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  1. Neptune

    Hunter Reed

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Information Name: Hunter Reed Villain Name: Dark Star Age/Date of Birth: 19, January 4th Chosen Gender: Man Sex: Male Citizenship: American Ethnicity: Half African-American, Half Caucasian. Occupation: Student Physical Appearance Height: 183cm (6’0”) Weight: 79kg (12 stone 6 pounds) Eye Colour: Gold Hair Colour: Dark brown, almost black. Physical Description: Hunter is quite tall, with a lithe muscular frame. He has well developed muscles in his arms, legs and torso. He works out often to keep these muscles, which gives him additional strength and endurance when it comes to fighting. His skin is relatively dark due to his African-American ancestry. The darkness of his skin makes the golden colour of his eyes stand out, often giving him a penetrating, intimidating stare. His eyes are slightly angled, and he has well shaped eyebrows sitting above them. His eyebrows are quite expressive, and it is possible to determine his mood from his eyebrows alone. He has a well formed nose that has a slight flick to it, and a well formed mouth that is usually marked with a bitter twist to them. As Hunter has never been particularly rich due to his status as an orphan, he is usually seen wearing rather cheap clothing that is sometimes slightly tatty. He tends to wear dark clothing, such as black jeans and a black T-shirt. He isn’t one to wear smart or formal clothing, and actually has a distaste for doing so. He also doesn’t tend to wear ornaments, either, with two exceptions. Two gold rings on his left hand. The one on the middle finger is plain gold, while the one on his marriage finger has three diamonds in it. These are the only possessions he has left of his parents, and he wears them all the time. Quirk Quirk Type: Emitter Quirk Name: Shadow Manipulation Quirk Details: One can always tell when Hunter is using his Quirk, as the whites of his eyes turn a solid back in colour. He is able to blend himself into the shadows so that he is completely invisible to the naked eye. He will also be invisible to some other types of vision, such as night vision and heat vision. He basically becomes one with the shadow, and is able to traverse it far faster than someone can walk or even run, allowing him to flash from one side of the room to the other. As long as there are shadows, he is able to hide himself and move with their use. He is also able to blend himself into someone’s shadow, allowing him to follow them without being noticed. This can allow him to sneak into places he otherwise wouldn’t be able to get into, by hitching a ride on others. He can stretch out his own shadow, and use it to latch onto a shadow and allow himself to blend into it and move towards the shadow without physically having to step into it. His shadows can also be used as a means to attack, as he can manipulate his shadow to twist up someone and attack them such as strangling them. And because there is nothing truly physical about the shadow, it is hard for someone to break his hold over them. Quirk Strengths: While Hunter is hidden within the shadows, he cannot be hit by a physical attack. Even most non-physical attacks would have no effect on him so while he is in the shadows he is pretty immune to most attacks. Since he is invisible when in the shadows, it is impossible to know where he is at any given time, which gives him the element of surprise as he can strike from any angle. Sonar would not work on him, as his mass changes when he blends with the shadow. Nor does he have a scent when he becomes part of the shadow. He can use his ability to avoid being attacked, by dodging as he moves into the shadows. If he is attacking someone with his shadow, any attacks on the shadow itself would be ineffective. They would have to find a way to attack Hunter himself if they hope to break his bond over them. Quirk Weaknesses: His endurance is limited, and he can only use his ability for as long as his endurance is available to him. This weakness is offset by the fact that he works out often, but there is still a limit. Moving through the shadows uses up more endurance than blending, or emerging from them. At the moment he can only do short bursts of speed but he is hoping to train himself to be able to do more. While he cannot be spotted by thermal vision while he is inside the shadow, it is still possible to use thermal vision to where where he has manipulated shadows. However this would only occur after he has blended into the shadow, leaving a ‘trace’ of his passage which appears as a colder patch that is several degrees colder than the surrounding shadows. When he comes to emerge from the shadows, this colder patch will appear a mere second before he emerges from the shadow. His main weakness, is light. If an opponent can light up an area in a manner that prevents any kind of shadow being cast, then Hunter is completely open to attack and his ability is useless. When using his shadow to attack someone, he can only utilise his own shadow and it only has a limited range. Thus he must be close to his target before he can attack them. Not only that, but he cannot use this aspect of his ability when he is still hidden within the shadows. He must emerge from them to be able to use his own shadow. This leaves him open to attack. