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  1. Heyy... Um gonna keep it kinda simple. I um.. I really kind of want to do an ABDL rp..... just something with MC being diapered. And I understand that it's not everyones kind of thing... Very open to new plot ideas! If you have any please let me know. Plots • "I have looked over and interviewed the new girl. She is quite fascinating. Quite different from what her parents had written to us about. During the interview she was polite and happy, however it was also interesting. Once my attention was divided, things changed. My assistant Ella had walked in and Once my attention was divided she changed. She had gone from this sweet bubbly girl (much like the ones LEAVING the facility) to a sulking nasty brat like we are used to arriving here. In my opinion, it would not do her best to receive the usual regime. Rather she needs a.... more invasive regime. I believe it would be best to have her regressed back to a young age. Now we do have some options for you to assist you in this. Option A. No medical intervention. This will be a mental game of wills. Option B. Medical intervention: the MLBY medication will be introduced. This will regress her mental state to that of a younger time. Option C. Medical intervention: The PLBY medication will be introduced. This will regress her physical being to that of a younger time. Option D. Medical intervention: Both MLBY and PLBY medication will be introduced, regressing her both in mentality and physically. So what are you thinking Sir?" The doctor asked placing the file on his bosses desk and leaning on it. "I do believe this will lead to the best results" ~In which YC is the boss of a female behavioural correction facility. •He's her teacher. He catches her slipping into little space during a test. Him being a daddy knew the signs..... •YC and MCs dad were gang rivals, two of the biggest Mafia don's in the city. YC manages to get his hands on MC. MCs father had always referred to her (to everyone) as 'his baby' so YC decided what if her turned her into a baby of his own. To get back at her father and embarrass her families gang. •YC sees a girl, he just has to make her his little babygirl. •They meet on a site for ABDL. •She needed money and signed up for a medical trial. What she never thought is that she would be turned back into a child. Relying and depending on her (brother/father/boyfriend/friend) to look after her.
  2. NytheraRP

    Stalking his prey

    *edit* Looking for anyone to play female here too! Allison is walking home from the playground by herself at night. She stayed out way later than she was supposed to, no its dark and there is not many people out and about now. She feels like someone is watching her...actually, someone is following her! She quickly ducks into a secluded alleyway to try and hide, but it turns out she didnt hide good enough... Message me for ages, setting, characters, etc!
  3. Xidhaan

    Follow me For LOL!

