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  1. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @BelleSoumis. Overall premise: Ever since the barrier was broken in the monster realm, the citizens from below have been able to come up and both live and explore the above world where humans live. As these new beings came into the lives of plain humans, things changed in various ways. As a whole, they were embraced by far most people and are treated fairly and fine. Of course, not everyone views it like that, but they are a fringe minority at best and thus doesn't serve any real threat and most often just a nuisance to monster citizens. Among these new monsters living here, are Alphys and Undyne, who even have minor celebrity status due to the role they played in the destruction of the barrier below. Just like before, they are mostly awkward around each other and have yet to fully recognized their feelings and attraction to each other. However, now that regular life is more the thing, it leaves such adventures easier to find and fullfil. What lies in their futures? -------------------------------------- Shortly after the barrier was gone, many monsters have since found homes and even work, with the help of their past experiences, knowledge and help of various humans and the institutions they run. In general, much aid was given so that these monsters could lead lives here up on the surface. Alphys had bigger ambitions herself, so for now she will have to settle with earning a living in a grocery store, both attending the register and general other tasks needing tending to. Undyne found it very obvious, fitting and drawing to join the local police department where they quickly took her in, gave basic training and soon she was able to patrol the streets in the mid sized town they live in. Overall, life is not too shabby for the two of them. Today, she is about to go for some lunch, but as most times she has "forgotten" to bring some and thus goes to where Alphys work to find something and for a chance to chat and catch up. The automated doors slide open and a fish lady looking awesome in her uniform steps inside...
  2. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Bagels Overall premise: A few of the head demons have left their demonic realm to explore and study outside worlds and dimensions. A ritual has been conducted, which has led to them ending up in the human world, but an unknown side effect of this ritual being losing memory of how to do it, leaving the three ladies (Lucifer, Zdrada and Malina) to not know how to return. This leaves them having to find ways to survive here as well as trying to find a way back home. So for now, they have to find some sort of income and lodging. Luckily, the leader of them, Lucifer, found something that could offer both at once - being a live-in servant for some old rich human guy. This leads to the three of them eventually living and serving there. --------------------------------------------------- It has been a few days after the three demon women arrived here and by now they are quite in need of both proper money and somewhere to live at as long as they are still trapped in this dimension. Luckily, an ad was found by Lucifer, from an older man who has a huge mansion and plenty of money, asking for a servant for his home. So she makes herself as proper and decent looking as possible after having arranged for an interview with the old human. This leads to her finally coming to a huge gate where she presses the button on an intercom.
  3. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @rohan10 Overall premise: A young singer has used several years to try and establish a proper name and career, but so far only get gigs in small time clubs, bars and the like, with nothing much to show for it. However, a fateful encounter in a newly joined fitness club leads to a future and companions she never would have imagined. The first encounter with a demoness will eventually lead to three more and together they form a rather unusual, but loving and romantic thing together, as well as the demonic ladies helping her out with her career. ------------------------------------------------------------------ It is another typical Friday evening and it is the first time for the young singer to join the fitness class held in the local training center, where the name of the instructor seems rather odd as it is just "Judgement" and no last name for some reason, almost like a stage name of some sort. Still, the turn up is quite huge and many other young and pretty ladies around there. A few even giggle as they talk about the lovely looks of the instructor, despite how hard she smells and doesn't seem to care one bit. So the small room is pretty crowded. EVen from the other side of the room, the heavy stench of sweat and other weird stuff is felt and it only gets worse the closer one gets, so only the most diehard fans dare get too close. The instructor is already stretching and readying herself in front.
  4. Hello, everyone! Pokephilia is a guilty pleasure of mine. On one hand, yeah, the idea of a human and a Pokemon having sex is wrong. But on the other hand, it’s also hot and Pokemon being fantasy creatures rather than just straight up animals makes it easier to stomach. So, I’m wanting to do some RPs where the series’ female protagonists journey across their respective regions, getting regularly fucked by Pokemon along the way, most likekly getting knocked up a lot too. Or if you want, we can do a shorter RP with one of the other female Pokemon characters, like a female Gym Leader, for example, getting bred by a Pokemon. It could be Misty getting fucked by a Vaporeon, Korrina fucking her Lucario, a Lass falling prey to a horny Hypno, etc. Just about anything is game for this one! Just let me know if any of this interests you, and I’ll hope to see you soon~!
