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  1. Hello, I am looking to do a 1x1 long term fantasy adventure roleplay with romance and adventure. I have a few genres and ideas I am looking to do this with. All will be matured up to adults. They are not listed in any order. Black Clover Fairy Tail X Black Clover My Hero Academia Dragonball/Z/GT/Super One Piece -My character is the lone survivor of corrupt Marines destroying her whole village with devil fruits. She not only wants revenge she wants a fruit of her own, and to discover the secrets of their powers to end the world government. She can either make a pirate or revolutionary. Fairy Tail -My character was an orphan raised and experimented on. She recently escaped and now they are after her. What will she find after a life of captivity? Dragon Quest -My character and perhaps yours are the Luminary or Dragon Knight Emissaries of the god created to save the world from evil. Dungeons and Dragons -I would like to roleplay through all the campaigns, original story, and beyond. Isekai Genre -My character and maybe your character get somehow or another transported to another world with magic. Secret Magical World Genre -Harry Potter is an example of this genre but won't be used Psychic (me) and Detective (you) -My character will be a real psychic woman. She will do a lot of sixth sense type of things. Your character will have to be both the professional mystery solver and the brute force against the supernatural. Magic College/University -My character and yours go to a supernatural school, they also use their abilities to fight off magic threats, be them from the school or otherwise. Rules -Expect to use a Discord Server -Be 18+ (I am over 18 and expect you to be too) -Be willing to game master (game master controls story, outcomes, additional characters, and gets their own main character) -OCs (original characters) only. (Sorry I don't like to play with stories and characters preexisting. I might be talked into it if the series is over.) -If any cannon plot is mentioned the story will have to take place prior to any cannon or afterwards. -Be male (I play a straight female character so I expect a straight male as her romantic interest) -**Be expecting little to no smut** -Be familiar with the series or genre you are interested in -Have a fun magical adventure roleplay Hope to see some people interested, feel free to pitch any ideas, or questions if you have any, thank you. Please PM the word **Magic** when you message and let me know which you were interested in. If you don't, expect no response. Please also post here to keep the thread alive. Thank you, hope to have a magic adventure with you!
  2. Hey y'all! I have been craving some very specific things and I figured I might as well make a post about it, so here we go!! Partners I am interested in are people who can do 3+ sentences per post, the more the merrier of course I love detail and at least a full paragraph per post is ideal, but as long as I'm not getting one word/sentence posts back I'm happy (Not looking for a novella though, that's TOO much for my pea brain to handle)! ANYONE is welcome (I mean anyone!) as long as you're okay with playing the female rolls. It definitely sounds like a lot, but I'd never ask my partner to play more than they can chew, so of course you won't have to play everyone at once, we can always figure out ways to tackle it one at a time or something! The big Turn offs: I'm not into futa or pegging, toilet stuff, incest, or impreg. Those are my major hard nos, but also check my preferences for more! Big turn ONS!: Size difference (I love playing short guys who are hung like crazy!), food play, lactation, age difference (older women , but as long as they're 21 + that's good for me!), super huge/curves (I like them borderline excessive actually.) and check my preferences for more, these are the big ones! Idea 1: I'd like to find someone (anyone is accepted!) who can play as horrific, female creatures for a sex driven (with some story of course!~) , horror themed sci-fi RP! It takes place on an island that was at one point used as a scientific testing facility for a sort of bio-weapon that would mutate someone's enemies so far gone that they'd be rendered useless! This experiment went wrong and it had killed off anyone who remained on the island after all escape vessels launched, meaning anyone left behind had been subjected to this horrible outcome. It didn't just end up effecting the left over humans though, once the mutagen leaked out it began to seep into the local wildlife and began to produce horrific creatures that science could not even dream of! An unknown effect of this mutagen however, is that it has evolved to cause the local inhabitants to have an insatiable need to consume male's seed, something about it sates the behaviors of the mutants and once fed, can cause most of them to turn docile and maybe even friendly! I have many ideas for creatures for my partners to play as in this, and it's sort of a small, contained adventure on that island where my character, who finds himself waking up on this island, has to find a way to survive, or get off this slab of forested land! Idea 2: A slice of life harem RP! Again, sexy with a bit of story added to it! it's about my character being given a free ticket to a big island resort by the owner of the island! He wasn't sure why he was so lucky to receive it, but he ends up going there only to find out he's the only male there, and this spot is a well known lady's vacation spot! Once he gets there, all the fun ensues because it turns out that the women are rather interested in knowing that there's one rather attractive male there and they want to have some fun with him! None more than the island owner herself wants a piece of him though, so she'd be the reoccurring character for the entire RP, but this one's pretty open to whatever my partner wants to play as long as it's not in my 'will not' section! Idea 3: A fantasy adventure RP (Of course super sexy with some story!) where my character is contacted by a goddess, who bestows upon him an amulet to keep in communication with her along his journey to the top of the great Mt. Marr! Atop this mountain she will conclude his journey and reward him with 'something grand'. He decides to go with it, and begin his journey that he doesn't know is going to be a long one! Along the way to the mountain, and even when scaling it he will be met with many 'tests' so to speak, where something will halt his progress. Whether it be a band of female goblins catching him to take turns having their way with him, or getting to the next town over and sleeping with the inn owner for a free room, this RP will have plenty of sexy encounters and tons of variation with the people and monsters I have ideas in mind for him to come across! Idea 4: This one is very up for ideas and feedback, but I want something to do with sexy robots and deranged female doctors to use my character for sexual experimentation. This one I don't have a lot planned for, only that it's something I'm very interested in and would love to discuss with anyone wanting to! Thanks for reading, can't wait to hear from anyone!!! Feel free to Ecchi text me or comment here! I don't bite~ Well, unless you want me to!
  3. "Lifetime after lifetime, eon upon eon you and your soulmate have been reincarnated, finding each other and becoming key to each others lives. This eternal dance has gone on for so long, possibly since Adam and Eve, who knows really? Details blur, but for some reason you remember every detail of your time together, every moment you spent with the man of your dreams...or perhaps your nightmares? You see, time and time again you've fallen in love with him, gotten married, carried his children, had a life together. And yet just as many times, he's done horrific things to you. Torture, rape, kidnapping, and your eventual murder. Time and time again you've seen both the absolute best and worst of him, and every time you're surprised. It can't be avoided, one way or another you always end up loving or hating him, and while he has no recollection of your past lives together, you seem cursed to remember all of it as clearly as if it had just happened. Now it's time once again to start anew, will he be the beginning of your next fairy tale, or the tragic ending?" Alright this is one I've been thinking about a lot lately, it's pretty self-explanatory, I figure it can playout as both a current story as well as flashbacks to their different lives together, plus we can even flip some things around as well and add some interesting twists and turns. This is a strictly M seeking F rp.
  4. Switch

    Erotic horror

    Looking for someone to rp a female character for a supernatur erotic horror. Depending on preference I can play predator or prey, male, female or futa (though if I'm playing male I have a preference to be prey). Predator can be a witch, succubus, or other monstergirl/futa that preys on humans for reprooduction, life force, souls, or fun. Can also be multiple prey or predators in each scenario depending on preference and comfort of playing multiple characters Scenario 1. Predator/predators breaks into a house traps and uses her victim or victims. Scenario 2 Predator/predators kidnap their victims one or a few at a time and keep them captive in a secret dungeon in her home to use at her leisure. Scenario 3 Predator/predators seduce an unknowing victim (boss/employee, teacher/student, girl or milf next door, or just meet at a bar) Scenario 4 Predator/predators stalk prey until they are alone and uses them then and there. Scenario 5 Prey investigates a haunted house. If any of these interest you, or you have your own ideas that fit the thread title, message me so we can work out the deets.
  5. CherryHeathen

    The Ultimate Corruption

    Please be sure to have read my preference sheet!! I will NOT do pure smut. The role play MUST have story. I will be playing the female character, looking for someone to play a male character. This scenario features a soft, plush, cinnamon roll of a woman who finds herself kidnapped by a prolific seriel killer. She isn't his type, and he didn't want to take her.... But she walked out into the alley he was in when he nabbing a victim. What else was he supposed to do?! So, he had grabbed her too, and tied her up elsewhere as he did his thing with his intended victim. Then he would return to retrieve her. ^^^ that's the starting idea. The final result is that she becomes so Stockholm Syndromed by him that she begins to kill as well, turning them into a deadly pair. How we get there can be worked out as we go of course. I will be playing the female, named Opal. I'm very excited for this plot so if this interests you please reach out!!
  6. PizzaDeliveryDude

    Monster Fucker Reviewer

    ``Just a good ol day at the MFB as Andrew awaits for any types of monster that were sent here that were breedable as he came here to see if they are verified to be a 10/10 should be fucked monster..~`` M: Monster F: Fucker B: Building also uhh just send me like a bunch of monster female things for me to fuck but yeah that's all that I can actually do but also:
  7. I have been dying to play with some sort of monster girl, really anything other than a vampire, succubus, or werewolf. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with those types, I've just done too much of it! I'd absolutely love to be the slave of a haunted house full of horny monster/ghost girls, being used for their pleasure and what not. I'm willing to play a monster myself, perhaps some sort of Frankenstein-esque creation, and I have very VERY few limits. Hit me up and we can discuss things further.
  8. Loosecannon43

    Horror sex

    Basically, I wanted to give some sort of idea related to horror a chance. Especially since it's that time of year anyways. Idea #1: I play as the Horror victim, trying to "survive" from the monster that hunts MC, while YC is a monster that is in "sexual need". Gender doesn't matter for YC. MC is male, and will be the one fucking Idea #2: Just like #1, but in reverse; where I play as the monster, and YC is the victim. We can talk more about it in EcchiTexts.
  9. BadRiley

    Make me afraid...