  4. AirAllie14

    RP Ideas

    (Disclaimer, currently I don’t feel like playing MxF RPs. I am currently craving FxF, FxFuta, MxTrap, FxTrap and TrapxFuta.) Hi there! Nice to meet you! Welcome to my post filled with lots of different rp ideas and plots that I would love to do with anyone! Firstly, let me start off and say that I am strictly sub! Now that that’s out of the way, I have been rping for well over some years now. I can post short length replies and I can post long length replies, up to you on which you prefer. I typically play female characters but I do enjoy playing traps/femboys as well and I can play a variety of ages as well. I am very open to kinks and have very few limits, check out my preference to get a good grip on what I like and don’t like or you can just ask me about a specific kink. For these stories, they can all go different ways and I can either play female or trap for really any of the stories, up to you which you’d prefer. I will also take any kinds of partners, Males, Females, Futas, Furries, Traps, as long as your the dominant one, your good with me! Also feel free to add things to any of the ideas I have if you want. Also, if you do not like any of these ideas but have an idea you think would work well with us both, feel free to share it with me. Now then, here are my ideas: 1. The Demon Maid. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Can also be Modern or Fantasy settings.) One day while walking home from work, YC discovers a strange book laying on the floor in an alleyway. The book is old and tattered, some of the pages ripped. YC decides to pick it up and take it home. When YC gets home they begin to read the book discovering that it is in fact a book which tells you how to summon a demon. Of course, YC thinks it’s not real and a total hoax so they decide to test the ritual and that’s when MC appears. MC explain everything to YC and we make a contract with each other, binding MC to YC and now MC lives as YC’s maid, tending to your every need and forced to obey your every request. There is one price for MC’s services, YC’s cum. This idea can be more of a supernatural, slice of life romance as both characters gets go through the days slowly bonding and getting closer together. Plot can we added and discussed together and we can come up with a story or maybe some conflict if you desire it. 2. Demon Hunter. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Can also be Modern or Fantasy settings.) In this world, monsters exist, everyone refers to them as demons. No one knows where they came from, but they exist. YC is tasked with eliminating these demons as a hunter. One day, YC discover an old building, it is rundown and decrepit. Inside YC find, blood, lots of it everywhere along with bodies. In the center you find MC crying, knees up to my face, blood also covering my body. When YC approach me, I look up and you see my eyes, blood red and you see fangs in my mouth, you think that I killed these people but I didn’t, someone else did and he turned me into a demon. They say that you lose yourself when you become one, but I didn’t, I still remember everything and I don’t want to kill anyone. This idea is heavily inspired by the anime Demon Slayer. This idea is more story driven. It follows our characters as they go on an adventure across the lands to find the person who turned me and to kill him for good and along the way, she bond and grow closer together and eventually fall in love. 3. Vampire Love. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Can also be Modern or Victorian Era settings.) It was a night like any other. I always walk home like this everyday from school, something was different however. When I passed by an alley, I saw it, there was a man laying on the floor, another person(you) slumped over him biting his neck. You hear me and turned over to see me, your mouth bloody, two holes in the man’s neck. I feel stricken with fear and immediately take off running, hoping and praying that you weren’t following. This idea has a good path and a bad path. The good path is more of a romance plot. YC takes a liking to MC, with MC letting YC live with them and even letting yours feed off of mine. The two bond throughout this path and grow closer together and fall in love. There is hijinks to be had as well. The bad path is a more darker one. After the initial meeting YC stops mine and decided to kidnap them and use them as your own personal toy, feeding off of them and of course, using them in various ways. This path deals with non-con and stockholm syndrome, other kinks we can discuss as well. 4. The Last Dragon. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Fantasy setting only.) In the land, there once existed dragons, but not how people thought. These dragons were humanoid but could still fly and breath fire. Mysteriously, all died out, except for one (MC). YC is a hunter. One day while walking around, you stumble upon me. I immediately try to flee in fear knowing that it was your kind that killed mine and that you would do the same to me. Will you turn me in and kill me or will you try to befriend me and keep me safe from those who would kill me? This idea has two paths. A good path and a bad path. The hood path is very wholesome. Instead of killing me or trying to capture me and sell me off for money, you instead choose to befriend me and take me in. We go on adventures together and even eventually get close and fall in love. The bad path is a lot darker. Instead of killing me, you decided to capture me and take me in as your personal little toy or you can sell me off as a rare creature for money to people who keep me and use me as a sex slave. 5. My Pet (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Modern setting only.) Tonight was a regular night, YC got into bed and drifted off to sleep. Your pet (Cat, Dog or Bunny) jumped up onto the bed with you and laid down at your side, cuddling against your chest. In the morning, you feel the heat of something next to you. You figure it was your pet but it wasn’t, it was something bigger. Looking over, you see a young naked girl, her hair color and ears atop it’s head and a tail all matching the color of your pet. The girl wore a collar on her neck, the name of your pet was written on it. This girl was your pet, she had transformed into half animal half girl. There are two possible ideas of this story all depending on how old your character is. If you choose to play young, we could have some hijinks with my character watching to follow you to school, getting into trouble with your friends, teachers, maybe even the girl who has a crush on you, leading to a love triangle? There would even be some trouble involving your parents or even your sister and the pet. Threesomes and incest can be present in this rp. The second idea is if you decide to play older. My character would want to follow you to work and could get into trouble with your coworkers and maybe even the coworker who had a crush on you, possible leading to a love triangle? Maybe threesome down the line? 6. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap, furries welcome Fantasy setting only.) For this rp, MC is Red and YC is the wolf. You can either play a furry wolf or a humanoid wolf man, up to you really. This rp could go two ways, either on her way to her grandmother’s house, the wolf finds Red in the woods and rapes her or we could go the romantic route. Here me out, is this ridiculous... maybe. So the two could meet in the woods and subtly begin to form a relationship together, maybe he saves her from another pack of wolves or she finds him starving and offers him some of the goodies in her basket or she finds him hurt and brings him home where she tends to his wounds. If you do choose this rp to do with me, let me know what role you would like to go down and also feel free to let me know your own ideas. 7. Incest RP. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Can be Fantasy, Moder and Victorian Era settings.) I want something different from this one. Every time I do incest rps they are always the same, brother/sister or father/daughter or other similar pairings are left alone for some reason and they end up fucking or one rapes the other. What I want is something different, something deeper. I want romance, I want a slow burn, build up. I want the family members to have a deeper connection and a deeper bond whatever pairing it is. For this idea, I can play numerous age ranges, and I always enjoy playing younger to someone older, however, I do love love love twin rps! We could even do cousins who are the same age if you want as well. *8. Trap Rp. (Can either be MxTrap, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Can also be Modern or Victorian Era or Fantasy settings.) I’m really craving a trap themed rp lately and I have 1 ideas in mind. The first idea is one I really want to try out. In this story MC is a shy timid young boy who is feminized and turned into a trap by YC. You can play F or Futa or even M or another trap. The person who feminizes MC can also be a family member or maybe his teacher or a woman he meets one day at a cafe. 9. The Lesbian Experience. (Can either be FxF only Can also be Modern or Victorian Era or Fantasy settings.) This story, is a more yuri based story and is meant to be a more slice of life type of story. It follows MC, going through high school or college, trying to discover her sexuality. Ever since puberty, she had been struggling to find out who she liked, men or women, or even, both. Soon enough, she meets YC(personality up to you but, I’m really craving a tomboy/bad girl type) The two girls become friends and YC develops a crush on mine and slowly begins to convert MC into loving women.
  5. Cosmicalust

