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  1. Shay Shade


    From the album: Kageka Mei

  2. Our tale starts in the prosperous land of Xiaona. They are the first city to harness the power of water and combine it with magitech it to make everything function here. Many denizens from across the world come here as it is renowned for its excellent trading practices and where the royal order of magisters reside. Servants are said to be of the highest quality and trained according to international protocol - however, some shadow traders have been able to gain entry into the city to sell things that aren't exactly legal. One of the biggest issues they have caused lately are the servants that they have introduced to those who have travelled to this land to obtain the best money can buy. Unfortunately, the "servants" the shadow traders sell are usually slaves from questionable backgrounds and/or haven't been trained properly or at all. There are also rumors that there are "after midnight" auctions held to sell off some slaves that are considered highly valuable. Unfortunately, these rumors haven't yet been proven but anyone with common sense will know other wise. (More info to come) Characters - Melissa Voltrech- A human sorceress from humble beginnings. (Middle class.) After all of her studying, training, and hard work, she has finally been recognised by the royal court of magisters as a professional practitioner of magic. As part of this, she has recently moved to the capital and granted her own home, with access to some resources. All she needs now is a servant and she can begin her new life. Alfric - A seemly typical human "servant" with a common background that most of the lower class citizens share in this world - Orphaned at an early age and sold off to slave traders once he was deemed too old to look after by his orphanage. It is unknown if he has received an education as none of his previous owners have said anything. However, he is said to be a hard worker.
  3. FastRide2

    girls dorms Girls Dorms

    Anything that girls do happens here! Girls can come back to their dorm to masturbate, study, sleep, shower... or sometimes get belted for being bad. Any boy found here will be canned on the bare on sight.
  4. SheenaFujibayashi

    sex or masturbation

    So I recently talked with a guy who prefered to masturbate over sex. It was very new to me, but he told me he likes to focus on himself and relax. I can partly understand, but I also feel sorry for the guy. If you are confident with yourself you can relax when you have sex too. What do you guys think? Do any of you prefer to do it yourself?
  5. Hello everyone! First off thank you so much for coming to check this page out! I'm not entirely sure what to put here but after some thought, maybe a writing sample? I don't have anyone to play with at the moment so... hmm something that expresses some fun? Ooo what about... Pixie panted breathlessly as she locked the door of her bedroom behind her. It ached so much all day long especially when she found out she couldn't control it. Confident in her privacy, those delicate hands quickly reached up to her blouse as her fingers worked quickly to unbutton each individual button of her white blouse. The last button was barely undone before she pulled the blouse apart and allowed it to slip off her small arms to the floor behind her. Pixie reached up and and ran her fingers through the strands of her fiery red hair while simultaneously stepping out of her shoes. 'Not much longer' she thought to herself as she stepped in front of her mirror and looked into those beautiful green eyes. Those eyes traveled down to the full mounds barely contained by the pink lace bra that was hugging her chest. Her lips parted in a soft exhale as she took her hands behind her back to fumble with the clasps of her bra. Those green eyes closed as she felt to wonderful freedom of release when the last clasp finally came undone! Her shoulders came forward allowing the straps to slip off her shoulder before the entire bra fell from her torso to the floor below. Pixie admired herself in the mirror for a moment. The new athletics program and diet was paying off and she enjoyed seeing 'some' of the changes that had occurred. After scanning herself for a moment she bit down on her bottom lip for an instant before placing the palms of her hands on her stomach. Dragging her hands upward until she cupped both her breasts in his hands before allowing both hands to squeeze. The sudden rush of self pleasure forced her mouth to open in a soft moan. Her left hand stayed on her breast, index finger and thumb teasingly twisting the nipple, as her right finally traveled downward to the waistline of her pants. With a sharp pull she managed to unbutton her pants. It ached so bad she just had to relieve some pressure of that horrible pressure. She had endured it all day and now it was time to satisfy the urge. Her second hand finally went down to her pants as she continued to try and free herself. As the fly came apart she dipped her thumbs beneath the waistbands of her underwear and pants before swiftly pulling them down past her curvy hips. The pants and underwear fell effortlessly to her ankles and finally her eyes were bold enough to go back to the mirror. Everything was perfect, the results of lots of hard work and care... everything except. Her eyes moved down to her pelvis and there it stood proudly just above her vaginal lips, a throbbing rock hard cock. She had seen one before, sucked off her boyfriend a few times but never moved beyond that. She wasn't sure what was happening as she had woken up this morning with massive morning wood. Keeping it hidden throughout the day was very difficult and she struggled with random and powerful erections that only got worse around that cute guy at work. She took her hand and finally wrapped her fingers around the base of the swollen member. It was warm against her hand and throbbed violently against her hand. She took the time to finally thoroughly examine it, it was a little bigger than her boyfriend's but otherwise it seemed normal. The veins pulsated along the shaft and the swollen head seemed to bounce with each throb. 'Would it help?' she thought to herself as she gripped it just like she would her boyfriend. With a soft squeeze she moved her hand up the shaft all the way to the base of the head. She let out a pleasurable gasp before bringing her hand back down the shaft. It felt good, better than she thought it would. Pixie quickly pulled her chair over by the mirror and took a seat. She leaned against the back of the chair and continued to stroke herself. Her free hand came up and gave her breast a soft squeeze. Before she knew it, her hand was pumping the hard dick violently as pleasure started to take over. "Oh fuck!" She moaned aloud between gasps as her hand moved up and down. During one of the strokes she started to experiment. Her thumb rubbed against the head, she applied more pressure on the vein on the underside of the dick just like her boyfriend instructed her to do when she pleasured him. It's not like she was new to masturbating but this was something new entirely, but it felt so good she had to see this through to the end. Her breath started to quicken as heat began to raise to her chest. Her hand moved faster and faster and she felt something starting to happen... was she about to...? She couldn't hold back anymore and let out a loud moan. Her hips bucked up off the chair as the first stream of hot gooey cum streamed from the head of the dick in her hand. She hadn't aimed, hadn't prepared for what just happened, so as the violently pulsed in orgasm, string after string of cum landed on her stomach and thighs. Her hand continue squeezing and pumping the member as the final drops of cum escaped the head and drizzled down her hand. Her head rolled to her shoulder as she tried to catch her breath. Her body shaking from the powerful orgasm that gripped her body. Maybe this wasn't such a bad thing after all?
  6. I am in search of someone who would want to play as a big sister. Personnality : Attentive and caring. has a pervert side too. as a big sister, it is her job to teach him how to pleasure a woman's body while encouraging him to do perverted stuff with her. I encourage that you like what is shown in the tags list but it is not mandatory, as everything can be enjoyable if done properly. Story for the intro. I do not get why, but my mommy found a new man after my dad has been gone. With her man came in a big sister. she is beautiful and kind. she helps me anytime I need it and treats me well. I love her so much that sometimes, I feel weird down there... Is tole some panties the other day without her knowing too. I hope my big sister won't find out about it. One night my big sister comes into my room and I don't know why. What is she doing here? Please message me if you are interested in playing a character like that! Thank you all :)
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