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  1. Deetox

    Family Breeding

    So, I have a super niche plot template that I would absolutely love to run with somebody if they happen to love each part of the niche. I want to roleplay either a young boy or a large man, a son/little brother or a father/big brother, that breeds with his mother/sister/daughter and makes another daughter. Then, they would raise that daughter together to be lewd and kinky like they are and share her together. The only requirements I'd have for this RP are 1. Being cool with or into the kinks listed above, and 2. being willing to play two or more females (not necessarily at the same time, but same time is encouraged). Every other detail I am open to changing or adding onto! I am content to play Dom, sub, or switch, I just want whoever plays the aggressor or instigator to be lewd, manipulative, and have an intense desire to corrupt the younger relative. I am very open-minded when it comes to ages and age gaps, so feel free to suggest your preference! And this is an open-ended plot template, so I would love to hear your ideas to flesh out the plot or your kinks that you'd want to integrate! Feel free to comment any questions or to send me an EcchiText if you are interested!
  2. coryforrporchat


    We both are cousins MC character being the older one.YC was asked to stay at my place for a week as YC's parents will be out on vacations/etc. Your character is a shy,innocent ,nerdy types...(who may have dark fantasy(s) in her)..but this is what she shows to the outside world. My character is into bdsm and maybe also have a small dungeon in his place...soo now when this shy cousin of mine is on visit to my place,maybe she finds few things around and makes out that her cousin is trainer/dom.Though being shy type she has this dark fantasy of being a sub/slave...So she decides to give subtle hints to him,which he catches and the things happen. Open with ages and other edits
  3. coryforrporchat


    I have always been in control every time..so felt like playing something different! I'm essentially looking for someone who'd like to be naughty/slutty/flirty step-sister/cousin,who will be seducing and luring my character Further details can be agreed upon later
  4. Have you ever wanted to experience how it feels to spy/touch or get nudes trough fake account type of roleplay towards your big sister? Well if you ever wanted to have another chance in life where you can do more than just imagining about your big sister, i will be roleplaying as the big sister for you and you will roleplay as younger brother or even yourself as younger! But the general idea was realism. You wouldn't just go to your big sister and get on her and start sexing her while she is deeply asleep.. That's not realistic as she definitely would wake up and beat the sh*t out of you, call the parents, get you in trouble and all that! You also won't just walk up behind her and grope her as she sit there and moaning.. Because she definitely wont sit there and moan but beat the sh*t out of you, call the parents, get you in trouble as well! Be realistic! This is just a roleplay scene where you can think of ideas and options how to see her, touch her or do anything you want as long it is realistic of what you would actually do in reality, and i will roleplay as the sister realistically as well. So good luck! Note: You can either send me reference of the perfect sister you want me to RP as, or description. Same goes towards the little brother~ Could be big brother too, depends which side of the age you wanna go! Contact: EcchiText me/DM me!
  5. A very sexy teen does some kinky stuff in her room on webcam, basically exposing herself in underwear or bikini. Her father once discover this and get really angry, threatening her to cut everything from her. The girl is hot but dumb and persistent so she moved to her uncle's house. The man is leaving in a big house and had cut all meetings with family. She don't care and go, wanting to continue her activities and meeting him almost for the first time. Little does she know that the man is alone for a reason, being a pervert ugly bastard, and once he will discover his niece activities, he won't miss the occasion to abuse her and satisfy his needs....as well as his circle of friends !
  6. Good morning, evening or night! Today I'm looking for a male partner to roleplay the following incestous stranded prompt with... It's a hot summer day and the Smith family - a traditional family with a father, a mother, a son and a daughter - is enjoying the August heat in a paradisiacal cruise throughout the crystal clear waters of the Pacific, alongside many other families in vacation. All is well until a sudden storm - a deadly combination of dark clouds, strong winds and crashing waves - erupts out of nowhere, causing a shipwreck. After regaining consiousness, the Smith father and daughter find themselves washed ashore in a seemingly deserted island, and realize they have nothing but the ripped-off clothes on their backs and eachother. The roleplay will follow these two characters' - father and daughter - day-to-day lives as they attempt to survive in a completely abandoned island. The duo would quickly adopt a Dominant/Submissive dynamic, seeing as the father - a virile head-of-the-household stud raised with traditional values that epitomizes masculinity - would naturally take on the leadership role, as opposed to his daughter's - an innocent and very feminine teen girl that strikingly resembles her mother taught from a young age to always follow her daddy's orders - follower role. I'd like to explore the pair's sexual relationship as they find themselves in this Adam and Eve like situation, as well as the growing tension between them - the experienced father stripped away of his god-given right to fuck his wife every night, and the virgin daughter only now immersing herself in the world of sex and seeking her father's love and approval above all else. As for how the roleplay itself will play out longterm, nothing's set in stone. I do, however, have a few ideas, but feel free to share your suggestions... - The father/daughter duo gives up on trying to escape and instead decides to remain at the island and repopulate it, with the father breeding and impregnating his own daughter. (A nice "climax" moment could be help actually coming, but being refused by the pair.) - They discover the island isn't actually deserted and find a hidden tribe of exotic women lost to the ages. They begin worshipping the father as a god-like figure and he becomes their harem master and king of the island, with the daughter living out her days as a member of his harem (or maybe being its "head slave".) Looking for a male partner to roleplay as the father, and I'll roleplay as the daughter. I have a reference picture ready for both of our characters that I think would be a perfect fit, if you'd like to see them. Hope to hear from you soon! Kinks: Traditional gender roles, misogyny, rough sex, being degraded, raceplay, political play, size difference, unrealistic sizes, age gaps, incest, breeding, impregnation, public sex, harem, ff(+)m, just to name a few. Limits: Beast, scat, gore, snuff.