    Righteous mixing

    I've recently had the urge to take part in plots about bleaching race play. I would like to play colored, ethnic, brown skin, whatever kind of girls getting taking their rightful place at the mercy and care of strong white men. I'm looking for strong themes of impregnation and underage, and especially romance. I have lots of plot ideas to share for males interested.
  6. SoulReaper

    Vampire master

    The young man was as pale as a ghost with beautiful glowing green eyes. He almost seemed unhuman as his skin sparkled in the moonlight. He had a sad expression on his face as he walked down the road. He was heading home and looked a little thin like he was hungry, very hungry. He noticed her trying to hide from him. He clutched his stomach and broke into a sprint. As a vampire it was very hard to control his hunger. In exchange for his protection the city would donate blood to him but recently it wasn't enough. It seemed like the less and less people were donating and he didn't have the heart to attack anyone to feed. After rushing past her he went straight home. He never came out during the day so he wouldn't see her again till the next tonight.
  7. Hello, this is my first post looking for rps. Thanks for checking it out. I know this is not to everyone's taste, even gross, and that's understandable. Please move on if it's not to your standard. While my ideas are pretty short/simple, I prefer decent grammar and 3-4 paragraphs (or 1-2 longer good ones) in a partner. Please leave a comment if anything interests you. If you have your own cool plot that uses at least one of my kinks below or in the tags, then I'm totally all ears for that too. Little Lost Loli: Once upon a time, a young girl in search of a lost shoe stumbled upon something else as she crawled beneath her bed to look for it...a portal to another world! Here she found herself lost in a realm of demonic nature. Monsters and other foul beings seemed drawn to her, and it was all she could do to escape each time unscathed. Eventually she is found by a demon of status...(a knight, king, prince, whatever you'd like)...who offers his protection and to guide her to safety. His offer is not without consequence: in exchange, she may end up giving him what the monsters were after: mana essence. A magical force granting great power contained within her body itself. There are many ways to get at it, her blood, her sweat, tears. But he may know another way to cause less pain, if she can end up trusting him. If not she may come to fear him instead. Loli x Demon Possible kinks: Vampire, demon, bdsm, noncon, monster, blood/gore, open to discussion. Dollhouse: A toymaker has a secret: with a wave of his hand, his creations come to life. Living, breathing. But only for a short time. Recently, he created a small doll he has...quite honestly...fallen in love with. He's ready to see what she could be like if she lived, though he hesitates. She is so much smaller and he so much bigger. How could they come to love each other? Time period and location can be discussed, kinks too. It could also be darker if you wanted and veer into bdsm. Doll x Toymaker Lustful Kitten Competition: On a secret website, it is possible to order "pets." A wealthy businessman has a particular interest in such a pet, a "kitten," to keep at his side for whatever reason he likes. Intrigued by the label "kitten," he orders her, only to find this kitten is none other than a girl. Eventually he learns that there is a hit out on this girl. She wasn't meant to be sold, and whomever kills or brings her back first will lay claim to a great prize. Knowing this, what sort of fate would YC have in mind for her? Loli x ? Kinks: BDSM, rape, torture, could be more lighthearted too. Various Kinks and Pairings open to discuss: Bold are favorites Loli x ??? Victim x Rapist Victim x Stalker Blood, gore Arranged Marriage Dolls / Dollification Adult Baby / Sissification (of female char) BDSM Monster Incest Humiliation Slavery Vampire Erotica
  8. Hi everyone! I'm clarity! I'm an experienced submissive/switch role player with an obsession for playing lolis and little/petite girls. I love the power dynamic between an older/larger man and little girl, and I love playing it out in unique ways even more. I am a sucker for anything concerning cum and have a massive daddy kink. I can't wait to be your little princess. In terms of kinks, I have quite a lot. Many of them have to do with different relationship dynamics, but I also have some darker and even weirder ones. None are required, but if we have any in common, or you see one that particularly interest you, don't hesitate to bring it up! If I had to pick out my main kinks they would probably be playing as lolis, age play, age difference, size difference, non-con, incest, Excessive Cum, cum play, Petplay, Big Dicks, and creampies. There are many more, though. I've listed them more thoroughly in my preferences sheet here. Please take a look! Plot and premise are also very important to me. Playing out the scenario or story are my favorite parts of ERP. I have many ideas for the plot, but I'm very open to suggestions if you have your own idea. Here are all the ideas I'd be willing to RP at the moment: The New Android In order to cope with his daughter's death, a man buys an android that looks just like her. The machine is completely obedient and does exactly what he wants. It's completely modular and allows him to add many different accessories/parts, like animal tails, tighter holes, different AI, etc. He uses this opportunity to live out his perversion that he never could towards his real daughter. Succubus Daughter Your daughter is a half-succubus from her mother's side. Her mother died when she was born. Ever since she was born, she was unable to consume human food. The only thing that gave her body sustenance was absorbing her semen. Something that her father would have to provide. She can't leave his side at all, or the cravings become unbearable. Because of this, she comes with him to work every day. Immigrant A little girl escapes from a war torn country with her parents and finds herself in a new country where she cannot speak the language or get any help. Her parents are eventually deported, leaving her alone to die. While wandering the streets, she's found by a wealthy businessman. She's offered a deal. She can live with him, but she must do everything he wants and be his maid. Of course, this dynamic allows him to take advantage of her easily. A State of Degenerates There is a country where fucking any little girl is available for free-use when desired. Any adult man is allowed to go into public areas like schools, parks and libraries to find any girl under certain age to fuck without consequences. Parents, teachers and guardians must comply with any request for their child. DM me if any of these interest you!
  9. Hi there~ Long story short: I wanna give a good home, and a good master to someone who might need one. There are a few plot ideas too, but by all means, suggest your own too if you like. Anyway, as for the ideas I have: Regarding where our little slave comes from, one idea would be that she is already the slave of someone, but managed to run away. But her master caught up, took out his club, grabbed her, and just as he reached back for a hard swing, *thunk* the sound of something hitting that very club sounds through. "Oh you lucky bastard! I was aiming for your head." Someone else had joined the situation, and readied another shot. "I'd start running if I were you." The warning was clear, and her former master would start running. But rather than being saved, this new stranger just took her under his arm like a package, and would begin heading home with her. One other idea could be the classic "bought at the auction". But let's make it a tad more interesting, shall we? To get buyers really interested, attendees of the upcoming slave auction can pay a small fee to look at all products in advance. Simply go backstage and take a peek or two. No touching, but one could still talk with the slaves, test the waters. One of those slaves would be your character, sitting in her own little cage. From the corner of her eye, she would none the less spot the worst kind of buyer. Wearing jewelry, a tad overweight, and with an attitude no one would want to be around. "Peak fat idiot, eh?" Someone snuck up on her while she was looking, and we start from there. As for how the story progresses, I have a few suggestions. One idea would be to simply become his assistant. Motivations for that could be various ones, and depend on what character you wanna write. One other idea I have is that she might wanna dream of becoming a hero, and through convincing and wishing, might persuade her master into making that dream possible. And for the more gritty needs, how about some good ol revenge? Someone might have forced her into becoming a slave. A relative that sold her off, a coup in a neighboring kingdom? Someone out there needs punishment, and her master has the resources to grant her that IF she can convince him. If any of these, or maybe other ideas sound doable for you, by all means. Let's chat. Feel free to leave a post here, or send me an Ecchi Text. I'm not picky.
  10. NytheraRP

