weapon! Now I understand this is an unusual format, but it has the potential for producing some amazing stories, and for the most part it functions exactly like a normal RP, just with some guardrails to keep the story going in a smooth way. And now we finally arrive at everyone's favorite part of a request thread: The Ideas! The Ideas Before you read any of these ideas, keep in mind that they are meant to paint a picture. They can, to a reasonable extent, be altered to suit your needs and preferences. Also note that any faceclaims for any of the characters can be changed to one we can agree upon together. Doctor's Adventures You are a dashing new doctor at the local hospital and like any doctor, you are given patients to treat. Each day, when you arrive at work, you can pick from one of several patient files to have fun wi- er, treat, treat! And of course, there are always with cute nurses and gorgeous doctors to work alongside! Bang van It's the classic scenario: you drive around in an innocuous van and go on the road looking for fun and trouble! This can range from deliberately speeding by a female police officer to visiting strip clubs, going to colleges and hanging around the sororities, driving into a sub-urb to go looking for some MILFs, whatever you want! Police Adventures You are a rookie police officer assigned to your first patrol duty and are given a free range of assignments from highway patrol to guard duty at the local prison and much more! Work out an assignment with me and take full advantage of your position as a police officer! The School Project You are in college and working on the stereotypical group project, nothing too exciting. Only you find yourself working on it with four hotties! We'll design these college girls together, from their looks to their personalities, and then you'll have to show me how good you are at seducing these hotties! Harem Household Harems are great, aren't they? So why not assemble one yourself! Go out into the city and meet all manner of women in all sorts of places, seduce them and take them home to make them yours. I'll allow you to have a harem composed of up to 6 characters! Once the harem is assembled, the story can develop. Perhaps you'll spend your time breeding them, perhaps you go out on group dates that have a habit of...getting out of hand. Perhaps you'll bimbofy them or perhaps you'll simply stay at home and constantly have sex with them! One key thing to remember here: each member of your harem is a character in their own right with their own kinks, wishes, and personality. They stay with you because they are sexually infatuated with you but they still have wants and needs that you'll need to work with. And of course, they'd all prefer to have you to themselves! Managing them or even playing them against each other is par for the course! The New Imperial Healer You are a healer of renown and have been approached by the king to serve as his new imperial healer. Once you arrive at the kingdom you are quickly instated into your new post and find that it actually involves very little work. You are kept around in case someone prominent is sick or injured, which happens fairly rarely. As a result you have all the time in the world to explore the capital and meet all manner of beautiful women, ranging from the servants to the beautiful female aristocrats and maybe even the queen herself... The Critic You are an infamous critic who's reputation for harsh criticism is on the level of Gordon Ramsay. One bad review from you and a restaurant might as well close it's doors! When you come by restaurants will do anything, anything at all to appease you! See how far you can push the owners of restaurants, their staff and even their customers! A New Roommate You've just moved into a nice apartment, though you'll have to share it with a roommate. And said roommate is...you tell me! You can go as crazy as you like here: a porn star, a stripper, twins, mother and daughter, two hot college girls, whatever you like! Meet your roommate, bond with her, seduce her and have her grow more and more sexually infatuated with you! Porn Studio You are an underground porn producer with a cult following who has an unusual format. You go around with a hidden camera and approach attractive women on the street, talking them into engaging in all sorts of naughty, kinky and erotic shenanigans while you film it. Build up a following online and maybe someday you'll have female fans who will be more than happy to join in on the fun! A Game of Cat and Mouse You are a powerful mage and on the run from the law, complete with a lucrative bounty on your head. As a result it's no surprise when four ridiculously gorgeous elven adventurers begin pursuing you! Having nowhere else to turn, you seek refuge in an underground dungeon packed with monsters, brigands and other threats. Once there, a game of cat and mouse ensues. They actively pursue you, having collapsed the entrance to keep you trapped in inside and they draw closer to you every day. Meanwhile you attempt to use your magic, charm, cunning and sexual prowess to slowly but surely wear them down, corrupt them and eventually conquer them before they can capture you. Or perhaps even after they capture you. After that? You tell me! Maybe you'll go on further adventures, maybe you'll just find a nice quiet place to be alone with your new fuckpets, who knows... Reverse Casting Couch The casting couch is an old good one, a young, hot would-be porn star is interviewed for the job and eventually gets 'broken in' by the interviewers before enthusiastically embracing her new job. Normally this format works the way you'd expect: several male interviewers to one female would-be pornstar. But what if we reversed that dynamic? What if a hot young stud were getting interviewed by several female interviewers, who find out that this stallion is more than they can