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Found 53 results

  1. Blooberries

    Looking for sub female

    Hello Everyone! So, I have some time in my hands to actually do some rp (yay!) I don't have complete plots rn but I have two male characters I'd like to put to good use. One more thing, they can totally change to mold themselves better to any plot you may have. I prefer rping with YC being a female, she can be a brat, bby girl, over 18, underaged (I do have limits tho), and almost any personality. MC 1 is a Dom, he is very rough and enjoys forcing himself on smaller girls. Power dynamics is a thing for him MC 2 is what you'd call a daddy. He is soft and loves taking care of his parter/lover/pet. He also appreciates brats and loves with girls tease him. He usually ignores it until he can't hold it any longer.
  2. I looking for someone to do a private rp with me that is about a mother and son. ((As well as a few other members to be discussed in private.)) Please message me if interested.
  3. So I want to play a incest homewrecker scenario, a dad being seduced by his daughter or by his son or a mother being seduced by her daughter or by her son I'm comfortable playing any part be it the parent or the kid
  4. Hello! My name is Heather. Me and my friend ( https://ecchidreams.com/dreamer/3326-freyahilde/ ) are looking to do a roleplay with one more person. Were looking for a dominant male who can play a daddy vampire! Our characters will be the sexy sisters that the vampire will take in as his sex/blood slaves! It will take place in modern day, and include ddlg. Please please message one of us if your interested!!!
  5. kinkikitti69

    Seeking Incest Gangbang Smut!

    Seeking purely smut incest gangbang! Mom and Dad are divorced because dad is an alcoholic pervert. Mom never told daughter anything about it, but she manages to convince mom to let her spend spring break with her father as a sweet 16 bday present. As she arrives at her fathers house (in the bad side of town) he has already been drinking with her uncle as they happily invite her in and offer her alcohol for her very first time. Loosening her up and loving what they see, they can't keep their hands to themselves! Daddy even has an idea of pimping her to friends and neighbors.... she's in for a very long week with daddy Its time for the annual family reunion! All of the women are together getting wine drunk in the backyard! For Katie is the only underage woman there, being only 16, she isn't invited to join the women in their fun. However, all of the men have gathered in the 'man cave' basement, where none of the women ever go. Daddy drunkly invites his daughter to join the men, offering liquor and not telling her she's been the sex talk of all of them. But what kinds of things happen with a group of horny drunk men and sexy young teenager eager to drink with them? Surely a long evening of lots of fun and cum
  6. Johnc99

    Broken man

    My character was kidnapped and used as a government experiment, they grabbed random people and inject them with the new drug they need to test. They did this for everything, flew, cold, smallpox, birth control, viagra etc. They made a new drug that was supposed to let a man be able to cum multiple times without it hurting them. They injected my character with this drug, but soon they found unforeseen side effects. The drug had a bad reaction with my character's particular body, making him a bit stronger enough to lift double the amount he could normally lift and extremely horny making him unable to control his lust. This rp could be a incest, strangers, friends idm. Let m know if you're interested in doing something like this. It's not set on con or none con yet so it's negotiable.
  7. Goth_Queen_Dahlia

    Brother "sister" fun.

    I want someone to rp a fun night with me. About a brother telling his brother about his sissy secret life and showing him. Only to have it turn into sex.
  8. I have had an idea for a while. I want to do a brother sister body swap rp. I'm interested in being the brother in the sister's body. And if possible the Mom. The idea can just be gender swap like two brothers and one turns into a girl. Just let me know if you are interested.
  9. _euphoriaX

    A Niece and Her Uncle

    I have been in the mood for some uncle x niece action, with a bit of a twist. I have two possible scenarios, but they aren't that different. 1. Basically, a family that has been completely fine with incest and encourages it, is looking to wed off my young teen character with a much older man- and that man just so happens to be her uncle. She is going to be married to her uncle, she will carry her uncle's child, she will be her uncle's fuck toy. But another thing I wanted to incorporate would be that after the marriage, the uncle would drug her into a deep sleep, and fuck her repeatedly. 2. That scenario, just without the marriage part. A niece goes to spend time with her uncle, gets drugged, and fucked multiple times. I was inspired for these ideas because of having a certain read.
  10. melodiousmachinations

