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  1. Hello hello! I'll try to keep most of this straight to the point but I do have a tendency to ramble on to make sure my point gets across. I'm currently looking for a partner to write an erotic long-term Star Wars story set/based around the Old Republic period. I have a really strong preference for the Old Republic period as I find it more freeing and less restrictive than most other Star Wars eras/periods! If you don't know much about it, I am more than willing to teach and share my knowledge. Otherwise, I'm open to other eras with the right plot and partner! I am expanding my search to include ASOIAF (Game of Thrones/House of the Dragon) roleplays! About Me: - 22 ; he/him - detailed ; multi para up to novella (anywhere from 300 words/2.5k chars to a max of 1k words/6.5k characters) - plays only against women, not comfortable with men - slower writer (anywhere from 1 post a week to several posts a week) Looking For: - 18+ characters and writers. neither will be underage - mutual RP planning. plot with me, don't make me do all the work! - ooc communication. i like talking, what can i say? - friendly to erotica/romance. i don't write platonic pairings whatsoever [DISCORD information removed] I'll know you added me from F-List or another forum site! Look forward to meeting you!
  2. Alright, so, got two new ideas. I'm in a shota craze at the moment and I've been dying to play one, they're just so cute and all, especially if they're hung as a horse... Oh also looking for an F(a bit older/full on adult/milf) or a Futa(a bit older/full on adult/milf). Can be shorter or last for multiple sessions, your choice. Plan nr.1(Classic Babysitter Scenario): As the title suggests, I would be a random kid living on the same street as you, my parents are going on a vacation and they can't take me too since they're probably going to spend all that time fucking or something. Anyway, they had your number and decided to phone you up, they would pay you too of course. So, the day finally comes, my parents say their goodbyes and off they go, now you've gotta take care of me for some time. I could be pretty innocent or straight up trying to get you to suck me off, again, your choice, same as what attitude you'd take towards me, hell even rape's okay with me. Plan nr.2("Biology Lessons"): You'd be my biology teacher, we finally reached the point you'd have to teach the class about the human body, the funky bits to be precise. So, after a few weeks, we got a test, and I got a 4(F for the non-Europeans). You had to punish me one way or another and what better punishment than forcing me to re-learn everything, how you'd do that is pretty obvious, it involves a lot of friction. Again, this could involve some rape too, up to you really. Hope I somehow magically managed to catch your interest, my english isn't perfect so I'll make some mistakes here and there, sorry for that, it's not my first language. I guess I'm kinda literate, not exactly Shakespeare but not the worst. See ya there, I hope.
  3. Hello! Hi! Welcome! Hey there! I have to preface that I am new to the site but I'm not new to SRP and rping in general! Also I want to preface that I won't be on 24/7, there will be some days/nights where I am much more responsive or online and other days where I am not. At the very least you can expect 1-3 messages from me a day unless we catch each other at a good time! For me a good time is anywhere between 12am and 5am EST! If I can't respond on certain days I will let you know in advance! With all the preamble out of the way I am looking to RP with someone willing to play as a female character. I will more than likely be playing a male character myself, however the specifics of which I am more than willing to mess around with and change to your preferences! I prefer to rp on Discord so if that is more your speed as well my tag is Carrot#3930. I am much more responsive there and we can even make a small private server to organize everything. However if that isn't your forte we can also use the DM system here as well, just know that I am not as familiar with it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KINKS Alright so thing that most people will probably care about is kinks so here you go! I may have forgotten a few but this should be most of it! Also if there is a kink that you like that I didn't list anywhere let me know and we can see if we can incorporate it or not into the RP! Or I'll let you know if I'm not okay with it! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLOTS AND OTHER STORY THINGS So have a few different plots that I'm interested in, you let me know whichever one peaks your interest the most! My only thing is I like when RPs have a 65/35 ratio to sex and plot. Sex is definitely more my focus but I do like fleshing out a story and world as it makes the sex aspect of the RP more enjoyable and immersive (As dumb as that may sound!) Also all my kinks would pretty much apply to any of these RPs, though some kinks lend themselves more to others. "How We Became The Overlords Of Caelum" "Climbing Past The Apex Of Humanity" "A Family That Works Together Stays Together" "Stumbling Upon Paradise" If you have a plot that you want to do that you think I'd like don't be afraid to tell me! I'm not just limited to these ones listed above, I'm down to try whatever if I'm interested enough in it! You can mostly sell me if it has kinks I like honestly haha! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WRITING AND OTHER MISC STUFF Preferably I like to write at least 3-4 sentences but I can go upwards of 2 paragraphs or more with good partners! It really depends on how literate and detailed we're making things, along with what is going on in a scene! What I'm looking for is for someone to be able to at least write 2-3 sentences. More is definitely welcomed but not required! Writing a bunch doesn't make you a good writer, what does is what you say with the writing. Which may sound dumb I know but you can be concise and make a good response ya know? Also with all this said I would love for the RP to be as literate as possible (Though of course no novels or anything like that.) I am hoping for this RP to be long term and something that we can both pick and and drop if needed! I don't want you to feel that this RP is a commitment that you need to slave away at every second of every day. RPing is meant to be something enjoyed not dreaded! Of course it would be nice to have some bursts of long sessions of messages but it's not required at all! Something like 1 maybe 2 days of intense messaging and then maybe a few extra responses throughout the week! Nothing super serious. I wrote it at the top but I can usually do 1-3 messages a day at the very least and if we are on at the same time I can go ham haha! Communication is a big thing, so if there is anything you need to do just let me know and we can work something out! This isn't just for scheduling either, it applies for the story, kinks, characters, whatever! If there is something you aren't okay with or want to change do not be afraid to ask! And of course if you lose interest or want to take a break then also be vocal about it! It's much better to know someone wants to stop rather than being ghosted. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE END! You made it to the bottom of the post! Woo hoo! Thank you for reading and if you have any questions do not be afraid to ask! If it wasn't clear throughout all this I am very flexible when it comes to rping and am willing to work things out with you! I hope to hear from you soon if you're interested and I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are!