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Hunter is the kind of person that doesn’t seem to take life very seriously. He is often the first to crack a joke, and he often sneers at the suffering of others. He seems to have no empathy towards others, and acts in a very callous manner. He keeps people at arms length, not allowing anyone to get emotionally close to him. He sees relationships of any kind as a waste of time, and feels that they would make him weak in the long run, as it would leave him vulnerable to emotional pain when they eventually leave him. Thus most peoples first impression of him is that he is cold, distant and rude. He cares only for himself, and is fiercely independent, and the fact that he became an emancipated minor at the age of sixteen reflects this. He can’t bring himself to rely on anyone else, and will take offence if someone attempts to look after him, even if he is sick. In tandem with his independent nature, he can be quite resourceful. He makes the resources that he has, last longer. He finds cheaper ways to fix things, and takes care of what he has to ensure that they last for as long as possible. He can be quick to anger, and will lash out at those angering him and will not stop, even if an apology is given. Hunter is also quite private, and doesn’t like sharing personal details about himself with others. He not only doesn’t want pity from others, but he doesn’t want someone using that information against him. He can come across as quite arrogant, and overconfident which often rubs people the wrong way. If he notices that this attitude is irritating someone, then he often amps it up to irritate them all the more, especially with those he has little respect for such as heroes. To those that have gained his respect, he is relatively friendlier. He will treat them with a measure of respect but he will still not hesitate to speak his mind, no matter how it may hurt their feelings. But he can be quite loyal to those that he feels deserves his loyalty and it is not easy to sway him away from them. However it can take a lot to gain such loyalty from him, but when someone does, he will not hesitate to defend them either verbally or in combat. Strengths and Skills: Due to the fact that he is fiercely independent, he has a number of skills that reflect this. He is a reasonable cook for his age, and he knows how to properly spend his money and balance his books. While he is not educationally that intelligent, he is quite street smart. He knows the kind of people that he can safely talk with in dangerous gang-filled areas, the kind of places where he can buy drugs and other illicit gods. He can usually tell when someone is attempting to scam and defraud him, as he knows most of the tricks that they use. Weaknesses: He is unable to really form any meaningful relationships with other people, thus he cannot bring himself to become close to anyone. This can have a detrimental effect on both him and others, especially if others come to care deeply for him because he can struggle to reciprocate those deep feelings of care. Thus the bonds that he creates with others can often be strained, unless the other party is fine with keeping a relative distance from him as well. He is not incapable of forming close bonds; it is just extremely hard. It would take someone who is extremely persistent to be able to get through the walls he has built up for himself. His quick temper can be used against him, especially in a fight, as it robs him of the ability of rational thought which can have a detrimental effect on his fighting ability. He will tend to charge without thought towards his enemies who can use this against him. The topic of his parents is also quite a sore point for him, and he doesn’t like it when anyone brings them up, especially heroes. It is the quickest way to get him to lose his temper. While this isn’t a weakness, as such, he does have a weakness in the form of strawberries. He absolutely loves them. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams/Reason(s) for becoming a Villain): When he was six years old, his parents died due to the fact that a hero arrived too late in order to save them. He sees the entire hero organisation as a complete joke, and wants to get back at them for the loss of his parents. Hobbies and Interests: Gaming Hunting down heroes Having sex He can be a little bit of a tinkerer. He likes taking electronics apart to find out how they work. He has even been known to fix things on occasion. Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, despite the risks. Having sex for the gratification, so he tends to have a lot of friends with benefits. Sex with those that he does not love. Having rough, lust-filled sex with people. He likes to dig his nails into their skin, spank their arses and pull on their hair. So he likes giving low level pain that intensifies the sex. Having his back scratched. Even though this may cause pain, it is a pain that always fuels his lust. If a partner scratches his back, it will drive his lust and cause him to fuck them even harder and faster than before. Oral sex, both giving and receiving. When giving it, he loves to see his partners face contort in pleasure. Multiple partners, especially in the same sex session. Due to his sexuality, he cares not for their gender. Turn offs: Gore Vore Scat Water sports Necrophilia Having too much pain inflicted onto him such as torture. Penis Length: 12” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: Hunter is quite agreeable to having sex with both men and women. When it comes to women, he is more dominating over them. With men, he does tend to be more switch and doesn’t mind being on the bottom, but he does prefer being on top. His cock is very thick, and is quite veiny. STD History: Clean Family Father: Frank Reed Quirk Type: Emitter Mother: Mariah Reed Quirk Type: None House: Proving Ground student chambers. Pet: None Additional information: After the death of his parents at the age of six, Hunter has been in the foster care system. He did not spend long with anyone, as they couldn’t control his rebellious behaviour and no one was able to get through to him. He applied for emancipation at the age of sixteen which was granted. Due to his rebellious nature, and the fact that he has absolutely no respect for authority, he has fallen into several gangs. He has killed people before, mainly during turf wars. His main targets, though, are those that claim to be ‘heroes’. Due to his criminal nature, and the fact that he is a Quirk, he often attracts the attention of heroes in the hero organisation. He toys with them, playing with them before he often tortures and kills them.