handle! Bank Robbery Gone Wrong A local bank is being robbed! Only the police happened to arrive at the scene quickly for once so the robber is trapped in the building and holding a bunch of hostages. You play as a hostage, police negotiator, a (corrupt) police officer, the robber(s) themselves or even a random bystander. Find a way to resolve the robbery in your favor using your sexual prowess! The Elven Village A very long time ago, humans and elves lived side by side in peace and harmony. Then, everything changed when the human nation attacked the humans and elves separated for reasons that have been lost to time. Since then, the elves have lived hidden away in magically concealed villages. Many attempts have been made to find them and reconnect with them, but all have failed. Until now. Using a magical stone that functions like a compass and a key to the barrier of concealment that the elves use, you have succesfully located one of the elves hidden villages. Once you sneak or talk your way inside, you come to a delightful discovery: all of the elves are breathtakingly gorgeous! Inhumanly beautiful and endowed. But as you find yourself almost obsessively drawn to them, they are also intrigued by you. Take advantage of this interest as best as you can, indulge in all the fun you can have and see if you can't find out the secret of why elves and humanity separated from one another.... Note that I am open to including multiple/other male characters but that's up to us. Sex Clinic Breakout You are a young man with a rather...extreme appetite for sexual indulgence. Or so the judge said, anyway, when he sentenced you to rehabilitation at the Paleigh Center for Sexual Rehabilitation. Said Center is an enormous mental health clinic capable of housing hundreds of patients and dedicated solely and exclusively to one thing: helping men deal with their 'extreme' sexual appetites. Naturally you have no intention of being 'cured' of what needs no help at all and so you immediately set about planning a breakout! Thing is though, if you breakout then so can the other men and they are all feeling rather pent up.... Once you break out it triggers a city-wide crisis when all of the male and female patients escape and rush out to satisfy their accumulated urges! Depending on your preferences, this can be played in a light/comedic/pornographic vibe or it can be played straight as the rather brutal and violent carnage it would realistically be. Either way, the city quickly devolves into a warzone that the police lose control of, with women hiding out in shelters and sanctuaries. From there, what happens is up to you. Maybe you'll lead the men and try to take control of the city, maybe you'll just join in on the fun, maybe you'll sneak into one of the sanctuaries and mess with it's inhabitants, the possibilities are endless and lots of fun! A New Family In this story, you play the role of a young and wealthy man who has been dating his accountant: a gorgeous MILF named Sarah. You've been dating for about 3 months now and she's finally ready to introduce you to her three daughters: Ashley, Anna and Amy. However as Sarah has been telling you since you've started dating, she and her daughter aren't getting along so well lately. All three still live at home and are, in Sarah's humble opinion that is, making a mess of their lives. She's been deliberately vague about what it is they do or have done and seems to get a bit embarrassed and awkward each time it's brought up. You know Sarah well enough by now to know that it's something sexual or sex-related. After seeing how gorgeous they are, you can't resist the urge to start prying and learn more about their secrets. Perhaps you'll learn their secrets and start sneaking around with them behind their mother's back or perhaps you'll try to reconcile the family and corrupt them into becoming your personal harem.... The Prowler Your character is a wealthy, powerful and charming bachelor who spends his day prowling around town, looking for opportunities to indulge in all his favorite kinks. This idea is very open-ended, we'd come up with a fun scenario together of what he would set out to do and then play it out. And perhaps afterwards we do another scenario or we do another one of my RPs, up to you! To give you some idea of what kind of adventures you can have, here are some examples: - What college girls will do for cash - Infiltrating a wedding - Parking near a highschool and speaking with teens - Sneak into a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting - Go into a local suburb and talk your way into a family barbecue And anything else whacky, crazy, kinky, messed up, dark or creative that you can think of! The First Date You have recently discovered an exclusive dating site that uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to match partners together. Once you've made a profile, which your character already did prior to the start of the RP, you will fill in a set of criteria: - Age - Cupsize - Race - Relationship and family status - Job You can fill these in any way you want and the algorithm will produce 10 profiles for you to browse through one at a time. After picking one, you'll go on a date with said character and said date can turn out however you like! Obviously you'll seduce them but perhaps you'll also corrupt them into including people they know or talk them into approaching that attractive waitress together! Office Adventures You are a charming and handsome man with an excellent resume starting at a large office firm, filled to bursting with attractive office ladies. From your job interview to the projects you are assigned to, office parties, negotiations with business partners, appointments with HR and meeting with your superiors, countless opportunities for erotic and wild office affairs will present themselves! The House sitter The Fargussons are a wealthy family with a