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  1. From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Information Name: Anastasia Brooks Hero Name: She has yet to decide on a hero name for herself. Age/Date of Birth: 16, 9th September Chosen Gender: Woman Sex: Female Citizenship: American Ethnicity: Caucasian Occupation: Student Physical Appearance Height: 145cm (4’9”) Weight: 41kg (6 Stone 6 pounds) Eye Colour: Emerald green Hair Colour: White Physical Description: Anastasia is quite small, standing at under five feet tall. She has a lithe frame, with very slender muscles that gives her a rather delicate looking appearance. She doesn’t appear that physically strong, and her slimness make it almost appear as if she is underweight for her age and height. Despite this, she has a matureness to her limbs with well shaped thighs and legs, and maturely shaped arms. She has exceptionally pale skin, with almost no flush of colour. This matches with her snow white hair which she has cut quite short. It comes down to just below her chin, with two bangs on either side of her face. She also has a fringe that covers up her forehead and eyebrows, just about leaves her eyes free of obstruction. Her eyes are rather large and expressive looking, providing that she even looks up at anyone in the eyes. Her nose is small, delicate, and her mouth is well shaped. She has a rather heart-shaped face, giving her a sweet appearance. Hero Outfit Reference Image: Quirk Quirk Type: Mutant Quirk Name: Soul Seer Quirk Details: Anastasia’s Quirk is a rather passive one compared to most heroes. There is nothing about her Quirk that gives her a means to attack people, meaning that she is best fitted in the role of support to other heroes. Her hair is a result of her mutation, causing it to become white despite the fact that most of her family has dark hair. The mutation though is primarily located within her eyes, allowing her to be able to see peoples Souls. From this, she can read a variety of information. She can get an impression of a person's personality, especially the stronger aspects of their personality. The more subtle aspects might be harder for her to read. The way she views it, is that each soul appears as a ‘colour’ to her, depending on certain traits of that person such as someone being ‘sickly’, ‘oppressive’, ‘kind’, or even ‘cruel’. Some souls may have a multitude of colours, depending on the complexity of the person’s personality. As she is able to see souls, she is able to get a sense of damage to the soul. This can be caused either by a direct attack to the soul itself, or through a long standing trauma. She also has a defensive mechanism that allows her to be able to dodge attacks. She can briefly project her own soul in an astral projection and move to a new location nearby, such as on top of a statue. She can then pull her physical self through, essentially teleporting her to a new location. This occurs in a blink of an eye, with a white flash. She can pull others through with her, but it requires physical contact between them. Quirk Strengths: It is incredible hard to fool her eyes. To be able to do so, someone would need to be able to either blind her with a material thick enough to do so, or to manipulate or shield their own soul. Thus her ability to identify friend from foe is extremely accurate. She can even see souls within a dark room, allowing her to be able to pinpoint individuals within the dark, despite not being able to physically see them. Her Astral Shifting allows her to be able to dodge attacks quickly, and with ease. When the is shifting, only her physical body will be vulnerable but will only remain so for a fraction of a second. Her Astral Shifting will also allow her to be able to reach places she might not normally be able to reach, like the top of a statue or even through a wall. Quirk Weaknesses: Her Quirk is purely passive and defensive. Thus far, she cannot rely on it to be able to attack someone and she is best suited in the role of support. It is possible to block her Soul Seer vision by the use of materials such as a brick wall. Thin materials won’t be that effective at hiding souls, unless they are particularly dense such a lead. Despite the fact that her body is vulnerable for only a fraction of a second, it is still possible to harm her while she is shifting. If that occurs, it may be possible to either bring her soul back into her body or to actually separate her soul from her body. In that case, while her astral self is wondering around, her body will be in a coma until she returns which can be more difficult than it sounds, especially if she has failed to fit a tether to her physical self. