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  1. *Left Behind* *Chapter One: The Survivors* Lugia's revival was catastrophic for the Johto region. The beast rose from its home, deep within the Whirl Islands, and laid waste to everything around it. Olivine City's coastline was transformed from a pristine beach to a rubble-peppered disaster area. Further inland, Ecruteak City and the famed Moomoo Ranch were hit with heavy rainfall that forced evacuations. But Cianwood City was ravaged. Goldenrod City was to be the next target for Lugia, but the guardian of the seas was defeated by 2 brave trainers, its progress halted just outside of Olivine City. But their victory was short-lived and pyrrhic. Both were hybrids of human and Pokémon. One was half-Delphox, and the other was half-Cinccino. Together, they drove the terrifying monster to retreat. But, as a final, devastating act of defiance and spite, the guardian beast of the sea called upon the waters in which it resided, ordering their wrath to come forth. While Lugia returned to its dwelling beneath the Whirl Islands, the angry sea it commanded rose to swallow much of southern Olivine in a crashing wall of seawater. What was left was hardly recognisable as the city that once stood there. In fact, were it not for the Glitter Lighthouse still standing, anyone who hadn't seen Olivine City before this event would assume that nothing had ever been there. Amidst the destruction, many bodies lay strewn about, looking ironically not unlike fish in a market. And amongst the dead was the Cinccino hybrid, having drowned when the wave hit. The Delphox hybrid had seemingly vanished, evading death by Lugia's sickening brutality. He was presumed still alive, and some claim to have seen him since the event. But our story does not end here, with one trainer swallowed up by the sea in a fit of tyrannical rage and another supposedly vanished without a trace. Rather, this is the beginning. "...And listeners are reminded to exercise extreme caution if travelling on or near Route 34. The area is still experiencing heavy flooding, and many dangerous wild Pokémon have been seen in the vicinity. In addition, Ilex Forest remains inaccessible, due to downed trees blocking the path. Road crews have been dispatched-" A paw came down, and the eerie robotic voice from the radio was silenced. A Clefable was the cause, and she shook her head in disapproval at the Pachirisu-human hybrid who had been listening. Ironically in shock, she turned to face the feral Clefable. "Treble, what the fuck?! That was important!" She possessed almost platinum-blonde hair that reached just past her shoulders. In her anger at the intrusion, sparks shot from her plump cheeks. Noticeably plump for a human, but she was partially a rodent, and would, of course, naturally have such large cheeks. If one were to try guessing at her identity with a picture of her face as their only reference, the cheeks would give her the appearance that she was overweight, though she certainly wasn't. She wore what could not be mistaken as anything but a maid's outfit, modified to have an opening for her spectacular tail. It reached far past her head before curling around itself, as would a squirrel's tail. Mostly white in colour with a robin's-egg blue streak down the full length, and 3 spiky protrusions near the point at which it curled, this tail was easily her most obvious feature. She glared daggers at the female Clefable who had silenced the radio, but the feral Fairy type didn't falter. "No, Pachi; it wasn't. That was the same emergency broadcast they've had playing on repeat since you turned that thing on this morning; not a damned thing has changed!" Both girls belonged to the Delphox who had gone missing since the Olivine City event, though the anthro was formerly reared by a different trainer. The Cinccino who became a statistic, drowning in the aforementioned incident. However, the Delphox had taken her in long before that. Training, as well as his occupation, made him decently wealthy. Though outdoors, the sky was grey and dreary from the remnants of Lugia's attack, the girls enjoyed not just shelter, but comfort and luxury in the trainer's house. This confrontation, in fact, was taking place in a spacious living room. Though the previous storm had died out, the curtains were still shut, obscuring the outside world with a shroud of silk. A wall-mounted television droned on in the background, tuned into a local news station. Scattered around the walls were photographs of the trainer in question, as well as some framed certificates. Many other Pokémon called this place home, but they were in different rooms at the moment. In one of these bedrooms, in the company of a feral Shuckle, an anthropomorphic Vaporeon lay sick in bed. Similarly clothed to the Pachirisu, she was also raised by the Cinccino boy. She was a sight to behold, though certainly not in a good way, as her entire body exuded a sickly aura. Sweat glued her pitch black hair to her face. Her blue eyes were cloudy with fatigue. Though she had a gorgeous tail, it hung limply over the side of her bed, her tailfin brushing against the floor. "B-Beryl?" Her voice was as weak as her body as she called out to the Shuckle. "Is it ready?" The Shuckle presented her with a small ceramic cup, a little over 3 quarters full of a steaming, blue liquid. "It should be. Sorry; Lum Berries are hard to come by, but I think I made a nice substitute." The ill Vaporeon, clearly not in a position to refuse, gratefully accepted the cup. "I'm sure it's wonderful, sweetie. But I must admit, you have me curious. What's in it?" Even softened and crippled by illness, what still remained of her sweet, kind voice brought a smile to Beryl. "Oh; w-well, it's mostly Oran and Rawst, to help lower your fever and restore your energy." As Beryl explained the nature of the concoction, Vaporeon gently blew on it. "And I added honey, to offset the bitterness." Rawst Berries, especially ones of high quality, tend to have a rather unpleasant, bitter flavour. After thanking her makeshift pharmacist, Vaporeon tipped the cup back with a weak, joking "mazel tov.~" The hot liquid flowed down her throat, and seemed immediately to soothe her volatile insides. Not only that, but... "It's delicious, Beryl!" Lining the fence around an impressive garden were several lines of sand bags. Flooding from Lugia's storm had damaged the garden of this lovely house, and an equally lovely young lady was working to salvage what she could of the remains. Beryl the Shuckle complained about the scarcity of Lum Berries, and she certainly wasn't wrong. Most of the plants had died in the flood, leaving only the more water-resistant ones intact. The girl taking care of the ruined garden gave a solemn shake of her head. The articles of clothing she wore matched the Pachirisu and the Vaporeon, but the colours did not. Her uniform was accented with wine red frills, and her apron, as well as the bow tying it behind her back, were both a deep sort of pine green. Despite the dreary weather, she wore a sun hat with several crimson flowers woven in. That she was originally a Grass type Pokémon would surprise nobody. Specifically, she was a Bellossom. "A damn shame," she pouted. With delicate paws, she sifted through a muddy puddle and retrieved several large Passho Berries. "These, I can save with no problem. But the others,..." her gaze shifted from plant to plant. "I don't know what I can do." Again, she let her eyes scan the drowned garden. She could swear she saw something moving, but not amongst the plants. The garden boasted a manmade pond, which had overflowed from rainwater. Certainly, it contributed to the damage. Carefully, Bellossom advanced on the pond. "H-Hello?" Her voice and her footsteps, the latter of which produced squelching sounds on contact with the muddy ground, were both unsure. The closer she drew to the pond, the more dread she felt in anticipation of what she'd find. She asked again. "Hello? Who's there?" This time, she received an answer. From beneath the pond, a majestic Dragonair rose. A thing of slender beauty, the jewels on her body glittered even in the dim light of the cloudy sky. "I hope you aren't surprised to see me, dearie.