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  1. Howdy! I’m a male roleplayer who recently discovered and joined the site following some google searching, but I’ve been roleplaying off and on for years now, so I feel I’ve locked up a fair amount of experience through all of my fumbling around in learning to be a better writer and roleplayer. As such, I consider myself to be a fairly literate player and hope to find others here who happen to share some of my particular kinks and interests when it comes to the world of erotic writing. Also, while I do have a heavy leaning toward playing opposite of more dominant characters when possible, I do consider myself to be a switch and can play dominant for the right scenario. There are a ton of things which I’m into, but right now I’d like to focus upon finding partners for ageplay related games, with other big interests being to find people who are into playing a GM for characters of mine and/or anyone interested in any type of femdom play with my character being a submissive male or futa. There are also several fandoms which I’m presently in the mood for and shall list below for some quick browsing. I’m very open to discussions on each of these and enjoy hearing other people’s ideas or brainstorming stuff together, but here are a few specific cravings I’d like to put out there for consideration. Also, I have no problem with what gender the person I’m writing is, so long as you’re willing and able to write female/futanari characters opposite of whatever my character may be. On the ageplay prospectives, I’m open to either playing opposite of loli characters who are actually younger or ones who simply look young then they are for whatever reason. A few rough suggestions include the following: Babysitting Nightmare - A fairly straightforward craving for seeing a sitter being stuck with a bratty girl who is perhaps used to getting what she wants and isn’t about to make her sitters job an easy one. The sitter can be a family member, friend of the family or simply somebody hired to do the job. The Heiress - For most she’s a prim and proper young lady befitting her fine breeding and legacy. But beneath that is another side. Maybe it’s a lurid, perverse side with far more experience in such carnal activities then one might expect? Or maybe it’s simply a curious and naughty side which pokes its nose into things girls like her shouldn’t be poking their nose into? Either way, she’s looking for a means of acting upon that hidden side of her. She may find it in her new guard or some random grunt of her parents employ. Or perhaps she sneaks out to find it among the ‘common’ folk who may or may not know of her lineage? Lots of possibilities and can be done within different eras/settings such as medieval, fantasy, modern and so forth. Summoning A Demon/Familiar - This could take place within a typical modern world, where somebody practicing occult summoning actually manages to bring forth a succubus or some other creature of the night. Or alternatively, it could take place within a magic school, where most of the students have managed to summon rather impressive looking creatures as their familiars or companions, while mine ends up with a seemingly unimpressive little monster girl. Monsters Groom - Likely set within a medieval fantasy world setting, but very flexible on finding ways to make it work within modern or other types of worlds. This would involve my character finding himself engaged to a non-human female. It could be that he’s a Prince and it’s an arranged marriage or perhaps he’s a traveler who unintentionally committed an act which seals him to a pact with an unexpected creature for spiritual or traditional reasons. Either way, it’s a fairly safe guess she’s probably not exactly the type of bride he had in mind when it came to settling down. Monster Adventuring - A more straightforward roleplay scenario with an adventurer traveling the world and encountering a monster girl or two along the way is also always welcomed. They could start off as adversaries or maybe meeting up when one helps the other out. Or they could have been traveling together prior to the start of the journey, with them being party members or perhaps my guy having to escort an important figure or two to a new far off destination Very open to brainstorming different possible approaches for this type of game. Exorcist - Very open to differing variations in this, depending on setting and types of characters, but basic idea would be for a roleplay based around exorcist of some sort (could be an expert or perhaps a novice or even a fraud who ends up making his first actual supernatural encounter) who ends up having more trouble then expected with a rather unassuming looking demon or oni girl. This could result in him either spending a lot more time then expected within the place the girl is inhabiting or perhaps finding himself being haunted/followed by her as a result of his meddling. Either