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  1. ImABadGirl

    My fantasies

    Hello! If you have some ideas or fantasies please reach out! I am a very kinky girl looking to roleplay some dark and hard to accomplish in real life roleplays. Please message me~ Below are some of the fantasies that have brought me here.. some : Cheating on my wife with a dominant male who doesn't mind the thought of having two turned lesbians as his cumdump Cheating on my old ex and showing him how a real man, you, would use me to really please and control a woman~ Bully my brother and now I gotta save him, maybe you have blackmail to get him expelled, or drugs on you that possibly make females beyond horny Mom?! What are you doing in your back with this stranger in you? And why is he saying I'm next to take his big black cock? strong touch: while at the gym someone gets a bit more handsy then they need to, soon doing a different workout.. Thank you for looking this far but this is still a work in progress, don't worry I'll be adding more hehe
  2. DannyIwakura


    From the album: My Characters

    Bad Black Boy Stud Angelo is a black gang member with a serious face and tough character. The gym and the street are his second home. He loves white girls, especially those who are shy and even better if they have a boyfriend. He will make their lives change forever and they will never be the same again. He also has an interest in proud and strong girls. Will you dare to know your black future? He can be intimidating at first and you can even be scared but once he puts his hands on your body you won't want to stop and when his thick veined cock enters the depths of you your eyes will turn white and you will forget all your past. You'll forget those weak white boys. Let Angelo exterminate your race and let him plant his black seed inside you. Come and discover your black life with Angelo, the black gang member that you will never be able to forget. Personality He is a seductive black man who will plan any move to get that white girl into his bed to make her scream all night long. He can even be a romantic and handsome man, however, in bed he is a black stud. He will encircle you with his big hands and will not let go until he is satisfied. He will make sure that your moans are heard by all the neighbors. Sometimes he's also impatient so be prepared to fuck in public places under the risk of getting caught getting rammed by a big black guy. Appearance A tall man with a broad back. His body molded in the gym. His big, muscled arms would encircle you with ease. He has shaved hair He has several tattoos on his body. The most visible is on his neck, the drawing of a small snake on the right side. The drawing of a dragon occupies a large part of his arm. To see more of his tattoos you would have to see his naked body.
  3. Ok, I've got two ideas. Idea 1.) The gist is, I play a cute, shy little boy who has just started to hit puberty, and unfortunately for him, that also means he's started to feel funny whenever he looks at his teacher. His teacher eventually notices this, and decides to take advantage of the young boy. She locks him in her office with her, rapes him till he nearly passes out, and then takes pictures to blackmail him into being her boy-toy with. Of course, she'd never really release the pics, since she'd be the one getting in trouble, but he doesn't know that, so he's forced to play along. Idea 2.) MC somehow finds himself alone in a strange, jungle-covered place, totally in over his head and having no idea what to do. He gets attacked by some wildlife, and almost gets killed, but it saved by a tribe of half-human half-animal people, all of whom appear to be women. They take him back to their village, where its revealed to him that all the men in their village died recently, and as such, they have no one to mate with and keep their society going. This being the case, they take him to be their breeding stud, regardless of if he wants it or not, and they end up fucking him within an inch of his life~ Kinks I'd like to include would be as follows; Femdom Outercourse (Paizuri, thigh fucks, etc) Overstimulation Cosplay Pet-Play Teasing Maybe some race-play For reference to what I'd like her to look like, see the images below
  4. It was around seven in the evening, and at the beautiful restaurant you were seated with your husband, awaiting for me and my wife to arrive for our double date hangout. It had been a few years since you and I had hanged out, busy life schedules as such, but we were always close no matter what. Whenever we were together, loving touches, passionate fucking, make out sessions, casual sex, all the normal things that are done between siblings. Those evenings during college finals week always involved a 'relax study' session, cuddle fucking throughout the night to enjoy each other and to make a nice stride through the stress of tests; such great times. Jack was annoyed a bit, as it had been fifteen minutes passed the reservation time, as he ate the last piece of bread from the bread basket. "What the hell is taking so long?" he would say, swallowing down the piece of bread. While him as a husband was nice, he just can never replace that feeling of pure love and affection from your brother. Regardless, shortly after his complaint, I arrived with my wife, me in my pair of blue dress