single child, a daughter who they have given a sheltered and overprotective life. Now, finally, after much persuasion from family and friends, they have decided to take a long overdue vacation without their daughter. But they have no intention of leaving her all alone, not their baby! So they have hired you, someone they trust, to watch their daughter and make sure she and their house stay safe. Once you arrive, you are surprised to find that the daughter has defied their parents wishes and invited not one or two but three friends! Her parents would never approve of that of course, but then they don't need to know, do they? Assure the girls that you won't rat them out, hang out with them, bond with them, maybe play spin the bottles and let things gradually escalate as you slowly but surely seduce the girls down a path of trying everything their parents would never let them try.... Interested? First off, thanks for reading all this way, I know it was a lot to take in so I appreciate it ^^ If you're interested in RPing with me, please send me an EcchiText introducing yourself, telling me which of my ideas you're interested in and why you're interested in them. Once I've read it, I'll send you back my Discord name and hashtag, you can add me and we can begin discussing! I apologize for the elaborate process but it's to make sure I don't get mobbed on Discord by people who didn't even bother reading my request thread! Thanks for your consideration and hopefully I'll see you soon!
  3. Hi there and welcome to my search thread. Currently, I'm mostly looking for partners willing to play male dominant male characters under the age of 16 (wide range, actual age can be discussed). In return, I'd be playing a mature bodied woman somewhere between the age of 25 to late 30s. If the idea still interests you, then read on. --- Still here? Alright, let's get to the nitty gritty then. I'm primarily looking for a few things in a partner. First is the ability to write at least relatively detailed posts. A few sentences won't cut it. A paragraph might if it's beefy enough, but generally, a few short paragraphs is the preferable length. Note that I can easily go over that if I jivve well with my partner, this is just what I'd call a bare minimum. Up next, I should mention that I'm absolutely not interested in off-site RP, that means no Discord. No Google Hangouts, no MSN Messenger, no IRC, AIM, smoke signals, or telepathic long-distance brainwaves. (Though if you can pull off that last one, I'll be impressed.) All RP is to remain on this site, and my own preference tends to be through PMs, with one set of PM for the 'main RP' and another for OOC discussion. Thirdly, since this involves underage play, I should emphasize that all of this is to remain purely in the realm of anime styled play. In fact, I generally tend to use pictures for my characters and would prefer my partner did the same, though for the underage character, all pictures are to be SFW. Lastly, feel free to check my preferences if you so desire, but nothing is required. I tend to focus on what my partner likes instead, so I wouldn't force anyone to do anything they're not comfortable with. One kink that I'd like to explore for these roleplays though is the male character being particularly well endowed despite his age. Anywhere from 11 inches to... Well, the upper limit can be pretty high, so we can decide before we begin. --- Now onto the ideas! (Do note that both ideas have similar-ish themes since they're basically what I'm in the mood for atm.) (First plot taken) The new neighbor and the spoiled brat (Themes: Dub-con, Corruption, cheating, public sex, humiliation, etc.) A new pair of residents move into a wealthy neighborhood, a respected architect and his stay-at-home wife. The architect is highly successful, but takes jobs all over the world which frequently require him to be away for weeks at a time, if not months. The wife is a beautiful, well-mannered woman who might be ever-so-slightly sexually frustrated. Your character would be the son of an absurdly wealthy family who lives in the largest mansion in the neighborhood, and gets absolutely everything he wants in life. Your character would meet mine through some kind of circumstance, maybe he needs looking after and she's hired to do so, or he simply decides to come over and see who the new neighbors are. From there, he decides that he wants my character, and works on seducing her and luring her into his trap, up until she turns into his willing plaything. Due to your character's incredible wealth and priviledged status, he'd also be pretty daring, and could even start doing things in public with her, eventually corrupting her so much that she'd give up her own life to become your character's full time plaything. - The streamer and his fan (Themes: Cheating (Optional), corruption, public sex, etc.) Based on a doujin I read. Your character would be a fairly popular videogame streamer (he's a neko in the manga, and that's definitely an option). He acts cute, shows a good amount of skills, entertains his fans, and even interacts with chat. On the surface, he's just a crowd pleaser, and uses his cuteness to give him wide appeal - but under that surface, off-stream, your character is a rampant pervert. He baits fans into sending him pictures by sending them private messages, and then meets up with them in person, then seduces them and fucks them mercilessly, using his cuteness to his advantage. He'd already have dozens of conquests, and during one of his streams he'd get a 'superchat' (basically a paid message to read out) from one of his fans that he'd take notice of. After the stream he'd send a private message to my character, asking her for a picture, and afterwards the two would agree to meet in a public location. He'd then work on seducing and charming her, making sure she had an amazing day, and eventually would take her to a hotel, where he'd put his real plan into action. From there he'd work on turning her into his own little sex slave, and corrupt her in a variety of ways. A nice scene further down the line would be him putting on a private stream to viewers where he fucks her with a live audience. - Either way, those are the ideas! If you'd like to add your own ideas to the mix, or brainstorm, feel free to send me an Ecchitext! I look forward to hearing from you!