~" The Dragonair spoke with an air of regality, but in a vocabulary more playful than condescending. "You, out of all the maids, should know I frequent the garden pond." With a paw over her chest from the initial shock, Bellossom replied. "I don't serve you, first of all. I serve your master. Secondly, you scared the Hell out of me!" Dragonair's response was a chuckle. "Calm down, why don't you? You're as high-strung as your sister!" She punctuated her statement with a playful flick of her bejeweled tail, which resulted in Bellossom being splashed. The maid's uniform took most of it, but it wasn't as though it was dry before that. Or clean, for that matter; she had been tending the garden, after all. Besides, at the moment, she was more concerned by the Dragonair's words than by the slightly dingy water she had just weaponised. "Sister? N-No; I'm not related to anybody here." That earned another laugh from the prideful Dragon type. "The rodent, sweetie.~" Bellossom gave that answer a moment to swirl about in her mind. "The rodent? Dragonair, that doesn't narrow it down a whole lot." There were 3 possible ladies Dragonair could've been referring to, as 3 rodents called the spacious dwelling home. The Pachirisu who had been using the radio obviously was one, but the teasing dragon's side of the family also included 2 beautiful ladies belonging to the chubby-cheeked masses. The Delphox's daughter, and his wife. The wife was a Cinccino, predictably meaning their union produced a Minccino. In this case, however, Dragonair referred to "Pachirisu, honey." "We aren't related," Bellossom repeated. "We were just raised by the same trainer." "And I assume you considered this trainer, Arceus rest his soul, to be a family member," Dragonair continued, unhindered as always by Bellossom's arguements. The maid couldn't argue with such a statement, and her bitter tone softened as she looked down at the ground. "O-Okay. You got me there." Satisfied with her victory, Dragonair laughed before sinking back down beneath the waters of the pond. Bellossom thrust a paw forward, but only grasped air and mist. "Dammit." A Magikarp fillet sizzled in a pan, under the watchful eyes of an anthropomorphic Goodra. "I hope Vappy likes this." She eyed the dish-to-be a bit closer. "Almost. A couple more minutes should do it." She seemed very much at home in the kitchen, in no small part due to the apron on her uniform. She, too, was a maid. The others would more specifically refer to her as the head maid, though she refuted that title. To say that she was a large woman would be a gross understatement. The uniform strained with her every step, only barely containing her colossal frame. But, just as large would be an understatement, to say she was unattractive would be a blatant lie. Poorly hidden by her ill-fitting uniform was a body perhaps more befitting a fertility goddess than a Goodra. Hips that swayed like a hypnotist's watch, and a bosom more than sufficient to instill envy in the majority of the female population. Truly, she was a sight to behold, even despite the slimy nature of her body. Of all of the maids, it's likely she was hurt the most by her master's passing. Even when she moved into the Delphox's house, she had made a habit of seeing her previous master at least once a day. Whether it was for a cup of tea and a nice chat, or a more intimate outing, they were together for at least a short time whenever possible. She was inconsolable for quite some time after her previous master's death, and she still wasn't comfortable speaking of it. Soon after the move, she was appointed to the position of head maid, due in equal parts to her maturity and experience. She was doubtful the meal she was making would reach the stomach of its intended recipient, but she cooked it anyway. If Vaporeon was too sick to eat it, surely Dragonair would partake. She shook her head as her thoughts drifted to the infirm Vaporeon. Her condition was doubtlessly worthy of pity, but the sad truth was that she had somewhat brought it upon herself. In an attempt to slim down so she could teach her master how to swim, she had quite overdone things, eventually developing a severe eating disorder which had horribly endangered her health. There was a reason Beryl had been keeping watch over her. While the Water type was recovering, it would certainly be a long process, and Beryl's presence could only help. Dinner would be ready soon; besides the fish, Goodra had prepared a variety of dishes for the girls. Some got more food than others, as she still followed the rules her previous master gave as best she could. Vaporeon, still recovering, was to receive the smallest portion, to ensure she could keep it down. Goodra herself would be having some roast Pidgeotto left over from a previous meal, along with a small serving of mixed vegetables and a cup of tea. Despite her weight suggesting otherwise, Goodra didn't eat very large portions. Especially in these times of scarcity, with supplies limited from Lugia's attack. Stores had sold out quickly, so much of what the girls had for food was already in the house beforehand. And, as Goodra looked through the pantry, she sighed. They had food enough to last perhaps a week, but they would need to leave home in search of more soon. She thought to herself about where best to search, but she didn't have much time alone with her thoughts before she felt a sudden chill. She had company, and she knew it in an instant. "Ruri?" She spoke in a very maternal, warm tone of voice. "No use hiding, sweetie.~" From around a corner, a ravishing Alolan Ninetales entered the kitchen. One of the charges of the homeowner, she stood in stark contrast to the Goodra's abundance of blubber. Ruri, an anthro like the Goodra, was slender and gorgeous. "Damn; was I really that obvious?" "Oh, please!" Goodra chided her. "I felt the chill you put into the air a couple of minutes ago, little kit.