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  1. Heya, i was hoping to try and find a partner who is willing to do a fantasy harem rp with me. I am fine with most literacy as long as its not one line. The setting is i am a hero travelling around the realm after completing my task/destiny and saving the world, what i didnt know is that i was blessed with a fate where i end being in love with a few different girls, each completely in love with me as well. Feel free to message me if interested
  2. JennyDK

    Canon harem RPs

    For some time I have contemplated to play harems for various canon universes. I don't have a specific story idea in mind for any of them, but I would love to try and arrange something with potential partners and see if we click and match. Be sure to read the custom kinks in my preference sheet (they are listed below the top part). Since I will be playing 2 or more females, I find it fair to expect the kind of characters I prefer for each kind of universe - it seems only fair. OF course, we can discuss this further down below. The universes I have mind are: My Little Pony Helltaker Steven Universe Fallout 3 and 4 Simpsons Avatar: The Last Airbender Powerpuff Girls Undertale Stardew Valley Doki Doki Literature Club Aggretsuko
  3. Melethron

    My Selfish Needs

    Hello there my lovelies, and thank you for taking the time to read my interest check here. A little about myself before I get into the meat and potatoes of things. I’ve been writing and roleplaying for well over eighteen years now, and have been erotic roleplaying for five years. I have a taste for playing as males, futanari, a male-female couple or even monsters against females or traps. My kinks include romance, vanilla, lesbians, rough sex, aftercare (a kiss or a lick after some rough stuff is always fun), exhibition / outdoor sex, voyeurism (especially when my partner is masturbating), virgins, incest, threesomes/moresomes, harems, impregnation and breeding. If one of these kinks isn't to your liking, do let me know. I have few hard limitations, aside from the underaged, pain, bathroom kinks, feeding, vore and cuckoldry. Otherwise, if you wish me to scratch a particular itch, feel free to ask. Over 500 views...I will be frank, I never thought 20 people would be interested in what I had to offer. Particularly because this is an Interest Check not for general urges, but for very specific ideas I did not expect to find a partner for, whether I made an Interest Check for it or not. I would like to thank everyone who decided to give this thread a try, whether you reached out to play or decided I was not for you. Most of my partners I have found either through browsing interest checks and preferences, or through recommendations from friends. Through this, I have met many fun and interesting people, and have a circle of two dozen partners I regularly play with. Elsewhere, I’m known for my romantic, lighthearted romps which meld together plot, roleplay and smut. I’ve had some truly wonderful adventures. However, there is always a fresh idea, a new concept I want to try. I am always looking forward to a fresh romance. A new adventure. Will you join me? Be warned. Links are NSFW. --- That Time My Bullies Fell in Love with Me ( M x F ) Tags: Romance, Polygamy, Teen Sex Revenge with Tea ( M x F, F x F ) Tags: Romance, Impregnation, Teen Sex BattleGirl Collection Extreme ( M x F, F x F ) Tags: Crossover, Maledom, Breeding A New Eden (M x F, F x F, M x M) Tags: World Building, Romance, Breeding Fandom Snippets Original Snippets That is all folks. Let me know your thoughts. Mel
  4. Hey y'all! My names Ken, im male and im 21. Im new to the site and heard about it through the grapevine on the internet and wanted to give it a go. I hope that doesnt deture anyone from replying to this... (To reassure anyone reading this, i try respond as quickly as i can, i do have roleplaying experience before this. I generally do 3 or 4 sentence responses (sometimes longer) , and add a fair amount of detail.) If anyone is interested, im looking for a fem dom rp where im either drugged, kidnapped, taken advantage of, or all the above. If youre not into that then its all good! We dont have to do that. Some of the roles i want to try out are mom/son, siblings (young dom if anyone is up to make it interesting), teacher/student, neighbors, neighbor/neighbors son, classmates, complete strangers, or if you want to make it creative then we can do something like Succubus/stranger. If none of those sound fun the im more than welcome to ideas! Im more than willing to tell more details such as descriptions, my kinks/limits, scene ideas, and etc. over dm's. Thank you for reading my post!
