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  1. Venus

    A Noble Gangbang

    You were a servant to a noble household. The head of the household was a quite kind woman, but this also hid a very kinky personality. She had no qualms about sleeping with her servants, and even frequently had them gangbang her. However, something has recently caught her curiosity; what would it be like to get knocked up? So, she got all of her male servants together and gave them a very special request; fuck her until she gets pregnant. But of course, knowing her, she'll likely still want more hot dickings even while she's currently pregnant.
  2. Hello there! Decided to do a little post connected to my recent album: There's a couple characters there with their little backstories, however, if you want a different character we can discuss that as well! I just have a little idea for a world I wanted to curate and wanted to have couple girls living in that world and abide the rules of it (willingly or not). Backstory: The fertility rates have fallen low, and so young women are expected to focus on getting pregnant, rather than on their careers or living their life or anything else. The new laws states that women younger than twenty-five are expected to give up their school, work or anything else they are doing for the sake of getting pregnant. Society breaks away the usual need for stable family or a regular partner, and a lot of things that once were considered wrong, if they are done in the name of getting more babies out -- they are praised. Even though this is not demanded by law, things like Universities kicking out female students, work-places firing women, it all happens. And with the need for more pregnant women, new facilities come to life: - fertility clinics to help women get more fertile, find men to breed them and make sure they are indulging in activities often enough so that they can get pregnant - special resorts where women can go to relax and get bred - gentleman clubs where women can work and 'service' men to get their breeding - maid service, another way women can work and be involved with multiple men that can breed them Final thoughts: I know I lean in heavy on one kink here BUT I don't mind indulging in more. I love a lot of different things and I am happy to incorporate them, but I do want the theme to be for my girls to get bred more than they ever thought was possible! I am also happy with tweaking the story if you don't like some parts, honestly, just DM me if you like any bit of the story and let's brainstorm :3
  3. Just a quick extra post for a somewhat specific craving! Alongside all the fun I've been doing, I began to crave some darker plays -- here's some must-have kinks for this: ➤ non-con ➤ MC enduring some level of pain ➤ degradation/humiliation ➤ unrealistically huge cocks (size difference in general a big +) I am open to pain leaning towards torture, though it can be closer to just BDSM activities, but I'd like penetration to be somewhat painful, at least at first. We can indulge a lot of different kinks, I am into plenty of things, and happy to make sure we're both getting our desires fulfilled ;3 As for themes, I am a sucker for fantasy but I don't mind plotting something in sci-fi or modern day for this. Some loose ideas for this: MC enters an abandoned mansion that turns out to be a haunted house... After the death of her parents, a Princess is sent to her Uncle's mansion. She is not aware the Uncle wants to usurp the throne -- and that there are many other people there are happy to help him, being a great danger to her... A sorceress in training takes on a job to assist a well-known mage. Sadly, things don't go as planned... A religion succumbs, to be replaced by another. High Priestess of the fallen God is captured and to be publicly used as a final statement that her God is gone... A noble lady forced to become a concubine to save her family -- but the King is even worse than she suspected... Elven warrior, defeated and sold on a slave auction... A spy caught by the General, now becomes his property...
  4. My character being a cheerleader your character can be a football player, teacher, nerd, or a fellow cheerleader. Getting blackmailed for help with my homework or not to leak a video or picture in return for some hot steamy sex on the low
  5. So, who here has seen any of Ankoman’s doujins? We can all agree that they are pretty shitty, right? But at the same time, I personally find the idea of Astolfo fucking and knocking up some of the sexy women in Chaldea a very fun idea. It’s that the NTR ruins it. So, you know what they say; if you want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself. So, I’m looking for someone willing to play as a hung dominant Astolfo, and I’ll play as almost any female Servant you want me to. A fair trade, if I do say so myself. Just hit me up if you’re interested, and I hope to see you soon~!
  6. goodgirl

    Secret male sub

    My character found out a secret in her school. one of her classmates who is popular and percieved as dominant. but once he got attached to the succubus he wanted her to dom him hard.
  7. For my 18th birthday you gave me a surprise in the middle of my afterparty. a nice steamy fucking session in my room on the upper floor! taking my virginity with pride. Can be a best friend, stranger, friend, classmate, teacher ETC
  8. My character had a hard day at the coffee shop she works out and comes home to masturbate on her bed. finding that her vibrator is gone she couldn't wait and finger fucked herself. being caugh by her room mate who had stolen said vibrator.
  9. goodgirl