way, he’s not getting rid of her as easy as he may have thought. Now for a few rough femdom related ideas which may not (though I’m open to trying) typically gel with the ageplay theme: The Feminist - She’s a young modern forward thinking feminist who is unfortunately stuck having to deal with an older sexist pig with a lot of caveman ideas of a woman’s place. She’s had to put up with his crap for months now, if not longer, but finally the opportunity arises to treat him like the dog that he is. Maybe she finds some juicy blackmail material on him? Or perhaps she simply has enough and shows a level of assertiveness which makes him fold like a stack of cards in her wake? Either way, she has a lot of pent of frustration to get off her chest by now. Can be set within a school setting with a student and teacher or a workplace setting with employee and boss or manager, but open to other suggestions there. Officer and a Hood - Fuck the police’ taken to its literal sense, with either a female cop taking a special interest toward a troublemaker walking the streets or some female ‘lowlife’ managing to turn the tables on one of the boys in blue who messes with the wrong woman. Very flexible on the type of person the non-police officer character can be. Bully - This can take place either during school years or even sometime after graduation with the two of them working together in the same office building or whatever. Basically would involve a female school bully (maybe a tomboyish type or someone within the more popular social cliques, for example) who takes their bullying to a more perverse place when it comes to their treatment of a certain male classmate or former classmate turned coworker. Revenge of the Nerd - Similar to the above, only with the female geek finally having enough of her current or former bully and decides on turning the tables. Maybe she finds some juicy blackmail or perhaps he’s a bit of a paper tiger when she does confront him? Either way, she has a lot of pent up annoyance towards him and she’s rather eager to let it out through various means now that she has him where she wants him. Prison Warden - A very hentai inspired type of scenario, which would essentially focus around a female warden who has a rather unique way of dealing out punishment and discipline to certain inmates. Or perhaps she has to dish out such methods with some of her guards, especially if one of them has a criminal record of his own as part of his past and she’s not quite willing to let him forget it. Time Travel - Okay, this is a weird one, even compared to some of the ideas above. Basic idea is with a time traveler (could be a man of science or perhaps a lab worker/volunteer/etc) traveling to another era and ending up in a submissive relationship with a woman of that time. This could be something of a massive time jump, with him either ending up with a dominant cavewoman or within a future where women rule over males. Or it could be something of a smaller jump, such as going back to find out that a friend’s older relative (or even one of his own relative) was a rather kinky girl back in her youth. Lastly, some fandom series which I’m craving and a listing of characters I’m hoping to write opposite of, while the character I’d play is very open to discusson. Avatar The Last Airbender - Azula, Toph, Ty Lee, Jin, Mai My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom Little Witch Academia - Sucy Manbavaron Miss Kobayashi‘s Dragon Maid - Kanna, Lucoa, Youjo Senki - Tanya Degurecheff Naruto -Tsunade, Sakura, Hinata Boruto -Sarada, Hinata One Piece - Nami, Nico Robin, Tashiigi, Carrot, Shirahoshi, Reiju Persona 5 - Caroline & Justine, Futaba Splatoon - Callie, Marie, Marina, Pearl Pokemon - Hilda, Roxie, Elesa, Flannery, Cynthia, Bianca, Serena, Shauna, Korrina, Magma Admin Courtney, Marnie, Sonia, Nessa, Misty Futa Club - Mao Asakura There you have it for now. If any of these appeal to you or if you’re open to simply brainstorming up something along the above lines together, then feel free to send a message my way so we can see what we may come up with together.
  2. Heyo people! Some of you might recognize me as the illustrious BLAKERP (the crowd goes wild~) Well to be honest I have no clue how to set up one of these, and im mainly doing this to combat my nerves about posting in the actual forms with looking for partners. Cause if you want to rp then I have some ideas, just know that I'm more submissive then dominant, while I can play the role of the dom I prefer sub, so yeah just give my preferences a check if you see anything you like then feel free to rp me and i've been in the mood to play a Loli so if anyone wants to do a Loli rp then lemme know thanks love ya also if you're into Beastiality Forced Pet play or any other kinds of dark taboo subject then im most likely down to explore it. But if you want something loving and wholesome that's great too! ALL (well most) KINKS ARE WELCOME HERE
  3. Lawless