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Anastasia is quite a quiet and reserved young lady. She is quite shy, and a little socially awkward. She’s quite an introvert, thus she doesn’t tend to go out to places and tends to prefer spending time within her room especially after being in a place filled with people. She doesn’t tend to easily make friends but those that take the time to get to know her, find that she is quite gentle, kind and caring. However when push comes to shove, she can put aside her more gentle nature to try and defend others. She doesn't like to see suffering in others, and will do her best to alleviate it. If someone asks for her help, she will give it freely without asking for anything in return. This does leave her open to being taken advantage of, but she can’t seem to help herself unless the help involves the harming of others. In terms of confidence, she isn’t very confident in the slightest. She is quite self-conscious, and quite insecure. She tends to over-analyse any kind of criticism levelled at her, and she also finds it hard to accept compliments. She wants to try and improve herself, but tends to find it hard to figure out how to do this. Despite her desire to put in a brave face, she can be easily scared which may cause her to freeze during combat. Strengths and Skills: Her parents have always been quite pushy, thus she has spent a lot of her time studying, thus she is quite educationally smart. They also forced her to take gymnastics, meaning that she is quite flexible and can do advanced gymnastics which she can use when in combat, or in the assistance of others. She also has some hand to hand combat skills, taught to her by her uncle when she was younger. This can help in combat, however against most Quirks, it is pretty useless but it ties in well with her gymnastics. She is a good cook, and she is able to easily make her own clothing, as she was taught how to sew and embroider when she was a young girl. Weaknesses: Physically, she is not that strong thus if she attempts to strike at someone, it will not do that much damage. It is very easy to physically overpower her if you were able to actually catch her. Her insecurity and lack of confidence can be used against her, providing one knows what kinds of buttons to push. This can cause her to hesitate in a fight, which causes an opening in which she will be vulnerable to attack. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams/Reason(s) for becoming a Hero): After her sister was killed by TV Head, Anastasia felt obligated to become a hero. Not only to follow in her sisters footsteps, but to also help bring an end to TV Head. Hobbies and Interests: Reading is her absolutely favourite hobby, and she will often spend most of her free time doing so. Spending time alone, in peace. Sewing Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Straight Turn ons: Making love to someone that she has a deep connection to Gentle, loving and sensual sex that involves a lot of physical contact When in the mood for it, she likes things a little rough Turn offs: Gore Vore Scat Necrophilia Water sports Someone being too rough with her, and causing her pain. Rape Being manipulated and coerced into doing something she doesn’t want to do Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: A-cup Sensitivity: Sensitive Additional Sexual Information: At the start of the roleplay, Anastasia is a virgin. STD History: Clean Family Father: Michael Brooks Quirk Type: Emitter Mother: Sarah Brooks Quirk Type: Mutant Siblings: Lillian Brooks Quirk Type(s): Emitter. Information: Lillian Brooks was a well known hero by the name of ‘Trip Star’. She was killed five years before the start of this roleplay at the hands of TV Head. During his attack in LA, Lillian’s lover had been killed brutally by TV Head. Afterwards, she used every resource she could to track him down in order to get her revenge. However things did not turn out the way she intended and instead she ended up dying at his hands. Her Quirk involved being able to manipulate plant growth, and to shape plants the way she wishes. Within this Quirk, due to her high intelligence, she was able to do a lot. She always carried seeds of different types of plants that she could grow, which would have various properties in battle. For example, the Star Flower, of which she is named after. When the flower blooms, it releases a pollen that is hallucinogenic in nature and causes her enemies to hallucinate. House: H.H. School Housing Pet: None Additional information: While Anastasia desired to become a hero to follow her sister's footsteps, she was a little reluctant to attend this new school however her parents convinced her to join as they wanted to be as proud of her as they were of her older sister before she died. Her sister was a well known prodigy hero, who had a promising career ahead of her. Thus Anastasia has a lot to live up to, although she doubts she ever will. People will often think of her as “Trip Star’s” little sister, and will often expect her to be as strong as her sister.
  2. Imouto Kanna

