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  1. I highly recommend checking out my preferences sheet linked at the bottom. Here are some of my desires for this erp as well as some general information: I prefer in depth/longer roleplays. With your best attempt at good grammar and spelling (we all make mistakes and typos happen). On average each post should be at least one small paragraph. Ideally a response once a week minimum unless otherwise informed. I will not rp on discord, only here. Ecchitext or publicly on the forums is fine. I base my plot environments highly off anime/Japanese culture but I am willing to compromise Long term over short term erp, getting immediately to the sex is boring for me. I love some build up/anticipation Kanna Race: human Sex: female Age: 11-14y.o. Weight: 95-110lbs Height: 4'10"-5' Hair: dark purple hip-length Eyes: green Bra size: 30B Distinguishable features: freckles, long eyelashes Body type: petite/loli My only requirements for your character: 16-25ish years of age (depends on Kanna's age); preferably slender; cock length: 5-7.5 inches(ish) & uncut; nerdy/geeky type; a good older brother (minus the wanting to fuck his sister bit); loves his little sister/not just lustful of her The rest is up to you. I don't mind working on your character together if you want. However, I don't want to change much, if anything about Kanna. Must/Should Include: foreplay, oral (mutual) and vaginal sex, fingering, handjobs, grooming, squirting, virginity, *I really enjoy the idea of Kanna being incredibly naïve and innocent while her brother is a sis/lolicon and eventually can't repress it anymore (he can have some qualms about this, not be able to see past his lust, etc.). So roleplaying her first sexual experiences is something I love to do. Also, considering Kanna can be so young to make the experience less painful for her, I am going to require for foreplay Optional: bath play, sleep play, shower/bath time fooling around, size difference, age gap, toys, butt stuff, watersports, diaper play, beastiality (family pet), double penetration, feet, facials, masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, pet play. This is not the complete list but kinks I see easy to include. I am open to others as long as they are not in my no/turn-offs/will not. I'm fine working on a plot/kinks together where we include things we both want. These are just some suggestions. In the end ask questions! I'd rather find out sooner than later if we are not compatible RP partners. Here is my preferences page, though some kinks may not be feasible for this kind of story: Important side note: I deal with some mental and physical health issues so sometimes I don't have any energy, I will try my best to communicate when this happens so you're not left on read. I recommend following me as I post often if something comes up and I am not able to respond as quickly as I would like. I hope you can be patient with my responses.
  2. SeanMallonOfficial

    Looking For a Brother/Sister RP...

    I'm looking for a fun Brother/Sister slice of life RP. I'm open to anything and I would like to start things off as soon as possible. Looking for a woman who can play a 19 year old high school graduate who's looking for fun during her last summer before college. Brother will be played by me. I am open to any kinks except BDSM (although light bondage is allowed). If your interested, please DM me with any suggestions and we'll work things out.
  3. Hello folks! I'm new to Ecchi and looking for some smutty rp partners. I've got a few ideas of things I'd like to play out, but if you have other ideas, or want to combine some of these ideas, I'm open to that as well. My preferences are linked, but if you have any questions, I don't mind answering them. I'm open to both public and private RPs, and most kinks. My characters are almost always masculine presenting (being either cis or trans men), and generally are submissive. Anyway, here are my current ideas, colour-coded for your convenience (red for fantasy/unrealistic prompts, blue for ideas in a more realistic setting, and orange for ideas that could fall in either category). MONSTER x HUMAN - In this scenario, I'd play a human who through some means comes across a horny monster. This could happen either through some kind of ritual, or exploration of dark woods or a haunted house, it doesn't really matter. The monster kidnaps my character, trapping them in their den/lair and keeping them as a 'mate'. If my character is trans in this scenario, perhaps the monster goes into some kind of mating/breeding frenzy and my character has no choice but to submit and be bred. TEACHER x STUDENT - In this scenario, I'd play a high school or college/university student, who becomes the victim of one of their teachers. This could happen as a kidnapping (perhaps my character is convinced to go to their teacher's home for private lessons) or maybe a demonstration of sorts in front of the class. I'm thinking lots of exhibition and humiliation for my virgin character as they're first exposed, then raped in front of their class. This can be as vanilla or sadistic as we'd like. PARENT OR OLDER SIBLING X CHILD OR YOUNGER SIBLING - This scenario would have a noncon/rape focus, with my character playing the younger victim. Perhaps it's done in secret from the rest of the family, or maybe the rest of the family knows and doesn't care (or maybe even watches or participates?). This one can also be as vanilla or sadistic as we'd like, and the ages are flexible as well. FUTA-DOM x MASCULINE SLAVE - In this scenario, I'd play a male or trans man submissive to a cruel and/or sadistic futanari dom. Through some sort of purchase, my character now belongs to Futa. He's nothing but a sex toy for her pleasure, regardless of whether he wants it or not, and her tastes are rough and sadistic. Maybe it's mostly humiliation and exhibitionism, or perhaps she pisses on him or hurts him, it's up to you. BEASTIALITY BREEDING SLAVE - In this scenario, my character (likely a trans man) would be somehow tricked into being tied down and bred/raped by whatever animals you or characters please (dogs and/or horses preferred). Perhaps they think they're being tied down for a human gangbang, but the humans are just there to watch, or maybe they thought they were signing up for a scientific study of some kind, only to find they've been tricked into fulfilling someone else's sexual fantasies. It's up to you.
  4. Background: The kingdom of Taharia has been ruled fairly for a long time led by King Blake and his wife Queen Andria. At least until she died shortly after the birth of their only daughter. Per tradition, her father, brothers and grandfather groomed her to be the perfect breeder for their family to replace her deceased mother. Practically from just after birth up until the current time, she was helped with learning how to please her male relatives sexually in the mist satisfying ways. Now the morning of her ninth birthday has arrived and she is about to learn the most intimate ways about pleasuring her family members- proper fucking and the many ways it can be done. (ill insert the refs later) Blake, Jordan, Michael, Byron and Ryan shared a look before the five men stripped. Today was the day that they would truly break in the remaining female family member. They'd groomed her practically since birth to be a slut in private but semi-presentable in public on the rare occasion that they let her out. Between the fact that they used her in every conceivable way except penetrating her before now amd that the little girl responded eagerly, today was going to be a treat. Each of the men was well hung, even Michael who was only a year older than his little sister was well equipped for his age. The five men walked over and circled around where the little girl slept, their cocks throbbing in anticipation with spots of precum dripping from their cocks and all over her adorable sleeping face. Not too long from.now they'd be fucking her for the first and making that adorably innocent expression turn a lot more lewd and lusting for her family members.
  5. Mommylover51