pants and a white casual dress shirt, two buttons from the collar undone which was somewhat exposing my toned chest a bit, while my wife was in a nice blue dress. The look on her face was that of shock when she saw you, and the same face when Jack had looked at me. I greeted Jack with a firm handshake; "Sorry about the lateness, traffic by the I-8 was insane. Got here as soon as we can. Name's Devon, and you must be Jacky?" "Jack...name's Jack. Thanks for making it as soon as possible...kinda got us hungry waiting." he would say in response, still staring over my face and looking back over at you, completely confused. My wife, Sarah, would look at you with the same puzzled look but would brush it off, coming over to you with a smile and hug. "Hi there! I'm Sarah, so nice to finally meet you!" she would say, before letting go of you and coming over to greet Jack. I come and see you, smiling widely at you as I open my arms out to you. "Hey you, looking as beautiful as ever..." I would say, hugging you close, my hands casually sliding down to grip your ass cheeks firmly, kissing your cheek over and over, and slowly brushing my lips against yours, kissing your upper and lower lip softly and slowly, locking lips and slipping my tongue into your mouth. Tongues gently rubbing against each others, saliva building up and flowing between our mouths so erotically. Our usual greetings were always so loving...and sometimes messy. Shortly after I pull away, a thick strain of saliva connecting our lips together. I smiled widely at you. "Mmph..missed you so much.." I would say, looking into your eyes and then over at your cleavage, my hips pressing against yours rather firmly. I look over to see the two of our significant others, both of them shocked. "What?" I would say, confused of their looks. "Uh...are you guys...really siblings?..." Jack would ask, as he would notice my complexion in contrast to yours, mine with olive skin and yours with a more ethnic, exotic complexion. As much as it was hard to answer that question, it didn't matter. We're still siblings and we love each other so, so, so much. (Heya folks! Hoping to find a detailed female roleplayer who'd be up to play either Ebony, Asian, Latina. or any race really! Hoping to make this long term slice of life affectionate incest. Kinks and limits can be discussed, hope you also have a visual reference!)
  5. Kris


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  9. One of the country's most secretive yet most effective "reshaping" programs for college-aged women, the TULS program aims to teach traditional values of femininity to overly progressive women, priding itself in its 100% success rate. It operates through a word of the mouth system, with parents learning about it through other parents whose daughters took part in the year long program. Claims of hardcore feminists turning into hardcore patriarchs, sinful atheists turning into God-fearing women, liberal lesbians turning into traditional housewives, and other claims of the sort, put complete faith in the institution. All parents have to do is contact TULS while their daughter is home from college, and two members of the organization will drive to the provided location and take her, by force if need be, to their secluded establishments. There, the young women are met with a rigid yet safe living environment, where they undergo a series of daily activities and classes aimed at teaching them a woman's place in society, her role in a relationship, and her duties as a wife, as well as how to perform tasks like cooking, household chores, and making their husbands content, with maximum efficiency. ... At least, that's what the parents are told. In reality, the proceedures are much different. While the women range from eighteen years old to women in their early twenties, TULS' all-male staff consists of slightly older men - from men in their early thirties to their late fourties - that use very practical methods to get the women to break. When a woman arrives at TULS she's immediately stripped of all of her clothing and assigned a Master. This Master - a staff member chosen at random, unless one manifests particular interest in the new arrival - is responsible for showing her around TULS. He gives her a tour of the facility, hands her her daily routine, and, most importantly, gives her a welcome fuck against her will, undoubtedly establishing TULS' number one rule - consent doesn't exist. The men have complete control and free-use over the women, and they must obey their every command. They can be as rough and degrading as they want with them - some of the country's most virile men, they can easily overpower any resisting slut. The daily routine at TULS follows a strict schedule. The women are woken up at 7 AM and are immediately served breakfast - a healthy dose of cum, provided by a mandatory morning blowjob. Throughout the morning they take part in more theoretical classes, like history of the partiarchy, cooking and cleaning 101, and Christian teachings, for instance. 