    I'm really in the mood for some kind of horror RP lately. I have a few ideas, but I'm open to a lot of things (check my preferences), so feel free to pitch an idea if you have one!
  10. Aura


    Image credit: Monobe (pixiv) This user is blocked. [Hide messages] One week ago 10:03 AM blocked_user: Hey 10:12 AM You: How the hell are you messaging me? You're supposed to be in prison. blocked_user: Ha, I'm out now. Only 5 years, remember? 10:29 AM You: I have nothing to say to you. blocked_user: You sure about that? 11:00 AM blocked_user: I don't think that's true. You: The hell do you know? blocked_user: I know you more than you think. You: Like hell. blocked_user: I never left your mind. You: Fuck off, stop messaging me. blocked_user: You want me to stay. You: I said fuck off. blocked_user: You know as well as I do you can easily stop me. You: I want you to fuck off. blocked_user: You don't want me to go. Otherwise you'd just block me. You can do that, you know. 11:10 AM You: I don't block people. blocked_user: Then I can be your first again. 11:27 AM You: Shut the fuck up and don't message me again. blocked_user: You want me to stay. 12:00 AM blocked_user: No response? 12:10 AM blocked_user: Looks like I'm still not blocked. You: What the hell do you want from me? blocked_user: Ha, it's not what I want, babygirl. 12:13 AM You: Don't call me that. blocked_user: You used to love it. You: That was before you fucking raped me, asshole. blocked_user: That wasn't rape and you know it. You: Fuck. You. blocked_user: I know you better than you think. You pressed charges because you felt ashamed. But you know you wanted every second of it. 12:42 AM blocked_user: You're thinking of me now, aren't you? blocked_user: I'm aaall you can think about right now. blocked_user: You remember that night. You remember calling me daddy. You: Choke on a knife and die. blocked_user: You remember how it felt. You remember the way your virgin little cunt gripped my cock and wouldn't let go. blocked_user: You remember moaning, begging for more. You: I never asked for it. blocked_user: You didn't say it, but it was clear as day. The court didn't know it, but you do. 1:15 PM blocked_user: Don't worry, I forgive you. It was only five years and I'm out now. blocked_user: And it was worth every moment. blocked_user: You've gone silent but you still haven't blocked me. blocked_user: I know you're just on invisible. You're online, aren't you? blocked_user: You're reading these messages? blocked_user: Of course you are, but you're going to pretend you're not online. blocked_user: I know what you want, babygirl. Nobody has to know. blocked_user: [Content hidden] blocked_user: [Content hidden] blocked_user: [Content hidden] blocked_user: This could be you, you know. blocked_user: Pinned down, all helpless, screaming for more as I tear your body up from the inside out all over again. blocked_user: You were drooling, do you remember? blocked_user: I'd never seen you so turned on. Your heart had to have been pounding out of your chest. You were begging me to let you finish. 3:42 PM You: Fuck you. None of that is true, I don't want anything to do with you and you're a fucking asshole, you ruined my life! Now stop messaging me. blocked_user: Who ruined your life? You were thanking me back then. You: I didn't know any better. blocked_user: Your friends didn't know. You knew more than you're willing to admit now. You: I was just a kid. blocked_user: So was I. You: You were an adult. blocked_user: I was 18 and you were 17. And we were dating. You: You knew what you were doing. blocked_user: I did, and you loved me for it. blocked_user: What did you do when you read those messages, huh? You: I was trying to ignore them. blocked_user: You took a long time to reply. blocked_user: You were looking for a private place, weren't you? blocked_user: That was it, isn't it? You had to rush home to masturbate to me, huh? You: You don't fucking know me at all! blocked_user: Haha, I fucking knew it. You haven't changed one bit. blocked_user: You were masturbating to me. blocked_user: But I can do so much more than get you to masturbate. I'll go to jail all over again. We can turn this into a game. blocked_user: And I know you're all flustered now. Maybe I should give you a call? You: Stop it. blocked_user: You're turned on by this. All of this. You: I'm not. blocked_user: That's why you're replying with short messages. You wanna see what I'll say. You wanna be convinced. You: I want you to die. blocked_user: Maybe I'll come back anyway and bite your neck~ You: Leave me alone, I hate you! blocked_user: Yet I'm still not blocked. blocked_user: See, that's how I know you're into this shit. blocked_user: You're a twisted little girl and I love that about you. blocked_user: You love a man to take you without consent. You'd never admit to it. blocked_user: You'd never give consent to a man like me. You want it to be taken. That's just the way you are. blocked_user: I know you're touching yourself again. You: I'm flicking not! You: I'm fucking not! blocked_user: Typing with sticky fingers and getting autocorrected now? You: Shut the hell up! blocked_user: You don't have to admit to it. I can just keep on filling in the blanks for you. blocked_user: You're probably sitting right there at your computer. Probably bent over your bed, rubbing yourself and imagining me standing over you. blocked_user: You're remembering all the details about my cock. It's probably not even been that long ago since you thought about it. You remember every detail. blocked_user: You're addicted to this feeling. It's a problem to you. You think you're broken. You: You're fucking sick. blocked_user: You want it to happen again so badly. blocked_user: [Content hidden] You: Stop sending me porn! blocked_user: That's what you want me to do to you. Arm around your neck, whispering into your ear. Calling me daddy and begging for my cock. blocked_user: Just like last time. blocked_user: You've never fucked a guy like me since. blocked_user: Normal sex just doesn't do it for you. blocked_user: You really are a broken fuck toy. blocked_user: I broke you. blocked_user: I can break you again. blocked_user: And I absolutely will. blocked_user: I bet you've cum by now. I bet you're actually offline this time and freaking out. Yet I'm still not blocked. blocked_user: You want to come back to more of this, don't you? blocked_user: [Content hidden] blocked_user: [Content hidden] blocked_user: You know I could make you belong to me. blocked_user: I could be your daddy, babygirl. blocked_user: You wouldn't have to worry about anything ever again. blocked_user: Just wear sexy outfits like those and I'll tear them off of you. blocked_user: You'd look real cute in that red one, hm? blocked_user: How about that collar? You've always wanted to be walked on a leash~ blocked_user: You want to submit to me. blocked_user: You'll never admit it, and that's what makes you fun to play with. 6 days ago 10:04 AM blocked_user: Good morning, babygirl. blocked_user: How hard did you cum when you read those messages last night? blocked_user: Why don't you come outside and see my surprise for you? 10:16 AM blocked_user: Haha, I had you panicking again, didn't I? blocked_user: And you know what's even hotter? blocked_user: The fact that I bet you went outside. You: Why are you doing this? blocked_user: Because it's what you want. You: Stop saying that, I don't want this! blocked_user: You're addicted to me. You: I'm not addicted to you, I want nothing to do with you! blocked_user: I want you in my bed. You: Leave me the fuck alone! 