  4. I'm pretty new to roleplaying so I don't know how to begin this. I'm a straight, 20 year-old submissive male and I'd like to try out this whole rp thing. I'm open to most things, just be sure to message and ask me! (and yes I did copy this from my other post)
  5. Hello all! I'm currently looking for girls (irl gender doesn't matter) to rp with and breed~ I'm very flexible with kinks and settings, and prefer fantasy/taboo/extra kinky roleplays but still enjoy wholesome parts. If you have any interest at all, feel free to message here or in PM. If possible, I'd like to include excessive cum or cumflation. If you have a ref you'd like me to use, feel free to mention it, otherwise I'll default to my pfp character. Hope to chat soon, and don't be shy, I won't bite unless you ask~
  6. Going down on a woman is one of my favorite things to role play. It is unfortunate, I find, that it has never reached the fetishistic levels of the blowjob. A lot of the work has already been done by perverts that have come before us, we simply have to flip the script. Like most of my ideas, this concept is very flexible, and can be played as a one-off or in the short or long term. Is this a world where women's rights have finally tipped past equality and men's faces and mouths are ripe for the using no matter where you are? Can you simply find a man you like and push him to his knees in the middle of a coffee shop and make him service you? Will you ride a co-workers face until he's practically water-boarded with your juices? Maybe you've even tied someone up in the basement and pimp him out to all your friends? More timid? There's an app for that. Just let him know how much you want and where he should meet you. Best of all, the whole thing is free! These are just a few scant ideas, so if it sparks any creative notions within you, please do share with a PM. I love working out the details with my partners more than anything, making a role play unique and perfect for the two of us. I'm very eager to play and look forward to hearing from you! I'm admittedly tagging this onto a specific femdom thread I had pre-written, but I would love to discuss the utter usage of a man; careful what you wish for and all that. Make a guy who looks up piledriver porn and ahegao gifs get ridden by a brute of a woman amazon style until he's dry cumming and begs for a break. Beasts, furs, monsters are great for this, but anyone, any character is great.
  7. Hello, hello there, trainers! I'm opening up a long-term roleplay plot involving Pokémon and you! If training Pokémon the fun way is your game, then this might be for you! I have developed an original plot where I narrate your journey through an entirely original region. Pokémon encounters are randomized, pokeballs have special effects on your Pokémon's growth, and you can train whichever and however many Pokémon you like! The more you explore, the more stories will open up to you to explore, many leading to legendary and mythical Pokémon! I will play all Pokémon encountered and caught, while you take the mantle as a trainer. You can catch and create a harem of Pokémon as you explore. Please note that this is a pokephilia plot, meaning Pokémon will be feral, and not anthropomorphic. Note: As of right now, I do not have a battle system or a Gym/League in place. If you would like to help me develop one, let me know! If this sounds interesting and fun to you, please reach out either in the comments or in EcchiTexts! I am open to moving to Discord or Kik as well, where it may be easier for me to reply. Please make sure to check my Preferences Sheet, where my F-List kink list and other specific preferences are. Further detailed discussion and individual set-up will take place prior to beginning the ERP, so please do not simply text me with a starter. Other RP prompts and open slot listing: Can't wait to see you in the Coition Region~!
  8. HELLO THERE AND WELCOME TO MY THREAD! For anyone that happens to land here I wish you an enjoyable trip, I hope you'll like my little space. I'm looking for new partners to have some fun and relaxing time with. For those who are wondering I highly prefer discord, I think it's easier to follow, more organized if we want to create a server for our little adventure(s) and overall more appealing, that's my tag if you want to reach me there ( Leon B#9774 ) and if for some reason you don't like the idea, we can always continue through PMs here. Anyway let's talk about the important stuff! Kinks and limits: If you happen to find something interesting here let me know and we can build a scenario around these elements but don't worry, even if I didn't wrote down your favourite kinks in my list feel free to write me anyway, I'm quite open minded and I think that everything can be enjoyable given enough context... Well anything besides my limits of course . I also have a list of plots that I'd like to show you but if you want to create something entirely new I'm ok with that, I LOVE the brainstorming phase, talking about the little details is so much fun and I'm cool if we want to take 3/4 hours to define what we're about to explore. Anyway don't let me waste your time, here are the plots I was referring to and remember, long-term, slow building, realism and corruption are the key words here! Son's bully: Superhero's fall: Let's brainstorm together: Ok then, we talked about my kinks, my limits, my plots... what else? right! Since it's important to so many people I should talk about my writing style, I'm a semi-literate writer that usually can write between 2 to 5 paragraphs but to be honest as long as you're not a one liner I'm probably gonna be ok with it, I'm not here to write novels, I don't think that more equals better and so as long as you put enough effort in your replies I'm probably gonna enjoy our time together. Oh first person takes priority, but I can adapt if needed. Another thing, I love feeding pictures and gifs throughout the RP to better describe what we're doing, what we're wearing and what we're feeling and I hope you'll do the same, finding something that fits what I'm writing is usually really fun (IRL pictures please). I'm GMT+1 and I write quite frequently, usually I lose interest when I meet someone that can play for 1 or maybe 2 times a week. Anyway that's all, if this post caught your attention let me know, I'm looking forward to talk with you all.