1 PM is lunch time - for the staff, at least. The women are expected to cook for their Masters, and are then allowed to share any leftovers they didn't feel like eating. Throughout the evening the more practical classes take course, ranging from worship of the male body, to cock riding, to deepthroating... anything you can think of, TULS has it. When nighttime comes, the women are given a good night fuck before going to bed, and no slut falls asleep without a freshly bred pussy and womb. In theory, the women are expected to follow this schedule extremely strictly, but it becomes way more lenient if any staff member feels like using one the women while they're in the middle of something. If diligent and responsible, sometimes the women receive gifts from the staff, like being gifted a slutty outfit to wear, being given an actual plate to eat, or being able to freely skip certain theoretical classes. Naturally, the contrary is also true. There exist multiple punishments for women who are disobedient. They're issued when a man's command isn't followed, when an attendee fails to comply with the schedule, when they fail classes and exams, and just when they break a rule in general. Staff members on the more cruel side however, are known for issuing unfair punishments just because they feel like using a slut, especially if said slut is known for being a troublemaker and hasn't learned her place yet. The punishments themselves range from lighter ones, like a simple spanking session or being put on dish washing or bathroom cleaning duty, to more hardcore ones, like being forced to walk with a vibrator up the cunt all day long or having to lick a Master's body clean after a workout. None of these are set in stone to me though, and they're for us to decide on together! Hello! Today I'm looking for a male partner to play out this dark prompt with - college-aged progressive women are sent to a "reshaping" year long program by their parents to become more traditional, the later thinking they're dispatching them to a strict yet safe environment, only for their daughters to be met with a sex prison of sorts, transformed into sex slaves while being broken and shaped to meet the old school values of femininity. I'll play as the female attendees, all aged from 18 to around 25, and you'll play as the male staff, all aged from 30 to around 50. Throughout the roleplay we'll follow the journey of the multiple women and men at TULS, as the latter are transformed into cock-worshipping sluts through the process I described above, starting off with an initial cast of characters and rotating them in and out as we go, as they finish the program in the women's case and as they retire, get fired or quit in the men's place. We'll come up with punishments, better define a crystal clear list of rules and daily routine, and firmly determine how things run at TULS together beforehand, as well as explore the different characters' relationships with eachother and their character growths throughout the roleplay. Please text me! Discord is an option as well. Reference pictures for both male and female characters are much prefered over written descriptions, as I enjoy having visual references for both the female and male characters. Kinks: Misogyny, sexism, free-use, traditional gender roles, rough sex, non-con, incest, raceplay, political play, dirty talk, breeding, impregnation, size difference, age gaps, unrealistic sizes, harem and more. Limits: Beast, gore, snuff, and scat.
  10. Hello! Today I'm looking for a White male partner to play out a roleplay mainly centered around the Raceplay and Harem kinks. The premise is as follows - you'll play as a college's quote on quote golden boy; the perfect guy per say. Quarterback of the football team, body of a greek god, perfect GPA, a smile that could melt hearts and a friendly attitude towards everyone. You've led many girls to your bedroom and subsequently your bed, but generally speaking your sex life has been fairly vanilla, and mostly restricted to White girls. That is, until you meet my first character - an Asian cheerleader slash complete slut rumored to not wear panties under her cheerleading skirt, I become your first sexual contact with Asian women. During our first time together, everything was going well until you were about to reach your climax and pull out - that's when I yelled out: "Bleach me Master! Colonize my womb with your Big White Cock!" Which completely caught you by surprise and made you cum inside me. After sex we have a sort of deep talk. You admit that my comment made you tick and from there I introduce you to the world of Raceplay, more specifically WMAF Raceplay, yellow fever and White superiority, and tell you that a guy like you could have a Harem of Asian women crawling at his feet, and that I'd happily be a part of it. From here there's multiple paths we can take with this roleplay, but what I initially have in mind is having your character be convinced to go off on a journey to conquer the college's Asian women, be them students or faculty members, and add them to his newfound harem. I'd play as all of the female characters he'd encounter along the way, and together we can play out these scenarios. I'm hoping for something more long-term with this, and maybe, later on, we could even develop our characters' lives post-graduation. Playing this out on Discord is something I'm very willing to do! Hope to hear from you soon. Kinks: Traditional gender roles, misogyny, rough sex, being degraded, raceplay, political play, size difference, unrealistic sizes, age gaps, incest, breeding, impregnation, public sex, harem, ff(+)m, just to name a few. Limits: Beast, scat, gore, snuff.