    Male for Female

    I am looking for some twisted Loli plays. Females message me with the ages you play and any ideas you may have. ^^ Non-Con only. Edit: Decided to add some fandoms and scenarios. Anime: Naruto Bleach One Piece YuGiOh Dragonball Ranma 1/2 Fairy Tail Ai Yori Aoshi Fruits Basket Pokemon Plus lesser known/More obscure ones that I can't think of at the moment... Games: Pretty much just Final Fantasy 7, 10, and if you count the Pokemon games. Books: Just Harry Potter and a few Stephen King books. As for settings and scenerios, I like school settings, public settings (trains, bathrooms, etc), I have no problems with incest at all. Beastiality is fine, as long as the female is a human. Isn't my favorite, but I'm all for adding it into an RP to add more humiliation/punishment to the scene. A plot I had been really enjoying was a kidnap RP that turned into a livestream on the Dark Web. Clients would donate bitcoin to pick what would happen to the victim, maybe even end it with the victim being sold as a sex slave or even snuffed out if that's what you're into. I don't mind getting dark here. Also, in the spirit of Halloween, maybe a trick or treating scenario with more tricks than treats. ^^ Hope I did okay making this thread seem less boring. I'll keep updating as the days go on.
  4. I'm a sub female looking for a dom male. I love to play loli or little characters. I love petplay and ddlg as well. I had a fairly specific plot in mind. I would play a young blind princess hat lives in a castle. You would be assigned to me to take care of me and make sure I don't get into trouble.
  5. I'm a sub female looking for a dom male. I exclusively like to play loli or little characters. I love petplay and ddlg as well. I love long term plots that can last a while and I have a few of my own, but I am very open to new ideas. I'm also very literate and love details. My only hard limits are feet, scat, smegma, and musk.
  6. DirtyRPgirls

    Seeking recommendations!

    Hello! Im looking for suggestions for roleplays! Im open to a lot of things and ideas! Check my page for my preference sheet! And list some things you wanna run by me if youre unsure or just wanna ask! I like answering questions so dont be afraid to ask! (I put tags there as suggestions but it doesnt have to be them)
  7. ((As the normal Dragonborn is out doing theirs to ensure the Tamriel's safety and many other quests, another Dragonborn is also out there. Only this one has gotten the blood from an ancient dragon of fertility. She is a slut by nature and has always sought out to pleasure her unsatiable needs for sex. She has no knowledge of this until she is summoned by the Gray Beards. Here she learns about her powers, but knowledge and tutoring in the way of the sexy voice is not without a cost in the lonely temple. List of custom shouts [might be updated if new shouts are thought of]: Alter age Alter body Add body parts Call Demons Enlarge body parts Extreme stamina Force orgasm Indestructable body Instant erections Prolong orgasm Remove items (clothes, armour and so on) Renew stamina Shout of Clones Shout of strength Soundwave of Lust)) The night was dark and cold as the little Dragonborn crept towards the ancient ruins. The Greybeards had told her of the ruins, a lead on another word of sexy power for the peculiar girl. She had gained mastery of her first set of words that enabled her the shout, Soundwave of Lust, very quickly. The young girl was lucky that night. It seemed the bandits that were said to be camped around this area had either left the ruins...or went inside of it. There were bodies of unfortunate passerbys and animals, showing that the bandits have been here previously. As she got to the doorway, one of the towering doors was cracked. The light of a campfire could be seen through the crack, along with voices beyond the doorway.
  8. Dominick Jones pulled up to the driveway, 15 minutes early, like usual. He was always told if you’re on time you’re late, but if you’re early, you’re on time. He especially wanted to make a good impression to these rich ass white folks, who were going to be paying him $250 an hour to tutor their daughter April for the upcoming school year. He did the math in his head, 6 hours a day, that’s 1500 a week...”That shit adds up quick, I ain’t never made this much money in my fucking life, as much as I hate white people sometime, it’s times like this that makes me think, they ain’t all bad...” Looking around, it was like that old recognition game you would find in magazines growing up, which one of these things does not belong. It was clearly his car, an old 2007 Honda Civic, surrounded by BMW’s, even a Rolls Royce, the kind you don’t drive yourself but looks like it come with a old white guy name Reeves to drive it for you. Her school wasn’t allowing students to attend classes on site, and she really didn’t do well with the distance learning, and because they wanted to make sure he was not bringing COVID into their home, he would be asked to sleep in their guest house, that’s right not room, but a whole damn guest house. They were loaded, and he was lucky to be recommended for the job, by his college professor who was friends of the family and Dominick needed the job! ”Alright Dom, put on your white face, and charm the fuck out these rich folks, I just hope they the Hillary Clinton type of white folks, and not the NRA, Make America Great Again kind...” He rung the door bell and waited for someone to let him in. @KinkyKathy
  9. Imouto Kanna

    Day at the beach!