  4. This is for a specific craving I've been having lately. Non-con or Dub-con is a must, but when it comes to pain / torture part of this craving, I am more flexible. Happy to play on discord Daphne#5398 Nevertheless, kinks I want to focus on: ★ non-con / dub-con ★ incest (I prefer to play a younger relative -- daughter, niece, sister, cousin) ★ bdsm / domination of my character (collars, pet names, orders are very welcome) ★ age difference (ideally, MC would be 16 years old; and I'd love to play versus 45-55+) ★ size difference (MC would be short and tight, and I am happy to make things unrealistic if you'd like) ★ inflicting pain on MC -- I am very open to things getting brutal, as long as MC stays in one piece ★ toys, bindings, whips, all the cool props Plots to go with those kinks There is one very specific plot craving I have that prompted me to do this post and here it is: MC is a teenager, ~16 years old. She lives alone with her father who is strong and somewhat intimidating, but of course, takes care of her. She has to be obedient and do as he says, so she runs the house while being homeschooled. She's not really prepared for college or anything, doing the bare minimum for school, and she's aware her father wants her to stay home and take care of the house. MC is not most pleased about the outcome but she is, sort of, well -- she accepted her fate. The past year her father dropped the bomb on her that now that she is older she will have to take care of his other needs, too. She will not want it, she will fear it, but speaking up against her father would not end well for her. So when she is asked to join him one night, fearfully, she does, and her father begins to train her so that she's the perfect sex doll for him. But, of course, I have a few other loose ideas, too. (MC is always a female). ★ MC stays at Uncle's place for a bit. When she's asleep, he enters the room and begins to touch her... when she wakes up, it's too late already and she has to suffer through the abuse ★ MC's grade got so bad, she didn't pass the year. Her father starts by punishing her with a good spanking but soon realizes if she is so stupid, there are other ways she could be of use. ★ MC's relative is a rich man owning a brothel. MC's parents are in debt. With no other choice, they agree to give MC away, and her relative trains her into being a good whore for the brothel. ★ MC's mother tries to talk with her about "birds and bees" but gets touchy about it, and before MC knows it, her mother is taking her virginity. ★ MC and her two sisters are home alone. Sisters take advantage of MC and make her into their little pet If none of the ideas speak to you but you like my kinks, feel free to reach out! I'm sure we can brainstorm something together ^^
  5. Hello! I'm looking to do an RP as follows: The Demon Queen, Mephist, is a truly deplorable monster, by human standards anyway. Using her powers as a succubus, she managed to sap away the powers and loyalties of the other demons of the Underworld until finally claiming her seat as the Queen. Beside her, though, was a lone warrior, whom she'd made her knight. Initially, she merely wanted this knight for his strength, but found he had the ability to resist her seductive abilities, and never spoke a word. He displayed unyielding loyalty to Mephist, using a Great Sword emblazoned with Holy Fire to permanently dispatch her enemies. Since becoming Queen, Mephist has amused herself by a making a toy of the hellish masses, using them to kill, humiliate, and rape anyone she felt like; occasionally engaging in the debauchery herself. Yet all the while, her knight, whom she'd called Shield, stood ready to defend her. His loyalty was not unrewarded, Mephist was known to be uncharacteristically charitable and affectionate to Shield. It was a common occurrence to see her cuddling him in the throne room, and being particularly vile to anyone who would insult him. Now, her eyes are on Heaven, with the Human Realm between them. For this RP, I will be playing Shield. I would like a female (or female-playing) partner to play as Mephist. For story content, and progression, I do have an ending in mind, but it will take some time to get there. As for sexual encounters, Mephist is the kind of girl who takes what she wants, when she wants, so she should be initiating encounters and foreplay, but she will exclusively acknowledge if Shield does not consent. Any other questions can be answered in EcchiText, and I hope to hear from you all soon!
  6. Hey everyone, I had to take off some time to stablizie my life. Now that it's well stablizied i'm down to start roleplaying again. I am still here to play people's crushes but I am going to have it a bit more focused on series I know. That being said, if you have someone you'd like me to play for you from the series listed below simply send me a picture of who you'd like and we can discuss! Sub leaning but Switch Celebrities - Egirls: Anything goes for this. Any woman in these categories is on limit. Games: League of Legends Overwatch Pokemon Rainbow 6 Seige Movies: Marvel movies Disney Movies Jurassic Park/World I can play any character from a movie in a different setting as well. AU of sorts Shows: The 100 The Wheel of Time Snowpiercer Same here for with movies, I can play a character from a show in an AU of sorts Anime: Bleach Attack on Titan Beastars Jiu Jiutsu Kaisen Demon Slayer My Hero Academia
  7. DroolOverYou