    Playground kidnapping!

    This rp idea is based around a girl playing on a playground, either during school or at a public park. When a stranger comes up and manages to talk her into leaving the park with him, or he abducts her. Either way, shes about to get a whole new experience in her life she'll never forget! Ecchi text me if you're interested in playing or chatting about it with me! Both roles open for anyone!
  11. I (a 28 y/o) man find you (a 15+ y/o) outside on a swingset during a massive rain storm on my way home from work and invite you to stay at my place to dry off and wait out the storm.
  12. @Cash Money Chad@Elena Ichinomiya@Reyna@WritesNaughtyStories Jackson flew through the air, his long dark hair flowing behind him as he turned through the layout. Time always slowed once his routine began - stretching longer and clearer as the exercise progressed. Now, as he dismounted, the rings behind and above him barely moving as his body seemed to float eternally, he could count the time between heart beats. He watched the ceiling, the steel supports running parallel to his flight, turn away as he felt his arms lay perfectly outstretched. Two, nearly frozen. heartbeats later and the balls of his feet touched the mat. He flexed his knees to absorb the shock, saluted first the crowd, then the judges. He strode off the mat, unconcerned about what the judges thought. The crowd he gave more thought to, but really, it was himself that he needed to please. He bent gracefully to grab his gym bag as he hopped down the short step from the competition floor to the preparation area and stalked off. Whatever the score was, there was nothing he could do about it now, so he'd shower and relax until tomorrow's competition. As he exited the arena into the warren of dressing rooms, equipment storage, mechanical and maintenance rooms Jackson thought he saw his friend Alisa. The pair had been having - a relationship was too strong, but having sex was too simple - a thing for the past couple of seasons. If either of their coaches found out there'd be trouble. A lot of it. Jackson hurried toward his dressing room, hoping that's where Alisa was.
  13. HentaiKitten643

    extreme Yuri loli

    Looking for extreme taboo
  14. secretzfanmaster

    Looking for a slave again

    Hello there. Been awhile since I posted here but I'm looking for a busty slave girl of any type. I'm looking for you to be relatively detailed. Also if we had a erp before that never continued please hit me back up. Been gone for a bit but I'm back now with many new kinks I can also play a dom female
  15. Hello. I'm feeling more comfortable looking for something specific now. I've had this idea. My character is a cute femboy spirit of Halloween. Who normally dresses as a comfy witch. What I'm looking for right now is someone interested in playing someone younger. Between the ages of 8 and 13. Who was out trick or treating when they got lost and was approached by this spirit. Gender is not important. That's up to you. As is Halloween costume. Although witch is preferred. Also this is more of a seduction RP and less of a forced rp.
  16. Yukina