  5. Starlight sparkled across the sky, adding their illumination to the beachside camp below. Raucous laughter and the sounds of instruments hung in the air as the celebration reached full swing. Men drank, cussed and challenged each other in idiotic displays of courage and strength. Among the carousers, several figures stood out. Two of those figures were a pair of twins, their ogre bloodline instantly obvious. The shorter and fatter of the two brothers sat near one of the fires with a mug of ale on a rock next to him and a bowl of stew in his hand. An assortment of bowls, cups, and plates clattered every time he moved his feat. This was Thurmmond, a glutton and a thinker. He was as likely to steal your lunch as he was to tell you about what happens after you die. The taller and dopier of the duo stood amongst the men playing games and taking bets on who would win. This was Lum, a proud warrior of the ogre lineage. He downed his ale in one swift gulp and belched obnoxiously. Deciding that he'd had enough of games about swindling money from drunken sobs and besting others in feats of strength, Lum cast his gaze about, searching for their diminutive leader. He spied a figure of green and pink among the crowd and stomped his way towards her. His form dropped onto a seat across from her with a hefty thump. "Lum think Roskva look bored." He flashed the goblin a lopsided grin, "Lum think Roskva look like she has much coin. Too much." He pulled out a pouch from within his leather jerkin and dropped it onto the table. Dice spilled out of the bag.
  6. Roleplay between: @JennyDKand @Sinful Vampire Overall premise: A poor argonian woman has been caught by local bandits, but luckily for her, a nearby tribe of orcs from a stronghold is out to hunt. They happen to notice these brigands make trouble in the nearby area and so they go in to deal with these murdering thieves and troublemakers. Once inside, they also find out about the lizard girl who is kept behind bars. Once these bandits are dealt with, they free the argonian. As a way to thank them for their help, she offers them any reward that she is able to give...but is surely not ready of the request made to her. ------------------------------------------------------------- The fighting has come to an end and these vile bandits have been dealth with, with deadly force. The argonian, named Treesha Rock-Sitter, exhales in relief and couldn't care less about the loss of lives of these miscreants. She looks over the massively bodied orcs, that makes her look like a midget compared to them. They don't seem like they aim to be bad either and she senses they are not going to harm her in any way. Still, she wants to ask about their intentions and other things."Oh thank you, kind strangers. My name is Treesha Rock-Sitter...what a relief to get rescued. I hope you are not here to imprison me or anything instead?", she opens with.
  7. You are a woman who has always been unsatisfied in your love/sex life. Men just never satisfy you. You tried experimenting with girls for a little while, it was great the first few times, but after the novelty wore off, you found yourself unsatisfied again. The most frustrating part is you can't say for sure WHY it is so unsatisfying. One night while restlessly trying to solve the problem, you decided to see if size was the issue. It probably was not, but it was worth a try at least. You redid your profile on one of the dating/hookup sites, telling the guys looking at it not to waste their time with you unless they had a 'horse cock'. You were being metaphorical of course, but you wanted big and wanted people to know it. You got a reply that night, from a pictureless user. The user refused to tell you why there was no picture, except that 'he' was sensitive about his appearance. But promised if she wanted big, she would not find bigger. The user was just so confident and certain, you felt you just had to see for yourself. The two you agreed to meet in a park the next afternoon. The twist is this a world that has life forms other than human. What you don't know if you have agreed to meet a futa centaur, one looking to mate with a human. They both are expecting a one night stand, but maybe they will both find something missing in this meeting. This would be a deeper/long term story, an unusual purely-casual sex hookup that leads to something neither was expecting. A world where many look down on human/non-human relationships. Where non-humans are often thought of as lesser, they lost the competition for dominant species and are largely confined to something like reservations and limited in what work they can do. The centaur hid her profile because she was doing something very risky. The girl/woman (characters could be teens or adults) may or may not be more open-minded than most. Side characters could be played by either of us, including humans and centuars, less commonly, other non-humans as well.