  11. White men. Asian women. One island. No clothes. The perfect recipe to create the hottest dating show on earth. Based on the real "Adam looking for Eve", "Adam looking for Ling" adds a NSFW twist and raceplay element to the hit reality show. It's filmed on a completely deserted island, far away from any kind of civilization, and its premise is simple - a group of white men, the "Adams", and a group of asian women, the "Lings", are brought together to live alongside eachother, under two simple conditions; wearing any type of clothing at any time is strictly prohibited (condoms included), and the Adams have absolute free-use over the Lings, fully free to fuck, breed and colonize their tight yellow pussies whenever they desire to. Seasons usually begin with one Adam and one Ling. Every couple of days, more contestants of each gender are brought in one by one; the Adams arriving on a luxurious boat and the Lings arriving on a wooden raft as the audience is briefly introduced to them. When they're near enough, they strip down and swim to shore, meeting their fellow castmates soon after. At the end of the season, the public votes for their favorite Adam and Ling and a monetary prize is given to the winners! Hello! Today I'm looking for a male partner to roleplay a season of "Adam looking for Ling" - the reality dating show presented above. I'm looking for someone who can play as MULTIPLE CHARACTERS, as I want you to play as the full cast of male contestants; the Adams, while I will be playing as the full cast of female contestants; the Lings. Together we'll play out the season on a day-to-day basis, exploring the characters' dynamics and relationships, some of the steamy challenges ALFL has prepared for them, and, of course, the wild sexual encounters that are sure to ensue when you pair up a bunch of white gods with womb-breaking cocks and a bunch of submissive asian sluts with a need to be bleached and owned. Discord is an option as well. Also, reference pictures are much prefered over written descriptions! Kinks: Misogyny, sexism, free-use, traditional gender roles, rough sex, non-con, incest, raceplay, political play, dirty talk, breeding, impregnation, size difference, age gaps, unrealistic sizes, public sex, harem and more. Limits: Beast, gore, snuff, and scat.
  12. Hello? Let me begin by saying I would never condone this kind of thing IRL in ANY capacity, but lately, I find myself kinda curious to give it a try in an RP setting where no one is actually at risk. That being said, I ask that you keep this on the down low. I don't want my friends or followers getting the wrong idea, ya get me? Anyway, I'm currently seeking someone to do a Shotacon/raceplay RP with me, where I would play a shy, cute, friendly, and easily flustered young man, and you would play a dark-skinned, dominant, and sexually devious woman. Kinks, limits, and other details can be discussed as needed. Please be aware that I do prefer literate partners who can do a decent amount of detail in their responses. If you're interested, either comment here, or ecchitext me.
  13. As the title says looking for some black bullies that either bully my son, little brother or my husband. And just fuck me into becoming a whore and then send pictures of me to their victims~
  14. So , I'm a slave fresh off the boat and have been delivered naked and tied up to your room . But you're a sensitive, caring , civilised guy ( at least you like to think so ) . And take pity on me , even while you're tempted to do some uncivilized things... So this is my first post here ( of i give off newbie vibes bear with me please ). I've had this fantasy for years now and would like to play it out with an experienced guy ( i do have roleplay experience ) . I'd prefer for it to be a slow burn and build up before we take each step
  15. NormalRegularGuy

    Monster Girl/Boy Naturalization

    Ever since the rift opened up, monsters have been streaming into our world! Thankfully they're nice enough, from centaurs to nekos to slimes, just to name a few, the only problem is they don't know how to survive in the modern day! So, the government has decided to offer benefits to volunteers willing to welcome a monster into their homes. Hello there! Hope that little blurb caught your interest. I'm looking for a partner for this idea, with one of us playing the monster and the other playing the human who takes them in. If this sounds fun, then shoot me a message and let's get to RPing!