    My character is a private XXX streamer, who only shows her body on cam but your character realizes her tattoo on the back of her thigh and starts to blackmail into hot steamy sex sessions that were also videoed and shown to everyone
  10. goodgirl

    Teachers pet

    I would love to be a naughty student who has been teasing the teacher all year long and finally gets steamily fucked in the bathrooms or their office, or their classroom!
  11. goodgirl

    Cage fuck

    I want to be put in a cage, fed an watered by bowls like an animal and fucked through the little holes. use me
  12. Looking for some shorter type of RPs but open to long-term ones as well, so shoot me your ideas I am open to many things but I do have heavy affinity to fantasy and monsters. craving: non-con, size difference, dark themes, mild torture, incest Themes I am looking for: ★ I wanna play many Princesses for your characters! Court them, blackmail them, abuse them, breed them, kidnap them... ★ Priestess goes through lewd ritual // Priestess has to 'defeat' monsters with sex // Lewd initiation of Priestess into the temple ★ everything PIRATES, please! ★ I rarely do fandom but when I do, it's OVERWATCH! I wanna play as: Mercy, Dva, Pharah, Young Ana, Brigitte, Widowmaker, Sombra, Mei Honestly, there's plenty more and anything medieval/fantasy is amazing. I am into a lot of things, and I generally lean towards more kinky scenes. DM me and let's get to plotting! Or sexting, if that's more of your style, I am always happy to chat some smut, too ;3 Or, reach out to me on Discord: Daphne#5398
  13. goodgirl

    A dirty camping trip

    Would like a storyline where two friends or just one is on a camping trip and gets woken up to naughty rubbing on my little pussy. if ust one it could be a horny stranger. Would kinda prefer it to be a futa partner but any works!
  14. White men. Asian women. One island. No clothes. The perfect recipe to create the hottest dating show on earth. Based on the real "Adam looking for Eve", "Adam looking for Ling" adds a NSFW twist and raceplay element to the hit reality show. It's filmed on a completely deserted island, far away from any kind of civilization, and its premise is simple - a group of white men, the "Adams", and a group of asian women, the "Lings", are brought together to live alongside eachother, under two simple conditions; wearing any type of clothing at any time is strictly prohibited (condoms included), and the Adams have absolute free-use over the Lings, fully free to fuck, breed and colonize their tight yellow pussies whenever they desire to. Seasons usually begin with one Adam and one Ling. Every couple of days, more contestants of each gender are brought in one by one; the Adams arriving on a luxurious boat and the Lings arriving on a wooden raft as the audience is briefly introduced to them. When they're near enough, they strip down and swim to shore, meeting their fellow castmates soon after. At the end of the season, the public votes for their favorite Adam and Ling and a monetary prize is given to the winners! Hello! Today I'm looking for a male partner to roleplay a season of "Adam looking for Ling" - the reality dating show presented above. I'm looking for someone who can play as MULTIPLE CHARACTERS, as I want you to play as the full cast of male contestants; the Adams, while I will be playing as the full cast of female contestants; the Lings. Together we'll play out the season on a day-to-day basis, exploring the characters' dynamics and relationships, some of the steamy challenges ALFL has prepared for them, and, of course, the wild sexual encounters that are sure to ensue when you pair up a bunch of white gods with womb-breaking cocks and a bunch of submissive asian sluts with a need to be bleached and owned. Discord is an option as well. Also, reference pictures are much prefered over written descriptions! Kinks: Misogyny, sexism, free-use, traditional gender roles, rough sex, non-con, incest, raceplay, political play, dirty talk, breeding, impregnation, size difference, age gaps, unrealistic sizes, public sex, harem and more. Limits: Beast, gore, snuff, and scat.
  15. Ms.Galactica

    The Lustful(FxM & FxF)