11:23 AM You: You're such an asshole. I can't believe you. You fucking raped me. You took me when I didn't fully understand what was happening. I wasn't comfortable at any point, I didn't enjoy it, I wanted to fucking scream! I was completely fucking stiff and you just fucked me like some sort of sex toy! You used me, destroyed my confidence, stole years of my life from me, and I'll never be the fucking same all because of you! I fucking hate you and I genuinely want you to fucking kill yourself! You: You want to know what I'm so afraid of admitting to you? I'm fucking terrified of you. I don't know what to do if I ever see you again. You should be in jail for the rest of your life. You should have been given the fucking death penalty. I'll only be comfortable with you when you're dead. Get the fuck out of here and stop talking to me. You: This whole thing is a fucking game to you but it's a goddamn nightmare to me. blocked_user: And yet you were touching yourself to me just last night. You: I can't fucking believe you. blocked_user: Still not denying it, huh? blocked_user: You are still into it. I told you, I know you better than you think. I know you better than you want me to. You: Please, just leave me alone. blocked_user: Good girl to ask nicely. You: What do you want? blocked_user: I thought you wanted me to leave you alone. You: I want to know why you're messaging me. blocked_user: You know. You: I don't. blocked_user: You just want me to say it. blocked_user: I want to fuck you again. I want to make you feel it all all over again. I want to break into your bedroom, bend you over that bed, and take you. I want to devour that slutty body of yours. I want to reveal the goddamn animal you are all over again and I want to hear you beg for it all over again. blocked_user: That's what you want me to say, right? 5 days ago 1:02 AM You: Look, okay, I just want to put this behind me, okay? I'm not the person I was back then. I'm 22 now. I'm in college, I have work. I don't want you constantly harassing me for my attention. Maybe I was turned on by it, maybe I even still am. Maybe it's a kink of mine, maybe you really do know me as well as you think you do, but that still doesn't make what you did okay. You: These are things I can never explore in a healthy way again because of the trauma you've given me. I can't trust men anymore. I've never been able to have normal sex and I've even lost a really good boyfriend because of it. I'm just too afraid of what they'll do to me. My only experience was you and it's probably the only experience I'll ever have and that fucking hurts to think about. blocked_user: You're realizing it now. You: Realizing what? blocked_user: That you're just rape meat. You: Why are you like this? blocked_user: I'm all you'll ever get. Because it's all you'll ever want. You: You're fucking terrible. blocked_user: You need relief. You can use the rape excuse all you want. I'll be right over~ You: What? No, don't you dare! You: You're not serious, right? You: Please, just leave me alone. You: Don't do this. 4:02 AM You: You're not going to come to my place, are you? You: Listen, for the love of God, just don't ever talk to me again. You: If there's something you want from me, I'll do it. I'll send you money to help you get back on track after prison or whatever. Don't do this to me. You: I'll call you daddy, I'll send you nudes, whatever you want, but I never want to see you again. Please don't come here. 10:00 AM blocked_user: How adorable my babygirl is. You actually thought I'd come over when I don't even know your address anymore. blocked_user: You're really searching for excuses now. Even offered to send me nudes I never even asked for. blocked_user: You pretend to be scared but you were actually wet as hell aren't you? You've been fantasizing about me all night. I bet you got yourself all dolled up, too. blocked_user: You couldn't get any sleep at all last night, expecting me to break through that door and take you any second. You: I hate this so much... blocked_user: You know, it wouldn't be hard to find your address, actually. blocked_user: Did you know that your voters' registry is publicly available? I can find your address just by googling your name. You: You don't think I fucking know that!? blocked_user: You know you can have it removed on request? But you're not going to, are you? You: ... blocked_user: I could manage another sentence, you know. blocked_user: I could do it. blocked_user: But I think it would just be so much fun to get you to admit that you want it this time. blocked_user: Tell me you want it and I'll be right over. You: I don't want it. blocked_user: You don't want to want it. You: I DON'T want it. blocked_user: Haha, okay babygirl. But just know that any second of any day I could barge right into that front door of yours and take that cute, squirming body all over again. I'll make you scream my name and I know you won't press charges again unless somebody finds out. But you'll make it a point to keep it secret, won't you? blocked_user: Because you're a good girl. blocked_user: Just like how you haven't shown these messages to anyone but yourself, right? You: Nobody's seen them... blocked_user: Good girl. 6:43 PM You: Okay, just one time. And we never mention this again. blocked_user: One time for what? You: You know. blocked_user: I don't. You: Don't pull that shit. blocked_user: I want you to say it. You: Whatever. 7:02 PM You: I want you to fuck me. Are you happy? blocked_user: Drop the attitude. You: ... blocked_user: Drop it or I won't do anything. You: I want you to fuck me. blocked_user: haha, you could be a little nicer with that. You: Shut the hell up. blocked_user: I know that's not how you'll be talking to me when I'm there. You: I don't care. 8:04 PM blocked_user: Why don't you come outside and see my surprise for you, babygirl? image credit: トミヤ (Tomiya; Pixiv) Every time I re-read the chat log, it just drains me. It makes my blood boil. It makes me want to scream. It makes me want to cry, it makes me feel so ashamed... I'm so pissed at him, but I'm even more pissed at myself. What the hell is wrong with me? Nothing he said was false no matter how much I wanted to deny it. I'm livid that he knows me so much. But I'm even angrier that I gave in. I never should've. But he knows my addictions, he knows everything about me. Honestly, he could ruin me so much more than he already has. I'm honestly terrified he'll turn around and blackmail me or something, but I don't think he would... because even though he raped me, I still feel like I know him enough to know the things he wouldn't do. In some twisted way, he thinks he was justified in what he did and it's against his moral boundaries to go further now that I've blocked him. But even blocking him, I hate myself for. Because in some twisted warped logic, I felt that leaving him unblocked meant I was the only one who had to deal with him. Even though that doesn't make any sense, he just as easily could've been sending the same messages to so many other girls tormenting them in the same way as me, but... I just have the feeling he was fixated on me. I'm terrified that he'll just move on to some other girl now... If he hurts another girl the way he hurt me, I don't know if I could live with myself... Even if he got into a normal, healthy relationship with another girl I still don't know if I could stomach it. I hate the fact that he destroyed so much about me and is just off casually living his own life after having conquered mine. I absolutely hate that he's all I've ever been able to think about, even when dating other guys myself. I hate that I've gotten addicted to this sort of thing, I hate that I've started seeking it out, I absolutely hate that this addiction runs so deep in me that I literally couldn't say no even if I knew it would be a bad idea. I can't go to anyone for help with this, this time he even had consent. He's already done time for the last time. He may be a registered sex offender now, but that's hardly a fair exchange for having trampled all over my life and shoving me down a hill on a dangerous path that I can't escape from... my pictures are already out there, I can never get them back. So many men, just like him, want to tear me apart... why am I like this? Why do I want to dig this hole deeper? Why does it turn me on? It's fucking destroying me! Our relationship was a totally normal one. We explored fairly heavy kinks and had a lot of sex, sure, but something changed. I'd sit in his lap while we played video games together, we'd watch videos together, we'd go on dates, we'd make out in the movies... all that stupid teenager stuff. Where did things go wrong? When did he decide he no longer needed consent? Where did I fuck up? What could I have done differently? I can't do any of that stuff anymore without remembering him... that night where he took everything from me and changed my life forever... I don't want it... I didn't want it... I never wanted it... I still don't... So why? Why... do I feel like I do?
  11. Kai Ichimasu