  5. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @MoonMan Overall premise: After a catastrophic event, the human race was obliterated, every single human on earth has died, the only things left were deactivated androids, and maybe a handful wondering around looking for humans to serve, one such android was in good condition, and it had accidentally walked into a weird hole in the ground and after a couple seconds of going through swirly dos it turned up in a whole different environment, above alla weird castle occupied a whole field, as if it didn't belong there, that castle belonged to a demon lord, one that had a kind and pure heart, one whose purpose was to repopulate the earth in any way possible, but he had no way of doing such by himself -------------- " I am the strongest demon lord, or so i thought... I can't even bring back a race, what type of lord am i if i can't even do that" after months of trying to find a human to reproduce with to bring back humanity, it was futile, they all had died, but i was not about to give up just yet," but first i should probably take some sort of shower, my cock is full of this stinky smegma, I'd feel bad for anything within a kilometer of me" as i head to my luxurious shower i keep my eye on a crystal ball that lets me look into earth, and i spot this cute looking android girl, though she seems lost, so i decide to open up a portal to my dimension and gave her fall in it to see what shes about
  6. Yukina

    City of joy

    YC was unlucky with women. You're poor, maybe ugly or fat, too old...something like that. But now everything will change. You received a gift : just by touching a girl, she is instantly lewd and craving for sex even if she's desperate that it's you. It will work with various encounters and depending of the place YC go, there will be a different girl, various class and ages. Place possible : - North Park, daytime - Mall - East Park, daytime - Arcade Gaming daytime - Arcade Gaming nighttime - Train Station - North Park, nighttime - Swimming Pool - Tea Room - TV Studio - Church
  7. Harem Mistress


    Greetings! My first ever bulleting post, and the most important one! I always astounded the idea of massive harems being made for me, and my endless search for stunning roleplayers able to play multiple female characters continues for several years. In my endless searchs, I found myself in taste of different kinks, sometimes even the radical ones. Of course I am not the biggest fan of few, like toilet thematics, watersports, but we can always discuss anything you love and not. I always respect the kinks and limits of those I play with, and try to be flexible as possible. Yet, there are few kinks I wanted to note before you invest your precious time. You can always look into my Preference Sheet, but for specific ideas I will post below, the kinks I specifically mention here will be important. Oh! And I always play top/dom characters, but their appearance, age and gender may vary upon your preferences. I prefer to play as futa characters, but it is negotiable MOST IMPORTANT - Kinks I value a lot and won't go without them. If those are not your cup of tea or those outside your likings, it would be hard to play with me. - Absolute Domination - dominating in every single possible field, of course done by me upon your characters! Sexual, financial, social, any domination in any form! - Harems - tons and TONS of female characters serving me, either by love or by force (or by both!). Characters you can play in general (During entire story, not necessarily at once or during entire story) and at once (Exactly in once scene, highest amount of comfortable roleplay). As example, during story you could play 15 characters, 2 at the same time. The higher any of those numbers, the happier I am! Do not overdo yourself and realistically think about how much you can provide. If it is important - I am able to play almost unlimited amount of characters even at once, of course it will be causing longer replies and sometimes even burnout, but I am sure I can provide the same amount as you can. Thought it is preferably if the heavy lifting in characters would be done on your behalf, as it is I who search for harems, haha~ - Hyper-cock - even if you are not a massive fan of hyper breasts or asses, one most important hyper part for me is, of course, the tool of my character to keep everyone in harem satisfied at once~. Radical, brutal sizes are to be present, and I will be very sad if I will be forced to deny potential amazing roleplay only because 25 for you is "already too big". Nothing bad in having your favorite size in two digits, don't get me wrong, thought! - Power-tripping/Power-play - "Power is what turns humans into animals". I want to reach the extreme of it. I want to power-trip hard, and with not just some nominal or technical power like political or social, but ACTUAL powers to be the strongest! Deities, Universes, all of them being weaker because of my power extents are just arousing. Especially if to defeat the entire armies with a simple finger which is not even closer to 0.1% of potential power is enough. - Death of Logic - I don't like stuff being limited by something called "LOGIC". Yeah, it is very illogical for girl to survive 2-metric cock ramming her insides, yes, it is illogical to turn Logic into hot female consept and literally FUCKING her into submission, but that's the point! Some basic logic may apply, but if Logic stands between us and having fun, I prefer to rail her until she stops whining. The more abstract stuff we do, the better! Everything else can and will be negotiated, do not worry! And thus, we can move to the stories themselves you can show interest in (Or not, if you won't be, well, interested!) Canon Haremification. Basically turning any canon world you love and know into a harem! Harem gathering by someone in that canon, or by the otherwordly invader (my "OC" character). Any canons that you or us both know can be done. If I am not familiar with it, I would request at least basic understandings to keep my role. I can play character from canon world you suggest or play someone out of it, who gathers everyone she wants! May include dark themes, conquests, massive battles, hypnosis and/or non-(dub-)con upon your wish! As examples, turning all Skullgirls female cast into cock and semen addicts after defeating them in a duel! OC World Conquering. More advanced that Canon Haremification, this one includes us both thinking amazing world we will play inside, with rules, boundaries and specialities. No matter what setting it would be, it would be our world where we can do anything we wish! It can be ANYTHING, and conquered however we want! Sometimes I even agree to not be omnipotent if it fits the story! Good story is always amazing even if I want to just have my wild and hard-to-sate fantasies done. Non-story relaxation outside Boundaries. Or we could just already create a harem of any girl you wish and have fun in endless times outside all the Worlds. Rape planets, universes, girls inside them without any remorse or limitation. It is up to preference of players I hope to meet! And, of course, you can always check my page and read "About me", I got a somewhat sizeable text in it. You can use it to determine either our potential story or if you ever want to play with me. P.S. If I did some "rooky" mistake, do tell me, I want to become a decent Dreamer in that beautiful place I recently found!