    Slutty cow :p

    Caught masturbating in the barn, you catch MC rubbing on her tight pussy in the barn, you decide to fuck her senseless and breed her like the cow she is.
  8. DroolOverYou

    Slutty princess

    A naughty princess with three others sisters has been getting into a bunch of trouble lately, her father the king decided to appoint her a knight as a bodyguard. being a hypersexual woman she tries to seduce him over and over again. The other three sisters were also trying to seduce him (This is a drama filled plot with angst, if you have any limits with darker themes let me know upon choosing the plot)
  9. Hello to all! It’s been a second since ive been active lol, I’m looking for any partner who can match my kinks in some way! Just dm me with your kinks/limits and any refs you’d like to use. Also tell me how long you normally write as well, I won’t respond if you just say Hi or Hello and nothing else. Also if you only write one or two sentences I probably won’t reply. I am a big sub and normally play as much, but I can be a switch on rare occasions if needed. For these rps tho I'd prefer to sub so any Doms will get priority. Also anyone into NTR/Cheating will be prioritized as well. I can play either femboy or female characters, and I do not care what my partner plays. So you can be Male/Femboy/Futa or even monster! If you have any idea you want to try out please suggest them! I’m always open to trying new stuff as long as it doesn’t break my limits~ So go nuts! I’m a bit in the mood for something involving blackmail or corruption too so if you can bring that to the table it’s a plus! My main kinks are as follows: NTR/Cheating, Face Fucking, Kissing, Rough Sex,Consenual Non-Con/ Non-Con, Hate Fucking, Collars, Breeding, Brat Breaking, Mind Break, Blackmail, Corruption, Humiliation, Sex in plain sight, Choking, Recording sex, Creampies, Facials, Gangbangs, etc… Generally though I am open to almost any kink, so if you have any you wish to add to the RP just tell me! I Hope we can work together to make a fun roleplay~ My only limits are Toilet Play/Gore/Vore. So beyond that it's free game. Hope to see you soon!
  10. Hello! I'm looking to start an ERP, following the tags I've laid above. This would be my first ERP, so please be patient and I apologize if it's jarring or unnatural in a way (and provide comments and criticism and all that jazz). I have a specific scenario in mind, but if you have a different one in mind, that's fine with me. Just looking for something that follows the tags I've written. This is the specific scenario I have in mind: An office worker just got fired from his job, and as he leaves in anger, he spots an adorable young woman across the street. Sexually frustrated, and with nothing left to lose, he starts stalking her and formulating a plan kidnap her... Again, if you're interested but not in the prompt, I'm able to work with a lot. Let me know if you are!
  11. My name is Trash. I'm a tall, grunge possum girl. I live in the storage room at the Party Palace, where I work as an arcade repair tech and an extra if the Lazer tag teams are uneven. I'm flirty and don't hold back when I'm attracted to someone. I eat a lot of junk food and sometimes during sex. A lot of people don't know this but the older customers like to enjoy the hole I put in the bathroom stall. . I have a femboy raccoon character I'd love to rp with if someone is up for playing as him. I'm open to any gender, species, and most age range. ((Working at an arcade means younger partners are fun)) I'm open to a lot of things so just let me know what you like and I'll let you know if I can roll with it.
  12. Not my first post around me, but if you don't know me, name's Daphe, and I play a variety of things! Right now, I wanted to inquire about my latest craving, which is: long-term romance stories with a lot of drama and fantasy twist I like smut in my roleplays, of course, but here I am looking for slower build up to sex scenes, as well as decent amount of flirting / growing closer / and so on. It depends on stories and pairings, too, of course, but basically, I don't want to jump straight into the smut. And exemption of that could be if MC tried to get something from YC and chose sex as a tool to achieve that -- but the build up for 'love' or 'falling in love' should still be slower. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Couple of things I adore *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ✦ enemies to lovers ✦ mythology (I lean into greek, but don't mind others) ✦ 'unlikely pairings' aka people who usually dont get together, thrown together by the cruel hands of fate and against or odds falling for each other ✦ dom/sub relationship to an extent -- I dont do extremely strictly ones, but I do like the power imbalance, especially if there is a proper reason behind it *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Modern fantasy *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ I wanted to specify what I have in mind when I mention that. It is basically the world as we know, but with fantastical creatures living among the humans, usually in hiding to an extent. Sure, there are places meant for them exclusively, but I do like a whole part of shape-shifting or use glamour spells so that humans wouldn't notice anything weird. I love playing demonesses, goddesses, and even creatures like dragons or pheonixes -- all hybrids of sorts. I actually have two beloved characters that fit into that world: The grumpiest dragoness you would ever meet. She pulls herself far away from society, she has her little hideout, and doesn't care for others. She has a collection of trinkets that remind her of good times, and manages to live on her own. But she is still consider a wise creature and those who seek her advice manage to find her. To her dismay, of course. Phoenix lost in time, and cursing her immortality. Once involved in Empire in Asia that is lost gone, now she goes through the world with no family or friends, and only memories. At times wishing she was a human who's existence could end... still, her life is a never-ending cycle, and her days are not as calm as she would wish as many want to capture her, for her tears and feathers. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Final Thoughts *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ I am not opposed to going back in time for the fantasy-themed stories, but I usually don't want to play just a human, and I do not enjoy typical 'go on adventure together' kind of plots. I want something unique and with potential for drama, preferably playing fantastical creatures -- elves, dragons, hybrids, nymphs, fairies, the list goes on, for our characters to find love amongst their struggles, to find love in place they wouldn't expect it at all.
  13. Hello there! Decided to do a little post connected to my recent album: There's a couple characters there with their little backstories, however, if you want a different character we can discuss that as well! I just have a little idea for a world I wanted to curate and wanted to have couple girls living in that world and abide the rules of it (willingly or not). Backstory: The fertility rates have fallen low, and so young women are expected to focus on getting pregnant, rather than on their careers or living their life or anything else. The new laws states that women younger than twenty-five are expected to give up their school, work or anything else they are doing for the sake of getting pregnant. Society breaks away the usual need for stable family or a regular partner, and a lot of things that once were considered wrong, if they are done in the name of getting more babies out -- they are praised. Even though this is not demanded by law, things like Universities kicking out female students, work-places firing women, it all happens. And with the need for more pregnant women, new facilities come to life: - fertility clinics to help women get more fertile, find men to breed them and make sure they are indulging in activities often enough so that they can get pregnant - special resorts where women can go to relax and get bred - gentleman clubs where women can work and 'service' men to get their breeding - maid service, another way women can work and be involved with multiple men that can breed them Final thoughts: I know I lean in heavy on one kink here BUT I don't mind indulging in more. I love a lot of different things and I am happy to incorporate them, but I do want the theme to be for my girls to get bred more than they ever thought was possible! I am also happy with tweaking the story if you don't like some parts, honestly, just DM me if you like any bit of the story and let's brainstorm :3
  14. SugarSkull