    ꕥ「Greetings strangers of the internet」ꕥ You can call me Gal or A(she/they), I’ll answer to either. My timezone is CDT, ghost friendly, lover of collaborating. I'd like to keep all roleplays on-site in PMs over anything else. My writing is about 1-3+ paragraphs, it's hard to gauge since it varies and I prefer quality over quantity. I write MxF or FxF pairings and only play submissives as I have no experience writing dominant characters in erotic settings but I'm up to giving it a try if you're willing to be patient with me. I may remove or add plots as time goes on and depending on my mood. I'm also more than willing to go along with plots you may be interested in or collaborating on a plot we'd both enjoy. I For smut to story ratio I prefer 50/50. The plot doesn't have to be super complex, just enough for interesting buildup with smut mixed in. ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ ꕥ「Ideas and limitations」ꕥ *I am fine with dubcon/cnc. But lolicon and shotacon are hard limits. I have a love for romance, especially typical troupes like enemies/rivals to lovers, bimbo x nerd, slow burns, etc. Romance isn't required for every plot, it's just so fun throwing those things in. I write low and high fantasy, I like both sweet and darker plots. I'm all for anything that involves being treated roughly or vanilla plots. But for rougher scenes aftercare is a must, even if this is roleplay the sub drop I can experience from harder scenes does require some aftercare. Speaking of darker plots I'm down for obsessive x object of obsession, supernatural creatures, etc. The rest of what I'll write is on my preference sheet, but don't be afraid to ask if I'm open to something that isn't on there! I can write harem/reverse harem plots, but only if my partner is willing to write multiple characters as well. I don't like writing in depth gore/death, mentions are fine I just don't enjoy writing it heavily. Nothing absolutely disgusting either. ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ ꕥ「Some Ideas」ꕥ *These are really just some simple pairings or plots that I have a lean/craving for, but don't have a concrete plot. They're subject to change, I prefer collaborating with partners on fully fleshed out plots so we both get what we want out of the plot or going along with any ideas my partner has! Cravings: Modern fantasy or low fantasy • Coworkers • Boss / secretary/worker • Arranged marriage •Royalty • Royal / Knight or Warrior • Royal / Mage • Royal / commoner • Demon / summoner • Demon / angel • Mage / Demon • Vampire / human • Vampire / blood slave • Vampire / witch/mage • Enemies/rivals • BDSM arrangement • Master / slave/pet • Roommates • Obsessive / Object of obsession • Inexperienced / "helpful" friend • College professor / student • Spouse/Partner / partner's friend • Gods, Goddess & Demigods • Delinquent / delinquent • Delinquent / goodie-goodie • Idol / assistant/fan • Best friend's older sibling • Friends • Nerd / bimbo or himbo ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ ꒰꒰ ✎ :: Enemies to spouses(arranged marriage + enemies to possible lovers) -MC is a highly respected person, maybe a mage, maybe a warrior, from a kingdom engaged in a long and tiring war with the kingdom YC is from. YC is a hero, a knight, royalty, whatever you wish. The rulers from each respective kingdom come to an agreement the war has gone on too long and come to a conclusion to help end the war; an arranged marriage between our characters. Lacking a princess MC is chosen to be the offered bride for YC to wed as a psychical symbol of peace. Will they get along? Actually fall in love? Or have only a psychical relationship? ꒰꒰ ✎ :: Bound by oaths(modern fantasy, slave + master dynamics) -MC is an all around nerd that's obsessed with the occult. Not much of a believer, just interested. After finding a summoning book she thinks is a fake, she's gotten in over her head after accidentally summoning YC, who's a demon, a god, angel, whatever you'd like, who forges a contract with MC. Now completely bound together for however long YC decides to keep MC alive, she must follow any and every order given no matter what in exchange for her wish. The more MC complies, the more wishes she gets. Maybe they bond, maybe they become more, maybe they're just a no strings attached deal, or something much more. ꒰꒰ ✎ :: Vampire’s Sacrifice (Supernatural, higher fantasy, medieval-ish setting, possible dub-con) -YC is a vampire with a habit for torturing a nearby village. Stealing livestock, ruining harvests, taking items left out, feasting on whom ever you please. In order to keep YC at bay the village offers a human sacrifice every few months as a peace offering, and this time MC is the unfortunate soul being offered in return for even just a month free from torment. Instead of only seeing the sacrifice as nothing more than livestock, YC takes an odd interest in MC, one far different than original intentions. Innocent or something more dubious, who's to say? But how long can YC allow the former sacrifice to roam the manor freely before acting on such thoughts. ꒰꒰ ✎ :: End of demon queen’s reign? Let's try again!(Isekai, possible romance, medieval style rpg) -A classic isekai type plot. MC is an avid player, ranking pretty high in the charts due to some cheating. The mods find out about her less than honest ways of winning and set MC's account back to the lowest level taking away upgrades, equipment, everything. Distressed she breaks her computer, falling asleep after destroying it and wakes up within the game. YC is a former NPC party member MC collected through the game, set as a love interest with little chance of advancing to more, who is aware of who MC is within the game and believes she fell from power during a battle. YC desperately wants to aid MC in building back their empire unaware of the fact it's all a game, possibly even using their flirtationship to help in less conventional ways. ꒰꒰ ✎ :: The slacker & the assistant(Comedic duo, slight power imbalance, slice of life, possible angst. Please do not bring up a ‘motherly’ personality for MC) -MC is having just a streak of bad luck. Possibly being evicted from her apartment, on thin ice at work, too many heels broken on the way to and from work. YC is the child of the company CEO. YC is careless, stubborn and barely ever do work unless it interests YC. Living live off their parent's money and have no interest being the next head of the company, just wanting to party and misuse their power they're the textbook definition of a brat. MC is called into the boss's office, thinking she's going to be fired. Instead, she's assigned to be YC's new assistant, a "promotion" for her hard work due to her being the best suited one for the job. Now MC has to navigate being the nearly 24/7 assistant dealing with petty relationship problems, media coverups, YC slacking off and whatever else is added to her list of duties including satisfying YC’s needs. She's in over her head with this job, but saying no could land her back at the start of her bad luck spiral. Could something past their affair bloom? A scandal hitting the news of sex in the workplace?