    From the album: Kanna's RP Art

    Oniichan thanks for taking us to the beach! She is around age 12 here
  10. roleplaylover

    futa loli hypnosis roleplay

    Hi everyone, I'm new to ecchidreams but I've been roleplaying for quite a long time and when I found this place I thought I would give it a try, it is important to be open to new experiences. Other roleplay sites are nice and all, but they have limits to what you can roleplay about, and today I'd like to do a roleplay centering around three of my favorite subjects, futas, lolis, and mind control. The main idea is I want to play futa lolis, I only play futas, who are hypnotized and made to do all manner of perverse things to themselves and each other as their entranced minds are helpless to resist. I'm looking for someone to play the hypnotizer, your character is up to you, so long as they are either a female or a futa, the rest of which we can discuss, I enjoy talking things out before starting anything to figure out if we blend well, you can see a good list of kinks in the included preferences sheet but if you have anything you're curious about, feel free to ask, looking forward to the Ecchitexts.
  11. Overall premise: @BlakeRp Mother and daughter are spending a lot more time at home due to quarantine and new emotions have sprouted in that time. Though the very underage daughter of 5 has no concept about romantice or ways to express this, she still has new sensations, thoughts, and feelings towards her mother. The mother, being a futa, has already had many issues with getting partners for romance and sex before lockdown and thus it is even harder for her in these days, so her normal sad state is amplified greatly. Thankfully her loving daughter is there to help cheer her despressed mother up and things develop along the way. ------------------------------------------------------------ It is yet another dull, long and depressing day and Mary hardly notices it is the weekend. The days go by like molasses and the only good parts being when she is around her daughter, who has been doing her best to keep up mommy's spirits all this time. Just like Mary, she is very confined to staying at home. She just arrived at home from buying groceries and she looks absolutely lifeless, sad and spent even from doing almost nothing. She enters to the kitchen where she puts the wares away, sighing to herself, her little girl probably off playing with some toys or something else. The noises from the kitchen is sure to be noticed, unless her daughter is distracted by something else, but she has yet to see her after coming home.
  12. DirtyRPgirls

    Vans and girls

    My Character: Allison: (you pick age, between 7 and 18), Long ginger red hair with green eyes. Dressed in a white button up school uniform shirt with a very short red and black plaid miniskirt. Your caracter(s): Be male/futa/male furry, or a group of men inside the van stalking me. Setting: Walking home from school one day when I took a wrong turn and seemed to be turned around. A van seems to be following me a little ways bac, but i havent noticed it yet (be one or many men inside the van). I turn down a quiet and desolate street thinking it would be a shortcut back home, but it turns out that it was about to take me away very quickly. Text me and have some fun!
  13. DirtyRPgirls