  8. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @LardMcLovin Overall premise: A rich old fart has moved to Beach City lately and has made a huge and unoccupied estate near the edge of the town his new home. Ever since he moved here, he has seen how the place is barely keeping businesses alive and most places are in need of some help of some sort. Seeing how this is a way to be recognized and get to interact with the community, he spends some of his tons of money to aid the businesses and to donate money to the town in general so they may thrive more and in general have a happy life there. Being old sadly often means being lonely and not visited by family a lot, especially if you are prone to never ever shower, especially sinc your youth and spent most of your time getting rich. Hopefully he can make up for it with his charm, his gentlemanly manners, generousity and of course his still extreme virility and lovely endowment. His future in the city will surely affect some known residents quite a bit too.... ----------------------------------- Just recently, a new science center has opened in Beach City, to help promote education, curiousity, science, experiments and so on. The whole town is here, including the Crystal gems of course. After the war with Homeworld is over, they can focus on every day life and having normal days rather than cosmic conflicts and such. Among them is the head of the center and main person of interest (besides the old man), Peridot. She has been very happy about the chance to lead this place and of course to live her normal life here on Earth now. Understandably, she is pretty popular and sought out due to her new position and surely someone the top donator would want to meet more in person rather than over the phone. This being the first they have been near each other in person.
  9. In this world men have died out, and Futas reign Supreme every woman wants to part of a futanari harem, but sadly due to futas low brith rates they're quite rare. That's where the F.H.P comes into with a ratio of 10 women for every futanari it's important futanari's have large harems to keep up the brith rate. So the F.H.P. ensures this by either taking volunteers and assigning as many women to willing futas, or alternatively forcing them to breed after the age of 30 if they haven't already. If this interest you send me a message and we can discuss it further. I'd be playing as a willing futanari, and you my harem (depends on you how many girls you wanna play)
  10. Jewel, April and Miko were popular, the most popular girls in school. Ever seen the Lindsey Lohan movie, 'Mean girls?' then you havea better idea.... cheerleaders were always the most popular in any school and these three were no exception. Girls wanted to be like them, guys wanted to fuck them. Although their friendship circle was limited to the three of them they were always socially busy. Jewel was the oldest at 18.... she was blonde with the biggest tits and the ring leader. April was the ditzy brunette....cute tits but acted often braindead even though the others suspected it was an act. Miko was a Japanese American whose father was a successful American business man. The three did everything together.....eating while at school, hanging out at Jewel's house since she had a pool, inseperable on weekends. One day the girls were walking home to Jewel's house after school. A van came speeding down the street.....it pulled up alongside the girls and three men sprung out, each one grabbing a girl and dragged them into the van, hands over their mouths. Once inside, despite their struggling they were tape gagged and hogtied.
