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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking for a dominant female role-player who will do a magic role-play with me. (I'm a guy) Plot: You and I are walking through a forest, and suddenly come across an abandoned hut. We enter and we look around at the items. You break a vase by mistake and release a spirit, which was trapped inside. It grants you unlimited magical powers, and makes you consistently horny. The perfect mix for a fun time Rules: My preferences are in the sheet attached. As long as you stick to them, we're fine c; I love someone who can consistently come up with ideas of what to do with the magic
  2. Princess Aria

    From the album PrincessMaribel's Princesses

    No-nonsense magical warrior princess
  3. They will have spoiler warnings as a majority of them are SMUT-BASED. Please keep that in mind. I tend to like things with sexual tension in them. It happens. Skyrim/ Elder Scrolls Universe this is the one I want the most right now. Just saying. Blackmail Pirates! The Secretary Cops and Robbers! Drugged up/Hypnotism. WARNING: Probably Incest. Loosely based off of multiple manga I read. Pixie dust? you're welcome to make suggestions. I could always use more ideas, or would even be happy to help you with some