    Kanna as she ages

    From the album: Kanna's RP Art

    Rough idea of what Kanna looks like as she grows older.
  3. Neptune

    Catherine Turner

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Name: Catherine Turner Age: 20 Height: 5’6” (167.7cm) Occupation: Clothes merchant in Gateport. Mutation: None Sexuality: Heterosexual Kinks: She hasn’t completely explored everything, yet but this is a list of things she does like (Can be expanded upon as RPs progress) Making love with someone she has a deep emotional connection to She likes it rough with hard thrusts. She will allow for her hair to be pulled, nails digging into her hips, and being choked to the point where her head begins to spin. She also doesn’t mind spanks on her arse as long as they’re not hard enough to really hurt her. Being touched sensually in her erogenous zones like the side of her back and her stomach. She likes physical contact with her lovers. Turn offs: Being tortured by a partner, who will severely beat her and cause her large amounts of pain. While she does like it rough, she doesn’t like it going to the point of painful strikes. Gore, Vore, Scat and pissplay. Being raped. Being controlled by a manipulative partner. Gear: She has a rather worn 10mm Pistol on her at all times. Under the counter in her shop, she does have a lever-action rifle. Appearance: Catherine has a rather unique appearance that is sure to attract attention from others. Her hair is a vibrant red in colour, looking almost like liquid flame as in the light, shades of orange or even yellow can be seen. Her eyes are an intense green colour that stand out from her red hair. Her face is pretty looking with almond shaped eyes and a small delicately shaped nose that ends in a small but cute flick upwards. Beneath her nose, she has full kissable lips with a small chin. She is slightly taller than average for a woman, standing at five foot six. She is very slim with little fat or muscle mass on her. She has a flat, toned stomach with C-cup breasts. Her waist is quite slim, which then curve out into shapely hips giving her a perfectly proportioned hourglass figure. She has well shaped long legs, with small delicately shaped feet. Her arms are slim and well shaped with long, delicately boned fingers. She usually tends to dress in a variety of dresses, although she will sometimes wear trousers with a top. But she personally prefers dresses or skirts. Perhaps even short-shorts. On her back, she has a number of whip-scars that she is very self conscious about. They are several years old, so they are still quite visible and are unlikely to ever go away. Backstory: Catherine was born in a small settlement by the name of “Falcon Reach”, founded by a small group from Gateport who wanted to try and strike out on their own and create a farming town. This happened before Catherine was born, and her parents were part of this group of people. Catherine was the oldest of three siblings, and even from a young age they were helping around the farm and helping the community prosper. Catherine loved her life there, despite the fact that her mother lamented about moving since she had enjoyed life in Gateport. But she had followed her husband because she loved him more than she had loved Gateport. But it did intrigue Catherine and made her aspire to visit the place one day. Her life there was happy, and peaceful despite the occasional raider attack. Their main contact with the outside world being traders who would come and buy produce from them, and sell them any items that they needed. The happiness wasn’t going to last, though. When Catherine reached fifteen years of age, the town was attacked by a large gang of raiders. They completely destroyed the town and looted everything in sight. What crops they couldn’t take, they destroyed. And what people they didn’t put a bullet through, they kidnapped for slavery with Catherine being one of them along with her sister. Their brother was dead, and they had witnessed a raider pin him to the ground and shoot him through the head. The raiders were not gentle, either. They would chain their slaves up, and didn’t feel them properly and also frequently raped them. Catherine hated them with a passion but there was no way she could escape. She tried once, but she was caught and punished for it. She was whipped to within an inch of her life. She was passed from one Raider master to another, being used as a labour and sex slave. She was completely separated from her sister and began to wonder if she was even still alive or if she had been sold to another raider gang or master. Then when she was sixteen, a miracle happened to her. She had been working to clear away debris under the watchful eye of her owners when a travelling mercenary came by. He could have easily ignored them and continued on his way, however instead he came in and killed the raiders with a level of skill that astounded Catherine. She never saw his face, as he had kept his face covered by a scarf and a hat shadowed the visible part of his face. When the raiders were dead, he gave her a 10mm pistol and some caps along with directions to get to Gateport where she could get safety. Then he left her. She has never forgotten this mysterious mercenary, and often wonders if she could ever meet him again even if it was to express her thanks. With his advise and supplies she travelled to Gateport to start a new life. She found herself apprenticed to a clothes merchant, who was old and getting on in years. She taught Catherine all that she knew, as she had no children of her own. When Catherine was nineteen, the kind old woman passed away, leaving the shop to Catherine. The question of her sister still hung in the air, but she was hoping to be able to get enough funds to be able to hire someone to find out if her sister was still alive because she knew that she was neither strong enough, nor skilled enough to travel about the wastes in a manhunt.
  4. Neptune