(Roles can also be swapped) ꒰꒰ ✎ :: Siren Stowaway (Slightly medieval, typical pirate plot, supernatural) -Everyone who ventures on the open seas knows the tale of the sirens. Enchanting women who's song can crash entire ships and doom the crew aboard. But what they don't talk about is siren's who can possess human forms. MC is a siren who can possess a human form, and is hiding as a crew member on the ship. YC is in some way part of the crew, and is more cautious than the others when it comes to the legends of the sea. YC catches MC doing odd things like scoping out the ship, disappearing for periods of time and becomes highly suspicious. It all comes to ahead one night MC dives into the water and accidentally shows her true identity. The characters make a deal, that long as the ship safely makes it and MC helps steal more loot for YC, nothing will be said. But working so closely together could lead to something more. ꒰꒰ ✎ :: Good girls don't get used(goodie-goodie x delinquent type beat, university, modern slice of life, cherry chasing) -YC is known around campus for being a good lay and a frequent heartbreaker. Genuinely charming getting people into their bed has never been a problem, until now. MC is bit anti-social, a wallflower who vanishes in crowds. Having little interest in anything past friends she has no experience. The perfect challenge on paper for YC, except MC isn't as naive as expected. With sights set on getting with her YC is bound and determined to get with MC. Hearing of this little goal MC makes a deal with YC, if YC can date MC for at least two months without making unwanted advances they get to complete their mission. Can they survive two months without making advances? Or will this charade turn into the real deal? ꒰꒰ ✎ :: To love..or rather serve a goddess(typical goddess x human troupe, kind of a dorky comedy idea) -YC has had such a record of unusually bad luck lately, everything just seems to go wrong no matter what. Failed job interviews, messing up on dates, forgetting important things, being clumsy as ever, even the power went out for days unexpectedly. Desperate for string of unluckiness to end YC says they’d do anything for it to end. MC, the goddess of good fortune and lust, is the one who happens to hear this plea and decides to grant YC wish due to her boredom. There's a catch though, YC must do whatever MC says, including satisfying her whenever she calls in exchange for amazing luck. Stuck with a roommate who happens to be a near-insatiable goddess isn't what YC meant, but what could go wrong?(Roles can be reversed) ꒰꒰ ✎ :: The barmaid(fantasy, secret relationship, deception) -MC is secretly a witch that escaped the ongoing trials in her town and has come to the city seeking safety due to their acceptance of magic. She gets a job as a barmaid, easily charming customers and becoming a favorite. YC is a member of the royal family, a troublemaker who’s known for sneaking off and abandoning your duties. One night while out the two meet, taking a quick liking to one another and end up in a rented room above the tavern. This becomes routine every few weeks, MC unaware of YC’s true name or title. Eventually the meetings stop for a good few months, things going back to how they were before. That is until the guards cone to collect MC after finding out she's the secret mistress of YC that's causing problems in the palace. To keep order the two are set to officially married. But how will things go when all they know about one another is what they like in bed? -------- Please Ecchitext me if you're interested in roleplaying or just talking. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas and writing! ‪♡‬
  16. Foreword Currently: AVAILABLE (Limited open slots) Current most craved prompts: It's just for the bet [MxM], Netorase Club [FxM] Current most craved pairings: MxM In the interest of not wasting anyone's time, I figured I'd write a quick foreword, so... Hi there! For the most efficient reading experience, I'd recommend hopping over to the story prompts first, and then if you think we might be a match, go back up and check the Writing with me and About me sections. The prompts should give a decent idea of my preferences, so if you do feel we might be a match, do read through them, they contain crucial information about me as a prospective partner. For anyone reaching out about a prompt in this thread, I'd appreciate if the title of the message contains the title of the prompt you're responding to. Please write up a proper message so I can get a decent idea of who you are, I likely won't respond to very short messages. A temperature-check before a proper written message is fine though. I might be interested in other stories than those in this thread, but do try to make sure you think we are a fit before messaging me. Do not write in this thread if you are interested in writing with me. Send me a message, leave the thread alone. Thank you! Writing with me About Me MxM-centric plots Plots within this category are intended to be ran as MxM stories, but don't *necessarily* have to be run as MxM. I will usually add a notion if I'm open to bending some genders. I've really been wanting to write some MxM lately, so if you want to as well but don't necessarily like any of the prompts, do let me know and we can brainstorm! FxM-centric plots Plots within this category are intended to be ran as FxM stories. Less leeway on this one than MxM, but I might be willing to discuss if your idea is really good.
  17. Flip_Flop_and_Sloppy