    Let's Play a Game!

    I'll lay down the bare bones of the ideas, everything is free to use and up for discussion, PM me if you're interested! Oh, and I am only looking for Female Partners! Idea One: Sexy Saw! 2 People wake up trapped in a room, a voice comes over a PA system/TV in the corner, telling them that they will die in that room unless they complete a series of challenges. But instead of the horrifically torturous/disfiguring games from Saw, these are much more sexually charged and lewd. As the games unfold more info is revealed about the unwilling players, and what they've done to earn themselves such unusual fates. Idea Two: Bored Games! 2 friends find themselves with nothing to do and decide to dig through a stack of old board games, eventually coming across an old one neither of them recognize. They decide to give it a try, only to find themselves stuck in a Jumanji type situation where strange things start happening the more they play the game. Their bodies changing, their minds altering, all with a lewd twist naturally, and the only way to get back to normal is to finish them game.
  12. HELLO THERE, I'm Quent. No, I don't have a plot outline ready to go. I have a fuckton of characters from a 20 year streak of writing, and I'm always finding reasons to make new ones. I do, however, LOVE bouncing around ideas with my partner. It makes it much easier for me to develop ideas for the story (YES I do prefer as much story as spice) we create together. I like to take inspiration from all different forms of media, but I don't really watch a lot of TV. I don't do any kind of fandoms (except for a very short list that is not popular) and as such I won't write them at all. BUT, I would love to take ideas from such things and add it in to what we're building. I like creating, okay, and I really work best with a partner. I tend to write multiple paragraphs, I love details and I love having a lot to read in return, but I do realize when its not necessary. I will never write less than two or three solid paragraphs in accordance to the scene, but sometimes I can write upwards of pages. It depends on the scene itself, how many characters I'm using, what's happening. Give me meaty responses is all I ask, add some depth, do something to react to. I will not carry it for you, I am not GM material. I have a strong preference for m/m being that the majority of my characters are male, but I'm open to other pairings if you offer a particularly convincing argument. I am queer and expect anyone in my DMs is also some flavor of queer-friendly. Message me if you're curious, and I'll get back to you just as soon as I'm able!
  13. On this post I will try (and probably fail) to write a few ERP ideas in a more immersed way, leaving details up for discussion on most cases, always open for the inclusion (or exclusion) of non-con, dub-con, incest, ageplay, interracial/interspecies, dark and similar kinks (I've few limits). The prompts aren't meant to be taken as how the roleplay will develop or start, in fact they're just to (hoping I wrote them decently enough) spark am idea. I apologize for any error I didn't correct, I wrote this on phone late at night when my brain and vision are at their lowest. Some general ideas by genre High fantasy Dark fantasy - Banned secrion's catalogue - Spells and magical workings that are usually utilized for criminal purposes. (…) The following had been specially used for the violation of female students' physical or psychological integrity in the past. Stigmatic Blindspot - This spell is similar on it's working to a veil or invisibility spell but easily ignores the usual sensors. It can also be improved in such a way that whatever is half seen is rationalised by the viewer's mind. Althusser's Waking Dream - This spell forces a vivid dream on a sleeping person's mind, the level of detail depending on the caster or host's mind. Utilized with some intrusion spell can easily break most mental barriers and be used for subtle manipulations or just psychological violence. Evanizer's pocket portals - A thieve's favourite device, a very advanced yet small construct that opens portals to small openings through sympathy linkage, vulgarly known as voodoo hole. "Poor man's time stop" - Considered local legend created by students it is fabled to create an effect similar to time manipulation spells by forcefully stopping a victim's mind or delaying their memory proccesses, this however would probably cause severe brain damage due to it's sudden application. There had been a few reported cases that support its existance however yet it hasn't been proven. Speremaxhtic concoctions - A category of alchemical drugs usually disguised or combined with basic potions or elixirs crafted or catalyzed through sexual components, specially sperm. Usually used for corruptimg a victim's libido (usually more potent than normal love potions) or pheromone production. Although not banned, tentacle related spells must be closely observed for their similar application. Apparently spells or potions that control nerve connections can easily connect this fake appendices to erogenos zones and be (…) Related Banned conjurings: Succubus, Incubus, lamía, LennanSidhe, Lust pixies, Seed vampires (…) Cosmic horrors of the Tentacle variety - Anima Vitalis, translations of the works of by Al-Kalam Ibn Hazzi and his own transcriptions of Pethoritas of Senos work. Indexation of cabalistic, alchemical, astrological and divinative proven practices by the masters: On the creation of homunculi of the human variety - The perfect servants. Abreian and Hensian secrets for the construction of basic automaton - Clay, stone and bronze, the use of flesh for coating or base matter is a [lost fragment] Reanima- [lost fragment] Sabian astro-spectro-mancy, the dead and the stars, the dead and the basic alchemical constituents. Stasis of the soul and flesh - Pain, injury, degradation and restauración. —Most of the texts has been lost after the publication of the condemnation and Malleus Necromantica, whose edicts were followed by the iron inquisition movements were performed through the continent. - Extracts from A commentary on the Malleus Nevromantica's section on practitioners of the arts by Temres d'Chatre. …It is true that witch covenants work on trios for that is the nature of the original pagan practitioners they draw upon, but they show their diabolic tendencies at the "Hexia" where they take to the choosing of the next generation of hags (…) it is said that the naked dance is not just so but a rite of initiation where their creation blood is taken by fiends or demon possessed victims who proceed to impregnate the witches who would then some day give birth to new witches or demons in a (…) Whereas the proliferation of warlocks or sorcerers (as the former is now used to describe a new type of diabolic practitioner popular in Albia) consists on the reinforcement of the blood ties to the source of power and shared cultivation of those sources, act that dark enough by itself as it (…) however, the wickedness of it is worsen by the lustful nature of the supposedly more effective methods that were reported by knights and priests of the faith who had the terrible misfortune of observing them on action… (…) Lastly, as my aim is not to describe all the minor mistakes about the other practitioners ways —namely shammans, sabians, druids, Magi, sophists, xian-men, etc —but point out the most important discoveries after the application of the Malleus (…), the necromancers are known to create a new type of servitor and future heir in the form of partially possessed young vessels (…). Warlocks of the modern Chaldean variety are discussed on a commentary made by Bathory to the Emerald Tablet, they are a mystery to many in various aspects but seem to keep their dark trade by means similar to sorcerers, necromancers, Magi and witches in different ways. Gothic Horror - The Von Die Gurrett Brother tales of haunted Io lists most of the darkest creatures that haunt our collective imaginary by the recounting of local stories about (…). Apparently the brothers had to censor or ignore quite a few of their tales for they were way sexual in nature, a list of these tales is supposed to be compiled and published by a "Carroll of Lendbart" but the heirs of Gutrettian study deny that (…) these tales include: The Captive Vampyr of Erkshire, fed and kept on undeath by her father or husband, who depending on the version brought her back, kept her locked in life until she transformed by her grief or was discovered to be such creature after her marriage (…) The haunted Albenhive grounds, said to be the place of disappearance of many young ladies who pass by. The collector, a dark tale of the fair folk's less known but most despicable character said to be the cause of most changelings, loses of faculty and twisted contracts (…) Cosmic horror - I wrote this on the eve of the ritual in the hopes that, if the preparations go wrong or worse, I succeed, someone knows what to do with the mess that will be left behind, since after what I have found on Emily's diary I can't seem to imagine any result other than these two, and yet, who would have believed it be [Blood Splash] she has taken it, what a brave lady she is, makes me think of her mother, she won't feel when it happens and that's a relief alongside the knowledge that either way [Blood] and the group of cultists will take their due time, the markings and (time) are right, we will either banish this or open Pandora's box but I only pray that the lord forgives me for what I have to do to her in order to prevent a greater calamity. "Cyberpunk" - Cyberspace's Dictionary for Local Slangs Puppets: Local slang for prostitutes who go through a memory altering or mental blocking proccess via Neural port devices, existing of two varieties those who get one drug induced trance, of the cheaper variety but banned in many corporation regulated zones also known as _zombies" or "Oracle's" depending on the drugs used; or those mentally blocked or controlled by some digital system from as simple as a simple OS to NSI or even corporate A.I. usually referred as true puppets. Puppets generally choose this system of business to forget any sexual act performed, while this reduces the stress of the activity it is fairly known that many less regulated businesses bend the contracts to force their puppets into nom agreed (…) Dolling - The act of hacking or corrupting a neural device and installing a "puppet system" (i.e. turning the user into a puppet) without the user's consent. Voodoo Dolling - Similar to Dolling but eliminating the memory modification or mental blocking features so the victim is fully or partially aware of what they're being forced to do. The term comes from one of the strangest yet more infamous Dolling that occurs through Simstim. Simstim sex - Refers to the use of Simstim virtual devices to allow for AR or AR-Cyberspace sexual activities. - (…) Yet another crime against the world and human condition was commited in the name of corporative feudalism, our readers may remember the last article that coated us our niche on a supposedly free speech spot on the cybernet gazette (…)a yet this time the perpetrators have one face, if not many bodies. We are talking of the Seedherth family, yet you may know them better as the Drone-Clones from the multinational A-T, I warned you about (…) so, they didn't just infringe against human nature and (…) on their act of preserving their leader through cloning and neural transplant but it has been revealed that this aberrant immortal has been cloning not only his countless wives but also relatives for his sexual amusement!! (…) Last saved extract from The Voice of Reason Deep Web magazine author before his reported disappearance. Post Apocalyptic -We are the survivors! We are the chosen! Our blood has been hand-picked by God to carry on the legacy of human kind! We need to survive, the line can't decline, I need to make sure they keep breeding, we need to achieve a critical number to make sure the population doesn't decrease after I die. We can't mix with the male outsiders, the women could probably bear second rate humans if our blood mixes with them but the males are too weak, their mutations are proof enough. (…) I can't pick a successor yet, many if them just bring me females which is necessary but the few males have been insolent and unfit to rule, exile or execution are the only remedies I'm afraid. (…) Yet another young one died but she served her purpose, exponential growth is achievable if they at least bring two new wombs to this world. Science-Fiction - 543th year of the Intergalactic calendar. Harenies ship. "Uhm... Well... Mission report? Look, I shouldn't be awake but something went wrong and... Ah... The pleasure ship owner is now dead... And the god damn automatic system is refusing to cooperate so... Basically I'm lost in the middle of interstellar nowhere with a broken ship and who knows how many cryogenically preserved alien, mutant or... Heck I think there's even some artificial women... All supposed to be sold to some interstellar pimp and now I'm probably gonna die here, I would say that in my situation any man would do as I plan to do, don't judge me too hard whoever sees this. I'll probably add more ideas, I'm always open for modern normal ideas if they involve taboo kinks! (I have a few ideas but I've ran low on energy for writing them rn)
  14. Bunny69

    Mxm Dark rps!