  11. Hello! Just a few ideas I have in mind, though, they are rather canon-centric so apologies if that's not your thing. Some small disclaimers: The foremost being that many of my ideas are open to crossovers of some kind/form, and I am for the most part looking for canon x canon content. Next: I am looking to brainstorm/adjust ideas to better suit a plot. If you see a fandom, or a concept that you like, do not be afraid to say hello and ask about it. The worst I can do is say no, it does not hurt to try. As for character ages, everyone will be older, specifically 18+. If the canon age is under 18, they will not be played at that age. I've got a series of ideas ranging from a cute pairing like Hiccup and Astrid (from HTTYD) or Ezra and Sabine (From Rebels) to much steamier plots like a tentacle monster grabbing various canon girls and corrupting them into being brood mothers for it! Just give me a poke if you're interested! Or something based around smutty misadventures for an older Dipper Pines. Or perhaps something in Kingdom Hearts is more your speed? Outside of stuff like this..? I'm fairly flexible and I know quite a few fandoms so don't be afraid to mention any you like! Kinks I hope to play: Impregnation, pregnancy, cum inflation, creampies and excessive cum. But for ideas like a tentacle monster making conquests out of canon girls? I tend to defer to stuff like hypnosis and addictive cum too. Kinks I won't play: Gore, scat, horror, heavy bondage and anything hyper. HTTYD-1: Hiccup and Astrid, sharing an apartment while going to the same University, and teetering on the edge of entering an intimate and steamy relationship. How will they enter this relationship? A subtle nudge from a friend? A slice of drama? That is up to you. HTTYD-2: Bit of a crossover; Hiccup and Astrid end up joining the Brotherhood; At what point they end up joining the Assassins is up to who among you guys n' gals might like to brainstorm this. As for who their adversaries might be? Plenty of HTTYD villains can fit the bill easy enough! HTTYD-3: A world without Hiccup! Basically in this idea, Dragons are Anthros and possess hypnotic pheromones/musk along with addictive cum, and take Human women as pleasure and breeding pets, and Toothless ends up taking the HTTYD girls as his pets. How he catches them, is up to you. Star Vs the Forces of Evil: An AU where Magic never disappeared, where Eclipsa and her husband break up, likely for a good reason with no Drama. However she is in need of a new King and she chooses Marco, gifting him with a bit of Magic in the process, a hypnotic charm to use on any girls that strike his fancy, to take as lovers. Leading to now King Marco being lovers with Eclipsa, and using this Charm. (Older Marco, obviously.) KH-1: Basically the idea here is Sora, and Kairi on a cosmic road trip and having various misadventures, and actually spending time as a couple since in KH III we got the confirmation of that ship, yet nothing was done with it. KH-2: A special Heartless is loosed on the Worlds, using hypnotic pheromones and addictive cum to turn various canon beauties into his pets and lovers, corrupting them one by one, possibly even with some genderbending, if anyone wants to explore that particular flavour. KH-3: Another hypnosis themed plot! This one is starring Sora however, for a bit of a twist. Basically the concept is this; Sora gets a new Keyblade, but he isn't able to swap it out for another one and is subject to the charm/curse of the Keyblade itself. That being it turns girls in a certain radius of its' wielder into pets and lovers. More of a love potion effect than anything else. What misadventures could Sora get up to with this? Miraculous-1: So, in this idea Alya (Rena Rouge), Marinette (Ladybug) and Adrien (Chat Noir) all decide to unmask to one another, but after some teasing and banter, things become steamy before the masks come off and long after. Craving: Miraculous-2: Adrien has become Chat Blanc! However, free of Hawkmoth so there's no repeat of the alternate timeline however. Now corrupted, and with a hypnotic ability of his own, who knows who among the girls the Feline themed Hero might decide to put a collar on. Aside from Marinette of course. Hypnosis is kind of a required 'kink' on this one. Rebels-1: Basic concept for this one takes place after the finale of Rebels, with Sabine and Ahsoka finding Ezra on a backwater planet in the Unknown Regions, and after an intimate reunion between Sabine and Ezra, or both girls and Ezra, depending on partner preference, they go back to Lothal. From there the plot is malleable. Let's see what we come up with! Rebels-2: Similar to the standard reunion idea, however with hypnosis/harem themes, with Ezra using a new, hypnotic Force Power to turn Ahsoka and Sabine into his pets and lovers, before moving on to other Star Wars canon girls, using the World Between Worlds to have access to the future and past. Rebels-3/Mandalorian-1: Similar to my first idea, but with the context of The Mandalorian, since Sabine and Ahsoka seem to be due to appear in that show. I might make a group thread out of this one but I honestly don't know, just ask me to elaborate on this and I will to the best of my ability. Clone Wars 1: A no-War AU, starring Anakin and Ahsoka in various misadventures, for example a training mission to an all but deserted Planet in the outer reaches of the Outer Rim. Ben 10-1: Basic concept with this one is Ben gets a new Alien/Hybrid, and goes to first Gwen to test it out, before finding out this creature has hypnotic abilities, resulting in the Redhead turning into his pet and lover and from there Ben, greedy as ever, begins to use this creature on other girls he knows, for example Charmcaster and Julie, though thanks to Gwen's Magic, who knows where or when he could go..! Sonic-1: This is inspired by Project X: Love Potion Disaster and comes in three flavours. 