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Found 4 results

  1. Multiversal

    Galia Cynial (WIP)

    From the album: Multiversal’s Lovable Characters

    Character Information Name: [Last, First, (Optional: Middle)] Hero/Villain Name: (Optional) Age/Date of Birth: Chosen Gender: [Man, Woman, Non-binary, Agender, Gender-fluid, ect] Sex: [Male, Female, Intersex] Citizenship: [If the character is from outside the U.S. then their skill(s) and/or quirk must be exceptional. Please take care not to make an OP or Garry Stew character as that is boring to roleplay with.] Ethnicity: Occupation: [Teacher, Student, Public Active Pro, Private Active Pro] Physical Appearance Height: Weight: Eye Color: Hair Color: Physical Description: (Optional) Hero/Villain Outfit, If any Reference Image: [Insert a reference hero outfit or costume image here, if any. The shown image does not have to be exactly what you desire and can simply serve as a reference] Adjustments: [If the reference image is not an exact representation, please add any clarifications for your designs here] Quirk Quirk Type: [Emitter, Transformation, Mutant] Quirk Name: [Examples, (Emitter) Electrification, (Transformation) Harden, (Mutant) Kangaroo] Quirk Details: [I.E. The physical appearance of the quirk, what it does, how it operates and the conditions required for the quirk, such as any dangers of its use, side effects or physical abnormalities. Some quirks have less serious weaknesses than others while some are as only as weak as the person using them. Don’t forget, quirks are an extension of the person using them and in that regard are reliant upon the characters endurance or stamina.] Quirk Strengths: Quirk Weaknesses: Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Strengths and Skills: Weaknesses: Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams/Reason(s) for becoming a Hero/Villain): Hobbies and Interests: (Optional) Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Turn ons: Turn offs: Penis Length: Breast Size: Sensitivity: Additional Sexual Information: STD History: (Optional) Family Father: Quirk Type: [If any] Mother: Quirk Type: [If any] Siblings: Quirk Type(s): [If any] Grandparents: Quirk Type(s): [If any] Children: Quirk Type(s): [If Any] Grand-children: Quirk Type(s): [If Any] House: Pet: [If any] Additional information:
  2. Sola Haze

    Superhero roleplay

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a superhero roleplay with me. I will be playing the sub, though the roleplay need not be sexual at all. I would be playing a new and slightly foolish heroine who is more confident than she should be, but hardly a bragger. If you'd like to roleplay a villain showing her how stupid she is, cool. If you'd like to play a teammate helping her fight the bad guys, also cool. She could play a sidekick, perhaps. Some other things I enjoy are interrogations, or maybe a government scientist like Agent Bishop trying to figure out what makes her tick. If you have any other ideas, suggest them to me. I'd be happy to hear them.
  3. Participant(s): @lVergill [Luck] @GAO I am lion [Leo]
  4. Sola Haze

    Hara Bellator

    From the album: Sola's Private Roleplay Characters

    Name: Hara Bellator Personality: Hara is very proud of her abilities, and her skills with a sword are unparalleled by any normal opponent. She feels as if she deserves everyone's praise and adoration, and will sometimes ask for payment from the people she saves. She has a habit of letting herself into other people's houses without their permission and destroying things that belong to other people. Faceclaim: Saber - FATE Storyline: Hara is an arrogant Hero of Destiny that really needs to be put in her place. Roleplays used in: 1
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