    Keeping it in the Family~

    Hello, everyone~! I've just got an idea for a potential roleplay here, ahaha. Keep in mind that I've only just started ERP, so I'm sorry if any of this seems rough around the edges. Feel free to EcchiText me if you're interested, or have any questions! ---------- Keeping it in the Family~ The premise of the roleplay is simple. Two siblings, brother and sister. They grew up very close to each other, almost never leaving each other's side, if they could help it. As they matured, however, they couldn't help but notice how their bodies were growing, and how...enticing their sibling looked. Neither of them acted on this taboo feeling, however, and the duo spent their adolescence hiding their increasing sexual feelings for each other. Eventually, however, the younger sibling (brother or sister, either way works) turns 18. One way or another, the two find themselves under the same roof, perhaps because one of the siblings' houses got damaged by an unfortunate sinkhole, or something. And with their parents off on a vacation trip (How convenient!), the floodgates are open as the two are left to bask in mounting sexual tension, until one day, they give in to their desires... ---------- As you can see, it's not necessarily the most in depth concept, but I think there's enough potential for something fun. I'm willing to play either the brother or the sister, or, if you want, I can change it to two brothers or two sisters, to make things a bit more interesting. Or, if incest isn't something you're into, we can make them childhood friends! For setting, it's flexible, but I'll default to the roleplay taking place in a modern setting, maybe in a quiet town. If you have any other ideas for that, I'd be willing to hear them, though. Finally, for any kinks that might arise during the fun, I'm thinking of keeping things vanilla, as said before, I'm still dipping my toes into ERP. I don't have a particularly strict preference for post length, but I'd appreciate it if your responses are at least a couple of paragraphs in length. Looking forward to seeing you~
  11. Darknan

    Saiyan Rape Saga

    This is a story about Saiyans who arrived on earth, but in a different way, as this was another dimension where there was no goku, no vegeta, but very strong saiyans who lived on planet Vegeta. The saiyans came on earth one day to claim its resources and destroy it, they found nothing of interest as all the humans were ugly and weak for them, as they were killing and toying around with, eventually the humans tried to rise up to them, but was pointless, they killed most of them, some were hiding underground, others where trying to worship them so they wont destroy the planet, as they gave them the best food they can make and also resources that were left. Eventually there was a mother with her young son, which she is taking care of, as the father died from the saiyans long ago, she really hated the saiyans, so she was hiding under the ground with her son, and when they were almost out of food, they both went out to get some food since the mother cant leave her child behind. Eventually one day the moment has come where she meets the saiyan, and bad stuff would happen to her , to the end of her life ,as they saw something worth on her, which isn't her powerlevel, but what they see infront of them, as the saiyans were evil and rude and disgusting in looks, but were very powerfull, could tear up a person into pieces just with theyr hands, as they had done it many times before. Eventually they would need to populate the saiyan race on earth, but for that they needed more females. Mother: (I would roleplay as the mother)
  12. Darknan

    hardcore roleplay

    I'm looking for some private hardcore roleplay fun with someone. Needed: - Blackmail - Deforming - Abuse - Milf - Daughter - Huge lactating breasts - Torture (Mostly aimed at the breasts) - Bleed but not gore - Degrading I have this nice idea where i would roleplay as Victims, a mother and a daughter that live in a house while the husband is away at work. The Daughter met this old stranger on the internet and they were playing games together untill drama happened, she cursed him and insulted him and he had anger issues and they took it took far. One day he decided to pretend to be someone younger on the internet, to blackmail the daughter to get her address and to teach her and her mother a lesson. Wonder why the mother too? Because once he sees her huge breasts and knowing what the daughter told him about her lactation problem that wont stop since her birth, that made him want to use her mother badly in any kind of abuse,painfull and sexual way, and make the daughter watch/ or use her, thats the other roleplay prefference since he would play as the Predator. Can also Degrade them infront of people and ruin theyr life even more. How the daughter would look like: How the mother would look like: Send me private message so we can talk it out and start the fun
  13. Darknan