  16. Looking for some Black males to play preferable a black faunas MC to corrupt or just straight out rape Me(Weiss) and break me
  17. Now then, a little about myself. I am a fifteen year writing and rping veteran, with a passion for RPing. Typically as a male, female or two of these as a couple. I have a number of kinks, chief among them romance. These also include vanilla, lesbians, rough sex, aftercare (a kiss or a lick after some rough stuff is always fun), exhibition / outdoor sex, voyeurism (especially when my partner is masturbating), virgins, incest, threesomes/moresomes, harems, impregnation and breeding. If one of these kinks isn't to your liking, do let me know. I have few hard limitations, aside from pain, bathroom kinks and cuckoldry, so if you wish me to scratch a particular itch, feel free to ask. I will get straight to the point. Recently, I have seen an inordinate number of Interracial plot ideas. And they are almost all identical. White pampered daddy's girl gets dicked down by a random black man. In a kink where you can mix and match any shade of human skin, I have seen no variation or deviation from this on ED or other sites I browse. In a world where Asians, Polynesians, Indians, Persians, Arabic, Africans, Caucasians, Latinos and Amerindians can be mixed with any other shade of human, its depressing that most seem satisfied with the vanilla of interracial. So, I want a different kind of interracial RP. I want an rp where my character is paired against a group of darker skinned women. I have divided these into two groups, one themed on Polynesian characters and tropical themes, and one themed on northern Africa and characters from there. Where we take the story is up to you. Is my character an English captain in the age of imperialism, discovered a new land to plant the British flag on? A wealthy Japanese investor retiring to a private island in the Pacific? An Egyptian noble in the ancient world calling upon his household of slaves? Or a carefully curated alien zoo pairing its favorite humans together? We decide. Polynesian Twins Polynesian White Hair 1 Polynesian Blackhair 1 Polynesian Blackhair 2 Polynesian Blackhair 3 Polynesian Brunette 1 Polynesian Brunette 2 Polynesian Blonde 1 Polynesian Blonde 2 Bedouin Twins Egyptian Lady Egyptian Maiden African Huntress 1 African Huntress 2 African Huntress 3 African Maiden 1 African Maiden 2
  18. Hello. Welcome to my thread. I will be sharing my characters and fandoms I like to play in here. Along with the main kinks that really get me going in RP's, but aren't fully needed. Those kind of things can be worked out when building an RP. I will most likely ask you some questions if you message me. Those questions are mostly just to know which kind of my ideas I would share for the RP. I am open to both long term RP's and short term RP's. I'm open to lots of themes, Space, Fantasy, Modern, Real world, or our own made up universe for the RP. Now the things I share about my characters are pretty much basic slice of life info on them, some things can be used in different settings, some not but that can be worked out between us. I would share face claims for them too, but I do kind of keep a stock of face claims I rotate around for the girls depending on versions of them used, like which kind of realm will they be in. Plus below my OC's will be fandoms I like to play as, with those I play them mostly non-canon, Alternate Universe types, though depending on the bit of story idea, might go canon with them, but I do prefer having them up against an OC for the RP. This thread will be updated over time with more fandom's I'm sure. But for now this is it to get things started. I do have some ideas in mind for some of my OC's, just ask me about them cause some of those plots do have some requirements I am looking for in them. Now...Onto the things that do turn me on most for an RP. Interracial(Heavily wanted, but not 100% needed in all scenes, but is preferred) Cheating Age Gap Ugly Bastard Large Cock Excessive Cum Stomach bulging Pregnancy Risk Multiple Partners(MMF, MMMF, MMMFF, MMMMF, MMMMFF, MMMMMF, MMMMMMF, MMMMMMFF) My OC's. Jenny, College Junior, has a boyfriend. She lives in the dorms with a girl majoring in chemistry, they don't get along really. Jenny is secretly an test subject for her roommate. Becky, Married, mother of two. Her husband travels a lot for work and the kids attend private schools with