~" Vapour clouds formed in the air as Ruri laughed. "You flatter me, dear, but I'm far from a kit." "Then you should've taken the compliment." Goodra was clearly too caught up in food preparation to realise that she had just, in essence, called somebody of nearly equal age a child. Or, far more likely, she didn't care. It was common for her to refer to others as "dear," "sweetie," "darling," "honey," and other pet names typically reserved for speaking to a younger audience. Even her previous master received such nicknames. The Delphox didn't mind these nicknames, but it's unlikely he could've stopped her, anyway. As the old saying goes, old habits die hard. Deciding not to pry further and risk angering a literal fire breathing dragon, Ruri changed the subject. "So, how's dinner going?" The maternal smile now firmly back on Goodra's face, she gladly responded. "It's nearly ready, honey. I'll need about 10 more minutes." Ruri nodded. The smells of various food combined into an assault on her sensitive vulpine nose, and she had to leave the kitchen. Just as well, since, with dinner soon to hit the table, she thought she should announce this to the others. Most of them, at least; a portly Wigglytuff anthro was already seated at the dining room table. "Portly," as with calling the Goodra large, may be quite an understatement to describe the Wigglytuff. There were similarities between the two of them - both were maids, both were previouly in service to the Cinccino, and both possessed large frames - but, where Goodra's plumpness was centred on her hips, Wigglytuff's was almost purely in her belly. It can't be said that she was unhealthy; her health was near-impeccable. But her weight gain was certainly caused neither by a curse, nor was it the result of her puffing herself up, as Wigglytuff are quite skilled in doing as a defense mechanism. She was, indeed, legitimately overweight, and she made no effort to deny that. In many ways, she was the antithesis to the sickly Vaporeon. While she was significantly overweight, but healthy, the Vaporeon was malnourished and weak. Even as she sat, waiting for dinner, she was snacking on a Poffin. "You're the chef tonight, Goodra?" she asked, though, with a mouthful of Poffin and jam, it sounded quite unintelligible. "Don't talk with your mouth full, dearie," was Goodra's gentle, scolding response. "But yes. I hope you haven't spoiled your appetite with those treats. I expect you to clean your plate." Somebody only just then entering earshot could be forgiven for thinking that Goodra had told Wigglytuff a hysterical joke, judging by the corpulent lapine's uproarious laughter. "Goodra, did you forget who you're talking to? Has there EVER been a time when I haven't cleaned my plate, except when I was sick?~" To her surprise, her answer came not from the motherly dragon, but from an actual mother. "You didn't exactly starve yourself then, either, hun." Kianna Russet. And in tow was her daughter, Kylie. With the homeowner missing, these 2 were in charge for the time being. Cinccino and Minccino respectively, they were hand-in-hand as they approached the table. "Vaporeon, the poor dear, couldn't have kept down a quarter of what you ate that day," Kianna continued playfully. "Don't be so hard on Auntie," Kylie piped up, though she was clearly being just as playful. Not only that, but Wigglytuff clearly wasn't offended, since she was still laughing. Goodra, on the other hand, greeted them both with a bow. "I trust Ruri told you dinner will be ready soon. Will you be joining us?" Kianna nodded. "Absolutely, dear. Your cooking is divine.~" "You flatter me, mistress," Goodra beamed, clearly blushing as she performed a few last-minute checks of the dishes she made. Apparently, she was satisfied with what she found, as she excused herself, the reason being that she needed "to go get Artemis." Kianna typically sat at the head if the dinner table, and that night was no exception. As for Kylie, since Wigglytuff was the only other one seated, she sat beside the bulging bunny. The figures of the ladies of the house were rather hard to decipher, as the thick, luxurious fur that makes their species so coveted to this day added noticeable size. Thus, it was hard to tell if either mother or child were large or simply particularly thick-furred. But the fact that both were beautiful couldn't be hidden by anything. As they engaged in small talk, Pachirisu and Treble entered the room. The fight over the radio hadn't been forgotten; both shot angry glares at each other after taking their seats. Dragonair was next, but Bellossom didn't follow. She had to change her clothes after having worked in the muddy garden. On her way back inside, Dragonair had met up with her master's Chatot, the only male living in the house in the homeowner's absence, and he too was at the table. Prior to the Lugia incident, the Chatot, affectionately named Pesky, served as an alarm clock for the Delphox. Few could sleep through the shrill cry of a Chatot. Now, though, he helped out however he could. This usually consisted of scavenging for berries. Lately, he had been coming up empty, even from his usual haunts. He joined in the conversation almost immediately after landing on the table; it was a rare moment when Pesky was speechless. "L-Look; I appreciate your help, but I can do this on my own." The Vaporeon's insistance in no way deterred the helpful duo tailing her. A feral Lucario was one of them. Belonging to the Delphox, she possessed a strong sense of justice. Much of her day had been spent training; as would be expected, her fighting skills were admirable. "I'd like to believe that, but last time we left you to your own devices, you-" "I know," Vaporeon cut her off. "I fell down. I'm sick, you two; not a baby!" She felt a soft paw on her shoulder, and knew instantly to whom it belonged. "Sylvie, don't worry about me. I told you; I'm fine." Sure enough, the immaculate, manicured paw was that of one of her fellow maids. A Sylveon anthro, and that, in and of itself, may have been a contributer to why she didn't lash out at the lovely Fairy type. Of all of the maids, Sylveon was the most well-dressed. From head to toe, she was a picture of elegance and femininity. Of course, just being a Sylveon was helpful in that regard. Her pink hair, which reached about the point where her chest and stomach met, was done up with ribbons. Her eyes, lashes pronounced, were a bright, cheery sort of robin's egg blue. Her lips, soft and plump, were painted a rosy pink by lipstick. If anybody wanted to find her, it was a safe bet that she'd be in a bathroom, or otherwise looking into a mirror, with which she was adjusting her makeup. "Sorry," she said with a kind, if a bit airy voice. "We can't take any chances." Vaporeon groaned, but relented. "Fine; if it'll make you 2 feel better." By the time the Vaporeon and her helpers made it to the table, much of it was already set. Not only was Goodra hefting dish after dish in front of the waiting diners, but a feral Braixen was helping her. This was Artemis. Normally caught up with practicing spells, she was more than happy to help Goodra. She did so by levitating some of the dishes. Between the 2 of them, setting the table was an easy task. Artemis brushed sweat off of her fur with a paw. She was still getting the hang of levitation. Dinner was full of chatter and giggling; it was one of the few moments when everybody could pretend the ravaging of their lands had never happened. Perhaps 10 minutes into the meal, however, the sound of silverware against glass was heard. All eyes were on Kianna, who was standing. The clinking sound she had made brought silence over the room. And, when she finally spoke, after a few seconds of visibly trying to find the best words to explain herself, it was decidedly not to give good news. "Everybody, I'm afraid we have a problem." *Author's note* And it begins! This story is being written with permission from the amazing @SMFoxy, using characters from our previous RPs. I apologise for the decline in quality and volume near the end of this chapter. I had been saying for long enough that this would be ready soon, and I finally sat down and immersed myself. There wasn't anything too bad in this chapter, but please be warned that I intend for this to be a very dark story. With that said, I hope you like this, and I hope you want more. The real point of this chapter was kinda to introduce the characters, since we'll be following them for quite some time. Don't worry if you're still in the dark, though. We'll get to know them better as the story goes on. Huge thanks to @SMFoxy, for their help in this.