1. Sonic returns from a trip to the jungles and tropics and is the source of, or patient 0 for a lust virus that is somewhat transformative and the plot follows the Blue Blur going around, infecting and corrupting other Mobians. 2. An incubus manifests on Mobius, and starts going around, working his magic on any any Mobians he bumps into, with things gradually escalating. 3. Sonic has been cursed! This is similar to Sonic being turned into a Werehog by some magic mishap, only this time he is turned into an Incubus. Sonic-2: Tails' steamy misadventures. This concept is more open honestly, with everyone's favourite Two Tailed Fox getting into steamy misadventures with a Mobian girl of your choice! Spyro-1: Coco, Tawna or both have a Portal related accident, and end up in Avalar or the Dragon Worlds, only to soon meet and befriend Elora, Sheila or Bianca and the pair end up bumping into a newly matured Spyro. However, it turns out Adult Dragons give off hypnotic and heat inducing pheromones, and things turn steamy between the girls and Spyro, and things go from there. This idea can branch in a bunch of ways, from Draconic greed leading to Spyro working his magic on others, to there being no Dragonesses, so instead females of other races are transformed by, and after mating with a Dragon. Spyro-2: This is a simpler idea. Essentially the concept is Spyro makes a bet with a girl before a race, be it Coco, Elora, Tawna.. Whoever you wish, and said bet is the loser does whatever intimate activity the winner wants, only for the Dragon to win and things turn steamy. Naruto-1: Ever read a Doujin by Sahara Wataru? This idea is essentially inspired by that, being a Hero of the Leaf Harem concept, with things starting just after the battle with Pain, or perhaps before, with Naruto's return from his training trip. Teen Titans-1: Robin and Starfire on a business trip to her home planet of Tamaran! Basically the concept here takes place a few months after the pair get together in Japan, and this trip leaves them both with all the privacy they need for all sorts of fun. Somethin' fluffy, and potentially steamy. Teen Titans-2: Raven and Beastboy! Yes I know, Terra is a thing, but c'mon, there's so much potential there. Anywho, basic idea is the rest of the team are out on a mission helping some other Titans, leaving Beastboy and Raven alone. What specifically happens is up to you, Raven could have her demonic side manifest in a rather steamy form, or maybe something in a much fluffier sense happens. Young Justice-1: Wally and Artemis! This idea takes place in the time the pair are retired from the Superhero stuff, living together and generally taking things easy. 'Course, this also includes every ounce of steamy misadventures a Spitfire and a Speedster can get up to. Young Justice-2: Connor and M'gan..! Basic idea here is M'gan and Connor in either Mount Justice or the Watchtower, while the others are out on a mission and of course things grow steamy between them. After all, no one is watching and there's little to no chance of being interrupted! RWBY-1: Jaune Arc! The resident dork of Team JNPR and RWBY. This idea takes place in a slight AU where Beacon doesn't fall, and he ends up having various steamy misadventures with the girls of RWBY, likely starting with Pyrrha. The specifics are, of course, up to you! RWBY-2: Oscar..! The second dork of RWBY, kinda. Not that well versed on the later volumes of RWBY but I'm probably going to be watching them soon! Either way the basic idea here is kinda similar to the idea above, however with a slightly older Oscar, because of course. Xeno-1: Mutant dimension hopping Xenomorphs! Because why not dive head first into the weird? Basic idea here is a mutant hive of Xenos, specifically they are mutated to NOT snuff those they breed. Thank you. Go world hopping, catching girls, and keeping them as breeders to grow the hive, likely through hypnotic pheromones and addictive cum or something. Tales of Arcadia 1: Basic concept here is Claire and Jim are adjusting to living alone a few years after all their adventures, with literally all the fluff and intimacy that comes with a couple that's been through as much as they have. Dragon Prince 1: Basically the idea here is a year or two after the Battle of the Storm Spire, Callum and Rayla are on the road again, helping to heal the divides across the continent while Callum works to connect to the other Arcanum's, and grow as a Mage. As for other fandoms? Well feel free to ask. Trust me, I know many, and honestly many of these ideas are examples.