dorms, giving Becky lots of free time to fall into bad but pleasurable situations Hope, engaged to her high school sweet heart. Wants to be a model/actress. Can be too trusting and gullible leaving her to hide many things from her fiance. Allie Sin, has a boyfriend she lives with, cosplays for fun and is a streamer, both when playing video games and her normal real life when exploring cities she visits for conventions. Fandom's Marvel - Mary Jane Watson (Pairings I would like to try...MJ/Vulture MJ/Kraven....MJ/Nick Katzenberg....MJ/OC's) Sue Storm (Pairings...Sue/Skrull...Sue/Mole Man....Sue/OC's) DC - Lois Lane ( Lois/OC's.) Starfire (Starfire/OC's) Final Fantasy - Tifa (Tifa/DON Corneo...Tifa/Shinra Guards....Tifa/OC's....) Aerith (Aerith/Don Corneo...Aerith/Shinra Employees...Aerith/OC's) Overwatch - Mercy (Mercy/OC's) Now if you've made it this far, I thank you. I do prefer to do my RP's over PM's. And I may not always be able to reply right away, so if you seen I read your message but don't reply, it's cause I'm either in a place I can't, or on my phone which I find harder to reply on cause I make a lot more mistakes with the phones auto correct and take far to long to reply that way, so I'd rather wait til I'm home on my PC to reply. That or family stuff and honestly, IRL comes first, even if I really need an RP of some hard, deep, rough interracial fucking, if family needs me, my wet pussy will have to wait til I finish with family. So feel free to message me and lets see if we can get something going. F-List, list of kinks I like and don't like.
  19. Corey had a dark secret, one that could potentially destroy him, he didn't want anyone to know about the sick, wicked desires he had to see little underaged girls naked tiny, smooth, flat chested little breast, and the perfect thigh gap all little girls had drove him wild for years he masturbated to the idea of taking little girls innocence, He imagined Thats what They really wanted, or so least that's the twisted perverted truth he tells himself! That's why he finally decided he would finally take that risk to taste the most forbidden fruits, the virgin pussy of children! "Welcome to my home room class, boys and girls! I'm mister Corey," he wrote his name on the chalk board "
  20. Flip_Flop_and_Sloppy

    Seeking femdom RP (me as sub male)

    Yo! Looking to start up a femdom oriented RP with me playing as this little cutie. His name's Yosuke Shiraishi, my OC sibling to Kyouka Shiraishi, though this isn't necessary to his backstory. He's a shy, dorkish subby boy who loves videogames, works at Chick-Fill-A, and has a weakness for tall, muscular, chocolate-skinned babes~ RP would ideally include the following (All kinks are up for negotiation): FEMDOM, dub/non-con/reverse rape, age-difference, size-difference, paizuri/titfuck, interracial, bullying, collars, muscles, tattoos, choking, creampies, exhaustion, orgasm control, teasing, BDSM, If you think you could play such a character, lemme know LITERACY IS A MUST!!! NO ONE-LINERS!!!! Ideally at least 3 paragraphs of detail per reply, or more if possible. Examples of the kinds of girls he loves most
  21. A peculiar and porny romance. transfer student to japan, and a rather bright girl helping him through the coursework he was having trouble with. They found a connection and love bloomed, with plans to go all the way. There are those who would stand against such a union however, for any number of reasons. And while the big black boyfriend is a little intimidating to take directly, his girlfriend is far from it. Preferred Role: Japanese Schoolgirl
  22. Story is just as important as smut! [UPDATED 02.07.2021] ALL THESE IDEAS ARE JUST THAT, IDEAS! WE CAN ALWAYS CHANGE ANYTHING OR ADD NEW IDEAS TO THESE EXISTING SKELETONS!!! I LOVE BRAINSTORMING The ideas are open to MxF and must be willing to play young 0. Factory Reset (smut heavy MxM) You play a young white boy who lives in a world were females are dying more than men so it’s been decided that to save humanity White boys will be force feminized, undergo sissification and turned into fembois for breeding and given experimental drugs to help them get pregnant 1. Neighborhood Whore: MC is out for a run in the neighborhood when I spot YC, maybe she's playing in the back yard, or doing something else, but I decide I really want her and start to devise a plot to do so. This one would maybe be more of a slow burn, and