    Cafe Terrace Fantasy

    I would like anyone to rp as any gal from The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses. Riho is my personal favorite.
  10. M4F Hello everyone that opens this! And thanks for spending some time to read these rather simple ERP ideas that I hope to expand on with you. I'm always open to suggestions, these are just to get the juices flowing. Tinkerbell /fairy (short RP) Pretty simple pairing/ concept. More of a quick rp Orc Chieftain . (Medium RP) I would love for this one to run a bit longer. But I see this one as a more Dom female related one as the orc takes the male human as her pleasure toy.. DnD bases (Long/indefinitely) I'd love to do an ERP that's around 50/50 smut/adventuring with some characters we create and a world of our own where we fight monsters (girls) but also have some quality smut! Slew of monster girls: I also have a variety of monster girls I'd love to play with, if you have one that you like that I didn't post, please share!
  11. Kris

    Hello,let's think of a plot

    Here some ideas Fantasy-Human become nothing more than slaves,toys if you will,but what if a Male Slave meets love? Sci Fi-waking up in a weird planet to get hunting by horny aliens,who is the hunter or prey...different story Slice of Live-Student x Teacher,Dominant Police x Sub Boy,Meeting and fuck or love dating,or historical RP Fandom-Genshin,Street Fighter and more So...what's up? Comment first please
  12. Mommylover51

    Fantasy fun!