  8. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Jtcookie. Overall premise: A slice of life RP with an argonian maid living in the mansion with its two brothers who both possess immense wealth and influence, despite not having any guardians or not being very old. One being 8 and the other is 10. They discover the lovely joys and pleasures of finding a busty and wonderful argonian maid, whom they aim to make into a fully fledged bimbo and lover beyond just being a "mere" maid. ------------------------------------- With the victory of the Stormcloaks bringing an end to the civil war, order and peace must now be established and formed once more. The situations has sadly led to some unfortunate fates for some - like how the parents of the two young boys fleeing the estate for good since they supported the Empire. Jarl Ulfric has since made the two boys left the de facto new masters of the house, their business and so on. This further led to the boys having to get new servants as some positions were left empty due to all of these changes. Today they are to meet with a new applicant for the position of house maid. This takes the young Jeera to show up at the huge double doors to the mansion to knock on, wanting to try her luck here.
  9. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Hip2fuckbees Overall premise: As the normal Dragonborn is out doing theirs to ensure the Tamriel's safety and many other quests, another Dragonborn is also out there. Only this one has gotten the blood from an ancient dragon of fertility. She is a slut by nature and has always sought out to pleasure her unsatiable needs for sex. She has no knowledge of this until she is summoned by the Gray Beards. Here she learns about her powers, but knowledge and tutoring in the way of the sexy voice is not without a cost in the lonely temple. I have made some custom Shouts as well, feel free to suggest more: Dragon shouts: Alter Age Alter body Add body parts Call Demons Enlarge body parts Extreme stamina Force orgasm Indestructable body Instant erections Prolong orgasm Remove items (clothes, armour and so on) Renew stamina Shout of Clones Shout of strength Soundwave of Lust Britta Dorfheim's profile: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Britta has recently participated in what has yet to be her longest, hottest and heaviest experience: a many hours long fuckfest with a group of orc visitors to her home village of Elderkeep, the main attraction there being an old and abandoned, but smaller keep that sometimes attracts people looking for adventure. Her time with the orcs led to many, many, many orgasms and lots of yelling, screaming and moaning into the early morning the next day and beyond, truly a feat for one her age or anyone for that matter. This finally led to her screaming at one point turn into her very Shout - a word in the language of dragons, that only caused these orcs to grow even more horny and lustfilled. She ended up being out called to by someone far away just as she outlasted these orc lovers. With her long and fun session over with, she is curious as to what this means, so she sets up to the monastery that is placed on The Throat of the World, to seek out these loners called the Greybeards.
  10. Loosecannon43

    Horror sex

    Basically, I wanted to give some sort of idea related to horror a chance. Especially since it's that time of year anyways. Idea #1: I play as the Horror victim, trying to "survive" from the monster that hunts MC, while YC is a monster that is in "sexual need". Gender doesn't matter for YC. MC is male, and will be the one fucking Idea #2: Just like #1, but in reverse; where I play as the monster, and YC is the victim. We can talk more about it in EcchiTexts.
  11. Loosecannon43

    Man and Anthro

    Basically speaking, a roleplay scenario where a man and an anthro gets together, whether it involves the two encountering each other in an isolated area, the two being close friends, or some other idea that may be considered. While I do have some in mind, I wouldn't mind knowing what you would want to be as. Also, I would be the man, because I'm not comfortable being the female, Femboy, or of the sort. Apologies in advance for that. We can discuss more indepth about it in the EcchiTexts... If you have the time or interest for it.