    Magic House

    This roleplay takes place in an abandoned house. The outside looks old and run down, but the inside looks prestine and beautiful. I (female with any age between 7 and 18 to your liking!) find the place on my way home from school. I go to explore it, and before i realize the place looks different, the door shuts and locks behind me. There is no way out except to go into each and every room of the house. And in each room i have to complete a sexual act to continue to the next room. Each room can be anything to your liking and to your creativity! (looks at my preferance and limits list to be sure you dont play anything im not into). Anything from gangbangs, glory holes, beastiality/furry, rape, and please have lots and lots of cum for me! Ecchitext me to roleplay with me! Thank you!
  14. Hello, this is my first post looking for rps. Thanks for checking it out. I know this is not to everyone's taste, even gross, and that's understandable. Please move on if it's not to your standard. While my ideas are pretty short/simple, I prefer decent grammar and 3-4 paragraphs (or 1-2 longer good ones) in a partner. Please leave a comment if anything interests you. If you have your own cool plot that uses at least one of my kinks below or in the tags, then I'm totally all ears for that too. Little Lost Loli: Once upon a time, a young girl in search of a lost shoe stumbled upon something else as she crawled beneath her bed to look for it...a portal to another world! Here she found herself lost in a realm of demonic nature. Monsters and other foul beings seemed drawn to her, and it was all she could do to escape each time unscathed. Eventually she is found by a demon of status...(a knight, king, prince, whatever you'd like)...who offers his protection and to guide her to safety. His offer is not without consequence: in exchange, she may end up giving him what the monsters were after: mana essence. A magical force granting great power contained within her body itself. There are many ways to get at it, her blood, her sweat, tears. But he may know another way to cause less pain, if she can end up trusting him. If not she may come to fear him instead. Loli x Demon Possible kinks: Vampire, demon, bdsm, noncon, monster, blood/gore, open to discussion. Dollhouse: A toymaker has a secret: with a wave of his hand, his creations come to life. Living, breathing. But only for a short time. Recently, he created a small doll he has...quite honestly...fallen in love with. He's ready to see what she could be like if she lived, though he hesitates. She is so much smaller and he so much bigger. How could they come to love each other? Time period and location can be discussed, kinks too. It could also be darker if you wanted and veer into bdsm. Doll x Toymaker Lustful Kitten Competition: On a secret website, it is possible to order "pets." A wealthy businessman has a particular interest in such a pet, a "kitten," to keep at his side for whatever reason he likes. Intrigued by the label "kitten," he orders her, only to find this kitten is none other than a girl. Eventually he learns that there is a hit out on this girl. She wasn't meant to be sold, and whomever kills or brings her back first will lay claim to a great prize. Knowing this, what sort of fate would YC have in mind for her? Loli x ? Kinks: BDSM, rape, torture, could be more lighthearted too. Various Kinks and Pairings open to discuss: Bold are favorites Loli x ??? Victim x Rapist Victim x Stalker Blood, gore Arranged Marriage Dolls / Dollification Adult Baby / Sissification (of female char) BDSM Monster Incest Humiliation Slavery Vampire Erotica
  15. Overall premise: @RadChad With the very unlikely outlook that Lisa is able to go to college due to how finances work (or rather don't work at home), she is left with feeling very unsure how this will come to be at all. She is determined she will not waste her very incredible gifts in the form of academia and general knowledge, but has no idea how she would have the means to do so. Luckily, she is met with some genuinely nice and still sincere men who has been looking for a fully willing and fully aware female of younger age to help them start off their careers in the world of pornography. They let her know their full intentions, that they want to help her out if she agrees to come with them and in exchange earn all the money she will need and more. She is allowed to quit at any given time and if she says no now, there will never be any pressure. Lisa is indeed talked into at least giving an audition a try, especially given how she is promised extreme pleasure and given her normal social status and boys' aversion to her, this may be the only way she can find herself on the receiving end of attention from males. Of course, she is honest enough to also let them know this and they tell her they want to make her see she is just as coveted as other girls, even her own age. ------------------- Lisa Simpson is faced with another long, lonely, boring and outright dissatisfactory weekend of social isolation, but not out of her own free will really. She is smart, very smary and that is part of why so many avoid her. She also has a slightly bigger moral code than what seems normal for her age, so when the other kids are up to shenanigans, she is most often nagging them about this and thus seen as a major spoilsport and not fun to be around. She could be indeed be at home and read one of her own books or one of the many from the library. That is what she usually is up to and frankly it still pulls in her to do this. Oddly enough, this time feels different, It feels more like she needs some fresh air, a nice long walk outside - clear the head and take in the (very few) decent views of Springfield and its surroundings. Like usually, other kids are out and up to no good and she tries hard to not shake her head at the mischief of Jimbo and his cronies who seems to be beating up another young boy from school. Her urge to judge and shame the behaviour does overflow and she ends up giving a heavy angry glare as the boys are all gathered on the playground, away from most curious eyes really."Hey! Pick on someone your own size! Have you guys no sense of decency or ethics? This isn't right and you should be ashamed!", she sneers at the group of larger bullies. It does work as intended. They leave the poor lad alone and give him a chance to run off and away from the big jerks. However, this does leave Lisa completely and unprotected from the scorn, menace and bullying from the group of larger boys, who now sees a new and more fun target. Lisa freezes in place and while she does not regret her actions and words, she does realize that this does not look good for her as knuckles are cracked and evil smirks are all over their faces as they slowly walk closer, knowing well there is nowhere she can run to."Looks like we got o'selves sum troubl'maker, boys", Jimbo snickers with malice in his voice.
  16. Johnc99