  2. Actually, I don't wanna pick through anything. I love any kind. As long there is no adult babies, scat, vore, gore, watersports and. .. anything that seems disgusting for me of course. Just no offense for the people who like them but, just no. C'move to my pm's and we can discuss. Naomi has a short pink bob, fair-peachy skin, 4'9" height, 2-3 inches of meat and thick. Womanly, ready for fucking thick .<3
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    Cataclysm Theme Deck Cover

    From the album: Fake Pokémon Cards

    "Leave the battlefield in ruins with the Cataclysm theme deck! Awakened at last, the mighty Lugia is yours to control! But it's not alone. Appearing amidst the rubble left in Lugia's wake are other dangerous Pokémon such as Hypno, Raticate, Arceus, and Scyther! Play your cards right, and watch with glee as the Cataclysm theme deck sends your enemies running for shelter!" The picture used is an edited(by me) version of an image from DeviantArt user Inosuke-0101. I added the gradient effect and the text. I found a free app that allows for lots of picture editing fun, including lovely fonts like the ones used here. The deck is based on a story I'm writing.
  4. Name: Pokémon: The Movie 2000 and Pikachu's Rescue Adventure. Other names: The Power Of One, Mirage Pokémon: Lugia's Explosive Birth, Revelation - Lugia, The Pikachu Expedition. Featured Pokémon: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia. Generation: 1.5(no games.). Anime season: 2(Orange Island.). Opening theme: Pokémon World. Ending theme: The Power Of One by Donna Summer, Polkamon by Weird Al Yankovic, and Flying Without Wings by Westlife. ArdillaVerde93's tagline: Thus, the earth shall turn to Bob. *SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A TEST!! AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE WILL FOLLOW!! XD* Hi, everyone! Welcome to Gotta Review 'Em All part 2, where I'll be talking about the second Pokémon movie: The Power Of One! Now, before I go much further, let me explain something. I refer to the Orange Island series as Generation 1.5 because there are no games for it, and because it takes place between the original series and The Johto Journeys(Season 3.). As such, Generation II Pokemon made fairly frequent occurrences. By the way, being a Pokémon fanatic myself, I know that Nintendo would make a lot of people happy if they released a Pokémon game in which the player could go to the Orange Islands, since, aside from the fan-made game "Pokémon Naranja," that hasn't been possible. But I digress. Alright, fair warning; I hope you like Donna Summer, because you'll hear a lot of her. Well, not her, but one of her songs. In fact, I'll be counting the number of times part of the song is played! Alright; let's do this! Without further ado, here's a synopsis, and review, of Pokémon: The Movie 2000, AKA The Power Of One! The movie starts with a nice view of the ocean. 3 islands are visible in the distance. *Power Of One count: 1(Background music.).* The "camera" pulls back, showing another "island." I use quotation marks there because it looks more like a shrine than an island, but whatever. More pretty scenery is shown, as is a Generation II Pokémon: Slowking. Then, just like in the first movie, we're treated to a disembodied voice. This one, however, recites a prophecy. "Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice, or lightning, lest these Titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water's great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting, alone, its song will fail; thus, the Earth shall turn to ash. Oh, Chosen One, into thine hands bring together all 3. Their treasures combined tame the beast of the sea." We're treated to a view of the inside of some sort of flying fortress(because fuck logic; this is Pokémon!), and we now see that the voice wasn't disembodied; it belongs to a dapper-looking man. His name is Lawrence III, but you're not supposed to know that yet, so this'll be our little secret; got it? Anyway, he had been talking to himself, apparently, but a sudden beeping noise from behind him makes him turn around. Apparently, technology in the Pokémon world was advanced, even back then; Siri starts talking to him. She informs him that she has deciphered the prophecy and concluded that the Titans it refers to are Moltres(fire.), Articuno(ice.), and Zapdos(lightning.). They're very rare Pokemon, only found in Shamouti Island(according to the movie, at least; anybody who's actually played Pokémon knows that's bullshit.). Lawrence asks Siri which one of the birds is closest, and she tells him that Moltres is. As such, he sets his sights on it first. It doesn't take him too long to find Moltres, and about the same amount of time to capture it within a forcefield generated by metal rings. Lawrence remarks how easy the capture was, and that, once he has Zapdos and Articuno, he'll find his true prize. Viewers are then treated to a scene that should be familiar to anyone who's played Pokémon Silver; Lugia swimming through the ocean. *Power Of One count: 2(Lugia vocalizes it.).* Another epic title sequence shows us the movie's alternate name: The Power Of One. *Power Of One count: 3(a short, rock version is played during the title sequence.).* With that out of the way, and now that the viewers know what they're watching, it cuts to a boat in the middle of the ocean, while the narrator points out what a beautiful day it is. We see that the main characters, including the captain, Maren, are on the boat. In particular, Pikachu is perched on a thin ledge, scowling. I guess, since he's an Electric type, they're using him to check for storms. That's actually pretty clever and funny at the same time. So, as an excuse to show off their current teams, our heroes decide to let their Pokémon out to enjoy the beautiful day. We're treated to scenes of them playing around, set to a remix of the Season 2 theme song, "Pokemon World." Soon after that, the storm that I'm guessing they had Pikachu on the lookout for hits. The trainers recall their Pokémon, except for Ash's Pikachu, Misty's Togepi, and Tracey's Marill. Pikachu is left hanging onto the barrier on the bow of the boat. *Power Of One count: 5(Lugia vocalizes it, then it's played as background music.).