  7. The bullshitter

    Incest Harem RP

    Hello everyone I'm looking for someone to RP as multiple females for an incest harem RP We can discuss plot and Kinks in Private
  8. Sorry this is my first post here so I don’t know how to do this lol!
  9. Down below will be a few FutaXFemale incest rps. I would be playing as the futa(s) while looking female players. And they could be short term or long term rps. Plz read my preference sheet also I have the setting say “Comment First” for a reason. Also this is all written in first person but it doesn’t have to be. Happily rp them in third I just write the prompts in first cuz it’s easier. 1: Sisterly Love. Ever since you where a very young girl the only person you could count on was your older sister. She always looked after you even when your shitty parents, or bully kids, made life hard. She has been the one and only person to stay at your side and it’s made the two of you close. Too close most people would say. But then again most people never went through all the things you two have gone through together. (Consensual) 2: Jealously And Revenge. Life has always been kinda great for you. Your mom has always been kind with you, you’ve always been popular at school, and had the hottest girlfriend(s)/wives. The one thing is that your little sister has always been there too. And for whatever reason she always seemed to be unhappy with stuff, especially when you succeed so much. You’ve always tried to get along with her but she refuses. But one weekend she asks for you to speak with her. It seems like she wants to make up for all these years. But in truth she plans on getting her revenge by making you her pet to prove who’s the better sister. (Non-Con) 3: Breeding Contract. The Human race was once nearly wiped out by there own wars. In the aftermath, a law was placed that women where practically forced to sign a Breeding Contract at least once so that the population can keep regrowing. If a woman doesn’t sign one willingly then she’ll be forced to a contact and that’s what happened to you. And the person you have been assigned to is your own futa sister. Since she’s a futa she’s eligible to breed. And because you refused to singed a contract yourself, your under house arrest at her home till you bare her child. (Non-Con OR Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 4: Mommy’s Princess. Your mother has always been extremely kind to you and has always spoiled you in some ways. But it isn’t just because she’s the nice mom. She has…special plans for you and has always had them, waiting for you to become the right age. Now it’s that birthday and of course she threw you a giant party and let you invite whoever, well except your mom(the Female who gave birth to you), you wanted. But the main event would be the “after party” once everyone leaves. And she has been preparing you for this day for a while now. (Consensual) 5: Long Time No See. You and your cousin where always great friends when you two where younger to the point that many kids you went to school with thought you where sisters, not cousins. And that friendship grew closer when you two became teenagers. Too close. You two where caught one night in her bed and immediately your aunt and uncle told your parents and afterwards your cousin was taken away when her parents moved to keep you too apart. Years have past and you moved on. A different cousin is holding a massive family reunion and you know she’ll be there. But it should be fine right? You moved on and so did she. Hell she has two kids now! So nothing weird should happen once you see one another again…right? (Non-Con OR Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual) 6: Summer With Your Rich “Aunt”. (Warning, kinda long read.) Aunt Vikki, your mom’s younger sister, lives in a large beachfront house, one she can afford because she owns a popular local nightclub, and has invited you to stay with her for the summer. Something your mom was hesitant to allow. You have many memories of them being close when you where younger than one day they stopped talking and Vikki moved away. And no one ever told you why. Most people didn’t even seem to know why. You kept in touch with your aunt on social media but never got the chance to see her in person. Well that will change once the plane lands! Although you don’t know what really awaits you. Some time before you where born, your mom cheated on your dad. Cheated on him…with her own futa sister. And when you where a kid Vikki did a DNA test without you or your moms knowing and found out you weren’t your dads kid. You where hers. She told your mom who made her promise to NEVER tell which Vikki didn’t like and after realizing her sister would never changed her mind, packed up her bags and moved away. Now all these years later, she wants you to know. And she wants you as her loving daughter. (Consensual OR Non-Con) 7: The Problem Child. (Warning, long read.) What went wrong? What happened? Your oldest, or only, child has somehow grown up to be a almost endless headache. She’s a teenager now and is attending high school but is at risk of failing! She’s hasn’t been doing homework. Barley paying attention in class, if she even attends. Getting detention. And starting fights with some other students. And most of these things are all connected to her “Girlfriends”. A bunch of students you know she’s sleeping around with. Which is dangerous cuz what if she gets one pregnant! And now you have chosen to do something about it. Version 1: You put your foot down completely. Your take away her phone, computer, and anything she can use to contact people plus is never allowed to leave or have visitors. She’s grounded and will get these things back once she fixes her grades and graduates! This…turns out to be a massive mistake. Cuz she ain’t going to take this lying down. And if she can’t get access to her “Girlfriends”…then she’ll just use you. (Non-Con) Version 2: You realize that the main reason she’s started acting out like this is because she’s gotten addicted to the sex she has with her “Girlfriends”. Which for the most part she can only do while AT school. So what if she could satisfy this need at home? That’s where your, admittedly bad, idea comes in. If YOU promise to satisfy these need while she’s home when she has them. So that once she’s in school, she can focus on her work and she promises to take school seriously. She agrees happily, almost too happily. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be the worst decision of your life. (Reluctantly Consensual) 8: Keep The Blood Pure. (Warning, Fantasy Plot & LONG read) There are a number of important families within the Elven Kingdom and your a part of one of the largest and one of the most influential families. The Tilzvara’s. A family comprised mostly of Female Elves. At least the main branch of the family is only female. The Matriarch of the family is Shile Tilzvara and she has run the family for over 1000 years. The Matriarch had made a deal with a fertility goddess back when she became the leader of the family. The deal was that the first born daughters of the Tilzvara’s would be naturally very powerful magically but in exchange Shile had to “father” all these first born daughters herself so she was turned into a futa. With her new powers she placed a spell, or a curse depending on who you ask, on her family that any female will ALWAS have a daughter as there first offspring. And the tradition began that before any first born female can marry or have kids, they must first mate with the Matriarch. Although Shile is more than happy to mate with ANY female member of her family. But that’s where you come in. Because you are a first born daughter and it’s your turn. Either you are looking to to get this over with, you’ve been called upon to mate with the Matriarch, or you wish to marry someone and must do your duty first. OR maybe you’ve already had a offspring with the Matriarch but want to go again with her. Whatever the case, you have a appointment with the Matriarch. (Consensual OR Reluctantly Consensual)
  10. Hi everyone! I'm clarity! I'm an experienced submissive/switch role player with an obsession for playing lolis and little/petite girls. I love the power dynamic between an older/larger man and little girl, and I love playing it out in unique ways even more. I am a sucker for anything concerning cum and have a massive daddy kink. I can't wait to be your little princess. In terms of kinks, I have quite a lot. Many of them have to do with different relationship dynamics, but I also have some darker and even weirder ones. None are required, but if we have any in common, or you see one that particularly interest you, don't hesitate to bring it up! If I had to pick out my main kinks they would probably be playing as lolis, age play, age difference, size difference, non-con, incest, Excessive Cum, cum play, Petplay, Big Dicks, and cream pies. There are many more, though. I've listed them more thoroughly in my preferences sheet here. Please take a look! Plot and premise are also very important to me. Playing out the scenario or story are my favorite parts of ERP. I have many ideas for the plot, but I'm very open to suggestions if you have your own idea. Here are all the ideas I'd be willing to RP at the moment. Normal RPs Your New Queen Using some occult magic you found online, you're able to bring back a dead princess from a long past, ancient civilization. She knows nothing about modern life or living outside a palace, so you take her in and help her acclimate to her new life. The only issue is that the magic doesn't last forever on its own, and she is slowly dying again. Of course, you can help reverse the process by letting her drink your fluids. This is traditionally blood, but you find that cum works just as well~ Tiny and the Beast You're an adventurer with a dark secret. Every night you turn, a large werewolf (or other creature/animal) with high aggression and even higher sex drive. If you don't fuck, you might just kill someone. Usually, you find a secluded place to keep yourself during the night to keep from hurting anyone, but one night you don't make it and rape a little mage girl who was in the forest at the time. At the end, she isn't angry though and calls you a bad doggy. She agrees to let you get out all that pent-up pressure inside her at night from now on, as long as you protect her as she tries to become an adventurer herself. The Last Girl Alive All women have died out from an unknown disease, leaving only a dwindling population of men. One day, you find out that your coworker who you thought was a guy is actually a girl, immune to the disease. She begs you to keep her secret and even offers herself as your personal fuck toy to use whenever you want, since without women, straight men only have the option to masturbate. Alone with You You're a wealthy, rich entrepreneur in the big city and find a homeless girl teenage girl in an alley you walk past. You feel bad, so you decide to take her home with you. Turns out, she's an immigrant from another country whose parents were killed. In order to protect her, you tell everyone that she is your maid. She does all your chores