    Shota X Dark-Skinned Femdom

    Ok, I've got two ideas. Essentially, I'm looking for someone to play a dominant female (or multiple) who can deliver detailed replies (minimum of 3 paragraphs per reply, minimum of 3 sentences per paragraph). Age range for the girl would be anywhere between 18 and 26, while the male I'd play would be anywhere from 14 to 19, preferably on the lower end for this case. If you're interested, comment here or shoot me an ecchitext Idea 1.) The gist is, I play a cute, shy little boy who has just started to hit puberty, and unfortunately for him, that also means he's started to feel funny whenever he looks at his teacher. His teacher eventually notices this, and decides to take advantage of the young boy. She locks him in her office with her, rapes him till he nearly passes out, and then takes pictures to blackmail him into being her boy-toy with. Of course, she'd never really release the pics, since she'd be the one getting in trouble, but he doesn't know that, so he's forced to play along. Idea 2.) MC somehow finds himself alone in a strange, jungle-covered place, totally in over his head and having no idea what to do. He gets attacked by some wildlife, and almost gets killed, but it saved by a tribe of half-human half-animal people, all of whom appear to be women. They take him back to their village, where its revealed to him that all the men in their village died recently, and as such, they have no one to mate with and keep their society going. This being the case, they take him to be their breeding stud, regardless of if he wants it or not, and they end up fucking him within an inch of his life~ Kinks I'd like to include would be as follows; Femdom Outercourse (Paizuri, thigh fucks, etc) Overstimulation Cosplay Pet-Play Teasing Maybe some race-play For reference to what I'd like her to look like, see the images below
  18. My name is Lauren! I don't bite. Thank you for checking this idea out. I'm a literate roleplayer looking for someone willing to try out this idea for the long term. Please feel free to privately message me with any replies. Erotic RP is a safe space for me to let off steam so please be gentle. Content Warning (!) I will be playing a loli character. I prefer the content of the RP to be forced/dark. Can possibly reach guro levels but doesn't have to. I'm open to working with you here. 𝔸𝕓𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥 ℂ𝕝𝕠𝕔𝕜𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕜 ...In the year 3047, the city of Esogate... Our Kind Heart and Soul, Governor Merrick Alirison has everything under control. Figuratively – he presents himself in a collected manner – and literally. He is responsible for maintaining the Programming, an undercurrent of mind control that flows undetected to the public beneath the city's entertainment, advertisement and educational broadcasting. The city, at twenty-five thousand square miles, is as large as a former 'state' and prides itself on neighborly love. It sends reports to the larger world, the Unified Collective, once a week. There is a market for Helpers, essentially a slave class of humans who are sold in warehouses to the upper crust that can afford them once they reach the age of eighteen. Educated only to serve functions like hard labor, cleaning or menial tasks, and viewed as objects, there is little regulation for Helpers. "Time" is the favorite product of the people here, sold in the form of medication that theoretically gives both a euphoric high and extends your lifespan by a day per pill, without overdose. Though you could still die from various causes. Esogate is also well protected by a gauntlet of technological military prowess from the Ranges...the wilderness outside its impenetrable force field where monstrous black Shadows, able to shift in size and form, roam free. Two years previous to the start of our RP, the Governor almost got himself in a world of trouble. You see, he'd been buying non-Helper children off the street for unethical biosoldier experiments. He barely got away from the heat by claiming that he was adopting the children into various wealthy families as a charity program. Everyone ate it up and congratulated his generosity, especially after some fake spots on the broadcasting were dedicated to