    Family love

    M4F. there's something about mom son relationships that are so fun and want to play more. The Romantic Getaway: It's always just been the two of us, something I haven't had a problem with since it allowed us to bond so much. Over the years we've gotten much closer than most mothers and sons do. You book us a vacation and look forward to it for months. When we get to the hotel on the beach it turns out you booked a honeymoon package, and if we turn it down we'll get a much worse room without any of the amenities you paid for. -The Road Trip The family has to go on a road trip across country, and with all of the boxes in the car, the only way we'll fit is if you sit on my lap in the backseat. Our lower halves are completely obscured from anyone else in the car. -Drunken Mistake I'm leaving to college soon and mom can't handle it. You're going to miss you so much. You decide to throw a little going away party with just the two of us. You let me drink and have fun. Maybe we play truth or dare. Maybe someone admits feelings for the other. Maybe we just feel flirty. -The Man of the house you've always let me get away with more than most kids. As i grew older you let me get away with more and more. I figure out a way to slowly break down my barriers and convince me to let you get away with more and more. -lesbian moms. New idea(work in progress) you mom divorced your father and now turned lesbian. But has you grow up with 2 moms and the only man in the house the two mother's grow interested. Blackmail (new) Sister catches me using her pretty panties to jerkoff. From there she blackmails me into being her toy and using me for all her needs. Sorry if some of those were cheesy! I know the roadtrip one I read in a story somewhere. Also If you have an idea of your own for some incest fun, or anything else, I'd love to hear it! Open to chat or messages.
  6. My Roleplaying Ideas Hello! This is my compilation post of all the interesting ideas and fun stories I have in mind for RP's. Some of them are more story based, some of them lean moreso on kinks and ideas that get lewd quickly. I'll often re-post and update this post to add more so be on the lookout! My actual RP's are down below so if you want to ignore the fluff feel free. If your even remotely interesting in any of my ideas please feel free to message me! I'll do my best to get to everyone I can even if I end up being slightly slow. I put all these ideas out there because I enjoy them so I likely won't turn them down! While I'm at it also, here are a few important details that should help give you an idea of what I have in mind! I play almost exclusively subs. I'm terribly at playing a dom and honestly don't enjoy it as much, so if that's what your looking for no need to worry about securing the spot. I usually enjoy a good amount of story in some of my RP's, however some of them can be pretty straight to the point, so feel free to let me know what kind of pace you'd like to have for the RP! I'll play males, females, and futas, but I mostly play females in my RP's. However your free to play whatever you prefer for the RP as I'm good with any combo! Any level of literacy is fine! You don't need to write insanely long replies, so long as it's more than a few sentences your fine! I only do private RP's so feel free to message me if any of these ideas interest you! Now with that out of the way I'll post my ideas! Bear in mind none of these are set in stone and I'm more than happy to change them or up even do a new idea entirely. These are just concepts I like and think would be fun to play with. The Sympathetic Officer A Lowly Maid A Dad and His Daughter Some Tentacle Fun The Pawn of a Vampire Caught in the Claws of a Werewolf) This is unfortunately all I have (well moreso all I have the time to write) for now! I'll likely update potential idea's and RP's I'm willing to play with reposts adding more ideas so be on the lookout of that! Anyways, have I nice day and I hope to see you soon!~ ^^
  7. Everyone is looking for these days right? Insert twin sisters Alicia and Alice, two very different in appearance but very sexy sisters. On Kinkster they are one of the most sought out "couples" under the Taboo category, a category for all the freaks who want a kinky night with those that society would sneer at for not towing the line. What many who try to get the sisters attention do not know is that those who spend a night with the sisters do not see the light of day when they're done. -- So this is inspired by The Torture Twins but I'm going to try putting my own spin on it. Yes, this is an incest and torture rp. Yes, there will gore and npc in passing detail but it is not the main focus. No, the main detail here is that you would play a young woman looking to have a night with the twins when she feels adventurous. Instead of killing the woman after a night of rough fucking and pleasure, the twins have a twisted idea. They decide to instead break the woman, mind and soul, and make her their sex slave/pet. There will be a lot of rough fucking, bdsm, risk of pregnancy, torture.
  8. Hello there! I'm Mofu and I like ageplay prompts! For the purposes of this post, I will be open to playing either character in the prompt, but I do have a preference towards the male character, so anyone who can accommodate that will have a headstart above others! I also roleplay on Discord, as I find it easier to keep track of my roleplays (but doing some public stuff here sounds pretty hot, I will say~). There is a roleplayer preference post attached to this and my profile that outlines my kinks and limits, so I won't be listing them here, but, given the content of my prompts, I think you'll get a good idea of the kind of stuff I like. Teenager's first time at a casino! It was the first vacation you'd been on in a long time, your parents taking advantage of your spring break to take you somewhere to relax and unwind. Where specifically? It does not really matter, be it Vegas, Monaco, or otherwise, but what's important is its reputation for the adult life. Gambling, drinking, prostitution, the likes. After a few hours in the casino, your parents, frankly, got way too invested in a game of Blackjack. The free drinks certainly didn't help either, and before long, they were more invested on riding their winnings for as long as they could, and they paid less attention to you. They were supposed to keep an eye on you, after