  12. Now then, a little about myself. I am a fifteen year writing and rping veteran, with a passion for RPing. Typically as a male, female or two of these as a couple. I have a number of kinks, chief among them romance. These also include vanilla, lesbians, rough sex, aftercare (a kiss or a lick after some rough stuff is always fun), exhibition / outdoor sex, voyeurism (especially when my partner is masturbating), virgins, incest, threesomes/moresomes, harems, impregnation and breeding. If one of these kinks isn't to your liking, do let me know. I have few hard limitations, aside from pain, bathroom kinks and cuckoldry, so if you wish me to scratch a particular itch, feel free to ask. I will get straight to the point. Recently, I have seen an inordinate number of Interracial plot ideas. And they are almost all identical. White pampered daddy's girl gets dicked down by a random black man. In a kink where you can mix and match any shade of human skin, I have seen no variation or deviation from this on ED or other sites I browse. In a world where Asians, Polynesians, Indians, Persians, Arabic, Africans, Caucasians, Latinos and Amerindians can be mixed with any other shade of human, its depressing that most seem satisfied with the vanilla of interracial. So, I want a different kind of interracial RP. I want an rp where my character is paired against a group of darker skinned women. I have divided these into two groups, one themed on Polynesian characters and tropical themes, and one themed on northern Africa and characters from there. Where we take the story is up to you. Is my character an English captain in the age of imperialism, discovered a new land to plant the British flag on? A wealthy Japanese investor retiring to a private island in the Pacific? An Egyptian noble in the ancient world calling upon his household of slaves? Or a carefully curated alien zoo pairing its favorite humans together? We decide. Polynesian Twins Polynesian White Hair 1 Polynesian Blackhair 1 Polynesian Blackhair 2 Polynesian Blackhair 3 Polynesian Brunette 1 Polynesian Brunette 2 Polynesian Blonde 1 Polynesian Blonde 2 Bedouin Twins Egyptian Lady Egyptian Maiden African Huntress 1 African Huntress 2 African Huntress 3 African Maiden 1 African Maiden 2
  13. Yo, as of late I have gotten into both Attack on Titan and a Futa Fever. So I wanna mix them together a little. Primarily turning all female Titan Shifters into horny Futas with insatiable appetites as an alternative to the Curse of Ymir. Basically, I'm asking for a woman with a monster rod like Historia or Ymir to make my character a personal cumdump. What I'm really asking for is someone to play 1 or more AOT characters as Futas. And you aren't stuck with the only three women shifters. You could make Historia or Sasha a Futa, it's up to you.
  14. You are a student at Sakura Yuki High School, filled with sexy girls. You are in Class 1-1 and surrounded by women..and they all have a crush on you! Miki Haruyama: A popular girl in the school. Very insecure about her height. Tsundere. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3948672?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette) Haruna Aikawa: A complete airhead, to the point that it's hard to believe she's in high school.. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4417496?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette) Ichika Natsumi: A goth girl who has constant emotional outbursts. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4839529?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette) Akiko Hinasaki: A sexy gyaru girl who's always friendly. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4090162?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette) Mari Wakabayashi: Student council president who's strict and always keeps on alert. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4043572?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette) Madoka Matsuo: A tomboy who secretly likes plushies and toys. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4000161?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette) Tamiko Kitamura: A gamer girl who is very unathletic and often faints during PE. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3979246?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette) Tiffany Higashi: A half-american, half-japanese hottie. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3960606?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette) Setsuko Kawabata: A nerdy girl who loves anime and doesn't talk to most people. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3954521?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette) Yuna Hiraki: A tomboyish and energetic girl who's very good at sports, and is, oddly, friends with Tamiko. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3950087?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette) Reiko Okuda: A girl who hides her massive breasts and is a bookworm. https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3946389?q=sakura_yuki_(clochette)
  15. Premise: A super mutant travels the wasteland, not to raid and pillage, but to survive and rid the wasteland of what evil he might come across. When clearing out a group of Raiders he found in a spot just on the edge of Paradise Falls, the gentle giant finds two young girls who were enslaved. He takes them under his wing, protecting them and searching for a safe place to keep them. As they travel, they find more girls, growing a small troupe behind the mutant as he creates a haven for them. As each one is saved, they find a special way to thank him for his protection. ----------- The ringing of gunshots are still carried through the wind as the large super mutant trudges past past pile of bodies. The smell of gunpowder and sulfur filled his nostrils. He looked like many of the rest of his race, huge and buff, his yellowed skin covered in scars. The odd thing though was that his face seemed to look more.human than most mutants, his face not set in the permanent teeth clenching grimace that plagued his race's looks. His large booted foot kicked the steel double doors in, both flying off their hinges with large dents in them. He scanned the room with his assault rifle, looking for anymore raiders. What he found though was two young girls huddled together in a cage. He immediately lowered his gun and walked over. "Let me get you out of there. Are you both ok?" He gripped the cage door and pulled on it, the rusty metal screeching as he wrenched it off of the cage.