for you and lets you fuck her without complaint, but seems completely emotionless. You make it your goal to slowly attempt to teach her English and get her to smile. Civilized Your doctor friend shows you a girl he saved from a fatal illness in a foreign, Third World country and convinces you to adopt her. Turns out she's very wild and unruly. You can only calm her down by forcing your dick into her. However, you're eventually able to get her around to you and even like her new life. Succubus Blackmail You're an office worker that lives in a small apartment alone. One day you find a little girl in front of the door of your apartment, ready to pull on her child safety alarm at any moment. She says that she is a succubus, and she needs dick and cum to survive. If you don't do what she says, she'll activate the child safety alarm and tell the cops that you raped her. She wants to use you as her source of energy for as long as she can~ Semen Nutrition (Oral Focus) In this world, young girls have very different digestive systems. Their teeth aren't strong enough to chew food, and they can't digest solids until after puberty at about age 14. Until then, girls feed or get nutrients from their daddies cum. Girls are homeschooled, and most fathers stay home to feed them. It's also seen as very healthy for them to fuck their daughters too~ Replacement In order to cope with the death of your daughter, you buy an android specifically made to look just like her. It's like a cute pet, but you can't contain yourself and try out some of her more "sexual" assets~ Regressing Your wife has developed a special sort of cancer, causing her to de-age rapidly. Not only is her body regressing, but her mind too. She is becoming much less mature, more easily agitated and generally childish. However, you still love each other, and she still wants to do her duties as a wife even if it's getting harder, especially in bed. Monster Under the Bed (Warning: Non-con) You're the monster under the bed that every little girl in afraid of. You can change forms, grow limbs and shift in size. Every night, you find a different girl to use and completely traumatize for the rest of her life. Alien Freeloader You find an alien slug feeding on your trash in the middle of the night. It's not aggressive, so you feed and take care it. In order to blend in, the creature morphs into a little girl and pretends to be your little sister. However, you realize that there are other things you can take advantage of in that form~ Goblin's Heart of Ice While hunting during a cold winter, you get attacked by a feral Ice Goblin. You're able to incapacitate her, but decide to take her in instead of killing her. With your expertise of monsters, you know that Ice Goblins are only feral in extreme cold, freezing their hearts, but warming them up converts them into a more docile state. Of course, the best way to get her warm is a good dicking, and you'll need to do it consistently to keep her that way~ Madman(Non-con) Every day, you go to the park, school, or street, find a little girl and molest her to get a quick fix before leaving without a trace. Now you've gotten a lot more bold, though. You started forcing your dick in the girls mouths or even fucking them, making sure to cum inside them before you leave. It leaves the girls traumatized for life, and their parents horrified to come find their little girl with cum all over their mouths and faces. Impaired You're hired as a tutor and babysitter for a little girl with mental problems. She's completely non-verbal, easily distracted, doesn't remember things well, acts like a toddler half her age. You quickly realize she's hopeless, but find her endearing and also find that she's easy to take advantage of. Dark RPs Limbless(Warning: Amputation, Non-con) On the black market, you order an amputated little girl to use as your onahole. With no arms or legs, she can't escape and is completely dependent on you to survive. You use this to abuse her all you want. Little Red Riding Hood (Warning: Gore, Watersports[Optional], Snuff) Play little red riding hood story. Instead of being pestered by a wolf on her way to her grandmothers, she is kidnapped, raped and violently abused by a large werewolf. He rips off limb, slashes her body and uses her as a human toilet constantly until he finally kills and eat her. The One They Fear(Warning: Non-con, Violence Gore, Snuff) You're a serial rapist that goes after little girls exclusively. Every week, you find a new girl to kidnap and do whatever you like with before killing her and moving on to the next one. You constantly find more elaborate ways to bondage them, amputate, stab, choke, cut and kill. Weird/Niche RPs Friend From Outerspace (Warning: Oviposition/Egglaying, Cervical Penetration, Rapid Pregnancy) You are an alien parasite that has just fallen off of a meteorite. A little girl finds you a takes you home, hiding you in her bedroom. She quickly comes to the realization that you'd like to lay eggs inside her. Carrion (Oviposition/Egglaying, Cervical Penetration, Rapid Pregnancy) You're an alien that has snuck onto a ship full of young female research scientists and female guards. You find each of them to impregnate and fill with eggs. Symbiotic Relationship(Oviposition/Egglaying, Cervical Penetration, Rapid Pregnancy) You're a creature of unknown origin that has slipped into a little girl bedroom. She finds you cute, and you need a place to live, so she allows you to live inside her warm womb. Unbeknownst to her, you'd also start releasing your babies inside there too. DM me if any of these interest you!
