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  1. ForgottenSin

    All Kinds Of Smut

    MY FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT RULE MUST NOT CARE ABOUT POST LENGTH!!! Simple story for furry x human Female is out hunting accidentally shoots a furry thinking he was a normal wolf she takes care of him but at that time. he was ready to go into heat so yes there is a lot of smut Rules: MUST NOT CARE ABOUT POST LENGTH no scat This plot is human x furry The sex content is going to be heavy ______________________________________________ Teachers pet(s) Basically the simple plot of this story is girls are sent to this academy to suit their sexual desires but have to follow their teachers orders and demands ... they start their day given an easy to hide vibrator that the teacher controls which is always on unless the teacher decides to turn it off as punishment or take it off for an even more intimate reward.... although some punishments may be sexual and some may not some will involve grades and some will involve clothing of the school girls there will be a LOT of sex My character is a male ----------------------------------------------- Alone in a tribe of males ..... All the females of this tribe died of some disease for some reason my(or your) character lived... Now she has to satisfy the fuck lust of all the males... Although she does have one true mate in which she will have pups with. This is a wolf tribe You can either be the pack or be the female (please excuse me if I'm bad at playing a female when it comes to sex scenes... This rp has a lot of sex scenes because I want to try and improve) MUST NOT CARE ABOUT POST LENGTH Furry only Must be able to play a lot of different characters You will decide who her normal mate is willing to swap roles SMUT CONTENT IS VERY HEAVY _________________________________________ I just got free but I still kind of like animals?!?!(don't worry its furry x human) The female was a recently freed sex slave although she wasn't popular for humans and due to that she has grown a liking for more animalistic parts Although the plot is human x Furry It is not Human x Animal In other words she was forced into bestiality(when she was a sex slave) but after she was freed she had lost interest in humans and stumbled upon a dating site for furries(not fursuits) who at the moment she didn't know existed and she found one in particular that she liked and they started talking and going out ONCE AGAIN BESTIALITY won't TAKE PLACE IN THE RP it was just something that happened in the girls past and won't happen in the plot ^^ -------------------- She's my collar Can be furry x furry or furry x human :3 Simple little romance story... My character is a criminal who will be sentenced to death if he can't change so your character is watching over mine and stopping him from doing any crimes or hurting anyone and they began to slowly fall in love and start going on dates and stuff --------------------------- Pretty much the story the master character goes to an auction of already broken in girls or guys (as in they will willingly do anything for their new master) buys however many he or she wants and begins to immediately have sexual relations Must not care about post length Master Female ..... Buys male slaves Master male..... Buys female slaves Which role you want is up to you and how many slaves you want is up to you either way ----------------- Alone in a city of furries Story is simple my character is furry wolf who moved to a city of furries but he's scared out of his mind as he is the odd one out of all of them because he's the only wolf (other partner can play one if wanted).... Until he meets one furry(female btw '_') she helps him open up to others ..... Now, this is a romance story but it can either be 50% sex 50% plot or 75 % sex or 25 percent plot or it can contain 100% sex. For those last two percentages your character will pretty much turn him into her personal fuck toy and will give him to any female who wants him (or keep him all to herself) ----------------- Messing with a futa bunny My character moves into a town and meets her neighbor and immediately becomes friends with her and soon discovered that they worked together at a gym and eventually your female character finds out that Flora has a cock while in the shower and finds herself oddly attracted to it but is too shy to admit it (just know your character can be a futa as well^^) This can contain 100 % sex or 75 % sex and 25 percent plot or it can be 50 50 No scat Must not care about post length Bdsm is ok You can choose either furry or humanlike appearance Just know with the futas penis size it's a little bit ridiculous -------------------- You're a guy?! The story is a simple but sex filled one that is an MxM Simple little story my character goes on a dating site tired of trying to find love naturally, in turn, he found a girl and asked to meet her although it turns out he was catfished by a femboy .... but nonetheless he goes through with the date and started to really like the femboy and they slowly started doing more and more stuff Furry only please on this one :3 here's an example of what I mean by femboy https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme...ry-femboy-d-38_01BS2NW7RGFE4QDZ3Z463Z294Q.png ================= From a barkeeper to fucking the royalty(kinda)?!?!? The plot is simple really king and or queen(depends on what role you want I am playing a male either way) visits a bar wanting to get away from the castle and its worries for a bit ... soon a lovely bartender comes up to the king or queen they begin talking and such only