    Dinosaur Post-Apocalyptic ERP

    I was thinking of having some fun with dinosaurs, as i would usually plays as the Victim, since i never play as anything else. The Apocalypse of Dinosaurs. - Adventure - Horror - Breed - Milf - Shota - Loli - Incest - Deforming - Lactation - Dinosaur I was thinking making a story where a family was living a hard life, trying to survive a post apocalyptic dinosaur times, they never thought it would come to this moment, but something happened as they had to find ways to survive and find hope somewhere around the world, but little do they know what awaits them. I haven't playd Fallout, but imagine something like Fallout, wherever everyone is happy and having best life, untill something happened and the family rushed into a bunker in theyr house for protection, some should adventure, other stay. Incest can also happen while in the bunker for too long, as for outside, any type of Rape is possible to happen. Background image for imagination of the world: The Family: There will be a Father which i will let the roleplayer to pick how he gonna look like and his age. There will be a Mother which i will pick how she will look like and if you need more info, yes she will have huge jiggly boobs. There will be Daughter which i will let the roleplayer pick how she gonna look like and her age. There will be Son which i will let the roleplayer pick how he gonna look like and his age. NOTE: I will roleplay as the Family, as i will let the other roleplayer decide how theyr fate should be or we can roll a dice and if the picked number appears, theyr action will be safe, if not then they would probably lose alot more than Virginity. No Gore, No Bukkake, There can be some kind of blood as long it doesn't count as gore, No Limbs removal, I would say no Death but it won't be survival if people don't die right? So let's allow death on this one if the other roleplayer wishes. I do not want to discuss a roleplay that i never made on Bulletin, we can only discuss roleplays that i made in the Bulletin. Warning: No Real Life included in any of these Roleplay's and no conversations about how my Life is or questions about my real life. You will get instantly ignored.
  14. Imouto Kanna

    shotacon Beach wear

    From the album: Misaki

    Misaki in her beach attire

    © Kamioka Shun'ya

  15. I will be updating this as I learn more about what I want out of my roleplays! (Update February 29th, 2020. ) I've been here long enough I have a better grasp for how I want to play this character so I have detailed it below. Also updated the tags. These are ideal, but none of this is set in stone. I love some build up before getting into anything too extreme or sexual, I kind of see it as foreplay in the writing. Kanna, my OC's album My only requirements for your character: 20-28 years of age; preferably slender; cock size: 5.5-8 inches-ish & uncut; nerdy/geeky type; the rest is up to you. I don't mind working on your character together if you want. I however don't want to change much, if anything about Kanna. I would like to include oral and vaginal sex as well as fingering/handjobs. I really enjoy the idea of Kanna being incredibly naive and innocent while her brother is a pervert who grooms her into it (he can have some qualms about this or not be able to see past his lust). Most of the time that is the narrative I'll want to go with. So roleplaying her first sexual experiences is important to me. Rarely, I might be okay with playing Kanna as devious trying to seduce her older brother. I'd like to work on a plot together! That way we are on the same page. Kinks I would like to include but are not required: bath play, sleep play, tickling, squirting, cream pies, size difference, toys, exhibitionism Things I'm okay including: anal, butt stuff, watersports, diaper play, bdsm, beastiality, cheating, double penetration, feet, facials, masturbation, rimjobs, voyeurism My preference page: I am able to share some hentai (manga and anime) regarding where i've gotten some of these ideas from to give you a better idea of what I'm looking for but it is loli, so I'll share the name but not the actual content directly. If you have any questions feel free to reach out with a PM/DM or chat ^^ Important side note: I deal with some mental and physical health issues so sometimes I don't have the energy to be social, I will try my best to communicate when this happens so you're not left on read. I recommend following me as I post often if something comes up and I am not able to respond as quickly as I would like. I hope you can be patient with my responses. ♥
  16. kinkikitti69

    Incest, Gangbang, Force ;)