have a lot more plot than the others, and work up to the smut, but I still want it to be very dark and taboo and have juicy smut when be spots 2. Say Uncle Little Bitch! MC a musician or artist is in town for the holidays, YC my young impressionable nieces or nephew worships me, I use this infatuation to take advantage of you! 3. Camp Corruption!: I am a camp counselor at a art camp or maybe bible camp over the summer and you play a young girl who is eager to learn and wants attention because maybe you have a bad home life. The details can be worked out more but I always enjoyed the corruption of innocence and the taboo of "church" scenes so maybe christian camp could be extra naughty!? 4. Slut Slumber Party! I play the Dad or Older Brother, YC is the young girl (daughter/sister) that wants to have a slumber party and when her friends come over I do naughty things to them. This can be a story were YC is jealous of the fact MC gives the other girls attention if we go with the Brother story, or if its the Dadddy story maybe I'm using my daughter to help me fulfill my sick fantasy, and YC goes a long with it, depends on the age you want to play I"m very open minded, and love brainstorming! 5. Groom.net [new idea] I always wanted to live out this fantasy of meeting a girl online that lies about her age and is younger than she is supposed to be, so this is role play within role play, and when the two finally meet and MC learns her age it changes nothing, in fact it makes him want her even more. The girl you play will be desperate for love, sex, and to be owned! 6. Pretty dream have ugly consequences: [TAKEN] Your character wants to be a star, so she auditioned to become a student at this famous art school. I will play the creative director who often uses his influence to exploit these girls with a promise to make their dreams come true 7. Harry Potter fan fiction: [CRAVING] (no cannon characters just take place within the HP universes The dark lord as we know was vanish by Harry and the gang, but as always there is some dark magic that exist that can actually revive him again. MC is a wizard teaching at Hogwarts, but also a Death Eater and a loyal supporter of the dark lord. YC is a girl with no friends and a curiosity for the dark arts...what can go wrong? 8. Sex Workers Union sex work is legal but it’s controlled by the government. Woman were told it would be sexually liberating but it turned out to be another system of systemic oppression, and the government uses these girls to pay off their debts to other countries through sexual favors! If your name is called on draft day you have not choice but to join the rank fo the sex workers union. This story can be more non con and traumatic or in a way consensual with YC being happy to join and serve her country proudly 9. Dick Delivery! [new idea] I have had this idea about a guy who rapes teen age young girls after they order food from a delivery service. The girls parents are out of town, and maybe she's like 14-15 and the neighborhood is really nice and safe, so they just have the neighbors keep an eye on eye, but she orders food a few times and MC gets the delivery, seeing she is home a lone, he gets the idea to break in and rape her. 10. Hook & Ravish Society [new idea] Its a known fact that lots of woman have rape fantasies, but are too scared to live them out or have no one to trust to make them come true. That's where the Hook & Ravish Society comes into play! They are an exclusive secret society that allows woman to live out there sick rape or ravishment fantasy role plays. You Character is a young teenage girl, maybe 14 or so that knows she wants to be used and abused from a early age and somehow discovered this society club and is trying to get into it so she can become one of the "victim girls" who agree to be willing targets for rape any time any place, by other members of the club. If you have an idea or just KINKY FETISH YOU CAN NEVER GET ANYONE ELSE TO AGREE TO, pitch me an idea, let me know what’s on your mind, how can I help you fantasy come true! Lets brainstorm on something from scratch