* The storm, which disappeared as soon as it started, has nevertheless thrown our heroes off course; they're now headed toward Shamouti Island. The storm has also thrown Team Rocket around in their Mecha-Magikarp. One fourth wall break("An island!" "In a storm!" "I've seen this movie!"), and one McDonalds reference("We're about to be..." "Filet 'O Fish?"), later, they crash into a rock. We are now shown what's going on back in Ash's hometown of Pallet Town. Ash's mom(whose name is first revealed in this movie to be "Delia.") is tending to her garden, while her Mr. Mime sweeps up. Professor Oak shows up to check on things, and he likes what he sees. He and Delia both comment on the nice weather, but, as if on cue, the weather turns nasty. It rains, then starts snowing. The viewers are treated to a beautiful aurora as a flock of Pidgey takes to the sky. All at once, the sky clears up. Oak(after almost being carried away by a huge group of Diglett.) points out that Pokémon are more in tune with nature than humans are, and the fact that the Pokémon are acting strange is a very bad sign. We see that our heroes have made it, more or less unharmed, to Shamouti Island. Unfortunately, they're ambushed by a group of people dressed in bird costumes. Our heroes find out that Shamouti Island is currently host to a festival, and that a young girl named Melody is going to be the festival maiden. As for the role of the Chosen One, guess who takes that. You won't figure it out, but guess! It's Ash! Shocker; I know. Melody overhears that Ash is the Chosen One, and she gives him a "traditional welcome kiss." That pisses off Misty, which gets Melody's attention. She guesses that Misty is Ash's sister, and, after Misty refutes that claim, she guesses that she's Ash's girlfriend. Misty shoots down that possibility, as well, but Melody is intent on pissing her off even more. She says that there is a banquet that she'll be performing at, then tells Misty(calling her by name, even though Ash's friends hadn't introduced themselves yet.) not to get jealous. Ash and his friends are led up some stairs, while surprisingly ominous music plays. Pikachu doesn't look too happy, but that's nothing out of the ordinary; he barely smiles at all throughout the entire movie. Anyway, the next minute or so that follows shows a big festival being held. After that, though, the festival isn't mentioned again, and we cut to the aforementioned banquet, and get to hear the end of what I'm sure was an adult joke("...and she says 'no, but I have Krabbys!'"). Misty is still mad at Melody, and takes her anger out on a piece of fried chicken. Ash, however, is more interested in what being "the Chosen One" entails. *Power Of One count: 6(Melody plays it on her weird instrument.).* Suddenly, all eyes are on Melody, as she plays a song while doing a weird jerky dance. She runs up to Ash and recites what I assume is another part of the prophecy from before. "From the trio of islands, ancient spheres shall you take, for, between life and death, all the difference you'll make. O, Chosen One, you must climb to the shrine to make right what is wrong, and the world will be healed by the guardian's song!" Ash doesn't quite understand, so Melody(using nearby fruit as props.) puts it in layman's terms for him. *Power Of One count: 7(Melody plays it for a second or 2.).* Now that Ash understands what he has to do, he wants to do it right away. Melody says he should stay for the party, but he's having none of it. Maren admires his enthusiasm, and offers to take him to the islands in her boat. Ash invites Misty, but she angrily declines. Then, completely unprovoked, Pikachu decides to be a dick and take Ash's treasured hat. Apparently, they made it to the boat, though, because the very next scene involves Team Rocket almost getting run over by it. Then, suddenly, it starts pouring rain again. We cut to the Slowking from earlier, reciting part of the "disturb not the harmony" part of the prophecy, before pointing out the sorry state of things, with a voice that wouldn't be out of place in an Emergency Alert System message. For those of you in the UK, who don't know what the Emergency Alert System is, I envy you. Slowking's voice in this part, and Lugia's speaking voice later, creep me out for reasons you luckily don't understand. Back at the banquet, Melody decides that she's going to go after Ash, considering he's caught in the storm because of what Melody thinks is just a silly legend to entertain tourists. Misty and Tracey tag along, resulting in another back and forth between Melody and Misty, which, apparently, distracts them well enough for Team Rocket to stow away on their boat undetected. Meanwhile, Lawrence III, in his floating fortress, points out a disturbance in the force, so to speak. Siri tells him that Zapdos is nearby, so he sets off in search of it. Now, we're shown a weather report that's being viewed by people on the island, as well as back in Pallet Town. The odd weather, though centered in the Orange Islands, is global. It seems to be caused by an underwater river. Delia, knowing that Ash is in the Orange Islands, is understandably worried. Then, we get to see another example of Pokémon technology; Professor Oak gets a call on Skype. The call is from Professor Philena Ivy, a character exclusive to the Orange Islands arc. She confirms what Oak had already told Delia much earlier; the Pokémon are acting strange. We see a cameo appearance by Brock, as he runs back and forth, carrying Pokémon. Back on the boat, the storm is over for now, but that doesn't stop the waves from being treacherous. This results in the boat breaking it's rudder off on a rock, then getting washed ashore. At least the island they're stranded on is the one they were looking for. Pikachu runs off, because he's a dick, and Ash follows him. Meanwhile, Melody is in hot pursuit of Ash, and she shows off some impressive boating skills. She assures Misty and Tracey that they don't need to worry, since she grew up around boats. Misty points out that she wasn't scared, anyway, since she's a Water type Gym Leader. Suddenly, the boat almost gets swallowed up by a huge wave. They avoid that, just in time for another huge wave to throw the boat into the air, and send Team Rocket flying. We see the interior of Maren's boat as Maren is about to have some coffee. Unfortunately, another wave crashes into the boat, causing Maren to spill the coffee. That's gotta hurt! Melody's boat has landed on a giant rock, but everyone seems to be okay, although Maren's boat is wrecked. Suddenly, though, Melody's boat starts falling. Melody, however, reveals the sail of the boat and uses it to make the boat fly, taking advantage of the strong wind. Another back and forth between Melody and Misty later, and we get to see Lawrence III again. He pretends to feel sorry for Moltres, since it's all alone, but, when Siri tells him that Zapdos is near Fire Island, it becomes clear that Moltres won't be lonely for long. Meanwhile, Pikachu has led Ash to the first of the 3 shrines he has to go to to get the spheres. Ash grabs the fire sphere, but has a fourth-wall breaking run-in with Team Rocket("...and make it double; we're on the big screen!" "I'll have to catch this on video!"). And cue the Deus Ex Machina; Melody's "flying" boat shows up and almost crushes them. Melody scolds Ash for not staying at the party, but, when Misty butts in, Melody decides to piss her off by assuming she and Ash will get married. Team Rocket warns Misty about the dangers of romance just in time for Zapdos to come flying in and put on a kickass light show. Pikachu sees this giant bird of death, and decides to do the only rational thing: attack it! Or, at least, that's what it looks like. Meowth points out that Pikachu is actually trying to talk to Zapdos through those shocks, and even translates what Pikachu's saying; he wants to know why Zapdos is on Fire Island, and what happened to Moltres. Zapdos shocks him back, which Meowth also translates. Zapdos is taking Fire Island for itself, now that Moltres is gone. With that, Zapdos goes apeshit and tries to shock everyone, but the electricity gets drawn upward by an unseen force. Well, unseen until it floats into view. *Power Of One count: 8(background music.).