    In the mood for some more wild gangbang type RPs Father and friends: Mother is away on business, and its Friday night poker night for dad and his friends. His 18 year old daughter has snuck out of the house to sneak into a house party for some drinks. She stumbles home intoxicated, only to find her father and his friends equally drunk. Family Reunion: Its the annual family reunion, the men decide to stay home and watch the football game, while the women decide to leave and spend the day drinking wine at a spa. Alex is the only female minor, being 16 she is left at home with the men. It isn't long before the football watch party becomes a drinking game party, and Alex wonders if she can join in. Father and strangers: for her 17th birthday present, her perverted father decides to take her out to see a movie. What she didn't realize was that he was taking her to the 'bad' side of town into an 'adult' movie theatre to watch a particularly lewd porn movie together, in the theatre screening room, the audience is light, but the only other people in there are older, horny men. Shopping alone: Curious teen goes out shopping in the not so great side of town. As she enters a old run down looking store with no signs out front, on the inside she is shocked to discover the store she has entered is an 'adults only' store with toys, lewd clothing, porn and more throughout. The only people inside the store are older men eager for some fun.
  17. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Cosplay Taken to a New Level

    The concept here is a new technology. A bodysuit, that when you wear it changes your body to take on a form of your choosing until you choose to disable it. It has a number of uses but here we are focusing on one particular use of it, being used by certain groups to fulfill their fantasies. The idea is to focus on specific settings, conventions, clubs etc. Where many people meet, appearing as fictional characters. Unsurprisingly a number people use it to fill out intimate fantasies as well. Sometimes two people meet at random, sometimes two (or more) people agree to take certain forms and then they meet. The conventions may even have discreet areas that are actually intended for such things. The transformations are complete. While it can not give magic/super powers or anything like that, visually and in voice you become a perfect match of your chosen individual. It can even turn a woman into a man or man into a woman, change height, etc. It can match non-human characters to a limited degree (things like unusual skin colors, pointed ears, horns, tails, fur/scales, things like that. Though it can not give some unrealistic sizes or non-humanoid shapes). Unless you are meeting someone who you pre-planned something with, it is impossible to know who someone is under the disguise. These could be MxF or FxF couples (under the disguises it could be boy and girl, two girls or two boys, though there will be no MxM content either way). There may or may not be content with one or both in their true forms here. Ultimately the idea here is a Rule 34 story, with some story, but people only pretending to be the actual characters. It could be more casual or develop into actual relationships. The tags are a list of things I am pen for, they are optional though and it isn't a complete list either.
  18. Hello. I know I'm a bit of a broken record and have posted similar sibling related (ha) posts before. I've even had a few really good little sisters. And I shall never turn down a little sister! But here's the thing.. it usually doesn't take much for a brother and sister to decide to start fucking. Big brother notices little sister has grown up and takes advantage of her. Bratty sister constantly teases brother until he snaps and calls her bluff. Clingy, obsessive sister continually tempts brother into sex. There's plenty more, but those are just some examples. It always seems to happen quickly without much provocation, and that's what I'd like to explore. To take a slow burn method with it. I'd like to establish their relationship as siblings prior to their sexual relationship. And explore more thoroughly what causes them to decide to start said relationship, since it typically doesn't take much for siblings in these stories to decide to start fucking. And once the idea is introduced, they don't immediately start humping like bunnies. Perhaps there's some experimentation and they establish some boundaries. At first maybe it's just a show. "Show me yours and I'll show you mine." Stripping for each other, watching in the shower, watching each other masturbate. Then they can move on to light touching, cuddling and dry humping. Then escalate to heavier grinding, masturbating each other then after that maybe oral is ok, then penetration.. anal at first (not a dealbreaker if you're not into it) then having full on sex. And even afterwards, once they've humped like bunnies.. how do they establish their relationship? Do they decide to start a romantic relationship that they have to constantly hide from everyone? Or maybe it's more casual.. "siblings with benefits" type of a thing. Sooooo... if you're interested in such a slow burn sibling RP, please let me know! I would be happy to discuss. Or if you also want a quick, jump to siblings fucking like bunnies RP... you can let me know also. Will accept all sisters!
  19. Graceful Love