    Broken man

    My character was kidnapped and used as a government experiment, they grabbed random people and inject them with the new drug they need to test. They did this for everything, flew, cold, smallpox, birth control, viagra etc. They made a new drug that was supposed to let a man be able to cum multiple times without it hurting them. They injected my character with this drug, but soon they found unforeseen side effects. The drug had a bad reaction with my character's particular body, making him a bit stronger enough to lift double the amount he could normally lift and extremely horny making him unable to control his lust. This rp could be a incest, strangers, friends idm. Let me know if you're interested in doing something like this. It's not set on con or none con yet so it's negotiable.
  17. @OneUp It is another Friday evening and her dear brother is spending yet another weekend completely isolated in his dark room with nothing but a pair of monitors and a TV screen lighting up the messy, smelly and really hot room. It has been like this ever since she can remember and the only ones visiting him is sadly those of equal looks, smell and such. Of course, with things being like this, it has not at all been a success with the opposite sex. Mary is still too young to be aware of the courting thing and of course sex, but even she can tell that he is having issues of some kind, despite not knowing what they are exactly. She has been with him a few times where his clumsy, nervous and awkward attempts to flirt with someone has been shot down before they even finished or got started. So naturally she feels bad for her brother and wants to try and help him, but fully unaware of how to do so. In fact, she thinks about him quite lot. Even though he simply insists on sitting alone most of the time, she still tries to spend more time with him and it has gotten even more intense lately. Our parents are out for the weekend, meaning we are left back on our own, but this time she is not really hanging out with any friends from school or local playground or neighbourhood. Her brother did of course make sure there was food, but like normal it was just a pair of pizzas and such, so that is pretty predictable for her. She still loves pizza, but she wish he could give it a try at least. Sitting all alone gets boring very fast, so she finally goes downstairs to the basement to knock on the door.
  18. With far on the future. At a time of space travel. A local space station just another number in a series of many stations floating across the galaxy or orbiting planets. A crew of varied beings would be disembarked from their ship a Corvette known as "dark faith" to gather personal supplies. The captain a man named Sturm squinted softly as they walked the halls of the market place belonging to said space station. The man was 6 feet with a slight bulk to himself. Black hair pulled back with a five o'clock shadow. "Remember. Grab what we came for. Any spare recommendations and we need to set off for the spathi home planet. " The rest of the crew being of a krogan. Lycan. Female human. And arachnoid nodded. Dispersing themselves to get busy as Sturm never was one to enjoy waiting.
  19. I'm a rather open room kinda person. I love playing stubborn sub lolis, or shy busty girls , but I can also play Dom mischvious males or futas. Like the title says I'm kinda a switch, so I'm fine with being either sub or dom. Feel free to message me if you're interested , I don't bite unless I'm playing the dom ;> Almost all my characters are bisexual Honey : female loli . Looks much younger then she is. 4'8 bright blonde hair and blue eyes. Can be quite sassy to strangers , and abit bratty , but has a sweet heart. Loves to wear frilly or girly pastel clothes , though gets mad at being called a kid just because of how she looks. Ichigo : dom male , 6'1. Dark pink hair , red eyes. Mischievous and playful , though has a slightly wicked side to him. Loves to play games or tease others and often pulls tricks on people, think the Cheshire cat if he was human. Bisexual, all he wishes is for somone cute to play with ( for fantasy can be vampire, or for scifi can be alien ) Yuki: dom/sub futa. 5'9 Long dark raven hair with purple eyes. Rather mature in both attitude and looks. Prefers to wear button up shirts or blouses , skirts along with high heels. She can be kind , though she's rather strict wherever she works and hates slackers. Naomi: shy busty girl, 5'2 , white as snow hair with red ruby eyes. Gentle smile and soft voice ,with a kind heart. Wears comfortable cute clothes like sundresses with leggings. Her personality is similar to a rabbit , she gets easily embarrased and flustered , often stutters , and trips due to her clumsy nature ( for fantasy can be elf)
  20. Blooberries