  11. Hello there! Decided to do a little post connected to my recent album: There's a couple characters there with their little backstories, however, if you want a different character we can discuss that as well! I just have a little idea for a world I wanted to curate and wanted to have couple girls living in that world and abide the rules of it (willingly or not). Backstory: The fertility rates have fallen low, and so young women are expected to focus on getting pregnant, rather than on their careers or living their life or anything else. The new laws states that women younger than twenty-five are expected to give up their school, work or anything else they are doing for the sake of getting pregnant. Society breaks away the usual need for stable family or a regular partner, and a lot of things that once were considered wrong, if they are done in the name of getting more babies out -- they are praised. Even though this is not demanded by law, things like Universities kicking out female students, work-places firing women, it all happens. And with the need for more pregnant women, new facilities come to life: - fertility clinics to help women get more fertile, find men to breed them and make sure they are indulging in activities often enough so that they can get pregnant - special resorts where women can go to relax and get bred - gentleman clubs where women can work and 'service' men to get their breeding - maid service, another way women can work and be involved with multiple men that can breed them Final thoughts: I know I lean in heavy on one kink here BUT I don't mind indulging in more. I love a lot of different things and I am happy to incorporate them, but I do want the theme to be for my girls to get bred more than they ever thought was possible! I am also happy with tweaking the story if you don't like some parts, honestly, just DM me if you like any bit of the story and let's brainstorm :3
  12. Any fans of Game of Thrones, Dance of Dragons or any other Song of Ice & Fire stuff? I'm wanting to just do some RPs in the setting of Westeros, the kinkier the better. I have a few ideas, but like always I'm willing to hear want to do. Bonus points if you know Westero's history and lore, we can talk about inserting more of it if you do. This could include characters, time periods or whatever else you can think of.
  13. Hi! You are having a fun time here I hope! So, I was thinking about doing some silly roleplays. Lighthearted plots, where for example the mom would openly ask her son if her E cup tits are big enough for attracting young men or if she should go for the FF cup. The example aside, the story I am thinking about revolves around online dating. Maybe MC is swiping across some dating app and finds his mother there. As a joke, he swipes right on her. All was for shits and giggles until his mother swiped right on him too and they started flirting. The story progresses from there. The scenes will probably be short and obviously smutty. We will be adding more scenes, scratching different kinks and fetishes (if you'd prefer that), and elements to make the scenes hilarious or borderline cartoonish. That's about it. If you are interested, don't hesitate to shoot me a text! Have a good day!
  14. Looking for some shorter type of RPs but open to long-term ones as well, so shoot me your ideas I am open to many things but I do have heavy affinity to fantasy and monsters. craving: non-con, size difference, dark themes, mild torture, incest Themes I am looking for: ★ I wanna play many Princesses for your characters! Court them, blackmail them, abuse them, breed them, kidnap them... ★ Priestess goes through lewd ritual // Priestess has to 'defeat' monsters with sex // Lewd initiation of Priestess into the temple ★ everything PIRATES, please! ★ I rarely do fandom but when I do, it's OVERWATCH! I wanna play as: Mercy, Dva, Pharah, Young Ana, Brigitte, Widowmaker, Sombra, Mei Honestly, there's plenty more and anything medieval/fantasy is amazing. I am into a lot of things, and I generally lean towards more kinky scenes. DM me and let's get to plotting! Or sexting, if that's more of your style, I am always happy to chat some smut, too ;3 Or, reach out to me on Discord: Daphne#5398
  15. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @shrike. Overall premise: A noble and his son live together, still long after the boy's mother sadly passed on right after birth. After many years of failed attempts to woo other females, the father is quite distraught, saddened and depressed, thinking he may never again have a partner to share his love and life with on an intimate level. The son having noticed his father's increasingly declining mood tries to find ways to cheer him up and get his father back to his more vibrant and happy self from before. One day, he finds a fairly effective way, which he even ends up quite loving himself, turning into a bigger and bigger sissy for his father to love in more than one way, starting a very taboo relationship between a parent and his child. ------------------------------------------ It is another typical and regular evening in the large mansion belonging to Sir Edward Hamilton II. Things have gone worse lately since the two last courtships of his have been fairly close to each other and ended just as fast too. He is not at all sure what stops it from progressing better, making it even more frustrating for the man. The two of them. Edward and his son, are sharing another in the smaller and private dining hall. The mature noble is sitting and trying to at least seem cheerful and normal, but his soft sighs and less than thrilling facial expression tell a different tale. He decides to try and divert his thoughts for a bit, wanting to ask his son about his own day."So, boy...how was your day today? Did Mr. Greenwood teach you more about the art of trading?", he asks the young man.