* Lawrence III is sucking up Zapdos' electricity with his fortress, which weakens it enough for him to capture it with the same method he used for Moltres. This time, though, he accidentally, and unknowingly, captures Melody's boat, and everyone on it, as well! Lawrence III remarks that all he needs now is Articuno. Then, we see another Pokémon Silver-esque scene. *Power Of One count: 10(Lugia vocalizes it, then it's played as background music.).* Lawrence III is alerted by Siri that the fortress picked up something extra when they were capturing Zapdos, so he goes to check on things. The chair he's sitting on happens to be on a platform that can rise and fall, so he reaches the holding area right after Melody reads the first part of the prophecy from earlier. He brags about his collection, which causes Misty to tell him off, calling him a bad trainer. Lawrence III, however, corrects her, saying he's just a collector. Apparently, he started with a Mew card. Just then, Siri tells him that Articuno is changing course, so he leaves to go after it. And now, we get to see the lovely Articuno screwing around, before the movie cuts to another news report. This time, the news crew is flying in a helicopter, and they brought Oak, Ivy, and, for some reason, Delia, with them. Pokémon everywhere are trying to get to the Orange Islands, to try to stop whatever's going on. Oak explains that disturbances in the islands of fire, ice, and lightning are responsible for the crazy weather. Then, Ivy explains that the Pokémon are flocking to the islands because they want to correct the disturbances. Delia just wants to see Ash again. Then, we see Slowking, sad because he doesn't have pants. Um,... Alright? Well, the blizzard ends as soon as it began, but we get to see more Articuno action, so that's cool. Back in the fortress, Melody rereads the same part of the prophecy she read before. James worries that he'll die, but Meowth assures him that he'll be fine, since only intelligent life will be destroyed. First thing's first, though; Moltres and Zapdos have to be freed. Meanwhile, Lawrence III has his eyes on Articuno, and shows his desire for it by firing missiles at it! If he's a collector, shouldn't he be trying to capture the Pokémon he's collecting without hurting them, so they're more valuable? I still have my Fluttershy figure, and my posters(1 of which is an authentic Japanese movie poster for this movie.) from Comic-Con, in their box/bag. The less you handle them, the more they're worth. Anyway, it doesn't really matter, since Articuno dodges the missiles. We're treated with another quick Pokémon Silver-esque scene. *Power Of One count: 11(background music. You have to listen carefully to hear it.).* Back in the fortress, our heroes, and Team Rocket, try to free the birds by attacking the cages they're in. It doesn't work at first, but, when 4 Pokemon attack together, they break Moltres' cage. Moltres single-handedly breaks Zapdos' with Flamethrower, allowing them both to escape. Not exactly grateful, they both fly around, attacking each other, and they nearly destroy the fortress in the process. The damage they cause forces the fortress to crash land on Lightning Island. Everyone seems to be alright, but the shrine nearby is destroyed, causing the Lightning sphere to roll right up to Ash. While our heroes, and Team Rocket, manage to get in Melody's boat, the birds keep on fighting, punctuated by a brief scene of an underwater tornado. Their fighting actually breaks part of the island, causing the boat, and everyone on it, to get swept away by a strong current. They prepare for a nasty fall, only to be saved by a waterspout. *Power Of One count: 12(Lugia vocalizes it.).* Team Rocket takes what I assume is the only life raft, but it doesn't really matter; soon, the boat ends up at another island. This one appears to be populated by the Slowking, who tells Ash to put the treasures in the 3 slots up ahead. Ash obeys, but soon finds that he's missing a sphere; the Ice sphere. The birds are still fighting, so Ash runs up and tells them to stop. It, of course, doesn't work, but their fighting is interrupted anyway by the waterspout from before, which dissipates to reveal Lugia. Everyone gawks at it, and rightfully so, considering it's a Generation II Legendary Pokémon. *Power Of One count: 13(Lugia vocalizes it.).* Lugia's singing is familiar to Melody; she pulls out her ocarina-looking thing from the banquet, and realizes that the song she played on it was actually Lugia's song. Meanwhile, Lawrence III, surprisingly unharmed, now has Lugia in his sights! The fighting continues, but Lugia is participating now, too, which makes for an epic battle. After a while, Melody recites the "water's great guardian" part of the prophecy, and Slowking points out the obvious("This looks bad!"). More fighting! Lugia puts up a good fight, but he can't keep up with 3 enemies at once, and gets shot out of the sky. *Power Of One count: 14(background music.).* With Lugia out of the way, the other 3 birds keep fighting, while Ash and the others look on in horror. The news crew helicopter flies in, and we see that Delia needs to rethink her priorities; she's more worried about Ash than she is about the fate of the world. Suddenly, the Pokémon that were trying to reach the islands finally arrive. Everyone realizes that Ash is the actual Chosen One, but Ash isn't too keen on the idea of saving the world, even wishing his name was "Bob," so the prophecy wouldn't mention him. Melody remembers the similarity between her song and Lugia's song, so... *Power Of One count: 15(Melody plays it.).* Somehow, the song heals Lugia, so he chooses to talk directly to our heroes, and Team Rocket, in one of the creepiest, and most surprising, voices I've ever heard. He explains that, in order to stop the fighting, the 3 spheres have to be put in the slots, but that only Ash can do it, because he's the only one who can make the spheres glow. He says that Ash doesn't have to do it if he doesn't want to, and Ash is, understandably, hesitant. But, then, a miracle happens. Pikachu smiles! He gives him an unintelligible pep talk, along with Ash's other Pokémon, who emerge from their Pokéballs. Moved by the pep talk, Ash decides to finish the quest. This admittedly powerful moment is cut short in the very next scene, in which Ash makes a joke while trudging through the snow("Right now, I feel more like The Frozen One!"). After face-planting, Ash wonders if the prophecy was wrong. When Pikachu points out a wrecked boat nearby, though, Ash gets an idea. We cut to his Pokémon towing the wreckage, with Ash on it, at breakneck speed, while Lugia follows closely. Back with the others, Team Rocket laments that they're unimportant. Meowth says that they could be heroes if they were given a chance. Well, they get their chance; the news helicopter crashes(luckily not hurting anyone.) right next to them, which gives them an idea. Back to Ash, his Pokémon, and Lugia again, they get attack by the other birds, but do a good job of fighting them off, at least until the birds destroy the "boat." Just as all hope seems lost, Ash is rescued by Team Rocket, of all people, who appear to have used some of the helicopter parts, along with the life raft from before, to make a motorboat. They soon reveal that their motives aren't exactly pure, though; there wouldn't be anyone left to rob if the world were to be destroyed. They get attacked again, but Lugia fights the attackers off. After going through a long tunnel(on a makeshift motorboat, no less.), they arrive at the shrine, where Ash takes the Ice sphere. They try to escape, but get stopped by the birds; Lugia can't save them this time. In fact, their boat is destroyed. Then, Articuno is felled when the other 2 birds gang up on it. Ash and Team Rocket manage to escape, and Ash shows Lugia the Ice sphere. *Power Of One count: 16(background music.).