soon they both decided to get to a bit of drinking and rent a room for the night then as things continued the king or queen continued to invite the male or female into the castle. this plot can either be furry or human (i prefer furry but can easily play both) ======================================================= After Hours The boss of a well known company one day caught his or her employee masturbating on the job.... they liked what was seen so they would wait a few days and then after work the boss would call the person into their office but not for punishment but for some fun that may possibly be permanent fun. ========================= Naughty Princess A princess had run away from home after a few months of constant talk of forced marriage.... the princess had desired not to be married she wanted to be free.... one day she came upon a town that was far away from her old kingdom and she got to talking to a man about her issue and they got to talking more and more and eventually ended up in bed with each other for a one night stand but little did the princess know she would become quite the slut I play furry or human but prefer furry if your playing human I would like an anime styled image ================ Lost in the wild (Beastiality) Basically your character gets stranded on an island later she grows hungry and ends up wandering into a wolves den although she saw that they had food and got a little idea .... so that she may live among them .... she was going to be their little breeding whore ..... something she would enjoy and something that would keep her alive. Stable Slut: Your character runs a stable full of horses (preferable she is a furry or some sort of mix anything except horse will be fine) One day she goes into her stable and notices it smells different in the stable ..... It was an arousing smell thanks to how strong your character's nose was ..... she later found out it was her best horse that was in heat...... she decided to help him and the other horses Bestiality farm Simple plot girl helps my character run his farm although after a couple days some animals began to get more 'active' so, in turn, they try to provoke her, this farm consists of dragons, horses, wolves, tigers and such ... as to be expected this is kind of a fantasy rp due to the size of the farm you are free to play multiple characters if wanted ============================ Also please know that I do have more plots but I personally don't think they are great (I don't think these ones are great either they just seem to have my and other peoples interest more) You can request to see more plots Also, I am very open to plot suggestions but I am horrible when it comes to action/combat rps The Most Popular Guy in School is Interested in me? (edited) Valentine's day is coming up. A girl in school who is not very popular and gets picked on often by others who are popular is without anyone for valentines day then randomly in class, a boy in the class throws a couple things at her although one thing is caught midair by another student... But she is hit with a ... All over it is the words open me. Inside is a note saying to meet me at the local cafe. It turns out to be one of the most popular kids who didn't pick on her at all and even helped her from time to time... He wanted a date with her of all people! Till Death Do We Part(Is VERY loosely based off a book series I've started reading) A girl the age of 16 is on the run, but from what exactly... Seven years ago a law passed that allowed parents to abort their children after birth but it has to be done before the age of 18... Back at home, the girl had caused a major amount of trouble for her parents so they chose to have their daughter aborted. The police came and loaded her onto a bus the next day that was destined to head to one of the death camps in the state. Two hours into the trip the bus driver crashed and the girl escaped guards, of course, were after her but she had nothing on her and they were fully equipped with gear so naturally, she ended up being faster. The guards threatened to start firing live rounds. But the threat was too late the girl had escaped into the forest and was skillfully moving through the trees... A few days later, however... She was in a desert. She had a good supply of food and water. So she would be able to survive if she could find shade. At some point, she heard the sound of a rifle firing off in the distance... She thought it was someone doing target practice at first but then suddenly a dart hit her shoulder and she took off running but soon the dart did its work and she fell to the ground... The last thing she saw was a man in black clothing approaching her... He was holding a rifle and soon enough she was out..... When she came to she found herself in a building tied to a post and her mouth gagged... The man who shot her was right in front of her cooking something and he looked back "Are you awake?" He asked "You have to trust me... I will get you to a safe place..." He added now turning towards her and kneeling reaching to remove the gag hoping she would not scream (This story is a romance story about a girl who falls in love with the man who intends on getting her to safety) This story can either start with the man tracking her or where the description of the plot ends...(edited) The girl is free to offer various methods of thanks to keep the story interesting if needed. In the end when the time comes for the two to separate. She refuses to leave his side... Seeing as she won't take no for an answer he decides to keep her with him.
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