all, they weren't gonna bring you out and then just leave you in the hotel room! And it's not like someone your age could get up to much anyways! After awhile, you just decided to slip away for a bit. Maybe get some water, at least walking around was more fun than just watching your parents gamble... At least they wouldn't be there to chastise you about all the bunny girls walking around, carrying trays, hanging off the high-rollers' arms. Did I mention the staff was entirely bunny girls? It's kind of what this particular resort-casino was famous for! For the purposes of this roleplay, they can be legitimate bunny girls, or just rocking the slutty suits, but I am of course partial to the former~ Maybe you run into them, being separated from your folks, or maybe a pair of them catch you ogling them for a bit too long, but eventually, you're pulled aside, somewhere "safe to wait for your parents". Judging by the other staff guiding clients back there, it's clear that this is a very *adult* zone, but eventually you're ushered into one of these private rooms, the door shut behind the two bunny girls, and the locks audibly clicking closed. Making out with your big sister! You've got an absolutely massive crush on your big sister. She's sweet, caring, and to top it off, hot as hell, with perfect curves. It seems that no matter what she wears, she looks slutty in, even if that's far from her real personality! One day, you decide that you really need to get over your crush on her, and go to stop by her room. See, there's a girl at school that you like, and you're pretty sure she likes you too... But the problem is, you don't really know how to deal with girls! So, who better to ask than your big sis? You go to her room, and without thinking, push the door open. Instead of her just doing homework or being on her bed, your college aged big sis is stood there in her old school-swimsuit, a navy blue one piece that she barely fits in, and some white thigh highs to boot! She's a little startled by it, but you're just her little brother, it's not like this is a huge deal! She throws on a zip-up hoodie to half-cover up, before telling you to sit down with her, and talk. It's hard to focus on what you came here for, with her tits almost bursting from that swimsuit. Eventually, you tell your big sister that you need girl advice... And one thing leads to another, and your busty big sis is teaching you how to make out! Birthday present from your cosplaying, e-girl big sister! It's your birthday, and your big sis wants to do something big before you go off to high school! Unfortunately for you, your parents decided to take a vacation the week of your birthday, saying you couldn't come because of school! Now, it's just you and your big sis, all alone. She just feels awful about it all, and decides to do something special! After doing some research on your computer while you were at school, she's figured out which anime/video game character you like the most, and on top of that, she already has a cosplay for it! When you get home from school that day, you get a text from her, asking you to meet her in your bedroom. Upon arriving, you're completely shocked! Your big sis has done a complete transformation, everything from make-up, clothing, and even dyed hair, to look exactly like whichever character you want to nail the most. The actual character for this is pretty open, but I am quite fond of Samus and 2B, but I would love to hear other suggestions! Dragged to a sorority party at the beach! You're on a vacation to the beach! You, your parents, and your siblings have decided to take a little vacation to somewhere warm. Problem is, beaches are difficult for you. Due to how... endowed you are, beaches are a huge problem. Walking around in loose shorts, having to stare at busty girls walking around in bikinis, you have to spend all your time concentrating on not looking at anything! Usually, you can get by by just staying in the water, or reading a book on the beach, but your parents have instead asked you to go to a shop on the boardwalk to grab some snacks for the family. You tried to fight it, but they weren't hearing it. Just your luck, and you end up in line, with some hot college girl in front of you, and two more behind you. Whether they spotted your dick or not, you can hear the two behind you whispering and giggling about something. You can sometimes make out the words, "cute, small, all alone". It isn't long before you feel one of them tapping your shoulder. "Hey, um, so like, are you here by yourself? Cause my sorority is like, having this huge party at our beach house nearby!" Too bad she neglected to say you were the only boy invited~ Big sis is having sex with my best friend! You knew your friend had a thing for your big sister... Well, just about everyone you knew liked her. She was practically a supermodel, and the way that she was so nice to everyone didn't help. Of course, you knew that there was nothing you could do about your friends wanting to nail your sister... But you never thought she would actually let them hit! That was exactly what happened one day, when you ended up sick one day. You were resigned to your bed for the day, resting off whatever virus you'd picked up, when your best friend was sent home from school to bring you some homework to do. He was expecting to find you, but instead, the person opening the door is your big sister! A few hours later, you emerge from your room, after all, you'd been informed that he was coming over... But you hadn't heard from him in the slightest. Instead, you walk out just at the same time as your sister and him are walking out of her room! She's wearing nothing more than a white t shirt and gym shorts, but you can spot what is clearly a bikini top underneath. Worse, her hair is a total mess, and you're pretty sure you can see kiss marks poking out from your best friend's waistband! The general idea behind this one is a big sister having sex with her little brother's friends. I'm interested in playing out both the actual sex, and the consequences of having to sneak around, and almost getting caught by her little brother. Well, there's some prompts to mull over! If you have any modifications you wanna make, let me know. If you want to suggest something of your own that you think I might enjoy, based on my kinks and the above prompts, please, let me know! Hope to hear from some of you soon~
  9. Kai Ichimasu