* Lugia allows Ash(and, accidentally, Team Rocket, who grab his tail.) to ride on him back to the island where Ash has to take the spheres. Unfortunately, Lugia gets attacked by the other birds(sans Articuno.), and, with Team Rocket holding onto his tail, he can't dodge as well as he could before. After a totally random Weight Watchers reference("We should try Weight Watchers!" "It's too late for that!" "I heard it's never too late if you really stick to the program!"), Team Rocket lets go, sacrificing themselves for the greater good. However, they survive the fall, plunging underwater and surfacing near a huge group of Pokémon. Lugia explains to Ash that the Pokémon have gathered because they want to help, but that Ash is the only one who can fix what's happening. *Power Of One count: 17(background music.).* Melody and Misty start worrying, but it's not needed, because Ash waves at them. Suddenly, though, Lawrence III's capture rings(that's what I'm calling them.) shoot from the fortress, straight towards Lugia. *Power Of One count: 18(background music; you have to listen carefully.).* The capture rings surround Ash, Pikachu, and Lugia. Lugia won't go down without a fight, though. He fires 2 Hyper Beams, the first of which destroys the fortress. Unfortunately, Lugia has used the last of his energy; he plunges into the icy sea, defeated, taking Ash and Pikachu down with him. Ash and Pikachu surface, but Ash is unconscious. Lugia admits his failure. Even the Pokémon that traveled all that way know things are grim. Melody tries to give her ocarina thing to Misty, but she won't take it. Instead, she sets out to find Ash, which doesn't take her very long at all. Once she finds him, she brings him back to the island where, rather than give him CPR, she shakes him! Somehow, it works, but - and this is coming from someone with quite a bit of medical knowledge - I wouldn't recommend it. Not just because it's stupid, but because, if the victim has a head, neck, or back injury, you're likely to make it worse. Anyway, Ash shambles over and puts the Ice sphere in the last slot. This makes pretty lights come out of all 3 spheres. It also causes shining green water(ew.) to pour out into markings on the ground, and it causes the stone pillars around everyone to crystallize. Melody wastes no time in playing her song. By the way, we have just reached the climax of the movie. *Power Of One count: 21(Melody plays it, then background music takes over, then Melody finishes it.).* Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, tamed by the song, fly around happily. That finally brings an end to the crazy weather that plagued the world. Grateful, Lugia emerges, his power restored by the song, and offers Ash and Pikachu a ride. With the song finished, Melody drops to her knees. Some islanders look outside, stunned, and a news report tells us what we already know; the bad weather is over. Back with the main characters, Lugia congratulates Ash, saying that the fate of the world couldn't have been in better hands. With that, he returns to the sea, and, unfortunately for Ash, his mother and Professor Oak catch up to them. Delia's first instinct is to bitch Ash out, but, then, she admits that she worries about him all the time. Ash placates her by saying that he'll try to stay close to home(LIAR!!). Oak runs off, excited to tell other researchers about the recent events. Then, we cut to Lawrence III, picking up his Mew card out of the wreckage of his fortress. He hasn't given up his hobby, and he's going to start over with the card that started it all. The final pre-credits scene is of Team Rocket, happy that they did they did the right thing, but sad that nobody saw them do it. Slowking breaks the fourth wall by telling them that lots of people saw it, and that they're still watching. With that knowledge, Team Rocket ends the movie by talking about starting their own team. *Power Of One count: 22(it plays during the credits, complete with vocals.).* And, with that, we've reached the credits! Like they are in a lot of the Pokémon movies, the credits in this one aren't too special, serving mostly as a way to get extra songs in at the last minute. Donna Summer is good, but, by the time you've reached the credits, you're probably sick of the song she contributed, and the addition of vocals probably won't do too much to change that. The fact that they got Weird Al Yankovic to do a song is cool, but it seems out of place, considering the song that precedes it, and the song that comes after it, are both ballads. Not exactly what Weird Al Yankovic is known for. As for the final song, Flying Without Wings, it's amazing, and I wish they had played more of it. And that's it for The Power Of One! A good movie that could've used song variety. In case you lost count, they used the same song 22 times! I'll talk more about it later, but, for now, let's move on to Pikachu's Rescue Adventure, the mini-movie that comes with it. It starts with Ash, Misty, and Tracey deciding to take a break, so they let their Pokémon do the same. Unfortunately, Togepi apparently has ADHD, because it goes running after a swarm of Ledyba while the other Pokémon are asleep. Togepi loses its balance and tumbles down a hill, waking up the other Pokémon in the process. Further down the the hill, Togepi smacks into Meowth, who was just walking around. This sends them both tumbling until they fall down a hole. The other Pokémon reach the hole, and seem to be wondering what to do. Well, Psyduck, bringing up the rear, answers that for them, running into them and sending them all down the hole. While they fall, and for a little while afterwards, the viewers are treated to a song. Coming To The Rescue by O-Town. It's a generic boy band sort of song, but it's still pretty good. A swarm of Ledyba, presumably the same one from before, drops our heroes(using that term loosely.) off at a big tree. An Elekid shows up, and Squirtle dons his Squirtle Squad sunglasses, trying to intimidate it. Pikachu steps in and stops him, though, instead opting to do what I assume is an Electric type equivalent of