  12. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Sneek Overall premise: A man escapes from the evil Institute, but somehow ends up losing his memories of his time there, but his mechanical and programming skills are still intact. The place he ended up at, is fairly safe, at least for now. The only sort of "company" he found there, is a deactivated Assaultron that lacks a bit of its components and which programming is not fully intact, so it will require some help, both hardware and software wise. NAturally, survival in the wasteland of the Commonwealth, you stand a much better chance with access to a wide variety of skills and not being alone. On top of that, female companionship is very needed for most males, including this and over time 2 more companions will end up on his side.... ------------------------------------------------ The time away from the Institute is quite uncertain since this scientist left the place and lost most of his memories. He seems to have been able to make a temporary home inside of an abandoned grocery store, where supplies are still plenty. However, it is not a good spot for a longtermed and permanent place to live. After finally gaining access to the basement level of the Super Duper Mart building, he finds an Assaultron that needs some work before it can turn on and work once more. Luckily, his expertise is easily able to do so and there are also the components needing from various other machines in this place. Who knows what shall become of this android and the one fixing her up?
  13. You were a shining exemplar of light. A shining heroine who would cut down any evil she encountered. The beasts of the darkness and corrupt men fled from your presence of you could. You were pure, strong, skilled. It was said you be a legend, your name told in stories for generations to come. Maybe that is still true, but now the stories will be very different. It all began in one moment of desperation. A rival kingdom attacked your hometown. Its whole army bearing down on it. Solely to hurt you. You rode as you could, by the time you made it, the walls had already been breached. They approached your parents' home, all your relatives were in danger. You fought as hard as you could, but their numbers were too much even for you. You prayed, prayed for the gods you served to give you the strength to fight. You got an answer, but from the last god you expected. Zorn, lord of the abyss, father of demons, spoke in your head. He said he could give you the power to save them, if you only prayed for him to do so. It hurt you intensely, it was a betrayal of everything you believed in, but if you did not, everyone there would be slaughtered. So, you prayed to him, and you felt his power flow through you…and the bloodlust. You felt a glee you never felt before as you cut through the invaders with unnatural strength and speed. You hunted every last one down. Only then, soaked in their blood, did you start to calm down. You were back to yourself…but deep down, you knew you had been permanently tainted. That the taint would grow. That is where we start, you play the newly corrupted knight and we play out as she grows further corrupted and cruel, her legend becoming one of terror rather than hope. No man has touched her yet, but soon that will change, but it will not be the hands of humans who take her. Sometimes unwilling, but very often completely willingly, giving herself to beasts and demons, both intelligent and not, perhaps even to her new god. Giving birth to many non-human things, sometimes live, sometimes laying eggs. Hoping for a long term story here, could play either the knight or other characters.
  14. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Mounting the Centauress

    Will see if this gets more attention over here. This combines a number of kinks, will list some of them below and the story for them after that. Probably not a complete list though. Would probably play the male, but might consider the female Kinks: Non/dub con, shifting to consensual Training/taming. Human/nonhuman (male human, female centaur) Breeding Culture shift Ownership Early on there could be pain used as part of the taming. The basic concept is a loner human adventurer seeking a prize/trophy. In this world a man having a centaur as a mount is a status symbol, the wealthy/nobility can buy ones born in captivity, tamed from birth. If you want to make a real name for yourself you capture and tame one for yourself. There are practical values as well, a mount who can understand what you say, can wield weapons to help fight/defend themselves, and some do target females specifically for sex on the road. This hunter is looking for a female centaur in her prime, young adult or near adult (equivalent of mid-teens). Likely initially catching her in a trap, gradually wearing her down, introducing her to human society and being his mount. Eventually beginning to mate with her. In this story they can bear a human’s child, though they are still born as centaurs. The female would likely have a mix of his children as well as some conceived at breeding farms. The basic story is about ‘teaching’ to believe this was natural, to increasingly grow attracted to him as a human strong enough to tame her, perhaps even believing her kind would be happier in such a state. In the end the pair are a strange mix of owner/pet, master/slave and husband/wife, with a twisted sort of mutual love, though rather different than a human couple’s. These two are the core of the story, but there is possibility build a large setting/side characters around them. Both characters could have infrequent sex with others.