    Hi! I'm looking for dark, taboo rps I play traps, sissies, bottoms, switch and cuntboys Kinks: Vaginal sex Anal sex Fisting BDSM Humiliation Degradation Incest Knife play Blood play Non-con Objectification (Using MC as an ashtray, bed, chair, stuff like that) Beastality (can't remember how to spell it) Public sex Blow jobs Rimming Begging Mpreg And more!! Current cravings: Bully x Nerd What if the Nerd was the dominant in the relationship? YC has bullied MC since they were kids, when MC gets a glow up, YC is all over him. MC is a bottom, but he's dominant and will put YC in his place Alpha x Omega Teacher x Student Incest (Any but mostly father x son or uncle x nephew) Policeman x Criminal Pimp x Worker Serial Killer x Victim
  15. I used to hate family vacations. Ever since I was a little girl, my cousins would always pick on me. They'd push me down, call me ugly, make fun of me for things I didn't know. They always found every excuse to exclude me. Mom and dad always tried to cheer me up by buying me special toys and stuff, but it always burned me up inside that they didn't want anything to do with me. "What's wrong with me?" I always thought to myself. "Why don't they like me? Is it because I'm just a kid? Just a girl? But why do they have to be so mean about it?" I remember crying to my parents about it. Mom would try to console me with pretty words. "They're just jealous of you," or dad would make excuses for them. "They're just trying to keep you safe, you'll get hurt if you play with them." But, there was more to it. There was always more they weren't telling me. I knew because I'd walk out the door and stop to listen. I'd hear mom tell dad he needs to talk to his brother about their behavior and he'd always brush her off. "Boys will be boys." He'd always say. "Boys will be boys." It was the same excuse, over and over. "Boys will be boys." I hated boys. Boys were mean. They were rough. They were harsh. They called you names and made you feel like crap. And all throughout school, it was the same excuse. Over and over. It wasn't just my dad. It was a rule of society. A boy spat on me and called me stupid in 3rd grade. "Boys will be boys," my teacher said after doing nothing more than telling him not to do it again. The same boy pulled my hair at gym. "Boys will be boys," I heard the gym teacher say to himself. I swear he laughed when he saw it, too. A boy grabbed my butt in the hallway in 6th grade. "Boys will be boys," I heard the principal say to the disciplinarian as I walked away after reporting him. The same boy grabbed my chest on the bus ramp. I broke his nose and immediately got detention. I missed my bus and dad had to pick me up. I got a stern talking to about fighting. "That's no reason to start a fight," he said as I explained what happened. "You're lucky. If you were a boy he would've hit you back." "Boys will be boys," I suppose. "It means he likes you," is something my mom once said to me. In regards to that boy in 3rd grade. I was so confused. If he liked me why would he spit on me and pull my hair? It just made me want to stay away from him. And then that boy in 6th grade. Did he like me too? Was he making fun of me? I hated him, though. I didn't want him anywhere near me. I hated all boys. I just wanted them to stay away from me. "Why are you such a bitch?" I had an upper classman ask me my freshman year of highschool when I told him to leave me alone because I hate boys. I didn't reply but I knew my answer. Because Boys will be boys. After a while, I had to stop hanging around other girls, too. It seemed like none of them shared my same hatred of boys. It was like it was all they could talk about. They started to get boyfriends, they'd bring them around and I just... hated it. I'd catch their eyes and swear they were staring at me, eyeing me up. It made my skin crawl. I couldn't be around it. Even when they were complaining about things their boyfriends did that they didn't like, I was suddenly in the wrong for voicing that those issues were exactly why I didn't want a boyfriend. As if somehow I was less of a girl because I didn't like boys. Before I knew it, I didn't have any friends. I didn't want to be in any clubs, extracurriculars, nothing. It was always because of boys, boys, boys. But, sophomore year, something seemed to change. There was this guy, he wasn't like other guys. He was a lot like me, actually. He sat alone at lunch, he trailed off on his own in the halls. There was always an air of bitter frustration and lonely sadness surrounding him. He wasn't particularly attractive or anything, but... he was like me. I remember he told me one day something no boy had ever told me before. "I think you're pretty," it was a simple phrase, but it completely caught me off guard. I couldn't believe that a boy had said something so simple to me and it got me blushing like an idiot. "You're not like other girls. You don't worry so much about what people think." It completely changed my mood for the rest of the day. I went home giggling to myself the exact same way those other girls would. I didn't know it yet, but I guess he wanted more than that. I didn't know, I really didn't. How was I supposed to? What was I supposed to do? I don't know what happened, but he started to seem cold toward me, too. I was so confused. I didn't even know what I wanted him to do. I guess I wanted him to surprise me again. But all I got was nothing but cold air between us. I remember reaching out to him. "Is everything okay?" "Yeah, yeah, everything's fine." It was so confusing. His voice was cold. "Did... I do something wrong?" "Don't do that." "Do what?" He just rolled his eyes. I couldn't understand. Why was he being so cold? "It just means he likes you." was the voice I heard echo in my head. I think I finally understood... but it was weird. He was the closest thing to a friend I'd had in over a year. I actually enjoyed spending time with him. I didn't want to lose him over some stupid misunderstanding. But I didn't like him... not... y'know, like that... Is that what he wanted? I could feel my heart sink. How could I be so dumb? I should've known this would happen. Boys will be boys. "Fine." I remember stomping off and making a scene in front of him. It was dumb. Maybe I wanted him to grab me by the arm and apologize or something... I didn't want to be right. But once I was out of sight, I just made my way to the bathroom and cried. I thought he wasn't like other boys. What was even dumber than my little show was when I texted him that night. I told him I was sorry, that I didn't mean to hurt him. I didn't even know what I was apologizing for. He told me it was okay. I thought that would be it, things would be better, but then he just kept talking... he told me again that he still thought I was pretty. He went on about how most girls caked on makeup... I told him I wear makeup, too. He seemed surprised but explained that he meant that I didn't wear too much. He also added that most girls were rude and dismissive to him. I felt like things were getting better again, I could relate to that. I told him how I felt with boys throughout my life and he agreed that those guys were assholes but he told me that not all guys were like them, that he was different. I believed him. And then, things quickly went south. He started texting me more frequently throughout the days, telling me I was always on his mind, reminding me that I was beautiful, doing all the things a... boyfriend would do. One day, he tried to kiss me. I was confused again, but I probably shouldn't have been. I just didn't want that. I thought I'd made that clear but I guess I never said it. I didn't kiss him and made up an excuse about how I wasn't ready. He started texting me more frequently. I kept coming up with excuses. He got frustrated when I didn't reply. One day, he was absent from school and told me he was sick and had to stay home. I was strangely relieved. I told him I couldn't talk after school because I would be busy on a project. The project was made-up, but I thought it was a functional enough excuse. I really just wanted some time away from him. But when I got off the bus at my neighborhood, I was shocked to find him standing there. My face went pale and I didn't even want to get off the bus. The other students got impatient and pushed me forward. It was that feeling like you've just been caught red-handed doing something your parents told you not to do. I didn't understand why I felt this way, but he was furious with me. He yelled at me and I couldn't say anything to defend myself. I knew I was being a terrible person to him. I was adding lies on top of lies to avoid him day after day. He was far more hurt than I was. I could hear his voice cracking when he told me that I was his only friend and I couldn't come up with an explanation for why I felt the way I did. I tried to lay it out as plainly as I could, but he just accused me of lying still. He knew we were perfect for each other. He knew I had to be his girlfriend. I didn't want to go home. He would follow me. So we just stood there at the bus stop, I just listened to him scold me and lecture me about everything I had been doing wrong and how much I'd hurt him. Not once did I stand up for myself. Not once did I yell back or tell him to back off. All I knew is that I'd been a terrible person, he told me that he was wrong that I wasn't like other girls. He revoked so many of the compliments he'd given me. And for the first time in my life, I cared. I felt distraught. Finally, I told him I was sorry, I begged for his forgiveness. I needed him to think I was pretty. I needed him to think I wasn't like other girls. I had never felt this way about a boy in my life. Maybe... maybe this was what love was? He moved in to kiss me but I felt nothing. He told me he forgave me. That he loved me and that he'd protect me and make sure that I was safe from all those horrible boys... but it didn't sound liberating. His kiss felt forceful. Aggressive, controlling... I'd never kissed a boy so I had no idea what to expect. Maybe this is just what a kiss was like. He wouldn't leave me alone. We stood at the bus stop all day. My dad texted me and asked me where I was. He was watching so I couldn't just ask for help. I told him I was with a friend and I'd be home late. I still didn't want to lead this boy to my house. He kept insisting that he didn't want to go home, that he wanted to spend every waking moment with me because he knew it was a rare opportunity. He kept kissing me, kept touching me, kept pulling me in for hugs... he was so happy, I wanted to gut myself for not feeling anything positive... As the sunlight started to fade, he insisted that I come with him to his place, but I told him I had chores that I needed to get done and if I didn't do them I'd probably be grounded. Perhaps he realized that would mean I wouldn't be able to text with him, so he finally let me go. I didn't get home until 2 in the morning and got a harsh lecture from my dad. I told him I lost track of time and my phone ran out of battery. He didn't even know who I was with and had already accused me of staying out late with a boy. I felt humiliated but couldn't say anything to my defense. He told me I should never be out with a boy so late and that I'd just end up pregnant. I didn't want to try to fight back. He'd only get more angry, so I just went to sleep. More text messages. More long talks. This boy would follow me everywhere he could. It was impossible to get away from him. At one point, he asked why I wouldn't just let him walk me home and I told him it was because my dad would kill him. Of course, I knew it would be me who got in trouble. This boy could do anything he wants with me and it would still be my fault because "Boys will be boys". Slowly but surely, this boy started integrating himself into more and more areas of my life. When I got a part-time job at a local supermarket, he was a daily customer. Somehow, he got my address and sent me gifts in the mail. He even got gifts for my parents and my little sister. They all kept telling me how much they liked him and asked me why he's not my boyfriend yet. But not one of them considered how I felt. I was starting to see his face everywhere. Every boy who walked into the market made me double take to see if it was him or not. Every car that passed me on the road, I thought was his. I'd see cars drive by my house and freeze wondering if it was him. The scariest part was that it often was him, and it was happening more and more frequently. I remember nearly passing out when I saw him alone at my house with my little sister because my parents had asked him to pick her up from school and babysit. He was in our house and she was so excited. I wanted to scream but I had to pretend to be happy because I didn't want to make the poor girl feel bad... or hurt his feelings. But the most twisted thing that really pushed me over the edge... was when my dad had organized a date night for us for our 'anniversary'. It was his gift for all the charitable stuff he'd done for me and my family. My dad had paid for everything upfront. A reservation at a restaurant and... a hotel room. Not once had I been asked how I felt about any of this. I didn't even know we had an anniversary. I thought we'd never been official! But all the money had been spent. There was no going back. I was 18 now. My dad had handed me over to this boy I had no feelings for as a prize. A reward for good behavior. Even my mom thought this was a sweet gesture of him, and told me it was also an apology for him being so harsh on me. Mom dressed me up, she was so excited that I was going on such an elaborate date. I hated the dress, I didn't want to go. But I couldn't say any of that. I was just being ungrateful. Dad had spent so much money on this and we were going to have such a good time. The dinner didn't matter. Both of us knew what was happening after. He stared at me like a lion stalking its prey. "You're nervous." "N-no, I'm fine..." "Don't do that." There it was again... but this time, I felt so much more scared than before... "I don't know if I want this..." "I'll be gentle, you know I won't hurt you." "But... this is all so sudden..." "It'll be nice and easy." No, it wouldn't! He wouldn't listen to me! Why did it feel like I was screaming into a void!? "You wouldn't... if I said no, right?" "Are you going to say no?" He put on a twisted look that I suppose was supposed to be seductive... but it seemed more intimidating. I bit my lip and looked down. "You look so cute like that, you know." His hand reached around my lower chin. I didn't even know he had wormed his way around behind me already. "You know I won't do anything without consent." But I knew what would happen if I said no. He'd be angry. He'd probably hurt me or call me a bitch. He'd throw everything good he'd done for me and my family back in my face. And my parents would, too. "Do you want me, Jessica?" Hearing him say my name made me freeze as his hand groped my breast and his hips ground against my butt. He already knew the answer. "Yes..." And I knew, from the moment he took me without a condom. Nothing I said would matter. I couldn't complain, no action would be taken. He would rule over my life and I would be forever indebted to him. Everything bad would be my fault. After all, "Boys will be boys."
  16. Breakbox_Muses