    Lydia Cransworth

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lydia Cransworth Date of Birth: 25th January 1991 Gender: Female Religion: None Species: Human Origin: Blackberry Falls City (UFF Designation: Tau’ri) Nationality: Ashaean Occupation: Thorndown University Lecturer of History Physical Appearance Height: 5’6” Weight: 58kg Eye Colour: Green Hair Colour: Black Physical Description: Lydia is the average height for a human female. She is slim and well proportioned with a slim waist that curves out into nice hips, which then go down into nicely shaped long legs. She has D-cup breasts, which are still quite perky due to the fact that she is under the age of thirty. Her black hair is cut to a medium length, just brushing her shoulders, and is usually straight in style and framing her face. She is usually seen wearing formal, or casual-formal clothes. This ranges from suits, skirts to blouses and even dresses although she personally has a preference for trousers. She is usually very modestly dressed, and doesn’t tend to show off a lot to other people. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Lydia is quite a kind, sweet young woman who doesn’t like to say anything mean about anyone, even when she dislikes them. The worst she is likely to do to someone, is to cross them off of her christmas card list, but then she always tries to see the good in people, rather than focusing on the bad. She has a big heart and is quite charitable. She often gives to local charities and will also help out whenever she can, such as taking time out of Christmas day to help feed homeless people. Her kindness, and selflessness tend to make people think very highly of her, however it does mean that she is particularly vulnerable to being used by others. She is also very modest, and doesn’t tend to take credit for things even if she is well within her rights to. She would rather help people around her achieve success, rather than tear them down for her own gains. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: She is quite a normal human, and she doesn’t have any super-powers or abilities that makes her a step above everyone else. She has skills when it comes to teaching her class, as she is able to plan a lesson and then teach it to an entire lecture hall of students. She’s very good at doing research, and finding out more information about history and the truth of it as she is very good at finding and looking through historical records. She’s a reasonably talented cook, but then she has lived alone for quite a while and doesn’t like ready-meals. Weaknesses: As she has no special abilities, she is very vulnerable to a wide range of attacks that can result in her injury, or death. Her kind and selfless nature can be very easily used against her, especially as she prefers to see the good in people. This can be used against her, to lure her, unsuspecting, into a trap. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To be a world renowned historian. Hobbies and Interests: Her biggest interest is history, whether it is human history or not. She is rather obsessive over it, actually. She also has a garden at home that she likes to spend time in tending, or relaxing. In warmer weather she often likes to sit out there and plan her lessons. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Hetero-sexual. Turn ons: Loving, romantic sex so that she can feel a close connection to her lover. She loves very sensuous sex. Even though she really likes romantic encounters, she also sometimes likes it rather rough. She likes to be pinned down and fucked hard by her partner. She likes nails digging into her hips, and her hair being pulled against. She also doesn’t mind being choked as it makes the sensations much more intense. Along with being fucked rough, Lydia also likes a bit of bondage, so being tied in place and even blind-folded. Sex in public gives her a massive thrill especially if it’s done with the chance of being caught. Turn offs: Scat, vore, gore and other waste fetishes. Necrophilia. She isn’t someone who likes a large amount of pain. She is a mild masochist. Humiliation of any kind. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: D-cup. Sensitivity: Average. Additional Sexual Information: Lydia is monogamous, and thus is unlikely to seek more than one relationship at a time. She also does not like her partner having more than just her, thus she will break it off if she catches someone cheating. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: James Cransworth Mother: Lillian Cransworth Siblings: None Grandparents: Jim Cransworth and Katherine Cransworth on her father’s side. Helen Wilkinson and Frank Wilkinson on her mother’s side. House: Lydia lives in a three bedroomed house that she is able to easily afford on her Lecturers salary, even though she has no one to share it with. The house has an entrance hall, a visitor lounge, a living room, kitchen, a dining room with a bar area. It also has a study, and a twin garage. The Master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, as well as a walk in closet. The largest of the two other rooms is decorated as a guest bedroom. The smallest of the three rooms currently lacks any furniture, or decoration and is just filled with boxes, along with odds and ends. There is another bathroom on the first floor, for use for the other bedrooms. Car: 2013 Volkswagen Golf, red in colour Pet: None. She wishes she had a dog, but she just doesn’t have the time to care for one thus she feels that it would be wrong. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean. Medical Record: Clean. She has not had any major health-related problems. Bio: Lydia was born to a middle class family, in the city of Blackberry Falls. Her father was a historian, like herself, while her mother ran a child daycare. They had enough money to live very comfortably with a number of luxuries. Lydia went to a good school, and did very well grade wise. She wasn’t always the best in her class, but she did well, as she was quite an intelligent child. From a very young age, she became as obsessed with history as her father. She would sit and listen to him talk for hours about the subject, and she would drink it all in. In school, history was her number one subject and she always outshone all other students. Everytime her father went off to do a lecture, she would insist on going with him however he would only let her if it didn’t conflict with school. If it did, he would video record it and give it to her later. After she was finished with elementary school, Lydia went on to Saint Arc High School, which was the best all girls school in Blackberry Falls. Sitting opposite it, was Mercury High School which was an all-boys school. At first, she was confused as to the separation, however she was soon to discover that it was often that classes swapped between the schools and they sometimes shared school trips. Like with her previous school, she did well in her subjects with history being her absolute best. She wasn’t exactly popular in school, however not even the hardest of bullies picked on her because of how sweet and kind she was. Lydia was always considered ‘off-limits’ as she would go out of her way to help everyone, even those with the worst reputations in the school. It was also around this time that she began to notice boys, especially the ones that would come over from Mercury. It was well known that students from each side tended to sneak over to the other school to ‘play’ with each other. Lydia was no exception to this, as a friend of hers convinced her to meet a few of her male friends. At first, it was nothing more than a few sneaky kisses however Lydia took a particular liking to one boy who seemed as well versed in history as she was, by the name of Keith. He would often come out with various quotes and talk to her about various historical events. Lydia was convinced that she had found her soul mate. She found herself falling in love with him, and one day after school while her parents were still at work, she let him take her virginity. For a time, she was convinced that she was having a fairy-tale romance, something she had always dreamed on having. However she began to notice a few things wrong. Sometimes, Keith would get the odd fact wrong, and when she corrected him, acted as if that was what he had said in the first place. She then began to ask him questions about rather obscure historical events, but he seemed to know what she was talking about… even when she was deliberately giving him false information. Slowly, she figured out that he was only pretending to be as knowledgeable about history so that she would go out with him. He actually found history extremely boring. Hurt by this, she broke off their relationship as it had started on false presumptions. He tried to protest, but she confronted him about it and he admitted that he didn’t like history in the slightest. He just wanted to fuck her, and he had gotten what he wanted from her. After her relationship with Keith, she wasn’t interested in one with anyone else. She kept her head down and continued on with her school work, working as hard as she could to get the best grades possible. She graduated from High School with top marks and had decided to attend Thorndown University to do a history course. She was well aware that she was very capable of learning all of the course material for free, on her own time, however she felt that she might be able to make some important connections while she was there which would lead into giving her good job opportunities. It wasn’t a waste, either, as she absolutely loved the course and did everything with a grand enthusiasm. She made some very good friends, and even a few relationships although none really progressed very far. She just was never able to connect with anyone. At the age of twenty-one, she left University and started working with her father who took her across the world to various digs, locations and lectures. She loved every moment of it, and she gained experience and knowledge in leaps and bounds. She then began getting quite interested in the history of her home island, something that had always baffled her and of which her father actually had no answers to. She returned to Blackberry Falls, and applied to the University as a Lecturer who also requested research grants into looking into the history of Ashaea and its neighbouring nation, the UFF which seemed to have sprung out of nowhere. She has since then worked there happily, teaching students and working on her research.
  5. From the album: NPCs

    George V Taraezenar, who rules the Kingdom of Craethiel.
  6. Neptune


    From the album: Character Images

    Xalia is a Dryad that appeared on the Utopian Curse island. Currently she has been there for two years.
  7. Neptune


    From the album: Character Images

    Alayna is a poor beggar that works the streets of the Lower District of Selil. She is the former slave of a man called Earl Winchester Sterling who ran away from his home one night after he threatened to impregnate her and use the child against her. She hopes to one day leave Selil and start a new life for herself.
  8. Neptune

    Amber Reed.

    From the album: Character Images

    Amber Reed is an ex-police officer who happened upon Tripp when they were driving their sex coach. Tripp fucked and impregnated her as he had forced her into heat. Not long after she left them, he came back to her and offered a new policing job. She is now a Sheriff in Eureka 2.0 with their toddler son.
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