  15. Heya, i was hoping to try and find a partner who is willing to do a fantasy harem rp with me. I am fine with most literacy as long as its not one line. The setting is i am a hero travelling around the realm after completing my task/destiny and saving the world, what i didnt know is that i was blessed with a fate where i end being in love with a few different girls, each completely in love with me as well. Feel free to message me if interested
  16. NormalRegularGuy

    Life On The Farm

    It's a hard life for a monster rancher. Waking up in the morning, milking the minotaurs, walking the werewolves, feeding the lamias, grooming the harpies, and that's just before lunch! Oh, and they're all pretty horny, that makes getting work done a bit tougher. Howdy! I'm looking for a partner who wants to play a monster girl on a monster girl ranch (or multiples, if we really hit it off). I'm a switch, so I can play a cute inexperienced farmhand, or the seasoned old owner who knows how to take care of all his girls. If you have a monster girl you want to play, hit me up and we can get down to business! Thanks for reading this y'all, and have a great day.
  17. Ever since the rift opened up, monsters have been streaming into our world! Thankfully they're nice enough, from centaurs to nekos to slimes, just to name a few. The only problem is they don't know how to survive in the modern day. So, the government has decided to offer benefits to volunteers willing to welcome a monster into their homes and teach them about life on earth. Hello there! Hope that little blurb caught your interest. I'm looking for a partner for this idea, with one of us playing the monster and the other playing the human who takes them in. If this sounds fun, then shoot me a message and let's get to RPing! I'm a switch, so both doms and subs are welcome. I want the tone of this RP to be cute or even comedic, just lighthearted in general. Kind of slice of life, but with hot interspecies sex. Thanks for reading this post, and I hope you all have a great day.
  18. The ad wasn't something flashy or even eye-catching when someone scrolled through the available job listings as it read as followed— Looking for actresses Looking for hardcore actresses to perform in filming, photographic pornography, or erotica that portrays sexual acts in a manner that is explicit rather than suggestive. Typically performances show penetration, genitalia, and actual sexual activity. Mainly looking for amateur models or performers that have the willingness to try new things. Besides that, it gave a date, time, and location for where any potential actresses to talk with the director, and if they were interested they would do a potential shooting with a guy of the director's choice. The company hiring was called 3rd Degree Films, and what they hadn't openly admitted to was who they wanted to hire. There was a quickly growing trend in the industry for goblin women. After a goblin woman named Dexi Mel became an overnight sensation through Instagram numerous companies were trying to cash in on them. 3rd Degree had an idea to trump the rest. Riding the coattails of this goblin hype train by allowing females to be their starlets and mold the inexperienced girls to cater to certain things. The story begins at the front door of a rather spacious home. 3rd degree had rented out this residence for a few days of shooting. For owners, they were not aware they'd just unwittingly allowed their home to be used for a porn shoot. Inside cameras and lights were being set up as they waited for their starlet to arrive at any moment. She'd been given the go-ahead to come and be filmed. The stud who'd be filming would arrive a little late, but that gave the goblin time to calm whatever nerves they would have.
  19. LeSane

    A will of Fire

    A Will of Fire—— Story idea— In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of grey crags, scorched earth, and everlasting dragons. Then there was Fire, and with Fire came Disparity. Heat and cold, life and death, and of course... Light and Dark. We see the struggles of others unfold around you as they fight for the things important to them. There's was a man who fought on behalf of his broken homeland, another who fought to prevent his kingdom from damnation. One man believed in research for the sake of knowledge... and maybe this knowledge would give the power to fix a mistake. With this power, one may have to do terrible things to man, to save many more lives. How can the gods be so cruel? To stand idly by while the powerless have everything taken from them. Perhaps if given something, then they'll give something in return?Indeed there's a reward for faithfully serving the gods of this land. Or maybe one will be cast aside to fade from memory - A fool, who dared to believe in something more significant without ever knowing those final acts, could've changed fate. Man is born from the dark, a soul that is kindled, flickers, dwindles,s and dies in the shadow of his Gods. The human form is fragile, and death comes quickly, but the Spirit is strong, and it clings to life like only a mortal can. So in a way, a man was not designed to become higher than those of the sky everlasting. My character has heard that story many times as a child from the old man who raised him. It was one of the many tales passed down from his generation to this one, yet they believed it was a load of horse manure. The village of Gypsies, Traders, and Hired Mercenaries used it as