  2. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lord Alistair Blackwood. He also has another name; Xenoth. Age: 27 Date of Birth: 29th September 1173AD Gender: Male Religion: He has no religion, but poses as a Roman Catholic. Species: Originally, he was a simple human however he has been taken over by a spirit who has now taken complete possession of him. Origin: Selil, Craethiel Kingdom. Nationality: Craetharian. Occupation: Business Empire owner. He develops and trades in war weaponry, as well as several other business ventures such as food, and mining materials. Rank/Title: Lord Physical Appearance Height: 6’2” Weight: 70.6kg Eye Colour: Gold Hair Colour: Blonde Physical Description: Xenoth’s physical appearance is greatly deceptive. His human form is quite tall, and is quite slender. He is well toned, with a decent amount of muscle mass on him although he looks weaker than he actually is. His blonde hair is very light, almost to the point of being white. It is cut short, only going down to his neck and clinging to his head tightly. He has some hair framing his face, as well as some hair that comes down over his forehead and between his eyes. His eyes are as golden as the sun that shines down upon Craethiel, and filled with malice and contempt for everyone and everything around him. He has a slender jawline with a rather pointed chin that give him a somewhat pretty-boy appearance. He tends to wear either smart formal, or smart casual clothes and he will always carry himself tall and authoritatively. He is also often seen wearing a set of black armour, with red decoration. He has a secondary form which appears to be some kind of demon, however it is actually his natural spiritual form in a physical manifestation. He stands at ten feet tall, towering over any mortal. Unlike his more human form, he is absolutely huge in terms of muscles with a very heavy set chest and bulging muscles on his arms and legs. The nails of both his hands and his feet are long and claw-like. His skin is a purple-blue in colour in colour, showing off his well defined muscles. Generally, his body is rather humanoid in shape however emerging from his back are three sets of wings. The top set are made from black feathers and are the largest, allowing for supported flight. The bottom set, however, are more bat-like in appearance with thin ‘fingers’ with black membrane between each one. The middle set are a mix of the two, beginning as feathered wings which grow into more bat-like ones. His face is humanoid in design, although his features are twisted, with cruelness etched into every line. His eyes glow a deep, menacing red that radiate hate. He has two horns that emerge from the side of his head before curving up in two majestic and sharp points. His hair is snow white in colour, in stark contrast with his complexion. His has natural plated armour on the skin of his arms, legs and the side of his torso. He seemed to have a strange kind of crystal that is embedded in his chest which looks almost like a tree with a central trunk and branches coming off of it. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Xenoth is a cruel and ruthless individual. He completely lacks any form of empathy towards other people as he cares for one person, and one person only. Himself. He is very self-centered and selfish, only doing things for other people if it benefits him in the end. Otherwise he will refuse to do it, and not kindly either. He laughs at the misfortune of others, and will torment and taunt them for his own amusement. Xenroth likes to be in control of a situation, and if he feels that he has lost it, then he will become exceptionally angry and far more cruel and ruthless than what is normal for him. He feels that the people around him exist for the sole purpose of pleasing him, and he will take what he wants from them without thinking of the effect it has on them. He does not respond well to threats, and will quickly show you why it is a bad idea to threaten him. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Change form: Xenoth has two forms. His human one, and one that resembles a demon. He becomes taller, stronger, faster and a lot more deadly. Superhuman strength: He is at least ten times as strong as a human, and thus he can move objects that a human would not possibly be able to. People are often extremely surprised by how strong he is due to his slender body. Superhuman senses: All of his senses are more sensitive than a humans, although not by much. Telekinesis: He is able to telekinetically move things with his mind, that are a maximum of twice his weight. He imagines them as extra ‘hands’ which he can use to manipulate the environment around him. Telepathy: He is able to communicate with his mind by creating a bridge between his mind and the mind of his target. He can implant his own thoughts into their mind, allowing him to talk to them without saying anything out loud. He can also read the surface of their mind with ease but it does require some effort to dig deeper into their mind to get more information. Illusions: Xenoth is very skilled at creating convincing illusions that one cannot tell the difference between reality or not. He uses this on his victims to force them to see what he wants them to see. To manipulate what they perceive and to generally mess with their mind. He uses this to twist his victims into believing what he wants them to believe, as well as to make his victims suffer. Dream Manipulation: This is part of his illusion manipulation, which he can use when the target is asleep. He can manipulate their dreams, to either give them the best dream they have ever had in their life or give them the worst nightmare of their life. He often uses this ability to cause his victims to fixate on him, to make their affection bond to him… or to give them such terrible nightmares that they no longer sleep at night. Fast healing: Due to the supernatural nature of his possession, it has given him the ability of fast healing. Weaknesses: Change form: He can only do this for a limited amount of time due to the energy requirements. At most, he can only spend a few hours in his second form. Superhuman strength: He could accidentally break something, or harm someone without intending to. Due to his personality, he would only lament the former and only if it was his property in the first place. But he can do unintended damage. Superhuman senses: As there is much of an increase, he has similar weaknesses regarding his senses as humans do. Telekinesis: Trying to lift objects beyond his ability will greatly strain his mind and could even cause brain damage if overused too much. This can result in headaches, strokes, unconsciousness and perhaps even death. Telepathy: Similar to his telekinesis, if he uses it too much he will strain his mind with similar consequences. Illusions: He needs to maintain his concentration in order to maintain this illusion. If it is broken, then the illusion drops and the target will be able to see the real world again. A person may be able to find small flaws within the illusion which they could use to identify it as such, however Xenoth is extremely skilled so it would be hard for them to do so. A strong telepath would be able to resist, or outright stop the illusion from working on them. Dream Manipulation: This only works on individuals that are asleep. It doesn’t require as much concentration as his illusions, as the dream eye is unfocused regardless, but he still needs to concentrate enough to be able to manipulate the dreams. The dreams also do no physical harm to the target, although repeated nightmares may have a psychological effect on them. Fast healing: This takes up a lot of energy, and if he has been badly injured he will need to eat a lot of food to be able to make up for the shortfall. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He is trying to find the perfect host that is well able to handle the power of his spiritual form. Hobbies and Interests: When he is not running his business empire, or entertaining himself with his slaves, he can often be found in the King's Court, interacting with the King or the other Lords and Ladies. His only genuine hobby is playing the piano. It is something he really enjoys. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Inflicting pain on others. He likes to make others suffer, finding it not only amusing but also sexually satisfying. Being extremely rough with his sex. He does not have a gentle switch. He will beat his partners, cut them, choke them, pull their hair among other things. Dominating others. He will never submit to someone else. He loves having control and dominance over others. Unprotected sex. He does not pull out, either. Being involved in orgies, gang bangs, threesomes, etc. Basically having multiple people in a single sex session. Turn offs: Submitting to others, as well as taking it. Experiencing pain himself. Penis Length: 16” in length, 5” in circumference. In his demon form it can grow up to forty-three inches in length. Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: Xenoth will refuse to submit, to anyone. He will always play the dominant roll. His human dick, despite the monstrous size, is a normal human cock in appearance. His demonic-like one is not. It had a pointed tip to the mushroom head, as well as a spine that runs along the underside of his cock with several hard protrusions. He also has ribs that curve up around his cock, with nubs running between them. He also has a series of very thick veins. STD History: Clean. Extra Information House: He has a large luxurious manor in the city of Selil which is situated in the richer part of the capital city, near the King's Palace. He also has his own private estates outside of Selil which is guarded by his own private guard. Pet: He doesn’t keep animal pets. Additional information: He smokes tobacco quite often, and he also takes various drugs. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Thus far he has kept if quite clean. Medical Record: The body he is inhabiting is quite healthy. Bio: His host, Alistair Blackwood, was born into a rich and wealthy family who were part of Selil’s Elite Class. His father was a businessman, who worked with the King and his General to produce fine weapons for the King’s army. As such, his wealth only increased as time went on, as there was always need for weapons to be supplied to not only the army but the general population. So Alistair was raised in a very well-off environment and attended a private school with the best education that Craethiel had to offer. To his father’s delight, Alistair showed a lot of promise when he was a young child when it came to business. His father began to introduce him to the family business and taught him everything that he knew. Alistair was the second oldest son out of five children. His older brother had no interest in the business, and was much more interested in being enlisted in the King’s army so Alistair became his father’s progedy. By the time Alistair was eighteen, he was working full time within the business, working for his father. Unfortunately, his father met a rather undesirable end when he was attacked by bandits one day while travelling and brutally murdered and any money and possessions he had on him, stolen. Despite his grief at his father’s passing, Alistair took over the business and continued in his father’s name. He expanded it, moving into the field of food so that he could provide cheaper food to the army. He also cut the price it took to manufacture his weapons by moving into the mining business and sourcing his own materials for his weapons and selling any surplus. By the time he was twenty-two, he was given the full title of Lord by the King and welcomed into his court due to the hard work that he had done for the Kingdom. Unfortunately for Alistair, this caused him some unwanted attention by Xenoth, a malevolent spirit that was searching for a perfect host that would allow him to have fun with the mortals that amused him. One night, while Alistair was pleasantly asleep, Xenoth took possession of his body and took complete control. The process was painful for both of them, but Xenoth successfully suppressed Alistair’s consciousness and was able to hide it away in the furthest corner of his mind to gradually fade away into nothingness. Unfortunately, it had the result of turning Alistair’s blue eyes gold with slits for pupils. At first, Xenoth wasn’t sure what to do about this, but it wasn’t long before he noticed that one of his servants was acting strange as if she was afraid of him. She would keep conversation to a minimum and always eyed him with suspicion, as if she knew what he really was. He realised that this could be turned into an opportunity, and he quickly convinced his guard as well as the King that his eye change was the result of this servant who had been operating as a secret witch, who had done some kind of spell which had resulted in said change. Due to how people viewed witches at the time, and this was the word of a Lord over that of a Servant, the guard quickly put her on trail and found her guilty before burning her at the stake, which allowed Xenoth to completely secure his position. Since then, he has been pretending to be Lord Alistair Blackwood, using his position of wealth and power to do what he wants and using his business as a front as he also secretly sells military weapons to bandits and thieves that are able to pay the price for them. He also has a group of spies that spy on his competition companies and sell the information on shipments to these bands so that they can attack and loot them at will. As such, some of the bandit groups are very loyal to him as he is a good source of money for them.