    Family Love

    Hello, my name is Jasmine Deye. I’m 25 and in school studying for my MA in Writing. I am mixed race, tall for a girl(5-10), slim but not skinny, with small firm breasts and very sensitive nipples. I identify as a lesbian, but enjoy intimacy with male family members as well. Looking foe private role plays with girls who have similar interests.
  20. Looking to get in on some incest type roleplays with a female. Father/daughter, uncle/niece, son/mother, brother/sister, cousins. It can be forced or consensual, but I am a dominant and it can evolve in endless possibilities. Please more than one liners.
  21. Katie's parents divorced when she was younger, but agreed her father could have her during the weekends, and some schools breaks. Katie has recently turned 16, but her body was extremely well developed for her age. Her father has become a perverted drunk, and has become more aware of his daughters body. Its fall break and he has custody of her for the entire break. he's been fantasizing of his daughter and can't take it anymore. He introduces her to alcohol for the first time in his home, knowing full well his neighbors and friends would pay good money ti have some time with her...
  22. Seeking a kinky daddy/daughter rp It's the Thanksgiving Holiday and its a massive family reunion. All of the women have left the house to spend the day shopping until dinner. The men have been left at home to drink and party as they see fit. 16 year old very well developed daughter is the only woman left in the house. Thinking the men are all watching TV she decides to sneak into the kitchen to mix herself up a strong liquor drink, just as daddy walks in and catches her in the act.... EcchiText me to RP
  23. New here. Looking to do a sorta romantic incest roleplay with single dad and an a young adoption daughter coming of age. Could make it into a ddlg roleplay along the way. Anyone looking to play the daughters role is welcome.
  24. kinkikitti69

    Seeking Kinky Incest RP

    Hello, Been craving some extra kinky fun lately. A well developed 16 year old daughter, at the mercy of the men in her family, or daddy and his friends. Can include kinks like alcohol use, toys, lots of cum, public sex, force, restraints. Message me if you would be interested in setting something up
  25. Previously I would have posted something like this in the private bulletins, but this time I decided to try here first and then maybe post if there if there is no response. The idea is here is a shapeshifter with a very open mind and a lot of curiosity. I am going to suggest two versions of the idea here, but the first is the preferred one. In this case it is a fantasy setting with an endless variety of fictional humanoid, semi-humanoid or monstrous creatures. My character would be the shapeshifter, maybe it is an innate talent, maybe it is magic. Either way it is an extremely rare ability, that no one would have reason to suspect he was not what he appeared as. Anyway with a motive that is half fetish, half early scientific curiosity. He decided he wanted to study the mating habits of various creatures. He decided to study it by experiencing it first hand. He has done it a few times already but wants to do much more. To get the full picture, he is also willing to do it as both the male and female. The decision usually being made depending on the type of creature it is. I'm not looking for 100% sex but also like the idea of playing out the various courtships and ideally how they handle children. Some of these could be one on one and some might involve herd/pack/group dynamics. His transformations are complete enough that he is capable of fathering children or even giving birth to them as a female. I know that is not everyone's thing but I would like to include it. And while I prefer to focus on the creatures he may also occasionally take human form as a woman and would like to spend some time on his interactions with men as such. It is a setting where women are likely not equal to men and he would be studying less respectable situations where a woman might get involved with a man without marriage. The second one is a more modern version, purely human, using the shapeshifting for a more purely sexual motive. Using it as a trick to sleep around, with both men and women without them realizing it or having a chance with people both men and women he would not otherwise have had a chance with, due to age (for example going after school girls if he is older or older people if he is that age)/looks/status/blood ties (for example he might take another form and use it to seduce his sister/brother/other relatives without them knowing), or any other reason. The first idea was purely MxF (with variation on who would be playing each gender). This one could be a mix of MxF and FxF. He would probably even be capable of being a futa at times, though it would not be his preference. In both cases I am looking a lot of sex but with story, and potentially detailed story, around it. You should be willing to play both male and female characters. Being into pregnancy and everything around it is a big plus as would playing FxF in the modern version and a wide variety of creatures in the fantasy version. In the fantasy at least there will not be proper romance but any sort of bonding that a male and female of that type might go through. He could be with some mates a lot longer than others (some it may just be the courtship and mating, others could be much longer). Some of the creatures will more intelligent/capable speech and others more beast like and instinct driven.
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