    Albert Wesker

    From the album: Breakbox_Muses Canons

  17. I have always enjoyed making my own plots set within Lovecraftian horror settings and different time periods. Of course, it can be tough to find players for such things here, but I will still try my best to do so. Now - onto the idea: As mentioned, this is the 1920's and we are playing within a mid sized American town. The plot hook being that each player starts off with the same odd and almost otherworldly dream (nightmare?) and various clues will guide them towards a way to interpret this dream, only to find out that the person(s) they have met within, also have had the same dream and ventured to find out what is going on. Saying anymore would very much ruin a lot of the plot, horror, railroad players. I hope this short introduction has caught your attention. This will be done in this club of mine:
  18. Sierrazion

    Looking for Horror

    Hi! I'm going to be pretty brief, I'm looking for someone to GM a female character through a horror themed game. I have some specific ideas, but I'm open to changes. For instance if we wanted to run it together and you liked the idea, we could both play characters experiencing things together. What I was envisioning is the old horror jrpgs games like the ones on RPG maker. Characters could be exploring a haunted house/school, a cursed forest, or even be chased by a psycho killer or something. Either way, I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone would be interested. I'm not the most sure about it myself, but I'm a big horror cinephile and was curious if anything would translate to text. If there's no takers I'll just backpocket it for some other time maybe. Thank you for perusing, you're very sweet. Scary Movie Nut, Sierra Zion
  19. Greetings to you, devious ones Recently I came across some interesting piece of entertainment that resonated with some twisted ideas that were lingering somewhere inside my mind. And those ideas shaped the thriller / horror narrative discussed in this thread. If you have some familiarities with the Silent Hill series, the phychological horror and grotesque imagineries chances are you might even enjoy yourself reading through this. KEY WORDS Your character against the world A journey through a reality wrapped into a nightmarish scenario All horror elements are derived from the human mind, and its perversions Sexual cravings become manifest and become a threat Powerful contrasts between determination/threats and beauty/horror SUMMARY The story would follow one female character - who I leave in your capable hands - that is following a disturbing trail of incidents and mysterious reports. She doesn't necessarily have to be a police detective on official duty, but still have strong reasons to see the ordeal through. Since your character is pretty much the sole protagonist, I would be very interested in discussing unique aspects, perks and any peculiar personality trait that would make her more interesting or just add meaning to her motivation and backstory. She is meant to carry the emotional weight of such horrific journey so she has to appeal to both writers while moving things forward. Every other character - and creature - would be handled by my own writing. The narrative being structured like an investigation that spirals down into the unknown would require your character to interact with different ones, even if only once, and make choices regarding how to approach any kind of threat. For that reason, I would see the story focus never leaving your protagonist and only involve other character when it calls for them. The time frame is modern - not necessarily 2022 but anytime from the 90s to today. It would be actually pretty interesting to discuss the role of communication devices such as cell phones or computers. The setting would first introduce a "real" location but the shift to its supernatural, twisted version populated with things that cannot be explained. It would appear like the classical "descent to hell" but without any actual traveling to firey caverns or such. The character would still explore modern environments but they would be heavily altered with elements such as deep fog, disturbing noises and - most of all - horrific dwellers. The reason behind everything that happens being both psychological and supernatural, also based on your own tastes. The threats surrounding your character would be derived from the humand mind, like if sexual depravities and uglinesses took form and infested the place. They would still look human, but could push their visuals to grotesque takes on the human bodies. There would be no gore or strong violence but instead the representation on unchained sexual urges, craving for your character body and pleasure, trying to corrupt her mind and bring her down. How would your character react to everything that's happening around her? Not just from a rational point of view, looking for clues and a way out, but more importantly from an emotional and irrational one, having to deal with reflections of her own desires or disgusting variations of the things herself might crave...
  20. Hi! I'm looking to do a FNAF roleplay. When I started doing this 8 years ago, FNAF was what got me into it. Now, I'm craving it again so I figured I'd make a post on it. Here's what I'm alright with playing: •NEW! I'd love to do a Security Breach RP, I can play Freddy, a human - we can discuss further, of course. • I can play as a male night guard. • I can play as a male mechanic. • I can play as male animatronics. • I'm fine with plots that revolve around games 1-4 and Sister Location. I don't really know much beyond that. • I'm fine with male and female partners for this roleplay (we can discuss specific animatronics and characters in private.) • I'm fine with 18+ roleplays and NSFW. If you're interested, do let me know! I'm also available on Discord as I'm mostly a mobile user. Also, my reference sheet is subject to change per scenario, as I'm fine with most any kink but only if they fit the situation.
  21. A high school couple discovering the darkness that will envelop the universe. Deciding to fight evil. They solve mysteries despite the risk of death or worse. Looking for sort of Junji Ito or Silent Hill-esque monsters. You decide who the boy is. The girl is a naive everygirl with a fragile heart who must become brave. This is the girl. Himari Kujikawa. The first antagonist is The After, a dark being. You decide it's design.
  22. Huntressplaytoy