  16. Hello! I am a hetero male looking principally for female characters to ravish, and I am not picky when it comes to whom is on the other computer. Male or female, as long as you are polite, enthusiastic and aren't a single sentence poster I'm more than happy to give it a shot and play with you. All I ask is that if you lose interest in the game please let me know. If personal issues prevent your posting just let me know; I know real life gets in the way of fun. Here is a link to my roleplaying preferences, by the way. I am a huge fan of mind control scenarios, where my character dominates females. I am also a huge fan of harem plots; if a man can control minds why would he stop at just one? I admit when it comes to plot/smut I lean more towards the former but I do want a plot. THE APP: What if someone discovered an app on his phone that allowed him to alter minds and perhaps even more? What would he do with it? Where would he stop? Could he stop? DOMINUS DESIRES! Imagine if a second rate super villain received the ultimate upgrade, powers that made him a god? And imagine he wanted revenge upon all those super heroines who had defeated him in the past. It's time for Dominus to turn Capital City's heroines into his playthings! INCUBUS: Not all incubi are evil, some are a little naughty. What if one incubus decided to turn some super heroines into his playthings. Could they possibly convince him to use his powers for good or would they succumb to his power utterly and become his submissive whores? PLANET CASTE: The salvage operator found the hidden planet and discovered it's inhabitants were controlled by a central computer who ruled with a benign will. But what if the salvage operator discovered a way to suborn the computer and turn it to his own ends? SALVAGE SHIP: Along the same vein as Planet Caste, only our "hero" comes across a massive colony ship constructed by a long dead super advanced race, full of men and women in suspended animation. With the ultra-advanced technology at his disposal these people could be turned into playthings... SEX GENIE: Typical story of a man finding a container with a nigh-omnipotent being, only in this case said being's wishes must be focused upon creating sexual situations. Perhaps she is a succubus posing as a genie, or is some sort of unique half breed. What sorts of reality warping depravity can she inspire her new owner to come up with? THE STRAY: A man owns a ranch and discovers a neko in need of food and shelter. Who is she? Where did she come from? And can the man resist her charms long enough to find out? A more open ended concept, we can discuss the plot elements. SHE CAME WITH THE SHIP: A man wins a poker game and a sweet new space ship was in the pot. What he didn't know was the ship comes with it's very own sex slave. A basically decent guy, how long before his morals erode under her sexual charms? Could go different ways here, we can discuss particulars.
  17. Hey all! I recently joined this site and then had some life situations come up. as well as my employment being rocked with extra work. So I had to take a small hiatus. Apologies to anyone who I had started to discuss stuff with ahead of time. You read the title correct, I'm here to roleplay as your Fandom or Celebrity crushes. It may seem a bit strange, but I've found I LOVE playing as people's crushes. I love playing established characters that people have a thing for and playing out a relationship with them. That being said I am TOTALLY open to playing the established character against your OC without needing you to double for me. I am also open to playing harems or a roleplay that cycles through different women. My only requirements are that YOU provide ME with the picture of the character(s) you'd like me to play. A decent trade off I'd say for me playing out your desires with the person you desire Plotting of the roleplay can be shared between us and control of side characters will also be shared. Roleplays can be as deep or shallow as you'd like and we can plot out a basic storyline accordingly. I work part time and go to college so replies might be a bit between sometimes. 1-3 paragraphs I'm here to play your crushes. That's what gets me going. I love taking established characters or people and having them give it all to the person crushing on them. That being said i will play your crush! Shows - Movies - Games - Celebrities - Anime - Egirls All are accepted! I can also play either the celebrity OR their character. Only limits: No gore. No vore. No scat. Please feel free to EcchiText me! My only limits are. No Vore. No Gore. No Snuff. No Scat. Everything else generally goes. I look forward to playing with you!
  18. Looking for a woman(or ladies) that would be interested in doing a rp set in a High school, but has some supernatural elements in it. My character would be a teen on his first day of HighSchool and unknown to him he is Incubus that has reached the age where his abilities start to show. Your main character is your choice, but I was thinking of her being my characters childhood friend. They find together that my character is a Incubus and needs sex to survive now. The story can go in different directions, like being a romance story between the two main characters, a harem story about my character gathering a cult of girls around him as he grows more powerful with each one, more fantasy as the main characters find out that my character is a lost Incubus prince that was hidden in the human world after his father was killed and now that his powers are awakening, a helper to his father comes to train him. Or if you have a way you want it to play out, I would be happy to hear it. If any one finds this interesting, let me know.
  19. Harem, orgy, threesome, gangbang, multiple characters Would like to include: Loli, non-con, dub-con, blackmail, grooming, breeding Mostly looking for a female roleplayer who'd like playing with more than one character from my side, hers or both, this can be as simple as a threesome or different partners at different times, to a harem, gangbang or orgy situation. As an alternative I'd be up for playing with more than one partner (male or female, yet would like the eep to remain straight on the male side (Yuri is ok though))
  20. Kalib_Odiv

    World Destiny

    In an old world where magic was prolific among those that desired power and those who the gods of that world wish to test. They then make these people their champions and bestow great power to them before sending them to complete a task to save the world. This is where a noble was left at the moment as he looked at the mark on the back of his hand. This fate wasn't something he desired as his family shunned him before throwing him out to deal with this one his own. At the moment he knew he had to find someone to help him though he didn't know where to look.