    Out of God's path

    A private and catholic institute reknown to accept only wealthy girls from 7 to 12 years old, girls only is having issues lately with her staff. Most precisely with one job...The previous janitor was an old women now going on retirement and in the short period of time before the school opening again after the summer break, they only could recruit a male janitor...YC. YC will be a regular looking average man, can even be a bit ugly, anyone not paying attention and have a whole world of young innocent girls to corrupt and to turn into private cum dumps. I'll play several girls/female teacher in the institute depending of where YC go. Several scene could be play, looking particularly for : Blowjob in the confessional Fuck in the gymnasium And more...
  17. My name is Lauren! I don't bite. Thank you for checking this idea out. I'm a literate roleplayer looking for someone willing to try out this idea for the long term. Please feel free to privately message me with any replies. Erotic RP is a safe space for me to let off steam so please be gentle. Content Warning (!) I will be playing a loli character. I prefer the content of the RP to be forced/dark. Can possibly reach guro levels but doesn't have to. I'm open to working with you here. 𝔸𝕓𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥 ℂ𝕝𝕠𝕔𝕜𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕜 ...In the year 3047, the city of Esogate... Our Kind Heart and Soul, Governor Merrick Alirison has everything under control. Figuratively – he presents himself in a collected manner – and literally. He is responsible for maintaining the Programming, an undercurrent of mind control that flows undetected to the public beneath the city's entertainment, advertisement and educational broadcasting. The city, at twenty-five thousand square miles, is as large as a former 'state' and prides itself on neighborly love. It sends reports to the larger world, the Unified Collective, once a week. There is a market for Helpers, essentially a slave class of humans who are sold in warehouses to the upper crust that can afford them once they reach the age of eighteen. Educated only to serve functions like hard labor, cleaning or menial tasks, and viewed as objects, there is little regulation for Helpers. "Time" is the favorite product of the people here, sold in the form of medication that theoretically gives both a euphoric high and extends your lifespan by a day per pill, without overdose. Though you could still die from various causes. Esogate is also well protected by a gauntlet of technological military prowess from the Ranges...the wilderness outside its impenetrable force field where monstrous black Shadows, able to shift in size and form, roam free. Two years previous to the start of our RP, the Governor almost got himself in a world of trouble. You see, he'd been buying non-Helper children off the street for unethical biosoldier experiments. He barely got away from the heat by claiming that he was adopting the children into various wealthy families as a charity program. Everyone ate it up and congratulated his generosity, especially after some fake spots on the broadcasting were dedicated to the 'charity' and these sponsors. Alirison ensured some of the children, only between five and seven, were filmed smiling in the area before shipping them to a glorified Helper warehouse. Inside, five groups of children were subjected to a series of injections followed by month long periods of observation. Despite his ambition, the Governor's project failed up until the very end. Only one child survived the brutal process. She came out on the other side with new abilities not seen before in humans: her DNA melted into that of a Shadow. This nine-year-old's wristband reads: 10-96. But her name was once Camille. She can regenerate as if her body were made of oil. She's escaped from the warehouse. And with her goes a plethora of valuable scientific information, possible experiments, possible data that could upgrade the city's military. We begin when she runs into your character. Your character could be someone sent to find her, or a citizen of any other variety. As long as they are a male adult for the RP. WANTED Possibilities: Forced, Rape, BDSM, Pet, Sci-Fi Adventure UNWANTED Possibilities: Playing an adult char, initial consent, scat, watersports, bestiality Camille (10-96) https://imgur.com/qKkGWNb Govenor Merrick Alirison https://imgur.com/qhcFdgn