    Looking for sub female

    Hello Everyone! So, I have some time in my hands to actually do some rp (yay!) I don't have complete plots rn but I have two male characters I'd like to put to good use. One more thing, they can totally change to mold themselves better to any plot you may have. I prefer rping with YC being a female, she can be a brat, bby girl, over 18, underaged (I do have limits tho), and almost any personality. MC 1 is a Dom, he is very rough and enjoys forcing himself on smaller girls. Power dynamics is a thing for him MC 2 is what you'd call a daddy. He is soft and loves taking care of his parter/lover/pet. He also appreciates brats and loves with girls tease him. He usually ignores it until he can't hold it any longer.
  21. Haley

    Rape roleplay

    Looking for a guy (or multiple) to do a public rape roleplay. Ageplay would be preferred. Message me for further details.
  22. I'm new here, so I'm not totally sure how this site works yet but I'm looking to get a few new roleplays going! I prefer playing loli characters, and I'm pretty strictly submissive. Here are the roles I enjoy playing the most: Neko, kitsune, bunny girl, little sister, daughter, android and some others. I'm open to more role ideas if you have them! I'm also very open to new plot ideas for said characters, but here are a few super basic plots I have: Neko: You find a neko in a box and decide to take her home with you. (Like I said. Basic) Kitsune: You're out in the forest hunting, walking, etc. and stumble upon the mythical fox/human hybrid. What will you do with her? Android: You see an advertisement for a new maid android that can clean, cook, and do some... Other things *wink wink* so you decide to order one. The plots that I have here aren't super in-depth, but I've found that basic plots are easier to expand upon when discussing the roleplay. If you have other ideas, that's great too! I'm pretty open to just about anything. Be sure to check out my preference sheet too. I also stay up quite late if you're a night owl looking for someone to stay up with. Can't wait to start our roleplay!
  23. I was thinking of having some fun with dinosaurs, as i would usually plays as the Victim, since i never play as anything else. The Apocalypse of Dinosaurs. - Adventure - Horror - Breed - Milf - Shota - Loli - Incest - Deforming - Lactation - Dinosaur I was thinking making a story where a family was living a hard life, trying to survive a post apocalyptic dinosaur times, they never thought it would come to this moment, but something happened as they had to find ways to survive and find hope somewhere around the world, but little do they know what awaits them. I haven't playd Fallout, but imagine something like Fallout, wherever everyone is happy and having best life, untill something happened and the family rushed into a bunker in theyr house for protection, some should adventure, other stay. Incest can also happen while in the bunker for too long, as for outside, any type of Rape is possible to happen. Background image for imagination of the world: The Family: There will be a Father which i will let the roleplayer to pick how he gonna look like and his age. There will be a Mother which i will pick how she will look like and if you need more info, yes she will have huge jiggly boobs. There will be Daughter which i will let the roleplayer pick how she gonna look like and her age. There will be Son which i will let the roleplayer pick how he gonna look like and his age. NOTE: I will roleplay as the Family, as i will let the other roleplayer decide how theyr fate should be or we can roll a dice and if the picked number appears, theyr action will be safe, if not then they would probably lose alot more than Virginity. No Gore, No Bukkake, There can be some kind of blood as long it doesn't count as gore, No Limbs removal, I would say no Death but it won't be survival if people don't die right? So let's allow death on this one if the other roleplayer wishes. I do not want to discuss a roleplay that i never made on Bulletin, we can only discuss roleplays that i made in the Bulletin. Warning: No Real Life included in any of these Roleplay's and no conversations about how my Life is or questions about my real life. You will get instantly ignored.
  24. Imouto Kanna

    Neko Kanna

    From the album: Kanna's RP Art

    Alternate universe where Kanna is part neko! She is also a bit younger here than I usually play her, around 6/7.
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