a secret handshake. Luckily, It works. Suddenly, a whole bunch of Pokémon pop up to greet the newcomers. After a short scene in which we see that Meowth is hanging from a branch overlooking a river, Pikachu explains to Elekid that they're looking for Togepi. It just so happens that Elekid knows where Togepi is, and he's willing to take the main characters there. We see more Pokémon, and, when the journey involves crossing a large vine, we see that, despite acting tough earlier, Squirtle is a pussy. Can't say I'd be too different. Anyway, Elekid takes them to an Exeggcute nest. Lo and behold, there's Togepi! Unfortunately, the Exeggcute won't let Togepi go, because they think it's one of them. Exeggcute live in groups of 6, but this one only has 5; one of them is missing. We see some more Pokémon as the main characters end up in a beautiful meadow. I assume that Elekid led them there. As it turns out, they're just in time for a show! 3 Bellossom pop out of the ground and start dancing. They're soon joined by more and more Pokémon, until it's like a dance crew(or troupe, if you prefer.)! Suddenly, Pikachu hears something, so he runs off to see what it is. He leads the other main characters into a cave, where they find a bunch of Clefairy. Pikachu realizes too late that they're using Metronome(picks a random attack and uses it.), which ends up turning into Explosion, sending the main characters flying into a tree with VERY springy leaves. In fact, it looks like there are actual springs attaching the leaves to the tree! Everyone has fun bouncing around, but, unfortunately, Pikachu and Elekid bounce too high, and land on Meowth, still hanging from the branch. They get flung off of the branch, and land on a Snorlax, who launches them into the river. They surface riding up the waterfall on a Gyarados. Meowth tries to kick Pikachu off of it, which doesn't end well. Pikachu uses Thundershock, causing the Gyarados to buck all 3 of them off. Pikachu and Elekid land back in the tree, but Meowth blasts off in classic Team Rocket style. As soon as Meowth disappears, the weather turns bad. Everyone hides at first, but, when they realize that the Exeggcute nests are in danger, it becomes a mad dash to protect them. The wind is ridiculously strong, but Snorlax seems to be able to take it, so he stands over the others to protect them. After a little while, though, Pikachu realizes that everyone is in serious danger, so he runs up to the top of the tree for one of the most badass scenes in all of Pokémon. Pikachu, later joined by Elekid, Thundershocks the lightning to keep it away from the tree! I shit you not! It actually works, for a little while. Eventually, a bolt of lightning slips past them, starting a fire. Marill and Squirtle quickly use Water Gun to put it out, though. With the fire out, the problem once again becomes protecting the Exeggcute. The same strategy as before(using Snorlax.) works for a while, until he lets go of the chain of Pokémon to try to grab some fruit that's blowing by, sending them flying and forcing Pikachu to grab onto a bump on the branch WITH HIS TEETH!! Coming from someone who has 2 broken teeth, I can't watch that without cringing. Just as Pikachu loses his grip, it's Snorlax to the rescue again! Snorlax pulls the Pokémon, and the Exeggcute nest with Togepi in it, back down to safety. With that done, the weather miraculously goes back to normal, and we see a beautiful Dragonair flying around. There's just one last problem. The missing Exeggcute still hasn't been found. However, a random Chansey comes dancing in to solve that problem; the Exeggcute was in her pouch the whole time! The Exeggcute bounce around happily, now that they're all together. It turns out, though, that they're bouncing around near a Leaf Stone, which causes it to evolve into an Exeggutor, and start dancing. We cut to a cliff near a cave, where the main characters say their goodbyes to their new friends. Then, we see that Meowth is, more or less, alright. He landed in a river, which dumped him into a lake. He says he doesn't wanna go to camp anymore(he does, anyway, but not for 3 more mini-movies.). Finally, we rejoin the trainers, just as they wake up. They wonder where their Pokémon are, but they soon find out that their Pokémon are safe and sound, playing in a lake(likely a different one than Meowth ended up in.). Tracey remarks that they must have been playing the whole time. The Pokémon end the mini-movie by jumping out of the water, which is shown as a still frame that fades into what looks like a drawing of the same scene. And that's Pikachu's Rescue Adventure! In contrast to the movie it's shown alongside, it's much more light-hearted and cute, which are important qualities for those things. Now, I suppose you'd like to know my thoughts on this movie. Well, I'm not one to disappoint! Here we go! Well, like I said at the beginning, I hope you like Donna Summer, or, at least, like hearing the same song over and over. This movie likes to beat that song into your head.It also likes to do the same thing with the prophecy. Not to mention that Pikachu is a total sourpuss; he only smiles twice throughout the entire movie! With that said, though, do I think that this is a good movie? Yes, I do. The Power Of One boasts a fairly deep story, epic fights, and a star-studded soundtrack. In fact, to my knowledge, it was the last Pokémon movie to have a soundtrack that didn't consist completely, or mostly, of songs from the actual movie. That being said, though, 22 times is a bit much to play one song. Maybe, they were trying to brag about the fact that they got Donna Summer for the soundtrack. The first movie had songs by Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, The Spice Girls, Aaron Carter, and a few others, though, so that probably isn't the reason. Oh, well. Like the first movie, this one is hard to find. I got my copy from my cousin for my 20th birthday. If you can find it for a good price, I'd recommend picking it up. It's a bit of a slog at almost 2 hours long, but there's enough to keep the viewer occupied. All in all, a fitting send-off for Generation 1.5. That's right; I said "send-off." Generation 1.5 didn't end with this movie; it ended after Ash competed in the Orange League. This was, however, the final movie before Generation II. Before I leave you, I should mention that this movie is popular with Pokéshippers. Pokéshippers are people who depict Ash and Misty in a relationship in fanart and fanfiction. However much Misty tries to hide it, it's clear she has feelings for Ash. I'm not saying they should be a couple, but there's clearly something there. Well, that's it for my synopsis and review of The Power Of One and Pikachu's Rescue Adventure! Join me next time when I enter familiar, and beloved, territory by reviewing my favorite Pokémon movie; Spell Of The Unown, the first movie from my favorite Generation of Pokémon: Generation II! Will the movie starring Pokémon that look like letters spell victory over the last 2 movies? Find out next time! ArdillaVerde93, signing off! Gotta Catch 'Em All!
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