the 'charity' and these sponsors. Alirison ensured some of the children, only between five and seven, were filmed smiling in the area before shipping them to a glorified Helper warehouse. Inside, five groups of children were subjected to a series of injections followed by month long periods of observation. Despite his ambition, the Governor's project failed up until the very end. Only one child survived the brutal process. She came out on the other side with new abilities not seen before in humans: her DNA melted into that of a Shadow. This nine-year-old's wristband reads: 10-96. But her name was once Camille. She can regenerate as if her body were made of oil. She's escaped from the warehouse. And with her goes a plethora of valuable scientific information, possible experiments, possible data that could upgrade the city's military. We begin when she runs into your character. Your character could be someone sent to find her, or a citizen of any other variety. As long as they are a male adult for the RP. WANTED Possibilities: Forced, Rape, BDSM, Pet, Sci-Fi Adventure UNWANTED Possibilities: Playing an adult char, initial consent, scat, watersports, bestiality Camille (10-96) https://imgur.com/qKkGWNb Govenor Merrick Alirison https://imgur.com/qhcFdgn
  19. Hey everyone! I joined a bit ago, didn't get much interest but figured I'd give things another try. This time I've been thinking about doing a roleplay centered around conquest! I am more than willing to play either side here and I'm open to almost anyone who would be interested! The general idea for us to tinker and brainstorm around depending on our kinks is that the main character will be taking on the form of a leader or commander. Someone whose current ambitions are to see some civilization (or civilizations) broken and beneath them. This can take on many themes and story archs, be it that you want to start out as some lowly captain, an insignificant leader of beastmen or the emperor of an empire. While my initial thoughts are on Fantasy this is by no means exclusive! This could even have more modern themes or sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, you name it, and I can get behind it! I am more than willing to make a map for the roleplay! On top of it all I am more than willing to work out having rules and mechanics! Could add in some stuff to balance and manage at the large scale. Ultimately, I'm looking for a roleplay and possibly game (though if you aren't okay with that it's not required!) that we can play around and tinker with for a long time. If you're looking to have some fun and think this interests you, please hit me up! I'm more than happy to talk outside of RP and get to know my partners, so even if you aren't fully sold on the idea, feel free to reach out to me.
  20. onearmeddruid

    The magus

    The twins, two mountain fortresses along a single mountain pass built during the time of the men under the mountains. Mannes by the army of the dragon, undead warriors kept in unseaths by a spell from the college of magic. The lands beyond are dark and mysterious perfect for a young magus by the name of Klara Helden. She has only spent 3 days outside the great walls of the twins. Amd already forces leer at her. She journeys to the east for well let's say she is a wanderer looking for odd jobs amd such. Who are you maybe your a a traveling merchant, or perhaps a slave girl looking to escape, or you are all these thinga that desire her., or your an avid fan of her previous adventures and seek to travel with her.
  21. Hello all! My name is Mercy and I’d love to get to roleplay with you! Here’s a little about me! I play female or male roles and have experience in both. I write one to two paragraphs of quality writing or at least match my partner. I prefer EcchiTexts as my roleplay medium and won’t leave the site for it. Interests: Fantasy, medieval/historical, slice of life, modern era. Some pairings I like include boss x secretary, crime boss’s daughter x underling or some other pairing in that scenario, teacher x student, vampire x human. I’m fairly vanilla when it comes to smut. However, don’t let that make you think I only write vanilla! It’s just my preference. Potential plots: I’ll edit this section when I think of some good ones!
  22. Nat_M