  3. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Elizabeth Keza’maraki. Age: 18. Gender: Female. Religion: None. Species: Pure breed Keza. Origin: Selil City Nationality: Keza’marakian Occupation: The Keza’maraki Queen. Rank/Title: Queen. Physical Appearance Height: 5ft1. Weight: 105lbs. Eye Colour: Gold. Hair Colour: White. Physical Description: Elizabeth is tiny in height with a slender, but curvy frame. She has wide child bearing hips and C-cup breasts. Her muscles are lightly toned, adding to her slender frame. Her hair is long, down to her arse and completely straight. Like her hair, her Keza ears and tail are a snow white in colour. She has some hair framing her face on the sides as well as having a fringe. She is usually seen dressed in long gowns that usually hide her body, usually on demand of her husband, the King. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Usually, she is seen as rather quiet and reserved who says little. However when in the bedroom she is a raging slut. She loves being talked dirty to. She would fuck any man she can, although she makes sure that it is always behind her husband’s back. While she loves her husband, she wants the freedom to fuck whomever she wants. Elizabeth loves reading and can (When not fucking people) often be seen in the library, reading a good book. Even though she is the Queen, she is kind and caring to her subjects. She also makes sure that the King is always kind to their subjects so that he doesn’t piss them off. Almost like a conscious for him. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Being a Keza’maraki Queen, she has accelerated pregnancy. She can become pregnant and give birth to a healthy child within 48 hours. This is an ability that the King utilises to make sure that he has as many heirs as possible. Elizabeth also has the uncanny ability to feel any cock that she is presented with, and take even the largest of dicks with ease and yet still remain tight. It is one of the reasons why the King doesn’t suspect her for sleeping around. Elizabeth can sew, knit and can do embroidery, making them her favourite pastime. Weaknesses: She’s not that physically strong, and she doesn’t know how to defend herself from physical or psychic attackers. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To have a husband that allows her sexual freedom. Hobbies and Interests: Sewing, embroidery, knitting and reading. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Personal Sexual Information Turn ons: Unprotected sex, especially if it leads to pregnancy Being a breeding queen and being forced to breed Being fucked hard, and roughly like a little bitch Breeding hybrids. She has a weakness for Mako’s and Zeta’s in particular. Being fucked by those taller and larger than she is. She loves being pinned down and fucked. Turn offs: Gore and Vore Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: B-cup Sensitivity: She is quite sensitive. STD History: Clean as far as she is aware. Extra Information Father: Kail Keza'maraki. Mother: Narina Keza'maraki. Siblings: She has many. She's the full blood sister of Rowan. Grandparents: She has never known them. Children: She has many. But as she is being made to breed, she doesn't spend much time with them. House: The Keza’maraki Palace. Pet: None History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: None Medical Record: She has been quite healthy her entire life. Bio: Like many of her siblings, she grew up in the Keza’maraki Palace. She wasn’t really raised by her mother, instead she was looked after by a nanny who taught her everything she needed to know about being a good little lady such as how to eat and dress properly as well as proper passtimes for a lady such as sewing and embroidery. She was also kept an eye on so that she, like some of her sisters had done, didn’t lose her virginity to someone that wasn’t her father. She had seen several of her sisters banished, because they had lost their virginity to their randy brothers that constantly pestered the girls for sex. Elizabeth kept herself away from them, and at the age of 13, she was fucked by her father and impregnated. It was revealed that she had the Queen gene as within 48 hours she gave birth. The King kept returning to her, getting her pregnant. Her brothers also began fucking her and impregnating her. Since then, she had a hunger for sex and soon slept with a huge number of her brothers. She found that she could take any sized dick, and yet still remain tight despite fucking for most of the time. At the age of sixteen, her father got rid of his wife and immediately made Elizabeth the new Queen. She was a little more careful with whom she slept with since then, but most of her children weren’t even her husband’s.
  4. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Rowan Winchester Charles Kieran Leigh Keza’maraki Age: 26 Gender: Male Religion: None Species: Keza’maraki Origin: Selil City Nationality: Keza’marakian Occupation: Spy and Assassin. Rank/Title: Keza'marakian Prince Physical Appearance Height: 6ft4 Weight: 182lbs Eye Colour: Gold Hair Colour: Jet black Physical Description: His hair goes down to his shoulder blades, tied at the back with a bow, or string. The front part of his hair comes down to just below his jaw line, slightly wavy and usually slightly messy looking. His Keza ears are black in colour, tipped with white fur. His tail is similar, black in colour tipped with white fur. He is tall and slim, but lightly muscled to give him a lean figure. He has handsome features, on the verge of being pretty. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Creative/imaginative He is sly and devious, manipulating people to be able to get what he wants from them. He is an actor, so he can have a different personality per disguise. He immerses himself completely into each disguise. He is ruthless, doing his job with single minded determination. He has few morals were his targets are concerned, not caring who they are. Whether they’re women and children or good people who donate food and money to orphans. Despite all of this, he has a very strong personal sense of morality. He doesn’t care what others do, as long as they don’t hurt others against their will. Unlike his father, he is all up for promiscuity and multiple marriages which is a rather rare attitude in those days so he rather keeps that under wraps. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: As long as he has the image in his mind, he can transform into any animal, such as a bird or wolf. He could, if he wanted to, turn into a neon pink wolf, as long as he pictured it in his mind. He is an expert spy, able to obtain any information. He can also poison a single person in a huge room full of diners. He is extremely skilled with daggers, able to throw one accurately from 20metres. He is an acrobat and skilled in hand to hand martial arts so he would be a formidable foe in close combat Weaknesses: He is tall, taller than most people, which gives him an advantage over other fighters. However with his business, his height can be of a disadvantage to him as it makes hiding in small spaces more difficult but he can cancel that out with his shape shifting ability. When he shifts into an animal, he begins to think more like the animal he has assumed, and it can inhibit his thinking. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To be the best spy and assassin in Craethiel. Hobbies and Interests: Spying, Assassination, poisons, sex, painting, trading, torture, reading, and drinking Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Personal Sexual Information Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially if it leads to pregnancy. Experienced partners that know how to pleasure a man and have a nice, loose and well fucked pussy. While he keeps this strictly secret, he loves having sex with men just as much as he does women. He likes both small and tall women. Small, because he can pin them down and fuck them and tall because he sometimes likes to look into the eyes of his lovers. Married partners. As cheating is such taboo, he finds it kinky to sneak off with someone’s wife, or husband for that matter. Turn offs: Gore, Vore, Necrophilia, Scat and golden showers. Being made to be submissive. Penis Length: 15” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: His cock is larger than the average Keza in those days, so that does make him a desirable person to breed with aside from him being within the Royal Family. He is not a submissive person, and would tell anyone that wants to fuck him up the arse to bugger off. It’s not something he desires, and he can get sex off of someone else. STD History: Clean Extra Information Father: Kail Keza'maraki Mother: Narina Keza'maraki Siblings: He has many siblings. He's the full blood brother of the current Queen, Elizabeth. Grandparents: He’s never met his grandparents. House: His home is the Keza’maraki Palace in the Upper District of Selil, although he usually doesn’t stay there for long. Pet: None Additional information: He likes to indulge in various drugs like Opium, Tobacco and Cannabis. History Awards/Commendations: He graduated from the Shadow College top of his class and the best that has graduated in years. Criminal Record: He has been arrested for thievery and murder Medical Record: For most of his life he has been relatively healthy apart from a few colds and flus. Bio: He was born in the Selil City, in the Keza’maraki Palace in the Upper District. Due to his rich parenthood, he was schooled as a young child by a private tutor up until the age of 14. Rowan lost his virginity when he was just 12 years old. He lost it to the nanny that was supposed to be looking after the children. Instead, she frequently fucked them. She usually became pregnant through them as well, with several from Rowan himself. A couple of years later, he enrolled in the Shadow College, paid for by his parents, taking courses in Spying, Assassination, Stealth in his first year and Hunting and Tracking and Survival in his second. He was commentated with being the best student that they had had in many years, surpassing the best teacher that they had. Since then, he has spent his life being a spy and assassin, travelling all over Craethiel for clients, making himself a rich man. He has had many lovers over the years, with many suspected children as a result, however he has never looked after one. He is currently single, without a wife, but there are several people, both men and women, that he sees on a regular basis.
  5. Neptune

    Triavana Eldyrannth

    From the album: Character Images

    Triavana is the daughter of Trip and Talivana. She is part of the Council of Education in the UFF and strives to make education the best it can for the people of the UFF.
  6. Neptune

    Elizabeth Keza'maraki

    From the album: Character Images

    Elizabeth Keza'maraki is the current Queen of the Keza'maraki's in the Craethiel Kingdom RolePlay. She has the ability to give birth 48 hours after impregnation. As such, she is used for breeding purposes. She's a very kind, sweet woman, that wants the freedom to do what she want and sleep with whom she wants.
  7. From the album: Character Images

    Rowan is a Keza'maraki Prince in the Craethiel Kingdom roleplay. He is a Sin-clan Keza'maraki, and like all Sin Keza's, he has a huge sexual appetite. He will fuck just about anyone but never expect him to stick around afterwards.
  8. Neptune

    Toriana (Blackberry Falls)

    From the album: Character Images

    Toriana is the twin sister of Kayne Keza'maraki. She is also the ex-girlfriend of Tripp's and was going to marry him. However after the Alekasndr incident, she fell into a relationship with Neko-Chan and began taking drugs. She also whores herself out and works as a stripper. She also manipulates Kayne into giving her money.
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