    The Hunt Commences

    Looking for someone to play the Huntress for me I guess send a text if your interested.
  23. You've seen this movie scene before: a bunch of kids out in the woods. Spooky stories, a bit of drinking and pot, maybe some frisky fun. An abandoned house out in the woods, or maybe an old legend about a beast that roams through the trees. Nobody believes in that stuff...until it happens to them. But this isn't your average horror movie. Oh, no, this one has a twist! You see, my friends, they all fell into the same traps you've seen in a dozen 1980's classic, and one by one, they all got picked off. Now I'm all that's left, and I'm not going to die out here. Could I fight back? Maybe, but this isn't really a movie. My chances of taking down a psychotic killer or hulking monstrosity are second to none. Maybe I could make a run for it, but I'm the only one left, and whatever's chasing me down has the taste for blood. I doubt I could make it out of the woods and to safety before I'm caught. There's another way to get out of this safely, though; one that never gets shown in the movies. As I trip on a fallen tree branch and tumble over, falling into the mud, I find myself on my back, scampering away. My pursuer advances on me, my clothes snagging on the ground as I think, this is the end. But then, the idea comes to me. I take my skirt by the hem with one hand, pulling it back over my thick, creamy thighs to expose my lacy black panties. "H-Hey there, sexy", I try, grinning up at the murderous creature as I use my other hand to tug my panties to the side. "Don't you think there's a better way for you and me to spend the night~?" --- The "Final Girl" finds a different way to survive her horror movie experience: by letting whatever creature or killer that's been picking off her friends fuck her senseless. I'd like to play a sexy goth type for this; the kind of gal that nobody would actually be all that surprised let some horror movie monster have it's way with her, even if it's dick is covered in her friend's blood. I want to stress that there will be no gore or death, except for the mention of my friends' untimely fates. I fully expect to get away...or take up residence as the monster's happy little fucktoy out in the woods. Kinks: Dubcon turned con, public sex and general degeneracy, rough sex, spanking, ass play of all kinds (spank it, eat it, finger it, fuck it 'til I can't sit down), creampies, ageplay, sloppy blowjobs/cock and ball worship, monster/beast partners, hyper play (cocks that bulge out my stomach and balls that hang down past your knees), weird cocks, dirty partners (smelly, sweaty, covered in dirt and grime), mild watersports (piss inside my ass or pussy, nowhere else, plz-thx <3) Limits: Gore, violence, puke, snot, scat, vore, feet, pregnancy Now, what would I like to see from you when you message me? First off, please put some effort into your reply! I want to see that you're interested in building up some fun, sexy scenes, so please don't just give me one or two sentences asking if we can RP. Bring some ideas of your own to the table, or tell me your own kinks and limits to get the conversation rolling! I also prefer using image references for my character, so if you could, take a look through this album and tell me if any of the gals within strike your fancy. I'm using this to help us get started, but also as a way to gauge who is actually reading my entire post
  24. Pandora Heights:The Pandora Heights building, on the outside it looks like your typical slightly run down, very cheap rent sketchy high rise apartment building on the edge of the slums area. Another victim of urban decay. However, something is off about the building. Stairs that can miss a single stair to entire flight or have extra, hallways and floors than should be there. Not to mention that some of the residents aren't exactly human. There is a reason the security fence is geared for keeping things inside after all. There are plenty of dangers, but there are wonders here as well in the shifting halls and apartments. And if no one else, the Superintendent is one who tries to broker peace between the human and not so human residents, and is fully capable of keeping the peace in the building. The Landlord and his creations, not so much. And now with love starting to rise between the not-so-human residents and some new residents who have no idea what they signed up for. Akumiko Shrine: Shrine of the Devil Slayers:Since the very foundation of The Empire of Japan, there have been demons plaguing The Archipelago. And since the founding, the Emperor and later, The Diet, the goverment has seen the clear threat that is posed by by said Demons. However, there are shrines in the country that trained their Priests and Shrine Maidens in special forms of talisman crafting, martial arts and Holy Cleansing arts and rites. They are rather conservative in that, while a life is allowed to be maintained outside the Shrine, helps develop cover for investigations, They are expected to adhere to the rather conservative set of standards, except for perhaps dress and thanks to the powers that are drawn upon which left the young women the ones to head unto the breach while guys made sure nothing got out , Including doing arranged marriages. However a promising batch have made connections of the romantic kind, especially after finding ancient texts. Now, will they fall into the corruption of the otherworldly demons, as is taught happens when they break custom? Or do they have the best shot against the beasts that are far more dangerous than even yokai? Kina Clan: The Final Shinobi Clan:In the modern age, Many of the old warrior ways have died out. The Knight, The Hopilite, The Roman Soldier, Samurai and finally shinobi. These stealth based warriors were invaluable to the Shogun and daimiyo. They were useful in dealing with many an enemy, both mortal and...yokai. The Shinobi were often the ones charged with handling the malevolent entities, Yokai. Over time, modernization whittled away the number of clans and some of the old ways. eventually, the only Clan left that still practiced, if in secret was the Kina Clan. The last Shinobi clan, charged with being the ones who face off against [those who would prey upon humanity and their enablers. And a group of young Shinobi, the heir to the clan and those she directly works with, are about to be right in a crucial moment. World Secret Keeper Society:In the modern age we live in a world of science, of logic, of reason. There are no monsters, magic, True Global conspiracies, or anything that comes from fairy tale, fantasy, scifi or cheesy tabloid cover. Everything has a reasonable explanation, right? Not quite. Even with all the progress, humans fear the dark for a good reason. There is something out there. Multiple somethings. Aliens, Monsters, Malicious secret societies and many more. Of course, the world has not been reduced to a total and utter hellhole, so there must be something keeping the darkness at bay. Something that let civilization survive and thrive. World Secret Keeper Society has been that something, the line in the sand. Keeping the existance of monsters and alien visitors under wraps, regulating the introduction of paranormal tech into society, and beating back hostiles. Of course, with those who try to help, there are those who try to hurt, The New World Order, backed by invader types and those who remember "the good old days" they seek to conquer and corrupt the world. The two, locked in an endless shadow war is about to come to its end, one way or another. Misfortune for the Mystic Knights:The world is under threat by Monsters from the abyssal beyond. However all is not lost. There are the Mystic Knights, girls who have harnessed the arcane energies to shift their forms into something that can even the playing field. However, a pair are in trouble. One gets cursed into a futanari that can leak out her mana, needed to maintain her Knight form and protect her from the corruption. And the frailer has been found as a potential nexus of the dark magic the monsters need. Will their love for eachother see them through this darkness? Or will they fall? Tentacled love:The girls are your normal school girls in in love with eachother. Some Love Letters, Hand holding, kissing eating lunch together and dates. However their sex life is a little more frequent and more intense, for good reason. One of them is host to a rather perverted, persistent parasitic predator. One that feeds on sexual fluids of females. While their relationship remains solid, there are other dangers: The Government, Vigilantes, and possibly spawn of the parasite... End of a Heroine:A tale of a heroine close to hanging up her cape for good, so she settle in fully with her beau and on medical grounds. However, The super villain she faces down manages to finally to entrap her, and use her for their own ends. Now Comes the civy's part. Will they step up to the plate and save their lover, or will they Fall to the might of the villain? Lake Latangana, The Cursed Camp:The site of the campground in Washington state has been damned before a single white settler set foot on the land. Cursed when a mother lost her daughter to hunters from a supposedly allied tribe. It wasn't long before tribes started to avoid the area. The White Man and those that followed them. Unlike the tribes, they were either too thick headed or rather brave to try to set up on there. Two towns, a mine camp, orphange, asylum and finally a manor were all raised in the area, all fell to tragedy. All gave birth to monsters that contribute to the legends around the place. And now, the place serves as a summer camp infamous for teens, councilors and older campers having a ton of sex and a bit of booze and drugs on occasion. And the monsters are all too happy to add the naive kids to their numbers. Hero's Lover:Port