    My first time

    Heya everyone, I'm new here to ED, roleplaying and sex in general and I would like someone to write with to show me the ropes. I think I'm very submissive so in general I would like you take charge. I do enjoy makingout, cuddling and dryhumping so I would like there to be alot of that before the real heavy stuff. A few plot ideas You (my bf/gf) take me on a nice vacation (you pick the spot) and use all of the alone time that we have to finally push my boundaries sexually. We're in an era other than the present (pehaps post apocalyptic or midevil era) and we meet by hapen stance. You're much wiser and more experienced than me and I can't help but be smitten by your rugged personality. We are both long time friends that have had crushes on each other for years. we're hanging hout or go on a trip "as friends" but finally reveal our attraction for each other I'm open to just about any plot idea so don't feel the need to stick with one of mine!
  23. Hey everyone, I had to take off some time to stablizie my life. Now that it's well stablizied i'm down to start roleplaying again. I am still here to play people's crushes but I am going to have it a bit more focused on series I know. That being said, if you have someone you'd like me to play for you from the series listed below simply send me a picture of who you'd like and we can discuss! Sub leaning but Switch Celebrities - Egirls: Anything goes for this. Any woman in these categories is on limit. Games: League of Legends Overwatch Pokemon Rainbow 6 Seige Movies: Marvel movies Disney Movies Jurassic Park/World I can play any character from a movie in a different setting as well. AU of sorts Shows: The 100 The Wheel of Time Snowpiercer Same here for with movies, I can play a character from a show in an AU of sorts Anime: Bleach Attack on Titan Beastars Jiu Jiutsu Kaisen Demon Slayer My Hero Academia
  24. Ever sit back and tell ghost stories or the like with friends? This is a similar story. You will play a young woman (and if you desire, a female friend as well, played by me) that decides to investigate these rumors. The tale differs from person to person telling the stories, but they have to be made up, right? A monster with tentacles binding up its prey. A sadistic beast man kidnapping and torturing (sexually, no gore/death) those who trespass, gangs who profit from wondering eyes, ghosts in a mysterious house hidden in the woods. The tales are endless. The truth unknown. Care to find out? Like I said. The story differs to your interest. All female characters are atleast 16 years of age (have to have some maturity to them).
  25. * Please, for the love of all that's unholy, don't send me messages that consist only of 'do you want to RP?' ; my prompts, themes & ideas exist to intrigue you and I would love to know which ones did and what are you craving / looking for! ** Do not godmod my characters. I'll be dropping people who do that. Hello all! You can call me Daphne or any other sweet little names you can come up with! I am also open to flirting and chit-chatting if that's your thing! If you just want a quick smut, you can come into my DMs, push me down and take what you want... whether I want it or not ;3 I am mainly looking for dark, non-con, messy, bizzare RPs! I rarely indulge in vanilla or fluff, maybe as part of something bigger but not main theme. I want my girl to be used, abused and ruined. In all ways possible! Plots down below are meant to give you some ideas and pointers, but here's a quick list of themes / things I am heavily into recently: - medieval / historical setups (so princesses, noble ladies, kings, adventurers, taverns...etc) - obnoxious, lewd ceremonies - lewd curses / blessings - monsters, ghost, bizarre creations vs my cute girls - size play (I like playing shortstacks <3) - age play (I like playing 15/16yr olds) - breeding Note: While I primely play as females, I've been recently looking to play some trap / futa characters (subs), especially in non-con and dub-con scenarios! Hmu Some stuffles & pairings I simply adore and are always welcome: - MC just lost somewhere. School at night? Haunted mansion? Forest? Yes, please! - Medical play can be quite hot! - DaddyxDaughter and UnclexNiece setups. Being bent over a knee makes me hot and bothered! - Aphrodisiacs, drugs, being forced to orgasm, massages... - Big, big toys put it into dem tight holes! - Princesses and Queens, I love playing them! - PIRATES! I need more good pirates stories in my life, honestly! I have a gallery with girls you can pick as refs! Some do have their backgrounds / descriptions, some don't yet. Here are a couple - a little vague - prompt ideas that we could work from! The more emotes & boldness, the more I want it! \(★ω★)/ Foreign, unknown knight wins the competition, only to shock the public when the helmet is removed and it is obvious, the knight is a woman. Alas, the Kingdom does not allow women to compete in such ways, or be knights at all. Pulled into the