  16. This is an idea in a setting very very loosely based on the world of Fallout. A world where civilization collapsed and has only very recently begun to be reestablished in some places. The story will explore most of the darker aspects of such a world, the story is focused on a brother and sister, with no surviving family. Their parents were recently killed and now they are on their own and need to do whatever they can to survive. Both are reasonably well armed at the moment, knives, several guns with ammo. Eventually they need to replace/resupply them though. Both will quickly learn they can only trust each other, and they have to do anything they can to survive. Within the first few nights, the brother will cross the incest line, whether she wants to or not. Once crossed, it will continue. They will need to kill, both humans and non-humans. Both will likely have varying amounts of sex with the creatures of the wilds, sometimes more willingly than others. The brother will sometimes sell his sister for the night for money, or temporarily give her to others to avoid trouble (but will kill anyone who tries to keep her). Sooner or later, she is likely to have one or more of his children. Desperation for food may even lead them to cross the cannibalism line. Just about any line might be crossed in one way or another, in a story of love and survival for a desperate brother and sister.
  17. My Roleplaying Ideas Hello! This is my compilation post of all the interesting ideas and fun stories I have in mind for RP's. Some of them are more story based, some of them lean moreso on kinks and ideas that get lewd quickly. I'll often re-post and update this post to add more so be on the lookout! My actual RP's are down below so if you want to ignore the fluff feel free. If your even remotely interesting in any of my ideas please feel free to message me! I'll do my best to get to everyone I can even if I end up being slightly slow. I put all these ideas out there because I enjoy them so I likely won't turn them down! While I'm at it also, here are a few important details that should help give you an idea of what I have in mind! I play almost exclusively subs. I'm terribly at playing a dom and honestly don't enjoy it as much, so if that's what your looking for no need to worry about securing the spot. I usually enjoy a good amount of story in some of my RP's, however some of them can be pretty straight to the point, so feel free to let me know what kind of pace you'd like to have for the RP! I'll play males, females, and futas, but I mostly play females in my RP's. However your free to play whatever you prefer for the RP as I'm good with any combo! Any level of literacy is fine! You don't need to write insanely long replies, so long as it's more than a few sentences your fine! I only do private RP's so feel free to message me if any of these ideas interest you! Now with that out of the way I'll post my ideas! Bear in mind none of these are set in stone and I'm more than happy to change them or up even do a new idea entirely. These are just concepts I like and think would be fun to play with. The Sympathetic Officer A Lowly Maid A Dad and His Daughter Some Tentacle Fun The Pawn of a Vampire Caught in the Claws of a Werewolf) This is unfortunately all I have (well moreso all I have the time to write) for now! I'll likely update potential idea's and RP's I'm willing to play with reposts adding more ideas so be on the lookout of that! Anyways, have I nice day and I hope to see you soon!~ ^^
  18. Yukina

    Son Supremacy

    YC is a young man in his 20's. Living by his father's house. But his father is almost always out. During this time, not only the actual wife is bored and ready to take, but the actual mother of YC, who was living very far is keeping in touch and still angry about her previous husband. The stepmother has some grudge about her husband being always far away and suspiscious about him having an affair. The mother is still holding a grudge about him dumping her and still being in need 2 milfs for one. Stepmother : Reiko Hasawa Mother : Yuriko Hasawa
  19. Would love to be seduced and turned into a lesbian by a family member, preferably in an Indian family arrangement, but otherwise also ok. Instead of direct blood relatives its better if The girl or woman seducing me is a cousin, aunt, sister in law or any other relative. More details can be discussed
  20. Hihiii~ I'm always looking for some fun with anyone, very little restrictions, this is a small post compilling a few scenarios and ideas I'd love to RP with someone. Note, you can come up with your own take on these scenarios or not follow them at all, these are just ideas, to be done with any of my characters, and maybe giving you a peak into my kinks, all of these scenarios can be altered to be non-con, incest, or anything like that, again, we can rework them to fit what we want to do!~ Alternatively... Some dirty talk could also be fun! A unusual party trick. 11pm, loud music, drunk people, and way too many people making out, your typical college party or possibly, a club, or a high end socialite party. Either that's bad or good, that's up to you, but you're at the party, maybe with friends, maybe bored, but someone catches your eye, a boy who looks too pretty to be here. "Red" Maybe he's being loud, and he notices you, and teases you, and that gets you angry, but you're feeling a bit needy, and you manage to take him a silent place in the party, or maybe, you just 'play' with him right there and then in front of others. Vicky Or, in the other hand, maybe he's quiet, a bit hidden, but you notice him staring at you, deep at you, and that sparks a interest in you, you approach him, and he seems to barely talk... But you two somehow hit it off. Ju Somehow, you notice someone that seems out of place, a bit lost in fact, with a thick accent, but he's dressed nicely, trying to fit in, and you approach him, or maybe he approaches you, striking up conversation, and you too take off flying, and