an excuse to throw lavish festivals in tribute to the winged beast. They sacrifice something of significance to them only to say otherwise; however, once every twenty years ago, willing would volunteer themselves to seek out this winged beast. It was out of practice, though. It was mainly lowering the amount of residence so overpopulation wouldn't set them into rui or banish those who'd been a burden to the town overall. Sadly this pertained to my character as he was the black sheep of his people. A problem child due to his lack of drive and aspirations. He'd been more interested in wooing the ladies and living his life than toil the dirt like a peasant. It has been three weeks since he'd set up a campsite. It was a shack at first, but he managed to improve it. The camp got a lot more comfortable once he'd gained a knack for fighting. Carpets cover much of the barren ground, simple awnings tied to the rocks provide shade, and hand-made wooden furniture offers comfortable places to sit and sleep. My character even carves some artwork into the rocks around the camp’s perimeter. He crafted some traps surrounding the makeshift home, but they are pretty simple and may not do much to deter any monsters that roamed about. What I'm looking for— My character is meant to be the servant his village sent as the representative while the mating Season of Dragons comes along. There will be various suitors for your character to reject or accept though they will leave after the deed is done. 'Do not get attached to them.' I already have the story laid out, and there will be twists, various turns, and a grand reveal for the end. •I'm not looking to play against an actual dragon. Humanoid form is preferred. (No referring to anthros)
  20. Premise: A super mutant travels the wasteland, not to raid and pillage, but to survive and rid the wasteland of what evil he might come across. When clearing out a group of Raiders he found in a spot just on the edge of Paradise Falls, the gentle giant finds two young girls who were enslaved. He takes them under his wing, protecting them and searching for a safe place to keep them. As they travel, they find more girls, growing a small troupe behind the mutant as he creates a haven for them. As each one is saved, they find a special way to thank him for his protection. ----------- The ringing of gunshots are still carried through the wind as the large super mutant trudges past past pile of bodies. The smell of gunpowder and sulfur filled his nostrils. He looked like many of the rest of his race, huge and buff, his yellowed skin covered in scars. The odd thing though was that his face seemed to look more.human than most mutants, his face not set in the permanent teeth clenching grimace that plagued his race's looks. His large booted foot kicked the steel double doors in, both flying off their hinges with large dents in them. He scanned the room with his assault rifle, looking for anymore raiders. What he found though was two young girls huddled together in a cage. He immediately lowered his gun and walked over. "Let me get you out of there. Are you both ok?" He gripped the cage door and pulled on it, the rusty metal screeching as he wrenched it off of the cage.
  21. Lately, I have been quite interested in longtermed bimbofication as well as fun profile play. Before I go on with the idea itself, let me quickly explain each term. Bimbofication: Basically focused on the kinks and attitude of the person in question. In these cases it will be someone who is fairly vanilla and inexperienced and help them try out various kinks and acts many times over, so they grow to love them over time. They still receive pleasure and excitement from them at the beginning, of course, though they are yet not eager to call it something they would engage in often or find extremely fun and nice. Basically, they would be indirectly trained to love these kinks and acts. Another big part, is working on the attitude of said goblins. For instance, starting off very grumpy, short fused, bratty and gradually switching personality traits into something more fitting like being meek, sweet, slutty, bubbly and so on. Profile play: Basically, each future employee will have their own job profile, which basic stuff like age, name, appearance, personality and so on. However, more and more stuff will be added and changed during the progression of their bimbofication process. An example being how goblin A goes from being sassy and to losing all of her sass over time. These changes can happen whenever we feel is appropriate and/or whenever the employer seems like an employee has reached a stage where she changes to some degree. A direct example of said profile can be seen here. So what is the overall plot and idea? Basically, an otherwise normal looking and sounding company has sort of a secret. They are really just a front and in reality they make specific types of pornography for various types of audiences. A new trend has been to see goblin females in starring roles and thus they are seeking new future starlets to earn buttloads of cash for themselves and said actresses. However, most goblins are usually shy, intimidating, bossy, bitchy and other less than fitting personal traits that others may find hard to be around for a long period of time and certainly not great for porn either. So the long termed goal is to create a "force" of fit and bimbodied goblins to fill out the roster that aims to satisfy the audience eager to see such girls in porn.