    A Very Dark Idea

    This is an idea that takes place in 2 parts, first part starts with YC being kidnapped and violently assaulted, how violently exactly can be discussed but it traumatizes her greatly. After she gets free she manages to alert the authorities. She thinks this is the beginning of the end of that dark chapter of her life when he's captured, only to discover she's become pregnant from his repeated assaults. She gives birth to a son the same day her attacker is found and killed by the police. What she doesn't realize however is her son is the reincarnation of his father, and as he grows so does his dark impulses, until eventually he fully recalls his past life and decides to pick up where he left off and start the nightmare all over again! Very dark themes through out, lots of abuse and trauma, send me a message if you'd like to discuss more. I am seeking a female partner for this, I can't stress that enough.
  10. Hi! I'm Daph, and I love a variety of different things, as you can see from the post. I consider myself to be friendly but I am also quite awkward and terrible at chit-chat so I prefer that when you reach out you mention what are you looking for or what interested you in my post I much prefer a detailed message over 'wanna RP' or 'what's up' as these are really hard to answer for me! Give me something interesting to read on & get me excited ;3 If you see ✦ next to a plot, it's a craving! The more ✦ the more I want that plot :3 Long-term Story-driven Plots I am always looking for more story-driven romance plots and if you are too, then I'd love to discuss details together! Just a couple of requirements I have for these stories: x I need a little spice for my stories which means that it must be either fantasy-themed world or modern fantasy one, it cannot be just a modern world. I don't usually do sci-fi stuff, but I could be convinced, perhaps, though modern fantasy is definitely my fave x I need a little more than just the development of the romance. I love being dramatic, and I love complex backstories for our characters, as well as obstacles and challenges coming their way Now a couple of extra details: ⋆ I am a very kinky person, however, I am open to smut being totally vanilla in those stories. I like to focus on the plot itself, the relationship between our characters, and how they react to all the things happening around them; smut is the important part of those stories for me & it is a necessary part of it, but as I said -- vanilla will work for me if that's what you're into. If you wanna make it kinky, though, be my guest. Just saying I am not too picky about that aspect of the RP as long as I get some smut ^^ ⋆ I admit, I do enjoy slow-burn in those plots, or at least if the smut starts quickly enough, I'd like to have some reasoning coming from the plot itself why. Not fully against things just starting pretty smutty, but if you ask my preference -- it is slow-burn, or semi-slow-burn. ⋆ As I mentioned, modern fantasy is my favorite setup for this. I love setting up RPs involving Greek Gods, or OC demi-gods related to canon Greek Gods, as well as demons, half-demons, all sorts of interesting supernatural creatures. I also have dragon and phoenix characters that I enjoy playing as. There are plenty of fun options to be had! ⋆ I adore enemies-to-lovers or pairing up characters that are very unlikely to end up together (for one reason or another). I love drama, conflict, and messy situations so please deliver some to me! Potential Setups: Family's Disappointment A demoness does not perform as her family expects and she is left with nothing; there are not a lot of other options for her, and staying too long in Hell risks annoying the other demons a little too much. She does odd jobs and travels between Hell and the human world, trying to figure out what to do with her life... >>> there's multiple ways this develops for our little demoness; she may try to get the favor of a strong demonic lord one way or another, or maybe, she gets a contract to end a life of a demigod/god or steal something from said god-- anything to fix her situation, but of course, all those situations could end in different ways... What, a partner? Give me a break! ✦✦✦ A demi-god or demoness that always does her work on her own, is given a partner -- a newbie? Why, who knows, but they do piss her off constantly, making her work harder than necessary. Until one day, this supposedly clumsy partner saves her life and she learns a little bit of why they were paired together... >>> leaving it open for different potential reasons & storylines why they got partnered and where will this lead them Secretive Demoness A demoness with a troubling past running through the human world and doing all sorts of criminal deeds is the ire of a well-established demon hunter. What happens when they finally meet? >>> again, leaving this very vague for the sake of brainstorming ⋆⋆ Greek-Gods-themed stuff ⋆⋆ I like to play these by just picking a specific kind of God (aka, I decide to play a goddess or demi-goddess related to Persephone and based on that connection pick her abilities, and brainstorm her past) and you pick yours and then we figure out how their paths cross. Or, one of us picks a specific character and we think what would match. It's a big brainstorming session and I enjoy building the story premise piece-by-piece before playing it out. It's quite fun! Princess, WAIT Somewhat cliche, probably, but basically a Princess that never stops and a bodyguard that keeps following her, trying to keep her out of trouble. I like the idea that they grew up together, perhaps, for one reason or another, so they have a friendly bond; perhaps Princess even feels more than friendship towards him but doesn't believe he would ever like her. A cliche, sweet story, though also filled with problems and challenges, like how Princess constantly escapes invitations from Princes, or throws herself in the fights her family would her rather not have... there's room to figure that stuff out for sure. Suddenly, a Knight ✦ Always dreaming to be a knight, the young maiden is denied her dreams mainly because of her gender. But as she is on her way to deliver a package, she notices somebody in trouble -- she drops everything and helps them out; she trained in the privacy of her own home and she was stronger than one would think. She doesn't even realize until she is told, that she just saved Prince's life, who now breaks all the rules and demands for her to be his personal bodyguard. It's a life she wanted, but with a lot more troubles than she would like... and Prince constantly demands her company, too... As I often get tempted by random song lyrics or tiktok trends and such, I decided to put here my favourites -- very, very vague, just to give a feel/vibe, plenty of space to build upon! SMUT Now, I am also looking for some fun and exciting smut-focused RPs. They can be simple, short and nice, or a bit longer, too -- whatever you prefer! But I am a bit more specific on kinks here, since, well, smut is the main focus! I most likely will not play out only vanilla if the RP is smut-focused but we don't need to include all of my kinks either. It's best to check & ask if what you're looking for would be interesting for me as well, but here's a list of my fave kinks: x size difference x large cocks ("too big") / stomach bulges + plentiful of cum/big creampies x anal x pain being inflicted on MC x rough, intense intercourse x being dominated / claimed / collar & leash x age difference x toys of any kind x monsters x degradation, humiliation of my character x BDSM x pet play Quick setups: These are just ideas, so feel free to have your own spin on it! Done with Vanilla, time for something Spicy ✦✦✦ After another painful break-up, she gets bold enough to do something she always wanted: she goes to a kink club, and specifically, she looks for somebody to have her very first anal experience with. She is shy and timid, but once she gets a little taste, she turns wild and kinky... Dearest Father in Law A simple premise: freshly married into a rich family, her husband leaves her all alone. He demanded they move into his family house so at least she can chat with maids or talk with her father in law -- who gets more and more interested in her... Becoming a succubus ✦✦ MC is a succubus that is still a virgin; to become a full-fledged demon of lust she has to go through a series of intense sessions, and orgies with all sorts of creatures that will both fuel her magic and give her experience she will need when goes into the mortal world to seduce humans. Thief in trouble MC was caught stealing something quite valuable at the royal palace. She may end up being executed due to the importance of the item; she dreads her fate, but the guard offers her a way out if she services him with her body. MC figures that's fine, even if she hates the idea, but she doesn't know just how intense the guard will make it... or perhaps, even like her so much he may keep her for herself for a bit longer. Failed protection ✦ Sent to the temple, the young noblewoman hoped to be protected from those who were after her. The priest demanded for her to be in his room, so he can make sure nothing bad happens to her. The lady was naive and didn't realize the malicious plans the priest himself may have for her... Wizard's / Alchemist's apprentice MC was glad she got to get herself a job like that, but she didn't realize the wizard would involve her in the experiments, too... (monster breeding, libido-enhancing potions/spells, etc...) Born to serve ✦ MC comes from a long line of very specific servants... Mistresses to royalty. That line of work gives them the status they couldn't achieve otherwise. On her sixteenth birthday, MC began her "training" so she wouldn't disappoint the Prince or King she was to be sent to in a few weeks... Sending the Bastard Away MC was a King's child from an affair. To get rid of her, they sent her off with a Pirate King -- a trade the King made so that pirates wouldn't attack the Kingdom so much. Drow Sorceress Deep caves are filled with deadly monsters but also artifacts. Sorceress wants the latter and used spells and potions to get around monsters another way: she gives them her body and once they are spent, she can move on deeper into the cave with her search. PAIRINGS Princess x King / Knight / Advisor / Servant / Monster Priestess x Childhood Friend / Lost Traveller / King Evil Sorceress/Advisor of Evil Queen/ Evil Queen x Knight / War Hero / Prince Lonesome Sorceress x Knight / Prince / Adventurer Demoness x Knight / Prince / King Princess engaged with Prince x Prince's Knight / Prince's brother / Prince's best friend College Student x Teacher / Principal / Senior Freshly wed x Father in Law New hire x Boss / Manager
  11. Xoddrecroth

    My RP Ideas List!