  18. Hello again, I am back with another niche craving and very specific scenario. I am looking for a partner to play a loli. She will start out living in an awful orphanage and school for girls, and get immediately adopted by a loving man. The orphanage stresses discipline, doled out liberally by the cool-mannered staff, normally in the form of bare bottom spankings in front of the rest of the class, bare-bottomed paddling in front of class or nude padding in private, and cruel private nude canings. The staff secretly all get off on punishing lolis. The very few problematic girls who do not respond to the discipline and continue to be very disobedient wordlessly *disappear* overnight. None of the girls know what happens to them, but in reality they are sent somewhere overseas that is much worse. The food is poor but adequate. The clothing provided is thin, usually plain hand-me-down dresses, very threadbare panties, plan simple bras for anyone sporting A cups and bigger but no training bras for modesty, and simple socks and shoes. Medical care at the orphanage is provided by a team of volunteer doctors, both for annual checkups and more urgent matters. These doctors show the girls kindness and warmth, but also linger on *certain* parts of the exam and get very 'handsy' with their patients. Routine exams are always conducted in the nude from start to finish, no matter the age of the patient. Younger girls (and a few older ones) look forward to exams with the warm friendly doctors despite the embarrassment, and older girls tend to not look forward to all of the touching and lingering hands, and quietly discuss their experiences with each other. My character is the 'most notorious' of the doctors, loved by the younger girls for how snuggly he is, and much talked about by the older girls. He is also secretly a donor to the orphanage. He has never examined your character so she has never met him, and he has decided to adopt her for his own use. This could start with YC summoned to the headmaster's office to meet MC, who will give her an 'exit exam' in the medical office, and then take her home. This said, if the medical exam is a dealbreaker but everything else appeals to you, I'm willing to leave it out. I'd like this RP to include lots of mutual affection, (clean) buttstuff, some discipline/spanking, intimate inspections, some public exposure, and a medical exam. Optional themes include orgasm control, BDSM, harsher punishments, and light non-destructive genital torture. I like to write a couple to a few paragraphs, and can reliably reply over PM every day or two. Any interest? I'd love to discuss my ideas with you! Please send me a PM. I'm happy to discuss changes to the scenario. *optional* enhancement: Want to play *two* lolis? We could add a second girl of a different age into the mix, having both girls reporting to the office to be adopted and examined and taken home to be used by my character.
  19. Honestly I'm looking to do a sort of twisted slice of life story, something where both parties are just absolute deviants who found each other and are almost competing with each other to see who can be the biggest perv? The basic idea is that the 2 meet each other online, maybe they sext, exchange photos and whatnot before deciding to meet in person, only to discover one or both of them have been lying about their appearance/age (we can work out what kind of taboo we'd both be the most comfortable with) but decide not to let that stop them from having their fun. As they push each others limits they slowly find themselves falling in love with each other, and also discovering new and exciting forms of debauchery! I'm willing to work this into a fantasy setting as well as a modern one, really it can be anything we'd like.
  20. You’re a normal boy who’s bullied in school and never had a girlfriend. But you wake up to see a loli succubus! The loli introduces herself as Kana, and she claims she’ll help you build a harem by granting you tons of power!
  21. PrincessElla

    Femboy/loli neko

    hello looking for a short-term/long-term roleplay partner into nekos, loli, femboys, and extreme. Open to many ideas! I have very few limits and have some free time now plz text me your ideas if interested, I don't mind playing multiple characters
  22. SoulReaper


    Looking for a sub female interested in brainstorming some ideas with the tags listed above dm me if interested.
  23. PrincessElla

    Hentai role play

    looking for creative role players into more anime/hentai type fantasy role play longterlong-term or short-term
  24. NytheraRP

    Ice cream man

    As im sure you can gather from the name, this rp will be about an ice cream man luring young girls into his truck to get his "special treat"! Willing to switch roles if you want to be the girl or the ice cream man!
  25. looking for hentai lovers and kinky role players
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