  22. Gr00mersJOI

    Please Save Their Race!

    YC is a special species that is on the brink of extinction because they have no more suitable mates on their planet, so they come to mine; the problem they all look like little girls, they also act childish too, like brats, but they need dick desperately to survive! Its been hard to find men willing to have sex with them, until my character, while hiking or doing something remote stumbles across one of them looking lost, or something
  23. Zinky


    *Okay, so this is about a mew (me) getting transported to the normal universe, the one where we live in. This mew was banished by arceus and has all moves stripped off of her. She only has telepathy, her way of communication to humans. She has to adapt to these humans, or she will forever be a victim for these rule 34 explorers. IF I AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG, PM ME. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME STARTING A PUBLIC RP!!! HUMANS ONLY, HORNY HUMANS HIGHLY PREFERRED!!*
  24. Had a sudden craving to do a Fantasy role play were my male character meets a female goblin. I can think of several plots for this, and it can be long-term and detailed, or short and steamy. I would also love to here any ideas that you have, as I love to brain storm. If your interested comment here or send me a ecchitext.
  25. I'm looking for short-term/one-shot, and quick roleplays to hone my writing skill and keep my writing habits up. However, I am willing to negotiate (or renegotiate) that, if we're both willing and want to continue the roleplay. (I won’t likely initiate these [re-]negotiations. So, I’ll be leaving that up to you, my roleplay partner.) One of the biggest reasons I’m looking for short roleplays is that I want to get through my list of “Will-Do Kinks” in order to get a wider array of experience, skill, and knowledge with speed. I’d prefer not talking about the roleplay as my mind may change in the process, I may lose interest sooner, etc. I’d also prefer staying away from the following: character pictures, post formatting, and anything else that’s “fluff”. Again, I’m looking for short-term, which means that I’m not willing to put forth an extravagant effort for such a trivial thing as aesthetics. I don’t have a set scenario or character in mind for a preference. I’m a bit on the eclectic side, and am up for many things. I will admit, I may have to be taught many a thing, including terminology, and the likes. I also have a tendency toward bad ideas. So, don’t worry whether it’s “good” or even “good enough”, I’m open-minded to reading another’s ideas, but I can’t promise that neither myself nor my characters will be receptive. My previous cast of characters include: —Two Soldiers (Male; Male) —A Catkin / Neko-Girl —A Catkin / Neko-Boy —Fraternal Angelic Twins (Female; Male) —A Homosexual Teacher —Hermaphroditic/Intersex Vilkacis The cast of characters that I want to create and work include: —A Cowkin / Cow Girl (Possibly multiple; Fraternal Twins or Triplets) —An Incubi / Succubi —Dark Elf / Forest Elf —Futanari Foxkin / Kistune Character & Plot Pairings that I’d like to try: —Futanari Teacher at an all-girl’s school who impregnated plenty of the girls, who plot to get one of the male teachers to fuck/rape her until she’s pregnant, too. (*I’d be willing to let this one become a longer-term roleplay. I’d like to discuss where we end it, and what kind of word count would be appropriate. Ie, Do 10k words overall, allowing for 5k words each to get us to the revenge with a possibility of skimming over what happens to our characters afterwards; OR do we go with an exceptionally high word count of 40-100k words and stretch it further to include several go-arounds of the plot?) —Succubi / Incubi that mistake each other for humans, and get tangled up in each other’s magic. —Incubi / Cowkin / Human —Succubi / Foxkin / Dark Elf —Incubi / Succubi / Multiple humans —Cowkin / Catkin / Human(s) —Cowkin Slaves / Human Owner —Dark Elf / Forest Elf —Vilkacis / Human —Vilkacis / Werewolf —Vilkacis / Dark Elf —Dryad / Forest Elf
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