    Hello there!~ And thanks for stopping by!~ This is going to be my permanent ERP ideas post. It will be updated when any particular idea is filled, or when I have a new plot idea! It will likely start out small, but I'm sure there will be plenty of additions down the line! Please EcchiText me if you would like to reach out to talk about any of my plot ideas/would like to write them out with me. You can find my preferences below, as well as a more detailed kink list at the bottom of the bulletin, or you can ask for my F-List! I have been roleplaying for about 10 years, and ERPing for half that time. I can do either first or third person perspectives, it is dependent on either what the plot is (I.E. if I'm playing multiple characters), or if you have a preference. I try to respond pretty quickly as long as I'm not busy, and I can usually be contacted whenever. For length and writing competency, all I ask is that you at the very least put in a bit of effort. Around a paragraph at the minimum is great, and usually the length I type regularly, sans starter posts, though sometimes I'll type more depending on details. As long as you generally use proper spelling and grammar, and put in the effort, we'll get along great! I really enjoy reference images to help with detail writing, so please provide one for your character, and I'll provide mine via DMs/ETs. I am perfectly comfortable RPing here or on Discord, and if the latter is preferred, please request it in ETs. Slots are filled with first come first serve. I can let you know when a slot is open again if you would like to wait if it is filled. Without further ado, here are my plot ideas!~ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Plots~ Please Check: I can only divide up my attention so much! Open long-term slots: CLOSED Open short-term slots: 1/3 Corrupted Program Mothman Mating Tentacle Fun Haunted House Hedonism Robotic Repairs Growing Teen Frankie's Friend Pokemon - The Coition Region! - Closed [Testing]! I am always open to hearing news ideas and original plot concepts! I'm particularly fond of plots that are equal story and smut. Feel free to send me a DM to discuss if you think we will fit well together as writers! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kinks and Limits~
  12. Looking for a female partner willing to play an idea based loosely on this pic I found. The idea is that our characters would be part of a noble family in a fantasy setting that keep their noble blood pure by engaging in incest. They are raised and taught that sex between blood relatives is not only allowed, but encouraged. Resulting in brothers and sisters marrying, lone daughters becoming second wives to their fathers and vice versa for lone sons and their mothers. For this RP I'd like to play either a father to a mother and single daughter duo with a stronger focus on breeding, or a brother to a sister and mother duo with a focus on more sexual exploration. For the father scenario, the birth of his first born daughter unfortunately rendered his wife/sister infertile, unable to bare him a proper heir. So now he's had to wait till his daughter came of age to take her as his second wife and get her to sire a male heir. In the brother scenario, the 'father' died shortly after MC and his sister were born, leaving his mother without a husband. Being the younger sibling, when he came of age, he took both his sister and his mother as wives. Regardless of which scenario we go with, I want the tone to be more on the lighter side and consensual all around. Everyone in the family is happy to be in love with each other and no one feels forced to have sex. The younger characters are eager to explore sex and all its wonders, while the older ones are more than happy to make their children's sexual fantasies a reality. Possible kinks: (none are mandatory) Casual nudity Casual sex impregnation/pregnancy magic ageplay Please message me if you're interested.
  13. Hi! Looking for someone to do a bro/sis rp with! I dont have a specific scenario in mind, but here's some of the things I'm looking to include in the scenario: Bro/Sis (Obviously, although I'm open to something like cousins or mom/son as well.) Femdom (Required, looking for someone willing to play a submissive male and also open to bottoming) Modern Setting. (Required, never been a huge fan of fantasy, scifi or historical settings. Always just preferred simple modern slice of life settings SET IN OUR OWN WORLD. That means no scenarios like "World where men are forced to be submissive and turned into women" or something weird like that.) Ageplay. (Basically looking for something in the range of 10-19, with YC being on the younger side and MC being older.) Feminization. (Self explanatory I think? Can be anywhere from MC making YC present in a feminine manner and wearing girly clothing or go as far as making YC essentially fully transition to being a girl.) Long term. (Definitely prefer something long term. Also required is some amount of backstory and at least a page or two of build up before getting into the hot and steamy stuff.) Futa. (Not required but I usually prefer playing as a futa character.) Also not required but I absolutely love sweat, light musk, and armpits so if you're into that too let me know! If you're interested, just take a look at my preference sheet and shoot me an ecchi text and we can try and work out a scenario to play!
  14. coryforrporchat

    You are my step anyways-dad

    Something revolving around a single step dad and his teen daughter, the dad is perhaps stressed a lot with work and having to raise his daughter, so she starts trying to relieve his stress every now and then and it ends up becoming a regular normal thing for them to fuck. She perhaps a bit cheeky, but nice and grateful for her father, a "daddys girl" perhaps. So she see it more as her offering, perhaps getting the idea from some porn she'd seen or having asked people online how she can help her dad relieve some stress ("suck him off" etc perhaps being joking responses but she considers them seriously bc she wants to try whatever might help
  15. coryforrporchat


    We both are cousins MC character being the older one.YC was asked to stay at my place for a week as YC's parents will be out on vacations/etc. Your character is a shy,innocent ,nerdy types...(who may have dark fantasy(s) in her)..but this is what she shows to the outside world. My character is into bdsm and maybe also have a small dungeon in his place...soo now when this shy cousin of mine is on visit to my place,maybe she finds few things around and makes out that her cousin is trainer/dom.Though being shy type she has this dark fantasy of being a sub/slave...So she decides to give subtle hints to him,which he catches and the things happen. Open with ages and other edits
  16. coryforrporchat