    Hello everyone that opens this! And thanks for spending some time to read these rather simple ERP ideas that's I hope to expand on with you. I'm always opened for suggestions, these are just to get the juices flowing. Tinkerbell /fairy (short RP) Pretty simple paring/ concept. More of quick rp Orcchieftain. (Medium RP) I would love for this one to run a bit longer. But I see this one a a more Dom female related one as the orc takes the male human as her pleasure toy.. DNDbased. (Long/indefinitely) I'd love to do an ERP that's around 50/50 smut/adventuring with some characters we create and a world of our own where we fight monsters but also have some quality smut!
  13. Yeah,I returned and miss some good and old Role Play Fun If you interested,comment here I'm a switch and check Preferences for more details. Let's have fun lol
  14. ThatMrKing

    Monsters wanted!

    Halloween might be over, but that doesn't mean the monsters have to go away. If you know me, then you know I like monsters of any kind. That includes beast, ghost, robots, aliens and probably anything else you can think of. To summarize I just wanna do some monster RPs. I usually play male and believe the kinkier the better, so throw anything you want at me. I'll tell you if I can handle it. I prefer to make scenarios together, but I can throw some ideas I've already crafted in my mind.
  15. He’s a man with a personal vice of being far too compassionate. So much so to his own detriment. While he is an Animal Person with great heart, it’s limitless and knows no limits. He buys a new cat, an adorable first before soon enough she was met with a stray adopted sister. Then another, and another, and another…. With no limits, he often finds himself adopting random strays along the street with the purpose of giving them a better life. While he can support the amount of cars he takes in, it’s not without its own added stress. He makes sure they’re well fed, healthy, clean, comfortable. He gives his all for them because he knows where they’ve been before, and would rather not wish for his home to be some hell that some other car collectors fall into. His overflowing compassion has not been unnoticed, however. A Nekomata, a cat spirit, decides it’s justified to gift this man something to alleviate his burden. At the dead of night, he gives all the cats the ability to become independent. They become bipedal, they can walk, talk, have oppositely thumbs! They become Anthros, more or less, and the Spirit leaves with the intent that this gift would be used to take care of themselves. Relieve the stress of their owner so he doesn’t have to suffer for their own health. Though… While the Nekomata had intent on them using it just to take care of themselves, the Cats had other intentions with their new found potential. While their Owner might be a bit surprised at their new form and his denial from his pet’s insistence to try and thank him their own way, he’ll grow on it. He’s got too much of a heart to really turn them down anyways. OOC Discussion! Hey there, how’re you? I’ve recently hit an idea spurt running across this image, mostly fueled off mystical inspiration and the idea of a Cat Owner getting a new change in scenery. I’d love for this situation to be maintained as wholesome as possible. Sure it’s lewd, but it’s also a guy with his cats being able to reciprocate some affection back. You can set your own number of how many Cats he picked up, and if you want I can help you develop the personality of them! There’s obviously the first of the bunch, the Pet. Should be much more clingy and selfish over her owner because of her status, but the rest might just see her as a uptight clinger. Feel free to comment here or send a text, whichever you prefer that’s easier on you. I’ll be more than happy to talk about setup and entertaining ideas so long as they stick with the general idea.
  16. Cum