  21. In a mid-sized town, their lies a nationally renowned College Prep. High school. St. Lilith's is a school known for turning out young women, and occasionally men, that go onto prestigious universities and colleges, then onto stellar careers. Though there is a secret to the academy. Under the premise that pent up sexual energy, that therefore must be released for academic success. Thus, so long as a lesson can continue, and grades stay up, sex is allowed on the campus, even in the middle of class. The entrance test is even set up to screen for latent perverts, same for female staff if its a new teacher out of college that could be improved in skill. Though the males brought in to help release can either form bo9nds with the girls, or start hunting without much care for bonds made or the academic side...
  22. Throughout high school and his early years Derek was the "nobody". He attempted to make a name for himself time and time again, but always faced the same results pushed by the dominating cliques. Derek wasn't unsociable, but any interaction with a popular person was dismissive. Time passed and Derek moved on to college, somehow facing similar results. This was more of his own fault, however. He spent more time on his studies and tinkering with personal projects than going to parties. However it had it's perks. He graduated well, starting his own career and went on to develope a small but very valuable technology firm. The specifics don't matter much on product, but Derek lived very well. He was alone though. Never getting thr companionship anyone desired. (Derek's backstory is nothing special and can be edited to suit needs. it's more lifelike than plot building...) Now this is where we begin our smut. Derek can have different scenarios occur. The use of sci-fi or supernatural effect to gain mind control OR he begins to amass a following of females or fans. This can also be broken into different genres/themes. Bdsm, light slavery, scifi/fantasy all depends on your desires.
  23. Looking for 1 or 2 players to play an array of monster girls for two knights in a castle! Knights will be played by myself and @Thatannoyinggod --- The princess has been kidnapped by a dark sorcerer and a brotherhood of knights were sent to rescue her. The assault was a terrible and fierce battle that killed the Sorcerer... but left only two surviving knights. Their brotherhood shattered, the two knights resolve to finish their quest and enter the dark keep to rescue the princess. They expected legions of the sorcerer's followers... what they found may be a more difficult challenge. The sorcerer's body may have been killed but their essence remains! He poses a final challenge to the knights to finish their quest... the next full moon is only one month away. If the knights can keep their virginity intact until the next full moon, the spell imprisoning the princess will be broken! Fail, and her body will belong to the sorcerer. To make sure the knights want for nothing during their stay, they have been given a gift. A group of beautiful monster girls to cater to their every need! They will feed the nights, bathe them, entertain them and warm them through the cold castle nights. The clock is ticking! ----- So monstergirls will only have one rule, they cant just rape the knights, their chastity must be broken consensually. The knights not only have to face the initial challenge but also are consistently breathing pheromones that sap their strength of will. The idea of the role play is a lot of sexual comedy along with some fun erotic scenes where the knights attempt to sate their lust and satisfy the monster girls by any means except vaginal intercourse! We both are open to ideas! Comment here or message @Thatannoyinggod or myself if you are interested!
  24. You’re a normal boy who’s bullied in school and never had a girlfriend. But you wake up to see a loli succubus! The loli introduces herself as Kana, and she claims she’ll help you build a harem by granting you tons of power!
  25. It had been 3 days since Garret Aono had been teleported into the strange world of Luteria. He could still remember the events that led up to his arrival to the small frontier town of Traveler's Wake. He was bored at home, so he went to the old bookstore down the street from his house. He had been in there before several times, looking over the old first editions that moved through the little store. That day, he had wandered further back than he ever had, happening upon a small case holding a leather bound book. The owner didn't mind him looking through stuff, so he pulled it out of the case with no worry. The weird part was that the book was blank...then words appeared on the blank pages. Oh traveler, would you like to see a world of unending mystery and intrigue? Place your finger on the page if so. Thinking it was some kind of disappearing ink trick for a mystery novel, he did what the book bid. In a flash of rainbow light, he was whisked away, appearing in the town center of Traveler's Wake. He woke up when the sun hit his eyes from the window. He still couldn't believe the inn he was staying in didn't have curtains on the windows. He wasn't used to the shutters that the people of the town seemed to prefer. Standing up, he looked over his clothes, still the ones he arrived in. Man...I really need to get some money. I can't keep mooching off of Erena's generosity. The middle-aged woman that owned the inn took pity on him, giving him a small room for him to stay in until he got settled in the new world. He remembered that Gaston, the clerk at the adventurer's guild, had told him there were some odd jobs he could do to get started. He walked down the stairs, seeing the black haired Erena wiping down the tables that sat in the tavern room. "Good morning Erena. I was going to go to the guild to see about making some money." She gave him a smile and a wave as she noticed the creaky stairs. "Ok, Garrett. You be careful now,, and don't let Gaston wrap you into some kind of trouble. Take it easy your first few times. Would you like some breakfast first?" Garrett ate breakfast before leaving the building, making his way to the already busy guild hall.
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