    I have always been in control every time..so felt like playing something different! I'm essentially looking for someone who'd like to be naughty/slutty/flirty step-sister/cousin,who will be seducing and luring my character Further details can be agreed upon later
  17. 21 year old Dom/Switch. Favourite Fetishes: Age/size difference Incest CNC / Rape Excessive Cum Lactation / Breastfeeding Shota / Oppai Thick Curvy Loli Huge Breasts, Thick Thighs, Curvy, Voluptuous Women with thin waists Very hypersexual, I blow huge loads. Looking for roleplays like: Dominant teen Son rapes his MILF mother / Sister Dominant Adult son (20-28) rapes his younger teen sister Dominant Son bimbofies his younger sister and makes her his little cocksleeve cumslut Dominant adult encounters a Very thick teen/ Woman / MILF / Loli at the gym, and raped her, creampies her, makes her his little slut. Sub Shota is groomed and raped by his mother / Older sister, milked dry every night and forced to creampie her. Also breastfed Sub Shota is groomed and raped by his Thick Sexy teacher. This progresses til she has him over every night after school and perhaps even adopts him and keeps him as a sex slave cum dispenser or dildo Sub Shota is kidnapped by a horny MILF or young woman and raped + milked dry. Sub Shota is bullied by 2/3 thick Older girls in school. They groom and rape him, take turns riding him, milking him dry Submissive Adult teacher is blackmailed by a group of 2/3 Young teens / Oppai Thick Lolis, who rape him and become addicted to his cock. These are super barebones, DM if interested in the concept, we can expand the plot and include your fetishes/Kinks and preferences.
  18. After a long siege, my castle has finally fallen. You, a rival king, have conquered me. As you burst into the throne room, you see a frightened princess holding her father's sword. She's beautiful... And she's at your mercy. Do with her what you will! Hi! I like RP! As you can tell from my tagged kinks, I like some pretty taboo stuff! If that appeals to you, continue! I love playing multiple females of any age. In this one, I could play an entire royal family for you to corrupt and deflower, or even the former king who is forced to fuck his daughters! We can discuss that privately, but harem stuff is always fun! I would also love to see how the kingdom changes over the course of your conquest. From an enlightened, feminist society to a misogynistic wasteland, I want to watch it collapse! I'd also love to play with my character's religion being destroyed, even going as far as summoning her goddess and raping her!
  19. Down below will be a few FutaXFemale incest rps. I would be playing as the futa(s) while looking female players. And they could be short term or long term rps. Plz read my preference sheet also I have the setting say “Comment First” for a reason. Also this is all written in first person but it doesn’t have to be. Happily rp them in third I just write the prompts in first cuz it’s easier. 1: Sisterly Love. Ever since you where a very young girl the only person you could count on was your older sister. She always looked after you even when your shitty parents, or bully kids, made life hard. She has been the one and only person to stay at your side and it’s made the two of you close. Too close most people would say. But then again most people never went through all the things you two have gone through together. (Consensual) 2: Jealously And Revenge. Life has always been kinda great for you. Your mom has always been kind with you, you’ve always been popular at school, and had the hottest girlfriend(s)/wives. The one thing is that your little sister has always been there too. And for whatever reason she always seemed to be unhappy with stuff, especially when you succeed so much. You’ve always tried to get along with her but she refuses. But one weekend she asks for you to speak with her. It seems like she wants to make up for all these years. But in truth she plans on getting her revenge by making you her pet to prove who’s the better sister. (Non-Con) 3: Breeding Contract. The Human race was once nearly wiped out by there own wars. In the aftermath, a law was placed that women where practically forced to sign a Breeding Contract at least once so that the population can keep regrowing. If a woman doesn’t sign one willingly then she’ll be forced to a contact and that’s what happened to you. And the person you have been assigned to is your own futa sister. Since she’s a futa she’s eligible to breed. And because you refused to singed a contract yourself, your under house arrest at her home till you bare her child. (Non-Con OR Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 4: Mommy’s Princess. Your mother has always been extremely kind to you and has always spoiled you in some ways. But it isn’t just because she’s the nice mom. She has…special plans for you and has always had them, waiting for you to become the right age. Now it’s that birthday and of course she threw you a giant party and let you invite whoever, well except your mom(the Female who gave birth to you), you wanted. But the main event would be the “after party” once everyone leaves. And she has been preparing you for this day for a while now. (Consensual) 5: Long Time No See. You and your cousin where always great friends when you two where younger to the point that many kids you went to school with thought you where sisters, not cousins. And that friendship grew closer when you two became teenagers. Too close. You two where caught one night in her bed and immediately your aunt and uncle told your parents and afterwards your cousin was taken away when her parents moved to keep you too apart. Years have past and you moved on. A different cousin is holding a massive family reunion and you know she’ll be there. But it should be fine right? You moved on and so did she. Hell she has two kids now! So nothing weird should happen once you see one another again…right? (Non-Con OR Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 6: Summer With Your Rich “Aunt”. (Warning, kinda long read.) Aunt Vikki, your mom’s younger sister, lives in a large beachfront house, one she can afford because she owns a popular local nightclub, and has invited you to stay with her for the summer. Something your mom was hesitant to allow. You have many memories of them being close when you where younger than one day they stopped talking and Vikki moved away. And no one ever told you why. Most people didn’t even seem to know why. You kept in touch with your aunt on social media but never got the chance to see her in person. Well that will change once the plane lands! Although you don’t know what really awaits you. Some time before you where born, your mom cheated on your dad. Cheated on him…with her own futa sister. And when you where a kid Vikki did a DNA test without you or your moms knowing and found out you weren’t your dads kid. You where hers. She told your mom who made her promise to NEVER tell which Vikki didn’t like and after realizing her sister would never changed her mind, packed up her bags and moved away. Now all these years later, she wants you to know. And she wants you as her loving daughter. (Consensual OR Non-Con) 7: The Problem Child. (Warning, long read.) What went wrong? What happened? Your oldest, or only, child has somehow grown up to be a almost endless headache. She’s a teenager now and is attending high school but is at risk of failing! She’s hasn’t been doing homework. Barley paying attention in class, if she even attends. Getting detention. And starting fights with some other students. And most of these things are all connected to her “Girlfriends”. A bunch of students you know she’s sleeping around with. Which is dangerous cuz what if she gets one pregnant! And now you have chosen to do something about it. Version 1: You put your foot down completely. Your take away her phone, computer, and anything she can use to contact people plus is never allowed to leave or have visitors. She’s grounded and will get these things back once she fixes her grades and graduates! This…turns out to be a massive mistake. Cuz she ain’t going to take this lying down. And if she can’t get access to her “Girlfriends”…then she’ll just use you. (Non-Con) Version 2: You realize that the main reason she’s started acting out like this is because she’s gotten addicted to the sex she has with her “Girlfriends”. Which for the most part she can only do while AT school. So what if she could satisfy this need at home? That’s where your, admittedly bad, idea comes in. If YOU promise to satisfy these need while she’s home when she has them. So that once she’s in school, she can focus on her work and she promises to take school seriously. She agrees happily, almost too happily. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be the worst decision of your life. (Reluctantly Consensual) 8: Keep The Blood Pure. (Warning, Fantasy Plot & LONG read) There are a number of important families within the Elven Kingdom and your a part of one of the largest and one of the most influential families. The Tilzvara’s. A family comprised mostly of Female Elves. At least the main branch of the family is only female. The Matriarch of the family is Shile Tilzvara and she has run the family for over 1000 years. The Matriarch had made a deal with a fertility goddess back when she became the leader of the family. The deal was that the first born daughters of the Tilzvara’s would be naturally very powerful magically but in exchange Shile had to “father” all these first born daughters herself so she was turned into a futa. With her new powers she placed a spell, or a curse depending on who you ask, on her family that any female will ALWAS have a daughter as there first offspring. And the tradition began that before any first born female can marry or have kids, they must first mate with the Matriarch. Although Shile is more than happy to mate with ANY female member of her family. But that’s where you come in. Because you are a first born daughter and it’s your turn. Either you are looking to to get this over with, you’ve been called upon to mate with the Matriarch, or you wish to marry someone and must do your duty first. OR maybe you’ve already had a offspring with the Matriarch but want to go again with her. Whatever the case, you have a appointment with the Matriarch. (Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 9: If It Helps Pay The Bills. Life’s been kinda hard with just how much of a mess the world has been so you moved out of your own home and moved in with your sister(or cousin). But before doing so you had no idea how she made money or what her job actually was. But once you where fully moved in you learned. She picks up girls from bars or nightclubs, sometimes there fully aware or are super drunk, and has sex with them while hidden cameras record everything. She then uploads the vids to the deep web where she gets paid a lot for each vid. And after seeing just how much she makes, and how perverted her audience truly is, you(or she) make the suggestion of the two of you making vids and advertising the fact there actual incest vids. Surly the amount of money will be great. And maybe eventually you’ll earn enough to move out to have your own place again.(Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 10: How I Met Your Mother Aunt. You and your wife have been married for a few years now, and dated for longer, and have(or plan on having) a/some kid(s). Well one night, at a gathering with your family, your father talks about how shortly after you where born another woman had given birth to another kid of his but that child was immediately given up for adoption. The thing is, the place the child was given to was the same orphanage your wife grew up in. So she dose a lot of digging and sure enough your wife, who to reiterate: you’ve been a couple for a while now have/plan on having a/some kid(s), is your long lost half sister. Well….shit. (Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 11: Unseen Side Effects. You work as a scientist that works on experiments/medicines that can help people regrow missing limbs, or repair badly damaged ones, by just taking a simple pill. But recently your daughter got into a bad accident that has left her lower body completely ruined. The other problem is a person must be approved to receiving a pill and that could take months or a year if the injury isn’t life threatening. But since you work at the place they are made you just secretly steal one and give it to your daughter. The problem is that you technically stole the wrong pill. Because while it did fix everything broken/gone, it was a male pill, so it also made her grow a dick. Not only that but it has completely messed up her sexual hormones so that she gets turned on very easily and when she is it becomes painful to her if it’s not “taken care of properly”. So now while you are at work you have to secretly create a cure for the hormones and while at home you have to help your daughter control them. (Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 12: Not Too Late For The Resolution. This kinda sucks. With how shit the world has been in the past 2 years you have had a very hard time receiving any of sort of physical “fulfillment” that you wanted. With most people being extremely cautious, especially when meeting new people, it’s been a pain for most people to get together for fun. But that didn’t curb your interest so last year you made your New Years resolution to have “fun” with someone you had never done it with before. Well it’s been a full calendar year and the ball drops for a new year to begin in just a few hours and you haven’t accomplished your goal. Your at a relatives house for a New Years party so it’s extremely hopeless that you actually achieve it. Or is it? See someone else at the gathering is your (Insert Any Futa Family Member Here) and she’s been drinking a lot of Champagne and has gotten into one of her moods. Whenever she gets flirty she tends to also be a little touchy-touchy with girls, even if there related to her. So maybe if you can sneak her away from everyone else, maybe you can accomplish your resolution a few hours before making a new one! (Consensual) 13: Ada & Eve. The world as you knew had ended years ago do to war and almost all sentient life was destroyed. And as far as you know the only humans left alive, rather as a miracle or curse, are you and your (insert futa family member here) meaning only one thing. If you two are the only humans left, then that means the only way the human species will survive is through the necessary act of reproduction. (Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 14: On A Dare. What’s a fun time? Party’s! What makes party’s even more fun? LOTS of alcohol and stupid games that you’ll regret in the morning! But that’s sober you’s problem. Tonight you’ve been having a hell of a time at a party you are attending and about to take part in the main event “game” of night. “Mystery Partner”. A game where people are placed in a bedroom at random and no one else knows who’s paired with who. Obviously this is just a giant hookup thing but what surprises you is that when you go to your assigned bedroom, you see that your “partner” is your sister, or cousin, and at first you both think to leave. But then the alcohol starts taking over. A small bedroom, you’re both hot and bothered plus drunk, and besides…no one outside will know. How bad will one night of sin be? (Consensual) 15: Caught In The Act. (New) Look, humans can be rather strange creatures as a lot of them can want or be attracted to things they shouldn’t. And that’s ok as long you don’t act on these feelings. BUT then you kinda have. See, you have older sister(cousin, aunt, or mother works too), who for whatever reason you have been attracted to for a while now. You know they are a futa and stuff but that never got rid of the feelings. Well one day while doing laundry you find that a piece of clothing(can be whatever) belonging to that relative was left in the dryer. Your intrusive thoughts take over and you take the fabric to your room and begin to “relieve yourself of some pent up frustration”. Then…that family member walks in to ask if you’ve seen the piece of clothing only find you “using” it. (Non-Con OR Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual)
  20. Looking for anyone willing to play as a male character (big) in my idea, I am extremely literate and love writing. I can either be very casual with few sentences or very in-depth with multipara graphical responses. I am typically into most kinks, except scat and sadism,but feel free to approach me with anything you'd like to see included. I am very much interested in seeing how adding shrinking and experiencing someone at a new height can change the relationship between them As for the scenario: I took over/ started an adult erotica company specialising in many forms of media and kinks for the intended audience. Progressing and improving the company has boasted it's popularity, and makes me constantly looking to improve. This is where I enlist the help of (dad/coach/friend/step dad/etc) I give specific instructions of listening to an assortment of erotic audio books, with accompanying images and videos and sometimes meeting of the models or conversations with them. The idea is to see if the new customised approach will work. The only rule is they aren't allowed to jerk off,(not an issue for your strong willed nature) The shrinking occurs when I want to test out a new kink/fantasy I was informed of. I could use technology to shrink and take notes in secret of the experiment or conduct my own exploration and get caught up in the act. I had the idea in my mind of regrowing then shrinking or having a rigid size. I am open to hearing any variation or idea anyone can offer in this situation. Feel free to dm me and lets have some fun. looking to explore other aspects such as feet, butt etc. With a bit of an erotic distraction being present in the room and how that may add or influence the outcome of events or behaviour of characters.
  21. it was just after 2:00am and everyone in the Hansley family cabin was fast asleep, well not everyone. Rachel crawled out of bed and quietly and gather her senses. She tied her hair up in a messy bun and admired herself in the mirror for a moment, her oversized t shirt hung down almost to her shorts, She certainly wasn't dessed to impress, but she didn't think the guys she was meeting would mined. Rachel padded softly down the hall past her Mom's and uncle and aunts room, every year for a few weeks in the summer her mom would get together with her sister's family and they would go to their lake house. As Rachel made it to the end of the hall she pushed opened the door to Jason's room. Jason was a few years older then her, and had recently graduated college, Jason was also secretly in a relationship with Rachel. Rachel crawled into bed with her cousin whispering softly trying to wake him up. She knew that Jason would be upset, they were supposed to do stuff like this where their family might catch them, but it had been so long since she felt his touch, and his warm, sleeping, body was so inviting. She pushed her hand down his abs, then lower, as she nuzzled his neck, hoping to rouse him softly. Hey guys I'm looking to do a long term incest RP between two cousins as they try to sneak around. I'm looking for a partner that loves a mix of cute, cuddly love, a secret relationship, and a bit of roughness too. You must be willing to play as the Dom/top role for this. I have a few more things to add if you fully want to flesh this idea out, but I'd love to include your ideas as well. Kinks: Incest, risky sex, creampies, D/s, outfit control, hold the moan, cuddling, dryhumping, rough sex, gentle sex, cum play, shower/pool/hot tub, anal, teaching, first times. Limits: rape, poop, serious injury
  22. Hey everybody!! I'll keep it short and sweet: I want to do some incest scenes! I want rape and/or ageplay involved! If that sounds fun, come on down and let's make it happen!
  23. The tags are just some of the things that I thought off the top of my head that might interest some people. Do you want to play a female OC opposite a dominant futa who will fuck you into you next week and leave you a mess in the end? Do you want a dominant mistress to teach you the ropes when it comes to sex and own your little body? Do you want a big cock mom to ruin her daughters innocence and turn her into a total incest slut? If so, you came to the right place! I'm open to most kinks so don't hesitate to pitch an idea but I prefer playing the dominant so keep that in mind.
  24. Veddie