you decide... Maybe we should head off to a quieter place, maybe the nearby bushes, some big closet, or the basement, you just know that boy is gonna take you for a ride. Bathroom and it's secrets. (NO TOILET PLAY) It's a quiet evening, no one is around, you're just brushing up in the local bathroom, maybe a gym's lockers, your college's bathroom, maybe the dorm bathroom, a club's, or maybe one in a park, anywhere, really. You find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror, but a boy walks in, he gives you a brief look, or ignores you, and walks into a stall or a urinal, but he doesn't seem to do any of his necessities, he seems to be waiting... Or, he gets into the shower, undressing himself as if he's made of porcelain. Or maybe, you enter the stall next to him, and you find a hole in between the stalls, with a eye peaking through, waiting for... Well, you might be able to guess. "Red" & Ju As soon as you see that boy enter, you feel a weird vibe in the air, you can't stop staring at him, and as you get curious, you find him staring through the hole, or maybe slowly jacking off in the urinal, or slowly touching himself in the showers, all by himself... And you decide, maybe, lets help him, shall we? Or... Something dark in you, sees that vulnerable, horny, whore, and you decide to take him for yourself.... Vicky The blue haired boy seems to stare at you, maybe he brushes past you, calling your attention, asking for you, and that ropes you into playing with him... Maybe you start out curious and soft, just going along with the base pleasures of your brain, or maybe, you take the lead, with his consent, or not. Or possibly, you decide to let him have some fun with you. Extras!: Multiple characters/players (bring in your friends!) allowed, you can play as your own characters, make it a gangbang, bukkake, have your fun! Stuck, but not bored. You're hanging out at college, maybe with your best friend, crush, or someone who stares at you too much, or the dude you pick on too much... As you're "hanging out", suddenly you realize, the place you're both in is kinda empty, a classroom, or a gym space, your own basement, or some other incovinence... "Red" Being your best friend or crush (and maybe knowing that...) he teases you, playing with you, maybe poking at feelings you didn't know you had for him, or at a untouched side of your libido.... Maybe if he's your bullying victim, you decide to get a bit physical... And you end brushing him in some spots that make you... Interested in another dynamic, finally putting that rich momma's boy into his place. Vicky If he's your best friend, or possibly a crush, you already know him for being silent, and maybe you try to stir up talk with him, he could reply, verbally, or physically, slowly approaching you... If you're his bully, you decide to finally get a reaction from that quiet bitch, and you go to the most extreme way, make him yours. Ju As your best friend, he tries to find a solution with you, but even his farm trained body can't seem to break that door, maybe he gets sweaty, takes off his clothes, as you both try to break your way free, but you end up sticking together... Maybe you realize, you had a crush on him... As his bully, you decide to try to finally break his spirits, and whats a better opportunity then now? Or maybe you're just tired of his eyes staring at you, always blushing, and nows your chance. ~~~~~~~~ These are just a few I always had in mind! I'll add more and other details as time goes on, feel free to comment here or DM me!
  21. This is a story in a setting loosely inspired by the concept of the “Backrooms”, an endless many leveled labyrinth, empty/near empty (at least of other humans, maybe life in general), that exists outside of reality. The first level for example is essentially endless empty office halls. Nothing but endless carpet, white walls and fluorescent lights. Thin halls with occasional wood doors that either lead to empty rooms, more hall, or very rarely, perhaps another level. Note, this is a setting I am vaguely aware of (partially inspired by the club here, but taking it in another direction) but have read very little about. We are not using the ‘official’ version, but something inspired by the concept, that we will develop as we go. The siblings may or may not be alone, if not, other contact, especially with other humans will be extremely rare and short. They won’t release it, especially early on, but escape is impossible. However they got there, it was a one way trip. They explore constantly, only finding more and more of the same, oddly never hungry, never needing to sleep (though sometimes choosing to do so, just to rest/‘get away’). Strangest of all, their phones, batteries never going down, clocks never moving. No signal though, unable to access the internet, nor able to call anyone else, other than each other. It takes a toll on their minds eventually. Little to no other company. No else to talk to, they do not notice at first, but eventually they start to depend on each other more and more, to look at each other differently, the brother starts to stare a little more at various parts of her body he had not before but had on other women, discreetly as he can, accidentally brushing against them occasionally. Eventually, one time she chooses to sleep, he watches her, stares at her and can not stop himself from crossing the line, making the move and after some surprise/confusion/awkwardness, having sex. The line crossed, they become something of mix of siblings and lovers, continuing to have sex, if only for the brief distraction, brief moments of happiness with no idea if it was possible for her to get pregnant because of it (maybe she will, maybe not, we will figure that out). I figure they are both teens ideally, or if you consider that a limit, the sister is 18, brother 19 or 20. Neither knows how they got there, or where they are or why nothing is right. All they know (at least after being there a little while) is they only have each other.