    The Awakening

    It happened nearly overnight, a fourth of the world’s population had spontaneously developed supernatural abilities, was it some kind of evolutionary jump? Divine blessings? They had been called ‘The Awakened’ by some and things like ‘Conduits’ by fewer. The governments of the world wanted to study them, rounding them up into facilities while they still didn’t know how to control their powers. 13 years had passed since The Awakened were captured, very few of them evading the government, with more being discovered daily. ——————————————————————————— If interested, please pm me with a description of your character and a ref, you can play as either an Awakened or a normal human
  17. Plot: A young boy has discovered adult materials and is now plagued with lewd/naughty thoughts. His lust has grown so strong that he had caught the attention of a succubus. One night she visits him in his sleep, playing with him and leaving her mark, a navel tattoo with a mystical effect. The boy wakes up, thinking it was only a dream, but something is off... His sex drive has gone through the roof, his member has seemingly grown over night, and all the girls/women in his town have taken an unusual liking to the boy. The succubus follows him around, feeding off of his sexual endeavors. Setting: This can be a fantasy or a more modern setting Kinks and limits: Kinks: Bondage, crossdressing, toys, ageplay, prostate play, teasing, foreplay, non-con/dub-con, gloves, incest, corruption, hypnosis/mind control, nipple play, praise, thigh-play, tongue play, latex, size difference, abduction, pet play, post orgasm torture/overstimulation, forced orgasm, milking, and exhibitionism Limts: Blood, piss, scat, gore, musk, humiliation, hyper sizes, inflation, animals, adult baby, weapon play, puke, harsh degradation, and impact play
  18. Looking for someone to play a sweet, cute goblin girl interested in adventure and finding a stable partner. I will be playing a human adventurer who is not yet looking for a committed relationship, but who can be eventually convinced once trust, affection and intimacy is built between the characters. Setting will be a homebrew fantasy setting based vaguely on the European middle ages. There will be simple RP mechanics and occasional dice rolls, but the RP will be based primarily on the interaction between the characters.
  19. Thorill

    Highschool DxD RP

    I’m looking for someone to play one of the girls from Highschool DxD in any number of scenarios from the show (or new ones we make up). I’d like to keep these RPs on the shorter end so we can try multiple scenarios if interested. Here are some prompts to start with but are by no means the only stories I’d be interested in doing. -Issei x Akeno Issei is sitting on the couch in the main room of the Occult Research Clubhouse. The air in the room is warm and steamy; he and Akeno had taken showers to prepare for their weekly ritual. Issei has a small white towel wrapped around his waist and is waiting for Akeno who is drying off in the other room. She then enters wearing a thin white robe, wet and clinging to her silhouette. She appears out of the steam and kneels in front of Issei, ready to suck the dragon energy from him to keep his hand in its normal form for the next couple of days. -Issei x Rias It’s morning at Issei’s house, his family is bustling downstairs but he and Rias as still asleep in his bed. A summer rain storm is passing through the city and this weekend is one for staying inside and sleeping in. Issei wakes up to the sound of thunder and the rain hitting the roof outside his window, he opens his eyes and sees Rias wrapped around him with his face nestled into her cleavage. He slowly moves his arms and places them around her waist, pulling her naked body against him while he rubs his face against her soft breasts.
  20. Good day ERPers. I thought I post about doing an actual RP lightly based around some popular Video games, kinda need to know some lore about the game . I was thinking 75/25 smut vs plot, Love to dive into your favorite games and get naughty! I hope to hear from so many of you! p.s hit me up on discord... That.guy.peterson#5403
  21. Open to consider any kind of scenario and development within the boundaries of the title.
  22. Writtingforfun

    My perverted mad scientist

    So I’ve had this idea recently in my head where it would be a couple story but the girlfriend is, as the title suggests, a perverted mad scientist. Her boyfriend would be someone who stays at home mostly since his job is basically being her test subject where she would try different experiments on, along with herself as well. Of course being the massive pervert she is most of them are related to sex but she also is a genius in other categories so it isn’t just sex. In this I would like to play the boyfriend. If you are interested shoot me a message and we can talk about it, if not then thanks for looking and have a good day.
  23. Any fans of Game of Thrones, Dance of Dragons or any other Song of Ice & Fire stuff? I'm wanting to just do some RPs in the setting of Westeros, the kinkier the better. I have a few ideas, but like always I'm willing to hear want to do. Bonus points if you know Westero's history and lore, we can talk about inserting more of it if you do. This could include characters, time periods or whatever else you can think of.
  24. Need a mommy Dom to be my mommy and force herself on me! I've a few different plots, DM me if interested!
  25. SaintTheTitan14

    Mothwoman x Woodsman

    Hello! I have an idea for a prompt where my character is a woodsman that lives in the secluded part of the woods. On a quiet night he finds a tall moth like creature stalking him outside his window, and when he goes to investigate he finds an injured mothwoman. I have few limits and I am willing to make this wholesome or more rough, just shoot me an ecchitext and I'll be more than happy to discuss!
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