  23. The Adorable animal girl shop! This rp will be a lovely scene at which you play a animal girl! You are free to bring a anthro reference or just a regular human girl with animal ears and tail! Nekos and such like that! (I have references for the nekos) in this rp you will be playing the girl in which I want to adopt! For this rp I would prefer the girl be short! Chubby short petite short! Body type is up to you I just prefer the height stay at 5’ or below!(size play kink) As for the starting to this scene! I would be playing a black male named Austin (reference will be given ) he is 28 and looking for one of these pet girls after stumbling upon the shop one drunken night on his way home! Going back in the morning to take a look! Now as this rp does sound very light hearted I have two version.. full dark non con and lighter dub con version! For this rp I would prefer not to have full consent For the dark non con scene there is some rules.. for this darker version unrealistic cock size Is a must kink and so is sexual pain! As for the scene this is it! Dark scene:as I walked into the shop there was only one thing on my mind.. I heard girls that lived in these type of shops had amazing body’s.. as well as their holes were always tight due to them have long healing ability’s! This making it impossible to make them loose! This making them the perfect little toys for people like me a man that suffers from a rare medical issue that caused my cock to be unrealistically long and thick! And I planed your do nothing.. but use and abuse you.. Dub-con scene:in this scene it will see me as a more hung bastard in need of a loving needy pet! Of course the idea is these girls are the best for sex.. but they are also human like in that they need love and attention.. well that’s where the idea of tricking them comes into play as my character will pretend to be as loving and caring as he can just so that he can roughly and hardly make his new pet take his cock once in bed! Below are my kinks and limits I would like if you pick at least one of the sub categories to play from and if you like some from one of the others let me know! My kinks are anal,ass to mouth, , sloppy/messy oral and face fucking, , innocent girls, non con, degrading and humiliation , bigger on small. And cock worship Sub categories! A: unrealistic cocks 18+ inches, stomach bulge and sexual pain nothing better then big cocks causing pain, rimming my ass love when girls eat guy butt B:toilet play all of it vomit to scat farting all of it , musk/smell play, heavy degradation monsters furry or anthro! No human in a fur suit! Only pure bread monsters and beast.. nothing but weird cocks knots flared horse cocks and large penetrations, this also will have sexual pain , ear sex Limits:gore vore snuff and overly slutty! I love an innocent broken bitch So I know you read this! Please tell me your kinks and HARD LIMITS anything that you won’t do must be stated please do not come and just say hey I’m not looking to chat I want to rp! Also please tell me why anal is fun!
  24. Dominick Jones pulled up to the driveway, 15 minutes early, like usual. He was always told if you’re on time you’re late, but if you’re early, you’re on time. He especially wanted to make a good impression to these rich ass white folks, who were going to be paying him $250 an hour to tutor their daughter April for the upcoming school year. He did the math in his head, 6 hours a day, that’s 1500 a week...”That shit adds up quick, I ain’t never made this much money in my fucking life, as much as I hate white people sometime, it’s times like this that makes me think, they ain’t all bad...” Looking around, it was like that old recognition game you would find in magazines growing up, which one of these things does not belong. It was clearly his car, an old 2007 Honda Civic, surrounded by BMW’s, even a Rolls Royce, the kind you don’t drive yourself but looks like it come with a old white guy name Reeves to drive it for you. Her school wasn’t allowing students to attend classes on site, and she really didn’t do well with the distance learning, and because they wanted to make sure he was not bringing COVID into their home, he would be asked to sleep in their guest house, that’s right not room, but a whole damn guest house. They were loaded, and he was lucky to be recommended for the job, by his college professor who was friends of the family and Dominick needed the job! ”Alright Dom, put on your white face, and charm the fuck out these rich folks, I just hope they the Hillary Clinton type of white folks, and not the NRA, Make America Great Again kind...” He rung the door bell and waited for someone to let him in. @KinkyKathy
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