  22. Hi! Looking for someone to do a bro/sis rp with! I dont have a specific scenario in mind, but here's some of the things I'm looking to include in the scenario: Bro/Sis (Obviously, although I'm open to something like cousins or mom/son as well.) Femdom (Required, looking for someone willing to play a submissive male and also open to bottoming) Modern Setting. (Required, never been a huge fan of fantasy, scifi or historical settings. Always just preferred simple modern slice of life settings SET IN OUR OWN WORLD. That means no scenarios like "World where men are forced to be submissive and turned into women" or something weird like that.) Ageplay. (Basically looking for something in the range of 15-19, with YC being on the younger side and MC being older.) Feminization. (Self explanatory I think? Can be anywhere from MC making YC present in a feminine manner and wearing girly clothing or go as far as making YC essentially fully transition to being a girl.) Long term. (Definitely prefer something long term. Also required is some amount of backstory and at least a page or two of build up before getting into the hot and steamy stuff.) Futa. (Not required but I usually prefer playing as a futa character.) If you're interested, just take a look at my preference sheet and shoot me an ecchi text and we can try and work out a scenario to play!
  23. LucyMoony

    Lucy wants to roleplay

    Hii, my name is Lucy and I'm looking for someone to roleplay with me. I would like to do something along the lines of either ageplay or incest. I only do mxm roleplays and I play the submissive part. Another option we could do is pet play. This one is one of my favorites. I would be being trained by you, to become a good puppy for you, thought it wont always be easy. If your interested go ahead and message me
  24. This rp is about a brother and his older sister who are on the broke side of things and barely manage to scrape by but they live their life happily in the company of one another, their parents died due to a pandemic that has happened recently, they live in a quite town near some beautiful forests, the brother (16 years old) Is a clumsy Idiotic type of brother but he loves his big sister very much and If not for his big sister he wouldn't survive at all, and his old sister (30 years old) is a tall and big tough looking lady but has enough feminine qualities to be considered a babe, and even though her clothes and appearance look rugged and dirty her beauty still shines through the two siblings live in a run down small apartment with its landlord missing but they have only one room to share their bed and all their activities and also all the basic stuff like a kitchen, a bathroom and that's pretty much it, the older sister used to tease her little bro in a sexual manner but he was younger than his current age so he barely remembered anything, and one day the older sister would fall ill and her state was in grave danger, so her little bro hurries outside to search for a medicine to treat her with him only finding one shady medicine giving her symptoms that he clearly stated to the person he got the medicine from little did he know that the medicine actually worked! it was a miracle but the medicine had big side effects, during the next three days his old sister's skin started turning green, and the days that follow made her body get more muscly and her lower fangs started growing rapidly, her face became more masculine and her ears grew wide and she has turned into an orc lady~! the story then follows the two siblings and after she becomes an orc she becomes much better at collecting money doing manly jobs that earn a lot of cash, but her sexual libido increased tenfold as a result of her transformation, so she make a lot of move on her little brother, eventually convincing him to marry her and they would bare beautiful children and start a family of cross breed human orcs~ That's the whole rp scenario, I'm fine with adjusting small changes to better suit my partner's tastes but no major changes please Also very Important my partner has to be a Female That's all and thanks for reading till the end~
  25. I'm leaning towards playing the son here. The idea is a son who could either be teenager or young adult and a mid-upper 30s single mother. The two have lived on their own as long as he can remember. He has no other family, his mom being emotionally distant from her own family. She has always been reluctant to talk about his father. They lived a simple yet reasonably happy life, neither imaging how much would change one random night. It happened purely by impulse. I have a few different ideas for how this happens (open to other ideas too): He comes late from school/work/other activities. Does not see his mom and walks upstairs to head to his room. On the way he hears strange noises coming from the bathroom in her bedroom. Thinking she might have been hurt, and the music coming her room muffling the noise, he walks inside. The noises get stranger once he is in her room but he pushes on, the door to her bathroom cracked open. He silently pushes it open to watch her going to work on a dildo pressed against the shower door, her body still soaking from a recent shower. He could not help but watch. After a few minutes, he could not stop himself, from unzipping his pants and jerking off to his mother masturbating of all things. He had never seen her like this before, in any sort of sexual atmosphere. But she was still a woman, with natural desires. Maybe he could have snuck out and pretended nothing happened. But then she tripped slightly, catching herself before falling, but the music stopped her from hearing the door slide and the dildo fall. Panic and lust motivated the next step. Before she realized what happened he stepped forward offering his penis in place of the dildo on the floor. After he did it, he knew how stupid it was, that it would be found out. He only hoped she did not notice immediately and he would have a few moments of sex with her before she did. Alternatively he wakes up in the middle of the night. Steps out to use the bathroom or maybe eat a little. He passes the door to his mother's room. Still open with the light on, but hears sounds of her sleep. He steps in to turn off the light, the first time he had walked in the room while she slept since he was a little kid. But then he sees her in bed, no blanket, either nude or underwear only, or other nightwear that stands out. Again, he had never seen her like this before. Other than swimsuits, nothing that showed off nearly so much. He could not himself from approaching her bed. That's the basic idea. A happy conventional mother-son relationship twisted by one random night into something incestuous. I want to play out the first night, using one of the above circumstances (willing to consider others) but then play out the aftermath. See long term how their relationship shifts.
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