    Futa Related Plots (DMs Open)

    New to the site and the club! So I thought I should kick this off by sharing the plots/ideas I had off the top of my head. Private RPs only, please. Most kinks are welcome but we should discuss those before we begin anyway. I am also open to roleplaying as a futanari or as a femboy - whatever one you prefer! Preferences: Key MC = My Character YC = Your Character Rent A “Girlfriend” >>My Character belongs to a Rent-A-Girlfriend company, a service that allows anyone to call and rent a person for 24-72 hours. Renting a “girlfriend” can have multiple perks, though many customers call looking for sexual companionship. Although My Character is still new, they have worked up an impressive reputation with a high-satisfaction rating. Marketed as an "alternative girlfriend" and a passionate lover, MC has no problems fulfilling one’s desires, while remaining romantic and attentive to their needs. YC is a shy nerd who wants to lose their virginity. If not because they are too shy to make the first move, then to stop the bullying and mocking they receive from friends and family. This is the first time My Character has worked with a virgin, but they refuse to back down from the challenge. Welcome Home [Warning, Incest] >>My OC is Your Character's younger sibling (biological or step-sibling). Your Character left home 2 years ago to pursue independence. They move in with a friend, start college, and get in touch with a high school sweetheart... Everything is perfect, until it suddenly falls apart. Your Character's roommate moves out unexpectedly, their partner admits they fell out of love due to long-distance complications, and due to stress, they begin to fail all of their classes. It's time to start fresh, so they arrange temporary living with their younger sibling. The memories of their childhood are vague, if not completely nonexistent. Yet our characters seem to have a taboo history. MC is eager to rekindle whatever relationship they used to have. AI Companion >>In the year 4033, there is a rise of AI Companionship. It is marketed as a safer alternative for dating! For introverts, for workaholics, and even those who don't want to risk catching a disease from one-night stands. It's basically a learning sex robot. Over time, it studies its owner’s desires and kinks, and uses its knowledge to improve its performance. In addition to adapting to each person, they can come in a variety of appearances and "core" personalities. Want something affectionate? Sure! Want something shy and cute? Not a problem. Want an AI who acts submissive in public, but totally destroys you in bed? That's available too! As a reward for being one of the top donors, Your Character is sent a free AI. Though it may not be the one they were hoping for, they are lonely and determined enough to make it work. Awaking The Deity >>My Character is a Kitsune who has been slumbering for the past eight centuries. With their shine hidden deep within an allegedly 'cursed' forest, no one has stepped foot into their territory in hundreds of years. Your Character happens to inherit land from their late relative. The cursed forest, and a remote cabin located outside of it, are both included in the will. YC has no interest in keeping the property, but they have to know what is going to be sold. So for the next week, they begin the tedious task of mapping out the entire forest. One afternoon, they stumble across a strange shrine. YC is transported to the Yokai Realm as they pass through the tori gates, and on the other side, they see someone waiting for them. It is My Character, the only person capable of returning Your Character back to the human world. They will do it, but only if YC will abide by their conditions. The Satin Cult >>My Character is an angel sent to Earth as punishment for their hedonistic behavior. Instead of joining a convent to repent, MC created The Satin Saints, a twisted religion that satisfies their own desires. MC lives in their temple, along with ~50 devoted followers. They practice MC’s variant of Christian Hedonism. In short, they worship through practicing happiness, sexual joy, and giving into their deepest desires. They do not worship MC, they are more like a stand-in for Haniel Venus, a god of Divine Pleasure. This plot/story begins with Your Character seeking out the Temple after coming into a rough patch, trying to turn their life around. The convent isn't what they expected - but they could definitely get used to a place like this! The Ritual [Warning, Non-Monogamous] >>It wasn’t an accident. In fact, Your Character knew exactly what they were doing. Even though they are a beginner Occultist, they followed the directions to the letter, and performed the ritual that would summon their very own demon to carry out every whim that comes to mind. The candles around the pentagram are blown out with a mysterious gust of wind, and then…silence. YC flips through their grimoire to see what they did wrong when they notice three pairs of glowing eyes looking out from the darkness across the room. My Characters (the Demons of Lust, Pride, and Greed) step forward. They announce it’s unusual for all three of them to be summoned at once, but the rules are absolute. YC is to become their bride. Dungeon Adventures [Warning, Slight Dark Themes] >>Your Character is a young, naïve adventurer. After joining a guild, they immediately look for work. They travel outside a small village, where it is explained that a nearby cave is flooded with various monsters. These monsters enter the village at night to pillage and steal maidens. Though the village has retaliated, nothing they do prevents them from terrorizing their community. Your Character is tasked to kill every monster in sight for a VERY heavy sum. No problem! They head into the cave with reckless abandon, and find themselves in a dungeon. The enemies aren't too tough at first. But as they travel deeper, things become more challenging. YC is a bit scuffed, but still in decent shape. They are confident as they find the source of the problem: MC, an inhuman who has been kidnapping mortals and using them to birth their monster army. Your Character is quickly defeated, but their life is spared, despite everything they have done. Turns out MC finds a better use for them.
  15. Flip_Flop_and_Sloppy