dungeons, the knight is punished in most lewd ways... (or, perhaps, in front of the public?) I'd like this to involve some torture or sadistic elements, where MC has to endure painful punishments, not just lewd ones. \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ It was either being homeless, or joining the nuns in the convent, Nuns seemed recluse, but they took her in. From the first night, the nuns she shared room with became more... "friendly" and touchy than the girl wished. After her meeting with the Priest over-seeing all, she realized she joined sex and fetish-focused group, and now she was one of them, slowly falling into depravity. \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ Due to low fertility rate, new laws were incorporated. MC is just sixteen when she arrives at her "check-up", which involves plenty of intimacy... checking her reactions, giving her drugs to see how fast and how much she can orgasm, and even testing how her body reacts to sperm. After such traumatic experience she is sent to a well-chosen household, to be their "breeding girlfriend". \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ MC is a curious young woman, with enough money to sate such curiosities. She leaves for a resort that is known to allow the customers live up all their fetishes... but at the same time, things are not well over-seen there, and an element of chaos is definitely common. Still, she enjoys her arrival at the resort, how servants welcome her, but perhaps... she will run into things she never even dreamt of? \(★ω★)/ MC is short on cash and found a rather specific and lewd way to get some: testing sex toys. Sex toy owner, a female uses them on her and she provides comment. One of the days she goes to do her job, however, things don't go as planned... [PROMPTS] # there aren't going to be many; sometimes I have this loose idea of something I REALLY WANT and come up with starters for these, so... thought I'll add these here, perhaps they may interest somebody # feel free to send me EcchiText with response to any of this! # fantasy / princess x Any Andrea closed her eyes as she was laid down on the soft mattress of the bed. Her body naked, her curvy shapes exposed. She was already shaven clean, after the long bath... Bathing aphrodisiacs made her sensitive and as she laid down, her legs spread open, revealing her wetness. She was still unsure about this whole tradition, this 'serving the males in royal family' thing. But it's not like you can defy a King, even if you're his daughter. She felt the maids began to oil her whole body, in even more aphrodisiacs. Her body trembled as fingers invaded her tight body. She wasn't looking, but something was pushed inside her bottom, deep inside. And there she was left for a whole, long night... Of course, young Princess didn't sleep at all. In the morning, she looked idly at the ceiling, after a long, long night of constant orgasms hitting her body. Her legs were spread, the mess she made in bed quite obvious, her virgin maidenhood aching and gaping. Her bottom both feeling good and painful from the insertion. Who knew what was going to happen to her now? pirate prompt When she woke, she was blindfolded and gagged. She wasn't sure by whom... but memories slowly came back. She could feel she was still on a ship, but probably not hers. They killed her crew and sunk that ship, most likely. Maybe someone managed to escape -- Those thoughts were broken when she felt someone attach something to her nipples, tightening around sensitive little nubs. She felt hotter as the mix of pain and pleasure filled her mind. Then her back arched, as somebody whipped at her exposed maidenhood. And again. They were probably leaving marks. Obviously, she had become a toy for somebody's amusement. A few more hits against her, now, moist maidenhood, and her legs got spread wide open... when she tried to move them, she realized they tied them to something, and so, she couldn't really do anything. Somebody was about to fuck her, the real question was just whom, and for how long... incest / breeding Due to drops in fertility new laws and rules came into life; Lilly just turned sixteen and it was time for her check-up. The doctors made sure she's healthy and fertile enough, but she didn't realize that they gave her medicine that will kick-off her libido that evening. It was now common that the father would initiate his daughter into the world of breeding, and then other males in family would help to make sure the girl gets pregnant. It was 9PM and Lilly went to bed, but had to resort to sleeping naked -- she felt so warm and... bothered. She breathed heavily laying in her bed, rubbing her legs together... the medicine kicked in finally, making her all wet and ready. It even made her tight ass itch! The girl put a pillow between her legs, trying to get some sort of release before alarming anyone, unaware that her father was going to check on her...
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