    The Trip

    Hallo hallo, and good morning to all you amazing people. This is going to be a short request for me. I am looking for someone to play a futa for a specific rp. More on that in a bit. What I am looking for is someone who Literate to advance Literate and can hold about a paragraph or two each post. This rp is also meant for long term due to it being an open ended plot type. Now before i go with the plot. I am pretty much limitless but for this rp I'm very much wanting a few kinks: Creampies( lots of em), cum play, clothed sex, Anal, Cum Facials, multiple rounds, High Stamina, Sex Marathons, Thick cum, Spanking, Body Marking, Morning wood, Cock warming and some others I can say in dms. As for the plot, The title is Taking your nieces on vacation. It revolves around a wealthy aunt helping out her younger sister's daughters as the sister was cut out of the family due to her getting pregnant and the husband sadly passing away in a terrible accident in an unfortunate way( the family made it look like an accident). The older sister (your character) found out about this and purged the family including the elders so she took over and is now secretly helping her younger sister with the kids. I'll explain more on the backstory in dms. Anyways the idea is the aunt decides to take her nieces to a family owned resort to experience the beach and other fun activities while the mother is studying. She had asked her older sister to take them for a bit and make sure they are taken care of while the sister tries to finish her degree and get a stable job since she had to quit midway due to the death of her husband. And yea that's the idea really just an aunt hanging with her cute nieces and things can happen. If the idea catches your attention feel free to message me directly. I usually do my rps on discord so you can message me there as well. My user name is Veddie1
  25. thelargeone

    Roleplay Ideas (F4M)

    Hi everyone! I recently joined this forum and wanted to put out a few ideas of my own. These prompts are relatively short and stripped back, but hopefully give you an understanding of the stories I want to explore. If you are interested in setting any of these up with me or want to pitch a roleplay of your own, shoot me an ecchitext! Cheating with my Little Sister: You'd play MC's sister, who just moved into his apartment after a falling out with your Mother. You love spending time with your big brother, but between work and his girlfriend, he rarely has any time for you! I'm thinking that this plot involves coercion, incest, noncon/sleep-play, cheating, etc... Private Kidnapping Service: YC would be a rich, high-class woman who has felt her sex life start to stagnate. How does she decide to fix this? By hiring a personal rapist (MC) of course! Feel free to list your kinks, as you are the one hiring here! Princess Quest: Don't you think you deserve to be a princess? You'd play a lowly peasant woman in a medieval setting with the goal of ditching her modest lifestyle in favor of becoming royalty. Are you prepared to fuck, suck, and swallow to do what it takes? I'd primarily play the role of GM, narrating your story based on the choices you make. Corrupted by your Best Friend: YC and MC have practically known each other since birth. From sitting on the bus together each morning, to watching movies every weekend, MC and YC were basically inseparable. That makes it all the stranger when MC starts asking you to do more and more for him. The tasks start out simple; requests like - "Could you make me dinner tonight?" or "Could you clean my room?" - but he quickly becomes more and more demanding. Hope you found one that you like! If so, shoot me a text and I'll try to get back at ya as soon as possible, hot stuff
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