Regal, RI is the Hero Capital of the United States. The Place also is Home to The Guard, the premiere team in the United States. They have their fair share of friends and enemies. They have an archnemisis if they have been in the job long enough. Of course, there are lovers. Those that have fallen for the heroes, reardless of the mask, and the heroes for them. Though, while precautions are in place, villains can find out. And they can inflict all kinds of horrors on both. Sins of the Saints:The war between the Sacra and Nihil go back eons. The two go back as far as the universe, Sacra fighting for light and virtue, the Nihil Darkness and sin. back and forth planets fell to the one, the other, both at differnt points, or just flat out destroyed. Though, better than just outright annihilated like others, broken by the tug of war. Earth is the latest battlefield for these two. And the Sacra decided to use a group of japanese school girls, under the guise of their local legend of magical girls. Of course, the Nihil will gladly twist them into their own monsters, or spawners of their own. Though, the guys that are the lovers of the girl can cause things to seriously go off the rails... Monster Rescue:The world has changed When biology as we knew it was thrown right out the window. The revelation monsters exist. They are far more humanoid than one would expect. There were issues at the start of course, riots and some small wars, among other things that sprung up over the years. But things have smoothed over, and the races of monsters and men have come together in harmony. And more than one inter-species couple has formed. But the black market is always looking for the next good to sell to the unsavory and wealthy. And female monsters are looking like the latest prize. Trouble in Trenton City:(based on New World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness fanline Princess: The Hopeful, with a bit of mix and match between the versions, plus some stuff might be pulled from other parts of the world. the free pdfs can be found here:Princess: The Hopeful) Trenton City was at first a simple trade post along the Black Rush river, one of the many tributaries into the might old Miss that divides the country. Thanks to the positioning, the once trade outpost that gradually expanded into a frontier town, one with a quarry to help fuel their economy though nothing quite matched the boost the industrial revolution gave them. As Pittsburg dealt in metal and Detroit in cars, Trenton found its own niche: construction material, vechiles and tools. They took pride that when America was building up, something from Trenton had a hand in it. Like many factory areas, NAFTA was the first blow, the real estate crisis became the second. The city entered a downward spiral that poured gas on already growing tensions between the poor, middle and upper class and corruption in the city government. This made Trenton a fertile breeding ground for The Taint, with Three Cults (BlackRush Country Club, Trenton City Restoration Foundation, The Worker's Reps) work to keep and drive the taint further from the shadows, keeping anyone from figuring anything out about them as the drew the darkness closer, until the unthinkable happened. A collection of local outsiders managed to breach their hold on city hall. Not by much, but enoughto destroy their plans. And then Princesses started showing up, spurred by a rumor that somewhere in the city laid an artifact, one that could strike and at least deal a major blow to the very heart of the darkness. Of course, a big reason the darkness bothered turning the three organizations into cults was to recover something it itself lost in the Fall to deal the finishing blow to the Light. "Disappearance of the Valkyries(FxM/F/Fu)(Multi-char): Asmodoeus City was a peculiar one. While a thriving metropolis, It was up there as one of the worst hives in crime in the country, often with some twist straight out of a porno. The place had seen attempts to be tame it, by the heroes and police department, but nothing seemed to stick. Any prorgess would rapidly degenerate quickly, until they came A team of heroes(either exclusivly heroines or some heroes thrown in) Managed to do a great deal to clean the city and keep it clean. This, naturally led them to developing enemies. Ones that wish to take the (prominent) members from their lofty positions and beaus. Time will tell if they are taken and made into the worst the city has seen, or if they may yet be saved.
  25. Hello there, you fine folks! After real-life-stuffs dragged me away from roleplaying for a while, I'd like to get into it again and, while I'm at it, why not jump straight into the deep-end?^^ So I'm looking for some rather story-heavy plots here. That doesn't mean less smut though! Don't get me wrong, I love the lewds and I'm all for copious, even gratuitous amounts of it! But I equally enjoy a good story. I'd prefer a good plot, that contains lots of smut over a series of sex-scenes, strung together by a half-assed story. (Think less average porn and more a very story-heavy hentai, as a baseline^^) If you're interested in what kind of smut, please take a look at my preference-sheet What am I looking for in a partner? Not to sound pretentious or gatekeep-y, but here are a few requirements, that I have for a possible rp-partner (They aren't hard rules though, so if one or two points don't apply to you, don't feel discouraged!) - (Obviously) Our kinks should align somewhat. - You should have a similar view on plot-to-smut-ratio, than I stated above - You should enjoy plotting, world-building and brainstorming...Not just prior to the roleplay, but also while playing. I really value partners, who get visibly excited about the rp and getting a message like "I had this one plot-idea/weird kink lately, how do we work that in?" is more than welcome. - You should be ablte to write 2-4 meaty paragraphs per reply. Of course, not every scene requires that much and I won't be salty if posts get a bit shorter, but that should be a base-line. I also don't expect multiple replies a day and I'd rather wait a bit and get something good in return. Quality over Quantity. -(Optional) I really enjoy stories with a larger cast of characters, so if you'd be willing and able to play multiple main- and side-characters, that would be really great. -(Highly Optional) I know, it's not everybodies cup of tea, but personally, I like to play all kinds of characters of any gender or sexual orientation, so if you're flexible in that regard as well, that would be really appreciated. Now, that being said, here a few plot-ideas: (They are all rather rough, but as stated above, I'd prefer to work out the kinks and details with my partner) Fluffy, Cheesy Highscool-Romance/Drama So, this idea is definetly more on the fluffy and smut-heavier side and mainly here to throw around some fun anime- and hentai-tropes. Also this is the ONLY plot idea, where I'd be fine with playing multiple characters against a single protagonist. The rest is pretty basic: A typical high-school setting and a protagonist, who get's into all sorts of kinky shenanigans. Since that's rather basic in and of itself (and I'd assume, that a lot of people would jump at that idea), if you're interested in this story, I'd very much appreciate, that if you approach me, you'd give me a few ideas, where you'd like the story to go, some twists to make it interesting, etc. Messages with the content "I saw your thread and would like to do the Highschool-Romance-stuff." and nothing else will be ignored. Some Eastern Fantasy-Stuff Less a proper plot-idea and more a general setting. Thing Feudal Japan, but with magic. I haven't been too much into classical, high-fantasy, but something with a less over-used twist to it might be fun. (Note: I don't really have a plot-idea for this setting at the moment, so if you're interested, it would be nice if you had one^^) Something Victorian I just love historical settings, especially victorian ones. While I'm not an absolute stickler for accuracy, a bit of knowledge about the time period would be nice, to keep at least a Good-Hollywood-Movie-Degree of realism. Again, no real plot-idea here, but if you have one, that involves an F/F-pairing, there's a 85% chance that I'm game^^ Something Gay Probably even more vague than the rest and something I haven't seen much around here, but I'd really crave some M/M-pairing. This is more a general thing and could probably worked in pretty well in most other ideas in this post, so...Just for your consideration^^ Something Dark What can I say? I love me some horror. Though I'm definetly more a fan of the subtle, psychological type, so if you're idea of a horror-plot is "monster fucks girl", than we're not a good match. Also a big fan of body-horror, so if you're looking for something, that involves creatures, that are not usually considered "pretty", I might be interested as well! (Note: As in general: At least some kind of plot is mandatory, though in this case "slow descent into madness" might be a good start) Fat Cash, Fast Cars and Hot Bitches I blame my recent fascination with energetic Eurobeat, but some sort of plot centered around the seedy, yet glamorous world of illegal street-racing might be fun. I have the feeling, that there's a shit-ton of animes about that topic, though I haven't seen any, as far as I can remember... That's it for now. If any of these ideas caught your interest, feel free to drop me a message! :3 (And please, please, for the love of god: If you write me a message, include a bit, no, actually, a lot more than just "Hey. Wanne rp?". Tell me what direction you'd like to story to go in, what kind of character you have in mind or what kinds of character you'd like to see, some kinks you'd like to include...Gimme something to work with!)
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