    Shota X Dark-Skinned Femdom

    Ok, I've got two ideas. Essentially, I'm looking for someone to play a dominant female (or multiple) who can deliver detailed replies (minimum of 3 paragraphs per reply, minimum of 3 sentences per paragraph). Age range for the girl would be anywhere between 18 and 26, while the male I'd play would be anywhere from 14 to 19, preferably on the lower end for this case. If you're interested, comment here or shoot me an ecchitext Idea 1.) The gist is, I play a cute, shy little boy who has just started to hit puberty, and unfortunately for him, that also means he's started to feel funny whenever he looks at his teacher. His teacher eventually notices this, and decides to take advantage of the young boy. She locks him in her office with her, rapes him till he nearly passes out, and then takes pictures to blackmail him into being her boy-toy with. Of course, she'd never really release the pics, since she'd be the one getting in trouble, but he doesn't know that, so he's forced to play along. Idea 2.) MC somehow finds himself alone in a strange, jungle-covered place, totally in over his head and having no idea what to do. He gets attacked by some wildlife, and almost gets killed, but it saved by a tribe of half-human half-animal people, all of whom appear to be women. They take him back to their village, where its revealed to him that all the men in their village died recently, and as such, they have no one to mate with and keep their society going. This being the case, they take him to be their breeding stud, regardless of if he wants it or not, and they end up fucking him within an inch of his life~ Kinks I'd like to include would be as follows; Femdom Outercourse (Paizuri, thigh fucks, etc) Overstimulation Cosplay Pet-Play Teasing Maybe some race-play For reference to what I'd like her to look like, see the images below
  16. Venus

    A Noble Gangbang

    You were a servant to a noble household. The head of the household was a quite kind woman, but this also hid a very kinky personality. She had no qualms about sleeping with her servants, and even frequently had them gangbang her. However, something has recently caught her curiosity; what would it be like to get knocked up? So, she got all of her male servants together and gave them a very special request; fuck her until she gets pregnant. But of course, knowing her, she'll likely still want more hot dickings even while she's currently pregnant.
  17. Just a quick extra post for a somewhat specific craving! Alongside all the fun I've been doing, I began to crave some darker plays -- here's some must-have kinks for this: ➤ non-con ➤ MC enduring some level of pain ➤ degradation/humiliation ➤ unrealistically huge cocks (size difference in general a big +) I am open to pain leaning towards torture, though it can be closer to just BDSM activities, but I'd like penetration to be somewhat painful, at least at first. We can indulge a lot of different kinks, I am into plenty of things, and happy to make sure we're both getting our desires fulfilled ;3 As for themes, I am a sucker for fantasy but I don't mind plotting something in sci-fi or modern day for this. Some loose ideas for this: MC enters an abandoned mansion that turns out to be a haunted house... After the death of her parents, a Princess is sent to her Uncle's mansion. She is not aware the Uncle wants to usurp the throne -- and that there are many other people there are happy to help him, being a great danger to her... A sorceress in training takes on a job to assist a well-known mage. Sadly, things don't go as planned... A religion succumbs, to be replaced by another. High Priestess of the fallen God is captured and to be publicly used as a final statement that her God is gone... A noble lady forced to become a concubine to save her family -- but the King is even worse than she suspected... Elven warrior, defeated and sold on a slave auction... A spy caught by the General, now becomes his property...
  18. My character being a cheerleader your character can be a football player, teacher, nerd, or a fellow cheerleader. Getting blackmailed for help with my homework or not to leak a video or picture in return for some hot steamy sex on the low
  19. So, who here has seen any of Ankoman’s doujins? We can all agree that they are pretty shitty, right? But at the same time, I personally find the idea of Astolfo fucking and knocking up some of the sexy women in Chaldea a very fun idea. It’s that the NTR ruins it. So, you know what they say; if you want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself. So, I’m looking for someone willing to play as a hung dominant Astolfo, and I’ll play as almost any female Servant you want me to. A fair trade, if I do say so myself. Just hit me up if you’re interested, and I hope to see you soon~!
  20. goodgirl

    Secret male sub

    My character found out a secret in her school. one of her classmates who is popular and percieved as dominant. but once he got attached to the succubus he wanted her to dom him hard.
  21. For my 18th birthday you gave me a surprise in the middle of my afterparty. a nice steamy fucking session in my room on the upper floor! taking my virginity with pride. Can be a best friend, stranger, friend, classmate, teacher ETC
  22. My character had a hard day at the coffee shop she works out and comes home to masturbate on her bed. finding that her vibrator is gone she couldn't wait and finger fucked herself. being caugh by her room mate who had stolen said vibrator.
  23. goodgirl


    My character is a private XXX streamer, who only shows her body on cam but your character realizes her tattoo on the back of her thigh and starts to blackmail into hot steamy sex sessions that were also videoed and shown to everyone
  24. goodgirl

    Teachers pet

    I would love to be a naughty student who has been teasing the teacher all year long and finally gets steamily fucked in the bathrooms or their office, or their classroom!
  25. goodgirl

    Cage fuck

    I want to be put in a cage, fed an watered by bowls like an animal and fucked through the little holes. use me
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